Kansas City (1996) Movie Script

You're not Miss Babe.
Uh, Babe's been taken ill.
I'm replacing her to do
Mrs. Stilton's nails.
All right, I guess so.
Come here, Kiss. Come here.
Get out of here.
Come here, come here, Peaches.
Mrs. Stilton's
upstairs in her room.
Oh, excuse me.
I have to look in your case.
What for?
Mr. Stilton says
I'm supposed to.
Thank you.
Can I go up now?
How long will you be?
Not long.
Will you need me to let you out?
No. I can do that by myself.
OK. Just be sure and close
the big gates behind you.
Mrs. Stilton?
Yes. Come in. close the door.
What took so long?
I thought you were
coming an hour ago.
You're not Babe.
Babe's sick, Mrs. Stilton.
Yes. She asked me to pinch-hit.
Do your manicure.
Well, I was expecting Babe.
She should have said something.
You can set up over there.
So did, uh...
Babe tell you to bring
something for me?
What's your name?
Yeah, Blondie.
Didn't you ever
read the funnies?
You're not a blonde, are you?
So what?
You asked me my name,
and I told you.
Just asking.
Your husband's
not home yet, huh?
So, did Babe give you
something to bring to me?
That's her stuff, right?
It's usually under the tray.
I know she was
bringing me something.
Yeah, I got something for you.
Wh-wh-what? Here! Here!
Keep your rings on.
This ain't a robbery.
Take a couple of deep breaths.
Breathe! Try and get
over the shock of this...
so we can get down to business
and cooperate with each other.
Now, where's your husband?
Gone? Where?
When's he coming back?
Answer me!
Where's he at and when's
he coming home, lady?
Hey, you want your stuff?
You're not going to go
yellow pants on me, are you?
Works fast, huh?
See you Friday.
Can I see you for a second?
Her name is Pearl cummings.
She's a fourteen-year-old
little colored girl.
I am Nettie Bolt of the
Junior League of Kansas City.
We were supposed
to greet her here...
about half an hour ago,
and we were late.
I'd like to thank you all
for coming today.
Why aren't you working?
Oh, I got three days.
I saved up.
Saved up?
Yeah. Nice.
Hey, you got two bucks
I could borrow?
Two dollars?
Yeah. Pay you back Friday.
Thanks, sis.
It's... It's for Johnny.
A surprise for my Johnny.
Listen to this shit.
"There was a lull today
in organization activities...
"a brief pause
before the actual battle...
"for control of the city begins.
"At dawn tomorrow,
the final battle will begin."
That's what them faggots...
on the "Kansas City
Journal Post" got to say.
Seldom Seen is telling you...
that what's going to happen
at dawn tomorrow...
going to depend on what happen
when the sun go down tonight.
You can believe that shit.
We will elect every Democrat
on the ticket without exception!
So get out every vote
for the Democratic candidates!
Vote early...
in an orderly manner.
You can't sit there.
That's for white people.
I can't?
Not unless you want
to get killed.
You coming in or going out?
Who's supposed to meet you?
I don't know. Some white ladies.
White ladies. What for?
I been sent here to have a baby.
They're supposed to meet me.
You're pregnant?
You don't look it.
How old are you?
All right, well, we're just
going to have to go find her.
Ruth, you're consistently
a half an hour late...
and this time you've cost us
a little colored girl.
Thank you very much.
Let's go!
Hi, honey.
Hey ya, Flynn!
It's Johnny... my Johnny.
Put it away... the money.
What are you doing out here?
Ain't you supposed
to be working?
I am working.
Get back to it, then.
Wait for me, boys!
Charming little fella,
your husband.
Thanks, Sis.
That's Stilton! That's Stilton!
Come on, get a picture of him.
Mr. Stilton, Jim Wilson,
"Kansas City Star."
Is it true that you and
your wife are going to be...
permanently relocating
to Washington, D.C.?
I'm not relocating anywhere.
Rumor mill has it, sir...
Never listen to rumors,
young man. Be responsible.
Rumor mill has it
that since you've been...
working so closely
with the President...
you're considering leaving.
Are you denying that?
Yes, I am.
Right now our
own Henry Stilton...
is on his way back to Washington
to meet with the President.
Can I have an answer to that
please, Mr. Stilton?
Mr. Stilton!
How about a comment...
on the current
political situation...
here in Jackson County?
I have nothing at all
to say to the press.
...and Kansas City
is unanimously Democratic!
What do you mean Washington?
Washington, D.c.?
What the hell's he doing there?
He travels there a lot.
That's where he works.
He's an adviser
to President Roosevelt.
Are you lying to me?
No, I'm not lying.
It's what he does.
I know what he does.
Don't you think I
know what he does?
Can I lie down now?
Yeah. You're going to tell me...
where he stays
when he's there, all that.
Don't stall around with me.
I'm in a desperate
situation here.
I'm not sure
what I'm going to do.
So don't mess with me
'cause I'm running out of time.
I'd just as soon shoot you...
and those two Kraut dogs
down there along with it.
Now spit it out.
What time is Sheepshan's train
coming in?
Should be here by now.
Who'd you send to
pick up Sheepshan Red?
Blue Green.
He's been waiting around
for the call all morning.
Blue Green?
He's the worst driver
in the place.
What are you waiting for? A tip?
Sheepshan squeeze
a dollar till the eagle shit.
He ain't giving up nothing.
Call me when he come in.
How're the dice, brother?
Forty on five.
Hey, boys, get on that truck!
Let's go! Load 'em up!
Say, Blue, if you're going back
to the cab company...
we sure would like
to have a ride with you...
if you don't have a fare.
Get out of here, Parker. Go.
Let's go! Get them up there!
All right, go.
Sir! Sir!
Sir! We got a cab waiting
for you right here.
I'm going to the Street's Hotel.
Yes, sir.
You're Sheepshan Red, ain't you?
That's what they call me.
What train's he on?
The Grand Canyon Limited
to chicago...
then the Capitol Limited
to Washington.
So right now he's
on a train to Chicago...
not Washington, right?
You're some liar, lady.
I'm not lying.
To get to Washington...
he's got to go through
Chicago and change trains.
All right. What time
does he get in Chicago?
Ten of 3:00. I don't know.
You know, my husband
will pay the money.
You don't have
to worry about that.
What money?
This isn't about money.
I don't want your money.
Then what is it about?
What this is about
is Johnny O'Hara.
I just want
to get him back, safe.
If Henry doesn't help me,
I'm going to kill you.
I got nothing against you.
Anyhow, that's my plan.
Think he'll go for it?
Who's Johnny O'Hara?
Give me the money!
What? What?
Come on!
Just do what he says, mister,
so no one gets hurt.
Come on, yellow pants.
I know you're wearing it.
Goddamn it!
Goddamn it!
Did you see his face?
Who is that?
Goddamn it!
Take me to the Hey-Hey Club.
Yes, sir.
Seldom's going to hear
about this shit!
Yes, sir.
That's Lester Young...
over there.
Here we are, sir.
Your hat.
Come on, driver.
You're coming with me.
I have another call.
Another call, my ass!
I'm your next call!
You are my witness,
and you're coming with me.
I'm trying to tell you...
somebody took
all my goddamn money!
Stuck a gun in my face...
and took my money belt
right off my waist!
But you just came
in on the train.
I came in on a cab
from the train, Seldom.
Seldom, your coat.
- What?
- Your coat.
I don't want no goddamn coat.
Somebody set me up, Seldom!
Some nigger was waiting on me.
You know goddamn well...
I ain't gonna stand
for this shit.
What are you telling me?
Some nigger robbed me
in your cab!
Stuck a gun in my face
and took all my damn money!
That's what I'm talking about!
In my cab?
In your fucking cab, Seldom.
Blue Green! Blue!
Where's Blue?
That nigger knew
what he was doing.
He was waiting for me.
Come here, Blue.
What the hell are you
hiding back there for?
Come out here, boy.
What happened here?
I don't know nothing about it.
Some man hopped in the cab and
started waving his gun around.
Colored man?
Yes, Seldom.
You recognize him?
No, Seldom.
Sheepshan, this
don't make no sense.
Nobody around here would
pull that kind of shit.
Nobody around here that dumb.
We'll take care of you.
We'll find out.
We'll get...
Goddamn, what's this shit?
What the hell is that?
It's on you.
What does it look like?
Smell like lampblack,
smell it.
I don't know nothing
about that.
You were there!
What the hell you mean...
you don't
know nothing about it?
I don't know nothing about it.
Don't know nothing
about what, Blue?
Don't know nothing
about nothing, Seldom.
Smells like burnt cork.
Smell that.
What that smell like?
You holding out on me, boy?
Jesus Christ...
you've been held up
by Amos 'n' Andy.
Can you believe that shit?
Amos 'n' Andy.
Right, Amos?
I don't know nothing about it.
Tell me about this, boy!
What happened?
Whose idea was it?
Don't fuck with me!
Whose idea was it?
So long, Amos.
Come on, man! Come on, man!
Let's go! Get your coat!
OK, I'm coming.
Hurry up, boy.
Hurry up. Get your clothes on.
I am hurrying.
We're going to take a powder.
A what?
We're going out for a while.
Oh, uh, we are?
Uh, what should I wear?
Whatever you wear when you
go out to shop or something.
Nothing fancy.
Yeah, don't try to high-hat me.
I got your number, sister.
What's that stuff you take?
Nerve medicine.
Yeah? What's it do?
It relaxes me.
It's a tonic for my nerves.
No kidding.
Maybe I ought to try some.
Think it will help my nerves?
Do you want some?
Babe says it's dope.
She says you're a dopehead.
Babe is a regular magpie,
isn't she?
Who's Johnny?
'Cause you haven't told me
anything really.
You don't listen
very well, lady.
I listen well enough.
Babe your sister?
Where was Babe tonight?
Did she know about this?
Why don't you shut up?
He didn't mean any harm, though.
He's just thinking of me...
just dreaming.
Why don't you
have a drink, doll?
No, thank you.
Come on.
Good American brandy.
Have a drink.
All right.
Thank you.
Mister, my husband
did a dumb thing.
You got
your money back, right?
I got the money. All of it.
Sucker didn't even buy himself
a pack of cigarettes.
So, uh, can I have
my husband back now?
How would you like him?
In a sack or in a box?
Son of a bitch,
don't you touch him!
I'll kill you!
Now what are they doing to her?
Let me go!
Stop it! Stop!
Where are we going?
Out. Don't make me
say it a third time.
On a train?
Out of town?
Shut up.
All right.
Can you walk?
Of course I can walk.
Then do it.
I'm holding on to you.
No, I'm holding you.
Just walk like a lady,
for Christ's sake.
Don't do anything funny,
Funny word, isn't it?
It's funny.
Just 'cause we're
in a public place...
doesn't mean I won't use
this gun if I have to.
No, that wouldn't
be funny, would it?
Stop all that funny business.
Carry your own weight.
I'm not so big.
Oh, hey, Addie.
Hi, Miss Blondie.
We're just going to go into
Mr. Hoyt's office for a while.
That OK with you?
I haven't finished in there yet.
Park the body, sister.
Take your coat off.
We're going to be here awhile.
You're very bold, aren't you?
Just do like I said.
Union Station. May I help you?
Yeah, I need to know...
if someone's on the Grand canyon
Limited to Chicago...
that left Kansas city
today at... What time?
4:15. Where the train is now...
and if I tell him to get off
the train at the next stop...
where would that be?
Is this an emergency, ma'am?
Yeah, it sure is.
The train is due into
Fort Madison, Iowa, at 9:30.
So soonest I could talk
to him would be 9:30?
That's when the train stops.
All right, thanks.
All right,
you stay glued to that seat.
And don't get silly
'cause I've got someone...
right outside
that door who'll bop you.
Is that clear?
Yes, it's very clear.
Need your help here, Addie.
This lady, she's
run off from her husband.
He's been beating her up
and whatnot...
and I'm trying to help her...
but I got to go
send a telegram right now...
so I need you to watch her.
Watch her?
Yeah, keep an eye peeled.
I don't want her going anyplace.
Think you're
a smart Jane, don't you?
I don't know about
all this, Miss Blondie.
I'll give you
the straight goods.
She's on dope.
You know what that means.
Yes, ma'am, I do.
Ah, she's bumping into walls...
and talking
the screwiest stories.
If she tries to go someplace,
just tell her she can't.
Wouldn't want her to hurt
herself, now, would we?
No, ma'am.
What's your name for him?
What do you call him?
Henry, Hank, what?
Mr. Stilton?
I... I don't know.
I call him that.
When you're alone, nitwit.
What do you call him
in private?
Your pet name for him.
Private? Uh, I don't
know what you mean.
In bed, when you're doing it.
You do do it, don't you?
Sometimes I call him Heinie.
What's he call you?
What name do you use with him?
What's he call you?
- Me?
- Yeah, you.
In private.
Pussy and Heinie.
What a terrible
invasion of privacy.
Yeah, ain't it?
How's your son doing?
Charles? Oh, Charles
is fine, Miss Blondie.
He's good. He plays in
the high-school marching band.
Yeah? Good for you.
Look. That's Lester Young
right there on the saxophone.
See that man there?
That's Seldom Seen.
Seldom Seen?
What kind of name is that?
He won't tell nobody
what his real name is.
He's a gambler...
and he goes around to all
kinds of different places.
Might not see him
for a long time.
He's been to prison
three times for murder.
He's a big talker, though...
Seldom Seen but often heard.
Oh, hi, Blondie.
Oh, hey, Lucy.
Hey, Alice, you can take
your break now.
I didn't know it was
your shift, Blondie.
Yeah, old battle-ax
changed my hours again.
Your hair's
growing out good, huh?
Yeah. Every day.
You're not Rose.
No, ma'am. I'm Addie Parker.
Where's Rose?
You mean Miss Blondie, ma'am?
Yes. Yes, I mean Blondie.
Where is Blondie?
She's in the
operating room, ma'am.
Operating room?
Yes, ma'am.
Uh, so is...
Is this the hospital?
No. It's the Western Union
where you send the wires.
My husband. Yes.
We're going to
contact my husband.
Oh, I don't know anything
about all that, ma'am.
Well, I-I don't
think she would like it...
if she thought we were
being too talkative.
My husband is doing
all the talking...
but he is no longer part...
of the local political
establishment, per Se.
He hasn't been since 1932...
when President Roosevelt
appointed him adviser.
And regardless of the outcome
of the local election...
my husband will stay
in Washington.
Yes, ma'am.
As to the situation here...
I don't know
if he really cares...
whether the Goats are good
or the Rabbits are wrong.
I mean, he's sympathetic
to the Rabbits...
but that has nothing to do
with my situation here tonight.
Our situation, I should say.
Which do you prefer?
Well, I think you're
a mighty pretty lady, ma'am...
and either one of these
hats will do you just fine.
Goats or Rabbits.
Oh, I don't know much
about Goats and Rabbits, ma'am.
Oh, you don't?
No, ma'am.
Oh, hi.
Can you help me?
I need to send a telegram.
I'm in a hurry...
but I've got to reach
this girl's mother tonight.
This one is for...
Well, Blondie, hello.
What happened to your hair?
It broke off.
Too much peroxide.
OK. It's pretty.
It's different.
OK. Shoot.
All right. This one is
for Mrs. Pearl cummings.
I'm sorry.
Pearl is the daughter.
That's for Mrs. Cummings.
And that's very important.
That's got to go right away.
And then this is
for Governor Park.
And then we have
President Roosevelt.
We've got an emergency here...
and we're asking them to call
out the National Guard for us.
I thought we could talk
this over like gentlemen.
Take your coat off.
All here?
It's all there, Seldom.
Sit down.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Come on! Come on!
Goddamn it! Shit!
Merry Christmas, Sheepshan.
Nice to see old friends.
Thank you.
What's going on here?
Nothing, Miss Blondie.
Come on. We're through here.
Give me that.
I paid five dollars
for this hat.
My, what a bargain.
Come on.
Thanks a million, Addie.
You're welcome, Miss Blondie.
You don't need to
crack about any of this.
Be better if you didn't.
Nobody's going to
ask me anything.
They never do.
I got to say this for you.
You got guts.
Guts and no brains.
Guts alone don't mean nothing.
Guts is cheap.
Fucking pig got guts.
Blue, here, he's sitting up
all night long...
sucking on some pig guts.
Don't even know
which you like better...
pot of chitlings
or a piece of pussy.
A pig got more brains than you.
You come swinging in here
like... like Tarzan...
right in the middle
of a sea of niggers...
like you're in a picture show.
You like picture shows?
I'm talking to you.
You like picture shows?
I can take them or leave them.
I'd recommend you leave them...
after what they done
done to your ass...
with all that Ham-bone
and Stepin Fetchit shit.
Or maybe...
Maybe you're a radio man.
You... you like radio?
Answer me!
Yeah, I like it sometimes.
Goddamn right you do.
All that Amos... Amos 'n' Andy.
In the movies and in radio...
white people just
sit around all day long...
thinking up that shit.
And then they believe it.
Hello, Ruby.
Hello, Eddie.
Did you miss me?
I've been dying for you.
Gee, and I thought...
I know what you thought,
and I don't blame you.
I didn't dare to
try to get word to you.
All I wanted to do
was to get away.
Soon as I could send for you...
Sure. I know.
I got some great plans
for the two of us...
and the kid... our kid.
Central operator.
Hello, central.
I'd like to place a call
to Kansas City, Missouri.
I made my mind up that today
we were going to be married.
Gee, those are the breaks.
going to be all right.
I'm going to have you...
and you're going to
have me for always.
Gee, it feels good,
holding you like this.
I love you, Eddie.
You still with us?
Long distance.
Fort Madison, Iowa,
train station...
and put some snap into it.
What do you mean she's gone?
What's happening?
What's going on?
She's just gone with the lady
who came to do her nails.
No, sir. It wasn't Miss Babe.
You better have yourself...
another little swig
of that stuff.
You're going to get to talk
to Heinie in a minute.
You better not call him that.
He won't like that one bit.
I did everything I was
supposed to do, Mr. Stilton.
I'm not in any trouble, am I?
Mr. Stilton?
There's a call for you.
It's long distance
from Kansas City.
It's your wife.
All right, Rose, Mrs. Stilton's
on another line here.
Now you stay awake.
Have yourself a cup of coffee...
and stay by my phone
in case I need you.
Yes, sir.
Carolyn, what's going on?
I'm not Carolyn, Mr. Stilton.
Who is this?
Easy, tough guy.
I'm in charge here, OK?
Is this about the emergency?
I just tried to call home.
Is my wife all right?
Is she awake?
Yeah. I'm here with your wife.
Then let me speak to her,
In a minute you can talk to her.
First you're going
to listen to me.
What is this? Who are you?
You got a pencil?
Take this down.
There's a guy
named Johnny O'Hara, OK?
He's been picked up
by some nigger gangsters.
The head guy's
named Seldom Seen.
You'll find him at
the Hey-Hey club on 18th street.
Wait a minute.
On 18th street.
They're going to knock
Johnny off unless you stop it.
I figure any guy
that can tell...
old Bandy Legs
where to get off...
can get these no-good shines
to let my Johnny go.
I'm keeping your wife
for insurance, get it?
If Johnny gets free,
you get your wife back.
If he doesn't, I'm going to
put a bullet through her head.
And don't get cute, smart guy.
Play games, they're both dead...
Johnny and your wife.
You follow me?
OK. Where's the club?
Uh... 18th street.
The Hey-Hey Club.
I'm going to put her
on the phone now...
so you can hear her voice.
Then I want you to go
to work for Johnny.
If anything goes wrong,
Mr. Stilton, she's a goner.
Carolyn, are you all right?
Yes. Yes. I'm OK.
I'm calm, uh,
as much as I can be.
She's desperate,
as you can tell.
I'm cooperating.
Are you sure you're all right?
I'll get through this.
That's enough, Pussy.
You're eating into his time.
No. No.
I haven't taken anything.
All right, Mr. Stilton.
Do what you got to do.
Get on the phone
to Lazia or Pendergast...
or whoever else you know.
I figure you're
on the next train out of there.
I'll phone you at your house
when you get back.
You better have
the right answers by then.
Your beautiful wife
won't look so great...
with her brains splattered
all over the sidewalk.
Looks like I'm going to have
you on my hands for a while.
Think you can stand
the company?
I left my baby
Standing in the back door crying
Yes, I left my baby
Standing in the back door crying
Well, she said,
"Baby, as long as I got a home"
"You know you can come to mine"
When I leave you, baby,
count the days that I'm gone
Got him around here somewheres.
He's in one
of these rats' nests.
You can bet on it.
You can count
the days that I'm gone
You know, I don't really know
what you're talking about...
so it's hard for me
to follow you.
Who asked you to?
Nobody did.
Well, then, shut up.
Greed just grabbed your ass...
and fucked up
your think machine.
White people
are consumed with greed.
Just can't get enough.
Never get enough of anything.
Even they don't need it,
they got to have it...
and don't care how they get it.
You lie, you cheat,
you hustle, you rape.
You kill your mothers.
You burn your babies.
You piss in the soup.
This here depression is because
y'all can't get enough.
Goddamn bus ain't got no driver.
Roosevelt up there
in Washington...
sitting down
in his wheelchair...
trying to put poor-ass crackers
on Home Relief.
And Marcus Garvey
trying to put niggers...
on boats to go back to Africa
up there in New York.
What the fuck are you
going to do in Africa?
You must be in some sad shit...
to have to be holding up
colored people.
What am I going to do with you?
I'll think of something.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, bet you
he's in the basement...
or some back room
or something.
What is that place?
I'm not talking to you,
Well, who are you talking to?
Well, so how am I
supposed to know?
There are two of us here,
you know.
I mean, when one person
is talking...
it's reasonable to assume that
the party who is speaking...
is speaking
to the other party, isn't it?
Now listen to me, operator.
This is really quite simple.
Let's not make
a big production out of this.
I want the Governor's Mansion
in Jefferson City, Missouri.
I want to speak
to Governor Guy Park...
and it's an emergency.
Just one call.
I'll be right back.
Henry, what can I do for you?
Guy, I need your help.
My wife's been kidnapped.
A woman came to the house
and took her...
when I was on the train.
The woman says
she wants her husband back.
Some of the colored have him.
Where are you?
Where did this happen,
in Kansas city?
I should get
the state police in on this.
No, no, no, no.
We can't have any police.
Il don't want the publicity...
you understand?
I don't want this story
getting back to Washington...
where it can cause
some real damage.
It has to be handled
very quietly and quickly.
Kansas City.
Tomorrow's Election Day.
This is a tough call.
Everybody's going to
be distracted.
Well, what about John Lazia?
Can you contact him?
Yes. He's the one... Lazia.
I can't talk to him directly.
I have to go
through Pendergast, I guess.
I don't like asking favors.
It will cost me down the line.
Look, Guy,
I'll make this up to you.
President Roosevelt...
I know. I know.
You don't have to
promise anything.
Your wife's in danger.
Get her back.
That's the important thing.
Bess. That's her name, isn't it?
Oh, yes, of course.
Bess is Truman's wife.
Look, Guy,
I appreciate this. Thanks.
Excuse me.
What time does the train...
back to Kansas city
come through here?
What did you think of her?
I'm sorry.
Are you addressing me?
Yeah, I'm addressing you.
What did you think of her?
I thought her hair looked cheap.
Cheap! Ha! That's a laugh.
Joan crawford looks cheap,
not Jean Harlow.
Joan who?
"Grand Hotel"?
Jesus Christ.
What do you do all day?
Well, I don't
frequent movie theaters...
unlike some I could mention.
I don't know
about all that stuff.
Let me tell you something.
Harlow, Crawford,
two of MGM's brightest.
Crawford comes from here.
Both her and Jean Harlow
come from Kansas City.
I know where the house is
Jean Harlow grew up in.
She ain't cheap.
Her daddy's a dentist.
Dr. carpenter.
Still lives here.
Wait. Wait. Which?
Dentist? Doctor?
Carpenter? Which?
Ah, useless!
It's like talking to a fish.
Well, don't confuse me.
Watch your ash.
I mean, you asked me
what I thought...
and I'm telling you.
Her hair looked cheap
and brassy and common to me.
Low-class, I guess,
is what I'm trying to say.
Are you trying to tell me
that hair of yours...
don't come out of a bottle...
just like your cheeks and
your lips and your nails...
and anything else
you can paint on?
If Jean Harlow's cheap,
then I'm a monkey's uncle.
What am I doing,
yapping away with some idiot?
Sitting here
like two hanging ducks.
She ain't cheap.
I'm not talking to you anymore.
Great. Great.
Maybe I have
the upper hand then.
We're out of gas.
I concede the merry chase.
Maybe you're insane.
You have no husband.
You are dying, and I'm dying.
Will you shut up?
I can't think with you talking
like a nutcase!
OK, toots. Out.
No, you can't stop
what's already been decided.
Something, whatever
we discover it to be...
has already been decided.
We're just going
along for the ride...
until at the latter day...
we reach the house
of a thousand candles.
Yeah. Northside Democratic Club.
John Lazia, please.
Tom Pendergast calling.
Just a minute.
John, Tom Pendergast
on the phone for you.
Tom Pendergast?
A little late for him, isn't it?
He goes to bed
with the chickens.
Mr. Pendergast, John Lazia here.
Yeah, John.
Sorry to call so late.
It's not late.
What can I do for you?
Listen, John, I got a call
from Governor Park.
Henry Stilton needs a favor.
It seems his wife has gone
and got herself kidnapped...
and he's somewhere in Iowa.
She got kidnapped in Iowa?
No, she didn't
get kidnapped in Iowa.
She got kidnapped
right here in Kansas City.
This could turn out to be
a good thing for us.
You ever had to use
a gun before?
Have you ever shot a bullet
through someone's body...
like you talk about?
I bet I'd be better at
doing that than you would.
Give it a rest, will you?
Take another swig of that stuff
if you have to...
but don't talk anymore.
I've been annoyed
with your kisser long enough.
Out of gas, huh?
Yeah. A few blocks up.
Don't have a gas can,
either, huh?
Don't have a can.
Excuse me, young man.
Would there be
a rest room around here?
Right around the corner.
Thank you.
You only get two gallons.
There's a ten-cent deposit
on this can, too, you know.
What do you think
you're trying to pull?
Leave the door open.
Tommy guns. You hear that?
Coming this way.
Don't! Don't! Don't!
OK, OK. Don't shoot.
Don't shoot. I give up!
Let's go.
Come on.
Hey, you didn't pay
for that gas, did you?
Here's your drink, sir.
I don't want that.
I didn't order that.
Oh, I beg your pardon.
Here's your drink, sir.
Thank you very much.
Where are we going?
Well, we ain't goin' very far
on two gallons of gas, are we?
I never thought of that.
Oh, gas... and how long it lasts.
Hey, nothing runs on nothing.
Whatever you do,
you're using something up.
Even time.
Light me, will you?
You know,
when you said that stuff...
about her being cheap...
that was just
a part she was playing.
She's an actress, you know.
I seen that picture six times.
And I read in "Photoplay"
she's making a new one.
It's called
"Girl from Missouri."
I can't wait to see that one.
I'm from Missouri, too.
People say I look like her...
when my hair's blond.
Weren't we just here?
We got to spend
the night somewhere.
I figure it's pretty safe.
No one would figure
we'd come back here.
All the cops
are going to be out...
stuffing ballot boxes.
Well, what do you mean "safe"?
I mean, you know,
people get killed here.
Didn't you read about
The Union Station Massacre?
It just happened last year.
I was working here, wasn't I?
Do you know
that Frank Nash's toupee...
got blown right off his head?
No more bets.
All right.
You have
to understand Sheepshan.
He's a loser.
Losers have got to be respected.
They're the backbone
of my business.
They're my customers...
and I take good care
of my customers.
Spent all year waiting
to come to this crap game...
up there in Minnesota...
putting these big wooden dicks
into holes all over the ground...
telephone poles...
just to be in this game.
He's the only colored man
I know...
got a contract with
the phone company, ain't he?
That's right.
Son, nigger's
supposed to be respected.
May I ask you something?
I'm not through talking.
an evil son of a bitch.
If he loses, he'll see bad luck
written all over you...
and he's going to
want to cut you up.
And if he wins,
I'm coming for you.
Then you're going to wish
he done the cutting.
Either way, you're going
to hook up with Blue here...
wherever you're going.
You and him can work
on your Amos 'n' Andy routine.
Yes, sir.
If somebody doped Trixie...
they would have had to
climb up the ladder...
through the window,
and what would happen?
He would have barked.
It was somebody inside
the Lindbergh house.
So you subscribe to the theory
that Violet Sharpe was involved?
Listen, nobody socks down
cyanide unless they're guilty.
I'll tell you something.
If this is the case,
then those Lindberghs...
should have gotten
themselves a colored maid...
and this might
never have happened.
Those Lindberghs
were too snooty.
They had to get English help.
- Scottish. Scottish.
- Whatever.
Sure are a beautiful couple.
Gosh, that baby was cute.
Beautiful couple,
beautiful baby.
He was only three years old.
He weren't three.
Weren't even two.
He was eighteen months old
when they found him.
I cried every time I saw
his picture in the paper.
You got kids?
Me, either.
I got it.
Help us now!
You got too many
goddamn pockets...
somebody gonna
want to pick them.
That's why I got a box.
I'm sorry, Seldom!
Only one man ever
been in my box... Marcus Garvey.
Garvey said to me...
he said, "Seldom, I want
to buy me some boats...
"and I want to take all
the black people...
"in America back to Africa.
"I want you to invest
in my Black Star Line...
"make you a lot of money."
Did I ever tell you the story
about Marcus Garvey...
the Jew, and the white man?
They were shipwrecked
on this island...
and one day they was
walking along the beach...
and they find themselves
this whiskey bottle.
They start to brush
the sand off the bottle...
and out come this genie,
and the genie says...
"I've been here
for 4,000 years...
"and I want to thank
y'all for letting me out.
"Anything you want. One wish."
So they turn to Garvey,
and Garvey said...
"Well, I would like all
the black people in the world...
"to go back to Africa
and live forever."
Then he turned to the Jew...
and he said to him,
"What do you want?"
And the Jew says,
"Well, I'd like to have...
"all the Jews in the world
"go back to the Holy Land
and live forever."
Then he turned to the cracker...
and he said to him,
"What you want?"
The cracker said,
"Wait a minute.
"You mean you got...
"all the niggers
in the world in Africa...
"and you got all
the kikes in the world...
in the Holy Land?"
The genie said, "Yeah."
He said, "Well, then, shit.
"Give me a martini."
Anybody want some pork?
Come on, boys.
Let's hear some music.
Bye, Blue.
Come on. We got to get home
before my mother does...
or she's going to go
to prison for murdering me.
Am I going with you?
Where else you going to go?
Come on.
All right. Wake up.
Wake up.
Now, what...
What are you doing here?
It's me... Blondie.
Yeah. I know you.
Yeah. Come on. We got to get.
Is my husband here?
No, but he's coming.
He's going to be here
any minute...
so we got to
get out of sight.
Wouldn't want him to
think we came down...
to meet him, would we?
We wouldn't?
No, we wouldn't.
Oh! Dreams.
You snore in your sleep.
You ladies certainly had to get
here early this morning...
to be first in line.
Yes, we did.
But you know, the early bird
gets the worm.
That's what I've always said.
I hear that.
So you think your vote's...
going to make a difference
then, I take it.
Well, of course, it will.
We're here early
to cast our vote...
before Mr. Pendergast
this morning.
Mr. Pendergast!
Not today, fellas.
I'm just here to vote.
Well, here we go.
Thank you.
Is it true that
you're backing Harry Truman...
One question.
I'm sorry.
Just take them up.
I'm here... I mean,
Stilton residence. Thank you.
Rose, this is Mr. Stilton.
Let me speak with Mrs. Stilton.
She ain't back yet, Mr. Stilton.
Rose. Stop crying, Rose.
It's not your fault.
Just stay there.
I'll be home soon.
You ever meet Babe's old man?
That's his bar.
All right, boys, listen up!
Voting time.
I want you in two single lines.
Right now. Come on.
Line up. Line up.
Put the drinks down
and line up.
He's got a lot of customers.
Those aren't customers.
Those are voters.
They ship them in
from all over the state.
Each one of them
vote ten, twelve times.
They used to get their names
out of the cemetery.
I don't even think
they bother anymore.
You'll be exercising
your God-given right to vote.
However, you'll be voting
the way I tell you to vote...
and as many times
as I tell you.
Is that understood?
Shut up!
Democrats do that?
They're whatever
they're paid to be.
This is America, lady.
Right face! come on.
Is that the best you can do?
Left face!
You boys are a bunch
of sorry asses...
but I'll get you in shape.
I don't want to
do this shit anymore.
I want a drink.
Go home.
Duck. That's him. Duck.
You understand now?
What are you looking at?
Get this car out of here!
Blondie, is that you?
What the hell are you doing?
Who's this with you?
That's my friend Red.
She's visiting me from Joplin.
Hey, where's Babe? She here?
That boyfriend of yours
is in big trouble.
He's not my boyfriend.
Word's out.
He's my husband!
What did you hear?
He's in big trouble's
what I hear.
Son of a bitch
got what he deserved...
and don't go
dragging Babe into it.
Babe's already in it
up to here.
Goddamn you, Blondie.
We're coming in, Flynn.
We'll just camp out upstairs
till the polls open.
We won't bother nobody. Out.
You better not.
I'm getting fed up
with your crap.
Go bust a few more noses.
All right, shut up!
Go ahead.
Line up on the right.
Let's go.
Get out the door now!
Go! Move it!
Hey, you,
what are you, special?
Hey, Flynn.
- Flynn!
- What?
Give me a couple of corned beefs
on rye and two beers.
A Coca-cola.
Yeah, and a Coca-cola.
I look like your nigger?
Tell the waitress.
I'm calling Babe.
If you think
you're fooling me...
with your friend
from Joplin stuff...
I know what's what.
Eh! You got all
the answers, don't you?
I used to work here.
You drive a cab, boy?
We got an opening.
I just lost one of my drivers.
Hi, Glenn Dora.
My mama home yet?
Lucky for you she's not.
Bringing young girls
into her house.
Hiya, Sis.
What the hell
is wrong with you?
Maybe you'll get
your nails done after all.
Are you crazy?
Have you lost your mind?
You're going to bring it down
on all of us...
and I'm the goat here.
I'm the one who's
going to get it.
Mrs. Stilton,
I'm sorry about this.
If you just get
your things together...
I'm going to take you home now.
But we just got here.
What are you
trying to do, be a hero?
I don't believe this.
I don't believe it.
Believe it.
You've got a gun?
You're pointing a gun at me?
At your own sister?
Oh, shut up and sit down.
It's not about you.
It's about Johnny...
my Johnny.
That's all it's about.
Mrs. Stilton,
I'm real sorry about this.
I didn't know this
was going to happen.
I didn't know
my sister was crazy.
What the hell
is wrong with you?
Why didn't you just tell me
what you were doing?
If I did, what would
you have done...
called Pendergast or Lazia?
You think they'd
go work for me?
Why didn't you come
to Johnny? My Johnny?
What's he going to do?
He's got connections.
So's she.
You told me you were going
to have her make a phone call.
I didn't have much choice,
did I?
Seldom Seen and those niggers
mean business.
They're going
to kill my husband.
We don't use that word
in our household.
We say colored.
Jesus Christ.
Blondie, you are plain nuts.
You kidnapped her.
I want my husband back.
That's all I'm thinking about.
And you've ruined me.
You might even
have ruined my Johnny.
He's got nothing
to do with your Johnny...
robbing some niggers.
Excuse me, Mrs. Stilton.
What do you know about it?
They came after me, Blondie.
They thought I did it...
or at least they think
I was in on it with you.
So? She'll tell them you had
nothing to do with it.
Won't you, lady?
What I find fascinating
is that both you ladies...
are married to men named Johnny.
Oh, Jesus Christ, Blondie.
You've gone too far.
You got me mixed up in this.
You got my husband mixed up.
Your Johnny knew
what would happen.
He knew what would
happen if he got caught...
and, Blondie, they're
not going to let him go!
No! Not like you think.
You got to give this up...
and you got
to let her go, too...
because they're
going to kill you!
I can't do this anymore.
I'm sorry.
You shot that gun!
You shot that gun!
Get up, lady.
We're getting out of here.
You son of a gun.
Thanks for the help, Sis.
Thanks a fucking lot.
Pull in right here, Jim.
Where'd they get these guys?
All right, boys.
Fall in.
Line up.
All right. All right.
All right.
Don't forget
to vote Democrat, gentlemen.
Let's go.
Be a good Democrat today.
They stink. Stink.
What's going on here?
You just step back.
I'll take care of this.
You guys get out of this line...
that don't live
in this precinct.
We're not going to have
any of this going on.
Nobody votes at this poll
that don't live here.
I got a big problem.
These guys don't live
in my precinct.
They're not going to vote here.
They're gonna get out of here.
No, no, no. Wait. Wait.
Just shut up!
Let's go!
Get back in line.
Feels like I'm getting a cold.
All this running around.
You'd better be careful.
You'll be next.
A cold's the least
of my worries.
Got to find a phone.
Got to talk to Heinie.
Heinie's in Washington.
He's with
President Roosevelt.
You got a short memory,
don't you?
Oh, that's right.
We talked to him, didn't we?
Yeah. Dig deep in there,
and give me your home number.
My... Oh, ah...
Yeah, it's 4-7... No. It's...
Never mind!
I'll call the operator.
All right!
There's some gentlemen
here to see you...
Shut the door, Rose.
Who are you, and what are
you doing in my house?
I'm Charlie Gargotta.
Hi, Mr. Stilton.
I'm Jackie ciro.
Yes, I know who you are.
My God, man.
You can't come to my house
in broad daylight.
You think people don't
watch what I do?
You've no business
being here.
Get dressed, Rose.
Anything we have
to talk about...
we can
talk about on the phone.
Did anyone see you come here?
John Lazia sent us, Mr. Stilton.
We're here to help you
get your wife back.
Northside Democratic.
John Lazia, please.
I'm calling for Henry Stilton.
Hello. This is John Lazia.
John, this is Henry Stilton.
My God, man.
Why would you send these people
to my house, for Christ's sake?
This was Pendergast's call.
Can't this be handled
on the telephone?
Pendergast asked me
to help out with it.
I don't think you understand...
the consequences
of this kind of thing.
T-o-n. On Fifty-sixth.
Mrs. Parker.
Fine turnout.
I'm sorry. That line is busy.
Hey, Addie.
Oh, hi, Miss Blondie.
What are you doing out here?
I just got through voting.
There's a lot of folks...
down at the Western Union
been looking for you.
Yeah, I bet there was.
What did you tell them?
Nothing because nobody
didn't ask me nothing...
but they were
asking everybody else.
About what?
About where you was
and about that Mrs. Stilton.
You live around here?
Yes, ma'am.
Over on Olive Street.
You got a telephone?
Yes, ma'am. I sure do.
Come on, Addie, I'm going
to give you a ride home.
I don't want to be no bother.
It's not far, and I can walk.
It's no bother.
Besides, I'd like to use
your phone if I could.
Anyhow, get in.
Thank you.
Kind of tight in here.
You know why Blue's gone
and you're still here?
Because I want you here.
I'm not sure I got everything...
out of your ass
I'm going to get.
I know how you-all
do business.
I know everything there is
to know about you ofays.
Your woman come running
in here screaming...
"Can I have my husband back?"
"You got your money!"
Sheepshan got the money.
That put a smile on his face.
That is, unless he loses.
What about me?
Who's going to take care
of my business...
my reputation, my name?
Pearl, come here.
Hey, how long
you live here, Addie?
Nice neighborhood.
Hey, that's the lady
from the club, ain't it?
Which lady?
That one. The one that was
kicking and screaming.
They had to take her out.
You sure?
Well, I think so.
You better keep it
to yourself.
One of Lazia's men
was on his way...
to the Hey-Hey club last night,
but he never made it.
He got in a shoot-out
with Sheriff Bash.
I know about that. I saw it.
You saw it?
Never mind. Keep going.
That's what happened.
A terrible coincidence.
So now some other fellas are
getting your husband back...
so it shouldn't take long.
Johnny's OK?
Yes, he's fine.
Because if he's not
OK and you know it...
you're wasting your time.
Don't you tell nobody
about what happened here.
Can I have some money?
What for?
Everything all right?
You don't look so good.
You did the right thing
bringing her here, Charles.
Now, you be on your way.
Do you think we could rest here
for an hour or two?
We didn't get much
sleep last night.
Well, it just
seem like nobody did.
If my mother was alive,
she'd cut your balls off.
Woman went right to the point.
She never, ever missed a beat,
but, of course...
maybe you haven't been treated
as badly as she was treated...
for so long.
Tell me.
You ever been treated bad at all
in your whole life ever?
Then how would you know
what it's like to feel good?
Right now you should be
feeling good, and you don't.
Listen to that music.
That's Bill Basie.
He's part of the reason
you ain't dead yet.
You know they give
the death penalty...
now for kidnapping?
Jesus Christ.
What are you trying to do,
give me nightmares?
My husband would never
put me in the position...
your husband put you in.
Shut up.
Everybody makes mistakes.
You'd do the same
thing for Heinie.
Ain't that right?
No, I don't think so.
You don't know
nothing about love.
What do you mean?
Yeah, love. Real love.
The kind that makes
somebody else a part of you...
a part of your body.
It's like he's
part of my insides.
You know what
I'm talking about.
Get me?
I think we should
try and sleep now.
If it's real love, then
you're both the same person...
so nothing one can do could
ever hurt the other person...
'cause... it's yourself.
Good night.
Like breathing.
I lost my train of thought.
I ain't scared of death.
I deal with his ass every day.
He come knocking at my door,
asking me about people...
'cause he knows
I know everything...
there is to know
about what's going on.
He's a cold cocksucker.
One of these days...
one of those knocks
are going to be for me...
but so what?
Sooner or later,
everybody got to go.
Some sooner than others,
and who's to say when that is?
In your case...
Il do.
Listen to that music.
Mrs. Stilton?
Mrs. Stilton?
Nobody in here.
Excuse me. I was looking
for my friend.
Yeah, hello.
I was just dreaming about you.
Yeah. You was at the club
where they play the music.
I was, huh?
Black dress with a white collar.
And one of our guests was
the painter Thomas Hart Benton.
You'll have heard of him.
And he saw Lois,
and she was part Cherokee...
and he wanted to paint her,
and she refused.
Tom wanted her to pose...
You had a dream about me?
Yeah. You was
up on stage dancing...
and Charlie
was playing the piano.
Where's your friend,
the other lady?
You know me?
I saw you at the club yesterday.
Maybe you dreamed that, too.
No, ma'am.
I saw you there big as day.
You was kicking and screaming,
and those men threw you out.
What did they do that for?
How old are you?
You live here?
No, ma'am. I'm from Joplin.
Me, too.
Come to K.C. to have your baby?
I did the same thing once.
I never smoked before,
but I'll try one.
Tell me, are you familiar
with the works...
of Annie Fel'lows Johnston?
Yes? Well, well,
the South that I saw...
is not at all as she depicts it
in her novels.
No. In the South that I saw...
the Negroes are treated
like dirt.
Kansas City
bears no resemblance.
You own your home, big enough
for your whole family...
and your children
don't have to work.
We're leaving, Missis.
Somebody's coming
to pick up Pearl.
Oh, that's OK. I'll drop her.
I know where she's going.
And... they sleep with the hogs.
You can imagine
my disappointment.
Well, I'm sure
we'll talk again.
All right.
I'll see you at work.
Yeah, see you at work.
Call me, Pearl.
So get out today
before the polls close...
and cast your vote
for the future...
and the future
of your children.
Vote Democrat.
You ever been away
from home before?
You're going to do fine.
Try and get a bed
by the window...
and don't let them
hog the bath on you.
I don't know what your story is,
but you'll do all right.
I was bad off when I came here.
You're fourteen, right?
Yeah. See, I was seventeen.
Thought I'd never
see Johnny again.
And I didn't see him
whole time I was there.
Then later, we got married.
I was at the Crittendon Home.
That's the home for white girls.
Other than that,
they're pretty much the same.
It's not bad.
Everyone's in the same way
as you are.
They're all having babies.
What did you have,
a boy or a girl?
What difference does it make?
A baby's a baby.
You can do whatever you want.
I didn't keep her.
Did you want to keep her?
I wanted whatever Johnny wanted.
Let's go on up.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the Easy Eights.
Anne, aren't you supposed
to be on kitchen duty?
Yes, ma'am.
Well, you'd better
hop to it, girl.
This is the nursery in here.
It's between
the girls' bedrooms...
and I'll introduce you
to the girls...
who you'll be sharing
a room with.
New roommate, girls.
This is Pearl.
Introduce yourselves, girls.
Hi, Pearl.
The bed in the middle is yours.
Hey, kid.
Good luck.
So long.
Sheepshan, my man,
how you doing?
Last time I looked in,
you had them by the short ones.
I just can't get that
out of my head...
getting robbed
by that white boy.
Shit like that just keeps
coming back at you...
changing a man's luck.
You know, Seldom, as long
as you've known me...
losing money has never
bothered me much.
As long as you've known me...
you can say that's a fair
statement, can't you?
I think that's a very fair
statement, Sheepshan.
You got a reputation.
You're a good loser.
Last time, you said some
other goon was getting him back.
You said it wouldn't be long.
That was almost ten hours ago.
Something's wrong.
I can smell it.
Nothing has gone wrong.
It's just this election
and all the mess it's created.
It's just bad timing,
that's all.
I don't want to know
about timing.
I want to know
about my husband.
Is he going to be let go,
or not?
What you have to realize...
is that to some people...
the outcome of this election
is more important...
than your husband or my wife.
You're not trying
to stall me, are you?
Of course not.
It's just a matter of
transporting him...
to wherever
you want him to be.
Well, when is it
going to be... exactly?
Soon. To be safe...
I'd say as soon as
the polls close.
Now, remember,
my wife's in this, too.
Hey, a deal's a deal.
I got to have Johnny before
I'll turn loose your wife.
And also no one better
try to follow him...
because if I see anyone
suspicious around...
your wife will wake up
in a pile of dirt...
only she won't wake up.
Get it?
There will be
no problems, young lady...
unless you create them.
Now, I hope you won't
go back on your word.
I've never gone back
on my word.
It's good we understand
each other, mister.
Johnny knows where I'll be.
When I see him and when
we can get away safe...
then your wife can go, OK?
Yeah, I understand.
You want to say
something to her now?
Uh, that's not necessary.
I trust you.
I don't want to get
her excited, you know?
Yeah. OK.
You know the story.
Send him home.
He didn't want
to talk to me?
What? Oh, yeah. Sure he did.
He just didn't want to,
you know, upset you or nothing.
Well, all I know is
these women brought her here.
Well, who are these women?
What's their official capacity?
Everyone seems to be
ignoring mine.
Well, actually,
it was Addie Parker...
who called me about her,
and I told her about you.
All right.
That's another sore spot.
Just stop right now.
Things are looking good, Red.
You're going to be
back with old Heinie...
before you know it.
I am not pleased with
the way this whole thing...
has gone completely haywire.
Blondie, hello. What are you...
Oh, I see.
You found Pearl at the station.
Oh, well, thank you, Blondie.
That was very nice of you.
Nothing to it.
Oh, well... oh, Mrs. Stilton.
Well, I've got things to do.
Thanks for helping out.
Thanks very much.
Lovely to see you,
Mrs. Stilton.
We've met several times.
I'm Nettie Bolt.
The Junior League.
You two know each other, huh?
Oh, I guess so.
You do remember me,
don't you, Mrs. Stilton?
Yeah, you're... Nettie Bolt.
Junior League.
I'm sorry. Is it something
that I've said?
She's just not remembering
things too clearly today.
Know what I mean?
No, Blondie, I have
no idea what you mean.
I'm very confused here
this afternoon.
Mrs. Stilton kind of got
herself hooked on opium.
Good Lord. Opium?
Hey, it's OK.
She's going to be all right.
I'm taking care of things.
Mr. Stilton hired me to look
after her at times like this.
Heinie's in Washington,
you know?
President Roosevelt.
I'm sorry. Heinie?
Oh, yes. Henry Stilton.
Yes. He's a very important man.
Yes, he is.
So at this time,
forget about it all.
He doesn't want any
nasty scuttlebutting...
and especially from someone
like you, huh?
Yes, Blondie. I don't gossip.
It's not in my nature.
Well, it was lovely to see you.
I'm off to find Pearl Cummings.
I have these goodies for her.
What you going to do to
those boys who did it, Seldom?
I've been thinking about that.
Blue is already
feeding the dogs.
It's the white boy.
I haven't made
a decision on him yet...
but I think you got
a vote in that.
What do you think?
Shit, I don't know.
It's got to be something bad...
how my luck is going.
Oh, it's going to be bad.
The question is, how bad?
You go on downstairs,
play a little bit more.
We'll take care of it.
Yeah, well, I'm going to need
another stake, Seldom.
I think it's time I go
against those dice for a while.
I'm going to need
another five grand.
Oh, what the hell.
You might as well
make it five more...
if I'm going
to break that game.
Good luck, Sheepshan.
What's the matter with you?
I don't know.
I'm very tired, I guess, now.
Yeah, well, quit your moping.
You're alive, right?
This is it. Over.
End of the line.
What do you mean?
We're waiting.
Close the door.
Close the door!
We're waiting here for Johnny,
then we're leaving.
Don't worry. We'll play clean.
We'll, uh,
drop you off someplace...
so you can find
your way home.
How's that sound?
Sit down.
This must look
pretty crummy to you, huh?
Hey, Daisy.
I love it.
Oh, well, that's a shame.
What's a shame?
Well, you're not going to be
living here much longer.
Oh, yeah. Right.
So what? I don't care.
Anyplace with Johnny's
great with me.
Wherever home is,
I'm going to love it.
I can smell Johnny
when I'm in this house.
I don't.
What's the matter with you?
Just kind of jumpy, I guess.
He's not going to be home...
until after
the polls close anyway.
I know how these
politicians think.
So this is Johnny, huh?
Handsome, ain't he?
Yeah. He's a killer.
Yeah. Hey, you see that tie?
I got him that.
Six dollars.
Pretty fancy.
And this is you, right?
Don't you look pretty.
Hey, wait here a second.
Tonk tells me you
want to see me.
Well, I've been thinking.
Ain't no way I'm walkin'
out of here a free man.
I know that.
One way or the other,
you got my life.
It's yours.
I got, uh, no say no more.
I was also thinking...
if you kill me,
might cost you down the line.
Killing the whitey, I mean...
how are they going
to look at you...
black man killing
a white man?
Even if he deserves killing.
See what I'm saying?
Maybe the Italians
get down on your ass.
Right now things are good
with the Italians. Yeah.
Nobody causes you no trouble,
everybody gets along.
Then this robbery happens,
Italians hear about it.
Blue gets fed to
the dogs for his part.
What's that?
One nigger kills another,
so what?
But killing a white man,
that's different...
as far as the Italians
are concerned.
See what I'm saying?
You know yourself
what I'm saying is true.
How's this going
to affect you?
That's what we're
talking about here, is you.
I figure you
already got my life...
whether you kill me or not.
I'm your servant.
You want a cup of coffee,
I'll get you coffee.
You want any job done...
don't make any difference
to me what it is.
You want Blue cut up
for dog meat...
I'll do that, too,
because I got no say.
I owe my life to you.
That's how you ought
to look at this.
Got yourself a slave.
How's that for a switch?
Johnny O'Hara belongs to you.
Johnny O'Hara works
for Seldom Seen for life.
How's that sound?
Son of a bitch talks
more than I do.
That it?
You got guts.
Yeah, now they're yours.
What do you say?
Your guts?
Everything's yours.
That's OK.
That doctor friend
of Bennie Moten's...
what's his name? Uh, uh...
Russ Whitehall.
Tell him I want to talk to him.
Get over here.
I need your help.
Take your coat off.
I'm going to put you
to work, little lady.
All right.
What do you want me to do?
Take the comb with the bleach...
run it through my hair
in sections.
Ooh! This stuff smells bad.
Don't tell me.
Make sure you get the roots.
Is this going to burn?
Burns my scalp,
but don't burn your hands.
Just got to wash them
real good after.
Last time I did it,
I used too much peroxide...
all my hair fell out...
Blah! Right in the sink.
Pink mush.
Thought Johnny
was going to leave me.
I looked like a drowned rat.
So what did he do?
He was so sweet.
He said, "Angel, I think it's
all going to be all right...
"if I never see you
without your hat on..."
and he did all the marketing
for a whole month.
Oh, that's very sweet.
All right.
I think I've got it now.
Hey, you know what
I was thinking?
I'm not getting
sentimental or anything.
Don't think that.
I'm just curious.
Where do you think you will go
after all this is over?
I don't know.
Even if I did,
I wouldn't tell you.
Well, it seems like there's
a lot you don't tell me.
Like what?
Well, you didn't
tell me you had a kid.
I didn't have a kid.
I mean, I had a kid,
but I didn't keep her.
So what?
Well, so don't you care
what happened to her?
I mean,
she must be someplace.
Yeah. In heaven.
Couple from Iowa adopted her.
She had some lung thing.
Couldn't breathe.
She died.
She was only two years old.
She didn't know
she was here.
Didn't hurt.
Spitting image, right?
Want something to drink?
Like dipping your tongue in Lux.
You hear something?
Yeah, I think I hear a car.
I think I heard a car.
Hello, angel.
Don't, angel. I'm hurt.
Yeah? Where?
You want to sit?
Hey, lady,
give me a hand, will you?
You're freezing cold, Johnny.
Freezing cold.
Those guys are really mad.
Yeah. I got you home,
though, didn't I?
What'd they do to you, Johnny?
Red? Red!
They hurt him real bad.
They cut him.
You're going to be OK.
You're going to be OK.
I got you home.
Red, come here!
You got to help me!
I got to stop the bleeding!
He's bleeding bad!
Red, we really got to...
He's bleeding real bad.
He's bleeding real bad here.
Do something!
Johnny, you're going to be OK.
He's going to be OK, right?
Red, help me!
Please, Johnny, I can't.
I can't live without you,
I'm losing him.
Don't leave me.
I'm not going to make it
without you.
Red! Please! I can't!
Johnny, don't worry.
I'm not going to leave you.
I'm here. I'm here.
Please help me!
Please help me!
Good evening, Mrs. Stilton.
Aw, Carolyn...
You know what
I didn't do today?
I didn't vote.