Kantharam (2019) Movie Script

Welcoming you to Breaking news.
Great online fraudulent play
aiming the tourists of Kerala.
Coming to the details of news.
This massive loot is centered around
the families and tourists coming from
foreign countries and other states,
to see the forest areas of Kerala.
This gang attacks the tourist vehicles
by blocking them in various ways
like puncturing the tyres,etc and
creating accidents with heavy vehicles.
There are huge gangster
teams situated in the
borders of the state
only for this purpose.
The team attacks after a clear
estimation of the vehicle colour,
number, persons inside it, number
of males and females, etc.
The preplanned attacks are later converted
into natural accident cases by this gang.
These cases are not being
noticed clearly, which
is the reason for such
repeated occurences.
The complaint that government
is not taking any action
against these gangs is
being raised strongly now.
Former IG for crimes Mr.Kamalesh is
here with us to discuss on this matter.
Sir, what is the stand of
government in this matter?
See, according to the changes
happening in various
periods, the nature of
crimes also change.
But the government has taken notice of
such crimes and started necessary actions.
Like signboard, night
patrolling, etc.
But what i really meant is
that, by the time we find
a solution, they arise
with new fraudulent plays.
For example, recently there
happened a case of missing
of 4 couples who had come
to Kerala for honeymoon.
News on none of
them is found here.
But I'm sure they are not dead.
I cannot reveal further
details on this case.
I'm sorry. Ok sir, thank you.
I can't do this
No problem
Baby, i have surprice for you
What surprice?
Excuse me.
What are you doing.
Don't worry.
Please wait.
Welcoming you all to this
episode of 'Kaanaakkazhchakal.
Today I am going to introduce you a very
different personality in this episode.
Sri. Ravindranath Varma who has retired
as Subaidar title from Indian military.
He has planned to lead the rest
of his life inside this forest.
One thing is to be certainly
mentioned, that after a long
effort did we manage to arrange
an interview with him.
We shall have a more
detailed chat with him now.
Life in present world is shrinking into
flats and here you have opted to live
in this vast forest area.What may be
the inspiration behind this decision?
What should i say, actually
this was not a sudden decision.
I had a very clear cut idea when and
where i should live after my retirement.
Then about this forest, i loved
this from my childhood times.
My father used to hold my hands
and walk through this forest.
So each and every corner of this forest
is byheart for me even at night times.
This 18acres of land was
inherited by my father.
Are you staying alone here sir?
This person is here as a
helper for me all the time.
My name is Biju.
I am not only a servant, but also a
nurse in the general hospital here.
One day sir came there for treating
headache, liked me and took me here.
That became a real headache now.
Now i am looking after
all the matters here.
So you a a nurse too right?
Not simply a nurse,
but a male nurse.
How do you communicate with
the outside world sir?
To him? Ok carry on.
I cultivate all the vegetables and other
things which i need in my own farms here.
Certain other commodities,
i will get once
or twice in a month from
city using my jeep.
What about your family?
Sir is not married,
see him laughing.
Does any married person laugh?
So he has no
children too. I am here
as his wife and children.
That's the only reason i am
suffering along with this old man.
Does there arise any disturbances
from animals here in night times?
Truly saying, forest is theirs,
and i am the guest here.
So far i haven't faced
any disturbance.
You will get it soon.
What about the usage of
Electricity, Gas and Telephone?
I don't use telephone.
Then gas i get from town when i go monthly.
I use solar panel instead of electricity.
Its above.
What do you want to say
to our viewers before
ending this episode
of Kaanaakkazhchakal?
That would be, Know the
nature, Love the nature and
Live in harmony with the
nature, thereby protecting it.
Thank you sir.
Do you think these all are truth?
Maybe. I don't think so.
Did you pack up all things?
come here.
Whom did you consult before bringing
them here in the name of interview?
When they disturbed a lot.
I told that you don't like.
And you won't allow.
But as you have a good heart, there
is possibility for permission.
Ok, enough.
Did you wash the jeep?
I want to go to market.
Did you understand?
What you hear?
Sir told now.
Sir told now. What i told?
You told.
Wash the jeep right now.
I will show you now.
There is no snake
in this jungle?
Jeep is ok sir.
Ready sir,
Give way.
what happened.
Where are you going?
Have you taken the list
to buy household things?
That, list,
don't search, here you are,
Then don't forget the other thing,
diesel for the vehicle
and diesel for us
and touchings,
Sir, if you are to
town, shall we join?
How did you both reach here?
What more to say sir, actually
yesterday was our marriage.
Sit down
Sit down
What happened that you are silent?
Tell something dear.
Or is it that you didn't like me?
Nothing like that.
As marriage was so fast, we
couldn't know each other well.
Nothing else.
That's the only reason.
I had lots of dreams and expectations
about marriage and husband.
First love each other and
run away somewhere along
with him to have more
understanding, like that.
You are missing that
eloping part right?
Lets go.
We shall go.
We shall elope for a while.
Go and pack your dresses soon and come.
are you mad?
no, let's go
Hey, where are you going?
To tell dad and mom.
We married after checking horoscope
and our first night also got over.
Again you want to get permission
from parents for going out?
That also, this midnight.
We shall leave through the back door
without being noticed by anyone.
Brother, how much down distance is
there to the place seen in website?
A little more distance only.
See the hurry of these guys !
Did you say anything ?
Nothing, I told we'll reach soon.
Actually where are we going?
Its a surprise.
Is this your honeymoon trip only ?
How long have you been married?
That is,
I asked how long have you been married?
Actually we got married today only.
Today ?
Oh ! New generation.
You manage the car.
Today marriage, tomorrow
honeymoon and day after divorce.
wonderful !
Sidhu, please ask him to go slow.
Brother, please go slowly.
You don't worry sir.
These ways are byheart for Dharman.
I am holding this steering since 10-12yrs.
Brother, hope we haven't lost our way.
Route is correct only for Dharman.
Doubt whether route is wrong.
I asked you whether it is right, and you
told everything is byheart for you,
Who's that ?
you hit somebody.
stop the car
I said to stop.
It is midnight, nobody knows.
Don't mind,we will move fast sir.
What kind of a person are you?
If it was someone among us?
I f the person is dead,
then we'll have to go
behind case and other formalities.
We'll go.
No , you come here.
You'll know once you
experience troubles.
Let them go anywhere.
So we sat here and waited till morning.
Do you remember that taxi's number?
No sir, forgot to take it in rush.
What about the man who hit the car?
Don't know the exact spot
sir, so couldn't find.
By the way, we forgot
to introduce sir.
I am Sidharth and this is Swathy.
our name sir?
I am Raveendranath Varma.
Sidhu. look there.
Sir, please stop there.
Sir, water please.
What ?
Water please.
What happened ?
A small accident in night.
Somebody hit me by car and went away.
Have you eloped from home
or came for honeymoon here?
Look like eloped from home, know sir?
You have reached the best place.
Enjoy well here.
What a vehicle this is,
without a music even.
What happened sir?
Get out.
Do you hate smoking?
Sorry sir, i won't do it.
Again i wont repeat sir, I did it by
mistake due to tension. Sorry all.
Please sir
I say you get out.
No, don't do.
Now you get lost from here.
Go away.
go go.
Come outside.
Come outside.
Come outside.
Get down.
Stop there, don't be oversmart.
Hey, chick you come here.
come dear,
come near to me.
Don't harm us.
This girl will be with me. And you get
away from here. then i won't do anything,
You go,
Come here.
Sir, Sidhu, he is still breathing.
Sir, where should we go?
Back to home.
But sir, you.
My servant there is a nurse, come.
Not seeing anyone here.
Sidhu, look inside.
Sidhu, sidhu
What's happening Sidhu,
I don't know.
I think we are trapped.
Where is his servant?
We'll check.
You only search, I'm fed up.
Sidhu, we have to move.
How? Let his servant come.then we can go
We have to wait.
I am feeling scared sidhu,
Sidhu, see. Where's the jeep here?
Door is open.
Isn't there anyone here?
What is happening here Sidhu?
I think his servant might have reached.
He is a nurse right? When seeing sir,
he might have taken to hospital.
How is that? He should see us.
How swathy, We were sitting away right ?
Anyway let's see
whether they return.
I'm hungry Sidhu.
Let us see inside.
What's this ? Is this a complaint?
After marriage, couple get missing.
Usually people do this to get married.
This is like,
Whether they both have mobile phones?
Both numbers are switched off sir.
anyways you submit their phone
numbers and photos here.
Sir, people in the
other case has come.
Ask them to enter.
Come inside,
Come, sit down.
What happened Syam, early morning itself ?
Simply sir.
To take news or give news?
Our job is like that sir.
Sir, did you get any
news on my daughter sir?
Actually what is your son's profession?
She was doing her MA .
When the proposal of a government
employee came, we did not think much.
truely what happened
to my daughter sir?
Can you wait outside for sometime?
Please look this,
You alone is the reason for all this.
Relax please.
If he is lucky he'll get a hot news now.
Exclusive news? Are you sure?
Yes,really hot.
You can say that, but
she's my only daughter.
But nothing happened to her know?
Are you damn sure about that?
Please listen to me peacefully.
You don't say anything. We did not enquire
much about you, that was our mistake.
All your internal problems
outside the station.
First let me enquire on
what happened to them.
You leave for timebeing.
My daughter won't fall in
such a mistake sir, please
don't let go this news to
print or visual media.
I will take care of it.
You ca go now,
Seriously this will bo
your channel exclusive.
Syam, we shall meet in the evening.
Ok sir.
Where are you going well dressed ?
Sidhu, don't you feel
like returning home soon?
We have not been able to make
a phone call even till now.
Sidhu, come with me if you wish to.
I am leaving now.
Hey Swathy,
Swathy, this is not
your Kuruvilangad.
Do you think I don't
wish to return?
Syam, don't you remember the people
you saw in station yesterday?
Yes sir,
It is a complicated case.
Bride and groom is missing from
the first day of marriage.
It is seen that all are
newly married couples.
That also from various states.
See this,Athithi.com tour package. All had
opted this tour package including them.
As it is an outside
state matter, DGP has
handed over this case to
a Crimebranch officer.
He hasn't submitted a
report even on this.
Missing person Sidharth's
phone is switched off from
a place in Kerala-Karnataka
border called Gundalpet.
That area is of Mechanic Martin.
Mechanic martin, who's that ?
He'll create accident by
jumping into vehicles.
If the vehicle is stopped, then
returning with life is a risk.
He even has a gang for this, see.
They are most wanted criminals.
He is Kaushik, major
helper of Martin. This is Punchelle,
My name
is Biju, I am not only a
servant, but also a nurse
of General hospital,
This is Mechanic Martin.
This is Varma sir right ?
Who? varma sir?
Retired Subaidar Raveendra Varma sir know?
I know him,
I have even interviewed him.
You put me alone and try
to get away right ?
Me ?
then who?
Then where did you
go without telling ?
Happy Birthday.
Oh my God, I'm sorry.
Thank you
Swathy, I think we are trapped.
How is the rating there ?
Dear sir, let them not finish now.
I haven't seen such an item before.
However big the item be, it should
not be kept more than two days.
Sir, that.
You come here. we
need to celebrate
Should i come now?
You come soon. We can enjoy here.
I moved away for some time only.
What happened so fast ?
What happened?
Everything is over.
This is same, See this.
look in to it.
What to look,it is
computer right ?
Other one.
Do i need to go inside?
Ghost ,
Many has been killed out there,
anyone among them maybe.
I told you before itself to
do some pooja or offerings.
You haven't done, and see this.
Just go away.
Let me see.
Do you know anything?
Where is it ?
From where did you study and come ?
Where were you until now?
Kill him.
They should be here
somewhere.Don't leave anyone,
burn them all.
Sir, come here.
Did they went down
by searching us?
We haven't come here for that.
We are in top now, look for the top side.
Sir, that camera is also broken.
They are somewhere here.
Don't leave anyone of them.
Sir, smell of gas.
Gas is being leaked
No,escape everyone,
Welcome back Mr.Raveendra Varma.
Today is his day, let him speak.
Your acting was good.
Oscar of acting goes to you know?
Your Mechanic Martin was deadly acting
infront of me as Retired Subaidar.
Tell the truth, who are you ?
What is this Martin, like small children.
You silly boy, you are
not even for a bullet.
Tell, who are you?
I will tell you,
Yes, actually you weren't sketching me.
I was sketching you.
I am raveendhra nadhavarma,
Robbery in Kerala Karnataka border
by stopping the travellers,
creating accidents tovehicles,
removing vehicle parts
and selling, this was all
that I knew about you.
But I didn't knew that you grew up into
a member of international sex racket.
There are yet a lot to know
about Martin's growth.
Leave it, before that tell me who
you are, police or from press?
Whichever be you, I have the same mile .
Kousik, take him.
Arrest him.
Then sir, let us leave.
Sit down,
Thank you sir.
Balan, one tea.
Son, you go inside.
Police job inherited won't
be changed by him right ?
Lets come to the point,
Sijo please take that file.
See Mr.Sidharth.. since some
months, there is someone
playing behind tourists in
Kerala Karnataka border,
especially newly married
couple.Whoever is playing, let
them, but their real intention
is not clear till now.
Missing couple are newly
married and all have
reached by using a tourist
site called Athithi.com.
There is no clarity whether
these people are alive or dead.
As it happens beyond our state, we
have limitations for the enquiry too.
What reply can I give to the CM ?
Usually these team aim at money, gold,
vehicles, etc while creating accidents.
But this is not clear.
So the responsibility of
this case goes to Sidharth.
Ok sir.
You have interest in such cases also right?
Your investigation methods
are different too.
So all the best.
Thank you sir.
Poor fellow, such a case during
his marriage time itself.
If i am not interfering in your
personal matters, is this a right idea?
What is this dad, I
will return soon right?
Sidhu, did you marry me for your
investigation purpose? Tell me Sidhu.
My life and my future,
everything you spoiled.
Finally you are safe, but me?
Tell me now, what should I do?
tell me,
Swathy, please listen to me.
I am a police officer.
In police records, this Martin
and gang was just robbers.
But this hidden cameras and video
streamings, i was totally unaware all this.
But now I am proud of you.
Because we have saved a lot of
couples from falling in this trap.
I am a girl.
I want to live in this society.
You are living with me,
I am your husband.
But this video, those who see it should
think one thing. It could be their
mother, wife or sister. If so will
they enjoy it or share it? Swathy,
I am the son of a father who taught me
who is a woman and who is a mother.
I am an unlucky son who did not get
the care and love of a mother.
Again i can get all this only through you.
I love you Swathy,
I love you