Kaosu (2000) Movie Script

Produced by taki corporation, inc. in
association with GAGA Communications
Distributed by taki corporation inc.
Here you are, sir.
Shall I?
We should`ve had Chinese.
Chopsticks are worse.
Youre right.
Your signature.
It was delicious.
Thank you.
Theyre all waiting.
Did my wife call?
No. I thought she was dining with you.
She was...
Thats fine, then.
You have a call from
the Meiwa Bank. A Mr. Sato.
Meiwa Bank? Put him through.
Right away.
Komiyama speaking.
Ive got your wife.
Komiyama Saori.
Your wife, right?
Oh, I see.
Im said, Ive kidnapped her.
Is this a joke?
How was your lunch at "L"?
Who... just who are you?
Are you Iistening? Im the man
that kidnapped your wife.
Saori, wheres Saori?
With me.
Put her on.
We just finished fucking.
Shes out of breath.
How dare you!
Shes some broad.
Your wife.
Put her on!
Ooooh, tough! Hold on.
Your hubby.
Youre not hurt, youre OK?
Where are you?
I dont know.
No personal questions now.
Shed better be OK.
You heard her.
Dont touch her.
Dont you worry.
Shes precious merchandise.
Shes got Fragile stickers all over.
What was that?
What did you do?
I heard her.
Enough. Ill hang up.
Wait. I understand.
How much do you want?
Thirty million.
Thirty million...
For starters, thirty million yen, cash.
Noon tomorrow.
Ill call your house with instructions.
This is Location 1. Were ready.
Were connected.
The last time you saw your wife
was at the Restaurant "L"?
Yes. She went out while I was paying.
I thought shed wait, but
when I got out, she was gone.
How long was that?
Two, three minutes.
Do you remember seeing any
suspicious-looking men or vehicles?
And the perp asked you
about your meal at "L"?
Did you look for her?
I see...
I was late for a meeting.
I see.
Do you think thats when he got her?
Its too soon to tell, but probably so.
Its my fault.
If only Id looked for her then...
My office.
It can wait.
Excuse me. Its from Mr. Sato at
Meiwa Bank, about yesterdays loan.
Hes left an urgent message.
Sato from Meiwa!
Yes. Are you ready?
Go ahead.
Dial #85O1,
Followed by 3221-3757.
Punch in his personal code 1102.
Repeat that.
May I?
After dialing #8501, you dial322...
Got it. Thanks.
Location 1 calling. Any luck?
OK. Roger on that.
No luck tracing it.
Its blocked.
A voice mail system.
Yeah. Impossible to trace.
The phone company?
Not now.
Please make the call...
The number matches
your number here.
This is the Voice Mailbox...
And the code?
11O2. Thats Saori`s birthday!
November second.
Enter your mailbox number
and press the pound sign.
You have one new message.
Put the thirty million in shopping
bag and seal it with tape.
Take it and get in a taxi.
Go to the Hanyu rest area
on the Northeast Expressway.
You have until 2PM.
If you dont show up, the deal`s off.
If a cop drives the taxi, or I see
anything suspicious, its all off.
Can we make it?
I think so.
How will he find me at the rest area?
Mr. Komiyama.
The perp might be watching now.
Try not to talk to me.
Saori will die.
He didnt follow the rules.
Dont tell the cops.
Otherwise they both die.
This is the Kuriharas`.
I`m killing your sister.
Who is this?
Your brothers wife.
You know shes been kidnapped.
Your brother broke the rules.
So she dies.
Wait, just wait.
If you want her alive, bring all the
money in the house to Asagaya station.
I`ll meet you at platform 2.
If youre not there by 2,
Ill kill Saori.
But I dont have...
You bringing it or not!
You Saeko?
You know, I dont just have Saori.
I`ve got your son, too.
Listen up. Dont you dare tell the cops.
Or your brother.
Talk, and theyre both dead.
Yes. I understand.
Please deposit your parking fee.
Thank you.
This is Ebara AII-Serve.
I cant take your call right now.
Please leave your name and number
after the tone and I`ll call you back.
Hello, this is Tashiro Minoru.
Ive been visiting my son and his wife.
I need a "Go" partner.
How about a game of Go?
My number is 3752-4460.
I hope you`ll return my call.
Who are you?
Im Komiyama.
What happened?
I disguised myself, by wearing
clothes Id never choose.
Why on earth?
I just had lunch with my husband.
At a French restaurant called "L".
May l?
I left while he was settling the bill.
Of course no one saw me.
I was wearing these.
You look like a kid.
My husband will fall for it.
Arent we bossy.
What `s that?
A million.
That`ll cover it right?
The kidnapping.
Dont worry. I washed it.
Oh, thanks.
What is it?
Its just that um...
I hadnt noticed yesterday,
but havent we met before?
No, l dont think so.
l see...
I certainly dont dress this way.
Right. Sorry.
Not at all.
I figured out a place to
hide while Im kidnapped.
My college friend, Soma Rumi,
happens to be in America now.
She asked me to feed her tropical fish,
so l have her keys.
You think of everything.
That bother you?
No. Does your husband know?
I didnt tell him.
When does she return?
Next Monday.
I see.
What do you say?
Youre serious.
I told you l was.
Yes. Sorry.
And once youre free.
When youre kidnapped,
your husband will call the police.
if not at first,
then definitely after you get home.
We need a dose of reality
to make it convincing.
Yes. Besides, l dont want to get
caught by the cops either.
Which apartment?
You go ahead.
Make sure no one sees you go in.
And you, Handyman?
I got stuff to do.
l`ll make the first call now.
Lets go over a few details.
Komiyama Saori was abducted near
"L" and confined somewhere.
Always remember that premise.
That where, is of course not here.
Meaning you leave no evidence
of having been here.
First, dont go touching anything.
Second, keep
the curtains shut, like this.
When you need a light, use this.
And obviously, dont answer
the phone or the door.
Of course you stay inside.
Keep it locked up.
And no feeding those fish either.
Listen. Youve been kidnapped.
How can you feed the fish?
But theyll die, then.
Who matters more, you or the fish?
I understand.
Next, the Hostage Life, 101.
First, no baths. Or showers.
No showers?
Of course not.
Not even my face?
Listen, lady. If you want the story
to fly, you need actions, not just words.
I`m sorry.
Also, only eat the food l brought.
Dont touch any of her food.
I understand.
itll be rough, but thats the deal.
And theres one more thing.
While you were being held,
your hands and feet were tied.
You have to tie me?
Itll be more realistic if your
hands and feet are bruised.
Put on the others.
Im ready.
Ill get rid of these clothes.
All right?
Ill tie you up now.
Youve got to bear it.
You see how l did it?
I guess.
Undo it to go to the bathroom,
but tie yourself back up again.
I understand.
Your wrists, too.
It doesnt have to be so tight.
You want to be able to untie it.
Try it.
Pull this through here.
And tie it like this.
Pull it with your teeth.
What are you doing?
Youre defenseless, arent you, lady?
I always wanted to fuck someone tied up.
Were not playing anymore.
Get it?
Please... dont...
This is Shinko Enterprises.
Hello. This is Sato from Meiwa Bank.
We always appreciate your business.
Is the president in?
Please hold.
Now this is what you call reality, lady.
Ill call when l get back.
But I cant answer the phone.
Ill ring 3 times, hang up, then
3 times again. You unlock the door.
Ill call when Im close.
Three rings, and then
another three rings.
A mistake to answer the phone.
Who is this?
Who cares.
You? You did this?
Its your fault, Mr. Kidnapper.
Whyd you do it?
It just happened.
Thats no reason.
Look whos talking.
You snatched her liberty.
No. She asked me to stage a kidnapping.
Thats all.
You tied her up
to stage a kidnapping?
Its the truth.
She asked me to kidnap her.
Huh. I wonder if the cops will buy that.
I need a favor.
Dump her for me.
I dont like loose ends.
Do it yourself.
Dont want to get caught.
Enough of your crap. Forget it.
Oh, well. Then l have no choice.
Ill call the cops right now. Tell them
I heard a woman screaming in 303.
Whats wrong?
OK. Ill do it.
Take care of it.
Whats wrong?
What happened?
Had a fight?
OK. Cmon inside.
This is Ebara AII-serve.
I cant take your call right now.
Please leave your name
and number after the tone
and Ill call you back.
Hello, its Misako...
Hi, its me.
What, youre home.
Say, is Noboru with you?
Yeah he is.
Why cant you call!
I didnt know where hed gone,
and was about to call the police.
Why are you always like this?
Cant you think about others?
Noboru came by himself.
But you could still call!
Ill come get him.
No, Ill bring him.
Leave now.
Wait here, Noboru.
Where you going?
Where you going`!
Move your car!
Let go!
Wait up! Asshole!
Kept you waiting.
You look tired.
Why dont you take a little
time off from work?
Thats not really possible.
Besides, Id rather be working.
I see.
Any leads?
No promising leads so far.
Mr. Komiyama,
so much time has passed,
I think its time to reconsider
our approach.
So far, our number one priority
was your wifes safety.
But with no further
contact from the perp,
theres very little we can do.
From now on, our priority
should be finding him,
by widening our investigation
to include the public.
Just wait.
What about Saori, then?
Mr. Komiyama. I dont want to
give you false hope.
In my experience, loss of contact with
the perp in a hostage situation
usually means bad news.
Theyd kill her over a measly 5 million?
Perhaps the perp`s real intent
was to kill your wife.
Thats ridiculous! What for!
I understand how you feel.
Im disappointed myself.
But rationally re-evaluating the
situation, I advise we go public.
Do we have your consent?
I understand.
Thank you.
May I speak with the owner?
Yes. Just a minute please.
Dad, a policeman to see you.
May I help you?
Im sorry to trouble you,
but you manage the Seiwa
Heights complex, correct?
Yes, thats right.
Manage it exclusively?
Thats right.
I see. I need to see the lease
for apartment number 303.
Oh, yes. Just wait a moment.
Have a seat.
Lets see, number 303?
Here it is. Look.
Act Promotion Inc.
But a young woman occupies
the premises.
Yes, a young lady.
Why is it leased to this Act Promotion?
The company rents
it for corporate housing.
I see.
What is the nature of
Act Promotion`s business?
If I remember correctly,
its a modeling agency.
Model agency?
And who occupies 303?
Her name? Just a minute.
Tsushima Satomi.
What? Not Soma Rumi?
No. Miss Soma`s in apartment 302.
Let me see.
This news just in.
Komiyama Saori, the wife of Komiyama
Takayuki, CEO of Shinko Enterprises,
has apparently been
taken against her will.
Police surmise that
Saori was abducted
on the 26th,
after leaving the restaurant
where she and her husband had dined.
Because the restaurant
faces a private street,
and the victim...
Um, did Miss Tsushima...
No, its just that
no ones ever home,
and we wondered who lives there.
A radical?
And Miss Soma in 302...
Oh, Act Promotion rents
302 as well.
Excuse me.
Im from First Plan,
Im picking up Soma Rumi`s book.
Oh, Rumi?
Rumi`s here.
She is?
Someone from the ad agency.
What commercial?
Wow. Which brand?
Thats still not...
Print or TV?
TV for now.
Ill do my best.
Excuse me, but dont you live
in the Seiwa Heights complex?
Yes, but...
Next to Tsushima Satomi?
You a friend of hers?
Well, yes.
Her boyfriend maybe?
No, Im not.
Satomi doing OK?
I havent seen her in a while.
Shes pretty, but her figures not...
I hear shes not working much.
When word got out
she slept with a client,
she stopped getting calls.
But Im not like that.
Dont tell the agency,
but I have a boyfriend.
We moved in together.
So I rarely go back to Seiwa Heights.
Oh, I see.
Im from Ebara All-Serve.
Oh, great. I cant let go right now.
Let yourself in.
OK, I will.
Help me please.
Wheres the main tap?
The main tap.
Not really...
Thank you so much.
I was at my wits end.
Youre welcome.
I missed you, Satomi.
Is it safe meeting like this?
I told the office Im resting.
Were OK for a while.
Trouble sleeping?
How come?
No. What with the cops
camped out at the house...
Why dont you get some sleep?
Im fine. Besides,
I havent seen you in so long.
Uh huh.
The investigation?
Going nowhere.
Dont worry.
Theyll never find out.
Well be fine.
Can I take a shower?
Satomi, did you dream that up?
The ransom from my sister.
Whats that?
You didnt know?
Your handyman swindled
my sister out of 5 million.
But in fact, it `s made
the whole thing convincing.
You sure hes all right?
He wont talk?
Hes fine.
Are you OK?
You need help.
No, Im fine.
Try some string.
What do we do?
Ill turn myself in.
We dont have any choice.
Neither of us has a drivers license.
A suitcase. Shed fit in a big one.
Youre crazy.
Dont worry.
It was self-defense.
You can live with that?
Your company?
I cant let things end like this.
Dont we look alike?
You once told me
I resembled your wife.
I did?
I dont think so, but...
Answer me!
Once, when you had on
some wild make-up for a job,
I thought you resembled her.
What do you say we take a gamble?
If our luck is strong,
well get out of this mess.
If its bad?
Things cant get any worse.
So, what is it you
want me do for you?
Youre a handyman, right? Which means
you can take care of anything?
Well, most things.
Youll do the job then?
First, I need to know what it is.
Of course.
Dont worry. Just ask me.
Your secrets are safe with me.
I want you to kidnap me.
Kidnap me and demand a
ransom from my husband.
Will you do it?
You mean I kidnap you?
And get the ransom from your husband?
Not that far.
Just threaten him...
Is this a game?
Heres 100,000 yen.
This should take care of it.
Id like to know why.
Do I have to tell you?
Yes, please.
I want to test my husband.
An affair?
Have you confronted him?
Ive investigated.
I see...
Shes very beautiful.
Younger than me and more attentive.
The type who makes
a man feel comfortable.
I cant compete.
I love my husband.
I cant bear to lose him.
But as things are, Im so anxious that
I keep finding ways to avoid him.
It only drives him away from me
and towards her. I cant help myself.
A vicious cycle?
And this kidnapping will
reveal your husbands true feelings.
I see.
Ok, OK, thats nice.
Rie, fix that.
Here goes.
OK, last shot of the day.
OK, thanks.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You were great.
Komiyama Saori.
Whats so funny?
Cut the crap!
Its not a game of tag.
Tag? Thats what it feels like.
Why me?
You did choose me.
So you remembered.
It was chance.
My going to see you.
Liar !
its true.
You dreamed it all up?
Thats right.
You kill her?
The phone call?
That was me. Not bad, huh?
But I knew all along that youd find me.
A hunch.
I wanted to see you.
You mean the whole set-up was
all about playing tag with me?
This was my bet.
Your bet?
And now youve won?
Well see...
Thats up to you.
Become Saori.
My turn to gamble.
Why the get-up?
What happened?
He found out.
The handyman.
I dont know.
Did he hurt you?
Did you talk?
And, what does he want?
He wants 30 million.
I see.
Pay him this time,
and its just the beginning.
Youre right.
What will you do?
I guess this is where our luck runs out.
Youre giving up?
Its not over yet.
What else is there to do?
I wish Id just turned myself in.
As long as Im with you,
Im not scared.
Youre sure now.
Yes. Its Tsushima Satomi.
She resembles...
Komiyama Saori.
No ones here.
That him?
Cant tell.
Hello, Mr. Komiyama.
The handyman?
Did you bring it?
Youll do exactly as I say, now.
Give her the bag of cash,
and send her to 302.
Just wait a minute.
Lets talk. Where are you?
Lets treat this as a business
transaction, Mr. Komiyama.
OK, but first, promise me one thing.
That thisll be the last time.
OK. I promise.
You take this.
And you?
Ill be fine.
Besides, hell go after the
one with the money.
I know youll find a way.
You can do it.
For us.
Now what?
The bathroom.
The bathroom?
This is the police...
Miss Tsushima.
What happened?
Youre back.
Now were even.
I won my bet.
You win yours?
That color becomes you.
Both liars, huh.
I left everything behind.
You dont have
to run from me.
Lets go together!
Executive Producer : KAI Naoki
Producers : KODERA Takeo
KANNO Satoshi, HARA Kimio
Based on the novel by : UTANO Shogo
Screenwriter : SAITO Hisashi
Music : KAWAI Kenji
Cinematographer : KIKUMURA Tokusho
Directed by : NAKATA Hideo