Kapan Pindah Rumah (2021) Movie Script

Thanks, Sa.
I heard something fall.
She's not here, Dear!
It's hurts!
Eat some more.
Here, some vegetables.
Eat some more.
Have some eggs too.
Dear. Look at this.
Are you done? That was fast.
Finish your tempeh.
Eat some fish too.
I'll get fat.
It's the rice that makes you fat.
Mom, eat some veggies.
I had some for lunch.
Don't just eat carbs.
It's fine. Don't worry about it.
You're overreacting.
I just want you to be healthy.
I'll be okay, if God wills.
- Mom.
- Yeah?
Starting next month...
...I'll transfer to a branch office
in Bandung.
Will you let me?
Will your child and wife stay here?
They have to come with me.
I might work there for a while.
Maybe years.
I may rarely come home.
I'll feel guilty if they're away from me.
If you rarely come home...
That means we'll rarely see each other?
That's not what I meant.
I'm full.
Remember Mr. Gusti,
our neighbor who owns a restaurant?
His child went away for work,
and it's overseas.
They're an only child.
You still have me and Lulu here.
Stop kicking me.
I have to go.
You haven't finished your meal.
I feel bad for mom.
She's my in-law, and Cakra is my husband.
Who should I follow?
You should follow Cakra, obviously.
He's the head of your family.
If you've decided to go to Bandung,
you should help Cakra persuade her.
Stop bothering Ines!
Don't joke around.
Sorry about that, Lu.
Fian can't seem to stop teasing Ines.
Maybe it's best if I go with Cakra.
Don't worry about it.
Perhaps, the reason he keeps
picking on Ines...
...is because he needs a younger sibling.
Lulu, please.
Just hurry up and move to Bandung.
Make another one there.
Come in.
What are you doing?
Reading a book.
What are you reading?
"A rainbow for you."
Do you hate the idea of...
...Cakra moving to Bandung so much?
I don't mind.
What's so funny?
It's funny how you say you don't mind,
but your demeanor says otherwise.
That's not true.
If he has to move to Bandung,
I think he got promoted.
Cakra is amazing.
He's moving up the ranks so quickly.
He deserve it.
Cakra has always been very diligent.
I'm so proud of him.
In my opinion...
Husband and wife should live
with each other, right?
If you separate them...
You don't have to help your brother
to get my blessing.
Stop it!
Who's helping Cakra?
I was just giving a suggestion.
Who knows, maybe...
...I could give Cakra's family a hand,
plus, you don't have to
babysit your grandchild.
What do you say?
I'm done. Turn off the lights.
I'm going to sleep.
Are you telling me to go away?
It's about time you stop sulking, Mom.
I'm going to move to Bandung
with my dad.
You're not coming with me.
- Is he leaving?
- Mom!
I want to go with Fian!
- We'll go after him.
- Okay.
But we have to wait
for your school holidays.
- Okay?
- We'll go when I have a day off.
Fian is just teasing you.
Come here, let's pack
the suitcases into the car.
Follow him.
Fian too, let's pull the suitcase.
Dad, is Fian...
Bandung, how exciting.
Where's mom?
In her room.
Don't bother. She won't open the door.
Can't I say goodbye to mom?
Is she upset?
You how she is. She won't sulk for long.
I bet she'd call you before
you reach Bandung.
Your suitcases are inside the car.
Fian is waiting for you too.
- Okay, thanks.
- Sure.
- I'll be leaving now.
- Okay.
Take care of yourselves.
- Look after mom for me.
- Of course.
- I'm leaving too, Lulu, Naya.
- Yeah.
You take care.
- Remember to call us.
- Tell us about everything.
- Let's see them off.
- Tell us your address later.
Come in.
Let's have dinner, Mom.
Later. I'm not hungry yet.
But I've made it for us. It'll get cold.
You go first.
Eating alone doesn't taste as good as
when we have meals together, Mom.
If you miss Cakra,
you can call him after dinner.
I don't miss your brother.
He's busy with work.
His wife is busy with chores.
Are you sure you don't miss him?
Let's go.
There you go.
I hope we can always
share a meal together...
...even though dad's not with us anymore.
It's getting lonely because Cakra
has left us, moved away.
Look at his seat.
It's empty.
It's so empty.
I'll answer it.
No, I will. Keep eating.
Hello, may peace be upon you.
How are you? Doing okay?
That's great.
How is Fian doing?
Lulu, it's me.
Cakra had a guest just now.
He gave me the phone.
Oh, Tami.
How are you doing?
Let us know.
What's it like living alone?
I was a little nervous in a new house.
But it's fun when you
get used to it.
Is that so?
We can organize things as we wish.
That sounds so much fun.
Lulu, have you heard?
I have a small pond.
Mom wouldn't let me have one in her house.
She said it'd attract mosquitoes.
You must be excited.
Let me come over sometime.
Sounds good.
Tami. We're having dinner right now,
we have to go.
Okay, Lulu.
Send my regards to mom,
Naya, and Damar...
...and my kisses to Ines.
Send my regards to Fian and Cakra as well.
- Okay. Bye.
- Bye.
It's Lulu. I'm coming in.
You got new books?
I got it a week ago.
I didn't have time to read it.
You also haven't read the other ones.
What is this book?
I heard it's good.
What do you think?
What do you think if I buy a new house?
Will you let me move?
I'm going back to my room.
Wake up.
Look after Ines. I'm going to work.
What about the nanny?
She'll be here at noon. Her kid is sick.
She's mad at me.
Wake up.
Open your eyes!
There you go.
Don't go back to sleep.
Naya, seriously?
Okay, okay! I'm awake, see?
Ines is sleeping in her room.
Wake up!
Here, my helmet. Thank you.
Good evening, Mom.
Look. I bought your favorite martabak.
Let's share them.
- Damar, you're home.
- Hello.
- I'm going inside.
- Yes, rest well.
I'll put it on the dining table.
You brought this on yourself.
Mom is still sensitive
because of Cakra and now you?
I want to have my own house too.
And move in with my family.
Why can't I?
Especially since I heard
Tami's story yesterday.
She's having so much fun.
She can style her own house.
Make her own decisions.
Meanwhile, me?
Do you remember when I wanted
to change the curtains?
Yeah, I remember.
Mom scolded you because
you ruined dad's favorite curtain.
It's not ruined! It's worn out,
so I wanted to change it!
Well, you brought that on yourself.
It's worn out!
What's wrong with changing it?
I'm not allowed to
replace the sofa either.
Nothing is ever right.
How about you take mom
outside after work?
Where to?
Just invite her somewhere.
Maybe she'll come around eventually.
Go to the mall or something,
wherever she likes.
- I'm so proud of my little sister!
- Don't hug me!
- Stop it!
- Don't be so mean!
We're home.
Why is this so messy?
Lulu, thank you for taking me
shopping today.
I had fun.
You're welcome. I had fun too.
We won't have another chance
to do this anymore.
We can. We'll arrange another day.
It won't feel the same.
If you move to a new house,
we'll part ways to go home.
It's not the same.
If your nanny can't come on time,
who will look after Ines?
You need me or Kanaya to look after her.
Besides, when you have a new house,
will you let just anyone
freely enter your house?
I'm sure you know not to trust
someone else so easily.
One more thing.
If Ines goes to school,
who is going to make her eat?
Make her take a bath?
Or make her do homework?
Make her do everything?
Oh, no!
It's almost like my grandchild
is the nanny's child!
You and Damar are both busy!
- My head hurts thinking about it...
- So what, Mom?
That's what happens in every household.
Parents have no choice but to
leave their kids when they work.
Parents have no choice but to
leave their kids when they work.
Yes, you're right.
So if anything happens,
don't ask me for help.
Come on.
Up you go.
Here's your tablet.
- Dear.
- Yes?
We have to move out as soon as possible.
What's this nagging out of nowhere?
Mom hasn't given you
her blessing yet, right?
We don't have to wait for her blessings.
Buying a house is a lot of work.
There's the papers,
choosing a lender,
and purchasing the furniture.
It's a process.
I know, dear.
But we still need her permission.
Why do you want to move out so much?
Dear. Haven't you seen our room?
It's like it's own house.
We store everything here,
our suitcases there.
Not to mention
our personal items are all here.
Don't you feel bad for Ines?
How much longer must she
stay in Kanaya's room?
I understand.
But you've seen how upset your mom was
when Cakra moved to Bandung.
She gave you the silent treatment
when you mentioned buying a house.
- This isn't good...
- Why are you defending her?
That's not what I meant.
Things aren't as easy as you think.
Then help me talk to mom.
I will help you talk to her.
But not anytime soon.
So you won't side with me.
It's not about who's side I'm on.
Then what is it?
I'm trying my best to get out of here.
Let's hang your towel.
I'll carry you. Hold on tight.
Let's hang your towel outside.
Good girl, Ines.
Excuse me. Let me have some water.
- Do you want a glass in your room?
- No need.
Don't you have water over there?
I'm out of water in the other room,
my dear Lulu.
I drink it all.
Don't go to Harsa's house.
You never stopped me before.
I always hang out at Harsa's.
Good girls shouldn't hang out
at a man's house late at night.
I won't do anything funny.
How would I know you won't?
You're being strange.
If you're mad at someone, go yell at them.
Don't lash out to me.
I always thought...
...my niece's tantrum is annoying.
But the elders are much worse.
Nothing is cute about their tantrum.
Both mom and Lulu are annoying.
The way I see it,
Auntie Arum hasn't got used to
being away from Cakra.
She's lonely.
Especially if your sister
leaves Auntie Arum too.
And eventually, you.
Do you think being
an only child like me is fun?
It's not.
Being alone feels awful, lonely.
Sometimes I wonder if I get married
and have just one child,
my house will probably
be so quiet like it is now.
So if you get married,
you want to have a lot of kids?
At least 11 to create my own soccer club.
Are you insane?
Your wife will be hurting so much
by birthing that many kids.
Then I'll find a strong and brave wife.
Like you.
This is yummy.
Why do you ask me that?
I've finished my sekoteng.
Have seconds.
Nah, let's just go home.
My mom is waiting. She'll scold me.
- Go home?
- Yeah.
Okay. Just a second.
Thank you, Mister!
Thank you.
Hold on.
- Okay, let's go.
- Open this for me.
- What? You can do it.
- No.
Don't do it halfway.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Thanks, Sa.
I heard something fall.
She's not here, Dear!
- Ow, it hurts!
- What happened?
Careful around there!
- How did you end up like this?
- How did you fall?
- Dear, carry her to her room.
- Let's go, Mom.
- Lean on me.
- Wait.
- Step forward.
- Go over there.
- Go slowly, Dear.
- Your legs.
Naya, give me a push.
- Slowly, Mom.
- Don't touch there! It hurts!
Let me grab the oil.
- Tell me where it hurts.
- No! What is that?
Oils to ease your pain.
We'll go see a doctor tomorrow.
No, I don't want it.
It smells like a granny! I don't like it.
You are a granny.
Don't compare yourself to me.
It's not funny, Naya.
Should we go to the hospital now?
Dear, call a taxi.
No, I don't need that.
I can use a hot patch.
Go get one, Dear.
No, Lulu! I know where it is.
You can leave me. Naya, you too.
- Will you be okay alone?
- I'm okay, Damar. Thank you.
- Just go, everyone. Leave.
- I'll put it here.
Call us anytime.
- Dear.
- Yeah?
Has mom left her room?
I haven't seen her.
- I'll go check on her.
- Okay.
- Naya! Come here, quickly!
- What?
Are you still hurting?
Let's see a doctor.
No need.
Just call a massage therapist.
They're out of business, Mom.
It's dangerous to leave it alone.
It's okay, I don't need it.
Go on, get ready to work, all of you.
Leave me.
- We're off to work, Mom.
- Yeah.
We must call Cakra.
What if he's busy?
Either way, we call him.
We should let him know.
Oh, Tami?
Oh, their nanny.
You should stay home today.
Take care of mom.
Who knows what might happen?
Okay, dear.
I'll take a day off. You go to work.
Fian! Let's play.
Let's go.
How's mom doing?
Come inside, go see her.
How's Bandung?
It's fun. It's comforting and chill.
You have to come to Bandung sometime.
You can stay over at our place.
- I'd love to. Let's see mom now.
- Yeah.
- Mom, please.
- What?
Let's go to the hospital and see a doctor.
No, Cakra.
- Mom.
- What?
The doctor can scan your body
with an X-ray.
Let's see if you broke a bone.
I'm fine. Nothing is broken.
This is just...
It just hurt a little.
It'll be gone by tomorrow.
Trust me. This nothing.
I'll be fine the next day.
I'm just glad all of you
are gathered here.
I'm fine.
Stay calm, everyone.
You can get out now. I want to rest.
Get something for your brother to drink.
Just go.
I'm okay.
Should we call Auntie Sari?
She's a doctor, right?
We don't have to take mom to the hospital.
Good idea.
If she doesn't want to go to the doctor,
we'll call a doctor home.
We need to get her examined to be assured.
I'll call Auntie Sari to come tomorrow.
- Cakra.
- Yeah?
You can sleep if you want.
Your room is cleaned.
Who did it?
Mom. She changes the sheet once a week.
For real?
- Yes, I did.
- Mom!
Weren't you resting?
It's okay, I can walk.
No, you can barely walk.
I have to go slowly!
I'd go fast if I were well.
It just hurt a little.
This is nothing.
It's fine. I can do it.
- Carefully.
- I am careful.
I cleaned your room so you can sleep
in comfort when you're tired.
Being cooped up in my room
makes my body sluggish.
Since the house is now lively,
I thought I'd join you,
Thanks to you, I feel better.
I look healthy, don't I?
You sure do.
Don't worry, Cakra. I'm fine.
It's just a tingle.
Okay, Mom. But you should try
the cake I made. It's yummy.
I tried a slice.
It was so good.
I know this will be good.
But it tastes better...
Because all of you are here.
How's your work?
It's going well.
Do you like Bandung?
Yeah. It's cold.
But I like here better.
It's not a lie.
Tami likes Bandung, right?
Well, you know how Bandung is.
Another lie.
Oh my god.
- Carefully.
- Yes.
- Can you walk?
- I can.
I can walk yesterday.
Tell them I'm okay.
A healthy person doesn't walk like this.
It's only been one day.
I can stay up all night
to look after her.
Your mother condition is not severe.
She can be treated at home.
I've prescribed medication and vitamins.
They don't believe I'm okay.
I know.
She had a slight swelling,
but it's nothing serious.
I told you. You're all such a worrywart.
Nothing's going to happen to me.
It looks like Cakra's visit to Jakarta...
...made your mom recover faster.
- You just missed him
- Yeah.
I have to go back to Bandung at once.
Can't you stay another day?
I can't, Auntie.
The office doesn't let me.
I took leave of absence
without prior notice.
It's okay if you're going back.
At least you've seen me.
- Your drink.
- Thank you.
I'm okay, right?
Rest well, Arum.
But I can have the medicine...
...to ease the pain?
- A painkiller?
- Yeah.
I'll add it to your prescription.
I'm going back, Aunties.
- Yeah. Come over again.
- Take care.
Is mom in her room?
She said she's hurting again.
It's my fault.
Cakra, please. It's not your fault.
You're working tomorrow.
Relax. Naya and I are here
to look after mom.
Tell her I'm sorry.
Take care of her.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
I'm off. See you.
See you.
Bye, Aunties!
You should wait to buy a house.
I feel bad seeing mom like that.
What if it gets worse?
Why do I have to back down?
Cakra is working.
I'm working too.
Is it because I'm a woman and he's a man?
Mom never accepted his decision.
But she can't do anything about it.
Naya, Relax.
Buying a house is a long process.
It's not quick.
Let's just check on her.
Did you drink the medicine?
I did.
You don't seem to improve.
It might've gone worse.
Don't you want to go to the hospital?
I don't need it. I just woke up in a hurry
to see your brother off.
Now it hurts.
You are scared of losing
your only son, aren't you?
It's nothing.
Do you want to sleep with me tonight?
What if you want to go to the bathroom
or want something?
I know you're up to something
if you're being this persistent.
What are you trying to say?
No! I don't accept it!
I don't want to hear it!
I don't want to talk about it!
Just go. Leave!
Okay, fine.
Ow, ow, ow!
- Mom!
- Ouch!
- Damar, carefully!
- What's wrong, Mom?
- Naya, wait.
- Where are you going?
- Wait a second! My back!
- What's wrong?
- Slowly, slowly.
- Ow, ow, ow.
- You should be careful.
- Let's sit down.
How can I walk?
- Let's go slow.
- It is slow!
- One step at a time.
- Slowly.
Mom, please.
Calm down.
- Mom! Walk carefully!
- It hurts!
- Come on, let's sit down.
- Don't nag at me!
- It hurts!
- Let's walk slowly.
Naya, grab the chair.
Easy, easy.
- My feet!
- Here.
Sit down, Mom.
You should tell us if you need anything.
- She's right.
- I don't want to be a burden.
But if something happens to you,
we'll have a hard time.
- Mom. Drink this.
- Just sit here for now.
- I'm going to take a shower. Damar.
- Okay.
Go ahead.
Don't you have work?
It's a holiday.
You should tell us if you need something.
- Naya.
- Yeah?
Last night
I saw mom walking fine on her own.
She's recovered?
No, I mean...
I saw her last night,
she was able to move her body
freely as if she wasn't in pain.
No back or hip pain.
And this morning...
...when she left her room,
she walks like she's in pain again.
You and Damar rushed to help her.
So she got worse?
That's not it, Naya!
What is it, then?
I'm just saying...
I think she needs to be checked.
Don't be rude. Watch out, it's a sin.
A sin?
You're thinking badly of mom.
I saw it myself.
For real?
Yeah. Why would I lie?
I gain nothing from lying.
Does that mean...
...Auntie Sari?
They're working together.
That's why she didn't recommend
going to a hospital.
She knows mom is fine, right?
Even though Auntie Sari...
...is very strict
when handling a sick person.
That's why...
...I have to move out at once.
Hey. That's not how to deal with this.
So what?
Should I pretend not to know?
Lie to all of us?
You're so loud! What if mom hears you?
Whatever. Let her know.
What a pain.
Isn't this a nice house?
But can we afford it?
We can.
I did the math on our savings.
What if it's not enough?
I've applied for a housing loan.
The company is quick to approve
housing or child education matters.
Do we pay in installment for the rest?
Yeah. That's how it goes.
I can already imagine us
sitting around over there.
- With Ines.
- It's pretty nice.
It's cool, simple, and minimalist
with some greenery.
It's perfect for our family.
Here's the receipt for yesterday's
transferred amount.
- Okay.
- You can verify it.
The rest can be paid in installments
as per our agreement.
- Thank you.
- It's a pleasure. Enjoy your new house.
What is this?
You bought a house behind my back?
Just like you,
you lied to us about being sick.
You are...
You are so ignorant.
You never think about my feelings.
You too.
We're the same.
You never tried to understand us either.
Do you ever empathize with us?
You don't.
You want us all to understand you.
You want to be put above everything.
We must grow.
We have our lives.
I have my own life.
I have a family.
I have the right to live independently.
So are you telling me...
That makes you free
to leave this house, to leave me?
That's not what I said.
That's what you assume.
I assume?
Oh, yes. You're right.
That's just what I assume,
what I believe, what I feel.
Everything that exist in this house...
...is a feeling of mine. That's right.
Because no one feels the same way as I do.
Particularly you!
You are incapable of understanding
what I'm feeling right now.
You don't know what it's like...
...to be left behind by your loved ones.
You're new to motherhood.
Your daughter is just a kid.
I hope she won't grow up to be like you.
I hope you never feel
the way I feel right now.
Yes, that's right.
It's true.
Why? Why are you sad?
Was I wrong to speak the truth?
Was anything I said upset you?
What is it?
Tell me!
What's wrong with deciding my own life?
- You think I was wrong?
- No.
There is nothing wrong with that.
Have I ever prevent you
from leaving this house?
Have I ever tormented you...
...that you dare to speak to me that way?
Have I? Why are you crying?
Was anything I said today wrong?
Am I not allowed to question
why you bought a house?
Tell me!
Tell me why did you think you can
buy a house without telling me?
I want to live independently!
And you will!
Get out of my house this instance!
- Go! You don't need to do it secretly!
- Let her be.
- No more going behind my back!
- Fine. You happy now?
- What? What should I be happy about?
- Mom, enough.
- I hope you're happy!
- Let's go inside.
What? Do you want to leave this house too?
Then leave!
- No, Mom. Come on.
- Huh?
Come on.
How dare she rebel
and cry in front of me?
No matter how upset you are,
she is your mother.
You shouldn't raise your voice at her.
Let alone in front of others.
Even if it's your own sibling.
Your mom's heart will hurt even more
if you don't respect her as a parent.
We are still new to parenthood.
We're still learning to become parents.
But your mom...
...has experienced everything as a parent.
How dare she speak to me that way!
Have I ever made her suffer living here?
Have I ever tortured her life?
I gave her everything.
I never let the dining table empty!
She eats plenty, never hungry!
- Mom.
- How could she?
- What do you want? I don't want to sit!
- Sit down.
I am angry!
I am upset!
- Mom.
- What?!
You didn't have to yell. It would be
embarrassing if the neighbors heard.
Embarrassed? Me?
Your sister should be ashamed
for defying me!
Naya. This is an example.
A lesson.
You should never be like your sister!
How dare she do things behind my back?
She wanted to move and bought a house
without telling me!
What does that mean?
What does she mean by that?
Am I just a maid to her?
She's even crying!
Am I tormenting her here?
Think about it! Who gave birth to her?
A rock?
A piece of paper?
You too! This is an example for you!
Tell your sister what I said here.
There's no way she's not listening to me
when I'm this loud!
That's enough yelling.
I'll tell her.
- Tell her each word I say.
- Okay, I know.
Don't miss anything! Where are you going?
- I'm going to tell her.
- Hurry!
Harsa. For God's sake.
The situation between mom
and my sister is killing me.
I don't know what to do.
What if you try to make
Auntie Arum meet someone?
Set her up with a guy?
To be her husband?
if my mom has a new husband,
will she stop bothering her children?
Auntie Arum needs a friend.
Try to look back at the time
when your dad was still around.
She wasn't this fussy, right?
Because your dad's role
was to control you guys.
Now, that your siblings are married...
...your mother had no example
on how to control them because...
Your dad had passed away.
But listen.
It's not that easy to set up elders.
Well, don't be hasty.
It can wait.
Who should I set her up with?
You know Mr. Gusti?
I do.
Let's just try to introduce them.
Maybe they're compatible.
I'm not sure about this.
My mom is deeply, truly,
madly in love with my late dad.
It doesn't hurt to try.
Okay. We'll visit
Mr. Gusti's house tomorrow.
What for?
To get close to him.
How are you so dumb?
- You're dumber.
- No, you.
- You're an idiot.
- Finish your meal.
I am waiting.
We'll go as soon as you're here.
Yeah. Okay?
I'll be waiting.
- Morning, Mr. Gusti.
- Morning, Harsa.
What brings you here?
Could you help me check Kanaya's
father's Vespa?
I'm Kanaya. Do you remember me?
You must be the late Mr. Amri's daughter.
- That's right.
- Oh, my. You're a grown up now.
Do you still have the Vespa?
- Yes.
- That one?
That's an antique item. Great one.
But listen...
I can check on them this afternoon.
I see. But if you're busy, it's fine...
It's okay. We'll see you
in the afternoon
I will check on them, rather, I'd love to.
I see. I just don't want to
disturb your schedule.
- I'm not busy.
- So, this afternoon?
- We'll be leaving now.
- Okay.
- See you later, Mr. Gusti.
- Yeah, see you.
Hey! My dad's Vespa is fine.
No one is using it anyway.
"No one is using it."
Hey, I'm being serious!
May peace be upon you. Good afternoon.
May peace be upon you.
Good afternoon, Mr. Gusti.
Are you here for someone?
Mr. Gusti!
Mom. He's here to fix
dad's old Vespa.
Why fix it when no one uses it?
Just checking on, Mom. It's a waste
to not use it if it's still working.
Hello, Uncle.
- Come on in.
- Thanks.
- This way. The Vespa is right there.
- Okay. Thanks.
Excuse me.
Don't worry about it.
Here it is.
Dad's Vespa.
What do you think?
It's in good shape.
It's so old.
But just to be sure
I'll come back tomorrow.
I'll check everything with my tools.
- Okay, tomorrow?
- Yeah.
Just to be sure. This is still very good.
Your dad used to sit here
with your mother behind him.
You can sit there if you want.
Taking you for a ride?
What about it?
- Your drink, Mr. Gusti.
- Yeah.
- Have a drink, Uncle.
- And some snacks.
Thank you.
Is it working?
It is.
I'm just polishing it.
- Everything is working smoothly.
- No one is using it anyway.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Mr. Gusti. How are you?
I'm good. Sorry. Covered in oils.
You are?
- Lulu.
- Oh, Lulu.
You're the same age as Tasya, right?
Yeah. I used to hang out in your place.
That's right.
Now I feel old.
Everyone has grown up.
- What's he doing here?
- Does Tasya have children?
- Do you want to move out?
- Of course I do.
Just trust my plan.
Trust me.
It's Harsa's birthday today.
Do you want give him a present?
He's rich already. He doesn't need one.
But we are invited to his birthday.
You want my permission? Just go.
No. He invited us to have dinner.
You and I.
No, I don't want it.
It's the youngsters party.
I don't fit in. I'm staying home.
You know Harsa's parents
are out of town, right?
Don't you feel sorry for him?
I haven't prepared any dress or hijab.
I have a lot to prepare!
I can't go without notice.
I'll help you.
I feel bad to Harsa if you don't go.
See? He's here!
Then just leave!
I haven't prepared anything!
- Mom, please! Let's go!
- No! I'm staying here!
- Poor Harsa.
- Why do you insist?
How could you be so mean to Harsa?
How could you not tell me in advance?
It's too sudden!
I just feel bad to Harsa. Let's go.
Wait a second!
You're so kind! Harsa must be so happy!
- Please, Auntie.
- Thank you.
Hello, welcome.
I've prepared a special table
for Harsa. This way.
- Okay.
- Come on, Auntie.
Let's go.
- Auntie, come.
- Please, this way.
Excuse me.
I have the appetizers ready for you.
You can order any food and drinks anytime.
Mr. Gusti! You should join us too.
But this is your party. Have fun.
Don't worry about it, uncle.
Let's say you're acting as my dad
and Auntie Arum as my mom.
A diplomat's son.
His parents is always abroad.
He doesn't want to go with them.
Now he's adopting us as his parents.
- Funny guy.
- Come on, Uncle.
- Okay. I'll join you.
- Thanks.
Have a seat.
Uncle, where's the bathroom?
I think I need to go.
- It's right there.
- Okay.
- Excuse me for a sec, Uncle. Mom.
- Turn right.
I think I want to have
a smoke before dinner.
Oh, you.
You started smoking already?
I'm craving for it.
Just a second. Do I go there?
You go left from here.
Go outside, near the parking lot.
It's kind of far. Well, it's okay.
- Excuse me for a minute.
- Okay.
His Vespa is in great condition.
You just need to start it
on a regular basis.
And it'll be perfect.
Who's going to use it? Kanaya?
She'd rather go with public transport
or bother Harsa.
But she might eventually
like to ride a motorbike.
- It depends on her.
- Yeah. I can teach her.
What do you want to eat?
I'll have tea.
- Thank you, Harsa.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you.
- Yes, Auntie. I should get going now.
Okay. Thanks again.
I know what you and Harsa
were up to tonight.
What? Why did you get upset?
Of course I'm upset!
Don't try to set me up with Mr. Gusti.
Who's trying to set you up?
If I were to set you up,
I'd prepare it so you two eat alone.
But it was the four of us!
It's not funny nor witty!
You're a widow, right?
So what of it?
Just listen! So, you're a widow, right?
And so is Mr. Gusti.
If you're together, you're a good fit.
You and Mr. Gusti will be the best couple!
You're a match!
How did you and Harsa
come up with that?
But, Sis.
How do we make mom and
Mr. Gusti meet up more often?
I don't know.
What if I pretend to be in an accident?
It's a joke!
That's not how it works, Naya.
What if your plan harms you?
I'll have a hard time.
God, please no.
I don't want to be involved.
What joke? This is serious.
What plan? Just come to the hospital.
I'll be waiting here.
Hello, Mr. Gusti?
Can you tell Auntie Arum
that Kanaya got into an accident?
We're in the hospital.
Mrs. Amri.
Were you going somewhere?
I got news from Harsa.
Kanaya had an accident.
- My daughter?
- Yes.
- How?
- She's in the hospital now.
Which hospital? Why did no one tell me?
He told me to tell you.
- What should I do?
- I can take you. I can take you there.
I... But this...
I have to go!
Close the gate and look after Ines!
Oh my God, what is happening?
- Hold on tight.
- Yes.
What if you fall?
I have to deal with your family.
It's sinful! Just go!
Hold on to me.
I won't start the bike otherwise.
Okay. I'm holding on.
Naya! What's wrong with you?
How did this happen?
What happened?
I was careless when crossing the road
and a motorbike crashed into me.
How could you be careless
in crossing the road?
Is your head okay? Where did you get hurt?
Don't do that! It hurt, Mom!
What's wrong with your head?
Did she see a doctor?
Did she get an MRI? What about
consulting to a doctor?
They'll be here shortly.
They haven't? She should be checked
immediately after getting admitted!
Don't panic.
We can't leave her like this!
What if something happens?
- Arum.
- What?!
Any parents would panic if their child
got into an accident!
I have a child who was admitted
to a hospital for an accident too.
Okay? Don't panic. It'll stress her out.
Just leave it to this hospital.
And everything should be fine.
- Is this a good hospital?
- Yes, Auntie.
- The doctor have seen her, right?
- Yes.
- And the nurses?
- Yes.
We're paying so they'll treat us, right?
Yes, we're paying.
Calm down. Let's go get some fresh air.
Cool our heads off.
Tell me if anything happens.
- Yes, I'm okay now.
- Your poor head.
- It's fine, Mom.
- Come on, Arum. Let's go outside.
I was also sad when Tasya,
my child, left me at first.
My only child.
But what can I do? She went with
her husband to America.
She must obey her husband.
We must be strong to let them go.
Don't you get lonely?
I have my wife when Tasya left.
- Oh.
- It felt like a second honeymoon instead.
I feel the same way
when Amri was still alive.
I never get lonely. The house was lively.
But now...
My kids are busy
with their small families.
It feels much lonelier now.
But it's our duty as parents
to take our child to a gate.
Let's say an aisle for an example,
when they married.
They decide for themselves,
and they have a right to do so.
We shouldn't let them worry about us.
- I guess so.
- They have much to think about.
You're so brave to be by yourself.
I have my restaurant.
I have something to do.
As long as I can profit just a little,
I'm satisfied.
I have other activities I'm into too.
Like the community, Vespa club.
It's so much fun. All of us, together.
I'm also in an exercise group.
- That's a lot. Do you still exercise?
- Yeah.
You know Zumba?
And aerobic exercise but I quit.
- I see.
- Yeah.
- I sprained my foot.
- That sounded hurt.
- I'm just kidding.
- I thought it was real.
I told you so.
- You're all bruised! What happened?
- It hurts!
- Stop! Don't touch it!
- It hurts? I thought you were lying.
Don't touch me.
I'm panicking too!
Harsa called me at work.
- Lulu, I'm going outside to smoke.
- Okay. Thanks, Harsa.
Stop touching it!
You're so annoying. It hurts!
Harsa is so caring.
- Where did that come from?
- But he is caring.
He stayed with you here.
You don't want to marry him?
And then you can buy a house
and stay with mom.
What are you talking about now?
- You're so annoying.
- Okay, sorry. Rest well.
Stop teasing me.
Want me to call Harsa?
To stop the headache?
You'll be visiting the hospital
often after this, right?
If you want to visit Naya,
just let me know. I'll take you again.
Are you okay being my driver?
I'm just giving
my old bestfriend's wife a ride.
And besides,
being a driver is halal, you know?
- Right.
- Yeah.
- Mom.
- Yeah?
I just got home from work
and I got you a new book.
You bought another?
You like to read them.
I haven't finished the last one,
and now I have more.
It's fine right.
It's to keep you from getting lonely.
I'm not lonely. I have someone to talk to.
Mr. Gusti. He's kind.
He's always been kind.
You just rarely talk to your neighbors.
I'm content staying at home.
I don't feel like talking
with the neighbors.
It's not that I don't know them.
I know them well.
But if it's just small talk,
I'd rather stay at home.
- Mom.
- Yes?
I would like to ask
for permission to move out.
My house is all set.
You have to visit my house.
You can even stay over.
You can move out whenever you're ready.
As you wish.
I won't hold you back anymore.
You can move anytime soon
or whenever you want.
Just as you said.
You have a right to be happy.
You have a right to grow your family.
I won't get in your way.
Thank you, Mom.
You're welcome.
Thank you for being a good daughter.
Thank you for being my role model.
Are you finished?
- Yeah. Let's go.
- Okay.
Naya. The notes for the Nanny
are over there.
Look after Ines for me.
Bye, Sweetie.
Where are you going, Mom?
To the market.
I'm walking there to stay fit.
The sun is so bright,
so I brought my sunglasses.
- See you.
- See you.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
I'm ready.
Come on. Up we go.
Mr. Gusti, you want seconds?
- Don't be shy.
- We have a lot in the back.
Dig in.
Do I look hungry?
Maybe, just a bit.
- Where's the fritters?
- Naya has them.
Thank you.
Wow, this.
People call it a bread back then.
Sumbu bread.
Please, dig in, everyone.
Are you ready to move out?
We are. All that's left is ourselves.
So Kanaya's the only here
looking after mom?
You should be, right?
With your future husband?
Sure, only if he wants to.
Of course he'd want to.
Your future husband lives nearby.
Who is it? I haven't met him.
You're not romantic at all.
You're confessing?
Can't you read the room?
Oh, so it's you?
Kids these days.
Oh so it's you?
I approve.
I'd like to take this moment
to tell you something.
It's about me and...
...your mother, Mrs. Amri.
First of all, I'd like to say thank you.
Thank you for...
...setting me up with your mom, Mrs. Amri.
And finally...
What I want to say to...
...your mom, Mrs. Amri...
I want to say...
The truth is,
this afternoon,
Mr. Gusti proposed to me.
So guys still like me.
You're too late.
This is all thanks to...
...Kanaya and Harsa, they were trying to
introduce Mr. Gusti to me.
And finally...
...I feel at ease talking to Mr. Gusti.
We meet up and talk
to each other every day,
we talk about all kinds of things,
we share laughter.
First of all, I want to thank Mr. Gusti
who always listens to my nagging,
to my stories,
and laugh at my jokes.
Thank you for being a great listener.
For always staying by my side since
I can't bother my kids anymore.
And so, we decided...
Both of us...
...decided to become
best friends forever.
I happily accepted that.
Because your mother...
...is a great mother.
She protected and provide for...
...all five of you.
And everything went smoothly.
Thanks to God.
I admire her so much.
And one thing for certain...
No one can ever replace
your father's place.
That's how mothers are.
Although she has many options
that she could've chosen for herself.
In the end,
she never selfishly force others
to make herself happy.
She will share,
even if...
...she might get hurt.
But she's smiling happily.
For us, her children.