Kappal (2014) Movie Script

Oh, no! Dear
You damned guy. Go to hell.
Why did you come here? Go away!
Why? Why are you crying?
Dont like me?
You dont like me?
Why is everyone scared of me and running away?
What mistake did I do?
Hey! You didnt find anyone elses companionship?
Didnt find anyone elses companionship?
Had my mother asked me this question in my childhood...
...I wouldnt be in this situation
Dont you understand?
The reason for this condition of mine
My friends!
Want to know how?
Come, Ill show you.
His name is Kalyana Sundaram.
Hes the most sluggish person one can ever see.
You get it now? Lazy sloth!
His name is Kanagasabapathy.
If we say something...
...he misunderstands for something else. Watch now
Idlies are in the vessel.
Keep them in the carrier and take it.
Hey, my cycle is punctured. Shall I come with you?
- Dont lie! - No
How can cycle get punctured?
Only cycle tyres can get punctured, right?
He is Venki. Another member in our wolf pack.
Idiot, cant you see?
Sorry, uncle.
He is scared of others...
..his fear scares others
Thats his specialty.
Uh, oh, old lady!
Wondering who this is?
Look at the hype!
Its me.
Oops, no!
I got this scar on that day.
More than the pain here, it hurt more here.
Here he is. His name is Pattabhi.
Wondering where he is going?
He started to school, but he is going somewhere else.
- Hey Pattabhi. - Huh?
- Where are you going? - Oh no!
In our friendship,
there were more mishaps than good
This is one of the mishaps.
39 marks. Useless. Fail.
Hey, why are you crying?
I failed by one mark
How will I show it to my dad?
Dont worry, man. All of us have got only 39.
Now look how Im going to pass.
- Sir - What?
- Total mistake, sir. - Total mistake?
Youve passed is it?
Here, hold.
You beat me hastily, sir.
Forgive me, son. Why dont you beat me in return?
Its okay. Come on.
Whoever commits a mistake must be punished.
I passed, I passed!
We dont know to pass is it? Watch now.
Hey! Hey! Dont do this, please.
Sir, total mistake, sir.
Total mistake for you too?
How come its 129?
Show me your hand. Cheat! Cheat!
Lies. Body full of lies.
Fraudulence at this young age.
You are trying to cheat me?
Hey! Hey! Come here!
Total mistake for you as well?
Enough? Youve added marks of your body size?
Fraud gang!
Come out, all you guys.
Come fast.
Dear, why have you corrected in blue ink?
Vasu refused to give me his red ink pen, sir.
You beat me hastily, sir.
Forgive me, son. Why dont you beat me in return?
Shes Gayathri. My first love!
Inspired by Kadhalukku Mariyadhai movie,
...we exchanged glances in love.
Sweet memories. Then one day
Vasudeva, take your bags and go to Section A Classroom.
Like a lion that disbands a herd,
Tamil sir split us and allotted different classrooms.
Hey Pattabhi, why are you getting up?
This is your classroom.
Even though all of us were sad, I was glad
Because, Gayathri was in my class now.
Hes Cheenu bro, our role model.
We fancied his dressing style, hairstyle
We learnt the true meaning of friendship from him.
Because after 'Thalabathy' Rajini, 'Natpukkaga' Sarathkumar,
'Nadodigal' Sasikumar,
hes the only person whod do anything for friends.
Weve often fought to decide who among us is Cheenu.
Theres a twist in every story.
But the twist in this story was in Cheenu bros mouth.
Hey, Cheenu... what's with the beard?
On a pilgrimage?
Bro, please Lifes dreadful.
What happened, Cheenu? Any love failure?
Friendship failure!
Friendship failure? Whats that?
Yes, bro. My friends and I were all happily roaming and having fun.
But now everyone has settled down with family and children.
Now, Im all alone.
Its about time you get married as well, right?
Bro, marriage concept is a waste. Friendship is the best, bro.
To be friends forever, you should never get married, bro.
He jabbered as his mouth was free,
but these guys saw through a zoom lens!
To be friends forever, you should never get married, bro.
Yes, Cheenu. Before marriage, my friends and I were always together
Then came a wife
We all got separated.
Hey, so if we get married we would also get separated?
Looks like it, man.
Then, we should never get married
Yes... Yes
Then all of you promise that you wont get married.
Promise! Promise!
Vasu, promise us.
Hey, my finger is hurt, dude.
Its okay, use the other hand.
Ma, weve got a gift for you.
My dear son, Arjuna, Im too old for gifts.
As usual, you five sons can share it equally among yourselves.
Ma! You have to see what weve brought
You should never be separated
Therefore, you five sons should always share everything equally.
Its this mothers order.
We will get separated only if we marry five giris right?
What if we all marry the same girl?
Hey, that wont work!
- Its a super idea! - Thanks.
But Im already in love with a girl called Gayathri.
Oh no, what to do now?
Okay, lets all get married to Gayathri.
Shes my relative. Shes very pretty.
So let's propose to her tomorrow itself then.
Hey, not that girl, please. Lets see someone else.
No way! Were going tomorrow... Getting five roses
Proposing to her and taking her with us.
Lets go, guys.
Please leave me.
Whats it Vasu? Tell me.
I love you, Gayathri!
Vasu! Whats this?
Rose, Gayathri.
Vasu, this is not nice.
Check if my rose is nice, Gayathri.
Vasu, I thought you were a nice guy
But, look what youve done.
No, Gayathri. Weve decided to marry the same girl, so...
So, all five us will marry you, Gayathri.
Get lost, you retards.
Hey, you get lost.
Gayathri, please dont go. Gayathri!
This is the college where I studied.
My second innings.
Ive grown up. But these guys never grew!
Blow out love and lust,
Together, let's celebrate friendship.
Buddy, can we revert our promises?
Hmmm, no.
Lets love just once?
Hmmm, no.
Would you take a cup of acid Add ice to it and drink?
Would you climb an electric transformer and lie down?
Would you take a board that says goat And go to a butchers shop?
Finished! Lifes finished if you fall in love.
Love makes me feel like a winged white elephant.
Love makes me feel like a cloud thats trapped in a flower.
If you ask me why we need love, Ill ask you why we need breath.
We dont need air, just love is enough.
This is Pattabhis slippers!
Finished! Lifes finished if you fall in love.
Teacher! Look, shes showing.
They were friends for a long time
Now, they are fighting for a girl.
If theres no sky, theres no soul.
If theres no love, theres no Tamil cinema.
Whats with these guys?
When in love, broccoli would turn into a rose.
Hey, Vasu. Drop her at home.
Why are you sending your girl with him?
Hey, hes gay.
Guys, weve become famous.
Look at the response. Entire college is laughing at us.
Forget college.
Even the watchman himself is laughing at us. Were hep.
Lets use this opportunity in the college elections
and become chairman.
hairman is very low. Aim for something bigger.
- Spiderman! - Super, dude.
Then, youre superman. Youre He-man.
- What about me? - Youre waste man.
Shut up, guys.
Everyone is saying were gay
Spiderman and Superman it seems Just get lost, guys.
What's he saying?
Guys, we must do something for Vasu.
Would you enter a lions mouth and say Howre you?
Guys, what did you do? Everyone is scared of me
Giris are shying away
Nothing, dude. Senior Shiva asked you to drop his girl right?...
We spread a rumour that you slept with her
Thats why so many fans for you.
Jerks, youve ruined everything.
Finished! Lifes finished if you fall in love.
Go away, man. I have so much work than to chat with you.
Hey, Vasu! Its been a year since college got over.
What are you still doing here?
After all these events,
wondering why I need to be friends with them?
Absolutely no reason.
Being a Friend is reason enough to be friends right?
Yes, theres no reason needed for a good friendship.
If theres any reason, then it isnt friendship!
But if I continue to roam with these guys here...
I'll have to live and die as a bachelor!
You cannot become a Vivekananda or an Abdul Kalam, Vasu!
You'll either become a sage or a church priest
But can never father a child.
Have to decide something about this soon.
Hey, you missed an awesome match
Vasu, why didnt you come to play?
Hey kids come here. Take chocolates.
Chocolates for what?
Ive got a job in Chennai and I have to leave tomorrow.
What? Where are you all going?
Why did you take this decisin?
I didnt. It came on its own.
We didnt apply anywhere. How did you alone get?
Maybe college was impressed with me and they recommended?
Show that...
What does it say, buddy?
Whats this?
It says Indu Prints, Mayiladudurai
Oh man, I did everything spot-on but left a very glaring clue.
Is that what it reads?
Maybe the company came here to print it?
Fraud! Betrayer! Are you a friend?
You printed it in our town and lying to us?
Why this pettiness? Youre tired of our friendship right?
You couldve taken a knife and killed us.
You're caught red-handed, Vasu. How will you manage?
What are you thinking? Turn!
What? Dust in your eyes?
Im crying, dude.
I didnt do this for me. I did this for our policy.
Not getting it.
Yes, my dad has seen a suitable girl for me.
You wont believe, the girl is from a rich family.
They want me to settle down in their house.
If Im here, my dad will definitely get me married.
Then Ill have to get separated from you forever.
Howll I live without you?
I know this will sadden you guys, that's why I lied.
Now, tell me. Did I do anything wrong?
Even if you go to Chennai, youll be separated from us, right?
Thats only until the girl gets married to someone else
Then Ill come back and settle with you guys.
You guys hurt me by saying words like betrayer and fraud.
Then you couldve printed five letters right?
We wouldve come with you.
Thats not a problem
But I didnt want to disappoint you with a fake offer.
Im going to Chennai tomorrow and Ill find a job for all of us.
hen Ill come and take you all.
Believe me, guys.
- Here, take this chips and biscuit. - Hey, its okay.
Arrange a job for us soon.
Thats the reason Im going. You guys leave, Ill take care.
Please come.
Chennai? Yes and you?
Hey, go and sit at the back. Go!
These guys are pests.
Okay, dude. Ill call you once I reach.
They are going to start the bus. You leave.
Vasu? Vasu!
Hey guys, Im here. Bus reversed.
Okay, take care please.
Okay you guys leave and take care.
Ill go and immediately start my work.
Hey, whats this chain for? Its okay. Give.
Hey, don't forget our policy, Vasu.
- Nelson sir? - Hmmm.
Counsellor Kalimuthu sent me from Mayiladudurai. Im Vasu.
I saw the face cut and knew shes my mother.
Lets play mangatha.
Ugh, some figure is calling
Sir, Radhika is calling.
Sir, Radhika is calling.
- Hi baby! Hi darling, where are you?
Im at my home, getting ready for my day's work.
Sweetie, can we meet today? Are you free?
Uh, no! no! Not now. By this evening 07:00 P.M. is okay.
- Okay? - Okay!
- Love you. - Love you.
What a stud!
Sir sir! Poornis phone sir.
Put it on silent. This is Juli No. 2
After this, only tomorrow its commitment time. Go Go.
Looks like spoilt milk.
- Like to eat? - No, its okay.
Sir, theres a message from Poorni.
- Sir, how can I? - I said, read
- Hey, dog - Hmmm
Youve left your shirt here.
Send a message stating I will come and collect it tomorrow.
And yeah, which company are you joining?
I need to look out for something, sir.
Oh, that category is it?
Okay, you can use my bike.
Its okay, sir. What about you then?
I have two, dude.No problem.
Very gifted. He has two in everything.
One for three?
- Hello! - Hey Vasu?
Tell me, buddy.
Got the job? Look for something that suits my range!
Im going from one company to another.
Okay, Ill talk to you later. Bye Bye!
Sigh, companies wont work. Should check out colleges.
Why is the bike not moving?
ugh college giris are also taken is it?
Shes standing alone. I must pick her up
Wherever I might wander; In your shadow, I'd take a breather.
Even if death comes by, I'd receive with flowers and rest on you forever!
Hey, have you eaten, dude?
This is Vasu, from my hometown, dear.
Oh! Hi, Vasu.
Dont give such hugs, then hell come behind us.
No, man. Hes such a nice guy.
Hes slept.
Okay, slowly Go home. Drive safely.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
Hey, country fellow. Enough of your acting. Get up.
You drink right?
No, sir. I drink only beer though.
Only beer? Beer is holy is it?
Its become a habit since childhood, sir.
Oh god. O- p-e-n-e-r
Did you get any job?
Actually, I didnt come searching for a job, sir.
Then what? Any problem in town?
No, sir.
- Financial issue? - No, sir.
- Love failure? - Not that, sir.
Your family is forcing you to get married?
No, sir.
If its none of these, then why did you come, man?
Actually, I ran away from my friends, sir.
What are you saying, man?
Yes, sir
I was prohibited from giris, as marriage would spoil friendship, sir.
I dont even know the scent of a girl, sir.
- Then, so far..? hmmm? - No.
Sigh, very sad.
Thats why I came to Chennai to date a girl, sir.
Its okay. Its been two days in the city now.
By now, you couldve befriended many giris.
There isnt a single IT company, college or a school Ive not been to.
Even 10 or 12 year old giris are already taken.
But nothing seems to work right for me, sir.
I hope you wont mistake me if I ask you something.
Go ahead
You look very average when compared to me.
But even you have two girlfriends!
Ive wasted my entire life, sir.
Hey, dont feel much.
To impress a girl, age is not important...
...strategy is important.
What does that mean, sir?
Giris who work for IT companies are from middle class.
They focus only on rich guys.
And for college giris, competition is very high
Then what shall I do, sir? Shall I go back to my town?
No, no, no. Hereafter, you should target only rich giris.
Have you ever noticed giris who come in a BMW or an Audi?
You may not have noticed.
You would have left it thinking it is out of your league.
But only for those giris,expectation is very low.
Touch them, and they will fall for you!
Language and communication is very important.
Here, most people who speak in English dont know its grammar.
So, right or wrong, communicate in English.
Not one, but ten giris will follow you.
I shouldve met you 25 years ago, sir.
Its okay. Heres a pub entry coupon.
Youd find colourful chicks there.
Pick somebody of your taste. Enjoy your life.
Sorry, sir. Only couples allowed.
First you allow me in. I come with couples.
You can speak in Tamil.
You let me in first, and Ill come as a couple.
Rule is that you must come with a female.
You let me in, Ill come with a female.
It's unfair, what if we dont have a girlfriend?
It doesnt matter if a guy who is single is alive or dead.
Give me some peanut fries..
Bro, didnt they let you in?
Um, no I came to buy some side dish.
Ill give you some peanuts, can you come inside with me?
- Hey, whos that - Funny guy
Hey, Vasanth. What happened?
Get up dude. Come on.
Wait, wait. Let me come.
Hes mixed multiple drinks together.
They say sticking to the same brand prevents headache.
Arent you coming inside?
Hes drunk. He cannot come inside.
- Thank you, Mr.? - Vasu, Vasu.
Yeah, Vasu, Vasu.
Shall we go inside?
Shall we go inside?
Me? You?
Come on, yeah!
Watch out.
Oh, it's him?
Mam, this guy?
Hey, dont touch him. Hes my guy.
You come, Vasu.
Careful. Hes dashing.
Watch out.
One screwdriver, please.
What happened? Is your car repaired?
No, man. Its cocktail; gin, vodka, rum, and music. Yay!
It's Vasu Vasu.
Ah, Vasu, Vasu What would you like to have?
Beer Kingfisher strong
Sorry, sir. We have only Corona, Budweiser and other hot drinks.
Any strong beer.
Whats your name?
Your name? Name?
- Deepika! - Nice name.
The guy who puked outside, is he your lover?
No, no. Hes just my friend.
Oh, okay.
Can we be friends?
Were already friends.
Then, can you give me your phone number?
Yeah, take it.
Yeah, take it 9965#####
Okay, your house address?
Vasu, can you get me one more shot?
Oh, thank you, Vasu. I love you so much.
You love me?
Love me?
Hi, uncle.
Hello, Abhay.
- Is Deepika at home? - She hasnt woken up yet.
Heavy party last night is it?
No, uncle. I had milk rice and slept by 09:00 p.m.
Shes upstairs.
- Morning! - Hey, shut it.
Hes come this early to bug me.
Here, drink
- Sorry! - Its okay, its okay.
Deepika, Daddy has bought a new property in ECR.
Can we go and see it?
Huh, Im not coming.
Its okay. Can we go for a movie then?
Okay, then you tell me Shall we go elsewhere?
I have a small work at dads office. Why dont you go?
What about evening then?
Evening? Ah, I need to attend my friends wedding reception.
- Go away. Go away. - Hey, let me in.
Ill make you jobless, if you dont.
Security! Whats happening?
No idea madam, but hes quarreling to meet you.
Me? Ask him who he is.
I asked, madam. He says hes your boyfriend.
Deepika! Deepika!
Where did you go? You know what he did to me?
Who are you? What do you want?
Deepika! I, Vasu
Excuse me! Seriously, I dont know who you are.
I think youve come to the wrong address.
You dont remember? Im Vasu.
Get out!
You dont remember? You bought many drinks for me.
You hugged me and kissed me.
Im trapped.
She must be the 'Memento' man's sister. Shes forgotten everything
Ah, its him Hello!
Hi buddy, where are you?
Im at office, man.
Have you got settled in a job?
Its quite difficult. Ive started looking only from yesterday...
...it will set soon.
Dont stress, buddy. If it doesnt work, look for something else.
Hey, text me your address.
CEO is staring at me, Ill call you back.
Buddy, address?
Its okay.
I had tea and came back.
What the hell does he think of himself?
Hello, what do you want? Why are you sitting here?
Don't you remember who I am?
Look, you helped me at the pub so I was friendly to you.
Dont come home and disturb like this.
- What about our love? - What? Love?
You said, I love you.
- Are you new to the city? - Yeah, how did you find out?
Then what? Youve taken friendly comments on a serious note.
Friendly? But you told the pub guard that Im your guy.
That was again on a friendly note.
Friendly note, huh? Bro! This is my girl.
Is it? Perfect match! When is the wedding?
You saw? The word My guy indicates lover.
Huh! Okay. I told so by mistake. Sorry!
Hereafter, dont disturb me. Please leave.
Dear, we slept together last night.
What? When? How?
Got scared? I lied. You believed me right? April fool!
She slapped you?
Why are you laughing, sir?
Is that a big deal?
Theres a box under my bed. Go and bring it.
This is the one. Give.
Theyre all my assets.
You know who she is?
She did this to me in the middle of Nandanam area signal.
Theres another box under the computer table. Bring that.
Go, dude.
- You know who he is? - Sir?
Radhikas ex-boyfriend.
Hey, hes taken away my girl.
You can get slippered to finally get a nice girl.
You are a complete waste.
Shes our family friend and yet you cant win her heart?
What can I do, dad?
She keeps avoiding me if I get close to her.
Its not enough to get closer, you need to impress her.
Giris are not simple.
You need to find out what she likes and do some serious thinking.
You shouldnt bug her in the name of trying.
Ive tried a lot. She doesnt seem to budge.
Hes your friend right? You can directly ask him right?...
Why are you pestering me?
If I ask him, hell simply point to his daughter's opinion!
If she declines, everything will be wasted.
Then tell me about some other girl. She wont work out.
Fool! Its all business.
We need to look at improving our business.
Think. Think well about how to get her.
By the time you think, another guy will get her!
Hi, whats up? Are you going to hunt?
Hey, wont you understand?
Why are you following me now?
- Can I get some venison? - What?
Then what? That love matter
Are you mad or something?
That slap isnt enough?
Oh, that day you slapped me when I wasnt aware.
Try slapping me today!
"You can get slippered to finally get a nice girl."
I know such incidents will happen.
Thats why Ive come with a glucose packet.
Come on, hit me how much ever you want.
Here, this side Hit me
Why are you torturing me?
You didnt get any other girl in this city?
No, I didnt get!
Only you put your arms around me and said Im your guy.
Said I love you and got me drinks.
Who should I search for?
Oh, thats why you are behind me?
Now listen, I hate you.I dont like you.
Look for someone else!
Deepika, let me also come hunting with you.
Ive hunted some chameleons in my village.
Please consider.
Oops, its gone
You could join a tribal group and get trained.
Not a single right shot!
Are you going to get ready or not?
No, I wont.
Ill tear you apart if you dont, rascal.
Dont keep yelling at our son always.
You drink this milk, dear.
I dont want to get married now.
You wont listen to me this way.
Youll hit me? You need to hit my friends as well.
We took this decisin together.
Ill slipper you all. Call them.
What Venky? Attending a wedding?
No, Im going to see a girl.
- For who? - For me.
What? For you?
You forgot about our policy?
We wont agree.
I refused but my dad is trying to hit me.
You guys come and tell him.
No, we cant come.
All of you get inside the car.
Where to, uncle?
We are all going to see a match for Venky.
No, uncle we are not coming. You go.
Hey Kalyanam, theyll give a good meal with vada and payasam.
Then okay!
No uncle, we are not dressed appropriately.
Thats okay. Come
- I want to use the bathroom. - Its okay. Come.
Lets start.
Let's go!
Theyll ask if you like the girl. Say you dont like her.
- Shall I say it now? - Idiot. Not now.
Tell after the girl comes.
We are all frustrated and you are eating savouries?
Frustration is with the girl, not with the savoury!
This is my daughter.
She looks very polite.
Give to the groom.
Please have some coffee.
Say you dont like her.
I dont like this.
The groom doesnt like coffee it seems.
He drinks only milk.
You want some milk? Certainly! All yours!
Look at his hurry.
Hey, the girl has gone inside. How will you tell now?
What, my son-in-law? Do you like the girl?
I dont like her.
What did you say? You dont like the girl?
What happened, dear groom? You arent saying anything
I want to talk separately to the girl.
Go and talk! All yours!
Dont keep dragging, okay?
Just tell her that you like her sister instead.
But she doesnt have a sister.
Then say you like her mother!
What is he doing inside?
So long to say that he doesnt like her?
Wait, let me peep through the window.
Dont touch my savoury, okay?
Oh my god! What have you done?
Is this why we came here for?
He cheated and went away from us!
What are you saying? Hey Venky, open the door.
Look what he is doing.
- What are you doing? Leave her. - No, I wont leave her.
- Leave her. - No, I wont.
Groom is in a hurry!
Lets have the wedding on the next auspicious day.
The half-crazy guy. Oh god.
Hey, darling!
Oh, here comes the completely crazy one.
Hey, wait. Where are you running? Stop.
- Sorry! - Hey, Deepika.
- Shopping? - Yeah, what about you?
Im planning to go for a movie. Coming?
- Yeah, Ill come. - Really? Yes!
Excuse me, please.
- Which movie? - The same show that girl going.
Sorry, sir. They have purchased all the tickets.
Do you know Mayiladudurai Mani Shankar Iyer?
Mani Shankar Iyer? You can see the manager, sir.
- So you dont know Mani Shankar Iyer? - I know only Director Shankar.
Boss, you have any extra ticket?
Sorry, boss. We purchased only black tickets.
What does he have that I dont?
Should close his chapter today.
Sorry, boss. Sorry! Can I buy you another one?
Take some time and wash. Dont hurry.
I have seen a lot of movies of this hero.
Why is he doing the same thing again?
True or false Fill in the blanks
Hey, nobody can do this in real life. Why do they show it in movies?
Same feelings.
- Whats the name of this guy? - This is the Rambo guy.
Tamil actor Surya.
Hey, what is he actually saying?
What? You? Wheres Abhay?
Hey, darling!
Deepika! Somebody spoiled my shirt.
- Okay, see you later. - What about the movie?
I dont like it.
Thats a winner. Thank you!
- How was my game? - Not bad.
Super, uncle!
Dad, ask him.
Whats Deepika doing?
She finished MIB. Not sure about her future plans.
Abhay is taking care of our business.
Why dont you pull in Deepika into our business?
I dont know if she is interested in business now. Lets see.
Any marriage proposals?
Any idea about that?
- What is it? - Nothing, just asked.
Its okay. Tell me.
Abhay is interested in Deepika it seems.
Why dont we marry them away? Im also interested
Ill be very happy if your daughter becomes my daughter-in-law.
She appears to be very uninterested in these things now.
Give me some time. Let me talk to her.
If she agrees, then let them marry.
Who is Vasu here?
Why are you dumbstruck?
Vasu? Come in He is inside.
Please come.
- Sit down. Sir is taking bath. - Ask him to come soon.
Ill get some tea/coffee, sir.
Full of weird stuff... so...
Full of weird stuff... so...
Sir, who are you?
Can you come to the station?
You mean railway station? Radio station?
Play station or space station?
You think youre a 'Chitti' robo?
- Hello? - Hello, madam.
I've thrashed him but he says he doesn't know any Deepika.
Please come and see for yourself.
Sir, here it is
Madam! Come here
Ask for yourself, madam.
Sir, this is not the person I told about.
What are you saying, madam?
Only he was there at the address you gave.
Sorry sir, looks like some mistake.
Ive unfairly trashed an innocent person.
Hey #401, get a biryani and send him.
Sorry, sir.
vasu, they mistook me for you and trashed me severely.
Why did you do this, sir? You could have told the truth.
This is a sacrifice Im doing for your love!
You are a great person, sir.
Dont cry, son. Dont cry.
Let me tell you one thing, Vasu.
That girls eyes are filled with love. Dont leave her.
I wont leave her, sir.
Who is Vasu here?
Oh no, Vasu. My body wont bear any more.
That look doesnt help. Tell them that you are Vasu.
Its me.
Hey, hes here. Come.
Brother brother!
I know why you are all here.
This is a residential area. Can we move our stunt to a deserted place?
That would be very comfortable.
Hey, take this darling in our vehicle.
Get down and come.
Wait wait.
Its very usual to hit with a log pierce with a knife
slaughter with a sickle lets not have all that
Then how do we fight?
Lets use our mouth.
Do you want to bite each other?
- No. - Or spit at each other?
Lets fight by swearing at each other.
Lets see who wins!
You are the one who swears at others.
But WE create offensive language! We are a university!
Are you ready or not?
Were ready!
There are only two rules!
1. You should not repeat the words.
2. You should not get angry.
Ready. Start music
Impoverished guys, its an uncouth fight,
Its kickass to curse and cuss!
Look, the buffalo shrieks in pain, and the ass shut its ears in agony.
Why blood-u same blood-u
Family total damage-u, dude.
Got tired? Now, let me start.
Im a bitter gourd and youre just a bottle gourd.
Im hot and spicy; youre slimy and slippery.
Impoverished guys, its an uncouth fight,
Its kickass to curse and cuss!
Look, the buffalo shrieks in pain, and the ass shut its ears in agony.
- Hey hey hey - You are disqualified. Get out.
Im swearing at you so badly. Arent you ashamed?
Heres a fierce, vicious, loner lion, And heres a crowd of piteous pigs,
Ill-nurtured, useless idiots, Let me make your head hurt,
You got no dignity, poise or pride? Your loincloth is flying up in the sky,
Well pop in some lemons Then shake and make lemonade.
Impoverished guys, its an uncouth fight,
Its kickass to curse and cuss!
Look, the buffalo shrieks in pain, and the ass shut its ears in agony.
Why blood-u same blood-u
Family total damage-u, dude.
Im hot and spicy; youre slimy and slippery.
Watch him assault the rogues, Sieving them black and blue.
Damned stunt for a dull dame, Ears are left bleeding to the abuses.
Why blood-u same blood-u
Family total damage-u, dude.
How can he demean us so badly?
He insulted my entire generation.
- Boss, your ears are bleeding. - What are you saying?
Okay, dont talk about this to anyone else.
We will lose our respect otherwise Start the car. Lets go.
Brother, greetings!
What are we going to do, Kanaga? Theres only 15 minutes left.
We need to stop this wedding by then
Im No. 1 in saving our friendship. Youre No. 2.
- What about me? - Youre No. 10.
How is that possible? After 2, it must be 3 right?
You know it right? Shut up and sit. I have a plan.
We are mixing dysentery tablets in the food.
No way. I wont agree.
- Hey, why did you break it? - If we mix this, how will we eat?
Dont worry, buddy. I have Plan B.
Look here, Venkys father is repeatedly standing up and sitting down.
Im going to pull the chair away when he sits.
Hes a heart patient so when he falls on the floor, hell die
The wedding will automatically stop.
Greetings! How are you? Please sit down.
- Sir, greetings! - Hope youre doing good.
Sir, greetings! Hope youre doing good.
Sit down, please.
Hey, Periasamy! Youve come
- Greetings, sir - Greetings
Either take the chair or leave it. What are you up to?
You deserve it
Shut up, guys. We have only five minutes.
Whats the next plan?
I have Plan C!
Oh no! Thali is missing
Check everywhere.
Dont get worried and tensed, people.
I have a spare 'Thali'.
The groom had some milk and got cleverer!
- Hello! - Hello, its me.
What happened? Have you completed the work?
- Hello? - Hello? Am I audible?
Hereafter, he wont come behind me right?
Hey, whats this? Looks like the speaker is not working.
Boss, I think its your speaker thats not working.
Sweetheart! Its me.
Its okay. Sit down. Let the respect be in the heart
- Order, mam? - One...
Two coffee, please.
- Hi - Tell me
- So You are in love with me? - Yes, hundred percent!
You wont leave me until I say okay?
Absolutely not. How is that possible?
Shall I hook you up with some other girl?
Will you leave me?
Im unable to tolerate, please.
Its my mistake.
Hereafter, I wont say, I love you even to my dad.
Forgive me, please.
I didnt fall in love because you said so.
I fell for you the moment you stepped out of your car
Just because Im coming behind you
Dont think that my love for you is time-pass.
Im in love with you very sincerely.
But Im not in love with you. What else is the solution?
You tell me.
Without knowing me, it's too early to refuse my proposal.
Spend some time with me for two to three days
Even then if you dont like me then I won't come behind you.
You are decently asking me for a date!
No no no. Im just asking for your company.
Hmmm Its working out
Hmmm.. You want only this petromax light?
After that if I dont like you, then you must leave.
Sure sure.
But how can I trust you?
Look at my eyes. Look at the truth in it.
Okay, fine.
Be ready tomorrow. Ill pick you up in the morning.
- Sir, your bill. - money money
- There you go.. - Sir, bill is Rs. 200.
Oh, this is your tip. Madam will pay your bill.
Idiot. How long Im waiting.
How long should I wait?
Whats the time? Be on time, else Ill just leave.
Hello hello, Im not coming!
Yes, Ive found another girl so if you want to go, leave.
Yes, Ive found someone better. Sorry. Dont mistake me!
Well remain as friends. Okay, take care. Bye.
Let me play now.
Sir, I left a nice chance by listening to you.
If she doesnt call me back, then you are in trouble.
Hey, you dont seem to know ladies psychology
Trust me, Im Ph.D. in that. Definitely, shell call you.
If she doesnt, would you give me one of your girlfriends?
Are you ready to get slippered in public?
Its her, sir!
Look how telepathy works! Talk, talk.
- Hello - Hello
Beyond measure, You took my breath away
Out loud in my ears, You expressed love.
Here and there, Dont push me away.
Dont shy away, Pinching my heart...
I slipped in your dimple
You swayed your arms And I rose
Like a bamboo forest I was set on fire
And with your kiss You pacified the fire
Beyond measure, You took my breath away
Out loud in my ears, You expressed love.
I crooned like a love-struck little crow
I entered your love nest,
Lets float in the sky, come,
Who did I ask to take this plunge?
Did I see you through my eyes?
Beyond measure, You took my breath away
Out loud in my ears, You expressed love.
Here and there, Dont push me away.
Dont shy away, Pinching my heart...
My love horoscope, I lost it,
A new figure, you unveiled,
My dominating sign, thats you,
A white paper, thats you, Let me add colour,
My wishes, let it rise.
- Whos this? - My mom.
She doesnt even know when I began adolescence.
Here and there, Dont push me away.
Dont shy away, Pinching my heart...
Hey, Vasu. Where are you, man?.
Why are you not answering the phone?
Whats the urgency, sir?
Hey, your friends have come looking for you.
Which friends, sir?
Those guys! Pancha Pandavas
When did you guys come?
Who is that girl?
Who? Which girl?
- For how long is this going on? - What? What is going on?
We know everything, dude.
I dont understand what you are saying.
You can never hide anything from us.
We saw you roaming with a girl.
Come on. Tell us the girls name.
You got scared?
You got fooled. April fool!
Dude, look how hes sweating.
We were testing whether you are going behind giris again.
But you passed.
,Wheres Venky?
He died.
- What are you saying? - Yes. Three days back
What? Venky got married?
Why are you so excited about it?
Dude, he may not be very excited if we tell him the other news.
You know who Venkys wife is? Your ex-girlfriend Gayathri.
This expressin is perfect. What say?
Superb, dude!
Damn, stop it guys.
You know how many times we called you?
I didnt keep track, buddy.
Why didnt you answer the calls?
Sorry, dude. A project got approved on that day.
So, I couldnt answer phone calls.
If you had come, we couldve stopped the wedding.
Project is more important to you than friendship right?
Dude, your phone is ringing.
Hey, give it to me. Give it to me.
We are talking about such an important matter...
...and you are fidgeting with your phone.
Vasu, I love you.
Vasu, I love you.
Vasu, are you there?
Oh, you want some more?
Hey, you understand?
We are going home tomorrow and separating Venky and his wife.
We have booked ticket for you as well.
No other way. Better tell them you are in a relationship.
No way, sir. Theyll never accept.
Then inform Deepika and tell her that these guys are retarded.
Dont talk like this about my friends.
Hey, Ive seen relatives protest love
...parents oppose, an entire village disagree...
Ive even seen religious riots against a relationship!
But only now I'm seeing a bunch of friends break a relationship.
Thats okay, sir.
Give me a nice idea to avoid going to my town now.
Mix sleeping pills in milk and give to them.
Theyll wake up in the morning right?
Thats right Then mix ten pills at once?
- Sir? - Oh, thats murder right?
Nowadays, your ideas very stupid.
Why dont you fall off from the terrace and break your leg?
You can stay here permanently.
Who? I should break my leg?
Yes, of course. Love or leg? Whats important?
If I break my leg, then wholl visit Deepika?
Oh yeah!
Why dont you break your leg instead?
Ill stay here for looking after you.
Me? How, Vasu?
By jumping from here, sir. You just told
Dont play dude.
Sir, sir, please, sir. Please help me sir.
Hey, Vasu. Youre getting serious? I was just joking.
Its a good idea, sir. Please jump for me, just once.
Dont look at me like that, Vasu. Its scary, Vasu.
Ill take care of the hospital expenses.
Behave yourself.
Thats all. Its over.
Oh, poor thing.
What made you attempt suicide?
Not suicide Vasu pushed me.
Whats he saying?
Hes saying that Vasu saved my life.
Thats true, sir. Vasu would even give his life for friends.
Dont believe him. He will kill all of you. Murderer!
What is he saying now?
Hes saying you all can go back to town,
Vasu will stay back and take care of him.
No way. Nurse will take care of him. You come with us.
Poor thing, dude. Look how he is pleading.
He has nobody to take care of him except me.
You guys leave in this bus.
After he gets alright,Ill come in the next bus.
Okay, but come soon. Theres lot of work.
- Give me the juice, man. - Hey, shut up.
Where are you, Vasu?
What happened?
Why are you not answering my calls since last night?
I called you many times.
Sorry, sorry, sorry! You know my roommate Nelson?
He slipped and fell off the terrace.
We took him to the hospital and I missed your calls.
- Even now Im at the hospital. - Which hospital?
Kamakshi hospital.
Our bus ticket is with Vasu, buddy.
Bro, please go back.
You didnt find any other place for our romance?
There are so many places and you chose a hospital?
Place is not important for love!
I wish those three guys come now. His chapter would be closed.
I guess we can never stay away from Vasu.
Thank me for that.
Why is he dancing?
- Vasu, Vasu. - Sir, please be calm.
Hey, maybe he is in pain. Go and ask him what he wants.
No, he must be jealous of us.
Okay, listen. Lets go out. I have a surprise for you.
- Bye! - Vasu! Vasu!
Vasu, your friends have seen you.
Its a long time since Vasu left.
Clogged words are coming out after the block is cleared.
- Who is that girl? - I dont know.
So this suicide attempt, hospital, bandage...
...everything was just a drama to make Vasu stay here, right?
No, no.
So you got a room, bribed the doctors and this is what? Fake bandage?
Fake bandage?
- Like it? - Its for me?
Its awesome! Amazing color!
Take me for a ride
Love 'cassata', Sweetens in your heart?
You glazed some honeyed 'basundhi' glances,
You left me with your sweet 'soan papdi' verses,
Barfi! Barbie!
Dont caress my cheeks with your 'kulfi' nose,
Dont strike me across with your 'badam' feet,
You glazed some honeyed 'basundhi' glances,
Love 'cassata', Sweetens in your heart?
Let me play candy crush on you, Like an ant inside a sweet shop,
Im strolling all over you, all over you, Youre as sweet as sugar-rich nectar.
Moon on a 'jamun', you transform at sunset.
Love 'cassata', Sweetens in your heart?
You glazed some honeyed 'basundhi' glances,
You left me with your sweet 'soan papdi' verses,
Smiles that could kill! Separation that could kill!
Saw your eyes, and ever since became an ice cube
Looking at you is sweet, my sweet stall! Pulling me for some romance!
Thinking of you is sugary! What about a fiery hug!
Sweet stall!
Pulling me!
Thinks of me!
Hugging me!
A sculpture made from chocolate is waiting for your sugary kiss,
Waiting for you like a scared fly,
You are looking at me, anticipating to embrace,
'Milk-khoa' lava
Let the explosin begin, come.
Barfi! Why are you killing me? Barbie!
Love 'cassata', Sweetens in your heart?
Dont caress my cheeks with your 'kulfi' nose,
Dont strike me across with your 'badam' feet,
You glazed some honeyed 'basundhi' glances,
You left me with your sweet 'soan papdi' verses,
heres no one like you,
Maybe there, but I dont care.
Hey, Vasu is here.
Um, you havent left?
Our Pattabhi
What happened to Pattabhi?
Go and see for yourself.
- Is this bandage original? - Yes
Doctor asked to avoid travelling until his leg is cured.
So we decided to stay here until he gets better.
How long would it take?
Depends on the separation, buddy.
- Separation? What? - He meant the bandage removal.
We came to the hospital in the morning. Where were you?
Had to go to office.
But you wanted to take care of Nelson?
Had to go Get leave from madam Hello?
Ill come madam.
Hes faking a phone call.
- Lets see what else he does. - Okay, you dont overact.
Vasu, please get me some oranges. Even papaya is okay.
A call from office?
- Hello! - Good morning!
Good morning already?
Unable to sleep, you know?
Why? Didnt get drunk?
I feel like being with you always.
If Im with you, Id never let you sleep.
What will you do?
Just hold on for a minute.
- Yeah, tell me - What would you do?
What I'd do?
Hmmm I'll give you a kiss
I will bite your ears
Then, Id hug you and kiss you on your lips and cheeks and
Huh madam Tell me, madam
Ill come, madam, sure.
What to do, madam? Its our duty.
Ill come in the morning, madam. Definitely.
What is it, Vasu? Who are you talking to at this hour?
Office, dude. An important client meeting.
See Office
Okay, sleep, Im sleepy.
We have so much work in the morning, right?
Hey, Vasu. Deepika has come.
Deepika Padukone will come home is it? Look at the TV.
Deepika Padukone...
Poor Vasu! Looks disappointed.
Leave, dude. Ill tell you if someone else comes.
Hmmm do they know the issue?
Boyfriend murdered, Girlfriend absconds!
Friends lover is our lover as well
Mad fellow!
I have an idea!
Vasu, look a snake with two heads
Yeah, two heads
- Hey - What dude?
Moustache is gone, man. Get lost!
Buddy, office!
Hello? Yes madam
Madam huh? Why are you blabbering?
Friends are here, calm down.
So what if friends are there?
I havent told them about our relationship. Please understand
Okay, 12 oclock show at INOX, Anjaan Movie.
Yes, madam. Ill be there.
Hes going for a movie.
Buddy, my stomach hurts!
- Hey, its urgent, I need to go. - Urgency for me too!
Hey, please, I need to rush to office.
Hey, I need to poop and piss.
You also have to go? Go, poop together!
Poor guy, man. Its been two days for him since
Just get lost!
Over, buddy?
Hey, Vasu. Go take a shower now
Careful, dont rip your shirt off.
Theres no water. Switch on the matter.
What are you saying?
Ugh, switch on the motor!
Ah oh! Theres no power.
Hey, at least bring that water can.
Here, here There you go
You dropped it, jerk
How will I take bath now?
Its late now.
Wheres the bike key?
I kept it here
Im late and shed yell
- What are you searching for? - Did you see my bike key?
- Here it is - Where?
- Oh, here!
Shut up, guys. Is this the time to play?
Please help me find it.
Hey, Vasu. Keys are under the bed, look.
Is it? Im coming
Where? Here?
Oh, I got it, man I got it
Look at this!
Where are my clothes?
Ive soaked them all for washing
Wear this! Itll be nice.
- Would this fit? - Itll be perfect.
Good idea!
Holy, may this relationship go to hell! Amen!
Enough! Close it and wipe off all the sand.
Wow! You look smart!
Its just perfect for you!
Whats with this bike?
Shall we go?
Sorry, Im late
Deepika! Deepika!
If not this movie, well go for another one.
Listen to me.
- Auto! - Sorry, dear
Whats it, man? He looks very disappointed.
Yeah, man.
Shall we make him happy?
Watch now.
Guys, shall we leave to our town?
Hmmm when shall we leave?
Well start after tomorrows breakfast, dude.
No, dude. Lets leave now.
Now? Im not sure whether we will get tickets now!
Bus or train?
- Train! - Bus!
Okay, we'll go in whichever we'd get tickets.
But when shall we go?
- Morning? - Now!
Okay, leave it. Well shuffle chits and see what we pick!
- Take a paper. - Here
- Take a pen. - Here.
- Tear the paper into four. - Done.
- Write down.. - Wrote
Shuffle, shuffle!
Hey, Pattabhi, pick a chit.
Pick Now. Pick Now.
Yay! Now! Now! Now! Now!
Hey, Pattabhi won, man.
Okay, then. Lets inform Vasu and leave
We are planning to leave, dude.
Why guys? Why dont you stay for some ten days and then leave?
Oh Okay, fine!
My lord, this accused Vasu has betrayed his friends.
He has broken his promise to never get into a relationship.
His roommate Nelson had given some crappy ideas...
...and nurtured venom in his sweet little heart.
Objection, my lord!
I accuse them for suppressing this young man...
...from losing his virginity for the past ten years.
They have prevented him
from plucking romantic flowers from his garden.
What poo is that? Kushboo?
No, my lord. It's a divine flower.
His roommate Nelson plucked the flower and taught Vasu to perform his puja.
His roommate Nelson plucked the flower and taught Vasu to perform his puja.
He must have plucked his garden's flower, your honour.
Maybe, his flowers are dried and dead.
I wouldnt even consider that this is a court.
Id pour hot water on his face.
If hes so determined, ask him to pluck his flower and prove to us.
Here, pluck off!
Order, order, order!
Order is done, your honor. Mutton biryani for lunch.
Therefore, Id suggest you declare that Vasu is innocent
and may his friends who deprived him from the scent of a woman
...be sentenced for life.
No, my lord. Thats not possible in the eyes of law!
What, Mr. Vasu? Did you betray your friends?
- Did you have an affair? - Yes.
As Vasu himself accepted his crime
and as his lawers defence was extremely stupid
Vasu is fined Rs. 500,
...and Nelson who has provoked Vasu shall therefore be hung to death.
My lord, this is not a judgment
We shouldnt hide this any longer.
Need to inform Vasu about this.
Hey, Vasu. Your friends have found out about your love affair, dude.
They are pretending so you better be careful.
Deepika, my leg hurts. How long should I stand?
Keep standing like that for half an hour more.
Thats your punishment.
Is this why I came running to see you this morning?
Then? You thought Id hug and kiss you?
Yeah right!
- What? - Nothing
Look at his face
Its very hot. Ufff
You bloody cheat!
Flirt! You succeeded.
- Filter coffee? - No, its Bru. Go away!
- Deepika! - Mickey mouse
- Hi Abhay. - Who is this?
- Guess who! - How do I know?
- Guess now. - Brother?
- Now? - Friend?
But, Deepika Im in love with you.
You know right?
What are you saying, Abhay?
You couldve told me earlier right?
Id have broken up with him.
Its okay. Break up with him now.
Hows that possible, Abhay? Poor guy right?
Shall we say Inky Pinky Ponky and find out?
I think hes not interested in it.
Shall we find out through FLAMES?
Deepika. Your name, dude?
What does it say?
Yes! Love, Love!
Youre gone
Shut up. We havent found for us yet
Lets see
Yes! Enemy, Enemy!
Sir, leave my girl alone. Come, Deepika.
Huh, this FLAMES is silly and childish.
Come, sweetie, lets go.
Deepika! Dont go with him!
I cant ask her about all this.
But Abhay loves her sincerely.
Hell get vexed without her.
If hes okay with Deepika, Im also fine with it
I know you, Abhay, nice family,
nice guy, I agree.
But its her life and love. Her wish and will
Uncle, hes a third class fellow.
Hes cheating Deepika.
Yes. You need to be strict. Shes a young girl.
What if theres a problem tomorrow?
Its an insult to us.
I know my girl. Lets stop this discussin.
Useless fellows.
Hold this.
Ah! Bro, can I have a candy?
Idiot! Insert here.
Dont get shocked by what Im about to say
Please tell me
Your daughter Deepika is planning to elope with a guy named Vasu.
Oh! Wow! Good. Please ask if they want some money for their expenses.
This guy is out of his mind!
What's he saying?
I said his daughter is about to elope but hes asking about their expenses.
What does he think? Give me the phone.
Did you ask how much they need?
Im serious. Are you playing around?
Check whether the number is right
Come, lets go that side.
- We need to go that way. - You come with me;
- Hows this? - Looking funny.
- Bro, how much is this mask? - Rs. 150, sir.
- That one? - Rs. 300, sir.
Its not that great, buddy.
Hey, this mask is very nice.
Hello boss, would you give this mask to us?
I wont give, you buffalo.
Why are you asking him? Just take it.
Hey, hey, what are you doing?
Madam, my money!
He wouldve peed in his pants by now.
- Where are you running? - Auto!
- Vasu, hey.. - Just keep going..
Why did you run like that?
Those guys are my friends.
So what? If you tell them about us would they eat you?
Tell me.
If you won't tell them, then I will.
I cant continue this game of hide and seek.
You just tell them, Vasu.
Love is a common thing. Even they might fall in love, some day.
They would never fall in love.
What? Why?
Then all of you promise that you wont get married.
Promise! Promise!
Vasu, promise us.
Hey, my finger is hurt, dude.
Its okay, use the other hand.
Oh! So youre that kind?
You find this funny?
No, I actually pity you.
It isn't a big deal to get serious about.
You have no idea about them.
If they know about us, theyll separate us for sure.
Ill talk to your friends.
That wont work. Ill discuss with them at the right time.
Whats this, buddy?
Tattoo machine.
Lets tattoo Gayathri on Vasus chest.
I get it. Venky will blast him.
No! Deepika will!
Wheres Vasu sleeping?
This room!
- Go inside and see. - Okay.
This room!
You are a genius.
He would have fainted right?
Shall we tickle him and check?
Shut up, guys!
Why didnt the spray work?
Axe deo?
- Oh, I doubted it - Get the chloroform
Here, get the plug... Bring the blanket.
- Hey, shall I, please? - Okay, here
- Tamil or English? - Tamil.
- Left or right? - Left.
- Up or down? - Down.
Hey Chest, dude.
h no, Ive written a letter already.
Its okay. Start from beginning.
Why are you doing this in your left hand?
What if he figures out my handwriting?
Vasu, what are you doing?
They are begging right?
- They are just cheering - Oh, cheering?
What did you order? Smells great
Idiot, he spoilt the mood.
Leave it. He didnt do it purposely.
We shouldnt spare him, Vasu.
Should complain to the manager and make him jobless.
Its okay. Poor thing. Leave him.
Oh, Vasu. Your shirt has got fully spoilt.
Its okay, leave it.
You remove your shirt. Well ask him to wash it.
- No, no, please. Im feeling shy. - Remove
Please, Deepika.
This is gents toilet. Somebody might come in.
You think you are Arnold Shwarzennegger. Wouldnt show your body?
Hey, wheres the tattoo?
Who is Gayathri?
Ill never ever see your face. Enough!
My only Nepal flower; thats also gone now
Who couldve done this, man?
Hey, belly boy!
You said your mood got spoiled?
No, it just started.
Youre such a country thug.
- You know who you are? - Cheap fellow
Hi! Ill go and check on the shirt, Vasu.
You're finished!
Guys, this is
Guys, sorry. I was about to tell this myself.
Just a friend. I told her I wouldn't get committed without asking you guys.
If you guys dont like her, Ill break up.
We dont like her. Break up.
Ive put in a lot of effort. Show some mercy.
Ive promised her that I will marry her. Please.
Then what about the promise you made to us?
Shes more important to you than us?
Nothing like that.
Why did you break the promise?
Why are you still hanging to it?
How's friendship and marriage connected anyway?
You'd be able to roam with us? Drink with us?
How about a night show cinema?
Sharing the same blanket?
Eat midnight parottas at TPS? Or eat early morning pongal at Iyappans?
Is pongal a big deal? Ill ask her to cook for you, man.
Is this a mortgage deal? This is marriage.
Once done, you can never reverse it.
Its very difficult to be single forever.
We all need a woman in our life, buddy.
Let us all get married.
But she has to agree for that.
Individually, man.
No, that wont work.
You guys will never grow up!
Coming from one town to another, You better dont fall in love.
If your name gets spoilt, What do we do thereafter?
Chuck it, bro. This wont work out, bro. So many people rely on you
Coming from one town to another, You better dont fall in love.
If your name gets spoilt, What do we do thereafter?
What's wrong with you guys?
Dear brother, you should never misjudge me,
I wouldnt get spoilt by a woman, so stop analysing.
This happens here and everywhere else in the universe,
Forgetting home to live in another country.
Who has ever won over romantic desires?
No, no.
Is there a triumph without a woman?
No, no.
Who has ever won over romantic desires?
Is there a triumph without a woman?
To understand love, sing along
Coming from one town to another, You better dont fall in love.
Chuck it, bro. This wont work out, bro. So many people rely on you
Coming from one town to another, You better dont fall in love.
As a man, you should look at woman with affection.
There be no point in roaming aimlessly, what else can I say?
To taste the ecstasy of life, you need to experience romance.
To sweeten your teens, embrace your lady with some love.
Look for your love, imaginations would soar high,
Yeah, yeah!
Youll see innumerable epics.
Yeah, yeah!
Look for your love, imaginations would soar high,
Youll see innumerable epics.
If there be no love, wheres existence?
Coming from one town to another, You better dont fall in love.
If your name gets spoilt, What do we do thereafter?
Chuck it, bro. This wont work out, bro. So many people rely on you
Coming from one town to another, You better dont fall in love.
If your name gets spoilt,What do we do thereafter?
Guys, if you wont approve my relationship,
I would hang myself to death.
Shall I count to three? 123
You guys have no pity?
Increase the volume.
What shall I do?
Hey, Vasu!
Whats this, Vasu? Are you mad?
What if something had happened?
Christ has saved you, son.
Are you alright?
Hey, why did Vasu do like this?
Shall we also get into a relationship and see what its like?
Pattabhi, make him understand what love is like
Saw this? This is how love makes you feel like
What to do now? Cant we change Vasu?
So what if we cant change him Let's change her.
- Hi, Vasu! - Hi
My friends, Kanaga, Pattabhi, Kalyanam.
I thought you are done! How did you convince them?
I convinced you in the beginning Did you think I wouldnt convince them?
Vasu! Deepika is way better than Gayathri right?
Who is Gayathri?
Vasus ex-lover! You didnt tell her?
He wouldnt hide things, generally.
Who is Gayathri, Vasu?
Shes my school friend, thats all
- Hes trapped. - Hey, fraud
You were in love with her right? Tell me the truth.
Is that all or you got more tales?
There are so many but Im not telling you!
Vasu! Shall we eat ice cream?
Bro, five ice, please.
Vasu, give me your ice; let me taste!
Give me yours.
Vasu, give me your ice; let me taste!
Its super!
Is that so? Give me some.
- Hey, me too, man. - Wow, so yummy!
Oh, so sad.
Theyre just having fun Well buy another one, come.
Nice! Wear this; lets see how it looks.
- Hey, look at this. How is it? - Wow! Perfect!
- How is it, guys? - Very bad!
What a pathetic taste; you know how trendy we guys are.
Is it not good?
Wait, well bring something now.
These shades are cool!
Here What a match!
- Should I wear these? - Yes, buddy, of course.
Hell walk out like a Hollywood star now!
Its splendid.
What Deepika? How is it?
Leave your friends and come. Lets go to theatre.
How is it possible, Deepika? They dont bother you right?
I want to spend some time with you, Vasu.
You make yourself comfortable. They wont mind.
Please, Vasu. I dont know how to make you understand.
Would you be comfortable if I bring my friends with me?
I would be merrier if you bring them along.
Lets go; start the car.
Dude, shes staring
Shes staring
Look what Im going to do!
- Deepika! - Yeah?
Vijaya Shanthi madam, please drive carefully!
Shes Disco Shanthi; not Vijaya Shanthi.
Dude, your turn now.
Deepika, look thats your dad!
- Where? - Look, here!
She's getting irritated.
Take that chips packet, Im hungry.
Buddy, you want some? Here!
Why is she halting?
Friends, car is not starting; could you please push?
Deepika, in how many movies we have seen this scene?
Well get down and push the car; you will drive away, huh?
Yes, exactly. Get off my car while Im being polite.
- Get down, guys. - Guys, shes joking.
You have money for bus, right?
- Hey, what have you done? - I cant tolerate this, Vasu.
- We dont need him, man. - Yes, lets go.
- Stop the car. - No, Vasu.
- How will they come? - I dont care.
This is overboard, Deepika. Stop the car.
- Didnt those guys go overboard? - They are always playful.
Whats playful? They are doing it intentionally, Vasu
Don't you understand? Absolutely, no manners.
What manners to expect within friendship?
They are always childish. Could you please stop the car?
Everybody has a limit, Vasu.
Friendship also has a limit.
This will continue the same way after our marriage.
It's better we stay away.
This is new to them. Let's make them understand.
You cant abandon them on the road. Stop the car.
I wont stop.
If friends are more important to you, get down and go.
Leave me.
Stop the car; Ill get off.
Stop the car!
Go away!
Watchman sir, please hold.
Hey, Deepika. Come out.
You can throw us out from your car;
but you cannot separate us from our legs.
Oh, so poetic!
What did you think of friendship?
It never sinks.
It floats in water. Like us.
We would give our lives for Vasu. Would you?
Shall we have a challenge against Love vs. Friendship?
Youll lose.
Hey, Deepika; Come out!
Shall we break in and come?
- Look! You better forget Vasu. - Dont think of him.
Have you slept? Sleep Sleep!
- What's the noise here? - We were just talking, uncle!
Are you guys drunk?
Please correct yourself. Alcohol got itself inside us.
Which area are you guys from?
Thank god, you asked. Please drop us on the way.
Are you being sarcastic? Ill smash you all at the station.
You got fooled!
Hey, get in.
Backseat makes me puke, sir.
Eve teasing case; strong evidence;
and its a high-class party.
You look educated, which is the only reason why Im releasing them.
Subbaiah, release those guys.
Sorry, guys.
What happened, Vasu?
Dont act like you dont know anything.
Promise, Vasu. I dont know what happened.
What happened?
How did the police trash them if not for your complaint?
Me? Im not a sadist to get them arrested.
They were drunk and were screaming in front of my house.
Ask them!
I have no idea what happened.
Shes lying, man. Dont trust her.
She must have called the police.
I told you, this love would create problems.
See for yourself.
You decide whether you want her or us.
They are doing this intentionally. Please listen to me.
You did the same thing to me, Deepika.
You called the police, you arranged for rowdies.
Oh, Vasu. That was long back. You were a stranger.
Thats how anybody would have done. Dont relate both.
Are you coming or not?
- Stop, Vasu. - Hey, leave him. Come!
Hey, Vasu. How can you do that to a girl?
Go now.
I dont need her or her stupid love.
Shes very arrogant!
Deepika, dont cry. He did so in anger.
Ill talk to him.
Hey, Vasu
Look at your face Idiotic friends.
Is Friendship and Love one-way route?
Would co-existence be tragic?
What does she have against me?
Here, I am; Like a rotten tomato.
Head spins like a top, Oh, dear! My heart yearns
Is Friendship and Love one-way route?
Would co-existence be tragic?
What does she have against him?
Here, he is; Like a rotten tomato.
Are memories for friends or for love?
Why am I made equally of both friendship and love?
A beautiful routine has left me in pain
Is Friendship and Love one-way route?
Would co-existence be tragic?
What does she have against me?
Here, I'm; Like a rotten tomato.
My friend, you came into my life like breath in the breeze;
But when in love, even a mirage can quench your thirst;
Im traveling alone; yet not alone.
Why are you crying?
No, just some dust in the eyes.
Nelson was right. He hasnt forgotten her yet.
He's pretending for us.
Yes, I feel sad for him.
Im fine even if we get split.
Vasu will be normal only if he unites with Deepika.
That wont work out. Hes been in love several times.
This is just another one.We should only change him.
This is not the same. In this case, only we must change.
Hes always upset.
Hes not speaking or smiling.
Hey, he must be having body pain.
Its not body pain. Hes got hurt before.
Hes emotionally hurt now.
We thought hed part us if he was in love.
But hed part us even otherwise.
We'd never see him be happy again.
Its okay if he is not with us; he must be happy; thats all.
He left her for us.
Nothing wrong if we give in for him.
Dont think much.
Nelson is calling.
Hey, Abhay and Deepika are getting married.
Look what you've done.
Deepika is getting married.
Hey, what are you saying?
Subbiah! Karupusamy! Idiots, where did you go?
Dear! Dear! Come inside and see.
Its an inauspicious sign.
Hey, must be some rat or cat.
Oh God! My sherwani!
Dear! The gas cylinder burst!
Daddy, look how torn my sherwani is.
Sir! Sir! Come outside and see, sir!
Look, sir. The car is fuming!
Oh my God!
Hello, have you started?
Everyone is waiting for the ceremony.
Yeah, we are on the way.
Hey, get the other car.
Sir! The tyres are missing.
The tyres are missing?
Why did you come now?
What do you think of me? Do I look like a joker to you?
Sorry, Deepika.What do you mean by sorry?
Its not his fault we
Hello! Im not talking to you.
This is not the time to fight, dear.
We need to call off the wedding.
What are you saying, sir?
We have invited everyone. And all are here.
How is it possible to call off the wedding now?
We will talk to your dad, Deepika.
We will apologize.
Well tell him that its all our fault.
Bad luck, Vasu.
I cannot call off this wedding.
Is it okay if this wedding gets cancelled on its own?
How is that possible?
It is possible! Guys, come.
Come! Come! Come!
Take the grooms clothes and keep it ready.
Theyre ready, uncle.
Rajashekar! What's this?
Nothing, just an accident.
Ugh, give that. Take these and get ready soon.
Uncle, send the beautician please.
Okay, Ill take care.
My image is completely lost!
Who is it? Beautician, sir.
- Good morning, sir. - Come soon. Come.
Open. Fast!
Ewww! Whats this? Smells like urine.
No, sir. This is foreign.
Here, see
Ugh, whatever! Go ahead.
- What is this? - This is naturo-therapy, sir?
Then fine
- Here! - Sure, sir.
- Above! - Yes, sir.
- Down! - Yes, sir.
- Whats the noise inside? - Beautician and the groom hmmm
What is this guy doing?
Hey, what are you doing?
- What? - Come on here...
What does he want me to see?
Look what the grooms father is up to!
Oh, god! What an indecent family.
My hair
Everything is over!
Deepika madam wants to see you.
She is asking you to come to her room.
Okay, Ill come.
What to do now?
If she sees me in this shape Wait, you guys
Deepika! What is this?
Oh, you saw?
Sorry. He wanted to hug me once before the wedding. Thats why.
But you guys broke up right?
Please, dude. Just once.
Argh! Okay, come soon.
So, it's all your plan?
Kiss huh?
Wait and watch what Ill do!
- Tell me, boss! - I want you to kidnap a guy.
Tell me who the guy is!
Ill send you the photo. You take care.
Sure, boss.
You are so gone!
Got it?
Boss, Im a bit busy today.
Ill send somebody else, okay?
- Okay, send. - Done, boss.
Come on, Abhay. Sit.
What beautician did you send? Ill kill you.
Why are you hiding your face? Remove that.
Deepika Sit.
He bit me terribly, man!
Its okay! Its okay
Nothing is required. Just go.
Excuse me, sir. Remove the cloth, please.
Nothing is required. Just go.
Its itching
Look at the groom.
Whats he doing in public?
Hey, whats he doing?
Its itching!
Looks like the groom has some infectious disease!
How do you say so?
Look at his hand; Like an Itch Guard advertisement.
- Disgusting! - Poor bride.
Vasu, we have only ten hours.
Your friends will stop the wedding by then, right?
Theyll stop ten weddings in ten hours. Dont worry!
- Oh, dear! - Look, theyve started.
What happened?
Hes seen something in the bathroom and fainted.
Hey, Pattabhi! Looks like the plan worked!
Why are you dull?
He fainted even before I wore the mask, buddy.
Good job, man.
Hey, I can hear some wedding music
I mixed diahorrea tablets for that music troup
Dude, you dont worry. We will definitely stop this wedding.
Lets go.
Hey, Ive kept the guy in a sack.
Bring him to the godown.
Im eating, boss. Ill finish and come soon.
Idiots! Come fast.
Sleep well, son.
Where am I?
Excuse me, where is Deepika?
I need to tie the knot.
Deepika! Deepika!
Yes, honey!
Hey, where are you going, man? Here, tie the knot.
He wont return. Weve sent him to where he belongs.
- Wheres Vasu? - I dont know
Why are these guys restless?
Where did he go now?
Its ringing
Its ringing inside this sack.
Check inside.
Its Vasu? Vasu!
- Water, please. - What happened to him?
Vasu! Get up.
I dont know. I think someone hit me.
What happened? Guys, any help?
Sir, can you sit inside this sack until we tell you?
Is that all? Give me something more challenging.
You first do this.
Okay, Im ready.
Guys, dont crush; oxygen level
It's about time. Call the groom.
Since yesterday hes been hiding his face.
I dont know whats wrong.
Im afraid he will come back soon.
The priest is going on forever.
We need to get them married soon.
Increase time in your watches by an hour.
Get-up change!
Ears bleed when you swear it seems?
If we swear, youd bleed in the ears, nose, eyes, and everywhere. Want to watch?
Hey, your watch is running slow?
No! Why?
Auspicious time is about to get over. Not tying the knot yet?
I think your watch is fast.
Excuse me, whats the time in your watch?
08:30, it is.
Father, time please.
My time is 08:30.
Oh no! Only five more minutes?
I told you, right?
Hey, priest. Times up. Give the thali.
I think I wore the watch when taking a dip in the lake.
Looks like its stuck.
Time to tie the holy knot!
Stop it!
Who is it?
Im not interested in this wedding.
Now, he's creating a mess.
Naresh, what is this?
Im sorry. I dont feel good about this.
This is not the time to express your feelings.
I dont agree to this. Abhay, go ahead.
Okay, daddy.
Tie the knot.
- Deepika! - Rajashekar, what is this?
I want this wedding to happen. Abhay, tie the knot.
Abhay, youre here? Whos that?
Why didn't you tell?
Hey, they are hugging. Shoot him.
Sir, thats a dummy gun! Im a dummy police!
Auspicious time is getting over. Somebody tie the knot!
Lets see how this wedding happens now.
What will you do now?
I dont think this wedding would happen now.
Ah, please dont worry!
Dude, I have another thali.
Daddy, look. Uncle, stop.
If theres no sky, theres no soul.
If theres no love, theres no Tamil cinema.
When in love, broccoli would turn into a rose.
I'd give a thousand kisses to whoever cooked these idlies.
Its the cook.
Thats right! I was referring to her. You thought it was you?
Dont hit me.
Oh, call from office. Ill be back.
Dude, tell me.
By the time you think Dialog, sir
Havent had breakfast, sir
To get a rich girl Hmmm
You are simply sitting Say some ah, um
Huh? Tea, please
Bro, five beer.
Buddy, only four.
Its okay. Ill have two.
- I wouldve died. - Those are not ordinary arrows.
They are shot with love!
Youre scared of this? Go to that room and
Sir, please leave me
I wanted you to just bring my helmet.
Come on time errr
Have this briyani
- Sir, whats your name? - Nelson.
Nel-son? Were you born to a nel?
Oh, I must talk on the phone right?
Ill continue to talk like this. Just adjust, please.
She's really hitting us.
You have kidnapped the wrong person!
He was the one inside the sack.
Useless fellows!
Sorry, Sir. Looks like a small mistake.