Kapringen (2012) Movie Script

- Hello?
- Hello beautiful. It's me.
Hello darling!
Are you in Mumbai?
No, we get to Mumbai in a few days.
- I miss you.
- And I miss you too.
- How are things?
- Things are good, but listen,
you can't get mad okay?
What is it?
I'm coming home the 17th
instead of the 15th.
- You're not serious?
- Yes.
I've got to stay in Mumbai and show
the new cook around the kitchen.
This is absolutely not alright.
We had a deal.
Yes, but your man loves you
above everything else
because you're the most beautiful
and fantastic and understanding wife.
That's why he loves you so much.
Yeah, honey...!
I think it's terrible though.
Is the little princess there?
You don't want to talk to me anymore?
Can I just talk to her,
because the captain just came,
- Okay. Take care honey.
- Yes, bye.
It's your dad talking.
- She's coming now.
- Thanks.
- Hello.
- Hello, little princess, can you hear me?
- Hello dad.
- It's dad.
- Darling you must talk...
- Hello dad, when are you coming home?
- What are you doing here?
- Reading the watermeters.
- We're going to stock up water in Mumbai.
- Easy, you don't have to shout.
You like to have water
with your coffee right?
Yes, that would be nice.
- Getting some use out of you.
- Do you have a break now?
- Mikkel!
- Yes?
- Can you do me a favor?
- Sure.
Take this for me. It's a letter for my
sister and a present for my nephew.
- That would be great.
- I thought she lived in Greve.
- That is in Greve, you goof.
- Solrod Beach?
You've been at sea too long.
- And the package, it's important.
- I'll take good care of it.
- Are you about ready?
- Yeah, damnit.
- I can't wait.
- I can relate.
Nice to get home to the girl.
To the Wife.
Yes, it's Peter.
Yeah and what do they say?
If they are going to use our ships,
they have to accept our offer.
Yes but you've got to take care of this now.
We have other things to do.
That's fine.
2011 and 2012 it's expected that there
will be an export of 12 million megatons.
Then there is sad trouble
on the Japanese market.
The tsumani has completely
devastated their industry.
We must make sure to be there
when the market bounces back.
And talking about Japan,
I've got to hear, Peter...
We've got a high
priority on Japan right?
Very much so.
We're negotiating with the Japanese.
Will the contract be signed tonight?
We'll land a deal tonight.
We'll reach our goal of 10 percent.
- Hello, Jytte.
- Hi. Good meeting?
- Very good?
- Lars Vestergaard is waiting for you.
- Vestergaard?
- He said it was important.
Are you not supposed to
be with the Japanese?
Yeah, I've just taken a little break
and thought I'd update you,
on how far have we gotten.
Here you go.
I know the proposal.
What's the problem?
I just want to make sure that we
agree before I bang the table.
We've agreed from the start. We've been
at 21 and we want to be under 15.
How far have we gotten?
We're down to 19 now.
You're down to 19?
Okay. 2 million.
- And we're going below 15.
- That's right.
- We can probably get them down...
- Wait.
Jytte, cancel my meetings for
the rest of the day. Thanks.
- Hi Peter.
- Hi Niels.
- So what did we end up at?
- 14.5.
That's very well done.
- Hello Lars. Congratulations.
Can you take a break somewhere else?
I have an interview
with Borsen and I need
to put on a clean shirt.
- Thanks a lot.
- See you later.
Lars, can you wait a little.
- Sure.
- See you up there.
Lars, when you need my help,
which you apparently did here,
get me right away. Understood?
- Yes, and thanks.
- Thank you.
Can we find a date?
We need 7-8 days for the interview.
I'll do it when I can but we must
be joined by my secretary Jytte.
She has complete oversight.
I'm sorry to disturb.
Peter, do you a moment?
Yeah, excuse me.
- I think that's enough for today.
- Okay.
MV Rozen has set of the alarm.
We're worried she's been hijacked.
They've slowed down their speed.
- And now they are not replying to us.
- So we have no contact.
- So we have no contact.
- We've got nothing.
Then it stops.
- When did the first alarm sound?
- About 1 hour and 35 minutes ago.
Where are we?
Where exactly is the ship?
We were on our way to Mumbai.
- Then she makes a big turn,
- That's really far out.
Indian coast is over there.
There has never been a
hijacking this far out before
- Who's on board?
- I'll found out as soon as possible.
We need to get a hold on someone who
knows how to handle this. Right away.
Yes. Can you help me?
I'll be back in 5 minutes.
Can you call my wife and tell her I
probably will not be home tonight?
Right away.
Can I hear that again?
Hi dear,
I see that you have called.
Yes, we are about to talk
to the relatives now.
I'm glad to hear it, thanks.
Pirates today also have internet,
and they also read danish news.
And we have to remember that.
If they read that we
will do anything to get
our men home, it'll
just prolong things.
I hope you understand that.
My name is Kaj Sorensen.
This is my wife Lisbeth.
We are Jan's parents. Why don't you
just give in to the pirates' demands?
We still haven't heard
from the pirates.
So we don't even know
what they are demanding.
But you should know that we will do
whatever it takes to get our crew home,
as fast as possible.
That's why we have
brought in help from the
outside to guide us
in the negotiations.
This is Connor Julian.
Connor has a lot of experience.
He's a specialist in these
kinds of situations.
Yes, please go ahead.
My name is Maria Hartmann.
And this is my daughter Kamilla.
I'm married to Mikkel Hartmann
who's the cook on the ship.
You said earlier that you haven't
had any contact with the pirates.
How do you then know
that they are okay?
How do you know they
are not already dead?
Yes thanks.
Excuse me. Maria...
Honestly we don't know.
But that would really surprise us.
The ship down there, Rozen,
has no value to us.
The only thing the pirates have
to negotiate for is our crew.
Your sons, and your brothers.
That's the only the only thing
they have to negotiate for.
So personally, Maria,
I believe they are all alive.
Okay, thanks.
Thank you.
Hi, Mikkel. How are you?
We have it okay.
The crew is healthy, but the
captain used to have an ulcer,
About five years ago.
He had surgery and was on
medication for a couple of
years but was deemed healthy.
- So he could be sick?
- Yeah.
Fuck! Sorry.
We have to pee in this corner.
It stinks like hell.
The captain has shit on everything.
It's so damn gross.
Ah for fucks sake.
We've got to get out and
use the toilets out there.
We can't stay in here with
this stink all the time.
- Did you ask about the toilet?
- Yeah.
- We're getting sick, tell them.
- I'll tell them.
- We're not worthless to them if...
- Can't you shut up?!
We've got to get out of here.
Let's meet back up here in 10 minutes.
The problem with flying from Tanzania
is the distance to the ship.
We risk the pilot turning
before he reaches it.
I don't follow. He must know where...
It's small planes,
we're talking about the fuel
In theory it works but any
changes or if the weather...
- Why not Mombasa then?
- In theory it's the best.
But it's illegal to bring in...
- Hi. Am I interrupting?
- Hello Anette.
Did we schedule something?
Do I have to?
No. I'd just feel bad if I had
forgotten about something
- We didn't.
- Hi.
Lovely to see you. Hi honey.
- Sit down.
- I'll come back later?
Yes we can do this later but...
- The boss has spoken.
- The boss has spoken, yeah.
Talk to Connor about alternatives.
Call Soren Lundtoft at Danske Bank.
They must have the cash ready.
- I'll call Soren.
- Good. Thank you.
You brought shirts, thank you.
- I thought you needed some.
- How nice of you.
DAY 25
What are you doing?
I'm pissing.
God damnit, Mikkel.
God damnit it smell bad.
So disgusting.
Let's try to become a bit
of a friend with him.
He's got his finger on the trigger.
Damnit, his mood swings.
- Holy shit, what's happening?
- He's doing like in the picture.
- This is not funny, Mikkel.
- Yes.
- I'm sleeping.
- You should lay down.
Don't get him riled up.
DAY 39
It's not Omar. It's Mikkel.
Hi Peter.
How's the negotiations going?
It's going alright.
It's going forward but slow,
- But we have to get there.
- I spoke with the other owners,
You've sat on this now
for over two months.
They don't want to drag
this out any longer.
And it won't.
Okay. Send my regards.
DAY 67
Check it out.
He can have the small one.
You're welcome.
- Jan!
- Yes?
Jan, god damnit!
Take this,
come here and take this.
God damnit right?
Old bugger. You like this don't you?
Yeah! For fucks sake, Mikkel!
- What's happening?
- Come here.
Shut the fuck up. You don't
know what you are talking about.
It's fucking big.
Take it up.
It's a red snapper!
- Red snapper!
- Red snapper!
Sing a song for the boys.
Come on old man.
Today it is Kamilla's birthday
hurrah, hurrah, hurrah
she probably gets presents
that she has wished for
with very good chocolate
and cookies too
- Hello?
- Maria, honey, it's me.
- Mikkel.
- Hi.
Hi my love, are you okay?
Has something happened to you?
No, we're alright.
We have it alright.
We have it good. Hi.
It's so nice to hear your
voice my darling.
- It's so nice to hear your voice.
- I love you.
And I love you.
How's Kamilla?
Everything is fine with her.
She was so happy for the bike.
Lasse ran after her and
held her with this arms.
- Now she's biking without help.
- She does?
You tell her that I love her
more than anything right?
I tell her that every night.
You're such a good father.
What's happening?
I'm here honey.
Nothing is happening baby.
Just please listen to me.
We have to speak english now.
Mikkel, is that you?
- Yes.
- How are you doing?
Please pay, they will shoot me.
I don't want to die now.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I've just spoken to Mikkel.
And he's alright.
Please pay, they will shoot me.
I don't want to die now.
Good morning.
Did you sleep here?
Let's get some light in here.
Was it a late night?
I was driving and so I thought
I'd stop by and see you.
Are you okay?
How's the negotiations going?
They're going good.
Niels Giversen called yesterday.
He's worried about you.
And I'm too.
No one can handle what you are doing.
Why are you sitting by the phone
all night. Can't someone help you?
I love you.
I want you to leave now.
I want you to leave now!
DAY 119
Peter, this is not a good situation.
You're supposed to be on top of all the
company's activities. It requires focus.
Yeah and I am.
How long have you
been sitting on this?
- Barely four months.
- That's too long.
How much time do you
think it requires?
We've made the decision to let
you finish out the month.
Then someone else takes over.
- You can't do that.
- Yes, we can and we will.
If you can find a seat up there.
Good morning. And welcome.
It is now exactly 18 weeks since MV
Rozen was hijacked in the Indian Ocean.
And we have chosen so
far not to tell about it.
But the press has started to write.
They have started to guess.
And they are citing unnamed sources...
from inside the company
I sincerely hope it's not true.
We have a very serious situation.
The crew and their families
live under massive stress.
But I want to make it clear that
we are doing everything we can...
to help with that.
- Yes?
- We just got this.
- Just now? Did they call?
- No, just this fax.
Peter. A new fax.
- Hi, Jan. This is Peter in Danmark.
- Hi Peter.
Hi. How is it going?
Not very good.
Jan, the cook, Mikkel,
is he still alive?
He has it real bad,
but he's breathing.
We all have it real bad.
It's getting really critical.
I hope you know that.
Yes, we're doing all we can to get
you home. I need to talk to Omar now.
Are we on our way home?
Yes, I promise.
I need to talk to Omar.
What the...
What kind of smiley is that?
Who knows.
DAY 127
Mikkel? Mikkel, come.
Let's get some fresh air.
Come on.
We're going home, old man!
I said it. I told you we were
going to make it and get home.
DAY 134
Go to dad.
Dad? Dad?