Kapurush (1965) Movie Script

What did you understand?
-The coil is not working.
Coil? -The immunition coil.
I'll need some time. - How much?
We don't have the arrangement
for mending tyres here.
We have to send it to Siliguri.
-So, can't I use the car today?
-No, it's not possible.
- How are you, Mr. Som?
Welcome Mr. Dey, how
are you? - I am fine.
Can I use your telephone
please? -Oh, sure.
Hello, give the line 9464.
- Mr. your mechanic is hopeless
What happened?
They are telling that the tyre
cannot be mended here.
It's a small town. Everything
is not available here.
By the way, where are you going?
Hasimara! - Can you arrange
any other car for me?
No sir, taxis are
not available here.
Train is also not available
before tomorrow.
Yes. That's true. - Why didn't
you avail the train..
..from Siliguri? - Disgusting!
Sir, want to have a cigarette?
-No, it's o.k.
Such a long journey!
- Why isn't there a..
..good railway communication?
Come on, brother.
- Tea or forest?
What? You are going
to Hasimara, isn't it?
My brother-in-law is a doctor
there. I am going to see him.
Is there any hotel nearby? -Yes,
a small hotel is there.
Friends hotel. - Gentleman, l
will not recommend..
..you to stay there. - Hello,
what do they want?
O.k. - When do you want
to reach there?
It will be alright if
I reach tomorrow.
The problem is only
with tonight.
Bechubabu, can you repair the
car by tomorrow morning?
I will try my best.
There's a problem,
it's Sunday tomorrow.
It was better to
have a taxi then.
How many luggage you
are having mister?
Only a small suitcase.
Yes, sir. -Keep sir's
suitcase in my jeep.
In your jeep? - Yes, come on.
Where? - Have some tea, Sir.
No, on the other day.
Bye, Mr. Guha.
Come on. You are going to
visit a nice bungalow.
Inspection bungalow?
You will inspect and tell
what you think of it.
I am Bimal Gupta.
- I am Amitabha Roy.
I am a lone planter
in that bungalow.
It's your bungalow then. -Yes,
I don't think that
you'll hesitate..
..to stay there for a night.
This is the best available here,
you really have no choice
Thanks a lot.
Thanks cannot be
given in one way.
What do you mean?
It's a matter of
mutual dependence.
You want the shelter and
I want the company.
I cannot control my curiosity,
For what, you are going there?
Regarding a writing?
What? Are you a writer?
I have gorgeous name for this
writing.. what type?
A sort-of scriptwriter. - What?
Scenario, the story
of the film.- I see.
That's interesting. Why
have you come here..
..to write film story? Can't
you write that in Kolkata?
My story is based on
these surroundings.
I see, local color, eh? What is
the story plot you are..
..thinking of? Romantic! - Oh!
Iike that sort.
Boy misses girl..
- Boy loses girls.
Boy gets girls and
boy loses the girl.
Is it correct? - of course.
Do you like to write?
- I like the money.
Who doesn't? Otherwise why
am I in this tea garden?
Money, money, money.. -
-..sweeter than honey.
Ram Bahadur!
Keep this suitcase
in the guest room.
What are you listening to?
Look, the reception of the sound
track here is not good at all.
Look at me, I have not come
alone. He is Mr. Roy.
My wife. - He was in
trouble for taxi.
I insisted that he comes with me.
- What a bad weather today!
Have you received any
phone calls for me today?
- Come with me, Mr. Roy.
This room is almost unused.
You won't believe me, Mr. Roy. On
an average I can get at least..
..one Bengali in distress in a
year, to be a guest of this room.
Here is the toilet. Refresh
yourself and..
..change your clothes. I shall
also freshen up in the mean time.
There is no word to show my
gratitude to you, Mr. Gupta.
Believe me, Mr. Roy The
pleasure is all mine.
Karuna! -lt is a great surprise
to meet you here.
Does sir need hot
water for a bath?
Do you need hot water?
Keep the bucket in the bathroom.
The servant will make your
bed after dinner.
There's no use in writing
the story for a film.
You can be the hero in the film.
- Which drink would you prefer?
Thanks, but I don't drink.
- Surprising..
Oh! At least have a sherry.
Alright. - Boy! One sherry
and one whisky.
You must have all the experience
in life. Otherwise how can you..
..write about it in your story?
- I was asking my wife whether..
..she has heard about you.
Because she reads
Bengali magazines.
She told that she knew one..
..Amitabha Roy in her college
days. But she has not heard of..
..script writer Amitabha Roy. -
Possible, as this is my 3rd film.
Moreover my fame cannot reach
such a long way as here.
Yes Mr. Roy, no news reaches
this god forsaken country.
Mr. Roy, if the weather remains
pleasant, we'll go to see..
..the surrounding
places tomorrow.
There is a lovely picnic spot.
You can utilize the
spot in your film.
I did not watch a Bengali
film for a long time.
I only get a chance when
I visit Calcutta.
But I cannot go due to him.
- What rubbish! A Bengali film!
Why are you laughing?
Don't mind, Mr. Roy.
in the present..
..generation Bengalis have
no moral values which is..
..reflecting in every sphere,
in films, politics, etc.
Is there any need to discuss this
in front of a Bengali gentleman?
- Certainly.
I will criticize Bengalis
among Bengalis only..
..and appreciate them in front
of others. Am I wrong, Mr. Roy?
I was a very good student.
Was very good at debating.
I got a first class in Economics.
What subjects did you have
in college, Mr. Roy?
You must have a degree.
- Yes, I have.
In film? - No.
Then? - B.A in Economics.
I see, then we have a lot in
common. Only difference is that..
..you're writing the story in
films & I am growing these..
..tea plantations
and drinking whisky.
Shall I give you a squash?
- No, certainly not.
Why are you insisting
him to have hot drinks?
Because his hero of the story
is now starting to have that.
Isn't it, Mr. Roy? -Yes, the
idea is not bad.
The idea will be splendid. You
can write everything nicely..
..because it's your
firsthand experience.
Do you know the importance
of this place?
It will compel you
to have the drinks.
Make a note of this.
Every fellow here..
..amongst these
plantations, drinks.
There is no other way.
I didn't enjoy it in the
beginning. I used to hate whisky.
But I really enjoy it now. It
helps to forget the boredom..
..and the tragedy. - Don't
forget, the dinner is ready.
Come here, man. -You please
come for dinner.
Stand here, man.
Just see, isn't there a good..
..resemblance in him
and the picture?
Follow me.
This is my bungalow.
Do you know my wife is very
talented, but very humble.
Can you believe that I came
to know she is an..
..artist after three
years of marriage?
Why are you not telling that you
have come to know just now?
No, no. - Why should I tell lies?
I never tell lies. - You
are too imminent.
Eat nicely today, Mr. Roy.
You have faced a lot of trouble
There is nothing
special in dinner today
You are in such a hurry. -Mr.
Roy, your loss is my gain..
..not only me, our gain.
- lsn't it, darling?
You are talking too much.
Do you like to see only
my face day after day?
Yes, I like.
Is it? Really good actress.
- Don't you need a heroine in..
..your film, Mr. Roy?
- Certainly. I need.
Mr. Roy each gardener has their
own method of cultivation.
The flavor of tea in each
garden is different.
We know the taste of the
tea of all the gardens.
I can identify just by
taking a sip of it.
It all comes from experience
and hard work.
Bloody hard work, Mr.Roy.
Come rain.. come shine.
Oh god! It's a tough life.
You were telling that you will
go for picnic tomorrow.
Yes, picnic.
Mr. Roy, are you getting bored?
- Writers cannot be bored easily.
Because they get the subject
of their writing.
Am I also your subject? - Why?
Don't you wish to be one?
Don't make me a villain. My wife will be hurt.
I will not make you a villain.
It will be someone else.
Good night, we will start
tomorrow at 8 a.m.
Good Night. - Good night.
Come in.
Karuna! Why are you
so formal with me?
I cannot bear this.
This is too much.
Will you be happy if
I treat you badly?
I didn't know, I will meet you
here. I would not have come then.
How would you know?
You are not god.
Believe me, I would not
have come then. - Why?
Are you happy to see me? - Have
you seen any sadness?
Not that, but..
- Don't think too much.
Have a nice sleep,
Amit. Please.
Who's there?
You? - Quiet!
I am bound to come. - What
happened to you?
Give me a glass of water.
I did not expect you here, now.
What happened? - Uncle has been
transferred to Patna.
And you? -They will
take me with them.
Forcefully! They treat
me like a kid.
You also will go?
Do you love me?
Is that a question to ask?
- How much do you love me?
Don't you believe me? - Yes.
Then why are you asking?
- Just like that.
Are you going to Patna? - Yes.
Why are you joking? -You
will feel better then.
There is none to disturb
you. Isn't it?
No one would irritate you. There
won't be anyone to trouble you.
What happened to you today?
- Am I talking rubbish?
Don't worry. - You will not
become free so easily.
Oh! Really? I will go.
This time, it's forever.
They've taken the transfer
intentionally to control me.
I see - My foot..
I am going about my whole
life in a planned manner
So surprising!
So surprising!
When are they going? Karuna..
On Wednesday. - You did
not come to know
..anything about it before?
-He had told me today at..
..Iunchtime. -I did
not tell anything.
I went to Shobha's house.
On the second floor.
I went to her house.
Quietly I went to my bedroom and
thought, what I should do.
After sometime everything
was clear to me.
I prepared my mind. I thought
that you must know about it..
..immediately. So I have
come here. Was I right?
Yes, you did a good thing.
Are you angry with me?
Why? - Because
I have come to your mess.
You are looking stern. - That's
because I have not shaved.
If I knew of your visit then
I would've hung a curtain.
Is this that triangular room?
Yes. - Spacious for a bachelor.
What happened? - l
will take up a job.
I will leave the art school
and take up a job.
I am a graduate and it will help.
Amit, you also will get a job.
Won't you? That is..
if you try seriously.
This is a ruthless city, Karuna.
- Does not matter. We will..
..struggle for few days.
But it's nothing.
I cannot live without you.
They are all my enemies
- Don't cry, Karuna.
Amit! - Karuna, please..
Karuna.. please listen
to me. Listen..
Are you thinking of our marriage?
Am I mad?
Where are you going?
Please listen to me, Karuna.
Don't I love you? Have l
cheated you for the last one..
..and half year? - I don't
want to create a scene.
I don't want to
do that even now.
Sorry for whatever l
have done till now.
What do you want to tell?
- Please tell, I am waiting.
Will you not understand me? I
knew that your uncle does not..
..approve our relationship.
I am not ready to face the..
..present situation. You are
telling that you will go
..within three days and we
have to take the decision
..for our future. I don't
know whether you can..
..bear the hardships which
we might have to face.
You don't know about that.
You have to think of it.
I know that you have been
brought up very comfortably.
I have visited your house.
My home? Is that
Comfort everything?
Haven't you felt my heart?
Haven't I told you many times..
..that I can bear anything
if you are with me.
You feel that I've gone crazy in
love, and am talking rubbish.
I cannot blame you. - It's very
difficult to understand..
..anyone. - Karuna..
Please give me time
for a few days.
It's not possible. - Please
give me a chance.
No way. You don't need time
but you lack something else... Courage!!
Karuna.. Karuna.. I want
to ask you a question.
Are you happy? -Why
are you asking this?
I must know that.
Aren't you getting peace in..
..your mind without knowing it?
I could not marry.
I have suffered a lot.
I did not get chance to beg..
..for an apology to you.
Why are you feeling
guilty? We both were wrong.
It's isn't only your fault.
I got a job. But I didn't accept
it. Everything seemed so pointless.
I could not stay in Kolkata.
I got the news of your marriage.
I started writing.
I have taken an apartment. I
am doing everything in life.
Only one thing I could never do.
I could not love anybody else.
Am I responsible for that?
- Are you happy, Karuna?
What do you think? - I am
trying to understand.
Let it be unrevealed.
Do you have sleeping pill, madam?
- I will give you.
Don't take more than two.
- What if I take more?
I don't think you can do that.
Good morning? - Had a nice
sleep last night?
Is there any hangover? - l
think, we are lucky.
The weather is pretty good today.
What a nice place!
It's a nice place for one or
two months & even for a year.
What to do after that? - Don't
you have any neighbor..
..around you? - Certainly, but
at a distance of 1 9 km.
By the way, your car has not
been repaired till now.
Have they informed you?
I think you can avail the train.
I will drop you at the station..
..on the way back. You can
take the train at 6:.30 p.m.
Will this suit you?
Then shall I pack up my luggage?
-Yes, we will start after..
Listen, please tell Mrs. Gupta
to get ready
She needs a lot of time.
Why didn't you call
me as Mrs. Gupta?
Slept well?
I will only drink tea.
Why? - I take only
tea in the morning.
But at lunch, I take dry
food like sandwich.
I don't expect anything better.
Are you ready? - Long time ago.
Only lunch has to be packed up.
Mr. Roy.. - Yes..
You were asking about neighbors.
- Shall I give you tea?
The rest of our employees, clerks,
officers stay within one..
..and half kms from
here. - How much sugar?
2 spoons. -They are
not of our status.
We cannot mix with them
after working hours.
I see. - Mrs. Gupta, will
you not take an omelet?
I take only tea in the morning.
Mr. Roy, I can give you a
subject for your story.
What? - There is a rigid
caste system in..
..this area. A Manager
can socialize only..
..with another manager. - l
would not have a cup of tea..
..with you if you were the
assistant manager of our factory.
Atkinson, T.D. Chatterjee, Mehra,
Teddy Walter, they are of my..
..status. - Do
you people follow it.
The British had established
it in their 200 years tenure.
I can't break the rule by
my "one man's revolution".
Thanks.- I did not like
it in the beginning.
But later thought that my life
will be easier, smoother if..
..I follow it. - I don't
think about it now.
But your conscience?
If you have your conscience..
..you should drown into alcohol.
How is the tea? - Excellent,
is it from this tea garden?
Yes, I will give a packet
of tea for you.
But your conscience will not
drown in it, just float in it.
Are you comfortable? -Yes.
Mr. Roy, are you married? - No.
Are you contemplating? - Had
you ever been in love?
Have you felt embarrassed
in front of my wife?
No, certainly not. - Actually
you look romantic.
So we both were
guessing about you.
But remember my bungalow is
very appropriate for honeymoon.
2 tickets for Bhobanipur.
Take the ticket.
It's so embarrassing!
This has never happened before!
Do you know what's
more shameful? - What?
It will be more shameful if you
will not return the money.
I am an Economics student not
a philosophy student like you.
Don't worry I will return
it to you tomorrow.
With interest? - lnterest?
You have a book of Bageswari
series. Haven't you?
Do you want that? -ls it yours?
Not mine, but I can lend you.
- Then give it to me tomorrow.
Where to meet? - At the
north east corner of..
..the college corridor?
- Where?
In front of the Library.
4.30 sharp. - Ok.
'l see you again and
again on the way..'
You will meet someone at the
age of nineteen and half..
..in your life, a big one..
who will.. - A big problem?
What happened?- To touch your
hand I had to become the palmist.
No other way, if you
have no courage..
..you have to gather
some the other way.
Do you know, Karuna?
It's the fault of our culture.
In foreign countries, the girls
and boys mix freely, even openly.
Stop. This is not in our culture.
- But do you consider this as a..
..romantic place?
Only the real place is heart.
The real feelings
are in the heart.
There's no crowd there.
Nobody can control you there.
- But still I don't like Karuna.
Sometimes it is unbearable.
I feel restless, frustrated.
When the time comes, then you
don't need to control yourself.
Karuna, I want to hold your
hand. Will you give it please?
Will you stop the car? - Why? I
just want to light a cigarette.
Sorry. - It is all right.
Do one thing.
Relax your body a bit.
My car is not a Rolls Royce.
- Karuna, get down.
I am going to get some water.
Karuna! - I myself am giving
the answer to my question.
You can never be happy. There're
no similarities in the..
..nature of you and your husband.
Why don't you admit this?
Because I don't want to be happy.
Don't you want it now also
even if you get the chance?
What chance?
- Can't you leave him?
..for any cause? The person
who drinks so much.
Doesn't he ever torture
you on any day?
I am prepared, Karuna.
Forget the past.
I was a coward then.
I have courage now.
Please, Karuna. - If I tell you,
I don't love you now.
Do you love him, Karuna?
You do not know him. No one
can be known in one day.
It maybe, still.. - Then?
How much you know him?
You are only guessing.
-But I cannot believe.
Why? I also can change
You? - What happened?
Last time, when we were going for
picnic, haven't we stopped..
..here for water? -Yes,
this is the spot
I could not find the tree where
I had written my name.
Do you want to have some
experience of whisky?
Yes, I want to be like you.
- Just a little.
Now, you are a man
Man is also like a machine,
like a motor.
Give me a cigarette
of yours. - Thank you.
Have you taken your
lunch properly? - Yes.
My grandfather's lunch used to
consist of a whole goat..
..and my grandson will
eat an whole apple.
Have you got any subject
of your story?
Karuna please..
Turn to me at least once, Karuna.
See this burn. You had slept
off like that only.
Let us go.
I will drop you at the station,
drop my wife at home, then I'll..
..go to Atkinson's house.
- Don't do that, Mr. Roy.
You are our honored guest.
Mr. Roy! - Yes? - Is your
suitcase heavy?
No, not at all. - I will drop
you at the level-crossing.
You have to walk fifty yards.
- That is all right.
Thank you very much.
- Best of luck.
Don't forget to put my
character in your story.
No, certainly not. - Bye.
When we visit Calcutta,
I want to watch your movie.
Mr. Roy, when you visit our place
the next time, you'll talk and..
..we will listen.
Isn't it, Karuna?
Karuna.. you?
Have I left my sleeping
pill pack with you?
Please give it to me. I need it.
I didn't get it from the
chemist. - Karuna..
Please give it to me, dear.