Kar Beyaz (White As Snow) (2010) Movie Script

"Two people wanted by the Martial
Law command post...
...were arrested by security forces
the other day in Findikzade.
Upon receiving information
on Monday morning...
...the security forces raided street
and took control of the area.
The officers entered and
searched the first floor apartment...
...and with the security forces..."
Have the wolves come down to the village?
Their howls are so close.
Yes, it's like they're chasing someone.
I don't know if it is a horse or a person,
but they are closing in.
God protect them!
Don't say that!
Give me the flashlight woman!
Hurry up!
Oh, they caught it.
God damn them!
BREAD 100 cents. POTATOES 25 cents.
We have paraffin oil.
Selamun Aleykum
Aleykum Selam
Mom. What do you mean
they still aren't saying yes.
Look, I'm not going to stay
single here in the mountains
I already said so when I was there.
And I am saying it again.
Hello, hello...
Damn, we got cut off!
It happens.
How much was the ticket?
And the phone call?
The phone call is on us.
What do you do?
Engineer, Forest Engineer.
Here you go sir. Have a good trip.
I'm going up to the high road.
I will get it in the afternoon on my way back.
Take it easy. Bye!
You toppled another oak tree.
What if the forest ranger sees you?
What would anyone be doing here,
this early in the morning?
You are also right. That is true.
The Oak tree toppled over. / The crown
up in the sky. The Oak tree toppled over.
We have gotten news that
a young informant called in with...
...the information that Bari akmaki,
alumni of Middle East Technical University...
...has been hiding out at apartment
in Vaniky.
The police surrounded the ground floor
apartment and wanted to enter there.
Realizing that he was going to be caught...
...Bari akmaki grabbed his
automatic weapon and started firing.
In the cross fire two police officers
were wounded and he was shot to death.
Where are you from?
Where are you going?
To the town.
- A new assignment?
- Yes.
- Are you a teacher?
- No.
Those who come here cry,
those who leave here cry.
Is she your sister?
My wife.
- You got married young!
- That's what happened...
Who is this bum?
Look iko, my friend!
You know that I am alone
and brave like my father.
I climbed to the very top of those
cliffs by myself this summer.
Not there man, over there...
That was a wolf.
No. It was a fox.
So, it wasn't a wolf huh!
Yes, it wasn't.
There is a saying around here,
do you know it?
They say a wolf is found in the
swamp and the bear on land.
There are many wolves in these mountains.
But everyone has a bear story around here.
Ikram, tell that bear story of yours.
No, brother Sinan.
When I tell it everyone laughs at me.
Ikram comes face to face with
a huge bear in the forest.
Ikram was frozen in his spot.
The bear spit in lkram's
face and walked off.
When lkram told the story, the guys
teased him, "what did you say to...
...the bear that he spit in your face and
it didn't even consider you a man."
Lkram, at least tell
the story of Uncle Idris and llyas.
Why are you looking
at the child like that?
You know Harun went into the army.
This boy took his place.
Anyway, he is Harun's uncle's son.
This Recep has fallen in love with
the daughter of village headman.
And they gave her or are going to give her
to someone else, or something like that.
So then he became depressed.
It's a bitter love affair.
- Welcome Hasan.
- Thank you.
- How are you?
- Good.
That's good. Good for you.
Let's hope you sell well today.
Let me give you a pear.
Thank you.
Who is this boy, who are his people?
You are such a curious man.
This is the oldest son of Halil,
the one in prison.
His mother is our Laz girl the one looking
after the mayor's mother in the town.
And he is looking
after the two younger ones.
What a difficult life this boy has.
What? Hopeless?
Where there is life, there is hope
And this kid, he is more of a
man then many grown men.
There has been another
coup d'etat in Ecuador.
General Rodriguez has taken power.
Yesterday in Ecuador...
...commander of the army
General Rodriguez overthrew...
...President Valesco barra and...
...took control of the government.
Ayran, fresh ayran!
Ayran, fresh ayran!
Brother Sinan,
is there a letter for me?
If I had one,
wouldn't I give it to you Recep?
- Any news?
- If I had any, wouldn't I tell you my Recep.
Ayran, fresh ayran!
Ayran, fresh ayran!
Kid, come here.
Give me one!
Fill up another one!
Here you go.
- Give me my fifty cents!
- I don't have any change.
Brother Recep can you change this!
I don't have any change.
And you, hurry up.
Kid. Come here!
Give me my 1 lira!
I don't have any change.
What am I supposed to do!
Kid, forgive me! Come on, forgive me.
Forgive me! Come on!
Forgive me! Come on!
He just kept looking?
What is he crazy or something?
No, Recep is a good guy.
He is a little lovesick, that is all...
He is waiting for a letter
from the one he loves.
At first he only asked
me about the letter.
Now he looks at every car,
at every man.
Actually I have the letter.
It's in the glove compartment.
I can't bring myself to give it to him.
You know how it is...
Hasan I am going back to the village.
If you are as well, let's go together.
No, I couldn't sell any ayran.
I won't go back till I sell some.
Ok, then! You will sell some, God willing.
How is your mother, your brothers?
They are well. You know
my mother is in the village.
She will come home on Sunday.
My brothers are at home waiting for me.
I see. But be careful,
don't stay out past dark.
It is very cold outside.
Ok! I won't.
Let me give you a pear.
Take these.
And this.
Ayran again on this winter day, who will
drink cold ayran with this cold and snow?
I know it won't sell.
Why don't you find something hot?
But you can't drink hot ayran...
I meant something else, whatever.
Which village are you from?
Madenciler. That...
I know it. You walk that
whole way by yourself?
I'm used to it.
You are cold, come on in.
No, I'm not cold now.
You are cold! Come in!
Hasan, my son!
Each person has their own wind.
By blowing you can ignite
the blacksmith's hearth.
If you want...
And if you are brave enough.
Where did you find this pocketknife?
It's very fancy.
My father made it, a long time ago.
It's a great keepsake.
Don't lose it!
It's gotten late. Aren't you
going to go back to the village?
I am waiting for the
minibus to come back.
It should be here any minute. Don't wait
for anymore. You are already cold.
It is dificult to wait out in the snow.
It will only get worse at night.
Take this bread to eat.
Mom! How much longer should
these potatoes stay in the fire?
No, nothing!
Ayran, fresh ayran!
Ayran, fresh ayran!
I swear to God, I didn't know.
I didn't know, Hasan.
I thought they would give
him a little scolding.
I didn't know.
And if you are brave enough...
Hasaaan... Hasaaan...
Come on iko!
You are afraid of the dark.
I understand, my baby.
But I promise you a pleasant dream.
Close your eyes and
let bright dreams come.
The birds will sing you a lullaby.
Sleep, my baby, sleep, my baby.
Don't fear!
Your mother will wait on you.