Kara Krus (2022) Movie Script

--== McEphie ==--
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Where do you think you're going?
Let me go!
Where are you going?
Let me go!
I didn't mean what happened
to your brother!
But you have to believe me, Jacob.
I loved you.
You think I'd trust a word you say?
People like you should be murdered!
What happened here?
Happy anniversary, love!
Happy anniversary.
Did you like my surprise?
Did you prepare all this?
Of course.
This is a special day, right?
Let's eat first.
You're really something else.
About mom and baby Jena...
Are they asleep?
They're not here.
Not till tomorrow.
So it's time for us to celebrate, love.
Cario brutal celebration.
You gave me a scare.
That's just part of the surprise, love.
You were surprised, weren't you?
Yeah, I was.
But I almost had a heart attack.
You're naughty today.
But you like me naughty, don't you?
What did you do?
Why did you do that?
I'm just doing the things
you should be doing.
Like what?
Fucking my husband?
You're going to the office?
I gotta run. I have a hearing.
I'm handling a bigtime client.
Why is this bottle still full?
Did you stop taking your meds again?
I'm getting sick of it.
I have to keep track of it.
I'm not sick anymore.
I'm all better.
But you need this. Why are you wasting it?
I get dizzy when I take those.
Besides, this is my body.
I know when it needs medicine.
I feel better now.
You can't just stop
taking your depression meds
without the doctor's advice.
What do they know?
This is my body.
And I'm getting over it.
You see, last night?
How confident I was?
But still, you have to follow.
This is for you.
For us, too.
But I'm happy for you.
Every day, you're getting better.
You didn't even shower.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Nobody's going to sniff me.
Alright. I'm heading out, okay?
Don't forget to take your meds, okay?
I promise.
Go on. Bye.
Congratulations, Atty. Alejandro.
You've earned yourself a favor from me.
Ask anything.
Thank you very much, Mayor.
Thank you for saving me.
Next time, keep away from trouble, okay?
I can't help that trouble
keeps finding me.
Take care.
You worthless man!
They raped my daughter.
And you took their side?
I hope your conscience eats at you.
Surely, you have a wife and kids?
I hope they never go through this.
You bastard.
That's enough, Ma.
Let's just go.
That's part of our job.
Hey, love. You're just in time.
Dinner time.
How was the hearing?
Actually, it was very good.
My client won so the Mayor is very pleased.
My husband is such a great lawyer.
- Let's celebrate again?
- Let's celebrate.
Oh, hello baby.
Welcome home.
It's almost her bedtime.
I'm just giving my baby a kiss.
What time did you get here, Ma?
Almost lunch time
because of the traffic.
By the way...
She has an appointment
with the pediatrician tomorrow.
It's okay, Ma. I can take her.
No, I'll go with you, love.
Then we'll head straight to your therapist.
Sounds good, love.
It will be a one-day trip.
I'll just change, then we can eat.
Right. Hurry up so we
can eat dinner, okay?
Wow! This looks delicious.
Once again, a man has been found dead-
inside his own house.
From the number of stab wounds-
it seems the suspect
really wanted him dead.
Here's the CCTV footage.
Let's take a look.
These killings seem to be getting frequent.
The question is,
do the authorities have a lead?
Hold on there, partner.
Looks like you're starting to get worried.
But that's normal.
Who wouldn't be scared when
there's a serial killer on the loose?
I think this is the third one.
Right you are, partner.
So beware, friends.
You might run into
the Cario Brutal killer.
You know, she's like a mantis.
After sex, she kills the man.
You're right, partner.
It does seem like that.
Cario Brutal.
But let's head on to the breaking news.
A certain Susan Vicente
did not reach the hospital.
After jumping off from
the seventh floor of their building.
Earlier this afternoon,
she lost the rape case
against the son of the mayor of Sta. Cruz.
Something wrong?
Go change so we can eat.
Go on.
Look, it's daddy.
Baby, that's daddy.
Here, love. Your coffee.
You might forget it again.
Okay, love.
Just set it down.
I'll be done in a moment.
I will drink it.
Go shower first, okay?
Okay? Go shower.
You make me wanna eat you up.
You've been teasing me for months.
You smell so good.
I'll finish my coffee-
Then I'll be right with you.
Alright. I'll go shower.
Don't take too long.
Love, don't go to sleep yet, alright?
Wait for me.
Of course.
I'm ready. I'm pitching a tent.
I know you're out having fun
because I'm on a business trip.
But when I get back,
you're all mine.
You're making me hard for you.
I'd fly from Davao to Manila if I could.
I'll get rid of you soon, you clown.
The fuck is your problem?
What the fuck, Lena?
This is why you're not answering my calls?
You're out dancing with strangers?
Shut up, Ramil.
We didn't agree on anything.
What's with you?
That's bullshit, Lena.
That your excuse for acting
like a crazy woman back there?
Excuse me?
You act as if you're my boyfriend,
or something.
You're not my boyfriend, Ramil.
Whatever you say, I'm not committed to you.
Wait, people might see.
Going somewhere else is a waste of time.
Good morning.
Hey, love. Come have breakfast.
My hungry tummy.
Love, did you leave last night?
Where would I even go?
Well, I woke up for a bit.
And you weren't beside me.
Maybe I was in the bathroom.
What about mom?
And you should get ready after we eat.
So we can take baby Jena to the doctor.
Ah, she's giving the baby a bath.
But, love...
I feel a little under the weather.
I'm afraid the baby might catch it.
Oh, yeah.
You do feel warm.
That's what I've been telling her.
I should just take the baby
to the pediatrician.
But she's being so stubborn.
She wants to be the one to take her.
I just don't want to impose, Ma.
You're always taking care of our child.
And what about it? Huh?
Aren't we family?
You know, love. Mom's right.
You should rest.
Ma, take a seat. Let's eat.
Ah, no. I'm going to check on the baby.
She fell asleep. Next thing you know,
she's fallen off her crib.
And you. Take a seat.
Come on. Sit down.
Eat up and get better, okay?
I'm okay, love. You go first.
Come on, come on.
I'll get you some.
Eat up.
Eat up.
Where have you been going?
Why are you always tired
when you come back?
That's none of your business.
And why are you complaining?
Because I can't even take care
of my own child.
And me pretending to have
post-partum depression?
I do that just to appease you.
God, if I ever find out
what bullshit you're up to, Lena--
What's this?
Why is this here?
What the hell did you do this time?
Answer me, Lena!
Answer me! What did you do?
I didn't do anything.
I just enjoyed myself.
What about you?
Maybe you're hiding something from me.
Enjoyed yourself?
Where did all this blood come from?
What did you do?
Are you sure I'm the one
you should be asking?
What's this?
It's for Mr. Marvin Alejandro.
Where should I put this?
It's a bit heavy.
Can I just put inside your house?
Oh, alright then.
Just place it inside.
Did I surprise you?
Surprise me?
This. Me showing up to your house.
It was pretty easy to find your house.
Do I know you?
What is this, Lena? Playing dumb?
I know your secret.
You already have a family.
I've been hanging around here
since morning.
What? You just like fucking around?
I'm not Lena.
And I don't know what you're talking about.
Get out before I call the police.
Oh, come on, Lena.
Stop playing games with me.
I know you want this.
This won't take long.
I don't know you.
So, that's why you asked me to come here.
I really love your fucking game.
Now you're making me even more horny!
Lena, you bitch.
What have you done?
This wasn't part of our agreement.
Open up, Lena!
Open up, Lena!
Don't worry, Adela.
I'll take care of this.
Open up, Lena!
Exciting, huh?
The drama is exciting.
Yeah, you're so hot.
I think you went too far this time.
Wasn't this your idea?
Was it?
I forgot.
You're so fucking hot.
So you're saying this is what happened.
What happened here?
There was a break-in.
Your wife was assaulted.
Good thing we got here quick.
That's why I called you, son.
Don't be scared. I'm here now.
I'm here, okay?
I just need your wife
to answer a few questions
for her statement.
It's okay.
I'm a lawyer.
I'm Atty. Alejandro.
Yes, attorney. I didn't know.
Ma'am. Can you please
start at the beginning?
Tell us details of what happened.
I was cleaning the house and...
Around what time was this, ma'am?
Around one in the afternoon.
Someone was at the door with a delivery.
It was for Marvin so I let him in.
Because the package was too big.
And when he was inside,
he just grabbed me.
I ran to the bathroom.
He forced the door open
and I hit his head.
And when I got out, he pulled me
towards the laundry area.
That's where I stabbed him.
Do you have any idea
who would do this?
Someone you know?
You have a quarrel with, or--
No, sir.
You almost got me in trouble again, Lena.
Will you ever stop?
I don't like this anymore.
Leave me be.
Show yourself!
Lena, answer me!
Did I have a choice?
And you agreed, remember?
Because you didn't want to deal
with that bastard again.
What do you mean?
This is all your fault.
You're always putting me in danger.
Why did you make him come here?
Was it all me, though?
How were we supposed to get rid of him?
That was your plan.
And didn't we talk about
how this was gonna go?
I just did you a favor.
What? Like I don't put up with you?
Open up, Lena!
Don't worry, Adela.
I'll take care of this.
You bitch.
You had it coming.
You're so pathetic and obsessed.
If you think you can ruin my family-
You're wrong.
You're not part of my plans.
You're so selfish.
Don't you think that
I deserve to be happy, too?
You already have it all.
Isn't it enough that I lend you my body,
every time you want
to go out and fuck around?
That was then, Adela.
It's different now.
It's my turn.
What do you mean?
I want to be free.
I don't want to wait around hoping
you'll let me have this body.
I don't want to wait around
until you toss the coin
to find out who gets to be in charge.
I'm sick of tossing coins, Adela.
I'm done.
You're out of your mind.
I just made you, Lena.
I just made you up in my head.
You're not getting what you want.
I won't let you.
Is that why you convinced me
to lure Ramil in here?
And those crimes that you did--
Answer me, Lena!
Answer me!
Adela, love? What's happening to you?
Is everything okay, love?
We'll visit your doctor soon, okay?
You sure you'll be fine, love?
Of course, love.
You have somewhere important to be.
All right. Just text me when you're done.
I'll pick you up later, okay?
Okay, love. Be safe.
Who is Lena?
The last time we spoke,
you said she was your sister?
That you both were in your mother's womb
the same time?
Yes, she's my sister.
My twin.
But when we were still
in our mother's womb,
she died.
She said she wouldn't leave me.
That she will be my protector.
Is she nice?
What kind of sister is Lena?
See? I'm so pretty, aren't I?
Red lips.
Nice dress.
I'm so pretty.
So pretty.
No, don't change.
That's nice.
You're a woman now.
Where's your mother?
Uh, she left.
With aunt Judith.
I see.
Come, give me a massage.
I want my massage!
Well? Do you want to get beaten up?
Come on!
Get on with it.
Why won't Mom believe me?
I'm telling the truth.
Why does she believe dad more than me?
Why would she believe you?
Your words will never be enough.
Because you're worthless.
What now, Adela?
When will you give me a chance?
So we can end your suffering.
I'm scared of what might happen, Lena.
What if you don't succeed?
We won't know until we try.
But how will I know if you're me?
You see that old coin there?
What do I do with this?
I can't buy anything with it anymore.
We will toss this coin and whoever wins,
they're in charge.
You'll be heads.
I'll be tails.
Are you going crazy, kid?
What are you doing there?
Get in here now.
Give me a massage.
I'm tired from the slaughterhouse.
Watch me.
I'll take care of that demon for us.
Adela, what's taking so long?
Come here and start.
Later on, I'll go first.
You like it, right?
Hurry up.
Do you feel better now?
Yes, Doc.
Everything is clearer now.
All right. I'll just send you
the prescription, okay?
From what I can see,
you've had a lot of progress.
Just don't forget to take your meds.
Thank you, Doc.
Dr. Ramirez! Batchmate.
Oh, hey! Jacob!
Would you look at that?
What brings you here?
You're Lena, right?
Wait, you know each other?
Jacob, this is Adela.
Lena's sister?
Right, Doc. I should go.
- Thank you, Doc..
- Okay.
Take care.
What's her condition?
You know I can't give you
information about my clients.
It's confidential.
By the way, my condolences.
Did they catch the culprit?
Is that you?
I didn't know where you ran off to.
But I want you so bad.
I'm here now.
I'm not going away.
Why are you crying? You want milk?
I'll get you some milk. Hold on.
You don't have milk anymore.
Here you go.
Okay? Have this for a bit.
I'll just get you some milk, okay?
That's a good girl.
Gonna get milk.
Wait a sec.
I gotta go.
My sister's looking for me.
You mean Adela?
You know her?
I saw her in the clinic earlier today.
Clinic? The psychiatrist?
Why are you in such a hurry?
Where have you been?
Just outside, Mom.
Needed some air.
You went out to get
some air looking like that?
At three in the morning?
What are you, a vampire?
Where did you go?
I'm tired, Mom.
And Marvin might wake up.
Looks like you don't want things
to be back to normal.
You really want to take over my body.
And if that's true?
It's my turn.
I've given you everything.
Freedom from your father.
A family.
You won't have any
of those without me.
What are you saying?
That I owe you?
I know that man.
You've talked about him before.
I love him.
I want to live with him.
And you really believe him, huh?
You're going to betray me because of him?
Because I love him,
and he's the only man I ever loved.
Oh really?
Have you ever asked him
if he loves you back?
And if he says so, you'll believe him?
How can you even have feelings, Lena?
I just made you up.
Why, Adela?
What do you think is real?
Do you honestly think that
no one else knows your secret?
I've told you so many times
not to see a psychiatrist.
I told you not to take
the meds they give you.
But what did you do?
It's because you're ruining my life.
You're poisoning it with your presence.
We had a deal, right?
That when the time comes...
It's my turn.
You agreed.
But until now, I'm still waiting.
Because I have a family.
What are you thinking?
What are you planning?
Answer me.
Answer me, Lena!
I haven't done anything yet
and you're already scared?
Don't you dare hurt my family.
You're scared because it's what you do.
What do you mean?
Lena! What do you mean?
These plants are so nice.
I'll take care of you.
Don't you dare, Lena.
I'm warning you.
Not them!
That smells so good.
Is that for me?
Of course, love.
Your favorite.
Miso soup.
Just leave that there.
I'll take it to the laundry.
You're home early today.
Yeah, the complainant for the case
I'm handling didn't show up.
It might get dismissed.
That smells so good.
Smells so good.
Do you want to taste me or the soup?
Careful, it's hot.
Let me taste it.
Mm, delicious!
What about Mom and baby Jena?
Have they eaten?
I'll just call them over and change, okay?
Let's eat.
- Hello baby, how are you?
- Daddy.
- How are you?
- Hi, daddy.
The pediatrician said she might
get a fever from her shots.
- No, no.
- She's so brave.
I've been keeping an eye on her.
What are you doing here?
Well, she spit up earlier.
So I changed her clothes.
Now she doesn't wanna get down.
Just wants me to carry her.
Mom, has Adela come near the baby?
Oh, yes.
I went to the market earlier.
She took care of the baby.
Did you notice if-
If she left last night?
I woke up and she wasn't beside me.
Maybe she went to the bathroom.
But I saw her, at about 3 AM.
She couldn't sleep.
I feel sorry for Adela.
She got post-partum depression
and she got traumatized
from what happened last time.
Don't worry.
Everything will be okay.
Right, baby?
Everything will be okay.
Okay, I'll just go change.
Bye, baby!
Bye daddy. Bye.
I'll just change.
- Let's eat, okay?
- Okay.
Go on and eat, you two.
Oh my, looks like I'm eating well tonight.
It's my favorite.
- Son, let's eat.
- Of course, love.
I know it's your favorite.
Come here, love. Let's eat.
Yes, yes. Let's eat.
Let's eat, baby.
Let's eat.
Let's eat.
Who is this?
Who was that, love?
It was Jenny, love.
Just asking something.
That child just called me earlier.
What does she need now?
My God.
Alright, Jenny. We're eating.
Let's talk later.
Let's eat. Wanna try this?
Thank you.
What's that sound?
Over there.
It's so annoying.
Let's get away from here.
I don't want to end up
like my brother who died
without experiencing true happiness.
You know why our old plans
didn't push through.
What happened to him?
Got into an accident.
We won't be separated anymore.
I don't want that.
I want to choose myself this time.
Me, too.
I want to make my own choices.
To not be enslaved by my sister.
I want to be free.
We're doing the right thing.
We're not children anymore.
We don't need them.
We've been apart for so long.
So now that we're together,
I'm not letting you go.
Because I searched for you.
You did?
You mean, it wasn't a coincidence
when we met at the club?
You were there on purpose?
I knew it. You do love me.
I love you very much.
Where is that thumb drive?
Maybe in the laundry.
Love, where are you?
Someone's calling you.
Okay, love. Just getting something.
Someone's been calling you.
Hello, partner.
What's up?
Yes, partner.
Have you checked the CCTV footage-
For the case we're working on?
Well, I just wanted to confirm
something with you.
Ah, okay.
Actually, I have the file on hand.
I can check it later.
Does the NBI have a lead?
Yes, partner.
Actually, the culprit is a woman.
This is based on the last CCTV footage
they got from the victim.
A woman?
Is this related to
the other crimes from before?
Well, if we look at it closely, right?
We can connect this
with the previous murders.
Because the same type of knife was used.
And for now, the suspect
seems to have laid low.
Must have caught wind
that they're being investigated.
That's possible.
What type of knife was it?
That's what they're trying to find out.
They're checking the depth and width
of the stab wounds on the victims.
Problem is, some of the families
don't want us to open
the cases of the victims.
They're ashamed, I suppose.
What do you want for breakfast?
Okay, partner.
I'll check it out later.
Then I'll call you.
Okay, partner.
The usual.
Here, love. Your coffee.
I'll just take a shower, okay?
Where are you going at this hour?
Just as I suspected.
Adela does leave.
But where does she go?
This doesn't have
any bad health repercussions.
These sleeping pills.
But, of course,
if you keep taking it
for no reason, then...
You'll have side-effects.
I see, Doc.
How is my wife's condition?
About Adela
You know, she has a very rare condition.
At first, I thought it was just
post-partum depression,
but it doesn't really add up
with what she's been up to.
I think there's more to it.
Did you know that she believes
that there's another person inside her?
It's as if she's sharing her body
with someone else.
And I can't even call it...
Split personality disorder, because...
her behavior seems normal.
Except for one thing.
We don't know about the
other personality she calls Lena.
According to her, she's her sister.
A twin?
Have you spoken to her mother about this?
Adela has a sister?
I have to ask you something.
But don't take in a bad way.
Does Adela have a twin sister?
I need to tell you something, Son.
Adela isn't our biological daughter.
We found her about
15 years ago on the streets,
covered in blood.
We took her home
because she said her life is in danger.
Because she's a good kid.
We took her in.
Treated her like our own.
Oh, and you're right.
She has mentioned
something about a sister.
Is her name Lena?
Yes, that's it.
Lena. Lena.
She said...
She wouldn't leave her alone
and she's messing with her life.
Why did you turn here?
This is a different way.
I think we're being followed.
I noticed it a while ago.
You think we're being followed?
Just a hunch.
But it's probably your husband.
I don't have a husband.
That's what you said to Ramil.
That's why he was crazy about you.
Who's Ramil?
I don't know a Ramil.
Here, go figure.
What's your problem?
Who the hell is Ramil--
I'm gonna text you the address
of where you can find me.
I'll try playing this game close quarters.
Fuck you, are you messing with me?
What game?
I want you to pretend
That you're a delivery boy.
And I'm your customer.
I'll send you the details.
And who should receive it.
And, you know.
Wow, I like that.
It's thrilling.
Make your acting believable, okay?
Remember now?
My only brother.
You made a fool of him.
You killed him!
It was an accident.
I didn't kill him. It was Adela.
Idiot, you're playing yourself.
I thought you loved me?
That was then.
Before you messed with my brother.
You know what,
I've always known you were crazy.
That's why I left you.
I just didn't know
my brother would fall for you.
Fuck you! Die!
Fucking bitch!
You bastard!
I will never die
without putting up a fight!
Don't you worry.
You won't die alone.
I'll take you to my brother!
Fuck you!
Where are you going?
Let go of me!
Where are you going?
Let go of me!
Still gonna run?
I didn't mean for that to happen
to your brother.
I didn't mean it.
It was all Adela's plan.
But believe me, Jacob.
I loved you.
Do you honestly think I would believe you?
Are you stupid?
You are also Adela.
People like you should be murdered!
I didn't do anything wrong.
I was only protecting my family.
I didn't like what was happening.
I couldn't do anything.
I couldn't stop her.
It's hard to stop her.
She'll do anything.
Just to get what she wants.
You wouldn't get it.
You wouldn't understand.
Because you've never been through
what I experienced.
But even so,
she only wants one thing.
That even just for a moment,
I would give her a little freedom...
Freedom to be herself.
To do what she wants to do.
And all of that is for you.
For me. For us.
I did what I had to do.
So can you blame me?
If I did do something wrong,
It's probably because
I needed to protect you.
Because without you, I'm nothing.
But like you, I also have needs.
If I put you in danger, I didn't mean to.
It wasn't my intention.
I just thought that it was good
to follow my heart.
This won't happen again.
You're in charge again.
I'm going to take a rest.
You don't need to take a rest.
I feel better that you're here.
I want us to be together.
You're worrying again.
Everything's fine now.
We're going home later.
How's Mom?
And Jena?
They're at home waiting for you.
Love, I need to go to the bathroom.
I'll go with you.
No, it's okay. I can do it.
What now?
What's the plan?
This woman is the serial killer
in our case.
Just as always.
I'm heads.
You're tails.