Karafuru (Colorful) (2010) Movie Script

I guess...I'm dead...? Oh well...
Can't say I'm really bothered.
You're our lucky winner!
You've been quite the sinful soul.
But you're in luck.
You've just won yourself a trip back to the world below.
Looks like you're going to get a second chance!
Where are you going?
You're about to slip out of the cycle of reincarnation.
You'll never have another chance at life.
Don't you care about that?
I don't care...
The answer's no.
Really? Why?
Kinda seems like
more trouble than it's worth.
Or maybe it's just
that I had enough of that
damn place the first time around.
But you don't remember what happened there, right?
So it's not like you have any bad memories.
I guess, but...
So there's no problem, right?
Besides, it's not like either of us can do anything to change it.
What The Boss says goes.
The Boss?
I guess...you might call him the father of all creation.
Are you...
...an angel?
If that's how you'd like to think of me.
Oh yes, I forgot to introduce myself.
My name's Purupura.
I've been charged with being your guide.
This door leads to the world below.
There you'll become a boy named Makoto Kobayashi.
Makoto Kobayashi...
Who is he...?
Why him?
I don't know. I'm just telling you what The Boss told me.
Well then, if you will.
Wait a sec...
I'm not...
Come on, come on.
You'll have plenty of time to think later.
Time to go.
Are you...an angel...?
Three days ago, Makoto Kobayashi tried to commit suicide by overdosing on pills.
He's due to pass away soon.
When he dies, his soul will leave his body...
...leaving you free to slip in in his place.
If you complete your training successfully, you'll reenter the cycle of reincarnation.
And you'll be reborn anew.
What do I mean by 'training'?
Well, we in the business call it a 'homestay'.
Makoto comes from a four person family.
Ah! Makoto!
Makoto! Makoto!
Excuse me, let me take a look.
His pulse has restarted...
Hook him back up to an ECG.
He's come back...
Makoto's come back from the dead!
Sorry, but you'll need to stand back a moment.
Makoto, can you hear me?
Is this my voice?
Ah...it's Makoto's.
Ah...it's Makoto's.
What do you want? Water?
A m...mirror.
A mirror?
What's wrong? Do you want to see your face?
It's not a mirror, but if you want to see your face...
Can you see?
Nothing wrong, right?
That's fine.
Ah! Makoto!
What's wrong? Do you feel ill?
My stomach... My chest... It feels like I'm being stabbed.
I feel awful.
This is my father.
This is my mother.
This is my older brother, Mitsuru.
This is Makoto Kobayashi, the person I've become.
After a week spent in hospital...
...and a range of tests, a conclusion was reached:
There was nothing at all the matter with Makoto's body.
His parents were told that his heart was another question, but...
There really wasn't really any need to worry there.
Because Makoto's heart wasn't inside him anymore.
Mine was.
What's wrong?
Is it hard to go back?
Not really...
I've laid out a bunch of dishes I started making yesterday.
All your usual favourites.
I'll go heat them up in a sec.
Ah, we're using the Japanese styled room today.
Come in, come in.
It's nice to use this room every now and again.
You could've carried his luggage to the washroom.
Your brother's been busy studying, but I made sure he came along today.
I wanted us all to come get you together when you were discharged.
Oh, you should light a stick of incense for granny too.
It might be her who sent you back to us, after all.
Ah, wait a second. I'll be right back.
Fat chance of that, right?
But it was a pretty funny misunderstanding.
There's more roast beef left.
Feel free to help yourself. I know how you like it.
Yeah, but... I'm kinda full.
We can't have that. Here you go.
...a certain someone didn't seem thrilled to have his brother home.
Oh yeah... There was that time we had the buffet at that hotel...
...and Makoto ate nothing but roast beef.
That's right.
He went back to get more so many times...
...that the cook whipped up an extra thick...
Why would this kid try and kill himself...?
He has such a great family.
Oh yeah, I bought a cake for us to have afterward too.
A full one that's THIS big.
Umm...I'm really full, though.
Umm...thanks a bunch.
I'm grateful that you did all this for me.
It was really good!
Not something Makoto would say, evidently.
I'm glad.
You should go to your room and have a rest.
There's a nice freshly washed futon waiting for you.
So Makoto's room is...
...which one, exactly?
What's wrong?
What is it?
The second floor.
Hey, where have you been all this time?
You'll never guess what I've had to go through.
Are you listening, Parapara?
You sure are grumpy today, huh?
Damn right!
You didn't tell me anything about Makoto.
I don't know what sort of kid he's supposed to be.
And I was so scared of people getting suspicious at the hospital...
...that I spent the whole time sleeping!
What's so bad about that?
It's better if you don't approach this with any preconceptions.
So you begin by thinking for yourself.
...pretty arrogant, huh?
You look like a little brat, but I'll bet you're really some old grandpa.
Cut it out!
Wasn't there something you wanted to ask me?
Ah...oh yeah...
This is Makoto's room.
That's a painting Makoto did in junior school.
It won the gold medal in a contest.
He's meant to be pretty good at drawing, and he's in the art club.
So lemme guess? The first year of middle school?
The third.
Jeez, he's a midget.
Seems he had quite a complex about that himself.
The body you're given...
...is decided by the weight of the sins you committed in your past life.
So what'd I do?
I wonder.
Remembering that is part of your training too.
Bet it was nothing that bad.
How terribly naive...
You think perfectly happy people just kill themselves for no reason?
I'm going to give you the...
...basics of the basics that you'll need to complete your duties.
What's that?
A guidebook chronicling the life and times of Makoto Kobayashi.
What...? If you had that, why didn't you pull it out sooner?
Hey, the pages are all blank!
It can't be read by residents of this world.
It's confidential information only for the eyes of people like me.
I bet you're just saying that...
...so you can tell me any old crap you come up with is written there.
What the heck would I have to gain doing something like that?
I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I'll listen.
Is it okay for an angel to hit someone like that...?
We'll start with his family.
His father is a salaryman with no redeeming features besides being quite nice.
He gets all the worst tasks stuck on him, and does tons of overtime.
But he's still never considered for promotion.
Makoto quickly began to view him with scorn,
and doesn't go to him with his problems.
I think you've had a little too much wine...
As for his mother, recently...
...she's been having an affair with the teacher from her flamenco class.
Though it looks like she broke it off after Makoto's suicide attempt.
Mitsuru's top of his class, and doesn't care about anything but himself.
He mocks his brother for not being as smart as him.
And recently they've barely spoken at all.
What's wrong?
Oh, what about his grandmother?
She passed away from illness last year.
She got along well with Makoto...
...but not so well with his mother.
His grandfather died when he was still young.
As for the cause of his suicide... Today is the 20th of October.
He killed himself on the 11th.
And he made his decision to do so on the 10th.
Why the tenth, I hear you ask?
In the trail of misfortune that is Makoto's life, that was the worst day of all!
So...you want to hear more?
You're having fun, huh?
You think?
Are you sure you're an angel and not...?
I don't recall ever saying one word about being an angel.
Does it really matter either way?
Your situation's about the same right now no matter what I am.
Mmm, smells good! Did you use different beans this time?
You can tell? Yep, I bought some pretty expensive ones.
From where?
Hawaii. Kona.
Here you go, Mitsuru.
She...had an affair, didn't she?
And he...doesn't seem to know...
Makoto? Here's your toast.
What is it? Do you want jam or something?
What's wrong with him?
Forget about it. He's always like that.
Guess he deleted everything in preparation, huh...?
On October 10th, on his way home from cram school...
...he saw her. Hiroko Kuwabara, a junior in his school...
And the person he most admired in the whole world.
She was going into a love hotel in Futagotamagawa...
...with a middle-aged man.
He was so shocked that he stood there a moment.
Only to see another familiar figure emerge from the hotel.
His mother, accompanied by the...
...teacher from her flamenco class.
Can't blame him for getting quite a shock.
And...well there was a bunch of other stuff...
...and eventually he chose to end his life.
Why'd I end up as a guy like him? What'd I do?
We'll leave it here for today.
You're my guide, aren't you? Don't you have any advice for me?
Hey, Parapara!
The name's Purapura!
Not Parapara, Perapera...
...Puripuri or Poroporo!
Don't go forgetting it again!
Got it...
What's wrong, Makoto?
You hardly ate at lunchtime either...
Do you not like it?
Should I have made something different?
I hardly left my room for a couple of days after that.
So dogs can see you just fine, huh?
Some of them. Some humans can too.
Really? What do you do when they see you?
Dispose of them.
Just kidding! I just pretend I don't notice and walk on.
So, how're you getting on?
Terrible. Thanks to a certain someone.
At least try and eat your meals.
Your mum puts her heart and soul into them.
Huh? You've been watching?
You can't forgive her?
It's not that. She's not even my mother.
But when the more she tries to act all caring and motherly...
The more it pisses me off.
My, isn't someone's heart made of glass...
Ah, hey! Cut it out! Cut it out!
Hey, the heck was that for!?
If my heart was made of glass, it was broken to pieces years ago.
What about friends?
Huh? Me...?
I don't really have any...
I'm talking about Makoto.
Ah! Well, he...
You'd think at least one would come visit him.
His homeroom teacher doesn't know he tried to kill himself, right...?
He doesn't have any friends.
You were just having a stroll? Good, good...
It's nice that you're starting to feel like going outside...
Better than being cooped up in the house all the time!
But could you maybe tell me when you're heading out in fu...
I'm going back to school tomorrow.
Hey, I hope you're paying attention to where we're going.
From tomorrow on, I expect you to walk here on your own.
Right! Burning it into my brain as we speak!
Jeez, you're not like Makoto at all...
That's probably 'cause a certain someone didn't tell me anything about him.
You blockhead, why not try thinking for a change? Use your damn brain!
It's not my brain!
It's not like I can help it if he's an idiot.
So you admit that you're a moron, then.
Shut up...
How'd you get off acting all high and mighty, anyway?
I may not know much about you, but it's obvious you're just some lackey...
A lackey?
That's rich coming from some failure of a soul.
Someone's cheered up! Good for you!
Shut it!
Neener neener!
What is it?
Time to man up. No more crying like a little brat.
Good morning!
I didn't really care about school.
It was Makoto's life.
And it's not like I came back to Earth by choice.
You little punk, I'll kill ya!
I just figured it'd be better than having to spend the whole day in that house.
Hey, who's that?
Beats me.
I thought he died.
Don't say stuff like that.
The third seat from the window seat at the back.
Jeez, what a weirdo.
Still, guess she'll do.
What the hell?
Well, never talking to you again. Loser!
Good morning!
Oh, Makoto! Feeling better?
Yes, I'm okay!
Thank you for your concern. Everything's much better now!
Glad to hear it.
I'll do my best to catch up on the work I've missed.
Jeez, just how much of a jerk was he...?
That's the club president.
Makoto's unfinished work is here.
And his seat is there.
Think you can finish it?
You're okay!
What happened? Were you ill?
Are you okay? You had me worried.
Yep, I'm fine.
Good to hear it.
Here you go.
Is she really selling her body?
I love this picture.
The blue of the sky is amazing.
The sky?
I don't think that's the sky...
A horse that can fly...
A horse that can fly would be awesome too, but...
When I look at this, I always s...see... A horse swimming in the ocean.
T...that's what I see...
It's at the bottom of the deep, silent ocean, aiming for the surface...
T...that's why the top of the picture is a bit...
Hey, you might be right.
Yeah, got to be.
U...um...I think this just comes down to individual interpretation, so...
U...um... Was my interpretation w...wrong?
She kinda pisses me off.
Um...did you go to some sort of counselling?
You just...seem a little different, so...
I thought maybe...
You went to some sort of counselling seminar...
Am I right? Am I... Am I right?
Dead wrong.
But...there's definitely something different. Completely different.
I just...think you were better before.
That's all.
Huh? She's from the Art Club too?
Her name is Shouko Sano.
It seems you've aroused suspicion, my lord.
Though from a quarter we didn't expect.
A person not even listed in the guidebook.
Makoto, Mr. Sawada was really surprised with you today.
Said you were like an all new person.
U...um... It had been a while since you went to school...
...so we asked him to keep an eye on you.
He was telling me on the phone how cheerful you were.
He said it gave your classmates quite a shock too.
That you seemed to have gotten much stronger.
He was told me how you've become so much more optimistic.
I was really happy to hear it.
Me too.
It's okay to take it a little bit at a time 'til you're all better.
Don't pay attention to those around you.
Well, either way you've only got half a year left.
Once you graduate you'll be a grown up just like me.
And who said you're a grown up, Dear?
Jeez, the laughs never stop with these two...
Ah, I'll bring you up an apple later.
I don't like having to spring this on you right after you've come back, but...
You're a third year now.
At this rate, you're not going to get into a decent high school.
Your grades are the 32nd lowest in the class.
There are only 32 people IN the class!
Wow, that's awful!
Damn right it... Ah, was this the cause...?
Huh? Oh, you mean me trying to kill myself?
H...hey, shut up! Don't just blurt it out like that.
My grades had nothing to do with it.
Right, right, okay...
Jeez, this Mr. Sawada sure is high-strung.
It's not that there aren't any schools that have accepted you...
But you're looking at the lowest ranked private school...
Then let's go with that.
I choose that school.
At least talk it through with your parents, okay?
You're pretty cool about all this, huh?
I am?
Why aren't you drawing? Why?
What's it to you?
No, there's definitely something up...
If it wasn't counselling, then...
Right? Am I right? I'm right, aren't I?
So...you're telling me you went swimming with dolphins...?
Or...bungee jumping?
Or...surely not a n...n...near death experience?
An out of body experience!?
That's right.
N...n...no way, I don't believe it.
Why does she bother me whenever I come here?
Oh! Maybe she doesn't want the class to see her being nice to me?
If they see her being nice to Makoto, the class reject...
...they might start ignoring her too.
What do you want? Get outta here already.
B...but...but... There's something wrong with you...
Looking good, Mao!
Dontcha think you should make this bit flashier?
But that'll be deviating too much from the real thing.
That's your right as an artist.
Nice justification.
Just telling you what you want to hear.
You should use cuter colours!
Look, you've got all these pretty ones!
I started going to the art room every day.
To escape from the boredom at home.
And to meet Hiroka, from time to time.
She wasn't a member of the club, but she came by a lot.
Shouko's nagging got on my nerves, but...
Putting that aside, the room was...
...the one place I could relax.
Will you get there in time?
Yeah, just about.
Ah, your brother's in a hurry so he's already started eating.
He's got special supplementary lessons at cram school.
Sure is tough, huh...?
Can't be helped. The whole country's got mock exams coming up.
Let's tuck in.
Thanks for the meal.
I'm out.
Take care.
Your father got stuck with overtime tonight.
You should cut open your hamburger.
I put ketchup through it. I figured Makkun...
Sorry, I didn't mean to call you that...
I figured you always liked ketchup, so...
Ah, I got a call from Mr. Sawada today.
He told me I should talk to you about your choice of high school.
The lowest ranked private school will do.
Mm...well if that's what you think...
But maybe there are other options?
There are a lot of private schools out there, after all.
You don't need to worry about the money, either.
Your father and I...
Want to be sure you're going somewhere you really want to go.
I'm sure if you look, you'll find somewhere that suits you...
Do you want some more ketchup for it?
Sitting next to you eating like this...
...I feel like I want to throw up.
Do you get joy out of tormenting your mum?
Can't a sinful soul get a little privacy...?
You don't get this at all...
This is all part of your training!
You're polishing your soul to a shine...
...so that you can have a chance to live again.
I'll bet you're not even trying to remember what you did in your old life.
I've tried! Tons of times!
I've been sentenced to this hell. I must've done...
...something REALLY bad, right?
I might've killed someone.
I might've ripped off a bunch of people and made off with a ton of cash.
You think it's fun thinking about stuff like that?
It depresses the heck out of me.
So you're telling me...
...you'd rather go back and disappear altogether?
Living can be pretty fun, right?
Anyway, it's natural to feel lost at times during your training.
Maybe you should try just enjoying yourself a little more?
Is there a time limit?
Half a year tops.
Sounds like you just made that up on the spot.
What do you know?
Lookin' good, Makoto!
Catch you later!
Hey, you bought those?
Awesome... They're way expensive, huh?
Where'd you buy them?
Uh...on the net...
Man, so cool...
I'm jealous.
You haven't painted a dot, huh?
I feel kinda calm just sitting in front of it.
Huh? But you're the one who painted it.
That haircut doesn't suit you. It's not like Makoto at all...
No, not at all...
It's none of your business!
N...no, there's definitely something weird...
Doesn't suit you at all...
Can you buy these at convenience stores?
Yeah, but they only sell the salted cow's tongue flavour at...
...a candy store called 'Secret' in Nikotama.
It's like Purapura said.
I shouldn't stress out over trying to be Makoto.
I should just enjoy the time I have here.
Oh yeah, let's get a snap of your new look.
Right, make a stupid face!
A...stupid face? Uh...
Haha...not bad...
That's awesome, Makoto.
I'm not just messing around here.
I know, but...
You'll need to talk to your father too.
Welcome home.
I will, but don't expect my feelings to change.
Your brother's decided to change his first choice to medicine.
His scores in the mockups were really good.
And his homeroom teacher seemed to think he could do it.
- Yo! - Huh?
Hey Makoto, whatcha up to?
Did you forget your umbrella? Where you headed? You can share mine if you like.
N...no, it's fine.
Jeez, what's with him...?
- Hey, hurry up! - Shut up!
Then I'll go. I've got a good feeling about this next one.
Fine, I'm going, I'm going!
Hey, what's this shop called?
That's secret.
Secret! Secret!
Let's try this one instead.
Just pick one already.
Damn, not this one again...
If you don't need it, give it to me.
- No way! - Hey, no fair!
Hiroka came here...
She bought some stuff, and then went home.
Back when Makoto saw her here, I'll bet she...
...just came to buy sweets too.
The middle-aged man she was with...
...will've just been her dad or something.
He was shopping at Takashimaya...
...and took a short cut through here.
He was just wandering past that love hotel on his wy home.
What a moron... It's not like it's hard...
...to tell the difference...
...between her father and...another man...
Huh? Wha...!?
I'm burning up here. Gotta take something off.
You're pretty bold when you wanna be, huh Makoto?
What was with that old creep?
Just one of my fans.
He started chatting me up after seeing my mobile phone profile...
...and when we met he didn't seem so bad.
Things were going pretty well...
But that's...!
Everything I want is really expensive...
My pocket money can't cover it.
Can't you wait 'til you're an adult?
I want it now!
While it still looks good on me.
I've only got to do this like three times to buy stuff.
I've got to go. He'll be waiting for me.
Then...are you going to come to the hotel with me?
I don't mind.
If it's you, I'll even do it twice.
Forget it.
I see...
I had fun running in the rain with you there.
See you later.
Yeah, I'll talk to him again...
Ah, here he is at last.
Makoto, can I ta...
Huh? Where's your umbrella...?
Wait, I'll get you a towel!
What're you doing? You could've bought an umbrella at a store...
Leave the damn light off!
Here, use this...
I'll leave it here.
Didn't you have something to talk to me about?
It's fine. We'll talk later.
What is it? Spit it out.
I just got a call from Mr. Sawada...
And he said that at next month's parent-teacher meetings...
...the students would be deciding their final choices for schools.
I told you the damn lowest ranked school is fine.
I don't have any grades. I spent too long away after trying to kill myself.
I...it's just that...
I'm worried about that, so...
You can drop this whole mother act.
You've got this loving mother thing pretty well practiced, huh?
Let me ask you something.
Stop it!
How's your flamenco teacher?
Gimme your damn wallet!
I don't have it...
Don't gimme that shit!
He ain't got a thing.
Guess we'll take these fancy shoes instead.
Makoto! Makoto!
Are you awake?
How do you feel? Does it hurt?
You've been sleeping for nearly half a day. Since you got back from the emergency ward.
Apparently you were attacked by some bad kids.
Mitsuru found you at a shrine.
Are you hungry? I can make you some rice porridge.
So you're just going to pretend nothing happened.
Don't you have anything else to say to me?
I'm sorry...
I slept like a stone for three days after that...
A friend's come to check up on you.
Go on.
Oh...it's you...
Can I come in?
Come on then.
This is for you.
U...um... H...ho...how are you?
Mostly better, if that's what you mean.
Think I should be back in school next week.
I see...good...
Hey, is it okay for you to come see me like this?
If the class finds out you'll be in for it, right?
Huh? What do you mean?
Aren't you...?
I don't care what they think.
...l...like Hiroka, don't you?
So what if I do?
Did something happen between you guys?
Some people said they saw you together in Nikotama...
Umm...not that that's a bad thing...
Well...umm...there are lots of b...bad rumours about her, but...
I t...think she's quite nice, so...
And even if the rumours were true, I wouldn't just start hating her...
So...if she's the reason you've c...changed...
I won't p...pester you to go back to the way you were.
I'll leave you alone.
Can you tell me HOW I've changed?
What'd I used to be like?
You always looked very closely at things...
You were pure...and honest...
And you took on all the sadness in the world.
There isn't a middle schooler in the world who's like that.
Look at this.
Even pure, sweet little Makoto has the same basic human desires.
Hey, when you take off your glasses...
...you're even uglier than ever.
Makoto, I've got some tea for you.
Hey, don't forget your glasses.
What happened?
What'd he do to you?
Did he do something horrible?
I...it's fine...
I told you to enjoy yourself, but you're just being an idiot.
So you disappear for all that time...
...and then pop up again just to lecture me?
Why don't you try actually acting like a guide for a change?
If I just tell you what to do, it's not a test.
Hey, I've been wanting to ask you for a while, but...
What'll happen to Makoto?
What'll happen to his body if I fail, and my soul goes back to where it belongs?
The moment your soul fades into nothingness...
...he'll die. This time for real.
Aren't you gonna go home?
I don't want to be in that house.
You should talk to your mum.
You're not being fair to her.
It's too late.
You humans all make mistakes.
Heck you made some big ones in your past life.
Makoto's done for. I'm not going to succeed.
Him again...
Oh! Makoto!
Whatcha looking for? Your ticket?
Yep. Lost it somewhere.
It's stuck in the pages of that book.
They really did a number on you, huh? Didn't believe it when Mr. Sawada told us...
- Are you okay? - Y...yeah, I guess.
Whatcha up to today?
Huh? Just wandering, I guess...
Can I take you somewhere, then?
Do you know about this?
The Tama Line?
I only heard about it recently myself.
The Tama Line.
A tram that ran from Shibuya to Futagotama
It was shut down in 1969, but...
But look! You know the Setagaya Line? The one that runs from Sangenjaya to Shimotakaido?
That line was a branch line salvaged from the old Tama Line.
Cool, huh? Wouldn't it be nice to have rode it?
Huh? Yeah, I guess...?
My dad said he rode it when he was a kid.
So jealous...
You like trains and stuff?
Not really. Just got interested in 'em after hearing about this.
Or rather, researching this was a good way to escape from exams for a bit.
What I find most interesting is...
This branch line from the Tama Line called the Kinuta Line.
I kind of wanted to follow where that line used to run on foot.
When I met you around here a while back...
I was gonna walk it then, but...
I gave up when the rain started.
I was actually supposed to be going to my cram school, near the station.
But I cut class.
The next station is this way. It's not far.
Don't you have cram school today?
Got a test. Don't feel like going.
Have you decided what school you're aiming for?
Not yet. I'm pretty dumb, so...
...I don't even know if I can find a place that'll take me.
Ah, me too.
Ah, this road is where the Kinuta Line used to run.
It'd leave the station, and make a big turn down here.
Cool, huh?
This is where the first Nakakouchi Station was.
Hmm...it's pretty close... You could just as easily walk, couldn't you?
This line was kind of a blessing for tired legs, huh?
It's a tiny station... Was there only a platform on one side of the train?
Yep. It was a single line.
It's kind of exciting, isn't it?
Table tennis, huh?
Yep. Up until just before the summer holidays I lived and breathed it.
Was only a sub for the team, though.
Thanks to all that practice, I ended up with the 31st lowest grades in a class of 32.
Woah, that's pretty bad... Not that I can talk. I'm number 32.
You're kidding me?
In a way, we're kind of awesome, huh?
Probably shouldn't be messing around like this, to be honest.
Well, not like we can get much worse anyway.
This has gotta be a rail from the Kinuta Line...
It's become part of the pattern on the pavement.
Woah, this is great...
Makoto, there's a neat photo here.
The second Yoshizawa Station would've been there.
It's pretty nice.
I know, right? Shame it doesn't run anymore.
You're into old stuff like this?
Hmm...comparatively speaking.
Don't you feel like when you take an interest in all this...
...it comes alive again, just a little?
Is that so...?
Or so I'd like to say.
My biggest reason is just that I can't be assed studying.
Last stop next. Kinutahonmura.
Huh? The last stop already? It's so short...
Just beyond this park.
This was the final stop. Kinutahonmura.
I see...
Sorry for dragging you all this way with me.
N...nah, it was pretty interesting.
Though I didn't think it'd be at first.
His name's Saotome. Doesn't exactly suit him, huh?
After talking to you today...
...I kinda want to ride the Kinuta Line.
Huh? Really?
Yep. Totally!
It's just your regular park, huh? They could've put up some kind of memorial.
Crap... So your trainers got stolen?
That one must've hurt...
Yep. More than the bruises and the cuts.
I kind of feel like I'm not cut out for this era.
Was probably fate that I'd just lose a pair of fancy new shoes like them.
Whaddaya mean?
What era are you cut out for, then?
Hmm...the Joumon Era?
That far back, huh?
You think someone from the Joumon Era would burst into tears 'cause they lost a pair of trainers?
Shut it. It's just the same as a Joumon person crying 'cause they lost their Haniwa.
A stylish, designer Haniwa.
Haniwa are from the Kofun Era. They didn't have them yet in Joumon.
Oh yeah. I'd expect no less from Number 31.
I've no idea if I'm cut out for it or not, but I like this era.
Even if there's tons of bad stuff about it, I'll always pick now.
Would've been nice to ride the Tama Line, though.
Going to change your mind?
Do you know a shoe store called Gomensourou?
It's a total hidden gem. They have like an 80% discount too.
Wanna go together sometime?
What the...?
What the heck happened...?
True unhappiness...
...is in things like not having someone who'll say hi to you...
...or being all on your own on your vacation, or when you're moving.
Just having someone who'll walk alongside you...
...can be enough to make your heart swell with joy.
To the point where you don't even care about anything else.
I can't get up in the morning at all recently. Only just got in on time today.
He was glaring right at you.
Definitely a hidden gem.
Makoto, there's a special rule you have to follow when you come here.
Gomen sourou!
Damn you!
Sorry, sorry...
Come in!
Why don't you try them on?
Awesome... Can't believe they were 40% off.
So cool...
These were a thousand yen cheaper than when I last came, too.
Gomensourou... Nice find.
Told you so.
You'd never think we were sitting exams, huh?
My dad told me a while back that I gotta go to a pubilc school.
We don't have much money, and I've got a little brother and sister.
I see...
But to be honest...
I'm kind of thinking East Tamagawa High School might be good anyway.
Their table tennis team is awesome.
Though I'm not sure my GPA is up to it...
I asked Mr. Sawada about it, and he said I'd have to pull off a miracle.
Hey, want one? A thank you for today.
Ah, thanks!
I'll just take the small half...
Ah, that's really good!
The chicken's great too.
I wonder if I should try for Tamagawa East too...?
What do you think?
Yeah. That'd be awesome. Definitely.
I wasn't in a very good position to begin with...
And now it's probably way too late, but...
Not at all. Let's study for it together.
If you're going at it with me, I'm sure I can do it.
Me too.
You're a man of simple tastes, huh? Getting all fired up over a meat bun.
Laugh all you want.
You want to go to the same school as him that badly?
But by the time you get there, it'll already be...
Why did I...?
Yeah, we'll go for half a day. It'll pick up your spirits.
And if you're not that interested...
...you can just sketch while I fish, right?
Your mother bought you this.
She didn't want you to be cold.
Your mother sure has good taste, huh?
Right? It's nice, isn't it?
Try it on.
They said if you didn't like the colour, you could change it.
Huh? The colour looks fine to me.
Why did I...?
Why did I...
...come here?
Can you fish here?
That's not the most important thing.
The most important thing is having a place where I can relax with just my rod and my line.
That's what fishing is to me.
You'll be cold like that. Want to wear this?
It's fine.
Then how about a scarf?
I said it's fine.
That's not half bad.
Can you draw me next?
I don't draw people.
I hate people. Well...most of them...
Hm, is that so?
I hate people too.
Let's have lunch.
Did you catch anything?
Not a thing.
Did he...know all along?
About Mum's...
Your mother made that specially. Why not have just a little?
She can't take much more of this, you know.
She's shocked enough that you used her medicine to try and kill yourself.
And there was all that stuff with your grandmother... It's a lot to take on board.
Your mother and your grandmother never saw eye to eye, but...
When her grandmother was hospitalised...
...your mother did her all to look after her.
But in the end...
...she died without saying one word of thanks to your mother.
It hurts to be so brutally rejected.
It's my fault too. I didn't support her like I should have.
She told me that she couldn't sleep at night...
...but I had no idea she had been seeing a doctor about it.
When you took those pills, it was...
...the first I had heard of your mother taking them.
I'm not asking you to start loving her again straight away.
But at least believe this:
Both your mother and I...
...are absolutely thrilled that you're still here today.
Makoto's family mean nothing to me...
...but he means everything to them.
No matter how they feel though, nothing will change.
Next time...they're going to lose their son for good.
Wanna grab a bite to eat?
I'm fine...
Here you go...
Have this too.
I ended up eating most of his as well as mine.
Parents attending the
parent-teacher meetings
should head around to the
staff entrance.
Oh yeah, the interviews are today...
My parents have agreed to Tamagawa East, but...
Mr. Sawada's gonna take some convincing.
How 'bout you?
I haven't told them yet.
Shouldn't you tell them soon?
Shouko, you've got an interview today too, right?
Have you decided on your school?
I'm heading off...
Hey, isn't that your mum?
Huh? Oh yeah, you're right.
How'd you recognise her?
Ah! We look so alike, huh?
Man, what a drag... I'd better head, anyway.
Go ahead.
You can have that picture.
So do whatever you want with it.
I'm screwed up... I've completely lost it...
I love pretty things... I absolutely love them...
But sometimes I just want to smash them up.
I'm messed in the head... I'm completely screwed up...
Everyone gets like that sometimes. It's not just you.
This world and that world... People and angels...
We're all beautiful screwups.
It's natural to think crazy thoughts and do stupid things.
It's not just me who's sometimes cruel for no reason...?
Everyone's like that... Everyone...
People don't just have one shade. We have all sorts of different colours.
And it's fine to have them.
Pretty colours... Disgusting colours...
Really. I'm no exception.
I spent so long worrying...
...about which one was really me.
Every three days I want to smash something up...
...and then about once a week I'll feel like running off and joining a convent.
Sometimes I want to live a long, luxurious life, and sometimes I just want to die.
That...really isn't weird?
Nope. Heck I'd say people like you are in the majority.
Don't ever wish you were dead.
I won't.
There's something we need to talk about before dinner. Come down.
Is it about schools?
I said come!
What's it to you? Why not focus on your own damn exams?
I'm not sitting them.
What do you mean you're not sitting your exams?
Huh? Oh... Don't misunderstand, your brother's not giving up.
He suddenly decided that it'd be better...
...to spend another year studying for them...
...so he'd be sure of passing.
Have a seat.
Oh yeah, you wanted to talk to me...
Hey, Makoto...
Do you know this high school?
We thought you might like it.
Sorry if we're prying where we're not welcome, but...
We wanted to let you know that there are schools like this out there.
It's a unique school that values individuality...
...and it offers specialist courses in art and music.
If you enter the art department...
...you can do up to sixteen hours of art classes per week.
It says sometimes they invite famous artists for special classes too.
And a high percentage of its graduates go on to art colleges.
It looks expensive.
It is.
But we'll make ends meet.
Mitsuru won't we taking his exams for another year, after all.
So you're saying it's my fault?
Makoto... It was your brother who found this school.
He brought me the pamphlet...
...and told me he thought you'd really enjoy going here.
And your mother worked out whether we could make it work.
It's a one hour journey by train and bus.
It's a little bit far, but the campus and location are lovely.
And the students seemed very laid back.
Mr. Sawada thought you'd enjoy something more practical.
And he thought you had a chance at this school.
He was all for you going there.
Why not at least give it a shot?
You'll get in no problem. I think you should go.
You've never been good at anything but drawing.
At least here you can be rewarded for that.
How about it?
Don't worry about the money.
It'd be so much fun if I could go here...
You can!
No problem.
But I...
I'm going to try for Tamagawa East after all.
Get your act together already!
Don't you care about any of us!?
Mum looked at dozens of different high school pamphlets...
...and went and looked at tons of them in person...
And when I showed her this one she still thought it was the best!
It's fine, Makoto. Sit down.
Your brother has been worried sick about you too, you know.
He thought you'd just hate him if he tried talking to you...
...so he figured he could at least eat dinner with you...
...and made sure to come home straight away after cram school.
And the time you were attacked...
...while we were running around looking for you...
...he headed straight to the shrine because he knew you'd be there.
You used to play there together as kids, right?
And your father has done his best to be here for dinner every night.
Even though he used to struggle to get home on time.
Like you're one to talk.
You used to just buy ready meals every night.
But since the incident with Makoto, you've made him stuff every day.
Even though a certain someone doesn't even eat them.
It taught me what really mattered in life.
Having you come back to us was a miracle... I couldn't ask for anything more.
Your mother and I...
And Mitsuru... We were all so moved.
That's why Mitsuru suddenly decided to study medicine.
Anyway, sorry for getting so worked up over this school.
We'll respect your decision, no matter what it is.
- Let's eat. - Right.
Respect your decision?
You just like messing with our feelings, don't you?
I'll bet you think it's really funny to see us suffering, huh!?
I'll bet you look at us getting upset and think it serves us right.
Stop it, Mitsuru.
I promised...
I promised Saotome that we'd apply to the same school...
A friend?
You're gonna pick your school based on that!?
He was my first friend!
The first friend...I ever made...!
It's embarrassing...but I was so miserable in class...
...and I figured 'screw it', and put up a barrier around me.
But Saotome...
He talked to me anyway.
We bought shoes together...
Studied together...
It was really fun...
...I want to go to the same school as him.
I want to make lots more friends...
Walking to school together...
Going somewhere together on the way home...
All I really want to do at school...
...is simple, everyday stuff like that.
Thank you.
We understand, Makoto. You don't need to say any more.
You'll apply to Tamagawa East. Right, everyone?
Now, let's eat.
I'm starving.
Woah...looks good!
Want a beer?
Yeah. You should have one too.
Maybe I will.
Here you go.
Want a dash?
Yes please.
Meet me on the roof of the school after class tomorrow.
Wait a sec...
Um...I kinda have somewhere I gotta go today...
Right. See you tomorrow, then!
Umm...I might just be jumping to conclusions, but...
There's a chance that tomorrow I might be a little bit...different...
If that happens, please still be my friend.
Sure thing.
Hey, don't worry!
I just wanted to say something to you.
It's a little bit late to be saying this, but...sorry...for back then...
You came all the way to see me, and I was so horrible...
I just wanted to apologise.
While I still have time.
I always thought you were kind of sharp.
Seeing through me like nobody else seemed to...
I never really got how, but...
Um...that's all I wanted to say. Later.
It's because we're the same.
I was bullied too, so...
I always watched you carefully.
I've been bullied since first grade.
And I always kept an eye on you 'cause you were a target in the other class...
You were so calm, and you never cried. I always thought it was amazing. Yeah...
I've got to say sorry too.
I said someone saw you and Haruka in Nikotama, but...
It was actually me.
You didn't hear from Saotome?
Huh? From Saotome?
I see the two of you talking sometimes.
Well...that's just how he is...
You talk to him too, don't you?
The whole class ignores you, but...
...Saotome doesn't care, and talks to you anyway.
He doesn't...treat you differently...
Ah, don't misunderstand. It's not that I like you.
I don't think we're written in the stars or anything.
N...not at all...
It's more like...um...
I think of you as a kindred spirit.
We're in the same art club.
Even if I'm hopeless at drawing.
You always seemed to exist...
...in your own safe, quiet little world.
Looking at you...
...I saw the way my world could be someday.
You had struggled, but had come out stronger.
I used to get told to die or fuck off... People would write about me on the net...
And would throw my shoes in the bin every day.
Now I might be treated like I'm invisible, but... It's much better than that.
I've gotten stronger because of you.
You saved my life.
N...not really. I...
Huh? Huh?
You really are Makoto! You're just the same as always!
You're Makoto! Ahahahaha...
I'm going to start drawing again.
I'll finish that picture.
It'll be just like it used to be.
Wait there. I'll be right back.
You're late.
I know what I did wrong.
I killed someone, didn't I?
I killed myself.
I'm the soul of the recently deceased Makoto Kobayashi!
You've passed the test!
You've probably already realised...
...but your little homestay wasn't simply training, but...
...a test period to see if a soul like you, who had rejected their own existence once...
...would be able to return to being themselves.
I liked you better when you were a jerk.
What do you mean? I'm really proud of you!
As your guide, I couldn't have asked for more!
I feel like dying might have been the easier option.
Nobody said living was easy.
I didn't care how I acted because I figured it wasn't really me, but...
...thinking back on all the stuff I did...
Man, I made such an ass of myself...!
But you're happy, aren't you?
You're really grateful that you get another chance to be Makoto Kobayashi.
You once told Hiroka that...
People don't just have one shade. We have all sorts of different colours.
Nobody knows what their true colours are.
I think it's fine to be colourful. And to live colourfully.
I'm glad...
I'm so glad...that I came back...
From now on, you're on your own.
Please realise how many people are there to support you.
And don't forget that you're supporting others yourself.
This world needs you.
To be honest... I'm one of the souls who didn't notice.
What? Really?
Yes. I didn't realise my own error.
Luckily The Boss recruited me and gave me a job, but...
It's terribly sad to be stuck with neither a past nor a future...
I don't understand how people can be so happy because of nothing...
...more than a piece of fried chicken or a pork bun, but...I'm kind of jealous.
It's nice to have a tomorrow to look forward to, isn't it?
I might've had to have been a bit cruel to you sometimes to make you notice that, though...
No. Not at all...
Thank you, Purapura. Because of you, I...
It's time to say goodbye.
Ah, wait!
Can't you stay with me a bit longer?
I don't think I can do it alone...
I'm afraid not.
If you're lucky, you have a good long life ahead of you.
Why not just begin...
...by picking up where you left off with your homestay?
Now, I'll begin my final act as your guide. Close your eyes.
Oh, and...
We don't want you thinking you can just get as many retries as you like.
So all of your memories of me will be erased.
Now, close your eyes.
Shut your mouth!
Close your damn eyes!
I'll be checking up on you every now and then.
Don't go causing me any more trouble.
Makoto Kobayashi. You died once.
Once was enough, right? I trust you won't go looking for death again.
I won't.
It's freezing!
Is this...you?
No, I'm the horse. I don't...really know what the other figure is...
Maybe...an angel...?
Nah, nothing that grand...
At least...I don't think so...
Damn it...
You think I'm going to lose to a one gear wonder like that?
Someday you're going to eat my dust.
Are you alive?
Ah...hey, am I alive?
You sure are.
And you're living.
What was that?
I wonder...
Hey, don't gimme that!
Give you what?
Dear Someone,
I'm living.