Karak (2011) Movie Script

Look at your father.
Always causing trouble onto others.
Try and turn on the ignition, honey.
It's not working.
I just sent you to
the workshop yesterday.
And you're already causing problems.
It's like you know I'm going
to sell you next week.
Are you sulking?
Enough, honey.
Oh my God.
You gave the child a fright.
I haven't kid with you in a while.
I need to walk on ahead.
I'll find someone or
a maybe workshop.
How long should we wait?
In the middle of the night?
I'm afraid.
Why are you afraid?
No need to be afraid.
If you're afraid, lock the doors,...
...play the Al-Qur'an cassette.
It won't be long.
Don't go too long.
Lock the doors.
Stop! Stop!
Stop! Please stop!
If you only honk you car,
then don't bother!
You think you're the only
one with a car horn?
-What's that behind you?
-Look behind you.
Behind me?
Don't cry.
Your father will come
back soon, okay darling.
Sleep, my darling. Yeah?
Why are you suddenly quiet?
Madam, please exit from
your car immediately.
Exit the car and walk towards us.
Do not turn.
Do not look back.
Can you stop talking nonsense?
There's no ghost in this world.
There is one. Do you know who?
A metal toothed ghost.
That's you.
How rude.
Jack, you can't say that.
Do you know, ghosts exist, but not...
Zura, I've done my research.
If you watch Discovery Channel...
...there was show about ghosts that...
...went through an energy
source called orbs.
-That's when it showed...
-There he goes again.
Listen first.
There's a difference
between souls and Satan.
Satan can change its appearance
into something scary.
That's when people got surprised,
that's what causes road accidents.
Be aware of what you're saying.
Don't just blurt things out.
What if I weld your teeth shut?
It's okay, Nik.
It's the 40th day today.
I miss him so much.
Even if you didn't mention it,
Karak Highway...
...reminds me of him.
If I could, I would like
to see him one last time.
I want to apologize after saying
something I shouldn't have...
...before he passed away.
-Why are there so many cars tonight?
-I know, right?
Why would there be a traffic
jam so late at night?
-Is there a road block up ahead?
-It was you!
-It smells.
Miss, something happened up ahead.
Only God...
...and my friend know about it.
Miss, don't you want to know?
A trailer loaded with timber logs...
...and an express bus with 38 passengers.
Bodies flying everywhere,...
...blood everywhere.
Pieces of meat stuck on doors, tires,...
...on walls, on branches
and on lamp posts.
Praise be to God.
Both drivers are safe.
So do all the 38 passengers and
the passengers of the lorry.
All are safe.
And their bodies have been gathered.
Thank God.
Close the window.
Any amount will do, Miss.
-Nik, you give it to him.
-I don't want to.
I don't have any.
-Any amount will do.
-Here you go, uncle.
Your contribution won't be for nothing.
He's gone.
Do you think he was telling the truth?
Didn't you realize?
We haven't moved since a while ago.
Surely there's a major accident up ahead.
What do we do now?
I have a test in the morning!
Isn't that the old road?
-Is it okay if we take the old road?
The old road?
It's half past midnight.
At about 3 am, we should
arrive in Kuantan.
I agree.
God willing.
We will arrive even earlier than that.
Do you agree?
I feel like I need to pee.
I'll go look for a toilet.
I'm turning off the engine.
If you guys feel hot, too bad.
Oh my God, you guys.
I'm so hungry.
Do you want a burger?
I'll get one for you.
No thanks, Ida.
Just get me a coke, okay?
Brother, where's the toilet?
Brother, the toilet, where's the toilet?
Be strong. Be strong.
Ida, I'll go with you, okay?
Honey, are you sure you
don't want anything?
I'm full.
Chicken or beef?
Have you seen my mother?
Hold on a minute. I need to pee.
Whose kid is that?
Kid! What are...
He's just playing around.
Nik 21st Birthday.
It smells!
I know. This must be your doing, Jack.
This one. This one.
Not me. Not me. Over there.
Your beloved girlfriend.
Over there.
It's your girlfriend doing!
Speech. Speech. Speech.
Relax. Relax. Relax.
Okay. Firstly, I would
like to wish you all thank you...
-...for this surprise party tonight.
-No problem.
But a surprise is one thing,
where's my present?
It's here, it's here.
Keep this.
She gave me only this, honey?
To my best friend,...
Excuse me.
I want to say thank you...
...for patiently putting
up with my nonsense.
-I just need you to do one thing for me.
Hurry up and declare that
you have a crush on Ida.
Do you want to let
someone else have a go?
I knew you'd be scared.
To my beloved girlfriend.
Who used to be a religious
teacher, but now overly modern.
Winner of Musabaqah Al-Quran
Selangor State Level 2005.
I hope you're willing to wait for me.
To collect money and ask for
your hand in marriage once I've...
...completed my studies.
So sweet.
Nik Honey
Miss u already
Nik Honey
Miss u already
Brother, have you seen my mother?
Boy. Stop playing around.
What's wrong with you?
You said you're not scared of ghosts.
You said it's nonsense.
I'm not scared of ghosts.
I'm scared of crazy people
wanting to be ghosts.
Don't be like that.
If you need to use the toilet,
do not enter cubicle number three.
There'll be a head coming
out of the toilet bowl.
And he'll bite you.
You think I'm going to be like you?
Can you help me, sir?
How can I help you, miss?
Can you give me a ride home?
I missed the bus.
It's not that far, sir.
Just at the second junction up ahead.
It's not that I don't want to help.
My car is already full.
I have my friends with me.
Besides, our journey is still far.
I'll be leaving now.
Can you help me?
Have you seen my son?
The one wearing a school uniform?
I saw him playing in this area.
You can search for him in this area.
Thank you, sir.
You're welcome.
You're making me nervous.
Being out at night like this,
in the dark.
People don't usually stay in the dark.
-Unless you are, like...
-Like what, sir?
Like a ghost?
There's no such thing as ghosts.
Besides, I don't believe in ghosts.
Unless you have no legs, no arms,...
...no head. Then I'll believe it.
I'll be leaving now.
No head like this, sir?
Is that you?
Can you stop playing around?
Stop playing around, Nik.
Don't you have anything else to do?
You said you're not scared of ghosts.
You called it nonsense.
Get lost.
You've been awfully quiet
since before, Jack.
Did you see a ghost?
No, Nik.
I'm just tired. I am driving, right?
Or are you thinking about
what happened in the toilet.
When you screamed like a girl?
Next time don't say you're
not scared of ghosts.
When something like that happens,
then you'll be sorry.
What's wrong with you?
Can you sit quietly?
Don't disturb anyone.
Jack, why are you so angry?
Can you stop playing around?
Do you know this place is haunted?
It's haunted, Ida.
You dare fool around with what I'm saying.
All of you don't respect
this kind of thing.
Hello! Why are Jack and I being scolded?
Your boyfriend is the one
who's playing around.
All of you, listen here.
This area is haunted.
Satan likes this kind of place.
I'm just playing around.
Yes. But you have to behave yourselves.
You want bad things to happen to us?
Honey, I've studied these
things for a while now.
As long as I haven't seen it with my
own eyes, I'll never be satisfied.
Enough already.
I don't want to talk to you.
Have you heard? There is a place...
...around Karak Highway,
that it is haunted?
-Heard before, right?
I'm not sure. I just heard stories.
People say this place is haunted.
Whatever. I'm hungry.
-Don't interrupt.
-Don't talk so much. Just give it to me.
Listen to my story.
The sign board they put up...
...is actually to warn you to be careful.
But there's no one who
crosses this place.
Actually, the government should put up
"Caution, ghost crossing".
Drive faster. Right?
Are you satisfied yet?
Can you shut up?
This car behind is following so closely.
If you wanna overtake me, just overtake.
Inviting trouble at this hour.
Wasn't that the car that
overtook us just now?
Behind us.
No, it's not. It's the other car.
See the number plate. It's the same.
Have you seen my mother?
Where are you?
Where are you guys?
Why are you running away from me?
You said you're religious.
Zura, where are you?
Nik, where are you?
Nik, I'm here.
Help me.
Where have you been?
I've been looking for you everywhere.
Our car is down there.
Maybe you were thrown out.
Where are we?
What happened to us?
I saw an old lady just now.
She was chasing me until here.
I don't understand all of this.
Yellow Volkswagen. An old lady.
-Now this place. What's with all of this?
-Hey, Zura.
We just had an accident.
Do you know?
Our brain is still confused.
We can see a lot of things.
Be calm.
Jack. I know what I saw.
I'm not going crazy.
-I did not say you're crazy.
We witnessed what happened just now,
before the accident.
Yes. That damn kid.
What the hell?
If he's waiting for the bus,
wait by the side.
Why was he in the
middle of the road?
Such a freak!
Forget about it.
What matters is we are all safe now.
Now, we need to think
of a way out of here.
We need to find the road.
Let's go.
Ida, faster.
You guys.
You saw the light?
I think it's a house.
Let's go and have a look.
Let's go.
Hold on tight. Okay?
All of you have your phones, right?
I don't know where my phone went.
We need help.
Jack, wait for me.
We were right. It's a house.
Over there.
Who build a house in the
middle of a jungle?
I don't care who build this,
as long as we get a place to rest.
-It's going to rain.
Slowly, dear.
-Can you walk?
-I don't think there's anyone at home.
Ida, let me go and say hi.
Who knows.
They won't open the door when
they hear a woman's voice.
Is anyone there?
I think this house belongs
to a Chinese family.
Quit fooling around.
Still joking around at this time?
...what are you doing?
Who's that?
Assalamualaikum, uncle.
We had an accident just now.
We had an accident.
Call me Tok Malam.
Come in.
It's better to not stay outside.
I'm Jack. This is Ida. That is Zura.
January 7
Guys. Year 1983?
Don't touch.
Looks like a bomoh's house.
I think there's something
following you guys.
I've told you guys just now.
An old lady, right?
We had an accident.
Don't think too much.
What's important is you
guys need to stay calm...
...and be mentally strong.
Can we stay here for a while to rest?
Rest here first.
Ladies rest in my room.
Let me stay outside.
Ladies only.
Dear, be careful.
I will come later.
Is there a toilet?
I feel uneasy, my body's sticky.
I need to clean up my wound.
Can you speak properly?
Don't be rude.
Uncle. Can we use the toilet?
Where's the toilet?
It's behind.
If you want a towel...
...just take one from here.
Thank you.
I think Tok Malam is weird.
He looks like he doesn't
care about our accident.
I feel that way too.
But he's weird.
What dialect was he speaking?
It's aborigine's dialect.
Have you heard, Karak...
...is actually the aborigine's graveyard.
But, it's way before
they build the highway.
Stop with all your theories.
You've been telling it since just now.
I'm fed up with all your theories.
About Tok Malam.
Can you two lower your voices?
Tok Malam will hear you.
He's kind enough to let
us rest at his place.
Dear, we are safe now.
It's okay.
We're safe now.
But we are still stuck here.
Will someone even be looking for us?
If there isn't, what should we do?
That's why.
I tried, using my phone
but it didn't work.
But, what's weird is...
..there's signal but it
doesn't work properly.
After that, the signal is gone.
I don't know.
I don't think Tok Malam can help us.
We have to wait Tok Siang to help us.
But it's weird, right?
What dialect he's using?
Don't you get it?
I just said it's aborigine's dialect.
I wish we can do something.
I'm worried about our car.
There's a lot of things inside.
Don't you think this place is haunted?
Enough with your superstitious stories.
You saw the old lady
and many other things.
If you see a paper flying,
you'll say it's a ghost.
So, you're saying
you're not afraid of ghosts?
I'm not that religious.
I know you're an IT kid.
You're an expert in that.
But there are things that
you can't explain in IT.
So who you're going to explain to?
To the ghost?
Now you tell me.
That yellow Volkswagen just now.
Who was driving it?
The woman was sitting behind.
The kid we saw in the
middle of the road.
If they're not ghosts, who are they?
The yellow Volkswagen,...
...mayber there's a racer
trying to joke with us.
The driver drove next to us and
hid himself. We can't see.
The woman sitting behind is the passenger.
The kid standing in the
middle of the road.
That's it, Jack.
I'm not going to entertain you.
What's wrong with you?
I think it's Tok Malam's wife's necklace.
But where is she now?
-What's wrong with you?
-Did you hear that?
Hear what?
Where's Zura?
She's been quiet.
You think she's asleep?
She was looking at the picture over there.
Then, she went straight into the room.
Maybe she went to bed.
You can see your lover tomorrow.
I think something's
up with the old man.
Let's sleep.
What are you doing?
You've been acting weird.
-Are you okay?
-I'm okay.
-Your wound looks...
-Stop that.
Go and sleep.
-Are you okay?
-I'm okay. Go to sleep.
The toilet is so far.
What was that?
How do I use this?
Do you remember our accident?
You don't have anything to add?
What do you want to talk about?
What are you doing over there?
Are you okay?
Zura, where's Ida?
Rain oh rain
Why do you fall
Rain oh rain
Why do you fall
Not funny, Zura.
How can I not fall
Nik, open the door. Help me.
That was Zura's voice.
Nik, Jack.
I want you.
Jack, open the door.
Stand aside.
Leave this place.
What happened to you?
It's all around us.
Why is it disturbing us?
What have we done?
Let it be, whatever they want to do.
-I saw it too.
-You need to strengthen your faith.
Read Ayatul Kursi.
Don't just keep it in your brain.
But you don't even know what it means.
Also not believing in it.
I do not understand with
what's happening to us.
I just want to know how to
get away from all of this.
What is this place?
Long ago...
...there's a woman.
She likes to practice black magic.
One day, she died.
Then, the things that she keeps
went and bother other people.
A lot of them died in
some sort of accident.
There's a woman with her child.
They are ghosts too.
But, Tok. If you have
known about this place...
...then why did you still live in here?
I'm used to it.
After all, this home...
...is where my wife passed away.
I don't even know where to go.
Let's get out from here.
This place is haunted.
Be strong.
Rest here first.
Tomorrow, you can continue your journey.
I think...
...we'll stay here tonight.
No. I don't want.
We'll go get some help from
someone tomorrow, okay?
I've told you.
It's bad for you to keep it.
Now, you see it for yourself.
It likes to bother people.
And it even resembles you.
You didn't believe me.
Lots of people are in trouble now.
Your wounds are getting worse, Jack.
I think the granny that I just saw...
...in the woods and even in the house...
...looks like Tok Malam's wife.
Enough, Zura.
The sun will arise soon.
Just hoping that the things will
not bother us in the day.
You think the day will come?
I'm afraid thinking that we
will never even get out from here.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Is Jack okay?
Look for yourself.
Looks like his fever is getting worse.
We saw something that
we didn't imagine seeing.
So, that's how it is.
It's alright.
I think...
...just let him sleep first.
I go to bed first.
Later, wake me up when you
feel sleepy.
Is that you, dear?
How can you say that to me.
Dear, wait!
Wait for Ida, dear.
Go away.
Go away!
Go away.
Wait for me.
Where are you going?
Come, follow me.
Where to?
My home is over there.
We found the way out from here.
Begone from here.
Where is everyone??
Just let them go.
I miss you so much.
I want to apologize for the things
that I've said to you that night.
I really didn't mean it.
If you are not satisfied about it,
then you can leave!
-How dare you.
-Go to hell.
Dear, look at me.
Are you satisfied?
What do you mean?
You want me to go hell, right?
I did went to hell.
Dear, what are you doing?
Have you seen Ida and Jack?
When I woke up, I
can't find them.
It's just bothering you.
-Leave them be.
-Leave them be?
How can I do that?
They are my friends.
Your friends have been taken by them.
Now, they want to take you too.
You need to strengthen your faith.
It's been a long time since you
perform your prayer, right?
What did you say?
You only know how to
read Ayatul Kursi.
But you don't know its meaning.
What if it's true?
They are my friends.
We're in trouble.
Is it so difficult for
you to understand?
Is it?
If you can't help me, fine.
We will find our way from
this haunted place.
Nik. Let's go.
Don't bother him.
Let him get away from here.
He is not the same as the others.
Nik. Wake up.
We need to get out of here.
This place is haunted.
Wake up
Jack and Ida is gone.
We need to find them.
Come on, Nik.Wake up.
Where did you search for them?
Hurry. We need to get out from
this crazy old man's house.
It's true. I saw Jack back there.
I've been there.
He is not there.
Don't mess around.
We need to get out of here.
Jack, what are you doing?
Hey. What are you doing?
You were right, Nik.
What do you mean?
You need to come with us.
We need to leave this place.
Go away.
Help me, Nik.
Why are you doing this, Jack?
Fight me.
Where are you from?
Help me, Nik.
Help me, Zura.
Sorry, Jack.
-What are we going to do?
-We need to find our way out.
Help me.
Hold this.
Zura, are you lost?
You don't know the way out?
What do you want from me?
Your soul.
Your soul, Zura.
Your soul!
Allah. There is no God but He.
The Living, The Self-subsisting, Eternal.
No slumber can seize Him nor Sleep.
His are all things in the
Heavens and on Earth
Who is there can intercede In His presence
except As he permitteth?
He knoweth What Before
or After or Behind them
Nor shall they compass Aught of his
knowledge Except as He willeth
Help me.
Zura, help your friends.
Nor shall they compass Aught of his
knowledge Except as He willeth
His throne doth extend over
the Heavens and on Earth
Zura, your faith is not strong enough.
Leave the living alone!
It's enough that you have been
bothering my wife.
Leave us alone. Begone!
You separate us when she was alive.
You don't want me.
They are all lost.
Now I'm taking that woman with me.
Say the words. Read Ayatul Kursi.
Do not let yourself down.
Read it out aloud.
Full of faith.
Understand the meaning behind it.
Come follow me, dear.
We will live happily here.
Allah, No God besides Him the Eternal.
Always taking care of His creatures.
Never gets sleepy
and never sleeps.
Everything inside this world
belongs to Him.
Whoever can give you the help?
Without His permission.
He knows everything.
In front of Him and
even behind Him.
But they know nothing from
the knowledge of Allah.
Instead of what He wants to let you.
His power covers Heaven and Earth.
And He never felt the burden
carrying the two of it.
Allah the Almighty.
We are safe.
Yes, dear.
You are safe.
They are dead?
What is the meaning of this?
Let them go.
They don't belong here anymore.
Assalamualaikum, uncle.
Call me,Tok Malam.
Come inside.
It is not nice outside there.
I think there is something
that's been following you.
Let me go.
Take care of yourself.
Even though I didn't get to...
... to fulfill our wish to be together.
I hope that you will
never forget about me.
I love you.
Don't leave me, Nik.
I love you. Don't go.
The accident that
happened at 3am...
...caused by a vehicle drove
by one of the students involved.
According to the information received
by the family's victims...
...there are four of them.
However, only three were
found at the location.
Police are still searching for
the last victim.
The driver lost control on the vehicle
because of the strong wind...
...in Karak area.
You really love to drive the van at night.
You must have known that
this place is haunted.
Last week, some college students died
because they saw a ghost.
Why? Are you scared?
I'm not afraid.
I was just reminding.
Let's listen to this song.
-What song?
-Hero Maiden.
Hero Maiden?
Look behind us!