Karan Arjun (2022) Movie Script

Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption are
injuurious to health. It causes cancer.
Greetings sir
I have been waiting for you
namaste narayana garu
She is my beloved wife
Greetings mam
Where is Chinna narayana garu
He is playing around somewhere hear
Here there is he coming
Come buddy
Hey chocolates chocolates
Yeah yeah Take it
Many people will come hear to celebrate their birthdays
with these orphans along with their Childers
Hey One by One
By seeing them chinna use to feel very low
He use to desire for parents likewise
Finnally his aim got fulfilled now
I was super joy now
He was born for us Dad
That is why God didnt gave us childern
- Yes
Everything his Goodness and mercy
Then for me?
- Take everything its for you dear
[Phone Ring]..
Hello hello ...hello
Madam mam mam
Oh my god
- Weekup mom.
Janaki what happen my dear
Hey janaki
- Whats wrong Sir what happened
Let's teake him to the hospital immediately
Slow. slow
Ill come again for Cinna
- Ok sir
Take care for mam
Take care about chinna
Driver go fast
Happy Birthday day to you
Happy Birthday day to you
Madam chocolates chocolates
For me also
Madam chocolates
Chinna Iv been observing you from past two days
Your not taking food and sleep aswell
Why are you doing like this buddy
I want mom and dad master
Do you know hows moms health
I called him couple of times
Shekar is not picking up the phone
But I don't like you being so upset
[Phone Ring....]
[Phone Ring]..
Sir this event manager Rohan speaking
Yeah Rohan where are you
Sir I was at the door
Opps is it Come on in
- Okay sir
Hii sir
Take your seat
- Thank you sir
Sir the song recording has been done
Hear it once and tell me
Coming Dad
Sir use this earpods
One min sir
Listen to it
Hiii sir
Hii sir
Karan your pre-wedding song has came
You have to hear it yourself and tell
Thank you sir
Fantastic sir
- Thank you so much sir
There is so much feel in the song
Who is the composer
New guy sir. He really did a good job
- What about location
1 minute sir
Yes sir
Near by Pakistan border sir
Just to carry the feel of the song
Rajasthan is the good place
Good morning sir
Good morning
Chotu get the things out
- Is that car is ready?
Yes sir it is done
Car is ready
I kept the RC book and insurance of the car Inside the dashboard
All things were kept
Thank you sir . Have a safe journey
- Thank you
Speak something know vaishali
I know your pain
This marriage wont interupt your studies
I promise you
I wont come against your thoughts
You can be yourself
Ill be with you for everything, your dreams and goals
I was feeling guilty because of your silence
Im getting headache
Stop somewhere we can have a tea
It was my first time taking to you
[Phone Ring]...
Hello mom
Have you reached jaishalmir.?
Itll take 2 to 3 hours journey
You can go by flight know
Is it necessary to go by road long from Jodhpur
That means mom.
First I want to be a good friend rather that husband to Vrushali
Ok take care of Vrushali dear
Mom dont worry
Ill take care of Vrushali
Thank you
Hey nice girl mama
Come lets go Man she was alone
Seems like she belongs to south
Ask her know
Eyyyyy ask her know
Ill feed her with hot kachodis
Maaza will come
Hey chockri will you come
By the way mon have you taking pills on time.?
This girl got angry
Hold her
Hey leave me
Mom Ill call you later
Leave me
I wont let you go
Come and hold her rey
Leave me
Come fast
You rascal
Ohhh shit
I wont leave you rascal
Im so sorry Karan
Hey its okay
Vrushali dont feel like a kid
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Come on
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There is no network to call uncle
- Well try out there
Yeah well try
Excise me sir
Snacks and water bottles
Okay Ill take care of it
Karan just stop the car once
Vrushali what happen..?
Have you seen them?
Ever day they walk 5 kilometres
In the hot sun to fetch the water
Yaa its true
Hundreds of villagers were facing same issue in rajasthan
I feel pity by looking at them
But what can we do?
No adiuo..
Hey waht do you want
Hey who are man?
Who the hell are you?
Who are you ?
You bloody idiot
Eay hey
Bloody idiot
Hey dont be scared Vrushali
He looks like physco
Mad fellow
Nothing will happen as you think
Vrushali dont be tensed
Im there for you right
Im scared Karan
We have to go back
We have to
Ohhh shit
Karan move fast
He is coming back of us
He is coming
He is coming back of us
Go fast
Hurry up
He is done
Vrushali check the maps to go in this way
Karan its showing U turn
What the f
Shit .shhh
Hell come again Karan
Let him come
Hell die by crushing under my car
He is the man
He is the man Karan
Go go fast
- Karan
Karan he is coming closer
He is the man Karan
Go go
Go go
Karan fast
Karan Karan go
Go go karan
Damn it
- The tire seems to be busted
Vrushali dont be scared
Stay inside
Sir mistake was mine
Please forgive me
Please sir
Please leave us
Sir sir sir
Sir sir sir
Mistake was mine
Please leave us sir
Please sir Please sir sir sir
Sir please sir
Please sir
You just now started loving Karan
You cant bare as his fingers were cutting down one by one Vrushali
Why are you staring at me in wonder
What are you thinking?
How come I know about both of you
Well sir together and talk nicely
your is fiance tickling there
He needs first aid
I cant bare if you are crying Vrushali
Ohhhh damn it
Come outside
Go sit there
I dont like that you being silent
Do you understand
I was hoping to see you smile and to listen when you Smile
What youv called
I too dont understand who is he
But I think so
He dont belong hear neither
He hooked up you hear and drink tea nicely there
There is some other that we dont know
Iv never seen you
But how do know my name?
Ashyariya Roy has never seen me yet I know know her name
She is Miss.World
You are the same from my sight
The life of Karan is in your hands
I dont wanna know these things to the third person
Iam telling for your sake
Try to understand
You stay hear
Ill come
Sirji do you have lighter
Why do you come to this road way
Its not safe for tourists
We came by mistake by following the bloody Google maps
Anyways We were about to start
How will you go sirji
Tire got punchered
Thats way madam was tensed
Tell me if you need any help sir
Bhaishab you can go on
Well take care
Iam telling you once again sir this place is not safe for tourists
Ill exchange the tire within 10 minutes
Bhai bhai
I can take care
Sit down sir
Helping people is my hobby. Just 10 minutes Ill replace
Youre not trying to understand
You came till Pakistan border
Which city are you from in south sir ..?
Ohh from Hyderabad?
Madam ji mean while can you prepare tea
Do you know Telugu
Iv stuck in suryapeta for 2 months during lockdown
I was learning little by little
[Phone Ring]...
[Phone Ring]...
Please bhaya please
Please bhaya
[Phone Ring]...
Umm Dont worry
Madam ji tea is so nice
Sir dont trust these Google maps youll fed up with it
Do you know there is no network
Now itself Ill bring the map and give you so that you can go safe and swiftl
Bhaya Thank you so much
Hurry madam where will you go?
- Bhaya
Please bhaya please
Please leve me karan
Please bhaya
Please bhaya
Please bhaya leave me
Please bhaya leave me
Please Much will be new
Much will be new
Please bhaya
Much will be new
Please bhaya leave me
Till now if she didnt came
Your hope for the return of Vrushali will shatter
Now think about how you can come out of it brother
Vrushali Im repeating the same thing
I like only to see your smile on Your face
He saved Vrushalis life by giving up his life
There might be the past story in Vrushalis life that you might not know
I can sense the past by Bandaging up his wounds with sarrow in her eyes
You are betrayed karan
You are fooled
I dont ask who are you and why are you doing this
Ill be as you like but please dont do any harm to Karan
I already told you in prior the few hours
that Im spending with you has to be remembered throughout my life
You and your smile your words has to be last in my memory
How do know that I like veg-sandwich??
I know everything about you
Including your favorite music
Radio Songs...
Radio Songs Continue...
Radio Songs Continue...
Radio Songs Continue...
You are crazy about Ilayarajas music
But not the same songs
Radio Songs Continue...
I didnt play this song for you
Why are looking like that
How is that girl..?
How she looks like..?
I saw her very few times
may be thats the reason I couldnt remember her face
But whenever I see you, the girl appears in front of my eyes
Even if you smile or talk, it feels like she is talking to me
Good morning sir
Good morning sir
Good morning sir
- Good morning Sit down
Kids yesterday wev learnt about 2
latter words and today we will learn about 3 latter words -ok
Ok ?
Ok sir
A.N.D and
A.D..D Add
Add add
B.E.D bed
Bed bed
Bee bee
Bat bat
Bat bat
Cat cat
Cow cow
Cow cow
Cup cup
Cup cup
Hi sir
We can to interview you for our YouTube channel
Ok Have a seat
- Thank you sir
Often we have number of Government schools in this city
What is necessary need for these kids to study under this bridge..?
Their parents sell toys beside the traffic signals and live behind the roads for lively hood
They involve these kids also
They dont have intention to educate them and kids dont have a thought to study
Education is a movement from darkness to light
One big man said this words
This is just the small effort that I do In my leisure time
Thats it
WhatsApp kids your sir didnt came today?
Today Ill teach 4 latter words ok..?
Akka is so pretty naaa..?
Also aslo
Army Army
Aunt anut
Baby baby
Back back
Bank bank
No Audio.
Bath bath
No Audio.
No Audio.
Song Continue..
Song Continue..
Song Continue..
Song Continue..
Song Continue..
This is my pre weeding song
Iam the one composed your pre weeding song
My event manager gave your photos and asked me to compose a song
As I saw your photo the next moment I remembered my past
I didnt recollect her face ever how far Im thinking about her
But after seeing your photo
Whats her name..? I dont know
You know my name
You dont the name of the one you love?
Tell me..?
Really you dont know?
Song Continue..
Song Continue..
Song Continue..
Song Continue..
Song Continue..
Song Continue..
Song Continue..
Song Continue..
Song Continue..
Why you stoped the story in the middle..?
That was the end. I didnt stoped
Why are staring at me like that..?
Iam I looking like Devashena in bhahubali gathering up all the pile pics..?
Dont worry. This is not to burn up anyone
- Umm
I have this last wish
Will you fulfill?
Tell me what it is
I want see you wearing saree
Dont say No
- Ok
Why are you staring at in awe..?
Do you remembered the one you loved. ?
What happened?
What happened to you?
Have it
I want to know your name
I tell my name before I go
Hello brother
This trip is not looking like as you plan
Looks like theyve planned
She wore the saree that you buy for him
Now it make sense brother
This pit digged for you
To bury you and take her away
This is what will happen
No Audio
Feeling sleepy?
- Ummm
Youll watch me like this for while night
- Yes
It doesnt happen everyday right..?
Why are you doing like this..?
To get sound sleep
Will you sing lullaby song also?
Shall I sing along with doing this?
Good morning
I will forget the moments that I spent with you
Thank you
Thanks for everything Vrushali
Dont live in the darkness
Open the box
Light up the darkness
You asked my name know
Its Arjun
Karan Get up
Karan. Karan
Are you ok?
He went away
Get up
1 second
Karan careful
Get up carefully
We will go away from this place
Get up karan
Sit hear
Are you ok..?
Well go to hospital
Thirsty Thirsty
Water ?
Wait Ill get it
Karan karan take it water
Who is he?
- What?
Who is he..?
I dont know
You talked with him smiling without knowing him..?
Without knowing him you drank with him ..?
Without knowing him the whole night
Karan mind your words
Youre sister did the same
She died a terrible death in my hands
You killed vyshali?
Why Karan..?
Why did you killed vyshali..?
Tell me
Why did you killed vyshali..?
Tell me
Why did you killed vyshali
How come you know vyshali..?
Why did you killed her..?
Are you the lover for her?
That's why these things..?
Trap trap
Tell me why did you killed her
Why did you killed vyshali?
You ruined all my desires
Get lost
Get lost dead
Why did you killed vyshali..?
Because of you I was away from my mother at the 8
Why did you killed vyshali
Tell me now
- Ill tell you
You should know my past my pain before killing you
At the age 8years one couple came to adobe me
I dont even know how parents look like
Suddenly God showerd love upon on me
He send mom and dad to me
Mom like an angel
As she took me close with love
I felt Im no more orphan I too have mom and dad
May be God doesnt like if we desire more
A phone call came unexpectedly
She was collapsed with unconsciousness
I ran to bring water
Dad took her to hospital with panic
I was sleepless by thinking about how mom is doing
I waited for days about their return
Iv been observing you from past 2 days
Not eating well not sleeping well either
Why are behaving like this dear...?
I want mom and dad master
One fine day call came from dad
Go study
[Phone Ring]...
- Narayana garu
Im shekar talking
Shekar garu
Iv been waiting for your call sir
How is Chinn?
Hes just thinking about you sir
Time and time again hes thinking asking how mom is doing
Whole family of my in- law were dead with the car accident
Thats the reason my wife was unconscious that day
How shes doing now
Gradually she is recovering
Naidu garu
I come and see if time permits
Take care of Cinna
- Yes sir I will be
Ok then
- Ok sir
Where show me..?
What you did
Show me dear
- See it . Wow
It was great
Thank you
Fill with colours
- Colours
Ahhh fill with every colour
How was drawing?
Wow fantastic dear
You really did good
Thank you. Ill fill the colours now
We have to go to Kothru tomorrow
Why ?
To bring chinna
What happen janaki
Why are you not talking
I dislike to bring chinna hear
My brothers children became orphans
Is it not enough to look after them
Anyhow I cant look after chinna as I look them shekar
But still they call us uncle and aunty but not mom and dad janaki
No worries
The persons they marry in future theyll call us mom and dad
Dont try to force me in this matter
That day dad came for me but mom didnt came
Dad told me the reason clearly
No Audio.
I have to be well educated and be
settled high in order to come closer to mom
Chinna You should study well
- Bye chinna
Ok sir
Be care full
I pushed myself to get ready to do
whatever it takes to get closer to mom
Dad joined he in the hostel without letting mon know
He called me with new name Karan
For 17 years the pursuit of getting closer to made me mad
Microsoft made me rich
Dad told I should marry vyshali to step in our home
Uncle told me everything
That you want to marry me isnt it?
- Umm
I never rebelled against uncles word
Even I cant rebel now
But you should know one thing
I loved one guy
Even if it is hardest thing to forget .
Ill try to forget my uncle sake
If you dont have any objection in this matter
Im ready to marry you
I couldnt bare that vyshali loved someone
The fear being away from mom daunted me
Just for the sake of your uncle you are ready to give up your love
There is nothing great than love in this world
Dont give up your love
All the best
After marrying vyshali I assumed that
I would become son to janaki Amma
Again God tested me
Became the reason for Vyushalis death
Whatever might be the case I determined to go as a son to janaki amma
I killed vyshali
No Audio
After that dad gave complaint about vyshalis disappearance
A year passed by
Everyone forgot vyshali
My last chance was Vrushali who is studying in London
What are thinking man?
Within 1 month Vrushali is coming to India
Ill talk to her
Its my responsibility to convince her
Dont worry
It didnt happen with good luck
Vrushali agreed to marry me
No Audio..
I thought to take care of Vrushali greater that my life
God is testing me again
Becoming a reason for death of two
Die you fool
No Audio.
No Audio.
No Audio.
No Audio.
No Audio.
What you are sitting alone
Vrushali wants to talk to you something
Perhaps she sent a courier also
Arjun this Vrushali
You went to vizag
Dont you think you should say at least one word?
You didnt forget vyshali yet..?
You loved her
You said you dont know if she loved you or not
I want that to know
And Iv known it
I found a dairy written by my sister
Once open the dairy and see
She wrote every moment that she spent with you
She wrote every moment that she spent with you
Firstly when she saw you under the bridge with kids
She loved humanity in you
She believed that your friendship as a gift
She thought Life is with you
To give you abundant of love as vastness of sea by marrying you
Vyshalis love is a deep sea
Arjun live is sky
You dont know at that point of time
These two things will never meet
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