Karaoke Girl (2013) Movie Script

Hidden Rooster Films
A film by Visra Vichit Vadakan
Produced by
Pornmanus Rattanavich and Pran Tadaveerawat
Samina Akbari
Sandi Sissel, ASC. and Chananun Chotrungroj
Production Design
Songwat Asawanonda
Perry Blackshear and Saranee Wongpan
Koichi Shimizu
Sa Sittijun
I've come far from home
Just a girl in the night
Surrounded by strangers
Taunting me with their songs
A karaoke girl for your pleasure
For everyone's pleasure
But my own
I have no choice
It doesn't end
I feel their hands
Have you seen my bag?
I haven't seen it
Excuse me
You came to get your bag?
It's with you?
Hold on
Here you go
What about my wallet?
He only left this for you
When did he check out?
Early this morning
Can I use your phone?
Sure. It's over there
You have to dial 9
I can find you a ride back to Bangkok
But you'll have to wait
Can I use your phone again?
Give some to your little sister
Come on
Thank you
Can I go to the bathroom? I'll be quick
It's right here! We're here!
When Sa was born
It was such a hard birth
So hard
Her dad said
"It's definitely a boy"
"It's clearly a boy"
She came out
He said, "I don't want Sa"
"No more!"
"I only get girls"
"So many girls"
"Just girls"
Her grandmother said
"I'll find another for you"
It's good enough that she came out
She asked us if we wanted a different baby
I said no
How could we exchange her? My daughter
No matter what, she is mine
How could I exchange her?
When Sa was a kid
Before she was in school
Before she could put her own clothes on
She played in the water
while we worked the fields
When she started school
We planted melons and
she played in the river
I took her fishing too
We went every day to tend to our melons
We would all water them together
I did't know what the future would hold
We would go fishing. And afterwards
We would picnic together
"Dad's going to take you
fishing" I would say to her
One day
We got two fish each a kilo heavy!
The whole family would fish by this river
You look tired
It's crowded
- What are you doing?
- Cutting pork for a stir-fry.
How are you?
- Have you had many customers?
- Yes.
You don't look well / My legs hurt!
You walk around too much
My heels are too high!
Oh, really?
What's that?
Fried chicken
- Isn't it hot?
- Very hot.
There's no wind and it won't rain
No rain?
That looks good
Oh! Did you buy new shoes?
They were on sale at the
market so I bought them
Do you want a pair? I'll buy them for you
- I can't. I'd die if I wear them.
- Sa, here's some water
Thanks Koh
Are you going down?
- Why?
- I have something for you.
Can you take these down for me?
Of course
You look sexy today
Look at you! So sexy
Take these down
See you / Bye
You know, I don't think he ever loved her
What could she do?
She was just his mistress
But I felt so sorry for her
I cried my eyes out in the end
What else could she do? She had no choice
But she also deserved it
I felt sorry for her
but it was her fault too
Do you want more mango?
No thanks. I have a stomach ache
Sa, is your skin darker?
Not really
Sa went to the beach
Who did you go with?
That's private. Don't ask her about it
Where did you stay?
Hey, you girls!
You're always in everyone's business
What did you do?
Numbers 8, 2, and 14, you have guests!
I'm going / See you later, ok?
I'll be there in a bit
Hurry up now! Numbers 2, 8, and 14
I'll pick you up after work. OK?
Here's a fish ball
Do you want another one?
No. I'm full
Good, let's go
Can we pay please?
You're not taking me home tonight
You had me drive over
here at 4am for noodles?
That's right
Are you sure you want to go home alone?
Taxis are scarier than me
That's not true!
Can I have some snack money?
That was quick
You should be fat by now
with all the snack money I give you!
Thank you
Sa / What?
Don't spend it all on snack money
Come on
Watch out for this one!
"Do you miss home?"
I miss home? very much
When I'm home
All I want to do is sleep
I never want to wake up
"If you didn't come to Bangkok?."
"What would your life be like?"
If I hadn't come to Bangkok?
What would my life be like?
I'd be working in the
rubber plantation at home
I'd work to help my mom
If I hadn't come to Bangkok
I mean, If I stayed home?
I'd be a typical girl
Working at home
Helping my mom harvest rubber
I would harvest rubber?
Harvest rubber and work in the rice fields
I wouldn't be anything special
At home I wouldn't have gone to school
My mom didn't have money
for me to go to school
So I would just stay home
and work in the orchard and rice field
"Do you have a boyfriend?"
Sometimes he makes me
feel like I'm not his girlfriend
I'm not sure how it will end
I can't expect him to be perfect
I'm not perfect
Some people might say
we were made for each other
Can I have papaya salad with crab and fish?
Not too spicy
Hi mom
Sa, what are you doing?
It's dirty in Bangkok
Have you eaten?
I've eaten. What about you?
I'm cooking fish with chilli paste
You're eating fish?
How is everyone else?
Your uncle just won forty
thousand baht in the lottery!
Wow! Forty thousand!
Did you win anything, mom?
I'm unlucky this year
so I didn't buy a ticket
Have you taken dad to the hospital?
Mom, have you taken dad to the hospital?!
Not yet. I can take him later
I'll send you some money
Sa, Will you send me ten thousand?
I need to buy more fertilizer
If I send you ten thousand
You need to take dad to the hospital, OK?
When are you coming home?
I'll be back soon
How's the factory?
It's fine
Come home when you can, OK?
I came to Bangkok to find money
I'll go home when I have enough money
"When will you know it's enough?"
When I've made something for myself
"Are you taking anything
back for your mom?"
I'm going shopping for her
I'll buy her some fabric
And I'm bringing her money
Here is my house!
This way!
We're here
Let's get off here first,
and then we'll go to the other house
My mom should be home
"And your dad?"
He is always here
"Does your dog bite?"
No, he doesn't
"The rain is about to come"
- Such a tease!
- Come on.
How so?
Can I have some money?
All you want is money when you see me!
This is my mother's sister
Don't they look alike?
How many sisters?
Three sisters?
Three girls
Hi Dad
Are we going to see the doctor tomorrow?
Hurry up. Are you coming?
Come over to this side! This side!
You're late!
Come over to this side! Hurry!
When I was younger
I didn't have to worry about anything
I just played
I had so much fun. I was happy
Just to play
I played with my friends.
We played in the forest
Back then there was
a forest all around the village
I miss that time
When I was a kid
Why are you so skinny?
I'm not enjoying my meals
Why don't you get some shots of medicine?
Shots for what?
Why do you look so pale?
I haven't been outside in the sun
Dad watch your step
Watch out, watch out
There's a step here
- Should I sit down?
- Not yet! Step first.
You're going to sit there?
Dad, take your shirt off
Where else have you gotten care?
- Dad, where have you gone?
- In Fao Rai.
Let's put your shirt on
Have you put any medicine on it?
I used some medicine that a doctor gave me
But it doesn't help
I still have the medicine
I've been meaning to throw it away
It's useless
Where did you get it?
Don't get into a fight with anyone at work
Remember to stay peaceful
Use the Dharma
There are many Dharma books!
Read them
I don't have time to teach you
You only come to us when you are suffering
When you are happy you just
skip, skip, skip, skip
When you are troubled
you come to me and ask?
"Oh! What should I do? He dumped me!"
Let's see? Oh! You look young
That's so orange / You look so young!
This doesn't match my skin
It's beautiful!
It definitely matches
Come closer
We need to put more on
Let's see auntie
Don't wrinkle you face!
Let's get auntie detox injections
?Botox injections
Turn this way. I can't see your face
What is that injection? The one that
- Tightens your face?
- Yes, that one.
Five injections should it
That's crazy. She is beautiful
She looks young
It would get rid of her crow's feet
She doesn't need injections.
She is naturally beautiful
Uncle couldn't be more in love with you
Do you remember when he
locked you in the house?
"Let me out!
Open the door!" You were shouting
He did it because you were so drunk
And then you went to the
new year celebrations
You wanted to have fun.
But uncle didn't like it
You can't buy this in town!
- Are you sure?
- This is one of a kind.
What are you working on uncle?
Uncle! She's asking you
What is that baby?
Do you see the dinosaur?
That's a strange dinosaur
A mutant dinosaur
A mutant dinosaur!
Pull it! Pull it! Pull it!
You aren't picky!
Of course not!
Your ear may be too small though
Sa is like my daughter
She is cultured
Even though she is successful
She doesn't forget her village
I miss her
I love her
When we give money to the temple
She always gives more than others
I have relatives in Bangkok
who give ten thousand baht
Sa gives fifteen,
sixteen or twenty thousand baht
May you have a long and
prosperous life / Thank you!
There are no birds out today
It's so cool out
It will be cold out tonight
I dreamt that there was a flood
The water rushed towards me
So much water
A child was being swept along by the water
I ran to her and picked her up
And then I ran away
Water came rushing after me
While I was running I
saw my mother and father
They were dressed in white
They were surrounded
by a crowd of people all dressed in white
They were all floating in
the air high in the sky
I felt their eyes watching me
I ran and ran?
Then I saw a giant snake
It slithered towards me
And then I woke up
My heels are giving me blisters
Don't you smell like the
kitchen to the guests?
No one's ever mentioned it
Doesn't mean they aren't thinking it!
Oh! It's so hot!
Let's go to the roof
I love this cool wind!
Koh! What are you doing up here?
I'm grilling fish, Auntie
To have with chili paste
Sa, do you want some?
You know fish is my favorite!
I'll take over. Koh go get some plates
This fire is too hot
How many years have you
lived in Bangkok Auntie?
Twenty years now. I'm an old woman
That's a long time
I'm tired
Sa! Sa!
OK! OK! I'll be right down!
Auntie I have to go. I'll be back
- Sa, you're leaving?
- Yep!
I'll save some for you!
You know she doesn't like you, right?
I know, Auntie
Hand over those plates
Can you come sit with me?
Just tell the host inside
Have you eaten?
I want papaya salad
- Hungry?
- Yes
Then order some
You didn't bring me any? Why not?
They don't serve it here?
Your beard is getting thick
Do you want me to shave it?
Do you want to shave it?
- Will you shave it?
- If you want me to
I guess I could?
Who is your manager?
That's her. Over there
Does she get commission from you?
Why are you asking me that?
Just in case I want to start my own place
Now you're being funny
I'll make you the manager
I don't want that
How old were you
when you came to Bangkok?
And how about now?
Twenty Three
Twenty Three?
What did you do before?
I worked in a factory
Do you know any factory girls?
"I'm a girl from Khon Kaen"
That's not it. I was a factory girl!
- What kind of factory?
- A cake factory
- Really?
- Have you ever had cake?
Does this mean you can make me a cake?
Not really
Why not?
I wasn't making cakes
- So what did they have you do?
- Crack eggs.
- You cracked eggs?
- Why are you laughing?
You were such a specialist / Really?
I can show you how it's done
crack! crack! crack!
There's a lot of technique involved?
Let's not talk about my job
Let's listen to the music
What song is she singing?
I don't know
Does she have a good voice?
Why don't you go on stage and sing?
- What's that for?
- My singing fee.
Go sing first.
I'll pay if you're good
I'm confident
I sound good
Come on!
Can you take my picture?
Give me your camera
How does it look? Too stretched?
I'm just teasing you
Do you want to take it again?
It's ok!
Where did you play
when you were young?
I played in the river by my house
In the canal?
No wonder you have such fair skin
Come on, Ton!
- Why do you have to put it that way?
- I'm just teasing you.
Like you're SO light skinned
Let's compare
Your son is really cute
What is his name?
Is he mischievous?
He's a handfull
He loves the games here
I didn't know you had a son
Go ahead
How are your parents?
Their health isn't great
They are being monitored
Who did you come here with?
I came by myself
You came here by yourself?
That's surprising!
I was free today so
I decided to come walk around here
What are you doing?
Are you drunk?
Can you come pick me up?
No way
I'm here
Why did you come?
I have to go to work
Why don't you quit?
I'll take care of you
I think that
I have good qualities
I work hard
I'm a good person
I'm optimistic
Women who have never been to Bangkok
And who come here to work
We must adjust and adapt to the city
Even through our tears
Experience has taught me
That wherever I work
Whenever I think I can't make it
I have to remember that it will pass
And it will pass eventually
What do I want to be?
You mean if I were to dream?
I've come far from home
Just a girl in the night
Surrounded by strangers
Taunting me with their songs
A karaoke girl for your pleasure
For everyone's pleasure
But my own
I have no choice
It doesn't end
I feel their hands
night after night
Our eyes meet
I shy away
Just a girl of the night
I am only your tonight
Not your forever
Playful love
Meaningless lies
One long night is only a moment
How does a karaoke girl find love?
Real love
True love
Who will see me?
Who will love me?
But one day
One day
I will break free
And make a new life
One so beautiful, pure, and light
I will find someone
Real love, true love
I will leave this bar
this karaoke girl
But one day
One day
I will break free
And make a new life
One so beautiful, pure, and light
I will find someone
Real love, true love
I will leave this bar
This Karaoke Girl