Karate Kid, The (2010) Movie Script

Dre, you ready?
- Yeah, one second.
- Almost forgot.
Dre, I am so excited.
It's like we're brave pioneers on a quest
to start a new life in a magical new land.
You could say that.
Okay. All right, let's go.
And don't forget to use the bathroom.
I know, I know, I know, I know.
Okay, okay.
I just got my hair done.
Okay, be very careful with that. Okay.
- I'll see you later, Uncle Charlie.
- I love you.
Come on, Dre, we can't miss this plane!
Bye. See you later, Dre.
Bye, guys. We're gonna miss you.
Naw, man, it's yours.
Come on, Dre, just take it.
Thanks, man.
Okay, Dre, come on, we have to go.
Okay, bye, guys!
We'll call as soon as we land!
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to flight...
- You got it?
- Yeah.
... with service to Beijing.
Dre, look. We're already on lesson 10.
How are you?
Remember what that one is?
Dre, you're killing me.
Mom, look, in China, everything is old.
There's old houses, old parks, old people.
Look. This guy is at least 400 years old.
Dre, please focus, okay?
What's your name?
You need to practice.
- Yeah, you need to try it.
- No, Mom.
- Yes, Dre. Dre.
- Mom.
Ask him. Go ahead.
Ask him, "What's your name?"
And "How are you?"
Do it now.
Dude, I'm from Detroit.
What's up?
Our flight time will be 13 hours
and 30 minutes.
We will be serving dinner and breakfast.
She said to meet her at number five.
What is that?
Mrs. Packer?
- Hi.
- Hi.
It's "Parker."
Apologies, Mrs. Parker. Welcome to Beijing.
And this is your electricity card. Same thing.
You think you might have one in English?
Look! There's Olympic Village!
Isn't it beautiful?
I guess there's
nothing old in China, huh, Dre?
Look at that, Dre. Beverly Hills.
We always talked about living there, huh?
But I think we were talking about
the other one, Mom.
I got a good feeling about this.
Oh, yeah.
You must be the new dude in 305. I'm Harry.
Hey. What's up? I'm Dre.
- Here, let me help you.
- Thanks, man.
So how come you guys
are moving to China?
My mom got transferred.
Passport, please. Thank you.
- She works at the car factory.
- Okay.
Can you please explain this electricity card?
Because we don't have these in America.
Know any Chinese?
This is China. Might not be a bad idea.
That's our park. You should come.
Look at you, making friends already.
- Hi, I'm Dre's mother.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
You can call me Miss Sherry.
- I'm Harry.
- Hi, Harry.
So I guess I'll see you later, then?
- Maybe.
- Okay, cool. See ya.
Okay, this is your rental agreement
in English.
So the landlady is Mrs. Wang.
Her English is not good.
But if something goes wrong,
you go to Mr. Han. His English is very good.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- So welcome to Beijing, Mrs. Parker.
- Thank you.
- So I'll see you tomorrow, okay?
- Okay, sure. Thank you!
Wait, wait.
You mentioned something
about going to the police...
Wow, this is perfect, Dre.
Everything we need is in walking distance.
You know what?
We could have lunch together every day
at your school if you wanted to.
Negative. Not a chance.
Dre, we are not doing this in Beijing.
Dre, pick up yourjacket.
Mom, I'm tired, okay? I have airplane lag.
It's jet lag.
I know, baby, I got it, too.
But we can't go to sleep.
'Cause then we'll be up at 2:00 a.m.
And you have school tomorrow.
Dre! Can you please
go find the maintenance man?
I need to take a shower
- and the hot water's broken!
- Yeah!
Excuse me.
I'm looking for the maintenance man.
Mr. Han?
Mr. Han?
We just moved into 305.
Hot water's not working.
No hot agua.
Looking for Mr. Han.
Mr. Han?
Me and my mom, we just moved in. 305.
The hot water's not working.
Mr. Han?
Or I could just come back another time.
Or you could just show me how to do it
so I could get outta your hair.
That's nasty.
I'm gonna go throw up.
In 305, where the hot water's not working.
I think he's busy.
Hey, man, you made it. Welcome.
- You play, right?
- Yeah.
Come on.
- Okay, it's us three against them four.
- All right.
All right.
Good job, good job.
Sub! Sub!
My shooting hand has got some jet lag,
so I'm gonna just...
You want this?
You want me to play?
You know I have no problem
beating old people.
Back where I come from,
they call me Ping Pong Dre, all right?
I'm gonna take it easy on you.
Come on, man. I'm 12.
He's really good.
I've never seen him lose to anybody.
Dude. Are you gonna talk to her or what?
- To who?
- To her.
- The girl you've been staring at.
- I wasn't staring at her, dude.
Yeah, you were.
You should go talk to her.
Unless you're scared.
I'm not scared of anything.
Then do it. Go. Come on.
Cool. Right now.
What's up?
I forgot, no English.
What language was that?
You speak English?
Me, too.
So, what are you listening to?
Bach. I listen to them all the time.
They're tight.
Wait, you ever heard of this?
Oh, yeah, you like that, huh? Wait.
Wait, whoa. It's going over here.
It's going below. Wait, wait.
- It's coming back.
- May I touch your hair?
You wanna touch my hair?
You should be practicing.
I am practicing.
What you're doing you won't need these.
What's your problem?
Leave it.
Come on, dude!
I said leave it!
Go get him.
Go, go, go!
Still want to fight?
- Are you okay? Let me help.
- Just leave me alone. I'm fine.
- Dre.
- Dude, leave me alone.
Dre, are you ready?
'Cause we gotta be there in like 20 minutes.
I know, Mom.
And you have your uniform on, right?
Yes, Mom.
Don't wanna break any rules on the first day.
Okay. Come on. Waiting for you.
You know, you don't have to come in.
I mean, I can handle it.
Dre, don't be silly. It's your first day.
Plus, we both have to meet
the assistant principal, Mrs. Po.
I can find her.
And you need to get to work, right?
- Are you trying to get rid of me?
- No, Mom.
Mrs. Po?
Hi, Mrs. Po.
Ms. Parker. We've been waiting.
I am so sorry we're late.
We just flew in from Detroit last night.
This is my son, Dre.
- Hello.
- Hi.
We only wear uniforms on Uniform Day.
That's my fault.
I didn't have a chance
to read the school packet you sent me.
We'll be better tomorrow. Yeah.
And hats are not permitted.
Yeah, I should have read up
on the dress code.
Dre, is that makeup?
What is that?
Mom, I ran into a pole.
No, you have a black eye.
You got into a fight?
Fighting's not tolerated here.
You heard him, he ran into a pole.
Come here, Dre.
- Mom, don't start.
- Who did it?
Nobody, Mom. I ran into a pole.
And I didn't tell you 'cause I knew
you would act like this.
Dre, you know I don't play that.
Somebody hit my baby, I will tear through...
I know, Mom.
That's why I don't tell you stuff.
- Just relax. I just ran into a pole.
- Yeah, yeah, you ran into a pole.
All right, Dre. All right, all right.
Look, go to class.
Go to class, but we will talk about this later.
- Okay? All right. Go.
- Okay.
I love you.
I said I love you.
Okay, I love you, too.
Okay, have a good day.
- Hi.
- Hey.
You know, we only wear our uniforms
on Uniform Day.
Oh, yeah. I so got that one.
I'm Mei Ying.
I'm Dre.
Sorry about Cheng.
So that's his name.
Is he your boyfriend?
Our parents are very close.
Well, he definitely likes you.
I have to go practice.
You eat and practice at the same time?
But my mom says if you eat standing up,
it gives you gas.
You're funny.
- Come on, dude!
- Mr. Parker! Stop it!
He just slammed the tray all over me!
Whatever he's saying, he is lying!
Mr. Parker, go.
Mr. Cheng, go.
I hate this place!
Four. Five.
Nine. Ten.
Come to fix hot water.
It's in there.
Did you just hit me in my neck
with a toothpaste cap?
Hot water fine.
Flip switch.
Wait half hour. Take shower.
Flip switch off.
Why don't you just leave it on?
- You leave on in America?
- We don't have a switch in America.
Get switch. Save planet.
What happened to eye?
I ran into a pole.
Interesting pole.
- Dre? I'm back.
- That's my mom.
And the door handle's messed up.
- Are you ready for school?
- Yeah!
Hey, let me help you.
They have your favorite cereal here.
I found it.
For the one hundredth time,
can you please pick up yourjacket?
- One second, Mom.
- No!
Not in one second. Now.
This program's about to be over.
- Give me two minutes.
- Dre, I don't care!
Come pick it up now!
God, how many times do I have to ask you?
- That's right, make it happen.
- What's it with you and this jacket?
- I'm sorry, what was that?
- Nothing.
Okay, just what I thought. Nothing.
Thank you.
From the top again.
Okay. That's enough, please.
You're rushing it.
You must play the pauses.
Do you know how important this is
for your family?
What it'll mean for your life?
We have to work this weekend.
I'm calling your father.
Well, continue.
How'd that sound?
Almost like Chinese.
Yeah, I'm fluent.
And I don't know
what that guy was talking about.
I thought you sounded great.
Thank you.
So are you practicing for anything?
Like a show or...
Yes. I have an audition next month
for the Beijing Academy of Music.
Beijing Academy of Music.
Sounds important.
You know,
their initials spell "BAM."
Yeah. Yeah.
Gotta go.
Can I touch your hair?
Gonna do something?
Just stay away from us.
All of us.
Dre, are you asleep?
Hey, can you sign this?
You're going to the Forbidden City?
I think it's funny that you have to get
my permission to go to the Forbidden City.
I got pull in Beijing.
That's not funny, Mom.
Cut it out, grumpy.
I'm serious, Dre, this ice cream,
I don't know what they do to it,
but it's more flavor-istic.
Mom, this is you.
"Oh, my goodness,
this ice cream here is so good,
"and everything in China is
so much better than everything else..."
Mom, come on!
First of all, I don't sound like that,
and I don't move all like that.
We should've got you some ice cream,
it's really good.
- Mom, Mom, come on.
- Dre.
- Mom, come on!
- Wait!
Wait for me, Dre. Wait.
Mom, come on.
- Dre, wait!
- Stop!
- Wait, wait!
- Mom!
Boy, you gonna get a nut
for running from me.
Kung fu.
What do you learn here?
No Weakness! No Pain! No Mercy!
What do you learn here?
No Weakness! No Pain! No Mercy!
Hi, precious.
- Mom. Mom, come on, let's go.
- What? What? Dre, we just got here.
Come on, Mom.
Dre, what's going on?
Dre, what happened? What happened?
Something happened.
What, you don't like that karate class, baby?
It's not karate, Mom.
Okay, all right. Karate, kung fu, whatever.
Dre, what happened?
We moved to China!
That's what happened!
Okay, stop.
Don't be like that, Dre.
What do you want me to do?
We've been here less than a week
- and I feel...
- I feel like it's a year!
I hate it here!
Dre, please let me help you.
I can't help you if you don't tell me
what's wrong, so please...
You don't care what's wrong!
All you care about is "how happy I am"
and "how great the ice cream is"!
Well, I'm not happy!
I hate it here!
I wanna go home!
Dre, we can't go home. Okay?
There is nothing left for us in Detroit.
This is what we got.
This is home.
Hi, guys. Gather around here.
As the emperor was considered to be divine,
no mere mortal was permitted access.
Hence the name
the Forbidden City.
You touch them for good luck.
- I wish someone would just...
- Yeah, me too.
- Just tell someone.
- Yeah, I got it.
Thanks a lot.
The floors of the palace were reinforced
with brick 15 layers deep
to prevent anyone from tunneling in.
Even if an outsider managed to get in...
- Mr. Parker?
- Yes?
Is everything okay?
Yes, thank you.
You're fast.
Not fast enough.
He's had enough.
Don't you remember what we learned?
No weakness! No pain!
No mercy!
Cheng, stop!
Go home.
Come on.
What's up with the light bulbs, Mr. Han?
I thought you were just a maintenance man.
You think only with your eyes,
so you are easy to fool.
It doesn't hurt.
Ancient Chinese healing.
How'd you do that out there?
You, like, didn't even punch them.
They beat each other up.
When fighting angry, blind men,
best to just stay out of the way.
So where'd you learn kung fu?
From father.
Have you ever taught anybody?
Would you?
- Depends.
- On what?
What about to kick somebody's ass?
Best fights are the ones we avoid.
What if I wanna avoid
getting my ass kicked?
Stop saying "ass."
Kung fu is for knowledge, defense.
Not to make war, but create peace.
That's definitely not what they're taught.
No such thing as bad students,
only bad teacher.
Oh, that's great.
Well, I guess we'll just stroll in their school
and talk to their teacher.
- Good idea.
- No, bad idea.
If I go in there, I'll get my ass kick...
I'll get beat up.
You'll get beat up anyway.
Will you go with me?
No, sorry.
But you said it was a good idea.
For you. Bad idea for me.
Come on, it's not like you're super busy
or anything, and I don't even speak Chinese.
Very sorry.
All right, whatever.
What are you doing?
Why did you stop?
Come here!
Okay, Mr. Han, let's get outta here.
We do not stop when our enemy is down.
No mercy...
No mercy in the studio...
No mercy in competition...
No mercy in life!
Our enemies deserve pain.
What are you looking at?
He's the one that attacked me.
We are here to make peace.
Let your little thing mind himself.
One to one, no problem...
...six to one, too much to ask of anyone.
I see...
Prepare for match.
Whoa. Mr. Han, does he want us to fight?
We are not here to fight.
You attack my students
and disrespect my studio?!
You want to leave? Not so easy!
Master Li...
You both came here.
One of you fights now.
The boy will fight there.
We accept your challenge.
Please instruct your students
to leave my boy alone to train.
From now on, this little thing
is to be left alone...
...until the tournament.
If he does not show up for the competition...
...I will bring pain to him and to you.
So, that go pretty much how you planned it?
There's good news and bad news.
Good news is
they promise to leave you alone.
While you prepare.
Prepare for what?
You'll fight them all one-on-one.
So the bad news is
now they get to beat me up in public.
Great. Thanks. Thanks a lot.
They're gonna kill me.
You saw their kung fu.
That's not kung fu.
That's a bad man
teach them very bad things.
Well, that bad man
teaching very bad things hurt. A lot.
More good news.
I will teach you real kung fu.
See you later, Mom.
Hey, wait.
This is early for you for a Saturday.
- Mr. Han's teaching me kung fu.
- The maintenance man?
It's China, Mom. Everybody knows kung fu.
Dre, you know how I feel about you fighting.
Kung fu's not about fighting, Mom.
It's about making peace with your enemies.
- Be careful, Dre.
- Okay.
Mr. Han?
Back here.
You know, you have a car
in your living room, Mr. Han.
Okay, I was thinking about yesterday.
I know that I was kind of freaking out
about the tournament,
but I realized something last night.
I'm an athlete.
My number one asset is I'm fast, okay?
I'm quick, all right? I'm quick. Got speed.
Cat speed.
See? I'm quick, yeah?
See, and I used to take gymnastics at PAL.
That's the Police Athletic League,
so check it, right?
Boom! You see that?
Boom! You see that? Yeah.
See, my Uncle Remy used to date
this Brazilian girl.
And he learned jiu jitsu,
and he taught some of it to me.
And it's like locks and holds and stuff.
So, okay, attack me.
Right here.
See that? Feel that?
I could break it. I'm choosing not to.
It's a pressure lock. Dangerous.
And he also taught me capoeira, so...
You can't touch me, you can't...
That antique?
Pick up yourjacket.
So, basically, Mr. Han,
what I'm trying to say is
I've got a good foundation here.
You know, like I said, I'm just...
Might not be as hard to teach me
as other people, you know?
Hang it up.
All right, but now...
Take it down.
But you just...
Take it down.
Put it on.
Take it off.
- I already did all this.
- Take it off.
- Can you just tell me why I'm doing this?
- Take it off.
Hang it up.
Take it down.
Put it on the ground.
Pick it up.
Hang up.
Take it down.
Put it on.
Take it off.
Put it on the ground.
Pick it up.
Hang it up.
Take it down.
Put it on.
Take it off.
Hang it up.
Mr. Han?
Why do you have a car in your living room?
No street parking.
So how did it go?
What'd you learn?
Uniform on Uniform Day.
You are fighting in the tournament.
Yeah. How did you hear?
Everybody knows.
I hope you have a good teacher.
Yeah, me too.
He's a maintenance man.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Yes.
Well, I know that you're practicing,
and I think I'm practicing.
I mean, I don't know what I'm doing.
But we're both kind of practicing,
you know, and...
Are you going to the Qi Xi Festival?
Yeah, I mean, I haven't missed
a Shi Vi festival since I've been in China.
Go to the Shadow Theater.
Okay. Want me to meet you?
So, like, Shadow Theater. Okay.
Chi Fi Shi Festival, Shadow Theater.
Okay, cool.
- Okay.
- When is it again?
Tomorrow. Show starts at 7:00.
Okay, so tomorrow, Shadow Theater,
Shi Shi Festival, at 7:00.
See you tomorrow.
Ki Shi Festival.
Shi Shi Festival.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Mr. Han.
Mr. Han!
- May I come in?
- You may come in.
Where's yourjacket?
I thought... I was warm enough without it.
Go get it.
Want me to go all the way back
just to get it?
Yes. All the way back where you hide it.
It's not right.
What? I'm doing it.
Something is missing.
Nothing's missing.
You forgot this.
Jacket off.
Yes. That's it.
Okay, Mr. Han, I get it. I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have treated my mom like that.
You were right.
Put it on the ground.
Oh, hey, Mom.
Did you get the tickets?
Yes, I got the tickets.
And I got an extra one for Mr. Han.
- But I didn't say you...
- Dre, stop it.
Mr. Han, would you like to go
with us to the Shi Shi Festival?
No, thank you.
Too many people.
Yeah, Mom, way too many people.
Yeah, but I already bought the tickets.
- I don't go.
- Mr. Han, I'm not taking no for an answer.
You'll have fun.
You need to get out of the house, okay?
Here are your clothes, Dre.
Come on, hurry up and change.
Pick up yourjacket!
You were right, Mr. Han.
There are a lot of people here.
Chinese Valentine's Day.
This is beautiful.
- Yeah. Mom?
- Yeah?
I'm gonna go get something to eat,
and then I'm gonna go to the bathroom.
Be back right here in 20 minutes.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- I love you.
- I love you, too. Be careful.
Twenty minutes.
- Twenty!
- Okay.
So what's the origin of this festival again?
I know everything you do here
has a meaning.
Well, I got this and this for you.
I downloaded this.
And there's this girl,
she has some really cool violin stuff,
and I thought maybe
you could play along and...
It's not like Bach and them,
but I thought maybe you'd like it and...
So do you have any kids?
Well, how's Dre doing?
Xiao Dre making progress.
Xiao Dre?
Yeah. Chinese for "little."
So how many students do you have?
- Including Xiao Dre?
- Yeah.
So, what's this show about?
It's a story of the goddess
and the boy she loves.
I love this story.
Her mother does not approve of him.
So she cuts a wide river in the sky
to separate them forever.
But once a year,
all the birds in the sky
feel sad for them and they form a bridge
so the two of them
may be together for a single night.
I'll be there at your audition
if you come to my tournament.
Okay. I'll be there.
Pinky swear?
See, you wrap your hands like this.
I swear that I'll be there at your audition,
no matter what happens.
And I promise to cheer bigger
than anyone else when you win.
What up, Mr. Han?
Did I say "come in"?
I think you did. I mean...
Mr. Han, can I please come in?
So, what are we doing today?
You know, Mr. Han, I told you.
I get it, okay?
Be respectful. I got it.
I put my jacket on a thousand times,
I took it off a thousand times!
Okay? This is stupid.
I'm done.
They can beat me up if they want to.
And you know why
you only have one student?
'Cause you don't know kung fu.
Xiao Dre!
Come here.
Jacket on.
- Mr. Han, I already...
- Jacket on.
Jacket on.
- I don't have a jacket now.
- Jacket on.
Be strong.
Jacket on.
Jacket off.
Remember, always strong.
Jacket off.
Left foot back.
Right foot back. Left foot back!
Pick up yourjacket!
- Whoo, Mr... Okay.
- Focus!
Always concentrate.
Left back.
Right foot back! Pick up yourjacket!
Pick up yourjacket.
Be strong. Hang it up.
Hang it up.
Hang up. And attitude.
Hang up, and attitude.
Harder! Harder!
But no face.
Jacket off!
Kung fu lives in everything we do, Xiao Dre.
It lives in how we put on a jacket,
how we take off the jacket.
And lives in how we treat people.
Everything is kung fu.
So why didn't we take the Scirocco?
I don't drive the Scirocco.
Do you have a license?
So you have a license and a car
and we're on a train?
Please be quiet.
I'm just saying.
Seems like
we could've saved a lot of money.
Don't you think?
Do you always ask this many questions?
I'm sorry.
So, what are we learning today?
Internal energy.
The essence of life.
It moves inside of us,
it flows through our bodies.
Give us power from within.
I get it.
Like The Force in Star Wars.
You're Yoda and I'm like...
I'm like a Jedi.
Is this where you learned kung fu?
Everything good about me was born here.
Xiao Dre, you can leave your backpack
and skateboard here.
So where we going?
We journey to the top of the mountain.
Drink from the Dragon Well.
Dragon Well.
It's probably closer than it is
than looking at it.
Are we there yet?
How do you say "water" in Chinese?
I need some shui.
I'm really thirsty.
I'm thirsty, Mr. Han.
Water on top of the mountain.
Xiao Dre.
The journey is complete.
Is this the Dragon Well?
I stood here
with my father when I was your age.
He told me it's magic kung fu water.
You drink, and nothing can defeat you.
It's the best water I've ever tasted.
Did you see the lady with the snake?
She was doing the cobra thing.
She was, like, copying the snake,
and it was, like, right here.
And she was like...
You did not watch closely enough, Xiao Dre.
The snake was copying the woman.
I don't get it.
What do you see?
Well, my reflection.
Now what do you see?
- It's blurry.
- Yes.
The woman was like still water.
Quiet, calm.
In here and in here.
So, the snake reflects her action,
like still water.
- Like a mirror.
- Yes.
So she controlled a snake by doing nothing?
Being still and doing nothing
are two very different things.
- She used her chi on that snake, didn't she?
- Very good.
You've got to teach me that,
like, how to control people.
There's only one person
you need to learn how to control.
Empty your mind.
Flow with my movement.
Connect to the energy around you.
I kind ofjust want to learn the cobra thing.
Cobra takes a lifetime.
Requires great focus.
But I have great focus.
Oh, my God. Mr. Han?
Your focus needs more focus.
Mr. Han?
Thank you, Mr. Han.
There is no such thing
as fortune cookies in China?
Dre, please be careful crossing the street.
You scared the life out of me the other day.
Pedestrians do not have the right-of-way.
And the symbols. I can't get
the symbols right on the bathrooms.
I stay walking into the men's restroom.
The other day I walked in,
there was this 90-year-old Chinese man.
He thought he was gonna get a little treat.
Dre, please stop that! You look crazy!
Here, eat your noodles.
Mr. Han, what's going on?
I can't...
Don't see it, feel it.
Damn it, Mr. Han!
I felt that one!
- Mr. Han!
- What?
Concentrate. Okay?
Okay. Do I get the stick now?
Turn. Kick.
- Dre, you okay?
- I'm okay!
So, Mr. Han,
what time we training tomorrow?
Xiao Dre, we are not training tomorrow.
Why not?
Means, "Too much something is not good."
You train a lot. You need rest.
A day off?
Yes, Mr. Han. Yes.
Xiao Dre needs to rest.
Yes, Mr. Han. You rest, too.
Love you, Mr. Han.
Are you okay?
My audition is tomorrow at 6:00.
But isn't that what
you've been practicing for?
Yes, of course.
Don't worry. You got it.
What if they don't pick me?
Mei Ying, wait!
Okay, first of all,
I'm gonna be there with you.
And B, all you have to do is
what your teacher says.
Play the pauses. It's easy, watch.
I have to practice.
I'm starting to think
you don't speak Chinese.
Too much-a good stuff is bad stuff?
Come on.
Where are we going?
- Dang, have you been to the gym?
- Wait, no!
- Come on, we're gonna go have some fun.
- I have to go! No!
Come on, I know you want
to go have some fun.
Okay, that's gonna give you
some serious gas.
Don't do it.
What do you see?
Now what do you see?
You go. Come on.
You're a dance machine.
That was pretty good.
Go ahead.
Here comes Round 2.
You're hot!
That's like American dancing.
Like, you should have a group...
...with, like, other people in it, and they're
dancing behind you, doing the same stuff.
The audition, it was changed to today.
- But they said it was tomorrow.
- Something happened.
It's in 20 minutes.
My father is coming to get me.
Excuse me. Sorry.
Excuse me, coming through!
Come on, come on.
Excuse me!
Hey, she's, like, totally gonna get in, right?
Because that was just great.
Hey, that was fantastic.
You played so beautifully and...
We can no longer be friends.
You are bad for my life.
See you at the tournament.
Don't be late for that.
Mr. Han!
We no train today.
What are you doing?
It's June 8th.
Why'd you break the car?
His name was Gong Gong.
Xiao Dre, how old are you?
He was 10.
He was so beautiful.
Her name was Zhang.
She was a singer.
Not professional.
She sang only for me.
What happened?
It was a steep hill.
Lots of rain.
The carjust...
I was driving.
We argue about something.
I was so angry.
I lost control.
I try to remember.
I cannot remember what we argue about.
I hope it was something important.
Every year,
I fix the car.
Still fix nothing.
Mr. Han.
Look at me.
One more.
Come here.
Win or lose, doesn't matter.
Fight hard.
Earn respect. Boys leave you alone.
Have present for you.
Mr. Han!
This is the one Bruce Lee had.
Thank you.
You have taught me
a very important lesson, Xiao Dre.
Life will knock us down.
But we can choose
whether or not to get back up.
You're the best friend I ever had, Mr. Han.
Wait, can you help me with something?
Is your dad home?
...my name is Dre Parker.
My actions have brought...
...dishonor to your family.
Your daughter
has been a great friend to me.
And from her, I have learned...
...that a true friend...
...is a person who makes your life better.
But, if you give me a second chance...
...I promise that I will be...
...the best friend your daughter has ever had.
That's it.
My daughter told me that she made
a promise to be at your tournament.
In our family, we do not break our promises.
Good luck.
Rock and roll.
Let the tournament begin!
We're up.
- What's that?
- Rulebook.
- You don't know the rules?
- Of course I know the rules.
Simple. You hit him, don't let him hit you.
What? Mr...
They're gonna kill me.
Two points to win.
Go. Hit him two times.
Focus, focus. Come on.
Come on, Dre!
That's a warning.
You cannot run out of the mat.
Next time, you lose a point.
Go. Hey, be strong.
Come on, Dre.
Good job. Next time, no face.
- I'm sorry, I can't help it.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Next point, winner.
Come on, baby!
That's right, baby!
Dre Parker advances to the semi-finals!
From now on, semi-final matches.
Three points to win.
Be kind of hot
if I won this thing, right, Mr. Han?
Be kind of hot if you focus.
Yeah, well, after that.
And now the first semi-final of the evening...
Next semi-final
introducing Fighting Dragon, Liang...
...and the surprise finalist, Dre Parker.
But, I can beat him.
I do not want him beaten.
I want him broken.
Empty your mind.
You're disqualified!
Be still. Xiao Dre.
You okay?
Don't move. Don't move.
He's done.
I'm sorry, you should not continue.
You've brought honor to your family.
Doctor says you did great.
You okay, baby?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Dre Parker has 2 minutes
to return to the match.
If he is unable to return...
...the Fighting Dragons win by default.
Can you guys give us a second?
Yeah, okay. Sure, baby, whatever you need.
Do you think I could have won?
Win or lose doesn't matter, Xiao Dre.
You know that's not what I mean.
Yes. I think you had a good chance.
So let's do the fiery cup thing.
You don't need to fight anymore.
You have proven everything
you need to prove.
What, that I can get beat up easy
and then quit?
That's not balance. That's not real kung fu.
You said that when life knocks you down,
you could choose
whether or not to get back up.
Well, I'm trying to get back up,
and why won't you help me?
Because I cannot watch you
get hurt anymore.
Please, Mr. Han.
Just tell me, Xiao Dre, why?
Why you need to
go back out there so badly?
Because I'm still scared.
No matter what happens,
tonight, when I leave,
I don't want to be scared anymore.
Since Dre Parker has not
returned to the ring...
Dre Parker will fight!
Xiao Dre.
Come on, Dre. You can do this, Dre.
You okay?
Yeah. I'm okay.
I want you...
...to break his leg.
No mercy.
The score is tied, the next point wins!
Can you continue?
Come on, Dre.
Finish him!
You won!
Dre! Dre!
I'm so proud of you!