Karate Kill (2016) Movie Script

The person you are trying to reach
is temporarily unavailable.
Please try again later
The person you are trying to reach
is temporarily unavailable.
Please try again later
Well, it is concerning you can't get
a hold of her for a whole month
How many part time jobs did you have?
For the money for Mayumi's study there
Four, including this one
Safe travels, kid
When you're back from Los Angeles,
come back here, alright?
I love your ass, yeah.
Who the hell are you?
Are you getting hard
looking at my girl's ass?
I'm going to whack the hell out of you
Answer my question
and I won't hurt you
Yes, yes
Is there a girl named Mayumi here?
Calm down now
Who the hell knows?!
Stop stop, I get it
I've heard that a girl used to live here
with the guy before me
Her name was Mayumi
Where is she now?
I don't fucking know!
OK, I get it, just stop...
I've heard she works at
a hostess club in Little Tokyo
The name of the club?
Hold on, it's in my phone
It sure is in my phone
My phone...
Who knows!?
The name of the club
Its name is "Secret Treasure"
Some crazy one might
be heading your way
Your mother and father are dead
I'm sorry...
but from now on
you only have each other
Hey he's throwing up again
My loyal customers, you see
Excuse me,
but we're already closed
I want to see a girl Mayumi
Is Mayumi the girl from that one time?
Shut it, idiot
Sorry sir
There's no Mayumi here at this club
If you could please leave, sir
Sorry, please go on
Please come back during our
business hours next time
Bye now
Do you know Mayumi?
Are you deaf? Huh?
I don't know Mayumi, and even if I did,
I wouldn't tell you
Don't fuck with me!
What do you mean "that one time"?
That's it, asshole
We're paying to enjoy our drinks
Leave us alone!
Don't let him leave here alive!
Oh my god
What the hell is going on
This club was marked by some nasty guys
and they attacked us
Nasty guys?
They stream crazy videos online
These drunks
They like to say random shit
How annoying
Pretty good
A Karate fighter doesn't like
to fight with a swordsman, right?
The distance you keep is
completely different
I've never seen a Karate like yours
What school is that?
Now I remember what Mayumi said
"My brother...
is completely nuts about Karate"
You'd be dead if this was a real sword
Damn it!
A real sword wouldn't break like this
Stop, stop!
Not my hair
I'll tell you everything!
Leave my hair alone, seriously
A lot of kids come to Hollywood,
wanting to be an actor
But what are the odds
if you got no visa and speak no English?
Most of them end up running back home
Back to Japan
Some stay, or wouldn't leave
Many of those kids find themselves
in a bad crowd, deep in drugs,
or worse...
Some face crimes or accidents
After all...
this country America is
one hell of a crazy place
She used to work here
I guess the money you were sending
wasn't enough
What happened?
Who are these people?
They're a gang called Capital Messiah
More like a mad cult group
I owe a hefty amount of money
to their leader, Vandenski
I couldn't pay back on time so
in return, they killed my staff
and took Mayumi and Kelly
What about the police?
Didn't call them
I am your only chance to get Mayumi back
Capital Messiah is
a group of crazy people
that streams real snuff films
for a high membership fee
Real footage of a murder
thanks to the Internet
you find tons of videos
of brutal accidents
But real murder footage...
They're still hot in the black market
Let me wash my face, will you?
Then I'll make a call
and ask them to let the girls go
It should be fine, I could probably
squeeze out half of my debt
Let me go wash my face
I told you this is a crazy country
Even a civilian can carry a gun
Don't move
or your head will explode into pieces
Your sister is in Hooper,
the middle of nowhere in Texas
soon to star in a snuff film
Good for her
She wanted to be a star,
didn't she?
I owe that psycho 700,000 dollars
If I can clear that off for two girls,
a kid, and your life
it's a bargain for me
I wish I'd met a good fighter like you
in a different situation
Capital Messiah
Kelly, hurry and untie me
Are you alright, Kelly?
Hurry, let's go!
Are you okay?
Let's move
To the car out front
I'm Keiko
I'm the only person who has
ran alive from Capital Messiah
My friend in LA told me
you were coming
Some crazy one
might be heading your way
Why did you save me?
Three days ago I snuck into
their hideout and snatched these
I think one of them is your sister...
I think one of them is hers
So I need to make some money
by your birthday, March 22nd
and I decided to work
at a hostess club
Sorry Kenji,
I know you'd be upset
But no one else would hire me
on a student visa
I hope you forgive me
Well, the pricey gift I'm trying to
get you for your birthday is
an invitation to come to America!
The thing is,
it's a tiny role but
I got cast for a theater play
in Hollywood
They liked me at the audition
I have to have you
come see this
So, to make enough money
to get you a plane ticket
Now I'm heading
to Little Tokyo again
You will save your sister
I will kill every single one
of the gang
So, wanna team up?
I came to Los Angeles to study English
But soon I got hooked on coke
Not the drinking coke,
but cocaine
I borrowed money from
Secret Treasure's manager
I couldn't pay back so
he sold me to Capital Messiah
I used to be in Japan
Self-Defense Force
I left when stupid politicians were
about to jump into a war
So I know how to use guns
I barely got away but
the woman called Simona is still alive
I couldn't even get the guy,
At any cost, I must finish Simona,
and their leader Vandenski
Then that douche at Secret Treasure
But there's so much I can do
I heard you're a great Karate master
To kill all in Capital Messiah,
I need your help
That comb-over douche is dead
You can forget about him
Teach me about guns
I want to figure out
how to fight against a gun
The first time I faced a gun,
I saw the muscle move
when it was triggered
I simply got lucky
Now, I need to learn it and
make it my own skill
Show me all the muscles for triggering
You better watch out!
I'll master Karate so I can protect you,
I promise
I'll master Karate so I can protect you,
I promise
I want to go to the States
and study acting
Now is our chance, hurry
The prison room is that way
Can you do the one nearby?
Look, there
The station for the guards
There are three now
I'll take care of them
When I fire,
go rescue Mayumi
Mayumi, Mayumi!
Over here
Good, she's on drugs
but not brainwashed yet
Hurry to the car
I've been hired by Vandenski
I have nothing against you
but I will cut you to death
Are you losing your cool, idiot?
What did I tell you?
"A real sword wouldn't break like this",
I said
Your knife-hand could break that sword
But I don't think so
if the sword was in motion
Make the sword still
Then maybe you can figure out the rest
Come on, try to kill me
I wish I could've let Keiko finish you
That one was for Keiko
You must die
I'll master Karate...
I promise
...master Karate, I promise you
I will... protect you
I'll master Karate so I can protect you,
I promise
and always