Karbala (2015) Movie Script

March 20th, 2003 the US lead international coalition
launched " lraqi Freedom , and toppled Saddam's regime.
After 28 days of operations, Hussein
and the army loyal to him ceased to exist.
Poland as one of the junior members of NATO sent
a 2,500 strong contingent of soldiers to Iraq.
Barn! Grenade!
Watch it! Throw it back!
What's this? Anger... OK.
Did you read the chapter
about relaxation yet?
There is this sentence in it:
Relax in the shower.
We went to the chaplain
and asked if he read that?
And if he did, whether he accepts it
and how are we supposed to do it?
And the chaplain says:
Son, I didn't read it
because I swapped it
with a raghead for a skin mag!"
- The chaplain said that?
- Yes. You can ask when we land.
Hey, maybe something from Arabian Nights?"
ls something up?
Galica! Couldn't get enough sand?
Why so pale Captain? The clab?
- Did you bring the clear booze for Easter?
- Colored.
Take care of the loading.
- Kisses from my old lady.
- Where?
Wherever you want.
Private Kamil Grad.
Assigned to recon company as medic...
Go see Corporal Malericzuk,
help him with the loading.
Fine, fine, you can report when you
buy me a round tonight.
Load this on the truck.
Waszczuk, aren't you going
to say Hi to your brother'?
What the fuck is he doing here?
Mother will say I convinced him to come.
- They didn't send the night vision goggles.
- But ifs calm'
Whafs with the photos?
They can sell it on eBay.
- Galica, you still owe me.
- Fuck, four'?
- Five.
- Here's five.
Next time I meet one with a camera,
I'll make him a deal.
Deal on what?
You fill out a report and sell il
before the contingent changes.
This crap is not worth sending back.
Hey, you're not going to rat on us, are
you? You don't have a cousin in CID?
Looked like you a little, snooping
around here. Hey.
So it's true?
He's family, look at that mug!
You know, when Fabisiak was coming
back from Chad, about family.
So, he's back from Chad, wants to
surprise the wife, comes home at night.
Sneaks into the bedroom and sees four
feet sticking out from under the blankets.
Two male and two female.
Grabs a barstool and starts fucking beating
on them. Beats them till he's tired.
Walks out and in the hallway, his
wife says: did you meet the in-laws, Dear'?
Family, man!
Nine oblock! Go, hit it!
Contact 11 o'clock! Get out!
Galica, get out! Can you make it?
- Can? see anything!
- Get out!
- They're on the other fucking side...
- Take position on the right. Covering fire!
- Fire from 8444944411444!
- Get the fuck out!
Heavy fire from 11! Suppressive fire!
Cover us!
Gunnefs hit! I got 8 oblock, 9!
Medic, here!
Get the wounded out!
Medic report!
Fire on 7, 8!
[I 90! 9]
- Fine, l'll go!
- L'll cover you!
7, 11 covered! No contact at 9!
Get the wounded out!
- Move your fucking ass!
- You go!
11, covered!
Igot10, 12. One down at 11:00!
9:00 o'clock is clear!
Get the wounded out!
Private, carry out the order!
Get the wounded out! Now!
- 11 o'clock is clear!
- Cover 9 and 10!
No contact at 9:00 oblock!
Contact at 11!
We got one wounded in Fourthfl
One from SecondDGa/ica.
Galica is dead.
Was there a situation like this in
the Army? Charges of cowardice?
It's a precedent.
Like our presence in Iraq.
Captain, we know in general
what happened today.
We're waiting for your report.
Your report will serve as a basis
for investigating the case,
of the soldier assigned to your company
as medic, Private...
Kamil Grad.
The circumstances were... difficult.
They were firing from a
number of directions.
But it was possible to carry out the order.
The medic was taking fire and he
should have carried out the order.
Do not speak for me, Lieutenant.
The report will be ready
by tomorrow, General.
You're my immediate superior,
I'd like to know...
The medios insubordination, according
to you, should not be mentioned, right?
It won't bring Galica back to life.
Ijust want you to know that in your
place I would have issued the same order.
Your situation assessment was accurate.
Would you get the wounded
out at that moment?
The commander gives the order and the
soldiers are to obey it.
We can't have pansies watching our
backs. They have to be eliminated.
And people need to know about it.
So now, theyTe making up for this holiday.
Fuck, Easter will be fucked.
Farid, why didn't you buy it?
I know you're forbidden, but we aren't.
So, how do you like Guantanamo?
Everybody likes to look when they
come here for the first time.
Private, go report to the Chief!
Yes, Sir.
At the request of Captain Kalicki,
the prosecution will accuse you
of not aiding a wounded man and of
refusal to obey an order.
How much time can I do for that?
Not aiding is article 166 of the
Penal Code up to 3 years of imprisonment.
Plus refusing to obey an order - article
343 of the Penal Code, up to 5 years.
Pl83$8 write YOUF statement.
I request to testify in the presence of my
superiors, I am entitled to that, right?
I will not be made into a scapegoat.
You can put yourtestimony in writing.
There's a recommendation
that you do not return to base with
the other soldiers but remain here.
Just don't treat this as
if it was jail, please.
Day before, there was shooting, yesterday
was the funeral. Today is a break.
How is the painting coming?
So, just pay for it.
Don't worry about it, that's why l'm here.
Ifs cheaper over here.
It cost 35 dollars to build the bomb
that blew up 10 Yanks yesterday.
I'm not trying to scare you but
you're whining about the price
of some frigging paint
and that is completely unimportant.
That's how I see it,
but I'm not whining.
well, tell the kids that...
No, don't tell them anything.
OK, see you. Bye.
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10... Fuck!
OK, shut it, let him concentrate.
- Sergeant, may I ask for the ball back?
- You call your brother Sergeant?
Ask me by name,
I have a name, don't I?
Man, I have a name.
Sergeant, may l'.
Ask for the ball back?
This is the Army, not a circus.
- You can't even stick up for yourself.
- Fuck off!
Wanna say something?
Fucking ball...
Why are you fucking with him like that?
We had a different deal.
He wasn't supposed to come.
Leave her alone!
- Don't have any.
- Give me one.
Whafs with the parade?
Big Brother has business.
What, is something up?
No idea.
Fuck that, we've got to
catch some sleep then.
Let's go with the boards.
Give me another one.
I need another one still.
And wrap it with tape all around.
Stop cutting, stop!
Stop here.
Ours or ragheads?
Ragheads I think.
Dismount to secure positions.
Roien, Tiny, you're with me.
Fuck, check it out.
Get out of here, now!
Lieutenant, make the shift change
then report.
- Bulgarians here?
- Yeah, they showed up an hour ago.
Their commandefs name is...
- I can't remember but it ends in -ov.
- All their names end in - ov.
- How many ragheads on duty?
- About ten stayed.
Is it calm?
Calm like in Karbala.
These Bulgarians are special ops.
They gave you commandos for body guards.
- We'll see you tomorrow in Lima.
- So long.
Not too long ago, I could
talk with you in Russian.
But, in the end, it doesn't matter.
Big Brothers code still stands.
Only the Brother has changed.
Officially, for 72 hours.
And unofficially?
Captain, Sir'? Some son
of fight downstairs.
Captain, he jumped Malehczuk and
started a brawl.
OK, enough.
Corporal Malericzuk, what happened?
Lieutenant Sobariski, to your duties.
And you go back to your cell.
Want them to lynch you?
Why me and not orderly Malericzuk?
The order to aid the wounded
was not for him?
Did anybody even ask him why he
did nothing then?
There was nothing we could do.
You want them to escort you by force?
until I leave,
please allow me to do my duties
as per my contract.
Last night I saw the local
policemen run away.
That officer, that one, he saw it too.
You're going to need all hands.
Give me a chance, please.
Escort the Private to Lima.
Great, its starting already.
Look at them.
What do we do?
Should we take them on? Orwhat?
- Drive slowly.
- They know they can fuck with us.
But until they start shooting,
all we can do is smile at them.
Keep going-
OK, get moving.
Enjoy Iraq, Private, you're getting
transferred to HQ in Babylon tomorrow.
Can't see
much from behind the walls there.
So there won't be many heroic tales
at dinner for you.
- One hero at home is plenty, huh?
- Fuck!
Guys come here because they
have mortgages.
Fucking 9l0W~
You're all fucked up in the head.
I don't know what you're
talking about, Sergeant.
When you call Mother,
you tell her how your brother
looked out for you. Fucking loser.
You think that when we tell you this
is not a beach, we mean fashion?
Private Minta thinks so. Get up.
Show us your arms.
It's nice and even here.
In the field, you will tear up your arms.
Thafs why we wear BDUs, not t-shins.
Lieutenant, thafs enough.
Walk the positions
upstairs, l'll stay here.
Yes, Sir.
Get yourself fixed up.
What are they doing?
How do you like the Middle East, gentlemen?
There is a guy in the street behind
you with a boom box.
He's got our frequency
and is listening in at the checkpoints.
Go back a block, tum left, then
right and go around.
But be cool. No hurry.
Take him out discretely and
then haul ass to Juliet.
- But our orders are to go to Lima.
- You might not make it.
Juliet is in the city and the Yanks are
nearby so it's relatively calm.
Good luck.
Reverse slowly.
Cover us. Let's go.
Tum this shit on, Roien!
Coyote 4, changeover in
15, whats your situation?
It's quiet, empty.
Whafs for dinner at Lima?
What? Learning Polish?
- Waszczuk, pick him up!
- I got him.
And where the fuck is he going?
Waszczuk! Get the fuck out of the way!
Jesus Mary, they ran Waszczuk over!
I'm going to fucking kill you!
Get him in the truck!
Hold position!
Fuck me! They blew up in the square!
Did you see that?
Waszczuk, fucking look at me.
Look at me, you hear me?
Look at me.
Fox 06, this is Fox 5, are
we going to get them, over?
- Commander, awaiting orders.
- I think they got our guys.
Fox 6 to all units, keep it together,
do not open fire without orders.
- Fox 06, over.
- That's our truck I think
Sons of bitches!
Fox 01, Fox 06, zero in on Waszczuk's
patrol on the Short Wave,
second Honker status, over!
This is Fox01, I copy.
Captain, you think its started?
Stay calm!
- Open fire?
- Do not open fire without orders!
We'll send our contact to the other side
to check the status of our missing.
D0 you think theyTe still alive?
You either make money on a soldier
or you use him as a living shield.
So either we negotiate their release or the
other side will bring them to you as shields.
Take care, Captain.
Keep your heads down!
Get down!
Don't open fire without orders!
Fire on the pickup!
Fire on the pickup!
Come with me!
They're retreating!
- Fox 06, this is Fox 04.
- Fox 06, over.
They're pulling back. The square is clear.
I see that. Over.
No casualties.
At daybreak, the enemy retreated.
Enemy casualties?
Between a dozen and a few dozen killed.
Fox 06 thank you.
You will be relieved as ordered.
Sir. We request to join the company.
But you just got back.
You got lucky, it started after your shift.
Thafs why we are asking to go back.
Majcherek will join you with two men.
Hold City Hall for 48 hours.
If it takes longer, l'll
start negotiations.
And what, will you surrender City Hall?
I don't want this to cost us too much.
That is all.
Give me the map.
We'll go around the shitheads.
We'll go towards Bagdad, then turn
back to Karbala in AI-lskandariyah.
- This is RAT 06, Lima come in.
- This is base, over.
Approach by Al-Hiyadha is closed.
I am detouring via Al-lskandariyah.
Copy that. Checking.
- How many clicks will that be?
- Vthth the detour about 150.
Base to RAT 06, over.
RAT 06, over.
You won 't get through AI-Iskandariyah.
It was taken by As-Sadr militants
this morning. Karbala is cut off.
Desert RAT, this is FOX 01, come in.
Desert RAT this is FOX 01, come in!
Raise Juliet.
Seawolf, Seawolf, this is FOX 01,
this is FOX 01, come in.
Seawolf, Seawolf, this is FOX 01,
this is FOX 01, come in.
FOX 01, this is Seawolf.
Do you copy, over?
Seawolf, this is FOX 06.
Do you copy, over'?
Reading you lound and clear, over!
Seawolf, we are cut off from Lima.
No info about our relief.
Heavy attack by Sadrists.
Can you give us QRF suppon, over'?
FOX 06, local barricades,
impassable, attitude is hostile,
we cannot provide SUPPOIYMSGY again,
we cannot provide support
It cut off.
Seawolf, this is FOX 01, come in.
Commander, the negotiators are arriving.
Keep calm. Watch your sectors.
He's calling the ones in the cage hostages.
Keep calm!
- Fuck! They got one of ours.
- What do we do?
Show the hostage!
Show the hostage! We'll negotiate!
This is FOX 06, Lucki, report.
You got the Yanks' radio data on the SW?
Unfortunately not. SW interference.
Scan the frequencies, try to raise them.
Until you get through.
You did not have to come here with that,
we are in mourning.
Those are the times when many homes
in Karbala will be in mourning.
Dina, serve the meal'
You don't have to, thank you.
The city's been brought under control, but
the infidels are holding on in City Hall.
Let them withdraw and you will get
City Hall in your hands.
You don't understand. We must seize
City Hall together with the defenders
and punish them as an example
Therefore I am talking to you.
You should get them
and help our people free themselves.
To that defended fortress?
Wonder how?
Don't wonder, find some way.
In the end, you were with them.
They trust you. We also trust you.
Your family is safe. That is also some
kind of wonder, don't you thing?
We must help our brothers in City Hall,
so that they could help us from the inside.
So if City Hall does not surrender this
night, we will come lo ask you for help.
Good girl.
Good bye.
Captain, will they relieve us tomorrow?
If they don't, they'll
take us out by helicopter.
But our helicopters don't fly at night.
American ones do.
Here is sector: distance 200,
burnt out car on left, mosque on right,
Ready. Load.
You, you and you, with me.
Nothing to be scared of!
We're leaving!
Move along!
You can't be fucking scared now.
Are they backing off?
So fast?
They got range on the roof, overshooting!
Fire from sector 1!
Contact in 2!
Fire on sector 2.
Minta! Fire on sector 3B!
Minta! Did you get that?
Ground floor, move your fire to sector 1!
What the fuck are you doing?
They ranged us! Fox4, fire from the mosque.
Everybody alive?
Commander is reporting.
Covering fire!
Cover sector 1!
They're firing from the mosque!
What do we do?
Firing from the second terrace!
Contact on the terraces!
Mortar in the mosque!
Do we take it out, over'?
Minta! Load!
That's a holy site, do we fire?
Death to America!
Death to Israel!
Death to all invaders!
Pack up the SPG. We're shifting position.
FOX 05, situation downstairs, over'?
FOX 05, come in, over'?
Sobariski! Over'?
Sobahski froze up.
Sobahski, look at me.
You hit bad?
Fuck that! I shot a teenager!
They'll have beautiful
footage forAI-Jazeera.
Fuck, if they, get us on film, boy,
we're going to be famous.
This is FOX 06, to all: remain at
your stations, until further notice.
FOX 01 report.
FOX 01, alfs quiet.
When they come,
save your ammo.
Give me my daughter back.
L'm not able to figure you out, Farad.
Who do you stand by?
We agreed that a soldier is a
better hostage than those kids.
For killing their soldier, they wonl have to
go to a court, rather for killing civilians.
If I am right, you can take him.
If you are right, you will soon know.
Take them out!
Mortar fire, take cover!
Food dropped by the Ethiopians.
Thais what the Americans call ii.
Pure chemical additives.
Heats up in a minute.
OK, pull the plates, now!
Mortar, take cover!
- Quickly!
- You eat this and you're dead meat!
To the wall!
FOX 06 to FOX 04. Confirm,
do we return fire, over'?
Ineed confirmation, do we
fire on the mosque, over?
This is the Commander:
do not return fire on the mosque.
Our intel guy is back. He's waiting.
I was able to buy the Sergeant back.
But I don't know the status
of that Roien or the medic.
What's the situation in the city?
In the nonh districts, the Yanks and
ours are pushing As-Sadr back.
But if they fire on City Hall from the
mosque, the Yanks might not make it.
They're beginning AI Fajr.
We'll go when they stop praying.
L'm going with you.
You should be in hospital.
They wounded my brother.
OK, get your stuff. You have one minute.
Surrender. Walk out into the square.
Private Kamil Grad, recon Company,
fuck you, motherfucker.
Get the fuck down!
Clear! Waszczuk, lefs go!
Where is he?
Gel over here!
Where is he?
Kalicki! Let's get out of here!
Let's go Chief!
Civilian down! Civilian down!
Here he is!
Cover us!
Don't get up.
Damn it, lwas supposed to quit.
One Bulgarian got it in the spine,
a few of ours slightly wounded,
no casualties besides that.
Three days and nights under siege.
No casualties.
He pulled two people from the fire.
His papers already went stateside.
- Nobody will slop the inquiry.
- Lf they court martial him,
I will testify that the order
was impossible to carry out.
You held City Hall'
Nobody can touch you now.
So we weren't even at City Hall...
- After all, we're here on a stabilization mission.
- Don't give this shit.
I will personally submit you for promotion as
soon as that is possible. You think that what.
L'm going to be happy when they give medals for
City Hall lo a couple of Yanks and a few locals?
Or when they send you
back stateside quietly?
We're going to have to get used to it.
- They didn't rescind the charges?
- N0.
- The inquiry is already started stateside.
- Do you have a lawyer'?
I was supposed to make money here.
What are you looking at?
It'll be all right.