Kari-gurashi no Arietti (The Secret World of Arrietty) (2010) Movie Script

Studio Ghibli, Nippon Television Network,
Dentsu, Hakuhodo DYMP,
Walt Disney Japan,
Mitsubishi, Toho and Wild Bunch present
I'll never forget that summer.
I spent a week in the old house
where my mother grew up.
Planning and Screenplay by
Hayao Miyazaki
Produced by
Toshio Suzuki
Based on "The Borrowers"
by Mary Norton
Music by Ccile Corbel
Almost there. Feeling all right?
Directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi
Haru... how many times
have I told her?
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
You're blocking the driveway again.
Where are you?
Don't touch!
These aren't for you.
- Arrietty!
- What?
You went outside again, didn't you?
And you might clean up
this room, young lady.
It's my own little garden.
If you ask me,
it looks like a mess.
Oh! Is that a bay leaf?
Oh well, I guess this means
your birthday comes early.
Enough for a whole year.
But the bay tree's
so far away.
If a human bean saw you...
I'm always careful.
The world is full of
dangerous creatures.
Your great uncle...
... was eaten by a frog. Right?
Doesn't that shiso smell lovely?
Yes, it does.
With a bit of sugar
I could make shiso juice.
Wait till tonight.
I'll borrow some for you.
My first borrowing ever!
I've been practicing night and day.
Papa's home.
Welcome back.
- Papa, about tonight...
- There's a boy in the house.
I saw him.
- No! Arrietty...
- He didn't see me!
I hid behind the bay leaf.
Papa, we're still going, aren't we?
I won't hear of it.
It's too dangerous.
But he's just a child!
Papa, I've been waiting
for such a long time.
The children can be more savage
than the grownups.
I'll be fine!
Youngsters go to bed early.
Thank you Papa!
But Pod...
The boy's sick.
Don't worry, we'll be fine.
But still...
Stop worrying, Mother.
We'll be extra careful.
Arrietty will be 14 soon.
Someday she'll have to
survive without our help.
Sometimes I think
we're the last Borrowers in the world.
Whatever you need,
just ask Haru.
All right.
Haru, I'm depending on you.
Yes ma'am.
Let's shut the screen.
Keep the bugs out.
Shouldn't you wear something darker?
I already decided!
I hope you can borrow
some tissue paper.
And a bit of sugar, perhaps?
We could have shiso juice
and sugar for the tea.
But anything's just fine.
We'll be back soon.
Please be careful.
We will.
- Hold these for me.
- Yes, Papa.
Hold on tight!
Everything's so huge!
The world of human beans.
The sugar's over there.
Wait for me down there.
Papa, you're great!
Now let's get that tissue.
Papa, look.
Your first borrowing.
Be careful, it's sharp.
I will!
Papa, borrowing is such fun!
Look down there.
Rats. Steer clear of them.
They're trouble.
I'm not afraid.
I'm ready for anything.
I've got this!
Sometimes it's best not to
go looking for danger.
What is this place?
Human beans made it
for their dolls.
It's just perfect for us!
I'm sure Mother would love
that dresser over there.
These things aren't for borrowing.
If anything went missing
they'd know right away.
Don't be afraid.
I saw you.
In the garden.
It was you, wasn't it?
My mother told me about you.
She saw little people here
when she was young.
Was it you that she saw?
Was it?
I'm sorry, Papa.
He saw me today,
out in the garden.
I should've been more careful.
I hope he didn't frighten you.
Best not tell your mother,
it will only worry her.
All right.
You don't always have to run.
Observe them first, then decide.
We're home.
Safe and sound.
Things didn't go well this time.
This light gave out
before we finished.
Oh dear.
We had to give up
on the sugar.
Don't give it a thought.
At least you're safe and sound.
Arrietty, you found something.
Show your mother your first borrowing.
What a pretty pin.
Time for bed.
Good night.
She looks worn out.
Shall I make some tea?
Come in the house.
You'll catch cold out there.
A cube of sugar?
But whatever for?
He left it by the grating.
It's probably the same one
I dropped last night.
What do you mean,
you dropped it?
Don't touch it.
Do you understand?
It's a trap.
They're trying to catch us!
We'll have to stop borrowing
for a while.
Maybe they already
know where we are.
Pod, we'll have to move!
This was such a lovely house.
Now we'll have to
start all over again.
Well, let's see how things go.
Now eat, soup's getting cold.
Why did it have to be sugar?
Thank you Arrietty.
I wanted to hang everything
while the sun's out.
You know I love doing laundry.
- I'm going to nap for a bit.
- All right.
"You forgot something"
You came back.
Wait, don't go.
Please leave us alone.
I wanted to tell you that.
I want to talk to you.
Human beans are dangerous.
If we're seen, we have to leave.
My parents said so.
You have a family?
I envy you.
Don't you have one?
Yes, but I practically
never see my father.
Mother's so busy at work,
she barely has time for me.
My name's Sho.
What's your name?
Do you have one?
Of course I have a name!
It's Arrietty.
Arrietty... Arrietty...
That's pretty.
Won't you let me see you?
Just for a moment.
Just a peek. Please?
What's happening?
Oh my gosh, it's a crow!
You can't come in here!
What got into that bird?
They never behave like that.
Maybe it's nesting season
or something.
Now I have to replace this screen.
Where do we keep them?
Are you all right?
Maybe you should take
some of your medicine.
Thanks, Haru.
I feel fine.
The nesting season, eh?
Have yourself
a nice long rest now.
- I told you to stay away.
- I'm sorry.
I wanted to do
something to help.
But he didn't see me.
You put your family in danger.
I won't say it again.
We'd better start looking.
It's time.
"You forgot something"
Afternoon! Package for you.
Thanks again ma'am.
It's pretty hot out there.
Listen, know any good
pest control companies?
Pest control?
Here's one. "Squeaky Klean Service."
Squeaky Klean Service?
Let me just write that down.
Haying problems with mice?
Maybe it's mice,
or maybe it's something else.
Between us, it's little people.
I've seen them myself.
A crow tried to
fly into your room?
I hope it didn't scare you.
Don't worry, Aunt Sadako.
Haru chased it out.
I was so astonished!
I never saw such a huge...
Excitement's the worst thing
in the world for his heart.
He came here for peace and quiet.
If anything were to happen
before the operation...
I know, I know.
I realize his mother's
terribly busy at work.
But to go abroad on business
and leave a sick child?
It must be terribly hard for you
without your mother.
I don't mind.
I suppose the divorce
couldn't be helped.
But why can't she be here,
when he needs her so?
Aunt Sadako, who made
that little house in my room?
It's amazing.
You mean the doll house?
That doll house
belongs to your mother.
She left it here
when she moved out.
It was hers?
My father had it
made to order in England.
It was for the little people.
My father claimed he'd seen them.
He waited for so many years.
He always said that house
was a present for them.
But I'm afraid they never
showed themselves again.
Not in my father's lifetime,
nor in mine.
Young Master, did you happen to see
any little people in your room?
Unfortunately... no.
It's been in our family
for four generations.
If you like it,
it will be yours someday.
You mean it?
Have you looked inside?
It's quite beautiful!
- Haru, could you turn off the lights?
- Yes'm.
This is the living room.
All the furnishings were hand made
by a real furniture maker.
Isn't it wonderful?
Here's the library on the first floor.
There's even a bathroom.
But the next room
is my personal favorite.
Haru, could you open that up?
Let's see,
I think it opens this way.
Everything is so detailed!
Detailed and just like
the real thing.
That's a real oven.
You could use it for baking.
Beautiful, just beautiful.
What a pity Father's dream
never came true.
And it's been so Long...
Maybe the little people
are gone now.
Mother, we've had
these pictures three years.
Don't you want new ones?
I love those pictures.
I've always dreamed
I'd see the real ocean someday.
Besides, there's no point
changing them now.
Papa's later than usual.
I hope he didn't get caught
in that downpour.
- Papa?
- That's the back door.
Papa! Welcome back...
Twisted my leg.
It's lucky Spiller found me.
Oh dear, you're hurt!
Hurry, bring him in.
Does it hurt?
It's not broken.
I'll be fine in no time.
I'll get some cold water.
Here's a towel, better dry off.
Who's this?
It's not just the
three of us after all.
Gotta go.
Wait, at least stay
and have some tea.
I'll see to your father.
Get Spiller a cup of tea.
Thank you Spiller.
Papa's so lucky you came along.
We're so grateful for your help.
Listen, have you seen
other Borrowers?
You see, we thought
we might be the only ones left.
This many.
Then Cousin Lupy must be okay!
Can I see your bow?
You use this for hunting.
Give that back.
It's not a toy.
Gotta go.
Won't you stay
and have a bite?
Got this.
A cricket's leg!
Want some? It's real good.
No thanks!
Take care.
Thanks again.
I'll see him out.
You were looking
for a new place.
I tripped and fell. Couldn't move.
Then Spiller came.
His territory reaches past the river.
And he knows a few
places we could live.
That's good I suppose.
I'd hate to camp out.
But I doubt we'll find anything
quite as nice as this.
I'm glad there are
still others like us.
Do you have friends
and family, Spiller?
Family? No, just me.
Well, I hope you
can come again.
My mother's stew
is the best in the world.
Arrietty, your stitches
need to be closer together.
Pull it apart and do it again.
Why do we need
such a big sack anyway?
I'm going to look in on Papa.
Papa, can I come in?
How's your leg?
I'll be walking soon.
Are we going to move?
We were seen.
We've no choice but to move.
I don't think every
human bean is dangerous.
Before you were born, there were
two other families living in this house.
One family went missing.
They just disappeared.
The other one moved away.
They were seen by humans.
No matter what happens,
we've got to survive.
What in heaven's name!
Is this an earthquake?
It won't open.
The frame's buckled.
The... the wall!
I always dreamed
of having a kitchen like this.
Gather only the things we need.
We can't carry all that.
And Homily, take nothing
from the doll house.
I'll make sure it's safe.
- Stay with your mother.
- Yes Papa.
You finally came.
Do you like your new kitchen?
Our house is a disaster.
But it doesn't matter.
I came to say goodbye.
Can I look?
You're beautiful.
We have to move.
We were seen.
Borrowers aren't meant to be seen.
We borrow from human beans.
Things we need.
Things they won't miss.
Soap and cookies and sugar.
Electricity and gas, too.
Even my great-grandfather
was a Borrower.
No one ever saw them?
It's all my fault.
Niya, don't be like that.
Be nice to her.
Are there other little people
like you in the house?
No, it's just my father
and mother and me.
What about in other houses?
I'm sure there are some.
I've only met one so far.
Soon you'll be the only one left.
Every year there's fewer of you, right?
You're a doomed species, you know.
That's not true!
There's lots more of us.
Spiller said so!
He's one of us.
And he said there's lots more.
Do you know how many people
there are in the world?
There are 6.7 billion of us.
Six point seven billion...?
What about you?
I don't know.
There's probably
just a few of you.
Until my mom told me,
I didn't know little people existed.
Lots of species
are already extinct.
I've only seen them
in books, though.
So many beautiful species...
But the environment changed,
so they died out.
It's sad, but that's what fate
has in store for your kind.
Fate, you say?
You're the one who changed things.
Now we have to move away.
We have to survive.
That's what Papa said.
So we're leaving,
even though it's dangerous.
We'll make do, we always have.
You don't know anything about us!
We're not going
to die out that easily!
I'm sorry.
You're right.
I'm the one
who's going to die.
It's my heart.
They're going to operate
next week, but it's probably hopeless.
Your heart...?
I've always been sick.
I can't play like other kids.
From the moment I saw you,
I wanted to protect you.
I can't even do that.
I hope you can forgive me.
I didn't know
you were so sick.
What in the world
is this doing here?
It's the kitchen
from the doll house!
Found you!
What's wrong?
My mother... I heard her voice.
This really is a great kitchen.
You're not the only
little one here, I bet.
I have to go.
Let me out! Help me!
The ceiling's tilted.
Hello? Squeaky Klean Service?
Can you make
an urgent house call?
There's something small
in the house. No, not mice.
Not mice?
I don't want them killed.
You need trapping services?
Yes, that's it.
I want you to trap them.
Sho! Sho!
Mother's gone!
Someone took the roof off.
I think a human bean got her!
We'll find her.
It's locked.
Let's try the room next door.
Can't budge it.
I can fit.
No, that's not it.
There's a dirt road.
Turn in there.
- Before the bridge?
- No, not that one!
Haru opened this.
Then she must've
taken Mother someplace.
Are you okay?
What's taking them so long?
Mother! Where are you?
But the lock...
Could I have
some hot milk?
Okay, wait just a minute.
I'm a little hungry.
Are there any cookies?
- Mother?
- Arrietty!
Here I am, Arrietty!
There they are.
They finally found the right road.
Another human bean!
It's all right, Mother.
We'd like to take a look
around first.
Take your time.
Now who can this be?
Haru? Haru!
What's going on here?
It's finally happened.
The little people are here!
Little people?
That's right.
And what little thieves they are!
It's really true.
They steal from
all over the house.
That's why things
were going missing.
Haru, what's gotten into you?
All these years I thought
it was my imagination.
Well, it wasn't.
You certainly didn't need
to call the exterminators.
We'd better hurry.
The house is full of them!
You'll believe me
when you see this.
This is their nest.
It looks like a pile
of old junk to me.
What? I swear I saw it.
Haru, I'm sending
the exterminators away.
Now, wait just a minute.
The doll house!
Young Master? May we come in
for a minute?
All right.
You won't believe this.
They stole the little kitchen too.
You'll see, it's gone.
It's not gone.
Such a pleasure to look at.
Wait, I can prove it!
I have one of them in a jar.
I wonder what's gotten into Haru.
Fresh herbs, how lovely.
Someone was making tea!
It's just as my father said.
There are little people living here.
Yes, there are.
So Haru really saw them.
Though she accused them of stealing.
They're not thieves at all!
They're Borrowers.
I mean, I wish
I could see them.
I bet they're here somewhere.
I'm sure they are.
Excuse me, ma'am!
Where'd you like us to start?
Are you all right?
It got away.
I had one and it got away!
It's not just my imagination.
There are little people here!
Next time I swear
I'll get them!
How far is it to where
we're meeting Spiller?
It's just outside the forest.
Then we head down river.
I'm already worn out.
I'll never make it that far.
Let's hurry.
I can't do it...
Better have something to eat.
We'll be walking till morning.
I'm so sorry.
It's my fault we had to leave
such a wonderful house.
That's in the past.
We'll make another wonderful house,
the three of us together.
I'm going outside for a bit.
Don't go too far, now.
Just a little further.
That's everything.
Now let's get moving.
Mother, are you all right?
We're leaving now.
I'm glad I made it.
Niya showed me the way.
Thanks. Take care of yourself.
I brought this.
I hope you'll accept it this time.
Thank you.
I have to go.
When is your operation?
The day after tomorrow.
I'm going to be okay.
You gave me the courage to live.
For luck.
You protected me after all.
I hope you have
the best life ever.
Arrietty, you're a part
of me now.
I'll never forget you, ever.
English translation by
Jim Hubbert and Rieko Izutsu-Vajirasarn
A Studio Ghibli Film