Karma, Confessions and Holi (2009) Movie Script

New York city.
The central crossroad
of the city.
People have believed
this since long.
Living life a new way.
People from all over the world..
..come here by the means
of plane, ship, train.
They leave behind their family..
..friends and nation.
Their motive is to earn
a lot of money.
Our story is also about
such people..
..in a city where
dreams turn real.
They fight their troubles
with great grit.
And they try to forget their
troubles on Holi.
Holi, a colourful festival
of lndia.
This is Meera, A financial
consultant in Wallstreet.
ln search of harmony, she leaves
behind a successful..
..but stressful life. She's a
yoga teacher by profession.
Life has definitely gifted
her with luxury.
But she hasn't been gifted
with a child yet..
..the biggest happiness
of a woman.
This is Dev, Meera's
charming husband.
The publisher of
a very successful..
..magazine, American home.
He in the pursuit of
making a journal..
..which is away from
profit earning.
Yet, close to his heart.
This unsuccessful newspaper
is named, lndian Voice.
For which, he invested all the
money he had earned till date.
Megan, Meera's, college friend.
She has a God's gift.
She can resolve problems in
others' life by tarot cards.
But cannot resolve
her, own problems.
Hey, sweetheart!
l was going to call you,
in a few moments!
What did they say?
As usual..
They need to conduct some tests
and only then can they infer.
Oh honey! Don't worry about it.
But you need to talk
to Dev about it.
Meg, l don't want to talk about
this, right now, love.
So, we're meeting for lunch
today, aren't we?
Don't be late!
Okay, l'll reach on time.
See you later!
You've spoken to the
printer, right?
How many times have l
answered this. Yes!
And their answer remains the
same. They wouldn't wait!
Dev, Dev!
This makes the money, right?
But this, lndian Voice doesn't.
lt's a simple thing, Dev.
But l can't stop this. Our
community needs a forum and..
..this is the only way. -Yes.
But it's a waste of money.
Dev, look at me.
There's one more thing. l just
got a call from the bank.
They've said that you've got
time to repay the 4$ lakhs..
..by Monday. -l know it!
Dev, they'll stop all this.
They'll put an end to all
this. To all this!
l'm worried about you.
About your magazine, and
trust me, even your..
..newspaper. But what can we do?
See, l'm going to meet
a very big investor.
And l'll find a way out of this.
l've done this, earlier as well.
l just need some time,
nothing more.
Yes, l can give some time.
That's my girl.
Two weeks, not more.
Oh, this will be so nice, lsha.
Yes, tomorrow night.
Yes, tomorrow night.
Yes, you can definitely get
Cooky along with you. Of course!
Hello! Hello!
Yes, sir. Sorry, the phone
got disconnected.
Ofcourse! Well, timing is
very important for this.
Yes, that'll be great. Okay!
Thanks for the card.
ls there room for one
more, in there?
My dress! Be careful, my dress.
This is my favourite dress.
-l'll get a new one..
..for you, queen. -Promise
me first!
l promise you! -Then
l won't need this.
You look better without this.
lt won't be so good in front
of the guests, l guess!
Don't even think of receiving
the call. -Please. -No!
lt's very important. Very
important. -Dev!
Hello. Hey, Jee.
What did they say?
Operators. -What did they say?
Look, lsha, is going to come
to the party tomorrow.
l'll talk it all out then.
l don't believe this!
But l don't think, Jee, that
it'll be of any use.
l hadn't told anybody about
this since years.
Well, look, l'll call
you tomorrow. Okay?
Keep this. You can talk over
the phone, all night.
Baby! -Happy? -Please, please,
give me a chance.
No work related topics at home,
Dev. You know this well.
And yes, by the way, happy
birthday, love!
O heart! lt's difficult
to survive here.
Be careful. Beware. This is
Mumbai -New York, my dear.
Vikraman, Vikraman, Vikraman.
This is Vani, Meera's sister.
Since the time, Vani started
worrying about others.
Since then, God has
taken a long leave.
This is Shekhar, Vani's husband.
He's always troubled
with Vani's nature.
Are you having any problem, son?
What? -l'm asking whether
you're comfortable?
Yes. -You don't want to go to
the bathroom, right? -No!
He'll tell you whenever
he wants to go.
Or do you want to go?
No. -lf you want to, then
let me know now.
You're unnecessarily
pestering him, Vani.
Now, will he piss
on your command?
We even have to arrange
for his food.
Lui, Lui!
What happened? -What's next!?
-You forgot the lines again?
Sorry. -l don't have
so much of time.
C'mon, let's do it again. -Okay,
focus, focus. lt'll be fine.
This is Javed. Meera's
filmmaker friend.
He has been trying to make his
first film, since, 10 yrs now.
Jennifer, a struggling actress,
who loves Javed.
But Javed, still doesn't know
what role she plays in his life.
A girlfriend, an actress or..
Lui, Lui, answer me.
lt was good! -Not feeling
satiated. -lt was good!
What's happening? -There
can be no better takes.
My head's aching.
-Just a minute.
Hello, Larry! What's up, friend?
Yes, l'm fine. Did
you talk to them?
Oh! What a news!
l'll just take 5 minutes. l'll
call you back in twenty minutes.
Okay? -l'm losing the mood.
l was taking an audition.
-Go to hell, idiot!
You felt bad!
Don't pester him!
Now will you tell him that..
l have to tell him, Shekhar.
You know, it created a problem
in school. -What problem, Vani?
You won't understand.
Don't you know..
..how they treat foreign
children? -He's not a foreigner.
He's an American who's
taken birth here.
Did l do something wrong?
-No, son. lt's not you.
l don't know what l'm
going to tell your..
..to your brother-in-law,
magazine. What's his name? Kohli!
His name is Dev, Shekhar.
-Okay! -Dev!
Okay, shall we leave?
Everything comes onto me.
Darling, we've tried everything.
There's some problem. lt can
be anything. Fibroids..
..endometriosis, l don't know.
lt can be anything.
Did you go to the doctor?
No, ofcourse not! l would've
told you. God!
Come here!
Come here! Come here, come here!
lt can even be stress.
l don't know!
Jee told me about
this. -Oh great!
So, now you discuss our problems
with your girlfriend.
She's not my girlfriend.
-Yes, l know.
She's just a friend. -Please.
l don't want to argue
with you, Dev. Okay?
Hello. Hey, hi, Bhavna!
How can l sleep knowing
that you're going..
..to ruin my lawn tomorrow.
Yes, she's here.
Bhavna. -As, l, the organiser
of your holy celebrations.
l require a little
bit more respect.
So how many guests do
you have coming?
Twelve-fifteen people. Yeah!
Everybody will reach
by today evening.
Oh listen! l'm bringing
the whole gang.
Thanks a ton, dear! Take care!
l'll talk to you later, bye!
Sit in the car! Sit in the car!
Listen to mummy. Hey, pacify
my mom anyhow. Okay?
Children, don't pester your
grand mom. -Okay, dad!
Okay! l love you!
lf you mess up this time,
then watch out!
l promise that l wouldn't
do anything.
You must go and meet your mom.
What will l tell them, there?
-l need to attend meetings.
How do l leave my
business? Look..
..l'll come. lt's just a matter
of few days. Okay?
Okay? -Alright!
See you then!
Hey Rich! -How are you, friend?
Have you gone nuts? You shouldn't
get divorced before elections.
People give preference
to married men.
And you mustn't do
this. Yes. Yes.
No, no. Wait, wait. Certain
things need to be cleared.
That's all your problem.
So, deal with it.
Money is mine and l won't
invest them on a loser.
Now, meet Dr. Nimesh.
He lives in his own world.
lf someone can be the president
of the male chauvinist club..
..lt's Dr. Nimesh.
Sujata, Nimesh's wife.
She's trying her best
to save the marriage.
Blindfolding Nimesh's
The same sari? -Didn't you like
it? Should l go and change?
No, what can we do. Let's
go! -C'mon, let's leave!
This bag is so heavy.
-Else we'll be later.
l've got everything
that you asked for.
Preeti, what's this? Your back
is completely bare. -l know!
Doesn't my figure look good?
Truly, she's looking sexy.
-Thank you! -You're welcome.
l'll go and change the sari if
you say. l'll just take a minute.
No, you're looking
fine. Don't worry!
Hey guys! You're back?
-No, it's our spirit.
Did you get everything? -Yes..
-Kamala got everything, right?
Hey, don't l ever get anything?
-l know, darling.
Where did it go? -Just
at the right place.
Excuse me, just let me
have a look once.
Not now, l'm very busy.
What is it? We don't have time.
Where did it go? -l'm not
finding that again.
What is this? -This!
Looks like a pregnancy test kit.
l know what this is. What
is it doing in the bag?
You just have to check. -We've
talked it out already.
You can just check once. Just
check! -We've talked it out.
Kamala! -Yes. -Wear that nice
American dress of yours.
Change sooner. Guests are
coming. Put this inside and..
Go and..
Hey, monkey! You've grown
up to be so big.
You'be become so big. You
took so much time. -Hi!
Hello, Shekhar. How are you?
l'm growing old. -Nonsense,
This is your twenty-first year.
You're the perfect,
sister-in-law. -lsn't it?
You made my day!
-Where's sister?
Oh my God! How are you?
Where's the bathroom?
-Sure, sure.
Take a left from inside. -Okay!
How are you?
Can l smoke at yoga teacher's
place? -Of course!
Yoga teacher, herself smokes.
-Let it be, anyone for tea?
Why not? -Okay, coming up!
Quite a big house!
Like a palace. -Thank you.
Seems like your magazine
is doing well. -Well..
..circulation is increasing.
And tell me about yourself.
How's it going?
By God's grace.
Jennifer, will you make it fast?
Jen, you're inside since
an hour. Can we go now?
Jen, l'll wait for your
downstairs, okay?
Give me some answer.
Larry, tell me! -Javed. -Jen,
l'm waiting downstairs.
This is a great news. -But
there's one more thing.
What's it? -That girl.
Which girl? -l'm talking
about Jennifer.
What about, Jennifer?
l didn't want to tell you this.
But you should part with her.
l mean, at least till
this movie ends.
You're telling me this,
after so many days.
Larry, you introduced me to her.
Yes, l know. She had an
affair with Robbie.
Who, Robbie? -That same Robbie,
our financial Robbie.
Oh man! -Now, do you understand?
Are you listening? -Yes, l
am. l'm listening, Larry.
Now handle it further.
-Larry, l know it.
Okay, l'll handle everything.
You don't have to worry.
Take this, sister. -Thank you.
So, you're liking it, right?
Yeah, it takes time to
adjust but it's nice.
You find it just okay? Meera.
This is such a big house. What
better can happen? -You're right.
ls everything fine? -Yes,
everything is fine. l'm fine.
ln which college is Vikram
planning to apply? -Meera!
Dev, your tea is becoming
cold, love.
Sister, there are so many
things. l mean, handling business..
..commuting. l really don't
want to talk about it.
Maybe, you need a child. -No,
not baby talk, no. -Meera.
lt's been so many years
of your marriage.
Kamala, please join us.
ls this your American dress?
Kamala, this is my elder
sister, Vani.
Greetings, sister. -Greetings!
-And she is our..
..very beloved family member.
Now will you please do me
a favour? Go and change.
Wear something good.
This is fine, sister.
-No, no, it's not.
Please, go and change. Please!
l feel ashamed in pants.
Okay, wear something else.
Don't wear pants.
Okay? -Greetings.
She's very sweet,
isn't she? -Yes.
And you.. -What are the ladies
talking? -Come, come.
Where is my tea, sweetheart? -l
have kept it on the counter. -Ok.
By the way, Vikram was getting
bored so l engaged him..
..with the computer. -You
did the right thing.
He doesn't talk much.
Anyways, what's more interesting
to a teenager than porn-surfing?
Vikram doesn't so all that.
Of course! He doesn't so that.
-Yeah. -l'll take the tea.
You'll are fine. Enjoy, alright!
He was just saying it, don't take
it seriously. Yes, but Vikram..
..doesn't so all that. -Of
course not, Vikram is a good boy.
Come, Preeti.
Oh! We finally reached. -We're
not all that late.
Hello, doctor. How are you? -l'm
fine, Dev. How are you?
Very well. Very well. Oh! Who
are these beautiful angels?
She is my wife, Sujata.
Now, do l know the secret behind
your success? Lovely meeting you!
And this is, Preeti,
my sister-in-law.
Same here. Pleasure, pleasure.
-Thank you. She's tomorrow's star.
Oh! Great people amongst
us. And this is..
..my brother-in-law, Shekhar.
Hi -Hello! Hello -Hi!
How are you doing?
Hi, Shekhar. l'm Dr. Nimesh.
Oh, so you're a doctor? -Yes,
doctor of politics.
When he's not running the
clinic, he runs the city.
He's got the habit of kidding.
Well, the ladies are in the
kitchen, if you please to go..
..Oh! Just like an lndian party.
Men out and women in the
kitchen. -You're taunting, now.
So, Nimesh, welcome home!
Hi! l'm Sujata. Dr.
Nimesh's wife.
Oh! Hi, nice to meet you.
And l'm Preeti her..
..younger sister.-Oh! sisters,
great! This is my sister, Vani.
Hi, Vani, Sujata. -Nice meeting
you. -Nice meeting you, too.
You people look so different,
unlike sisters. We're different.
l'm from a town and she's
a Bombay chick.
Bombay chick? -She's my sister
but behaves like a mom.
Oh! This happens always.
My sister's the same.
What's happening here?
Oh! l was just checking my
e-mail? -E-mail? -Yes.
And this popped up by itself!
Wear your belt. -Look,
l'm being honest.
This popped up by itself. l
didn't do a thing. Look!
Ok, relax! Relax! You'll get
a heart attack, relax!
Did l scare you? l'm
sorry, l'm sorry!
l'm Preeti. Nice to meet you.
Vikram! -Vikram.
Nice to meet you.
-l need to go.
Hey, Megan. -Dev!
You were supposed to come in the
morning! -This is my morning.
Megan, God! lt's good to see you.
-Hello, my love. -You made it!
How are you? -Hey, handsome!
How are you? -How am
l? l'll tell you.
Maybe l'll lose my
job on Monday.
l haven't been on a date since
a year and my cat has left.
And the rest..
Are you drunk? -l'm fine.
Well, Megan, this is Geetanjali.
We call her Jee, Megan.
Hi! -This is Meera. -l've
heard a lot about you.
You've met Meera already.
Meera, your house is really
pretty like Taj Mahal.
Oh! l've got something for
you. Where did l keep it?
Oh! Here it is!
Seems like you made it.
Thank you!
Wow, thank you so much.
lsn't it beautiful, Meg?
Yes, it's beautiful. Wow!
Can we go inside? Thanks!
Like you've been made..
..for me. -So here
you are! -Hi!
Oh my God! Congratulations,
Finally, your efforts
bore fruit.
Dev, how are you? -Very well.
Did you start your job? -Yes.
l'll introduce you to the
ladies. This is Geetanjali.
She works with me. -l'm his
slave. -This is my sister, Vani.
He's a great friend of
mine. -Mr. Hollywood?
Yeah, he's going to start
off with his first film.
C'mon, talk about it. This is
your first film after 10 yrs.
lt's such a great news. -This
is the beautiful? -Jennifer.
Hi, Jennifer. -How are you
doing? -She's so beautiful.
Are you an actress?
-Yes, she is.
She's a very good actress. -ls
she the heroine in your film?
Well, l've found something good..
-No, l'm just a girlfriend.
Oh! Well.. -That's great!
Lucky guy! You're really
a lucky guy!
Good times! Good times!
Good times!
Good times!
Life's like this.
Laugh a little.
C'mon, there's only some time
left. lsha will reach anytime.
l'm sorry. l'm a little tensed
since a few days.
Tell me, who's not?
By the way, do l look tensed?
Don't seem to.
l'm not talking about work. You
know about my personal life.
lt's going to be a year,
now. -l know.
l'm ill-fated since childhood.
Maybe, l'm goin through all this
because l broke that guy's..
..heart in third standard.
Come here! -What happened?
-Check that out.
She's getting on him for
a promotion, isn't it?
No, l promise. lt's nothing like
that. They're just good friends.
Maybe, they don't hold anything
now but this is how it starts.
Okay, then, l'll keep an
eye on them, henceforth.
Now, let's go inside and talk.
Did you tell her?
She runs my house and supported
me throughout.
You're just bothered about your
magazine and everybody's support.
Blah, blah, blah!
Tell her everything, Dev!
You're lucky that you
got her. -l know!
But her sister seems to be
different. -Don't bother that!
Have you seen Javed?
-He must be around.
Do you know about tarot cards?
Since how many years have
you been reading them?
lt's been long. -Sorry,
l'm Jennifer.
Megan. You've come with Javed.
-Yes, with him and you?
With my cards. Jennifer tell me
one thing, should l take this off?
Yes, even l felt so.
Oh God! l'm having a bad
mood today. l mean..
..l didn't want to come here.
l just came to support
him and he's missing.
Javed is like this.
Should l tell you something
about yourself? -Why not?
l'm afraid but, sure.
lt's better than sitting idle.
What are you doing, now?
Did l scare you? -No, stop this!
Okay. -Please!
You know what? l know these
American guys well.
What do you think of them?
l've heard that these people
take drugs, party every night..
..and enjoy with girls.
Well, how did you get
to know about this?
This is what happens
in American TV.
l know everything. -This
means that you..
..have rid..
..big elephants and your
dad deals with it.
No, how did you come across
this? -By our TV.
Do you have a girlfriend? -No!
l don't have a girlfriend.
So, you're a virgin? -What!? No!
Why are you asking? -Have
you ever kissed a girl?
l've done it many times.
-Oh, okay! -Vikram!
Well, what have you got to
do with it? -Fine, sorry.
Mom's calling. -Okay!
So you're a big filmmaker?
Well, won't call it big but
then yes, l make films.
How many films have you
made till date? -Well..
This will be my first film.
And he's made some
documentaries.. -Two of them!
They're really good,
How many years have you
spent doing this?
10 yrs. -Oh, 10 yrs?
This is one thing l don't
understand about this field!
We make furniture and if l take
10 yrs to make a table, then..
..my family will die
out of starvation.
Well, l'm lucky not to have a
family. So, no one remains hungry.
By the way, making a film
will be really difficult.
Much difficult that making
tables. -Agreed!
Nothing's difficult!
10 yrs is too much
to make a film.
Are you making a Mughal-E-Azam,
lt's just a matter of money,
nothing more is needed!
So are you an actress? -Yes,
a struggling actress.
Yes, l've learnt acting
from Loyalo Marimon.
Sorry, what?
University, darling. She's
talking about university.
Oh, university! Even l
wanted to join one.
l was telling him if l could
join next year.. -This is good.
Absolutely, you must go.
l think it's great!
l think it's a bad idea.
What will you do there?
-What will she do?
What will she do in a university
-She's got everything.
And even after having everything,
she wants to join college.
Of course! This is
her own choice.
ls it? This choice is a
stupid feminism talk.
Feminism and choice, how
do you connect them?
And this is Vikram.
Say hi, Vikram.
l have to go.
And that was Vikram, ladies
and gentleman.
What's going on? -Who? -No, no.
Who? What are you talking
about? -She!
She's just a friend, nothing
more. -Really?
Don't you like her? -As far as
l know, she's an actress.
And she's working in my film.
And till then, you're taking
advantage as a director.
Then what? Should l introduce
her to my mom?
lf she collapses
due to shock..
..then there's no
question of marriage.
Yes, but you like her..
Hey, Jennifer, are you alright?
-ls your health fine?
What's wrong? -Can l go to the
bathroom, please? -Of course!
l'll come along. -You sit. l'll
take her. Come, come, my dear.
What happened?
Don't know what's wrong!
-Not bad, Preeti!
Wow! Anything more?
l have seen your past, your
karmic relations..
..now let's see your future.
-Yes, yes. -Okay.
The mortality card. -Mortality?
lt's good, don't worry!
lt's feeling good. What
are you applying?
lt's very easy. A little
turmeric in mustard oil..
..and salt to boil it and you'll
be healed in two hours.
Wow! Very good!
The same pain, again? -Yes,
it's better now.
We should keep someone
like her as well.
What happened? Why is
your face swollen?
You know, Preeti, is
troubling Vikram.
You've started off again.
Why do you hate everybody?
Preeti, you're doing great!
Really? l mean.. it
feels so good.
i came here and now Javed's
giving me a role in his film.
You too? Wow! -l feel so
happy! -When is my turn?
You keep this, please?
Preeti, what are you doing?
We're in a party!
But this is your business.
Preeti, do give your film's
premier passes.
Okay. -That would
be enough for me.
Thanks, thank you so much.
-You're very welcome. -Bye! -Bye!
Look, Shekhar, l'm not like you.
How can l deny something
happening in front of my eyes?
Did you get your pressure
Can't you even answer
me straight?
Tell me, Shekhar!
Just a minute. -No, no. Why
are you making me sin?
Else l'll sin. Keep this!
Thank you. Go! -Wow!
Vani, you need rest
and l think..
..even we should hire
someone like this?
This, Hasan sir, how did he..
Don't ask anything. This man's
very important for my magazine.
No, you were supposed to invite
family, Dev! -Understand!
lt's such a pleasure!
-Well, Dev!
This is my friend, Cooky.
l was just telling her that we
would enjoy with some friends.
Her shopping and make-up
consumed a lot of time.
lsn't she beautiful? -Yeah.
-lt's that when..
..she came out dressed, l
couldn't believe my eyes.
Who is this, lovely lady?
lsha, my wife, Meera.
Hi! -Oh, is she your
wife? -l'm Cooky!
What a lovely name!
What a lovely name!
When you said
that there's going..
..to be an lndian
party at your place.
Then, l thought that there'll
be campfire and songs.
Don't get me wrong.
l can see that you've build a
great home and earned a lot.
Mrs, Me and lshata will
have a business talk.
Why don't you take Cooky inside
and introduce her to others.
Why not? Cooky, come
along with me.
l love lndians.
How strange, isn't it?
And lndian food
is beyond words.
Really? Come tell
me more about it.
No, no, no. l won't speak now.
Jennifer, wait, listen to me.
-Leave me alone, Javed. -
Don't close the door. Listen!
Don't ask me anything, selfish!
You think that l'm around you
because l want to work..
..in your film. This is not true!
You don't have a film, Javed.
You don't have a film. You're
constantly, constantly..
..making a fool out of others.
You don't possess the talent
that you talk of.
You keep lying!
You keep telling people that you
have a big film. Don't l know..
..the truth. l've known you
since long. -What are you saying?
What do you know? -You think
you're a great director, is it?
How do you behave with me?
And l just wished good for you
that all your dreams came true.
That you become a
great director.
But you don't wish
good for me. You..
..you're selfish. -But
what have l done?
l care for you and your dreams.
l wanted to support you.
What? So, you were pretending
to support me?
l used to pretend because l
didn't want to disappoint you.
l just want honesty from you,
that, you remain honest.
l don't want you to pretend
as if you're my..
..girlfriend and supporting me.
What has happened to you? l've
done so much for you.
What is it that you're
expecting from me?
Look, don't hide from me.
What's the matter?
l want you to understand the
responsibility of a father!
What do you mean? -l'm pregnant.
Look, l knew that this would
be your reaction.
lsha, this is Geetanjali Singh.
She's also going to be present
in our meeting, today.
Oh! l thought that we would
talk alone, today.
But when a beautiful..
..flower is present, then
there are no hassles.
l'm the company's chief operating
officer and l've done my BA.
And my MBA from Harvard.
Oh, l'm sorry darling. Don't
feel bad! -Relax.
l was joking. She got irritated.
Personally, l love Las Vegas.
lt's fun there but
l always lose.
l'm never able to save money.
l always return rich from there.
Then, maybe, l don't
know how to play.
l've been there a few times.
Feels good! -Have you been? -Yes.
Yes, there are good restaurants.
Good clubs also.
-Yes, very true.
Whenever l visit lndia, l go to
Kashmir, it's a beautiful place.
l love lndia. -l think
America's better.
lt's the most beautiful
place in the world.
l love lndia but l just wish it
had been as beautiful as America.
l think you must visit lndia.
You must be proud to be
an lndian. -Well..
What will l do there?
l heard that some ltalian
was asked to rule lndia..
..and he had refused it. -Yes.
What happened? -Nothing, Vani.
Excuse me, please. -Where
are you going, then?
l would want to go to the
bathroom, if you permit!
lf you feel scared, can
l come along too?
lf you come along, then l
shall be scared for sure.
Truly, l think lndia's views
has become so modern..
..that it is ready to accept a
lady foreigner as a leader.
Rightly said, even l'm
impressed with this.
And how many nations had an
lndian prime minister?
l've never heard anything
more stupid than this.
C'mon, your nation has a
population of 100 crores.
But, you can't appoint
a good leader.
But he is an lndian, Nimesh.
And maybe you're too
conservative regarding this.
You do a thing..
..go and make me a cup of tea.
So are you..
So you stay in Vegas.
What do you do there?
l entertain people.
What kind of entertainment?
l love being entertained,
..anytime. Everyone
gets entertained.
With such funds..
..we can gets new stuff.
Exclusive stories..
..nice glossy paper,
layout, everything.
Our circulation will increase,
you know? -Yes.
Your ideas seem to be good.
And you need twenty lakhs
for your next edition.
And later, twenty more lakhs.
For your next edition.
-Well, maybe..
..we won't need the
extra twenty lakhs.
Right? -Listen to me, whether
you need it or not..
..but l'm concerned
about my interest.
Well, you've got a point.
You've got a point.
l'm just worried
about one thing.
You call this the lndian Voice.
l mean, nobody will..
..buy this easily. Well,
this is just our..
..community's voice.
Shall l tell you something? l've
come to do business here.
Not charity or something,
do you get me, partner?
Stopping this publication is
not a big deal, Mr. lsha!
Then we can think about it.
Shekhar, is your stomach
alright? -Yes, dear.
How many times have l told you
to drink water after food?
Can you please leave me alone?
-l'm tensed about you, Shekhar.
About you and your stomach.
l know it.
l know that you're worried
but can l shit in peace?
So, lsha. What do you say?
lt's a deal.
Thank you so much, lsha.
-You too, young lady.
Thank you, thank you. Well..
Cheers to that! -Oh, definitely!
Wait a minute, Cooky. You don't
sleep with these men, do you?
Oh, not at all, darling.
l thought.
Know what? Bobby has bought
me my new Mercedes.
And my job is to
sit on his lap..
..and do a few movements.
Even l like it a lot.
He's so crazy, isn't he?
Where are we stuck?
You've worn such a
beautiful curtain.
She's never seen such clothes.
-What is she wearing to speak so.
Don't know from where Meera
gets such girls.
They're speaking some different
language. -Yes, it is different.
Her head is full of nonsense.
lt's a different language. -Yes,
yes, l'll just show it to you.
Just wait. -Sister, where are
you going? -Wow, Meera, wow!
What guests you've invited!
-Cooky! -Shut up!
Meera, l know that your
lifestyle is very modern.
But why have you invited
her? l mean..
What sort of people are
these? -But what?
Do whatever you want to with
your life. lt's yours!
But, sister. Sister!
lt's her. -What? -Cooky!
But what has Cooky done?
-Don't you know, Cooky?
She told me that she
takes 4000$..
..for one night.
Are you alright? -Yes, l'm
fine. Take this wine.
Okay, l remembered
some work. Bye!
How many times have l told you
not to smoke in the house?
Oh, l'm really sorry.
Here. -Listen, don't flatter me.
l don't like these business
meetings at home.
We've finished with our meeting.
lt's done!
And you've got a prostitute in
my house and l don't like that!
l can't wait here anymore.
Sorry, Mr. lsha. -lsha!
There's definitely some
Please! -Dev!
You offered great hospitality.
C'mon, Cooky. We're leaving!
You'll have to leave!
l've never enjoyed
so much before.
lt was a great pleasure
to meet you all.
Greetings! -Oh stop it!
Oh, sit down. Please sit.
l'll get away. -Let
me get up. -No, no!
l'm an expert.
lt was great meeting you all.
We've other ways left.
Let's ask Nimesh.
l'll not ask for
a loan from him.
ls there any other choice?
C'mon! Let's go inside.
And, yes..
..don't say anything to Meera.
Everything's become a mess.
Don't know whom to blame.
On the newspaper..
..on Meera or my fate.
lt's good that we didn't
get lsha's money.
What are you trying to say?
l'm doing all this with
a fore thought.
Newspaper, for me,
is not only a..
..medium of earning money.
Without the newspaper..
..everything will make no sense.
lf you need any reference or..
..anything. l'm there!
Dev, let me remind you that we
have guests at home today.
So, if you're done with
your business talks.
Then we can go in and
attend to the guests.
l'm sorry.
Keep your mouth shut, it's
an important call.
lt's his baby's call.
Hey, baby. What's up?
How are you doing?
What did you say?
No, l'm at home.
l'm in the tub..
l swear on you.
lt's just the TV making
noise, nothing else.
That's nothing just that the
soap slips out of my hand.
No, no. l'll just
take bath and..
..l'll talk to you till my
heart's content, isn't it baby?
Yeah, honey. l love you
too. Alright! Bye!
Bloody, he's shooting me.
All of you get inside. l'll
get hold of him. Go!
What are you waiting
for? Go inside!
l'll kill him!
Hey Dev!
Where did you send Cooky?
l just saw her going.
He had to reach somewhere.
lsha also had some work.
Are you okay? -Kamala, please
get a glass of water.
Yes, l have one near
me. Take it!
Take it!
You won't take it because
l served it?
l've always been made to feel
that because l'm a Muslim.
Look, Javed, let me tell
you one thing clearly.
l don't drink water
from a person who..
ls a Muslim! -You shouldn't be
saying this. -No, no, no.
lt's okay. Let her speak
out. She can.
l'm sorry, man. -lt's alright!
lt's a big, happy family.
Okay, hello everyone.
Has anybody died?
Dev, your toilet flush
is not working.
No, it's okay, l'll mend it.
You'll need a rod for it. -No,
it's okay. l'll mend it.
Anybody can need it.
There are so many guests. -l
don't know where l'll get rod but..
..l'll find it and fix it.
-Okay, he'll fix it.
l saw a hardware shop
while coming..
..l'll get it. Anyways,
l want to go out.
There's a store 4 blocks ahead
of 25th avenue, to the left.
Oh excellent! So, doctor, why
don't you go along with him?
He's not an infant to seek
some help from me. -C'mon!
l think, even you should go.
Look! -Alright!
The ladies don't want
me to stay here.
Even l'll have a ride. -Meera!
Will you do me a favour?
Just take care of
Jennifer after l leave.
l hope she doesn't have to
tackle religious issues.
Did you say anything?
l'm sorry, Javed.
Okay, let's do a thing..
Let's all take a drink. C'mon,
hurry up! Come, come!
Why are you distracting me?
Let me think, let me think!
How does it make a difference
whether someone's a Muslim..
..or not. -What's wrong
in being a Muslim?
l don't see any problem.
Why are we arguing?
Why do you get so upset when
there's a talk about Muslims?
Because l'm a Muslim.
-l know that, l do!
Good, then why are you
talking about it?
Forget all this. Let's
find the rod!
Go and listen to what they're
talking. -No, l won't go. -Go!
l don't have the energy
to make you understand.
lt's such a silly thing.
l was giving her water and
she refused to take it.
l had seen that, Javed. -l'm
not ill. -l know you, Javed!
But there are many old people
like Vani, who are old-school.
Right. -And there's
no cure to this.
lf there's some grave
problem in America.
lt's the issue of terrorism.
What? -l'm a filmmaker,
not a terrorist.
Not why are you yelling at me?
When did l say that you're not
a filmmaker but a terrorist?
l'm just trying
to make you understand.
Now forget this argument!
And let's leave this place!
-Here, l got it!
ls this the one? Check
out! -Here, take it!
C'mon, let's go!
You offend me, friend.
Why? What did l say?
You very well know to twist
tales. There's politics..
..behind all this. Whether
it's bush.. -You're right!
Had Bush or America not steeped
on our.. -No, no!
There would've been no problem.
-You're not getting me.
There would've been no
terrorist. -Look, behind this..
..there's a big hand. lt's
a chance for Bush..
..to trespass Middle-East.
-Should l pay?
No, l have it! Thank
you. Thank you!
When did l say that you don't
have. -Thanks for asking, friend.
Just a second. Come here!
l need to ask you something.
-What's up?
Do you have any ld? -Yes, sure.
l'll show it to you.
Why do you need an lD?
Because, after hearing
you people speak..
..l had a doubt, so..
l need you lD! -Look!
l won't show you my lD!
You're forcing me. Don't
compel me to..
Show me you lD! -No, no.
C'mon, right away! -No!
Move back! What are you doing?
-You can't do this to me.
Look, l'm the member of the
Chamber of Commerce.
Dr. Nimesh! -Yes.
l'm sorry. l beg your pardon.
l'm very shameful.
l'm so sorry. -Begs for pardon
after embarrassing.
l was just doing my
work. -l know!
An African blaming an Asian.
You're my bodyguard!
l'm enjoying with girls
in the Jacuzzi.
And that fellow shoots my film.
Were you whiling away
time there? Tell me!
Go, right away. And get
me that tape here.
What are you doing?
The both of you, get lost
from here. Bitch!
Get lost!
Ladies and Gentlemen!
On this beautiful evening, we're
going to present to you..
.. an amazing person.
A poet and a singer who has..
..fans not only in lndia
and Pakistan.
But in the whole wide world.
-Presenting to you..
..Ustad Guler Hassan.
Wow! -Thank you, thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you for coming as well!
The consequence of
desire is alcohol.
Here l come.
l came here to rejoice
the moment.
But it turned out
to be absurd.
Wow! -Amazing!
lt's a great honour to
perform for you, sir.
lt's our pleasure.
Listen, for a minute. Will
anybody click a picture?
Even me! -Come, for sure!
There's beauty..
There's an evening.. -Oh l'm
so sorry. -There's a story.
Oh! What youthfulness!
Youthfulness, wow!
Wow! -A photo?
Say cheese!
l think..
We shouldn't tell anybody
about what happened..
..tonight, in the party.
l'm sorry. l..
l feel like laughing..
Now do l realise that..
..l spent my entire life
in a fit of rage.
lt often happens with people.
We misunderstand anger
to be strength.
This is the biggest mistake!
ln this way, we get
rid of our duties..
..and keep blaming others.
..will become a father
in a few months.
Who is it?
With my Jennifer.
Tomorrow is the festival
of Holi.
l will celebrate every
feeling of my life.
That every feeling
which l lived.
Happiness, sorrow, beauty,
And Mr. Nimesh, l really want..
..that you be with
me in all this.
Where is the tape?
Tell me fast, where is the tape?
lt is with you.
So, you're here!
Let me see, what
you're watching!
No! -Give it to me!
lt'll break! -lt'll break!
You're very cute!
You want to know about me?
Okay, l'll tell you.
ln my school, l'm..
..the only Asian in my class.
They've named me..
..the brown bag!
Body's glow!
lustrous hair!
Colourful lips.
Magical eyes!
l love this music. -l know!
Make me another drink, please!
Not now, a little later.
lt's just a matter
of two minutes.
Go and make it for yourself!
Even the moon envies
your presence.
Body's glow!
Body's glow!
lustrous hair!
Do you have a friend?
Everybody hates the
But there's a girl in my class.
She's very popular.
She wanted to go out with me.
Good, so did you people go out?
The fragrant ambience,
thirsty water
The rivers and ocean.
There you are!
Hi! -Do you need some ice?
No, this is fine. lt's okay!
Sure? -Yes, l'm very sure.
lt is to be enjoyed sip by sip.
You wanted to tell me
something, right?
There's a problem.
But, when l reached there.
The whole class was there.
Everybody made fun of me.
C'mon, forget all that!
Be strong now, be strong!
You should always remain happy.
Everybody wants to befriend..
lustrous, body's glow,
lustrous hair.
The fragrant nights.
The heavy breaths.
Passionate eyes. -lt's
very urgent.
My business..
And the most important thing..
..everything is at stake.
l want you to..
..take off your T-shirt.
Game of love.
Precious dream
Game of love.
Precious dream
There's sense in your talk.
You do a thing..
..l'll give you money,
my own money.
For your magazine. Handle it
however you want to. l don't care.
But, you've got to do something
for me before that.
You have to give me a column in
your newspaper, lndian Voice.
Colourful lips.
Magical eyes. -What happened?
Take it off!
So, deal?
Can l tell you something?
Let it be, as of now.
Body's glow.
Body's glow, lustrous hair.
-Vikram, take it off, l said!
Body's glow!
Lustrous hair.
Body's glow.
Lustrous hair.
Shekhar! Shekhar!
Shekhar! Shekhar!
Please call the police!
-What happened, sister?
That girl, that girl, Preeti..
She was raping Vikram.
-What are you saying?
What have you done, Preeti?
Now, what will these
people think of us?
l felt pity for him. l mean..
l was just trying to get him
out of the shell. -Shut up!
When did you start taking
up the responsibility..
..of getting a teenager
out of his shell?
Have we imparted this
culture to you?
You and your culture. Why
should l try and be you?
Don't even try! You can never
be like me. -l won't ever be!
l won't ever get married to
a guy who will control my..
..thoughts speech and dominate
my principles.
l won't ever be like you!
l'm sorry! Sorry!
lt's alright, sweetheart!
Can l please..
Please, please! Leave me alone.
Okay! -Leave me alone!
-lt's alright!
lt's okay, it's okay.
l haven't done anything.
Who said that you're at fault!?
l didn't come here
to tell you that.
l just came here to tell you
that we all love you.
You know that, Vikram,
don't you?
Just remember that!
Will you'll have something?
Should l bring something?
No, let's wait till
tomorrow morning.
The ambience will change,
brother-in-law. -No!
Preeti is not a teenager.
Vani, take this. Everything's
alright, Vani.
What is alright, Shekhar?
You think he'll be able
to forget this?
He'll forget it very soon.
Detective sees mom in underwear.
This is normal!
lt must be fine with
foreigners like you!
But we lndians are not
like this. Understand?
Our culture, values
and tradition..
..is very different. -Look,
l regret all that happened.
l'm very sorry for
all that happened.
Why are you regretting it?
You didn't so anything.
Javed! -What? -Hey guys!
Nothing happened. lt's
alright, okay?
Excuse me, please! -Will you
hold my drink? -Give it to me!
Okay, l'll get something
for you people.
Look, l apologise for all that
happened. l'm really sorry!
Will anybody tell me
why she is crying?
Vikram will be fine,
don't worry!
l'm not worried about Vikram!
l'm worried about his
anxious mother.
We wanted a child since years.
ln this run, we had
a lot of troubles.
Finally, Vikram was born.
A weak child, very weak.
We had to keep him in
incubator for days.
She was scared! -Maybe
she's still scared.
You're very nice!
Don't worry, l'll be alright.
Then, shall we go inside?
Yeah? -Okay!
C'mon! Come! -Thank you.
-You're welcome!
Meera, l'm so sorry.
l spoilt your party. -No, you
didn't spoil my party.
Yeah, but l would want
to say something.
None of us, will ever
forget the party.
Even l think so. -Let's refresh
the ambience, okay?
l've got a confession.
Tonight, all that happened
with Vikram..
..had happened with me too.
Many years ago. -Dev!
C'mon! -No!
But if you people don't wish
to hear. Then l'll stay put.
No, no, we want to listen to it.
Maybe even Meera will confess
something after you.
Why not?! We all will share
talks which has been..
..a secret till date.
-Wait, wait!
You're saying so much even
after all this. C'mon Dev!
Comply to it! -l know, l know,
let's play truth and dare!
Oh! That's a good idea. Let's
play truth and dare! -Yes!
So.. -l won't play.
No, we will play. -Right! -That
is the spirit, brother-in-law.
This is so dangerous! -We will
play as well. -We, too.
You didn't even ask me. -l
will play too. -Good girl!
Somebody will rotate the bottle
so that all of us get a chance!
No, no, you will start.
We're dying to listen!
Okay. -Please! -Okay!
l was 15 years old..
We used to live in a middle
class colony in Delhi and there..
..used to be a very beautiful
girl in my neighbourhood.
All the kids used to like
her a lot and one day.
One day, she asked me to
play a game with her.
lt was a kissing game.
And l won the kiss.
And she taught me how to kiss.
l'm not preaching
philosophy but..
Don't you think such
..will enhance Vikram's
Yes, Dev, it was a
good one for you!
The first kiss of yours! -Well,
it wasn't my first kiss.
lt wasn't his first kiss! -Let's
end his chance now, please.
Now, someone else turn
the bottle please.
l don't want to speak all night.
-Okay, turn the bottle.
Okay, turn the bottle.
-Let's see who's next.
Okay, Dr. Nimesh.
No, no, not me! -No,
it's facing you.
lt's alright. Speak it out!
Alright, if you say so.
This dates back when
l was a student..
..in the Atlanta
medical college.
So, it's a pretty old incident.
-Oh! Thank you.
Anyway, there was a professor
in my neighbourhood.
He was old but his wife was
young and beautiful.
She was as beautiful as an
angel. l'm telling you, man.
l just found reason to
visit their place.
You know, l just barged in.
l started feeling that his
wife started loving me.
The lust was mutual. -Alright!
One night, the professor
went out. So l..
..wore my best shirt.
l mean, that was the sole
clean one that l had.
l went straight to their house.
Knocked and went inside.
Before l could make out,
l was in the bedroom.
l felt that my life was blessed!
-Okay, okay. -What?
So, you got all that you went
for. Next! -Wait, listen to me.
We were in the bed in each
other's arms and suddenly..
..the door opened and the
old professor was back.
Oh yeah! -He was climbing up
the stairs and any moment..
..could've reached the room.
-Did you go under the bed?
How do you know? Were you there?
-No, no, l was just guessing.
l hid under the bed and the
story doesn't end here.
That old professor wasn't
back for some work..
The both of them, were,
engrossed for hours.
We were under the bed,
the whole night.
Oh! Doctor, we feel
so bad for you.
lt was a horrible experience for
me. Anyway, my turn's over.
Oh! Sujata! -Okay.
lt is that..
lt dates back to. -Wait, wait.
You don't have any secret.
-What's that? Let her speak!
C'mon, Sujata, we're listening.
No, it's alright. l don't have
any secrets. -Oh, c'mon!
No, no. -See, she doesn't
have any secrets.
Okay, let's turn it again.
Who's it? Who's it?
Okay, l'll tell you.
l never got anybody's love.
l tried my level best
to cope up with men.
But l could never make
it. Don't know why!
l thought l chose the wrong men.
Then l thought, maybe..
..the men l chose had
problems in them.
Oh! So she prefers girls. -No!
Now, who's turn is it?
Meera! -Oh no! -lt's
be fun, now!
Well, l don't know whether..
..it's a secret or confession.
Dev and me are trying
for a kid since long.
Meera! -Dev, let her speak.
And l started worrying.
Because it was already a year..
..which is enough to conceive.
And l felt that..
..there must be some problem
in my family. That's why l..
But l don't know.
l don't think that..
Doctors said that. -Doctors? So
you consulted the doctors?
Yes, l did.
They will conduct a few
more tests and..
This is silly! l shouldn't
have started off..
Who's turn is it next? -Take
this! -C'mon guys!
Thanks, brother-in-law. -Just a
minute. My sari, lt's fine.
lt's Shekhar's turn.
l want to confess something.
lt's been twenty-four years
of our marriage.
We shifted to our bungalow after
6 yrs of our marriage.
But l lost my job.
l tried my best to
get a new job.
But l didn't get one.. -You
were depressed and..
Vani, let me tell.
Suddenly, my father fell
ill in the village.
And he was in need of money.
We didn't have money. We shifted
to a smaller house but..
Our cash and..
and gold were robbed.
You know!
l had stolen everything.
And l sold everything. l sold
everything for money, Vani.
l'm ashamed!
l'm sorry, Vani.
l will complete Shekhar's story.
He lost his job.
And he got addicted to alcohol.
l used to do all his work.
Because, he had the male ego.
l used to get tired and broken.
Nobody, knew what tomorrow
held for us.
One day, l got to know
that l'm pregnant.
What are you saying?
You lied to me!
l always wanted a child.
l always wanted a child.
You're a killer, Vani.
l spent my life with a killer.
Vani! -Shekhar! -You're
a killer and..
..l spent all these years with
a killer. -Shekhar! -No, Vani.
l didn't want to do this but
what could l do? What?
Guys, this is enough for today.
l'll escort you to your
respective bedrooms. Come along!
Come! Come!
What a party it was!
ln this party..
..l experienced a lot
of weird things.
l shouldn't have said all this
in front of everybody.
l'm sorry baby, l don't know what
came over me! -Hey, forget it!
Anyways, this is not the
right time for a baby.
We have a problem, Meera.
Can l say something?
We should get married.
Every man does this.
l used to pity you..
..but l realised your
identity today.
Today, l realised that
you're a monster.
l wanted to tell you everything!
-Our relation is over!
Now, tell me, what's
that secret?
Which you wanted to confess
in front of everybody.
That was nothing special.
l was just..
l just wanted to confess
like everybody and..
So, you don't have
any secret? -No!
Nothing that you
want to tell me?
l told you that there's nothing.
Leave me, please.
l'm very tired!
ls it? -Please! -Alright!
Everything will part. This
house, magazine..
And you know what?
lt doesn't make a
difference to me!
l just want to know.
Whether it makes a
difference to you?
You know my answer.
You're sure about
marriage, right?
Because l won't force you.
-Don't speak like that!
Just promise me that you'll
be with me, forever.
l don't want to create a scene
at your sister's place.
But l want to take a
divorce from you.
Where's the tape?
lt's with you.
l want to meet Rich.
-No, he won't.
He would want to meet me.
Will l get it back?
-Yes or maybe not.
Because l'll return
it with interest.
Think about it once, please.
Take her away, and..
..show her the way out.
-No, l'll go myself.
Do you know when will they
play Holi, tomorrow?
Holi, shit! No!
Today, there has been so
much of drama, today.
We may have it tomorrow,
as well.
That's why, l'm going
off to sleep.
Are you feeling sleepy?
-Yes, definitely.
Goodnight, Geetanjali.
-Goodnight, Megan.
Dear, Vikram.
l'm sorry.
Are you alright? Sure?
May l know, who's calling in?
l'm her husband speaking.
Who's speaking?
lt's the doctor. -l
don't want to talk.
There are some guests at home.
Can you call up later, please?
l'll take it.
You don't have to take this
call. -l will, l'm fine, please.
l never realised that
you've grown up.
l'm sorry.
l love you!
You're going to be a father!
Colours showering!
Colours showering, O beautiful,
colours showering.
Colours showering, O beautiful,
colours showering.
Colours showering, O beautiful,
colours showering.
Colours showering, O beautiful,
colours showering.
Colours showering, O beautiful,
colours showering.
O beloved, Come to me now!
l'm thirsty, come
and quench me.
Hold me till the thirst's
Monica! O my darling!
l'm sorry, Nimesh. -What?
-Sorry, you don't deserve me.
l'm leaving you. -What?
-l'm leaving you.
Friends, l want to
say something.
l was going to say
that, Jennifer..
Will you be with me?
Actually, l wanted to say
that, l'll be with you.
Will you marry me?
You will, won't you? -Yes, yes.
O Holi! Here it comes!
Here it comes!
O Holi! Here it comes!
Here it comes!
Holi is arrived.
Holi is arrived.
Holi is arrived.
Holi is arrived!
Holi is arrived.
Holi is arrived!
Holi is arrived! And lots
of happiness too.
Holi is arrived! And lots
of happiness too.
Our distance, our distance.
Our distance has been covered.
Our distance has been covered.
The girl's cheeks glowing.
The girl's cheeks have grown
red. lt has. lt has!
Holi is arrived! And lots
of happiness too.
Holi is arrived! And lots
of happiness too.
Spray it on, man!
Hi. How come you're here?
Yes, my tape.
Why? Do you have money?
You brought money?
Really? -Tape!
Oh, tape!
Thank you so much. l'll never
forget this. -Hey Rich!
C'mon, join the party!
Baby, our big-hearted neighbour
is ready to give you loan.
Yeah. And l've promised
that we'll return the..
..money with interest.
Right, Rich?
Right! A friend in need
is a friend indeed.
lsn't he a sweetheart?
Now, let's fulfill the
tradition. Happy Holi!
Yeah, happy Holi!
Alright, bye!
Bye! -Happy Holi!
Got the money!
We got the money.
We got the money.
Happy Holi, love! -Happy Holi,
baby. -Shall we dance, now?
The girl's cheeks have grown
red. lt has. lt has!
Holi is arrived! And lots
of happiness too.
You're so innocent.
You're so innocent.
Have some shame!
Beloved, you're so dear.
We'll wrestle in the garden.
l'm not going to leave
you. Come..
Come let me bind
you to myself.
Handcuffed! Handcuffed!
Handcuffed! Handcuffed!
My soul and body have been
drenched till my heart's content.
My soul and body have been
drenched till my heart's content.
The distance between our hearts
have been covered.
The girl's cheeks have
grown to be..
The girl's cheeks have
grown to be red.
Holi is arrived! And lots
of happiness too.
Holi is arrived.
Holi is arrived!
Let's play Holi,
Holi, right now!
Let's play Holi,
Holi, right now!
Let's play Holi, Holi,
spray it all!
Let's play Holi,
Holi, right now!
Let's play Holi,
Holi, right now!
Let's play Holi, Holi,
spray it all!