Karma Strikes (2023) Movie Script

The journey is like an incident.
Life is like a burning fire.
It all seems to be an illusion.
Was a delusion, that it was joyous.
Every moment was a lie,
emotions fake.
Constantly living in deceit.
Every particle says.
There is emptiness in relationships.
The first time I took
my daughter in my arms.
I hadn't experienced
the happiness before.
Our baby.
But I didn't know,
that joy was momentary.
Oh my God. Anil.
Oh my God. Doctor.
Nurse. Anil.
Call them. Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Nurse. Anil. Call them.
Oh Anil. He is busy in his prayers.
Keeps praying constantly.
What do I say, mom?
Soni. Soni.
What are you doing?
How can you talk over the
phone with the baby in your hand?
I'll call you back mom.
So what?
I can take care of the kid,
unlike you.
Please don't joke.
Okay fine it's over.
It's been a year now.
Please come out of the trauma.
My baby.
Home school?
Are you kidding me?
No way are we going
to home school Sonam.
But Soni. Listen.
Many great scientists
have been home schooled.
- Shut up.
- Okay listen, if she is home schooled,
she will always be
in front of our eyes.
Kids get spoilt by going to school.
Wonder what kind
of friends she'll make?
What do you want?
That she should be like
the white kids at the park?
Stop being paranoid.
Nothing will happen to Sonam.
You are such a drama queen.
Drama queen.
My decision is final,
and I don't want to argue.
- No. - Papa, carry me.
- Come dear,
papa will carry you.
- Isn't it?
- Don't ask papa to carry you.
He will drop you.
Shut up, it's not funny okay.
My dear, you don't want
to go to school. Isn't it?
Yeah. You won't go to school.
Sonam was more important
for me than my life.
As much as I loved her,
I was worried that
she shouldn't be in pain.
Papa is back.
Yeah, papa is back.
And I have got pop tarts for you,
eat it without telling mom, okay.
Papa is back, papa is back.
Yeah, papa is back.
And I have got pop tarts for you.
Papa is back.
Life moves pretty fast.
I didn't realize when Sonam
grew from 3 year to a 23-year-old.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Sonam.
Happy birthday to you.
Blow it. Okay.
Any doubt?
Thank you dear.
So, what's my birthday gift?
It's my 23rd birthday.
I want something special.
The whole world is yours.
Tell me what you want?
Do you promise to give
me whatever I ask for?
So, I want you to
listen to me calmly.
Specially you, dad.
Please sit down.
Okay let me get
directly to the point.
I am dating this guy Abhishek,
from last 3 years.
And we want to marry.
Wow, that's such a great news.
- When can we meet him?
- Are you in your senses, Sonam?
Do you wish to give
me a heart attack?
Don't encourage her Soni.
Anil. Please respect her decision.
You always wanted
me to be very modern.
Can't hit the child,
talk respectfully with her.
What are you doing now?
Behaving like a typical Indian dad.
Why don't you both understand?
She is talking about her wedding;
this isn't a joke.
Dad. You both have set such
a high standard of love for me.
That I can't be happy
in anything inferior.
Abhishek is really awesome.
He loves me immensely.
Just give him a chance for once.
Agreed just to meet him,
not for the wedding.
Thank you so much dad.
- Send him to office at lunch time.
- Sure.
Sure. Sure. Sure.
So, you know my daughter
since she was a 20-year-old kid.
She is 23 years old sir.
She isn't a kid.
She is very mature for her age.
I don't think so.
I have called you here
because Sonam is fond of you.
And she wants me to like you as well
She will not move ahead in the
relationship without my approval.
Sir. I have no problem with
you making the decision for Sonam.
Thanks for that.
Let me tell you about the next steps.
I have hired a background agency.
The one who will spy
on everything about you.
Any past affairs?
Any one-night stands?
Engagement or marriage?
This is your last chance.
Confess if you want to.
Sir. I have not hidden
anything from you and Sonam.
All I can say is,
I truly love your daughter.
And I sincerely believe I
will make her extremely happy, but.
In regards to these
background checks.
I am not about that.
I understand you love her.
You want her to be in safe hands.
But this,
bull shit going on between us.
I am not okay with it.
Listen, Abhishek.
There is no way I am
going to go ahead with this,
without a proper
background check done.
You don't have an option.
In that case,
we will leave the decision up to Sonam.
It was nice meeting you.
Sonam will only listen to me.
I have no problem in
accepting your decision.
And I think we both know,
what's that going to be.
We will see.
You spoiled my birthday.
How can you do this?
I wanted you to meet Abhishek,
know him, talk to him.
But you didn't do any of these.
Instead, you want to
use a back ground check.
Come Sonam, sit here.
Please dear. Come here.
This is not how I
wanted things to go dad.
You said you would obey me.
Yes, but.
I am not going to hand
over my girl to a stranger.
You know him, not me.
What is wrong in
a background check?
If Abhishek hasn't
done anything wrong.
Then he shouldn't have any problem.
Don't you know, I have accepted this
relationship with a lot of difficulty.
You have to support your dad too.
Let him do work his way.
Okay dad.
I'll talk to Abhishek.
I am sorry for my behavior.
It's okay. Don't worry.
Okay I'll see you later.
You already started.
Hope it's okay with you.
But seriously, your dad is a psycho.
How do you tolerate this guy?
Shut up, Abhi.
How can you talk
like that about my dad?
And you need to understand
why he is doing that?
Yes, I do.
Because he is a psycho.
Please be serious Abhi.
I know this must
be hurting your ego.
But what's the harm?
Let him be convinced in his own way.
My love. It is not about the ego.
It's what he does.
He doesn't trust
you or your judgement.
No, he does trust.
That's why even he
was ready to talk to you.
But he does get little
psyched up when it come to me.
Abhi. You can do that for me.
Please Abhi.
Okay. Just for you.
You are such a sweetheart.
Ya, I know.
By the way, your dad won't
have any crazy demands from me.
Just making sure I am
performing well enough in bed for him.
- What?
- I don't know what he is going to ask me.
Don't worry. I'll let him know.
That I have already
tried and tested you.
One sec, let me just
check who is calling me.
Yes, dad.
Dear Sonam . He is good.
Oh my God.
You are the best dad.
You are the best. Thank you so much.
He said yes for us.
He said yes. Can you believe?
I am so happy.
I don't want.
I am good,
I don't need any more food.
Your parents are making
food for two of us or 10 people?
I must say.
You have a pretty clean record.
Ya, that guy I bribed did a great job.
You are not supposed to say that. Come on.
No, that's not what he tried to say.
Okay I am sorry.
But if you don't mind me asking,
why are so paranoid?
I don't think I am paranoid,
I like a typical girl's father.
I want the best for my daughter.
Now I believe I have one.
So, what's next.
The FBI,
CIA, secret service on my door?
Anything else.
It is a very common thing in India.
Because of the fraud and all so.
I'll be honest and
tell you one thing.
I didn't like you
the first time I met you.
That's understandable.
I never thought.
That I'll say yes
to someone for my girl,
who is an actor
That right there.
That's exactly what my dad did.
When he found out that his,
good wholesome Indian son was not
going to be a doctor or an engineer,
but the worse thing
imaginable an actor.
I don't know. If Lord Krishna
just put Sonam in my life, but.
I hate to admit this but.
In a way I got to thank you.
As I said.
I wasn't very happy when I met you.
But now I am very happy.
I have a lovely daughter.
And someone.
Whom I can call a son.
One thing.
Your Hindi is terrible.
Look at Sonam.
She is so fluent in Hindi.
Learn from her.
I am way ahead of you. Okay.
I have been binge watching
all the Bollywood songs.
I think I know how to speak now.
A little bit at least.
Listen. Listen.
'I met a beautiful stranger'.
- 'What happened next,'.
- 'What happened next'.
'don't ask that,
because some such thing happened'.
'I happened to meet
a beautiful stranger'.
'All of a sudden'.
'All of a sudden'.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
Let's cut it.
Thank you.
Thank you so much. Thank you, guys.
It's lovely.
Thank you everyone.
Dad you are here.
I searched for you everywhere.
Sit down.
Let me have a look at you.
You have grown up.
You know.
You were so small.
When I returned from office.
You would run and come.
Papa's come. Papa's come.
I would bring pop tarts.
It was your favorite.
Your mother wouldn't
allow you to eat.
It was our little secret.
I didn't realize when
I turned from papa to dad.
Now you'll leave me and go away.
I'll become very lonely.
I am not going anywhere.
I will be very lonely.
Why are you crying?
Don't cry dear.
Okay, I guess I am drunk.
Hello everyone.
On the eve of my Mom
and Dad's 25th Anniversary
We have prepared
something very special.
For you all.
Es pecially you dad.
I have a surprise.
"Mascara of the eye
increases my heart beats''.
"When the stars fall,
I desire for you''.
"I still love your attitude''.
"When you call,
my heart goes there''.
"My awesome tantrums,
which you love",
"You are a handsome dude too''.
''I am fortunate to find you''.
"Always be my guide''.
"It's a party of love,
heart is happy''.
"It's an evening
full of celebrations''.
"Let the wedding bells ring,
you are my partner''.
"It's an awesome pair,
congrats to us''.
"Let the drums roll,
we don't care what other's think''.
"We'll dance to our heart's content,
congrats to us''.
"You are with me;
life is a journey''.
"You are with me in times
of trouble, and my only hope''.
"Stretching your arms
and spreading light.''.
"You are my Lord,
you free me of my sorrow''.
"I want to thank;
you have helped at every step''.
"I don't fear as long
as you are with me''.
"You have fulfilled your promise''.
"This is the chance;
it is a fun evening''.
"Let's bring in the vibe''.
"What a beautiful evening it is''.
"What a beautiful sight,
filled with joy by you''.
"It's a party of love,
heart is happy''.
"It's an evening
full of celebrations''.
"Let the wedding bells ring,
you are my partner''.
"It's an awesome pair,
congrats to us''.
"Let the drums roll,
we don't care what other's think''.
"We'll dance to your heart's
content, congrats to us''.
Congrats to us.
Congrats to us.
Congrats to us.
Congrats to us.
Hurry up Anil.
Not sure how Sonam is feeling!
What happened?
Anil. Hurry and come upstairs.
Look what's happened to Sonam.
You are back, Anil.
What happened?
You are not getting whatever is happening?
Did you forget me?
Calm down.
What did you think,
I wouldn't return?
Go away.
It's been very long since
you did something with me.
Fine, I'll take my clothes off.
You can fk me, how you always did.
No dear. Listen.
Get lost you bh.
Anil, call 911.
- Hold her.
- Anil.
Hold her.
Dissociative identity disorder.
Commonly known as multiple
personality disorder.
But in her case, it has taken more
violent and self-disruptive form.
We have temporarily
put her to sleep.
She seems to be
extremely aggressive.
What could be the
reason behind this?
This has never happened before.
Could be many reasons.
Some incidents might have
occurred when she was a child.
Something that might have
had a major impact on her.
Maybe she never shared
it with you guys.
Like in all cases this behavior, must
have been developed over a period of time.
You may need to perform
a few tests and also,
keep her on observation
for some time.
Our hope is that her regular personality
will come back soon.
We can then find out more
about her other personality.
More personalities?
She will get well soon, right?
Let's try our best.
What did you do to her?
What did you do to Sonam?
what are you talking about?
I know this guy is a psycho.
And he did something to Sonam
I am not going to leave him.
He is her dad, damn it.
And he loves her more
than anybody else in the world.
Can't you see his condition?
I don't know what's happening.
But he hasn't been acting right.
You come here,
and you don't say a word.
And you are just.
There is something on your face.
You know what's going on.
And I know, you are guilty of it.
You know Abhishek. The father
whose only motive in life was,
upbringing of his daughter.
Protecting her from everything.
The pain he must be going through.
We can't even imagine.
Sonam needs to recover
for us to know the truth.
For that it's important
for us to remain as a family.
We need your support.
I am with you guys.
I am sorry about
my behavior earlier.
I'll stay back with Sonam
at the hospital tonight.
You rest at home.
Everything will be fine.
Abhishek, please drop him home.
Could you give me one too?
I didn't know you smoked.
I did not.
I last smoked during
Soni's pregnancy.
I was very tensed
when Soni was pregnant.
And thus begins the story.
Yes. I am at a party;
can I call you back later?
Yes, mom. I can't hear you.
I'll call you later.
What's going on.
Hi sir, I am Divya.
Hi Divya, I am Anil.
You must be the new recruit, right?
Yes sir,
I joined the team this week.
Actually, Mahesh sir forced
me and so did the others,
so, I came.
Or else I wasn't interested.
It's good you came.
Partying is important for us.
It's a good way to relax
after working the entire week.
And helps in team bonding too.
Sir, are you Mahesh sir's colleague?
No. I am his manager.
Sorry sir.
You don't need to be sorry.
It is my fault.
I should have introduced
myself to all of you.
Sir by the way,
it is a beautiful place.
Thank you.
But it belongs to the company.
Okay. So do you live alone
in the company's pretty flat?
Wife is in Pune with her mom.
She is pregnant. 4th month.
Oh my God. Congratulations, sir.
Thank you.
So then how do you meet her?
Long distance relationship.
I go to meet her over the weekend.
It isn't so.
Oh, that's great.
What about you?
Sir, I live alone in Mumbai.
Parents live in Indore.
Oh, so you aren't from Mumbai?
No sir.
So, how do you like Mumbai?
Nothing great.
I am sure you will fall in
love with Mumbai once you get there.
Hi Anil sir.
We are missing you inside.
Please come in.
You come along. Please.
Let's go inside.
You are here?
Where else would I be?
It's your imagination.
Nice. Since you are here,
let me show you.
You know. I don't know
whether it was her beauty,
or separation from Soni.
But I felt attracted
the first time I saw her.
So, something like puppy love. Wow.
I don't know.
It is like something in your heart.
Like butterflies. You know.
you will come to know about that.
Come, watch the story.
Come on, let's go.
I'll call you when I reach home.
I'll message. Okay.
Okay. Bye.
Love you, bye.
Hi sir.
What a surprise.
I work in the same office.
I know that, sir.
But, just a moment.
Ya, why don't you do one thing?
Restart your computer
after 15 minutes.
Right now,
just shut down for 15 minutes.
Call me back if it doesn't work.
Thank you, happy to help.
What was that?
You tricked the customer.
No sir, suddenly you came. I was
confused, so I said after 15 minutes.
I did this for the first time.
I have never done this.
I hope so.
She will get a shock after 15 mins,
when everything will be the same.
She will have to again wait
for an hour to get connected.
I am sorry sir.
It didn't occur to me.
I promise you sir,
within 15 minutes.
It's okay, I have done this too.
In fact, worse than this.
In fact, I used to
make them wait for hours.
and even sleep while at it.
After hours, I used to wonder, who
has calling me as John in my dreams.
So that's okay.
So, my mistake is forgiven.
Yes forgiven.
Thank you.
Can you take a break?
We can have a cup of coffee.
I need it.
Let's go.
Couldn't have done it without me.
But I don't think you
did this for the first time.
May be first time in your presence.
2 coffees please.
Give in this.
Sir, you are in office
so late at night?
Yes, too much of work load.
Anyways I am alone at home.
So, I feel lonely.
I understand sir.
Please don't call me sir.
I feel old.
No sir, you don't look old at all.
Can you repeat the
sentence without using sir?
No Anil, you don't look old at all.
Thanks Divya.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
After the party, colleagues were
talking about your love marriage.
Can you please narrate
your story to me?
After repeating it endlessly,
there isn't any romance left.
Please repeat it again for me.
Soni, my wife and
me were college friends.
For 4 years we studied
engineering together.
I went home during
the second semester break.
When I went home,
it was gap of one month.
I missed her terribly. Extremely.
As time passed by.
I realized I loved her so much.
As soon as I went back
after the semester break.
I took her to my den in college.
Where we used to meet regularly.
I had decided that day,
that I would express it to her.
I had suppressed all my emotions.
But I was scared too.
I didn't know where
she wanted to go.
So, I gathered all the
courage and stopped her.
And expressed it to her.
I love you.
Then what did she reply?
Yes, nothing.
She left without uttering a word.
That's what.
Your proposal was wrong.
Had you proposed with the
signature pose of outstretched arms.
She would have immediately agreed.
As if people conversed
with open arms in real life?
It just happens in movies.
Anyways, what happened next?
Finally, she said yes.
What? Just like that?
Just like that.
I asked,' yes for what'?
She replied, 'for your proposal,
if it is still valid'.
Girls will be girls.
And after that?
Oh, then.
Something very
important happened. Oh.
I got a client's call from US.
They asked, why is Divya
on a break since an hour?
Oh my god. It's been an hour.
Must be. It normally takes
that much time to narrate my story.
I am so sorry.
It isn't your fault.
I was lost in my story.
This has turned cold too.
Shall we leave? Yes.
- Let's go.
- Coffee was good.
Feedback of the cafeteria
which you had sent last time.
Have you filled it yet?
Sir, I don't know how to do it.
Do something timely at least.
Here is your desk.
Sir. I mean Anil.
I wanted to tell you something.
You have a very beautiful story.
After listening to your story, I
feel, I am missing Anil in my life.
Then I'll say, I will pray to God,
that you get your Anil very soon.
Okay, you carry on.
Okay. Alright.
That line was so cheesy.
Guys in the 90's really thought
they could get away with that.
Well, it might be cheesy for you.
But it kind of worked for me.
I see that.
Okay. Younger.
Very tasty and perfectly spicy.
For the first time I ate
something so delicious in Mumbai.
This is nothing compared
to all the street food.
Mumbai has the best
street food in the world.
Wow. Just a moment.
There wasn't anything
non vegetarian in it.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I am a vegetarian.
I used to eat earlier,
but since Soni doesn't eat.
I quit too.
Would you eat non
vegetarian with me?
By the way Anil,
would you take me around Mumbai?
I still remember you said,
I would fall in love with Mumbai.
And I really want to.
I would love to take
you around Mumbai.
- Really.
- Yes.
In fact, we can do that.
Every day after your shift,
we can visit different places.
No, I have night shifts.
No worries. I am here till 2 am.
Another few hours more.
Just a matter of few days.
Are you sure?
Thank you so much.
It's okay. Taste that first.
By the way when can
we eat non vegetarian?
In fact, I remember one place.
There isn't any better
place than that in Mumbai.
I can't wait.
Done. First eat this.
Yes, this is very tasty too.
Divya and me grew
closer by touring Mumbai.
The streets of Mumbai
reminded me of my old days.
And now I was seeing
Mumbai through her eyes,
and it was very beautiful.
And unknowingly,
there was a ray a hope within me.
But I didn't know what that meant.
"All the happiness is here''.
"It's the beauty in your eyes''.
Do you know?
what's the most beautiful
thing about Mumbai?
When it is so noisy,
and overcrowded.
Everyone is chasing something.
But this is so peaceful.
So soothing.
Like a tired man returning
in search for his life.
Yes. You are right.
By the way.
Even though I love the peace here,
I love the bustling
crowded Mumbai too.
Yes of course.
As you would never have
travelled by bus or train.
So, you are not worried
about the over population.
It isn't so.
Even I used to travel
by buses and trains too.
- Oh really.
- Yes.
I bought this car recently.
You know, I just love the fact,
that however alone you are.
You never feel lonely in your life.
Are you scared of loneliness?
I am not scared.
I don't like to live alone.
That's why I spend
most of my time in office.
Don't you stay alone too?
Yes, but I am busy with my TV.
Keep watching the whole day.
Oh, what do you watch on TV?
Film, serials, and even news.
But everything Indian.
You don't watch Hollywood movies?
No. Please.
You are missing out
on so much good stuff.
I wish just like Mumbai; I could
make you tour the Hollywood movies.
Really? But no thanks.
Come on,
at least give them a chance.
Okay fine. But on one condition.
That you will have to
watch all the films with me.
Okay then.
Let's go.
Come. Come on.
Oh, the car is here.
Hey sweetheart. How are you?
I am fine. Did you just come home?
Yes, I had some work.
You seem to be very busy now a days.
Has your work load increased?
No, but since you aren't here.
No use coming back home.
Sorry, should I come back?
No, I can't take care
of you like your mom does.
Hey listen, I'll hang up. Have to get
back to work in a couple of hours.
Okay fine,
but don't tire yourself much.
Complete your 8-hour sleep.
Okay. Good night, sweetheart.
Good night, Anil.
Thank you,
for introducing me to Mumbai.
Actually, it is one of the most
beautiful cities I have ever been in.
Earlier I thought, shifting to Mumbai
was the worst decision of my life.
But now I am glad.
That I shifted here.
And yes, you were right.
I did fall in love.
With Mumbai.
Of course, you thought
she was talking about you.
I was surprised for a few seconds.
She did it on purpose?
No. In those days,
long messages come in parts.
But maybe she did it deliberately.
I never asked her.
She was playing you.
She wasn't.
Honestly speaking. I love to dance.
At times I do dance alone at home.
But unable to do in front of others.
I am very bad at it.
Since Soni didn't like it,
never thought about it.
Let's do one thing.
Let's go to a club.
I have two left feet too.
Two bad dancers will
set the dance floor on fire.
Okay. But don't be embarrassed.
I won't be.
So, I should I consider it a, yes?
Okay then. Take rest.
As we have to rock the
dance floor with full energy.
Okay. Good night.
Good night.
"Your love is like magic;
I feel like I am flying''.
"Let's spread our wings tonight''.
"Your love is like magic;
I feel like I am flying''.
"Let's spread our wings tonight''.
"You and me,
the world is intoxicated''.
"Waves in my heart,
without any care''.
"You and me have left
all worries behind''.
"On that pretext,
lets live every moment''.
"Let's tread on the strange path,
that you and me have met on''.
"In life we have met,
you and me, me and you''.
"Your love is like magic;
I feel like I am flying''.
"Let's spread the wings tonight''.
"Your love is like magic;
I feel like I am flying''.
"Let's spread the wings tonight''.
"You and me in the
star-studded night''.
"Losing ourself in each other''.
"Why haste,
when the moment is perfect''?
"Let's go, without a reason''.
"Beyond the world''.
"Why don't we vanish,
without a fear?''.
"You and me have left
all the worries behind''.
"On that pretext,
lets live every moment''.
"Let's tread on the strange path,
that you and me have met on''.
"In life we have met,
you and me, me and you''.
"Your love is like magic;
I feel like I am flying''.
"Let's spread the wings tonight''.
"Your love is like magic;
I feel like I am flying''.
"Let's spread the wings tonight''.
Come in.
- Hi.
- Sit down.
Thank you.
I have come to tell you that,
my shift is over.
I will be leaving now.
Oh, it's already 5 am.
It is.
The entire week has flown past.
My day shifts will
begin from next week.
I am not sure if
we can meet more often.
Why won't we meet?
There is still a
lot to tour in Mumbai.
I wanted to ask you.
What are your weekend plans?
I am going to Pune on weekends,
to meet Soni.
Oh ya, I completely
forgot about that.
You had told me about it. Sorry.
thank you so much Anil.
It was an amazing week.
After this.
Okay then I'll leave.
Take care, see you soon.
Pick up. Pick up.
Hey Divya.
Are you fine?
No, Anil.
Not at all fine.
Are you fine?
No. I am not at all fine.
I miss you, Anil.
I miss you like hell.
You had promised me,
that you would show me the movies.
I want to watch a movie.
I am also missing you like hell.
Since you left my cabin.
I am thinking about you.
Please come.
I'll do something.
We are meeting today, right?
Yes. We are meeting today.
Thank you, Anil.
What's the emergency that
you have to go back to work?
How do I explain?
They need me.
But who works on a weekend?
And you are the manager.
The office is open 24/7.
And manager is also
the part of the team.
Weird. I don't know what's going on.
What do you mean by that?
I mean we just meet on a weekend.
That too.
Work is important too.
Okay fine.
Are you sure this is the right way?
I can't see anything ahead.
Can you see the bungalow
at the end of the street?
Like an old haunted house.
Yes, that's my place.
Are you serious?
Yes, have you reached?
No, almost.
- Fine, I am coming.
- Okay.
Holy shit,
don't tell me he is already a ghost.
Of course not, but her
house was like a haunted house.
What kind of a place do you live in?
Why? What's wrong in it?
I don't have to give rent.
I just pay the maintenance.
Because it belongs
to a distant relative.
it is very far and secluded.
You should be more careful.
Okay fine.
This is my small little house.
It isn't small.
But is lovely.
Please sit.
Where are you going?
I'll make coffee.
Hey no. I don't need coffee.
Please come.
Are you sure?
Absolutely. Please. Come.
So, were you missing me?
You were missing me too.
Yes. But I live alone.
You were with your wife.
But you left her and came,
to meet me.
Honestly, Divya.
I was too confused.
I am unable to take you off my mind.
This was my longest
three-hour drive.
I wasn't able to stay
a moment without you.
I think.
I think.
I have fallen in love with you.
What I feel for you,
I don't think I need to express it.
But I am not such a kind of a girl,
who believes in casual relationships.
You are a married man.
What is the future
of our relationship?
About that, I don't know.
But I do know.
What I feel for you at this moment,
I have never ever felt for anyone.
There is something between us,
which constantly
pulls you towards me.
Whenever I am with you,
it feels like our world.
I don't care about anything else.
When I am away from you,
I am yearning to meet you.
I can't bear a moment without you.
It has reached a
level of madness, Divya.
Reached a level of madness.
No. Never.
I need commitment.
Otherwise, we both have to
suppress our emotions and feelings.
I give you, my commitment.
I don't want to see,
dad making love.
So, you made a commitment to her.
Yes, I did.
I wasn't in the right
frame of mind when I did.
I was too much into her.
Didn't you see it yourself?
I shifted to her house.
Wow. That's great.
"Two wanderers,
walking on the path''.
"We don't know our destination''.
"Neither do we care
nor desire for a goal''.
"It's only about love''.
"Many old...
I haven't let anyone in my
office get a whiff of my affair.
"Left the past behind''."Leaving behind''.
Haven't you ever heard about it?
Let it be.
"With a thousand dreams",
"We have moved towards it".
"New paths''.
"You pass by, you are my abode''.
"You are the new kayak;
life is an ocean''.
"Wonder how nights turn to dawn''.
"With you it feels like home''.
"You make my feel alive",
"as I have met mysel"f.
"Your name mingles with
fragrance in the air''.
"My heart blossoms
in the open air''.
"You seem to be mine''.
"With a thousand dreams",
"moving ahead towards it".
"New paths''.
If you don't want to talk. Don't write it.
I don't want to talk.
I was having a great time.
But by this my relationship
with Soni got strained a lot.
I didn't visit Pune for 2 weeks.
She was very upset with me.
Hello. Soni.
I know.
I am really sorry.
There is a lot of work load.
And you know I am
up for a promotion.
I even have chances of going to US.
I can't refuse to do work.
Okay. I will.
Though I was having
a great time with Divya.
But I knew it wasn't forever.
The relationship had to end soon.
Are they your parents?
I was 7-year-old in this picture.
So cute.
You must be missing them.
Yes, a lot.
Isn't she Soni?
Yes. She wanted her
picture to be in my wallet.
So, she inserted it.
Do you mind if I remove it?
No. I don't mind.
Now you can put my
picture in your wallet.
Thank you.
I am so sorry Anil.
I know you are working
so hard for our future.
And I promise you.
I will not hurt you in future.
You can call me
whenever you get free.
And come to meet me too.
Love you, my sweetheart.
I am feeling guiltier
after yesterday.
I don't know what to do.
You are badly trapped.
What were you thinking?
Wasn't thinking anything.
Just kept moving ahead.
Should have controlled yourself.
What's so great about her?
She is like a cigarette.
Bro, I don't understand
what you are saying.
No idea.
Listen. Soni is my life.
And I love my life immensely.
Divya is like a cigarette.
Which is an addiction for me.
I can't stay without her.
Wow, such deep word. Great.
But you want to smoke
and continue the affair.
No, it isn't true.
Of course, I want to get out of it,
but I don't know how to.
What's there to understand?
You just have to choose.
Question of choosing doesn't arise.
Why don't you just leave her?
She is going to
be a mother of my kid.
I can't leave Soni.
Tell me,
what is so great about Divya?
Sex? Are you doing it for sex?
Okay. You are my childhood friend.
You know me since I was a kid.
When I am with her, I feel happy.
We have our different world.
That's enough for us.
So, it is not about sex.
Listen bro,
I have never had such an experience.
But yes, it's difficult
to get rid of old habits.
But the initiative,
you will have to take.
Why don't you go to Soni at Pune?
Work from there.
Its 3 hours from here.
So what?
Travel 3 hours.
Work from office and bit from home.
At least you'll
stay away from Divya.
Wow, that's a great idea.
I'll tell Divya that
they are hospitalizing Soni.
- And I'll have to go to her.
- Good. Lies.
Anyways I have nothing
to do with this.
Come out of it,
or will be trapped badly.
Leave it. How's work?
Fine, going on.
From next time,
talk respectfully with me.
Really? What great
thing have you done?
Have done a wonder,
should I tell you?
Yes, please.
I am the new DCP.
Wow, that's wonderful. Oh wow.
We need to celebrate. What?
With a Blue Label.
- Buddy.
- Get a bottle of Blue Label.
Hey no. wow.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Are you going somewhere?
Yes, I got call today morning.
Soni, is being admitted
at the hospital.
is it serious?
No, but I will have to go.
Leave after having tea.
Do you really have to go?
I mean, her mom is
there to take care of her.
Yes, but she can't manage alone.
My absence doesn't seem nice.
Are you stopping me?
Can I ever deny you?
I am really getting late.
Listen, Anil.
Please give me your laptop.
TV isn't working.
I can watch Hollywood
films on your laptop.
It's my office laptop.
I promise not to check
any of your official mails.
It's not that. I thought I
would work from home, if I got late.
No, you will have
to return back on Monday.
I am not allowing you to
stay there more than a weekend.
And you must be knowing my password.
Of course.
2 Tickets for "Terahvin"
at Rahul Theatre, Pune
Listen, call from office.
I'll just attend it for a while.
Hello, Divya.
What is it?
Where are you?
I told you, Soni is getting
shifted to a hospital.
I am in the hospital.
Are you still in the hospital?
What is it, Divya?
Turn around.
Is this your hospital?
She had recovered so
we came to watch a movie.
Don't lie.
I saw you had booked
tickets in advance.
What could I have done?
I hadn't visited Pune for 3 weeks.
Soni was upset with me.
I couldn't avoid.
Didn't you think about me for once?
I did.
I promise to come
back to office on Monday.
No. You are returning back with me,
right now.
What? Are you joking?
- What will I tell Soni?
- I don't care what you tell her.
Don't behave like this.
I don't want to create
any scene here, Anil.
I am waiting for
you outside the theatre.
You are returning back with me.
Right now.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Divya. This is not done.
You shouldn't have behaved this way.
I thought you genuinely loved me.
But this.
Was all a lie.
It was a drama.
Do you really think
I don't love you?
Oh my God, you used me.
Anil Sharma.
Your wife was pregnant.
So, you lured me for sex.
Shut up, Divya.
You shut up.
This is what you wanted.
In fact, you must be
even thinking right now,
when I will stop my nonsense, shed
of my clothes and have sex with you.
- So, if you want this, let's do it.
- What are you doing?
- Have you gone mad?
- You made me this.
You have made a fool out of me.
I genuinely love you.
Do you?
I do.
You had said this earlier too.
There at the corridor.
You give me a commitment.
Call your wife.
And reveal everything to her.
Where is your phone?
I'll show you what I can do.
Don't joke around,
or the call will get connected.
My wife.
How have you saved my number?
My mistress.
Divya, this isn't a joke.
Give me the phone,
- or the call will get connected.
- Call is connected.
It's ringing. Will you talk, or should I?
Hello, Anil.
I can't hear you. Anil.
Have you reached?
Man, that was. Something.
All this led to one good thing.
That I quit smoking.
I started hating cigarettes.
Why don't you tell Soni
everything and come clean?
Soni trusted me a lot.
Had I told her, she would
have left me that very moment.
She would never have accepted me.
She would have had a break down.
Come in.
I don't want to.
Seriously, Divya.
You are black mailing me.
And you want,
I should live with you peacefully.
I am not black mailing you.
You lied to me.
I don't even trust you.
What were you thinking?
That you would never ever
tell Soni anything about me?
I would tell her,
someday or the other.
When would you tell?
I haven't thought about it yet.
Then think about it and tell me.
You do know, she is pregnant.
Till our baby isn't born,
I can't tell her anything.
Would you be able
to tell her after that?
Fine, you will reveal everything
to her after the baby is born.
You will divorce Soni and marry me.
Come with me.
Divya. Please let
me sleep here tonight.
No. You will sleep with me.
I want to forget this incident.
And you erase it too.
I didn't feel any love for Divya.
But she behaved as if
everything was great between us.
The next few days were
very difficult for me.
There is a glitch
in the customer's system.
Please help.
Divya. Divya.
Where are you lost?
Are you sure it will work?
I am not sure.
I was very sure of
many of my decisions.
But nothing worked out in life.
So don't trust me.
If you face any problem.
Please call us back later.
Whom are you talking to?
Don't barge into my cabin.
- This is my office, not your house.
- I don't care.
I warned you not to talk to Soni.
Let's discuss this later.
No. First you promise me,
you will not talk to her.
Divya please.
Say yes, then I'll leave.
Okay. Yes.
Remember that.
What's going on Anil?
Neither are you picking
up my calls nor calling me.
Let me know if you are
not interested in the marriage.
I don't mind divorcing you.
This is what you wanted?
Tell her.
That you want divorce.
How can I tell her?
I can't tell her anything
until our baby is born.
Fine, tell her whatever you want.
Just ignore her.
How can I ignore her?
Till I don't get divorced.
Let me talk to her till then.
Don't behave like this please.
Please be little considerate.
What the hell do you mean by,
little considerate?
Do you even know
what I am going through?
What I feel?
What I am going through?
I am stuck.
Neither am I able to come out of you
nor experience the
same love as I did before.
I keep consoling myself
that things will get better.
Everything will get sorted.
One day you will be mine.
But I can't trust myself.
Yet I keep convincing myself.
I keep telling myself.
I am tired.
I am not a villain, Anil.
I am just a normal girl with
normal dreams, try to understand.
Divya please try to understand.
You are unhappy with me,
on the other hand Soni is upset.
She is pregnant.
I am worried she might do something.
Fine. talk to her,
but not in front of me.
Hello Soni.
Neither are you coming
home nor calling me.
The baby isn't only
my responsibility.
I am really sorry Soni.
I don't want your sorry.
You have changed.
I feel you don't love me at all.
It isn't true, Soni.
Not at all true.
If it is so, then come back home.
And if you can't come.
Don't call me every again.
I have to go to meet Soni.
It is becoming too tough to handle.
you don't need to go there.
Divya. Please don't do this.
I have already given
you a lot of liberties.
Don't expect anything
more than this.
My life had become a living hell.
I didn't know what to do.
It was important for
me to meet Soni this week.
But I knew Divya
would create a scene.
I am not going to office.
Inform your team.
You do it.
"All your paths and
mine have disappeared''.
"My lost life,
may ever be complete''.
"Every drop,
every particle flows as tears''.
"What was alive in the heart''.
"Paths are blocked''.
"Along with time,
I got sorrowful tales''.
"Meet me again then it will
be possible to relive here''.
"In my house, your echoing voice''.
"There still are your
creases on the curtains''.
"All our moments are
somewhere caught in them''.
"It breaks the faith,
that you will meet me someday''.
"Along with time
I found a companion''.
"Meet me again, then it
will be possible to relive here''.
I can't leave Soni.
I don't have the courage
to tell her about us.
So, what do you want?
That you both should live
happily together ever after,
and I should cry all my life?
Thinking how someone
exploited me for enjoyment.
No. We can still live together.
Like your mistress.
We can't live together.
But can die together.
I was crossing the road today.
For a second, I thought of closing my
eyes and jumping in front of a moving car.
So, all this would
end once and for all.
But why am I telling you this?
How does it matter to you?
I'll do it.
Will you be able to?
Maybe not.
But there isn't any other option.
What if I disclose
everything to Soni?
Then she will leave me.
And I will leave you.
Even if I have to live
alone for a life time.
Why didn't you think about
this before ruining my life?
I wasn't able to understand.
I was just moving ahead.
I didn't know that
it would turn so difficult.
I am willing to give up my
life for you, what more do you want?
Inform me when and how to do it.
I thought suicide would scare her,
and she would leave me.
I had no inkling that the
matter would get so complicated.
On one hand there was death,
on the other hand, was Soni.
To tell her that I had cheated her.
I had made my decision.
Of all the ways to
come out of this mess,
this is what you decided.
Oh, now you have nothing to say.
What could I have done?
I don't know, but not this.
If not this then what?
This is your mess.
Your mess.
My mess, so what?
You saw the entire thing with me.
What would I have done?
So don't give me this lecture, okay?
Now you don't have
anything to say right?
And today was the night.
Our last night.
"The journey is like an incident''.
"Life is like a burning flame''.
"It all seems to be an illusion''.
"Was a delusion,
that it was joyous''.
"Every moment was a lie,
emotions fake''.
"Constantly living in deceit''.
"Every particle says''.
"There is emptiness
in the relationship''.
"Wounds are deep''.
"In return my heart is soaked''.
"We had to meet somewhere in life''.
"We were even destined
to meet in death''.
"I knew this was the last meeting''.
"Ocean is deep,
have to drown in it now''.
"It's time to part,
with flowing tears''.
"It's the last breath''.
"Destined to burn, there isn't
any sorrow in walking together''.
"If you break down,
we do it together''.
"The night seems to have halted''.
"Every particle says''.
"There is emptiness
in the relationship''.
"Wounds are deep''.
"In return my heart is soaked''.
"Heart is soaked''.
This is a murder.
It's a murder.
It isn't a murder.
She killed herself.
What are you saying?
She took her life for you.
I know.
But what could I do?
What could you do?
What could you have done?
You could have broken off, with her.
Go far away from her.
Could have told Soni
if she chased you.
Could have done anything, but
you didn't have to take her life.
It is a crime.
I did try.
But I couldn't do anything.
I couldn't lose Soni,
and my baby to be born.
You have done very wrong.
I need your help.
Listen, I have already
spoken at my office,
about my transfer a week ago.
The are transferring me to US.
Very soon I will leave from here.
Please help. My name
shouldn't be exposed, please.
I had warned you enough.
Not to do it.
She seemed as a cigarette to you.
For the last time.
I doing it for the
last time for you.
After this.
Neither do you know me,
nor I know you.
I am doing this only,
for our friendship.
I am Anil.
Divya's manager.
Greetings, Sir.
She had mentioned about you.
She used to praise you a lot.
I am really sorry for your loss.
I am as shocked as you are.
Do you know, why she did this?
She was very happy.
Always very happy.
- Extremely happy.
- She was always happy.
Please control yourself.
We are here, for you.
She was my only daughter.
Left us and went away.
We don't have anyone in the world.
We don't have anyone;
how will we survive?
Please don't say that.
If you need anything.
Don't hesitate to call me.
But please control yourself.
Mr. Anil.
Can you please come with us?
We want to question you.
Leave as soon as possible.
I am unable to forget their faces.
Every time I think of them,
I am reminded of Divya.
I can never forgive myself
for what I did to them.
All these years I have
been living with this guilt.
I knew it.
That I will have to pay for my sins.
Do you know?
When I took Sonam in
my arms after she was born.
She slipped off from me.
I felt this was my
punishment for my sins.
But she survived.
From that day.
I have lived every day in fear,
that Sonam might
have to pay for my sins.
When she told me about you,
I was sure,
that you would do the same
thing to her what I did to Divya.
But I was wrong again.
When I came to know
that you love her a lot.
For the first time I
breathed a sigh of relief.
I felt maybe God has forgiven me.
But I hadn't asked for
forgiveness from everyone.
I was wrong.
Divya has taken her revenge.
I have lost my daughter.
I have lost my family
Everything is over.
Do you really think that was Divya?
I mean.
You believe in ghosts.
I didn't earlier.
But now I do.
Nobody can do this, except Divya.
I could see it in her eyes.
And what she said, nobody
except Divya could tell me that.
Why don't you just talk to her once?
- Yes.
- Anil.
Hurry up, Sonam is hell
bent in killing herself.
Call Anil,
or else I will kill your daughter.
No dear, don't do anything.
Sonam, please stop.
Shut up.
What's happened
to our daughter, Anil?
Doctor said,
he would send to her an asylum,
if she didn't recover.
Neither does she eat nor drink.
She hates her own life.
What's happening with us, Anil?
It is all because of me Soni.
Why are you blaming yourself Anil?
When you were pregnant.
I had an affair with someone.
And then she killed herself.
I gave her poison from my own hand.
And today she is taking
revenge from our daughter.
Soni. Soni.
Soni. Soni.
Get lost from my sight forever.
I was waiting since the
last 23 years for this day.
I could have ruined it
on the first day, if I wished.
But no.
I wanted to see you suffer more.
How does a father feel,
when he raises up his daughter,
and then someone kills her?
Didn't you meet my parents?
You saw their condition.
She will suffer every single day.
Then you will realize what pain is.
I do realize Divya.
Since the day I took your life
I have experienced
all the pain and agony every single day
I genuinely loved you a lot.
A lot.
But I didn't want to
lose Soni and my daughter.
I didn't want to get separated from
her, immediately after her birth.
I am really sorry.
I have wronged you and your parents.
Don't start your nonsense again.
Your daughter will
pay the price of your sins.
I am not here to beg
for my daughter's life.
I have come to be
punished for my mistakes.
What was incomplete 23 years ago,
I want to complete that.
I can't see my daughter die
a painful death every single day.
It tears my heart apart.
Let's finish it.
You will get your revenge too.
What can be a greater punishment
than this for a father?
That he poisons
his daughter himself.
One request.
To wait for my death.
Take it after that please.
Do you wish to deceive again?
Maybe there isn't any poison in it.
Even if I cheat, how will it help?
There is no way she can escape from you
Dad. Dad. Dad.
Dad, get up.
Get up.
- Mantras.
- Sonam, do you know?
You never called me
papa in your childhood.
Always called me uncle.
You got this from your
cousins who would call me that.
I was very sad about it.
And I was waiting for that day.
When you would call me papa.
And one day.
When we were playing together.
Without any reason.
You called me papa.
I have yet not forgotten that day.
Do you know that dear?
Everybody would say,
including your mom,
That we should, have had another child.
But. The love that I had for you,
I couldn't share it with anyone else.
I don't need to tell this,
that how much I love you.
You are more than my life.
Nothing in the world
can hurt me more,
than seeing you suffer
so much in pain.
If I had a slightest inkling,
that you would suffer
for my sins in this manner.
I would have killed myself
the very day I had promised someone.
But you know your father very well.
For you, he can make the
impossible turn into possible too.
And I am going to exactly do that.
You might be upset
about my decision.
But I didn't have any other options.
Today when you might
be reading this letter,
then maybe I may not be with you.
But in your life.
You will not have any such moment,
when I will leave
you and our family alone.
Even God can't stop
me from doing this.
"The journey is like an incident''.
"Life is like a burning flame''.
"It all seems to be an illusion''.
"Was a delusion,
that it was joyous''.
"Every moment was a lie,
emotions fake''.
"Constantly living in deceit''.
"Every particle says''.
"There is emptiness
in the relationship''.
"Wounds are deep''.
"In return my heart is soaked''.
"My selfishness,
maybe was the cause of sorrow''.
"I never knew what relationship meant''.
"Should we call it the end
or the new beginnings"?
"I tried, for the happiness to remain".
"Should I be a shadow or a memory?"
"If you want, I'll be your life''.
"I took this step for my loved ones''.
"My presence is here,
even though I am not near''.
"Past moments are with you".
"That's all I wanted to say''.
"Every particle says''.
"There is emptiness
in the relationship''.
"Wounds are deep''.
"In return my heart is soaked''.