Karma: The Price of Vengeance (2019) Movie Script

They must have taken
all of our cell phones.
Where are we?
How did we get here?
What the?
Are we chained?
Who did this?
And who is that?
Is he dead?
No, I don't think so.
He looks like he's still breathing.
They must have used a bear
tranquilizer on him.
Oh look here, Doogie Howser.
How do you know he's alive?
How do you know he's not
the one that put us here?
Something tells me
you're not as smart
as you think you are,
considering the fact that you're
in the same chains that I'm in.
I think we should figure
out who put us here,
and what they're planning
on doing with us.
Obviously this is not
a friendly gathering.
Oh boy genius here wants
to figure out
what psychopath put us here,
and I just want to get out
of these chains and leave.
My name is Dave.
And unless you turn
into Samson,
you're not breaking
those chains pal.
I've never seen metal
like this before.
My name is Ken, and I'm not
your pal, Dave.
I just want to go home.
I just want to see
my little boy again.
Look lady, we all want
to go home.
We must've really pissed
somebody off
to put us in this situation.
Listen, it's gonna be okay, um?
My name is Donna.
Yeah Donna, it's gonna be okay.
Just peaches and cream.
Everything coming up roses.
You idiots.
You all just sit around
here and get acquainted.
I'm finding a way out of here.
Where am I?
Who are you people?
And why am I in chains?
Easy big guy.
We're all in chains.
We're just trying to figure
a way out of here.
I'll find your way out,
after I break these damn chains.
Looks like you should be eating
your Wheaties big guy.
Maybe you should
shut your mouth
before I wrap this chain
around your neck.
The problem is you can't
get to me.
This is as far as we can go.
I just want to go home.
I just want to see
my family again.
Please let me go home.
Please let me go.
I don't know who did this,
but they're gonna pay.
Did you hear me?
Let me go, now!
Hey steroid Steve,
hate to break it to you,
but whoever did this ain't afraid.
And about who's settin' off
back here,
I'd say to whoop your ass
any time you want.
So why don't you cut through
the tough guy routine,
because we're not rich,
and I'm sure the guy who
did this is not here.
My name is Michael,
and I don't need steroids
to whip your old drunk ass.
I can smell the liquor
on you from here.
The cowards jumped me from
behind and hit me in the head
with a club or something.
Come here and face me
like a man.
Welcome sinners.
All of you had secret sins.
Today, you will pay
for those sins.
Confess and live.
You have 10 minutes
to decide who dies.
Majority rules.
Your time starts now.
No, please no, this can't
be happening to me.
I haven't done anything wrong.
Please no, please no!
I vote for you.
As a matter of fact, if I could get
my hands on ya,
I'd kill you myself.
You're a waste of oxygen.
Killing you would be doing
the human race a big favor.
Stop, stop arguing!
This is what they want.
They want to cloud our minds
so we can't think straight.
There has to be a way
out of here.
He said we all have secrets.
No genius,
he said we had secret sins.
Apparently you weren't listening.
The definition of a sin,
is the transgression of the law.
Which means we've all broke
the law or we wouldn't be here.
I wasn't always a drunk,
you know.
I stole a candy bar when
I was six years old,
but I took it back, and I told
the manager I was sorry.
No, Mary Poppins, I don't think
that's what he had in mind
about confessing
your secret sins.
Just go back to cryin',
you're useless anyway.
Whoever brought you here,
he must have made
a big mistake.
I'll bet you've never had
a parking ticket
in your whole life.
Shut up, and leave her alone.
She's just scared,
like the rest of us.
Okay Dave, you confess
your secret sins.
He said we all have them.
That includes you.
We're all waiting.
Don't listen to him.
That, or whatever it is.
That is just a diversion.
We're not in here because
we have secret sins,
we're in here 'cause some psychopath
wants to amuse himself.
Oh, is that right Dave?
So you've never broken
a law, right?
Mister Perfect.
I never said I was Mister Perfect.
Sure, I have my fair share
of speeding tickets.
I'm just a businessman.
What kind of business, Dave?
I'm an investment consultant.
I help retired couples invest
their money in their future,
and have a secure retirement.
What's the sin in that?
Look, we just need
to decide who dies.
Maybe he'll be satisfied
and let the rest of us go.
I vote for that piece of trash.
I vote for all of you.
Who are you to decide
who lives or dies?
And who are you to decide
who lives or dies?
Screw you.
None of us is perfect.
Screw you all.
Everybody, stop arguing.
This is not helping any of us.
We need to figure out
what's going on.
Maybe this is a riddle, a test.
Maybe they're just trying
to scare us.
Maybe this is just a prank.
I don't want to die.
Everyone please, just confess.
He's not playing.
Does this look like
a prank to you?
Does this look like
he's playing?
He'll kill us all if
we don't confess.
This is not a prank.
Well now that
Mary Poppins confessed
her candy bar sin,
it's my turn.
It was about three years ago,
I was in the bar,
I met this lovely lady,
and as usual,
I had way too much to drink.
Hey Richie,
bring me another one.
Sorry Ken,
I think you've had enough.
How about some strong
black coffee?
No, just bring me another one
like I asked for.
You can't drink your
problems away.
but I can sure try.
you find more problems,
at the bottom of the bottom,
then you do solutions.
Well hey, pretty lady.
Let me buy you a drink.
First things first.
My name isn't lady, it's Jaime.
And that isn't an invitation.
It's just a fact.
by the looks of you,
I think you've had enough
to drink as it is.
Last, I don't need anyone
to buy me a drink.
Or anything else.
Thank you.
I apologize.
Let me at least buy you drink.
Why not?
I'm here to drink, to forget.
I won't even remember you
in the morning.
Sounds like there's a sad story
there somewhere.
You can't trust anybody
these days.
No one.
I'll drink to that.
I just found out
that my daughter
has been molested
by her high school
history teacher.
Sick bastard.
He told her he loved her,
and not to tell anybody
or they can't be together.
She's 15.
What kind of sick
human being
seduces a little girl into thinking
they're gonna run off together,
and live happily ever after.
That's just sick.
I'm so sorry.
Have you contacted the cops?
She begged me not to.
She says they're in love,
that he wants to marry her.
She said if I call the cops,
she'll never speak to me again.
He's brainwashed her.
We pay his salary
to hit on little girls.
It's sick.
I can definitely see why
you're drinking to forget.
To be honest with you,
I'm not here to drink,
to forget.
I'm drinking to get my
nerve up to go kill him.
I know what he did was wrong.
But you need to let
the cops handle it.
Your daughter will
forgive you in time.
Now you sound like my sister.
My daughter told her first.
They've always been very close.
I guess I'm not exactly
Mother of the Year material.
Or wife of the year,
according to my ex-husband's
divorce lawyer.
Divorce lawyers.
I drink that they end up
in the bottom of the ocean.
I'll drink to that.
You're divorced I take it.
Let's just say that
I chose the bottle
over three fine ladies.
And I did.
It was my fault, all three times.
They wanted to save me
from myself.
You see how that turned out.
Here I sit at this bar
with the love of my life.
You were hitting on me.
What can I say?
I guess misery loves company.
Well, if you'll excuse me,
Miss Jaime,
I am going to the little boys' room.
Don't rush off, I'll be right back.
And don't do anything foolish.
Watch where you're going buddy.
I'm sorry, mister.
Hey buddy, let me
call you a cab.
Oh I'm good, I got somebody
waitin' for me outside.
What the heck?
Oh no.
Oh no.
Oh no.
I'm so sorry, kid.
I can't go to prison.
I'm sorry, kid.
I knew you were trash.
I pick him.
He's a child killer.
He's the lowest form
of life on Earth.
He deserves to die.
That child,
didn't deserve to die.
But he does.
You deserve to die,
you stupid drunk.
How would you feel
if that was your child
he killed while driving drunk?
We only have one
minute remaining.
The choice is clear.
He deserves to die.
You deserve to die
you stupid drunk.
We have to pick someone.
Majority rules.
I vote Ken.
Wait, don't let them do
this to me.
I've had horrendous guilt
my whole life.
Please Donna, please.
Don't let them kill me.
I don't want to die.
Please Donna,
please don't let them do
this to me.
Majority rules.
No, no.
I confessed.
No, no!
I confess.
I confess, no Donna.
I confess, I don't want to die.
No, no,
no, no.
I don't want to die.
Please Donna, please,
please Donna.
What just happened?
Is he dead?
I don't want to end up like him.
Looks like we're all chained
to separate doors,
each having some sort
of mechanism
to drag us into whatever
horror waits on the other side.
I'm guessing the punishment
will depend on our individual sins.
I killed him.
I killed him.
No Donna.
We all made that choice.
He got what he deserved.
Well maybe he did,
but I don't plan on sticking
around here
and being next to die.
Ken confessed.
He confessed, and still died.
That means, their rules
means nothing to them,
and neither do our lives.
How do we know
he was telling the truth?
How do we know that's
the only child he's killed?
He was a drunk.
Maybe he passed out
and dreamed it all up.
It may not even be real.
Maybe he lied about it.
I hope you're right Michael.
I'd hate to have an innocent
man's blood on my hands.
One of us is next.
I don't want to die.
Please, I don't want to die.
No one is going to die, Donna.
We are getting out of here.
Ken's death will satisfy him.
Maybe Ken was who
he wanted the whole time.
Maybe he'll be satisfied
and let us go.
But what if he isn't satisfied.
What if the sick bastard
wants to watch all of us die?
What then, Dave?
Shall we just stand here in line
like a bunch of stupid sheep
waiting for the slaughter?
No, just give me a minute.
I need some time to think of
a plan to get us out of here.
Just give me a minute, please.
One sinner down.
Confess your sins, and live.
He did confess his sins.
He confessed, and
you still killed him.
You broke the rules, you broke
the rules, you made.
You got what you wanted.
You took his life, now let us go.
You all have secret sins.
Confess and live.
You have 10 minutes to decide
who dies next.
Majority rules.
Your times starts now.
You should die.
Come down here and
I'll kill you myself.
You're a coward.
You're a coward
that hides his face,
and torments others.
You should die next.
I don't think you should yell,
or threaten him.
I'm afraid you might upset him.
In case you haven't noticed,
he's already upset enough
to kill all of us, one by one.
So if you don't mind,
I will just keep yelling.
You said you're a businessman
who helps retired people.
Well, yes.
I help them invest their
money after they retire.
In other words, Dave feeds off
the hard-earned income
of the elderly,
so he can buy those
thousand-dollar suits,
and that 5,000 dollar Rolex
on his wrist.
Right Dave?
You're giving him what he wants.
He wants to turn us
against each other.
We have to focus and find
a way out of here.
seems like we hit a nerve.
Huh Dave?
You wouldn't happen
to be the kind of guy
that would rob a nice
elderly couple blind,
while you sit somewhere on
a beach in Mexico, would you?
I'm an investment consultant.
I help people.
You mean you help them
by sticking your hand
in their pockets,
and robbing them
of their hard-earned savings.
I don't think that's called
helping, Dave.
I think that's called being a thief,
and a low-life.
Tell me, how many hardworking,
elderly couples have you padded
your pockets with their money,
You believe what you want
to believe.
I've got nothing to confess.
I'm a businessman.
Hi, how may I help you?
Mister and Missus Raven
to see Mister Feinstein.
Mister Feinstein?
Mister and Missus Raven
are here to see you.
Have a seat, and he'll be
with you in a moment.
Thank you.
Mister Feinstein?
The Ravens are here.
Thank you, let them in.
Good morning,
Mister and Missus Raven.
Come in, come in.
Have a seat.
Make yourself comfortable.
Thank you.
Now, well I've been going
over your papers.
Looks like the bank can give
you 2% interest
on your savings.
I can give you 10.
Oh my, that sounds too good
to be true, Mister Feinstein.
Yes ma'am.
The banks just want
to hold your money
and keep it somewhere in
a vault locked up in Timbuktu.
Not me, I want to release
your money,
to make more money for you.
Mister Feinstein,
I'm a simple man.
I'm just a country boy
who's worked hard
all my life, and saved up
enough money
that we can be comfortable
in our golden years.
We did manage to save up money
for our grandson's college,
but after he died, we just--
Mister and Missus Raven,
don't you think your grandson
would want you to live
in your retirement?
He loved you both so much,
and you both loved him.
Now honor his memory
by spending
your golden years
in complete comfort,
knowing not only that
your money is safe,
but it's out there making
more money for you.
He was definitely a grandma's boy.
We loved him so much.
Forgive us, Mister Feinstein,
his death is still so fresh to us.
The police said it was
a hit and run.
But he was so young.
Six years old.
And so full of life.
I miss him so much.
I can still hear his sweet voice
talking about how he was
gonna go to college,
and be a doctor so he could
help other people.
He loved to help others.
He was a very special little boy.
They never did catch
the ones who hit him.
Helping others, you say?
Well that dream does not have
to die with him.
With the extra money you'll be
saving with interest,
we can open a fund
for the less fortunate.
Hospital bills, medical expenses,
and so on.
We can even name it
after your grandson.
The Samuel Raven Foundation.
Oh, he would have loved that.
All he ever wanted to do
was help other people.
And now he gets to do just that.
- Oh Pete, a foundation set
up to help other people.
That's what Samuel would
have wanted.
Can we?
Mister Feinstein, I will transfer
all of our money into your care.
You made us the happiest
grandparents in the world.
You don't have to thank me,
Mister Raven.
I love helping people out
just like your grandson.
Samuel, his name is Samuel.
Oh yes, Samuel, I'm so sorry.
I guess when you work
with numbers all day,
letters can get a little confusing.
I'll get started
on The Samuel Raven Foundation.
I could see him now,
looking at the both of you.
But Mister Feinstein,
you've never seen our grandson.
Oh well, what I meant was,
I can picture him now
from heaven,
smiling down on the both
of you too.
That does sound like our Samuel.
Well thank you, Mister Feinstein.
No no no,
thank you Mister Raven.
And thank you, Missus Raven.
Thank you.
No problem, you guys have
a great day.
You too, thank you.
Samuel, the only help
you'll really be doing
is helping me get that
condo in the Bahamas.
If you're so legitimate,
have nothing to confess,
then why are you
here chained up?
I guess the better question is,
why are we all here?
you haven't said a single
word about yourself.
I was a high school athlete,
in a one-horse town.
Did it big,
was drafted to the NFL,
right out of college,
and took a bad hit to the knee
during the second game.
Just like that,
my career was over.
It was not what I planned
for my life.
So now I'm teaching history
and coaching football
at Andrew Jackson High School.
It's a livin'.
No not yet.
There has to be another way.
No one else needs to die.
Just let me think.
Think of who, Dave?
That's what you do, right?
Sacrifice others for your gain.
That's what he plans to do
to us, Donna.
He plans to sacrifice us,
so that he can survive.
I vote for Dave.
No, there must be another way.
I vote for Dave.
Donna, don't listen to him.
He's a vulture.
He picks the bones of the weak
and elderly.
He prays on them, like a wolf.
He deserves to die.
No stop, stop Michael,
no one vote.
If no one votes, majority rules.
No one vote.
Donna please, listen to reason.
I don't deserve to die,
I'm just a businessman.
Please, Donna.
Majority rules, Dave.
No no.
No please.
No, I'll confess.
I'll confess.
Donna no.
Micheal, I'll confess, no.
Please no, I'll confess.
I'll confess.
Majority rules.
So how does that work?
There's only two of us left.
I don't know.
I don't know anything.
I don't know why I'm here.
I don't what I've done wrong.
I don't know anything.
And then there were two.
Be sure your sins
will find you out.
Confess, and live.
You have 10 minutes to decide
who will die next.
Your time starts now.
I want to see my son.
I want to see my family.
I don't want to die.
I've lived my life to help others,
to be kind, to humans
and animals.
I have never intentionally
hurt anyone.
I don't deserve this.
I don't deserve to die.
have a confession to make.
I like young girls.
Shouldn't you buys be in class?
I'm talkin' to you, Mister Stanley.
I didn't hear a bell ring, did you?
Mister Stanley,
show some respect.
You buys get to class,
I mean now.
Sure thing, Miss Smith.
Don't get your diaper in a wad.
Can't stand that kid.
Hi, Miss Jones.
Hi, Miss Smith.
What class do you sweet girls
have next?
History class with Mister Wolfe.
If he does anything that
makes you feel uncomfortable,
you come let me know.
Okay, we will.
We gotta get to class,
we'll be careful.
Mister Wolfe?
You frightened me.
Mister Wolfe?
When did we become
so formal, Jessica?
Like you said Michael,
we have to be careful.
You look very pretty today,
Is that a new outfit?
It looks great on you.
Well, I guess you'd better
get to class.
I hear the teacher can be
a real bear.
Hey Kim.
Where are you runnin' off to?
Do you have time to say hi
to an old friend?
Hi, I,
I need to
get to class.
Just relax.
Did you get those special
pictures I sent you?
I dropped my phone
and broke it.
I have to go to class.
Quiet please.
You're on my time now.
who can tell me the significance
of the War of 1812?
No one?
You know we've been studying
this now for the past two months.
Well, I'm glad someone's
paying attention.
Teacher's pet.
Mister Stanley, stand up.
Do you have something
to add to this conversation?
Any pearls of wisdom
you'd like to cast
to your fellow students?
No sir.
Well of course you don't,
Mister Stanley,
because you have made
the decision not to learn,
to be ignorant the rest
of your life.
To be stuck in a dead-end job,
just like your father.
You, Mister Stanley,
are absolutely worthless.
Speak when you're spoken
to, Mister Stanley,
no one pulled your chain.
Tell you what,
why don't you head on down
to Principal Watson's office,
and stop wasting my time,
and the classes time,
with your ignorance?
You should know
the way by now.
Get out.
Now, let's get back
to the War of 1812,
unless anyone else has
something to say?
Before we were so
rudely interrupted,
I believe Miss Raven was going
to enlighten us
as to the significance
of the War of 1812.
The War of 1812 was
a conflict fought
between the United States
and the United Kingdom,
and their respective allies,
June, 1812 to February, 1815.
Historians in Britain often see it
as a minor theater
of the Napoleonic Wars.
In the United States and Canada,
it is seen as a war
in its own right.
Mister Wolfe?
Mister Wolfe?
wonderful, Jessica.
Thank you very much.
Please be seated.
Now it's the time you've
all been looking forward to,
quiz time.
Miss Smith,
could you please hand these out?
You have 15 minutes
to complete the quiz,
and please write legibly.
Okay, time is up,
pencils down please.
In an orderly fashion,
please bring your papers and
make a neat pile on my desk.
I'll have these graded tonight,
and you will receive
your grades tomorrow.
Miss Raven?
If you could stay for a few moments
after class, please?
I tried to get help.
But I was so ashamed,
I was afraid I'd go to jail.
I never meant to hurt anyone.
I just have a problem.
I can't help myself.
I tried to fight those urges.
They're just too strong.
I never did anything that
they didn't want me to.
They're just as much
at fault as I am.
Young girls nowadays,
they know so much
about the world.
I never meant to do any
harm Donna, never.
Looks like we have
a decision to make.
We don't deserve to die.
We both confessed.
You said, confess and live,
you said it.
That was your own rule.
We played by your rules.
We don't deserve to die.
We confessed.
We won't choose,
we confessed.
We confessed and we live,
we live.
We don't deserve to die,
we deserve to live.
We played by your rules.
We confessed just like you said.
We won't choose for
one of us to die.
I choose you, Michael.
No, why would you do that?
I have confessed.
Your rules.
I confessed.
I live!
I live!
Give me vengeance.
Who is it?
Wow, out in the rain.
I believe you called for me.
No I'm sorry, I don't know--
Don't be rude.
Aren't you gonna
invite me in, Donna?
Let him in Donna.
Yes, yes of course.
Please come in.
Can I take your cloak, Mister?
Names, I guess they make
you people feel more,
more comfortable,
more like one of the flock.
You can just call me,
Mister Black.
I'll keep me cloak on,
thank you.
I'm from a much warmer climate
than you could ever imagine,
and it's quite chilly in here.
Okay, Mister Black.
What can I do for you?
Do for me?
you called me.
You called for vengeance.
Well here I am.
I don't understand.
It's quite simple, Donna.
You want vengeance.
Well vengeance costs.
But I can give you the vengeance
that you seek.
But how?
Come now Donna,
you're not gonna try
to convince me
that you haven't thought
of at least a million ways
to make those who have harmed
your loved ones.
you only need to choose one.
Yes, I have.
They need to pay.
They need to feel like victims.
They need to feel helpless.
Helpless, like my parents.
Helpless like my niece.
Helpless, like my
like my son.
The sweet savor of vengeance.
Oh how I remember it.
It's like an old friend come to visit.
It really warms my hearts.
Help me.
Please help me, Mister Black.
I want vengeance.
Well of course, Donna.
That's why I'm here.
Now, let's get down to business.
I just need you to look over this.
How'd you--
Quite standard contract, really.
Mister Black, guaranteed you,
Donna Raven, vengeance.
In return, you,
Donna Raven,
that chapter isn't written yet.
This will grant me vengeance?
Oh yes, Donna.
You will receive the vengeance
that you seek.
However, there is just
one tiny detail.
What is it?
Someone you don't know
will suffer immensely,
10 times your pain and suffering.
You will grant me vengeance,
but someone I don't know
will suffer?
That is correct, Donna.
Someone I don't know?
Never met?
It's a deal.
My apologies,
but everyone must
use their own ink.
Boss' orders.
I'm sure you understand.
The boss is gonna be
thrilled with this one.
Mister Black, when?
Mister Black?
Mister Black?
Did you get the vengeance
you were seeking Donna?
The world just get
a little bit colder.
He deserved what he got.
They all deserved what they got.
They hurt my family.
They're all villains.
Villains harm others
for their own pleasure,
right Donna?
aren't we all?
My job here is finished.
I fulfilled my end of the contract.
I'll be leaving now.
Where are you going?
To find someone who doesn't
know you, Donna.
No, no!
They're gonna pay.