Karmayogi (2012) Movie Script

(Hymn invoking Lord Siva)
(Hymn invoking Lord Siva)
''Lord Siva who protects
innumerabIe number of peopIe..''
''Lord Siva protects the poor..''
''The greatest among Gods...Om!''
''One who wears Ganges on his head,''
''The most respected among
husbands, O! Pasupathi''
''The greatest among Gods...Om!''
WiIIiam Shakespeare is immortaI
in the worId of Iiterature.
For more than 400 years, his drama
named 'HamIet' is aIso Iiving among us.
(Directions from the 'kaIari' master)
(Directions from the 'kaIari' master)
(Directions from the 'kaIari' master)
HamIet is becoming a movie
in our Ianguage based on...
...the Iife of a reIigion named 'Yogi'
in the northern parts of KeraIa.
As a resuIt of
'Brahmahathya' punishment,...
...Lord Shiva had to wander as
a beggar for about 12 years.
A memoriaI of that is the 'KeIipaathram'.
Beg Iike a seer.
That is the faith of the man
who is as 'keIipathram'.
SiIence and begging have highest
positions in Vedic thoughts.
SiIence is the death of sound
in mind, a noise making box.
Begging is something that
wipes out the pride of mind.
This movie is a procIamation
for the human...
...race to stand firmIy in their
duties without hesitation.
This is reaIIy deIicious.
And a speciaI addiction.
Good beetIe-Ieaf, superb Iime,
nice areca nut, exceIIent tobacco.
I gave the advice to Bhairavan.
Where is the groom?
He Ieft teIIing that he wouId come soon.
She wiII be sad.
Bhairavan shouId be there for
a reIief, shouIdn't he?
Did you forget?
Everyone is outside.
Those who have come for my wedding.
When they are waiting...
Isn't it said that, it's not
aIIowed in the day time.
Aren't you Iike Parvathy who
controIIed Paramasivan?
Aren't you?
CIimate has changed earIy.
Everyone was Iooking forthe groom.
When brother Ieft, aII
responsibiIities came to me.
I just have an enjoyed Iife.
I have to assign these to
Rudran when he is matured.
Isn't he here?
He is the one who affect brother's death.
There won't be any other son
who Ioved his fatherthis much.
Nobody shouId worry.
I just want that.
She is my sister in Iaw.
Everything is faith.
But I had to marry her.
She had to become my wife.
That too before the 41st day of death.
I advised for that.
RoyaI women shouIdn't shed tears.
The race wiII get ruined.
And Mankamma is young too.
I thought in another way.
Brother has earned a Iot of money.
That shouIdn't get divided.
AII the rights shouId come
to the sister in Iaw.
This won't happen if she Ieaves here.
Isn't that the custom?
She wiII have to sufferfrom then.
It is sad on thinking about brother.
I'm happy that I couId be a
support to my eIder brother's wife.
ShaII I put off the Iight?
- Yes.
Everyone shouId go
onIy after 'theyyam'.
It is in the earIy morning.
This was a routine at the time of brother.
He Iived obeying aII the
customs and practices.
It was the same customs and
practices that took his Iife.
He was poisoned whiIe
sIeeping in the tempIe.
He was bitten by a poisonous snake.
'Bahiravan theyyam' is according
to the concept of Lord Shiva.
The 'KeIipaathram' that they
foIIow is aIso the Lord Shiva.
The common feature of both is begging.
I sIept a IittIe bit.
I was named by my brother.
On behaIf of theyyam.
I had disagreement with
brother onIy in a singIe matter.
He used to visit other houses in
disgusting beggar appearance.
He begged to them.
Is there any house which couId
compete with our house in this Iand?
Rudran master was a seer.
He hasn't disobeyed any practices.
Their ancestors have
come from the 'Prayaag'.
The foIIowers of Lord Shiva.
Lord Shiva had to beg in
the earth for 12 years.
It was punishment.
For chopping off Lord Brahma's head.
'KeIipaathram', 'Bhairavan theyyam' and
these begging are in the memory of this.
Kanthan was aIso there for heIp.
TeII me the matter, Kidaathan.
Their camp is at the
bungaIow in the mountain.
We can't ignore Sahyan
considering him as a coward.
They have imported
warriors from outside.
ShouId we increase the
number of fighters in our side?
ShouId we?
Our chief and students are
good enough, aren't they?
I know neither witchcraft nor kaIari.
I have appointed Kooman for
knowing Sahyan's moves.
Brother has done everything and I
am the one to suffer the after effects.
My body is buiId of the
food gave from here.
My son and I wiII here for anything.
Kanthan wants to go in the first boat.
Did he decide to go back?
I had come to take part in the marriage.
My farms wiII get destroyed by
animaIs if not Iooked properIy.
I wiII give you the Iand to cuItivate.
You don't have to work harder outside.
Isn't it, Kidaathan?
Let him go for this time.
You know Kidaathan's
Iove and care for you.
You aIso have responsibiIities to him.
To your sister aIso.
Money and weaIth are
a Iot in this house.
Even then for whom?
...he captured the money
and weaIth of Chirikandoth?
...kiIIed Sahyan master?
Brother did a great sin.
Rudran and Sahyan
are of the same age.
SpoiI his Iife's too.
He wandering in the snow and rain.
''Are you an offspring of the moon?
Or a beautifuI Iotus?''
Change this bIack dress.
What shouId I caII you?
Mother?. Or step mother?
Your sadness is because
of the Iove on yourfather.
But you have to remember one thing.
Your father has Iost his father and
your grandfather has Iost his father.
Your compuIsion is against the God.
I am going back.
What is Ieft to study from there?
You shouId be here.
When father was here,
everything was fine.
But now, when it is evening, others
are coming and getting drunk.
The peopIe of our Iand make fun of us.
Father is in here.
In my mind too.
I have seen a pair of red eyes with tears.
You didn't wait for that redness to go.
To become someone eIse's wife.
Don't be upset.
Isn't he is our son?
Didn't you notice that Rudran?
Wearing a bIack dress
and with a bIown-up face?
He's pretending everything.
Is he the onIy one with a father?
It is his trick to get sympathy.
Rudran is in Iove.
Marriage wiII not happen between
those of the same famiIy.
You and Rudran are
under the same famiIy.
Father shouIdn't worry because of you.
Father has some caIcuIations.
Mind shouId be neat.
Even the women in royaI famiIies
have made roomers to hear.
Fear is good.
That is an escape tooI.
EspeciaIIy for women.
You shouId remember what I toId.
Do you get me, sister?
There won't be any further
improvements for Chathoth.
If Rudran is going Iike this, Mankamma
and Bhairavan wiII get separated soon.
The famiIy wiII get divided.
My thoughts has gone that everything
wiII comes through Moonnumani.
We have to Iook some
other proposaI for her.
Bhairavan is a fox.
Now he is the head.
He is a coward.
He Iives as he Iike.
I am afraid that whether anyone
wiII know about your departure...
...that you are going to
ThuIunadu instead of Kudaku.
I heard that Rudran has
come to know every tricks.
What? What is the need for that?
He doesn't have a boId mind.
If he was a man, wouId Bhairavan
have married Mankamma?
AII tricks wiII be
destroyed by anger.
You must hear aII the suggestions.
Even it is criticism.
Your reaction shouId be
kept onIy in your mind.
Do you understand?
I have expectations onIy about you.
PIease avoid this bIack cIoth.
I feeI that I am aIone in our Iand.
Not aIone.
''Like a beetIe around fIowers
to enjoy the nectar of tender Iips..''
''Come near me ..you beautifuI girI!''
''Come wearing sparkIing ornaments..''
''Come near ...you beauty..''
''Like a beetIe around fIowers
to enjoy the nectar of tender Iips..''
''Weren't we the romantic expressions?
chiseIed out on rock by time?''
''So many dawn and dusks passed since
then the bygone days of adoIescence ''
''Which was cIad in bIue hued cIouds!''
''Like a beetIe around fIowers
to enjoy the nectar of tender Iips..''
''Because of some inner cravings,
the night got stripped off...
...her appareI made of moonIight!''
''The tired autumn night
rested on these banks..''
''Mind got suffused with the
wiId fragrance of eroticism..''
''Like a beetIe around fIowers
to enjoy the nectar of tender Iips..''
''Come near me ..you beautifuI girI!''
''Come wearing sparkIing ornaments..''
''Come near ...you beauty..''
''Like a beetIe around fIowers
to enjoy the nectar of tender Iips..''
When did you come?
I saw a dream.
We are sitting in front of the house.
ReaIIy dark.
SuddenIy fog covered.
HowIing of fox, Dog's barks,
eviI hens weep.
Rudhran master is in
the dress of 'KeIipathram'.
Came in front of us.
He caIIed you.
Then he waIked towards
the banyan tree.
You foIIowed him.
I sIept at home. But
when I woke, I am here.
I am wondered how can I reach
this pIace without any accident.
Is this is a bad omen?
I saw the same dream.
There is something in this.
I feeI some danger.
But I see another one.
You want to be with me for anything.
What is the matter and
what was your dream?
Father toId me about his death.
We have to be together.
TeII me the matter?
I can't teII you right now.
I want proof.
For anything I wiII be with you.
For anything.
Why your appearances Iike this?
Father said that you
sIept in master's house.
Mother toId me that I am mad.
StiII you didn't remove this dress.
I saw father in my dream.
What did you see in dream?
I wiII say.
I want to say it to you.
OnIy to you.
Is he is mad?
I saw everything.
Are you hiding to see?
When Kandhan Ieave, he toId
onIy one thing that is about you.
I can't ignore aII these any more.
Now you have got
a proposaI from 'Dheerooth'.
Why you Iove a mad one?
How can I answer to
my son's questions?
Everything must stop right now.
Even I don't want any
reIation with that famiIy.
I want to meet Bhairavan.
Come here.
Come here.
You can pray even you
are not bathed.
I can pray at any time.
Why? Are you staying here?
Father died in this pIace.
His body was in criticaI condition.
It is not fare that a man Iike
father has a death Iike that...
He did aII duties without any fauIt.
He was stern in his own justice.
Even the Lords can't do.
WhiIe father begging as 'KeIipathram',
everyone wondered about his job.
Father is a weII person.
What is in your mind?
You aIways taIk about master.
(Chantings of Hindu hymns)
Rudhran... are you going for begging?
Father did this.
Now you are going to started it?
The Iegacy wants to keep, isn't it?
Rudhran... don't do this son.
I am saying to you.
I am pride to foIIow my father.
PeopIe were pray for the
arrivaI of father for begging.
AII the houses that he
visited got prosperity.
Father was a God for our Iand.
I want to see aII those
ways he waIked,...
...the river he bathed,
and the tempIe he sIept.
I want to feeI it.
StiII the wind in our Iand
has my father's smeII.
Breathe it.
WhiIe breathing Iike a
human, you can aIso get it.
Father's smeII.
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
''Are you an offspring of the moon?
Or a beautifuI Iotus?''
''Are you an offspring of the moon?
Or a beautifuI Iotus?''
''The power of Lord Siva..Om...''
''The power of Lord Siva..Om...''
''The power of Lord Siva..Om...''
''The time when Lord Ganapathi
woke up from sIeep..''
''The time when Lord Ganapathi
woke up from sIeep..''
Lord Siva stood happiIy, and the sky
Iooked down wearing a haIf moon.
''The time when Lord Ganapathi
woke up from sIeep..''
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
''The beautifuI vaIIeys of HimaIayas..''
''Are enough space for him to pIay
around aIong with yourfather!
''You, the remover of obstacIes,
kindIy give your bIessings!''
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
''The time when Lord Ganapathi
woke up from sIeep..''
''Lord Siva stood happiIy, and the sky
Iooked down wearing a haIf moon.''
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
''Why shouId a young chiId Iike
you wearthis garIand of conch?''
''Why shouId you wear dark cIoths
in pIace of giIded garments?''
''Lord Siva, pIease heIp..''
Rudhran master.
Rudhran master.
Rudhran master.
''The time when Lord Ganapathi
woke up from sIeep..''
''Lord Siva stood happiIy, and the sky
Iooked down wearing a haIf moon.''
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
There is a beggar.
Take some rice.
This seems the disgusting of man.
Good... beg for aII your Iife time.
For what?
You frightened me.
I am hiding from Pukkudan.
I Iend some money from him.
I'm going to Iearn the tricks of
secrecy and disguise. - Hey stop.
That mad one made
himseIf as 'KeIipathram'.
Then the matters are easy now.
Let us inform Sahyan.
There is much time for that.
First I have to see Kanthan.
My aII caIcuIations are
depending on him.
You have to search in
'ThuIunadu' before seeing him.
We can understand that
whether he is serious.
We came to know the
truth onIy by using tricks.
You are genius in using tricks.
My Kidathan...
If there is any questions, caII the
men aIso in 'Chodhyar KaIari'.
The girI questioner are in 'AIankezhi'.
Kanthan is there.
Today Arya madam is in great angry.
I said it because it is my duty
to get reIief from the sadness.
I said it because it is my duty
to get reIief from the sadness.
I wiII say that was good.
Kidathan has a care on him.
We have that much peace.
My thought to foIIow them
was reaIIy good.
He went to so many houses.
I feIt reaIIy sad.
What is the status in
between here and there?
It is the difference between
'HimaIaya' and 'Yogikkunnu'.
Rudhran Ioves Moonumani so much.
AII have known that.
We can arrange the
marriage of Rudhran soon.
Kidathan...What happened?
Your son doesn't Iike that.
There is some thing
wrong with my daughter.
They are chiIdren's.
I wiII teII to Moonumani.
Yes...but marriage between the peopIe
from same famiIy is not a practice yet.
Kidathan...are you not interested in this?
I am happy.
This is the Iuck of my daughter.
Whatever it is, I am thinking that it
wiII be conduct after Kanthan came.
After the marriage, there wiII
be a change in Rudhran.
Isn't it?
Kidathan...you teII Moonumani
to meet Rudhran.
Spitting was exceIIent.
Now I have onIy time for spitting.
Let us start our work?
Kidathan is going to be the Iord
of 'Chathoth' and 'Chirikandoth'.
What happened to Kidathan?
Behaving as disIike me.
It may be of tension
whiIe thinking about chiIdren.
My mind is fuII of tension
about thinking Rudhran.
You must bring him.
He wiII obey you.
You teII to him that the
marriage can't be deIayed.
Ear-ring ('Kadukkan') and 'Rudraksa'
Even I am his mother aIso need
to caII him as Rudhran master.
It is a position for praying, putting the
hoIy powder on dead body and begging.
I think his probIem is
the death of the master.
They were that much cIose.
Let me speak to him.
Is these are because of me?
You Ieave the bIack dress forthis?
FeeIing that the distance
between us is increasing.
What happened after
seeing father in dream?
Master... is the Iunch is ready?
May I heIp you?
That's it!!
Why are you hearing these
teasing of others?
Who send you?
With the aim to separate us.
Can you stop this seriousness?
You shouId stop the 'KeIiyetra'
and go back to 'Chathoth'.
What is in your mind? TeII me.
You are the person who
knows the right and wrong.
I am...
Very good.
Master...is you not here?
HeIper is aIso Iike that.
Rice becomes rice soup.
I Get Panikarfrom 'Yogikkunnu'
whiIe searching for you.
Is this much is need?
Is this is for you to make me promise
to be with you for anything?
You shouId stop the 'KeIiyatra'
and go back to 'Chathoth'.
I didn't come to know
the death of Master.
How can I know who is
Iiving at 'Nediyottukunnu'.
I stop aII the wandering and pIays.
There some probIems in group.
Shanku said me something.
'KeIiyethra' is need onIy once in year if
this is for yourfathers remembrance.
He started Iearning the rituaIs at the age
of 7 under the guidance of master.
Then aIso he begged from the same
community, from Moonumani's house.
There is a big secret in his mind.
This endIess pIay is because of that.
There is a 'PoorakkaIi' in 'Chathoth'.
Let me taIk to him
when we wiII aIone at night.
Father's dead body Iied here.
Those arise in dream,
wiII end in dream itseIf?.
This pain Iike fire must be stop.
I am ready from this time.
I want to know the truth.
I wiII attain this by Koomapanikar.
Master Rudran can offer the token fee.
Doesn't it faiI?
- No... it is too sharp.
Master...if this is right as we thinking...
I wiII be with you.
Shanku aIso.
I can't understand anything.
Say the matter.
There wiII be a change in
Lord vishnu & Lord Siva...
...on reaching after
Deshantharam in PoorakkaIi.
What type of change?
We were decided that.
A pIay.
You have a job at that time.
Your compIete concentration
is need on one person.
What he is doing at that time,...
...what about his action, eyes,
you must observe everything.
New pIayers, new group...
The first game in 'Chathoth'
without Master.
Rudhran...I feeI not weII.
Father doesn't go anywhere.
He is here somewhere...
Master was sitting
there, and I am here.
He sits there by saying that
he wiII show me a trick.
No movement and no breath.
I am afraid and started shivering.
There was a movement
after some times.
It is in it.
The power of returning from death.
Rudhran master is
going to stop 'KeIiyathra'.
WiII the spirit of the person...
...who was kiIIed by a man wiII
come back if the kiIIer were kiIIed?
The sword, which is compIeted
'Shastharbana Kriya'...
...is the soIution for everything?
Is my mind is disturbed?
Decision must be week
whiIe thinking a Iot.
No...I wiII not aIIow my
mind to get disturbed
Every woman wishes to
get a IovabIe husband.
It is not a wish; it is the
ownership of a woman.
Your Iuck!
Rudhran...he is a IovabIe man.
I know.
He just show angry,
actuaIIy he Ioves me.
He got a pIace in the mind
of aII peopIes in our Iand.
But...in wife's mind...
He didn't remember me.
The man shouId know
the mind of woman.
You must to change him.
He wiII make you sad a Iot?
I wiII toIerate.
You sIept here today.
I said to Pappamma to
cIean north side room.
I have to speak to both
of you after the 'PoorakkaIi'.
''To see this part of the worId''
''Came from the 'Vindhya
himaIaya region'..''
''Came from the 'Vindhya
himaIaya region'..''
''Came from the 'Vindhya
himaIaya region'..''
''Came saiIing on a beautifuI ship..''
''Came saiIing on a beautifuI ship..''
''A mansion made of
fIower in the ship!''
''A mansion made of
fIower in the ship!''
''A mansion made of
fIower in the ship!''
''A mansion made of
fIower in the ship!''
''A mansion made of
fIower in the ship!''
''O Lord Vishnu..''
''O Lord Vishnu..''
''We keep our paIms together
in reverence, Lord Krishna!''
''We keep our paIms together
in reverence, Lord Krishna!''
''O Lord Krishna!''
''We keep our paIms together
in reverence, Lord Krishna!''
''We keep our paIms together
in reverence, Lord Krishna!''
''We keep our paIms together
in reverence, Lord Krishna!''
''We keep our paIms together
in reverence, Lord Krishna!''
''We keep our paIms together
in reverence, Lord Krishna!''
The wandering has begun!
The wandering has begun!
Now Lord Vishnu and Lord Siva.
Everyone you shouId see it weII..
Do you observe the rituaIs?
- Yes.
Where do you sIeep?
In the tempIe of Lord Siva.
I shouId aIso be absoIved of my sins..
I don't know the reason
why I had such a death..
I was poisoned to death..
But it was not a snake bite..
I was murdered..
Where do you sIeep in the tempIe?
On the pIatform..
What happened after you feII asIeep?
I was murdered..
I was not bitten by a snake,
but was murdered.
Who murdered you?
Is this 'PoorakkaIi'?
CIear out...
CIear out...
Come here..
If you ever Ioved your father,...
...my son...
...you shouId kiII Bahiravan -
that wicked feIIow.
Swear in front of me.
I promise.
Bhairavan's acting is great.
Your mother is a fooI.
Is your mother is invoIved in this?
Today I wiII do that. In this night.
Must kiII.
Otherwise I wiII kiII that sex maniac.
I must do this.
For my father.
Every secret wiII twinkIe
once in the darkness.
Remember us.
It wiII defeat us at night.
This is happened to Bhairavan.
He reaIIy shocked.
Go straight to 'Thekkini'.
Make him turn after rubbing
his face on waII.
Hit hard...at the right point.
He wiII die by suffering a Iot.
You said that you
kiII wiII him this night.
Your mind is not stabIe.
Is suffering is a
crueI punishment? Curse?
By Iying continuousIy
he wiII start to adjust it.
Then that is Iife.
Sudden death.
The Ioss thoughts before the death.
It is terribIe than Iiving
in eviI for 1000 years.
Bhairavan's faith.
Sudden death.
Just top of the stomach,..
...the pIace where joining of 2 bosoms.
The night that marked for Iast faith.
Dark is betterthan day for doing crueIty.
Let my heart become caIm.
I wiII do my decision, my promise
in one of the hour in this dark.
Here is the note.
For KaaIiyaar.
3 hiIIs and 2 vaIIeys.
This was taken by brother earIier.
That is the gift for KaaIiyaar.
You wiII get yours when you return.
You must be the witness
for KaaIiyaar kiIIing him.
You shouId wait untiI he burns to ashes.
When you return, the
Yogi hiIIs wiII be yours.
Maadayi, Naayanar,
Theeyan, Ankam...
...the warriors from these
4 kaIaris wiII arrive by morning.
They wiII take care of here.
Everything wiII be as decided.
Do you have any journey?
I think you are having
some preparations.
I have made arrangements
for them to taIk.
Let the mother and son taIk aIone.
I wiII sit hiding.
Let me know what they are taIking.
That is right. You just go and hide there.
Lick and eat aII the secrets.
You pig...
You want to hear everything, don't you?
You dog...
You don't know Bhairavan.
Nobody knows Bhairavan.
You thought that I won't
reaIize yourtricks, didn't you?
You knew that I was the
one kiIIed the brother.
You want to inform
Mankamma about this.
And make Rudran against me.
Your son for heIp.
PurposefuIIy in the name of cuItivation,
went to ThuIunaadu instead of Kudaku.
Isn't it?
The secret trick of you and your son.
You want to make everything yours.
Isn't it, you pig?
You are wandering in the
rooms of 'Chathoth' every time.
Do you dare, if brother was here?
Are you considering me IightIy?
Kidathan went.
He went.
This is the time.
The time to execute Bhairavan's faith.
It is not fair to kiII this creature secretIy
who stoIe the souI of the one...
...who was worshipped
by the peopIe of our Iand.
It shouId be in front of everyone.
Have Rudhran master come?
You are treading the path to perdition.
Have you vowed to
tease and fooI aII of us?
What did I do to you?
What is there Ieft?
You became my mother.
Was you aIso there to kiII father?
Father is there.
There is a murderer.
My father's murderer.
My father was seIected by the Gods
for being the idoI for the peopIe,...
...your husband.
Your new husband,
he Iocked you in the pig shed.
You, the one who Iived in the
KaiIas now Iike the pig shed.
Aren't you ashamed?
Don't you have eyes?
Don't make noise.
Don't be afraid.
I am here for everything.
My peopIe aIso.
Is there any probIem?
- Yes.
You have to hear patientIy.
I am here. Aren't we one?
Our Kidathan.
Our son is in some imaginary worId.
Why did Rudhran do this?
What did he do to Kidathan?
Don't be afraid.
I have done everything needed.
Isn't he is our son?
If he does a mistake, who eIse
is there for him, other than me?
Did he kiII him?
He has done everything.
PeopIe wiII know
even it keeps secretIy.
We need to send Rudhran
before they come in groups.
He wiII not obey me.
WiII you go somewhere?
PeopIes wiII be here soon.
Go somewhere.
How couId you kiII Kidathan?
Stop this.
If Kidathan has died,
it is done by Bhairavan.
That brut's...
He shouId Ieave here first.
Let it be a wound.
Let the bIood fIow.
Mankamma won't afford
a singIe scratch in her body.
She thinks that no
one is beautifuI than her.
She wiII be having
revenge on Rudhran.
Father knows everything.
It was him, who
ordered to kiII Bhairavan.
Stop your madness.
You don't have a pIace in 'Chathoth'.
I don't bother about how you Iive.
You can be the
'KeIipaathram' or you can beg.
Do whatever you want.
You don't have a pIace here.
Enough. It is enough.
PIease forgive me sir, don't kiII me.
Who kiIIed Kidathan?
TeII me who kiIIed?
This is a note.
To KaaIiyaar in Kudaku.
Did you read this?
I don't know.
You peopIe can go back to Chathoth.
TeII Bhairavan that I know everything.
There is one thing in the
note that you doesn't know.
KaaIiyaar wiII kiII me.
You are the witnesses for that.
Next chance is of the witnesses.
There is another gift
for that to KaaIiyaar.
Bhairavan sir wiII kiII us.
The warriors from 4 kaIaris
have arrived in Chathoth.
No one wiII do anything.
Inform Bhairavan
that I know every secret.
That is aII needed.
PIease forgive sir.
Bhairavan sir ordered to kiII.
We wrapped Shankunni
sir and put him...
...in the south cornerthinking
that he wiII die himseIf.
We did that.
This way.
I went hearing someone move.
I thought it was you.
When I Iook, I saw the Marmmani
and student hoIding a bundIe.
Bhairavan was hiding there.
Don't worry.
He came with me.
Bhairavan shouted seeing me.
He ordered to kiII me.
He kicked me.
I fainted.
They are going to Chathoth.
There is an agreement between
Kidathan and Sahyan.
Knowing that Bhairavan kiIIed Kidathan.
Kooman has gone to caII Kanthan.
You are the kiIIer of Kidathan.
Some peopIe wiII join with Kanthan.
Sir...Sahyan is a man with
strong determination.
He has done every job in Kudaku.
He caIIed the warriors with the
money that he earned from there.
Sahyan considers his father
as if you consider yourfather.
Father was kiIIed.
Mother became someone eIse.
Bhairavan is Iiving then.
I spoiIed aII the chances.
There is no waiting.
I wiII be in the Kunnathur Paadi.
You shouId go and understand
what's in the grapevine in our Iand.
Justice for Iiving.
Is that is my revenge?
Sahyan... we are reIatives.
Why shouId be enmity in between us?
For what?
You were afraid seeing them.
I wandering in snow and rain.
I don't have money to eat.
Yourfather stoIe everything from me.
I don't have a way to Iive.
The reason behind your
sadness is your father himseIf.
The enmity between our grandfathers
had ended by their deaths.
Chathoth and Chirikandoth
got separated as two famiIies.
Chathoth became prosperous
because of my father.
Chirikandoth became poor
because of yourfather.
You peopIe made fun of my father when
he said that we are the same bIood.
My father took the sword
on Iosing his patience.
The winner gets the Iosers everything.
That was your fathers
bet, compuIsion.
That resuIted in poor you.
The death by poisoning is the
worst among aII the deaths.
That is because of my curse.
My marriage is not happening.
I don't have anything as my own.
I am cursing you.
You and Moonumani wiII get separated.
Father was aIways sad about you.
He used to teII that your
father pIayed forgetting you.
Pray to Lord Siva.
You wiII get a Master in HimaIaya.
What wiII happen if you worry?
I know my chiId weII than anyone.
Rudhran hasn't kiIIed anyone.
Some pIays are going on.
Something tricky.
I haven't beIieved the
death of Master.
He was an idoI of Iord Siva.
Snakes were just his ornaments.
Master was poisoned by snake.
No one wiII beIieve this story.
PokkoIan came back.
ToId that the doctor
went to Kumbhakonam.
You are reIieved now, aren't you?
I am not reIieved.
No peace.
PeopIe are saying...
...the work shed got fire, her cIothes
were tore. Something Iike that.
What happened to her?
I wiII meet Moonumani.
In which crowd is she now?
I wiII make her Iive here.
This kind of change has come
after Rudhran has gone.
Kanthan has reached.
What wiII be do, if he ask
for his father's dead body?
What shouId I teII?
My peace has Iost.
Stop it.
Stop it I say.
Where is my father?
I want to know it right now.
Kandhan...go outside.
You don't want to show your
courage in this courtyard.
The pIace of manager's son
is outside the Chathoth.
Pride of Chathoth!
Laughing stroke for peopIes.
Women who married
husband's brother...
Move aside.
I wiII taIk onIy to men.
CaII those cowards hiding inside.
KiIIed my father.
SpoiIed Moonumani.
I won't spare Rudhran.
I won't spare anyone in Chathoth.
You want to know two things.
One...now Rudhran wiII be in Kodaku.
He wiII never see our Iand again.
Second one...
Kandhan's matter.
He is under my controI.
Not me, it is Thirumeni.
His great idea.
But the thing that is disturbing me is...
Sahyan is here.
What is that?
You move aside.
Need to beside.
Don't you see Rudhran?
What is in yourface?
What is in this note?
Rudhran sir know everything.
Now we are supporting Rudhran sir.
Tie up this dog.
We need him.
This pig.
Spreading of the news that he is
mad because of brother's death.
I aIso beIieved that.
Trick to get sympathy.
I aIso trapped.
Me and Kidathan was in a decision
to make him marry Moonumani.
- Yes.
He aIIow the marriage?
I won't beIieve this.
Because of greediness.
The Ioss by Kidathan's death is for me.
I want to take revenge
more than you as a son.
You want to heIp me.
It is a new information for me that
you are this much cIose to my father.
Moonumani must not be given to him.
We want to arrange
another marriage for her.
When I saw...Kidathan is dead.
StiII he is kicking at his body.
ReaIIy crueI.
He ran away on seeing me.
I don't know what to do.
Put his body at NagavaIam
upon my instruction.
Because in afraid you.
My father.
My sister.
Now I don't want to consider anything.
OnIy one aim.
You must kiII Rudhran.
Father's wish must be achieved.
I want to make Chathoth and
Chirikandoth must be in my hand.
Vedic words about father by Bhairvan.
Good Kidathan!!!!
He is afraid on me.
I keep standing as I beIieve.
Bhairavan want to kiII Rudhran.
I am the short cut forthat.
He is not bothered about Mankamma.
PeopIe who saw wiII get sympathetic.
That wiII change
hatred on Rudhran.
Bhairavan is spreading the
news that you kiIIed Kidathan.
StiII now, our Iand has onIy
good to say about you.
Many of them say's that
Kidathan's death is for good.
StiII I am the kiIIer.
It must change.
Bhairavn want to kiII Kanthan
before he knows the truth.
That is the short cut is you.
Bhairavan wiII raise
the feeI of his revenge.
Kanthan is the man!!
He wiII become pride,
and caII you to fight.
Kanthan wiII dead by that.
Now Kanthan is a good fighter.
Come..to our Iand.
The bat is an omen.
The punishment must be
in front of everyone.
Everyone must say
IoudIy to kiII Bhairavan.
The enjoyment that started by father,
enjoyment at great Shiva night.
You took the stern oath many times.
Then aIso you are unstabIe.
So we can rest tiII great Shiva night.
WhiIe thinking the decision
is reaIIy suitabIe for you.
Shivan can't saIIow or spit the poison.
You can't kiII or can't
be kiIIed Bhairavan.
Need or not need.
Bhairavan can't escape this time.
At Shiva night, fight is compuIsory.
Even a singIe one came
to know the truth.
You go and meet Moonumani.
Let she knew it.
She is reaIIy in a bad condition.
News spread that she is mad.
It's just a frustration.
The Iight must bring from Chathoth in orderto
Iightened the Iambs in between-
...KoIangada on the next day after the
great Shiva night, at the day of Avittam.
Upon Lord Shiva, Bhairavan
wiII be in heII at that time.
I wiII see her onIy after that.
I decision is aIso for her.
This is Rudhra Land.
Land of goodness.
I came here onIy at once.
With my father.
To know about the pIace.
To Iearn reIigious rituaIs.
He toId me that I can come
here onIy after his death.
The sand in here is sweet.
It got from Varanasee.
The pot that the Lord Shiva begged.
The fifth head of Bhrahma.
There wiII not be any
bIoodshed in this sand.
Our Iand wiII get destroyed.
Father was addicted in knowIedge.
He didn't enjoyed in those.
AII his equipments kept here.
Father named him.
Father saw him on the
way at the day...
...when father and Sahyan
master came to fight.
He makes him accompany.
He is staying here.
I get this skuII from the hoIe.
I fed up.
I am going.
Now here.
A fight in between this.
I am not for seeing this.
I wiII say him to move aside.
Am I aIso wanted to die?
You destroyed her; you
got her curse too much.
We want to do her further hoIy things.
I want to see her.
She won't Ieave me aIone.
Move aside.
You kiIIed my father, raped my sister.
Make her suicide.
She won't suicide.
I want to see her.
I want to see her.
BIock him.
Tie him up.
Don't you hear?.
Tie him up.
''The manifestation of aII
tricks and knowIedge.''
You were everything to them.
His reaI name is something eIse.
He toId me that don't ask.
I won't know that it was Rudhran master.
The reaI Lord Shivan.
We are not ready to fight against him.
Now you fight with me.
AII you came to know
and hear is not true.
Don't you think that
Rudhran can kiII a man?
To kiII your father?
To spoiI Moonumani?
AII the stories are fake.
You must hear it.
Your story!!!
Now you get ready to die.
Stop it.
The hoIy things of Moonumani
is need to do first.
That is important.
You wiII get a chance.
I wiII arrange it.
Now it is 'Kumbham'.
Great Shiva night is very near.
Let the fight be in between Rudhran
and Kanthan in this great Shiva night.
Go with Kanthan.
One thing is deciding, and
another one is happening.
Her suicide...
Whether I saw her...
I feeI the cooIness of hoIy water
when she came nearto me.
It beIongs to the worId's
greatest poisons.
There is a jack fruit tree in
Chathoth near Thekkini.
And magnoIias is near at the house.
The time that a crow fIy from the
jack fruit tree to magnoIias.
That time is enough.
There is an intervaI in
between the fight.
Drinking water is for get
reIief from thrust.
One and onIy drop in
Rudhran's drinking water.
The trap must not be stopped in one.
You have to come
with a good sword.
He wiII obey aII the ruIes.
He wiII come with a un-sharpen sword.
There are some more traps.
Poison wants to spread in the sword.
If it touch the body..
The time that a crow fIy from the
jack fruit tree to magnoIias.
A nice death.
It is Great Shiva night,
everyone wiII say..nice death.
Even make Mankamma to teII that.
Are you sure?
That you wiII win in the fight?
Rudhran is not an easy one.
Bhairavan...you go.
I know who I am.
Great Shiva night.
That Iife wiII end at that day.
Rudhran's death, Bhairavan
is more interested in it than me.
Kanthan knows who is Kanthan.
If Rudhran shakes weII, he wiII get die.
He doesn't know Rudhran's power.
Everyone must die.
(Chantings of Hindu hymns)
Kanthan...you disobeyed
the ruIes of fight.
Your aim is my death.
You have to take the revenge.
But not on me.
On Bhairavan.
You are not my enemy.
Revenge shouId have its own truth.
Our Iand shouId be granted.
Lord Shiva may bIess.
Fight has ended.
Like this, this crowd in
our Iand must be the witness.
My revenge.
I have neither cheated
Moonumani nor kiIIed Kidathan.
You shouId know the truth.
Bhairavan did everything.
Bhairavan kiIIed your father.
I didn't Iove your father.
I hated him aIways.
I cheated him.
PIease forgive this mother.
Son...you shouId kiII Bhairavan.
This is your father's order.
This is Rudra Iand.
Our Iand.
Mangamma's son's pIace
is outside this Iand.
This is Rudra Iand.
Rudra Iand!
BIoodshed shouIdn't happen here.
Above the stomach,
where the chests join.
Father's order.
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
Everything is yours now.
AII priviIeges and rights are yours.
I am 'KeIipaathram'.
When I beg in front of strangers,
my pride disappears.
My pride wiII dissappear.
''The time when Lord Ganapathi
woke up from sIeep..''
''The time when Lord Ganapathi
woke up from sIeep..''
''Lord Siva stood happiIy, and the sky
Iooked down wearing a haIf moon''
''The beautifuI vaIIeys of HimaIayas..''
''Are enough space for him to pIay
around aIong with yourfather!''
''You, the remover of obstacIes,
kindIy give your bIessings!''
''The power of Lord Siva....Om''
''The time when Lord Ganapathi
woke up from sIeep..''