Karmouz War (2018) Movie Script

- What do you want?
- What a beauty.
What's your name, pretty?
- What do you want from me?
- Hey, I think we got
a hunt for tonight.
Hey, hey.
- Let me go!
- Hey calm down.
Look, look, look, it's okay.
Don't worry, don't worry.
Hey, it's okay.
Take it really easy.
Come on, it's okay.
- Let me go!
I said let me go!
Let me go!
- Verily, those
who fear the Lord,
shall have forgiveness
and great reward.
God speaks the--
Hey, Saad, Ibrahim, wake up!
I think something's going on,
someone's screaming.
- What is it?
What is it?
- Get up!
- You sons of bitches!
- Go home you silly bastards.
Go home, it's better for you.
I'll count to one and
then he's gonna shoot you.
- Get back here, Ali!
- Five, four.
- Get back here.
- Three, two.
- Ali!
- Ali!
You sons of bitches.
- Karmouz.
- Handsomer and
sweeter than sweets.
- Flattery will get
you nowhere sister.
- Get dressed, your
breakfast is getting cold.
- Such disrespect!
Listen, is this how
I raised you, girl?
- Youssef, I'm too old for this.
- Youssef?
It's Big Brother Youssef, still?
- No!
- Faten, come here.
- What is it?
- Where's your sister?
- Nawal didn't sleep all night.
- Fine.
I'll talk to Saleh ask him not
to visit the house anymore.
You're growing up beautifully.
You get more suitors every day.
Don't worry; I'll see that
you marry that officer.
He'll teach you to behave.
I still can't imagine
what he sees in you!
- I'm not marrying anyone
who's gonna teach me to behave.
- Get up, Nawal.
Don't pretend to be asleep.
- I was asleep.
- You'd be so gorgeous
if you stopped crying.
But no, you're a nag
like your mother.
- May she rest in peace.
- You have a pure
heart like her.
- Well, nobody gets
everything they want in life.
- You have what's
most important.
People get old and wrinkled
and their teeth fall out,
but their hearts never change.
I won't force you to do
anything against your will.
- God bless you, Youssef.
- Big Brother Youssef.
You girls never listen.
Get up.
- Hey, Zouba.
- Stamp this and I'll
be a lot happier.
When do you think
Youssef will arrive?
- There he is now.
- Hey officer.
- Send Lt. Saleh to my office
when he arrives.
- Hey officer.
You know I'm not able to work
until you clear me, please.
- I told you I don't
stamp red licenses.
- And why is that?
Would you rather me
steal or something worse.
We make people happy and
besides, it's all legal.
- Legal!
Are you bringing the law to me?
- God forbid.
As if the British Consul
was a client of mine.
Like I said, we just
make the students happy.
- Lt. Saleh will
stamp it for you.
- No, let constable
Aziz stamp it.
- Constable Aziz is the one
who arrested the students.
- Oh no!
Aziz arrested the students?
Who will we make happy then?
- They caught
that kid Asfoura
sneaking up the
pipes of a house.
The residents caught
him and handed him in
to lieutenant Saleh yesterday.
Get up, kid, get up!
- I didn't do anything,
officer Youssef.
- Again, Asfoura?
Haven't you learned by now?
- I promise I wasn't
stealing this time.
- Why were you climbing
the pipes then?
Were you cleaning them or
training for the Olympics?
- My girl was mad at me
and I was bringing her flowers.
- Flowers!
- Yeah, haven't you ever
been in love before?
- Aziz.
- Yes, sir.
- Did he have flowers on him?
- No, sir.
- Book him.
- Not flowers, but seeds.
She was gonna plant them.
Haven't you ever
planted flowers?
- Book him for a court hearing.
- What'll we do
about this monster
that's fallen on our heads?
Wait for Lieutenant
Saleh to transfer him?
- No Sergeant, I
have to do it myself.
Nobody knows what
could happen with him.
- When you see an officer
walk in you stand up.
You're a criminal here.
- Your mom loves me more.
- Get the men ready
to transport him.
- Yes, sir.
- Who's this girl?
- The constable caught her
trying to jump off a bridge.
- Who are you and
why are you here?
Stop crying and answer me.
- If my dad finds out, he'll
kill me and then he'll die.
It's not my fault.
It's not my fault.
- Bring my coat and cover her.
- From the British
camp in Alexandria.
There are two cavaliers missing.
Mark Sam and Steven Samuel.
- Merciful Lord!
May you rest in peace, Ali.
It was his time.
She seemed like a
respectable girl.
They took her by force, right?
- She's Sheikh Abdel
Qader's daughter,
the mosque sheikh.
- Their troop would
know where they are.
The boat that was burned
will give us away.
- Stop whining, Saad.
Let's think about
what we're gonna do.
If we stay, they'll catch us
and if we run, they'll find us.
If we turn ourselves
in to the police,
they'll hand us
over to the British.
- Everyone swears by officer
Youssef and his chivalry.
- Dear God!
What was his name?
- Ali.
- Call his family.
- I'm so sorry Steven.
I won't be able to afford
to bury you back home
in that heath you loved so much.
So we have to bury you here
in this rotten,
fly-infested hell.
Why are we here?
Why should we be killed here?
My child, my husband, all
gone to this senseless war.
And those who are left behind
are haunted by their screams.
We have to end this war
before it ends us all
and I don't give a damn
about the king's orders.
- Enough!
- General Adam.
- Go to Karmouz
Precinct and bring back
Mark and those two kids.
- Yes, sir, but the
problem isn't me going.
It's the officer.
- I'm done talking.
- Yes, sir.
- Excuse me, sir.
What did we do wrong
that you've arrested us?
We have a right to know.
- You don't know who I
am, but you know my uncle,
General Frank Adam.
- I'm General Youssef
El-Masry and you're mine.
- Hello Johnny.
- You there.
Are you a student.
Hey Officer, I've
been waiting all day.
Stamp this and let me go.
- Have some patience, Zouba
and I'll see to it
myself soon enough.
- Good morning.
- Morning sir.
- Riyad El-Shandaweily, MP.
Where's the officer in
charge of this precinct?
Rule Britannia
Brittania rule the waves
We will never ever ever
- Steven's dead.
Mark's locked up in
an Egyptian prison.
Your men are
dropping like flies.
And you don't even lift a finger
and I'm the crazy one.
Why don't you let
me out of here?
Let me do what I was born to do.
I'll kill every one of them
if you give me the chance.
- Feed him.
Feed him well.
- You tell the Egyptians
that I'm coming.
And hell's coming with me.
- You want me to hand over Mark
and those two kids
to the general?
- I'm trying to
resolve a crisis.
- Hmm, you don't
see honor as I do.
There's a girl out there
who is trying to stamp
her red license,
yet I won't do it.
It's her legal right but my
conscience won't allow me.
Honor is what my
father taught me.
If I give you those kids,
I'll be no better than Zouba.
I can't have that.
- Your father would
have agreed with me.
Don't be stubborn.
- General Adam can have
them, but after the trial.
- No, he can take them
right now, right from here.
- Then let him come take them.
- You're a stubborn one.
You want me to report to them
that officer Youssef El-Masry
refused to hand over the
officer and the kids.
- Well, you can run back
to your General Adam
and inform him that
Youssef El-Masry
will hand over his nephew.
- Very sensible.
- As a corpse.
- What did he say?
- He's refusing.
- You're out of your mind.
It's an order from the
British government.
- Go!
- What?
- Get out!
- No!
- Don't move.
- Okay.
- Leave here, don't move.
- All soldiers.
Nobody fire.
Don't shoot.
Hold your fire!
- Lock him up with Mark for
attacking an Egyptian officer.
Tell General Adam if he comes
here he'll get locked up.
- You're only making
things worse for yourself.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
- Gather all the men.
We have a mission.
TO avenge our brother
who was killed
and rescue the one who remains.
Raise the army, prepare
your ammunition.
Gather your weapons,
get your horses.
We will open the doors
of hell in their faces
and we will show them who
is the strongest here.
- What's going on
out there lads?
Let me out, I can fight!
- We'll show these
filthy Egyptians
the power of Great Brittania.
- Take her to the
door of her house
and eat something
on the way back.
Take care of yourself.
- You too.
- Faten!
The British army is heading
towards the precinct.
Something really
strange is going on.
- Listen to me.
Have the officers take up
defensive positions inside.
- Lord have mercy.
- Close the door and
barricade it with the desks.
- What's going on?
Get up, girl!
It looks like there's a raid.
What's wrong with you?
Come with me, I'll
hide us inside.
- What's going on?
- I'll tell you later.
- It looks like war.
- It is war.
Distribute arms and
ammunition to the men.
- Gather round.
- Nobody fire
except on my order.
- Keep it moving.
Aim your weapons
towards the door.
- Be brave men.
None of us will die here today.
- In the name of
General Adam Frank,
military consul for Alexandria;
and delegate for
the British Mandate;
officer Youssef Amin
El-Masry is to hand over
the two British officers,
Mark Sam and Jack William,
as well as the two
criminals Ibrahim Sweilam
and Saad Eddin Mutawei,
peacefully, before sundown.
This must be done so as
to not expose civilians
and Egyptian officers, under
his protection, to danger.
Should he fail to comply,
he will be charged with
mutiny in a time of war.
The punishment for
which is execution,
for him and all who aid him.
General Adam Frank.
- If anyone approaches
the door, shoot them.
Saleh follow me.
- Rest darling, being sick
is nothing to be ashamed of.
I thought it was an air raid
and that we could just hide
out here for a while you know.
But this is something
much bigger!
Poor thing.
You look like you stepped
right out of the village.
Never mind, it's not your fault.
- All of this is because of me.
- It's all your fault?
Well, now you better
explain it to me.
- I'm hungry.
Hey, man, find us
something to eat.
Ezzat El-Wahsh is hungry.
He gets hungry
because he's human,
or do you think
he's something else?
Answer me dammit.
- We have orders to
shoot anyone who moves.
Stay put and stay quiet.
- Is that so!
I'm moving around and
nobody shot me yet,
or haven't you noticed?
Shall I move again?
Johnny, what have
you done, Johnny?
We're keeping each
other company,
being sweet to each
other and smiling coyly.
I'm hungry, how about I eat you?
Johnny, your mother tasted good.
- Ibrahim this was your idea?
Why's that officer doing this?
We get arrested then
handed off to be killed.
- You're the cause
of all this trouble?
You're Saad and Ibrahim, right?
- Yeah, I'm Saad, he's Ibrahim.
- That's Jack and Mark.
What's the story then?
What made the whole
British army come here?
Pamphlets or protests?
Are you enemies of the King?
- No way, I swear.
We don't talk politics
or even know anything
about that matter.
Me and this guy
we didn't do anything--
- Shh!
- That's enough.
- No.
They say they're
going to demolish
the station before sundown.
I don't object to dying but
I want to know why, okay.
- This guy says we're gonna die.
- Shut up, Saad.
- What is your name?
- Asfoura; your
brother in death.
- All this because of a soldier
behaving like a rabid dog?
If he came to me this
wouldn't have happened.
Don't look at me like that.
We're not the same.
If you throw trash into a bin,
the bin doesn't get any dirtier.
- Don't talk like that.
- The same thing brought
us to this station today.
You because of your virtue,
and me because of my virtue.
Except I'm here for a
license to sell my virtue.
You're disgusted by me, right?
Sometimes I'm disgusted
with myself as well.
But I've learned to
hide what's inside me.
He won't be happy.
And if he can't be kept
happy, he won't pay you money.
He won't pay you.
And if he doesn't pay you
I won't have money to eat.
I'm not upset, really, I'm fine.
- Youssef Amin El-Masry,
his father was a sergeant
at the same precinct.
He graduated from
police college.
His parents are deceased
and he has two sisters.
No history of disobedience.
- This guy will never
give up so easily.
Cut off all sources of
water from this station.
We might be staying
a little longer.
- The British have completely
surrounded the precinct.
- The people outside are scared.
I'm with you to the death.
- There'll be no
deaths, God willing.
But they're right.
This is no fault
of the civilians.
This is the officers' job.
They leave their homes every day
not knowing if they'll return.
Even the thieves up
there are innocent.
Listen, Saleh...
Open the basement
and let everybody out
and you leave with them.
- Sergeant Aziz
will open the door
and accompany them
on their way out.
I'm not leaving.
- I gave you an
order, lieutenant.
Will you disobey?
- Yes.
Did you obey every order?
I'm sorry.
- In the name of God.
Really now, is this the time?
- Sergeant Aziz,
follow me, quickly.
- Yes, sir.
- Get up!
Everybody put your
hands above your heads.
Anyone who steps out
of line will get shot!
Follow sergeant Aziz.
Step on it!
Follow sergeant Aziz!
Hurry up.
- Hey what about me?
I can put my hands
above my head too, see.
Shall I go with them now?
Bring Johnny to me.
- None of you are to blame
for what is happening.
We're not helping you escape,
but none of you are condemned
to die here with us today.
Consider the fact
that you're released.
You've been given
another chance.
Anyone who thinks of
stepping out of line,
will be shot by lieutenant
Saleh, understand?
Saleh, take them out as
soon as the sun sets.
And you, Hind; go home and
tell your dad what happened.
I'm sure he'll understand.
- You know the story.
If that girl leaves here
she'll be the first to die,
and the whole case will be over.
- And you, lady of the night.
- I haven't got my red
license stamped as yet.
What will I do if I leave?
- Get in the line.
- But I have no one worrying
about me on the outside.
The man that I keep happy,
won't care if I'm
alive or left for dead.
But this poor girl needs me.
Let me stay and look after her.
- You'd look after her?
What's in it for you?
Or do you want to exploit
what happened to her?
- God forgive you.
You have every right
to say that about me.
But you see officer
I might not make it out.
Maybe none of us will
make it out alive.
So I...
I will stay and
look after the girl.
I won't leave her alone.
Go sit with her
and look after her.
- Everyone, turn
around and face me.
Move slowly, follow
sergeant Aziz.
- You're here because you
obey orders, no other reason.
But now I'm giving
you the choice.
Anyone who wants
to leave can do so.
Don't be afraid.
Nobody will be punished
because there's no
one to punish you.
Anybody who wants to
leave, speak up now.
Salah, you have
kids who need you.
Go home to them.
- My kids have God, who
is more loving than all.
- Said, your father's ill.
Go and be with him.
- My father has God, who
is more merciful than all.
- Abdel Tawab.
- I'm with you, sir.
- Sherbini.
- I'm with you, sir.
- You must know
that death is near.
- We're with you, sir.
- We could all die.
- We're with you, sir.
- We will fear no one.
- We're with you, sir.
- We don't fear those outside.
- We're with you, sir.
- Anyone who sets
foot in here will die.
- We're with you!
We're with you!
We're with you!
- The war has started.
- Let the troops get ready.
- All in position.
All in position.
Get ready to fire.
All in position.
Ready to fire.
All in position.
Ready your weapons.
Ready your weapons.
- Sergeant Aziz.
If they ask about our numbers.
- More than 1000
men and well armed.
- God be with you,
you're a good man.
- And with you.
- Prepare to fire.
- Hold fire.
- Hold your fire.
Hold your fire.
Hold your fire.
Stand down!
Stand down!
Arrest that man!
Arrest him.
Mark and Sam are
not with them sir.
I'll take the men and
search the tunnel.
You and you to the tunnel.
- Excellent work, men!
- What're you doing here?
- Asfoura doesn't run away.
- The basement
door won't open again.
- What's he doing here?
- I felt sorry for the girl.
Besides, you could
use all the help.
I'm only human.
- Sergeant Aziz is in
for one hell of a day.
- General Adam Frank,
military consul.
In the name of the Queen
and the British Government
I am speaking with you.
- You're a guest here
on Egyptian soil.
If you want to talk
to me, talk Arabic.
- General Adam.
- You say you're the
military governor
representing the British.
I'm an Egyptian officer.
I only recognize the
interior minister.
Your nephew is
being treated well,
until he goes to court and
gets the death sentence
for murder and for rape.
Don't force me to
carry out the sentence
without a formal hearing.
- Listen carefully,
I'm general Adam Frank,
and I've lived in Egypt
since you were a kid.
I'm telling you that
what you're doing
will only lead to your death
and the death of your men.
If I fear for my nephew,
someone who's womenfolk
are alone at home,
especially if they're
women, should fear for them.
You have exactly one hour.
- Let me do this for you sir.
I can get out and go to them.
I can get out through the back.
I was planning on running
away tonight anyway.
I'm just being honest.
- They'll do to you
what they did to Aziz.
- I'm not Aziz.
My name means birds
and birds fly.
- Either way they'll
get there first.
They have cars.
- I told you, I can fly.
The streets leading to
your house are very narrow,
they can't get through;
I'll go over the rooftops.
Come on, we're wasting time.
Don't think too much about it.
Or it'll be too late.
- Let me go with him, sir.
- When was the last time
you climbed up rusty pipes?
No reply.
I think I'll go alone.
- All right, Asfoura, go.
Tell Nawal she's a
nag like her mother.
- Won't she get mad?
- No, stupid?
It's so she knows I'm
the one that sent you.
- I was gonna give it to my
girl but it was too late.
- Try not to die.
- I'll do my best.
- Saleh Don't let him
move till he hears music.
- Right.
- Step on it.
I say, Zouba, I know that
you intend to repent,
but I have one last request
then you can repent
at your leisure.
- What?
How can you be in the mood
when we're in this mess?
This is miserable
and depressing.
I don't feel like making
anyone happy, least of all you.
- Peter.
The officer's address
is in this file.
Send some men to
bring in his sisters
without any harm and to
be sure, do it yourself.
- You, you, come with me.
- Asfoura, make sure
you give them this.
- They're underestimating us.
- Or they're trying
to distract us,
while he tries something else.
Till now I don't know
what he's thinking.
Anyway, secure the door.
- You heard the general,
hold your position.
Prepare your weapons.
- Miss Nawal says, she's
a nag like her mother,
but kind-hearted
like her mother.
They're at my
relative's house now.
- Thank God.
- Your family is safe now.
- Really!
Thank God.
I'm so happy I want
to dance again.
But I can't, my hips
nearly broken, very nearly.
- I pity the soldiers who
don't have a drop of water.
- Are you always
worrying about everyone?
May God give you strength
because you obviously need it.
- You know, Zouba,
Had my sisters been hurt,
I'd never have forgiven myself.
- Look, tell me this.
A woman like me who used to work
as a prostitute but repented,
could she...
I mean...
- Could she what?
- Could she...
- What, Zouba?
- Would you marry me?
- I wouldn't
stamp your license Zouba
and you want me to marry you?
- I know what
bothers you about me.
It's that my name is Zouba.
That's not my real name.
- What's your name then?
- My name is Bamba.
- Does it make a difference?
- Yes it does.
- Hold your fire!
- Hold your positions.
Secure the door!
Secure the door!
Turn out all the
lights except this one.
Cover me.
- Hold your fire.
- Hold your fire.
Hold your fire.
- His mom's my girlfriend.
- Turn on the lights.
Everybody take shelter!
Get away from the windows!
They might fire again.
Get down, men!
Get down.
- Saleh.
- Oh my God.
Oh my God.
- Saleh.
- I'm thirsty.
I'm gonna die.
- Bring him
some water, quick!
- I'm gonna die.
- Don't be afraid,
you're not gonna die.
Don't be afraid.
The water.
Hold on, Saleh.
Don't be afraid.
Water, hurry!
- Here, drink.
Drink this.
- Drink, Saleh.
- Drink.
- Saleh!
- No, no!
He's dead!
- Saleh!
- No, no, no, no!
- Saleh!
- Oh, no!
You killed him, you bastards!
- Saleh!
- No, no, no!
The bastards killed him.
Get up boy!
Wake up!
Get up!
- Enough!
If you kill him they'll bring
the station down on our heads.
Got it.
- Please no, please.
Get up!
Get up!
- Bring me Shandaweily.
- Sir.
- And release the crazy one.
- Yes sir.
- He's no better than
the ones who died, Youssef.
- You don't know
what he meant to me.
- He wasn't like your
brother, he was your brother.
But he didn't die because of us.
- You of all people
should know how I feel.
- All I feel and know
right now is one thing.
We're at war.
Debts aren't settled by
the dead but by the living.
- Hey sir, who's that?
- Ezzat Abd Rabbu El-Wahsh,
a military officer.
In the battle of
Alamein, his battalion
got orders to
attack the Germans.
He decided that
it wasn't our war
and gave orders to retreat.
He was relieved of duty
and sentenced to death
by the British governor.
He escaped and formed a gang
to kill and slaughter
English soldiers.
- You mean the guerrillas?
- He called them that.
Ezzat was an old friend
of Youssef's dad.
In a way you could say
he was raised by him
more than his own father.
- Step on it, man, we're late.
- Your officer killed a
number of British soldiers
and is sheltering
mutineers and murderers.
Listen to me, I'm
going to announce
that this is a case
of civil disobedience
by Youssef Amin El-Masry.
The British tanks will
surround the station
along with an
Egyptian police force.
- You want Egyptian policemen
to kill other
Egyptian policemen?
- No, I want your
Egyptian policemen
to kill a bunch of
mutineers and criminals.
- My God!
If your men are so strong
and you have the station
surrounded with those
arms and military power,
why don't you just attack
and be done with it?
- If two English officers
weren't in their custody,
I'd do it.
- Are their lives precious
but ours are not?
What I mean to say is...
Any action against that officer
could turn him into
a national hero.
The man is well-loved
throughout Alexandria.
- Your job is not to
make him well-loved.
- Excuse me, sir.
Goddamn you!
- Five,
four, three, two, one.
- Address to Cairo,
we've just received an
urgent news bulletin.
An Egyptian officer,
Youssef Amin El-Masry,
has mutinied against
his superiors,
and against the orders of the
British governor in Egypt,
putting his life and the lives
of other civilians in danger,
due to his sheltering
a group of criminals
and outlaws alike and thinking
that he is above the law.
This traitorous officer, has
tricked the policemen with him
into carrying out his
orders and mutinous desires,
to satisfy his thirst for blood.
He's ordered them
to follow his plan
to murder civilians and
military personnel alike,
using innocent people
as human shields.
Therefore, the British governor,
in the name of the
British government,
has announced the mutiny
of officer Youssef El-Masry
in a time of war.
According to military rulings,
the punishment for mutiny
and treason being faced
by the officer is
death by firing squad,
after being stripped
of his ranks.
The delegate of the
British government warns
all civilians and
military personnel
against dealing with
the treasonous officer,
or they will be
considered criminals
and face the same punishment.
Peace and mercy be upon you.
Thank you Cairo.
- Do you
know what that means?
- It means
I'm going to die.
- It means we're all dead men.
- Are you scared?
- Do you think I get scared?
What about you boy?
- No.
- I'm just making sure
nothing's changed.
- Wear the cuffs and
we'll let you out.
- I'm Abbas Hassabo.
I'm running your transport.
You haven't said a single
word since we set out.
Are you alright?
They told me it
was a small load;
I thought it was
vegetables or fruit.
I get here and you're the
goods I'm transporting.
I work with the British yeah,
but in the end I'm
with my countrymen.
I'm talking to you, talk to
me so we can pass the time.
- You touch me again, I'll
take your fucking face apart.
You understand me?
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You're quite ferocious!
I can see you're strong.
- Swear, swear Habibi.
- The entire British
army's out there.
They're only missing Churchill.
You think they're
waiting for nightfall
to play a game of
chicken with us again?
- They won't fire a bullet.
- Hello, Youssef,
this is Riyad El-Shandaweily.
I spoke to you before.
Listen to me carefully now.
Adam's deploying an
Egyptian police force
to attack the station.
The head of the force
is Hamza El-Hawary
from Attareen station.
Don't be be shocked by the
fact I'm informing you.
I'm an Egyptian like you
but my hand is forced.
God be with you.
- Hamza El-Hawary
has orders to attack.
They want Egyptian soldiers
to fire at each other.
What do I tell them?
Shoot at your brothers?
Adam's playing a dangerous game.
I don't want my
people getting hurt.
- I'll bet Hamza is at as
much of a loss as you are.
- We need to make
Hamza understand.
- Sir, he's here.
- Wait for the Egyptian forces.
- What you're suggesting
will not work.
- Why not?
- I'm Asfoura.
I can fly like a bird.
I succeeded last time
because I was alone.
I can't take you with me.
How do you plan on
climbing the pipes?
- We won't go over the rooftop.
We'll go at night through
the second-floor window.
If you're scared, I'll go alone.
- Asfoura's never scared.
We need ropes.
- That's easy.
- Ezzat, take off your clothes.
- You first handsome.
- Don't worry, I'll let you
play at being the bride.
- When the Egyptian
forces arrive,
we will surround Karmouz and
the station in two circles.
The first circle will
be the Egyptian forces
surrounded by our forces.
- Where are the Egyptian forces?
- They're supposed to be here
along with our forces
within the hour sir.
But Hamza, the officer in
charge, took his orders already.
But he said he wanted
to be here at dawn
to gather as many
men as he could.
- So, we'll camp here
for one more night
and then we'll
return to our camp.
All of us.
- Stay away from
the barbed wire.
- Listen carefully.
I'm going out on an errand
that could save all of us.
Officer Ezzat El-Wahsh is
in charge until I get back.
If I get back, God willing.
- Sir, wait, put this on
it'll help hide your face.
- Can this bear our weight?
- The rope will, but
this metal won't.
Can you jump?
- What?
- Forget it, come on!
- Sir, I gave an order
to the officer in charge
of the other station.
If his troops don't
march at dawn,
we'll scale the wall ourselves.
- That's
Hamza's house.
Go on up, I'll stand
watch over here.
- Right.
Listen Asfoura.
- Yes?
- You know Sayed Darwish, right?
- Does he live with Hamza?
- Don't be stupid man,
now listen this is
what I need you to do.
I'm going up, if you notice
anything strange in the street,
sing Apple of My Eye.
- Asfoura has a bad voice.
- But Youssef may get caught.
- Then Asfoura will sing.
- Good.
Apple of My Eye.
- I know, I heard
you, go already!
- Yes?
All right, all right!
- Everyone of us must've done
bad things in their life,
for this to happen to us.
I personally know what I did.
You too, Zouba, right?
What's your name?
- Salah El-Deheiny.
- What terrible thing
did you do, Salah?
- Before my father died,
may he rest in peace,
he made me swear to
marry my cousin So'da.
I swore to it, but
I didn't marry her.
- Was the girl ugly?
- Oh, God, she was hideous.
Uglier than the
situation we're in now.
- And you think your part
in this is because of Se'da?
- So'da.
I don't know for sure.
- I don't think so.
You seem like a good guy.
Trust in God.
- Please, God!
- Call out to God.
- Please, God!
- Call out to God.
- Please, God!
- Please, God!
- Please, God!
- Please, God!
- Please, God!
Please, God!
- Please, God!
- Please, God!
- Please, God!
Please, God!
Please, God!
- What's required of me then?
- First, I need to know;
do you believe me or not?
Why are you silent, Hamza?
- What do you want me to do?
Please tell me.
- Hamza, you've been
ordered to take a force
and surround my station,
then order your men to
fire on their brothers.
Do you realize what
that would mean?
- It's not that simple, Youssef.
I've been making
excuses to delay them,
that I needed more men,
that I needed more time.
Time to fix vehicles.
But I can't delay anymore.
If I don't do it,
they will throw me out
and bring one of their men,
their men who bow to them.
Would I disobey orders
while in uniform?
- Then take it off.
- What made you take yours off?
- I am thinking straight.
- And risk the
lives of 50 people?
How on earth are they to blame?
Now tell me that.
- They chose to stay.
- You did it to them.
- In my place you'd
have done the same.
- Daddy.
- Go inside.
Go inside!
- Hamza.
- Laila, please go inside till
I'm done talking with uncle.
Go on, give Daddy a kiss.
- No.
- Please.
Can I kiss you then?
Go on.
Laila's grown quite
a bit already.
Last time I saw her
she was only days old.
She'll grow to be
a blessing for you.
May God protect
her from evil men.
Hamza, all I'm asking is
for you to delay the entry
just slightly, and we agree
on how they're positioned.
My men and your men must
not fire on each other.
- Are Adam and his men idiots?
I can't disobey orders.
- Is that your final
word on the matter Hamza?
- I forgot the song.
- Goddamn you man!
- A British army vehicle's
coming down the street.
How can we escape, Hamza?
- Hamza.
- Is this Hamza or someone else?
- To the roof, to
the roof quick!
- Let's go!
- Quick.
- My god.
- You go first and I'll
follow; I'm faster.
Let's go.
- Stop there!
- I don't
know what happened.
When he saw blood,
he froze in place.
- If that kid tells them
you were at Hamza's,
everything's ruined.
- Asfoura wouldn't
do that, I trust him.
We can't rely on Hamza.
- Do you realize what
they'll do to Asfoura?
- So let's see if you your
man turns out to be brave
or whether he'll betray you.
- Bring that man and follow me.
- Youssef.
The accused Awad Hassanein,
known as Asfoura,
is found guilty of
murder and treason.
The military
governor has decided
to sentence him to
death by hanging.
The military governor is
willing to drop all charges
against him, if
Youssef Amin El-Masry
turns himself in instead.
- If Youssef Amin-El-Masry
proceeds, may God have mercy.
- He has 30
minutes to come out.
- Come out right now or
your friend will be hanged.
- You won't go right?
we've lost enough lives.
- He won't go.
- No sir.
I'm no better than
those who died.
- I said you're not going.
- Get out of my way.
- You're not going.
- Let me go I said!
- I said no.
- Let me go, Ezzat!
- You're not going.
- Let me go, Ezzat!
- No.
- I'm going and
you can't stop me.
Let me do what I have to do.
Open the door.
Open the door.
- Youssef.
- Youssef.
- Youssef!
- Youssef!
No, Youssef!
Youssef, no!
- Youssef!
- You are accused of treason
and intentional murder.
You are found guilty and
you are charged with hanging
until death.
- If my living is
painful to you,
then my death will
be much more painful,
Remember the dead feel no pain.
- No, Youssef!
- Youssef!
- There's
no God but Allah!
There's no God but Allah!
- Fight for our country!
- Support your countryman!
- Incoming!
- Release him.
- Mommy!
- Go, run!
- Don't harm the girl, please.
She's just a child, none
of this is her fault.
Don't come any closer.
If you come any further
I'll rip you in two.
- Don't worry sweetheart,
I don't kill women.
Get out the way!
Let's go.
You're pretty fucking sneaky
for an Egyptian aren't you.
Come on man.
Let's fucking go.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
See man, that's what I thought.
You're nothing.
Just a fucking dog.
Just a little dog.
Woof woof.
Get up.
Now, I'm gonna finish you now.
It's time to finish you.
Come on.
- Zouba.
- Just a fucking dog.
- Zouba!
- Get on your feet!
- Goodbye Englishman.
- Why are you hiding in here?
Move it woman get out.
- Blow the arm.
Don't let those
filthy animals flee.
- Where are we going?
- A police camp
near the salt flats.
- You'll turn yourself
in and be put to death.
- Hold him tight.
- What about Hind?
- Zouba knows what to do.
- Come on.
- Kill him.
- Come on!
- We're gonna die.
- Shoot them!
Shoot them!
- Evacuate the station.
- Mr. Youssef's
not in the station
and Miss Faten is safe.
- The military court condemns
the accused Youssef
Amin El-Masry
to death by firing squad
for the crimes of
premeditated murder,
the crime of mutiny
in time of war,
and risking the
lives of civilians.
How do you plead:
guilty or not guilty?
- Guilty, sir.
- Death penalty is agreed.
Court is adjourned.
Are you guilty or not Youssef?
No, not guilty.
You killed only in self-defense.
You didn't rebel
against military orders,
you rebelled against those who
have no right to give orders.
You didn't risk the lives of
civilians, you defended them.
And their rights.
This is your death certificate.
Your sisters are
waiting for you outside.
Give it to them.
They have papers for
you with a new name.
Kamal El-Refaie.
You'll leave Alexandria.
Your name has been
taken off all records
including those of
the Interior Ministry.
No officer by your
name ever existed.
- But sir?
- But what?
What did you expect
after what you did?
A promotion or a medal?
Or maybe you expected
to be a national hero
with streets named after you?
- No, sir.
- I know that.
- But sir.
One question.
What about my body?
- Is that your problem or mine?
- Yours, sir.
- Correct, it's ours
and we'll solve it ourselves.
We'll hand them
Mark's corpse instead.
After we burn it, of course.
Goodbye, Kamal.