Karnan (2021) Movie Script

Not fathered by the Sun
Nor witnessed by the Moon
Not fathered by the Sun
Nor witnessed by the Moon
Born to a forsaken woman, this child
Fed and grew on famine, this child
If you see him, tell him to come
Somebody fetch Karnan at once
If you see him, tell him to come
Somebody fetch Karnan at once
If you see him, tell him to come
Somebody fetch Karnan at once
There's the big old banyan tree
Perched upon its tallest branch
There's the big old banyan tree
Perched upon its tallest branch
Though it is all alone
The lone parakeet sings his name
If you see him, tell him to come
Somebody fetch Karnan at once
If you see him, tell him to come
Somebody fetch Karnan at once
If you see him, tell him to come
Somebody fetch Karnan at once
If you see him, tell him to come
Somebody fetch Karnan at once
All these countless temples
In the village
All these countless Gods in temples
All these countless temples
In the village
All these countless Gods in temples
And not one idol of him
But he's one among my family
If you see him, tell him to come
Somebody fetch Karnan at once
If you see him, tell him to come
Somebody fetch Karnan at once
If you see him, tell him to come
Somebody fetch Karnan at once
Never laid eyes on an armour
Nor adorned any ornaments either
How he wielded that sword!
None of his foes survived
How he wielded that sword!
None of his foes survived
If you see him, tell him to come
Somebody fetch Karnan at once
If you see him, tell him to come
Somebody fetch Karnan at once
If you see him, tell him to come
Somebody fetch Karnan at once
If you see him, tell him to come
Somebody fetch Karnan at once
If you see him, tell him to come
Somebody fetch Karnan at once
He wants to see you..
Oh, no!
Catch it...
It took my chick! My chick!
Kids, hurry up.
Mom, be careful.
Didn't I tell you to wake me up
to go to the pond?
How was I to know?
I thought you wouldn't go.
You didn't wake me up
on purpose, you liar.
What's your mother running for?
The thieving eagle has
snatched a chick.
Your mother's gone to see it.
Every day it snatches a chick
and eats it.
And we beg and plead to return.
-Did Yeman come by?
I wonder where the fool's gone.
Where's my shirt?
Oh, look.
Get up... up!
You've hidden it under your bum!
Hey, Karnan.
Didn't I tell you to come
and wake me up early?
Don't be angry. Sit.
We're late, step on it.
But you haven't eaten!
Stop. Where are you headed
before breakfast?
I'll whack you! You stomped over me
when I was asleep, cut the act.
Just go to see the fish get cut
and return like a good lad.
If you try to cut the fish,
I will slaughter you.
-Let's go.
-Mind him, Uncle.
Return my precious chick to me.
Please it's a poor little one.
It's going to eat the chick
and they still gather to worship it.
-Oh, shut up.
-How did they not invite you?
I heard even Duryodanan didn't go.
He's building a temple, it seems.
Why would they call me?
Why didn't he go?
What's the point?
No one will cut the fish this year anyway.
They'll only stand by and watch.
He's upset about that.
Why is everyone so afraid to cut it?
The last few times the fish was cut,
there was death in the village.
Everyone's scared about that.
But we can't just leave the sword lying.
So we perform a customary prayer
and put it back inside.
-Should I cut it this year?
So your mother can kill me?
Forget all that.
Can I cut it or not?
-You can, but...
-Then let's go.
Are you being serious?
Yes, step on it.
Wow. This must weigh
about 5 kilos?
-Shall we rub vermilion, then?
-Hold on.
First, ask if anybody
wishes to cut it.
Do you see one face that seems interested?
They are only here to watch.
Were you seriously counting on them?
Is anybody interested,
or shall I toss it in the water?
I think they've already
tossed it in!
If you don't want to cut it, be quiet.
Are you trying to pick a fight?
Let's get it over with,
I need to open my shop.
Such cowards. Will it be
vermilion again this year?
Another wasted year.
And they get upset when
the elephant doesn't have tusks.
Change the rules, then.
He who fails to cut the fish mid-air
will get his head tonsured in public.
No young man will step up.
Why should he?
-A pointless expense year after year.
-Oh, yeah.
It takes gall to wield
the village sword, you know?
-Is that so?
-Why don't you cut it then?
This "gall" has led to the sword
lying unwielded for 8 years.
-Then you cut it.
-No, you cut it.
You do it!
I'll kill you
if they toss the fish in.
-Vadamalayan, calm down.
Hey, stop.
Not vermilion,
rub turmeric on it.
-Are you going to cut it?
-Not me.
Someone is coming to cut it.
Grandpa, this is not a joking matter
for you both to pull your antics.
If he fails to cut it, his head
will be tonsured in public.
Only if he fails to cut it.
Brother, it's not enough
to just brush against it.
One clean strike, it must fall down
as two halves.
Where is the sword?
Well said!
Bring the sword!
Karnan, the sword is nice and sharp.
Just one hard strike...
and you can even cut an elephant.
A fish is child's play.
Here you go.
Make way...
You took my chick though
I pleaded with you.
Someone will come to clip your wings.
And he will beat you to death.
Hit those drums, People.
What are you waiting for?
-We have begun. Hit it!
Hit it so hard, that the very Gods
descend to cut the fish.
Hit it, hit it!
Hit it!
Hit it!
Hey, toss it.
Toss it, man.
Karnan, you mustn't miss it!
Duryodanan, he cut the fish!
-Our boy, Karnan!
Into two?
One clean strike,
and two proper pieces.
-Hey, Padmini!
-What happened, Grandma?
Your little brother cut the fish
and mounted the elephant.
Mom, it was Karnan who cut the fish,
and he's mounted the elephant!
Let's go.
The boy disobeyed me
and went to cut the fish!
-Wait till I see him--
-Stop whining.
I just said he cut the fish
and mounted the elephant!
He managed to cut the fish.
So stop shouting.
Come on, Mom.
-Stop your vehicles.
-Don't block the road!
Come on!
Grandpa, what are you doing?
You will get us in trouble.
Would it kill them to wait for once?
Hey, watch it, man.
Sorry, sir.
There is a crowd.
Panneer, go take a look.
Karnan, get down and dance.
You dance!
Oh, just come down!
Wait, don't pull me down.
I'll come.
Come on, come on.
Yeah, hit it!
Vadamalayan, don't just stand there.
Looks like some festival.
They're dancing around an elephant.
Has to be the Podiyankulam folks.
They cause such mayhem with that
village sword they bought themselves.
What do we do with them?
They were once so scared of us.
Now they dance around elephants?
They've gotten too cocky.
-There's a village here?
-Oh, yes.
It's called Podiyankulam.
About a kilometer from here.
They don't even have a bus stop.
They must go to neighbouring Melur
to even board a bus.
So when these nobodies put on
such shows with elephants...
naturally, it irks the Melur folks.
Every time these people use their
bus stop, there's a brawl.
-What the hell?
-Not again.
Always at loggerheads.
You were in my way,
you were asking for it.
Why, sir? The two villages
don't get along?
Don't even ask.
Where do I begin?
They fight like cats and dogs.
They have no idea why they're
fighting and hurting each other.
And we are stuck in the middle.
So where do they
board the bus?
Where else?
They walk pillar to post
begging for their own bus stop,
refusing to use
Melur's bus stop.
But who gives two hoots
about these people? Not a soul.
Hey, flag him.
Left with no other choice,
they come and wait here in vain...
and hitch a ride
with a lorry or a van.
Sir, are they blocking the roads
and dancing in revenge?
Yes, savages.
Why else?
Let's go.
You want the traffic waiting
so you can dance? Move!
Aren't you a bit old for this?
Get out of here.
-Vehicles are waiting. Move!
-Yes, sure.
Let's move it, people.
Yes, sir. We're leaving.
Let's just go.
We're leaving, sir!
Let's go!
That's enough.
Let's go.
Bloody paupers can't ride on buses,
but they dance on elephants!
Draupadi! Open up, girl!
Come in.
-I've been knocking for ages.
-Calm down.
So who cut the fish?
You don't know?
Why are you dancing then?
I do know. But tell me anyway.
I want to hear it.
That's why I asked.
Alright, that's enough dancing.
The procession is here, let's go.
-Hurry up!
-Gosh, stop ogling!
-Why do you care?
Just tell him, then.
It's not like I told you.
Didn't you find out by yourself?
Let him find out for himself.
And if he doesn't find out?
I will make him find out.
Go away!
Go to the shop.
Go ahead, Brother. I'll come.
Can't you see I am watching?
Hit it!
That's enough dancing.
Give him the sword.
-Give it to my father.
-Your father?
-You hand it to him.
Here, your son wanted
you to have it.
-Give it to his mother.
-I can't give it to a woman!
She looks so pissed.
You give it to her.
Here you go!
Your son sent his sword.
Why should I take it?
He can keep it.
Just take it, Lady.
The sword is yours now.
Hold it up!
Dad, hurry up.
It's getting late.
I'm coming, dear.
He can eat on his own.
Leave now, you're getting late.
Take your bag.
Poyilal's father, don't wait at
our village junction.
The buses won't stop here.
-Just walk to the Melur stop.
-That's where we're going, Mom.
-We're off, then.
-Keep our daughter safe!
-Yes, dear.
-Be careful.
Stop romping around like a child.
Kittan, where's your father gone?
I don't know, Brother.
Look at that!
Brother Malukkan...
where did you get the horse?
It was at Saibu's house in Vallanaadu.
The boy saw it and started crying,
saying he wanted it.
Saibu said, "You take it, Malukkan,"
and I did.
-What will you do with a horse?
-I'll raise it.
-I will raise it.
Raise it and do what?
No one here eats horse meat.
My horse is not for meat!
I will crack your skull open.
Get lost.
-Oh, I'm sure you'll crack my skull open.
-Touch my horse and you'll see.
Look, Poyilal.
It's your first day of college.
I am very happy that you're going.
But this is not our village,
and we must board the bus from here.
These men are trouble.
They talk rubbish.
Just act like you don't hear it
and carry on. Okay?
Your father won't be able to
accompany you every day, dear.
-So you'll have to be wary...
-I'll be fine, Dad.
Okay, dear?
When you were harvesting greens
When I saw you for the first time
Aren't you going to listen to me?
She's good looking!
You are so hot, girl
We should have come
a little earlier, eh?
I feel a little wild...
Dear, it's late. Maybe Ganapathy Bus
has left already?
If we'd come earlier, we could have
caught Ganapathy Bus?
Hopefully, we will
catch the Kattabomman Bus.
I don't see any bus in sight.
Should have waited at our junction.
Wait, dear.
Just wait, dear.
Why would you draw such a thing?
This is my village bus stop.
I'll do what I want. What's it to you?
So you won't let girls
ride the bus in peace?
-Wait, dear.
Why let your girl sit there
when we men are out here?
Obviously, he's brought her here
for our pleasure, man.
That's my daughter
you are talking about.
-Did you dare to raise your arm at me?
-No, Brother!
Please spare my dad, Brothers.
Break his leg!
-Dad! Dad!
-Get away, child.
-Please let him go, Brother.
-Don't touch my daughter!
What the hell?
-Stand back, dear.
You'll never board a bus again.
What the hell are you doing?
Please let my father go.
-Go away!
-Don't hurt him.
-Listen to me, stop...
He dares to raise his arm?
This is our village.
Dad, please let's just go.
Just go back to your village.
-Come at me now.
-Just go to your village.
"It's our bus stand," he says.
-I'm taking my daughter to college.
-Just go back to your village.
This is so typical of you.
-Can't she go another day?
-It's her first day.
-Board a bus elsewhere.
-No, I can't.
Stay here any longer
and you'll get killed.
-I don't even want to go to college, Dad.
-It's bound to happen someday.
-Get out of here.
-Please listen to me, Dad.
Shoo them away.
Whose cattle are these,
blocking the way?
Who's that?
Look over there, Kumar!
Who is that?
Get him!
Who the hell are you, man?
If you're such a tough guy,
show me your face.
-We somehow rise from our numerous falls,
cover our bruises and study
with the dream to somehow make it.
But you chase our girls away
by harassing them?
You will not harass girls again.
Let him go, Karnan.
-You will not harass girls again.
-Stop, or you'll kill him.
That's enough.
-Let go of me, man.
Stop. Let go.
Come on.
You're just yapping there casually
after everything you've done!
Come here.
Why just him?
Summon his whole gang.
What are you gawking at?
Come here.
-How cocky!
-You're right.
He never abides.
We must banish him from the village.
Move, man.
Don't run your mouth.
Stay calm.
Karnan, barely a week since you were
entrusted with the sword...
you've already brought hell upon us.
-How can we trust you?
-What did I do?
You may spin your tales.
But everyone here knows
who's the troublemaker.
The eagles will surely come
swooping down on you.
Don't come begging the village
for protection then.
So concerned, aren't you?
The eagles will only
swoop down on us.
We won't come begging
for protection. Happy?
-Shut up.
Are you trying to cause a rift
between the two villages?
We have so much green here,
and all this water.
But do any of us have
land to our name?
-We are at their mercy for everything.
We'll remain at their mercy
if we stay holed up here.
That's why they ensure that
we never get to leave our village.
If we had a bus stop and rode on buses,
they know we'd go places.
Is that your argument?
You do know what they'll do
if we talk this way?
-Not this old wives' tale again.
-Old wives' tale?
Can anyone board a bus there
by oneself now?
Don't say that to me.
Say it to the girl's father
whose head hangs in shame.
You don't have the spine
to send an eager girl to college.
But you've called a meeting
to deliver justice.
-Mind your words.
-What did you just say?
You're going to let that young lad
get away with such disrespect?
You're so soft on him.
They harassed a student.
Was he supposed
to stand by and watch?
Just sit down, man.
-Shut up!
-That punk disgraced our village.
And I should keep quiet?
So what if he wielded the sword?
Is he such a big guy now?
He didn't disgrace us.
For the first time in eight years,
he wielded the village sword.
You say he disgraced us?
He demanded justice for our daughter.
-Her father's head hangs in shame.
-Please sit down.
Will this village
deliver justice to him?
Those who harassed her
are the real culprits.
Girls who wish to study or work
are now afraid to step out.
What's the solution?
Why should we be afraid?
Like hell we'll be afraid.
First, find a way
to make the bus stop here.
Everything else is pointless.
We're not afraid of anybody.
Come on. How much longer should we
run around for a bus?
It's about time we ran around
for our children.
Let them not stay shut up
in the village like we did.
Let them fly away somewhere.
Then call the meeting to a close.
The meeting is done.
He never disciplines them.
The village will be ruined if he
keeps coddling these troublemakers.
What would you have me do?
What do you mean?
We must do something!
My foot!
You heckled that girl,
what did you expect?
Of course, they hit you.
They're at our mercy, stooped before us
with folded hands, even for a bus stop.
You should savour it.
You should feel happy.
Instead, you went and picked a quarrel!
Now they have stood up to us.
Who will you show your might to?
-Look at the size of him.
you're just letting him go?
Who said we're letting him go?
If you kill him now,
their village will rise against us.
Even our puppets in their village
will fight back.
Is that what we want?
They dared to parade around
with an elephant.
Let's put an end to that first.
Then we'll swoop down on them.
Here, Brother.
Why have they bound
the donkey's legs together?
Why do you think?
To keep it from running away.
What a horrible way
to bind it. Fools.
Shall I free it?
It can't be freed by us.
Only the donkey's master can.
He's made an intricate knot.
Want to see me do it?
Be quiet, Lad.
The master will have
to go looking for it. Such a nag!
Hey, Poyilal...
Heard you told your father
you'll never go to college?
Have you gone crazy?
I know why you're afraid.
I will come and
enrol you in the hostel.
Let it go, Brother.
My mother was so shaken up yesterday.
She didn't sleep all night...
and held my hand,
begging me not to study.
But you were so excited
about going to college.
It's alright, Brother.
It's just one year.
Maybe next year.
No, Poyilal. A year of your life
will go to waste!
Whose life isn't getting
wasted out here?
Forget it, Brother.
You got into trouble because of me.
I'm off now.
Let's go.
We're watching a girl give up education,
and can't do squat.
This is no way to live.
Let it go.
She got scared.
We'll let this year go.
Next year we shall enrol her
in a hostel or something.
Forget about that.
That girl... Draupadi.
She looks at you like
she could eat you up.
What's the matter?
Man, are you crazy?
She's doing no such thing.
-Hey, don't act naive.
Are you both secretly getting it on?
She's ravaging you with her eyes.
Like she has nothing better to do.
Could someone have the hots for me?
I know what I saw.
She had the hots.
Let's end this conversation now.
-Don't want the butterball to hear us.
-Why are you rummaging?
Checking to see if you have any money.
For what?
They are gambling
by the furnace.
Come, let's give it a shot.
Oh, for that?
You go ahead.
-I'll get the money.
-What do you care?
-Hurry up.
When I want money,
I can make it appear.
So, sister-in-law...
Is that you, Husband of Manjanathi?
Yes, sister-in-law.
It's me, Yeman.
Oh, it is you.
Come and sit, let's have a chat.
Sit next to me.
I was just passing by
and I noticed you sitting here.
I thought I'd check on you.
You still look the same, Lady!
Before your Manjanathi died,
she did tell me.
-"I'm leaving my young husband."
-There she goes again.
"If he approaches you out of longing,
take good care of him"
"and don't get angry, dear sister,"
she told me before dying.
It's been thirty years since she passed.
You didn't come to me
all those years...
but you have come to me now.
What do I have to offer?
Everything is gone.
You should have come
when I was young.
I'll see you, then.
Husband of Manjanathi...
Will ten rupees do?
You noticed?
You needn't touch my body.
I'll know when a man touches my saree.
And you ask me if I noticed,
Husband of Manjanathi?
-Take this.
-No, keep the money.
Just give me a kiss worth ten rupees
and be on your way.
Will that do, m'lady?
Here's my bet!
Do you even know
how to flip two coins at once?
Why are you just watching, Karnan?
Aren't you playing?
-I'm in.
-What do you mean?
-Lay down your money then.
-It's coming. Flip it.
Out of my way!
What happened?
How's that?
Lay it on top.
I need a win!
Move... move!
Give me the coin.
The buy-in is 10 bucks.
Karnan, the first toss
had better be on-point.
Flip it!
Well done!
Toss it high.
Grab it all!
-Give me my money.
-It might rain.
-Collect it faster.
-Give me some money.
Don't put that money in there!
That's dirty money.
-He won that money gambling.
-So what?
He plays for fun.
Don't create such a fuss!
"For fun?"
Did he hit the Melur men for fun?
Did he disobey me
and cut the fish for fun?
-"For fun," she says.
-Shut your mouth, Mom!
What? You shut me up
all the time.
Do you want to remain
a spinster forever?
-If I do, I do.
-I'm sure you don't mind.
Your mother's womb burns in agony
upon hearing everyone's mockery.
-She doesn't mind...
-It's not his fault.
It's not like he's idling.
He attends every selection.
Something good will come his way.
Just a matter of time.
Until then, you shut your mouth.
You birthed us in a village where
buses don't even stop.
He's done enough gallivanting
in the name of selection.
Tell him to come
work the furnace tomorrow.
He's got that big sword.
Tell him to bring it along
to chop firewood.
-She talks like I'm a madwoman.
Did he win that sword
to chop firewood?
You've got some nerve,
you cocky woman.
He's not asleep.
He's listening to everything.
You are so dead.
Where's he off to now?
What are you doing?
Stop. Where are you taking it?
Your mother said I am a free-loader.
I will chop firewood.
How will you chop firewood with this?
Give it to me.
-You can chop onions.
You people take me for a joke.
I will handle the furnace today.
I don't need anybody's help.
Look at him.
He just sits here digging.
Nobody questions him.
-What are you staring at?
I know a snuffling dog
when I see one.
I ran into the postman.
There's an open selection in Tirunelveli.
He asked you to go. Here.
Take it!
Always over-thinking...
I have a feeling you will
get through this time.
Don't come back and say,
"The bus didn't stop."
But I won't go to their bus stop.
Who told you to go there?
Go to our junction early and
hitch a ride with a van or lorry.
Keep running...
Keep running...
Third round, come on.
Get up...
Get up...
Get up...
Here comes our Kattabomman Bus!
Stop here, at least.
Where to, Grandpa?
Are you buying tickets to Melur?
No way. Let's buy tickets to Kurichi
and walk past the pond.
-Get in!
-Okay, Grandpa.
Move to the front.
Not the back!
Move to the front...
Go on.
Ticket, ticket, ticket!
Give me the change, please.
I have no change.
Look who's there.
Who is it?
Oh, it's your girl!
Has she seen you?
I think she did.
Her hands are trembling.
See, I was right.
I can feel the heat
from all the way here.
Maybe she came down to Tirunelveli
after hearing you were here?
walk up to her and ask
if she's bought a ticket.
If not, we'll buy it for her.
Wow, boy!
Excuse me, please.
-Yes, Grandpa?
-Have you bought a ticket?
Oh, you have?
Where to?
Please move...
She's bought a ticket to Melur.
Why would she buy
a ticket to Melur?
How would I know?
Our girls always get down there.
Today, she will get down
at our village.
Our village?
We'll either get off at Kurichi,
or at our village.
How's that possible?
What's wrong with you?
Ticket! Who wants a ticket?
-Eleven tickets to Podiyankulam.
-What? Podiyankulam?
We won't make a stop there.
I'll stop at the neighbouring Melur.
Get off there.
You won't make a stop
even for 11 tickets?
-Speak calmly...
-Speak calmly?
-We can't stop there.
-Today, you will.
There's no rule forcing us
to make a stop there.
Nobody can do a thing.
You keep harping on about
stopping the bus!
Does your village even have a bus stop?
To you people, it's a village.
To us, it's just a wasteland.
Who would make a stop
at a wasteland?
-Did you just call it a wasteland?
-Don't mess with me!
-Let go of me.
-Say that again, I'll smack your jaw.
-I am calling it what it is.
Call it a wasteland, did you?
You better make a stop there.
Or I'll show you
where Podiyankulam is.
-He won't stop for 11 tickets?
-You just attended the selection.
-Don't start now.
-I should shut up?
Chandralingam, what's the matter?
He wants us to make a stop
at Podiyankulam.
Podiyankulam? Where's that?
Who knows?
-You're crossing a line!
There is no way I'll let you
get down there.
Get out of my way!
They come just to cause trouble.
We've told them so many times.
-It's okay...
-He called it a wasteland.
I'll make him stop there.
How will you make him stop?
You'll see.
Why can't they get down
at Melur as always?
This isn't new.
For so many days,
in so many ways...
they've derived pleasure
in our humiliation and misery.
They act like the bus
is their personal property.
Podiyankulam! Stop!
Podiyankulam! Podiyankulam!
Podiyankulam! Podiyankulam!
-Podiyankulam! Stop!
Podiyankulam! Stop!
-Podiyankulam! Stop!
-Karnan, step inside.
-Karnan, listen to me...
-Podiyankulam! Let me go!
Oh, no!
Stop the bus!
Stop the bus!
Stop the bus.
Come on.
-What happened?
Karnan, are you okay?
Get off me!
Look, they're moving the bus.
Get him!
Start the bus.
Stop them.
You'll have to take this route
again tomorrow. I'll sort you out.
-Show me.
-Go away!
Are you crazy?
You're acting like a fool.
You could have died!
I'm so pissed, just shut your mouth
and get out of here.
Boy, what did I just tell you?
"Lay low for a few days."
"A good opportunity
has come your way."
"You shouldn't let this go
at any cost."
Did you not hear that?
Did I not hear what?
Some guy just called
our village a wasteland.
Didn't that prick you?
It did prick me.
That was his intention.
Does that mean you pounce on him?
What if he'd driven
the bus to the police station?
Did you think about that?
Did you?
Well, if he does,
let something come of it.
You can't do as you please,
and get triggered all the time.
Or nobody from our village
will stand by you.
I hope you know that?
You'd do well to remember that...
and keep shut.
Good Lord! I am keeping shut.
Happy? Go!
I'll whack you.
Stop lecturing me.
Fine, get up.
Let's go.
-Come on, let's go.
-Get lost!
In a carriage of dragonflies
I hover like a chicken feather
In a raging bonfire
She hits me like a hurricane
Like I were a bud in a boulder
I burst into a bloom
Like she was highland honey
I guzzled her down
The seer who read my palm
Said a story that you proved true
In this path that I walk down
Your piercing gaze uproots unseen thorn
In a carriage of dragonflies
I hover like a chicken feather
In a raging bonfire
She hits me like a hurricane
Like fresh grain in an earthen pot
Your fragrance fills my heart
The warmth of your sultry gaze
It could even steam rice
Even though I tread on dirt-roads
Even though I'm covered in grime
The 'dhavani' draped over your shoulder
Makes a king out of me, girl
In my red-hot inferno heart
Your memories are a calming drizzle
I lurk in this village as a mere shadow
You are my true object, love
Give me a kiss, my princess
And I'll give you all of me
In a carriage of dragonflies
I hover like a chicken feather
In a raging bonfire
She hits me like a hurricane
The farmer descends into paddy-fields
Deftly, he picks the seedlings
Protecting land like it were gold
This great clan, this farmer's clan
Our ancestors lost the uplands
Our forefathers lost the farmlands
Our God lies there still as stone
We became "wasteland"
We became bonded labour
You must triumph, child
You must triumph!
Crows and sparrows
They huddle up every day
And tell our tale to the clouds
As they listen cravingly, pelting rain
Set fire with our bodies
Get drenched in our burning souls
A carriage of dragonflies
A carriage of dragonflies
In a carriage of dragonflies
I hover like a chicken feather
In a raging bonfire
She hits me like a hurricane
Like a hurricane
Like a hurricane
A carriage of dragonflies
A carriage of dragonflies
A carriage of dragonflies
You came all the way to see me.
Why are you crying?
Your sister still lives
in our house, dear.
Your father hasn't been able to
get her married.
But I left money behind at home.
What? It's the truth, Dad
Go and search for it.
Get up.
Oh, be careful!
Why have you come at this hour?
-Dig, dig, dig...
-What do you want, Goddess?
Hurry up and fetch your brother.
-Oh, Goddess!
Dig! Dig!
Do you want water, Goddess?
Karnan, wake up.
-Karnan, wake up! Come inside.
-What is it?
What now?
What's with him?
Son, your sister has come.
There's treasure underneath.
She's asked us to dig.
He's dancing around like a madman
and you're dancing along?
If someone saw this night circus,
they'd laugh at our family's insanity.
Don't speak that way, son.
My daughter is visiting after so long.
Don't hurt her feelings.
You're still on about that?
Pour a bucket of water over him,
he'll be fine.
Stop talking back!
Just do as she says.
You're with her?
Will you dig or not?
Fine. And if there's nothing,
what shall we do with you lot?
Speak another word and I will
strangle you to death.
Curse my fate!
Come, take a peek.
Do you see any treasure in there?
If you tell me to dig any deeper,
I'll smash your head!
Just dig a little deeper, son.
What did I just say?
You keep telling me to dig...
Just dig.
There's nothing here to dig!
Here, take all this treasure.
Take it.
My daughter kept her word.
She saved all this money...
I lost such a sweet child...
I let her die in the middle of a road...
Where is my little one wandering now?
Why did nobody stop the bus?
My child could have been saved...
I lost her.
I let her die.
She died...
She said she had saved it
for her sister's wedding.
My baby!
I lost my little flower.
I wonder where she's wandering
all by herself...
My precious.
Hey, Veeman...
Let's take Vadamalayan
to the cleaners today.
He always returns
to lose more money.
Karnan, go for it.
I'm betting on two heads.
Two heads.
Uncle, did you sight a trickster
in the morning?
Your boy is killing it.
Here's a fifty.
Started grumbling already?
Flip it.
Two heads again.
-It's done!
-So, Karnan?
You'll get your sister married off
today with this money?
You really are something!
You think 150 rupees
will cover the cost of a wedding?
-Stop taunting, just play.
I am not joking.
Let him say the word and
I'll take his sister as my second wife.
What did you say?
What did you say?
Karnan, let him go.
Let go of me.
Let go.
-I'll get you! Let me go.
-Come on...
No, listen to me...
That punk kicked me on my chest.
-I will make you pay for this.
-Just get out of here.
-If I let him go, he'll rip your--
-Let go of me!
No, no.
-What did you say? Say that again.
-Let him go.
-He didn't mean it.
-Let me go!
You believe he was joking?
Look at his eyes!
Cunning fox!
He's trying to make a move.
Come face me now!
I'll rip your throat out
and swallow it, son of a gun!
Let go!
Why are you holding me back?
Karnan, why take him seriously
and retaliate?
Just tell his wife
and she will kick him.
Get lost!
-Yes, brother?
Go to Sister Maharasi's house
and bring Draupadi down here.
What should I say it's about?
Just make up something.
Tell her that your horse
is not eating hay.
She's the one who fed him hay,
how could I tell her that?
Do as you are told, boy.
-Go on, boy.
-He thinks I'm jobless.
Hurry up, boy.
There's no need to lie.
She'd come running
if he said that you called.
Don't know what the butterball
told her about me.
Let her come, we'll see.
This is between you and her.
Do what you want.
I'm off.
Why, it's eating just fine.
What did you call me for?
Where the hell has he gone?
It didn't eat then, sister.
It's eating now.
Stupid boy.
-Let me go.
-Girl... wait!
-Let go.
Don't walk away when I've come
to meet you.
I didn't call you.
Don't act too smart.
-Stop running your mouth.
-Let go of my hand.
Let go!
Don't go on repeating the same thing
like a madwoman.
Yes, I am a madwoman.
You chase me around to kiss me,
and you chase my brother to kick him.
And I'm still here talking to you.
I sure am mad.
-Let go!
Just doing what's appropriate
with each person.
What? I am saying it like it is.
Let go of my hand.
You don't know what went on,
don't hit the roof.
-I know what happened.
-What do you know? Huh?
Grandpa! Grandpa!
They're fighting.
You hit him over gambling money.
You are so arrogant.
Let me go!
Just stay put and hear me out.
Let me go.
-Or what?
-I'll scream.
Go ahead and scream.
Get back!
-We'll talk it out. Go!
-I will scream.
-Go on, scream.
-I swear, I will.
He's acting crazy,
you should be sensible.
Why are you yelling at me?
He's the one holding me.
Tell him.
-Let her go...
-Fine, I'm letting go.
Get lost.
-Glaring at me? I'll smack your face.
-Come with me...
Why are you always
getting into trouble?
I shouldn't hang out with young people.
You've humiliated me again.
She has no idea what her brother said,
she's just shouting.
And you're taking her side.
Okay, sir. Carry on.
My girl Manjanathi
Like hibiscus flower, she's so pretty
Pecking me with her eyes
She made me swoon, that enchantress
My girl Manjanathi
Like hibiscus flower, she's so pretty
Pecking me with her two eyes
She made me swoon, that seductress
Tucked under my armpit
The towel tucked under my armpit -
She draped it on my shoulder
I was such a sober guy
She got my passion raging high
Tucked under my armpit
The towel tucked under my armpit -
She draped it on my shoulder
I was such a sober guy
She got my passion raging high
That pretty little bird
That pretty little bird
That pretty little bird
That precious princess
Hear her story
O Buzzing Bee
My girl Manjanathi
Like hibiscus flower, she's so pretty
Pecking me with her two eyes
She made me swoon, that seductress
My girl Manjanathi...
Once a week we met each other
By the hillsides of Vallanadu
Wading through a labyrinth of thickets
Winded and panting, we extracted honey
Near the village of Kakkulam
In the shrine of deity Kaala Saami
We offered our castes in sacrifice
And wedded with sandal and vermilion
My Manjanathi...
My Manjanathi lit the prayer lamp
In Yeman's household
She took a no-good bull like me
And mounted me on an elephant
That pretty bud
That pretty bud
The pretty bud, that pretty doll
Hear her story
O Buzzing Bee
O Buzzing Bee
O Buzzing Bee
With fine clay from Karuppandora
We built ourselves a concrete house
We brought home four puppies
And raised them as our babies
The wretched people of our castes
Would come after us with swords
Ready to match them in a fight
Sword in hand, I waited on my porch
My Manjanathi...
My Manjanathi...
What evil possessed
My Manjanathi's body?
Cholera was the name of the disease
Devoured her before Yeman's eyes
The pretty bud, that pretty doll
Hear her story, O Buzzing Bee
O Buzzing Bee!
Don't cry, don't cry!
Hit it!
Grandpa, come here.
I need to speak to you.
What brings you here?
What happened to him?
What happened to him?
Nothing happened.
yesterday, he had a little bit to drink.
Just the one time.
I swear on my Manjanathi,
I will not let him drink again.
-Okay? Go on now...
I'm not talking about that.
Something's happened to him.
You're hiding something.
He never meets my gaze.
-Tell me what happened to him.
-What do you want me to say?
Look, Grandpa...
if you care about us,
don't cover up the truth.
Nothing could have happened
without your knowledge.
what do I tell her?
Stop murmuring. Tell me!
No... it's nothing.
The boy was hanging around with
Vadamalayan's sister Draupadi,
I guess she spoke to him in a
confrontational manner yesterday.
I think that triggered him
to behave that way.
There's nothing else.
Do you dare to drink?
Dare to drink?
-Shut up or I'll kill you too.
-What's wrong?
You were acting all this time,
and fooling the family.
Shut up and leave.
You're a big man now?
A big man, eh?
You want a partner, do you?
-What has he done?
-You're asking me?
I let my little brother sit on my head.
So he's loafing around town
bringing us disgrace!
Look... look here.
All these years, I've run and hid
from so many men.
I've bowed my head
before so many men.
Think I'm still here at 30 because
I don't know how to elope with a man?
Please stop.
He dares to drink!
If I leave this house, your family will
have to beg for food, mind you.
Drinking over some girl...
take this from me.
I'd rather rot and turn to dust
right here in this house...
than leave this house until you
earn money to feed me.
-Oh, it was I who birthed you...
-Just shut up.
Drop the act.
Mother and son have done nothing but act,
and run this family to the ground.
She hit my poor boy.
Don't feel bad, precious.
Mom will bring you a fresh plate.
Hey, Karnan...
Go away.
Don't recognise me?
What do you want?
Come, let's go to Kurichi.
For what?
To play kabbadi.
The boys are waiting.
-Why are you calling me?
I stir up trouble wherever
I go, don't I?
-Oh, just come.
-Why do you annoy me to death?
If you want to go somewhere, go.
Why are you calling me?
Let me be.
Go away!
-Okay, I'm going.
-Come by my house again and I'll kill you.
-Fine, I won't come.
Hey, you...
-Artist, listen.
-What, Grandpa?
Let me finish!
-You can complete it tomorrow.
-Yeman, he's not done.
He'll come and paint tomorrow.
Come on.
Artist, don't forget to
finish it tomorrow.
Sister Draupadi asked you to
come to the temple.
Draupadi called me?
Tell her I'll kill her if I come.
Go away!
-She's waiting.
-Get lost, boy.
Come quietly.
Spectators, stand back.
Linesman, watch the line.
Not the game.
Great play!
Two points.
Podiyankulam, two points.
Keep an eye on the line.
Don't be watching the game.
Line up those who are out.
Beautiful play!
Well played!
Obey the referee.
Please co-operate.
Men standing next to women,
maintain some distance.
Seat them separately.
Don't allow girls to be seated
near boys.
Girls should know better.
Beauty! Another point.
Kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi...
Nobody enters the tent area.
Tent area for committee members only.
If you refuse to step in now, we'd have
fought well till the end and then lost.
Step in.
Can you not hear me?
Hey, I'm talking to you!
If you don't step in now...
I won't speak to you
till I die.
I swear this upon my wife Manjanathi.
In a few minutes,
we'll know who the winner is.
It's a do or die situation
for Podiyankulam.
Another five minutes before
we know the winner of the game.
The exciting last few minutes
of the game...
He caught him!
Time out.
One point to Podiyankulam.
What an exciting game...
Kabaddi kabaddi...
-End it now.
-Right, boss.
Kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi...
Get close...
-Don't be fooled by him.
An enjoyable game for the fans.
And he scores!
Two points it is.
Two points for Podiyankulam.
-Brother, three points. I got him.
-No, only two points.
-No. Only two points.
-But I kicked him.
-Don't argue with the referee.
-But I got him!
If they disagree,
they can leave.
-I swear, I touched him.
-No, two points.
-How can it be two points?
-It is two points.
Karnan, don't do this.
Get out.
You cheater!
Get lost.
They are lying, man!
Or what? What can you do?
I thrashed you people just
the other day. Ask them!
-I'll rip you apart.
-Oh, go on and try.
What can you do?
Get lost!
Do your worst.
Bloody cheats.
Why couldn't you be a bit patient?
Look, if you keep saying that,
I'll split your head open.
No matter which path we take,
they stand in our way.
They're plotting and clipping our wings.
You want me to say nothing?
So? This is their village.
They came just to mess with us.
Do you know what would've
happened if you went any further?
You could have been killed.
If you're afraid of killings,
why bring us here, coward?
I could've hung their intestines
on a bull's horn that day.
You dragged me away,
and now you have the nerve to talk?
I made a mistake bringing you.
Forgive me.
But shouldn't you speak
a bit patiently?
No, we shouldn't.
What's it to you?
You spent your life
dilly-dallying here.
Our lives have just begun.
if someone gets in my way now...
I will hit them.
-What do you mean?
You gave us your word.
You said he'd come to play,
we could break his limbs while playing.
He insulted you and strutted away,
and you're keeping shut!
You expect me to fight in front
of the village and ruin my reputation?
There are three kilometers ahead.
He has to walk back
those three kilometers. Go.
Pick a fight with him.
-Hack his limbs. I'll handle it.
-You won't go back on your word?
These are my orders.
Go on.
Let's go.
Don't return to the village until
you've hacked at least one of them.
You don't listen to me anyway.
Do as you please.
I see a bus coming.
But will they stop?
You idiot! Get lost.
Look how they drive away!
They never stop.
-Why are you waiting here?
-She refused to wait at Melur Bus Stop.
Where are you going,
in this condition?
We wanted to go to
the hospital, Grandpa.
We've been waiting forever.
Nobody stopped at this time of need.
-Flag some van and help me out.
-No one ever stops.
Someone must pelt a stone
to teach them a lesson.
Grandpa, look.
There's a bus coming.
-He won't stop.
-Just give it a shot.
-Let's see if he stops.
-Okay, come.
Maybe they'll stop
for a pregnant lady.
Stop, man!
The bus is empty and yet
he won't stop.
Curse him with diarrhoea.
They broke the glass!
Stop the bus! Stop!
They broke the glass.
Driver, get down.
Who flung that stone?
Who flung the stone?
Was it you?
Come here.
Come here, people!
Hurry up.
-Don't touch me. Let go!
-You damaged our bus.
Come on, guys.
Stand back!
Who the hell are you people?
No! Grandpa...
Be careful.
They pushed Grandpa down.
You broke the glass.
Drop the act.
We'll have you all locked up
and thrashed.
In the end, you proved everyone right.
You've brought ruin
upon every one of us.
Don't say that, Grandpa.
Instead, proudly say that
we went to war.
Shut up. Don't get me started.
Why should he shut up?
You watched us wreck the bus
and didn't move a finger.
Yes, I was watching.
-So what?
-Drop the act.
And shut your mouth.
Maybe the village will support us,
maybe they won't.
We'll handle it.
It's not our village
I'm worried about.
Then why are you spluttering?
Feed the pig.
I guess he's afraid of
Karnan's sister and mother.
When my little sister died alone in the
middle of the road ten years back...
they knew I would do this someday.
That's fine. But now a case
will be filed against everyone.
We'll never get those jobs.
After generations of struggle,
we finally got an opportunity.
-Now it's all gone to waste.
this notion that we should
somehow just get by...
that is the handle to the baggage
they use to weigh us down.
Shove that aside,
and go away.
You forced me to go after it...
I don't care if it's gone.
Come out.
What is it, dear?
Tell him to come out.
I need to talk to him.
He will come.
Go now. Tell your mother
not to be afraid.
Go on, dear.
I told you so many times,
and yet you dragged him into this.
Say what you want about me.
But he didn't do it.
Go now.
I beg you like you were God.
You wouldn't pin all the blame
on him, would you?
not as long as I am alive.
Go now.
Go on, dear.
Trust Grandpa.
Go home now.
First, tell us who flung that stone.
Tell us!
We all wished to fling that stone.
Nobody knows who did it.
You shut up.
You're the instigator.
Why does everyone always blame him?
We flung that stone to stop the bus,
and it sure did.
We take complete responsibility.
We'll face the consequences.
Son of Priest!
Don't talk like some big-shot.
Do you even know
how we found this place?
We slaved like mules to turn
this wasteland into a civilization.
Ask your father.
The police will storm in here
and ransack everything.
That's when you'll know it's worth.
What's everyone yapping for?
Let's hand them over
to the police.
I did warn you not to trust them,
that they'd land us in trouble.
-And now they have.
-This guy will destroy our village.
You coward! Why should you
hand us over to the police?
Run and hide someplace safe,
like you always do.
If the village says so,
we will turn ourselves in.
You shut your mouth, alright?
I should shut my mouth?
The police will arrive shortly.
You'll see whose mouth gets shut.
Fine, we'll see.
Now shut up.
-What's the name of this village?
-Podiyankulam, sir.
What's it like?
-Any prior records against them?
-They are an arrogant lot, sir.
But no prior records.
If there's a conflict, they resolve it
amongst themselves.
-Amongst themselves?
-Yes, sir.
So everyone in the village must
belong to the same community.
Why are you quiet, brother?
How long will you stay mum?
Give us a verdict.
They are on the way.
-Where are the others?
What do you mean, brother?
That's all of them.
There is another.
Tell him to come.
What's she doing here?
Dear, why are you
bringing forth your son?
We were involved in
wrecking that bus, too.
My husband, my son, and I.
And my unborn child, too.
Did your son fling that stone?
It either happened for the future
of our village, or for my child.
It's up to the village to tell me...
which is it?
Why did they wreck the bus?
Sir, they have no bus stop.
None of the buses stop
at this junction.
They were running around
filing petitions for it.
And now, this.
So they're not part of the
'We Don't Want Buses' brigade.
They're the 'We Want Buses' brigade.
We wished to fling that stone, too.
But that's not the problem.
We toiled in this land pounding stones,
and now it's all in vain!
We hoped you people would study
and uplift the village.
But now you've got
a police record.
How will you get a government job now?
How will any of us get a
government job now?
Why not?
Why not?
Let us take the blame.
So many of us old men
will likely die soon anyway.
-Let us turn ourselves in.
-Why should you?
Be quiet!
I'd like to see who can get past us
and arrest them.
You were so arrogant after
winning the village sword,
you marched like warriors
without village consensus.
Why should we get involved now?
Is this a joke?
Leave the village out of this.
What rubbish?
He only stood up for the village.
When did buses ever stop here?
That had to be done.
Vadamalayan, you are wrong.
-The village must stand together.
-They're destroying us.
-Why are you yelling at me?
-Don't pull us apart.
-Don't point at me.
-You mind your business.
Stop shouting!
This had to happen someday.
And now it has.
Let our village be known
for something.
Together, we have no one to fear.
Does the village stand united?
Tell me that.
The village does stand united.
If you can't protect our sons,
we will protect them.
Yes, we are in this together.
Who would let the village down?
Now that the village has
reached consensus, make a decision.
-No need to keep yapping...
-It's done, then.
Let the police come into the village.
Worst case, will they behead us?
We will see this through.
Fine, then. If a case is registered,
the village will handle it.
The police are here.
Why have they drawn him headless?
I told you, sir.
They're an arrogant lot.
Always up to something absurd.
They worship a headless god,
draw headless portraits. They're nuts.
-What happened?
-So many policemen have come.
Who is the village headman?
Tell me, sir.
Is there no one else?
It is him.
What is the matter?
-What's your name?
-Your name?
-Abhimanyu, sir.
They call me Abhimannan,
King Abhimanyu.
Didn't I tell you, sir?
Though they're paupers,
they're royalty.
The names they've given themselves!
Are you descendants of emperors now?
You have strange names.
Those of us named Maadasamy, Cattle God,
are not descendants of cattle.
Name yourself as you like.
Did you know your boys
vandalised a bus?
-We didn't know.
-Vandalised a bus?
-We heard there was an accident.
A complaint has been filed
against your boys.
I've brought an eye-witness with me.
Want to see?
Sir, our boys wouldn't do such a thing.
They're desperately trying to join
the police or military.
-How could they do it?
-Oh, yeah?
Line them all up.
Let me see the faces of aspiring
police and military-men.
Will you call them now,
or should we search every household?
Sir, the entire village is here.
See for yourself.
So this is your entire village?
You want me to believe that?
Ask him to take off that turban.
Won't take off the turban
while you speak, M'Lord?
He's the chief farmer.
He must wear the turban at all times.
What happened?
Don't ask me.
Ask them.
Search for them.
We did, sir.
None of them are here.
They've all gone into hiding.
Sir, they're hiding them.
Isn't that obvious?
-Interrogate them.
-I will, sir. Please have a seat.
Where am I supposed to sit?
Can't you see he's standing?
Bring him a chair.
-Bring a chair.
-Okay, brother.
Don't think you can
get away by remaining silent.
-Son, come here.
-Come here.
-Yes, Grandma.
Grandma needs to...
Grandma needs to piss.
-Okay, Grandma.
-Carry me gently.
You obstruct vehicles on the road
by dancing on elephants.
Countless atrocities!
Should I list them all?
Why did we let that slide?
Because we knew you would
get caught someday.
And today, you have all been caught.
If you don't tell us the truth,
we'll lock up every one of you.
So you're all going to prison, eh?
Let's do this, then?
Sir... sir...
You make me stand
while you interrogate them?
Get lost.
I won't ask again!
If you don't speak up,
I will skin you alive.
-Where are they?
-What now?
-What do you want us to say?
You did nothing for us when we
asked for a bus all these years.
Now you're yelling at us when
someone somewhere vandalised a bus.
How can we help it?
-That's the boy who flung the stone.
-That kid.
You hid this little brat?
-You tested my patience.
-How can you hit a child?
Get your hand off me.
Stand back!
Sir, he's just a child.
I will tell you the truth.
Fine, it was our boys who did it.
Let the child go.
-Vadamalayan, what are you doing?
-Brother, be quiet.
They're taking a little boy in.
Want me to keep quiet?
We yelled ourselves hoarse all this time
and you said nothing.
It was your men all along?
You took us for fools?
Bring them out.
Stop staring at me.
Call them.
You did admit to wrecking it.
What are you gawking at?
Call them. Call them now.
Call them.
They're young men.
Let us handle it.
Handle what?
You want to drag
the whole village into this?
They know everything anyway.
You cannot save anybody.
Call them!
Will you call them, or shall I?
Call them.
Is this all of them?
Or were there others?
No, there was a pregnant woman
and her son... that kid.
So you wrecked a bus...
Break their arms, and they can't
wipe their butts, let alone lift a stone.
they're young men.
Don't blow this up, sir.
-If you file a case--
-Get your hand off me!
Sir, get your hands off.
Get your hands off!
-We vandalised the bus.
-Stand back.
I did it. File a case against me,
if you want.
Don't touch our elders.
We wrecked a bus, it won't take us
long to wreck your jeep.
Come with me.
-Let him go.
-Stand back!
-Don't shove us.
-Get back.
Don't do this, sir.
Don't raise your hand
at a senior.
Sir, please let go.
It will blow up.
-Let us deal with this, sir.
-Tell them that.
Sir, I must speak with you.
-Sir, let's talk...
-Talk about what?
-Let's step aside, sir.
-Hold him.
-I will, sir.
Please come, sir.
Let go! Get your hands off.
-They are talking.
-Get back!
Nobody lays a hand.
Sir, I thought a few men
vandalised the bus.
But the entire village
has mobilised here.
If I get in the middle of this,
my business will be ruined.
This is a serious matter.
Don't you know about the riots
all over Tamil Nadu over buses?
Sir, this has nothing
to do with that.
Please don't make this
about that.
I will talk it out
and resolve the matter.
Where are you taking it?
My son's troubles started
when he got this wretched thing.
I'm dumping it in the pit.
It doesn't belong to us. How will you
explain it to the village?
The village won't do squat.
What do they need a sword for?
We don't know what will happen
to our son today. Don't do this.
Oh, shut up.
"Village sword," he says.
None of this would have happened
if we'd gotten rid of it.
What's going to happen now?
They wrecked your bus today
for some reason.
If they wreck another bus in the future
for the reasons I stated,
-would you still ask me to do nothing?
Just file it as an accident and
help me out. We'll take care of you.
So you want me to let them go,
and do nothing?
Sir, it doesn't have to be for nothing.
Please do this for me, I'll repay you.
Ladies, get inside.
Calm down.
-Go and tell them yourself.
-Thank you, sir!
Sir, chair.
I don't need a bloody chair now.
Everybody, calm down.
Be quiet!
Just hear me out.
I wish this hadn't happened,
but it has.
Not stopping the bus was our bad.
But worse on your part
to have vandalised the bus.
There is no bus stop there.
If we make a stop there,
we'll lose our license.
That is why my driver
couldn't stop there.
Sir, this man has gone bonkers.
He's a bus owner.
He got scared.
What do we do now?
We wait.
I will stop my bus at your village
once every day, to-and-fro.
Are you happy now?
Are you happy?
Moreover, I will also retract
the complaint I had filed.
-I'll be off then?
-Thank you so much, sir.
Stop touching people's feet!
Lift up Karnan!
We can't bank on his word
and let it go.
Do something.
Have the vandals come to the station
and get their statement.
Right, sir.
Look here!
We can't walk away just because
the owner retracted his case.
This is a serious offense.
Those who vandalised the bus...
must come to the station
and give a statement.
Then we'll let this matter go.
No way. We can't send our
young men to your station.
We elders will come.
Brother, we should have
our leader's painting completed.
I feel that's the cause
for all this mess.
It's the incomplete portrait
that frightened them.
Only you people were frightened,
they weren't.
You were so shook up!
He must have planned to take in
a few of us and beat us up.
He mustn't have anticipated
the entire village's involvement.
He has not let us go.
He has gone to scheme.
He could strike any moment.
We must be prepared.
What? Don't just bob your head.
Yes, dear?
Grandpa, my mother threw away
the village sword into the pit.
-Why would she do that?
-Where is he going?
-Your mother, I tell you...
-I have no idea...
She said the sword brought
all this hell upon us.
There he goes!
-You got it?
Give it to me.
Is your mother crazy? How will she
explain this to the villagers?
Draupadi is here.
So what?
-Go talk to her.
-You talk to her.
Stop joking.
Just talk to her.
That poor girl!
-Let go! Let go!
-Talk to her.
I said, let go!
Are you crazy?
I said, don't--
Did your brother send you?
You can scold me all you want.
I was angry with you thinking
you hit my brother over gambling money.
But when Grandpa told me,
do you know how bad I felt?
I wanted to throw him to the ground
and kick him myself.
Why didn't you?
I will.
I will, for sure.
Hit me if you want.
Hit me.
I said, hit me.
Hit me!
So you can get by
without talking to me?
Get lost!
Hey, Karnan!
All of you sent Grandpa off
in the police jeep yesterday...
he's still not returned home.
-He hasn't?
-No, he hasn't.
I was up all night.
None of them returned.
What's this?
How was I to know?
-I thought they'd have returned.
-Come on!
Go home. I'm sure it's nothing.
I'll go take a look.
Come on.
Murugan, start the vehicle.
Hurry up!
Hop on.
They didn't return all night.
You didn't even check on them?
I was with you all night,
how could I have known?
Don't take it out on me.
Let's go check.
Where do we even look for them?
Come on.
Watch it.
Who are you people?
Why are you here?
-Sir, we're from Podiyankulam.
-Podiyankulam? So what?
Our village elders came to sign here.
We sent them back yesterday.
What do you mean?
-They never returned.
-They didn't, sir.
I told you, they left.
Go away.
-The inspector will be here. Leave.
-They haven't returned.
-Go now.
-We shall meet him then.
Let the inspector come.
-How can you say that?
-Fine, we'll go out...
We need to see them.
Let's wait outside
until the inspector comes.
We are asking you because
they came here.
-Why are you throwing us out?
-Come, come on.
Okay, sir.
Let's just wait here.
Where could they be?
I am scared.
Something doesn't seem right.
Fine, let the inspector come.
We'll see.
We should have noticed last night.
How negligent.
Son, did you see a few elderly men
at the station yesterday?
Did you see elderly men
at the station yesterday?
No, I don't know.
-I didn't see anybody.
-You didn't go inside?
Did you happen to look inside?
-I don't go inside. That kid does.
Did you see any elderly men
at the station yesterday?
Give it to him.
Bring me their casefiles.
-These, sir?
That's their tenth tea.
Ask if they'll buy us one, too.
Ask him.
We shall drink tea, too,
and come back.
The inspector will be here soon.
Just a while longer.
Stand over there.
Sir, when will he come?
-Anytime now.
-How long can we stand?
He'll be here soon.
We'll come back tomorrow
and give our statement.
I said, you can't just leave.
-He will be here soon.
-When will he come?
These are elderly people.
You've had several cups of tea
but you didn't even offer us water.
You won't buy us tea.
At least let us go and get some.
-Let us go.
-Okay, he's here.
-The inspector is here. Be quiet.
-You keep saying that.
Sir, the SP is coming too.
What's the commotion?
-I could hear it outside.
They've been shouting about
wanting to leave. What could I do?
You won't stand in the police station?
We've been standing
since evening.
So what?
Will it kill you?
How long can we stand?
They've made us stand here
like criminals.
Why, aren't you people criminals?
Didn't your whole village
vandalise a bus and hide?
Sir, that's over now.
The case has been retracted.
Should I salute you now that
the case has been retracted?
You needn't salute us, but isn't there
a bench for us to sit on?
A bench?
If there isn't a bench in
the police station, you won't stand?
I stood before you
for such a long time.
-Did you offer me a bench?
-Fine, sir. Let it go.
Tell us where to sign.
We'll sign and leave.
-You dare to interrupt me?
-Sir, what's this? Stop!
You brought us down here
to sign a statement.
-You're manhandling an elder.
-You dare to touch a policeman?
Sir, don't!
Sir, why are you hitting?
Sir, what did we do?
Sir, don't do this...
Sir, forgive me.
Please don't...
Hey, shut the door.
Shut the door!
Show these strutters
who a policeman is.
-Sir! Sir!
-Oh, no!
You dare to touch a policeman?
-You dare to touch a policeman?
"Sir?" What do you mean by "sir?"
Why "sir?"
Who's "sir" here?
"Sir?" Why?
Not so cocky now?
Who's "sir?"
Now you're meek, huh?
Now you're being meek?
Hey, you...
Let us go, sir.
-Let us go, sir.
-Did you just say "you?"
-Please don't do this, sir.
Did you say "you?"
Let the poor old man go.
Sir, please let us go.
So you wanted a bench?
Go under the bench.
I can't take it!
No, no, no!
-Didn't you ask for a bench?
-It hurts!
Please don't hit us.
Tell me now.
What's your name?
What's your name?
Say it.
-Duryodanan, sir.
Are you Duryodanan?
'You' are Duryodanan?
-What's your father's name?
-Let us go, sir.
-Tell me!
-Maadasamy, sir.
Maadasamy's son is Duryodanan now?
You thought you could change your names
and become kings overnight?
Which kingdom do you kings rule over?
Answer me!
-Let us go...
-What's your name?
Arjunan? Or Bheeman?
Tell me.
-Vadamalayan, sir.
-Why were you named Vadamalayan?
-Tell me!
-I don't know, sir.
What's Vadamalayan now?
Why Vadamalayan?
Why Vadamalayan?
We're supposed to fear you
as you've changed your names?
Put on your turban.
Put on your turban.
Put it on!
You're the chief farmer?
Won't take off your turban?
Put it on!
Put it on!
Why are your hands shaking now?
A turban!
A turban?
You dare to wear a turban?
Sir, don't do this...
Sir, he will die... don't!
-Don't do this, sir...
-Let him die!
Where's the other guy?
Oh, you're hiding down here?
Shawl on your shoulder?
You won't step out without it?
Come out!
I'll break your legs.
No, sir. No...
As you wished...
toss them away.
Since it was a private bus
that they vandalised...
I spared them when
the owner begged me.
But these old men...
puff their chests, twirl their moustaches,
and stand proudly before me,
and you expect me to be quiet?
What do we do, sir?
There are riots all over Tamil Nadu
with the bus issue...
lock them up under that case.
I'd like to see who questions me.
Don't spare anybody.
What the hell?
Take that away from him.
What do you think you're doing?
Let go!
Take it from him, Karnan.
Let go!
Why would you do such a thing?
What can I say?
He didn't hit us because
we vandalised the bus.
He hit us because I wore a turban.
He hit us because we stood tall.
He hit me because I, Maadasamy's son,
was named Duryodanan.
I held on to my dear life
and brought it down here...
only to see these cowards
scared witless?
I'd rather die.
You nailed our coffins
by vandalising the police station.
-We're all dead meat anyway.
-I'll plunge this right in!
What? Let me go...
Come any closer,
and I'll plunge this into you.
What were we supposed to do?
They've maimed our village,
and robbed us of our dignity.
And you people are still afraid?
What's the point of living like vermin?
How many generations must suffer
like you people?
Aren't you ashamed to say that
you'll run away with your children?
They didn't hit us for
vandalising the bus.
They hit us because
we held our heads high.
Will you live your
entire lives crouched?
Anyone who believes they can,
walk away from here right now.
Nobody's holding you back.
We've looked up now,
and held our heads high.
We can never go back to crouching.
So now...
we shall fight.
Did everybody hear me?
Police or military,
we will fight them all.
Don't y'all give up, Papa
Don't y'all give up, Mama
Don't y'all give up, Papa
Don't y'all give up, Mama
Don't y'all give up, Papa
Don't y'all give up, Mama
Don't y'all give up, Papa
Oh, Mama...
Bobble, bumble -frogs and rice
Big, burly buffalo -buffalo milk
Binding burlap to the branch
A beast with a beret
It's beckoning, it's bellowing
Dear son, don't be afraid
Dear daughter, don't be afraid
Native clan, don't be afraid
Don't y'all give up, Papa
Don't y'all give up, Papa
Don't y'all give up, Grandpa
Don't y'all give up, Grandma
I'm the ancestral deity Kattupechi
Can you hear my song within your ears?
I'm wilting in this hilltop
Can you see it
In the palm of your hands?
Don't y'all give up, Papa
Don't y'all give up, Mama
Don't y'all give up, Bro
Don't y'all give up, Sis
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Here they come, there they come
The wrathful devil in khaki uniform
They come riding a berserk bull
They come to beat every being insight
They come to burn our dreams to ashes
Dear son, don't be afraid
Dear daughter, don't be afraid
Native clan, don't be afraid
Come, obstruct their procession
And let's dance
Come, stop those cyclical wheels
That trample us
We're going to go around town,
Around the world
Where are our wings?
Ask them to return it
Don't y'all give up, Papa
Don't y'all give up, Mama
Don't y'all give up, Grandpa
Don't y'all give up, Grandma
Don't y'all give up, Bro
Don't y'all give up, Sis
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up, Papa
Don't y'all give up, Mama
Don't y'all give up, Grandpa
Don't y'all give up, Grandma
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
Don't y'all give up
What's this?
When they turned off the electricity,
I thought they'd come at night.
-But not a soul in sight.
-I was wondering that, too.
When will they come?
How many will come?
I feel my insides shaking.
-What will they do to us?
-Don't go around talking that way.
-You'll scare the boys.
-I didn't tell them.
-Just between us.
-Go, now.
Come here, I need to speak with you.
I can't even look you in the eye.
I have picked so many fights with you.
But I must tell you something.
The police hit me so badly,
I don't know how long I'll live.
I thought touching their feet
could help me get by.
But now I know they'll only
trample over us.
You were right all along, Karnan.
It's your anger that's awakened
the entire village.
And I took you for a kid!
One last thing...
take care of Draupadi,
like you take care of everyone.
Like everyone in the village,
I trust you.
Be careful.
No thanks. Go.
-Drink some.
-No, give it to them.
Looks like my brother spoke to you?
In the end, you changed even him.
Why is your face swollen?
Are you afraid?
Who isn't afraid here?
But soon our village
will know its fate, right?
You know, they'll capture me somehow.
I have known all along.
I decided you were mine
twelve years ago.
Just another five years, or ten.
I'll manage.
What if they murder me in there?
Yeman, I thought they'd
attack us at night.
But no one's come.
What's going on?
I was thinking the same thing.
The boys are asleep.
If they come storming in,
what do we do?
Wonder what they're planning.
Yeman, someone's coming.
Who's that, coming all alone?
It's the postman.
Why has he come
so early in the morning?
Come, let's take a look.
What brings you here
so early in the morning?
There's a letter for Karnan
from your village.
They didn't deliver it due to
all the chaos. So I came early.
A letter for Karnan?
What is it?
It's good news.
He's been selected for CRPF.
Make sure you send him soon
with a clean record.
Oh, Karnan!
Hey, give it to me!
-He's triumphed.
-Look, Karnan has done it...
-Everybody, come look!
-Karnan has done it.
-Look at this.
-What happened, Uncle?
-He's won!
-That's great news.
Come, let's show it to him.
-What is it?
-Take this.
-Open it!
-Tell me what it is.
You have won!
Open it and see.
This is a military order.
You got the job!
Here... look!
Is that all?
You scared me for a moment.
"Is that all?"
This is such big news
for our village!
Yeah, whatever.
Toss it in the garbage.
Why toss it in the garbage?
-You're annoying me now. Give me that.
-Let go, I said let go!
-Don't tear it...
-Are you mad?
-Don't you see what's happening?
-Let go.
-We'll handle everything.
Just go for it.
-Karnan, what's going on here?
-Stop being so frantic.
We're all fighting for our lives here...
and you're squabbling?
What's happened? Tell me.
Brother, Karnan got a job
in the military.
But he wants to the order,
he's refusing to go.
This is such good news.
Are you fighting over this?
We'll make him go.
Where should I go?
I started all of this.
Now should I run away?
Who said you're running away?
We're sending you off, happily.
Keep talking that way,
and I'll punch your face.
Stop, Karnan!
Karnan, we're all praying
for a government job.
Now you have an opportunity at hand!
Go to work, son.
We'll take care of ourselves.
You're more important to us.
Why are all of you
telling me to leave?
We agreed to fight
the police or military.
Now you want me to join the military?
When I return, will our village
still be here?
We don't even know if the village
will survive for long...
but you people are telling me to leave?
I can't leave.
Get to work, everybody.
What you say is true.
The police will come.
They will hit us again.
They will slap cases
against everyone.
They will raze the village
to the ground.
But the children that remain
should be able to survive.
It's for their sake
that you must go.
I am telling you. Go.
Karnan, don't just stand there.
Didn't our village follow you?
Won't you do this for our village?
-I fall at your feet, please go...
-What the hell, brother?
What are you still thinking about?
I wonder what they'll do
when they come.
They can't do a thing.
The collector is coming with them.
You think that will stop them?
What's it to you?
Don't worry, and just go.
I'll handle everything here.
What can you accomplish by yourself?
That's my problem. Take this.
-Take it.
-What's this for?
This is your sword. Until you cross
the village, you must wield it.
Take it.
Take it.
Leave soon.
-Don't say a word.
Go. Just go!
What have they done, sir?
This is why I said we should come at
night, sir. They're not afraid of us.
Look, they've stayed up all night
and laid thorns around the village.
They've dug trenches too.
They seem prepared for the worst.
Let's just execute our plan.
Let's try to parley.
Give him the order.
Hey, talk to them.
Look here...
Can you hear me?
The collector is here with us.
We've only come to parley.
Send the women and children away.
All of you men stay here.
Do you understand?
Only the collector may enter
the village for negotiations.
The police should not enter.
They said if you do enter,
they will hit back.
Let's go.
Did you hear that?
Such arrogance.
We can only control them with force.
Let's step in.
Be careful.
Don't open fire.
Arrest whomever you must arrest.
-I don't want a single casualty.
-Okay, sir.
Let's stay and watch.
Even without our spite,
their village is going to be ravaged
right before our eyes.
I don't want this blame on my hands.
Go, go, go!
Climb over it.
Throw it down.
Walk over it.
Walk over it.
Get inside!
Hit them!
Here, Brother.
Hit them.
Oh, God!
Go that way!
Oh, God, protect us!
Don't hit my child!
Please don't hit us.
Curse them!
My dear!
Please don't hit!
Don't hit my child!
Sir, sir... please.
Sir, please.
Don't hit my child!
Let me go!
What do I do now?
You will rot in hell!
Let go!
Get in here.
Let go!
Let go!
My horse!
My horse...
Don't hit us, please.
Why'd he...
You dare misbehave again?
Such arrogance.
Pull the baby out, fool!
So what if the collector is coming?
What can you accomplish
by yourself?
That's my problem.
Why are you afraid? Here.
What are you doing?
Yeman, what's wrong with you?
-Get away from me...
-Please listen to us.
Don't you people see what's going on?
-This is not the solution.
-Get away from me.
Only by sacrificing one life here
can everyone's life be saved out there.
They burned him!
What is it, son?
Come on. Let's go.
I can't.
-I won't leave the village.
-Don't say that.
I'm begging you.
Something good has finally
come our way.
-Don't ruin it.
-What are you saying, Dad?
Something's going on there.
I can hear it inside my head.
I can hear the entire village wailing
inside my head. Let me go!
Nothing's going on there.
Come, let's go.
-Are you deaf, Man?
My head will explode
if I take another step.
-Let go of me...
-Karnan, listen to your father.
Don't go...
If you don't let go,
I'll choke you to death.
-I am telling you, I must go.
Brother Karnan!
Brother Karnan!
They set Grandpa Yeman ablaze
and killed him.
They killed him.
They killed Grandpa.
Grandpa Yeman...
They ransacked our village.
Our village...
My sandal tree, my vilva tree
You're reached God's tree of verses
The tree of jasmine bloom
The tree where snakes make a home
My love, in the world you've departed
The snake doesn't return to the hole
Even the oceans go parched
without you
My master, my precious...
In a world without you
There's no one to respect us
Under the kungumasandhi tree
There's no cool shade today
In a world without you
There's no one to beckon the Gods
I built a concrete house, my precious
I laid a beautiful black form like you
Karnan, I am your ancestor Kattupechi
calling out to you.
Don't spare anybody, Karnan.
Hit them back, chase them away.
Hit them back,
chase them away!
Karnan... look at Grandpa!
Look what they've done to him.
Go on.
Oh, Karnan...
look at this.
They are beating us all up.
Kill him!
Don't spare him!
Don't spare him.
Slit his throat!
Don't spare him, Karnan.
-Shut your mouth!
Another blow on my people,
and I will slit your throat.
Tell them!
Stop, stop!
Don't let him get away, Karnan.
Slit his throat.
Don't let him go, Karnan.
Within an hour, your collector, MLA, MP
must all come down here.
Or only his headless body
will leave this place.
Walk inside.
What are you doing?
Open the door.
Open the door!
If you'd just come to cry
and done nothing...
the death toll would have
stopped at one.
You put a knife to my neck.
Now you'll witness your village
razed to the ground because of you.
Go, open the door.
Open the door!
You ignore my command and
stand there with your chest puffed?
What's your name?
What's your name?
What's your father's name?
Tell me or I'll plunge this into you.
When Kandaiah's son
can be named Kannapiran,
why can't Maadasamy's son
be named Karnan?
Why not? Why not? Why not?
Why not? Why not?
My needs don't matter to you.
My troubles don't matter to you.
All that matters to you
is how I stand before you,
and how I address you.
Is that it?
Didn't you hit us
just for standing tall?
Look here, Boy.
I'm telling you again.
You can't kill me.
When they break this door down,
that is the end of you,
and your village.
Listen to me.
Drop that sword, touch my feet
and apologize before everyone.
That is your only way to survive.
-Do you understand?
-Don't say that...
Don't say that! Keep saying that
and I will plunge this into you.
I don't care if you slit my throat.
Because of you, your village is going to
be destroyed.
The end of your village...
is the end of this story.
To my dear brother Karnan,
this is your sister Padmini.
We don't know what it's like
for you out there.
We do know that you will manage,
no matter how it is.
We are all fine here.
My husband takes good care of our parents
and he takes care of me.
That day, after everything ended...
some strangers came to our village.
They spoke to us about
so many things.
They took us to several places
to demand justice.
Suddenly, they came and laid roads.
Now they're even running
a mini-bus to our village.
As a result...
all the kids went to school
and college to study as you wanted.
Some have started working
good jobs too.
It's almost like our village
has triumphed.
But then, in these ten years...
Grandpa Duryodanan,
Brother Vadamalayan,
and several others injured
at the hands of the police have died...
and left our village mourning,
and without peace.
Our only ray of hope
is in anticipation of your return.
When will you come, Karnan?
Come back soon.
the day you return will be our Pongal,
Deepavali and every festival.
Come, Karnan.
Karnan, my boy.
You must not cry.
In ten years, we've lost so many lives,
our people have cried enough.
Our people must never cry again.
Let us all dance and be merry.
Come, Karnan. Let us dance.
Everybody must dance.
Hit the drums!
Keep beating the drums.
Keep dancing.