Karnasubarner Guptodhon (2022) Movie Script

- You didn't introduce us this time either.
- Extremely unfair, Sona'da.
- We ran all the way here.
- Oh, yes...
You were supposed to return
from your trek today--
And we heard
you're at your "special" student's place.
So we ran all the way here.
Since we were on a trek,
you tricked us?
- Your track record is failing.
- What track record?
Not what, ask whose.
Semonti Sarkar's.
- But she was just my student!
- Yeah, right. Student!
Then why didn't you introduce us?
Anyway, let it be.
A fourth one among us
will complicate matters.
- Exactly.
- What?
I don't know.
What are you talking about?
I'm being honest.
It won't work.
- We're a perfect trio.
- Yeah.
But we need to see
this extraordinary student
who's lucky enough
to get a professor like him.
Her professor is seeing her off!
Why didn't you go to the airport?
- No--
- Airport? Huh!
He's only ever noticed
her spelling mistakes and handwriting.
Who hand writes research papers
these days?
Sona'da, there's an option
called spell-check.
Right now,
your reactions have me spell-bound!
Right. Sona'da is under
a different spell now.
Whatever Miss London says
is gospel to him.
Let it be, Aabir.
He won't listen to us anymore--
Lunch is on me.
My treat.
No, not as compensation.
Just like that.
- Your favourite.
- Sizzler...
Look, Sona'da.
- You shouldn't pick at one's weak points.
- Never.
I... don't want sizzler.
Health seems alright.
(indistinct chatter)
Slow down or you'll burn your tongue.
And he said he doesn't want it!
We have plans for an exotic feast
next week.
But you won't enjoy it
with a burnt tongue.
Lord Hanuman wrecked Lanka
with his tail on fire!
- Name it and I'll set things ablaze!
- Finish your food first.
- I'm a futuristic person.
- Hmm!
What's the menu, Sona'da?
I'm all ears.
That's a political party
in Tamil Nadu.
If KP stands for Karnataka Police...
What does D stand for?
- Are we going to South India this time?
- Are we?
Chhau dance, palash flowers
and the Tusu festival.
Added attraction is the village fair.
A village fair!
- Will we find DMK and DKP there?
- Yes.
DMK is "Desi Murgi Kosha"
or local chicken curry.
DKP is "Doodh Kheer Puli"
or rice and milk dumplings.
- When are we going?
- Your dad had called.
His friend has invited us
for the Khelaichandi Fair.
- Burned your tongue?
- Yeah! Oh God!
- Take it easy...
- What a weirdo!
Told you to be careful!
(indistinct chatter)
Hey, Subarna.
How are you?
We were just talking about you.
This is my daughter, Mitul.
And my son, Sourjo.
- Hello!
- They're your fans.
Are you going
on a treasure hunt again?
No, no.
You guys go on trips, right?
During your summer
and winter vacations?
I also take holidays.
I stumble upon a hidden treasure.
You need to observe, be attentive
and study regularly.
- That's how we'll find treasure?
- Yes.
Or something more valuable.
Your Manikantapur adventure
is their favourite story.
- My friends love you too.
- Really?
- Please tell them I say hi!
- Okay.
Come over one day.
We've found some priceless works
of the ancient poet Banabhatta.
The court poet of King Harshavardhana?
The feud between
King Harshavardhana and Shashanka.
Let's explore the poet's script.
This is amazing!
- Let's meet soon.
- Great!
- Bye.
- Bye!
(indistinct chatter)
Who's that, Sona'da?
Shirshendu Samaddar.
Renowned scholar of ancient texts.
- Disgusting guy!
- Him?
Not him.
The guy who pushed me.
Anyway, I'm ready.
When are we going?
(indistinct chatter)
It was the end
of the 7th century...
when the great warrior Shashanka
came to power.
A feudal lord under King Mahasengupta
of the Gupta dynasty...
Shashanka became
the first independent ruler of Gaur.
His capital was Karna Subarna.
In his reign of 25 years
Gaur grew in military strength
and prosperity.
It became one of the most powerful kingdoms
in the country.
Three military powers
were fighting over Gaur.
King Harshavardhana of Thaneswar...
King Pulakeshin II of Chalukya...
and King Bhaskar Barman
of Kamrupa.
This epic clash is recorded in the verses
of Banabhatta, King Harsha's court poet.
Although, Shashanka was a kind king,
a good governor and a brave warrior
he was opposed to Buddhism.
Banabhatta called him
the Bhujanga of Gaur.
A battle for the control of Gaur ensued
between Shashanka and Harshavardhana.
Given the uncertainty
that came with the long war...
Shashanka decided to stow away
part of his wealth in a secret place
for future military use.
He entrusted his minister with the task
of hiding his treasures.
In a small hilly town called Rohitaswagarh,
Shashanka's army set up their base.
That's where his minister came across
a skilled architect...
called Janak.
Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang
was on a tour of India at the time.
He came to be in Karna Subarna.
Inspired by Hiuen Tsang,
Janak took up Buddhism...
which was disliked by Shashanka,
a Shiva devotee.
But an architect like Janak
was rare to come across.
So, the minister kept this a secret
from the king.
The minister appointed Janak
to hide Shashanka's treasure.
Janak's architectural structures
were replete with riddles
concealing the two keys
to the hidden treasure.
Meanwhile, taking advantage of the battle
between Shashanka and Harshavardhana
King Bhaskar Barman of Kamrupa
launched a sudden attack on Gaur.
In the terrible war that ensued,
Shashanka was defeated.
Shashanka died soon after.
Shashanka's heir, his son, Manav
died after ruling for only eight months.
Buddhist Janak became a traveller
and left Gaur forever.
With that the treasures
of King Shashanka
were lost forever.
Palash flowers!
Dad, you mentioned the invitation
to Sona'da but not to me?
My friend had invited Subarna and me.
But Subarna wanted
to take you both along.
- Oh no! That means we're gatecrashers.
- What?
- Not at all.
- Gatecrashers.
Means you and I are uninvited guests.
My friend Biswambhar has known you
since you were a kid.
He'll be very happy to see you.
Great, I'm safe.
Aabir, you're not invited.
Hey, don't say that.
Biswambhar knows Aabir well too.
- Really?
- It's true.
- You're still a gatecrasher, Aabir.
- Sona'da!
You're crashing his morale now.
Don't be sad.
Guess I shouldn't have mentioned it.
Yeah, eat your fill.
Since you're uninvited,
you might not get--
- What were you saying, uncle?
- Oh, yes...
Biswambhar was a professor
of Psychology.
Retired around 10 years ago.
A very jolly fellow.
My story about your finding
Shah Shuja's treasure...
Ever since he read that
he's wanted you to visit Rohitaswagarh.
Got in touch with him
after ages.
- Thanks to you.
- Oh, no.
- Akhilesh uncle.
- Yes?
- Am I there in your story too?
- Of course.
The adventure in Manikantapur
happened because of you.
Uninvited, huh!
- I'm famous!
- Hey!
- Don't drop the food.
- Oh, sorry.
7 KM
(song playing)
Note the name of the house.
- Gaurmallar.
- Wow!
Welcome, my friend.
- How are you, Biswambhar?
- It's been so long.
The town has completely changed.
Just because it's far from the city
doesn't make it any less.
- Okay, this is--
- Wait, no need for introductions.
These are rare eyes for a Bengali.
You must be the ocean of intellect,
Subarna Sen.
Oh, my!
I'm not that great.
Please don't be formal with me.
I'm much younger.
Younger in age, yes.
But in wit and courage,
you're much elder!
Oh, please!
- Anu! What are you doing here?
- Welcome!
- This is my in-laws' house.
- That's my daughter-in-law.
- This is my son...
- Pitambar.
- Hello.
- Who's this sweet little girl?
I'd last seen Pitambar
when he was a kid!
Mother, everyone's finally here.
- Jhinuk is my university junior.
- Is that so?
God bless you.
Then you're family.
- You must be Aabir.
- Yes.
I've read about you
in Akhilesh's story.
Loved your character.
- Aabir was no less brave, right?
- Of course.
We were all heroes at that age.
You've won my heart
not with your bravery
but with your "belly-very"!
Or else you couldn't eat so much
in one sitting!
So, you must be in suspense
about why I invited you.
- Exactly.
- But I can't reveal it.
Let that be reserved for the evening.
But I can vouch
for a special arrangement for you all.
- That's right.
- Really?
Let it be.
Jhinuk, Aabir is our
future son-in-law.
He gets special treatment.
Don't hesitate.
- Eat to your heart's content.
- Yes!
Wonderful ambience!
Coming to the point...
The reason why I invited you.
My father Digambar Bandopadhyay
was a famous archaeologist.
He was busy with his research.
Suddenly, one of his close friends...
You could say his best friend...
He died.
Ever since, my father detached himself
from everything.
After retirement,
I had loads of free time.
So I started going through
my father's diaries.
That's how I came across
a priceless manuscript.
My father was a riddle specialist.
After reading the manuscript
I realised...
that he left a message
through his riddles.
Did you solve the riddles?
No, I couldn't.
But I'm certain that it's intertwined
with history.
Pitambar is much like his grandfather.
He's been obsessed with antiques
since he was a kid.
He has an antique shop too.
- Is that so?
- Yes!
I asked him to take a look
at the manuscript.
Thought he might be able
to solve the riddle but...
Finally, when I read Akhilesh's story,
I thought of you.
Another treasure hunt!
I'm not a detective
or a professional treasure hunter.
I know.
I just have one goal.
I want to explore the treasures hidden
in the history of Bengal's heritage.
The intellect and genius of our ancestors...
I wish to gain some of that knowledge.
About the riddles...
- Can I take a look?
- Of course.
Akhilesh, I wasn't wrong.
I've hit upon the right person.
"Dear, Biswambhar...
I found this in an ancient text
from Rohitaswagarh.
If you can solve this riddle...
you might witness a part
of Bengal's glorious history.
'A hidden treasure
untouched by time.
Guarded by two keys
Byomkesh and Tathagata.
The first key are three warriors
in the same company.
Between Bikrampur and Jessore
is where they lie peacefully.'"
With your permission,
may I keep the manuscript for some time?
I want to read it in detail.
This is now your responsibility.
I hope you won't have a problem...
sharing the room with me.
What do you mean, Anu?
When you go on vacations,
who do you share a room with?
With him, right?
Anu, please!
- Aabir.
- Yes?
- Why aren't you getting married?
- What?
We will but first my practice...
Practice together after you're married.
How can we practice together?
Jhinuk isn't a lawyer.
Anu, let's go to bed.
Jhinuk, I want to bunk with you.
- She's right. I'll be in her room.
- Wait a minute.
You both won't be able to practice
for long.
A third will come along
and disrupt it all.
So, get married soon.
Third person?
We are already three...
Anu, please.
Let's go.
Keep thinking. I'll test you tomorrow.
A third person!
You're too much!
Just come on.
A third person...
Semonti-- No!
She's the fourth person.
The third--
What rubbish!
At his age, he's still a bachelor.
And here, people are after me.
No privacy!
Have to share the room
with him all the time!
No basic sense.
Should be getting married before me.
But no!
- All he does--
- You've been grumbling.
I get it, you're upset.
But stop muttering to yourself
and tell me the problem.
You're the problem!
Don't you have any responsibility
towards me?
Why aren't you getting married?
- Marriage?
- Yes!
- I can go ahead if you do.
- How does my--
Hey! You're all set for marriage.
Go for it.
- You're set too.
- Me?
Acting smart, huh?
Shouldn't be a good Samaritan...
You're having to share a room
with me.
You can't chat with Semonti.
You have no privacy!
So you should get married first.
Oh, I see!
Now you're going to lecture me
about what I should do, huh?
Besides, who needs privacy?
Me or you?
Just look at you!
Okay, fine.
No point dragging this.
Let's end this conversation here.
You can't convince me so easily.
I'm a lawyer.
- Yeah, so practice it.
- Prac--
- Why's everyone telling me to practice?
- Who else said so?
Your dad said he won't let you get married
till you're a practising lawyer.
- What's my fault?
- Fine!
- Share a room with me all your life.
- Poor guy!
When a third person disrupts it all,
then you'll realise!
Good night!
A third person?
Hey, we're already three.
"The answer lies
in the battle of Kurukshetra."
Why start a fight, Gopal?
I lent you money.
You return it. That's it.
Or else, give up your land.
It's our ancestral property.
Please don't displace us.
I've returned your money
long back.
But you're still charging interest.
Just like you never settle
your settlements.
You will return my money.
End of conversation.
Will you?
Then give Gopal a nice treat.
- No, please...
- Let him enjoy it all his life.
- Take him away.
- No, no...
- Come on!
- Take him away!
No, no, please...
Poor thing...
- Gonsha.
- Yes?
- What's the update?
- Subarna Sen is on it.
The cat's turning away
from the fish, huh?
How's that possible?
It's been my dream for years...
Finding a hidden treasure.
Subarna Sen thinks he'll take it
from right under my nose...
The world is a Ferris wheel
Let's look for some treasure to steal
The world is a Ferris wheel
It'll make our heads reel
Let's go, Gonsha!
(song playing)
How are you, Bhola uncle?
- How are you, dear?
- I'm fine.
- I've brought so many guests.
- Welcome, everyone.
- This is Akhilesh uncle, Father's friend.
- Hello.
- This is his daughter, Jhinuk.
- Oh!
Her friend, Aabir,
and that's Sona'da.
- Subarna Sen.
- Hello.
- You'll get the best sweets at this shop.
- Oh, no, no.
- Have some "kheer kadamba".
- Go for it.
Please have some.
- Thank you.
- It's delicious!
Here you go.
For you too.
- Won't you have some, dear?
- I'll share with her.
- How do you like it?
- Awesome!
Sweets are, after all,
Bengali's national sentiment!
Bengal used to be known as Gaur.
That's because of sweets too.
- Do you know it?
- Yes.
Gaur comes from "gur" or jaggery.
Bengal used to be the finest producer
of sugar and jaggery.
Very good.
No one cares
to learn these things anymore.
- Would you like some more?
- Want to go on the Ferris wheel?
- Let's go.
- Want to join us?
Keep me out of all this.
I have vertigo.
I don't care about your vertigo!
- Come on. Let's go.
- No, please...
- Come on.
- No, I can't... Sona'da!
Oh my God!
It's all Jhinuk's fault!
I can't take this, Sona'da!
...please come to the Pratapaditya gate
of the fair.
Your family is waiting for you.
Uh, the Pratapaditya Gate...
It's connected
to the history of Rohitaswagarh.
Once upon a time, King Shashanka's army
had set up base here.
This ground is surrounded
by 12 hills.
Each of them serve as a gate.
They're named after greats
such as Chand Rai and Kedar Rai...
Bir Humbir...
Fazl Ghazi...
Lakshman Manikya...
Kansa Narayan Rai...
Usman Khan Lohani...
Raja Ramkrishna...
Kandarpa Rai, Ram Chandra Rai...
(indistinct chatter)
Very good! Carry on!
(indistinct chatter)
I'm sorry I invited you
and put your lives at risk.
No, it's not like that.
The fair's been on for years.
This has never happened.
Inform the police.
So many people on the ride...
Children too!
- They should've checked everything.
- You're right.
It's my fault.
God knows why I asked Jhinuk to get on.
Anu, it's my luck.
I'm the one who attracts trouble.
But I'll always protect Tushu.
- I'll protect Jhinuk too!
- Cutie!
- Subarna.
- Yes?
You saved them.
It's okay.
Anyway, let's have dinner.
Come on.
Nothing much on the menu today.
Fried bread with peas stuffing,
steamed cottage cheese balls...
chicken curry, fried fish
and rice-milk dumplings.
- Anu has made it all.
- Mother made the dumplings.
So delicious, you'll never forget it.
- Mom, can you pick out the peas?
- Let me first prick you!
- Don't scold her.
- I'll feed her, Anu.
- Okay.
- Come here.
Aabir, have some more fried bread.
Anu, you're not following
Vidyasagar's serving guidelines.
He said, "Hu hu deyang, haa haa deyang,
deyancha karakampane.
Shiroshi chalone deyang,
No deyang, byaghrajhampane."
If they say "hmm" and "yes",
you serve them food.
If they shake their hands or their heads,
you still serve them food.
Only if they pounce like a tiger
to cover their plate...
then you'll know they're full.
- Am I right?
- Absolutely right.
Oh! We met your friend
at the fair.
- Makes amazing sweets.
- Who?
- Is it Bhola?
- Yes.
He's less of a confectioner
and more of a philosopher!
Our fathers were fast friends.
- Subarna, any progress on the riddle?
- Oh!
That reminds me.
I forgot to show you
something interesting.
"Bhujanga of Gaur"?
"Bhujanga" means a serpent.
- A gold coin?
- Yes.
Let me see!
- Which year is this from?
- From King Shashanka's rule.
He was Bengal's first independent ruler.
He built a whole empire
on his own.
War broke out between him
and King Harshavardhana of Thaneswar.
That's why Banabhatta,
Harshavardhana's court poet
named Shashanka
the "Bhujanga of Gaur".
Here you go, sir.
Thank you.
I believe your father meant
King Shashanka.
Historian Rakhaldas Bandopadhyay said
that Shashanka was a descendant
of Chandragupta II.
Initially, he was the ruler
of Karna Subarna
but soon he conquered
Magadha, Gaur and Rarh too.
He then took on the title
of Narendraditya.
Bhola said Shashanka's army had set up base
at the fair grounds.
So I've heard.
Actually, various ancient artefacts
have been unearthed from Rohitaswagarh.
My father found some too.
But kept only one for himself.
My goodness!
According to historians...
Shashanka was the one to introduce
the present Bengali calendar.
The present Bengali calendar begins
from his era.
Sona'da, which regions exactly
were part of Gaur?
As per "Brihat Samhita"
written by Varahamihir...
it was modern-day West Burdwan,
Birbhum and Murshidabad.
These three regions made up Gaur.
And Shashanka's capital
was the city of Karna Subarna.
- Does Karna Subarna still exist?
- Of course.
Rakta Mrittika or the land of red soil
in Murshidabad.
Just imagine...
Bengal was protected from the Mughals
by 12 great generals
at different times in history.
I heard an announcement
about Pratapaditya Gate at the fair.
That's when it struck me.
Are you talking
about the 12 feudal lords?
The 12 what?
Feudal lords.
- Meaning, overlords. Right?
- Overlords?
The 12 gates...
are dedicated to the 12 of them.
I'm getting so confused.
What does this have to do
with Jessore and Bikrampur?
It's simple.
These are the 12 feudal lords
of Bengal.
From Rajballabh Sen, Kandarpa Rai
and Ramchandra Rai of Chandradeep
to Chand and Kedar Rai
of Bikrampur.
According to Digambar's riddle...
"The first key are three warriors
in the same company.
Between Bikrampur and Jessore
is where they lie peacefully."
So, the second part of the riddle means...
we must take the path through the
Chand Rai, Kedar Rai and Pratapaditya hills
- to reach our destination.
- Bravo, Jhinuk!
Is there an archaeological site
in that area?
They say there was a stable.
There are still some structures.
But it's all in ruins!
- Pitambar.
- Yes, Dad?
- Show them the place tomorrow.
- Very well.
Please be ready.
We'll leave early.
(song playing)
Let's go ahead.
He is already out of breath.
(song playing)
Well, at least the practice
came to use.
- Huh?
- What?
Trekking practice.
Let's go.
(song playing)
Sona'da, need to rest
or my lungs will burst!
Incredible, Pitambar!
In King Shashanka's era,
this used to be the horses' stable.
How many times have you been here?
Just a couple of times.
Nothing here.
Look, it's still not rusty.
Yes, this is the brilliance
of ancient Indian metallurgy.
Did you know?
Steel was first produced in India.
Back then, we didn't just produce iron
but exported it in bulk too.
Hey, Sona'da.
- There's an animal figure in each of them.
- Yes.
And have you seen this?
Three guardian pillars on the sides...
and Lord Shiva in the middle.
It's a clock-like formation.
And that's where it starts.
That's 12 o'clock.
- So, right across is 6 o'clock.
- Exactly.
According to Chinese Buddhist astrology
the 12 months are represented
by 12 animals.
January is represented by the rat,
February by the ox, March by the tiger...
followed by the rabbit, dragon, snake,
and so on.
- But this one's empty.
- The seventh one, right?
What's the seventh zodiac animal,
The horse.
Learn from her, Aabir.
Jhinuk, absolutely correct.
Come on.
We have to move this horse symbol
towards the seventh position.
(song playing)
Jhinuk, Aabir, careful!
Hold tight!
Watch your step, Jhinuk.
Seems like they were spying on us.
- What's going on, Pitambar?
- I don't know...
Serves them right!
"Humpty Dumpty had a great fall"!
Let's go.
Oh my God!
- Sona'da...
- Don't go near it.
Steady. Relax.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Are you okay?
Yeah, he's used to it.
The snakes have blessed him again--
The crows have blessed you too.
Good luck sign.
- Come on, Pitambar.
- Yes.
Snakes slithering past
and crows pooping on me!
See how it feels?
Why should it only happen with me?
Let's go--
How strange!
Today we found half of the shield...
And yesterday I read about this
in the diary.
Your father had already drawn
a part of the shield.
Did my father
know about the shield?
Seems like it.
This shield holds the clues
to solving our riddle.
That means, this is the first key.
"The answer lies
in the battle of Kurukshetra".
Aabir, how many soldiers
fought the battle of Kurukshetra?
Must be around a lakh.
- Ah!
- Seriously!
Pandavas had seven
and Kauravas eleven "akshauhini", battalions.
- May I?
- Sure.
Keep this with you.
Might need it.
Let me explain what the "akshauhini"
comprised of.
Aabir, look closely.
This is what one "akshauhini"
comprised of.
The riddle says...
"The first key are three warriors
in the same company."
What does this mean?
Cavalry means soldiers on horseback.
Well done!
The crow's droppings have taken effect.
That means my father...
Even I think that he found the other half
of the shield from the stable ruins.
- I've seen this somewhere...
- Seriously?
- What is this!
- Just can't remember...
- Aren't you done yet?
- Wait.
- Let's get going.
- Yeah, yeah.
- The folk play is about to begin!
- Not now.
Mom, we only had half the shield.
Where did you
get the other half?
- What?
- Tushu.
Where did you see the other half?
- Come with me.
- Huh?
- Here.
- This is it!
That's why it looked familiar.
I had seen it in my father's study
years ago.
How did it end up here?
I thought it was trash.
So I was using it to make fire.
Thank God you didn't throw it
into the fire!
(song playing)
- Sona'da.
- Yeah?
Moonlit night, folk music...
It's giving me goosebumps!
So that's how romance feels, huh?
Hey, I can't dance.
I can't...
- I can't dance... Sona'da!
- Where are you taking him?
- Let me go, I can't dance...
- Hey! Hello?
(song playing)
Rock-a-bye baby on the tree top
In Rohitaswagarh, Sona'da makes a stop
If Bhujanga doesn't get the prize
You'll be the one to pay the price
Subarna Sen...
Think you can chill at Biswambhar's house
and take away the treasure
while I just sit and watch?
That's not going to happen.
My name is Bhujanga Hajra.
I am the local mafia.
What do you want?
What do I want?
I want the key.
And everything it unlocks.
You can come to Rohitaswagarh
when you want but...
you leave on my terms.
You shamelessly borrowed money
but you're hesitant to give me information?
How is Tushu darling?
- Why involve her? I'm trying to--
- Shut up!
Blah, blah, blah.
Put Subarna Sen to work.
If I find the treasure,
you can be rest assured...
that I'll give it to Biswambhar.
You don't know
how it works here.
You have easy targets by your side.
How dare you talk big?
- If I lose it, Jhinuk might end up--
- Hey!
Ah! What bravery!
Save it.
We're just getting started.
Keys, keys and keys...
They unlock a world of pleasure
Subarna Sen will give me
Gaur Bhujanga's treasure
Come on, Gonsha.
I wasn't good at studies.
Thought I'd be a good businessman.
I came to know about the treasure
from my grandfather's diary.
I used the treasure as bait...
to borrow money
from Bhujanga Hajra.
Unfortunately, my business tanked.
You wanted some easy money,
so you told him about the manuscript.
Trust me, I didn't think
he'd take this so seriously.
He can even kill for it.
So I had tried to warn you
at the restaurant the other day.
I knew that if you came here...
Bhujanga would be certain
about the treasure.
Then we'd all be in a bigger mess.
What if I say
that you had gone through the manuscript?
And were on the hunt for the treasure
without your father's knowledge.
Palash was the manager
in my shop.
He was my driver too.
Here in Rohitaswagarh...
Palash had found some dinar.
Do you know that is?
Gold coins.
Carry on.
Bhujanga found out
and chased him.
I had tried my best to save him.
Poor guy.
If there're gold coins...
there's a hidden treasure too.
Palash is gone...
but Phagun is still here.
Send your pet to hunt for it...
The hidden treasure.
I heard Subarna Sen is coming here.
Put him to work.
And this better stay
between you and me.
If you act smart
and leak the information...
just remember
that I call the shots here.
Be it Palash, be it Phagun,
be it Pitambar
If Bhujanga gets mad,
you'll end up dead
Let's go, Gonsha.
Phagun and I...
...we're under constant watch.
They've even threatened
and beaten up Phagun.
Please go back to Kolkata, Subarna.
- I'll see how to fix--
- Remember one thing, Pitambar.
You are Digambar Bandopadhyay's heir.
I understand how you feel.
But our job here is not done.
Come on.
Hello, Shirshendu.
Just received it.
Thank you very much.
We'll catch up once I return.
Subarna, could you figure out
the message on the shield?
The first part tells us
that Shashanka's minister had appointed
Janak, the architect to hide the treasure.
Janak converted to Buddhism.
- What about the second key?
- Here it is.
This is another riddle.
According to Shirshendu's translation,
this is how it goes.
"The second key is guarded
by the serpent.
To reinstate the bonds of equality,
set sail enroute to the best of Samatata."
- What does that mean?
- The best of Samatata...
This is Karna Subarna.
And modern-day Noakhali in Bangladesh
was known as Samatata back then.
So, "the best of Samatata"
means the best of Noakhali.
What's that?
Noakhali brings up
some terrible memories.
Noakhali was a site of terror
in riots of 1946.
That's true.
But you know what?
I'm worried about something else.
Digambar began this treasure hunt
but why didn't he finish it?
What exactly compelled him
to put a stop to it?
- Hey, Jhinuk.
- Yes?
Is Aabir still asleep?
Hey, there.
Who were you dreaming of?
Christopher "Nolen".
This is "Nolen", liquid date jaggery.
Want some?
Will you feed me?
Aabir! Jhinuk!
We have to leave now.
- You didn't let me have breakfast.
- Look at him.
Where are we going?
We have to find the second key.
There's an ancient river bank.
The navy had set up base there
during Shashanka's reign.
But the riddle mentions
the best of Noakhali.
- And Noakhali is in Bangladesh.
- Exactly.
What does Noakhali have to do
with Shashanka's navy?
Was having a chat with Biswambhar
about the best of Bengal.
He reminded me
of a famous folk song by Bhola Moyra.
Which song?
"Mymensingh is known for moong beans,
Khulna for its koi fish.
Dhaka for its rice pudding.
And Bakra for its curd."
- Curd!
- Wow! Great.
Now, the last two lines.
Rangpur for its in-laws.
Rajshahi for its son-in-law.
Noakhali for its boats
and Chattogram for its folk song."
Noakhali for its boats...
- Shashanka's naval base!
- Correct.
- Let's go.
- Finally!
- Keep eating.
- Sure.
Rivers have always been important trade routes
of Bengal.
Shashanka had set up
his naval base here.
Noakhali, or Samatata, as it was called...
had River Meghna on one side
and the Bay of Bengal on the other.
So their boats had to be the best.
Of course.
Noakhali has the best boats.
Mr. Shashanka, hold on
to your key.
- We are coming!
- Aabir!
- Hey, be careful.
- Watch it!
- You hold on tight.
- Okay.
- Just look at him!
- Are you crazy?
I'm okay.
This way.
Follow me.
So, you've been here before.
- Yes. I'd tried my luck.
- Look at that.
Phagun had told me about this place
but I didn't find anything here.
- Where are they?
- That way.
- Let's go, hurry up!
- Come on.
(song playing)
Twelve pillars.
Eleven are in a perfect circle but...
Why is one of them out of place?
(song playing)
You damn snake!
You follow us everywhere, huh?
I'll show you!
Watch out, Jhinuk!
Are you okay?
- Are you hurt, Jhinuk?
- No.
Subarna, are you alright?
We're fine, Pitambar.
Don't worry.
Please be careful.
I'll look for help.
Look at these.
The walls depict the bravery
of King Shashanka.
Hey, Sona'da.
Is this Shashanka?
Isn't it strange, Sona'da?
Gautam Buddhas idol
right opposite Shashanka.
(song playing)
But he was a follower of Lord Shiva.
Then why the Buddha idol?
Only this tree
can answer the question.
Aabir, have you noticed the tree
The tree trunk has been cut
in a strange way.
The middle of the trunk
is jutting out.
"The second key is guarded by the serpent.
To reinstate the bonds of equality..."
Guarded by the serpent!
The pillar I was standing behind
had a snake carved on it.
The moment I pulled on the hood,
everything went haywire.
- Naturally. Who else?
- No. No.
If it weren't for him
we wouldn't be here.
You know...
According to many historians...
Shashanka, out of his hatred
for Buddhism
had cut down the Bodhi Tree
in Bodh Gaya.
Janak, to rebuild
what Shashanka had destroyed
has kept the Bodhi Tree
to bridge religious differences.
Mend what is broken.
- Come on.
- Huh?
Give me a hand.
(song playing)
Here we go.
(song playing)
Did you notice that?
Lord Buddha blessed.
King Shashanka bowed.
Come on.
It's right here.
Careful, Sona'da.
Be careful.
There's more.
The second key.
Aabir, don't move.
Don't be scared, Aabir.
- It's okay.
- Steady.
It's gone.
Hold it.
You just took Digambar's quest
a step closer
to solving the mystery.
So, you do realise...
that our responsibility
has increased too.
Subarna, my father is
blessing you from heaven.
What you've done in the last few days
is unbelievable.
Bravo! Bravo!
Keep it up.
That's Subarna for you!
Just look at this, Akhilesh.
But Sona'da, you must admit
that Bengalis are not just about culture.
We have a heritage of bravery too.
The Bengalis from the Gaur region
had even scared Alexander's army away.
- Don't you underestimate us.
- Unbelievable!
The history of Bengalis
is full of splendour.
- But Subarna.
- Yes?
What's the connection
between this and the hidden treasure?
We'll find that answer
in the shields transcript.
- Sorry.
- You've caught a bad cold.
Aabir'da broke my record too.
Which record?
For two whole hours!
Aabir is the real life Spider-man.
Let's go to the fair again.
Dad, the fair?
What if...
Do you want them to stay indoors
on a vacation?
Let them go.
Subarna and Pitambar
will be with them.
- Tushu, don't ride the Ferris wheel.
- Okay.
- Subarna...
- We'll be there.
Nothing will happen.
- Okay.
- Yes!
(song playing)
(indistinct chatter)
- I want to go there.
- Huh?
- Where?
- There.
- Phagun.
- Yes?
- I'm going with them.
- Okay.
Phagun, this is Subarna Sen.
And this is Phagun, Subarna.
Please help him
with whatever he needs.
- Oh! It's a magic show.
- Yes!
"The Amazing Magician Sarkar."
Gili! Gili! Hocus! Focus!
(indistinct announcement)
(indistinct chatter)
- Yes!
- Yes!
Now time for my Vanishing Trick!
Who wants to vanish
in my magic box?
I need two volunteers
from the audience.
- Who wants to vanish?
- Me!
- Tushu! Wait!
- Come on.
Please join us.
Please go in to that cage.
And to this cage.
Please escort them.
(indistinct chatter)
Now we'll cover the cages.
- Curtains down!
- Yeah!
What fun, Jhinuk!
(indistinct chatter)
Abracadabra! Hocus! Focus!
(indistinct chatter)
No one there!
Then where did she disappear?
Do you want to find out?
Hocus! Focus!
(indistinct chatter)
There she is!
How did she get here?
And this is magic!
Now, my biggest and best trick!
Now let's see where they go.
Curtains down!
- Abracadabra! Hocus! Focus!
- Sona'da!
- Subarna!
- Hey! What are you doing?
Tushu? Jhinuk?
Where are they?
Where did they go?
(indistinct chatter)
- Tushu!
- Let's go.
- Mom! Dad!
- Let us go.
Bring her along.
- Mom! Dad!
- Hey, shut up!
- Let me go.
- I'm here, Tushu!
- Come on, hurry up!
- Let me go.
Get them into the car.
Let go of us!
Drive faster!
(song playing)
Gaur's treasure belongs to Bhujanga.
So get to work or they won't live.
Poor Jhinuk will suffer!
Little Tushu will be locked in a room!
Subarna is really scared.
What if Bhujanga Hajra gets
the better of him?
Let's go, Gonsha!
Come on.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
God is with us.
Everything will be fine.
It's my fate.
Or else, how can
Prof. Digambar Bandopadhyay's grandson
be such a lout?
And two innocent girls
are suffering because of that.
We have to go to the police.
The police won't go against him.
And even if cops return them,
Bhujanga will attack the house.
Shut up.
Tell us where they might be.
Believe me.
I don't know.
We can't be sitting ducks, Pitambar.
We have to do something.
But how?
Bhujanga doesn't listen to anyone.
Is there no way to save the girls?
This is so much fun.
Let's stay here.
Mom will make me study
once we get home.
Why have they tied us up?
It hurts.
I'm hungry too.
- Hungry?
- Yeah.
Sona'da and Aabir will rescue us.
- Okay?
- Hmm.
Don't worry.
This way.
(indistinct chatter)
Do you know the house?
Pitambar told me how to find it.
Something is going on with Pitambar.
You're right.
He is desperate.
Any decision he takes in this state
can be disastrous.
Let's go.
(indistinct chatter)
This is the address.
No one's around.
Please don't involve me
in all this.
They killed my brother, Palash.
Now they'll kill me too.
Pitambar is in trouble.
Bhujanga is desperate
for the treasure.
- Do you know where the treasure is?
- Me?
Palash and Pitambar looked for it
but didn't find anything.
Palash found a few gold coins.
He showed it to me.
Since then...
Bhujanga started spying on us.
They have kidnapped Jhinuk and Tushu.
Do you know where Bhujanga
might have taken them?
I don't know.
Trust me.
Let's go.
- Isn't that Pitambar's car?
- Yes.
But whose car is this?
You are here?
Hello! Hello!
The world is round.
We keep meeting each other.
- Dasanan Daw.
- Yes, broke out of prison.
- You...
- Not his fault.
You'd know if you had a child.
It hurts to see
your child in pain.
That's why he called me.
Mr. Lawyer, why do you look so sad?
Must be feeling empty inside.
Don't be shy.
Please go in.
Look at him running.
And Subarna is probably
going to babysit.
Sona'da and Aabir'da are here!
Let's go, Tushu.
Eating a roll by yourself?
Want some?
It's a "Shashanka".
It's very saucy.
Your dad is waiting.
- Pitambar.
- There you are.
I'd heard.
That your smuggling racket
has extended overseas.
Didn't imagine meeting like this
in my worst nightmare.
Makes me very happy that
you still keep tabs on me.
How can I talk about my success?
With your blessings
I've become quite famous.
Why did he get Jhinuk and Tushu
back from Bhujanga?
Pitambar can explain better.
Nothing is more precious
than my daughter's life.
I love it when people act silly.
You conned me out
of Shah Shuja's treasure.
This time I'll save you.
- And in return...
- And in return?
Without news
what's my use?
Now Bhujanga will work under me.
And you, Subarna Sen...
will find the treasure
of Karna Subarna for me.
You let them go?
That's a settlement.
- You should know.
- Sir...
I taught you everything
about antique smuggling.
You stabbed my back
for your first settlement.
You informed foreigners
about the treasure but not me.
- You thought I won't find out.
- Boss.
But I'll still give you 25%.
Just imagine how lucky you are.
It's okay, boss.
- I don't trust Subarna Sen at all.
- Me neither.
If he's a master,
I'm bluff master.
He's found everything
but he's not giving us anything.
Why are you hurting this kid?
Where is the treasure?
I still don't know.
Know what the problem is
with educated people like you?
You think you're too smart.
Shall I get those girls back again?
- I need some time to think.
- Take your time.
But if you think about
going to the police...
Now I mostly operate
from inside only.
- And besides--
- You don't have any "patient".
- Yes.
- I remember.
- He knows everything.
- Educated!
- He'll definitely find it.
- Hmm?
He's such a...
Let's go.
- Sona'da!
- Hmm?
I had a lot of fun today.
Rode a speeding car.
Did you get hurt?
- Nope.
- Great! Brave girl!
I was so worried.
And this Alice was in wonderland.
Subarna, things have become
very complicated now.
Dasanan Daw.
We knew he is a bad guy.
Don't think we're out of danger yet.
- Tushu, time for lunch.
- No, Mom. Not yet.
Don't know if this is the right place
to bring this up but...
It's not Pitambar's fault.
He really had no other option
to save Tushu.
Have your lunch.
We'll chat later.
Let's go.
Subarna, the treasure?
Dasanan won't quit until he has it.
One more thing...
Your researcher friend...
- Did he get back to you?
- Yes.
This is what the riddle
translates to...
"A blemish on the king,
an immovable 'Shiva Linga'.
Where Kuber's treasure is hidden
protected by Bhujanga.
Dasanan is freed
once he pleases the lord of Kailash.
Where the Pushpak chariot takes off
lies the treasure of Gaur Bhujanga."
Even the riddle
has Dasanan and Bhujanga in it.
The treasure is destined for them.
Damn it!
- Hey--
- Hey.
Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Lord Rama!
Hail Lord Krishna!
Hail Lord Rama!
What do you want?
- Can't a son visit his father?
- No.
It's better not to have a son
then have a criminal in the house.
How long will you keep
insulting me, Dad?
You don't even acknowledge me
in public.
I would have if you were worthy.
Now leave.
I'm not here to stay anyway.
Where is Shashanka's treasure?
I don't know.
I wouldn't tell you
even if I knew.
My grandfather and Digambar
were looking for the treasure together.
I know.
That's why I have claims
to the treasure too.
That treasure is cursed, Bhujanga.
My father was murdered for it.
Probably by someone like you.
Digambar stopped his quest in grief.
- And my son--
- Stop the nonsense, Dad!
- I'm asking you for the last time--
- Or else?
- Or else...
- What will you do?
Will you break your own house?
You've not brought him up properly.
Doesn't understand settlement.
Listen, crazy...
Since you're supposed to get 25%,
Bhola has already informed Subarna.
He has probably found out everything.
He'll take us along in the morning.
Ask for your father's blessings.
Come on.
This treasure is cursed, my son.
Stop running after it.
Don't ruin your life.
Take my advice.
Are you going to let go of your share
because of your dad?
After we find the treasure,
I'll have your desserts. Okay?
Hail Lord Krishna!
Let's go.
(indistinct chatter)
I've made a mistake
bringing you here.
How would you know?
Dasanan is not a good guy.
You deprived him
of Shah Shuja's treasure.
He'll take revenge.
Have you been able
to solve the riddle?
I think I have figured it out.
Then there's more danger ahead.
(indistinct chatter)
(indistinct chatter)
Who was it?
Think of the devil and...
(indistinct chatter)
Where's our destination?
The ruins.
King Shashanka's capital, Karna Subarna.
That I know.
Where exactly are we looking?
Explain the riddle.
"A blemish on the king,
an immovable 'Shiva Linga'."
Shashanka had destroyed
a few Buddhist establishments.
Historians believe that it's a blemish
on Shiva devotee, Shashanka.
Ruins of Buddhist temples have been found
in Karna Subarna.
So that's what it means
by the blemish on the king.
Okay, understood.
What about
the "immovable 'Shiva Linga'"?
Buddhism was spreading
all over the country.
So Lord Shiva was out of fashion.
Now I got it.
- Did you get it?
- Yeah!
Fits perfectly.
You should only concentrate
on teaching.
I wouldn't fail grade eight
if I had a teacher like you.
You failed grade eight?
So sad...
Too smart!
- Take us to Karna Subarna.
- Yes, boss.
Let's go.
Why is he running around?
- He's gone crazy.
- Why?
Subarna Sen has fooled him again.
- Where is he going?
- Boss.
- Come on, hurry up.
- Hey!
Come on.
Careful, boss.
Slow down.
Watch your step, boss.
What is this?
Karna Subarna.
Rakta Mrittika Boudhha Vihar.
It's written on the sign board.
Kids will play hopscotch soon.
A dry well, a broken wall,
an empty field...
Want me to shovel my way
to the treasure?
And villagers will try to help me?
- Are you kidding me?
- Told you not to believe him.
He must've seen the photo
of the well on the internet.
Thought he'd push us in it
and run away.
- Really?
- Oh yes.
He didn't know the well
has been covered up.
- Scare him.
- Right away.
Wasting petrol.
I'm losing my "patient".
- Where's the treasure?
- Where is it?
- Sona'da...
- Sona'da.
The Gaur Bhujanga's treasure is here.
I figured it out.
- Where is it?
- Gaur.
What do you mean?
Dad had taught me.
- Shashanka was the ruler of Gaur.
- Oh!
So the blemish
refers to Gaur's Buddha Stupa.
Were you tricking me?
I have a high school graduate.
- Not a eighth grade dropout.
- Hey!
- Let's go to Gaur.
- Okay.
Hail Lord Gauranga!
Can we take a tea break?
Where have you brought us?
This is just a higher wall.
Everything else is the same.
And the wall is mostly broken.
Is the treasure here at all?
This wall used to protect
the entire city of Gaur.
It is 22 yards high.
And you can see how thick it is.
Apparently, soldiers on horseback
kept guard on this wall.
On either side of Gaur
was the Ganges and the Mahananda.
So not just from enemies...
If the rivers got flooded...
the wall would protect Gaur
from floods too.
My God!
Great Wall of China.
Isn't it like the wall
of Kumbhalgarh Fort in Rajasthan?
They've been preserved,
that's why they're still in great shape.
Numerous tourists visit those sites
every year.
Know what our tragedy is?
The bricks from these walls
have been used to build nearby houses.
The Pathuria Church in Kolkata
has been built with these bricks.
One of the biggest examples
of archaeological vandalism.
Unfortunately in Bengal.
Lasts longer and cheap.
What else!
- Won't we use it?
- It's okay.
That's right.
We haven't learnt
to conserve our tradition and history.
Bhujanga Hajra is a trickster.
Boss, this Dasanan Daw
is extremely evil.
He'll try to trick you.
He won't give you your share.
I know.
Hey, Gonsha.
Let me get my hands on the treasure.
I'll be "patient" till then.
Let me get the treasure.
Then full settlement.
- All good?
- It's great!
- Let's go.
- Yes.
This place looks more like it.
Like a history book.
What was that thing underground?
- "Harippa!"
- Harappa!
Harappa. Mohenjo-daro...
- That's what I said.
- Poor guy.
High school history book.
Hey, Master!
How far did Tagore study?
Rabindranath Tagore.
He didn't receive formal education.
High school graduate!
Not a big deal!
So, Master!
The treasure is right here somewhere?
What does your riddle say?
"A blemish on the king,
an immovable 'Shiva Linga'.
Where Kuber's treasure is hidden
protected by Bhujanga."
You are on a treasure hunt
and you can't remember a simple riddle.
We need to look for a door
with a snake marked on it.
- Bhujanga means snake.
- Me?
- I don't see any doors here.
- A secret door.
It's a large area.
Let's do something.
You guys check that side.
We'll check here.
- You go with them.
- You too.
- Okay, boss.
- You come here.
Where's the path?
- Then why did you call me here?
- To help me up.
Oh gosh!
Be careful.
Don't fall.
- So many ups and downs!
- Just like life. Come on.
- Is it there?
- Go ahead.
- Where is it?
- Brother.
The secret door
must be somewhere here.
We're looking downstairs.
You guys check here.
It was built a long time ago.
The secret door.
Help me.
- Find anything?
- Nope.
Remember there will be a snake
on the door.
Stay here.
Don't move.
Let's go.
Oh gosh!
- Huh?
- Hey?
- Where are those guys?
- Drinking water.
- What?
- Gone for a tea break.
Strange refreshments.
Let's go.
There's still lots to discover.
- Please give me a hand.
- Poor chap.
- It's so tall!
- Master is tricking us.
- Bhujanga, get on with it.
- Yes, boss.
Boss, there's a snake.
- Where?
- Right here.
Snake! There's the snake!
- I'll check properly.
- There's the snake.
How can you trip like that?
No treasure for you.
- That's a "Shiva Linga".
- Yeah, so?
It's all adding up.
You are right.
You'd said "Shiva Linga" will emerge
from Buddhist Stupa.
But it's a Muslim minaret.
- Mount Kailash is in the north.
- Right.
Here the snake on the door
and the "linga" are both pointing north.
So there'll be a Buddhist stupa
to the north of this minaret.
I see.
But nothing can be seen from here.
We have to go to the top of the minaret
to find it.
- Let's go.
- Wait a second.
- Can you tell me the riddle again?
- How many more times?
First two lines have been solved.
Next is...
"Dasanan is freed
once he pleases the lord of Kailash."
How will Dasanan be free?
I know you're sad for missing out
on Shah Shuja's treasure.
You'll be free of your gloom
if we find this treasure.
A professor and a poet!
You'll be dead
if we don't find the treasure.
Stop with your rhymes.
He's solving the riddle so fast.
- Let's go.
- Yes, after you.
- What--
- We'll go first.
- Wait.
- Master.
- Please don't be mad.
- Let's go.
- It's okay.
- So many stairs.
It's so dark.
Can you see a switch board?
- Hey!
- Hey, Master!
- Master!
- Shut up!
Bhujanga, how can the son of
such a nice man be a criminal?
High school graduate!
Gaur was the capital of Bengal.
But during Pala's reign
in the 8th century.
A long time after Shashanka's reign.
- This was built during the Sultan period.
- Oh my!
There's no relation between
Shashanka's treasure and Gaur.
- Goodbye.
- Please free us.
Take care of Dasanan.
He's very agitated.
Let's hurry.
- I'll shoot him!
- No, I will.
- I'm elder, I'll shoot first.
- No, I'm younger so I will.
- I'm senior, I'll shoot.
- I'm junior so I will.
- I'm international, I'll shoot.
- I'm local so I will.
- They're running away.
- Let them get away!
Let them go to hell!
I'll shoot.
- I'll give the gun to you after I shoot.
- Why?
Sona'da, how did the minaret
have a snake on it?
Shashanka's reign was followed by
the Palas, the Senas and then the Sultans.
With the change of regime
the previous rulers have left their mark.
For years people have tried to create rifts
but it's not that easy.
Life, culture, architecture...
The influences overlap.
You'll find the influence of both Hinduism
and Islam in the structures of Gaur.
So it's not very strange to find the snake
on the minaret.
- Sona'da.
- Hmm?
Was that a real "Shiva linga"
on the ground?
You haven't read that story
by Shibram Chakraborty, right?
"Birth of a Deity".
You'd know if you'd read it.
Blind faith turns a stone into God.
But Sona'da, the treasure?
- The treasure...
- Isn't there.
Not in Karna Subarna,
neither in Gaur.
- The treasure isn't there.
- What?
- We've sacrificed the treasure for you.
- Oh!
- Sona'da?
- No.
I'm not getting in between you two.
I just have one question.
Does the treasure of Karna Subarna
have to be in Karna Subarna only?
- What?
- What?
Pitambar, they are here.
Are you okay?
- Thank God you called.
- Everyone relieved at home?
But where are they?
Two down in the water.
Two up in the air.
- Can we leave your car here?
- But why?
We'll chat on the way.
Where are we going?
- Phagun, let's go.
- Yes.
Uncle! Uncle!
Excuse me, brother!
We got stuck playing hide and seek.
But Shashanka lived in Karna Subarna.
But Shashanka didn't hide
the treasure himself.
It was hidden by his minister.
And his soldiers had camped
at the fair ground of Rohitaswagarh.
So the minister asked architect,
Janak to...
Bravo, Mr. Lawyer!
I'm certain the treasure is hidden
in one of the hills of Rohitaswagarh.
The writing on the second shield says
the hill looks like a "Shiva Linga".
- Phagun, is there any hill like that?
- Yes, there is.
Chand Ray Hill.
Jhinuk, do you know
what Shashanka means?
- Moon.
- Correct.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you.
- Why did you take so long?
- Boss!
- Car!
- What about it?
- They have taken the car.
- Oh no!
Now what?
They have taken the car?
What now?
- Do you want my suggestion?
- No.
- Hear me out!
- Okay, tell me.
- My dad had shown me.
- Not your dad again.
- Lord Shiva.
- Oh! I see.
Subarna said
a "Linga" that doesn't move.
My dad had shown me.
- What?
- A hill.
A hill?
It's a hill and there's only one
in Rohitaswagarh like that.
- Do you know it?
- Yes.
- Hail Lord Shiva!
- High school graduate!
Isn't it?
As you mentioned
the blemish on Shashanka...
Don't think
there's a Buddhist temple here.
What do the blemishes
on the moon refer to?
The marks on the moon.
But what are those?
Scientists say sunlight can't reach
the craters on the moon.
So they look like dark crevices.
And they are called
the moon's blemishes.
So they are referring
to the craters or caves.
- Phagun.
- Yes?
- Are there any crevices or caves around?
- Yes, there is.
There's a Basukinath Temple
on the hill inside a cave.
(song playing)
Do people trek this difficult route
to the temple?
Only once a year.
On Shiva Ratri,
night of Lord Shiva.
There's a fair that takes place
on the ground below.
And a priest offers prayers
through the year.
It's an old tradition.
Let's go.
Come on.
Watch your step.
This way.
(song playing)
Watch your step.
This way.
(song playing)
Basukinath Temple is up that way.
- Sir.
- Phagun, you can leave.
Don't know if at all
we'll find anything here.
Don't want you to be in danger.
Thanks a lot, Phagun.
Get home safe.
(song playing)
It's beautiful, Sona'da!
Is this the Basukinath Temple?
Let's go.
(song playing)
Check out the entrance of the cave.
Looks like a sliver of moon.
That's why it's named
Chand Ray Hill?
You're right, Mr. Lawyer.
What now, Sona'da?
"A blemish on the king,
an immovable 'Shiva Linga'.
Where Kuber's treasure is hidden
protected by Bhujanga."
Do you know what that means?
A guard.
And Bhujanga means snake.
Take a look.
Lord Shiva on the wall
and Basukinag in the middle.
He is the serpent around Lord Shiva.
The one used as a rope during
"The Churning of the Ocean".
Snakes are my department.
Come on.
Take your blessings from Basukinag.
(song playing)
That's our car.
Not here.
- What?
- The spears and shields.
I'm going to kill them.
Where did I drop it?
- Drop everything.
- No, I've got it.
Can't even carry a gun
and he wants treasure.
I am out of breath.
You take care of it.
- Wow!
- Why are the horses facing away?
Notice the spears on the riders.
The first key to the secret chamber?
- On my count...together.
- Okay.
And three.
Take a close look at the images.
One of the reincarnations
of Buddha, Jataka.
And him?
- Dasrath.
- Lord Rama's father?
According to Buddhism, he was
one of the reincarnations of Buddha.
Oh my God!
I had no idea.
What was written in the first riddle?
"A hidden treasure untouched by time.
Guarded by two keys
Byomkesh and Tathagata."
Byomkesh is another name
for Lord Shiva.
And Tathagata is Lord Buddha.
They've been guarding
Shashanka's treasure for ages.
You're right, Sona'da.
At the stable and the Bodhi Tree,
Byomkesh and Tathagata coexisted.
Now, it's time for the second key.
Get the torches.
Hills, jungle, cave, small room,
large room, we've been everywhere.
Where is the treasure?
That's my question too.
Where is the treasure?
What's up, Master!
What did you think?
You'll trick us
and keep the treasure for yourself?
Now you must treat us.
Pitambar, he's outside.
Didn't kill him.
He'll walk with a limp
for a few months.
I'll deal with you later.
Tell me where the treasure is.
Why don't you find it yourself?
We've fooled you so many times...
- You still haven't learnt your lesson.
- Shut up!
What did you do?
My ears are ringing.
Don't you have any manners.
But I didn't ask you to be quiet.
What do you want me to say?
Threatened us,
scared us with guns...
Still couldn't find the treasure.
Look around.
It's all about you.
This is Ravana.
I am Dasanan.
Bhujanga has at least studied a bit.
- Don't you even know the basics?
- Hey! Hey!
Boss, he's trying to divide and rule.
No way!
- I'm always with you.
- Shut up.
What are you laughing at?
So, what's the meaning of my name?
Can't take it anymore.
- Ravana had ten heads.
- Oh!
Hence the name "Dasanan".
One, two, three...
Yes, ten.
My parents named me after Ravana.
They were right.
Hey, everyone is taking a dig at me.
Just tell me where the treasure is.
You have ten heads.
You should be ten times smarter.
- Right.
- Why can't you still find the treasure?
I'm not liking this one bit.
There's going to be dance of destruction.
Finally, you've said
the right thing.
There'll be "Tandava",
the dance of destruction.
What was the riddle?
What was it?
Didn't even expect.
"Dasanan is freed
once he pleases the lord of Kailash
Where the Pushpak chariot takes off
lies the treasure of Gaur Bhujanga."
May I explain?
This is the Pushpak Chariot.
- This?
- But it doesn't belong to Ravana.
It belonged to his step brother, Kuber.
When Ravana was flying over Kailash
in this stolen chariot...
Lord Shiva was meditating there.
But Ravana was so full
of greed and pride
that he ignored Lord Shiva.
He wanted to fly over Mount Kailash.
Is it that easy
to cross Lord Shiva's abode?
Ravana wanted to topple Mount Kailash.
Shiva was shaken out of meditation.
He was very angry.
And he punished Ravana.
He pressed down the mountain
upon Ravana's hands.
- Is it true?
- I think so.
That's when
Narada came to Ravana's aid.
And to seek forgiveness from Shiva,
Ravana created the "Tandava" hymn.
Take a good look at Ravana.
Yes, Sona'da.
- The heads are not aligned.
- Hmm.
Dasanan is bowing here.
He is asking for Shiva's forgiveness.
So Narada has to come forward to
advise Ravana.
(song playing)
Come on!
Aabir, come.
- It's a wall made of gold.
- My goodness!
Oh my, my!
A golden wall!
The serpent's jewel!
Move, move!
Why is the ground shaking again?
Why is it shaking again?
The ceiling is shaking too.
My God!
- Hold on tightly!
- Don't step on your elders!
- I will fall.
- So fall.
I will die.
- If you don't let go, I will die.
- Boss!
Slipped out of my hands again.
Could have been us...
Greed is a sin.
A deadly sin.
But Sona'da...
the treasure?
"The Pushpak chariot takes off."
Takes off?
- The chariot...
- Has to fly?
- Correct.
- But how?
This is not Ravana's own chariot.
- It belongs to Kuber.
- Yes.
Ravana has to ask
for Kuber's forgiveness too.
We have to put Kuber together.
(song playing)
I'd warned Bhujanga time and again.
Greed has its consequences.
Bless you, Subarna.
Through your work...
The new generation would learn
about the glorious history of Bengal.
To define our future
we must appreciate our history.
You are right.
- Aabir.
- Yes.
I have created a new dessert.
I've named it...
Bhujanga Bhog.
Let me know how you like it.
- There's extra for you in here.
- Sure.
I have good news.
The Government has notified
that a part of the valuation
of the treasure
will be used for the development
of the Adivasis.
- Great!
- Amazing!
- Akhilesh, pen down this story quickly.
- Oh, yes.
And write about me as well.
And please get
Jhinuk and Aabir married.
- About time.
- Haven't been to a wedding in long.
- We must get Jhinuk and Aabir married.
- Hmm.
But when will Aabir's uncle get married?
- Who?
- Yes.
What's her name?
- Semonti Sarkar.
- Semonti Sarkar.
- Oh!
- What have you started?
I want to go to Sona'da's wedding too.
Tushu, even you--
But Semonti is just...
- Student.
- Student.
(song playing)