Kartellet (2014) Movie Script

Getting comfy
in the CEO's chair, are we?
How come we haven't made a profit
in the last twenty years?
Your father just wanted
the business to break even.
We might have to change
a few things around here.
Nothing wrong with
making a little money, right?
We'll look forward to it, Lars.
What the hell? You want me
to drink myself to death?
I don't even drink this fancy stuff.
Then have me over for a drink, now
that you won't be around the store.
- So, are you happy to be back?
- You bet I am.
Home is where the heart is.
- What's that a-hole doing here?
- Well, I'll be damned.
You must be young Mr. Halbo.
Christian Storgaard
of Storgaard Contractors.
- Forgive me for not shaking hands.
- My father is just down there if...
- No, this is for you.
- Thank you.
I was thinking... How about we
meet for a drink sometime?
To talk shop? I believe we could
be of mutual benefit to each other.
Excuse me. Could I just
have your attention, please?
Willy... I just wanted
to say a few words to you.
My old master. When I first
came to this company -
I never thought I'd be here
twenty years on to see you retire.
But I never could leave this place,
because we're all one big family.
Anyway, we went on
a trip down memory lane...
and found a little something.
He was a handsome stud
back then, eh?
And Junior is in the picture, too.
He set off into the world
after serving his apprenticeship -
but now he's come back
to take charge of the company.
And I'm not quite sure
how I feel about it.
Back when we were kids
playing soccer -
I was the captain. I was in charge.
But I guess I'll get used to it.
Anyway, Willy...
We're here to bid you goodbye.
And I just want you to know
that you've been a great teacher.
But above all you've been a great
friend and I thank you for that.
Get up here.
Thanks, buddy.
Well, I'll be.
That was a surprise.
I don't really know what to...
Lars, come on up here.
These are for you.
Take good care of the place, okay?
I promise.
I'll be back around three.
Start looking for people.
If we land this deal
we'll be needing some extra hands.
Netkoeb would like a quotation
for some new ceiling fittings.
- I'll look into it later.
- Hey, Willy.
- Bored with retirement already?
- I just came by to pick up my booze.
And here I was hoping
you'd forgotten about it.
Beautiful office.
How much did that cost you?
- Did you sell the old printer yet?
- You should be happy I was stingy.
That's why you're not left
with a company in debt.
- See you.
- Fingers crossed.
- Where are you going?
- City Hall.
Please take a seat, gentlemen.
Quiet, please.
Moving on to the contracts for
electrical and sanitary facilities -
concerning the construction
of Svalevaenget Dormitory.
The first tender is from
Svendsen & Son.
The Svendsen & Son tender
is 3,650,000 kroner.
Next up is Storgaard Contractors.
3,760,000 kroner.
Moving on to
Halbo Electrical & Plumbing.
The tender from
Halbo Electrical & Plumbing is -
2,850,000 kroner.
The final tender is from
JP Construction and it is...
3,420,000 kroner.
This means that Halbo Electrical
& Plumbing wins the contract -
with a bid of 2,850,000 kroner.
- Didn't see that one coming.
- We'll be moving on to...
Lars Halbo? Can I talk to you
a moment? How do you do.
Bo Valentin, Director of Sales
at Storgaard Contractors.
I just wanted to congratulate you.
You really took us by surprise there.
Well, it's all about
nailing the price.
Would you have time for
a cup of coffee and a chat?
What for?
I know you've met our CEO,
Christian Storgaard.
At your father's reception.
We were thinking that -
since you're joining the big league
we should get to know one another.
Discuss how best to cooperate
on future tenders.
- I'm not interested.
- At least think about it, Lars.
- Here you are.
- Thanks, but no thanks.
You're fricking awesome.
Way to go!
We're done renovating soil pipes.
And changing strip lights.
We're moving up in the world!
Say, Knutte...
I'm going to need a foreman
I can really rely on.
- Would you be up for it?
- Anything for you, my man.
I'm the captain, remember?
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
That really showed them, huh?
Well done, Lars.
- Check this out.
- What's this?
Our next invitation to tender.
- You want to go for that, too?
- Sure. Go power up the calculator.
Isn't that a bit of a mouthful?
I've been involved with
building half of Dubai.
You don't think I can handle
a few senior homes?
You scared the life out of me!
- Why are you sitting there?
- Because I was tired.
- Hi, honey.
- Hi there.
- How did it go?
- It went well. We got it.
Of course you did.
- Where are the kids?
- Betty is at a friend's house.
We have to pick her up
around seven thirty.
And Andreas is out playing soccer
with some of the boys.
I see.
I told you they'd settle in.
- That you did.
- Being cheeky, are you?
Don't you give me any cheek!
Jesus Christ! Knock it off!
Did I hurt you?
It was totally intentional.
We're not answering it.
Go get it. It could be
something to do with the kids.
You stay there. Don't even move.
Hello again, Lars.
I'm sorry to bother you at home -
but I was a bit put out
that you didn't have time to chat.
I wasn't interested.
What a lovely house.
Beautiful children.
Perhaps I didn't make myself clear.
In the current financial climate
we shouldn't wage war on each other.
We're all in the same game -
and we should really try
to work things out between us.
I guess you didn't hear me.
I'm not interested.
If you insist on taking this course,
you're on your own out there.
- Is that a threat?
- Lars, I don't threaten people.
But if we want to make a profit,
we need to cooperate -
on future tenders.
It's as simple as that.
Good night.
Remember to take good care
of what you have, Lars.
- Who was that?
- Just a business associate.
Didn't I tell you to stay in there?
Isn't that what I told you?
Come here.
Come on, get it in there.
Hurry up.
- Everything good, Knutte?
- Sure thing. No problem, chief.
Only thing is,
we're short on cable trays.
I told Preben, and we should
be getting more this afternoon.
Sounds good.
See you around.
- Hello, Lars.
- Hi.
Some construction company CEO
is in your office. Joergen Persson?
He just waltzed right in.
I thought you knew him.
Hey there, Halbo.
How's the work coming along?
- Do we know each other?
- Joergen Persson, JP Construction.
What can I do for you?
Rumor has it that you mean to
make a bid for the new senior homes.
- And how does that concern you?
- It concerns me a great deal.
You took the dormitory contract.
If you want the senior homes, too,
we need to get a few things straight.
What's this?
It's the tender Halbo Electrical
& Plumbing will be submitting.
We've done all the work for you.
All you need to do
is sign it and submit it.
It doesn't get
much easier than that.
My company will make an offer
of 22.1 million for the contract.
And we will win
that contract, Halbo.
It's only fair. You stole the other
one from right under my nose.
22.1 million?
That's overcharging them 2 million.
No shit?
Well, how about that?
- That's illegal.
- No one will ever know.
We sign the tenders ourselves.
There is no evidence.
If you join us, you've got great
opportunities waiting for you.
You're no idiot.
You want to play with the big boys,
sometimes you scrape your knee.
- Do we have a deal?
- I'll think about it.
You haven't got a choice, Halbo.
- So, have you made a decision?
- I'd like to go back to school.
Therapy of some sort.
But I don't know.
I'm not going to be a nurse again.
It's been too many years.
- I just don't know.
- When is dinner ready?
- Maybe we should get started.
- Let's wait a bit.
- But I'm hungry.
- I'll try calling him again.
Sorry I'm late.
Yeah, I know.
- Daddy!
- Hi, honey.
Hi, Mum.
Hi, babe. Are you okay?
- Where's the old man?
- Hello, Lars.
How do you like having him
around the house all the time?
He's like a lion in a cage.
But as long as he doesn't eat me...
You need to keep yourself busy.
How about playing some golf?
Guys your age are crazy about it.
And you need the exercise.
You won't be seeing me prancing
around some upper-class bozos.
Have you seen those loafers
with the tassels they wear?
Willy is thinking about joining
this bird-watching thing.
The Danish Ornithology Society.
They do a lot of excursions.
- Can we have chocolate?
- Uhm, sure.
- Come downstairs a minute.
- Sure.
Didn't the doctor tell you
to quit those things?
What did Persson want?
- How do you know about that?
- I saw his car parked around back.
Why do you keep coming around?
You were supposed to be relaxing.
- So, what did he want?
- He just wanted to chat.
Because you took the dormitory.
They won't take that lying down.
- It's a free market.
- Do you really have to aim so high?
- What are you worried about?
- About the company.
- Isn't plumbing enough?
- You don't have confidence in me?
- Sure, but why not do it my way?
- What's wrong with making money?
- We all have to make a living.
- I've done all right for years.
But you have to butt heads
with those greedy bastards.
- Always trying to be the best.
- What kind of bullshit is that?
You're just worried that I'll
do better than you ever did.
Just steer clear of them
from now on. You hear?
Coffee's ready!
We start off with the interior
facilities for the senior homes.
Firstly, the contract for
all electrical, plumbing -
ventilation and carpentry.
Next up is Holmberg Ltd.
The Svendsen & Son tender is...
Contractors' tender is...
Here's a tender from
Nystroem HVAC.
22,450,000 kroner.
This one is from JP Construction.
22,100,000 kroner.
And now for
the final tender of the day.
Halbo Electrical & Plumbing
with an offer of 19,750,000 kroner.
They are hereby
awarded the contract.
Do you realize
who you're messing with?
Hey! You just made
the biggest mistake of your life.
Do you want me to fix the cables
directly on to the ceiling?
I'm putting up drywall tomorrow,
no matter where you guys are.
- Everybody calm down.
- What's wrong?
We're still missing
those cable trays.
We have to stick to our deadlines.
- When will the cables be up?
- Tomorrow at noon.
- I'm losing money over this.
- I'll go talk to Preben.
You need to get a fucking grip.
There's been a mix-up. Your trays
have been shipped to Herning.
I don't know what went wrong,
but you'll have them in the morning.
- I want your word on that, Preben.
- Of course. You can count on me.
- What did Hanne say?
- That I sent her the text.
And you didn't?
Then who used your phone?
- I left it in the class room!
- Don't you raise your voice to me.
Sorry, I'm late. Hey, babe.
I need a new phone, too.
It won't even download.
Andreas was in a row
at school today.
Lars, he's really upset.
You want to tell Daddy about it?
The teacher told me off,
and I didn't even do anything.
I have to call Knutte.
Knutte, it's me.
Did you get those cable trays yet?
Wonderful. Could you come in
a bit earlier tomorrow?
Let's try to get back on schedule.
Great. Talk to you later.
Sorry, you were saying?
Someone took
my cell phone from my bag -
and they wrote this text...
- Yeah?
- Lars!
I'm full.
Right. Sounds good.
Talk to you soon, Carsten.
Go away.
Kiddo, what happened at school?
- It doesn't matter.
- It does matter.
I was an idiot.
I don't want to be in that
shitty class. I have no friends.
I don't want to live
in this shitty country.
You promised things would get better,
but you're working just as much.
How about...? How about
we take a trip to Sweden?
We could fish, light a camp fire
and have fun. The whole family.
Would you like that?
Let's do that, then.
I love you.
Oliver's parents are fighting to
have him removed from the school.
She is a Nobel Peace Prize nominee
known to 20 million people -
but virtually unknown
in her home country.
Handball star Laerke Moeller
has been injured yet again...
- Can we have a talk?
- Sure.
- Is something wrong?
- No. What do you mean?
- Are you unhappy here in Denmark?
- No, I'm not.
- Aren't you pleased to be back?
- I'm very pleased to be back.
I know you did it for me.
If I hadn't been
so unhappy out there...
Don't bother yourself with that.
I'm happy to be home again.
The kids are doing great,
and you're feeling better, right?
You just don't seem happy.
- Is the company doing badly?
- No, nothing like that.
Some people are pissed off
that we won another contract.
Who's pissed off?
A man named Persson threatened me
after the contract awarding today.
- He threatened you? With what?
- Well, he just confronted me.
It's just that it was really
intimidating, you know?
Come on, don't worry about it.
What was that?
Who put that there?
Is that even ours?
- Sure it is.
- What about the window?
The wind must have slammed
the door and broken the glass.
- Is that even possible?
- Of course it is. Go on inside.
Yeah? What did you say?
All right. I'll be right there.
Jesus Christ! They've stolen
200 grand's worth of materials!
- It can't have been locked off.
- It was. I was the last to leave.
I locked off my cabin.
It was still locked when I got here.
How the hell could this happen?
I guess your guys can't figure out
how to lock up a container.
I locked up the container yesterday
and hung the key in your locker
No sign of a break-in.
The insurance won't cover it.
That's not really my problem.
The problem is that Persson
seems to have you in his pocket.
A fortune in materials was stolen,
and it's your responsibility.
My problem is that you're
falling behind schedule -
and the subcontractors are all up
in my face. So get your act together!
I'm giving you one week.
After that, it's day fines.
A hundred grand every single day.
It's in your contract. Got it?
They cleaned out the container.
I need everything.
Cables, circuit breakers,
water pumps, fittings.
- I'll put in the same order again.
- Great.
Lars, do you have a minute?
- How's retirement treating Willy?
- I think he's okay.
Listen, Lars...
Times are tough.
We're all feeling the crisis.
I can't keep giving you discounts.
What do you mean?
I'm really sorry, but I have to
charge you list price from now on.
You can't do that to me. Without
the discount I won't make a profit.
I'm sorry, Lars. I truly am.
Did Storgaard and Persson
put you up to this? Then why?
I've got customers calling
refusing to buy from me -
if I keep giving you discounts.
I don't know what's going on.
- You can't back out on our deal!
- What else can I do?
If they take their business elsewhere
I'll lose 80% of my revenue.
What the hell is going on? Huh?
- I haven't got a choice.
- We all have a choice.
Only some people
make the wrong ones.
We usually get 40% on orders
this size and you're offering us 5?
That doesn't make any sense.
I know, but...
Then we have
nothing more to discuss.
Try Lemvigh-Mueller.
Rikke, what is it?
You've got me
at a really bad time.
All right, I'll go.
No, I'll go. It's okay.
I have to go, Carsten.
Keep trying till you find someone.
- I'll call you later.
- Right.
- What happened to your bike?
- Someone broke it.
They trampled all over it.
Buckled the front wheel.
- Who did?
- Can we please just go home?
- Some man came by for you.
- Who was it?
He didn't tell me his name.
He asked me
if I wanted a ride home.
- A man you didn't know?
- That's what I'm saying.
- What did he look like?
- Like a normal guy.
- What did he look like?
- I don't know. I didn't go.
Do you see him anywhere?
Do you see him? Look hard.
Well, it might be that guy.
Hey! You there!
Hey! Hey!
Is that understood?
Then what did I say?
- Take it easy.
- This is important.
We can't go with people
we don't know -
even if they say
they know you or Mum.
Remember that.
Andreas, I mean it!
- But I didn't go with him.
- Lars, that's enough.
Stop undermining me.
Jesus Christ, Betty!
Be a bit more careful! Try asking
for stuff instead of grabbing for it!
- It was an accident.
- It's still fucking unbelievable.
It's okay, sweetie.
- What's wrong with you?
- I'm just under a lot of stress.
- What's going on?
- It's nothing. I can handle it.
You're acting all crazy. Why won't
you tell me what's going on?
Storgaard and his mob have bullied
Preben to stop giving us discounts.
It wouldn't surprise me
if they robbed the container, too.
Could they be the ones
who offered Andreas a ride?
Is that why you acted
that way in there?
What's this about? It's because
you're scoring all the big gigs.
If you hadn't taken them on
they'd leave us alone.
- You sound just like my father.
- You should call the police.
- I'll just keep on going.
- Why do you have to be so stubborn?
I'm just trying to make
our business a little profit.
- Why do you need all that money?
- You don't understand a damn thing.
You want me to end up like my dad?
A burnt-out wreck at sixty?
He hasn't been on vacation in decades
for fear of leaving the company.
- This life isn't that much better.
- Thanks for the support.
All right. Cable trays go here
and all the way through here.
You connect those to the main
circuit breaker in the stairwell.
And make it snappy.
- Allan, cables.
- I'm six pipes short.
- Halbo speaking.
- This is Christian Storgaard.
How about you and I
have a chat, man to man?
A chat? What about?
I'd like to settle the differences
we've been having lately.
How about it?
Thank you for taking the time to
stop by. I know you're a busy man.
I like you, Lars.
You're very talented.
And you've got guts,
which I really appreciate.
I have two different, but very
favorable offers to make you.
Whichever offer you choose, it's
going to benefit us both greatly.
Firstly, an offer of collaboration.
I know Persson and Bo here have
explained the advantages to you.
Should you choose to accept,
I can guarantee you -
that you won't have to pay
those fines hanging over your head.
My second offer is quite simply -
the acquisition of your company
by Storgaard Contractors.
- And what would I be doing?
- You would stay on as CEO.
Albeit with some adjustments to
company practices. What do you say?
You'd do well to remember -
the many years your father
spent building this company.
Your family would have
a far happier father and husband -
if you think about this carefully
and make the right decision.
The current state of affairs
could spell disaster for your family.
- Which nobody benefits from.
- You're not getting away with this.
You have my word on that.
What's wrong with this guy?
He just needs some time
to get used to the idea.
Did you take a look at the offer?
What do we do?
We accept Lemvigh-Mueller's offer
- They're only giving us 5%.
- As long as we get the materials.
- This is going to kill the budget.
- I'll work something out.
Just do as I tell you. I'm leaving
for Sweden with my familiy.
What are you doing here?
I was just looking for
some terminal strips.
- What the hell are you doing?
- Nothing.
You come around here
snorting that shit?
- I won't have that again. Ever.
- Hey, it's cool, okay?
Go home.
I can't have you working while
you're high. Got it? Go home.
- Christ, you're all worked up.
- And Allan is the new foreman.
Daddy! How much candy
can we get on the ferry?
- Who said you can get candy?
- Come on, Dad!
Andreas, did you find
your Wellies? Great.
- Have you even packed yet?
- Sure. Where's my blue fleece?
- On the clothes-line.
- I'm bringing my Nintendo.
I'll only be ten minutes.
I can give you a 30% discount
for an order this size.
Not good enough.
I need at least 45%.
45? Forget it.
I'll be really generous
and offer you 35%.
It's not enough. I need a better
deal. Thanks for your time.
Halbo, slow down.
Let's not be hasty.
What the hell, I'll give you 40%.
- You've got a deal.
- Sounds good. Let's do it.
You're so hot.
I mean, you're sizzling hot.
You know that?
Dad, we need new fishing rods.
- We've got rods up at the cabin.
- But they're ancient.
- Can't we get some new ones?
- Maybe. We'll see.
Sizzling hot.
You've cleared two levels now.
I haven't even tried it yet.
- Stop it!
- Let her have it.
- It's my machine, too!
- Stop it! It's mine!
Knock it off, you guys.
How about keeping your eyes
on the road?
- Let me have it!
- Enough of that racket!
just give her the Nintendo.
- It's mine, too!
- Will you stop it?
- Give it to me! Andreas!
- Knock that shit off!
- Hey, take it easy!
- Carsten, what's up?
They'll be charging us day fines
starting Monday.
- What's that?
- We'll be fined starting Monday.
They said they'd give me a week.
Knock that fucking shit off!
Are you completely
out of your mind?!
Are you okay? You okay?
Easy, easy...
Rikke, the day fines start Monday,
and we haven't got the money.
I'm really sorry,
but what else can I do?
You guys go on up to the cabin
and have fun without me.
We got cream puffs.
Listen, kids.
I have to go back home.
I've got some work to do.
You and Mum go on up
to the cabin and have fun, okay?
- Okay?
- So you won't be coming?
No. But if everything works out
I'll join you in a few days, okay?
Why do we have to start paying now?
You gave us a week.
Dammit, Tom, we had a deal!
You bet your ass I am!
No dice.
We'll just have to work harder.
Is Lemvigh-Mueller
sending materials?
And we need more guys.
Let's look over
the figures once more.
- What the hell are you doing?
- I need to talk to you.
I'm sorry, Lars. I fucked up.
- It's all my fault.
- What are you talking about?
They've got me by the balls.
The bastards!
Tell me what's going on.
What's this all about?
Tonight they're spraying asbestos
on the ceiling we're working on.
And then they're going to report you
for using illegal building materials.
How do you know that?
- 'Cause they've got me by the balls.
- Who? Persson and Storgaard?
I'm so sorry, Lars.
Don't hate me, man.
I owe them money.
They're going to bash my face in
if I don't do them a favour
Who do you owe money to?
- The bikers.
- What're you talking about?
I owe the bikers money
for some coke.
So Storgaard has
a connection to the bikers?
No, Persson knows them.
Please don't hate me, Lars.
And you can't tell the cops.
If the cops get involved -
they're going to fucking kill me.
Get out. Out! I said get out!
Hey! Stop!
I'm noting that everything
appears to be in order.
This is for you.
You can frame that for posterity.
Thank you very much.
Hey, Carsten.
- Where are you?
- Down at the site.
I'm giving the guys a hand
so maybe we can catch up.
We're going to need some cash flow.
We're talking 500 grand at least.
See if maybe we can get
an advance on the senior homes. Bye.
- What're you doing here, Persson?
- I had a meeting. What's it to you?
Lend me as much as possible.
These days that might not
be the wisest decision.
The real estate market
is still frozen oven
We've asked for an advance
on the senior homes.
I'll pay off the loan
when we get that.
Kenneth, I need the money
and you won't increase my overdraft.
I'll submit an application to the
credit institution, then we'll see.
E-mail it right away.
I want an answer tomorrow.
- That won't be possible.
- Then I'll call them myself.
I play badminton with one of their
guys. Maybe he can look into it.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
If I rake in all our receivables
and hold back some pay checks -
we can pay one single fine.
I got the money.
We just need to meet our deadline.
- Just how did you do that?
- I took out a second mortgage.
- You didn't.
- Would you rather go bankrupt?
What did Rikke have to say?
I thought you had work to do.
I'll be at the site.
- Give me all your fives.
- Go fish.
- Give me all your sevens.
- Go fish.
- Give me all your kings.
- You just asked for those.
Aren't you going to get that?
You've reached Rikke. Leave a
message, and TH get back to you.
Hi, honey, it's me. I just wanted
to know how you guys are doing -
and to let you know that things
are looking up back home.
I'm really sorry,
but I won't be making it up there.
Please give me a call
when you get this.
Lots of hugs and kisses
for the kids. Bye bye.
He what? How bad is it?
- The 115th ward?
- Second floor.
- How is he?
- He appears to be stable now.
They've given him
a lot of anticoagulant.
The test results won't be back
till this afternoon.
- How did it happen?
- Are you really paying day fines?
- Is the company going to fail?
- Who told you that?
- Your father received this.
- From whom?
There's no sender on it.
I've just told you how they're
harassing me. Do something.
As long as there is no evidence,
the police cannot get involved.
Apart from the container robbery
no crime has been committed.
They're ruining my business
and threatening my family.
- You have to stop them!
- I'm sorry I can't help you.
Without hard evidence
I have nothing to charge them with.
Persson gave me this
when he came to my office.
It'll be hard to prove that he
drew up this offer himself.
- I'm willing to testify.
- It's your word against his.
- What do you mean?
- You've given me some good info.
I'll look into the possibilities
of starting an investigation.
How can you just
allow this to continue?
Unfortunately, these cases
are very hard to crack -
unless we have someone on the
inside willing to finger the others.
You've reached Rikke. Leave a
message, and TH get back to you.
- How are you?
- Better.
They're going to perform
some balloon thingy on me.
I'm really sorry about that letter.
Who would write such a thing?
Is there something
you're not telling me?
You just focus on getting well.
- Are you back already?
- I wanted to check on Willy.
Your mother called.
Hey, Willy.
You gave us all quite a scare.
You're a hard one to reach.
Why didn't you return my calls?
- Could we sit for a minute?
- Sure.
I'm taking the kids
to stay with my sister for a while.
- I don't know for how long.
- What are you talking about?
I have to.
I know you're under a lot of stress.
And I'd really like to
be there for you, but I just can't.
- What do you want me to do?
- I don't know, Lars.
You are the way you are
and I love you.
But I can't do this.
I'm so, so sorry,
but I just can't take it.
- Jesus Christ, Rikke...
- I'm sorry, Lars.
- Hi, I'm Lars Halbo.
- Please wait right there.
Morning, Halbo. Welcome.
Have you eaten yet?
My friend will be
joining me for breakfast.
Pardon me for not waiting.
I'm always famished in the morning.
- How would you like your eggs?
- I'll just have a coffee, thank you.
So, what'll it be?
Do you want to trade?
- Or do you want to cooperate?
- I'm not selling the company.
Very well.
A wise decision, Lars.
Life is so much easier
when we stand together.
Your future is looking
very bright and promising.
- Well, there he is.
- It'll be fine. I just think...
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
- Nystroem.
- Halbo.
- Hello, Persson.
- Hello! Erling Nielsen.
Please take a seat, Halbo.
Sit down.
You want a drink, right?
Here you are.
Okay. Erling,
what do you have for us today?
The City Council has agreed on
the building of the new kindergarten.
- What the hell took them so long?
- A contract worth 14 million kroner.
- Construction begins next year.
- That's yours, Persson.
- You bet your ass it is.
- Here you go.
- What else?
- A minor case.
Worth 4 million kroner. An extension
to Groenvang School youth club.
- That must be mine.
- No.
If we add it all up,
I'm 200,000 short. It must be ours.
You got the technology college
last year, 8 million kroner.
- It just isn't fair.
- Hey, hey, there's no discussion.
Bragge gets it.
And you're next in line.
You write up the tenders.
We sign them in a week.
The rest of you
will be contacted as usual.
If there's nothing left to share out,
let's get something to eat and drink.
That's it
Lars... Joergen Persson is going
through a hard time. Thanks to you.
I'd like it if you used Joergen's
workers at the senior homes.
A lot of people need jobs.
I trust my own guys completely, so...
Here, we like supporting each other.
Of course.
You have to wear a bicycle helmet,
or you're in trouble.
You look like a fool,
but it helps.
It's not a rule, goddammit!
I wouldn't mind seeing that one
lying on my couch.
You haven't had a hole in one,
since we played golf in Johannesburg.
- I improved my handicap there.
- You're just one big handicap.
Erling can't help it
that he works for the Council.
You've got a point.
Now, what's this?
What do you mean?
Casper, my friend. Come here.
- We need one more Pomerol.
- I'm afraid that was the last.
Did some corrupt politician
dry you all out?
- I'll write. Will you call me?
- Yes. Not after four.
- Lights on the bikes, right?
- Shut the hell up!
- Good night, Halbo.
- Right.
Thanks for a great evening.
What the hell is that?
It's my crew.
Don't you need carpenters?
- Pay them at least the minimum.
- You've got a temper.
You'd better watch
your blood pressure, mate.
You've reached Rikke. Leave a
message, and TH get back to you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Would you like a cup of coffee
or a glass of wine?
No. Why don't we just
walk for a while?
How are you?
- And the kids?
- They're fine.
I'm sorry that
I've put you through all this.
Had I known
it would be this way, then...
Do you believe me if I say
that things will calm down now?
I can't live without you.
It just won't make any sense.
- Won't you please come home?
- I don't know, Lars.
I don't know anything these days.
Everything's going to be all right.
I promise you.
- This won't do.
- What's the problem?
Persson's Poles
are working 14 hours a day.
He treats them like shit.
Find another subcontractor,
or we'll go on strike.
They work 14 hours a day!
They're way ahead of schedule.
We haven't placed any cable trays
and they're closing the ceilings!
- Send them home.
- Nobody listens to me!
- Get the collaboration back on track.
- Tell Persson that.
- Can we have a word?
- Do you have a problem?
I do. Your men work 14 hours a day.
It fucks up the schedule.
They don't have proper
working conditions.
Give them toilets and dressing rooms.
And make them stick to the schedule.
You've wormed your way
into the group.
But you've got no bloody business
meddling in my affairs!
- Thomas Andersen.
- Lars Halbo. Where do I meet you?
18 Soender Street.
We'll just hide this last bit.
It'll be over soon.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
I'll find them myself.
- Shut up, you fool.
- But I'm right!
So what's up, Halbo?
Did you run here?
Looks like you're sweating.
No. But I could do with
some exercise.
Why the fuck is everybody running?
Stay fit playing pool.
- With lagers.
- Beer is healthy.
- Back in the day they only had been
- And died before they reached 40.
Why should we all live to be 100?
Who wants to live
if you can't fuck and eat anymore?
It's the truth.
Am I right or am I right?
I just tell it like it is.
- Are you going to give a speech?
- Listen up. The first case
The notebooks. Throw them in here.
Come on, quick.
You take the bag.
- What's going on?
- Be careful.
- They saw one of your men!
- Impossible.
If I'm to be a part of this,
you have to get your shit together
Drive home nice and easy.
We'll contact you tomorrow.
I don't trust him.
Give it a rest.
It was a false alarm.
He's better at his work than you are
and you just can't take it.
That son of a bitch
needs a warning.
Yes, that's a mistake.
I'll deal with it.
- Hello, Lars.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- I'm fine, thanks.
What's up between you and Persson?
We don't see eye to eye
on how we want to run the site.
He's hot-headed. I don't know why
he's got a grudge against you -
but please make an attempt
to bury the hatchet.
We don't want trouble.
We were interrupted the other day.
Somebody saw some idiot
taking pictures in the parking lot.
It was a false alarm.
We just have to be careful.
We meet tomorrow at six
and close the deals.
For security reasons
we stay clear of the inn for a while.
See you at six.
Knutte, godammit.
- Just keep still. Take it easy.
- You have to watch it, Lars.
- Bloody hell. Come here.
- They're madmen.
I can't do this.
They're on to me.
I can't go through with this.
Then what will you do?
Maybe just sell the company.
- Find some ordinary job.
- Well...
If that's what you want,
I can't stop you.
You could sell to Storgaard.
He wanted to buy it, right?
That won't happen.
They'll treat the new owner
the same way they did you.
- They won't love you for this.
- I am well aware of that.
When they've said enough,
we intervene. Good luck.
- Hello.
- Just a minute, Bragge.
What the hell are you up to?
- What's up?
- We're just being careful.
- You don't mind, do you?
- No.
- Where's the toilet?
- Out there to the left.
- What's up?
- It's not here.
- The bug isn't here.
- Of course it is.
I've bloody looked, okay? I had my
hand down the toilet. It's not there!
- The toilet in the hall?
- What?
- Are you in there?
- Just a minute.
- Is there a problem?
- No. Why would there be?
The others want to get started.
There you are. I was afraid
you had fallen into the bowl.
- No.
- Okay, let's get started.
This place
isn't exactly oozing charm.
- Persson, would you like to start?
- Yes. The kindergarten Fjelleparken.
- We win that one with 14.2 million.
- Okay. It's duly noted.
Here you are.
- You'll win it with what?
- 14.2.
The other figures
can be found in the folders.
We'll sign them right away.
Just make sure the Council
receives them before the 13th.
The Groenvang School extension.
What did we settle on?
That one was ours.
We'll win it with... 4.7.
This was for Halbo.
Nystroem. Here you are.
And Storgaard Contractors.
- Get cracking! We're thirsty!
- We have to make sure it's right.
Open the door! It's the police!
What the fuck is this?
You rat bastard!
I'll fucking kill you!
Sit down!
I'll kill you, you fucker!
Halbo, I'll kill you!
- Shut up and remain calm!
- You're a dead man, Halbo!
You'll pay for this!
- Keep quiet and stand still.
- You're a dead man, Halbo!
Remain calm.
Make a thorough search.
Remain calm, just keep quiet.
You are all under arrest, charged
with breaking competition laws.
You have the right to remain silent.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, it's just...
- Are you hurt?
- No.
Thank you for your help, Lars.
You did great.
This is a copy of
the contract of sale.
Your part of the purchase price
is in your account on the first...
when the new owner takes over.
- What kind of guy is this Jim Soeby?
- He's a good man.
He'll take good care
of the company.
What about you?
I've accepted that job as
project manager with NCC in Odense.
I just want you to know
that it's not your fault.
See you.
So that's that.
Come on, kids.
Over the last two decades,
construction business cartels -
have cost Danish society
billions of kroner.
No one knows the full extent of
illegal price fixing in Denmark.