Kartha Karma Kriya (2018) Movie Script

[Thunders rumbling]
[Thunders rumbling]
[Thunders rumbling]
Mirchi clock shows 11:40,
and the Hyderabad weather is just amazing
There are lot of hot & interesting news.
Stay tuned to Mirchi 98.3,
this is very hot, with Swathi.
Hey... Are you ready? Make it quick.
-Mom, the garlands are also ready
Hey, where is your dearest son who
should have been here long ago?
Kept me waiting since morning,
not letting me go to office.
You think my son has been
to the grocery stores?
He went to buy a bike to ride like a hero.
It takes some time.
My Siddhu should be arriving in style.
[Bike vrooming]
Mom, brother is here.
-Mom, how's my new bike?
Hey, looks like you it snatched
away from someone else.
Look mom, he's talking too much.
Ignore him, the bike really looks good.
-You look like a hero on this bike.
-Isn't it?
Does he look like a
zero without this bike?
Dad always talks like this.
I must tell you, the bike is very good bro.
Mom, its a new bike, put a small bindi.
Good, that you stopped her,
else she would have totally messed it up.
By the way,
where did you get the money for the bike?
Hi Uncle...
A common man buys in cash,
One who buys with a loan,
like him is the complete man.
Your philosophy is aweful.
You are the one spoiling him.
Dad, I made part payment in
cash and remaining as loan.
-I bought the bike from the showroom he works. Will these details do?
Here are your insurance and
temporary registration papers.
Uncle, why does every father feel that his
son is a good boy but his friend a fraud?
Because that is the fact.
-He is an idiot for your father and for me
-He is an idiot.
-I am an idiot.
Ok, now have this sweet.
-Now start your bike.
-Have it.
-Have a sweet.
-To have on the way...
-Bye mom.
Hello madam, he didn't invent a bike,
just bought one.
Enough of your overaction, now get inside.
-First, you may leave for office.
Go! You come inside!
Dude, what if we run into Mitthi
Shankar in this happy moment?
-Hey, why would he come now?
-Why would he? We did. Look there!
-Bro, Namaste
-Hey how many times should I call you?
You won't answer when I call,
and never be home when I come.
When you come in need of money,
you tell me a lot of stories.
When I come to ask,
you escape and slip away.
Come on, give me money.
Bro actually...
-What? Have you bought a new bike?
-Yes bro.
Oh I see, you have money for this,
but not for my repayment?
Give me my money and take your bike.
Bro... One minute!
New bike, just got its puja done.
If you take it away,
I will be looked down in the colony.
Please bro, try to understand.
-Hey move!
-Don't get angry, listen to me once.
Give me a week's time. I will repay
all your money. I sware on my friend.
Oh, Come on!
-See, your own friend doesn't believe you!
-Damn! Bloody idiot!
How will I?
Look... repay my money and take your bike.
Bro, I just started my life,
please don't apply brakes.
Please bro!
Bro, mine isn't any huge sum compared
to your properties and other loans.
Summing up the principle
and interest its...
-Just 90 thousand
-yeah give that 90 thousand then!
Bro! Give me a weeks time.
I will give you, please trust me bro!
Come out of the colony for
once and see the world bro.
Life runs so colourful!
We are fighting over petty issues.
We should take them in a light manner.
[Ladies arguing with each other]
"Take it easy, take it easy,
let anyone think anything, take it easy."
"Take it easy, take it easy,
let anyone confront you, take it easy."
"Block the place where your
mind is and what it likes."
"Raise your bars high."
"Think that you would lose nothing."
"Always aim high."
"It would be great if you succeed."
"Else, take it easy."
"It's only one life."
"Let's do lovely fun."
"Whatever is your tension.
take is easy and run."
"We get awestruck seeing an AUDI car."
"But travel in a conjusted share auto."
"We always want to buy branded jeans."
"But not being afforable,
always end up buying roadside."
"There are too many dreams."
"Even if one to be fulfilled,"
"Do those tiny mistakes in fun,"
"if you really want to."
"Take it easy, take it easy,
let anyone think anything, take it easy."
"Take it easy, take it easy,
let anyone confront you, take it easy."
"Block the place where your
mind is and what it likes."
"Raise your bars high."
"If you are still picking
stones from ration rice,"
"When would you eat basmathi biryani?"
"If you sit calm in your hut,"
"When will you have
your address on Google?"
"How many days in this colony,"
will you survive with tears?"
"Don't ever miss the chance
to be a king overnight."
"Take it easy, take it easy,
let anyone think anything, take it easy."
"Take it easy, take it easy,
let anyone confront you, take it easy."
"Think that you would lose nothing."
"Always aim high."
"It would be great if you succeed."
"Else, take it easy."
What's this Siddhu? Its been two
days since youhave come to the shop.
There are so many phones
lying there for repair.
The customers are dying with identity
crisis disconnected from social media.
-What are you looking at?
-Get to work!
When will I repair all these phones? Argh!
He wants free income.
Seems like I spend all my life
repairing these damaged phones.
Did you start working?
Doing it sir, one minute.
Excuse me, do you have HTC headphones?
but I have in another compatible brand.
No. Thank you.
What a beauty!
[Bike vrooming] Ouch!
You naughty!
Yeah, I'm very naughty.
Yeah, I'm very naughty.
Bro, tea!
Aha? Naughty?
First have the tea, and get to work.
Sorry, bad time.
You finished your bottle,
and started to stare at mine?
-Hey, you understood that way?
Should we remain like this
in colony life through?
You think its just a colony,
I am counting it as county.
They are just four lanes away,
rest all remain same.
Then you live sweeping those lanes.
Both our salaries summed up won't
make to their electricity bill.
Just four lanes away?
He goes by an Audi on the
same road we go by an auto.
That is life one has to live up to.
We are just lying here like chips
packet among Scotch bottles.
We should spend whole year planning
for the yearend party. So is our life.
Why do you worry dude?
Do you know how most of
the people get ruined?
Not because they don't have,
but out of jealousy that another has.
Finally, my message is...
Stop looking at others,
pull you socks up in the colony.
Then you would see a multinational
company even in a petty grocery store too.
-How was that?
Hey, if you repair the phones,
you get money.
You will have a good life, else it
will get screwed up like those phones.
I am not telling for the sake of it,
I mean it practically.
Concentrate on your work.
My business grows and you
too would make some money.
Else we end up as good-for-nothing.
-We'll start a youtube channel...
As you are telling life lessons,
we would atleast get some likes and shares.
Being sarcastic? My bad,
I am taking to you early in the morning.
-Listen, take care of the shop. I will go to Jagadesh market for new panels.
Nothing funny, take care of the shop.
Hey, don't you take a break from?
Already gave a week's break.
-From that girl in the colony.
Hey yuck, I'm not talking about girl,
I spoke about you meeting Siddhu.
He already works less,
why do you keep coming and disturb him.
I can't tolerate this.
[Humming friendship song]
Hi dude,
I don't want to beat around the bush.
There's a new bike in the market, we are
launching it on our showroom tomorrow.
Get dressed well and come to showroom.
What should I do at showroom,
wash bikes like you?
We are pulling a lucky draw for guests,
customers, employees.
-First prize is a home theatre.
-Is it?
-How are you sure I would get it.
I will take care of it, you just come.
It's a home theatre.
You are unnessarily rising my expectations.
I will smash you out,
if things don't go as you said.
Don't worry I am here.
Pick me up tomorrow.
What's that now? I'm not coming.
-Do you want home theatre or not?
Ok, but if I don't see my
name in the lucky draw...
Cool dude, home theatre is yours.
How much money is in the counter?
Looking angrily doesn't solve the problem.
Only beer can solve them.
-How much is it?
Why do I need so much? 500 will do.
You keep this 100 for yourself.
Ah, got money for the expenses.
Good boy! Come to pick up tomorrow, bye!
Ah... Got money..good boy...
Come tomorrow bye. What a rhyming?
I should start writing them down.
"Every friend is needed boss!"
Welcome everyone who came to the
new vehicle lauch from Honda.
Thank you everyone for making
this occasion a grand success.
Happiness grows with sharing.
It remains as a memory
if you celebrate it.
We wish to turn this
hapiness into a sweet memory.
So out of all the guests who
participated in this occasion,
We are going to pick one name as
a winner through a lucky draw.
We are going to give a
surprise gift to that winner.
I already got what I want,
your gift would be a bonus.
And the winner is
Mr Rajgopal
-You come out...
-I'm sorry dude!
Thank you one and all.
[Phone ringing]
Do yo have common sense?
Why do I need common sense to wake you up?
Just water will do.
A lazy fellow who sleeps till this
hour has no right to talk morals.
Get ready fast,
need to go to the showroom.
Why are you in a hurry for my office?
[Groans] Actually...
-Something is fishy?
-Fishy? Is it?
I should actually smash you
for what you did yesterday.
Forgave as you are my childhood bestie.
It's time for the showroom,
get ready in 5 minutes.
Why are you bugging me
early in the morning?
See, I have no much work,
not a problem though I go late to work.
No problem in going late?
Please dude, she will arrive by then.
She will arrive? What dude, love?
Yes dude. [Laughs]
It's totally a different feeling if
one's friend is in love with someone.
Hey, I will make you love story a success.
That triumph in making one's
love success is unmatchable.
-Is it?
Get ready!
Is it me or him working in the showroom?
Everyone is coming, but where is she?
Why hasn't she come yet?
Why there is no steering on this vehicle?
Hey, are you done?
Looks like an iphone walking like a girl.
-Want to do servicing?
-Hey, was it a pun?
There are cc cameras all over. We may lose
our respect if anyone sees. Please leave.
We should be well mannered when at home
and at work. Rest doesn't matter much.
I plead you, please leave.
Hope no one noticed. [Clears throat]
Leaving without seeing Mythri? No way!
Excuse me... Hello sir.
-Have you come for a bike?
Yeah, heard that a new model is launched,
came to check it out.
-Oh, this is the bike.
We have three varient colours.
It comes in blue, red and black.
Err... with all the sports bike features.
[Music mutes voice]
By the way, what is your mode of payment?
Loan or cash or card?
We have official bankers.
-You look very good.
I mean, the bike is very good.
I feel like to own it immediately.
But we need to plan to own it.
I will visit again.
Ok sir, no problem. You're always welcome.
-Thank you!
[Sound of traffic]
Have you decided?
Or would you need any other bike details?
You could have called me
instead of searching around.
Madam, he is my friend Siddhu.
-Came for me, why don't you tell?
This is Mythri, a good friend outside,
but here she is my madam.
Now you tell me,
have you come for the bike or Yadu?
-I came for you.
I mean, he is my best friend
and he is your friend too.
So we too are friends. Aren't we?
It's very unfair for two friends
being unfamiliar. So came to meet you.
He isn't getting this logic.
Atleast you try to understand.
Hi, I'm Siddhu. I'm Mythri.
And I'm Yadu.
I think it didn't work out!
"When you are smiling like this..."
"My heart goes swinging up in the air."
"When you smile with your eyes..."
"My life keeps racing up."
"I have fallen for you
at very first sight."
"I became something
different because of you."
"I am seperated from
myself and became you"
"What did you do to me?"
"My eyes are sparkling because of you."
"Stories have started because of you."
"I turned into a poet just now."
"Because of you. Isn't it?"
"My feet go after you."
"It is coming running."
"Excessive mesmirisation"
"Feels good."
"Even a cold breeze pricks me
when you are a bit away from me."
"The moon too feels hot,
when you do not come."
"My eyes curse me when I
don't show you to them."
"My heart denies to beat. What is this?"
"My walk and run, are because of you."
"I dream in the morning because of you."
"My worry and joy whatever it is..."
"Because of you, isn't it?"
"Beauty like a colourful flowers rain..."
"entwined my eyes. What is this?"
"The unending joy that I
didn't have earlier..."
"just joined my heart. What is this?"
[Phone ringing]
Hello, who is this?
Hello... hello...
[Phone buzzed]
-Is my phone repair done?
-One minute.
Here it is.
-Ok, Thank you.
-Ok bro.
We should be able to cash it.
But people don't spend on anything else as
much as they do on mobiles and hospitals.
Why so?
One has to healthy to live.
But to show that they are alive,
there should be good communication.
Once make some money,
you speak in rhyming, isn't it?
Ok fine.
The more mobiles you repair fast
and perfect, the more money we make.
You continue this, no one in this locality
denies to recognise cellphone Siddhu.
Here is your share.
-Thank you.
Enjoy son!
If water isn't sparyed,
vegetables look dull.
Hey, take out money.
Haven't yet sold anything. Come later.
Hey, I don't want to hear your stories.
Did I ask you for the principle?
-Trust me Shankar sir.
- I asked just the interest.
Will I lie to you? Haven't sold anything.
Always you say the same thing.
But never pay. I am fed up listening to it.
True Shankar sir, I am afraid of you.
See my cash box if you would want to.
Will I lie to you?
Yuck, What a life is mine!
Everyone takes money,
but none pays the interest.
What a trouble!
I am here!
Not just the interest, take full amount.
Principle 50, interest 40, sums up to 90.
Though I begged for you never paid a rupee
as interest too. Now made full payment.
Where did you get money from?
You want money or the reason?
If you want reason don't ask for money.
-Give it here.
-No, I want only money.
Take this two thousand and have fun.
He is shock, what fun can he have?
You move!
[Bike engine revving]
Please Ankith, I want the answer.
I want to know what happend exactly.
Relax its my responsibility too.
Even I want to know.
[Music mutes voice]
Why is Mythri here?
What has he got to do with Mythri?
-What happened bro?
Is Mythri in love with him?
Are they both lovers?
Enough of the art in the rice plate,
have it first.
What's wrong with him?
Did he have it as he was very
hungry or because I scolded him?
-Dad, what you thought is right.
-As he couldn't bare your torture...
-Enough stop it.
Have it!
Acting too smart!
Why was he staring at Mythri like that?
What's happening?
No, it can't be that.
Hey Siddhu, don't think negatively.
Whatever it may be...
I can't possess Mythri
if I delay any further.
Better to propose her at the right time.
Why is mythri here?
-Ok,thank you.
-Ok mam.
Whom is she inquiring about?
I don't get anything at all.
Where is she going? Better to follow her.
What work does she have here?
It's okay. Le'mme wait.
I'll take her to a nice romantic place
once she comes out and propose her
Hello, sir.
Come Mythri. Sit.
Sir, documents.
I have already checked the
documents you sent in the e-mail.
I will try through my known sources.
Let's see if we can get any information.
Thank you, sir.
You have to help me somehow.
-Bye sir.
[Gate creaks open]
[Gate creaks close]
Yeah. okay, nice.
-Let's go.
[Bike engine revving]
Mythri, are you hurt?
No I am fine. But you...
-Take this.
-Oh god, Siddu!
Hey this is nothing.
Fights like these are
common in our street.
Anyway there's a thing in
daring for a loved one.
I mean...
There's a thing in daring for a friend.
That's okay. But why are you here?
Are you following me?
-No no.
I just stopped the bike to take a call.
Meanwhile I saw you and
was coming to wish you...
-And all of this happened.
-I just said it casually Siddu.
Anyhow, thanks.
Hey, I need to get to the showroom.
I am already late.
I'll meet you later. Hmm?
Oh god...
-Okay bye, Siddu.
-Bye Mythri.
[Bike revving]
I'll drink this chilled beer and
give you some tips, take them.
They say 'Slow and steady wins the race'
and 'A stich in time saves nine' too
What I am trying to say is...
Before it's too late for your love,
express your love quickly.
Any late from your side is
disrespecting our youth.
Tweet on Twitter,
Fake on Facebook or lie on Instagram.
But express your love to her.
Wow, what a timing.
-Haven't I nailed it?
I am dying of tension just to
call her and ask her to meet.
You are asking me to propose?
Girls are very good and sharp.
They won't waste time.
If my guess is right,
Mythri will also be thinking like you.
Take the phone out and dial her number.
-Hey no.
-Do it.
Call her man! [Phone ringing]
[Phone ringing] Hey!
Mythri is calling.
Answer the call and enjoy.
-Hello Mythri.
-Hi Siddu.
-Hey hi.
Haven't you slept yet?
Huh? No no.
Was thinking something.
I just thought of calling you and you did.
-Is it?
-Nothing much. Just casually.
Siddu, shall we meet tomorrow?
Hey, she's asking to meet.
Yeah! Sure sure.
-Anything important?
I will tell when we meet tomorrow.
Okay Mythri.
-What time shall we meet?
-Evening five 'O' clock.
-Okay, done.
-Okay, Siddu.
Bye. Good night.
Bye Mythri.
My love story is gonna
start from tomorrow.
Mythri asked to meet her.
-Yeah yeah!
-Oh! Oh!
[Birds chirping]
[Vehicles honking]
Hi Mythri.
Sorry I was little late.
It's okay.
I never thought I will see
a day like this in my life.
Me too.
Some relations happen without planning.
And end abruptly.
But few relations.
They form up like a
strong reason around you.
They will give us courage,
that there's someone for us.
Our relation gave me that strength Siddu.
In my life that had only
questions but not answers.
Like a single answer to all the questions.
I got a good friend like you.
I too feel the same.
-Actually I...
-Will you help me, Siddu?
I need a help.
I don't know any better
person than you for that here.
What's that help?
The girl in this picture
is my sister Divya.
[Thunders rumbling]
[Thunders rumbling] [sobs]
This is the first time I am
seeing the inside of a mobile.
Cell phone repair is not
as easy as bike repairing.
Is it?
My phone got hanged.
The display isn't visible
even if I turn it on.
I don't know exactly what's happening.
It went off suddenly.
From when?
Just ten minutes.
It's not working.
It'll take some time to repair, madam.
I will check. Can you wait for sometime?
Err... No. I have to go now.
But... okay I'll wait.
-But, please make it fast.
Thank you.
Is it done?
That fellow had lots
of luck backing him up.
Or else one can't get a figure like that.
-Lucky fellow.
-Yeah dude.
Lucky fellow.
Hey, there's a video too.
Dude, what a video!
Quality is too good.
The girl's in good shape!
If we upload this video on YouTube,
it'll go wildly viral.
Hey. Stop your nonsense.
-Hey, she's coming.
-Oh, no.
One second, one second.
-Is it done?
What's the problem?
It hanged because of not updating the iOS.
Okay. How much is it?
-500 madam.
Thank you.
Thank you, madam.
Two months back.
She committed suicide.
Our parents, or friends.
Or even me with whom she share everything.
She haven't shared the problem this time.
She just died.
To commit suicide for small reasons.
Divya is not so weak minded,
to commit suicide Siddu.
As a sister, I know.
How sportive and strong she was.
Post-mortem reports,
Police investigation and everything...
...decided that it's a
suicide and closed the case.
But I wanted to find out the
real reason behind her death.
That's why I came to Hyderabad.
I am meeting everyone who know Divya.
I'm searching for the
reason for her suicide.
But no use.
There's an unseen and
un-traceable reason...
...behind Divya's death.
No matter who are the
reason for Divya's death.
I have to kill them myself.
I need your support.
Will you help me Siddu?
Dude, what a video!
Quality is too good.
The girl's in good shape!
If we upload this video on YouTube!
It will go viral.
Hey, don't drink so fast dude.
You should drink slowly,
enjoying the taste.
The girl whose video we saw that
day was Mythri's sister dude.
-Mythri's sister?
Quality is too good.
The girl's in good shape!
Her name is Divya.
Mythri's elder sister.
She died committing suicide.
That girl died?
-Mythri's sister?
-What's her name?
Did Mythri know that you know Divya?
-Don't tell her.
Don't reveal it at all.
If you tell her. We are finished.
God knows about your love.
Me, you and your whole family
will be dragged to streets.
Hey, I love Mythri dude.
I can't live without her. I want her.
Are you mad or what?
It's our life matter
and you want love now?
Listen to me and forget her.
Forget everything.
It's better we stay away
from Mythri from now on.
Hey, we need to be clever
in escaping our mistakes.
We shouldn't go to them
with all our details.
We both will go to jail if we are caught.
Please, listen to me.
Please dude. [Phone ringing]
Can we meet in the morning?
I need to talk to you.
I'll come Mythri.
Mythri called.
-She wants to meet tomorrow.
-No. Don't go, please.
Don't meet her. Please listen to me.
I... I will meet Mythri tomorrow.
Yes, I'll get back to you.
How are you Ravi?
Very good, sir.
Among the suicide cases that took place
in the city in the last two months...
...these three looked very strange.
Divya, Mahalakshmi, Kalyani.
Officially these three
cases have been closed.
In the investigation,
even though they wrote letters that no
one is responsible for their deaths,
we found out many common elements.
-Okay sir!
-That's why.
That's why,
investigate these cases off the record.
Yes, sir.
And don't let anyone to escape.
Definitely, sir.
Yeah, send them in.
-They will assist you in this case.
-Hello, sir.
There might be birth without a reason.
Not death.
I want to know the reason
for these three deaths.
At least.
We should stop another
from dying like this.
Yes, sir.
-Do the best.
-Will try my best.
-Good luck.
-Thank you, sir.
Just like my sister Divya...
...two others committed suicide Siddu.
Who are they?
In the last two months.
Software engineer Kalyani.
And house wife Mahalakshmi also...
committed suicide.
According to my enquiry...
Those two suicides were similar to
Divya's suicide.
It doesn't matter who believe me or not.
Behind Divya's suicide...
There's someone and it's a fact.
How do you know about all these cases?
Someone who used to be
in the police department.
Retired officer Ranganath sir.
He called me and updated
me with this information.
In these three cases.
He too found some similarities.
It's conform that my sister...
She got killed by someone, Siddu.
Calm down Mythri.
Divya. Age 22.
Software engineer.
Date of death, March 22nd.
She died slicing her nerves.
Kalyani. Age 25.
She used to work in Madhapur,
in an engineering projects institute.
Date of death, April 16th.
Cause of death.
Overdose of sleeping pills.
Number three.
House wife, Mahalakshmi.
Age 29.
Date of death is May 14th.
She hanged herself.
Three suicides took place in three months.
No complaints and no suspects.
They wrote letters stating no one
is responsible for their deaths.
Are there really no reasons?
Or is there someone?
If so, who's that.
There's only one issue raising
doubts in all three cases.
All three used to stay in
five kilometres of radius.
Divya, Madhura nagar.
Mahalakshmi, Krishna nagar.
And Kalyani, Madhapur.
If there's someone who's
responsible for these deaths.
They might also be operating
from these surroundings.
Our investigation starts with...
-okay, sir.
Excuse me.
I am Mythri.
Want to meet Dr. Anand.
Just a second madam.
[Phone ringing] Excuse me.
-Ms. Mythri is here to meet you.
Ask her to wait. I am coming.
okay, sir.
Sir is busy with the client inside.
He asked you to wait.
-Please be seated.
-okay, thank you.
Who's this guy!
Sorry Mythri.
Was busy with a client.
It's okay Anand.
-By the way, he's my friend Siddu.
Please be seated.
Did you get to know any information?
You doubt anyone?
I am trying all my sources.
But, I'm unable to find what's
the reason for Divya's death.
Did Divya call you on the day she died?
Yeah, she called me.
But I didn't attend the call.
I am in a session with clients.
I called her back after one hour.
But no response from her.
By the next morning...
I heard the bad news.
No matter how much we try.
We are not even getting a small clue.
What if we lodge a complaint with
police to reinvestigate the case?
Why involve the cops now?
The issue will become big unnecessarily.
Yes Mythri. He's correct.
If we go for police complaint now.
Forget getting justice,
we had to roam around them.
Yeah Siddu is correct.
We can investigate ourselves.
Let us find out the
reason for Divya's death.
It's okay Anand.
Ping me if you get to
know any information.
Sure Mythri.
-Bye Anand.
-See you.
See you.
I want to meet Mythri.
I am Ravi Teja.
Officer on special duty, Crime branch.
Want to talk about your
sister Divya's suicide case.
My sister Divya suicide case...
When was it reopened?
Who logged the complaint?
No one complained.
But in the last three months.
Like your sister Divya.
Two other women committed suicide.
But then.
There are so many similarities between
all these three specific cases.
That's why.
I am investigating this.
In fact. I have my own doubts on my...
...Sister's death.
Do you suspect someone?
Or when your sister talked to you.
Did she tell about any problem?
Or any threat from anyone?
No. She used to be very happy.
Don't know what happened suddenly.
I am confused.
Oh, sorry.
Please control yourself.
He's Siddu. My friend.
-He's Mr. Ravi.
-Police officer.
He's reinvestigating Divya's case.
-Hello, sir.
-Hello, Mr. Siddu.
-Please sit.
-It's okay sir.
-Are you also working here?
No. Siddu is a cellphone mechanic.
Cellphone mechanic Siddu.
Yes, sir.
How many days you know him from?
From almost two months, sir.
Why sir?
Uhh, nothing.
I had to meet you again regarding the case.
I need your cooperation.
Sure, sir.
Leave that. Why did you come this way?
Nothing Mythri.
Okay, sir.
-Yes, sir?
-I want to meet Dr. Anand.
Wait a minute.
Sir there's someone
named Ravi to meet you.
-Okay, sir.
Sir is coming. Please be seated.
That's okay. I'll wait.
I am Dr. Anand. You?
-Ravi Teja. Crime Branch.
-Oh, okay.
I want to talk to you
about Divya's suicide.
Yeah, come sir. Let's sit inside and talk.
-Please, sir.
-Thank you.
When did you know Divya from?
May be three years!
You both are in different professions.
For cancer awareness, we conducted a...
Pink ribbon marathon in Necklace road.
She participated in it.
We met then.
And became friends afterwards.
Do both of you have any issues?
Not a chance.
I thought of sharing life with her.
Why would you say I will let her go?
I haven't said you let her go!
Ah, I mean... That's...
It's okay.
Do you think there can be any
other reasons for her suicide?
I don't know anything. Please.
Don't involve me in this case, sir.
It's not personal Mr. Anand.
I want to know the truth.
I really have no idea, sir.
If a girl you are in love with from
three years suddenly commits suicide.
Even without a thought of
what might be the reason.
-You are happy.
-Not like that.
-I can't believe that.
-Nothing like that, sir.
I am already in lots of
depression from the loss.
I can't handle these case pressures.
-Let's meet again.
-okay, sir.
It might be you.
Or someone else.
No matter who's the
reason for Divya's death.
Will not escape law.
And I'll make sure of that.
Thanks for your time.
[Phone ringing]
-What's the progress in the investigation?
-Any update?
We studied all three cases in detail, sir.
We are enquiring the witnesses, sir.
-And I will soon update you, sir.
Why didn't you complained to police?
We know why she died.
Why to complain again, sir?
You know the reason of her death?
-She used to suffer from stomach ache.
I never tookay it seriously.
Due to the variety of medicines she used.
She got side effects.
And her condition became more worse.
Unable to bear that...
My Lakshmi...
Committed suicide.
Sorry for your loss, Mr. Prabhakar.
Please take care of yourself.
Sir, you are?
Ravi Teja. Officer on special duty.
Crime branch.
Oh, hello sir.
Why are you here, sir?
A girl named Kalyani committed suicide.
That case was closed long back no sir?
You want it to be closed?
[Stammering] Nothing like that.
I just said that casually.
I'll come to the point.
What kind of girl is Kalyani?
Who are her friends?
Does she have any boyfriends?
If so, who's he?
Do you suspect anyone?
What problem does she
have to commit suicide.
Did you pressure her?
What is this sir?
Are you...
investigating or interrogating me?
Do you want to see how
an interrogation goes?
I don't mean that, sir.
When a girl in your office
dies committing suicide.
Won't you do a minimum
enquiry on why she died?
I need full details of Kalyani.
Sorry, sir.
You suddenly came from the
department and asking me questions.
I am feeling little nervous.
Kalyani is a nice girl, sir.
Calm going, sincere employee.
But we don't know personal
details like boyfriends.
One second sir.
Yeah. Get me Kalyani's personal file.
There's no company involvement
in this matter, sir.
Please sir, trust me.
Whenever you want any information.
I am ready to cooperate.
If this issue becomes big.
Company will get bad name, sir.
Remaining employees careers
will also get effected, sir.
Sir, Kalyani file.
Kalyani personal file sir.
Thank you.
-Will come to enquiry if needed.
-okay, sir.
My dear staff members.
If any one of you want to commit suicide.
Tell me first.
Don't give me tension.
okay, one second.
Thank you. [Sniffs]
Divya, Kalyani, Mahalakshmi.
Before committing suicide
whom do they talked to?
Where did they go and whom did they meet?
And are there any family side issues?
-I need all those details.
-Yes, sir.
-And one more thing.
-Three months call data.
Sir, post-mortem reports.
There's some common element
in these three suicides.
Might be pressure, sir.
Who gave them that?
I became very lonely Siddu.
It feels very lonely.
The fact that I have no one.
Is so disturbing to the heart.
When our mom died in our childhood.
Dad tookay care of us.
He raised us with lots of love.
Me, my sister and dad.
We used to be so happy.
[Laughs] Stop there.
-See dad.
They won't listen.
For sake of a job.
She came to the city.
This suicide news came at once.
We don't know the reason, but...
Without even thinking,
people in our village...
Made stories of their own.
About his own daughter.
After hearing such nonsense.
No father can bear that heart ache.
My mom left me when I was a child.
Reasons behind my own
sister's death were erased.
My father who used to
take so much care of me.
Left me in middle of all this.
And I became all lonely Siddu.
There might be birth without a reason.
Not death.
What's the reason behind Divya's death?
And the person behind that reason.
I need to know.
Don't worry Mythri.
You will get to know everything soon.
Trust me.
Sir, the call data of Divya,
Kalyani and Mahalakshmi.
Did you check it in detail?
Yes, sir. They all received
continuous calls from unknown numbers.
-Who's numbers are those?
-The number Divya got call from.
It's from Saroor Nagar,
Bharani Homes apartments.
It's on house wife Usha Rani's name.
The number Kalyani got call from.
It's from Satyavathi,
who's running a milk booth in Malkajgiri.
The number Mahalakshmi got call from.
It's from Suseela,
working as a clerk in the secretariat, sir.
Have you enquired the relation
between the callers and the victims?
Friends or relatives?
-Checked it?
-No, sir.
-Yeah, Anji?
To whom those numbers actually belong?
What's their relation to the victims?
And. Why did they call?
What did they speak?
-I need all these details. okay?
-okay, sir.
-Keep going.
-We checked CC footage also, sir.
There's a common place
these three women went to.
Common place? What's that?
Cellphone service centre.
-Cellphone service centre?
-Yes, sir.
Inside the cellphone service centre CCTV.
It's been recorded that
these three were there.
Who's the owner of that centre?
It's on the name of Siva Ram, sir.
Siva Ram!
Cellphone service centre.
Siddu is a cellphone mechanic.
If there's someone named Siddu.
-He's a mechanic okay?
-If he's there. Pick him up immediately.
-okay, sir.
Get him. And by the way.
-Get the owner also.
-okay, sir.
Cellphone mechanic Siddu.
Cellphone service centre.
Mythri. Divya.
Something is connected.
What sir? Why did you bring me?
I don't understand what's happening here,
You will understand everything.
First answer to me properly.
Sir without telling me the topic and
explaining the matter,
who can I answer sir?
Also you seem to have
something else in your mind.
From when did you know Mythri?
I told you last time no, sir?
From when did you know Mythri?
From two months, sir.
I went to the showroom
for my friend Yadhu.
We met there.
Then Mythri's sister.
Divya. From when did you know her?
I know that Divya is Mythri's sister, sir.
But I never met her, sir.
I don't even know any details about her,
Divya came to your shop
for her cellphone repair.
Why would Divya come to my shop?
She didn't sir.
So you really don't know Divya?
No. I don't know, sir.
Sir, I know that this girl
is Mythri's sister Divya.
I felt really bad when I got to
know that she committed suicide.
but..I don't remember her
coming to our shop sir, no.
Recollect correctly.
This girl came to your cellphone centre.
We have the video footage too.
I don't know sir,
so many people will be coming to our shop..
...I can't possible remember everyone sir.
You know how it works.
There won't be any repeat customers
once they get their phone repaired
Don't know sir.
Hmm... then...
..did you see them earlier?
I don't know sir.
Good, because even they came
to your cellphone centre.
and unfortunately they are dead,
they committed suicide.
Can you understand the intensity?
How am I related to them sir?
So many unknown people
come to my shop for repair.
If few of them die of their own reasons,
how can you bring me sir?
I... I don't know anything sir.
You are intentionally framing me sir.
By doing this,
you want to distance me from Mythri.
Please sir, don't do that,
please don't seperate me and Mythri.
I didn't even tell Mythri that I love her.
-You love Mythri?
-Yes sir, I love her.
But don't tell this to Mythri,
I have to tell her.
But I don't have anything
to do with Divya's death.
Hey! Don't you really know Divya?
Don't you lie.
Sir, I swear sir, I really don't know sir.
Who will be in your shop along with you?
Me and our shop's owner.
-Yeah, yeah I know.
Nobody else comes to your shop?
No sir, oh yes, my friend Yadav
will be coming often to meet me.
Ok, Yadav, note it down.
-Go, go now.
-Thank you sir.
Hey, I just had a doubt on you now.
If that turns out to be a truth..
Sir, what is this again sir?
Please sir, I am nowhere related sir.
Sindham Yadagiri,
a.k.a Yadav, bike mechanic.
Stays at Jubilee hills slum.
Everything is right sir,
you just missed my blood group, O-
I know.
-What sir?
-That your's is a negative mind.
If it's O negative, mind will be negative?
How will it be? I won't agree.
Hey stop!
-From how long do you know siddu?
-We are friends from childhood.
-Then Mythri?
-Recently sir
Don't you know anything
about Mythri's sister Divya?
Oh my god, I don't know anything sir,
I know that Mythri's sister is Divya..
..and Divya committed suicide
but I am nowhere related sir.
Hey sit down!
Recollect well.
Were you there when Divya came
to Siddu's cellphone repair shop?
I swear on my mom, I don't know anything.
you are framing me in this case.
please sir.
-Atleast do you doubt anyone?
-No sir.
I'll go to shop in the morning and come,
I'll meet siddu in the evening...
I'll have two beers and a biryani in
the night and I'll sleep. That's it sir.
The reason between those three deaths
should either be you or that Siddu.
No sir.
Siddu and I have no connection with this,
we don't even know who are they.
I'll go to that shop for timepass,
if I knew this would happen...
...I wouldn't have gone
to that shop or that road.
I'm getting tensed for the first time in
life. I don't understand what's happening.
-Please sir, leave me.
-But, I'll call you again when needed.
-Okay sir, bye sir.
[cellphone ringing]
-Are you happy now?
Divya might've committed suicide,
it might be due to some hundred reasons..
...but is it right to target me for being
friendly and Siddu being close with you?
Yadav, what happend?
Look, you are completely responsible
if something happens to us.
I can't understand anything.
If we are friendly,
Police will take us like thieves?
Will they interrogate? If Siddu's parents
knows about this, won't they be scared?
-Who took you?
-Who else? That special officer Ravi.
-Where is Siddu now?
-Does it matter Mythri?
God knows about Divya's death,
but we are getting framed unneccesarily.
Look, Siddu is a nice guy,
I don't want him to suffer beacause of you.
I tried convincing him, he isn't listening
to me, I am getting tensed because of him.
Lot of people come to my shop for
cellphone repair, pouches or screengaurds.
How am I responsible if
something happens to them sir?
I don't know anything about
this untill you told me sir.
-Didn't you see any of these 3?
-I didn't see sir. Didn't see.
but they came to your shop.
They might've come sir,
but I might not be in the shop then.
-If you go out, who will be in the shop?
-Siddu sir.
He'll only repair all these cellphones,
he'll be there if I am not in shop.
-Do you have any doubt on Siddu?
-no sir, he is a very nice guy.
He repairs cellphone very well,
but he is a bit lazy in work, that's it.
-What about Yadav?
-Yadav, he is a waste fellow.
He'll come and disturb him
sometimes while he is working.
That's why I didn't like him sir.
-but sir, someone somewhere did something.
..It's wrong to doubt me no sir?
If something happens unexpectedly,
it's an accident.
If someone plans and kills, it's a murder.
but these people didn't die of accident
or murder, they committed suicide.
Untill I find out the reason
behind it and who is responsible...
I won't leave any clue.
Sir, trust me sir. For me it's my shop,
my house, my family, that's it sir..
...I don't have another
world other than that.
I really don't know anything sir.
Look sir, Siddu is a good guy.
He is more than a friend to me.
I requested him to help me.
but if he is getting into trouble
because of me, I am not liking it.
You are a sincere officer,
that's why I am requesting you..
...please don't involve
Siddu in Divya's case.
I know about Siddu, there's no
connection of Siddu to this case.
Please sir.
If a crime happens and
somebody is effected by it...
Law will know the reasons
behind the crime...
...and punish the person
who commited the crime.
In our investigation, we'll question
so many people through interrogations.
That doesn't mean all the persons who
got interrogated has committed a crime.
To uncover the truth and to prevent
the criminal from escaping...
...Law and order will be working
on it always and so is my job.
I don't work as per
your opinions on Siddu.
It's purely your personal feeling,
just wait for two days..
you'll find the answer for your questions,
for your trust and for your search.
Sadness will reduce if we share it,
happiness will increase if we share it.
If we share our problem,
we'll find a solution,
or we'll get the strength
to fight the problem.
My father told this to me.
That's why, I shared my problem with you.
I asked for your help but..
..in the process of helping me,
I didn't expect that it..
..will become a trouble for you Siddu.
I am sorry.
I am feeling guilty for what happend.
Your problem is my responsibility.
I have to answer your every
question and I will answer.
Even if anyone creates trouble
or issue in this process,
I won't get scared and runaway.
Because every moment
in my life is for you.
Yes Mythri, only for you.
"I want to see you again and again."
"I want to say this more
when I am hiding it."
"I want to give my heart, again and again"
"I want to be close to you even more"
"My heart is saying, it's love"
"Let it become true without being a dream"
"Let me hold your hand like this"
"Every minute,
let me sink in the happiness "
"Disappeared, disappeared"
"All the distances have been disappeared"
"Time disappeared, world disappeared"
"If I am with you, I will be disappeared"
"Even when you are with me all these days"
"but all those day my eyes"
"never noticed, why is it?"
"That you are me"
"My eyes are sparkling"
"like those stars"
"My smiles are tinkling"
"while I am walking along with you"
"I want to see you again and again."
"I want to say this more
when I am hiding it."
"I want to give my heart, again and again"
"I want to be close to you even more"
"Disappeared, disappeared"
"All the distances have been disappeared"
"Time disappeared, world disappeared"
"If I am with you, I will be disappeared"
[waves rumbling]
[door clicks]
[door clicks]
[foot steps]
[utensils noise]
[horns honking]
Siddu, here's tea,
have it quickly, it'll get cold.
What happend son?
-You seem tensed?
-Nothing mom, you go.
-What happened dear?
-I said nothing, don't irritate me.
[crying] Mom!
If you are getting irritated like this,
you might've done some mistake
or you might be the reason
behind that mistake.
Problems won't solve if you shout or get
tensed, you have to think pleasantly.
Any father might not know
his son's greatness but
he'll immediately know when
his son has done a mistake.
An umbrella might not stop the rain,
but it'll protect us from getting wet.
Same way I might not
solve your problem but..
I'll try to protect you son. I'll try.
I'll try son. [crying]
-Good morning sir
-Yes Ravi, any information?
Yes sir,
I have all the details in this file
-Who all are there?
-It's one guy sir.
One guy? Who?
For all the three suicides,
he's the thinker, planner and executer.
And we have all the evidences. What do
you want me to sir? Let's proceed legally?
In the country where we pray to women...
..now it has became one of the countries
where women are getting hugely harrased.
My heart aches on that thought Ravi.
Girl children are being
killed in the mother's womb
In schools, colleges,
in offices they work..
In in-laws house, in buses and trains..
Everywhere women are being assaulted.
Now, recently, it's cyber crimes.
To stop them government has implemented
child welfare, women protection force...
..Nirbhaya law, she teams. In
how many ways they are trying..
how many CC cameras might be installed
for surveillance to protect them..
The beasts who are not visible to eyes
are attacking women and girl children.
So many lives are ending midway. These
kind of people are reason for all this
Ravi, do you know what's more pathetic?
A person being not able to tell
the reason for their situation..
..and committing suicide.
How scared they might be and what
pain they might've gone through...
...that they've come to such decision?
What should we do with the person who is
the reason behind those kind of deaths?
-I'll take care of it sir
Thank you sir.
Whatever might happen,
which ever decision Mythri might take...
...it's righteous to tell her the truth.
[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
-Siddu, I need to talk to you.
Yeah, tell me Mythri.
-Shall we meet?
-Okay, where?
The place where we usually meet.
I am coming.
Mythri, what actually happened is...
[crying] [gasping]
[phone ringing]
-Mythri meet me immediately.
-Sir now?
-Yeah, I'll share the location.
-Start right away
-Sir, anything urgent?
-Yes, it is
-Okay sir, I am coming.
Sir, why did you ask me to come suddenly?
Did you get any information?
Not information,
case almost came to the final stage.
Final stage means..
Who is behind Divya's suicide?
What's the reason?
There's only one reason for Mahalakshmi,
kalyani's suicides along with Divya's.
-What is it?
-Self recorded romance videos.
-Yes, self recorded romance videos.
Because one person got hold of
those videos and blackmailed them.
That guy blackmailed them for money.
Even after they gave him the
cash and got back the videos..
The mistake they've done for a little
fun went out in the form of videos..
...and they got scared they might lose
their honour and their family's respect
and committed suicide.
Any girl will give importance
to her honour than her life.
and that's exactly why,
Divya has committed suicide.
He called them three with different
voices through voice modulator app.
First he called, then he sent an MMS.
They went into a situation where they
don't know what to do in that shock...
...they can't be saying it to anyone.
Without another option
they did what he told.
They gave him the money he
asked and got their videos back.
When we checked Divya's and
Kalyani's bank accounts...
...we go to know that they
gave money to the blackmailer.
Mahalakshmi loaned the amount by
giving her gold chain to a borrower
Who is the reason behind Divya's death?
Yes, I am coming to the actual matter..
In your search of the person
behind your sister's death...
...you fell in love with him.
It's Siddu, whom you love.
Divya came to Siddu's repair
shop as her phone got hanged.
[vehicle sounds]
In the process of repairing Divya's phone,
Siddu saw few videos.
and unknowingly,
few deleted videos also got recovered.
After Divya took her phone and went...
Siddu got thirsty for money
after watching Divya's videos.
He decided to call Divya
to get the money easily.
Not to get caught,
he downloaded few softwares...
...and called her with another number
He used voice modulator software for
escaping voice code identification.
He started using his technical
knowledge in a wrong way for the money.
[phone ringing]
The romance you did with
your boyfriend is very nice.
I saw those just now,
selfi videos in HD quality are too good.
-If you want you can see
[message alert]
Hello? [laughs]
Without thinking about how did they come,
from where did they come..
..without telling this matter to anyone..
-Do as I say.
-Who are you?
You enjoyed with your boyfriend for
your happiness, you even took the videos
Even I should be happy too right?
For that I want 1 lakh.
Without using foolish things
like I don't have, I won't give..
...arrange the money.
I'll tell you when and where to bring.
If not, your videos will become
viral all over the internet.
Look, I want money,
I don't want your videos.
So, without making the issue big,
arrange the money.
I think you're sharp enough.
Wait for my next call Miss Divya.
Please don't upload those videos,
family will lose respect.
Please delete those videos.
Hello? hello? [crying]
Pick up the phone.
[camera clicks]
[camera clicks]
Divya didn't understand
what to do in tension.
She decided to take her videos from Siddu.
That's why she went to the place where
Siddu asked her to come with the money.
-1 lakh? everything's there?
-yes, it's there.
There will be a cover at the pillar,
keep it inside and leave immediately.
Then my videos? How should I trust you?
Do what I say, you don't have a choice.
I don't have any work with your videos.
By the time you place the
money and reach your house...
...the pen drive will be at your gate.
Yes, okay.
She's scared of her mistake..
..if her blackmailer
got more of her videos
and Divya was scared that he
might upload them to net..
and she called her boyfriend Anand.
He didn't respond.
Divya's fear doubled with the
breaking news that came on TV.
NUDE VIDEOS LEAKED ON NE Guntur based B.tech student
Swathi committed suicide.
Her personal videos and nude videos
got released on social networking sites
Police are thinking that might
be the reason for her suicide.
She didn't understand whom
to share her pain with,
without knowing what to do,
she committed suicide.
[crying] Oh no!
Without knowing about Divya's suicide...
He started recovering every smartphone
data that came for repair to his shop..
He started recovering every smartphone
data that came for repair to his shop..
He got the videos in Kalyani and
Mahalakshmi's phones the same way.
He blackmailed them in the same method.
Arrange for 1 lakh,
I'll tell you where to bring.
Hello? Hello?
He bought a bike with the money
he got from blackmailing Divya.
When the plan worked out,
he blackmailed Mahalakshmi aswell.
It's okay if a 5 or 10 is less..
...if you didn't come with the money to
the place I said by evening 5'O'clock..
It's your wish.
Videos of you enjoying with your secret
lover when your husband wasn't around
...will be forwarded.
I pray to you, My husband will
kill me if he knows about this..
I'll bring the money whereever
you want me to bring.
Please delete those videos.
Mahalakshmi got depressed for cheating
on her husband..she couldn't face him..
can't dare to say, she committed
suicide after writing a letter
Without knowing all this, Siddu...
happily repaid his loans
with the money Kalyani gave...
...and enjoyed with the
money Mahalakshmi gave.
Even before he got to know about Divya's
suicide, he fell in love with you.
He won't get you if you know that he
is the reason behind Divya's death..
That's why he is by your side
and observed your every move.
and got on without getting caught.
Infact, if he takes away the details
I got in this investigation...
..he thought foolishly that this
case will be closed without clues..
..and came for robbing my
house but escaped thinly.
Even if I have a doubt that it
was Siddu who came for robbing..
I decided that it's him after
finishing my whole enquiry.
That's why I searched for more clues,
but it was difficult..
Because Siddu executed this
whole matter very planned.
But, the small clue we got is the
CC tv footage in Siddu's shop.
We found the visuals of Divya,
Mahalakshmi and Kalyani in it.
That's when we got doubt on Siddu,
Yadav and his shop owner.
To check that we called them for enquiry,
recorded their voices and statements..
and sent them to lab for voice match..
The blackmailer voice
recorded in phone and
Siddu's voice in the recorded
enquiry has a common factor.
Clues team expert Viswam said that.
What's that?
The three voices recorded in
the phone belongs to one person.
How can you tell that confidently
that it belongs to the same person?
I'll explain you.
If we're in normal state of mind, we'll
think and speak steadily and clearly.
But if we are talking in anger,
in a hurry or in tension,
our words will stumble.
We can't pronounce few letters clearly.
When I observed closely, the person
who spoke in these three phone calls..
..as it is unplanned and he is
in tension..he pronounced L as K
We'll know if we listen to it
with complete concentration.
It is very clearly found in Siddu's
investigation recorded voice.
-Thank you sir.
With the evidence professor gave...
it's confirmed that Siddu
is behind those three deaths
But to check it personally,
I went Siddu's cell service centre.
Why did you come sir?
Stik..still you are doubting me?
I would've come if you called me no sir?
Stik..still you are doubting me?
No more doubts Siddu,
I came just like that. We'll meet again.
If cellphone is in the hand,
so many people in the society thinking
that the whole world is in
their hands and misusing it
instead of using it as
a communication device
Starting with fun selfies...
they are shooting
personal romance videos in the phone.
They are thinking whole
world is in their hands but..
...they don't know they are
stuck in the hands of whole world
One time, just one time..
If our phone falls in the hands of
opportunists, or selfish people..
What's our situation if they recover
our recorded videos, photos, selfies?
Life has to end abruptly like Divya,
Mahalakshmi and Kalyani's lives
Will be caught in the hands
of criminals like Siddu
[crying] Siddu!
[crying] Siddu!
[gun fires]
Lives of persons who choose wrong path
for easy money'll surely end like this.
I know that I am doing mistake but..
...I don't know that mistake is
big enough to take someone's life.
I lost my love due to that mistake.
Now, life too.
No one is responsible for my death,
it's me.
-Sir, Siddu is done
-Sad, I can't help it.
Come to office, more cases are there.