Karthik Calling Karthik (KCK) (2010) Movie Script

Good Morning Sir,
Sir, we are ofering you free
credit card from UFC Bank.
I am not interested,
Where are you going?
I am deducting 10,000 from
your deposit.
For repairing lift.
From my deposit,
What? You don't use lift.
And I need extra deposit,
Rather leave the flat.
You know I gave the garage on rent,
And you know what's the rent?
And deposit,
You can't aford it?
No problem at all,
there is a que of paying guests.
Mr. Karthik!
Just give me your mobile number,
I don't use mobile.
I knew that.
Then why did you ask?
Just to know.
I thought you must be cool yet,
I am not a fool.
When I read on internet,
that from mobile battery's radiation
it fails your brain,
You don't know about egg
and mobile experiment,
Egg and mobile?
They kept a mobile next to egg
and they kept ringing it,
after 3 weeks chicks came out
from other eggs,
but only water comes out
from mobile egg.
Why should I care?
I haven't any poultery farm,
If you have a problem
then talk to boss.
What you do all day long?
You didn't bring a single client.
Sir, last year I made 4 deals.
Vinay made those deals not you.
I want minimum 2 deals
from you this month.
Sir, but I am also handling
entire ofice paper work.
You don't want to do
little bit work,
You just need salary for nothing.
Sir, they are 11 contracts.
I know how many contracts are.
After so many months these
contracts are fine, stop the car.
You manage from here.
It's cool.
New japanese model.
It has many features.
Card or cash?
Mom, papa never believe that
how much he disturbs me,
He did everything on his presence,
He daily cursed me for Kumar.
I have tolerated his anger.
That day he took me
to show a place.
We reached there and
he pushed me to well.
I saved myself and escape from there,
but kumar felt down inside.
Because of me.
I killed my brother.
Whatever you did,
did you do intentionally.
Just this one incident...
scared you to face people forever.
You think...
that you will tolerate everything
and that's good for you.
But people take advantage
from you.
You don't need to scare
from anyone.
I really felt bad.
Sir, you felt bad that I
didn't make that builder's contracts.
You forgot to tell me everything.
It means mistake was mine.
It's not a matter of mistake.
Not sorry!
I just gave you a job,
and now you think
I am unreasonable.
You forgot to do yourjob.
He wants to use lift but...
...if you ask money for lift
maintenance then you start talking,
How I am celebrating my birthday?
I couldn't do anything in this life.
Let's try it again.
You didn't recognize my voice.
I am Karthik speaking.
I am Karthik.
And you too.
What is this joke?
What you were doing?
You were supposed to suicide,
Phenyl is finished in home. So
you were using sleeping pills.
But now...
you don't need to die.
Because I am here.
Everything is going to change.
I am going to reform your life.
If I am not Karthik then
how do I know that...
your bank's pin number is 1276.
Rather a scare under your eye
appeared when you were 8
and playing cricket.
You become nervous.
Tell me...
what you want to ask?
Your socks colour?
Yesterday your socks colour was balck.
What you didn't removed yet.
Last night you didn't
get any phone call.
Then check today's record.
Last night at 5.
You didn't get any phone call today.
You got your last phone call
4 days ago.
It's not a matter of last week.
You might forgot it.
It's not your phone call.
I knew that.
I knew that you won't believe it.
And you will go to
telephone exchange.
And what did you know from there.
That nobody didn't called you.
What did you think?
That last night it was a dream.
You don't believe me or you
don't want to change your life.
Rather you like to live like insects.
Rather you like to live in dreams.
But you don't have peace in dreams.
Now you're watching your brother
Kumar's dreams.
How do you know?
Or every week wasting lot of money
you want to take advice from
some stranger psychactrist.
Did you get any cure from
previous theropy.
You don't want that Shonali
came to your life.
You are happy to write her mail
daily to greet her.
You want to live like this.
Or you don't belive it that
someone really wants to help you.
Belive it or not.
I called you up.
Did I gave you company.
You just wait for my
phone call daily.
And sooner we both will
make everything fine.
All you have to believe on me.
Belive it that everything
will be fine.
Your biggest problem is that
you can't say no.
Speak confidentally.
What about my deposit?
Are you giving me?
You have to pay me 5,000.
30,000 to repair leakage in kitchen,
what I fixed in living room
that's cost is 25,000.
Total 55,000 what I spend?
Deduct that money from deposit
and the balance is 5,000.
Give me 5,000.
You are getting angry.
It's not a matter to get angry.
And what you started garage in Room 4,
Just close it immediately.
I don't like that ofice peon's cap.
Just shut it down otherwise
I will send someone for raid.
And my aunt works in property
tax department.
May I call her for lunch.
She will catch you,
Take your 5,000.
Your brother didn't die
because of you.
You didn't pushed kumar.
The real matter is when
you were leaving that place,
then he tried to tie you with rope.
He slipped down,
and he felt down inside.
You are feeling guilty for your
lifetime that
besides you ain't do nothing.
It was his own mistake.
And now you are ready.
Who came first in college?
Who topped up llM?
Who broke all C.A. Exams.
Who should get respect?
Now without permission enter
to his cabin and talk to him,
Look, if you came for your old job...
who need thatjob?
I am nervous.
I am thinking if Mr. Ratan will know
that what land you are selling me
that's illegal,
then you will be in big trouble.
Forget it,
You had meeting with Amuja this week.
Contracts are ready.
Why are you getting nervous?
Show me.
If Ambuja will sign this contract
then you won't get profit of 10 crore
but you will get lose of 4 crore.
What are you trying to say?
Does it have some mistake.
Aren't you getting late for meeting.
What are the mistakes?
Why would I get loss?
I mean ifjob will be delay
because of rain then you will get loss.
You have chareged them
service tax 12.24%%% .
But last time service tax turned
to 12.36%% % it means
according to this costing your
company will face loss of 4.8 million.
You never thought
that why your ofice paper
work is perfect.
Let's play a game!
If someone will tell the boss that
what's under act in 1984 builder's act
then boss will give him his mercedes.
Nobody knows.
Does somebody know that act?
Do you know?
Ammintment says that builder have
to renew his license in every 4 year.
If he didn't renew his license then
his all deals will be illegal.
And he could be imprison.
When did your papa started
this company?
Sep 2005.
And what is date today?
It means you have only one day
left to renew your license.
And this job could take a week.
May I leave?
You take yourjob back.
You mean that rotted job,
and that's new corner cabin.
We can play one more cabin.
Just tell me,
that what's the procedure
to renew the license.
These both of mobiles are yours.
You used them frequently.
You are feeling good.
You really don't believe
in that same ofice
few days back you didn't
have any values.
And today...
Today everyone knows you.
Now all you have to meet Shonali.
Then get ready...
but ashish?
First of all you go
and meet her boyfriend.
Everything is fine?
Your wife and son.
Leave that all.
Tell me that
When you will tell shonali
about your wife.
Who lives in dehli,
you have six years old son.
How do you know?
I watched on zoom tv.
Who cares?
The question is that who
will tell shonali.
Or me?
I was about to leave my wife.
I mean I am going to leave her.
You tell this thing to shonali.
Why do you care?
I really like slap's sound,
You hid this issue from me.
If I won't then how would
you become my girlfriend.
This is from your wife.
Someone asked me,
Why people ran behind those girl
with whom they don't want to marry.
Then I said.
If dogs ran behind the car then it
doesn't mean that they want to drive.
I always knew that men
are like dogs.
That's very unfair
dogs are very loyal.
Can I drop you somewhere?
Can you leave me alone.
I belive that you assume every
man is dog.
Then as a dog...
Can I follow you?
I am fine.
Let's do one thing.
You show me your anger.
It has two benefits.
One, you will feel good and...
Second we will be friends.
But it's good for me as long
I stay away from men.
I don't want to hear anything.
You must remember that ant's story.
She didn't lose her hope after
felling down from wall many times.
Shonali just said that...
...she don't want to hear anything.
You said you don't want
to hear anything.
You read on chat.
Then it's specially for me.
It's in my pocket since 3 years.
This shop is specially for you.
I know everyone said why I should
not become independent lawyer.
But I design few buildings here.
I know ofice is boring,
and your boss is stupid.
But more other things are
important in job.
But where you will find these guys.
By the way did you met
some guy like that.
No, I didn't met any guy,
I am straight.
I am not an animal.
You don't seem loud and
crazy from any angle.
You are concerned and polite
not cheap and vulgar.
If you want then I can
teach you how to misbehave.
Are you happy?
Now within few days
Shonali will be yours.
You are so grown up,
Yes, I didn't have other option.
You people eloped and married.
Now we have shifted here,
Sid has started new business.
Sid is in mumbai,
In fact he is around,
Did you tell your mom?
About what?
About her!
I just know about this.
When you will be eloped
and get married.
Did you eloped and get married?
How do you know?
He must tell his mom that
he have such a hot girlfriend.
And after all she have only one son.
We were afraid about him
when he was child.
But now we are not worried.
Because you are there.
Thanks for tolerating my sister.
I really enjoyed that chiku.
That you have to lie like that.
You really believe that
I was lying.
So you were saying truth.
May be or may be not.
Never said to anyone that
I called you.
Neither people will
assume that you are mad,
Why thanks?
My incoming is free.
I never dance.
And if pretty girl requested you
then still not.
But let some pretty girl request me.
If I drink then would you
take the advantage.
Then what it worths?
What is this?
But you were drinking wine in club,
It's enough,
you drunk alot.
You also want to drink?
You drunk alot.
Kiss me,
No! Not now.
You scared!
in this situation.
It's better you sleep down.
Don't make me wrong.
But I will feel that I am taking
your advantage.
Now I am also drunk.
Now we both can take
each other's advantage.
I am taking picture of this moment.
What happen?
That we always remember it.
But why?
You won't disappear in future.
Why you are saying like that?
You feel like that.
First they talk lovely things
and they gone disappeared.
You gave sweet everyone in ofice.
You shake your hands to everyone.
That you saw me today.
I touched you.
I have heard you are gone
to Goa for one week.
Three days are left.
Then why you didn't send them all.
Close the door.
I was saying that...
Close it from outside.
How many girlfriends you had?
Including you?
And never gonna increase.
Now I am always afraid.
And he hid everything from me.
You will never keep any
secret from me.
I am not like other guys.
I will never hide anything from you.
There is a thing which
is little bit unsual.
I'm calling from use bank.
We're giving you credit card ofer.
Buy 1 get 1 free...
who was that?
You were saying something
I daily received a call...
I couldn't get it.
I talks with him till many hours
to whom
you does call you?
I calls myself...
I'm that guy...
I meant he's...
I really receives the calls.
My life has changed
I also receives calls...
Please concern to any doctor
you're worried for nothing...
I'm little disturb by sleep
should we marry in your
this situation
and you're saying you dont love me
lts for your good.
Are you trying to making
me get away.
I told you
but you telled...
what you got to telling
Why are you afraid of...
that she'll leave you...
If she really love you...
she will understand
who helped you?
and you'll not obey me? X
I dont receives calls...
why dont you understand...
i cant go to doctor...
but why...
because he said... x
I got gained by obyeing him...
But this time you'll loose
you dont believe me?
There's nothing like that...
I believe that you gots that
calls... but...
In your case by the calls...
Its an illusion.
Not its not.
You know why he calls you
when you are alone...
every tried to know by which
number you're having calls...
I went to telephone exchange.
Medicine for what?
When you gets the calls...
5 morning
Then you'll come to know
that its not illusion but truth
then tell shonali I'm not mad
Take it...
talk with him
What's the matter...
you know since decades.
You must be know that
I never lies...
I'm also kartic
what do you want
to know?
You made me waited in
clinic 1 hour
I did what your
treatment couldn't do.
That you're not exist.
Someone says that your kids
are at school.
She ran away...
Doctor kapadia talked with him
What are you saying weird...
Have you ever let the
phone ringing?
Let him call...
He'll feel bad...
everything will be fine...
everything will ruin...
nothing will be...
I'm nothing without him
Do ever feel I'm alive or not...
He feels...
where is he...
where he lives...
what does it efect.
I'll talk with him
cant tell anyone...
you made very big mistake...
what I told you?
Dont tell anyone...
I told you to not go to doctor.
You made a mistake yesterday
you didn't pick up my call...
please give me chance to speak...
He is calling you...
I didn't call anyone...
You were threating me...
that you'll reveal my afair to my wife
Who knows all this except you
You wasn't that...
If again you'll call at my home...
so I'll bury you in wall
You called up ratan and said
the land is illegal.
What you said?
You said...
you in ofice with everybody...
who said to you...
You said at phone last night...
You laught at our private matters...
what I only told you
I didn'nt called you
lts not credit card but debit...
The card is not working.
I had 15 lacs till yesterday
you used it yesterd...
But you transfred you all money
to it...
Take me to any little hotel...
What is the bill payment
of two weeks...
disconnect the phone from
my room
Remove all stationary
tv also
how come will he know...
Do you eat food properly?
Yes aunty...
I want to meet kartic...
do you know where is he?
I'm also trying to find him
But I couldn't find him
you handled her very wel...
You're over qualified...
you should work on multi national
I'm going to dubai next week
what is need?
In this generation you got no
cell or land line...
You said you'll get salary in cash...
I agreed.
You said I wont go to mumbai
head ofice,,, i agreed
So listen to me once...
You'll get number now...
Please dont print my number
in directory...
Write in form...
I dont want to know my
But will be on bill...
so dont send me bill.
If you want to take
annually advance...
Dont tell anyone.
You said on phone that
you got information of kartic
I got his email after many months.
Is there anyone who is
the brother of kartic
I know his sister...
she told me a lot
Kartic is only son
I had to endure her fury
Parents never believed...
that he botherd me a lot
He dont do in front of them
therefore his parents dont
believe him.
Because he only sees his brother
what is concern the calls
with his brother...
one who calls him is his
its his illusion
I myself sees phone ringing
I didn't say he dont receivs calls...
To whom the kartic talks with...
its imaginary.
But you talked with him on phone.
And I also was shattred
The person is talking on phone...
how come he can be kartic
I saw few days before...
You can record reminder mesasge.
You can fix time on it
If you want reminder at 9
before going ofice.
You'll receive exact 9 o clock
call... you'll pick up the call.
And you'll hear your message.
If you want so you can
leave the message fo others
Please listen to me...
you never let me takl
if phone is dead...
so its features will work
The little things...
we cant intent on...
The things we hear and see...
but cant remmeber.
To all this...
our brain store in other place.
He knows everything...
what we thinks...
what'll we ask him.
What do you want to ask...
What is our personal matters...
what is our secrets...
both are in same brain
why did you called up here
I told you I'll come daily
what do you think...
I will spare you?
You'll see how I'll ruin your life
you're gone...
you're gone kartic...
its for you
doctor kapadia.
How are you
Are you coming to meet auntie?
and happy birthday to you...