Karthikeya 2 (2022) Movie Script

Dwarakas end and the Yadava clans karm
curse are both ordained to happen.
Their origins are intertwined
with the end of my incarnation.
I cannot live in a Dwaraka without you,
You still have tasks to be accomplished,
The coming era is the Kali Age.
These are the days when argumentativenes
passes off as intelligence,
When recklessness becomes courage,
When robbery is the new order,
When loudness is considered knowledge,
When the ruler becomes the robber.
In the Kali age, this will come handy in
you from calamities.
This is the mantra that pivots the
direction of this anklet.
Deer has started!
Take Paracetamol 250 thrice a day.
Sathya! Sathya!
-You will get cured.
Didnt you arrange Oxygen cylinders?
What are you doing here?
What the heck!
There is a big snake in the Emergency
Equipment room.
Have you called anybody?
Call whom? The Snake Society?
No! The snake-man!
What Snake-man?
-Call him
How can you walk so lazily
when a snake awaits you!
Come fast.
-Why me?
Sentiment, dear.
For snake? Or you?
Both of us?
Silence please!
Sir! Sir!
A doctor holds the pulse
but why is he holding a snake instead.
Well, he is a doctor but even
he has an incurable disease.
A Disease!
-Its called CURIOSITY!
Did you hypnotise it?
Oh, stop! I just assured the snake that
no harm can come from me.
Doesnt it sound a bit illogical?
I just tapped the floor on which the
snake lay which sent vibrations and wave
that clearly communicated to the
snake that I pose no danger
its called Zoolingualism!
I know bilingual what is this Zoolingual
As long as we keep our heart rate, pulse
BP and our senses in our control,
it gets the message.
What control are you talking about?
End of the day, its a snake bro! Danger
More dangerous than man?
What Karthik!
Becoming a witch doctor every day!
Why, he is already a witch doctor!
Magnetic Pen
This is Magnet.
"Every dawn, I take birth as a new quest
"Become stronger by finding answers to t
"I endeavour to sharpen my wits at every
Mother, it is all because of you, he tur
You stop it.
They are showcasing stuff made in a mont
as Antiques dated million years old.
Antiques signify our heritage (history),
No deception should happen there.
"Every day, I discover a new thing,
And meditate on it."
My name is Karthik,
The noise from here is likely to disturb
Thats not noise! Its a mantra!
Anything that disturbs is cacophony!
A sound that is rhythmic works like a me
Every streamed sound has power!
The whole creation started with a sound,
all the doors that contain solutions ope
What, old man! Not well?
No, son. Not me, alls not well at home.
at home.
The utensils in the house make strange s
Wait, I will call the Fakir.
Its not a big problem sir! Your problem
I will set it right...
How will you set the Vaastu?
Its important to be calm than know the
Uncle super..
So, this is the bungalow! Dont worry, t
guys will sleep in your house and sort t
Hey... no!
Why us?
Take him. That will suffice.
We just came here because
you said some treatment.
We are doctors, not sorcerers.
Good Book.
Nice travel companion.
You read it?
Yeah being an archaeologist Ive to.
Its my duty.
Oh Archaelogist,
Indian Archaeologist...
What work in Greece?
You see...
Ornament or Philosophy...India lives in
country in one form or the other.
Of late, its a trend to talk great thin
about our country.
Talk we must! We should!
Or else...they will label our glorious h
mythology and turn many truths into stor
Whatever you know about India is just
a grain of seed
but its roots are spread out from
Russia to Vietnam.
So Vast.
But what do we gain from knowing all thi
Way of life.
Having forgotten how to live,
we will at least discover a way to live.
Our history a solution for everything,
Thank you for the knowledge, sir!
You keep reading books on Indian history
Sure... Definitely.
Sir.. Professor Rao has just landed with
all the evidence we need.
Do you want me to follow him?
Okay sir.
Dont delay, Shantanu.
If it is discovered as an Object of God,
Abheeras will take possession of it befo
Oh God!
[oath - Sanskrit Language]
Cooking is okay by watching Youtube
but how can he do an operation on himsel
What the hell?
Hey, I am a Mayor.
I am performing an oblation
for my sons health, dont disturb.
Your son?
Mayor...Dont you have some commonsense!
Oxygen levels dropped so we
put your son on the ventilator,
and now you send more carbon
monoxide by burning the wood.
Hey, go away..
Get out!
Get out from here.
Why do you suspend me madam,
when he is the one who made a mistake?
Because you hit a Mayor!
After beating him we knew that he was a
Karthik...Because of your conduct,
I argued in the panel and reduced
your suspension to 2 weeks from one year
I can understand your anger, Karthik...
In fact, honesty also sometimes has its
Normally, its okay but these quotations
sound so irritable at times like this ma
Thank you.
Why dont you stay quiet?
You think youre a kid or what?
What happened, dad?
Slipped and fell in the bathroom.
Wont you guys tell me? I am a Doctor
Why don't you call me and tell me this?
Why do you look so irritated?
Wont you look irritated when you get su
Suspended you?
Wont they suspend you when you hit the
You hit the Mayor?
Shouldnt he hit him when he do an
Oblation inside the ICU?
Oh, dear how can you hit somebody
for doing an oblation?
Doing an oblation is not bad, sister!
But doing the same in the hospital is a
Why do you get so angry, son?
Aunty, anger that comes for doing
good is good, isnt it?
You shut up.
Sivayya, how are you?
Fine madam.
God bless your family!
Core soil test and water tests are so ag
The soil loses its biological character
and the water becomes toxic
In the next 5 years...
If it spreads, the whole mankind
will be under threat.
Seems danger is upon us as ordained in t
We must find an antidote
before it grabs the attention of WHO.
Then we can rule the world.
Sir, I think I've found something.
Yes, dig overthere
Okay sir
Sure sir.
Karthik... look at that
- Mom please calm down... don't be scare
Does anybody in the household have
any unfulfilled vows to accomplish?
Yes, Guruji...
Our Karthik was in danger an year back..
To come out of it safer...
I took a vow to offer Lord Srikrishna
108 kgs of butter, Guruji.
Vow means a debt.
Never keep it unfulfilled.
Go to Dwaraka ASAP and seek
the darshan of Srikrishna.
This is the only way to condone the dela
You keep quiet! Dont know anything!
Vow is an act of faith.
Its a psychological booster.
If you believe it, you will get a call.
If you dont, you will not even hear bei
I will take leave, mother.
How many times didnt I tell you?
Dont belittle our beliefs.
Mom, I am not belittling anybody.
Does God only solve our problems,
only if we keep vows?
When you were in tenth class, you had ja
during the exams which deteriorated furt
Then I took a vow to go to Tirupati.
Thats it, you got cured of jaundice in
Everyone around were surprised.
Mom, mom...
I didnt believe a miracle when it happe
I believed, so I had miracles.
I am going to Dwaraka, thats it.
I wont come. Have lots of work here.
You got suspended.
What work do you have?
Even then I am not coming.
Check his phone... check his messages ev
I trusted you more than my family member
Get out!
Get out!
Its not just our lives, our mission too
Kedar, Devi...
-Yes sir.
Lets split.
I have secured the first clue that shows
to discovering the Divine Ornament.
My role ends here only!
Someone ordained by Lord Krishna will ap
at the opportune moment to take this for
Here I leave.
And thats how I have been serving
the Lord for 15 years.
Devotion, damn!
Because he remained unmarried for years,
his mother prayed to all the Gods.
Finally, she sent him to Dwaraka and
this is how he got settled, rotten okra.
Yes, uncle...Being a devotee of Srikrish
how come you didnt even get married onc
Is that what you interpret about
Srikrishnas life - marriages and lovers
Dont you know about his principles, glo
in that era...lifting on his little fing
Why do we hark back about that era?
What matters is who matters now!
Hare Krishna...Krishna Krishna!
He is Lord Madhava, bro!
I only believe what I can see.
Stop here.
son...By the way,
where do the live discourses happen?
Here...Right next.
Mother...lets just get done by the
Darshan and leave.
Please dont fix other programmes.
Silly fellow, we can only control our ar
when we leave from here is not in our ha
Its all the play of Krishna.
Dip once, its a bath.
Dip thrice, its a holy bath.
Take water in your hand...
Lord Krishna!
Dr Shantanu...
How can you believe in mythology and
books for impending catastrophes?
Being a reputed doctor, how can
you depend on Srikrishna for a solution?
What about the society? And you?
Its a mistake to ridicule either Srikri
A few years back, a plague in Surat kill
In two days, three lakh people fled Sura
At that juncture, the same secret societ
books that you are ridiculing today have
According to Pasupati Purana...
we searched for the birthplace of Godava
and the trinity and went to Nasik.
There, the palm leaves were decrypted an
in the making of the very vaccine that s
And now you died!
When a danger is imminent, even solution
Sister...why dont you sleep?
Okay, I will but forgot to ask you...
Did my son eat?
Eat? He devoured a full Gujarati Thali.
And is lying on the verandah to digest i
[Devotional song]
Hey chotu.
Come here.
Take it.
Krishna! Krishna!
- Sir, you are badly injured.
Sir, you need help.
Let me organize, stay right here.
Krishna! Krishna!
-My name?
Sir, I will get the vehicle.
Stay right here.
Stop here.
Stop it.
One minute.
Sorry bhai, you can go now.
Son-in-laws National tour must be over.
He is back.
Whats that blood on your hand?
What happened?
Somebody suddenly came...
stained in blood!
By the time I fetched an auto, he was go
He even called me by my name!
Oh boy, I know well about your inherent
curiosity in figuring out whats happeni
Of late, Dwarakas situation is not all
Not just the dwellers, even the pilgrims
visiting Dwaraka are going missing.
Stay vigilant till you leave Dwaraka.
Son, Son, Mother is missing!
Look around, she must be here somewhere.
Ive been searching for her since mornin
go for the Darshan. She is not at home.
Did you call her?
Called her twice, but she left
her mobile at home.
Send me sisters photo to my phone.
Bro, the woman in this photo...
Did you happen to see her anywhere?
No... no.
Did you see her somewhere?
Excuse me, did you see her somewhere?
Mother, did you see her somewhere?
No son, I didn't see her
Sir thank you sir.
Sir, I wanted to come to you actually.
My mothers gone missing since morning.
Hey, you are the one right?
It's me.
You are under arrest.
Sir, why are you taking me?
-Dont talk muc.
Sir caught you! Bring him.
-Sir, you caught me by mistake
Move... move...
I am Karthik Kumaraswami
Which station are you taking me to?
Sir, he has come yesterday only.
We had no clue about his coming
Uncle... first you go and find mom
-Son, you dont get tense.
Which station are you taking me to?
Which station are you taking me to?
Get in.
Sir, its my basic right to know why you
Will you let me know?
Sir, I am already tense that my mother i
Yes sir!
We got him sir!
Hes right in front of me! Ok Sir!
Why did you kill him?
What murder?
What are you talking about?
Kill whom sir? In fact, I tried to save
If you want, please see the next footage
No, it got deleted!
What do you want?
That old man murmered something into you
Tell me what.
After that, you can safely go back to Hy
Sir...I dont know him sir!
And I dont even remember anything.
You have 15 minutes. Be alert!
Or, we slap a murder case on you. Think!
Jump from the window
Right now.
They are running away both of them,
go after them in that direction!
go after them in that direction!
All of you... come
Lets go in that direction.
Open the link...
What ?
Open the link, open the link.
Come fast... come
You go that side, you both go in this di
Go.. go.
Go and catch them
Look they are jumping off the tractor.
Who are you?
Where is my Mother?
Why did you rescue me from the police st
Why are they chasing me?
And whos that old man?
Tell me.
Calm down!
My Name is Mugdha!
The man who died is my grandfather.
Professor Rao. Famous Archaelogist.
I am sorry! He and I...
I know you had nothing to do with that..
But did he give you any object?
Or, tell you about anything?
Please remember... Is he told you about
He would have told you as you are his gr
Why will he say anything to me as I am a
No, he didnt tell me anything
Are you doubting me?
Mugdha, who is he?
Even I dont know.
[People chanting]
Do you know anything whereabouts the mot
No.. I told them to search for everyone
Why did this girl save you?
And why is that fellow trying to kill yo
Not trying...He is on a life mission
to eliminate me.
The rage in his eyes,
the raw power in his hands.
But the moment he saw Krishnas Idol,
he stopped instantly.
Really, did he stop after seeing Krishna
Let me then take you to a place for a so
The one who chased you is Abhira...
Whoever tries to get closer to Srikrishn
they will chase them down and kill them.
What do you mean by that?
Who are these people?
History is full of episodes of war and c
The tribes of Abhira are an example of e
and affectionate devotees of Srikrishna
Even though they are thieves and bandits
profession, they were extremely devoted
But for all their devotion to Srikrishna
Dwaraka had a condescending view of Abhi
They were never allowed inside their hom
never permitted to enter temples,
After Srikrishnas death, the Abhira
tribe stole a procession idol
doing rituals with love and devotion.
After finding out about the theft of the
the dwellers of Dwaraka beat the tribe m
with sticks and killed some of them.
The incident triggered a wave of hatred
amongst the tribe members.
That day, the tribe passed a dangerous r
Speaking at the gathering, the leader
of Abhira tribe spoke
If they were to remember God, or touch
they have to remember the Abhiras. Go!
From now on, their God is our God,
and only belongs to us!
Only the presence of Srikrishna and the
But for those days, any other day, if th
make an effort to touch God, they will i
After Dwaraka submerged into the ocean,
the survivors of the lost city were
living in dread whenever
they see Abhira tribe.
Even after so many ages and civilization
this atavistic principle remains with Ab
One such Abhira is now going after you.
Why do folks with such gruesome
background want to kill me?
If my grandfather rushed to you,
it means you have come closer to Srikris
When you are closer to the God,
it means you are their enemy.
What about Srikrishna and your grandfath
I dont have any relation to your grandf
Listen to grandpas voice message!
Please find Karthikeya...he is the solut
Your brother is calling...
Hes called ten times already! answer hi
What is it?
The police came for you?
Whats the new mess you created?
That Mayor would have sent them! Nothing
Okay, how is mother?
-Shes gone to the discourse...
I will call you back...
Hey, one minute.
Bro, had mother been kidnapped,
we would have either got a call or a mes
You said there is some place here
where the discourse is for 8 days. Where
Devi Bhoomi
Near to our home.
Please go there immediately and
check if moms there or not.
Why will mom go there?
- Bro!
I had courage even when I was rescuing
you from the police station.
But we dont have clarity about the
questions on our mind.
My courage is failing.
These discourses are taking me into a
trance of Krishna Consciousness!
Mother, Mother! Where did you go?
What happened Karthik?
Why didnt you inform me about where you
How much I searched for you!
Dont even keep your phone.
I just thought I will go and come back i
But these discourses took me into a zone
You will never get the kind of pain
and tension I went through, mom!
You talk of finding answers from questio
And search for solution within question!
Is this the same Karthik of mine!
Why is he getting so restless!
Who are you dear?
Youve such lovely hair!
Curly and long hair!
How do you manage it while
talking the bath?
Okay, leave it.
He was dragged out of the discourse no s
than I heard the story of False Accusat
And the Prasad! So, tasty! The poha is
as good as our lemon rice!
Oh, so this devotion is all due to the P
I thought its all about the discourses.
Oh, come on. Its all about the discours
as well as the poha.
What do you know?
Mom, are you going back to the discourse
Dont just jet in and out.
Better stay there and serve
the Lord until the discourses end! Stir
You finish the oblations.
I will complete my tasks.
Bro, pack the clothes and safely drop
mother and come back...
My darling son, you are!
Theres another place where they serve
delicacy along with poha...lets go.
Shut up and come with me
Play that voice message again.
Find Karthikeya. He is the solution and
Chinni...I am reminiscing the moments of
Moments of our last meeting...
Where did you meet your grandfather the
At his workplace
Where is it?
Bet Dwarka
Bet Dwaraka...
The city of Dwarka is the biggest world
Oh lord! Vasudevaya!
This is my grandfathers workplace...
Nobody stays here for the past 5 years.
5 years?
This language looks unfamiliar!
This seems like a personal letter
written by your grandfather to you.
I may not be alive by the time you read
You know my quest!
You know how am I passionate and quest
about our culture and heritage
Chinni..I know you are the true
successor to my dreams.
The work that I started is not for me an
Its for the nation!
Even if it entails loss of my life, it d
me from taking a step back.
Dont cry, Mugdha...
Why should I cry?
My grandfather is brave, and I feel prou
Yes, Mugdha, your grandpa
was really great!
If he had gone so far as Greece to gathe
much information, definitely it must be
Lets translate this.
After taking Srikrishnas anklet, Udhava
but hid it to leave a trail with clues s
that only the deserving one will find it
Many went searching for Srikrishnas
anklet hidden by Udhava.
In Kali Yuga, during every regime, kings
and rulers searched frenetically for the
The Mauryas, the Guptas, the Chalukyas,
Cholas, the Pallavas - everyones pursui
Only the Pallava King Suryavarman tried
close to one of the clues to access the
but even he couldnt connect the
dots to get to the next clue
In his last days, Suryavarman recounted
the Greek Traveller Ptolemy as a peacock
and told him that based on the peacock p
the next clue will be in Stupakriti, and
the help of both the clues,
the ornament can be accessed.
In my 30 years research, I could trace
book written by Greek traveller Ptolemy.
And gathered the directions given by Sur
account to reach the first clue of the P
I have hid it in a secret place hidden
from plain sight of selfish men.
The one who is most deserving to go
after that location is in this room.
Your grandpas voice message
tells you about the place
and these papers reveal more about
the ornament that he found out
He also wanted to tell something
about the place where he hid the clue.
Somewhere right here
Should be here
By the way, Why is this painting in the
of so many scriptures?
Something is strange!
Hey, this is the place where Srikrishna
Krishna Tatakam!
-Sir you are badly injured
Krishna Tatakam!
This is what he wanted to convey me.
He must have kept it here.
Bro, where is this place in Dwaraka?
The day I started, I knew a day
like today will come.
The sacrifices made by the imprisoned
Devaki and Vasudeva wont go in vain.
It will lead to the inevitable fall of K
and pave way for the prosperity of the w
And to usher in the worlds prosperity,
Sri Krishna and Balarama set on the path
Why do you play around with my labours?
Try as you might, you are not the
deserving one Shantanu.
My desire makes me a deserving candidate
You can get only if you can risk your li
Such a big lake!
Where do we find Krishnas peacock pictu
Do you know swimming?
I can't
Oh no!
My God!
Risk my life!
this is like a ritual of offering oblati
I am just a blade of grass...
The fire is fuelled from somewhere alrea
A made elephant and an army of wrestlers
come together to overpower a Divine Inca
You are like my guru.
I cant torture you more.
Oblation ceremony has started!
Son, I think theyve come for that only!
Give the picture to them, take mom
and go back to Hyderabad.
Bro, careful.
Is that necessary?
Yes, it is.
Hey Doctor...you dug yourself into a
problem that isnt yours!
Give it to me!
I will let you go alive.
Once I take up, there is no mystery that
unsolved, or a surgery where it fails.
No question of leaving this now!
Alas! Yashoda is still worrying what dan
are lurking in the form of Kamsa for her
Even if dangers are galloping your way,
or whether death is greeting you,
when an unaccomplished mission presents
before you, God Himself gives a fresh le
Its not enough if you bash up some peop
You dont know whom you are messing up w
You are buying more troubles!
As long as it is outside of me, its a p
Once it enters me, I know the solution.
I dont know how this came into my hands
I dont know what is the drama behind al
Its all happening without my role,
hence I need to give a finishing touch t
He escaped smartly sir!
If he shows smartness,
you show our men and muscle power!
If you dont catch him,
we will lose not just our jobs but our l
You couldnt even keep a vigil on one pe
Nor could you stop even a girl from
rescuing him from the station.
Due to the high pressure from superiors,
I havent had a Thali in peace for two d
Send the photos to bus, train, airports.
Alert all check posts.
They have tightened security...
Please save me Lord
Who are you? Where are you coming from?
I dont know sir!
What are you doing?
He is the Hare Krishna Hare Rama person
Leave him! He is not the one!
Do you know them?
Do you know them?
I'm not in the photo!
I am telling you I dont know...
I dont know Sir!
Look at him...Does he look
like a bloody rascal?
Catch him and beat him black and blue!
Bye sir.
Once I get on steering wheel,
I can drive non-stop from UP to AP
No police dare stop me.
How dare you detain the owner of that
vehicle in your hotel just because he ow
Suleman only stops for money,
Pan and love! Not like this!
Hey, should I tell the police about you?
Oh! Bhai...
You make me a street vagabond
and eat bread here in peace?
The police are searching for you with ba
and you are calmly munching bread here?
Not bread, bro...It is Dhokla..
a Gujarati special.
I know.
Its a rare metal!
What? You mean Dhokla?
Not that, this one.
Oh that!
I think it is Vanadium!
If true, this metal reacts differently
to different temperatures.
Boy, please get some hot water please...
Somethings written on it.
-What is it?
If we know this language we will underst
(sanskrit language)
It is my second language in Inter!
Oh, is it! Then decode this please..
I mean...its been 30 years since...
you please tell me.
A mountain lifted by my finger
An aperture through which you search
Is it Telugu?
Is it Telugu?
Why dont you dumb it down for us?
Achalam means what cannot move,
means a mountain.
Means the mountain lifted
by Srikrishnas little finger,
Govardhana Giri.
It means Mathura...
We cant cross Dhaba but you want to go
Who will take you to Mathura?
He will take us there.
Look at his figure, forget about crossin
will he atl east cross the lake?
Pan, Money, Love...
We will give you all of
these in abundance...
But we need a small help from you.
Please Suleman!
What is it?
You have to drop all of us at Mathura.
Why so much money for droping at Mathura
That is...
You need to do it secretly.
Suleman doesnt do wrong things.
In that case, keep gobbling Dhoklas in t
Come son, please take your money back.
Please listen to me
Stop, stop please.
Why so much anger wearing saffron clothe
Suleman, swear on God.
We will never do a wrong thing.
Trust us.
Those words are enough.
I am happy! So, what is that secret sir?
Calm down please...Before you leave,
our man will tell you what it is..
-There is some risk.
I will eat risk like rusk...Get in.
Hes the problem
He is the solution
Hes the problem
He is the solution
Mugdha...ancient languages, these dialec
semiotics, codes and symbols
how do you know all of these?
I am a graduate of Hindu Semiotics
from Banaras Hindu University (BHU)
What about you Karthik?
I am a Doctor.
Actually, I am also very famous and want
Righ here, you are very much wanted!
Hes the one calling his people to Madhu
again for sake of world prosperity!
Hey, what is it inside?
-Dhaba Shifting sir!
Show me.
What will you see in this dry state sir?
I have one...
Will you see here or there?
Sir, I have a doubt!
All three of you look so different
from each other. Why?
No, I dont mean that way.
How did the three of you meet?
Just as we all met you as a different pe
we also met her!
Its all planetary movements.
Suleman will swallow the planets like
Gulab jamun and sweetmeat!
Instead of gulping sweet laddus and stay
hotels, why dont you jump off this line
I owe my Seth money, sir.
Its a sin to go to Hajj with loan.
Hes the one calling his people to Madhu
for sake of world prosperity!
Hes the one calling his people to Madhu
for sake of world prosperity!
Whatever he does its his magic!
Suleman ji , wanted some biscuits?
Where sir?
-There, see him
Oh my God, that is cream, sir!
Not for me.
He sent his people from Madhura to Dwara
Is this Govardhana Giri?
Yes, as per the land mythology, the heig
and importance has been declining.
Where do you search in such a big mounta
Are these guys into smuggling or what?
Oh, these are school kids, they dont kn
That side North.
Oh Baba! Got them both!
We used police. Blocked Checkposts.
Advertised in papers.
Yet, he managed to cross Dwaraka, sir!
The only danger he is yet to see is myse
How far?
I hope it's in here somewhere
-What's there?
Like holding a leaf and scanning the ent
why are we searching for the source by h
We are all about to faint now!
Lets go down below...
Lets go
Come... come...
Five lakhs! This will reduce our deficit
Crack fellows! Put the white on!
Police are looking for them.
If we hand over these guys,
we get a reward of Five lakh rupees.
Tell them to come
Jai Sri krishna!
I am a muslim sir...
Get lost.
Shut up and go.
Brother...Brother.. brother!
I have nothing to do with these people
brother! Please let me go alone brother!
What is this brother!
Who is that Fakir? What is this tikka?
Why did they lock us inside?
Who are you really?
We are...
You are students?
He is our Senior!
Now, why are you shouting?
I am not the one who shouted, sir!
-Then who...?
What is that sound?
Don't you cast spells in your mosque?
Why don't you do it here?
I just devour Dhoklas in Dhaba,
how do I know all these things sir.
You do some rituals like exorcism in suc
Why don't you do it here?
We are not that kind of
Let's go... let's go...
Let's go... let's go...
-Leave me... leave me alone
What about us now?
The pain will reduce sister...
just bear it for a day longer.
You Magical witch...
come off you witch!
Get the cot, ah!
What is this for me!
What will they do now!
You Magical witch...
come off you witch!
Please give your towel...
Suleman, your handkerchief.
Ready! Ready!
You Magical witch...
come off you witch!
You Magical witch...
come off you witch!
You Magical witch...
come off you witch!
You Magical witch...
come off you witch!
Let's go...
Karthik! come
Karthik! come
Karthik! come let's go
Karthik! come fast
No.. no.. listen to me.
You Magical witch...
come off you witch!
You Magical witch...
come off you witch!
Untie her.
She is my sister!
-Go back!
Mugdha! Take her inside!
Your sister!
About an year ago, her friend Malini, wh
to your village, fell into the deserted
She was shocked to see her friend die he
like that, and float as a corpse.
She became terrified and cried
You people have labelled her sobbing as
And this fellow has turned her fear as b
Girls...keep so many fears and doubts cl
And if they indeed express one or two su
and you folks misinterpret them in the
garb of rituals and traditions,
then fools like him will only exploit th
Try to give a sense of security and conf
She can overcome all the spirits and fea
Shall we stay here this night..
We only know that you havent come to ha
Saw you descending the hills!
What are you searching for, brother!
We know why we are searching...
but dont know the what and where of it.
Search anywhere but...
beware of the northern side of the hill,
the elders warned of dangers to life the
When they say you shouldnt go
near valuable treasures,
it means it is fraught with dangers.
Or, one should atleast have a fear about
Son...When we enter any cave,
bats should storm out...
but why do we get the fragrance of
What is it a snake or something.
Bro, You have a phone, turn on the torch
use technology.
Its pitch dark here...
Even with the light on, nothing is visib
Oh! your hair
Follow me
Bro, its not the fragrance of sandalwoo
but some other raw smell.
Raw smell?
A leaf.
Why is this leaf so green inspite of
so much darkness around?
That means, Suns rays are falling here.
But how is that possible in this cave?
The Universe originated from Sound.
All the keys to the worlds problems
get unlocked only with sound.
You both now repeat aloud whatever
mantra I told you.
'Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya'
Why are you reciting a mantra
in a cave instead of in a temple?
'Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya'
Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya
What is all this?
How it is possible?
This is all designed with Sound Dynamics
Remember, when we used to clap our hands
light lamps at the exhibition in childho
Even during those times?
Wonder who designed that?
Who can be better scientists than the
men and sages of ancient times?
How to get it?
Jai Sri Krishna!
Take it fast.
Why keep it at such an altitude instead
it within the grasp of your hand!
During Dwapara Yuga,
human beings were at least 9 to 10 feet
Even I know some things, dear,
not just you.
Take it.
Come slowly...
Thank God! There is only a third clue
Our man has a lot of curiosity to
learn about everything.
Not curiosity but avidity.
-yes you are right
Yes, Karthik rocks!
Thanks for the toddy treat, Suleman
It is very tasty.
You were always so upright in keeping th
things at bay!
And now you are getting drunk like a fis
This Suleman forced me to drink, bro.
Otherwise, do I ever drink?
Whoa! The first standard excuse uttered
I am a teetotaller... but he forced me t
What a cute smile, Mugdha!
You look so beautiful.
He diverted the topic like this
Karthik, can you give the thing to me!
I just wanted to see what it is. Please!
Its a telescope!
A telescope!
A telescope that belongs to the ages?
How did you figure out its a telescope?
I figured out its a telescope...
Because I am Karthik.
But only should know how to use it appro
Oh Allah!Is the journey still on?
Mugdha Madam
Mugdha Madam
Mugdha Madam
Mugdha madam!
-Whats the fuss early on!
I am not able to find Mugdha
anywhere since morning.
Mugdha is missing?
Where did she go?
Bro, where is the bag?
- Even the bag is missing
Shes fooled us!
No, she robbed us.
Never expected this.
Gave such a twist. Cheat girl!
Hello! Brother...
Why all these daredevilry when
you just got cheated by a woman?
Is there any truth in those high account
by Professor Rao and Sharma about your h
In my view, Krishna is a glorious herita
spanning from Arabian Sea to the Atlanti
You barely completed three years in medi
What makes you an authority
to do scholarly research about Krishna?
Anyone can wax eloquent quotations
by tying people down sir!
Untie me, let's discuss
Even if I have a chance, I wont kill yo
I will give that chance to Prakruti (Nat
for the way you question and cross-exami
Sir... just a minute, may he could have
But we are innocent sir.
Bad company, Inevitable death!
Suleiman, everyone is leaving.
Why? Why don't you talk something?
Whats there to talk when we are
going to die without fulfilling our last
Last wish!
Wanted to seize that slipper and slap my
No scope for that! No talking it seems.
Prakruti... (Nature)
Its our Mugdha madam.
Mugdha! Come fast...
Scolding me?
Of course, when you abandon us like that
Just a bit light.
Those are not light scoldings mam.
Heavy-duty abuses, madam.
Hey, stop!
Whats your rebuke?
No, I did not abuse you
Nothing, just called you a thief madam!
Suleman, not really..
he called you a thief out of love!
You tell me.
Mugdha! Please help him.
Mugdha! Please help him.
Thank you!
When you drunk like fish this is what ha
Hence I went alone!
I went to meet a man who helps us!
I agreed to meet you out of respect for
If Shanthanu comes to know of this,
both the lives are in danger.
We cannot fight them.
Please give up.
Madam, there is one person who can help
I didn't cheat you
I am with you in this.
"I asked...Asked myself...
Who are you to me?"
"I asked...I Asked you...
Why I am a newer self than yesterday?"
"You are a smiling assassin,
but leaving no trace of wounds!"
"You stop my breath with your glance,
impossible to alter it now."
"Its always your name on my lips,
each and every moment,"
"Spending time with you thus is like
half the world, dear."
"Just like a rain storm...
do not just touch and go."
"Like a flash flood...
do not drown and desert me."
Welcome to my space...
Unexpected journeys,
sudden dangers.
you have surmounted them all to come thi
Hello Mugdha?
How are you?
I only heard about you through your gran
Sir, Cant you see anything?
Sir, please...
Thank you.
Thank you sir.
Did he read all these books without seei
and write so many books?
How great is he?
Eyesight has no correlation with knowled
Infact, because I am blind,
I became what I am.
Coming to the point.
The world is like a bead of pearls.
Everything is connected to you!
Everything has an effect on you!
Right from the solar system to the depth
ocean bed, everything is knitted togethe
I understand your silence.
Ill make it easy for you.
Mr Rao is amongst those believers
who think that technology and science
was far more advanced many
thousands of years ago than now.
The first sound is the conch sound
In order to affirm their beliefs strongl
formed a secret society in the name of c
If we do good to others, even our childr
be remembering our names.
But if you turn that name into millions,
they will remember you for ages.
While all the other prominent persons fe
Rao alone wanted to risk his life for th
That day he realized that everybody is a
to selfish means no matter what position
He then decided to take the risks in ord
to avert the catastrophe,
even if his life is in danger. He saved
and decoded the first clue.
He then decided to discover the Divine O
that holds the cures for all diseases
and the solutions to all disasters.
But why did grandpa zero in on
Karthikeya after gathering such a clue?
Its not your grandpa who approached Kar
Its fate. Fate always chooses the deser
In the Kali age, this will come handy in
you from calamities.
The one who deserves this will appear
at the right moment.
Once the situation was getting out of ha
Rao saw Karthikeya as an instrument
to achieve his objectives.
Antiques are our history & pride!
To stop any sort of misleading I would g
He believed that he could conserve the c
and was best suited to start the oblatio
Sir! With all due respect,
what is your achievements...
the books you authored
and what are you talking about?
How can there be medical inscriptions
on Srikrishnas ornament sir?
You are a scientist, right sir?
If we cannot see what the eyes cannot se
it doesnt mean it doesnt exist.
We equate Srikrishna as God and forget
that he is born into this world too.
He is biologically born and brought up o
He had abundant reserves of intelligence
and noble virtues who walked upon this e
What he preached about is not a religion
it is a way of life.
Who can be a better Guru than the one wh
down the art of living through the Bhagw
Who can be a better architect than himse
Who can be a better psychologist than hi
who can speak your mind with just a glan
Who can be a gifted musician but himself
because he could play the flute to
mesmerise the cows and the lover-girls?
Who can be a more capable doctor than hi
way he ordained us to live more healthil
Can anyone be more brave than him for th
manner in which he persuaded warriors to
And was there a better ruler than him in
he staved off many calamities and drough
Can there a better climatologist who ush
in rains with offerings of mass oblation
Was there a better kinetic engineer than
who could rein in the Sudarshan Chakra (
with an uncontrollable rpm.
He is a fighter, singer, teacher and a w
What not...
He is everything.
His aura is eternal...
He is more than God to me,
I worship his excellence.
You made me realise that it is more
important to understand God than worship
I will remember this throughout my life.
Advanced telescope technology.
In ancient India, they used to use this
The constellation of the seven sages.
Srikrishna Taposthalam.
Srikrishna Taposthalam means Chandrasila
remember that Srikrishna the physician
has chosen you as another physician!
Nature will put you through many tests i
And test your resolve as a steward of ac
The Anklet is encrypted with all the mul
Your journey is to find that.
You people cant go forward,
you are surrounded by police everywhere!
Raise your hands and surrender all!
I will count upto ten.
Please surrender yourselves to the polic
What is our situation, Karthik?
Karthik all four sides are locked for us
we cant escape now. No way.
Please dont think hard, man!
I get terrified when you start thinking
We cant do anything now, bro. Lets sur
Why do we say inevitable when
we didnt do anything wrong.
Dharmo Rakshati Rakshataha
(Sanskrit line)
Mugdha..seat belt!
Bro, Suleman, hold tight!
They stopped firing
In fear we cut right but didnt realise
such a good route exists sir!
This is not a route, its a river!
River! Its a river!
Are we on a river?
Yes, its a river! As deep as three palm
-Karthik sir! Actually...
Karthik, I dont know swimming.
Mugdha madam, what will you do now if yo
knew swimming?
The river is three palm trees deep.
You are as tall as one of them.
Karthik sir!
This is frozen river with thin ice.
No need to worry.
All of us along with the truck weigh 240
As long as we maintain 40 km/hr.
speed, we have nothing to fear.
Karthik sir!
-Stop it.
Why dont you listen to what hes tellin
What happened bro?
Thats what I cant figure out bro!
Diesel is over sir.
Why don't you tell that before?
-While I was saying that, you asked me t
But, the tank is indicating full, right?
The indicator got stuck at that point
when the tank was full.
What is our situation now?
This truck cant withstand us more than
We have to jump onto that rock! Come.
Get down.. get down
-Come on ,come on.
Mugdha! Bag?
Karthik sir...
-Karthik be careful.
Leave it... you come.
Come on
Come on... jump
Be careful
It sinks... come fast.
Are you okay?
Are you alright?
-I am alright.
A dream of 10 people
The struggle of 15 years
20 years of research.
Destroyed by a man
He seemed to finish what the professor s
What is the doctor's horoscope?
I have just prepared his horoscope
The death knell has begun
Thank God, the truck would have led us t
The truck is mine sir...
and you are my disaster sir.
We got saved from a mighty catastrophe.
Your vehicle saved four of us
Don't worry.
We didnt get saved, we are actually cou
catastrophe all the time, sir!
Give it to me!
Please give it Karthik, please!
We went through all this for giving to t
Then, die!
If you are alive, you will anyways achie
Please, for my sake!
Give it to him.
She told the truth!
If you are alive, he will someday make i
Its been ten minutes.
They are neither killing, nor moving.
Maybe he's hungry
-Shut up.
Then he stopped seeing the idol,
now he stopped after seeing the birds.
Son, this is Krishna Paksham days!
They do not resort to any violence.
Oh, we have such kind of offers also, is
Hey Krishna! You saved me by a whisker f
all these years of devotion to you!
So, he wont harm us for another 24 hour
Bro, walk back two steps and see.
Should I stop walking?
I can understand.
They will be our company for the next 24
Lets go.
Swamiji, he is one and we are four of us
So what...?
We can smash him to death!
You wretched fellow, we are lucky
he doesnt speak our language.
Or else, he would have done the last rit
for all the four of us with snow!
He is asking us to move, move.
Oh God! I can't walk now
Sir! Sir!
Help me.
Thank you
Oh God!
Are you OK?
Leave it, let's go.
All of you stay right here...
I will go and come back.
Take it.
Karthik, dont go alone!
We still have time for Krishna Paksham.
Even the peacock you wanted is still her
Yours is a debt that cant be redeemed M
This is my work.
Until then, they are your responsibility
Karthik! Karthik!
-Son, Son...
Karthikeya, you must get that divine ank
the end of the Subhakritu Sravanam
We should never despair about anything!
because weak are conditions not us!
It navigates you the path the anklet has
and the destination you need to go to.
Are you alright?
Bro, Where is Abhira?
Dont know, bro..he was here a while ago
I dont know how he went missing.
Karthik, where do we head next?
You made a mistake by leaving the fate o
death to nature!
For any mission-undertaker,
Nature only helps him, never harms him.
He does the hardwork!
I own the mission!
Why does such a cute Krishna not have a
Krishna Paksham moments have ended.
I am not going after Gods ornament.
I am going as per Gods will.
Millions of people's lives depend on it.
please try to understand me.
No... No... No...
Lord Krishna!
Karthik, what are you doing ?
Karthik, what are you doing ?
Are you a God to risk your life
and save peoples lives?
Iam not a god.
I am a doctor!
Karthik no..
There are many who worship God,
but the God choses just one or two!
Does this ornament really belong to God
or is it just the trick of the Indian Go
thats what the leading nations and
atheistic naysayers of the world are ask
To which the Indian Scientists have reto
that this Ornament is dated 5118 years o
with the help of an advanced technology
the International Radiocarbon Calibratio
That the information embedded in the orn
but also holds the knowledge
that prevents us from polluting the land
and the atmosphere around the planet is
making the world astonish with wonder.
Doctor by degree, explorist by DNA
When problems knock on his door,
he goes in search of solutions.
Today, the historical solution discovere
Dr.Karthikeya has become the talk of the
After all this you deserve a place in se
Come Karthik..let us rule the world!
After all this you deserve a cruel death
Not 14 yrs of prison or a death by hang.
This is the wisdom I learnt.
This is a wealth of knowledge that we
should preserve and protect.
We have been hitherto ridiculing our
beliefs in the name of progress
but in reality...
Excuse me!
Strange that as someone who never apprec
always skeptical about our mythology and
Was it sudden realization for your recog
Just as the Srikrishna who lifted Govard
and the Srikrishna who came down Govardh
are not one and the same as perceived by
in the same manner, I am a different per
before this journey started and now afte
so much so that I realized I still have
I dont hate anyone, I pursue truth.
Just as devotees dont question the exis
many among us do not question the
precepts of science.
Both are known differently,
but the basic thought is the same.
Because of their physical strengths
alongwith intellect and character,
Rama, Shiva and Srikrishna have become G
For your information, this is not mythol
It is our history!
Nothing to do with our beliefs,
but a veritable truth.
They are not only Gods but also our ance
And this is just a small proof of that.
Whenever a problem bigger than mans int
Nature helps man to find the solution.
Any work attempted with diligence
will defeat even calamities.
Usage of 1% of Mans intelligence is ear
10% is service,
100% is Godliness!
Do you think Lord Krishna is not a small
He is a historic connection between
Arabian sea and Atlantic Ocean!
By Possessing one anklet do you think
you are greater than me?
My quest is not small to stop at Arabian
Its as big as I to explore my nations
routes in Atlantic Ocean!
What do you do?
Try surviving until full moon day!
Abhiras will not leave you!
Governments prominent advisor, renowned
who offered his services in various sect
Santhanu Mukherji is murdered in his est
Reasons are yet to be known!
Education & medical
fields are in shock & grief for his demi
Where has he gone?
Sonu, where is your uncle?
Not answering phone calls since two days
Where did he go?
Your quest does not end here
Another chapter must inevitable