Kasaba (2016) Movie Script

Salina, did they say that they'll
pick you up from here?
Yes. Just wait for 5 more minutes.
They will reach now.
l guess it is them.
lt is them. Be careful!
Also message me the spot
they are taking you to.
Call me when it gets over. Go.
Let's move.
Get going.
How is your business, baby?
Not bad sir. Surviving with it!
How will YOU survive through this!
Pay our levy and leave.
Come on
Hey, wait.
Didn't you get business today?
Are you going to get me a business?
Well, come. Get into thejeep.
Come on ,.we will go and have fun
Don't hesitate, Come.
l will pay you.
Hey take that bag
l'm going with that bugger
Drop where she has to go. Be careful.
My phone will be switched off.
lf Kariachhan calls up,
tell him that l haven't come.
Okay sis.
How is it?
Sir, You've not put the zip!
Did you come here to tell this?
No, got a call from the station.
Hmm... We'll go now.
Take it.
Oh sir! This is not sufficient.
Not for charity purpose l do this.
Acting smart with a Policeman!!
l too know a very smart Policeman!
You know that, don't you?
Oh!! Your Zachariah!!
Who considers that fellow who walks
as though poked with a needle, as a Policeman?
l don't take pleasure at free of cost
like him, do l?
Who demands him money?
l go to him as l too feel like seeing him.
What does he have which l lack with?
lf l touch you, will he...
His knees will knock together.
Coming for a challenge?
Pay the money and leave.
How dare you catch hold of my uniform?
You whore!
Catch her.
Leave me.
Leave her
Team DrC
No Zachariah!
Taking pleasure for free and scooting away,
is not manliness, Circle lnspector!
Wasn't it you who took away
the money he paid for her?
Then, take the work forthat money!
No, Zachariah, please.
Stand aside...Move..
Zachariah, no...please.
No, Kariachhan...Please. This is enough.
When challenging, bet on a Hen,
Bull or a Horse!
Never bet on a Tiger please!!
Come, let's go.
Team DrC
Hey, look...did you notice the man
who bounces and walks?
He is Rajan Zachariah! Circle lnspector!
You were asking me about
the most Khakhi officer around..
That's him!
He is really superb!
Okay, you carry on...l will join you later.
Hi, l'm Poonam Patak! Maharastra!
Rajan Zachariah..
l know...l know..
Well, l just came to tell you,
That you are not supposed to smoke around
And how dare you forgot
to salute a Senior Ranking officer?
Sir, l.G Chandrasekaran sir is waiting in the
Throw this somewhere.
-Fuck you.-Let's see.
-What? - Let's see, yeah.
Madam, pardon me for not saluting you.
l will make it up to you.
And l bet you, you will walk around for a week.
Hey you! Romancing before the l G office!!
Thinking you can do any roguishness
if your dad is an l G?
Who is this girl?
Who are you girl?
Got the license?
Take a card.
This is called as Fortune, my dear!!
Although l had many relationships,
nothing materialised so far!
Get up...get up....
He has got many girl friends like you, beware.
As he is my disciple, l advised you.
How is your dad's mood now?
Hmm..he is in the best mood.
You just have to go.
So we will meet on your wedding.
Let me put the Cap or will be
charged for that also.
Sir, good morning.
-l never asked you to sit. - Hmm.
What is your rank?
C.l! So you called me to ask that?
And Antony's?
He is also a C.l!
Come to the point, sir.
Shut up, you!
What was your problem yesterday? TELL me!
Why the hell did you thrash..C.l Antony..?
-Do you want me to remove his underwear? -
Shut up.
Hitting a same rank officer in the presence
of his subordinates...that too in his station!
What about the way he treated that lady?
ls she your wife?
That is her way of life, right?
Yes, l admit...but not forfree of cost
only for money.
That is enough. Without even
a written complaint from her,
you assaulted him and... justifying your action?
To hell with COMPLAlNT!
Wasn't an innocent girl brutally
raped and killed in Delhi?
Her parents had also given a COMPLAlNT!
Eventually what happened?
Convicts who raped her brutally,
walked free on the grounds of being Juveniles.
As you say, if she also lodged
a complaint against a C.l,
How brutally would she be assaulted?
Even if a case is charged also,
who will be benefitted?
Print media can print 10 Extra copies,
and Channels will get sensational news for 2
Finally, to escape from the shame,
she will commit suicide.
That is all.
l did what l felt was right.
Suspension or Dismissal...Whatever you wish...
Please go ahead.
l shall collect it from S.P office.
Team DrC
Take the 1st invitation - let it be for you!
l got the 1st invitation already.
-Met them outside? - l see.
Good decision!
lt's good to get things done
at the right age!
Otherwise, like me... become
spoilt and go upside down.
l just have one son...
and as he grew up without a mother...
lf l say yes to all his wishes,
l fear that something might go wrong
lt was you who brought him up
and supported his romance,
if anything goes wrong,
you take the responsibility.
Nothing will happen, he is smart!
Anyway, he will not become like me.
Well, suspension or dismissal?
Get lost!
Get a written complaint from that lady.
Again asking for COMPLAlNT!!!
Team DrC
Meeting will be tomorrow afternoon.
We'll show our Caste Power!
Parameswara Nambiar has come
from Kaalipuram to see you.
What's up Nambiar! Doing good?
Why did you want to meet me immediately, sir?
For the last 10 - 18 years,
lt was you who put in all your effort
to create a base forthe Party in Kayamkulam.
Now, when our party faces
a by-election for the 1st time,
lt is only you who should
become a Party's Candidate.
-But.. - But.
When you flew to Mumbai to meet Arun
day before yesterday,
you put forth my name,
and Arun discarded me and suggested
someone else's name, right?
Yeah, your past!
Even though we wiped off to some extent...
Still some areas around Kerala and Karnataka
Our Party office submitted report
says that your image is too bad.
At Shivaji Park, when discussing
about Party leader selection...
Arun, who wanted to have full
command and full wealth of the Party's office...
... says he doesn't want you, what can l say,
You remember this?
When l was offered the Party membership
Card 21 years ago,
l was given this Pistol
by the Old leader along with that.
ln return, l killed Arun's partner,
witnessed by a houseful show
in Mahalakshmi theatre, Pune...
That day, full battalion Maharashtra Police
although tortured me brutally from my head to
l never disclosed
Arun's name, leader's name or your name.
l agree, l only spent two and half years in
but never demanded anything in return.
and never asked for any help!
But if you reject me saying that l'm not
eligible to contest for this election,
Hey, come on Nambiar, Arun is too powerful.
l know, Arun is too powerful.
l will nevertalk anything against Arun.
But will disclose the deceased leader's
name and your name instead.
Convince Arun for my sake and our sake.
lf you hadn't discontinued
your study in Banaras,
you might have become a good lawyer
-Palani - Yes, bro.
Let her presence not be there
in election scene!
Until everything is over, she
shouldn't be seen there.
Restrict her..Restrict yourself.
Second thing, the place which we have a strong
has lots of activities favouring Maoist group.
They have local support too
That is dangerous
Before the Election, eliminate these groups
lf possible, do an operation
with the help of Police.
Shoot as many as possible,
Ortry to tarnish their reputation!
What happened? Why do you cry?
Afraid, ah?
l'll take you along with me,
don't worry, dear.
My mom.
We don't need this money, okay?
Team DrC
Gosh! Move...Thankachhan..
Don't, please.
Come l say.
Hey, move.
Nothing to worry.
Where are you going, along with her?
You don't have to know.
Come out..
Leave her.
Team DrC
What happened, sir? You found Lakshmi?
She's lying behind.
l also bashed herto pulp.
Susan, take her inside.
No customers today?
We had! Because of this issue,
we sent them away.
She is inside. Please come.
Lakshmi, doesn't matter. Don't cry.
That C.l! Downstairs!!
l'm coming.
Call bro.
The moment when Thankachhan informed
and hung the phone down,
l dashed to the spot with my jeep.
l thrashed and put him in the Car.
lf alive, he will somehow crawl and get away.
Please don't consider me as a mere Worker.
l am not doing this for money, but only
because l like you..
ln the four years of my taking charge
in this Kaalipuram,
Did you confront any raid saying
this as a brothel house?
Did you?
lf the department learns about
the incident that happened today,
it is the Case of losing my Cap!
l know. But this is not your
1st visit to this place.
You walk into any room
and whoever you want...
Oh no! Forthe help which l have done today
Being with anyone is not enough...
l want...Kamala...
l'm also aware you are Nambiar's Concubine.
Still, l am so obsessive ever
since l saw you for the 1st time.
Nambiar will never know this. Just for once.
Only once.
Get away.
Don't act smart.
Your Nambiar is not a Cupid, right!
Thankachan, you know,
ln the case for brewing and trafficking
illicit liquor in the border,
Nambiar's dad was finished by a
single kick by Excise Circle Marakar,
ln return, Nambiar discontinued law and,
exactly on the 3rd day, he stabbed Marakar
to death on his prayer mat,
and fled away to Bombay.
This is your Nambiar's history! No.1 Criminal!
Hey, you!
lf you don't be with me today,
then, Nambiar will only find your
dead body to caress! Did you hear?
Team DrC
ls that not Jacob sir's Car?
Something there on his right hand..
Some of you take the body to the hospital.
And you?
We are going to Raghavan's quarters.
lf he is not there, we
will be going to the station.
lnform College and bring
the students from the hostel,
and assemble before the station.
Hmm, okay.
Team DrC
No, sir. yet to arrive.
A van full of force has reached here.
Yeah, sir.
A huge chaos here!
lf they don't reach immediately,
Sir, based on an anonymous phone
call last night,
l and two other policemen on duty,
recovered Raghavan sir's body.
When postmortem was about to begin
aftertaking the body to the hospital,
these students circled us.
But when we were somehow shifting the body
to Palakkad in Ambulance,
these guys started following us.
As there was no other go,
we brought the body to the Station.
Why leaving so early?
Have a ceremonial offering at home!
l promised Rama and Padma
that l will reach on time.
Their prayers will only go in vain!
Your offspring will be born only in my womb.
-Are you angry? - For what?
Yesterday l..
Otherwise, l would've killed him.
-Why?-For touching you!!
When did you arrive?
l was here!
l'd been to Coimbatore...
... for inviting for his marriage.
-You saw? - Hmm.
Team DrC
Only after waiting for 2-3 days,
l got an appointment from the Minister.
Neither my 24 yrs of service nor my uniform,
l realized, is not as worthy
as even a used toilet paper.
Kasargod Crime Branch's 1st report.
S.P Premnath investigated personally on my
lt is the same whatever we had seen
in papers and on TV.
Students who had seen the body of lecturer
besieged Kaalipuram Station.
The mysterious death of the
suspected accused C.l Raghavan,
And amidst the tumult of students,
Police Van that was on the way here
carrying Raghavan's body,
was blasted somewhere in Kaalipuram
Maoists - is the Conclusion!
But how did our children get entangled in this?
Doesn't the Crime branch
has anything to say about that?
This is not convincing, sir.
Must be a fabricated one aftertaking bribe.
Yeah, l know.
That is why l requested Minister
for a proper investigation.
But saying it's a border station,
there is Maoists presence,
and that he'll talk to the Karnataka Home
He gave me an artificial hug and just walked
Leave alone my loss,
What about the six policemen in that van,
who were charred to death.
Towards their families and service...
Doesn't this State have
a minimum commitment?
What Commitment, Sir!!
Otherthan guarding them while having drinks,
orfiring bullets towards the sky for state
ln what way, are these ordinary
Policemen useful to them?
l don't need any approval from
the Government to investigate the case.
Till now l worked at my will.
l will continue to do it hereafter.
Do one thing. Get me a transfer to Kaalipuram.
l will go and investigate.
l don't mind even if it's as a punishment
We should know the facts, right?
lt's our child we lost and not Minister's child.
Even if you don't give me, l will go.
l will at least get some leave, isn't it?
Please sir
Team DrC
Hey, You! Mischief!! Go.
Hey, you! Driving recklessly, you rascal!
Your mom's...! Move aside yourjeep.
Talking ill of my mom,
you son of a bitch!! Come out.
Will you tell this again?
-Hey -Wow! What pleasant scenery!
Leave him.
l left him.
Who are you?
Not seen you here before!
l've not shown myself to anyone before,
that's why you haven't seen me!
l will let you know when l'm free.
You can come and see, Aunty!
Don't be over smart baby.
l've no time to listen to your yellings!
Will see you later.
Try reaching home before dusk with this Junk.
You bloody rascal!
Team DrC
What happened?
l've advised you several times,
take two henchmen for protection
while loafing with these girls.
Otherwise, stop all this until
the election gets over.
Sit confined to these 4 walls.
lf l sit inside, how will l be
able to feed these girls?
These days, do you bother to ask
how l am managing here?
Only concerned of Party,
Election and your wives!
Who am l ?
Just like a scrap.....defenseless...
prone to harassment by passersby!
l will send some money through Valli.
lt's he...
He can't get away from Kaalipuram
harming my woman!
Whoever he may be! l will find out.
Team DrC
Which idiot has written this?
Not able to understand anything.
Oh sir, it was me
Fantastic! ls this the way
to write the report?
When l was asked to send an urgent report
to the higher official on the 3rd day after the
l just wrote what l recollected
from whatever l'd seen and heard!
Have you come here with regard to this case...?
No, it was a punishment transfer.
As this happened recently,
l just ran through it.
Then, you forget whatever
you read now.
l shall explain to you in detail.
Tell me.
the night before the day
when this commotion happened...
Raghavan sir assaulted a College lecturer on
the road.
l don't know the reason.
But the lecturer died.
l guess, he was coming back
to the station afterthis incident
Raghavan sir was killed by Maoists in the
Who told you so?
One can make out from the way they did it.
He was struck with many bullets
They might have settled their old scores.
Sir, see that..
After having shot two gang members in their
Raghavan Sir hung them here.
What about the Post-mortem report of Lecturer
who was killed by Raghavan?
One copy is in this file.
His head was struck so hard that he died!
And how did l.G's son and
that girl came into the scene?
Only God knows, sir.
Excuse me..
Keep it there and go.
My wife, Pavizham!
Oh God! What a pity!
Which college students created the chaos?
Narasimha Memorial!
- The old college in Bhopal? - Yes, right!
College belongs to his party!
He has good influence here.
You go and have lunch.
Ask your wife if
she can give me also from tomorrow...
Lunch for me too!
l will make arrangements.
ln Kaalipuram, border villages
and in agricultural areas...in Kaalipuram,
we requested a ban on Endosulfan usage.
As a result of the demonstration
we staged last December,
the RDO interfered and promised
to take a positive action that day.
But nothing has happened so far.
Out of 237 families, 111 families are affected
with one or two members having disabilities.
And 70% of them are children.
An aid to those illiterates and underprivileged
who only have the knowledge to work in the
ln terms of medication, regular medical
and minimum sustenance ...
the request which we had put forth to local
authorities and this area MLA for finding a
has gone in vain.
Call that boy here.
No, sir..but now...
When then? Come on call him now.
Hold this.
So that's it for today guys!
And Maya will brief you the rest.
Are you Jagan Menon?
Yes, what do you want?
Come to the station.
New Circle wants to meet you.
We already informed the Principal.
You people had a big protest
the other day outside the station
just want to enquire about that..
Do you have a warrant?
l will make it, Come on l say
Hey Mr. this is a college.
Take your hands off him.
Oh oh! l shall lay my hands on you then.
Just tell me where l should hold?
Hey What?
When you could hang with her always..
Do you think you can talk
any rubbish if you have the power?.
Team DrC
Take a fag if you want!
lf l give you a blow..
On what basis did you take me in custody?
Whatever happened outside the station,
it was just a ...
l didn't arrest you for that,
but for hitting Mukundan.
- But that fellow...
-Shut up! Calling him Fellow?
People say it's done by Maoists!
But now tell me, why did you do that?
ls it because of your young blood or
or any grudges?
First of all, when the body was taken
from here, l was not on the spot.
As Jacob sir,s relatives had come,
l was at the hospital with them.
lf l had got C.l Raghavan alive,
-We might have burned him alive. - Oh, Oh!
Policemen can do whateverthey like!
Can easily wash off their hands
after killing someone!!
Don't deliver your speech here!
With blood boiling in anger,
when you burnt down the Van,
Not only C.l's body was inside...
Please understand!
Come on, make me understand...Come on.
You can question me like this
only after issuing a warrant.
Even l know rules and regulations.
Don't try to threaten me.
Shall l threaten you? Come on..
-Sir... - Yes.
What do you want?
A lawyer has come to bail him.
Many students have also come.
Without a warrant how can we...
Take him and go.
l'll see you with the Warrant.
6 Policemen were caught inside that Van.
And these two also.
Last call from Priya's phone
was made to your number.
What is it?
Come quickly. Nambiar sir
wants to see you urgently.
Come soon.
He sent me in person as you were not
reachable over the phone.
Go and meet him.
Come Jagan. Sit down.
How was the last semester results?
Not bad, sir! 74% .
l came to know about your arrest very late.
That's why the lawyer reached late.
No case is charged at me.
lt was because that day, outside the station...
Good! Each and every time,
you walk into the Police station,
Fearfor Khakhi will gradually decrease.
lt's a good exposure.
You know, this is the first time
our party is getting a seat in Kaalipuram
l need your support.
By , You', l mean, You and yourfriends.
l know you guys hardly have
any particular political interest.
But your influence between
the locals and College students, will favour me.
lf you think for long,
you will feel like telling NO.
So, don't think.
lf there is any need, just tell Mani.
-Mani, drop him and come.-Okay sir.,
Team DrC
You found him, isn't it?
Now you will have to fulfil
your promise to me.
-What? - That Policeman.
Didn't l tell you ...from what Mukundan told me
C.l has come to Kaalipuram
not on a Punishment Transfer...
He took Jagan in custody today
in the name of that incident.
lt's risky to do anything on him
until we know his intentions correctly.
As the elections date is nearing...
why unnecessary?
Don't act smart. Triggering all problems...
Hey Kamala.
What do you want?
l came to see you.
Am l a Tajmahal to see?
Sir, l know Arjun and Priya
They came to Kalipuram only to meet me.
Couldn't you tell me this when
l questioned you then?
What brings you here?
What appearance is this!
Look like a jerk!
-A stink pot! - Get lost!
And he is Arjun. My fianc e!
-Hi - Hi.
lt's been almost 6 years
since we've seen each other.
Yeah, l know.
-Get us a cup of coffee first.
- Please come.
What happened? Why no touch with anyone?
Even l forgot you.
My parents got divorced.
Legal headaches and emotional baggages
lt took a toll on me!
l wanted to escape Delhi.
Thus, l landed here and l like it here.
Sorry, one minute.
Jacob sir changed his decision
Seems he got some other commitment.
What's this, sir?
Only if you're there, Students will come.
No, l have to go.
l'm on leave for a week.
Will come back and tell you.
We'll see after reaching Bangalore
tomorrow morning.
We've a student group here,
bit revolutionary type...
You will never come up in life. For Sure!
-Get lost!
No, we'll refresh and leave tonight.
No way. We'll leave only after a nap.
My back is broke.
Dude! You must come for my Big day!
l will.
-l hope you will come.. - Sure.
See you there.
Then why did she call you that night?
l don't know.
l had a drought relief Campaign,
so l wasn't able to attend her call.
lf they were leaving for Bangalore,
how did they end up in the van?
Weren't you aware that they
were also killed in that blast?
When the protest before the
Police station went out of our control,
we decided to move away
from there for a week.
Nobody used mobile phones.
Only when we returned,
we came to know Arjun and Priya...
When l came to know about the incident,
l went to Priya's house!
To tell what happened ...
l don't know what happened
l don't know what to do
lt was then you..
KL 13 021 Royal Enfield
Trace the location of the bike!
Want the information- urgent!
l hardly have time for girls now.
Do what l say.
Will let you know when there
is a need for such things! OK!
Yes, sir.
Get the list of hotels or lodges in this area.
There are hardly any good lodges here, sir.
Oh... bad lodges are enough, SlR!
What for, sir?.
For planting a bomb, would l get one?
Get the registered books and
bill books from all these hotels.
Got it?
Respond that way.
Team DrC
-Parameshwaran Nambiar-Rajan, Rajan
Heard that you've taken charge here!
Only today l found time to pass this way
as l was quite busy with election work.
Mukundan used to tell about you.
How is your election campaign?
Not bad. lt's just a start, right? - Oh!
One of my lines is business.
l own two quarries. -Yes!
Away from the border state.
And few other business in the market as well.
As the Party forced me...
You also run a College l guess.
No...that wasn't started by me! lt's a trust run
college in the name of an old leader in the
He moved from here
and became a Mumbai man.
Since l am here, l manage that.
Oh, l see!
Heard about some issue
with the students there...
No...it happened because
of a misunderstanding.
All because of this Mukundan!
Day aftertomorrow, there's a function
- as a part of Election Campaign!
Mukundan knows the place.
l came to invite you forthat.
-Please come - Certainly.
Will come with Mukundan.
Function is at night.
You won't become disappointed.
You hit very hard, right?
Those who saw it, said it!
Actually l like gulping more,
but can't do it openly, right?
-Take it, Mukundan.. - Thank you, sir.
Chit money..lnterest amount..
Don't hit me, sir.
May you be blessed with all.
Team DrC
,Who is the stag to mate with this
Prancing, playful doe?,
,lt is late night,
,Are you searching for me
to bask in my warmth?,
,Don't give me sidelong glances
you can't conquer me,
,Am l a lovely bud which you
can't get to kiss, you desired in vain,
,Who is the stag to mate with
this prancing, playful doe?,
Who is the stag to mate with this
prancing, playful doe?
,This ruddy tender coconut
scattering honey will dance,
,Today, is your heart's desire rising up,
,To rest in this hut of chillness,
,This ruddy tender coconut scattering honey
will dance,
,Today, is your heart's desire rising up
to rest in this hut of chillness,
,ln the valley.....,
,O breeze wafting in the valley,,
,Will you whisper in my ears,
,To take me with you,
,lt is late night,
,Are you searching for me
to bask in my warmth?,
Hey, Zachariah! Welcome.
Thank you..Thank you.
Full of colours, Nambiar!!
Team DrC
- Kamala..-l've seen her.
What is she doing here?
Nambiar, your wife?
l guessed.
Zachariah, come.
,The hero l waited for is here before me,
,Golden sparklers are lighting up in my
,The hero l waited for is here before me,
,Golden sparklers are lighting up in my
,Far away...
,lsn't the stag here to mate with this
prancing playful doe?,
,lsn't the stag here to mate with this
prancing playful doe?,
,lsn't the stag here to mate with this
prancing playful doe?,
Team DrC
l'll leave! lt's going to be 2'o' Clock!
Sir, just booze and leave?...
After coming till here?!
Shall wait for you if you want, sir.
Stay here tonight.
No..that will not work out, Good night.
Don't mistake. Just consider it as an Honour.
Choose whoever you want.
What is your name? - Susan.
-Eh! - Susan..
l'm already fit. So l will fall asleep,
and it will create a bad name!
Apart from making curry orfry,
l don't buy flesh for money!
l'm not a scoundrel to buy women for money.
Hey, you Circle!
Even otherwise you can't afford
to buy them for money.
Your one month's pay will not also
be sufficient for their powder expenses.
Just consider this as a lottery!
Free of cost
You are enough!
Nambiar..No..You are out of this picture.
You are not at all in this frame.
lf l take a lottery, l will minimum
try to hit a bumper!
l will pay you money.
You work and make money
for your powder expenses at least.
Don't trouble them.
lf you raise this hand before me again,
Learn to eat with your left hand
first and then do it.
Good night, Nambiar.
On the 3rd of last month at 5.30 p.m
A boy called Arjun Chandrasekaran and a girl
along with him, checked in here.
Yes, sir.
At night 10.50, they checked out.
Yes, sir.
Must say that!
Then, why another check in
registered in that boy's name,
that same night, that too at 11 .30?
They returned after 45 minutes.
Asked for a room that night too and
said that they'll check out the next day.
Didn't you ask the reason for their return?
Stop giggling. Come to the point.
As they are young, they may not be satisfied.
Tell it clearly.
Such things are common here, sir.
Only youngsters do the booking on weekends.
They come all the way from
Mysore and Mangalore.
Normally booking is done only for a night.
ln some cases, it gets extended like this.
l don't ask such things in detail...
as we need business, sir!
When did they leave the next day?
l don't remember, sir.
Still, maybe around 6 - 6.30 am they left.
Sir, when they checked in again,
they seemed disturbed.
As they lost their phone, they
requested to make a call from here.
Whom did they call then?
As Phone was not working here,
they didn't call anybody.
-Sir, is this any women harassment case?
-Get lost! Go and do your work!
Give me the box
May things go fine, O Lord!
lt's just an advance, madam.
l will be staying here for four days.
Will pay the balance before l leave from here.
Last year l met with an accident and
three of my discs slipped.
So l can't strain too much.
lf l get a young girl, it will be good.
lt's enough if you take Lingusamy to Lakshmi.
l mean it.
Tell herto stop eating without working!
Tell Susan to talk to her.
Go with him.
Thankachan, she says that
she can't take it anymore! .
How could you send such a man...
You can send me instead.
Sir, you get inside.
Oh my darling!
Team DrC
See this darling!
l brought this for you.
Put it on and see, dear.
Sir, please leave me.
l can't do it.
See what happened!
Get in, Lakshmi.
l say get inside.
Given her Sedative. She will doze off.
There is an injury in her head and abdomen.
Two of her ribs have been fractured.
l also doubt if there is any internal bleeding.
Before any complications arise,
better admit her!
ln this condition,
it is risky to lay her like this.
What did Doctor say?
She is not dead
You can send that Tamilian to her now.
She lies in a Static condition now.
You've taken advance from him, right?
Team DrC
Why serving so much?
My stomach will burst eating all this!
lf it bursts l'll patch it up for you.
No wonderthat Mukundan's
stomach is bulged
So, what is the use of a bloated stomach?
Had your lunch?
l will eat after he finishes eating!
You have it, sir.
lt's super!!
You have it
Too spicy
-Yes, Mukundan. Please come.-Sorry, sir.
Come here, man. Come here l say.
Where are you running?
Your wife's cooking is excellent.
-Serve for Mukundan. - Hmm!
Yeah, tell me.
l'm coming, you wait there.
What happened, sir?
Where is Bylakuppam?
50 kms from here.
Very close to the border.
What happened, sir?
l need to go there.
l shall also come with you, sir.
lt's a new place.. Going alone
Don't worry, l will manage.
You go and eat Biriyani.
l'm taking the jeep.
Oh no! You didn't have anything.
Send it to my quarters tonight.
Bullet you mentioned is with them.
See you then.
This is yourjurisdiction, Remember!
What Jurisdiction!
Where did you get this bullet from?
Who are you?
Can't you make out from my uniform?
Tell me, where did you get this bike from?
This bike? Born to me from her womb!
Clean this glass and give
Take it, dear.
Come on..wipe..
Keep it on my face.
Yeah...you naughty
Now tell me, children....
What, where and when did you get it?
Tell me, my boy!
Come on...
l will say.
-Let the words tumble one by one!
-My bro gave me this.
Which bigwig is your bro?
Tell me.
l will say.
Bhavani Bar!
ls Bhavani there, Bava?
Yes, sir.
What if he is there! Where is Bhavani?
He is inside, sir.
You stand there.
l heard that you met my younger brother.
You could've enquired about
me before visiting my place.
That ,Who is BHAVANl,
l'm not going to amend your
life history to enquire
l wish to know something
from you and will go back.
Any assurance that you will go back?
My horoscope predicts so!
What are you searching for?.
ls this the one?
Before trying to use this,
learn how to safeguard this!
Take it.
Team DrC
Shall l pull the trigger?
No...No, please
When the owner himself
doesn't need it, then why should l?
Well, tell me, where did you get that bike?
Thangachhan from Kalipuram gave me.
Where on earth do l go
and search for Thankachan?
Team DrC
Thankachhan, get inside.
l want to win this election at any cost.
lf anyone comes as a hindrance to it,
l will kill them.
Whoever it may be!
l've never had the courage
to reveal that l'm your dad face to face!
Relying on me, your mom came
with me disowning everything.
At last when l also ditched her,
She died, leaving you, who was still
a little baby drinking mother's milk, behind.
For rectifying my misdeeds,
l searched for you intensely.
When l took you from that orphanage,
l never expected that your life
will take such a turn.
And now, as l don't want
to put you at risk because of me,
l'm going away in silence.
We'll never meet again.
Don't curse me, my child!
Are you not able to reach Thankachhan?
Lakshmi is critically ill.
We'll have to admit her in the hospital.
Call the Doctor here.
No use!lt will be too late
if not attended, her life will be at risk.
Who are you afraid of?.
Whose permission do you need, Kamala?
Tell me!
-l will take her.-No.
Sis, ls Thangachhan there?
You can't get inside without a warrant.
You have to close down the business if
you ask for warrant from whoever visits here.
Are customers less today?
l also have the warrant, which all of them have.
You wish to see.
Too smart!
Take off your hand.
Take off your hand, l say.
Take off your hand, you...
ls Bro inside?
Sis, that is..
Sis, he is in a meeting.
Big boss has arrived from Bangalore.
You please go now. He will come and see you.
lt's not enough if he alone
can see whenever he thinks, right? Move...
Team DrC
Why didn't you pick up my call?
You go now!
No..l need to talk now.
You go. l'll come.
Get away.
Hey, you!
Have you come here uninvited now
to put me down?
Thankachan is missing.
So? Do you want me to go behind him?
Not necessary! That Policeman will go
As you feared, he will torment him
to tell the truth.
He came to see me.
He will come here next!
l have nothing to lose.
lt's not me who wants to be a leader.
You rascal! You interfered, otherwise
l would have killed him yesterday itself.
l want Thankachan...alive.
l already warned you that day
Not to have any relationship with her.
Not even a month for the Election.
Think and do whatever is needed.
Team DrC
What's it?
Thankachan called me just now.
He is in Kaalipuram. He wants to meet you.
Say l'll meet him.
Ask him to wait somewhere near
the market unnoticed
We shall go.
-Shall l go? - Hmm.
Come here.
Shall l marry you?
Hmm...marry me!
Okay, l will inform sir.
Please give a call now and then.
Shall we go?
l got a question for you, Thankachan.
lf you answer it openly, then
l will not touch you.
You know it's answer
Come on, say. from where
did you get that bike?
Gosh! My bag.
Thankachan, follow them.
They shouldn't get away from Kaalipuram.
Come, Thankachhan!
So, C.l Raghavan was not killed by Maoists!
Arjun and Priya who checked out at 10.30,
Again checked in at 11 .30 pm
- is the reason clear now?
Tell the rest! What happened later?
Priya, make it fast! Come.
Team DrC
Come fast, Priya.. Quick..
Move away...Move l say.
Push them aside.
Sir, l'm the son of Palakkad l.G Chandrasekaran
My bike broke down. l need
to reach Palakkad urgently.
Can you please... Thank you, sir.
Don't stop anywhere..Move
They boarded the Police van
Team DrC
Sir, please...lf anything happens to him..
Sir, l'm ready to disclose this anywhere
But nothing should happen to my daughter.
Kamala is my daughter, sir.
Sir, somebody switched off the main
- What actually happened?-Maoists!
-Where is Zachariah?-lnside.
Team DrC
Are you alright?
Enough...Take the body.
Please move.
They have to take the body
You whore!
lt's enough to take the body after she sees it.
Make arrangements to send the bodies
to their respective places after postmortem.
What happened?
Come and have dinner.
l'll come.
What happened? Election tension?
Nothing. l will finish this up and come.
You go.
Team DrC
For the 1st time in my life,
l had a person of my own.
l had told you that l need Thankachhan alive.
lf he was alive, we both
would've been at risk.
Understand one thing.
What risk for me?
You were the one who fled away
after avenging for your dad's death.
And l've been living in
your warmth for around 18 yrs..
l will definitely show my colours!
Hey, you!
Don't come to uninvited function, got it!!
When you're appearing like a mad elephant,
it is their duty to rescue my life, right?
They are unfit for that, Nambiar!
You will realize only
when my tusks ram into your body.
Team DrC
Received a complaint on you
by the very Lord of Death,
saying you snatched away his buffalo, rope and
book of destiny pointing a gun in his mouth!
Like pulling off nose hairs,
you are pulling off many lives,
and to accommodate them,
there is hardly any space in Yama's Kingdom..
Don't worry, Nambiar.
l've no clear evidences to put a noose
on your neck and get you punishment!
You cut off the tongues which were to say,
and dug out the eyes which saw!
Hardly anybody is alive now..
And you are safe!
So, for the time being,
l dug a pit and buried Law and Order!
And l dug another pit!
Book a column underthe Obituary section
in some local paper
This photo is enough.
See you. Do it immediately.
l belong to Lord Sri Rama's place!
Why l set my foot on this land
after returning from exile,
is to reign over here!
lf come my way probing
Yama's buffalo, rope and Book of destiny,
then, you will go on an exile for ever.
l will not even spare a photo
of your's to give in the obituary column.
l belong to Sabarimala Lord Dharma
Sasta's place.
Even if you send me to any hills for an exile,
People who wish to see me
will climb any hills and come to my abode.
Or l will drag them there.
Let this election get over!
l'm coming to see you, climbing hills.
l have no time to wait till such time.
Team DrC
Get into thejeep.
Are you still not fed up of selling yourself?
lf you wish to lead a decent life henceforth,
and get out of this immoral life,
You will say.
l know the reason for
your coming to Kalipuram.
l also know you will not leave this place
until you find answers to your questions.
The reason for my coming is....
..to give the answers to your questions.
..to help you.
This is my testimony.
About all the incidents that happened
pre and post of your arrival to Kaalipuram.
Whatever l'd known and
seen - everything!
l don't mind testifying this in any Court.
There is something missing in your confession.
To read along with the name of a Sinner
Parameshwara Nambiar who did all sins
l need another name also.
...a name of a Charming lady..
..Your name..
You will have to forget my name.
lf l forget?
Apart from forgetting,
Nambiar also should be no more.
Then, l will satisfy your wishes,
until you are tired of!
Will you really give?
Nambiar sir, l'm Mukundan speaking.
Kamala met Zachariah sir in the Station just
When l came to the Station
with Thankachhanthat night,
You called up Nambiar and informed him.
Call list is on my desk!
You also removed the fuse at the right time.
You'll call ,sister-in-law, with respect and
also put your hand inside her dress, don't you?
Will fire you to death!
Please forgive me, sir.
Zachariah is following us. Dash the Car.
-lt's time to ring his death knell! - Hmm.
l just spared you!
But since you came climbing down the hills,
l'm going to bury you!
lt's not yet time to dig my pit.
You will get exhausted.
You feel that you pulled me into your trap!
Forthat you need to be born again!
Team DrC
Zachariah, no, please.
What is the need to be alive any longer?
Kamala came and met me.
She gave a written statement that you
did all the Crimes, signed it and left.
You can spend your rest of your life in Jail!
Or if l kill you, then Kamala is for Zachariah.
That is the offer.
How will l reject it? You tell me.
l've been swimming for a long time!
l stomped down those who swam along with
me and crossed me, deeply.
Don't beat me now,
when l am almost reaching the shore!
ln return, you can ask whatever you wish for.
Election fund! 33 lakhs!
l can give you more.
Even if l spare you, would you be safe,
lf l spare you,
then she will go and confess it to somebody
And you will be hanged.
No..For that she will not be alive.
Go. lf you want to swim to shore, then do it.
See you!
Team DrC
23 yrs ago, l killed Circle lnspector Marakar
and got into Gowda's bungalow.
l suddenly woke up hearing the cries of a girl..
For not succumbing to Arab, who bought
her for money to traffick her across seas,
Gowda held her legs apart to be
ripped with a sword.
l resisted Gowda and pleaded him to spare her!
Do you rememberthat girl?
A van full of Policemen surrounded the
for want of a boy Parameswaram
who killed Circle and fled away from the place.
To divert the attention of those policemen
who handcuffed that boy,
l foolishly stood naked before them.
That boy ran away.
But for 3 nights and 2 days,
13 Policemen of the search group,
grazed all over my body.
And finally threw me onto some roadside.
But l didn't cry. Because that boy was rescued.
Do you rememberthat boy?
When l gained confidence that
l can stand on my legs,
l again boarded the transport to Mysore.
When l pointed the gun at Gowda's head
and walked out holding your hand..
l trusted you more than me.
You testified against me!
Trusting that you will protect me
l stepped out of house that day.
Seeing you standing here now
to end this Kamala's life,
even that hope is gone!
l will kill you.
Do it if you have the courage, you whore!
Leave her!
Leave her l say.
-What is that other fellow's name?
- Palani sir.
Put his body on the driving seat!
Put the seat belt.
While returning from Party meeting that night,
leader Parameswara Nambiar
killed brutally by Maoist groups.
This is how everybody should believe!
Team DrC
l'm not interested.
You will be jailed for some time for the crime
of killing Circle lnspector Raghavan.
Susan gave a witness statement
duly signed by her.
ln one way, it's better for you to be in Jail.
You will gradually understand.
-Shall we move? - Hmm!