Kasanova (2019) Movie Script

Yes, hello.
Lola Frontals, how are you?
Yes, I will definitely
be needing your services.
Yes, yes.
For some, uh... pipe fixing stuff.
Mm. Mm-hmm.
Yes, yes, yes. Oh, yes, yes.
4.00p.m. will be just fine.
Text me so I know you are coming.
I am the exact definition
of what a sweet boy is.
Every woman's dream.
After all failed attempts
at being good at a sport,
I finally found one.
Chasing women.
Why, hello.
When am I not ready?
- There you go.
- Mm-hmm.
- Now let's take this all the way up.
- All right.
- Ooh!
- All right. Mm!
I like it all the way.
- Mm-hmm!
- Yes.
Nothing like a touch of good oil
on your back.
Oh, yeah, baby!
You have the best hands in town.
Say it again.
Just there.
Exactly what the doctor...
I mean, the nurse ordered.
Oh, no! Not now.
- No, no!
- Shoo!
Ow, ow!
- Femi!
- M-M-Mammy!
Go, go, go!
Go, go, go!
Go! Go!
Mom, I'm coming!
What a waste of good oil.
I'll be right there, Ma!
- Good morning, Mom.
- Good morning.
Ini, don't forget about tonight, OK?
Good morning, Bisola.
Good morning.
- Ta! Happy birthday!
- Thank you.
Thank you?
Is that all you are going to say?
Come on, who vexed you this morning?
Who vexed you?
Go and ask my mother,
who forgot my birthday again.
So, now, because your mom forgot
your birthday, it makes you vexed?
Hey, you see,
you're just children of nowadays.
Let I tell you something.
At the moment
my mother doesn't know if I am alive.
I'm not angry about it,
because I don't care either!
I don't care if she is alive or not!
If she dies,
I will be contacted to buy her coffin.
Is that why you are angry
on your birthday? Come here!
You know today is your birthday? Come!
Smile, now!
Show me your teeth, eh?
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Birthday, birthday
Go to your room. I will bring your food.
- Thank you, Bisola.
- Yeah, yeah. Carry up. Happy birthday.
You can't fight this morning.
Fine girl, fine girl
Ini, Ini, fine girl
Fine girl, Ini
Ini, Ini, fine girl
Ah, kids of this generation!
She's angry because her mother
did not remember her birthday.
One would think it was a wedding..
God almighty!
So, where does it hurt again?
Oh, baby, everywhere.
Just everywhere.
Are you sure you hurt your leg at all?
I... I wouldn't...
Well, why would I call you if I didn't?
maybe because...
you missed me.
- Oh, well...
- Mm-hmm?
- Just maybe I did.
- Just maybe?
- Uh-huh.
- Just maybe?
- Honey...
- Mm?
Let's take this off.
Oh, you know, I was just going to do that.
- Get more comfortable.
- Mm-hmm?
It gets so hot in this house.
- Mm-hmm?
- And the air condition...
- Miss me?
- Mm!
- Sure?
- Mm! Very.
Don't talk, baby. Enjoy. Enjoy!
- Ah, ah!
- Ah!
- What?
- Oh!
- Femi!
- Mommy!
Mommy, um, meet my nurse.
I was just giving her CPR.
Yeah, she's feeling faint.
She's been treating my leg.
My leg really hurts.
- Nurse? CPR?
- Yes, Mom.
CPR, indeed!
Sorry, nurse.
Do you inject your patients
with your tongue?
Keep your mouth shut!
Nurse, lips to lips.
If you dare say word!
Ooh, Momma!
Her legs like a government hanger.
why are you always doing this?
Who will take care of me? Who?
So you are looking for someone
to take care of you?
- Where? Bring the leg.
- What leg, Mom?
The leg that has been hurt.
Put-Put-Put the leg here, my friend!
What do you mean, it's OK? What is OK?
Femi, Femi, when will you stop
all this nonsense?
I know that Moyo's death shook you.
But it has been 12 years.
Twelve whole years.
You are not setting a good example
for your Jason, you know,
by chasing everything in a skirt.
Mom... Momma.
Honestly, um,
I don't know when I'm going to stop.
I... I... I mean...
You know your son
is really handsome.
Mommy, stop!
- You said your legs hurt?
- Ouch!
If you say that again, I will put
the entire ointment in your mouth!
Ooh, Mommy!
Moron! Who knows where you broke your leg.
I told you I went jogging.
That's how I injured my leg.
Yes! That was why I caught you
jumping all up and down!
- And you call her a nurse.
- Momma!
You are not leaving a good example
for this boy, let me tell you.
I wonder what the rush is to check this.
We all know who is going to win.
Sorry, singing toads,
we really need this space
for this very important announcement.
Yo! Excuse me?
Look, you can't just come here
and take off important music info
and replace it with your stupid drama,
whatever, poster.
Sorry, did you say something?
Robin Hood is coming!
Will you stop shaking your scanty behind
and grab a seat,
you native peacock!
Will you all keep quiet?
I work in quiet here!
Theatre is a spirit.
And for you to pass this class,
you must be a spirit.
Ogunde, with the Alarinjo theatre,
travelling theatre, he was a spirit.
Ola Rotimi was a spirit.
Yes! The gods are not to blame.
Wole Soyinka... is a living spirit!
You can trace it. His white hair!
I am a spirit.
Now, sir.
Will you keep quiet!
Oh, I see!
I know what to do.
I have no time to waste today...
as I'm just going to go straight
to the nitty-gritty.
And guess what, guys?
It's time for the royal rumble.
Yes, it's time to fight.
Fight for the five marks
to boost your continuous assessment.
And now I'm going to ask...
what are the two elements of tragedy
according to Aristotle?
Fine boy, idiot!
Hey! Will you concentrate?
Yes, sir.
Give me two elements of tragedy
according to Aristotle.
Uh... Aristotle is a... is a spirit.
What did you say?
Aristotle is a spirit.
That's how you are going to lose
your five marks.
Is there anyone here
who can take the five marks
that is left for grab?
The first element of tragedy
according to Aristotle is plot,
and the second is character.
Can you please put your hands together
for scanty behind?
Where were...
What were you doing
while she was busy studying
with your five marks?
Look at your life.
You are an African monkey,
castrated Billy goat,
and a dummy.
Guess what?
That's going to be it for the day.
Take a bow.
Hey, sir!
You know, she walks around
like she owns the school.
Driving that ugly, stupid car.
- Huh?
- What did you say?
What? What if the car is fine?
It's not even like the car is fine
like that.
It's a very ugly car.
Some day I can buy that car.
You know I can buy...
The point is,
I need to teach her a lesson.
You know? Like, the Jason lesson.
Um, Jason, why don't you focus
all this energy
on winning this competition
with Miss Jessica?
Win what?
Have you heard this guy sing before?
We don't deserve
ear infection today!
- What are you trying to say?
- Nothing.
- No, what are you saying?
- I'm not saying anything.
No, what are you saying?
He is trying to say, we would
rather learn Jason's lesson.
Anyway, this is the plan, yeah.
I'm going to date her and dump her.
- Mm!
- Uh-huh?
I'm going to get close to her, yeah?
Get her to like me.
And then I bounce.
Like a real G.
I bounce, like a real what?
I bounce, like a, uh, I bounce
- Mad, man! Mad!
- Ah!
- I need to put that in my next session.
- Ah, get it!
Guys, what do you think, though?
Why would you want to do that, though?
Because that upsets the girls!
Isn't that a senseless thing to do?
Well, Jason doesn't have sense,
so it's OK.
Your daddy doesn't have sense.
- I'll smoke you.
- No, I'm playing with you!
Your grandpa doesn't have sense, too.
Don't speak ill of the dead.
Yeah, yeah, man!
Put this on two player.
Let me beat you.
- You want to play it again?
- I'll thrash you.
- Reset, reset, reset.
- Calm down, calm down, calm down.
Mr. and Mrs. John,
thank you so much for coming.
Hello, my lady.
It's such a delight to see you.
Thank you for coming.
Hello, how are you this evening?
Hello, sir. How are you today?
I hope you're having a good time.
Of course.
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen...
Excuse me. If I can grab your attention?
Thank you once more
for coming out tonight. Thank you so much.
It gives me great pleasure
to entertain you all in my home.
Can we please put our hands together
one more time for Ife?
Ife, thank you so much.
She's one of my star students.
And now we come to a very high point
in tonight's proceedings.
Today is my daughter's birthday.
Oh, come on, please.
That is worthy of applause!
Yes. And she is a formidable singer
in her own right.
And she will be performing for us tonight.
Yes. You're about to be thrilled.
OK, so once more
I crave your indulgence.
Can you please put your hands together
for my delightful daughter, In...
Um, let me go and see
what's happened to her.
Ife, carry on. Carry on.
Please, enjoy yourselves. Have a drink.
Excuse me, I...
I just need to find out what's happened.
Ini? Come back here, lady!
Come back here!
What did you do that for?
You had absolutely no right!
Those were distinguished guests.
My colleagues.
All I required of you
was to come downstairs and sing
and then return to your tantrum!
But, no, what does she choose to do?
You choose to disrespect me in public
Maybe that's the problem, Mom.
It's all about you. All the damn time!
What are you on about?
Who throws herself a music event
on her daughter's birthday?
I just want to be alone!
You can't be alone.
We are in this together.
"Want to be alone," so...
Uzo, Uzo, Uzo, Uzo.
Uzo, look.
Women are like chess, OK?
They are like chess.
How do you think I've managed
to stay in the game for this long?
Your wife can't keep playing
all the cards.
Step up, man. Step it up.
- Femi...
- Hmm?
- I love her!
- You love her.
- Yes, I do.
- And so?
Look, women will always be women.
That's it.
You butter her up today.
You put her in her place tomorrow.
And everything is all good with the world.
She will leave you alone either way.
We have to solve his problem.
That's why we are here.
To talk about women.
Look, Uzo, let me tell you something.
Women are like chess, OK?
That's it. Women are like chess.
How do you think I've been able
to stay in the game so long?
Your wife can't keep playing
all the cards. She can't.
Step it up, man. Step it up.
Femi, Moyo didn't leave you
just because she wanted to leave you.
But she left me anyway
and look at me now!
Uzo, don't be stupid, OK? All right?
When your wife is unhappy,
believe me, she will rub her unhappiness
off on you until it sticks
and then she will make you hag.
What? Emeka, am I lying?
- I'll leave that to you both.
- Eh?
- Just leave them.
- Leave what?
Three women you have left
in Abia State. Three!
Now, what are we discussing?
Women are like chess
and that's the matter.
That is your drink.
Let me pour some more Hennessey on this.
Good evening, gentlemen, I am so sorry
to interrupt your conversation.
But has anybody ever told you
that you sound like a complete idiot?
- Excuse me?
- In fact, truth be told,
men like you should just simply
fall off the face of the earth.
I am so proud of your wife
that she had the courage to leave you.
In actual fact,
she should be given an award
for escaping a complete twat like you.
- What?
- Yeah.
And you are a disgruntled mad woman.
How dare you butt into our conversation!
This is men talking here!
Man, men are talking!
Wow! That's rich. Did you just say men?
Sorry, guys, you sounded like a bunch
of teenagers in the middle of puberty.
- What? Really?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yes
- Let me tell you something.
You are a frustrated old hag
who has no one to go home to.
Frustrated, that's what you are!
Who do you think you are?
No, Emeka, let me deal with her.
- No, no, no, no, let me deal with her!
- OK, I'll leave that to you guys.
Uh-huh? How dare you?
- With men like you? Hmm?
- What?
Being single is perfect.
- Perfect.
- Really?
You are just a frustrated... Hey!
How dare you put out your cigarette
in my Hennessey! How dare you!
This is man-talk! We're talking man!
- How dare you!
- Femi...
- We are warriors! Warriors!
- Femi, wait.
- You lose, you lose!
- Femi...
How dare you!
Putting your cigarette out in my drink.
- You must be very, very... very stupid!
- Femi, calm down.
- Stupid!
- Femi, calm down, calm down.
This is what I was talking about.
- Do you know her before?
- This is what I'm talking about.
Look, look, look at that stupid old hag.
I mean, look, look.
She spoilt my Hennessey.
- Ruined my Hennessey.
- This is what Uzo was just talking about.
- Do you know her before?
- I've never met this woman in my life.
- Ini.
- Yes?
I know we've not exactly
been on good terms
and in some parts,
I have been rude to you.
That's supposed to be my line.
Uh, yeah, but I just want
to let you know that...
I am... I'm sorry
and I would love us to start on new terms.
Your friends... they are interesting.
Oh, yeah. They are just afraid
of what may happen to me.
- And you?
- And me?
I'm not afraid.
They say there's too much beauty
beneath your frown.
And I'm here for it.
All of it.
Then you go...
Ba-ka-leke, gin-ke-ke
That's what I want you to do.
Theatre's a collaborative effort, OK?
Yes, ma'am.
So you need to work together in harmony.
Good, let us go.
Now, I want you to give me "Fela".
Fela movements.
Do you know Fela? Fela?
Fela Anikulapo Kuti.
The greatest African musician of all time.
Very good, guy.
What he said.
"What he said." Totally useless.
What is that on you? Remove that
ear piece, ear phone, what-it's-called!
Fela, give me Fela intro.
Go, give it to me.
Follow me. Follow me. Up.
Are you sure?
Ah! You are such a cat.
So I got the book
you talked about. Yeah, I did.
At the most ridiculous price ever!
Wow, you're such a good liar!
Yes. For real, 1,500.
- No way!
- Yes, way!
- I was shocked.
- Swear.
So, I will tell you everything about it
when I'm done with it. I promise.
Yes, I promise.-Yeah!
Cross my heart, hope to die.
Indeed.-I will tell you.
Or you want me to tell you now?
Just remember you promised.
So... Yeah.
You really have to tell me.-OK.
So would you mind
if we have, like,
joint studies or something?
So I'll call you as soon as you are ready.
Or you call me when you're ready.
Talk to you soon.
Sure, sure.
Bisola, make sure dinner
is served early today, OK?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm going out.
- Where are you going?
School project with friends.
You still have friends
with a nasty attitude like yours?
At least I beat you to something.
- Huh?
- Ah?
Are you sure
she doesn't have a boyfriend?
I think she does.
She probably has eight or nine boyfriends.
She would have.
- You good?
- Yo, fam.
From all indications there,
looks like the winner will be posted
tonight on the website.
Guys, from what I have heard about
Mrs. Jessica, that person is really lucky!
That dude Seun Okpara will definitely win.
I hate that guy.
No offense, but that guy's good.
How? I sing way better than that guy.
That guy is a proper singer!
The guy's no good, the guy's no good!
Guys, listen, good or not,
it could be anyone, trust me.
I sound better than the guy.
I sound like Michael Jackson.
- You are the low budget Sisqo!
- Ah-ah-ah-oo!
Guys, can we move away
from this depressing topic called music
and prepare for Robin Hood's test?
OK. Fine, fine. This is you. This is me.
- This is you.
- Thank you.
This is to me.
Jason and I vs Dozie and Tolu.
- So you guys go first.
- Yeah! We're going to kill you guys.
- You guys go first.
- Let's rumble!
We're going to kill you, man!
We're going to kill you.
What's the difference between empathy
and aesthetic distance
when it comes to stage?
Well, it's, uh... very simple, now.
Ini, come on!
Empathy is, um...
emotional connection with the characters.
While aesthetic distance
is observing with detachment
and objectivity.
We're geniuses!
We're geniuses, man! We're...
- Shut up!
- Geni-uses.
Dual consciousness.
Dual consciousness. Denis Diderot.
Denis who?
Skip a bit. Next!
The paradox of the actor by Denis Diderot.
Dual consciousness
is the ability of an actor
to be aware of himself or herself
while in character.
- That's it, boy! Tell them!
- You're just lucky.
Ancient Greek playwright.
427 BC to 386 BC.
As you say, incredibly enlightening.
That's it, boy! Speak a computer!
Tell them.
Deus ex machina?
God of the machine.
An unexpected twist
at the end of a play...
to save the protagonist.
You're good!
Yeah, yeah. We are good.
She's bad ass. We're bad ass together.
- Oh, Jason?
- Yes, Pops?
Come, come, come.
What is the problem now?
- Sit down.
- You still in your jacket?
That's because your grandma insists
on putting on the air-condition 24/7.
- Guess what?
- What?
Guess who is going to be trained
by a Ms. Jessica?
How? Seun Okpara is...
The boy is badass, yeah!
Ah, the boy's badass!
Whoa! Before you get ahead
of yourself, son,
this is all down to your daddy
working his magic.
Yeah, how?
I got a call from one of my...
you know who.
You know who?
You know. You know.
- You know who, what?
- Yes, you do!
It's false!
And she told me that
she was part of the selection process.
And that your name was on the list.
- And, you know, the rest is history.
- Ha!
Pops... Yeah, Pops, come now,
what are you doing?
- Come now, come now.
- Ah! Mummy!
My son has become a prostitute.
Mom, how?
Moyo would be rolling in her grave now.
- Mommy.
- Yes!
Because what she thought was only her own
is now all over Lagos state.
Momma, please, you can't be talking
like that in front of Jason.
- Jason?
- Yes, Jason. My son.
What is the difference
between both of you?
Mm? What is difficult to say?
Femi, I am ashamed of the man
that you have become.
I'm even more ashamed of the man
that you are raising in him.
I think I'm doing a very good job.
- You're doing it?
- Yes, Ma. I...
- That's your opinion.
- I'm sorry, Ma.
When you have finished
giving each other tutorial...
your food is inside the, uh... microwave.
Wow. Jessica has a lot of money.
Maybe she should hire me
as her realtor.
Hmm! You like money too much,
Pops. Over there.
Whatever happens...
- What?
- Ini?
What are you doing here?
How do you know my house?
I'm here to see Ms. Jessica.
Oh, wait. Oh, my God! You won?
Yeah, I did.
Seun Okpara
is going to have a heart attack.
- Yeah.
- Mom!
- Your student is here.
- OK.
Um, and his dad, too.
Hello. Good mor...
Jason, let's go. Let's go!
I am not having this uncultured woman
train my son. Let's go.
That's rich.
So in your head,
you are the better parent, yeah?
That's laughable.
Um, Jason, yeah?
Listen. Good morning
and welcome to my home.
If you want a real chance
at this Muson thing later in the year,
I suggest you come in and we start.
Otherwise, I'd like to pass
the opportunity on to the next person.
- Fine.
- Excuse me.
Nothing! To the car. Now.
- Pops!
- What?
I want to be here.
This is my dream to be a musician.
What? You can't even sing.
And that's exactly
what I'm talking about.
A classic example of bad parenting.
Look at you, talking down at your own son
in front of other people.
Shame. Shame on you.
Well, shame on you, too.
Jason, come in. All right.
Uh, Ini, make him comfortable.
I just need to grab something, OK?
- I'll be back.
- OK.
OK, I do not know what that was
between your dad and my mom.
But... you're welcome.
Oy-oy, yeah.
They probably shared a jam somewhere.
I know my pops.
He was definitely at fault.
Knowing my mom, she was at fault.
I'll see you before you leave.
She takes her classes seriously,
so I wouldn't want to interrupt.
- Mm-hmm.
- See ya!
Tell me to go
But I'm gonna stay
I wanna wipe your tears, my love
- Who are you? Are you lost?
- Uh, uh...
- Who are you?
- I heard...
Can't you talk? Why are you stuttering?
What happened?
No, no, no, wait!
You walked into someone's house
with your... elephant leg.
Did you come to steal?
- Thief!
- No, no, no, no, no!
- Ini!
- Thief!
- What is going on?
- Please tell her who I am.
Who is you? Madam, I have caught a thief!
Who is you?
Shh! Shut up.
- Jason?
- Yes, ma'am.
Bisola, no worry, he is not a thief.
He's my student.
Your boyfriend's handsome!
- He is not my boyfriend!
- I know he is your boyfriend!
He is a handsome boy.
- Jason?
- Yes, ma'am.
If you want to continue
coming to my house for lessons,
never go upstairs
to look for my daughter again.
- Are we clear?
- Uh, yes, ma'am.
Now, let's begin.
Sing the vowel.
Ah-ah-ah, ah
Jason, uh... Jason, stop. Stop.
All right,
let's see what we can do about this.
Um... I need you to stand straight.
Shoulders back.
It will help you breathe better
and hopefully improve the quality
of your voice.
All right, you know the nursery rhyme...
Let's see now. "Mary had a little lamb?"
Yes. Yes, ma'am.
OK, on the count of three.
One, two, three, go.
Mary had a little lamb
Little lamb
Little la-a-amb
Mary had a little...
Jason! Jason.
Please stop. Well done.
- Oh, thank you.
- Um...
- Do you play the piano?
- No.
I see. Uh...
OK. So, this is what we are going to do.
We will pick this up
during one of our classes next week.
In the interim, I will be sending you
loads of material via email.
I want you to study them extensively, OK?
And then we will work through
the exercises next week.
- All right?
- OK, ma'am.
So that will be all for today.
- Yeah, yeah. Next week. Thank you, ma'am.
- Yes.
- Bye, Jason.
- Thank you, ma'am.
Wow! His father wasn't lying.
Oh, boy. What have I gotten myself into?
Hey, dude, the look on her face
was freaking epic, I swear!
You should have done better.
I'm sure after today,
she's never going to teach my life again.
Or maybe she'll just stick to you
and see where it will go.
Anyway, that will benefit me,
because then I can finish my business
with Ini.
I still can't believe that stupid girl
never told me
her mother is the legendary Ms. Jessica.
You know, low-key's the best sometimes.
Mm... All these rich kids.
I think I am beginning to get to Ini,
Now that my dad has decided
not to drop me off at school,
Ini will be my new driver.
We're gonna have some work to do together.
We're going to connect more.
And I'm going to drive her nuts.
Mad! Mad!
Bad, guy! Bad, bad, bad!
OK, guys, guys, stop.
I'm not feeling this anymore.
Do we really need to do this?
I mean, this girl is cool.
We've hung out with her not once,
not twice.
Do you really need to hurt her feelings
to feel any better?
What this guy is saying,
does it make any sense?
Mm... No!
Behave like a clown if you like
and stay under the rain.
With your dry cleavage!
He can behave like a freaking clown
All right, Jason. Today
we are working with a track from Asa.
"Bibanke." Just the chorus.
All right? There's no need to be nervous.
Back straight, shoulders back.
One, two, three, go!
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
If you sing "Ah-ah" again,
I will slap you!
What is all this?
You want to cry?
Please, help me. Only me, in this house.
Don't cry!
If you want to sing, sing!
And if you want to cry, cry.
- Shh.
- Sorry, madam.
What is wrong
with the both of you?
I invited you here
to be members of the audience,
not to kill the young man's morale, OK?
Jason, ignore them.
Calm down, take a deep breath
and we'll do it again, all right?
One, two, three, go.
Bojo ban ro
Oh, keep quiet!
If you make it rain in here,
I will beat you!
You want water to leak from the ceiling?
Madam, I think you are just wasting
your time and money on this guy.
You are wasting your money and your time.
Please. This one cannot sing anything.
You will end up hawking chips
by the roadside.
- Sorry.
- Ini!
God will bless you.
- Please sing.
- Nice attempt, Jason.
Jason, sing another one.
OK, no. Jason, that's OK for now.
Thank you.
You may both leave now.
This audience thing isn't working.
I want you to leave.
You said we should be here
to judge.
I am not interested anymore.
Thank you.
Bye-bye. Leave.
As we are leaving,
you are following us now, now, now.
Send you out.
Don't waste her money,
don't waste energy, now.
- So that was... very rough.
- What was rough?
- You don't have talent!
- You don't have a voice at all!
Thank you. Outside.
Don't take those two too seriously.
They're not as mean-spirited
as they sound, OK?
But I need to ask you honestly.
Why are you even doing music at all?
This is the part
where you tell me how bad I am?
Well, if I'm going to be honest
with you...
Listen, son, if this is about
joining the league of people
hoping to release one song,
believing that it will become a hit...
you may want to revisit your motives.
There are easier ways to fame and fortune.
When it comes to music,
love and passion, that's what drives us.
Talk to me honestly.
Why are you doing this?
Are you doing this for you? For Mommy?
Or for that father of yours?
Definitely not my mom.
Because she left, right?
Forgive me, I don't mean to be rude.
- But any woman would leave that man.
- She died.
She died of cancer.
- Pops.
- Mm?
- What is she doing here?
- She wants to see you.
Well, I don't want to see her.
Madam, please leave my house.
Of course,
but first permit me to say I'm sorry.
I was wrong about your wife.
And I was totally out of line.
Please forgive me.
Grandma, what are you doing?
Look, I had no right to speak to you
the way I did the other day.
All I have to say for myself is
I was having a rough day
and I took my frustration out on you.
Well, it's not like you had anything good
to say for yourself either.
Look at how you switch so quickly!
A woman's got to do
what a woman's got to do.
It's fine.
Right. I apologize for barging in
on you so late.
I'll be on my way.
How is he doing?
Oh! Good.
Good. I would like
to know more about that.
Maybe you'll come by one day
and watch him.
Well... Why don't we go out to dinner
next week?
And then we can get back
on the right foot and talk about him.
The least you can do
for a poor widower like me.
OK. Dinner it is.
So, how's it coming?
Who would have thought there's a lot
to read when it comes to music?
Anyone with a real flair for music?
Why do you like throwing jabs at me?
If the cap fits...
Ini sings well. I guess
she must have got it from you at birth.
She's such a... natural.
Yes, she is. She most certainly is.
Believe it or not, that was me.
- No freaking way!
- Shh!
And you can't tell anybody.
If you do, I will deny knowing you.
Why not? It's my motivation.
How can my croaky voice
be your motivation, Jason? Stop.
But hey. On a more serious note, listen.
I can't teach you how to sound great.
But I can help you use whatever you have
to your best advantage.
But the real question, Jason, is...
do you really want this?
Because if it's about that thing
at the Muson,
it's not compulsory that we do a duet.
I can do it alone and tell everybody
that you had a...
Let's see now. A tummy ache?
Good luck getting rid of me.
OK. Get to it.
Yeah, Ms. J.
Ah! You... You look lovely.
- Thank you.
- Please, please, sit.
- Um... what would you like?
- Uh...
- I will start with water.
- Water, OK.
Can I have water, please?
And a Budweiser.
So, at last.
Where would you like to begin?
Believe it or not,
your son is making enormous progress.
Oh, that's good to hear.
That's very good to hear.
Well, um...
I would like to know more
about that woman from the other night.
Come on, now. Seriously? You're going to
dial it all the way back to that night?
Because if you remember,
you've already forgiven me for that.
Yes, but, you know,
something must have triggered that
and I'd like to know what.
OK, you have a son and I'm sure
sometimes he can be a handful.
- Mm-hmm.
- So...
You'll understand when I say
my daughter had pissed me off terribly.
She was supposed to sing at my event
that night
and just refused to turn up, so...
I got angry, decided to go for a drink
And then you attacked
an innocent good-looking gentleman.
In your head...
you're God's gift to women, right?
Well, you know, I can't help it.
So, tell me, what about you?
Who do you blame
for your philandering ways?
Hmm. Well, unlike you, I have shame
so I don't blame it on a kid.
I actually blame it on my late wife.
- Classic scumbag.
- Yeah.
You're blaming the dead?
I'll tell you why.
She was... she was so full of color.
So full of life. I mean...
Moyo was so... so beautiful.
You know, she walked into my life
and everything made sense.
We met when we were so young,
but it didn't matter.
I was crazy about her.
And I married her. Instantly.
Then we had Jason,
and then she had cancer.
One minute she's there,
the next she's gone. Just died. Poof.
The light went out of my life and, uh...
nothing made sense anymore.
I'm sorry to hear that.
You're still a pervert, though.
I'm not denying it.
So, can I dive in?
No, you cannot ask me about my ex-husband.
Well, I just wanted to know because
I want to be your next husband.
- What?
- Sorry, I'm being creative.
Seriously speaking, though, I...
I'm not sure I have the political will
to be out there like that anymore.
I mean...
I just live with my daughter and I'm good.
I have no desire to complicate my life
like, um...
Like, um...
Like me, right?
Well, I wasn't going to say it,
but since you brought it up,
well, come on.
Several women? How do you cope?
Listen, they have their boundaries
and they understand them.
- Ah.
- Oh, yes, they don't mess with me.
They know not to.
Oh, yeah. I give them their guidelines
and they stick to them.
I mean, I am a free man.
- Really?
- Oh, yes. A very free man.
Hi. You look pale.
Is anyone bothering you? You can tell me.
Why are you so stiff? What's going on?
Still a free man?
Stuttering now?
Um... I'm gonna go home.
- I'll give you a call.
- Great idea.
So is it just me?
This chair is making my skin crawl.
- So, why haven't you...
- Oh, just have a Budweiser and shut up.
No, you shut up.
Apparently you can't tell when a lady is
a tad sarcastic and jealous and pissed.
Jealous? Why is your dress cut so low?
- They are popping out. Look at them!
- That's why you call me.
I didn't call you today.
Who called you here?
Don't pour beer in a wine glass,
you bush woman.
- Pour it in this glass.
- Who cares?
- Oh, my God.
- Come on.
It's just me. This whole thing is vintage.
Bill, please.
I think it's time for me to go home.
OK. Um...
OK, uh...
Ms. Jessica,
thank you for coming out tonight.
I just really want to apologize
for what happened.
This doesn't really...
I mean, it's too serious.
Too serious. OK. Um...
Hello, Ms. Jessica!
This is your Mr. Not-So-Free Man.
Just wanted to apologize for...
Oh, Lord! This is sounding like rubbish!
Damn you, Rebecca.
Stupid madness.
Luis Surez. Going through.
- And Messi!
- Come on!
It's there!
Yeah, you can't be shouting here.
I will chase you out of my house.
Don't be a loser.
He's hurt!
You come and take this and play
with this guy. He's being annoying
Nah, I'm good.
- Who are you chatting with?
- Hmm?
Who are you chatting with?!
Um, Ini and I were just
doing some assignments.
You seem to do a lot of things with Ini
these days.
Oh, she calls you as well now.
Um... it's just school work.
We are in the same program now.
We are all friends, right?
Yeah, friends.
And it better remain like that.
You know what, let me trash yourself.
Change your team!
Don't transfer your aggression towards me.
The team you are using is cheats,
Change his team. Change Barcelona.
Let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom
Let it be
Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom
Let it be
Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom
Let it be
Whisper words of wisdom
Let it be
That is so beautiful.
Thanks, Mom.
I hope you had a good time.
Yeah, I did.
Darling, don't you think it's time
we talked about us?
What about us?
This tension.
Ini, you were made for music.
You love it, you love everything about it.
Why do you rebel against it so hard?
Because it's not what I want.
I simply just like it.
You should be singing by my side,
making a name for yourself.
Like this,
you're just wasting your life away.
My life?
Mom, you do realize I like
so many other things too, right?
You need to stop making this about you,
or this tension between us,
it will stay here forever.
Oh, wow, so now you're threatening me?
All I do is work my behind off
so I can take care of you,
since that low-life cheating father
of yours left.
And this is what I get for my trouble.
A rebellious, rude, recalcitrant teenager.
Thank you very much!
- Thank you!
- Here we go again.
Here we go again, Mom.
Always turning the fire on.
I don't care about my dad.
But I will not let you bully me
into inheriting your legacy
just because of his mistakes.
I mean, I haven't even figured who I am.
And here you are, trying to make me you.
Not tonight, Mom.
Bloody ingrate. I'm so done with this.
Why are you not working?
What is it?
What is it not it?
What is it not it?
Aunty... I'm sorry, madam.
Ini. You raised Ini.
I raised Ini.
Two of us, we raised the children?
Um, if Ini is sad, I'm sad.
If Ini is, um...
- Bisola. Bisola.
- Yes?
I beg you, in God's name,
speak in Yoruba.
Ah, thank you!
You will not be unfortunate.
I'm here to talk about Ini.
Mom, I beg you in the name of God,
let Ini do what she wants.
Let her make her choices.
And I think her passion is film.
She's a very good actor.
Let her do what pleases her.
Don't force your choices on her.
She's not happy.
If she's not happy, I'm not happy.
If Ini cries, I cry.
If she's sad, I'm sad.
If she cries, I cry.
Please, let her follow her passion.
Please, please, please, please,
please, please!
- Bisola!
- Please, please!
- Are you done?
- Yes, Ma.
Thank you, Ma. Thank you.
Ah! Ms. Jessica. Good morning.
Mr. Femi, good morning.
I didn't expect to see you so soon.
- Um, I...
- Rebecca let you out?
Yes. About last night,
I just want to really apologize.
I don't really know that Rebecca.
I mean, there is another Rebecca. She's...
- But that Rebecca was...
- Shh!
- I need a workout partner. Let's go.
- Oh, great. Great.
So, how are you?
Truth be told,
I didn't sleep well last night.
Oh, I have that effect on you already?
- You need to get over yourself.
- I was just joking.
So, um, what's eating you up inside?
It's my daughter.
All I try to do is give her the best.
That's all I want to do.
I thought I had it all figured out.
Her life, my life.
This career.
All she had to do was slide right into it.
But now, with hindsight...
it seems
I may have gone about it all wrong.
Maybe you need to talk to her.
Actually tell her that you're sorry.
Yeah, you'd be surprised
as to what "sorry" can do.
And no, it's not wrong
to tell her you are sorry.
I don't think it's wrong to say sorry.
I just...
Woman, don't overthink it.
It's obvious you love her.
So obvious, it's eating you up inside.
Fix it. Fix it. That's it.
I wish...
I wish one day we could sing together,
you know?
Just her, standing right beside me,
singing. It's...
- It's my dream.
- Hmm!
Well... maybe it will happen one day.
Maybe it wouldn't. But you know what?
All that counts is the love between you.
- Yeah.
- You're right.
- You're welcome.
- OK, thank you.
Thank you. Well, I gotta go. Work calls.
Mr. Femi, you work?
I could've sworn you were a kept man!
Very... very funny, Ms. Jessica!
- Bye, Mr. Femi!
- Bye, Ms. Jessica.
- See you later.
- Later.
Soji, let me tell you something.
I have finished the fight
between madam and Ini.
How did you settle it?
I don't understand.
I said, how did you settle
the quarrel?
I know that you don't got brains.
You don't got anything upstairs. At all!
It's only your physical attributes
that we can see.
- Oh!
- Ah! Good morning, ma.
Good morning.
Eating yam this early?
This is not pounded yam, ma,
it's Semovita.
I didn't know it was Semovita
until she just said it.
Well, get the car ready.
I wanna go to work early today.
Get the car ready.
I want to get to work early.
What is always wrong
with this man?
Thank you.
Ah. I'm only doing my job, ma.
No, actually you were out of line,
as per usual.
But this time it was for a good cause.
You did it for family.
All glory to the heavenly God.
I'm giving you a bonus
at the end of the month, OK?
Ha! It's a lie!
- It's a truth.
- It's a true?
Ah, madam, thank you!
Hey, compliments and much more success!
I almost said, "More fights."
- Hey, honey.
- Hey.
- Can I come in for a minute?
- Yeah, sure.
How are you?
Fine, I guess.
Honey, I'm sorry.
Mom, what is going on?
I've made a habit
of forcing my decisions on you.
That's not fair.
And I'd like for you to forgive me.
I'm going to try and do better.
Going forward, I...
I want to listen more.
And find ways for us to be happy together.
As a family.
- Mom?
- Hmm?
I love you.
I love you.
We're going to be fine, OK?
I asked a question once.
It was about love.
What is love?
What does it give you?
What does it take from you?
What does it remind you of?
What does it speak to you about?
How long have you been there?
Long enough to see your beautiful face.
You really do have lines, don't you?
You're here early too.
Yes, so, hmm...
I don't want Ms. Jegede's problem.
That lecturer
with all her impromptu classes.
I know, right?
No fight with Ms. Jessica today?
- Everything is great at home.
- For real?
My mom told me she was sorry
about everything.
And she wants to support me now.
For real? That's, uh...
That's good.
You know, you're lucky
to have her as a mother.
She's amazing and...
She has made me miss my mom.
I totally misjudged you but...
knowing you now...
you are amazing.
I know I'm amazing.
- Please, you're so rude!
- You are amazing as well.
You know, we're late.
Let's go to the class.
Yeah, sure. Let me get my stuff.
Hello, darling.
How are you?
I was thinking maybe we could get away
for a weekend, you know?
A weekend getaway for two.
I love you.
Uh... yeah. I-I'll think about it.
Thank you. Bye. Bye.
- Mom.
- Hmm?
He said, "I love you".
And you said,
"Oh, OK, I'll think about it."
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Oh, my God.
You've fallen for him too, Mom,
haven't you?
No! No, no, no!
You have to tell me already.
Yes. What do you want me to say here?
It all happened so fast. I...
- New husband, ay?
- Slow down!
Don't get ahead of yourself.
But a good way to start
is telling someone you love them.
Stop running.
Come on. Get over it. Don't wait.
- Jessica.
- Hey.
- What a surprise.
- Is this a bad time?
No, no, no, no. No, no.
Come on in, come on in.
It's timely. Very timely.
Um, there... there was something,
um, I wanted to say to you anyway.
And I think, you know,
it's better to say...
I love you.
There really isn't any other way
to say this.
Femi, I...
I'm in love with you.
I love you, too.
I'm walking on sunshine
Hello, ladies!
Hello, beautiful.
- Hi, Mom.
- Welcome, mama.
- How are you?
- Fine, ma.
What are you cooking?
Um, um, rice.
Ah. OK.
- Whose key is this?
- Oh, that? Femi's key.
He gave you his house keys?
- Um, actually...
- That can only mean one thing.
Actually, um...
But... but...
- There is a problem.
- What do you mean?
Ini, you can not be befriending
your mamma's boyfriend's son.
- Huh?
- Huh?
What? Why are you there like
you don't know what I'm talking about?
See, we are now blood.
- You cannot be befriending your family.
- Uh...
Ini, is this true?
No, Mom. Jason is not my boyfriend.
- Hmm!
- Aha! So, uh...
You have a boyfriend?
No, Mom. And this is not about me, so...
Please. It's about you.
Why are you looking at me like that?
I just want to know
if you have a boyfriend. That's all.
Is there someone you like?
- Ah!
- OK, so who is it?
I'm not telling.
Ini! Come back here!
Ah! Do you want to hurt me?
- Are you sitting on a nail?
- Stop it.
Are you sitting on a nail?
Love is sweet.
Love? Ha!
Are you crazy?
Seems like you are dumb.
Why the insult?
Why are you always insulting me?
"You're brainless, you're brainless."
I settled fight
between madam and Ini.
You keep saying I'm brainless.
Yet, madam gave me bonus.
- Madam gave you bonus?
- Yes.
- How much?
- Ask Google.
- You don't put it in Google.
- Yes, I have.
How will I find it?
But love is sweet.
Love is sweet. You are sick.
I said it now.
You are mad.
Which love is sweet?
Don't you know that man?
That man that makes madam happy.
He is the father of that boy.
The boy who can't sing.
That was singing...
Ah, ah, ah
Boju Ba ro
The one who wanted rain
to fall into our house.
And so?
- So?
- So what?
And the most annoying thing
is it is his father who is chasing madam.
He wants to date madam.
And his son wants to date Ini.
Father wants to date madam
and son wants to date daughter.
Is it good for brother and sister
to sleep together?
It's just like me and you now,
as we be brother and sister.
Me and you start doing something together.
- Are you crazy?
- Ah! Jesu!
Did you just try to slap me?
- Has your brain gone traveling again?
- You almost slapped me!
- I'll slap your face!
- Stop!
Stop it! Stop it!
Are you crazy?
Me and you brother and sister?
Are you OK?
- Are we not brother and sister?
- How are we brother and sister?
Are we not both from Ekiti?
We are not from Ekiti.
It's only me that's from Ekiti.
You are from Lalate.
- What is wrong with you?
- Stop it.
- Stop it.
- But why do you say, "Stop it"?
Stop, I don't like it.
- Stop it!
- Why do you say, "Stop it" words?
- We be landlords now.
- It's not funny, stop it!
"Not funny."
What do you mean by, "It's not funny"?
You be telling me, we are brother...
So you can brother zone me!
- Stop it!
- You brother zoned me!
I said stop it!
If I'd not seen this deed today,
I'd not...
I said stop it!
I'd rather live for this time, though!
Glorious time!
You are worthy, Lord!
Madam is not at the house.
Daughter's not at the house.
There's no one there.
It's only me and you.
If I don't impregnate you
in this house today, let me die!
I'll impregnate you today!
Stop it!
Hey, my spinal cord.
Will I be able to stand? Bisola!
You know, this is my favorite part
in the country.
It's safe, peaceful, quiet.
I'm at rest here.
You must come here a lot, then.
Actually, no.
I haven't been here in a while.
So why did you bring me here?
Moyo and I
used to come here a lot, you know.
Really, there was nothing around here
then. There was just space.
A lot of space... for us.
You speak very highly of her.
Yes. I loved her very much.
I still love her.
Do you think you will ever
love someone again?
I don't know.
To be honest, I...
I haven't really been lucky
with that thing called love.
Love isn't a game.
I don't think you get lucky.
I think you get intention.
OK, so have you been intentional
with all those women you've been with?
Intentional with sleeping with them, yes.
You're incorrigible! Stop.
But, um...
I want to love again.
I do.
Is that the real reason
you brought me here?
To recreate old memories?
I am intentional about you.
Most definitely.
G. Mama, give it to me.
- Eh?
- Give it to me
- Let's go!
- Are you all right?
I can do it faster.
Whatever is making you this happy
this morning, may God let it continue.
Hey, don't cut your fingers.
I'm fine, G. Mama!
Ah, God. Thank you, God.
It's like the men in this house
are now having sense.
Hey, hey! Jason, hey!
Don't cut your fingers off!
Femi, come on,
you know we're not children anymore.
I know.
And I don't want my heart broken again.
The ex hurt me,
and I can't go through that again.
I'm not going to break your heart.
You have to trust me.
You have to let me in too.
And just let your hair down.
- Literally?
- Literally.
Relax! Allow yourself to be loved.
- What are we doing?
- We're living!
- I love you.
- I love you too, baby.
- What are you going to tell your mom?
- Oh, God. Nothing.
- What do you mean, nothing?
- Oh, sorry, darling!
She needs to know.
- And Rebecca.
- What?
Yeah, Rebecca.
- Rebecca?
- Mm-hmm!
Must you mention, must you bring back...?
You will never live that down.
- "Femi! Femi! Femi!"
- Oh, my God!
Oh, my...
Did you see the dress
she was wearing?
- But you like that.
- No I don't like that.
- You do.
- No, Jessica, I don't.
Listen, you need to be very grateful
for the day I came into your life.
I mean, your taste in women
prior to that... Eesh!
I know. It's, um...
- It's condemnable.
- What were you thinking?
I wasn't thinking.
I wasn't using my brain.
Obviously. You need to do better.
You need to do better for Jason.
So you need to teach me how to do better.
Now it's my responsibility?
- Yes.
- You're my responsibility?
Everything in my life right now
is your responsibility.
Sounds like a tall order.
I may have to change my mind.
- Change your mind?
- Yes.
- Why?
- You're a full-grown man.
Full-grown men
need to look after themselves.
And behave and do better.
And leave the nurses alone.
The nurses...
- Are you sworn...? Have you sworn...?
- I have sworn.
You're sworn off nurses?
- I'm going to burn you!
- Oh, my God! Go ahead. I like that.
You're becoming very proficient at this,
Michelangelo in the making.
- He's got nothing on you!
- You bet.
- Let me just apply the...
- Be careful!
- Don't put too much, so it doesn't smudge.
- Look...
Excuse me, I know what I am doing.
Of course you do.
You are a professional.
- I'm a pro.
- Of course you are.
- Both in and out of the bedroom.
- Shh!
Why do you smoke?
How come you don't?
Apart from the obvious health hazards?
I don't know.
A habit I picked up many years ago
after the husband left.
Isn't that what people do?
Pick up bad habits
once their loved ones go away?
They don't. You are just a smoker.
And I thought you were
going to let me get away with that!
In your dreams.
- In my dreams?
- Yes.
You're not going to start
lecturing me about smoking, are you?
No. I will let your lungs do that
for you in ten years' time.
But you're going to be there
to take care of me?
So there's nothing
to worry about!
- I have one more request.
- Sure.
- Foot massage?
- Yes, please.
- Oh, that feels good.
- You have the most petite little feet.
This is a size nine and a half, Femi.
- They are not petite.
- It's a lie!
Oh, that feels so good!
- There, right there. That spot.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm. Mm!
- OK.
- That feels good. There. That spot.
- Mm-hmm?
- Mm-hmm.
- Right there.
You know, there's all kinds of nerves
going on in here.
How come you know so much
about women's feet?
Well, I...
You... Uh... Hmm?
Uh... Mm-hmm!
I'm coming. Femi?!
God! Momma. My momma!
- Femi, stop. I'm a fully grown woman.
- My ma...
- Stop!
- Cigarettes be forbidden.
- Oh, boy.
- I'll take this.
Femi, I'm back!
I couldn't live without MOM.
That's what I'm doing.
Even though I'm middle-aged.
- Should I hide?
- Hmm? No, don't hide.
Just... don't smoke
Mama, uh... welcome.
- You have arrived?
- Yes.
Uh, OK.
- Well done.
- OK, uh...
- Don't worry, I'll pay.
- OK.
Stay with the driver, Mom.
Let me quickly tidy the house.
What are you tidying?
- Mom, please wait. Wait.
- Thank you, driver. God bless you.
- Tidy what, exactly?
- Yes, Mom.
- Let me help you with that.
- Oh, thank you, darling.
Thank you. Thank you.
What does he mean by
he is tidying the house?
- I'm coming, Mom!
- Femi!
I'm coming!
I wanted to welcome you, Mom.
Welcome, Mom.
- Son?
- Yes, Ma?
Leave the entrance!
- I'm just greeting you!
- You greeted me already!
Don't turn yourself to...
What? What is it?
This place smells nice.
Anything to impress your woman, huh?
- Trust me, now.
- That is very nice.
You trained me very well.
Everywhere fresh, clean.
- Where is she?
- She's in the kitchen.
- Ah!
- Cooking.
- Femo!
- Mommy!
You have good taste!
You have good taste!
- You're welcome!
- Thank you!
You're welcome!
You're welcome, Mom!
Put all the perishables
in the fridge for me.
Yes, Ma.
- Clear!
- What? Where is she? She's gone?
- That was close.
- Give me my cigarettes. Move out the way.
There's no point
in taking the cigarettes away!
You're crazy and I'm out of my mind
Cos all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I'll give my all to you
You're my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I'm winning
Cos I...
What are you doing, taking me by surprise?
I thought you're fearless.
What do you want?
It's time for our duet.
I'm done with the solo.
OK. I'll be with you in one minute.
All right.
And please use the front door next time.
Aye-aye, captain.
Girls in white dresses
With blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that fall on my nose
And eyelashes
Brown paper...
You know, I could do this all night.
Do what exactly?
Of course you can, old man.
Well, I want to grow old with you.
Femi, you have some of the cheesiest lines
I've heard in my life.
It's straight from the heart.
- So what do you say?
- I say...
We'll see how this goes.
- OK. I accept that.
- Hey-hey!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Jason, how are you?
- How are you?
- Good evening, Miss J.
- Fine.
- Great. How's the singing coming along?
- Yeah, well, he's improving.
Good, good, good, good, good.
But don't forget do your singing
and your homework.
- Hey, listen, we're going to head on home.
- OK.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, all right.
- Group hug!
- Group hug?
- She's adorable!
- So silly!
All right. Take care.
- Goodnight.
- Bye! Bye!
- You're so silly.
- I know!
How was your day?
Hey! Wait up.
If my old man decides to rival me
over a chika...
Guy, I will call his bluff.
- How?
- You know how.
- You laugh.
- This guy!
You know all those girls your dad dates.
He doesn't date them anymore
since Ms. J showed up.
That's what I'm saying!
She does not know that!
Do you understand?
So you will make it look like
he is still dating them.
You understand?
Don't worry. We'll talk about it later.
Cyclops! How far?
Here you go.
So the HOD wants this back in an hour.
Who is it?
Just a second.
Yeah, hi, b...
- How may I help you?
- Where is Femi?
Don't you have his number?
He sent me a message and I am here.
Well, he's not,
so you may want to come back.
I can wait.
For my man.
- Your man?
- Yes, my man.
Listen, woman.
Femi is not yours.
Comprende my Italian?
I'm going to tap into my home training
and pretend like I didn't hear
a single thing you said.
But another wrong word out of that mouth
of yours, missy...
and you will be on your way home
with your teeth in your hand.
Oh, bring it on! Bring it on!
Like, now. Today!
Oh, what now?
You're scared that I might hurt you?
Huh, is that it?
I thought you were all mouthful right now.
What's going on?
On the contrary. You're not worth it.
No, it is you who isn't worth it.
"Hey, baby, where are you?
Come over. I miss you, I miss your touch."
"I can't wait to touch you."
- Jessica.
- I'm so going to kill you.
What are you doing here?
What's going on here?
What kind of stupid question is that?
I got your message.
What message?
I didn't send you any message!
What is wrong with everybody?
OK, whatever.
- Jessica! Jessica!
- Leave.
Jessica, I didn't send any message.
I don't know what she's talking about.
Yes, so I'm guessing your phone
sent it automatically?
I don't know! I don't know!
I never asked for much.
All I requested was that...
was that you don't hurt me.
- But I'm guessing that wasn't enough.
- But, I...
I'm not enough.
Jessica, I didn't send... Jessica!
- Please, get out of the way.
- I...
I didn't send... Jessica!
- What is this?
- Listen here, you piece of trash!
I didn't send you that crap.
So get out of my house now!
Well, you heard my pops.
Are you deaf?
That won't be necessary.
- Out!
- Get out, home wrecker!
She just sat around
feeling so important.
I was a player
But you stood by me
In spite of everything
I took you for granted
I never appreciated
All you did for me
I knew I loved you
But sometimes I felt
I didn't love you enough
I knew you were heartbroken
And it took you leaving me to realize
That if you love something
And you let it go
If it comes back it's yours
It's yours
It's yours
But if you wait so long
And it doesn't show
Then maybe it's time to move on
Move on, move on
I can't wait anymore
Ah. Femi.
Are you running away?
I just, um... I need some space.
- Space?
- Yes.
I mean, I don't know what else to do.
She won't take my calls.
It's always good to go away for a while.
- Are you going home?
- I guess.
And Jason?
Jason is coming with you.
He's coming with you and that's final.
Oh, Femi. Femi, come on.
It's going to be all right.
It's going to be all right, believe me.
Just take all the space you need.
And by the time you get back...
she will be missing you too.
- Wow, this place is... beautiful.
- Hmm!
Are you all right? You look worried.
I'm worried about you.
You don't have to.
I'll be all right.
can I ask you a question?
Why did you choose not
to get married again after Mom died?
Well, I, uh...
I really couldn't find anyone
to fill up your mom's place.
Perhaps until recently.
I'm really tired
of the problems.
What is the most
unforgivable thing I can do to you?
- Unforgivable?
- Yeah.
You are all I have on this earth.
Forgiving you for anything
is the easiest thing in the world.
Forgiveness is me giving up the right
to hurt you for hurting me.
I sent the message.
- What message?
- The one to Miss Jessica.
Pops, I'm sorry.
It'll be all right.
No. No, Pops, it won't be all right.
I mean, I screwed up. I messed up.
I messed up your good thing
for my selfish reasons.
Now that we both agree on.
I'm... I'm sorry.
You don't deserve such from me.
Please forgive me.
It's OK, son.
It's OK.
Have some wine.
I've got to condition you.
And in view of this recent
telecommunications adventure...
I am seriously considering
bringing back the koboko
in this parent-son relationship.
- Pops, I'm 19.
- You're 19. So what?
- So you can't flog me.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
- OK.
Drink the palm wine and shut up.
Mm! Good stuff! I want more!
- No, no, that's enough.
- I want more!
No, no, no, no. But I will get lots.
Be careful, son.
- I'm not going to die today, Pops.
- I hope not!
Your dad told me everything.
Since when did you start
all of that rubbish?
Keep quiet!
Just because you are in love
with the daughter,
you do that to your own father?
No, I don't like her.
I mean, I like her but I-I...
I don't like her like that, you know.
I mean, this all started as a bet
with my friends on campus.
And I didn't even expect things
to go this way.
- Are you now in love with her?
- No!
I mean, I told Pops already.
Although, during the course of the bet,
I kind of started liking her.
But I had to put everything to a stop
because of everything that has happened.
I mean, Pops's happiness
is important to me as well.
I haven't seen him this happy since...
since Mom passed away.
And I promise I'm going to fix this.
- You better.
- I will apologize to Miss Jessica.
Do we have rehearsals today?
Please, ma'am, forgive me.
What's going on?
I sent the message.
- So we don't have rehearsals today.
- No, ma'am.
OK, so, uh..
Why don't you come back tomorrow
and then we'll pick this up, all right?
you don't need to make excuses
for your father.
No. No, I did it. He didn't.
Thank you for telling me.
So, you just come back tomorrow
and we pick up the lessons, OK?
Hey, listen.
We have a show to put together, remember?
I'll see you tomorrow.
Why aren't you picking?
There's nothing left to say.
Mom, Jason already assured me
he was the one who sent the text.
Do you know Mr. Femi had to travel
just to clear his head
because of how he was feeling?
I thought maybe it would touch your heart
to know how you're making him feel.
Oh, well, I have been told
that I have that effect on people.
Yeah, right. Extra much.
I know!
Go back to him.
No. I...
I'd rather not expose myself
to any more hurt.
I'm fine!
Let's just leave things the way they are.
Wow! You're scared.
What? No.
You are, Mom.
Who would have thought that Miss Jessica,
I mean, the renowned Miss Jessica,
would ever get scared of anything?
Especially love.
Well, you would be wise
to tread cautiously
when it comes to love, young lady.
Yeah. And maybe you would be a coward
if you're afraid to fail.
- Oh, Mom!
- Shut up.
For real, though.
I'm really sorry it had to come to this.
I know how much you loved him.
Yeah, it's all right.
Don't worry, we'll be fine.
I'll see you.
Need to get to the kitchen
and check on Bisola.
Thank you.
Guys, I think they can come back together.
- All we need to do is come up with a plan.
- Exactly! A plan!
- See, what we...
- Just shut up!
All this was your fault in the first place
with your stupid advice.
Look at this guy!
Dude, I gave you an idea, but obviously
it was up to you to do it or not...
Can you guys just shut up?!
Like, stop this rubbish argument.
How do we get them back together?
That is our problem right now.
Yeah, yeah. Let me think of a plan.
Let me think of a plan.
Shut up!
Who is it?
It's Bisola, Ma.
Come in.
Bisola, what do you want?
Ma, there is a problem.
Mm? What is that?
- Government... Government.
- Huh?
- What is it?
- Government peoples.
Bisola, I beg you,
in the name of God, speak Yoruba.
OK. Government officials,
government officials are downstairs.
- Government officials?
- Government peoples.
- Government... Government peoples.
- Bisola!
- Bisola!
- The government peoples.
I'm talking to you.
- What is that?
- Government people.
Bisola, what government officials?
Will you answer me?
I asked you a que...
- Well done, Ma.
- Thank you, my dear.
So you're government now?
Yes. I'm...
in charge of, uh... my own heart.
OK, so... what's up? Is it missing?
But it needs company.
It wants company.
It found company and...
it's lonely without it.
So I... I...
I want to get it back.
And this is the best you can do?
I will do as much as you want me to,
but I am not losing you.
And I am not leaving here hopeless.
What are you afraid of? Hmm?
Let's face the future together. Hmm?
Don't let's jeopardize our happiness
I'm not letting that happen.
No. No.
And, uh... I...
dealt with Jason for that stunt he pulled.
So it's going to take a lot more
than that
if you're thinking of kicking me
out of here.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
This is going to be one heck of a family!
I know. I know. And I'm excited.
But, hey, before we get too far, um...
the kids, their friends, Bisola,
and Mama, they're out there.
- Are you kidding me?
- Oh! Oh, my God!
- You got this, right?
- Uh-huh, uh-huh!
I was a player
But you stood by me
In spite of everything
I took you for granted
I never appreciated
All you did for me
I knew I loved you
But sometimes I felt
I didn't love you enough
I know you were heartbroken
And it took you leaving me to realize
That if you love something
And you let it go
If it comes back, it's yours
It's yours, it's yours
But if you wait so long
And it doesn't show
Then maybe it's time to move on
Move on, move on
I can't wait anymore
I know I hurt you
Hurt you
All those times I lied
And cheated on you, girl
I was distracted
Yes, I was
I never gave you the time
Gave you the time and attention
I knew I loved you
But sometimes I felt
I didn't love you enough
I knew you were heartbroken
And it took you leaving me to realize
That if you love something
And you let it go
If it comes back, it's yours
It's yours, it's yours
But if you wait so long
And it doesn't show
Then maybe it's time to move on
Move on, move on
I can't wait anymore
I can't wait anymore, no
I know I loved you
Loved you
I love you, I love you