Kasargold (2023) Movie Script

You had your dinner, right?
Now go and pack your school bag.
That's done, Mother.
Then go to bed.
If you don't wake up in time for school...
I'll pour water over your head.
Mother, the TV isn't working.
Ask Father to fix it.
Why don't you ask your Grandma?
She doesn't turn the TV off
even during a thunderstorm.
Come to bed, Son.
Oh God, when will he wake up tomorrow?
I can't sleep, Father.
Tell me a story.
No story tonight.
Close your eyes and go to sleep.
Just one story, Father.
Then I'll sleep.
I have run out of stories, Son.
Tell me the story that Grandpa narrates.
- Which one? Pakkanar's story?
- Yes.
Will you sleep if I tell you that?
Okay, then.
Long ago, in a faraway land...
lived two friends named Ambu and Chathu.
Their livelihood depended
on cutting bamboo in the forest.
Even on that day,
Ambu and Chathu went to the forest...
which was full of lions, tigers,
and elephants, to cut bamboo.
They make baskets
and sieves out of the bamboo.
Then they sell them in the market.
What for?
They use the money
to buy rice and other things.
That's how they supported their family.
Did they make a lot of money
selling baskets?
They didn't make a lot of money.
But they were happy with what they had.
While cutting the bamboo...
Chathu found a pot
buried in the ground.
It was filled with gold coins.
How did a pot of gold get there?
-Maybe some king's men buried it,
-Ambu, look what I found.
when they went to war.
- Ambu and Chathu were delighted...
- It's gold!
- to see so much gold.
- It was there.
They believed that
God had given it to them...
feeling sorry for their suffering.
What will they do
with so much gold, Father?
They don't have to cut bamboo anymore.
That's what they thought.
Such is human nature.
Ambu, if we take this with us,
everybody will come to know.
Let's wait until it's dark.
I'm hungry.
Let me get something to eat.
Where do you get food in the forest?
An old granny lived in the forest.
She gave food to those
who went to the forest to work.
- Thank you, granny.
- Yes.
Ambu was missing,
- when Chathu came back with food.
- Ambu!
Did Ambu run away with the gold?
Be patient, my boy.
- Ambu!
- Let me tell the story.
How could he do that, Father?
They were friends.
They found gold, Son.
Nobody in this world
can resist the lure of gold.
Will we become like that
if we get a lot of gold?
I won't become like that.
What about you, Father?
Is that blood, Father?
Chathu didn't want
to share the gold with Ambu.
So he had poisoned the food
that granny gave him.
So nobody got the gold?
when we get too greedy...
we forget our family and friends.
Greed destroys us.
That's how it is!
That's how people are!
- Hey, no!
- Hey!
Come on, guys!
- Pass the ball.
- Come on, guys.
- Don't go near the water.
- Mashar!
- Hey Ashee...
- Jump!
Oh, no!
- Ashee!
- Hey!
- Oh, no!
- Shani!
- Stop right there!
- Mashar!
- Get that boy!
- Hari!
- Hari?
- He took our video.
- Hey, you!
- Get him, Farooq!
Get him, guys!
Stop there, you!
- Get his phone, quick!
- Catch him!
- Leave me!
- Get his phone, Shyam!
Hari, they hit me!
- Give me that phone.
- But it's his phone.
I want to delete my video from it.
This is a residential area.
You can't fool around here.
Did we walk into your homes?
The beach belongs to your father or what?
How dare you, son of a gun?
- Get him!
- Let go!
Shani, get him!
- Get him!
- Give him a tight slap!
Son of a gun!
-Catch him!
- let's go!
- Leave me!
Farooq, run!
- Nami, run!
- Ashee...
- Run, Farooq!
- Let's get out of here!
- Stop!
- Hey!
Hey, stop!
Let's go, guys.
- Run!
- Hari, get him!
This is our home,
not a park for rich brats like you.
Get the hell out of here.
- And don't you dare come back!
- Let's go!
- Give me the phone.
- Rascals come here to get laid!
Hari, I think he is Narayanan sir's son.
- Who?
- Our party secretary.
But he lives abroad.
No matter who he is
he can't create trouble in our area.
Hey, it's okay, man!
Hello, Sura.
Get me some water, sis.
Stop drinking water and have your food.
That's what I'm doing, Mother.
Hey, see who is at the door.
Who is there?
Is Hari home?
Who is that?
Who is it?
It's me, Bibeesh.
Kunnummel Bibeesh.
Hari is having dinner, Bibeesh.
Come in.
It's an urgent matter.
Come here, man.
What is it?
Come here, I'll tell you.
Who is it, Aji?
Hari... Aji!
My dear son!
My poor boy!
At 10 a.m. tomorrow, right?
I'll be there.
Will the CM arrive by then?
Don't worry about it.
I was supposed to board
the Mangaluru Mail.
That's when this issue came up.
You can take the morning flight.
Right, Subash sir?
That will be breaking news for the media.
Taxpayers' money funds
the party secretary's air travel.
You aren't going to
Thiruvananthapuram to meet your wife.
This trip is in the service of the public.
How do we make people believe that?
- Are you okay, sir?
- I'm fine.
Sir, your age?
This is for you, son.
Study well.
You want to be a doctor, don't you?
Smart boy!
Now this is my blood too.
- Rare, am I right?
- Yeah.
This is our future leader.
Take good care.
- What's up with you?
- Narayanan sir...
Hey... this is my duty.
My life is devoted to the party.
I owe my life and blood to the party.
And to all of you.
- See you.
- Yes.
Narayanan sir, they are here.
Hello, Narayanan sir.
- Father!
- Narayanan sir, no!
Why the hell did you come back?
Leave tomorrow itself!
This isn't America or England
where you can do as you wish.
Go home now!
This applies to you, as well!
Get lost, you morons!
- Is the job done?
- Yes.
- Are you sure they are dead?
- Yeah.
Don't stay here.
Leave right now.
I'll call once the case is settled.
Get the money from Hareesh.
Through these brutal killings,
our village has lost its cherished sons.
We lost two smart young men.
The enemies are trying
to destroy our party...
by playing murderous political games.
We strongly condemn
this brutal political move.
I take this opportunity to request...
the government and the police
to take strict action in this regard.
- Thanks.
- No problem, madam.
We are seeing a sharp rise in
gold smuggling cases in Kerala.
Kannur Airport is the new
hotbed of gold smuggling...
as the customs department has amped
up checking in other airports in Kerala.
This is run by a large racket
involving Gulf ex-pats with help from...
local politicians, jewelry owners,
gangsters, airline crew and airport staff.
Customs officials seized two kilos
of gold from a Kasaragod native...
who arrived in Kannur airport
from Dubai yesterday.
The contraband was in
powdered form
packed in tins of milk
formula for infants.
I swear this is the last time
I'm doing it.
I really mean it.
Will you attend prayer meetings?
- You can have free food.
- I don't care.
My salary from the travel agency is fine.
- I'm happy with that.
- Oh, yeah?
Happy with 20,000 rupees a month?
Is that enough for you?
A house in the middle of the town.
Your father's treatment.
Ample money in the bank account.
Have you done all that?
You will always be that small-town girl.
But at least I'll have peace of mind.
I can't handle the stress, Alby.
Behind every fortune...
there is a crime, Nancy.
Savage dialogues and screwed-up life!
Alby's best is yet to come, Nancy.
Faizi, hurry up.
Dad, Uncle Johnny is here.
Have it, dear.
Here you go.
Quick, your Dad has to go.
Can you please feed her?
Gireesh and the group are here.
If I get late, I'll miss the train.
Here, take this.
Faizi, don't you see what I'm doing?
You can go once she is done.
This trip isn't just for you, okay?
I can't travel that far by bus.
You always make up excuses.
If you can't go, I'll go myself.
As if she will get an officer's job!
Even a peon's post is fine.
Then I can escape this hell.
Aisha doesn't need your money to live.
I even washed her petticoat.
But Milady can't be pleased.
If she gets a job,
I'll have to look after the kid too.
- It's not going to happen.
- Coming!
Keep quiet, Mother.
Why should I keep quiet?
Ask your woman to be quiet.
This is what happens
when you marry a girl from another faith.
There's no food on the table
but she won't stop cursing.
If your father was here
Aisha's fate would have been different.
Don't I take good care of you, Mother?
What if I leave you when I get a job?
- That's why she is swearing at me.
- My foot!
- I don't give a damn.
- Have it, girl.
Don't vent your anger on my child.
Goodbye, dear.
I'll call you.
Why the hell do you drink
in the morning?
Move back, I want to be there
when my girl grows up.
- Get up.
- You son of a gun!
Blame us for giving you a ride.
Pass the bag, Faizal!
Gireesh, you heard that?
As if he doesn't drink.
I borrowed money
for this Thiruvananthapuram trip...
so I can get Divya's certificates.
I don't have money
to bribe the police, Ashraf.
How will you board the train
without drinking?
Have a drink
and doze off the entire journey.
Let's get going, Faizal.
- Here you go, Faizal.
- I can't drink now, Johnny.
My mother's ranting has made me crazy.
I warned you not to marry her, Faizal.
Your mother and wife
will never get along.
Why not?
- Everything will be fine, Gireesh.
- How?
You married a Hindu Warrier girl
from Saidarpalli.
Not a Maulvi's daughter
living in Kallayi Ambalam.
Cut the crap, Gireesh!
It's all because of you.
Me? What the hell did I do?
Shut up, you devil!
You should have done it
when you went to Thiruvananthapuram.
We went for a vehicle deal
not to get your certificates.
So, shut up!
- Hello, tell me.
- Hey, you!
- Where are you?
- Don't talk and drive.
Faizi, turn it around.
Hit the brake!
- Alby!
- Oh, no!
- Faizi, get that son of a gun!
- Where's the bumper?
- Hey, you!
- I'm fine.
It's okay... Alby, no!
- You...
- Alby, no!
Alby, I'm fine.
Don't make trouble.
Hurrying to your mom's wedding, are you?
No, to your mom's wedding, you moron!
Were you looking between
someone's legs while driving?
How dare you?
- You came on the wrong side, man!
- Oh, yeah?
- Stop yelling or I'll pop your head off!
- Come on, then!
- Come on!
- Alby, no!
Do you want to see?
No wonder!
Guess he was driving between her legs!
- How dare you!
- Stop it, guys!
- Don't get into trouble.
- Alby!
- Just stop it, Gireesh.
- Al...
- Beat the hell out of him!
- Alby!
- Come on!
- Faizal, stop it!
- Stop it, Faizi!
- Oh, no... Alby, no!
Oh, no!
- Take him away, sister!
- Gireesh, come on!
- Stop it!
- Oh, no!
- Ashraf, stop it!
- Alby, let's go!
- Take him away, girl!
- Get lost, man!
-Come here, you fool
-Alby, just let him go!
- Take this, you rascal!
- Hey, move it!
- Alby!
- You are dead, son of a gun!
- Faizi, no!
- Alby!
Alby, we will be in trouble,
if the police come.
- We aren't done, man!
- Come here!
Don't think this is over!
- Alby!
- Come on, then!
Let's finish this right now!
Come on!
- Hands off me!
- Let's go.
- Come here.
- Don't forget why we are here!
Let's go to a doctor.
I don't want to see a doctor.
I want to beat
the living hell out of them.
Why did you interfere?
You were in the middle of the road
as if it was your property.
And then you picked up a bloody fight!
You saw how they came.
They were drunk.
But I'm the one who got hurt, right?
Aren't you ashamed to get
into a fight with such hooligans?
That too when we have a fortune...
- Oh, no... where is it?
- Go and sit in the back.
- Alby, stop the car!
- What is it?!
Oh, no!
Alby, stop!
Alby, where...
- What is it?
- Alby, stop!
Oh, God!
Move the car, man!
- I just need a minute, okay?!
- What the hell!
Move it, man!
- Park to the side.
- Will you stop it?
- Stop yelling and get lost!
- Hey, move!
- Don't make a scene on the road!
- I said, I need a minute!
Get lost, you fool!
I'm leaving, rascals!
Get in!
You better watch out, rascal!
Get lost, you moron!
Damn it!
I saw two guys on a bike
checking the car out.
But I was in the car then.
Then why the hell did you
get out of the car?
Should I have watched them
beat you up like a mad dog?
It's over.
It's all over.
If you really cared,
you wouldn't have wrecked it up.
Just shut up!
What happened, dear?
- Nothing, sister.
- All okay?
- No abuse, right?
- Sister, please...
Do you remember the car's number?
You were out for so long
Did you get its number?
It's gone!
Everything's gone!
Moosakka, you should speak to Sahira...
at the executive committee
meeting this Friday.
Why should I do it, Basheer?
You are the secretary.
Do it yourself.
You must talk to her.
That's the right thing to do.
She thinks the
District Panchayat President
is the Indian President.
Let her think so, Basheer.
Why does it bother you?
If you keep her amused,
you can carry on without any trouble.
Many such vain women are
roaming in a pair of jeans and a scarf.
I had warned everyone
not to send them out to study.
Let them study, Sahib.
Isn't it a good thing?
- Don't make things worse, Basheer.
- Yes.
The public is just waiting
to find something.
Thangal, please settle the matter.
Basheer, you need to calm down.
There's a problem.
It's urgent.
Please continue, I'll be back soon.
Where did it happen?
Near a vacant plot after Kadachira.
Two buses can easily ply that road.
They came from the wrong side.
All of them were drunk.
- How many were there?
- Four men.
Did you check our car thoroughly?
Only the wheels are left to check.
When we realized it was missing...
Nancy and I returned to the spot
but it was gone.
How is she?
Her nose is bleeding.
She has hit her head too.
She is waiting in the car.
This is the first time
in so many years that I...
It's okay, son.
How far will they go with our stuff?
Sadiq, don't inform Firoze right now.
- First, let's get our stuff back.
- Okay.
Go with them.
Did you see a silver Qualis pass by?
- Qualis?
- Yes, Qualis.
Is that car still around?
Is there a workshop nearby?
- Did you see a silver Qualis?
- No.
- Sadiq?
- We can't go back without the stuff.
Look everywhere.
Brother, did a silver Qualis go this way?
Wait for us at Manakkayi junction.
Let Khader ride with you.
- Okay, brother.
- He knows the area quite well.
Did you see a silver Qualis?
- With a broken bumper?
- No.
Damn it!
Alby, stop! Stop!
- Turn around.
- Why?
Just do it!
- What now?
- Isn't that their car?
Alby... Is it them?
- Yes.
- Yes, it's them.
Cobra Bar in Kadachira.
- Are you sure?
- Of course.
Yes, I am sure.
Their front bumper had
fallen off in the accident.
- This car has no bumper either.
- Okay.
Don't go in now.
Just make sure they don't leave.
No one will leave, brother.
Alby, don't let them get away.
Let's go.
-A lovely crimson-colored flower
-A lovely crimson-colored flower
-A lovely crimson-colored flower
-A lovely crimson-colored flower
She comes to me
Adorning it and smiling
She comes to me
Adorning it and smiling
A lovely crimson-colored flower
She comes to me adorning it and smiling
The flower can't keep up with the fairy
As she walks in, draped in a sari
The moon is a bindi between her brows
And across the sky, she sails about
Chaining me to a noose with her eyes
- She sweeps my heart off, you guys!
- She sweeps my heart off, you guys!
A warrior in the war
And a boozer in the bar
Grab a drink and go out in twilight
See the sun and moon get high as a kite
Stand up and drink, sit down and drink
When the bill comes, see your heart sink
Has the fire ever heard of fiery fights?
It showers flowers, in the dark
And showers fire in the path
Look how they drink and sing
Those who want a free drink
It showers flowers, in the dark
And showers fire in the path
Look how they drink and sing
Those who want a free drink
There's lust in the air, a damsel or two
And flowers to adorn Cupid too
Drinking in sets and seats too
Drinking solo is a wretched thing to do
We booze and let loose in a bar
And set the bar high, oh, pretty lass
We booze and let loose in a bar
And set the bar high, oh, pretty lass
We binge-booze and lie in a gutter
Like a flute, looks stench and gutter
We binge-booze and lie in a gutter
Like a flute, looks stench and gutter
Kick the hell out of him!
Leave him!
Alby, listen to me.
Stop it or they will call the police.
Just stop it, Alby.
Let me ask them.
- Get lost!
- Go!
Where is the bag
that you nicked from our car?
What bag?
What do you mean?
- Cut the drama and tell us where it is.
- You got the wrong guys, man.
No, we got the right ones.
Where is the bag?
What... bag?
- Tell me where the bag is!
- Alby?
You said there were
four of them in the car.
But here there are only three.
- Where is he?
- Where is the fourth guy?
Do you mean Faizal?
He isn't that kind of guy.
Why does he need your bag?
Just tell us where he is.
He left for Thiruvananthapuram
to get his wife's certificates.
- I need a ride to the town.
- I deliver stuff for the bakery.
- I've been waiting for a long time.
- Hop on then.
- Sure?
- Yes.
What happened?
The shops are closed.
There's not a vehicle in sight.
- Where are you from?
- I'm from Thalassery.
I want to get to Sullia.
But you won't get a bus today.
- There is a strike.
- Why?
Some people threw a buffalo head
inside a temple nearby.
So, a few others threw a loincloth
inside a mosque to get even.
Two people were stabbed.
No matter who rules
it's the people who suffer.
Two of them died in a bomb blast
the day before yesterday.
Can you drop me off at a lodge?
- Here, keep this.
- No, it's okay.
No, I insist. Thanks.
Save me, Lord Narayana...
Lord Ganapati...
- Oh, Lord...
- Brother?
Single room, please.
- No single rooms, only double rooms.
- But, I'm alone.
As I said, we only have double rooms.
What's the rate?
Eight hundred and fifty rupees,
And an advance of 1500 rupees.
Show me an ID card.
I forgot to bring one.
No ID, no room.
Check again.
I'll leave in the morning.
Wait... your room is upstairs.
Smoking and drinking are prohibited.
Other sponsored programmes are banned too.
Hello, Sreekrishna Lodge.
Sorry, we are fully booked.
- Call Pradeep Kannankayil.
- Okay, Shivan sir.
There is a small issue.
Come on, we will get him later.
- Is he in here?
- Yes, this one.
- Open the door!
- Hey, open it!
Open the damn door!
Open it!
Open the door!
What is he doing in there?
Do you want us to break the door?
Open it, you dog!
What took you so long?
I paid for this room out of my pocket.
Why shout at me, brother?
- I'll chop you up...
- Stop!
What is your name?
- Ganeshan.
- Why were you staring at us?
What will you do if I shout at you?
Tell me what you will do, you dog?!
What was your name again?
- Ganeshan.
- Shivan sir.
You don't look like Ganeshan to me.
I'm from Thalassery.
I want to go to Sullia.
I didn't know about the strike.
That's how I ended up here.
Give me the snacks.
Here you go, sir.
- Where in Thalassery is your home?
- Near Vigneshwaran Temple.
- Shivan sir, the police are here.
- Police?
That's enough, quick!
Come on!
Hurry up!
Hey, pull up!
Do you know where Faizal lives?
- Do you know Faizal?
- Which Faizal?
About 20 people have that name here.
- Do you know his surname?
- He is in Thiruvananthapuram.
- Thiruvananthapuram?
- Thiruvananthapuram?
What is the matter?
- We came to see Faizal.
- Where are you from?
- Why do you care?
- Why are you shouting?
What will you do?
- You want to see?
- Be quiet, Alby!
This is my area, so don't you dare!
- Shut up, Alby!
- Let me see what he can do!
- Leave it.
- This guy is shouting for no reason!
- Just be quiet, Alby!
- Ignore him.
- Rasheed, you ask him.
- He doesn't know who I am!
Just leave it, brother.
Do you know where Faizal lives?
He works in a mobile shop.
Now, that's respectful.
It's right here.
This is it, Sadiq.
Calm down, Alby.
- Rasheed, you go and check.
- Okay.
Go and check quickly!
Control your temper, Alby!
Do you know how serious this is?
- Don't make a scene!
- Okay, I'll shut up!
Is Faizal home?
No, who are you?
- Mother?
- What?
We have come from Mattannur.
We are his friends.
It's an urgent matter.
But he isn't here.
We have been calling him since noon.
His phone is switched off.
We got this address from the mobile shop.
Faizal went to Thiruvananthapuram.
To the Examinations Office.
Did they ask you?
Go and put the child to bed.
I'll talk to them.
- Does he have an alternate number?
- Yes?!
I don't know, you come another day.
There are only women in the house.
once he comes back
ask him to return what he took.
If it's about work,
you can ask at the shop.
Will you just shut up?
Don't interfere...
Sadiq, they won't tell us
if we ask them casually.
Alby, we will be in trouble
if the neighbors come to know.
Do you want to get the police involved?
Sit quietly.
- Let's go, Rehan, he isn't here.
- What's the matter, sister?
Jimshi, they came looking for Faizal.
I told them he wasn't there
but they refused to leave.
Let's go.
- Don't cry, baby.
- Are you here to trouble these poor women?
- Leave right now!
- We just came to see Faizal.
- We aren't troubling anyone.
- We are leaving, okay?
- Come on, Rasheed.
- No worries, brother.
- Sister?
- Yes.
Close the door and go to bed.
We will be right here.
- Let's go.
- Okay... now go to bed.
It's me, Faizal.
Where the hell are you, Faizi?
Do you know how many times I called?
Haven't you reached there yet?
Did you get into any trouble here?
What do you mean?
My phone was off.
This is my friend's number.
Tell me what the matter is!
A couple of men came looking for you.
Jimshi said there were
more men in the car.
What did they say?
They asked you to return something.
But they weren't clear.
Then Mother called Jimshi.
That's when they left.
Who are those men?
What do they want?
How do I know?
I'm not the only Faizal in town.
Is the little one asleep?
She started wheezing again this evening.
Take her to Dr. Anoop.
If she doesn't get better
go to the local hospital.
Yes, I've taken his appointment.
Did you have dinner?
Where are you staying?
I got a room and got myself a takeaway.
- Where is Mother?
- She pounced at me after those men left.
She is getting old, just ignore her.
Is her tongue getting old too?
You go to sleep now.
It's already late.
- Okay?
- Alright.
The number you are calling is
currently switched off. Please call...
Sir, you should take this.
This is the best option.
You can pay later.
How can I help you, madam?
Mr. Latheef?
- Brother Latheef!
- Yeah.
That's him.
Yes, madam.
Please take a seat.
What are you looking for, madam?
I haven't slept for two days.
I need a good night's sleep.
Black pepper or chocolate?
Brother, chocolate.
Do you have the rest with you?
Tell him, no.
Take a seat, I'll get the money.
Faizi, snatch it and run.
It's a trap, run.
Give it to me!
Latheef, get him!
Azad, Mustafa, Naufu, Mashar, get him!
Catch him, boys!
Get him, come on!
- Stop!
- Get lost!
Catch him!
- Get in, quick!
- Get in!
Shivan sir, it's him!
Hey, you!
Our party has never allowed women...
to contest elections
beyond the district level.
Let's give them a chance
in the by-election.
Women got seats in local elections
only due to reservation.
Sahira is right, Basheer.
Isn't it an honor for our party
to have female legislators?
What about men's honor, Sahib?
How do men lose their honor...
- if a woman wins assembly elections?
- Who are you to comment on...
Tell me.
a guy brought your stuff to me.
It was 999 gold from Dubai.
Who is the guy?
Do you have a picture?
We have the CCTV footage.
He wore a burqa.
I'll send his photo right away.
But it's blurry, Moosacha.
Do one thing.
I'll send you a photo on WhatsApp.
See if it's the same guy.
This is the guy, Moosacha!
ask our boys to set out now itself.
There was someone else in the car,
We chased them but they got away.
Okay, hang up now.
Moosacha, you must stay alert.
If he crosses the border, it's gone.
Hey, put it on loudspeaker.
Yes, Moosakka?
Where are you?
On my way to the Examinations Office.
That pig hasn't gone anywhere.
He is in Kasaragod to sell it off.
Did we catch him?
Imtiaz almost caught him but he got away.
Sadiq is after him.
I'll leave for Kasaragod then.
Yes. Alright.
Remove the SIM and chuck it out.
We have time to reach Kasaragod
from Thiruvananthapuram.
There's no point in disposing the SIM.
Moosakka will find us anyway.
Your friends messed it up.
They were already drunk.
Why did they go out to drink again?
Nancy spotted the car correctly!
Khader was with us
or I could have distracted her.
Damn it!
They know where I live.
- I'm sure they will nag my family.
- Just leave it!
There you go!
Son of a gun!
Looks like the whole college is here.
Don't hit us, sir.
Please don't hit us, sir.
Come here.
- Don't hit us, sir.
- Sir, please don't hit us.
- What did you take?
- Please, sir.
- What did you take?
- Hash.
Take it out, come on.
You come here.
What did you have?
Tell me what you have!
- What do you have?
- M...
M! Come here!
Take it out!
Taking drugs, are you?
What else do you have?
- Nothing, sir.
- Move.
- What did you take?
- I only had beer, sir.
Only beer?
What's your name?
Sir, Bruno.
Where is the remaining stuff?
You have an attitude, kid!
- Second room to the left.
- Yes, sir.
Come here.
- Move aside.
- Over here.
- Sir, I didn't do anything.
- Move it!
Come on, line up.
- Line up, you fools!
- Come on!
- Stand in line.
- Pass the camera.
Now show me what you got.
Hey, don't cover your face.
- Let me click a nice picture.
- Stand properly.
Show your bloody faces!
- Hold your head up, kiddo!
- Look up, you fool!
Look here, everyone.
- Shankar.
- Sir?
- Get a medical examination done first.
- Okay, sir.
- Then call their parents.
- Sir.
And ask for 1,00,000 rupees per head.
If they plan to get the media involved...
- file an FIR.
- Okay.
- Move it.
- Please, sir.
- Get going.
- Please, sir.
- Don't take us away.
- Move it!
- Out!
- Please, sir!
- Please let us go, madam.
- I didn't do anything.
- Get them out.
- Please, sir.
Stop whining and move.
Tell me, Narayanan sir.
The party had allowed
a defense-oriented approach in the past.
However, in present-day Kerala...
especially at a time
when our party is ruling the state...
we don't need to endorse political
violence as alleged by the opposition.
Aji and Hari who were hacked to death
in Kavumchira...
were active workers of our party.
People still make a fuss about
sending my kids abroad for studies.
They would have disgraced themselves
if they had stayed back.
How can one sleep peacefully
with children like this?
Leave it, Narayanan sir.
They are just kids.
Inspector, your suspension
has come as a blessing.
You must go alone.
He has an accomplice.
Stop them from crossing the border.
When the job is done, speak to the CM
and get my uniform back for me.
I feel itchy when I don't put it on.
Why do you need the uniform?
Why go after peanuts
when you can make a quick buck?
Moosa said it's worth
two and a half crore rupees.
If he says it's worth
two and a half crore then
it must be at least three
and a half crore rupees.
We make up the figures, right?
Okay, Narayanan sir.
- I've informed the checkpoint.
- Okay.
- Send me his picture.
- Alright.
- Goodbye.
- Okay.
- Bye, Hareesh.
- Bye.
- What happened?
- It's still going on.
Who is speaking now?
I won't let you go home...
until you change the stand assembly
and replace the lower arm bush.
Why, madam?
You can have your meal
and go to bed right here.
By the time I get home,
it will be midnight.
Start calling me
early in the morning.
Shut up and do your job!
And stop taking frequent tea breaks.
Khadeeja, catch!
Siyad, 2016 Swift VDi.
A worn-out tire.
Take a quick drive, they have to go now.
Shareef, show them the car.
- Rabia.
- Yes, Mother?
Your passport, visa,
and costumes are in this.
- He will take you to the flight.
- Okay.
Thank you... and here.
This is for you
Brand new. Has just been worn once.
You will look terrific in it.
Not good enough for me.
My bones will weaken
without light and heat.
Hey, how is it going?
As good as new in half an hour.
- All set?
- Yes.
Just half an hour more.
- What about that?
- That one?
- What happened, sir?
- We have an order from above.
We have to check every vehicle.
We are from Mangaluru Cantonment Station.
We went to Uppala in search of an accused.
What's the case, sir?
Domestic violence.
The wife didn't bring enough gold,
so he thrashed her.
Did you find him?
No, he ran and we ran after him.
- What about your case, sir?
- A guy took off with some gold.
- Shall we go on?
- Alright, carry on.
Thank you.
I can't do this alone, Faizi.
She doesn't let me out of her sight
even for a second.
I told you to call Wahida.
How can she come?
She has school-going children.
You didn't go for my certificates.
It shouldn't take so long.
Do you think I can just walk in
and demand the certificates?
Shift her to
Pariyaram Medical College tomorrow.
I'll talk to Jimshi.
So, you aren't coming tomorrow?
Even if I catch tomorrow's train
I'll reach there only by evening.
Has mother left?
She left with Jimshi in the evening.
Tell me the truth, Faizal.
Who were the men who came that night?
You work in a mobile shop.
Then why can't you fix your phone?
Whenever I call you, I hear Kannada.
I'll go crazy if I talk to you.
Please don't get into trouble, Faizi.
I'll call you in the morning.
Hang up now.
How is your child?
She is still wheezing.
She might be shifted
to Pariyaram tomorrow.
I feel like running away from all this.
I didn't force you to do this.
You can't pay for your child's surgery
by selling smuggled mobile phones.
Then what should I do?
I lose my peace of mind
when I think about her.
You will never find it in this trade.
have a drink.
It doesn't help me sleep, my friend.
Once you start thinking,
there will be no end.
Have it.
Come on, man!
we will leave early tomorrow.
And change that SIM.
Those dogs are sniffing around.
- Sir.
- What's the status?
We are still on the lookout, sir.
Those scoundrels might have
crossed ten checkpoints by now.
This is the guy.
Sir, Vijay Poojari?
Is it from Dubai?
The biscuit?
Yes, a friend got it from Dubai.
Is that all you got?
I can buy the whole thing.
- Do you have more?
- Yes.
It's at my friend's house in Kasaragod.
Carrying it around is risky.
You have nothing to fear here.
Not even a dog barks
without my permission.
I'm wary of tigers, not dogs.
No tigers, either.
Do you know why?
Because we hunt them down.
Your beard...
Is this the guy that Alex is after?
Follow him.
- That's his bike.
- He went upstairs.
- There are two of them.
- Let's go, come on.
Hurry up!
Come on!
Let's get them!
- Come on!
- Hurry up!
- Come, come, come!
- Faizi...
Come on!
Over here!
- There they are!
- Go, get them!
- Let's hurry up!
- Come on, quick!
Come on, faster!
- Stop!
- We can't lose them!
Get those dogs!
Hurry up, come on!
- I lost it.
- What?
- What?
- I lost the bag!
They have turned around!
- Hey, go!
- Faster, man!
- Let's get them!
- Come on!
- There they go again!
- Get them, brother!
- Stop, you dog!
- Catch them!
Hey, stop!
Damn it!
- Welcome, sir.
- Thank you.
Is this the guy?
- Not him.
- No, sir.
It wasn't this guy, sir.
There were two of them.
It was the other guy who came here.
- What happened?
- Narayanan sir.
He says it wasn't him.
There was another guy with him.
Hold on.
Tell me.
The stuff has crossed the border.
It's in Mangaluru now.
- Did you catch him?
- We are close.
But it's not the guy you said.
This is a different fellow.
He sold off his car and got a bike.
Who's that, Narayanan?
There's a traitor among your men.
Otherwise, he couldn't have come this far.
I'll send you a photo.
Ask your Inspector to check it.
Yes, this one.
It's definitely him!
He was the guy who came here.
Alright, Poojari.
Thank you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Nancy, this is Alby.
Where the hell are you, moron?
Why didn't you tell me?
They keep calling me asking for you.
Who? Sadiq?
Why do you want to know?
Did you get the gold back?
They talk to me as if
I ran off with their gold.
I'm sorry.
My friend Faizal and I...
we planned the accident.
We have the gold.
Son of a gun!
You are a rat, Alby!
You screwed up my life!
I would have managed
with my travel agency job.
How long will you work, Nancy?
Anyway, stay lowkey for a few days.
Hajiar's men will come for you.
Where will I go, Alby?
Go to Ernakulam...
or things will get ugly at home.
Where are you now?
We left Kerala.
I'll tell you the details later.
Take your passport with you.
I'll call you in a few days.
Everything will be fine.
- Okay.
- Don't hang up.
Tell me what I should do, Alby!
Send it to a friend's account.
They can get it to the hospital.
If you send it to her account...
they will track us.
Eat well.
God knows when we will eat next?
Just kidding, man!
Pack this as well.
I'll be back in two days, Mother.
I wasn't expecting this interview call.
Oh, no!
Hi... what brings you here?
Please, come in.
- Could you make some tea, Mother?
- Hello.
We aren't here to be your guests.
Be quiet, Rehan.
Nancy, just a minute.
Nancy, where is the stuff?
What stuff?
Nancy, I don't want to make a scene.
I don't think you want it either.
Where is it?
My dear Sadiq, I don't know
what you are talking about.
The gold that Alby and you stole from us.
Where is it?
Watch your words, okay?!
I don't need your gold, Sadiq.
I've done this many times!
Then, where is Alby?
That guy Faizal and Alby are a team now.
So, don't act too smart.
You will be in big trouble, Nancy.
How much loot do you have stashed in here?
I swear,
I've got nothing to do with it, Sadiq.
After that issue at the bar...
I told him I can't do this anymore
and came home.
Alby didn't call me again.
And he doesn't answer my calls.
I don't know anything about it, Sadiq.
Do you think we are stupid?
We know you are also in it.
Curse your mother, son of a gun!
Get inside, Mother.
Get her!
Oh, no! Oh, God!
Oh, no! Oh, no!
Run, run!
- It's after us!
- Get the car, Irfan!
- Get into the car, Sadiq!
- Oh, God, it got me!
Get off me, you dog!
Someone take this dog away!
Sadiq, it's biting me!
- She let it out.
- Get down, Sadiq!
- Sadiq!
- Don't get on top!
- No! No!
- Rambo...
Go away, you son of a gun!
Start the car!
Hey, get it out of here!
Move, you son of a gun!
- Someone take it away!
- Oh, no! Help me!
Oh, no!
Hey you, take it away!
You don't know who I am...
Wait till I get down!
- Take it away!
- Come on!
Hello, there's a call for you.
- Me?
- Why will I tell you if it's for me?
- Sister, can you please watch her?
- Sure.
- Who is it, sister?
- I didn't ask the whereabouts.
Why don't you ask them
to call on your phone?
Why trouble people like us at night?
It's me, Faizal.
Why can't you call me on my phone?
I'll tell you later.
How is she?
You thought of her now, Faizi?
What the hell did you do?
No wonder people are talking!
Haven't you left
Thiruvananthapuram yet?
I got the certificates.
Didn't I tell you about the visa?
It may take a few days.
We won't get anywhere
in life with this job.
Did the doctor say
anything about discharge?
No, he will tell me tomorrow.
Faizal, I know you are up to something.
Don't get into trouble, okay?
You can't discuss family problems here.
Use your phone.
This is for emergency calls.
Hang up, Faizi.
- Hello.
- Tell me, dear.
What is it?
Sir, she got a call
on the hospital phone.
When we couldn't sell the stuff
in Kasaragod or Mangalapuram...
Faizal got worried.
Before going to Mumbai
to sell the gold to Seth...
I decided to stay in Goa for a day.
Just to cheer him up.
One of my friends,
Manuel, has a place in Goa.
- You are packing already?
- It has to be done sooner or later.
Hey, give me your phone.
- Here.
- Go and freshen up.
I'll be back soon.
I told you,
I'd buy it if you could deliver it here.
Moosa's men have cast
their nets everywhere in Mumbai.
They have issued lookout notices
with your photos.
What should I do, Seth?
Do one thing.
Stay in Goa for a few days.
I'll tell you when to come.
Over there.
It's not just a matter
of money, Narayanan.
Moosa can make money
in the blink of an eye.
What if the others think
that they can get away with cheating?
My jewelry business will be doomed.
That's the case everywhere, Moosa.
There will always be men
waiting for us to give up.
Sadiq and his boys are ready to go
to Mumbai and Goa to search.
Alby often goes to Goa to party.
Sadiq knows the place well.
But nobody goes to Goa to sell gold.
That's why I didn't consider it.
No need for that, Moosa.
We found the right man for this job.
He will do it perfectly.
And don't be in a hurry.
Give it two more days.
What if the police get to them?
Don't worry!
We sent our best cop after them.
Here is some money.
Faizi sent it to my account.
I just...
Oh my, look at that!
Hey, what did you do to my bike?
How dare you touch my bike, rascal?
The bike was just fine.
But you wanted a scooter.
How many cameras did we
cross since Manjeshwaram?
- What the hell did you do?
- What is this?!
- You have wrecked my bike!
- What is this?
- Sorry!
- You have caused a lot of damage.
You have no idea how much it's worth!
- I'll file a complaint against you!
- Sorry!
- What the hell are they saying?
- You ruined my bike!
- What are you doing?
- What did you do?!
- Hey, dude!
- Someone call the cops!
- That was my mistake.
- You got to pay up.
- I saw that it was you!
- I'm sorry!
You ruined it!
- Hey, stay away!
- Alby, stop it!
- Hey, you want to fight me?
- Come on, man!
- It's a fight, let's get out of here.
- Let's go! Quick!
- Hey, you!
- No, no! Relax, relax!
- I'm gonna kill this rascal!
- Hey, stop it, man!
- Get off me!
- Hey, stop it!
- Don't hit him!
- You moron...
Hey, move it!
What's happening here?
- Let it go, bro! Leave it!
- Let him go!
- What's with you?
- Don't get into trouble, bro!
- He wrecked my bike and hit me!
- Hey!
- Look at what he did!
- It's okay, man!
Yeah, I understand.
- What's happening here?
- Everyone, leave, go!
- No problem!
- Relax!
Go away, you moron!
- To hell with you!
- Get lost!
- Get lost!
- Go to hell!
Hey, please!
Is it your first time here?
- What happened?
- This is their area,
- don't get into trouble.
- Hey!
- Go or things will get worse!
- Let's leave!
- Yes.
- Let's go.
You have a bike.
Why do you need a scooter then?
A scooter is a better ride around here.
- Okay, then.
- Okay.
- Yes.
- Okay, thank you.
Yes, Firoze?
I knew something was wrong
when you didn't call.
I didn't know how to tell you.
That's why I waited for your call.
Who is the guy?
One of my boys, you don't know him.
Alby! Albert?
I have got nothing to do with this deal.
It's better that you guys sort it out.
I'm off, get out all of you, come on.
Moosakka, this isn't about you.
He is after me.
We have an old score to settle.
He paid back with interest
when he got a chance.
I'll deal with it.
It's okay, Firoze.
I have warned my boys
not to return without that pig.
Don't worry, I'll call you later.
- What happened?
- I got screwed, boss.
Come on, it's them.
Hey, boys!
- Where are you going?
- We were headed to our room.
- Did they come after you?
- No.
This is Vinod.
- Vijayan and Rajeesh.
- Hello.
And this is my...
- Hi.
- Hi, Shwetha.
I'm James.
This is Muneer.
We are from Kannur.
What about you?
We are from Kasaragod.
- Did they hit you?
- Yes, still hurts a bit.
It's okay, bro.
Do you want a smoke?
I visit Goa at least twice a year.
I usually stay at Palolem.
- It's peaceful over there.
- Yeah.
I think it's better that way.
- Why stay in noisy places, right?
- Exactly!
We are here on business.
I want to start a small resort.
- Along with a club.
- You?
- Yeah!
- You know who he is?
His father is a billionaire in Uppala.
Stop kidding, man!
The thing is, James...
It's James, right?
- Yes!
- Here's the thing.
My father runs a business
but I'm not interested in it.
I'm into travel and tourism.
That's why I'm free to go
wherever I want.
- Okay, cheers!
- Yeah.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Have you found a spot yet?
Vijayan showed us a few plots...
in Morjim and Mandrem.
They are good.
My father has to see it.
Then the deal is on.
So we get to stay for free next time!
Come at any time, what say?
Excuse me, I need to use the washroom.
Leave your bag here.
Why take it with you?
No, it's just a habit.
When one goes to the loo
the other one will follow soon.
So typical of our people!
What's the deal with Vijayan?
He was quiet the whole time.
Does he have a problem with us?
- No.
- No, he is a special case.
He likes company but doesn't talk much.
- Can I take your bag?
- No.
He got scared.
Here he comes, let's ask him.
Hey, give me your bag.
See, he won't even give it to me.
There are some old certificates in it.
He takes it everywhere with him.
This guy is crazy.
I thought he was hiding a treasure!
Is there really a treasure in it?
With him, one can never say!
No matter what company you are in...
there is always one guy
whom everyone makes fun of!
It was me before you came along.
- Don't let it bother you.
- Yeah, right!
As if it bothers him!
We do it all the time back home.
Teasing him is such fun!
Am I right, my boy?
What are you looking at?
Did you make a call at the hotel?
I called but I couldn't get through.
I'll try again.
I need to make a call.
I was just joking, man!
It's okay, let him call.
He may have gone to call his family.
- Yeah...
- He's a family man.
Hello, Divya.
Why are you crying?
What's the matter?
Divya, say something.
We didn't come to see you cry.
He took off with our stuff.
No point in shedding tears.
These guys are creating a ruckus.
- They are shouting at the girl.
- Who are you?
- What is this?
- What's happening here?
All visitors must leave immediately.
- How dare you make a fuss here?
- Get out.
- You get his coffin ready!
- Hey, get out!
- Get out!
- Call the police!
If anyone comes looking for you again...
we will kill ourselves.
You know me, don't you?
I can't live in shame like this.
Stop talking nonsense, Divya.
Nobody will come looking for me again.
You did something.
That's why they are after you.
I have been living with you
for so many years.
Can't you give me some peace of mind?
My parents begged me not to come with you.
But I didn't listen.
I deserve this.
Someone was murdered in a bar last week.
So the police are really strict.
And the stuff is hard to come by.
Chemical from Bengaluru is good.
But we don't do it.
I know a white man from South Goa.
I used to score from him.
I tried calling that dog
at least 15 times today.
No answer.
What are you doing tomorrow?
I want to show Muneer around.
It's his first time in Goa.
We are going to Vagator.
Do you want to join?
- Is there a party?
- What's Goa without a party, man?
- Ukiyo Bar.
- Oh!
Is the entry free?
We will see about that.
Vijayan will take care of it.
He has a lot of contacts.
Thanks, bro!
My father doesn't know
how smoking this feels.
He doesn't even like my idea
of running a resort.
He wants me to manage his business.
What business is he in?
Have you heard
of Ganesh Jewelry in Uppala?
That's ours.
We have many branches
in Kanhangad and Neeleswaram.
- Ganesh Jewelry?
- Yeah.
Is our jewelry that famous?
I heard about it from friends.
I have a few friends
who work in this field.
Not jewelry business.
They sell gold on the black market.
I heard from them.
My father deals with such things.
I have no idea about it.
But the gold business is cool, right?
It's a money-spinner.
It doesn't suit my taste though.
But the glitter of gold...
that's what women fall for!
It's the color of shit, isn't it?
Faizal, Faizal...
Are you mad at me, my man?
You have been sulking since dinner.
Like you are my wife!
Faizal, I didn't say anything to Vishnu.
Your old friends
paid a visit to the hospital.
She hasn't stopped crying ever since.
My family thinks I'm a crook.
You just want to drink, smoke,
and have a jolly good time.
I'll leave you to it
and go my own way.
You can do nothing!
If you go back, Hajiar will rip you apart!
Your body will end up
on a rail track in two pieces.
Son of a gun!
You threw my father under the train.
Tell your Hajiar to finish me too!
Faizal, I've told you a thousand times...
I've nothing to do
with your father's death.
Mohammedikka killed himself.
I feel guilty about it
and even partly responsible.
That's why I let you join me in this.
So that you don't have to spend
your sorry life in that shop.
Do you get it?
I have a family to take care of.
I may work for peanuts
but I never let them starve.
Every time my child
struggled to breathe...
my heart skipped a beat.
That's why I agreed to do this.
Despite knowing that
I may never return home.
But an orphan like you
won't understand that.
You are right, I'm an orphan!
But not a double-dealer, you fool!
Go and return the gold to Hajiar!
Fall at his feet
and beg for his forgiveness!
Then carry on with your awful job...
and live on rationed food until you die!
Get lost!
Excuse me.
I know this guy.
I know.
I know this guy.
Morjim, here I come!
My friend Muhsin from Dubai...
asked me to pick up
Mohammedikka from Kozhikode Airport.
He told me that Mohammedikka
would deliver a bag for his friend Firoze.
I was to get that bag and drop
Mohammedikka at his house in Payyoli.
Hi, this is Muhsin's friend Firoze.
- Have you reached the airport?
- Yeah.
I had to go to Wayanad urgently.
That's why he sent you.
I hope it's okay.
No worries, the flight has landed...
Mohammedikka had been
working abroad for 30 years.
But he had zero savings.
When he couldn't pay the rent...
he slept in parks and mosques for weeks.
Finally, Muhsin and friends
bought him a ticket to return home.
- Mohammedikka, right?
- Yeah.
- What is it?
- This is Mohammedikka's luggage, right?
Who said that? This is ours.
- But it was with Mohammedikka.
- No, this is our luggage.
- Get lost!
- But...
Yes, Rafiq?
- Where are you?
- I'm at the airport, Mohammedikka.
What about you?
- Mohammedikka?
- Yes!
Yeah, I saw you.
Thank you so much.
- Mohammedikka?
- Yeah?
- Where is Muhsin's bag?
- I gave it to those guys.
I thought you were friends.
What did you do?
Why didn't you call
before handing it over?
We got you a ticket
because you agreed to do it.
That bag was worth 80,00,000 rupees,
Firoze won't spare you!
They showed me my photo and
I gave it to them just like you said.
you were smuggling gold?
Why did you get me into this,
you son of a gun?
I'm going to the police.
You will get in trouble if you do that.
How will I gather 80,00,000 rupees?
I have worked my ass off for 30 years.
And this bag is all I got.
Now they are calling me a thief!
Where are you going?
Get back in the car.
We will go to the police.
I'm Firoze.
Where is Mohammedikka?
He just left.
Firoze, something isn't quite right.
Some guys took the bag and left.
Alby, are you playing a game?
Or did Mohammedikka
and Muhsin plan this together?
Tell me, Firoze.
How did you get to Kozhikode
from Wayanad in ten minutes?
The trip got canceled at the last minute.
- Hello, who is this?
- Is Mohammedikka there?
No, who's this?
A friend.
Faizal and his nephew
have gone to Mangalapuram to pick him up.
Okay, I'll call later.
Mohammedikka landed in Kozhikode.
Then why did they leave for Mangalapuram?
We changed his ticket at the last minute.
Let's go to Payyoli.
You can go, if Mohammedikka says
that he didn't give it to you.
Otherwise, Muhsin
and you settle the payment.
I got nothing to do with this deal.
It's better that you guys sort it out.
I'm off, get out all of you, come on.
Off to Payyoli, son of a gun!
Muhsin and Firoze
were partners in this deal.
But Firoze wanted Muhsin out
and to keep the gold to himself.
Alas, Mohammedikka and I
became the scapegoats.
I left for Payyoli,
owing to Firoze's threat.
But I had no idea what awaited me there.
Brother, where does Mohammedikka live?
The one who works in the Gulf?
- Are you from the police too?
- Police?
Do we look like the police?
We were in the Gulf with him.
Alby's brother has sent
some clothes for his kids.
We came to get that.
The police came a while ago.
What happened?
Mohammedikka jumped in front
of a train and killed himself.
Happy now?
Relax, Alby.
I'm just as tense as you.
Let's get out of here.
Get the car, come on.
- Stop!
- Stop the car!
Aren't you here to see Mohammedikka?
Come, let's go and see him.
While I sat there like a criminal...
Faizal came in an ambulance
with his father's body.
That was the first time we met.
He is responsible for your father's death.
Faizal and his neighbors
believed that I was guilty...
until Muhsin told them the truth.
We went in search of Firoze the next day.
But he had already fled to the Gulf.
Faizal and his mother
sold their house in Payyoli.
They shifted to Thalassery
hoping for a new beginning.
Faizal and I had been waiting
to settle our scores with Firoze.
I became Moosa Haji's gold carrier
to get to Firoze.
We came to know that
Firoze was the dealer this time.
So we planned it in advance.
Divya called, she was profusely crying.
Because of that, I...
I don't hold a grudge against you.
You could have made it big.
But you wanted to help me.
And what did I do in return?
Forgive me, man.
Who else do I share this with?
Imagine what will happen
if I talk to those Russians.
O' wandering waves that gently stray
O' troublesome waves held at bay
They wander near and yonder play
O' how those tumultuous waves sway
Entangled in a watery maze
O' yay!
Neither yours nor mine
The gala upon mosaic shores, so fine
The spectacle, it lasts forever
Joy and sorrow, dear friends forever
They fall out, quick to reconcile
In concert, conflict, harmony and smile
All's well in la, la, land
La, la, la, la, my soul's sweet chant
All's well in la, la, land
La, la, la, la, my soul's sweet chant
Here. I could only get this.
Pills are in huge demand.
But there's no market for gold.
Will Hajiar come here, as well?
Nobody comes to Goa looking for gold.
Endless waves in a gentle glide
Maze of worries, a fleeting ride
O' never-ending string of worries
If flames dare to consume you
Will you, too, bid adieu?
You're my solid rock, you see
O' dear worry, my sweet pea
Truth feeds on falsehood
Beauty is deceitful
Core wood's a darned termite
Day devours the night
Take your time, come leisurely
Let me chill!
Neither yours nor mine
The gala upon mosaic shores, so fine
The spectacle, it lasts forever
Joy and sorrow, dear friends forever
They fall out, quick to reconcile
In concert, conflict, harmony and smile
I'll kill them... sooner or later.
You don't want to die
for those tramps, do you?
- Tell me.
- My mother was a righteous woman.
Deceit doesn't run in my veins.
Stop trying to be a saint...
or your wife and kids
will beg on the streets.
You don't know what it means...
to have a father.
O' wandering waves that gently stray
O' troublesome waves held at bay
They wander near and yonder play
O' how those tumultuous waves sway
Entangled in a watery maze
O' yay!
All's well in la, la, land
La, la, la, la, my soul's sweet chant
All's well in la, la, land
La, la, la, la, my soul's sweet chant
- Hey, James!
- Come on, let's go!
Alby! Hey!
- Come on!
- Let's go!
Take it, you son of a gun!
Which is our bike?
They all look the same.
- That one.
- Yes!
- Let's go.
- Here you go, brother.
It's heavy! Are these really certificates?
Who's Alby?
That's me... it's James Albert.
Friends call me Alby.
Come on!
I told you not to take the bag!
I wasn't expecting this.
Thank God they were here.
- That's why we should make friends.
- Yeah, let's go.
- Firoze.
- Sadiq...
Do you know how long
my stuff has been missing?
Don't think that you
and Moosakka can get away with it!
This is my hard-earned money.
I'll have to rethink
my deals with Moosakka.
Please don't say that, brother.
- We will definitely get him.
- Aren't you ashamed?
Act like a man, you fool!
If I don't get it back in two days
I'll send my boys from Koduvalli.
Don't you come crying to me then!
Hello, brother! Hello!
Sorry, I couldn't answer when you called.
- Where are you?
- Never mind, you have fun!
How much time do you need to make a call?
I said I'm sorry, forgive me!
Where are you?
I just reached Coimbatore.
I'm going to Bengaluru.
I'm on my way to the bus depot.
Those guys are tailing me.
So I've been on the run.
Rashmi saw a Kannur registration vehicle
near her house.
So I left her place that night.
We will leave for Mumbai
or Gujarat in a few days.
Then fly out of the country
as soon as we sell it.
Do you think you can do that?
Of course, I can.
- That's what I'm afraid of.
- Don't you start again.
Be ready.
I'll send you a ticket
once I reach Indonesia.
- Call me when you reach Bengaluru.
- Okay.
I haven't slept a wink.
- Okay, then.
- Bye.
Take care.
That was Nancy, she is off to Bengaluru.
Sadiq and his guys
followed her to Ernakulam.
Bloody morons!
Let's not wait any longer.
We will go see Seth tomorrow morning.
Let's take it as it comes.
Where were you guys?
I have been waiting for a while.
I have nothing much to tell you.
Put the bag down and leave.
It's the first time
I'm doing someone a favor.
Hajiar wanted me to burn you alive.
But you guys are young.
Go and live your life.
I'll tell him I made a mistake.
Don't you know me?
I'm Alex John.
I am a cop.
What?! What's happening with you guys?
- What?
- Vishnu?
- Vishnu.
- What happened, darling?
What's wrong?
Get in, we will tell you.
Get in!
We will reach Mangalapuram by evening.
Do one thing.
You come in the morning.
I'll tell you the time later.
Alright then.
Ranjith will reach
Mangalapuram in the morning.
We will go to Sullia from there.
Let's have fun until my father is back.
Can't we meet your father tomorrow?
You should have asked earlier.
He had reached Bengaluru when I called.
My father has agreed to buy it.
Why are you worried then?!
Don't worry, man!
Looks like a wedding party.
- Get two bottles of rum.
- Vishnu, let me pay.
It's okay, man.
- Get something to drink, as well.
- Okay.
And some cold water.
Hello, Bibeesh.
Moosakka, we haven't slept for days.
She will die if we keep hitting her.
Without knowing where they are...
They are in here, come catch them!
Not slept it seems!
I lost my gold worth
two and a half crore rupees.
Do you think I sleep peacefully?
How can you say such a thing?!
Have you no shame?
There's no use in beating her up!
You have become such lazy bones!
Firoze will shut up if I pay him.
But this is about my honor.
Listen, you morons!
Whenever you find them...
put them in boiling water...
and watch their flesh get cooked in it.
That will be a lesson to all such rats!
No one should do such god-awful things!
Do you get it, you dogs?
Where have you been?
I went to a nearby shop.
You are back?
Come in.
- Here's the bill, brother.
- You want to drink, Rajeesh?
- What about ice cubes?
- You asked for chilled water.
I asked you to get ice cubes.
I'll get it right now.
Do you want me to wait?
This is the problem with Malayalis.
Bengalis are so obedient.
Stop swearing, brother.
I told you I'll get it.
- What will you do if I swear at you?
- Oh, man!
Why didn't you bring ice cubes?
I only have two hands.
I'll get it right away.
Go and bring it, you dog!
Don't we pay you well?
Vijayan, let it go, he's just a kid.
Get some ice cubes, son.
How dare you stare at me, son of a gun?
Vijayan, I said leave him alone.
He's just a boy.
Go on, son.
Unnecessarily, you...
Why did you push me?
I didn't push you, Vijayan.
Why did you bother that boy?
We are already in trouble.
Thanks to your damned gold
we are trapped too!
Why are you shouting at him?
Why does that bother you?
Do you want to marry his sister, you dog?
Vijayan, don't create a scene!
He didn't push you, did he?
- Have a drink.
- Shut up!
- Why did you push me?
- This man...
But I didn't push you...
How dare you!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Hey, no!
- Let me sort him out.
How dare you hit me, you moron?
- Who are these guys?
- Run!
- Run!
- Run!
Run, guys!
Narayanan sir.
They ran away from here.
There's been an attack on them.
They may not have gone too far.
You can come back now.
Why so, Narayanan sir?
Just do what you are told.
I give the orders here.
Call me once you reach Uppala.
I'll talk to you once I'm done here.
It seems like the end of the world.
Should we have come this far?
They are on the lookout for you.
If they find you, you are dead.
No one ever comes here.
We will be there in ten minutes.
Who knew Moosa Haji would call
my father and ask him to track you!
This will be over in two days.
Don't worry, brother.
Nothing happens here
without Vishnu's knowledge.
I'm worried about Vijayan.
Because of us...
What did you guys do?
He will be here tonight.
You don't know that man.
- He's a bug.
- Yeah!
Darned rain!
- Is it stuck?
- Yeah, the tire's stuck.
We are screwed.
The tire's jammed, go at it!
- It's slippery.
- Get out and push.
- Come, let's push.
- Hold this.
- Is it stuck?
- Yeah, it needs a hand.
- Come out, man!
- Kick it!
- Hit it hard, man!
- Harder!
- Come on, harder!
- Ask those kids to get a spade.
- Who?
- Those boys.
- You got a spade at home, son?
- Yes.
- Can you get it for us?
- Yes. Alright.
- Hey, push harder!
- Come on, guys!
Hold the speaker, son.
Get a stone.
The mud is slick!
Come on!
Give it.
Hey, give it back.
Hurry up, man!
Hey, come on!
Get in!
- Come only when I call.
- Alright.
Don't forget the water can.
Come on.
- This is our resort, bro.
- This?
- You carry on, Benny.
- Okay.
Come on, guys.
Okay. Alright.
Be careful, you might slip.
Get something to start a fire.
- Let's cut some firewood.
- Yes.
Don't be surprised, this place is a mess.
Bring it, man.
The firewood is wet.
My father bought this plot
to build a resort for me.
At first, the work went quickly.
Then it gradually stopped.
Who would visit this jungle?
We come here when we get high.
- Then we put up with Vishnu!
- Is that so?
Get lost!
Vishnu, shall we begin then?
- Hurry up, Rajeesh.
- It's done.
Let me switch on the motor.
We can't start a fire with this.
We can if we pour some rum.
- Yes, it will catch fire.
- You are right.
- I'll chop your hand if you touch my rum.
- That's my boy!
Shall I walk to the house downhill
and see if they have kerosene?
- We can pay them.
- I'll go, brother.
- But I'm already wet.
- Go on then.
Give me the onions.
Measles cases are on the rise
in Malappuram district.
Around 128 cases...
- have been reported so far.
- Sister.
Massive drug haul in Kochi.
- Mother?
- Yes, son?
- There's a man at the door.
- A man? At this hour?
We are visiting the house up there.
Do you have some kerosene?
Our firewood got wet in the rain.
The ration shop sells kerosene
only once in three months.
I'll give you some to start a fire.
We have very little left.
There's no gas either.
Please give some dry firewood too.
Can't you turn the TV off
when there's a storm?
What bigger storm can hit this place?!
Senegal won three goals against one.
News in detail:
A new turning point in
Kasaragod's double murder case.
Suspect Praveen Kumar's body
has been found hanging from a tree...
at a vacant plot behind
Erikkulam Bhagavathy Temple.
Police sources confirm that
Praveen Kumar is an accused...
in the murder of Aji and Hari
near Kavumchira Beach on the 16th.
The assailants had hurled a bomb
creating an atmosphere of terror...
before hacking the two young men to death.
The other three accused in the case...
Suresh, Rajeesh, and Srinath
are still at large.
Suresh is the nephew
of party district secretary Narayanan.
An argument between
Narayanan's son Shyam...
and the murdered
youth over a private video
is alleged to have
led to the killings.
The police say that the assault
at a Mangaluru hotel last night...
is also related to the case.
Bibeesh who was initially suspected
by the police in the Kavumchira case...
led the attempted murder
of the real accused in the case.
Kumar who escaped from the hotel
was found dead this morning.
There are unconfirmed reports
that Neeleswaram Circle Inspector Alex...
who is under suspension
helped the accused to escape.
Opposition leader V. P. Rajeev accused
party district secretary Narayanan...
of being the mastermind
behind the Kavumchira murders.
He also said that the
killers were party goons...
and Kumar was killed by party workers...
to protect Narayanan's son Shyam
and niece Suresh.
Is it your first time here?
What's the matter?
His father is a billionaire in Uppala.
This is Vinod.
It's heavy! Are these really certificates?
Leave your bag here.
Why take it with you?
Vijayan and Rajeesh.
I thought he was hiding a treasure.
Nothing happens here
without Vishnu's knowledge.
Here is our kerosene!
- Come.
- Where have you been, bro?
We thought you ran away.
But he won't go anywhere without his bag.
You are already drenched.
Why don't you cut a few banana leaves?
We don't have plates, here you go.
He will take forever.
I'll go with him.
Don't go in the rain again.
- It's okay, Vishnu!
- You'll fall sick.
Give it to me.
What's wrong with you?
This will be over in two days.
I don't think...
they will wait for two days.
What do you mean?
We weren't the targets
of the Mangaluru hotel attack.
Remember Kavumchira?
Where two young men
were killed two weeks ago?
Those guys were hired to do it.
The party workers have...
killed Kumar and hanged him.
I saw this on TV at the house downhill.
Are you crazy?
It must have been a daily soap.
Don't you get it?
They will kill us.
We will be buried right here.
Then they will take off with the gold.
Why do we need so many leaves?
We can lie down on the rest.
Anyway, there are no mats.
That's true.
It will be good to stretch out
and sleep on a large leaf.
We can place a lighted wick
next to the head.
Like a funeral!
I'm sober now.
Change your clothes
or you will catch a cold.
Go change your clothes...
Come on, hurry up.
We have to start soon.
- Just chop it up.
- You keep singing.
Get the bag, Faizi.
So how do we do this, Faizal?
What about you, Alby?
You were in Kasaragod...
when we were hired to finish you.
We could have done the job there.
Hajiar insisted on seeing your bodies...
before paying Uncle Narayanan.
That's why we took the long route.
Stop wasting time
and finish the job, Suresh.
Finish it if you can!
Get him!
Kill him!
Leave me!
Finish him!
Come, get me!
Come on!
See you later.
What's that?
Let me see.
Show me your hand.
- Where did you find this?
- From there.
I can't do this anymore.
I don't want to save my daughter
with money that reeks of blood.
Let God decide her fate.
Why do you say that?
I still see their blood.
I see them standing before me.
We didn't do it on purpose.
Otherwise, they would have killed us.
How many more shall we kill?
When he goes, Narayanan will come for us.
And then Moosa Haji.
I want nothing at all.
Neither gold nor money.
I just want to see my daughter...
- even if I go to jail.
- Faizi...
You shouldn't go to jail.
This is my fault.
You lost your father because of me.
Your daughter shouldn't end up like you.
Take this and go.
Nobody will come after you.
I'll take the blame.
Leave him alone.
This is what you want, right?
Take it.
- And then?
- Then what?
This is what happens to greedy people.
We shouldn't desire what's not ours.
Greed. It destroys us.
And then?
Then, nothing.
Go to sleep, young man.
Tell me one more story, Father.
Okay, this will be the last story.
Long, long ago...
a very long time ago...
in a land far away...
there lived a mother and a daughter.
One morning...
Top stories of the day...
Kasaragod Double Murder Case.
The police arrested the fifth accused...
Kasaragod Party District
Secretary Narayanan...
after the High Court
denied him anticipatory bail.
The ED recorded the arrest
of former MLA Moosa Haji...
the mastermind of a gold smuggling
racket centered around Kannur Airport.
Got it, sir?