Kasi az gorbehaye irani khabar nadareh (No One Knows About Persian Cats) (2009) Movie Script

Dedicated to PFDC and the entire World
That sound, I don't know what it means in Kurdish
but you're extending it too much.
Try to keep it on the beat, I'll rewind it again
-OK! OK no problem
-Yes dear?
I have one more request.
Go ahead.
Could you say that we need two-three more hours instead of one?
We can fix our last track and then leave.
They say the dude's crazy...
Dear Bahman! Take a break and catch some breath...
Sorry, ok sorry.
They'll say this dude's insane now, he's come to sing and lighten up.
His movie has been stopped.
they won't give him the permit for his next movie.
They are still selling his previous movie in the streets.
What am I supposed to say to him, it not good.
-Am I not right?
-Does he have a permit?
-No! He's pledged a cheque
Bahman, Bahman!
I'll take it back two steps
-Let's go
-Is this music for that underground movie?
-No! He's doing it for himself.
What's it about?
The underground music of Iran that sparked after the arrest in Karaj.
where 400 got arrested in that concert, had it's spark from there.
with regard to that, he wants to make the underground music for the movie.
-Does it have professional actors?
-No it doesn't have professional actors
Do you know Ashkan and Negar?
They are going to act in it.
Any more questions?
But they are leaving in two or three weeks!
-Hi! Could you open the door?
-You are?
-I'm Negar
-I'm Negar, Ashkans Negar.
OK! Come in!
-Is it opened?
-No! It didn't open.
-What about now?
-Yes, thanks.
-Come in, come in.
-Hi! What made you come here? Don't see you much lately.
-I was just passing and thought I'd visit you.
-And I've heard that Ashkan has been released.
-Yea he got released on Monday, and is out now.
I heard you rocked. The guys said you were on the dish.
A gathering, and blood was served like a satanistic worship...
You know, They put their own perception on it
when they see someone playing their music close them down.
-I've heard you're going to London invited to a festival
-To do what? we need to have a band...
We can take care of that, and get you a band.
You need two guitar player, a bassist and a drummer.
Listen! Ashkan is saying that we should leave for good.
This year it'll get an Oscar. Yes yes yes this one!
It'll get an Oscar. If not I'll give you all my movies for free.
Listen Babak! I don't have any problems going.
I've already left once and my Passport and visa is ok.
Now the problem is Ashkan.
If we can find someone for that it'd be great.
Find one for what?
-To get him across
-So you want to find someone to get him over?
Wait. Do you see that guy?
He's into music and a good friend. Do you want me to tell him?
-Can he arrange a band as well?
Yea he can fix anything, you want me to tell him?
I'm not at all into getting people across!
You get that?
-You don't do that?
-You say this stuff, and she starts believing stuff...
How many did you get over two years ago?
-David did that, has nothing to do with me.
Doesn't matter. David or whoever.
Just get their thing going.
-Now anyone that has beef with his mom...
-No one has had a fight with his mother.
I don't have a beef with my mom and I'm not going.
It's Ashkan that's going.
Who's Ashkan?
Ashkan's in their band. Why you acting like this
Just get their thing going.
-Does Ashkan have a beef with his mom? So what?
-We going to play music and sing
He doesn't have a passport or visa...
Well you have all sort of people playing music.
Get to know them and play with them.
But here you can't play any kind of music.
You can't say whatever you want to say...
How am I supposed sing here?
It's impossible...
No no! What did you say just before?
I said you can't play your music here.
Yes that's what I want to hear!
So you guy's don't have beefs with your mommas?
He's going because of his music.
That! I like! I will do this then.
Nader...Get her number and set a date.
Arrange this for them.
-Nader! Where are we?
Patience! Ouch! Police...
You like this, don't you?
It's great...
All right then.
Get inside!
My love!
You little sweet thing!
My precious! Were you alone?
-Nader, what's its name?
-Bellucci! Monica Bellucci!
Hello there! I've got two guests with me.
Sorry! they were watching Indian movies.
These two birds love Indian movies.
This one's Scarlett and that one's Edward.
They've seen all the movies in the history of India
The movie Sholeh...give me the CD
The scene where she's dancing on glass.
They cried! I swear to god they cried!!!
Saw it myself, this one! And that one too.
Both of them cried.
That's how you define lovebirds.
All right, this is the best studio for distribution to the world.
To hell with Paramount and 20:th century and Warner Brother...
I really claim that. You get it?
I honk it! I'm the top studio!
All right! Tell me about your CD?
I'll be right back with you. Got my back towards you, I apologize.
This is what we've done.
It's from two years ago.
We recorded it together...
What happened, and what did you do?
Nothing...just been there.
You got permit for it?
Hell no! It doesn't!
You want me to get it out in the black market?
Bigger distribution than you get from guidance ministry?
You want it? I'll do it. I will do that!
Let's listen to it.
Is this your work?
You've played this?
-Is he telling the truth?
Are you sane boy?
Do you know you could do with this?
We did Nader.
Knocked on every door, even broke them.
It doesn't work.
It's meaningless.
Here you can't do anything.
In this country you don't have a chance.
We'll do it!
I'll get you permit for it.
Start breaking doors again!
Scream again, what the hell!!!
That's what music's about!
That's the best thing you can do!
What nonsense is it to leave it?
Not being able to do it in your own country?
I'll do it for you!
I'm connected to one heavy guy in the guidance ministry
Going to get you a real permit, legit! Original!
Sell you tickets for thousands of attendants.
We've come for something else...
Of course, I know! I'll get you passport and visa.
But once do it for you people and friends here.
I know the quality of this.
Isn't Indie-Rock the genre you play?
Well I'm not an ass, I know you want to create a band.
-You have 312 Indie-Rock bands only here in Iran!
-How's that possible?
How's it not possible?
You think it's only Tehran?
Have you heard Kurdish Indie-Rock? Khorasani?
Lor or Baloch? There you go.
There's 2500 something Pop groups in Iran.
Where's all the females who're forbidden to sing?
Here! I know each and every of the females that
aren't allowed to sing. I know three generation of musicians, see!
He's really good, This friend is a genius.
Beyond expectation...
How are you?
Sit down.
Did you know that one's not the mother?
It was hit in an accident and had six kittens
Ok you tell them the story then.
She was pregnant, but because of the platinum that she had in her stomach
from the accident she couldn't deliver.
So my brothers friends brought these
so both she could be happy and these kittens.
You know Hamed we are looking for a good guitar player.
If it goes as planned we'll create a band.
Chances are that we travel abroad.
Have some concerts and record something.
What's your genre?
-It's something like Indie-Rock, and if could help us
-Yes if there's anything I can do, sure.
-What'd you think of Hamed?
He was good, very good. I think he'll leave before we do.
Everybody's leaving.
What should we do with the e-mail from London if can't make it?
-I don't know
-There's also an e-mail from France for independent foreign groups after London.
You know what I think We should pay Nader some more
so he gets us permits for concerts and a cassettes.
Let's first see this David...
That money is more important. Don't need to think of the cassette that much.
Cause I'm sure they wont grant us a permit.
It's impossible.
First off we've got to go and see all the groups
and choose the one we want to work with.
Guitarist, a drummer...
If we got a concert it'd be great, we could invite all our friends.
We can invite our parents too, let them at least see us play for once.
Nader, may I ask
have we got to pay David all at once or can we split it up?
We'll work it out somehow
just follow me I'll handle it.
-Sorry but these days it's a little tight
-Don't worry about it, come here
-Hi! Know where David is?
-Through there and turn right.
-You got it Negar? Ashkan did you get it?
-Yes of course I'm aware.
Just act innocent for a couple of minutes
and everything will be OK.
...just so you know you're getting a discount...
Hello Sir!
-What kind of a greeting is that?
-We said hello sir.
Sit down.
Take a seat to the left
but careful it's broken, make sure you don't fall.
You disappeared for two months.
What kind of movie was it you gave me, it was rubbish.
It's a great movie
what was wrong with it?
-No! It wasn't good.
-Romantic ones are better than police movies.
-No! Romantic, no!
-What do like?
-War movies, WAR! WAR!
-War movies...
-Kill kill, pang pang!
-How many you want him to kill?
-Kill hundreds?
Yes! Hundreds!
But he should be in love too.
-Well you can't have it all
-Well he should kill them and be in love too.
Here you have a police movie.
It's Marlon Brando.
Marlon Brando. No!
It's old, I want new ones.
-Excuse me are you here to get passports?
-No we've come to get our visas.
-Where do you want to go?
-Wherever we may find pleasant. Australia, Germany, America, England...
We want to go away for an exchange and see places we've yet not seen
like the Louvre, Niagara falls. If we like it we might even stay...
Please take him out of here.
Don't want to see him...
-Here! Look I've got Al Pacino for you.
-I Don't want Al Pacino either.
-I want that guy that I liked...
-I got it, he wants Nicholas Cage.
Yes the one looking like him in his youth.
-We are having a concert in London.
-How many are you?
-We are five
-And what do you play?
It's Indie-Rock
Very nice, I like Indie-Rock
and I like 50-cent too
I hope we could see each other there
so we could come to your concert.
I hope we do.
-David, sir! Are our passports ready?
-They'll be ready soon.
-Houshang! Bring those two passports!
-I'll bring them down now.
Ebi go and get them.
Come here Mr. Kamran your visas are ready.
A little this way.
Now come here.
-Mr. Kamran...This one's yours.
-Thank you very much.
-What's your wife's surname?
One A has not been marked
but it's not a problem, don't worry.
-I hope it doesn't get us in trouble...can you please fix it?
-It's OK, if it'd cause anything we'd fixit, but it's OK
Well we're leaving then
I hope I'll see you again.
Me too!
-Goodbye! I hope you have a good trip.
Guys come over and sit here!
As I told you, these are fine artists
and they want to go abroad.
What's your name son?
-I'm Ashkan!
-My girl, what's your name?
-Speak a little louder
-OK, Shaghaghi!
-Write it down!
-I'm going to write it down good.
-So Ashkan, do you intend to emigrate?
-Well yes if it's possible.
-How many are you?
-How many passports do you need?
-Negar doesn't need a passport, so we need five visas and two passports.
Write it! Five passports!
-No! Five visas and two passports.
Write it correct!
Do you the prices?
-No! We don't know the prices.
-Ebi read it to them!
Passport costs according to today's prices:
Ordinary Iranian passport 4 million Toman.
Original Iraqi passport, 1 million Toman.
Afghan passport 500 000 Toman.
European passport 11 million Toman.
Original American passport 26 million Toman.
American Green Card 15 million Toman.
And now visas:
Visa for Iraq 100 000 Toman.
Afghan visa 5000 Toman.
European visa 5 million Toman.
Original American visa 12 million Toman.
Purchase of the compulsory military service 5 million Toman.
-Based on what do you set these prices?
-What bases?
-These prices you just gave us, what are they based on?
-Well that the prices!
Oil price goes up, costs goes up.
Oil price goes down, and the costs go down.
Thank God it's not war time.
Costs go up, really high. up up up.
Pardon me sister.
We just fool around a little out of tiredness.
-Well thank you.
-Will you have their passports ready in ten days?
-Gods will, yes!
-I give you the money, you assure it'll be done?
Yes! When you get me money yes!
-Thank you! Pleasure seeing you.
-Goodbye Sir!
-You're Wellcome! May God protect you.
-Close the door!
-Why? What do you mean?
-Ashkan I'm not at all hopeful this'll work.
-This passport and visa do you know money it is?
-The money is solved
Two days ago I called my mother in Germany
She said the 23-24 millions that left of my dads money
she's going to transfer it to my account.
The money is here in a couple of days.
What happened, you smashed your phone against the wall again?
Everythings a chaos now I'm so confused.
Ya! Like now I've done a back vocal line for a female voice
and I've no idea where to get that.
Then this visa and passport thing that I'm worried about.
And if this man really can arrange it.
And I'm not sure whether this Nader is bluffer...
Did'nt I say it won't work?
But you're not listening.
-Ashkan did you bring your documents?
-Yes here they are.
-Put them in my bag!
-But this one doesn't have a picture. It'll take some days.
Look, I'm going to introduce you to a heavenly voice.
Who is this? Tell me!
It's amazing. You know her?
Babak! I'll be right back.
How are you doing?
Babak who is this?
She's really good!
You know except for getting permits
she has connection abroad and knows about concerts there
-Could you talk to her about it?
-Yes of course. She's such a kind person.
She's an angel.
She's already established as well.
-Just having her in the group will gain you more attention.
-She's experienced the same pain and will look after you.
-Why need another back vocal, we got Negar. She's really good.
-I know but with just one girl you don't get a permit.
-Ashkan listen, do you like this lyric for a track in the album?
-Let me hear it.
For the darkness of the clouds of the night
For the devastation of the feverish days
-Is it good?
-I'd say it's black.
-How is it black?
-Did you write it in prison?
-Whatever I write you keep saying it's black.
-Well cause it is! Night, loneliness, darkness and devastation.
Now that we want to get a permit
we have to make them sound more happy.
Who's it?
Hi Nader!
Are you OK? I'll come down now.
Damn he's fast.
Faster give it to me.
-I was already ironing it.
-Let me do it I'm in a hurry, you keep an eye on the food.
-Where are you going?
-We're going to check out a Heavy Metal band.
-What are you going to do?
-Nothing. When I'm done with this I'll leave.
I'll call you later and we can leave together.
-Do they play here?
-No Ariyan works here, me and him will go and you should come to the same address.
-Tell him to stop that I'm going blind man.
-Please take a break for five minutes.
-How are you?
-Bro I've come to get some stuff to the guys
-Do you work here?
Ya what can I do?
It's my fathers workshop and I help out, I like it.
Hello Sir!
How are you?
-Do you know where Ariyan is?
-Who's Ariyan?
The guys that came with motorcycles...
This music where's the sound coming from, could you take us there?
-You're looking for Afshin?
Yes yes!
They've made it a hell for us.
The cows have stopped giving milk.
They're not eating or drinking.
They've become wild
It's the cows that are supposed to shit all over the place
But now it's these guys that are shitting all over us instead.
Look! That animal's dyeing from famine!
Totally lost it's appetite, and we don't dare to go near to clean her.
But Afshin he's a good kid and the owner.
Don't tell him anything he might be upset.
-Guys! Ashkan and Negar.
No I came with you
but imagine what these went through to get here.
-Really it wasn't easy to get here.
-Well this is it, these neighbors threw us out and we had to come here.
-Play that Hesar
-No, really, Hesar? OK! Sure.
Play it so the guys hear it
and we'll see...
You know the thing is that we started out doing Heavy Metal
but lately we changed it and have some more vocals.
We used to do a lot of heavier stuff before
but now it's more Farsi and we've made it to sync with our culture to attract the masses.
I think you know our aim.
We're looking to create a band and get it organized and go abroad and perform.
That's great! OK we will play for you
and if you think this is something that fits you we'd like to help you.
-Should we sit down?
-Yes why not?
-They play in a barn
-I'm really concerned that you all might have got some form of hepatitis.
-You all have to be examined.
-I haven't got anything, but you guys...
-Don't you live together?
-No we're not living together, just play together.
You are crazy.
Playing music in a barn.
You would do it too if your neighbors threw you out...
A little higher.
No see! Put some more feeling to it
so it's better on stage.
OK put it on again.
-No no no
-Come on Ashkan!
Let it finish once.
You can't just stop it, I' lose the feeling.
-How should I respond to this mail?
-Tell me again what they had written.
That it was supposed to be four English songs
and one in Farsi.
-Well then we have to work on one or two within these two weeks.
-But what do we do with the one in Farsi that we've made?
Nothing! There's nothing we can do with it.
Hi Kouri!
Hi! How are you Sina?
Hi! How are you doing?
Hi Kouri!
-What's going on here?
It's the neighbor, we're waiting for them to leave.
They usually leave like one and half hour ago.
We can't play until they leave. They'll call the 110 police.
Where's Soroush?
There he is!
How are you?
Hi Sina!
What's up?
-Where's Nader?
He was supposed to here earlier, I don't know.
-Were you setting up things now?
-Yes I threw in some clothes. Got to throw in stuff to isolate it.
What happened?
Haven't they left?
An hour and they've still not left.
It's really hard like this.
Why did you come here from Ekbatan?
-They caught us three times.
-They took us when we were three floors down, we weren't doing any harm.
They confiscated our instruments.
But it wasn't just us affected after that concert.
-How'd you set up this place?
-It was a hell doing it, sacks of chalk there and wood from the street across.
-But it looks good
-Yes it's ok!
-Kouri! I brought you an Enemy magazine.
-Thanks! Brilliant.
-Guys! They just left.
Ok let's go.
Kouri go and check if the powers down everywhere!
-No seems that it's just here.
-I think it's my dad.
-You want me to go and tell him?
-Yes go and tell him to put it on 15 more minutes.
-Sina does your father have any problem with you playing?
-No he doesn't but he's worried that they call the 110.
this last months he's spent a lot of time
going down to the police station and bailing us out.
I'm so ashamed of this.
Recently we have this neighbor with a kid
that calls the cops on us.
It's really funny.
Whenever we start playing and he's alone
when his parents are at work, he calls the 110.
-The power's back on.
-Turn on the AC! It's impossible without it.
Sina your dad said 10 minutes, not 15.
-What's wrong with this kid?
-I don't know he just calls the 110 when he's alone
And when we go down to check what's going on
we see laughing at us through the window.
-So now we know his routine.
-He's confused us with his toys
Instead of playing with his toys
he's got us and the police as toys.
-Do you get what we are going through?
Sina I wanted to ask you if it's ok
if we come here and play?
OK so that's not possible.
You know what we talked about on the phone last night
I wanted to see if you've changed your mind
and want to come with us.
See I have two problems to deal with
and I don't know how to fix it.
I don't even have enough time to play already.
Besides that I've got other issues to deal with that I can't go into details.
-What about Arash?
-He's right! Arash is extraordinary good.
-Which Arash?
-Freakies drummer.
-I thought they had split up
-No! They're playing again.
-Is he still good?
-Really good. He's extremely good.
-Kouri how's your situation?
-I told you, I like your music and style.
My problem's the passport
and the money to get it.
-Nader will take care of the passport don't worry about that.
-Well if that's the case then OK.
Guys please hold on it's Nader.
Who is it?
Police station?
Just friends!
No we are not his customers.
No! Not at all!
-From the police station.
-What? He's arrested?
What do I know?
Seems like...
-Don't worry about him.
-He'll handle it like always.
Hello sir!
Where's branch 36?
Turn right over there
and go up one floor.
Thank you very much!
I swear to God those movies are Haram
are they not?
There's just a couple of scenes
that children should not see.
-Are you mocking me?
God forbid, if I'm doing that!
You say 1800 movies are yours???
Haji sir! It's for private use only. God forbid if I'm lying!
I swear to God and on my mothers life
that I'm not lying.
And if you put them on you'll see
that one after the other is broken and the pixels get distorted.
God's my witness that I've handed them in to fix them
and I've even washed them like dishes in the kitchen.
-Your making it worse with these...
-I eat shit If I'm lying!
You're hiding the truth
and it's no help for you.
OK ok! I'll tell you the truth!
On the Qur'an, please help me.
OK These movies are mine
I love movies and music and such things.
But there are no bad or haram scenes
among these movies you have the prophets movie as well.
You have Omar Mokhtar and other Muslim movies
like movies of Jesus, Moses, Noah, Jonas all these.
American but good movies and because of American sanctions
I'm watching their movies as a defiance.
I've got all the good movies from the Europeans
with their good actors.
I swear on Imam Hussein
just watch one or two of these movies.
OK let's leave those aside.
What about the alcohol? You drink as well!!!
Me drinking? God forbid!!!
ME? I swear on the Qur'an I don't drink.
I drink less alcohol than a dog.
How could I drink alcohol.
You think I could drink this?
I swear it's not mine.
What is this? WHAT?
It's sealed! I haven't drunk it look!!!
Shut your mouth!
So whose' is it then?
How can I convince you I haven't been drinking?
I swear on Abbas it's not mine!
-OK 80 lashes...
-Have mercy! For Imam Hussains sake don't write 80 lashes!
I'll tell you the truth!
I swear on my mothers life I've never tasted alcohol and wont do it either!
I swear on the Qur'an that I have an Armenian friend
it's a guy and not even a girl, Sir Haji.
I've been invited to him several times
he's shown me such great hospitality every time!
Today he was coming over and I wanted to make it up to him.
But I swear I will never do it again and I swear on the Qur'an that's the truth!
-Stop swearing on the Qur'an!!!
-I swear on my mothers life!!!
I fine you 1.5 million for your penalty and 75 lashes.
OK I copy CD's SO WHAT?
Don't you pity me at all?
I'm not even worth those two Million Toman!
Listen!!! What the hell are these anyway, take them!
The house that I live in and everything in it aren't worth 2000
yet you want to fine me 1.5 million Toman, where am I supposed to get that?
A dog is worth more than I am here
I'm garbage and you want to fine me 1.5 million?
Here take them all it's yours!
Go and have a look they're nothing
Yes I copy CD's and I have to do it to get by!!!
Otherwise let me work for you, get you water and clean your table!!!
OK! because of what you say I decrease the fine to 150 000 Toman.
But if you say one more word I'll fine you the first verdict!
-You don't have a previous record and this is your first time...
-What about the lashes Sir?
-I pardon that too.
-Let me kiss your feet Sir
-Get out of here now!
Let me kiss your hands! Please let me kiss your hands!
-I'm your servant Sir
-Bring me the next one!!!
Haji Sir!
Please can I recommend you to just watch those movies from an other angle?
Watch them from a spiritual aspect
and be aware of the art and innovation, and if you like it...
I'll watch them and tell you
Now get the hell out of here!!!
Good by Haji Sir!
-Come on he pardoned you
-What kind of pardon? wanted to give me a fat fine so I had cry myself out of it!
Sorry I'm late darling.
-You could go for an installment
-Yes the way I cried I could end up be rewarded by him.
-Are'nt you afraid they get here and catch you?
-For what? We're not committing a crime.
We're playing our music
and we're not harming anyone.
-But if they arrest you they'll lock you away for a couple of months.
-It's safe here don't worry about it at all.
-Won't the sound disturb your neighbors?
-No it's isolated there and these walls he too.
Some noise goes out back but that's OK.
Just watch out when entering and leaving cause of the neighbors.
-Do you want to have a concert here?
-Yes but how's that possible?
Of course I can arrange it.
I'll squeeze in 400 people here
-150 there and 150 here and...
-Can't get 400 here!
I make two floors and squeeze them in
girls and guys...but of course separated as with Islamic norms, you like that?
Sure if you can do that it's great.
What do you think?
-But we'd like to have a bigger concert.
-Negar darling! I'll fix that for you.
I have the connections and can get the hall for it
with permits and everything.
If you perform for 200 or 400 people here
you can test it do the same for 2000 later.
-It's really good for you don't you agree?
Sure if it's possible it's really good.
-Could you do this for Ashkan?
-I'll help you out for the concert
-But to play with you will be a little difficult
I think Arash can do it though.
-Ya I can do it and I like Indie.
-Seriously? Nice!
There's just the one problem
and that's my compulsory military service.
No problem! I'll handle that for you.
I'm getting Ashkans passport now. I'm fixing it!
-How much will cost me?
-Don't worry about it, we'll make concert and you can charge people...
-5-6 millions but don't worry.
-5-6 millions...
Don't worry at all!
You just focus on your thing and I'll handle the rest.
Pouya about giving us the keys
are you sure it won't get you into trouble?
No! Just when you get here at nights
make sure you're very quite so no one sees you.
-And when you're playing keep it a little lower.
-How do you intend to get the crowd in?
-We invite them ourselves.
One of us will be outside and get a group of three or four inside in intervals.
-You give out the address?
-They just come and go?
Ok I'll handle that!
I'll handle the crowd.
And don't worry about your military service!
I'll fix it for you like I'm fixing Ashkans things right now.
He's great but most importantly he's a great humanitarian.
First class musician you get it!
Play the guitar children!
Imagine you are playing yourselves!
Ok kids!
An applause for yourself!
OK! Listen up children!
Practice this song for 15 minutes at home.
Then you rest for two hours
and train this song for another 15 minutes.
Today I'll leave a little earlier cause I have guests
and I have an errand and have to leave.
Come here please!
Play a 4/4 rhythm and work with them.
Kids! See you tomorrow and don't forget to practice!
You know I'm shy and can't say it in front of the guys.
You've brought them from the other side of Tehran how can I say no now?
You know how busy I am!
I'm working here for four hours
-You know those I had from before.
-That's eleven hours.
-Well! And rest of the time I'm stuck in traffic.
-OK what can we do for them their starting a band?
I love these guys a lot
the same way you love those children.
Like that yellow kid, did you see him?
I loved him, and the way he was tilting his head while playing.
-You should how talented they are!
-They are angel all of them and also these two. This one and that one too!
-I want to help them getting started and send them away.
-I'll do whatever I can!
So you're in!
No! please I told...
Khosro? What about Khosro?
Have you heard about Khosro?
-Yes I want Khosro!
-What does he play?
Yes Khosro the bald guy
he plays the drums.
-But we have a drummer now.
-That one cancel and David maybe couldn't, anything can happen.
David might not be able?
Are you kidding me we are leaving in 7-8 days!
I didn't say David can't but who know.
There must be a plan B...
Khosro can help you with everything.
Plays the drums, writes, has a nice voice and plays guitar and bass...
-So how can we find him?
-Last time one of the guys saw him in the metro.
-What does he do there?
-You're kidding?
-I swear!
On the metro?
Yes yes yes!
He's singing with sunglasses on and...
Who am I?
A vagabond!
One lost in the outskirts
The most neglected of all
in the soundless town of all
From where?
South of the town
Where the breath's in a one-way road
Where dreams and hopes
get caught and trapped in cages
In middle of a crossing
tired and no where to go
in the crossroad that is one-way from all sides
in the middle of a crossroad
tired and no where to go
in the crossroad that is one-way from all sides
Who am I?
A barefoot man
full of question with no answers
a hundred roads on the wall
that drew in my dreams
-Let me see now what you've done
-I just wrote something, start playing let's see if...
I've made a brief with three cords.
OK is all set
Go back again
take that one back again.
Don't open it!
Let me first see who it is.
Open up it's Kouri!
Hi! How are you Kouri?
Look at this place!
-No you played it wrong.
Should I play it the other way?
-Yes you should hit the double Hi-Hat now.
-Yes right sorry.
Ashkan we can count a lot on Babak
and if we tell him to get us Ehsans Studio it'd be really
If he can do it it's great
but I don't think he can. It's always busy there.
-Do you know how much they take?
-No but we can ask him.
-Do you have permit for this?
-Of course not, you can't get one for this.
Why's that? What's the issue
cause your work should...
Well we thought so too
but I don't know why they've got problems with it.
We even try to respect two things.
One; that it doesn't go against society norms
and the other one is that it's not political.
But it's not out of fear!
We really believe in this.
Well Ehsan's going to play
and you'll hear it yourself.
Do you got any tracks with
brass or harmonica sounds?
-I informed you about Ashkans situation right?
-So you're in and want to work with this?
-Yes I am all the way!
But you know it needs planning
and no backing off in the middle of things.
Look Ehsan! Don't even doubt it.
I assure you we're working wholeheartedly with this.
We also want to have tracks with
wind and brass instruments with effects in the background.
-What do you have in your tracks?
-I have diatonic, chromatic...
OK guys!
Let's get it going and see how it is.
And then if we want to get a permit
we have to have a couple of female back vocalists.
-They don't ever give permit to a solo singing female.
-I've heard about that.
We must have three four females
to accompany the female singer.
Otherwise they don't permit it.
By the way I'm afraid we might have to
wait a couple of years for the guidance ministry like all the others.
That's awful
You see there's several ways.
Either you are a solo female singer or...
Pull over now!
-What do they want?
-What should I do?
I don't know what they want?
I don't know...
Open the window
I said open it!
Yes please?
-I said open it!!!
-What's wrong Sir?
-Sir kindly tell her to open it so I can see what's in the car!
-All right All right!
Well hurry up then.
OK OK! What's wrong?
What's that you've go there?
It's a dog what' the problem?
I know it's a dog
but don't you know dogs are prohibited on the roads?
-Yes but why?
-It's an untouchable thing so why've you taken it with you?
This dog's not one of those dogs
it's clean and vaccinated against!
-It's ID:d and everything.
-Hand it over so I can see it!
-Hurry up Sir and give it to me.
-All right just let us do it first!
Let's see
well lift it up.
Stop that!!!
Ashkan what should I do
his cell phone is turned of.
-What? Really?
-Yes it's two days now that it's off!
-Did'nt you give the installment?
-Of course, I paid it yesterday.
-So what should we do?
-I paid the money yesterday.
Listen he's playing around with us
Why don't you get that?
We are in the middle of this now Ashkan
and we'll be finished if it doesn't work out.
What are we going to do now
all this money we've spent and even paid for the studio.
What has happened so far?
Where's the passports and visas he said he'd get us?
Negar! Don't worry he's an honest guy.
Ya right!
You say it's OK all the time
You're just like him always saying everything will be work out.
From one day to another it's different answers.
"Mony on time! Mash David on time! Don't worry!
No problem!"
Saying this with his fake English speaking show offs
really he is "ridiculous"...
What did you say?
No! no mister Nader!
You "gossipment" behind my back!
Do I speak bad English?
Or you with your wacky accent?
I'm not from Ney York
still they can't speak as well as I do!
So what that I speak English?
Yesterday I was searching for a female singer for you all day.
Now IF I couldn't get you a permit
for a concert or a cassette...
I said IF!!!
I'll get you a concert in house that'll help with travel money.
Tonight I'm taking to one of these house concerts.
It's two sisters and I want to show you how they're making money in this country.
David managed to get Hamed across.
Hamed the guy playing guitar.
Open up it's me.
Did you get in trough the roof?
Did anybody see you?
No everyone is asleep.
-Are you sure?
Yes I'm telling their asleep!
-I don't want your dad to get here like the last time!
-No I said they were asleep!!!
Allright then get in now.
Are you all right?
No how can I be all right?
I really have a bad feeling over this.
I don't think it'll work out in the end.
I say let's forget the album, we shouldn't put our hopes for it this much.
Come here and sit beside me.
Come closer.
Get over here now!
-Why'd you take so long?
-Dude it was traffic
Theres no traffic here!
Now come! Hurry up!
I wanted you to get here and show you this.
It'll help you with three things.
This group that I'm introducing to you
have passport, visa and permit!
Three year ago I went to London with them myself.
Ask them, I know London like the palm of my hand.
-What did you do in London?
-I'll tell you now
First off I can get you 1 000- 2 000 maybe 10 000 people
that can come here and watch you play live.
You can get back all the David money by that!
Now you're going to see a biker that you know well
and your going to see his talent.
Actually he even looks like Marlon Brando.
Come and see what's going on.
All the time that I've told you not to neglect the bikers, now you see why!
I know London like my the palm of my hand
and if you could take me with you now, fine!
Otherwise "Don't forget me please!"
just call and I'll come and be your No1 agent.
-Negar! Ashkan!
These are the kings of Navai music!
Hi Sir! Play good now so you don't embarrass me!
Now sit down and see what we'll do!
Hello hi!
Shut up!
Sorry wasn't talking to you
it was a dog.
You didn't get the permit?
You're simply going to throw them out of here?
You want money, my life
whatever it is just say it and I'll give you that.
You didn't get them even one permit.
No concerts, no albums
Haji I want to know what was wrong with their lyrics?
Was it antireligious? blasphemy?
What was it, are you just without reason rejecting them?
Thanks a lot!
Very well done!!!
Yes Ashkan my dear?
Tell me what's up?
You want to sell your equipment?
You don't dare selling it!
It's your pride and you don't sell that!
If you're in trouble I'll sell my stuff
it's my obligation.
Listen! They didn't grant you any permits.
But don't tell Negar yet!
I'm at place right now and will call you back.
Hold on minute.
You're the king!
I lost my breath until getting up here.
This far up?
Came up here to get a better overview.
See the streets and roads from up here.
So we can say that this is TEHRAN!
You know what I mean?
A city that you can die in with pride!!!
Ya just stand up hear and screaming so everything wakes up.
All the buildings and roads.
And when singing underground
we do it so we can't be heard by those on the ground.
Since long ago we've slept on these streets.
Everything's been here from making money to falling in love and the friendships.
Believe me it's all from here
and you can't live without it.
What we do my brother is called what?
Farsi Rap!
And what does Farsi mean?
Means it's for this place.
-Are you coming or what?
Trust me, for me there's no thing like outside here
cause what I speak of is for heart of this place.
my brother it's an opportunity not to waste
a couple of guys are going to London and I'm helping them out
They are short of a couple of members and a rapper.
And who's a better rapper other than you?
First of all, not a Rapper but Rap singer!
-There's no way.
-And if there is?
-OK so it didn't work out
-I owe you brother, but I'll around.
It's ok! You go and do your thing.
I'll have to get going too.
-Say hi to everyone from me!
-Sure! But still think about it.
I'll think about it
but my answer is no.
This is Tehran, a city
Where everything you see entices you
entices your soul till you realize
you're not human, just trash
Everyine's a wolf wanna run like sheep?
Let me open your eyes and ears.
This is Tehran, it's no joke.
No sign of flowers or popsicles.
This is a jungle, eat or be eaten.
Half the people are hung up half savages
The class struggle is oppressive.
It saps peoples spirits.
Everyone takes a taxi
and refuses to pay.
The truth is clear, don't go that route.
I'll make it clearer so sit still.
God, wake up! I have things to say.
Don't get mad at what I've done.
What part? I've just begun.
God, wake up, I'm trash!
A hobo stands next to a Benz.
He isn't worth enough to rent it.
Me, you, him came from a single drop.
Look at the gap between us.
It's not gravity that makes the world spin.
Money makes the world go around.
Today, it's money first, God second
for everyone, peasant and boss.
A kid want to play with an orphan, dad says no.
His dirty clothes is all he has.
We're all aware of these troubles.
But even angels won't come here.
Till we've been destroyed by these troubles.
We don't want help, the tears fall.
The disgusted soul knows what I mean.
I'm not done talking, come back.
God, wake up and listen.
Don't get mad at what I've done.
What part? I've just begun.
God, wake up, I'm trash!
Have you ever loved a girl?
I'll teach you a thing or two.
You think this love is historic.
But your girl's seeing a rich kid.
It's ok, forget it.
Forget everyone around you.
A kid your age with a car, God laughs.
You wish in vain.
"I wanna be rich, be rid of this complex."
Stop wishing, it's no use.
Wanna sleep, look at these nightmares.
Let's curse this world together.
You're blind not to see vanity all around.
Poverty and prostitution on the street.
God, wake up, I'm trash.
Where do you make your money?
Hi Ahmad how are you?
Listen I want to sell my bike and I'm looking for Mamad.
Mamad's one floor up.
No matter where in the world I go
if I just have this soup then everything's fine.
Get out of here you and your constant
"everything's fine" talk, keep reminding me of Nader.
We'll surely find a manager but it's not crucial
what's important is that we are together and play our music.
If we have to we can even play in the streets
well in worst case don't you agree?
-Please not in the streets.
-Why not it's not that bad!
But believe me something good will happen
I'm really positive and have a feeling that it's great.
I just wish I had a Rick and Backer
and then an Island
With a blue sky and play there day and night
without anybody bothering you
Then having a chef making this soup in the morning
and for lunch this soup again with ghorme sabzi
For dinner soup again with ghorme sabzi and fesenjoon.
And you Arash!
If we go and get successful there, what will you do?
Get a really room with really acoustic sound
with a Ludwig drum and two good masters.
Bill Bruford on one side
and Danny Carey on the other side.
Then pack a refrigerator with energy drinks.
Drinking and drumming, drinking and drumming.
-What about you Negar?
Me? Nothing just that this Nader gets our passports.
-That's her only wish.
-If that's your wish it's going to work out.
I have three wishes and one is the passports, or else she'll beat me up.
Then I'd like to go on tours everywhere with Negar.
The last one is that we can go to Iceland together
and see the SigaRos that I have always wanted to see.
Babak our problem's something else
But this misters only worry is for tomorrows concert
Now it's three day we haven't heard anything from Nader.
His cell phone's off and he hasn't contacted us once.
We're leaving in three days and don't have anything ready
no passports or visas and we don't know anything about...
Sorry madam but wasn't is your wish
that you wanted to have a concert before leaving Iran and play for your parents?
-Was'nt my idea, I said we could leave right away and...
-Kids! calm down is Nader the issue now?
Did'nt I introduce him to you?
He's a reliable fellow but he always disappears a couple of days each month.
It's because of what he does.
Ask people here everybody knows that.
-I saw him the day before yesterday
-It's because of his work
-I went to his place today and left message in his mailbox...
Believe me there's no problem!
-Kouri you fool where have you been!
-From yesterday until know I been under the AC.
-Stop acting funny let me see what happened.
-Just wait and see what I've done for you.
We thought it's better not to have the lights on tonight.
I got 200 candles for everyone to hold one.
It'll be too depressing.
You don't have candles for live performances.
Not at all it's so clich with smoke and dancing lights.
Candles are a lot better.
What's up?
Guys he says he's found Nader.
Negar he says he's found Nader!
OK where is he?
Party? Where and when is it?
Damn it we have a concert then...
No no Babak I'll get there myself
you better get over here and I'll go.
Where's it then?
Could be that one.
-For Gods sake be careful Ashkan, I'm afraid
What for?
I couldn't sleep until the morning
because of nightmares last night.
Easy I'll be right back.
-Ashkan please hurry up OK!
Yes OK.
I'm with the barefoot guys.
Sorry do you know Nader?
Nader CD? Go up!
Negar is down there waiting.
I've been looking for you, get up now.
Come on get up
you have to throw up.
Nader why've you been drinking like this?
Get up now
Sit down here.
Why're you crying?
It's going to be fine!
We've got the money now.
My mother sent it to me.
Listen we got eight tickets.
-Dear friend I'm sorry
What are you saying everything's in order.
Why are you crying?
You're fine!
Everybody please be quite for a moment.
Ashkan and Negar will be a little late
So until they get here
we will start playing a little for you.
Why are you cursing yourself?
Nader Nader the police is here!
Nader for Gods sake please get up!