Katalin Varga (2009) Movie Script

Police. Open up.
Open up. Police!
Good evening.
We apologize for visiting so late.
We'd like to ask if you have seen a
young lady by the name of Katalin Varga?
She has a boy aged nine or ten.
They're travelling on a wagon
and we happened to see one
outside your house.
Sorry. We don't know of such people.
Really? How strange.
It's funny, as a neighbour told us
they're staying with you.
- There must be some misunderstanding.
- Okay, okay, sure.
- They must've been thinking of another house.
- I understand.
Well if that's the case, you wouldn't mind
if we took a look inside?
- OK.
- Thank you.
I lost my dear,
my beautiful daughter.
Come home, my dear.
My daughter, Kincso.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon, Uncle Istvn.
Katalin! Katalin!
Zsigmond knows.
- You're the only person I told.
- It wasn't me.
- My mother overheard us talking.
- Does Orbn know?
I don't know...
You're not going to say anything?
You first.
Orbn knows too?
Is that all you can say?
I was going to tell you.
In another ten years?
Twenty? Thirty?
A hundred years?
This village will know me
as the husband of a whore.
- My God, you've shamed me.
- This is why I didn't tell you.
But you told everyone else!
I told one person.
I had to tell someone.
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't want to lose you.
You can take that bastard son of yours
and get out of this village.
But you love Orbn.
Why the funny stare?
You said you'd never come and
fetch me in front of my friends again.
This is an emergency.
- Nobody has said anything to you?
- About what?
We have to go to your grandmother's.
She's very ill.
This might be our last chance to see her.
Why can't she come here?
She's too old, my boy.
- Is papa coming with us?
- No.
Why not?
He has to work here.
And he needs me to help him.
No he doesn't.
Your grandmother needs to see us.
That's her only wish.
We're going now.
Now to Szkelypatak?
Now, yes.
- Can't we wait a little longer?
- No!
We have to leave before it gets dark.
- But what about papa?
- You'll see him when we return.
I told you he sends a big kiss.
But I want to see him.
I do too, Orbn.
This is the right road for Jdszereda?
Jdszereda? Why in hell
would you want to go there?
Just tell me. Is this the road or not?
This is the road. Though if you had
any sense, you'd turn the other way.
So this is the road, then?
Yes, but it's far from here
and not so easy to get to.
OK, good. Thank you.
Don't think of it. Never thank anyone
who leads you to Jdszereda.
I can't believe you allowed two
complete strangers to stay!
- If it was a man at the door...
- I'm watching television!
When can we call papa?
I told you there's no signal here.
But tomorrow, okay?
I know, I know... it's okay,
it wasn't you...
Look, I don't know what to do,
I don't have much money.
I don't know.
He doesn't want to talk.
I tried. Believe me.
God knows I tried.
Even if he'll have me back,
I can't return,
otherwise Orbn will find out.
I can't take the risk.
After this, I don't see the harm in lying,
as long as it keeps us together.
He's fine. He misses Zsigmond.
I can't think about that now.
There's only one clear thing
and that's to get to Jdszereda.
I need to pay some men a surprise visit.
Are you sleeping shepherd?
I'm not even dozing.
Were the wolves here?
Not even the angels.
Did the dogs bark?
They didn't even laugh.
- How much further do we have to go?
- I don't know. We'll get there soon.
Grandmother will be well again?
I hope so, yes.
- What if we don't get to her in time?
- We will, believe me.
We're very near, my love.
We're very near.
So God help us.
Where are we?
We don't know when we'll find
the next village.
It's better to stay here.
Are you sleeping shepherd?
I'm not even dozing.
Were the wolves here?
Not even the angels.
Did the dogs bark?
They didn't even laugh.
You can't expect a woman
and child to sleep up here!
Why not?
Two strangers show up and I have to
make this place fit for a queen?
It will be fine for us.
It's only for a few nights.
- You said just one night.
- Don't argue, Orbn.
You're the one who keeps saying
we need to get to grandmother's quickly.
You should get yourself a car, Madam.
- And what shall I do with my horse?
- Leave it with me.
I'll take care of it.
Orbn! Come back here!
Our Mother, Virgin Mary,
Holy Mother of God.
Pray for us, for we have sinned.
Now and in the hour of our passing.
You know, you look familiar.
I've seen you before, I'm sure.
Really? Have you been to Visrek before?
But you've been here before?
No. First time.
The wife?
She can wait.
I've got more important things
to attend to.
Is that so?
You women play innocent so convincingly.
Listen. You're a pretty girl
passing through.
I've only got so long before my wife will
start asking where I've been.
So if you'll pardon me please, I don't
want to talk about the moon and the stars
or whatever nonsense you females
dream up.
I'm not here to get to know someone...
I'll never see again.
You know why I've asked you
to sit here with me.
Now if you're going to waste
my precious time and money,
I suggest you join someone else.
You hear me?
If you look around, I'm sure you'll find
plenty of eager volunteers.
All right, so maybe you don't
believe so much in talking.
How about introducing yourself?
Close your eyes.
I'm surprised you don't remember me.
I'm not the one you want.
I didn't do anything!
Exactly. You didn't do anything.
You just stood there and laughed
while your friend did
what he did to me.
Antal's the one you're after.
Antal Borln!
- He's moved to Zlnokhely.
- Zlnokhely?
My children...
I love them. I never told them.
Mercy on me.
- Where were you?
- Just an early morning stroll.
You mean, an all-night stroll.
You never came back
last night, did you?
What business is it of yours?
That Gergely is a bad seed.
He makes a mockery of his wife
and you played your role.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Everyone saw you two
in the bar last night.
Even the whores of this village
are more discreet than you.
I have a husband.
I would never dishonour him.
I'm sure your friend,
Gergely will testify.
I know your type.
You know every type, don't you?
You're up to no good, Madam.
My son and I are just
passing through.
This village has its eyes on you.
Are you awake?
What's wrong?
You said nothing at the table.
Did someone hurt you?
- Did someone laugh at you?
- No, don't be stupid.
I just miss my husband, that's all.
You mean, papa?
Why didn't you call him 'papa' just now?
Police. Open up.
Open up. Police!
Good evening.
We apologize for visiting so late.
We'd like to ask if you have seen a
young lady by the name of Katalin Varga?
She has a boy aged nine or ten.
They're travelling on a wagon...
I thought you said you had no children?
Stop! Stop!
I swear to God, I don't know
where they've gone. I swear.
So they did stay with you then?
Why did you lie to me?
Look at me. Why did you lie?
- No sign of them.
- We'll find them.
Still no ideas?
Why were those men after you?
Why are we really here?
If you don't want to tell me
what you're doing
why couldn't you have left me at home?
- Why did you drag me here?
- Because my mother's ill.
She's not ill! I want to go home.
You didn't tell me
who those men were.
I'm so happy to hear your voice.
He's fine, yes. He's playing outside.
I want to come back,
no matter what.
That's all I know.
I can't talk about that, Zsigmond.
I'll tell you when I get back.
I just wanted to know
whether we can talk.
Not now. When I see you, okay?
I don't know how, but...
I know we can make things work again.
All three of us.
- Who's that man?
- I don't know.
- He's looking at you.
- I know.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Is there something I can do for you?
We were wondering if you know of any
places where we could lodge for the night?
I'm afraid I don't,
but If you ask around,
I'm sure you'd find something.
Or if you can wait,
I can ask my wife. If it's okay
with her, you can stay with us.
- Just for one night?
- Yes.
- Where are you from?
- Vrshalom.
- She's joking.
- Vrshalom?
I'm from Jdszereda, the next village.
I'm Katalin Varga.
Antal Borln.
Szello, come!
Szello, come to drink!
So tell me once more
where you're from?
So why did your mother say,
I don't know.
I think your son has found a new friend.
- You don't have children?
- No.
Antal's such a good man
and we love each other very much.
However, we're cursed and we know it.
One of us must have been a sinner.
I don't know.
I can't imagine it being you.
I can't imagine it being Antal either.
Who knows?
Just pray for us, Katalin
and we'll do the same for you
and your mother too.
I think you have enough to pray for
yourselves without worrying about us.
That's enough! He doesn't like
being swung around!
Sorry, I didn't know.
How do you know what I like?
It's not good to be swung
around after a meal.
I beg your pardon, Madam.
It won't happen again.
- You always ruin my fun.
- That's no way to talk to your mother.
- She never lets me do what I like.
- That's not true and you know it.
Come on, Orbn. Your mother
is only looking after you.
Right. Let's play something else.
Are you still not speaking to me?
You don't like that man.
So, obviously, you do as I see.
He's a good man.
You've only just met him.
So have you.
How many years
have you been married?
You seem very happy together.
I couldn't ask for a better husband.
He's everything I could want.
considerate, strong,
and still handsome.
You're very lucky to have your son.
- He's a very sweet boy.
- Boys are never sweet.
He must miss his father a lot.
He misses my husband, yes.
Orbn doesn't know who
his real father is, thank God.
Orbn's real father raped me.
My God.
Don't be so sorry for me.
Was he caught?
No. I couldn't say anything to
my husband otherwise I'd lose him.
- I had to live with the secret.
- Lord help us. Do you know this man?
It was all so sudden.
I was hitchhiking and
two men offered me a ride.
They seemed friendly enough
and it never occurred
to me what they had in mind.
When the car went further and
further off the road,
my stomach jumped.
I tried to reassure myself.
When they stopped at a glade,
I asked them what they were doing.
They said 'why? '
And then I knew I was in trouble.
I wanted to get out of the car.
When I tried, one of the men grabbed
me by the hair and pulled me back.
I fought back only to have my hair
yanked again.
Yet somehow I managed to flee.
I ran with what fear
and energy I had, yet...
they were by my side within seconds.
I began to cry and pleaded:
"I want to go home, I want to go home..."
They just laughed as they dragged
me deeper into the forest.
One of the men struck me
and I fell to the ground.
I struggled to free myself,
only my arms were pinned down with
such force that my blood began to pale.
I bit him
and he shoved my face
hard into the dirt.
The stench of gasoline
on his hands overwhelmed me.
Then came what I feared the most.
He ripped at my skirt,
forcing my legs apart
so that he could penetrate me.
I was dry and the friction
was unbearable.
The harder he was thrusting
into me, the more it burnt.
So much pain.
The other man just stood there,
sniggering to himself.
I turned my head away
and counted the stones around me.
Thinking that whatever
is to happen is God's will.
As soon as I stopped caring,
they were done with me.
He got off my body
leaving me cold and in a shiver.
I was overcome by sickness
and wished that they would bury me.
But they just strolled away
singing to themselves.
Come boys, let's go to the bar.
Fifteen lei for one litre of wine.
So play on gypsy,
I'll give you a thousand lei.
I want to have a good time today.
Play on gypsy,
I'll give you a thousand lei.
I want to have a good time tonight.
I remained still for hours, after.
Lying there in the silence,
waiting for the darkness to hide
my shame from the world.
A fawn of the forest came to my side
and told me not to weep
and that Jesus died
for these men's sins.
I asked the fawn,
'whose sins have I just died for? '
He didn't answer
and just shed a tear for me.
A wise owl flew to me and slowly,
more creatures of the night
came to be by my side.
The rain started to fall,
washing away the blood and come.
The animals gathered
enough twigs, leaves and grass
in their mouths, claws and beaks
to cover my naked body
and keep me warm for the night.
They announced that
the Lord is with me.
And upon this, they stood guard.
Eleven years on, they're still here
to make sure I never fall again.
If you look around carefully enough.
Your wife is asking why you
don't come in and join us?
How did you find me?
Your food is getting cold, Sir.
Dinner's still warm.
Jesus Christ, allow yourself
to be our guest.
Bless what you have given us. Amen.
I'm going to bed.
Don't stay long.
You're here to kill me?
Where's Orbn?
- He's a lovely boy.
- I know. Some miracle.
- He enjoys being with me.
- That's because he doesn't know.
Forgive me.
I killed your friend, Gergely.
So kill me. It's what I deserve.
How many others had the fortune
to come across you?
Nobody else.
So why me then?
The whores were on strike that day?
What's done is done
and I have to live with that.
You know, the fact I was never punished
is punishment in itself.
If you wanted punishment,
all you had to do was tell your wife.
Keep Etelka out of this.
It's not fair to drag her into this.
So I should play fair?
That's what you're asking?
You must've known that your past
would catch up with you at some point?
Look on the bright side,
at least you have a child now.
That's enough!
No. It's not enough.
My son is a constant reminder of you.
The forests are a reminder of you.
My husband's embraces
are a constant reminder of you.
Orbn needs to know.
No. You need Orbn to know.
He doesn't need to know.
Because you're afraid you'll lose him?
Is that a question or an accusation?
I'm just saying we should do
what's right for him.
So tell me, then.
Shall we elope and get married?
First thing in the morning,
Orbn and I will be gone
and your wife can carry on
believing what a great man you are.
Forgive me.
If you say that once more, I'll scream
for the heavens to come down.
My God, this is so different
from what I imagined.
I used to lie awake at night
and dream about
how jubilant and bloody
my vengeance would be.
And look at me now,
just sitting here, drinking with you.
What a disappointment.
Don't go. Not now.
- Don't take him away from me! I need him!
- Don't listen to him. He's crazy.
Your son deserves to know the truth.
He's my son too!
You're afraid of losing him, aren't you?
Just like you lost your husband.
You lied to me about grandmother.
Does papa know who this man is?
- Should I know who this man is?
- That's enough.
It's not enough! Come on,
tell him who his father really is!
To hell with you.
To hell with both of you.
He probably thinks we were lovers.
He should be back by now.
Is that really necessary?
For the bears.
She's here... Zlnokhely, that's right...
Call when you get here!
You really thought you'd get away?
You tried your best, at least.
why did you do it?
You're not going to answer?
Tell me! Why did you do it?
You're a tough one, Madam.
Tough enough to survive even in hell,
since that's where you'll be going.
May I remind you of
ten Commandments.
'Thou shalt not kill'. The Lord
doesn't pardon those who transgress.
And neither do the family
and friends of the ones you kill.
My sister is a widow, thanks to you.
She has to raise two poor children
all by herself now. Shall I continue?
Tell the children
that their father loved them.
How gracious of you.
All you need to know, Madam,
is that God's work is done
and that judgement is upon you.