Katamarayudu (2017) Movie Script

We have the maximum number of contracts.
That's not all.
We have contacts all the way to Delhi. What did you understand?
We don't need any leader's permission to do business.
Chote..one needs the courage to fight a war.
But patience and skills are crucial for business.
Forgive me, sir. I'll get it out of the way right now.
Learn to control your anger.
- I'll move it right away. - Damn, you.
No, sir..please..don't do it.
You were saying that I should control my temper. But I can't.
You're in Kamal Thakur's court.
- Forget your worries, go have a ball. - Excuse me?
Is Thakur at home?
- Is Thakur sir at home? - Take a seat.
See those guys..they are Kamal Thakur's brothers.
My name's Radia.
Radia Industries, Radia Exports..
Radia.. - Get some water.
You must have heard about sandalwood.
All our trucks pass through your village and go across the border.
If you agree.. we're prepared to give you 40% share.
Meaning.. you'll earn millions without lifting a finger.
- Don't waste it. - Did I quote too low?
Inflation is on a rise, don't waste the ropes.
Okay, sir.
What price did you pay?
What are you talking about?
- I am a big confused. - Because you're all decked up.
You mean gold.. this is my hobby.
Actually.. this is all about permit. And you're my permit.
With your orders.. no one will question my trucks at the border.
But we must do this silently.
I will pay you 500 million.
- So much money? Hmmm.. - Hmmm..
- Bablu.. - Yes, brother.
Tell him the value of sandalwood.
Yes, brother.
We're talking about millions..
..and, you're talking about bulls and ropes.
I can't digest it.
Then take a purgative.
You want to cut down sandalwood trees and smuggle it across the border.
I couldn't digest that.
Your trucks harm poor farmers and ruin their fields.
I can't digest that.
This bloody buffoon is staring at me. I can't digest that he came along too.
This court is for humans and not demons like you.
And so, I couldn't digest your offer either.
I run the same business in 12 states smoothly.
I always run into some Thakur in every village.
If you don't like the offer, I'll go find some other Thakur.
You'll find many Thakur's.. but, there's only one Kamal Thakur.
When brother said no.. that means no.
Hey, Thakur..
You guys still fight with swords and sticks.
Whereas I've machine-guns and missiles.
If I fire a single missile it will blow up the entire village.
Hey, one must always use their weapon and temper carefully.
Please forgive me.
- Please, Thakur.. he's my kid brother. - Then make him grow up.
Give him some values.
If you come back here, I will bury you two alive.
I can smell blood. But, no one's dead.
I don't understand one thing.
On their way here, the cars were zipping away.
But now.. it's slower than a tortoise.
Something's definitely wrong.
If some arrogant bull tries to challenge God..
..then he's bound to die.
You faced the same fate.
'Kamal..this is unfair..unjust.'
"My friend's come over from Mumbai.."
"..greet my dear friend."
Go and see who these new friends are.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend after all.
Doesn't matter how many friends you have..
..you still can't harm him.
He's like God.
- Some lady is looking for you, sir. - What? Lady?
I'll ruin your face with this bell..
..and no one will be able to trace you again.
I am from Kamal Thakur's family, I don't take up female cases.
The case is against a guy.
- I see.. - Yes..
Go ahead.
- A guy is madly in love with me. - I see..
And he's been living with me for the past 10 years.
But that cheater refuses to marry me.
So.. he had fun and ran away.
That's what didn't happen.
- That sloppy guy can't do anything. - This case sounds like my case.
This is your case.
- What are you doing here? - Leave that..and just tell me.
- Will you marry me or rather die? - What are you doing?
Don't narrate our love-story in front of everyone.
We'll get married soon, I am trying.
You know about my brother.
He doesn't even look at girls, nor does he let anyone else look at them.
- Life is hell. - To hell with your brother.
Go talk to your brother.
Or else, I'll cut your vein and write down our love-story with your blood.
Calm down, sweetheart. No need for all that.
I will settle down with you.
I'll go talk to my brother right away and make things right.
Come, Chote. Come.
I made this by blending whole spices.
- Here, taste it. - Yes.
It's so hot! And spicy too.
You're such a sissy.. burnt yourself.
- Come here. - What nonsense is this?
- Yes, brother. - Is that bitter gourd curry?
It's tempered lentil.
Is it seasoned properly? Taste it.
- Absolutely delicious. - He's lost his taste too.
Black coat.. what about your new case?
Which case?
He ran away hearing your name.
I guess I have a spotless character in the market.
That's no one's ever filed any case against me.
It's not because of your character, they fear you.
And this fear has ruined my life too.
What did you say? Marriage makes your life hell.
Brothers get divided.
If that's true.. this this brother is going to revolt today.
Because.. he's very naive. And his determination is weak.
Brother.. this is my sweetheart.
And I can go up against anyone for her.
Come on, let's fight.
- Speak up. - Brother agreed so easily.
Brother, she is Kareena. Brother..
Why are you carrying her photo instead of Hanuman?
I want to marry her.
'A woman in a celibate's home!'
'A woman in a celibate's home!'
'A woman in a celibate's home!'
A woman will turn this home into heaven.
She will bring many colors to this house.
- I see.. - Yes.
- Come here. Come here. - Why brother?
- Let me explain you out in the open. - Why not here?
Is it necessary to do in open?
What goes on in the house in front?
In order to promote our culture a lot of girls..
..come and stay here every month and learn classical dancing.
And what do we do?
We make a scene and drive them away in a week.
If we can't stand females even in our neighbor's home..
..then imagine our plight when a woman enters in this house.
And you want to get married.
How dare you take a female's name in our house?
- Stop.! - Catch him!
Hold him.
Brother, I will spill his blood and sanctify the house with it.
What is this? Are you guys having fun?
- That's no way to beat your brother. - No..
Can't the four of you finish him in five minutes?
What did you say?
Wait..wait.. stop.. Time out.
Congratulations, brothers. All of you passed the test.
During the monsoons every Bachelor has desires in his heart.
And their mind gets out of control.
But, that's not the case with our brothers.
Kamal Thakur's family will never change..
..nor will they let anyone else change.
That's like a man!
Brother shouldn't find out.
So.. we must elope separately, okay.
You think I will let you run away alone so easily.
I am only running away with you..
..because you're like the bone stuck in my throat for the last 10 years.
"I am just a traveler.. without a home."
- Sorry. - Sit down.
Will you come see me in a week? I cannot live without you.
- Why don't you come back today evening? - Be patient.
Then kiss me for an entire week.
What if someone sees us?
Who can see us here?
What did I just see? That's my brother.
- You.. where's that boy? - Which boy?
You liar.
I'll show him.. let me catch him first.
- Linga, stop. - I'll show you.
- I said stop. - I will tell everything.
- Linga. - Where is the brother?
I said where is the brother?
Go mind your own business, I am working.
- Linga, my brother, listen - Where is the brother?
- I don't know.. go away. - Linga, what you saw is not true.
I will kill you.
That girl in the bus.. is that a lie?
I am standing here.. is that a lie?
Or that my brother is making hay.. is that a lie?
Hay scam.
What we see isn't always true.
Shiva.. what was going on here?
I was only making hay.
- Priyanka. - Hello.
- We're all sailing in the same boat. - You too..
- My Deepika. - Wow..
He's making out on the bus, and he's..
- Listen.. - You scared me.
She's Kareena.. and she picks my pocket.
Rascals, you've been cheating brother for so long.
- What will happen when he finds out? - What will he do?
He'll yell at us, beat us.. throw us out of the house.
- We'll go away too. - Yes.
What to do now?
Let's drown him too.
Hey, what are you doing? Leave it.
I mean.. let's drown him in love.
- Let's drown him in love. - Brother will never do such a thing.
Yes. I've heard that love melts every heart.
But that's not the case with brother..
..that means there's definitely some technical fault.
- I mean.. - Calm down, brother.
Something must have definitely happened.
Maybe some kind of a shock.
Only one man can tell us that.
The tea-seller Yadav uncle who's known brother since he was a kid.
Yes, your brother used to like a girl when he was a kid.
She would come to the temple every Monday to sing.
No matter where he was, or if he was doing an important work..
..he would definitely come to see the girl at the temple.
Soon their friendship turned into love.
They would often come to my shop to drink tea.
But then I don't know what happened?
He suddenly stopped going to the temple.
Chotu, its time. Go give tea to Thakur uncle.
Okay, uncle.
Why do you send tea every half an hour?
Advise him to get married instead.
Thanks to your tea he doesn't even eat properly.
Don't say a word about this tea.
The poor boy used to work so hard at my shop.
When I used to give him food, he wouldn't eat it.
In fact, he used to take that food home with him.
Whenever I asked him why he didn't eat..
..he used to say that I've four brothers to feed.
And when I asked him what he'll eat, he would say..
'This tea is good enough for me, uncle.'
Brother, tea.
- Did you go to school? - Yes, brother.
- Are you studying properly? - Yes.
Very good.
Brother has given so many sacrifices for us.
And you guys want to set him up with some woman.
You should be ashamed.
Hey, we just want to see a nice girl in brother's life..
..so that even he can have every happiness.
In the beginning, our intentions were selfish.
But, now we just want to see him happy.
According to uncle, brother liked Kasturi, who used to sing really well.
I am sure she's married by now.
So let's find another classical girl like her..
..and fill brother's life with colorful music again.
My friend is a classical dancer. Her name's Mahalaxmi.
- Let's set her up with brother. - Fine.
Bring her to the temple tomorrow morning.
We'll explain her the entire story.
- Where are you going? - Where are you going?
Welcome. Welcome.
My village is known for its hospitality.
But my condition is so bad..
..that I can't even offer you tea.
Hey, you'll burn yourself.
After what the Thakur did to him.. this is nothing.
You'll be shaken to hear his story.
This is unfair, sir.
I borrowed 100,000 from you.
And I've paid 10 times the interest.
Whereas you're still asking me to pay the principal amount.
No..not at all..out of the question.
When you work in the fields, that's fair.
And if I ask for my money, that's unfair.
You think working in the fields is hard work.
And what about the money I lent you.
I lent you the money and you bought seeds with it.
Later you sowed those seeds.
With God's grace is rained from the sky..
..and the seeds sprouted out of the earth.
What's your contribution in all this?
Harvesting the crops and selling them in the market is not hard work.
But yes, we can work something out.
Send your daughter..over for one night.
You rascal..I won't spare you.
What are you doing? Let him go.
We'll pay you. Please let him go.
Whatever.. but she made my mouth water.
And Thakur sir found out of this unjust treatment.
This is unfair, Thakur.
You think you're the only one who makes an honest living.
And I torment them.
I make an honest living..whereas you are dishonest.
He borrowed money from me.
Is it wrong to ask him to pay?
A farmer toils hard day and night..
..and only after then we've food on our plate.
You're indebted to them.
It's a proud feeling to be a farmer in this country.
What did you say?
It rains and then crops grow automatically.
I believe you.
Listen carefully..
You will field in this village.
On a condition that..you will plow all the fields..
Any field that's lush with crops will be yours.
And if doesn't, then you won't get anything.
How can I plow so many fields alone?
This is unfair.
There's no such word as 'unfair' in my dictionary.
He lost his fields..as well as the ones he had usurped.
And now..he's only got this piece of land left.
Enough for a living.
I had no qualms while hearing my flashback.
In fact, I was laughing.
That Thakur makes my feet curdle.
And I've sworn to keep scorching my feet..
..until I don't get my revenge on that Thakur.
Wow! Bravo..
I will get retribution for your hatred.
If my shrewdness and your power unite..
..then we can send him to hell.
Before these crops are ripe for harvesting..
..he will surely be dead.
Well, at least brother is here.
Now once he lays his eyes on that classical dancer..
..he'll surely fall for her.
I think brother is gradually falling for her.
Shiva, I am sorry but my friend arrived late.
- Greetings. - Late?
Then who is brother so enthralled after?
Thank you.
- I'll go find out. - Yes. You guys come with me.
Sister-in-law is a part of this dance group.
- Yeah. - That means she's our neighbor.
This house is the root of all problems.
Wait, brother.
- Wait, brother. Don't do it. - What are you doing?
Leave me. Where do thesedancers come from in this house?
- So what? - They are polluting the ambiance.
Listen up.
Our sister-in-law is living with them.
- Really? - Yeah..
What sister?-in-law?
Brother can never do such a thing.
- Someone explain him. - Come inside.
- Come on. Come on. - Come on, take him inside.
Come on. Come on.
Let us explain you inside. Come on.
For warding off any evil eye.. there.
- My dear brothers.. - Yeah, brother.
Female means danger.
She can blow your fuse.
I see..
What do we do if we have an enmity with someone?
Stab him till he's dead.
Or.. punch him a few times till he understands.
And, if he still doesn't understand..
..we throw him down the mountain.
Whatever we do.. it's hard work.
But girls don't believe in hard work.
- Why? - Let me tell you a secret. Come here.
Girls first pamper you.. and then shatter all your dreams.
End of story.
Some swallow poison or stab themselves..
..or jumps from a building to his death.
If we kill someone, we're goons.
But, if someone dies for a girl..
..she will find another Bachelor.
- You didn't get it. - No..
And you never will.
Understanding a girl is as good as understanding mathematics.
Brother, did someone betray you too?
Brother, tell us what happened?
- Chest pain.. - Huh!
Someone's hurting inside.
- Ajay.. - Yes, brother.
What blows up everything.
Blow's up. Bomb.
Which one?
You'll always be my kid brother.
You tell us..
Whether it's a nuclear bomb or atom bomb..
..but your brother will heal your wounds.
My heart's paining.. and they're beating drums.
- Ajay.. get the stuff from inside. - Yes, brother.
"Drink.. Drink all you can.."
"It's alcohol..drink all you can."
"Drink.. Drink all you can.."
"It's alcohol..drink all you can."
"Every drink is like nectar, drink all you can."
"Drink.. Drink all you can.."
"It's alcohol..drink all you can."
"Every drink is like nectar.."
"..Drink all you can."
"Drink.. Drink all you can.."
- No one can match my steps. - Wow..
That's more like it.
- Girls are fan of heroism. - Heroism.
Brother is a hero from top to bottom.
Any girl will be impressed watching brother's fighting style.
Can't say about impressed..but she will definitely run away.
Yes, she doesn't like violence.
In the exam, when she was asked a question on first World War..
..she left that 50 marks question unanswered.
This plan won't work..we must think of another plan.
- Let's think in private. - Hey..
Who's the girl?
- Shanti's friend. - Tell us the truth.
- My girlfriend. - What if brother finds out?
You were really fast.
Forget about me.. think about brother.
You're right.
Shanti. Come here for a minute.
Remember I told you about them.
- Ohh.. I see.. - That's them.
- Hello. - Hello!
Our brother made this idol of Natraj.
It's impossible to learn classical dancing without its blessings.
You have a bigger idol of Lord Natraj..
..but not a small one that's why brother sent this for you.
Is it beautiful?
Brother was really unhappy the other day..
..when you didn't have an idol of Natraj at the temple.
- Does he like classical dancing? - Of course.
Once he danced an hour on 'Dum Maro Dum' without the anklets.
- Yes. - I heard something else.
'Jhoom Sarabi Jhoom.'
The song doesn't matter.. but he always does classical dancing.
- Okay, give it. - Yes. Yes.
Oh no, this is Narasimha Swami!
Well.. He loves dancing too.
It's really beautiful.
Brother thought you should have the entire collection.
All brands.
All Gods.
- Ajay. - Coming, brother.
What is he doing?
- Yoga. - Ohh..
I still have a hangover.
- Make a large peg for my hangover. - Okay.
Right away.
What is that?
He drank the entire glass in between yoga.
Must be honey water.
You're really smart.
Since I was a kid.
Rama, how much meat do you think we'll get from this.
- He's full of meat. - What's he saying to the goat?
- Make some delicious mutton stew. - Yes, brother.
Thakur sir, should I cut him too?
He troubles me a lot.
It's your day too.
He can talk to roosters as well.
- I get it..he's an animal lover. - Yeah..
Animal lover..
I'm going to put cheese on your leg piece..and with sauce.
Classical dance. Yoga. Animal lover..
He's modern day Lord Ram.
If he takes such good care of animals..
..imagine how he'll treat his wife.
Come, brother.
Silly rooster, he's talking to you so politely..
- ..and you jumped away from him. - Cock?
Thanks for the idol.
I've heard that you've got a fabulous collection.
Yes, I do..
We have a collection of liquor.
- Let's go.. - Let's go..
- Listen, take your rooster. - Yes, yes..
- I'll take it. - Listen..
From now on..
I will only dance in front of your idol.
What idol was she talking about?
So, should I cut this rooster?
She has made the rooster impure.
Clean it properly..and then cook it.
Okay, sir.
We must do something romantic..
..tomelt brother's heart. - But how?
That is the problem.
Not by coochie-cooing behind haystack.
We must make a really good plan.
Say something.
Avanti performs a veneration on every Friday.
And she comes in the courtyard to pluck flowers.
That's the right time.
Tomorrow is Friday.
Like always, Shanti will come in our courtyard to pluck flowers.
The flowers will be too high. She will look around for help.
And brother arrived.
- Come on. - Hide.
- What happened? - Did brother leave?
- He did. - You just said that he arrived.
I was only narrating the plan.
Hey, neanderthal.. Come down.
Always ruining others ideas as well.
Come on. Where's my Kareena?
You're just too much. Now, listen. Brother will enter..
- That's a very old idea. - Love's old too.
Why will she come to your home for flowers?
- There are flowers in her home too. - Is that so?
There won't be any now.
I've to pluck these flowers, please help me.
- Majhle.. - I don't need them.
You can pluck these flowers as well.
Gather them.
We cannot offer these flowers on the ground to God.
This man is beyond any help.
Listen..tell him you work for me.
He will immediately let you go.
Oh, no..
- Help! - Anyone there?
- What are you looking at? - Anybody there?
Get me down..or else I will fall.
Thank God.
Feeling. Feeling.
Why are you shaken?
What happened?
- She came here to pluck flowers. - What were you doing?
I was just helping here.
She can't offer these flowers on the ground to God.
So I just pulled the branch down for her.
You did the right thing, brother.
I don't always have to be right.
I can be wrong as well.
What's right is wrong, and what's wrong is right.
I got it, brother.
Explain me.
- What I saw is true. - You..
Pulling my leg.
Didn't your blood boil when he killed your brother?
His real strength is in his brothers. Yes.
Finish his brothers..and he'll be as good as dead.
And it will make our job easier.
Take his four brothers..in four different corners and kill them.
And our line will be clear.
His younger brother goes to the market every Sunday.
He will go this Sunday as well.
Kill him.
Do you know how his body should look?
It should be covered in blood ..with a dagger right through his body.
And his fingers should be broken.
His nails should be ripped off.
- And both his arms.. - Enough! I get it.
- That's enough. - It's not enough. This is nothing.
This is my village.
One must pay principal plus interest whether you're an enemy or a friend.
Don't worry..I'll handle everything.
Now leave.
And listen.. remember they shouldn't find out about this.
- Will Thakur sir show up? - Of course, he will, dear.
Thakur sir. Thakur sir..listen.
These people have been waiting outside your home..
..since morning to meet you.
And you're so arrogant..
..that you didn't even give them a look.
Farmers grow our food..and you're insulting them.
The rich should never insult the poor.
Just because you're rich doesn't mean you will ignore the poor.
Listen, dear..
They are quiet because they respect you.
Otherwise, they can give a fitting reply to arrogant rich people like you.
Listen.. What are you saying?
Our family is alive only because of him.
Thakur sir, great people like you always forget a good deed.
I tried talking my daughter out of it.
But she was adamant about meeting Thakur sir.
Today is her birthday, please bless her.
May you get married..
Study hard and make your parents proud.
What a turncoat.
- See you. - Okay.
- Listen.. - Yes.
Friend, time for next move.
What's the plan?
One of us will have to make brother fall for this girl.
Don't look at me.
- Brother.. - The lawyer brother..
..wants to say something.
Say it.
- What is it? - You see brother..
..that classical dancer who lives in our neighborhood..
..is in love with you.
What did you say?
How dare you say that?
How dare you talk about love in front of brother.
- You.. - Stop..stop.. Stop.
- You.. - Stop..
Let him go.
- Why are you bickering? - It's not nonsense, brother.
- Really? - Yes,.
She fell head over heels for you from day one.
And, the other day, while plucking flowers..
..when you walked up to her, I mean, when she came to you..
..since then, she's madly in love with you.
But he didn't touch me intentionally.
Whether it was intentional or unintentional but he touched you.
- And she fell in love. - And that's not all, brother.
When she heard that you help poor farmers..
..it made her heart melt like butter.
When a rich guy helps the poor, then that's his duty and not a favor.
I think she's seen too many dreams.
I've no feelings or her.
I said that, but he said that his heart's out of control.
All it knows that he wants to marry you.
- I've no intentions of getting married. - I told her that, brother.
What did she say?
This is wrong..how dare he.
I know what's right and what's wrong.
I get it..
I'll explain her in my style.
I won't fall for his sweet-talks.
Let's go.
What do we do now?
Did my brothers tell you?
Yes, and I did too.
You're very stubborn.
I am a girl, I have a right to be stubborn.
Then I stubborn too.
I made up my minds years ago.
You mean..since the time you saw me.
Whatever..but that was wrong.
All this happened because of that day under the tree.
- It's all your fault. - Your fault.
It was totally your fault.
You wouldn't have felt this way..if that incident had never occurred.
What do you know about me?
You don't know about me either.
If you had known about me..
..you would've never said those things in front of my brothers.
We'll be exposed. Push him down.
Oh, God.
- What happened, brother? - Where did you drop in from?
So it's decided.
We will never talk about this again.
End of discussion. Okay.
What an arrogant man.
Who lit all these lamps?
- What is all this? - The neighbors did, brother.
- Brother, I am talking this idol. - No, dear. Don't touch that.
We're going to venerate it.
Lord Ram returned home on this day.
After slaying demon Raavan..he conquered over unrighteousness.
And saved mother Sita.
This is why we celebrate Diwali.
Kamal Thakur..
- The veneration is for him. - Why is that?
When everyone deserted us, our brother single-handedly raised us.
- Are you orphans? - How can we be orphans?
We have brother Kamal.
See, brother.
Are they learning or teaching dance.
Fine, I am coming.
When his brother passes through here, we'll attack.
Our victory is certain.
Hello, papa. I've something important to tell you.
Tell me, dear.
You always used to tell me about the qualities in a good man.
- I met a person just like that. - Is it?
I like him very much.
Papa, I want to tell him about my feelings.
Should I tell him, papa?
You must be the only girl in this world who is taking his father's permission..
..to express her love.
Bring him home, dear. I'll talk to him.
Thanks, papa.
- What? - I want to talk to you.
- Let's go. - Hey..
What is it?
It's personal, just five minutes.
I am on my way for an important job.
I'll talk to you when I come back.
It's okay.
- We'll talk when you come back. - Okay.
Let's go.
Anil, who's the cavalry?
And what took you so long?
If I had driven any faster, they would've lost me.
Fine, let's finish this.
Brother, don't you think they are little too much.
When your intentions are strong, numbers don't matter.
Why don't you have a go at them?
Like in the good old days.
Let it be.
We've never seen Thakur sir fight.
Tell him to give us a demo.
Thakur, people want to see what you've got.
So why don't you?
Let's see how strong the Thakur really us.
Come on.
Show them, Thakur.
Tit for tat.
My hands are itching, uncle. I must do something about it.
Well done..
Take down 50 in five minutes.
'I want to talk to you for only five minutes.'
'Only five minutes.'
'Only five minutes.'
'Only five minutes.'
Thakur sir is hurt.
Thakur sir..
They were waiting for our men.
They had setup a trap for us.
That means they knew our plan.
Did you tell anyone?
I just wanted to know whether our plan will succeed or not..
..so, I only asked for his opinion.
- What? You told this fool. - He's not as stupid as he looks.
His advice is always right.
He's the guy who predicts who's going to win or lose..
..in the elections.
Yeah.. Hey..
Did you tell anyone?
Just like you took me advice, even I took someones advise.
Remember, Birju.
I asked him.
I don't know who he asked.
Bloody rat.
Why did you have to ask someone else?
Don't you have any sense?
But what if Birju didn't take anyone's opinion..
- ..so he got such son-in-law. - To hell with BIrju.
Listen to me..
No need to worry.
His second brother goes for a haircut every Monday.
He will do so this week as well.
But this week..you can behead him.
A dagger right through his torso.
And his fingers..
His finger should be severed.
- And his nails.. - Shut up!
Bloody animal.
Why did I shake hands with an ignorant like you?
The day I saw you, I should've known that you're useless.
Only knows how to bicker.
Bloody beggar.
What are you doing? Don't ruin my crops.
- Hey.. - I trusted you
..because I was crazy.
Get lost. You wasted my time.
Now I will kill Thakur. A dreadful death.
My crops are ruined.
Do you call this crop?
What else should I call it, you fool?
Ruined..ruined..ruined me.
'Thakur sir got hurt.'
'Thakur sir got hurt.'
Brother, I had a word with the minister.
He said he'll give us the job without the tender.
Stop driveling, that girl can't stay in this village anymore.
Get her out of here..now.
If I ever see her again, I will kill her.
Tell her.
I don't want it.
- Brother, have some soup. - Don't want it.
- Mahesh, bring it here. - Yes.
Did she leave or not?
I am asking something.
Eat later, first answer my question.
First, tell me what were you telling her in private.
Then I'll know whether this traffic is one way or two way.
What did you say? Say it louder.
Don't get angry if you can't listen.
The truth is..they are behind it all.
- Hello. It's me. - Yes, sir.
- Where are you? - I am quite far from the village.
- Pass through my home when you go. - What?
Pass through my home when you go.
Okay, sir.
Why did you stop the bus in front of my home?
There was a fallen tree on our usual route.
So I had to stop the bus here.
- What now? - I'll repair it.
- Okay, go. - Okay.
- You were saying something. - Nothing,
But, I want to say something.
I don't know how to begin.
You know these days boys send girls..
That pink heart shaped..
I wanted to send that as well..
..but I couldn't find that on my phone.
It's on the lawyer's phone.
But why I send that rascal's heart..
I address a crowd of 100,000..
But..I am speechless before you.
If I give you a gift to express my feelings, will you take it?
We have a cow, Manga.
I can gift her to you, but how will you take it home?
He's gifting a cow to sister-in-law.
Oh yes, I have a dagger which belonged to my grandfather. Will that do?
Look, I've given you two choices. You can take anyone.
I like you..a lot.
I am in love with you.
My oath of celibacy forced them to be single as well.
We must find brides for them as well.
Hey, leave everyone.
- Yes, yes brother. Bye. - Bye.
- See you, sister-in-law. - You say it.
- Say it fast. The train is leaving.. - Brother, we've something to say.
- What? - I..
- Come here. - What happened?
Brother, she's my Kareena..the apple of my eye.
- Say hello. - Hello, brother-in-law.
Hey lawyer, when did you open this file?
It's an old case. 10 years old.
Move. Come. Come. Brother..
- Priyanka. - Hi.
- Say hello. - Hello.
- She's Deepika. - Hello.
- What is this? - You..
- Everyone has.. - Brother..
- My girlfriend Karishma. - That's my friend Karishma.
- Brother. - What happened?
I've kept a bottle in your bag.
I wonder if you get one out there or not.
- Okay, brother. - That's great.
- Bye, brother. - Bye.
Dear..aren't you Bhupathi sir's daughter?
- Yes, uncle. - God bless him.
We were living a life of bloodshed.
But, thanks to him we're leading a life of sanctity.
He's not human, he's God.
Your father got my son a job.
- See you, dear. - See you.
- See you, sir. - See you.
Tell me something about your father.
He wants to see a smile on everyone's face.
When he was transferred to that village as a judge..
..it was filled with bloodshed, murder.
Are you going to find a solution to your problems like this?
By shedding blood.
Your children will continue doing what you're doing now.
Slowly violence started decreasing.
Papa gathered funds and built a school.
But a local goon had his eye on that ground.
You think the ground will be yours if you put up a board.
My brother couldn't tolerate it..
Father, these guys want to seize the school.
- Let's go. - My father lost control..
..for the first time because of the school.
What's going on?
We liberated this country with nonviolence.
So what's a school?
We won't achieve anything without fighting.
- It's their opinion as well. - Yes, sir.
- Come on. - Come on.
Brother tried to use violence.
He lost his cool..and never returned again.
Papa even refused to see his body.
Listen, our son..
My son died the day he opted violence.
'We want spare him. We will kill him."
- 'Beat him.' - Whom you will beat?
Who will you kill?
A mother is mourning her young son.
No matter who you kill..
..but he'll have a mother and a family who will mourn for him.
If you want to slay someone then, slay the demon inside you!
And, not humanity.
Promise me..you will not shed any more blood on this land again.
Only then will I attain peace.
Do you know the biggest reason for selecting you?
You're generous and benevolent like my father.
And you don't like bloodshed either.
You're peace loving.
Get up.
Get up!
- Brother, how is your journey? - Great.
I am killing some bedbugs.
Kill that rascal.
Brother? What happened?
Turn the jeep around.
- Run everyone. - Come on. Run.
Don't shed tears. This what I do daily.
- Don't be scared. - I am not scared of him.
Honestly, I am scared of you.
Everything I saw or heard about you, was that a lie?
Why did you pretend to be good?
Why did you trap me? Tell me?
I didn't trap you at all, Shanti.
If I see injustice, I will speak up against it.
If anyone exploits the week, then I will protect him.
Don't tolerate injustice..and don't do injustice either.
I never count the number of my enemies..
..and never care about death.
Listen..I thought you knew everything about me.
I will guarantee you one thing.
No matter what the conditions are, Shanti..
..I will never let any harm come to you.
Look, I..
Now I know the truth about you.
Please leave me alone.
Shanti, listen..
Father, let's go.
Brother, we couldn't find Radia.
But we've Narasimha.
Tell us..
You guys have thousands of enemies.
How would I know who attacked your brother?
Tell us.
- Who turned off the machine? - I turned it off.
I am sure he staged the attack on you.
Sister-in-law left you because of him.
She left because of me, not him.
Let him go.
Do you really think this fool can kill someone?
Don't insult me.
Even a dead elephant is worth millions.
I may be defeated..but I haven't given up.
I didn't stage this attack, doesn't mean I can't.
But I will..
I will plan a bigger attack on you..don't forget this face.
- A.. - B..C.. D..E..F..
Did you tell you girlfriends the truth?
The first person to enter our home will be sister-in-law.
How will she? And, why will she come back to me?
Violence is sin for her.
When goons like him attack me, I'll have to fight back.
- How can I watch injustice? - You're right.
We've been observing you for all these years.
We've seen a change after sister-in-law arrived.
We've seen the happiness on your face.
If you want happiness for yourself and the family..
..then, bring sister-in-law home.
When there's a storm, straight trees get uprooted.
You should bend a little.
I see..
You want me to go to her home and beg.
I should bend before.
I should bend.
I am a Thakur. I will never bow.
Come, sit.
Come on.
My brothers could've never imagined..that I'll come this far.
A flying airplane never stops..and I never bow.
What do you say?
Answer me.
- She's gone. - Where?
I've been talking to you, can't you wait 5 minutes?
- Did you hear what I said? - No.
Hey..mind your own business.
You get lost, you won't get lucky here.
Get lost.
I don't have to think so hard while thrashing someone..
..compared to when I am impressing someone.
I'm saying that..
She's got this curvaceous body..plus those piercing eyes.
How do I impress her?
Many people point fingers, but I don't care.
But..you're different.
I feel like changing, for you.
I will stop fighting for you.
- I like.. - Your 5 minutes are up.
- Listen, your watch must have stopped. - I think yours has stopped.
- Look before you speak! - Sister..
A girl without attitude is never attractive.
One has to bow down in love.
She's taking so long inside the temple, is she praying for me?
I'm making an effort, but she doesn't seem interested.
I am getting bored in the sun out here, but she doesn't care.
Sir..help this poor, helpless man.
That work will be done soon.
- Sir.. - Keep it.
God bless you.
- Are you new in the village? - Yes, why?
That man isn't disabled, he cheated you.
- Why are you happy? - I'm happy because he's not disabled.
If the rich people help the poor of..
..then, there will be no paupers in our country.
Doesn't matter if he took my money.
- But I pray that he reforms. - Are you waiting for someone?
Yes, I am waiting for someone.
- Who is he? - Someone I know.
I guess you've come from really far.
- Come to my house and have lunch. - Thank you, but I don't have time.
- See you.. - Listen.
Can you at least drop me home?
At least show some respect for my age.
Help me like you helped him?
Is everyone in this village stubborn?
What happened, son? Why are you angry?
I feel angry when someone doesn't listen.
- Who doesn't listen to you? - Someone I know..
Why do you want to know?
He's done for.
What did you do?
I will show you.. you rascal.
Not me, you're the rascal.
- You pushed my Buffalo, I'll show you. - What he had done to you?
I had to settle an old score.
Seems like you have an enmity with everyone in this village.
Yes, stop here.
-Sir.. - Ohh..I completely forgot.
I was supposed to show you the way.
Just go straight, you'll get to the National Highway.
What's wrong, son? Do you want something?
- You asked me over for a meal, so.. - But you refused.
I even refused to give you a lift, but I still did.
Come in.
- Keep this in the room.. - Shanti.
He's our guest, and new in our village.
We met at the temple, he'll eat with us.
Make preparations, son.
- Grandpa.. - Alia. Come, dear.
- Back from school early today. - Yes, grandpa.
- Listen, papa.. - Yes, dear.
I want to talk to you.
We can talk after the meal as well.
I am very hungry.
Take him to the courtyard to freshen up.
- Who is he? - Your future son-in-law.
- Is that him? - Yes.
- I'll go meet him. - Not yet.
- I think they had a small tiff. - What?
Let them settle it themselves.
Until then you must behave like you don't know him.
Why did you come back here again?
I didn't..
Your father brought me here to introduce to your mother.
So..you must have fooled papa like you fooled me.
I never fool foolish people.. I am trying to change.
I don't care whether you change or not, but I'm not going to change.
Have your food and get lost.
I won't leave until you're not mine.
- Listen, Shanti. - Yeah..
- Do you know that boy? - How did you know
You're not happy because he's here.
But he wants to settle down here.
I wouldn't even let my father settle down here for free.
I am from NASA..I'll foil his plans.
- But don't.. - I won't tell anyone.
- This is Guru, Sheila's elder brother. - Hello.
He used to work in NASA, in America.
But now he's settled here.
Feed him properly..pour some more clarified butter.
I feel like eating everything..but that would make me sleepy.
And then I'll have to sleep here.
Uncle, don't go home today.
- Stay here. - No, dear.
Uncle is busy.
Earn your own bread, and get lost.
You see, free food makes you fat.
- I go to the gym. - Eat.
Was that thunder? I guess it's going to rain heavily.
Thank God I am staying here.
I didn't bring an umbrella either.
Son, there's no trace of rains for the next three months.
I am from NASA, don't give me false hopes.
- Wasn't that thunder again.. - It's the restless stomach, son.
- You're faster than 'Aaj Tak'. - I am from NASA.
Why are you here?
Well, brother, if sister-in-law is still angry..
..we're here to apologize and appease us.
There's a smart-alec in the house who's foiling my efforts.
Who is it, brother? I will kill him.
I see.. Didn't you say we must bow down in love?
Back to your old ways again, huh.
Who are these people, son?
He's my brother and they are my friends.
- Hello. - Hello.
Do not know where such people come from?
- We're here for 'Januka' festival. - What festival is that?
- Renuka Devi's festival. - Yeah..Renuka Devi's festival.
- But, isn't that on Wednesday? - Is it on Wednesday.
Sir, there must be a hotel in the village.
There's plenty.
- From an inn to 9 stars hotels. - Gullu.
Sorry, that's 11 stars.
And they will give you free tea with free shampoo.
You guys can stay with us until then.
Let's not give these beggars such importance.
- Come. - Okay, sir.
This gentleman has a short-temper.
Keep some ice on your head.
I'm watering them.
Flowers are very delicate.
If you pour water so angrily, they will wilt away.
Smile when you're watering them and they will blossom happily.
If you're so happy then you water them.
I didn't come here to impress my father-in-law.
Nor did I come to show you that I've changed.
Look at the change in me.
I don't see anything.
How can you see with all that anger clouding your eyes?
Smile first and then take a look.
Listen, sweetheart. When you say 'go' I hear 'come'.
What do I do?
Fine..then stay here with me forever.
I don't mind.
Boss, we couldn't do your job today.
What did you say?
The old man isn't living alone anymore.
Tell me properly.
There's a band of boys.
Get rid of the guys and finish the old man.
- Here you go. - Give it to me.
- Alia's tonic. - Only if it tastes sweet.
Give it to me, I'll open it.
Give it.
Wow, uncle.
Bloody drunkard.
Shanti. Shanti.
Where did you find that freeloader?
- What's wrong, uncle? - He's a bloody drunkard.
He opened the bottle of tonic like drunkards do.
Think about it.. You'll have to make snacks instead of food.
Get rid of this drunkard.
Great, brother.
Now watch my shot.
Go on, brother.
Were you feeling shy to say it in front of others?
Do you drink liquor as well?
So, you're a bloody boozer.
Is this why you called me here?
Yes, I drink sometimes.
How many days do you drink in a year?
In a year..
How many days in a year?
That much.
I don't drink the local stuff..only imported ones.
And yoga?
I don't touch cheap brands.
It's not liquor, I am talking about yoga exercise.
You mean yoga exercise.
I saw it on television..
Some fat, bald guy was doing this on television. It was really funny.
Then you must smoke too?
I tried smoking once but didn't suit me.
Is it true that you talk to birds and animals?
Can one talk to birds and animals? How is that?
Tell me..
Do you like watching classical dance?
You mean this one..
Do you like classical dance or not?
So everything I heard and saw was a lie.
Who said all these things to you?
Your dear brothers.
- My brothers? - It was all a lie.
That day I stopped right in front of your home.
That was your plan too?
And I thought fate brought us together.
Maybe you're destined for me.
There's no relation between you and me. Better get that straight.
What's going on, brother?
If I drink an entire bottle and smash it on his head..
- ..would that be violence? - Not at all.
What if I beat up you guys?
- That will be a brotherhood. - Are you sure?
Tell everyone there's a get-together.
Okay. I'll call everyone.
This isn't hard enough.
- Brother.. - Everyone's here.
You and sister-in-law..
What were you two up to alone?
We're eager to know.
She said she's crazy about my attitude.
And wanted to know when we'll get married.
She thinks I am a Yoga guru.
I can talk to birds and animals.
- I like dancing to classical tunes. - See..
I wish I knew that guy who praised me so much..
- I'll give him a straight hug. - Then come give me a hug, brother.
Your brother did all this for you.
- Oh..so you did it. - Yes..I did all this.
I praised you so much.
You know, when you were stretching your arms to get rid of your hangover..
..I told her that you're doing yoga.
When you were going to cook the goat and the chicken.
I said you love animals and birds.
That's nothing.
I even said that you're an expert in classical dancing.
- I worked so hard. - Shut up.
You weren't alone.. He did say all of that..
..but, with a little help from us.
So, you all contributed to this great deed
- Yes, brother. - What nonsense.
This was entirely my idea.
But I told him about sister-in-law.
But, it was my idea to gift the idol because of which things got so far.
Shut up.
The 'flower' idea was mine, which was the most important one.
That's how brother and sister-in-law got close..
..and they locked eyes.
Hey..didn't you make any contribution?
He never wanted brother to settle down.
But we fooled him into plucking all the flowers.
You're right.
If someone asks, who's the dumbest..I'll say Ajay.
My contribution of ideas was bigger.
- Then you're entitled to this. - I see..
Ajay. Close the door and turn up the volume of the music.
Yes..let's do it. We'll dance. Celebrate.
One more thing, brother.
You had a peg in the morning..
..but, I said its honey and hot-water, and she believed me.
No one can lie to me.
You lied..
You lied about my character. You lied.
Honey and hot-water.
- Kneel down. - Brother!
- I said kneel down. - No, brother..
You said I can talk to animals and birds.
You lied..
Why did you lie? Why did you lie?
Step aside.
- Or you will get hurt. - Okay.
You come ahead.
She left me because of your lies.
What are you saying?
Doesn't matter how loud you lie, it always gets exposed.
I see..
If I don't learn all of it, she will leave me.
- That's not difficult. - It's not easy to learn yoga.
We'll appoint a teacher.
Who's going to teach me classical dancing?
Do you know what classical dance is?
- Come here.. - Classical dance.
Give me the rope. Give me the rope.
- Birju Maharaj.. - I said give it.
- How dare you lie about me? - No brother.
- You lied to her. - No brother.
- It was a mistake. - Forgive you.
No, brother.
- Weren't you ashamed to lie to her. - Brother..
Don't beat..
I must beat them some more. Raise the volume.
- That's enough. - You..
No violence is what Gandhiji preached.
Thinking about 'Bapu' in front of your father.
Bloody cheats.
- You foiled my plans. - Brother..
Come on, quickly. Do classical dance for me.
- Not pop..do classical dance. - What's going on inside?
- Maybe someone's at the door. - Open the door..
Open up or I will break it down.
What's going on here?
Can't you see? We're practicing dance.
- Which dance? - Classical dance.
Him, classical?
We're just training now. We're going to do group dance after warming up.
You must join us too.
If we keep training like this, we'll definitely win an award.
- Come, shake a leg. - Come on, it'll be fun.
Hey,..it's just you now.
If you sign quietly..your family will live.
As well as the villagers. Get it.
What's going on?
A goon has seized the school in our village, son.
He built that school with years of hard work and effort.
I lost my only son while trying to save that school.
That's why he's worried.
Even though he's a judge..
..he's helpless against Balli Dada's fake papers.
Hey old man, don't you know Balli Dada.
I know him.
- Can we talk to Ballin Dada? - Talk to him about what?
What will you say to him?
We can sign these papers in front of him as well.
Let's go there and try to convince him.
Otherwise, he'll sign the papers.
- I want to meet Balli Dada. - Fine, come on.
Why are you carrying such a big stick?
A single blow sends anyone packing.
Doesn't look that strong..neither is it going to last long.
The real power should be in the punch.
A single punch should blow his brains out.
Is this how you trained him? Coward.
Hey smarty, what do you do?
Until now..I had an explosive past.
Same old gang-wars, bloodshed..I miss it.
Honestly, man. I haven't touched alcohol or meat for 24 hours.
- What are you saying, brother? - Honestly.
- How much do you get paid? - Nothing much.
5000 for a blast, 2000 for breaking someone's arms and limbs.
Snd if we can't get the job done, it's curtains for us.
- What about FA and DA? - FA? DA? What's what?
- Food allowance, Drink allowance? - You mean get paid to drink?
Don't you get it?
Your boss is fooling you.
We must talk to him.
We'll settle the school matter later..
..the bigger problem now is your FA and DA.
- Everything else comes later. - Okay.
I'll get you all paid in cash today.
I don't like to hear 'no'.
Tell that old man to sign quietly on the papers.
The villagers contributed everything to build that school.
My advice is that you forget the school.
Give me the remaining documents, so I can leave.
I see..
Take it, son. Take it.
- Yeah, Daddy. - Did the old man sign the papers?
Not yet.
But there's someone here to speak on his behalf.
- Who's the rascal? - What's your name?
Kamal Thakur.
What did he say? What's his name?
Some Kamal Thakur.
Kamal Thakur!
Give the phone to him! And apologize!
- What's wrong with you? - Do as I say? Didn't you hear?
Fall at his feet..apologise..
Did you apologize? Now give him the phone.
- Hello. - Thakur sir.
My son made a mistake. Please forgive him.
I'll be there in a minute.
But, please don't harm my son.
Thakur sir, forgive us. We'll do as you say.
- I want the papers. - Get the papers.
I was greedy and had that land transferred to my name.
I didn't know it belonged to you.
Don't you know him?
Give him the papers.
Don't be scared, Mani sir.
I didn't come to this village to cause any trouble.
After coming here my character has changed slightly.
I guess he's made arrangements for our alcohol.
What an idea? Now, I'll build my company close to the city.
Very good.
- Your payment's been doubled, guys. - Thank you so much.
Why did you slap me, father?
You're alive because I slapped you.
Otherwise, he would've killed you.
- Shanti. - Yes, father.
I always trusted your decisions.
And by choosing Kamal Thakur, you've made my trust firmer.
Yes, dear, I know everything.
In fact, I liked him from day one.
We couldn't have reclaimed that school with bloodshed.
But thanks to this boy's quick thinking, we got the school back.
I don't know what happened between the two of you..
..that you didn't even introduce me to him.
You know, dear, that we've already lost a son.
And that's why I want to bring home a gem, not just a son-in-law.
And, you chose someone who gave me courage.
O brother, why go to the temple every day?
So you can hog the offerings.
Uncle, can we play a game?
- Which one? - Hide and seek.
Hide and seek?
She wants to eat..let's stop at a nice joint.
She wants to play hide and seek, brother.
Where did uncle go?
He's playing hide and seek, dear.
Hey..havent you guys heard the breaking news?
I've quit violence. I'm a changed man now.
Let's not complicate things, so let's sit down and discuss this.
Let me go..don't kill me.
Hey, don't try to ignite this fire.
Don't you get it.
I said let's talk this out, but you're complicating things instead.
Let me go.
Forgive me..let me go.
Let me go..the train's coming closer.
Let me go.
We didn't come here to kill you.
Believe me. We came here to kill that judge.
Speak up!
The other day, we weren't trying to kill you on the train.
But the judge's daughter.
Who sent you guys?
- Ahsan Bhanu. - Ahsan Bhanu.
Tell me everything.
Bhanu is a big businessman.
He runs illegal business and money laundering.
And anyone who speaks against him..
The pollution from the factory will kill everyone in the village.
I don't care whether they live or die.
I will sign the papers.
But the local DSP won't do anything illegal.
Bhanu's father Mahtre, never delays in finishing work.
Listen..I've killed the DSP.
His wife saw me, so I killed her too.
Father, we'll handle everything.
Killing a police officer isn't a small issue.
Mhatre had killed many people..
..but, he was never taken to court.
You want to take me to the court.
- Mhatre has never set foot in the court. - Father, he's one of us.
Let him go.
Get some water.
Father, drink some water. Calm down.
- I will never go to the court. - I'll handle everything.
Hey, judge, you'll retire after a month.
Tomorrow, when this case comes to your court..
..you must give a date that's a month later. Understood.
I'll make a deal with the new judge.
Your decision won't just decide my father's fate..
..but, your family's fate too.
According to all the evidence and witnesses..
..the court comes to the conclusion that, Mhatre Rao aka Babu Rao..
..has killed many people and committed serious crimes.
So, under section 302 he's sentenced to life-imprisonment.
Mhatre couldn't tolerate this insult..
Order! Order!
Bhanu was sentenced to death for killing three people in the court.
And he blamed Bhupathi for his sentence and his father's death.
I will personally kill this judge's family.
Where is he right now?
Bhanu, who brutally murdered three people in the court..
..will be hanged three days later.
Which is why he's being transferred from district jail to Central jail.
You're sitting in front of me and twirling your mustache.
That means..that killed my men.
So tell me who you are.
Even fate must be cursing you that you met me.
My name is Kamal Thakur.
I don't care what happened till now.
But now they are my family too. Forget all about them.
I will personally kill that judge and his family.
His entire family will die before me.
Only then will my father attain solace.
Committing crime for money can be understood.
But giving solace to your father's soul..
Bhanu..I cannot change your thinking, but I can kill you.
I'll send goons every hour to kill his family.
Where can you be at one time..and who can you save?
Send all the goons you like.
I'll be there to save them.
If you've made up your mind to lock horns with Kamal Thakur..
..then you're dead for sure.
What are you saying, brother?
Sister-in-law's family is in such grave danger.
We should tell them, brother.
Tell them what? Look at them.
They just recently emerged from their son's death.
No..we should let them leave peacefully.
You know why Lord sent us here?
To protect this family.
We laid down our weapons for them.
But we must pick them up again, for their sake.
Bhanu will be hanged four days later.
Until then we don't know who will attack them.
Don't let any stranger get close to this family.
What the..
Are you blind?
- Where is Alia? - I don't know.
Where is Alia?
- Alia. - Alia.
- Alia. - Alia.
- Hello. - Alia, dear.
Let's play a game.
- Shall we? - Yes, uncle.
Turn around and take a look.
They are my friends.
They are here to catch you.
- Now start running. - Okay.
Yay..I won.
Shall we play hide and seek now?
Close your eyes and count to 10.
- And all the uncles will hide. - Okay.
No cheating.
Close your eyes.
- Alia. - Alia.
Where are you, dear?
What are you doing here, Alia?
Uncle, where are your friends hiding?
- Who is she talking about, son? - Don't know.
I don't think they were from this village. Maybe they lost their way.
I think they left.
They must have come for the veneration.
Did you show them the way?
They are already on their way.
Come, dear.
- You really scared all of us. - Get rid of them.
Uncle, I am very hungry.
He's still moving.
How can he be still alive after getting thrashed by brother?
- Where were you? - Sister..
Oh no..
- It's just a scratch. - You're bleeding.
- It's a deep cut. - It's nothing.
- I was out in the bushes. - Get the turmeric.
- Here you go. - Give it.
Son, that's not how you hold a knife.
- Is this better, aunty? - Yes.
He's using the knife like a drumstick, I better get out of here.
- What happened? - Nothing.
- Are you sure? - What?
Did you feel the pain when I got hurt?
The sight of blood makes me dizzy.
This side of you makes me dizzy. Bloody ham.
- Shanti dear. - What's wrong, uncle?
I am completely terrified after what I saw today.
What happened?
Some goons attacked him in the fair..
..but, he sliced them like vegetables.
Blood was flowing like water and there was a line of dead bodies.
- He's a demon. - Who?
The Pandavas.
The five Pandavas of Mahabharat. Haven't you heard the story?
I've seen Mahabharat on television.
But I saw live telecast today.
Where are they?
We tried talking to them, but they didn't listen.
So we beat them up.
- Now do you get it? - Yes, we do. We do.
There won't be any more problems now. Don't worry.
These guys are as dangerous as the ten-headed Raavan.
We couldn't even find the dead bodies of our men.
Where did he come from?
We've found a man who knows him well.
Who is he?
What do you know?
Whoever locks horns with that bloody Thakur..
..gets ruined, like me.
I know what happened with you.
He must have bothered you, just like he did to me.
And you're close to going insane. Yeah..
Get to the point.
I get it..because you've very little time.
He's the strength of his family.
But for us, his family is his weakness.
[Sanskrit chants]
Always accept offering in your right hand.
Right hand.
Always eat the offerings with your right hand.
One more..
Now that your hearts are connected, he will listen to you.
You're right. That's why I am sending my daughter to your home.
We all like you.
We'll find an auspicious day and fix your wedding.
From today..you're a part of this family.
It's time for the veneration, call everyone.
- Listen. - Yeah.
[Sanskrit Chants]
- Where is Kamal? - He's on his way.
He will kill me.
Help me! Help me!
What is all this?
You promised me. Then why did you do it?
I didn't want to do it, but it's hard to let go of my past.
He came here to kill me.
I picked up the weapon for my protection.
And I've nothing more to say.
- You could atleast thought about me.. - That's enough.
As a judge, I never took any wrong decision.
But I made a mistake in recognizing you.
I wanted to keep this village away from bloodshed.
But, you brought this bloodshed to my threshold.
I lost my son because of this violence.
I don't have the strength to see anyone else die.
It's best that you leave..please.
Don't ever come back again.
Tomorrow morning at 5am..you will be hanged.
Any last wish?
When I was born I saw my father.
Before I die, I want to see my father.
Brother, the arrangements have been done.
We can attack them now.
I'll be seeing you, Jailor.
You must be wondering that I should've been dead by now.
So what am I doing here?
I warned you that day..
..that your decision in the court will decide your family's fate.
Hey child, come here.
- No. - Come on.
- Alia. - Alia.
- Alia. - Alia.
I swore on my father's tomb, Bhupathi..
..that I will kill your family.
- First I will this child. - No.
Open the door.
Folds your hands, dear.
Fold your hands and make a last wish.
I quit violence because of Shanti.
But I had to resort to violence against because of this rascal.
I promised him that..
..I won't let any harm come to this family.
Do you have a death wish?
Death is my friend..she listens to me.
And goes..wherever I say
- Let the child go. - Come, get her.
Get her.
- Brother. - Brother!
- Brother! - Leave them..
If it's revenge you want, then kill me.
Let him go. He's not a part of our family.
Is he not a part of your family?
Then why is he shedding blood for you?
Is he not a part of your family?
Then why did he beat up my men in the train..
..when they tried to kill your daughter?
Is he not a part of your family?
Then why did he beat up my men behind the temple..
..when they were going to kill this child?
This rascal challenged me..
..that I won't be able to kill any member of your family.
Get up, Thakur.
I will kill all of them one by one.
- Leave me! - Let him go.
Let him go.
Don't kill him.
- Let him go. - No!
[Sanskrit Shlok]
I thought you're dead. But you stood up again.
What is your connection with this family?
The same relation that exists between a mother and son.
The same relation that exists between a father and son.
This is my family..
And I am their protector.
Hey, kill him.
You never loved anyone.
If you ever loved anyone..
..then even you could've become a human being.
[Sanskrit Shlok]
Even after doing so much for us, you never said a word.
Shanti taught me how to love, but not to express it.
We never received the love of our parents.
And went in whichever direction life took us.
We didn't know what family is.
After coming here, we realized the importance of family.
After staying away from all of you..
..I realized that I am an orphan.
We'll get used to living without you guys.
See you.
Not just you, son.
If we part ways, we'll never be happy too.
We tried so hard but couldn't hurt that Thakur.
- What if the plan fails? - Not possible. Out of the question.
My plan never fails.
If my plan fails, I'll devise a bigger and more dangerous plan.
I will gather an army of madmen for him.
Oh yes..
If you kill Thakur, I will give you half of my fields.
Together, we'll grow corn.
we'll buy a dagger with the money we earn from selling corn..
..and kill Thakur with it.
And if he survives, we'll grow and sell more corns.
And..buy a bigger dagger..
Conjure some coal for him too.
And if he still survives, we'll sell the fields and go to the city.