Katha Screenplay Darsakatvam: Appalaraju (2011) Movie Script

Have you come to watch a comedy film?
l've lied to you.
Actually this film is a tragedy.
lf l say tragedy people won't come,
so l lied it is a comedy.
But in reality there isn't much
difference between comedy and tragedy.
One man's tragedy is
another man's comedy,
another man's comedy is
some other man's tragedy,
But Appalraju's story is a struggle
between comedy and tragedy.
But in a struggle, it entertains
people involved in it.
You've come here seeking entertainment.
Expecting this Appalraju's tragic story
would be a comedy to you.
Yours Ramgopal Varma.
World is full of films...
You and me are characters...
God is the director...
Life is a film...
Horoscope is the magician..
God is the writer of this story...
But the title given to it is Fate...
That's why...
One who imagines and writes
a story is known as director...
God has the technique to turn
reality into imagination...
Twists in films is routine...
God is an expert is giving
a twist every second...
One makes a film to weep and
weeps all through his life...
God has the last laugh
making life into a TV soap...
Ramba Talkies 70 MM - Amalapuram
Film is not yet over, right?
Why did you wake me up?
l'm unable to hear the dialogues
in the sound of your snores.
Oh God! ls this a film and
it has dialogues too?
Wastrel - Very good boy!
After watching this film,
immediately l want to go to
Hyderabad with my story,
and make a film!
Forget about seeing a camera,
you haven't yet watched a film shoot too,
how can you make a film?
You've grown body but not brain.
Take for instance if we do cultivation,
do we know about cultivation?
Coolie would do his job.
Broker would sell the grain.
What do we do in between them?
- Just supervising.
Yes, that's what they do.
We're seeing in TV channels,
they sit before TV's in shooting spot,
and give instructions only,
what else are they doing?
l'm asking ignorantly,
without working as an assistant,
are you Ramgopal Varma to direct a film?
Ramgopal Varma? Do you've to
use his name as an example?
Why? Didn't he make a great film 'Shiva'?
l agree 'Shiva' is a great film,.
But did he make it with talent?
- Then...
Making film 'Shiva' by luck...
Have you gone mad?
Denigrating epic film Sholay...
One who talks rubbish...
ls Varma a director?
Watching Hitchcock films...
He made ghost films,
is Ramgopal Varma a film director?
Talent isn't hereditary...
talent isn't private property of few...
Are Shankar and Mani Rathnam great?
Did Vinayak and Vamsi
came down from sky?
Did Raghavendra made any great
film other than milk, fruits, and navel?
l'll strive for social welfare...
l'll drastically change it...
Krishnavamsi made films...
Audience got disgusted
unable to understand...
Puri Jagannadh without knowing
that 'Pokiri' is a fluke hit...
He makes a film 'Deshamuduru',
what to do?
Did he forget his earlier
film 'Andhrawala'?
l've seen Rajamouli's film 'Magadheera'...
l'll make a film upstage it...
What sins have we committed?
B.Gopal blows up
umpteen number of Sumos...
That's Appalraju is coming
to tinsel town...
To give directors a run
for their money...
Boyapati Seenu is like a cat,
does he need to roar like a lion?
What a tragedy!
Srinu Vytla made 'Namo Venkatesha'
but was left with a hole in pocket...
Saying l'll not spare you Bommali, Kodi
made the film 'Arundhati' with Anushka...
Recycled stories of old films and
cheated us with a head bandana...
Sentiments of EVV and SV's films
give you headaches...
Gunasekhar put up large sets, they
sank taking producers along with it...
Bloody, l've got a cut already!
Why are you still shouting cut?
l'm practicing, father.
- To hell with your practice.
0l was lucky to get a cut here,
had it been little down?
Your mother would've become widow.
Doesn't your day begin unless
you get chided by him?
lf you really want to make films,
so many marriages are
why not videograph it?
l don't want to become
a marriage director, mother.
l've decided to go
to Hyderabad, father.
l'll not return until l make
a film of my script Nayaki.
Yes, you'd be coming to Hyderabad,
and producers are waiting in the railway
station to give you a chance to direct.
lt has been announced
on TV9 channel.
Please don't play with my emotions.
Hubby, please mind your words
while talking to our son.
Where will you stay in Hyderabad?
Do you remember the man
staying behind our house?
- Subbi?
He went 6 years ago with
a dream of becoming hero.
Forget about becoming hero,
he wasn't seen even in the
DD program of raising pigs!
He's waiting for a hero's chance.
You believe him?
This streak isn't in our family,
how did you catch this madness?
Father, don't call it as madness,
you'll never understand it.
The day my name appears on screen as
Story, Screenplay, Direction by Appalraju,
l'll come back here that same day.
Fare please.
Excuse me, my friend Subbu...
- Are you also here to become a hero?
No, l'm here to become director.
He has gone out for shooting.
- Shooting?
Has he become hero?
- Top hero!
Where's the shooting?
Veera Hanuman Reddy
Shooting in progress
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
l'm hero's friend, who are you?
Oh God! Are you hero's friend?
l'm production boy here.
Get a chair!
Give it to him.
l'll inform hero, sir.
- Okay.
Will you stop your banter?
Are my sorrows banter to you?
Who would l share it other
than with you?
Greetings sir.
My name is Appalraju.
l'm a great fan of yours.
Why are you laughing?
Listening to your dialogue delivery
personally, l laughed in happiness.
Are you also doing a role
along with my friend, sir?
Your friend? My heroine is Anushka.
Anushka is heroine, l mean
are you acting with my friend?
Your friend? Who is he?
- Hero of this film, sir.
Hero? l'm the hero.
Are you the hero?
ls it two hero film, sir?
Who is my friend's heroine?
You said my friend, where is he?
That's him sir.
- He? ls he my friend?
lsn't he your friend, sir?
Who the hell are you man?
- l told you l'm hero's friend.
Friend? Since how long
are you my friend?
l'm not your friend sir,
l'm hero's friend.
He's the hero.
- ls he the hero?
lf he's the hero, what's Subbu then?
Who is this Subbu?
- Hero of this film, sir.
lf l beat you, your hero will vanish!
Who is Subbu?
Subbu is the hero of this film.
Hero got angry and he paid for it dearly.
lsn't there any value to
the friend of the hero?
How dare you beat me?
Come to Amalapuram,
l'll take you to task.
ls it film fight scene?
Didn't l tell you entry into films is difficult
smoking cigarette behind Ramba theatre?
You came here to become hero,
why are you playing monkey?
lts face value of artistes that counts!
lf l appear on screen
l must be a hero.
Till then l can't avoid doing
these masked roles.
l've to earn for food and
accommodation, right?
You told me earlier that Puri Jagannadh
is making a film with you as hero.
He promised but his brother
entered the scene.
You said Ramgopal Varma
promised to give you a break.
After the flops of films 'James'
and new 'Shiva',
he stopped films with new faces.
How come you're here?
l've decided to become a director.
Are you still mad about making films?
lt's not an ordinary matter
to become a director.
lt's more than enough if director
has a soft heart to understand films!
'Mayabazaar'! 'Devadas'!
'Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi'!
'James Bond' 'Adavi Ramudu'
Even after watching such great films,
learning from it and if l can't
make a film better than it,
it's useless to become a director.
'Mayabazaar' 'Devadas'
'Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi' 'James Bond'
'Adavi Ramudu' 'Shankarabharanam'
'Yaadon Ki Baraat' 'Titanic'
l'll make a try, l'll over ride it...
l'll make people forget it...
l'll direct films...l'll make films...
l'll rock the box-office collections...
l'll teach acting to Kamal Haasan...
l'll change the style of Rajinikanth
smoking cigarettes...
l'll make Chiranjeevi to dance
to my innovative new steps...
l'll train Balakrishna to beat
the thighs...
l'll make a silent film with
dialogue king Mohan Babu...
l'll turn Tollywood into
Hollywood not Bollywood...
Appalraju is a big boast...
l'll give mega hit film
than 'Pokiri' to sexy lleana...
l'll give a blockbuster hit better
than 'Arundhati' to Anushka...
l'll charge up charming Charmy...
l'll take pretty Priyamani
from bottom to top...
l'll make 'Rangeela' differently
with girl-next-door...
l'll show you what story,
screenplay and direction is...
Seeing your confidence l feel you'd
become a director before l'm a hero.
There's a big lock to stop your entry
into this magical world of films.
There's a key to every lock.
Many thousands of keys
like me couldn't enter it.
l'll make a new key to that
lock with my script Nayaki.
Just show me a way,
l'll push ahead against all odds.
Today there's audio release
function of film 'Kottukundam Raa'.
l'll manage to get passes to it.
Look! Director Rajamouli is coming!
Come, let's meet him.
What's there to meet a director?
As if you're a great director.
You stay here,
l'll make a courtesy call.
Are you producer's guest?
No sir.
My name is Appalraju.
l'm here with a friend.
Who are you?
Are you the producer, sir?
l'm the Man Friday to all of them.
l was little harsh without knowing
who you were, sir!
l never heard about you, sir.
Never saw your photo
in magazines or TV.
Only if l get photographed, right?
l hate media and publicity.
l'll keep them away from me.
l'm here to become director, sir.
l've a script of Nayaki,
a great tragedy story.
lt's a heroine oriented subject.
lf you listen to my story,
l'm sure you'll agree that
it's more tragic than Devadas.
Story is the lifeline of the film.
You said it great sir.
While watching film in Amalapuram
Ramba theatre, l too had same thought.
l've one more belief sir.
People immediately latch up
entertaining films.
But keep tragedy films in
their hearts forever.
lt has long life, sir.
lf you read my Nayaki script,
you'll agree it's more tragic
than Devadas, sir.
Read it sir.
When can l meet you after
reading the script, sir?
Tomorrow morning...no...
Mahesh Babu has invited me
to lunch in his home.
Day after tomorrow...
l'm going to Chennai.
Rajinikanth has called me.
l've already postponed it twice.
You please do one thing.
Meet me on Saturday.
l've become a director, almost!
l got an appointment with Raki.
- Who is this Raki?
He's the Man Friday to
all these producers.
Their office boy?
He's the man behind their success.
They're not there without him.
Never heard his name.
He stays away from media and publicity.
You said Allu Aravind, Suresh Babu,
won't l at least hear his name?
Who are you? Just a junior artiste.
What's your range and his range!
You're one among a lakh,
he's one for a lakh!
lt was good fortune that l met
him on my first day itself.
l've given him my script.
lf he likes it...
What a story! What a tragedy!
What a sentiment! What a drama!
But, second half is little...
What's the problem with the
second half, sir?
He'll tell you.
- He is...
He's Pushpanand, our company's
creative head.
He's distant relative of
90's super hit film's producer.
What's the problem in the second half?
lf hero dies, people won't watch the film.
That's it!
Our story is a tragedy,
only when hero commits suicide
unable to cope up with life,
audience in the theatre would get moved,
suicide is the highlight of our film, sir.
People will not watch
the film if hero dies.
Who are you to decide that people
will not watch film if hero dies?
'Marocharithra' 'Devadas' 'Premabhishekam'
'Gitanjali' were hits because hero dies.
Hero doesn't die in 'Gitanjali'.
May be not but in the other
three films, hero dies.
ln films 'Dilwale Dulhania Lejayenge',
'Pokiri' and 'Okkadu'
hero doesn't die,
so they were much bigger hits.
A film's hit or flop doesn't
depend on hero's death,
it depends of the story.
Hero committing suicide, not good!
How about hero dying in an accident?
Accident? What's the connection
between our story and accident?
Hero must commit suicide
in that situation.
lf he dies in accident,
the story will reach graveyard
not to our audience.
How about hero leaving home?
Where? To Peddapuram?
Or Amalapuram?
lt's not our point whether hero goes
underground or up above or to forest,
if hero doesn't commit suicide...
lf you don't understand it,
accept it graciously,
if you don't like it,
say you don't like it.
But for God sake
don't play with my Nayaki.
l'll not change even a word
in my script Nayaki.
You make another film.
- Hey you...why are you so tensed?
Didn't l tell your story
is extraordinary?
You must narrate to many
if it's a film script,
people would come out
with their own opinion.
Final decision is yours, right?
You've told your opinion,
but there's a little problem.
Not in your script.
All my money is stuck in real estate.
Unless the boom returns
l can't sell those lands.
l don't have money now,
my last two films were flops,
utter flops!
To make a film now,
we've to find a financier,
there's big shot by the
name Mastanaiah.
l sent him your script too.
He fell in love with it.
He has a girl friend.
You meet her.
Why should l meet his girl friend?
l mean she's mad about films.
You mean should l give her
a role in my film?
Meet her once...just only once.
Try to understand why l'm insisting it.
Meet her!
Did you read my script sir?
Where do l've time to read scripts?
l didn't but she read it.
Baby, you said you liked
a character in the story.
Dolly, l'm not undermining your
beauty or talent,
l've a feeling that you won't suit
for the role of my heroine.
How about doing the other
character Shanthi?
She has only six scenes!
You don't worry, once we start the film.
6 scenes could get stretched
to 16 scenes,
we can change as you wish!
How can you change?
lt's my story, my will and wish.
Who are you to change it?
l'll not change even a word
in my script.
lf Baby doesn't fit your character,
fit your character to Baby!
Till then l'll not lend even a penny!
Baby, come.
Sir, please finish the lunch.
lf l make a film with Dolly, l should
go back to Amalapuram and beg.
l can understand your emotion.
l expected something like
this to happen,
so l've invited another party.
His name is Narasimha.
story is just average,
if you make little changes,
it would be great!
l've a brilliant idea.
- What's it?
Your hero is a painter, right?
remove the brush from his hand and
put a camera around his neck, that's all.
What if he has camera?
What would a photographer do?
He'll take photos.
Use beautiful sexy girls in your film,
make them wear micro mini shorts,
and make him take their
photos getting wet in rain.
Sex will ooze from our film!
People would throng theatres!
The more our film is sleazy,
the more money we can make.
Good idea!
- My foot idea!
What's my film Nayaki is about?
A tragedy film running on
sentiments and emotions.
Sex in such a sensitive film.
No Appalraju, sex will be good.
What's good?
Sir, fire such creative head and
appoint a creative brain.
lt'll be much better.
lf you want sex, enjoy it.
Don't watch it!
Who would watch it l do it?
Your story may be great to you, but
to Mastanaiah his girl friend is great,
sex if great for Narasimha,
if your great is important to you,
then their great is important to them.
lf you say no,
then get a top heroine,
great financers would flock to us.
How about star heroine Kanishka
for our story?
Kanishka is a glamorous star!
Why would she accept?
lnside story is that she's fed up
with glamour roles,
and wants to do roles that
would fetch her awards.
Kanishka is right on top now!
lf she accepts we'll be on roll.
What eyes! What a nose!
What legs! What a waist!
What did your parents feed
to raise you like this?
You're taking my life, O ghostly girl...
ls it lips or red oxide?
ls it waist or ice cream?
Your every cell is blowing me up
like an atom bomb...
Your beauty is killing me...
This hot Sun is torturing me...
Your expression is rocking!
lt was my grandpa's expression in
his 179th film holding Sridevi's waist.
l know it sir, your body language too
is what he did in his 50th film.
Whether you accept or not you're
better than your father or grandpa.
How far has your love has
reached with Babu?
Who doesn't love Babu
in the industry?
About the affair...
Why don't you act with any other
Babu other than this Babu?
While working out in gym,
he saw and recommended me,
Do you've any objections on exposing?
l've strong opinions on exposing.
l'll go to any extent
if the character demands.
Do you've any dream roles, madam?
l'm fed up doing glamour roles,
l wish to do award winning
character, that's my dream role.
Okay bye.
Where are you going? Stop!
Madam wished to do award
winning character,
l've a great story with me.
l'll narrate it to her.
Every day dozens of people like
you turn to tell such stories.
Meet KA, her PA.
- Where is he sir?
That red shirt man is PA's driver,
meet him first.
Excuse me sir, who is PA Teja's driver?
- Why?
l want to narrate a story to Kanishka.
So l want to meet PA Teja.
What's the budget?
- Not yet fixed.
Not the film's budget, my budget.
Take it sir.
How many people should l meet?
You bring every day someone
saying he's your relative.
But he's my childhood friend.
l promise on your mother.
Story is excellent, l'll tell madam.
You must narrate her after l tell her.
Prepare well.
l'm Appalraju,
l'm here to meet Kanishka.
PA Teja sent me here.
- Please sit here.
Who are you?
- Greetings madam.
l'm Appalraju, l'm here to
narrate a story to Kanishka.
PA Teja sent me here.
- ls it you? Sit down.
Tell me.
- Baby has gone out for a jog.
She has asked to hear the story,
you carry on.
Opening shot is a vast desert!
ln that desert, two legs without
slippers are running.
Opening shot is a vast desert!
ln that desert, two legs without
slippers are running.
A lightning strikes suddenly!
Opening shot is a vast desert!
ln that desert, two legs without
slippers are running.
Heroine looks towards sky,
it's thunders and lightning!
She faints and falls down.
Amidst the thunders and lightning...
Heroine running the desert
without slippers, faints suddenly.
Sky is lit up with thunders, lightning,
rain, she opens eyes and sees,
opening titles start rolling,
heroine runs in the rain
and hugs the hero.
That's all, end credits start rolling.
lt's over, Mummy.
- Over?
How many costume changes
are there for Baby?
Not yet planned about costumes.
Manish Malhotra has come
recently from Paris.
lt seems he has brought
new collections.
Any latest fashion,
my Baby is the first to wears it.
Before any other heroine wears it,
let's get all those designs for our Baby.
Excuse me, Mummy...
- What?
Heroine is middle class
character in the film.
So we may not need Manish Malhotra.
Why? What are you saying?
College girls flock to theatres to see
my Baby's new dress collections.
You write the story,
l'll design her costumes.
Carry on.
ls the film important to you
or the costumes?
Both are important.
lf heroine's costumes are not
natural and realistic in the film,
people will not watch the film.
ln the film 'Pedinti Lakshmi',
heroine starves in the film,
but wore saris worth lakhs,
the film ran 100 days in 200 centres.
Did anyone ask about it?
While watching the film in
Amalapuram Ramba theatre,
for this same point,
the man next to me was abusing
the director with the wildest abuses.
People like you and that man
are one in a crore. Just one!
People would love to watch Kanishka
with clothes or without clothes.
Please don't insult my heroine.
Let's do one thing,
once the film starts,
let's select Manish Malhotra,
get him do the costumes as you like.
Opening shot is a vast desert...
Desert? Gone mad?
Select some cool place.
According to story it must be a desert.
Then, do it, tell your producer to
put up a set in AC studio.
Okay sir.
ln the same desert, your feet
are running without slippers...
My Kanishka's feet are tender
to feel hurt for a movement,
infact she wears shoes even
while taking bath,
There would be scorpion in desert,
what if it bites her?
Will you bear the pain?
lf there are any practical problems,
take care of it later.
First let him narrate his story.
As you run, sunrays hit
your eyes directly.
Darling, use latest Rayban glasses
from Singapore for this scene.
Sir, heroine shouldn't wear
sun glasses in this scene.
Remove it using graphics,
do l've to tell you that also?
Okay sir.
As you run, you faint
because of hot Sun.
lt's difficult for her to keep
feet in desert,
how can you ask her to fall bodily?
Do one thing, use beds or pillows.
Suddenly is starts raining heavily!
Rain in desert?
That's my directorial touch.
lf she gets wet in rain,
she'll catch flu.
Arrange the rain with hot water.
- Okay sir.
You get up in the rain and start dancing!
Should she dance in the
desert rain without slippers?
Use a dupe!
lf l've to use a dupe,
why would l book Kanishka?
Do you've any common sense?
Give me a cigarette.
After that...
Getting Kanishka's dates isn't
an ordinary thing.
lts your luck.
Not luck sir, it's the power
of my Nayaki's story.
Okay, agreed.
l've called 10 assistant
directors for you,
interview them and
select candidates you like.
l heard you've years of experience!
l was born in 1957 the day film
'Mayabazaar' hit the screens.
after watching film 'Shiva',
l had decided never to direct a film.- Why?
Were you scared of not making
a better film than it?
What a lousy film it was sir!
Even a cycle mechanic would take
10 minutes to remove cycle chain,
but Nagarjuna snaps and
picks it instantly.
ls there any logic in that film?
l was so upset with audience
who made it a big hit,
that l decided never to make a film
and settled down as assistant director.
Not the film you like the most,
tell me your name.
What genre of films you like?
l don't like any films.
Don't you like films?
- l don't like films.
lf you don't like films,
why did you then enter film industry?
To make a film l would like.
l'm here to work as assistant for
livelihood till l get a chance.
What' your name?
That is...
What's your name?
Brother, Annamacharya, sir.
Why are you so scared, Annamacharya?
Nothing sir.
You say nothing but...
Sir, my mother told me
to respect elders.
Look, we're going to work
together here,
there's no difference of
senior or junior.
Please don't say like that sir.
l've brought this for you sir.
What's this?
To make your film a hit, l've offered
prayers to Goddess Andalamma.
Keep it there.
Sir, your film will be a super duper hit!
Were you an assistant director
for the film Titanic?
You've many cousins.
How is the story, sir?
Story is good but pace is
stumbling block.
lf the film has BN Reddy's screenplay
and Adurti Subba Rao's drama,
it would be much better.
How do you feel it, Annamayya?
Wonderful! Astonishing!
l feel like l was born to work
for this film.
lf this film doesn't run for 400 days,
l'll stop going to Tirupathi.
Get up...get up...
Sit there.
What's your opinion?
Do you like it?
l'm making a film because l like it.
How do you feel it?
You like it, so make a film,
why are you asking me?
You needn't have to tell me
to make the film,
just tell me why you didn't like it?
Why do you want to know
why l don't like it?
Are you making the film for me?
You're making a film for public,
they'll buy tickets to watch the film.
Why the hell should l bother?
My foot!
l'm asking your opinion as
an assistant director.
l'll say not good,
will you stop making the film?
Tell me, will you stop making the film?
How do you feel it?
l meant should you've to ask
me that also?
lt means you like it, right?
l've arranged a meeting with
Megamax company.
Megamax company?
- A big corporate company in Bombay.
They've opened a branch here also.
Now we're doing business
in corporate level.
lnfact our film's finance is...
You've a company head.
Tragedy story!
Heroine oriented films run only in places
like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Maldives.
They don't watch our Telugu films.
Recently released 'Arundhati'
was a heroine oriented film,
it was a super hit!
lt wasn't a heroine oriented film.
- Then?
We're not saying it but our research
and development database says so.
What authority it has to say so?
Films like 'Sharada' and 'Kartavyam' many
years ago were heroine oriented.
How could they become
blockbuster hits?
By then our research and development
wing wasn't developed.
What do you want us to do now?
lf you book any top star as hero
for Kanishka, we're ready.
Sir, hero's character is too small.
Entire story is based on Kanishka.
No top hero would accept this role, sir.
That's your problem, what can l do?
She too can't do anything.
We're ready to finance if you
book any top star hero.
Our database says so.
Why did you go blank like that?
There's chance of Babu doing
this character.- How?
lt isn't just enough to write stories
to become a director,
you must get to know
industry's illegal points.
What's correct?
l asked you what's correct?
Correct, but what's correct?
Come on tell me.
l thought he would've said correctly,
so l said correct.
lt's a public secret that Babu and
Kanishka are having a secret affair.
lf Kanishka posts this message
in a weak or tender moment,
Babu would do the role
without a protest.
To make Babu do such a small role,
there must be something special
in that character, right?
There is madam, in one scene,
you come running and
hug the hero tightly,
for that scene if there's another
hero instead of Babu,
what would become of Babu's honour?
lf you checkmate him with such
dialogues, our job is done.
l'll talk to him.
You're very lucky that Babu has
agreed to do your film.
Babu and Kanishka haven't
yet given a flop.
There's great demand for
your product in the market.
You've made table profit
with a hit combination.
Have you signed all the pages?
- Over sir.
Take your cheque.
That's yours!
This is our new office.
You've made big stars to accept and
directing a film without background.
lt took a year for heroes to okay
the story in LV Prasad's time.
Shooting went on for a year.
The film used to run for year.
Now they're writing a story in one hour,
heroes are okaying it in two hours,
they're filming it in two months,
the film runs for two days
and leaves the theatre,
you've become a director straight
away, you're lucky man.
This film is taking off because of
Goddess Andalamma's blessings.
lt's all God's grace.
Keep this vermilion, sir.
You're also happy, right?
Why should l be happy
if you make a film?
You're also working for this film, right?
l got appointed here long back,
why should l be happy now?
lf you're happy, be happy,
why should l be?
Unbelievable this is, Raju...
Give me a shake hand,
what a surprise...
l got a chance to make film...
l'll show romance on the screen...
l know your talent, advance congrats...
Raju is no joke,
l'll prove my talent...
All the best, go ahead...
create a new record...
While you walk on the road...
l'll take a shot amidst flowers...
l'll show the beauty of lips
and imbibe it...
l'll show what Kareena
and Katrina lack...
l'll give a new Bapu's doll
to the industry...
l'll capture the beauty of heroine
in camera...
l'll zoom in to film 24 carat
golden body in 24 frames...
l'll fill the frame with
vibrant colours...
l'll create history in Eastman...
l'll give a run of their money
to Hollywood and Bollywood...
l'll make you a evergreen star
like Angelina Jolie...
Appalraju, l think our film is
hitting roadblock.
Hitting roadblock?
Not hitting, it has hit already.
What happened?
Last night hero and Kanishka
had a big fight.
lt seems Kanishka has broken up
with him in a fit of anger.
Goddess! Such an injustice for
breaking one coconut less.
Babu has affair with Kanishka
in the front,
and running an affair with Bombay
beauty Antariksha from behind.
Kanishka caught him red handed.
- l can't believe it sir.
Babu loves Kanishka very much.
l've seen it with my eyes.
You've seen Babu with Kanishka only,
you haven't yet seen him
with others, right?
He can have affairs with
10 girls at a time.
That's his capacity.
Poor girl Kanishka trusted him blindly.
Forget about Kanishka's career,
think about Appalraju's career.
What career? Your career is over
the moment they fought.
We must meet urgently.
ln film industry we take advance
but never return it.
Don't you know it?
ln the agreement you signed with us,
on page number 16,
according to clause 38 D,
if hero withdraws, you've to return
the loan along with interest.
lf you fail to do so, we'll start
criminal proceedings against you.
l told you to sign after reading
every word but you signed it blindly.
Look, you're in a mess now!
l didn't read this clause only.
lt was enough had you
read this clause only.
l've wasted a month in my life.
Bye, l'll join another film.
You didn't visit Andalamma's temple,
that's why Goddess is angry on you
and she has stopped our film.
l'll offer prayers and cool her anger,
l'll come back now.
ln the times of B.Vittalacharya,
if artistes commit to a film,
there's no going back,
Kanishka and Babu would do their films,
you'll go back to your native place,
but we stay here and face the flak.
l'll face my difficulties,
you face yours.
l told my parents that
l'm making a film.
lf l go home now,
l'll be valueless to my father.
lf l want to stay back here,
what should l do and how?
l was confident when l didn't
get a chance and was struggling.
But now after losing a film, l'm very sad.
Did you ever face such
a situation in your life?
Any time?
What l told you now?
l didn't hear you,
l was typing SMS message.
l'm talking to seriously about my life
and you're typing messages.
My SMS too is serious.
- Serious SMS?
Yes, serious SMS.
Do you think only you're facing
problems in this world?
l got little emotional.
- Me too sorry.
l've got another SMS.
Why are you asking me?
Are you checking your messages
after taking my permission?
l'm asking because it's serious.
- lf it is serious, check it.
Why are you getting serious on me?
My problem is as serious to me
as your SMS is to you.
My SMS is as serious
as your problem is to you.
Your seriousness is yours
and my seriousness is mine.
lt's me PA Teja!
- Tell me sir.
l've booked KT in the place
of Babu for our film.
Who is KT?
- lt's our rebel star KT Rao!
Why would KT Rao agree to do this film?
He won't but our Kanishka
made him to agree.- How?
That's her technique!
lf Kanishka leaves Babu's camp,
she has to join KT's camp.
Kanishka has already told
everything to KT,
you meet KT immediately
and narrate the story.
Greetings sir,
my name is Appalraju.
Kanishka's PA sent me here.
Who is he to send you and
who you are to come here?
Everything is taken care
by Him up there!
Films don't run because of story,
He makes it a hit.
What's the character?
l'm a character myself.
People come to see me.
Are you doing my film 'Nayaki' sir?
Who is doing and
who makes us do it?
Everything is taken care
by Him up there!
My PA will give you my dates.
lt's not easy to get KT's dates.
l didn't give my dates for his
story or for the character,
its for my sweet Kanishka!
He was a side hero in my film,
that bloody KT who was out of
focus standing behind me,
with just two hits in his kitty,
how dare he gets close to Kanishka.
lf he has no sense,
shouldn't Kanishka have some sense?
You're like father of this industry,
you took her to this position, how dare
she rejects and settle with KT!
l want her!
Babu's glamour queen
is my lover now.
Seeing Kanishka by side,
he doesn't die in jealousy,
henceforth my name
shall not be KT!
KT's name is giving me heartburn.
Let's gun him with media
not with bullets.
Channels, distributors who would
do anything for us,
critics who write reviews
without watching films,
accountants who can fudge
the collections,
entire backbone of the industry
in your family's hands.
Let what ever be in his hands,
l've his Kanishka with me.
Your future is in your hands
not in anyone else's hands.
Yes, you're the only person to
understand me and my feelings.
lt's impossible for anyone
now to stop my film.
l'm not just an expert
in making hit films,
l know very well how to spoil
the rival's films.
Nobody can spoil a good film.
l'll prove that story is
the lifeline of films.
l'll make a film without changing my
characters to suit star's image.
But they say your character is
very small in the script.
That's in the script, watch the film.
Once the film shoot begins what ever
he writes is unnecessary.
What ever l say he must
incorporate it in his script.
l'll turn 'Nayaki' (heroine)
into 'Nayakudu' (hero)
Hail Lord Shiva!
l promise on God,
it's my responsibility to make
Appalraju's film a big flop!
God, bless me that my film is a hit
for all the offers l made till now.
Story, Screenplay, Direction - God
l returned database company's
cheque along with interest.
What? Aren't we doing the film
with Megamax company?
He wants 70% overseas market.
Don't know when he would take
lessons or add new clauses.
Who would finance our film then?
l've already set up another party.
He'll do it for 30% overseas.
- Which company?
He doesn't own a company, but a den!
His name is Srisailam anna.
A big rowdy!
Will a rowdy finance our film?
All we need is money.
Not rowdyism.
Corporates could be financed by
Dawood lbrahim or Bin Laden.
There's a Don behind every producer.
Srisailam has stopped murders
and turned a good man.
Today also nobody came, brother.
- Nobody came to bump you off.
Why are you disappointed
if nobody attempts to kill me?
lf nobody tries to kill you,
why should l give you security?
Am l useless man?
lt's an order if l take a gun,
it's a murder if l see,
that's my style!
People fear gun and gun fears me.
But l don't fear you, brother,
l'm brave!
l didn't mean you, but about gun.
The background which you've,
who in this film industry has it?
Not background but
rowdies behind me.
Brother, he's Appalraju.
My film's director.
Debut film?
- How did you find it, brother?
The sincerity l had while committing
first murder, l can see in your eyes.
My fourth murder was inside a theatre.
- lt was fifth, brother.
Fourth was in a birthday party.
Do you want brother
to ask you to sit? Sit down.
l killed my enemy in a theatre,
l saw the balance film
to pass time.
Ever since then...
One more thing,
For our film no need to hire
knives, gun, rowdies and bombs.
We've everything.
Sir, our film has no violence.
A great tragedy film with
feel, emotions and sentiments.
lf eyes shed tears, it's sentiment,
if you get hurt, you need ointment.
Brother Srisailam! Super!
By the way, do you know brother
composes good songs?
Why are you looking like that?
Do you want him to write all
the songs in your film, right?
What you'd make him write?
Brother finances films to write songs.
brother, tell me, l'll finish him.
Gun has tears, bullet has scent.
l'm really fortunate that a great
poet like you is financing my film.
What do you say Appalraju?
lt's our good fortune.
lf you use my songs in the film,
guns will be replaced with pens,
if not bullets would pierce
through your heads.
Srisailam is a criminal,
how can he write songs for my film?
Valmiki too was a criminal once.
Didn't he write Ramayana?
How can you compare Valmiki with him?
Don't insult the epics.
Gulzar too was once a pick pocket.
Didn't he become a writer?
ls Gulzar a pick pocket?
- l know it.
Appalraju, try to understand.
Srisailam is financing our project
for letting him write the songs.
lf we refuse him, he'll cut our
throats with a gun not with a knife.
Why did you seek finance
from such a guy?
lf we refuse he'll start
committing murders again.
Should l fear him and accept what
ever he writes as songs in my film?
Has he any connection with songs?
Does he know the spelling of lyrics?
Who listens to the songs?
They listen to the music only.
You get the music you want and
he'll write what he thinks is lyrics.
lf you say no,
this film would get shelved.
l'll get beheaded!
lt's better to make dubbing films than
making films with guys like you.
l can't educate people like you.
lt's all over.
Now Srisailam will write songs.
He won't write with pen but with gun.
Whether its good or bad
we've to use it.
Once in a year such a tune comes up!
You're very lucky.
lt was background score in
James Cameron's Avatar.
Recently l went to America,
l gave them as gift,
may be they'd used it.
This will not suit to any
situation in my film, sir.
Getting tune for the
situation is routine,
it's good when it's not
in tune with situation.
Who is he?
To whom?- To brother.
- Brother?
lf its for brother...
You play!
This is new tune, please listen.
l told you sir,
l don't want routine tunes.
l want a tune with feel!
ln the recently released
film 'Ammaniyamma',
when the mother character dies,
hero carries her and sings
a song with good beat.
Who composed it? Me!
l'll never make such silly
experiments in my film.
l want a good song with feel.
Did you ever hear good feeling
songs as ring tones?
Are you composing songs
to listen or for ring tones?
People don't have time to buy
CD's and listen to songs,
they prefer ring tones only.
l'll do a remix song.
- Remix?
Where can l add it?
Use it where ever you want to.
My name is Srisailam...
my profession is rowdyism...
Brother! Wow!
- Brother Srisailam...super!
My name is Srisailam...
my profession is rowdyism...
Brother, your every word is a song.
l feel like industry has found
a combo of Sri Sri and Athreya.
Who are they?
- They are...
How dare you compare them
with brother!
l'll kill you, l'll stab you...
l was saying they were like you, brother.
Brother, song is excellent.
Please write a song on
Goddess Andalamma also.
l'll offer prayers every day
and sing your song.
You short man, come here.
No use if lyrics are good,
tune must also be good.
Compose a good tune for brother's
lyrics, if not brother would kill you.
Why did you shut down
the good running bar?
When l used to dance in bar,
you threw currency notes on me,
l followed you here
without finding you there.
Turn your heads that side.
Don't tell them anything.
l want to dance for a song
in your film.
Beau, l want to be seen in a film!
Drop Kanishka and
take Sarala as the heroine.
Brother, we've already given
advance to Kanishka.
With your money only.
How about making our next film
with Sarala as heroine?
You can do the hero's role, brother.
lntroduction to Telugu audience!
A Laila Majnu, a Gitanjali, a Gulabi,
a Anarkali, a Marocharithra...
Beau! Am l your heroine?
We can try like this.
To remove madam's camera fear,
we can create a role of
Kanishka's friend,
and make madam enact that role.
- Shut up!
Who the hell are you create
a character in my script?
How are you connected
to my script?
l'll kill if anyone dares
to enter my script.
Nobody must shout in
brother's presence.
lf you do, l'll kill you.
ls the tune ready?
- Ready.
My name is Srisailam...
my profession is rowdyism...
My den is in Dhoolpet...
anyone dares to cross me is dead...
My job is illegal activity...
l'm a local Don...
l'll give life to a friend...
l'll take the life of enemy...
l drink at night...
l kill if l get bored...
l'm a boy from Chinthalbasti...
if you want inquire...
People will tell who murdered
even while as a boy in shorts...
Check the entire register
of Chanchalguda jail...
Get to know who escaped
from there maximum times...
Who made Dawood a fearsome Don?
Who taught Veerappan to smuggle?
lt's none other than
one and only Srisailam...
What the hell a hero does in films?
He uses a dupe to fight
and do feats...
Srisailam is dashing and
daring in doing original stunts...
My punches knock you out of life...
l was the one who broke
the tooth of Tyson...
Bruce Lee got saved
from me with death...
l'm the epitome of violence...
lt seems there's a sensational
item song in Babu's film.
The information is from my camp.
lf my film has to compete
with his film,
we must also do a sensational
item song to bring down the roof.
lt seems they'd used models
from America.
Let's use Russians.
Sir, there's no situation in
our film for an item song.
lf there's a situation,
why would they call it as item song?
Situation isn't there, that's why
it is known as item song.
lf we film an item song,
we can use it any scene.
You're adding senselessly
songs as you please,
that's why people are not watching
songs, they're going out!
l've seen it many times in
Amalapuram Ramba theatre.
l won't commit a mistake knowingly.
Who the hell you are to refuse me?
What experience you've
compared to me?
l've given two back to back hits.
And you haven't yet released
your first film.
KT's film must have item song
and all other masala.
lf not my fans would
get disappointed.
Films having too much of masala
are burning audience in theatres.
l've seen it many times in
Amalapuram Ramba theatre.
ls Amalapuram Ramba the
only theatre in Andhra Pradesh?
There are hundreds of towns
and thousands of theatres.
lf you watch few films in your
Amalapuram Ramba theatre,
and think you know the
taste of entire AP,
there won't be a more
foolish man than you.
Forget about making the film,
learn first how to talk to a hero.
Tell him, if not l'll walk out
of the film.
Never talk to mass heroes like that.
lf you don't mind,
there's truth in what he says.
lf you're proud while making
your first film,
he's a star,
how proud would he be!
He has no common sense
which a film goer has!
He's a top star with top ego!
A senseless man can never reach top.
lf you talk so tough,
it would've hurt his ego.
Explain him properly how an item
song would mar the film.
l feel if you explain him coolly,
he will agree.
Do you think so?
Sir, please listen to me calmly.
Basically in our film,
your character helps heroine in distress,
and you sacrifice yourself in the last,
l mean your character is great
to commit suicide,
in such situation, in the pre-climax
before you commit suicide,
an item song with Russian models,
it means your character will
its importance.
We'll miss the emotion
leading to the climax, sir.
ls it right to kill your character
for an item song, sir?
Tell me sir.
You're right, Appalraju.
Let's do one thing.
- What sir?
Let's change the character.
l don't want this hero, this film
and l don't want to direct.
l'm going away.
- Stop...Appalraju!
Go to Amalapuram!
- What?
What? Amalapuram?
- Come with me. Get down.
- Where to?
l got you a heroine, hero and
Srisailam to finance the film,
l did all this to give you a break,
are you leaving me in dire straits?
lt's not my idea to leave
you in dire straits.
lf you add an item song,
it'll kill the film.
You go to Amalapuram.
ltem song is just 3 minutes long.
lf you add it before climax...
- One more word and l'll kill you.
Who are you to take my auto?
- You keep quiet man.
- Raki took trouble for you only.
Please listen to us.
- l'll go.
Will you take me to Amalapuram or not?
No, l'll not listen to you.
You wanted to make film
with heart, right?
Think with your heart,
adjust and get going.
lf film gets shelved?
Who would repay the money to Srisailam?
You're always bothered about
your script, your song only.
Please listen to me.
How many lives would you
destroy for one item song?
l'll get ruined, can't you see it?
Can't you?
Think, which is better, item song
or change the hero's character?
Which is better to us?
Think over it.
Ranganayaki near the ring road...
My heart fell in love on
seeing you sultry siren...
How well you sang sir!
Watch! l'll compose a tune.
Brother, super!
Had Athreya been alive,
he would've died hearing this song.
Who is he?
- A poet like you.
What a great song!
Not just this song but all...
Ranganayaki near the ring road...
My heart fell in love on
seeing you sultry siren...
What a great line!
How could you al like this trash?
Does he have brain to write such lines?
ls this lyric?
How dare you say brother is brain less!
He has written such a beautiful line!
Right now, l'll get brother
to write an epitaph for you.
Brother, give me order, l'll stab him.
Didn't you like my lyric?
Brother is hurt, come on boys!
Stab him boys!
He set aside gun for 3 days and
put pressure on brain to write it.
And you say you don't like it.
l'll tell him...
Please say lyrics are great!
You told me to write an item song, right?
Yes brother, but director feels a
change in lyrics would be fine.
lsn't it , Appalraju?
Killing a dead man again and
rewriting a song is impossible!
l'm telling you all the bars in
the state will play this song only.
Gun, cut his throat,
l'll explain boss.
Brother, give me order,
l'll cover him in shroud.
Kill him!
Appalraju say song is good!
Please say okay...
Kill him!
Your song is fantastic!
Ranganayaki near the ring road...
My heart fell in love on
seeing you sultry siren...
Come behind the tree
chanting my name...
You'll go mad with the
punch of my youth...
lf you say no, you'll feel for it...
lf l say yes,
what would become of my beauty...
l'll get you exotic item in Ooty...
You'll ask for more of it...
lf you're my man, got to Tirupathi
and tonsure your head...
lf you get a chance,
will you take me abroad?
My youth is galloping like a horse...
Don't wait, tie the knot...
Though l don't have a six pack body...
l've a family pack body for you...
Your eyes are striking me
like arrows...
Your tale is out in hot
desires and despairs...
Waiting to try a hand on you...
- Don't pull my sari because l'm free...
l want 5 or 6 autos in this right block.
ln this left empty place
arrange few vegetable shops.
Note it down.
Entire centre must be colourful.
Don't you remember someone
on seeing me, sir?
Look at me properly, sir.
Why should l see?
Who should l remember?
People back in my place say
l'm a replica of Ravi Teja.
Hero Ravi Teja?
People come from every place!
Okay, you may be,
what do you want me to do?
l mean not only others
l too feel like him.
So what? What can l do?
l want to replace him.
Look, l'm not making a film with dupes.
My film is original.
Take me sir, it'll be good.
lt'll be plus to the film.
Who are you tell me that?
Every body is making fun of me.
Everyone is suggesting a change.
Give me one chance, sir.
l'll over take the original.
Add it sir.
Come, sir here.
Come. Sit there.
Remove your glasses.
- No sir.
l'm asking you, remove it.
- No sir.
l'm asking you to remove it,
why are you saying no?
lt'll not work out if l remove
my glasses.
Not work out?
Remove your glasses.
l'll get caught, sir.
How many times do l've to tell you?
Remove your glasses.
l told you, sir.
There's already a Ravi Teja
to act like Ravi Teja, right?
Why you?
lt's difficult to get Ravi Teja's dates.
Look, there's no character
for Ravi Teja himself,
how can his dupe have a role?
Just give me one chance sir.
- Get going.
One chance, sir.
- Can't you understand me? Go!
l said go!
He has come fully prepared.
Ravi Teja is original, you're a dupe.
Try to reach top place where
he would be your dupe.
Don't think of acting like his dupe.
What's your name?
From which place?
- Amalapuram
From my place!
Go back to Amalapuram and
find yourself a good job.
Stop dreaming such crazy dreams.
lf you fix the rate,
l'll fix the rating.
You must spoil Appalraju's film.
His film, his story,
KT and Kanishka combination,
spread bad reports on all the things.
Raki, l'm media here!
When are you giving a party to my gang?
He's EV, senior most journalist.
A great critic.
He's Godfather to cinema journalism.
Look Appalraju,
a critic's job is,
saving the audience
from the filmmakers,
not the other way of saving
filmmakers from audience.
Would you be happy if our films flop?
lnnocent Appalraju!
lf a film flops, the most happiest
people are other filmmakers.
Forget about all that.
l've buried many a genius like you.
Who are you to bury or push to top?
lf the film is good people will watch it.
lf it isn't good, they won't watch
even if God recommends.
People are not in the stage of
accepting your silly reviews.
Don't think commenting
a creation is creation.
Story of KT and Kanishka starrer
'Nayaki' directed by Appalraju,
gossip from the unit says it's a copy
of French film made 32 years ago,
and songs are straight lifts from
latest music albums in Europe,
KT and Kanishka's combination
is too bad in stills also,
Babu and Kanishka's combination
is super hit combination,
people who had welcomed
this pair with open arms,
and they're unable to imagine
KT next to Kanishka...
What's this nonsense?
Why is he talking nonsense
about my film?
This is Babu's strategy.
He would've bought them with money.
EV and Venkat have good
connections with TV media.
l'm unable to understand anything, sir.
All this negative publicity
would spoil our film, sir.
Nothing will happen, you don't worry.
lf they've media with them,
we've much more powerful support,
we've Deivagna Acharya.
Who is he?
An astrologer who can convert
negative talk into positive.
Entire film industry depends on him
more than trying to make a good film.
Tell me the third letter of your
great grand father's name.
My great grand father was Kanakaraju.
Third letter is 'Ka'.
- Ka?
Last number of your car number.
- 7!
lf you repeat three times the
second letter 'Ya' in 'Nayaki',
and 'Ki' four times,
if you change the title
to 'Nayayayakikikiki',
it'll run for 100 days.
What? 'Nayayayakikikiki'!
Audience may not understand it.
lf planets understand that's enough,
who cares about audience?
Appalraju, if you change your
name to Appapparararaju,
your film will run for 150 days.
Raki, if you change your name
and reverse it as Kira,
this film will run for 200 days.
- Okay.
You too change name as Agnanachari
instead of Deivagna Acharya.
Our film will run for a year.
You'll live for 200 years.
lgnorant man!
You're insulting sacred text.
lf l curse, your 'Nayaki' will go kaput.
What ever you may say,
my film is 'Nayaki' and l'm Appalraju.
There won't be any change in it.
Raki, if you want change
your name to Kira.
Thank God, didn't tell me to
show the film to people?
Who is he...
- He's good man, but innocent.
Can't avoid it, please excuse me.
ltem song from his film is more
popular than my film's item song.
Everywhere l hear the same song.
When l travel in my car, even my
driver's ring tone is that song.
Dresses of models in his film are
shorter than models from our film.
Exposing is sensational!
The mistake l did was,
l cut the obscene shots
in the song separately,
audience mustn't support
such films and such dances,
l ran a campaign.
But my entire campaign backfired.
lf clippings are like this,
how would the full song be?
Youth are craze about it.
Song has become a raging hit.
They've filmed their song richer
than our song.
Who is financing them to
make a rich film?
He has stopped rowdyism
and entered film industry.
The song was also written by Srisailam!
Bloody bastard!
l know how to deal with him.
Kill them boys!
What happened?
lt's stuck, forgot to bring coconut oil.
You kill them boys!
Have you also forgotten coconut oil?
- No bullets, brother.
- No, run out of bullets.
ln the recent shoot out,
we ran out of bullets,
second delivery...just a minute.
lt's engaged.
Send the bullets, bloody!
Send it immediately.
He's fighting, we're going crazy.
Send urgently.
Brother, don't kill, he's our man.
Our man?
- Yes, no attacks on you,
to keep them fighting fit,
l had arranged this drill.
Mad boys, seek brother's blessings.
Finding nobody is attacking me
l think you'd kill me someday.
Definitely, brother.
l'll kill you and then kill myself.
- Why?
l've been working you for
so many years,
nobody has ever made
any attempt on your life.
Why should l work
unnecessarily for you?
Brother Srisailam!
We're in neck deep trouble.
What happened?
Commissioner called and warned me.
- What?
lt seems someone has complained
that goon is financing my film.
Babu is very close with Commissioner.
May be he would've told him.
Brother, if we put your name
as the presenter,
l'm sure everyone associated
with you would be in jail.
This society can't tolerate
if a criminal turns good man.
Correct brother.
lt can't tolerate a gun in my hand.
l'll convert pen into gun and
kill everyone who stops me.
l'll write epitaphs for them.
No...no...film has come out very well.
Your song is also a big hit.
lf you murder people in rush of blood,
the craze for your song will
diminish and film will get stalled.
We've to take to guns and
follow you as your henchmen.
What should l do now?
Your name shouldn't appear as producer,
let's consult Deivagna Acharya and
change it to Tirupathi or Annavaram.
He didn't like his name so he killed his
father and named himself as Srisailam.
How dare you want him
to change his name!
Brother, order me, l'll finish them.
Let's do one thing,
removing your name as presenter,
l'll put your girl friend's name Sarala.
Like proxy property owners,
let's run the show on sister's name.
Once the police trouble is cleared,
then let's call a press meet,
and announce to the world,
that brother Srisailam is the
man behind this film.
Till then if you stay underground,
this film will reach top grade.
Would you at least credit the
songs to my name?
Not just opening titles,
l'll run your name in end credits too.
l'll remove the interval card
and run your name card.
Yes brother.
Appalraju, all our problems are solved.
Cinema too is fantastic!
Next is release only.
The most important man
for the film is coming.
The most important man for
a film is director, right?
No, Appalraju! lt's distributor.
Ontikannu Gavarraju, AP's no:1 distributor.
Even the biggest director wouldn't
know the flaws in his film.
But Gavarraju decides a film
is hit or flop in just half minute.
l'm the sound of your foot steps,
l'm the air of your breath,
l'm the thought of your imagination,
l'm always there with you.
This is a CG shot, sir.
We'll adjust in re-recording.
Foreign technicians are coming.
How is the promo, sir?
People who watch this promo
don't have anything in it.
The film's heroine isn't exposing.
- Expose?
Our film is a tragedy, sir.
lt's a good heart touching film.
Audience aren't satisfied with
just a heart touching story,
it must touch them in every place!
- Every place means?
You know film 'Adavi Ramudu',
in it Jayapradha,
didn't she drop her sari end for six feet?
That's all, it was a mass hit!
All shows full with whistles.
Didn't Sridevi lift her sari till
knees in '16 Vayasu'?
For 16 days all shows house full.
Cancel this promo, get 4 exposing
shots of the heroine,
and shots of hero fighting,
just add it, it'll reach masses.
Add family romantic song too,
if not ladies won't come out
to watch the film.
Director, if you release the
promo as it is,
forget about your film running
for 4 weeks, it'll become weak,
nobody would buy in Andhra,
Ceded and Nizam.
Do you've brain?
lf we show shots in ads
which aren't there in film,
are the people so foolish...
Promos will appear on TV now,
film will release some time later,
by then people won't remember,
it would get deleted.
Your brain is already deleted.
Check it.
lf you don't cut the promo
as he suggests,
our film will not get released
for people to see it.
Why don't you understand it?
Greetings sir.
l'm discussing about the
promo you'd suggested.
No please.
As l ponder over it,
l feel Appalraju is right.
Keep as it is.
People want variety now.
Even the makers themselves can't
understand their own promo,
and thrill the audience with confusion,
only such films are super hits.
l'm sure Appalraju's promo
would be latched up by people.
l forgot to tell you, l'm buying
your film for entire AP state.
Gavarraju is buying our film
for the entire state.
l've closed that film deal,
when are we releasing our film?
All the films of Babu released
on Sankranthi were hits.
That's why distributors call
him as Sankranthi Babu.
So, Babu wishes his film
must release on Sankranthi.
On Sankranthi day?
My two earlier films were
released on Sankranthi,
both films were with
social message, you know that?
But both were flops.
Sex films won't run on Sankranthi.
Families flock theatres.
Though they're giving a good
build up for Babu's film,
but l've reports from editing
room and lab that film is bad.
lf our film releases with his film,
and if we manage to get the
talk that our film is better,
even if our film collects at least
one rupee more than his film,
it means l'm the top hero.
'Nayaki' must release on
Sankranthi at any cost.
Our next job is publicity of the film.
We must rock it.
Sir, story of our film is our publicity.
We don't need cheap publicity
which Ramgopal Varma generates.
lt must new and effective.
What if we say our film incites
caste and regional feelings?
- Superb!
MLA's must discuss and fight
in Assembly about our film.
Let's ask forgiveness after the release.
lf they still protest,
let's remove the scene.
Let's upload the same scenes
for free on internet.
This is film folks activity...
This is publicity...
This is nativity of tricksters
and cheats...
Creativity to steal the
pockets of audience...
Making a film of Rs.50 lakhs
and bill it as Rs.50 crores...
They film song in Tank Bund
and claim it as New Zealand...
They will invite people to
theatres promising many gifts...
They'll cheat if you keep
on trusting them...
They act like saints before
the press...
You'll get stunned seeing
my character in this film.
A producer must make
a film with passion.
When l heard the story,
l felt it was good...
But director has made it extraordinarily.
Keeping audience in mind,
l've made the film using all that
audience wish in proper quantity.
l've composed lndian music
with international inspiration.
AR Rehman can pack his
bags and go home.
ln every theatre where this film runs,
through a lucky dip,
we'll select a winner,
and give the winner an opportunity
to spend a day with Kanishka...
Every woman who watches
my film would get a free sari.
l've made the film with my heart,
my film will move every person
who has a heart.
They claim to have mixed
sentiment with entertainment...
They claim to have shot the film
in never seen before locations...
Giving ads that everything
you wish is there in it...
Pleading and begging you
to watch their film...
They'll boast a flop film as hit...
They visit empty theatres
as part of success tour...
Public response to your film
is very good.
Publicity is sensational.
lf you give the distribution
rights to our company,
we'll send board of Directors and
offer you more than the market rate.
My film's business is closed.
Gavarraju has bought entire state rights.
l'm always late!
That database guy has come
to our knees.
Gavarraju is not buying our film.
He's buying Babu's film.
lt was a drama played by Gavarraju,
Venkat and Babu to trap us.
How will our film release now?
Why are you laughing at us?
l had prior news of Gavarraju
not buying your film.
lf you want us to buy and
release a film he had dropped,
in the state, 70% and 80% in overfull,
we want a share!
This is really blackmail.
Cinema is cheating.
You cheat the maker before release,
after release you cheat the audience.
That's okay, forget about it,
nobody can release your film
other than us,
before our board comes and
asks your film for free,
you please come to a decision,
tell me your rate.
lf our film has to hit the
screens on Sankranthi,
decide and tell him now.
l think it would be better
to release on Sankranthi.
We can't release it on Sankranthi.
Summer holidays is okay to us.
What's your problem to release
on Sankranthi?
lnstead of releasing your film against
Babu and Y.Venkat combination film,
its better to sell the
negatives in shandy.
Who the hell is that database to
fix the date of my film's release?
l told you our film must
release on Sankranthi.
Didn't you find any other distributor?
No one in the state has courage to
buy a film refused by Gavarraju.
ls it?
Then, l'll buy my film.
l'll release it myself.
lt's a matter of my prestige.
The film must hit the screens
on Sankranthi at any cost.
lf not my fans will get angry
for chickening out in fear of Babu.
No doubt! l'll release the film.
Hail Lord Shiva!
Today two big releases are competing
for box office collections.
One is 'Pranam Theestha'
a Babu and Y.Venkat combination,
second is 'Nayaki' with KT and
Kanishka as hero and heroine,
directed by debutante Appalraju.
ln few hours we'll know the
fate of these two films.
Let's first get the opinion of critics.
Film in the combination of Babu
and Venkat is super duper hit,
l feel this film will break the
records of all previous hits.
Highlight of this film is Babu killing
900 people with a strand of hair.
This film is a trend setter
for commercial films.
l'm giving it 4 stars!
Y.Venkat's direction and Babu's acting
will dominate next generation too.
l'm giving it 4 and half stars!
Hereafter we can divide Telugu films
as before and after 'Pranam Theestha'.
l'm giving this film 5 stars!
lt's not enough, but l don't have
more than it to give.
Thanks for giving your opinion
on 'Pranam Theestha',
how about 'Nayaki'?
lf anyone calls it as a film,
it's an insult to films.
Ever since camera was invented,
l think no language in the world,
had ever produced such a lousy film.
Don't know why the director
made such a bad film?
Don't know why top stars like
Kanishka and KT did such a bad film?
l had headache till l was
watching 'Nayaki'.
l feel Zandu Balm people made
this film to boost their sales.
l feel the hero must commit suicide
in a particular scene.
But suddenly the hero sings
a song with item girl.
Absolutely no logic.
l feel beggars singing in trains
would give better music than this film.
Some Srisailam has written the lyrics,
l doubt if he too can understand it.
No opening lines or verse.
The title 'Nayaki' is an
insult to women.
KT must try villain roles.
There's a chance of showing
'Nayaki' in film institutes
to show how not to make a film.
My opinion is that people will not
come even if it's shown freely.
This film is waste of time to audience,
waste of money to the producers,
waste of dates to the actors,
the film's director is total waste.
Appalraju must return to
Amalapuram, no other way.
My rating is one and half.
l'm giving one star.
l'm giving half of a quarter star.
l'm not giving any star to this film.
Half star!
Stars for this film...
l'll kill them.
- Shut up!
What's wrong in their reviews?
Your songs are worst than
what they had said.
How dare you criticize brother's song!
How dare you say my songs are bad!
lf l go crazy...
- l'll kill you, bloody!
Do you want to write songs?
You've ruined my film.
Get up!
You...are you a hero?
l said no to item song and you insisted.
Look at the result.
No Appalraju...
- Shut up!
You make sex films, you were
born to murder my 'Nayaki' film.
Where's your sidekick?
Hey you, come here.
Posing as if he's a great creator,
giving me all silly advices,
and forcing me to compromise
in every aspect of film making,
the things which l wanted
to avoid in my films,
you'd made me incorporate all that,
what was the story l had imagined?
What's the film l had ended up making?
l told you not to change my story.
l said no to item song
in a tragedy film.
l said hero must commit suicide.
l said no make up for heroine,
l said modern costumes will
not suit my heroine,
her mother wanted new clothes.
l asked how can a rowdy write songs?
l said ring tone Rehman isn't
a music director at all.
Nobody listened to me.
What did l think while watching film
in Amalapuram Ramba theatre,
to achieve what l had come here,
all of you joined and
what have you made me do?
Changing as one wishes,
adding whatever one liked,
you ruined my 'Nayaki'.
Your film is a super duper hit!
Babu's film is a disaster.
Collections are dropping with
every show to his film,
and collections are increasing
with every show for our film.
lt seems our film's tickets are not
available for Rs.1000 in black too.
Repeat audience, whistles and claps!
We're in dull mood and
no jokes please.
Joke? Please switch on
the TV, you'll know it.
Nayaki is sensational!
No film like Nayaki had come
in many decades.
KT's acting is rocking!
Nayaki is great!
Kanishka is shaking as actor.
What a performance!
Srisailam's songs are sensational!
Appalraju's direction is not
just super but terrific!
lt was really sensational!
AR Rehman must learn from this
film's music director Rehman.
Ring Road song is the
song of the decade.
Didn't l tell you item song
will make it super duper hit?
Didn't l tell you people love to
see me in modern dresses?
Didn't l tell about Ring road song?
Didn't l tell it'll be a massive hit?
Didn't l say films don't need logic?
Didn't l tell you film will be a hit
if hero doesn't commit suicide?
Didn't l tell you audience
love bar dances?
Didn't l tell no to new screenplay?
Didn't l tell Andalamma would help?
Didn't l tell you to add if l like it?
You did!
l didn't say anything.
Sensational hit film 'Nayaki'
directed by Appalraju,
if l say it'll dominate this
year's Gurram awards,
l know no one would be surprised.
Other than an urge to make good films,
Raki, who never thinks of anything else,
Brother! This is for you!
Remixing an infant's cries
with mourner's cries,
Rehman Sharma, who gave
all time hit music,
Srisailam who out did many
seasoned writers with his debut songs,
future of film song lyrics,
best song writer award
goes to Srisailam.
The award is for Ring road song.
Fans were bored with routine steps,
choreographing songs with
the shake of bar dance,
and creating a new trend in dance,
best choreography award
goes to our Sarala.
With his creative thoughts
and brilliant thoughts,
pumping life into the story,
one who gave a new meaning
to creativity,
special jury award to Pushpanand.
For the character played by actor KT,
without missing consistency,
for performing the role perfectly,
this year's best acting
award goes to KT!
Not just a glamour doll but can
give a wonderful performance too,
Kanishka who proved her talent,
will receive the best actress award.
Finally, the most awaited,
as the witness of audience who
laughed all through the film,
the man who gave
all time best comedy film,
sensational director, Appalraju!
Have you realised now what is
story screenplay and direction...