Katherine of Alexandria (2014) Movie Script

Katherine of Alexandria's story began in the
4th century AD when Rome nations began to crumble
In Britania, barbarian woman, following of most of
their man, seek up fight againts Rome's enforce.
These barbarian woman were written by Katherine
which are smuggle across empire by felmae slave.
Commander "The Great", inherted regions
where he was still as known commander.
4th Century, somewhere in Egypt
What does it say?
List and beyond the hidden boundries.
And I should tell hale to creation.
Who will?
I will.
Who's in charge here?
This is my land.
You have to pay.
Give him!
Give him!
You should give that to him.
I will not give it to them.
And you one of their less of poison.
Leave it.
Where did she learn to speak like this?
She does.
She speak language
and she's learning many more.
From books and her mother.
Bring the mother.
She died.
Please into it is.
Carefull, Gallus.
Do you expext us to provide teaching?
You provide nothing, Liberius.
She's pity, I suppose.
She called poison.
She will be part of my plan.
And what's that?
She speaks languages, I want to know why.
Sire... Caesar.
In the mean time,
she will act as palace translator.
Very good, that's nice.
Shut up, Liberius!
And with respect, sire...
With respect, sire. What?
- She doesn't belong here.
- What?
And you do?
You do not have the authority.
I am the authority!
- I understand...
- Understand this.
She will grow within these walls.
Learn our ways. Out Gods.
And she will be mine.
Gallus. You will teach her.
Any other errors,
display this kind of intelligent.
Kill her.
13 years later
I want devine force.
Was such purity in body and soul.
Were steer upon this earth.
I understand there were no languages
she could not speak.
No poems, she did not know.
No corner of the human mind,
she had not already surve.
Was it desire by the Gods to create,
and engaze upon this sin
from the heavenly heights?
All was she make born
perhaps for us earth all mortals.
To look upon and wonder her knowledge, beauty.
And the last... an eventual suffering.
And who will read these books?
Or he does expect us to provide teaching?
The beggars and thieves.
And to those who...
to begin understand her writing.
Might not be some poor books
in our city libaries.
Only Rome can make that decision.
With a respect to our beloved Emperor.
All books must be publish by Rome.
If this decision is final.
Then we can decide what is acessable
to the public and what is not.
It could be find to sense of part
taking the froud of our empire.
She writes ini so many languages,
it could be dangerous propaganda.
They must not to be publish.
Or either seen.
We send them to Rome.
Barbarian stronghold Hedrian's Wall.
Caledonian (Now Scotland)
We have a woman.
A fighter.
Look at the state of Constantius army.
How breave you are.
Very, very, very brave.
Where you get from?
You swapt?
You're not really army.
This is real.
Teach them some lesson.
You heard of the Egyptian?
Egyptian! Egyptian!
What does it say?
List and beyond the hidden boundries.
More recruit has arrive.
I feel like I am teaching idiot to fight.
Look, half of them a sheep harvest.
Rome was built by shepard, my friend.
- Romolus. Remus.
- Names. Templars.
I'm Egyptbalion.
You know for years gang
of shepard keep attacking us.
Taking our woman.
It was the off spring of those woman.
Our woman.
And built this empire which now exist.
You must have upset your grandmother.
The emperor Constantius
wishes to see you, soldier.
You met the man himself here.
Maybe you have upset him also.
Saw him saw men's ear back on it.
One of our met.
Had beat and clean off by the barbarian.
Beware Trojans, bearing gifts.
There is no such of moves.
There is where I come from, sire.
And what the wise words of an Arab girl.
And high Seberus.
Junk, sire.
Rank is my successor.
Said it you tell him Yangcy.
Something I lean from a young girl.
Then the girl should join our army.
She might reduce ambition of the Emperor Maxtius.
To the attempt to extend
his empire in our direction.
I'm not educated in politics.
You came from that reigon, did you not?
On ring of how many armies?
I never seen him just... rumors.
He raise two armies then stood them both down.
I understand that you again refuse promotion.
It send a bad signal through out the army.
I can not say how long I will be here.
Decision carry a heavy price.
I am neither a slave nor a constrip.
I owe Rome nothing.
I know about the slaughter of your family
when you were a boy.
And your quest to have...
define those who responsible
I've seen you wondering the line of temps here.
Scanning the faces
of the soldier of my army.
How dare you.
I won't have it.
You will leave this army immedeatly.
We have soldiers coming in
from all over the world.
I need to stay on.
- Find these man vest still in the army.
- Are you need, do you?
Well, let me tell you.
Rome owes you nothing.
You will need a life time of search
to see all their faces.
I have to consider invasion by
this mad man, Maxentius. Mad man.
You Gods, Evestus as you chasing anger.
Which does not tires.
I don't worship the Greek Gods.
We nearing Headrian walls.
Several will go their first light.
You, Merenus, my self will follow with my carivan.
Allow us to track ahead, sire.
Make the path safe for you.
This... missing girl.
Inform all palace guards.
That from now on,
Kathrina is allow to move freely
within these walls.
If you want your freedom now...
The gods will not stop you.
It will appear that after all those years of
education it had little affect on Katherine.
Her first outing for decades.
And she has straight back for the gutter.
We all know how you dispice her intellect.
He doesn't belong here, she never did.
I find him that.
He said you not like it?
What is it?
People say they seem to want
know yourself.
Assess yourself.
Some of them have advantages.
And besides that, no one can.
Would be an advantage.
No one can come again, no.
What are you doing?
Catharina down there.
This is better?
Give it time.
What will he do?
- About the troops?
- About Catharina forces.
I have to tell you.
Do you think you do not have to say to them?
I do not know.
It's an emergency, I interrupt them away.
They had no idea.
[All said]
Give me a sword.
Be prepared!
Marcus, hurry, here.
Lower it.
He is a traitor.
He was cut.
My husband needs you.
I respect your husband.
You're not alone?
They will understand.
Forces, here.
You're here.
Force of humanity is not afraid to die.
We have the best weapon.
The rest of them are women.
Loss of face
of the female soldiers.
I'm not a Roman, but
thank you for this sword.
Very good.
Why do not you play in a place?
Go home.
Big mistake.
This guy made?? me run so fast.
why are you always like this?
He does not trust you.
He does not trust anyone.
Do not look at her chest would make
And you're not going to run and wait.
Forgive me!
What time is it?
They are with us, the small group.
it had gone into it all again.
Where are the others?
You should know, come here.
Come here.
- This is not good...
- Back!
Come on.
I told you we
retreat, the troops were tired.
- Good...
- Do not die.
I need more coaches.
Come on, start the first step.
Find out what happened on that night.
Forces who lost there.
No one can be marked, so sure.
Bring 30 to 40,000
Barbarian still did not give up.
You do not see, women there, fighting
more than men.
What they believe
stronger than the Romans.
Nothing is more powerful than the Roman army.
- It could be...
- It has been many years ago.
Bring the right, we find them all!
Think back, everything is there.
Not likely, when he invited you
to a large army, he failed.
You can not win humanity.
This is not an army that we strive for.
They are not the Lord our God.
That our Lord.
Now you begin to like
one of them.
- What?
- Well, when we play.
Rome defeated another of God.
Really not an excuse.
Maybe we spent a couple of years.
Do not quote history.
It does not fit, I am.
The time has come to end
these people.
Value all that you can.
It's already moving, spend time
many soldiers.
Passing this command in between the walls.
Get ready to build.
This symbol,
when I was a kid.
More than friends.
We passed the little boy together.
Resistant sign.
It looks like mine.
Catharina, his name.
It always does not end.
Take a break.
Who knows.
Great time, trust
to you in the course.
It is no ordinary, people
we can not be like this.
Not so well known
whether he is still alive?
15 years old.
Barbarian win.
He was very curious to them.
And the symbol of it.
It is not there.
How can I help you?
People will die, we work.
How do we protect, we have struggled.
Where did come from?
We hear about Constantine.
Looking for a new God.
You say, why come to me?
No one else?
Here General.
God of you.
Everything already want it to end.
I no longer carry them.
but I possessed.
I do not know why,
He does not have it and away from it.
I neverjudge this before.
That makes us both so different.
I saw it.
What happened there?
to us?
He translated the traitor.
Is not that a lie?
and he could help them.
He was not asleep here since you live.
All was destroyed, completely destroyed.
And there is no need to
dealt with a great idea.
They do this 2
times, and just say it.
Leaving us to pay.
He was not disturbed again.
He actually had the experience.
He does not know how to lead.
He did not take to
forces were destroyed.
Who knows there?
And you know it is an agreement?
when he finished, he
send a message to give.
Very brave.
How many people here?
We're here, it makes
This article is getting popular.
They do not make anything popular.
It's huge?
No, it's like a Barbarian.
I've discovered.
He insists you do something
about it.
Some symbols.
Yes, maybe they do not understand at all.
Could be a God.
What is needed?
They say for some of God
and the state?
Highly ethical?
I can not announce it.
You've been here and thought.
His name, Keth, he is
Roman gods and Russia.
You already know it.
We did not mention his name.
We've got enough.
Did you know anymore?
Is it true?
So that's the Roman god?
Minerva, Neptune, Diana,
Let him speak.
Invictus spirits have been destroyed in the East.
You know.
He knows the difference from us.
He is the same god.
Just do not like the spending
- No...
- No?
Catharina not bring god.
I can not call them, but
I do not worship.
I do not believe them.
Open the book.
Any page.
Open it all with your mind, on your hands.
Be cloud in strength
"Mind no madness, no sickness"
"You are the strength so sort by others"
"Think of truth. Look at untruth with wisdom"
"And let all fear vanish"
"Like the wind."
Homeless poetry.
All of this thing came from the mind of God.
And so as time begone.
A past was created by all that has weakness.
Became the larger creature were told
"God shall now beside. What
and whom shall roam the Earth?"
Your god, Is He big or small?
Are these the people you were with?
You are big man.
Be a man. Don't do that and
find the same size of yours.
Threates life, and let them back.
It is unfortunate he brought you back.
I understand the tough just
one day that people love you.
I hear a man was willing to die for you.
He does not like humiliation.
Believe me, I know.
He wants to know why you do not love him.
He should seek no refuge in my affections.
I hold no hate, regret, nor simpathy.
No passion, and no physical desire.
You are his wife.
He should go to you.
He feels you are ungrateful.
Build you a library.
Filled with the finest book around the world.
Rome's books are little valued to me.
You could lie.
I lie.
Think of what you can gain.
A liying gain is same as reptile
which devour it slowly.
Is Rufus not with you?
He's rested.
I have here a paper.
Which was translated from Greek.
The announcement of Rome and our Gods.
I also understand the circulating freely
among many parts of Western Empire.
I've also had to dispatch from Maxentius.
Requesting the troops to join with the Prince.
Very close to Rome.
Two stamp post is uprising.
Your point being?
We've been discovered the origin
of these pages to be Alexandria.
Your name?
Tarus, my Lady.
This man is the derserter
form Constantine's Army.
Emperor Constantine is removing
all troops from Hedrian Wall.
He's refusing to fight the Barbarians.
He does not believe in the Gods of Rome.
I should tell you...
The person responsible for these pages...
rename within this walls as a guest to Maxentius.
This women.
- Woman?
- This woman...
has no doubt to tracted many followers.
We have no idea how many.
It would be foolish to have her killed.
It could turn the people against the Rome.
I am prepared...
to offer you a way out.
You will debate with Katherine in public.
Rufus will denounce her.
You came here looking for a traitor.
Please, leave.
We do not want you to be able
to walk at the public hearing.
I'm sorry.
Looking for us?
They want to talk.
They had horses.
No horses.
We want no more blood shed.
No more killing.
We can march North of the wall anytime.
Invade anytime.
Is that what you want?
We know you have no replacements.
We also know Rome's position.
Nice sword.
You were carrying this.
It belongs to us.
You tell us you are a commander.
Well, look at your uniform.
You're not the real commander.
You tell us there are two Emperors.
Two Romes.
There was always been East and West.
One is bad, one good.
You say you know Katherine.
So why do you not rescue her?
I didn't know where she was until now.
Is she was alive?
Tell me this.
If you represent Constantius,
loyal to him,
why did he not tell you of Katherine.
He has always know.
Before you go back to your prisoning cell.
Can you tell me what this is?
Isn't that straight?
This is the only one that exist.
And I know have never seen it before.
But then you recognize her.
Maxentius was right.
You, she, were same.
Maxentius says that you are no longer needed.
And so you must debate with Rufus.
When you are lose, and then he will
tell you that you must die again.
That should be a problem to Goddess.
He have vision in his dream.
The Gods spoke to him.
And they all overcame their sins in heaven.
You are in capable of lying.
We all know that.
So, I want to hear the truth.
You can not hear truth.
Because of your inability to listen.
You won't hear of your crumbling Roman Gods.
Will he see heaven?
You will one day see heaven as you will.
Forjust a brief moment.
You shall see what could
have been for all eternity.
You shall not have it.
Simply this.
The death in this form is such a painful death.
Which last forever.
There shall be no remerges of your soul.
What is she like, this Katherine?
Me, Rufus?
Were is Gallus?
When I first saw you...
a beautiful homeless child.
And then the damnation will follow and live
in my pitiful existance in lonely heart.
And I now take my place long side others
greedy pitiful soul.
And that make a great hole of shame.
Destroy you.
Have I learn nothing?
For what is the human soul
worth without his own lifetime?
I shall not go. I can not go.
Fear nothing from me.
Go to this trial of record.
And with each word spoken
shall you errant soul bounder the truth?
Free the spirit.
And know that in your search of answers.
I will be with you.
I wrote you a cowardly letter.
Should you have refuse to see me?
Do you wonder where it go?
As it feel you to know
nothing more where about that?
That ultimate distinction.
It is a sad farewell.
No less in being alive in the truth.
To be hold you...
I will feel more at ease
in this reckoning of eventual death.
I shall not walk in to you,
my Godly child.
Because I am mortal.
And the poor trail of errant is hard to play.
Thank you.
He, they...
- We surely kill you.
- No!!
I know a false word that can help me.
But lather death, perhaps of age.
It will not be good for the soul like mine.
I should never waver from my father.
And so they may throw,
all falses granted in them.
By the power of Rome.
I'm truly a daughter incorruptible...
Against falses which nothing more then
deaths of heaven.
Are you are a very shameless so talk on.
Dorius gods everlasting.
I hold no shame.
I understand that you are able to them
from memory each and every Roman gods.
And yet you don't believe in that.
Your gold, armies and followers,
and you should clear yourself...
Of their grief.
And how do we do this?
If you're not know how to
read yourself of such lie.
Then, I will play set down
truth before you.
- Lies, Ferbous.
- The truth? Lie?
Miss Velocy.
Brave words.
What is one of the poems pray for this gods?
Do you who part taken of sweet knowledge.
Are you in an unstable state?
The knowledge I possessed. Did not come
of such poetry.
- Not of any of Rome teaching.
- Liar.
Answer the question.
What you disannounced the poem?
Do you?
Said now, which of your poetry
I suggested homemade...
To the gods of Rome.
The first was given oma by Zeus.
As obvious, in the countless orginin
of god give thanks to Apollo.
King Oak. Son of Letrium, Mighty Virbus.
Who ruled from the living and the dead.
- Son Resenon, gold wings.
- What is the essay game?
- Are you mad?
- She knows very well about poetry and gods.
She has been surrounded by that such
teaching it since she was a child.
For I know the idea of not
hold up at this arena.
Over impressive they seem to some.
I will be not deceived young woman.
You are beautiful but you're so learned.
I think it's wise for you leave this platform,
go back to your house,
And this palace walls. Study more.
Before againt confront even
the large of Rome noble suggestion,
I suggest you read Oma.
I can lend you a copy.
The hearing is over. Yeah.
- Angelina!
- Angelina!
I know Oma. Wrote that Zeus is a liar.
deceiver and scoundrel.
And Hera, who have pound his hands and leg.
As not flat and hit himself.
The same with Athena, and Poseidon.
God with Roman myth.
They are redvancedous.
Does anyone know what she speak?
- Lies witnesses.
- She got not real such legit.
Thieves of Greek mythology.
You dare come run to mine to succesion
power of Roman.
And the God who gave us that power.
You're not the master of the Romans.
You're not in the position.
To judge us.
You are a visitor,
not commander of this Earth.
Which was created by The one.
Almighty God.
You slave to Greece.
And yet you fear the truth.
What else do you consider yourself
with your writing table of my thoughts?
Of witch...
I am master.
Beware of your own trophies.
For they will not save you.
From Almighty God.
When your veil of death arrive.
And you clearly for all
to see that you're possessed.
What else spite such injuries you remain standly?
Who are you to deny such a truth?
As I hestatied...
Have you truly from the side of
your soul and ask yourself this question.
Where did you pressume your spirit, Aslain.
for 1000 years.
You are a worthless servant.
for huck their.
Not God.
He's beyond your reach.
You learn nothing from Galus?
There is no almighty God.
Iook of the face of this person.
You are enslaved.
And ask their for forgiveness.
Katherine speak the truth.
Forgive me!
Fear nothing from me.
Under the truth, free the spirit.
And know that I will be with you.
To get there! Brought to dead!
There will be no anger,
He is weak.
And he is my friend.
Yes, he knew about Katherine.
The part what he have do?
What god do you rescue her?
He will be a loss of his only chance
to find someone to take his place.
It's him, isn't it?
You spoke with the Barbarian.
I'm still waiting.
Why don't you go and find her?
She is building, a whole new world.
Roman truely fall.
Precisely why I couldn't tell you.
We speak to the prophet.
Maxientius has her execution.
You like Jesus?
Be like him.
Hold for me.
You dare againt the success power of Roman?
There is no God Almighty!
You will be my successor.
Read it!
I can't be an emperor.
This is madness.
Do what you have to do.
Replay to this. And tell the reptiles.
He can't have surrender.
Mariones. I need Mariones to lead.
Make it worthty.
I'll get my own.
Barbarian outside the tent, sir.
You don't brought your weapons.
Your people are our people.
Katherina is dead.
There is a rumor.
That our western empire.
Is to be join with others
under the rule of one emperor.
Who is already on root.
Also we have belief to believed.
Trying to form an army
near Roman.
Constanstine will go and find, Maxientius.
He knows what to do.
Now, listen to me.
From this very monent.
There will be no more killing of Christian.
- All fres will be free!
- Yes!
You're worried about Constantine.
I will pray for him.
Where is my army?
My army is supose to be here.
Why are you not with your army?
Your uniform, not familiar.
I bring the message from Constantine.
- Kill him!
- The message is...
we surrender.
Changed my mind.
Your army in peek is infected.
And needs to be started.
As you wish.
You'll feel no pain.
Take my sword.
Too quick.
Good luck.
Who are you?
Don't you dare!
I am your emperor!
You're help me!
- Die!
- No!
I worked till die!
We've come along way already.
And now you wish to turn back?
We go to Alexandria.
It's over.
Go back.
For you, maybe.
For killing that other mad emperor.
- For us.
- No.
It'sjust beginning.
It's clear to me that Katherine is
more important to us than she is to you.
We don't need you.
We will find her ourself.
And how will you get there?
It was my ship.
I'll take her.
It was a long way.
You will be stopped.
You need me.
Everybody need.
Okay, you complete the cook.
You need to get some sleep.
Split up.
You know where she is.
It will be difficult.
They don't trust you.
You have to try.
She will not come back.
Where is Katharina?
My dear friend Constantine will not
give up Our hopes to find Katherine.
And, until he does. I
will remain at his side.
Even as he sleeps.
We are told she is dead.
But why can't she not raise from her tomb?
We heard that those who believe in
the one God as Katherine spoke of.
Can sometimes rise from their tomb.
No empire, no army of thousand
could take away the pain,
my friends feel right now.
He will not rest until these
people return her body.
And if she isjust fell asleep,
then she will stand.
But, if she is trully dead on spirit.
Then, my friend can say farewell.
He was Constantine,
want to meet Katherine.
My dearest children, should
you feel alone in nature.
In mind, in such a vicious environment.
Let nothing deter your true love.
Which even at the worst time,
can flow from your to other.
They don't trust you.
They think you'll take her away.
Prove to them you're a man of your word.
Show them, you're not
just another emperor.
They say, you are a great warrior.
And they fear the God of Rome.
For the God of Rome
were angry at Maxintius.
You're now the new king.
Tell them I'm not the king.
Tell them Rome got a lies.
Katherine wanted me to set them free.
To set these people free.
So, tell them.
Go. All of you. You're free!
I ask you, to take, to
protect, and to continue
Building this stone for Katherine.
To do what you wanted all of us to do.
To allow all people, to
allow them here and pray.
In peace.
Do not be afraid.
This soldier will not harm you.
Seek not to up who that which have been.
For tell your life that never
hope to for to tell your death.
Be at plain and simple.
No earth to keep.
No priest to banish.
No heaven to grass.
No hell to enter.
Shall this be upon.
Or not from me.
Yet seek, and some
soul shall understand.
Following the death of Constantine,
Katherine's bone were unearthed,
sold and distributed between the
seven wealthiest churches in Europe,
until a charter of protection was
placed upon the rest of her remains,
to this day the which lie within
her monastery on Mount Sinai.
Each year, millions of visitors
pay homage to Saint Katherine.
In 2000, church leaders reversed their
1965 denouncement of Katherine,
and restained her as a saint.
In keeping with katherine whises,
her monastery welcome all faiths
to enter into prayer within its walls.
The Katherine wheel fireworks
symbolises how the saint meet her death.
Open your heart to God. And you'll
have this spirit will lead you...
To the Wonderman of Heaven.