Kaththi (2014) Movie Script

Hunting him for the past 4 years and
we have just arrested him 2 days back.
Now he had escaped from the jail!
He escaped even there is much of security.
If this is know by the public is
going to be a big disgrace.
How are we going to catch him now?
Sir, I have an idea.
There is a criminal in this jail now
whom had escaped from here 18 times.
If we ask him we can get some idea
on how to catch him back.
So, you would like to catch him
back using my ideas, is that right.
How long is it been?
Just a few minutes back,
let's go.
Let's go?
What will be our deal?
YA. Deal like for an example getting me a fan,
hand phone just for me in this whole jail.
You got to be kidding me!
You're getting paid and I must
do your job is it?
You mean do it for you for free.
I guess we have to listen to him?
20km away and we can only
catch him if we leave now.
Bring me your jail blueprint.
Which one is the criminal's cell?
I will guess the way he would have ran,
just run behind me.
Come to the east side
tunnel out of the jail.
Come there by your jeeps.
Follow me fast!
This way, come on!
Shoot his knee!
No one should know that we
caught him using the other criminal!
Where is he?
Where did he go?
He escaped.
Since he escaped, update that Kathiresan had killed
3 cops and ran away from the jail.
How come he is here?
How come you're released?
I released myself.
This is what they call it own release is it?
How come you know I'm here?
I contacted Marimuthu in Vellore jail,
he told me you were released a month ago.
That is how.
Where is your jail clothes?
I took it off in the train itself.
Looks like that will be enough for the cops to catch you
since they have cameras all over the railway station.
You did not take the cab
from the station right?
Yes I did just at the railway entrance.
Why didn't you just give my address at
the nearest police station before coming here!
Hey, that's wrong than you'll be busted.
Looks like he is scanning.
There is no any money,
he found it.
Buy me a toothbrush, paste and also a soap.
Get all of it in small size since
I'm leaving to Bangkok tomorrow morning.
You are the one going to get me a
fake passport using you're influence.
Look, I have used all my money
to get this passport for you.
Ones you have reached Bangkok?
Surely I will not forget you.
Please do forget me and
not come back to India.
Now fill up the form first.
Looks like they have
mentioned sex in the form itself.
They are asking is it man or woman.
Surely with woman right?
Gone case.
He has mentioned male in his form,
beware of him.
Who the hack is that?
What happen?
That girl took the pen.
me how get her.
You will be in India for half an hour
more and you want to fall in love is it?
Sorry madam no change.
What is the matter?
I have no change.
I have!
That's my wallet!
Here you go.
That uncle is a bad boy,
don't talk with him.
Do you need more change?
You are going to the toilet
so do you need small change to pay?
It is free over here.
I don't know what to say.
Hey look, there is a
guy keep on looking at you.
Wait for awhile.
Hey she is coming.
Did you steal her necklace.
Shall we run?
I need to talk with you personally?
Isn't she saying personally,
My name is Angita.
I loved someone 2 years back.
They have killed him.
But now he is here.
Look behind.
I thought you said that he was murdered.
Look over there.
I cannot see anyone??
Look at the mirror?
The Fly?
He has reborn as a fly.
Yes, I saw him following
you to the toilet as well.
No that's the original fly,
he would have been outside waiting for me.
He had revenged
everyone whom had murdered him.
But, now he is asking me to marry you?
Lam really not sure what to do now?
Thank you Fly.
Now you're going overseas.
Lam going to send off my
uncle's family and go back home.
My number is 9444404296
If you come back, we shall meet.
What's up, she asked your whatsapp ID is it?
Hey, why are you tearing the ticket.
Bought it with all the money I stole.
Hey, why are you tearing the ticket.
Bought it with all the money I stole.
She is going to be shocked
hearing me not flying off.
Good evening, Chennai corporations.
This is Angita's number right?
This is the dog catcher department.
If there is street dogs in your area let
us know, we will send our people to catch it.
Do you know how much is the flight ticket?
Do you know how hard is to steal nowadays?
Try to snatch a ladies necklace,
than only you will know how to value money.
Took a wrong number and got yourself fooled.
He looks exactly like you?
How is this possible.
We can safe him if we rush to the hospital
since he is shot at the right side of his body.
Sodhu, you handle him since I
and him look alike.
They have removed the bullets,
but he is short of blood.
What is this?
His things.
They have informed the cops since it's gunshot.
We must leave before the cops arrive.
Tell me dude.
What happened?
The cops came looking
for you at my house?
They have accused you for
killing 3 cops while you escaped from jail.
The cops took my number
from the house owner.
They might trace me and arrive here,
lets bounce.
Looks like all the cops are behind us now.
What is it?
Give me that?
This is his?
What are you doing?
Have you registered the patients
name yet at the receptionist?
Nope, we don't even know who is he?
Fill up my name as his
and leave this beside him.
The cops from Calcutta will think it's
me and bring him back to jail.
This is cheating?
Police will find out it's not me when he is in the jail.
That time is enough for me to leave to Bangkok.
Let's go.
He will be in Calcutta Jail when he heals.
Why is the cop coming towards us?
Maybe we can develop
this place to an airport.
The home minister is
calling the both of you.
Home minister?
Phone; We must complete
the orders in our district.
Phone; I will meet the officers personally and
you get the green card holders details as well.
Turn to the left and head to Tamburam,
you know the place right.
I have gotten the 250000 that
you requested from the home minister.
Yes, give it to me.
If you pass it to us,
we will just get down by the roadside.
Lucky is not a cheque but DD.
Sir if you drop us in the
bank we will draw this out.
Stop the car.
Look the minister is here again.
Get lost from here!
How many times to tell you?
Jeeva is here!
Is it.
Please come, please come.
Where were you the whole night yesterday?
Sorry, because we were
upset that Jeeva was missing.
We were all worried that something
had cost your life.
Looks like you have brought
him back safe and sound.
It's not me but him.
I meet the on the way here.
Thank you very much!!
It's ok.
At least now you all are
no longer angry with me.
I have passed him the
250000 for all of you all to him.
How many time we have said
that we don't want the money!
The other day how much we bagged,
did you listen! Listen! Listen!
Take your money!
Ok. I will leave.
Jeeva, follow me for awhile.
What am I to do. The situation the other
day was such. Please try to convince them.
I'll come next week bringing
the same 250000 DD.
Sir, pass me the DD without their knowledge,
and I will convince them later on.
That sounds good.
It will be better if it is cash money.
Government do not pay by cash son.
You are such a nice person.
Ok, I will make a move first.
We are going to be here
till we receive the money.
There is small issue.
Jeeva is still alive.
You told me that 5 people took him down,
were the bullets fake?
Lam not sure but there
wasn't any bullets hit his body.
I will deal this myself.
Just wait they might give us something to eat
after the prayers, we shall leave after that.
Why are they praying to these humans?
Today is all of their death anniversary.
How come 6 of them in the same day?
All of the together...
Here light up this and finish the prayers.
All our village children's and
ladies are fasting till it's over.
How did all of them die on the same day?
They committed suicide together.
To safe Jeeva's life?
To safe one's 6 committed suicide?
Yes, Jeeve is this home in charge.
The 10 people over there
is his village people.
Me and the rest are from different villages.
Kathir! This is not a safe place for us since 6 people
committed suicide just to safe Jeeva's life.
But you have send him behind
bars and taken over his place.
If they know the truth...
Heyyy, Just one week and we will swindle
the 250000 and get out of here.
Besides that this is the safest
place to be before Bangkok.
Safe? Here...
The first time when we saw him also 5 people were gunning
him down, and you claim that it's safe here at his place.
What you are thinking is right too.
We shall leave tomorrow morning.
That is what I call a good boy.
It's my responsibility to send you to Bangkok in another
2 days and you will have a bright future after that.
This house looked haunted in the day itself,
I wonder who is it now at this time.
Jeeva! Kishore Lal is sick terribly.
He looked very happy in the morning?
Please come fast his breath is slowing down!
I wished this was a ladies hostel.
Somebody get a transport and
lets head to the hospital.
The doctor is on his was here.
Have you all inform his family?
We are keep trying but there is no answer.
Did you try their hand phone?
Same no answer so I have
leave back a message.
If that is the case someone go to his house
and ask them to answer their phones.
Our home rules is to inform their house
and the cops if there is any issue with them.
There is no need of cops,
just wait a moment.
You don't worry everything will be fine.
I want to see my childrens.
That's what we are trying
but no one is attending the call.
Please breath in and
out as deep as you can.
There is someone from
his house here already.
Who is that?
Looks like he have cured the heart attack
by just eating a bun. It's a medical miracle.
Hey my back is itchy,
please scratch it for me.
Where is your hand?
It's the hand which touched her face buddy.
This is how a friend is treated
when it comes to girls.
I cheated you the other day without knowing you
are they in charge over here for the old folks home.
Can you do me a small favour?
Tell me?
You must help me to slap the wad counsellor.
Are you playing the fool?
How can I slap someone whom I don't know.
No way.
Ok. I make a move first.
1 minute.
Actually why did you ask me so?
You ask me to slap someone.
That is because, morning the counsellor
slapped and night you, but your slap was harder.
That is why I feel that you can slap him.
Why did he slap you?
I complained about mosquitoes in my area,
so while the argument he slapped me.
Ok I will help but how shall I come.
Ok, I will fetch you with my bike
after I get ready.
Hey, shall we move,
I took some of Jeeva's clothes.
I'm not coming,
you go.
Hey, we decided yesterday that we are
leaving from here today right.
That was yesterday, now I'm telling no.
I'm going to go get
ready to go with that girl.
Hey I have to go out so you be here take care of
the old folks by giving them all the medicines.
There is one man having piles,
please help him also.
And for the other man...
Bum him is it?
Hey what a joke,
remind me of this later I will laugh.
How is my grandfather now?
Who cares, come lets go.
He is fine.
Just one slap and she likes me.
What is the reason I am arrested?
You all have wrongly brought me.
Sir, this is not Kathir.
If I'm not there everything
will be ruined sir.
There is some confusion, place him in the private room
most importantly do not let him communicate with others.
Who are these,
looks like from the TV station.
Hi English ladies.
We are here to interview Mr. Jeeva.
Hey what you have done to the girls.
They will look down about India.
Come let me have a look.
Where are the reporters?
Why there are knifes,
what did you do to them?
I did not do anything, they try to
murder me.
Kill him, again.
How are you brother Jeeva,
you look very different now.
You look very different brother.
All this clothes I bought it in discount.
Brother just follow us without any problem.
I've been patient for the past 3 years,
but no longer.
This is the place where you run your home.
The ones whom are shaving there now
is my people.
Knife! Can you see where is it placed.
I can slaughter all of them.
Do you want to see it?
1 minute.
What do you want?
For the first time Jeeva is asking
me what I need.
I want the 10 people's signature and also
drop the court case by telling the lawyer.
I will give you 2.5 million and
you must not be in India.
2.5 million!!
In rupees.
When can I get the money.
Ones you get done the
documents and sign on it.
I will sign and withdraw the case.
There is 500000 here and ones everything
is done balance 2 million you will get.
Next time don't send people to the home.
Mainly using the old people and threatening,
please don't do that.
Because if anything happens to them
no one can stop me from killing you.
I'm leaving.
I'm Jeeva here!
Jeeva, all the vegetables you ordered in the
morning has arrived only the onions are not here yet.
Hey what had happen?
Such a warm day right?
Is it government papers.
How did you get so much money?
They brought you as they wanted to kill
you but give you so much in return. What did you do.
Here after only I'm going to do.
Withdraw a case and some signatures.
This is just advance.
Ones everything is done balance 2 million.
Kathir! If they are offering this much it must be something
crucial. Pity the old people, let's just run away with this money.
Hey I am not a fraud like you.
Then they caught 24 times for
fighting for the country is it?
No worries I will divide a sum for all of
the oldies and send them back to their village.
This is not our job...
Jeeva we are waiting for you,
come faster.
For what?
Today is 4th August and you
are given a award at the Lion's Club.
It's ok on the award you
all go ahead and take it.
They are giving 400000 cheque.
It will be right for you to receive it.
Looks like awarded with 400000,
we can use it for tips in Bangkok.
Here I come.
Hey, why is my photos printed in small size.
Anyway is not the real you,
so why you bother.
Ok leave it.
Good Day.
Good evening to all of you.
There will be some here don't know about
Mr. Jeeva, lets watch a short video about him.
This is Jeeva's village. He is 37 years old,
studied for M. Sc. Hydrology.
My name is Sadayan, I've married to a girl from
Jeeva's village and there is where I first meet Jeeva.
It is your choice to not to sell your village
land which can be used for the growth of paady.
But whatever land given us for marrying your village
girl is up to us to sell, but our wives are not willing to!
The big fish as it is had destroyed most of the lands around.
Since we are not selling the lands they have provoked you.
This was a big paddy plantation
There is very big water dam under this land, I have studied, and
onces I aware we can supply water to other village to grow paddy.
You have been telling this
for the past 6 months.
Be patient, I am Jeeva's college professor.
These are his college mates.
Give me that.
This is your village satellite view and the picture
in white is all water flow under your village.
Knowing on this the big fish wants
to buy the land somehow.
How if there is no water in the end
and no one wants to buy the land?
If you give us a bit of time,
I will find the spot.
Take your time but till than let
our wives stay with their mum first.
Is either you bring us water or send our
wives back to us with agreeing to sell the land.
Wife screaming to husband not to go.
Enough mum, the water is hot enough.
Put it a bit further.
Bro, coffee.
Put it there sis.
What does this book means.
It means that something that we eat after
we are done eating is actually somebody else's.
We must find out to which
way the water is flowing.
Bhai whose land is this?
It's Marimuthu's.
Hey! Someone is chasing Marimuthu.
How about this land?
It's Kamaruddin Bhai's.
This place?
It's Shanmugam's.
How about this?
Jeeva, someone had killed Marimuthu!
Who are you guys, this is our land.
Ask them to stop the digging.
This land is been registered 3 months back.
3 months back?
This is just the photocopy,
you all can have it.
Your professor and the 2 mates
of yours are actually their people.
They have backstab us!
Mum! They have cheated us!!
Hey! What is the problem here?!
We are from Jeeva's village and we
would like to see the district head officer.
What is so special there till you
all do not want to sell the lands it seems?
That is our land to grow paddy sir.
Who are you, real estate agent whom is
trying to increase the price of the land is it.
No, but there is a water source below our
land and it can support 2 districts.
I will get for 3 times of the current price
and 10% for me. What do you say, deal.
Looks like you are the real estate agent.
Is it your land?
Is it the one whom died your relatives?
Is it their wives are your relations?
I'm their brother.
How come different cast and religion are your sisters.
Any mistakes from your grandparents?
Sir, for the past 8 years childrens and all are
suffering without food. Please don't disgrace us.
No one should be here,
everyone go from here!!
We must meet the higher authorities and ask them to write
in the report that there was ink on the victims thumb.
We must arrest who are at the back of this.
Are you trying to teach me x2!!
No one should listen to him!
I will ask them to give you all
a good rate for your land!
We can never go against the big fish!
Tell me by today or else you're
Jeeva will die in the lock up!
Let's go!
Wait, wait, wait.
I've heard everything, write a complaint and I will
investigate on this since I have a meeting to attend now.
Jeeva have found water
source in his village.
The big company wants to take this place and this
has became an issue and police arrested Jeeva.
The villagers believe that is caused by
the big company. I'm reporter Senthil Kumar.
Stop camera.
Ones this is out in the news this
evening than you all see what happens.
Hello Daily News channel.
Hello, I am from Jeeva's village.
Is there any fighting's going on.
There is no such issue but
the cops had brought Jeeva.
Hmmm, than we will send the
reporters tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow morning!
If there is anything else much
interesting than this let us know.
If Jeeva is murdered in the lock up,
than please do call us first.
What happened?
Did you pass the news yet?
I've already gave than an than, but they
said will only telecast in another 3 days.
Let's go see my son.
Let us in!
Don't give up even if I die!
There is only one way to
safe Jeeva and also the land.
The only way to let the world know on
what is happening is...
The 6 of them decided to
suicide at a time by cutting their necks.
I am the reporter whom
recorded the whole of it.
Please listen to me and lets think
of something else. I beg you all.
We do not have any other choice than this.
Suicide is against my religion but what is happening
here is worse than that so I do not have any other way.
We want justice and we believe that
this is going to make a big difference.
Our blood will be in this water and if there is a factory built
top of this than you all will be drinking the poor farmers blood.
The suspect whom is behind this
will be investigated on this.
The villagers got back the land and
were asked to do the water work by Jeeva.
To get money support the men
from the village go far to do labor job.
All the ladies are still waiting for
them to come back to the village.
Jeeva with 10 other men from the
village stayed in mother Theresa home
It has been 3 years and all the men are
still working hard in many different places.
This are the people who are
still working till Jeeva wins the case.
Brother Jeeva, how are you,
please win the case and we all can go back.
Hi brother Jeeva, I'm working in the wine
shop and can't wait to come back ones we win.
Hi brother Jeeva, I'm working as a toilet cleaner and
please win the case so that we can prove to all of them.
Now we are going to give Jeeva 400000.
This is not by the club but we collected it from
all the workers from the village and giving it to Jeeva.
Now we call upon stage Mr. Jeeva.
2400 is worth of coins.
Ravi you wait here,
I will return back his money.
What happened.
I feel ashamed and
I should not be here anymore.
I must go in and he must be here.
You drop me and you can leave.
What happened.
What happened.
Since you do not agree to sign they have
wacked all the old folks and they are still there.
They beat them?
Turn the vehicle.
They hit all of us.
They hit me Jeeva.
Did anyone call the doctor.
They broke my arm.
Did you call the ambulance?
They did not allow us.
Come lets go to the hospital.
Shall we go?
Bring in the luggage.
Bring in the luggage!
Here after I am Jeeva!
Let him be in till this case is over.
I heard that you hit my people.
The village will be mine.
Your village will be
my factory workers toilet.
If you want to be alive, run
or else I will chop you to pieces.
What is happening here?
Lam checking out a article
related to this case.
You know something?
There is overseas company taking 500000
liters of water a day from a village like this.
Looks like you will be an
expert before the case ends.
I need to talk to you personally.
Ok, I will make a move.
I mean the both of you.
Tell us.
I don't know how to say it.
This is the first time in this world someone
would have came across something like this.
Ok but why I was called as well.
Just for company.
For company, ok since
you have said I will go first.
Me to since the day
I saw her I love her.
But me not since I see you but after knowing
how good person you are I decide to marry you.
Oh, if that is the case correct
which is you love him, Not you friend.
What is he saying?
He becomes a bit mad
if he is very happy.
I need to bring you to a place?
Let's go.
I give you 3 minutes.
Who are you, the jailer claims that it
is not you, how you are here.
I meet with an accident 2 days back.
The person whom
saved me was just like me.
I need to kill him, I will send my people.
Just name me your place.
No. If you kill him than there won't be any prove that I
am not him. I have to be in the prison for good than.
I will get you out of here.
I cannot make it with my injured leg.
I will send 2 of my people with you.
You have to follow them
and just show them him.
Ones you are out is easy
to prove who you are.
Coming 15th is going to be the
case judgement day.
I did not expect Jeeva
to give us back the money.
Infect I did not expect him
to take it in the first place.
Surprisingly he is beating back.
Something is fishy.
Only this one village is giving
us a lot of trouble.
In another 3 days judgment
will be on our side.
If the report by Mr. Laksmi is on our side
than it's fine, but I heard he is very strict.
Same goes to humans.
What is the issue here!
Sir regards to our case we believe that
what report is given by you will be the judgment.
We hope that we will get the
justice since that is the truth.
It is wrong to meet and speak to me such
a way. Please go immediately.
1 minute.
Please wait for me over there.
You all too.
Sir I know that you've been bought over.
I believe that you know
which is right as well.
If anything goes wrong,
I will assign a 17 year old boy to kill you.
Just 3 years jail.
Besides that I can also ask
them to hit and run by the car.
Just have to pay fine only.
Or else I will just poke you
with a rusted knife.
Do you know why I choose it to be rusted?
Than only you will die after 8 months.
The choice is yours.
Did he scare you!
The way he mentioned it was very strong.
Infect the law also he knows.
There is no way that we
can kill someone as he said.
Don't worry I am here for you.
Infect I am going because
you are in the back of me.
Looks like you're scared till
you have gone back to him again.
Look! You don't know about him!
There is someone outside his door
to meet you, ask him to have a look.
Sir there is someone out the
door to meet you it seems.
They sent me to shave for you.
Just minutes ago someone from your
saloon shaved for me and when.
No sir I am the one.
Than who was that?
Put me on loud speaker.
Hey Shirak,
ask someone to check your neck at the back.
There is a thumb print.
It won't take long for me to change the assignment
to chop your head instead of just a cop with ink.
Remember you shaved for
the oldies previously, how is this.
For me is always easy for
me to do than just saying it.
Mr. Laksmi, you should
understand that he cannot safe you right.
I thought this was a small case
but you are not in the safe zone as well.
Your money.
You may count it and please leave me.
How dare he did this to me.
What can he do if I send 10 people of mine.
He will surely handle it sir.
20 people.
He will get wacked.
How about 40.
They will make him to pieces.
Send 50 of them.
Ask them to chop him to small pieces.
Don't use bus or train and also often change
vehicles time to time. Late also never mind.
As soon as he shows the person,
Kill straight away.
Hey it is 1.30 A.M.
You have not slept yet.
Lam just going through the
history of the case.
For sure we will win since
you have scare Mr. Laksmi.
There is another 2 days only and
he should not do anything wrong.
Let me call the cops.
There are 40 to 50 of them.
Listen, you lock the room doors
and also switch of the power supply.
When I drop the coin, you on back
the power for a sec and off back.
Do the same each time I drop a coin.
When I drop all the coins,
on back the supply for good.
Within 10 minutes the whole
crowd must be in the lorry.
Most important it
should be out of this area.
What happened son?
Don't worry just go back to bed.
According to the investigation, the
water supply should be used for agriculture.
But today morning there is petition submitted saying,
people around the district wants factory to be build there.
Over 2000 graduates had voted
on this in the district.
This don't make sense since it's last minute and what
prove do we have that the voters are from the district.
They have attached the prove
as well that they are from the district.
We do give importance
since they are graduates.
They have to prove that they
are related to the district.
They have submitted
all the relevant documents.
If you think it's fake,
you got to prove it.
Give us a bit time to prove it.
We need one copy of all of it.
We are unable to postpone this further.
Final decision will be in another 5 days.
If nothing is proven you might lose the case.
There is a new problem in this case,
that's taking some time.
All the documents are original.
Is it.
I have checked it all but
none of them are in India now.
They are based overseas doing labor job.
Why did they select them than.
Do you have their companies contact number.
I am collecting it but for now
I have 50 of their company number.
Please talk to them,
I doubt something is wrong.
Hi I am calling from Chennai.
My name is Jeeva.
You mean Brother Jeeva.
Yes, and looks like you have supported that in our
village that the factory must be build. Is that true.
Is it, but I did not do so.
But your relevant documents
all submitted for this.
No brother, I'm picking up rubbish here and waiting
when can I come back to do agriculture again.
Can you come to Chennai and
tell this at the court.
I came under 4 years contract,
our passport is with the boss.
Lam driving Taxi.
Is your passport with you.
Passport is with them.
Looks like they have planned well
and made things difficult now.
Looks like we don't have
any other way to prove it.
We will lose and they will win.
Trying to win a big company
using your local lawyer.
I have an advocate team with me.
None of the ones in the list of prove
will come. Understand.
My corperate company is very big and your
village is like a mosquito stuck on the spider web.
If a corperate company is facing problem,
only the related companies will join together.
Lets prove them that farmer's like us whom
face problem the whole of India will come for us.
Everyone should know our problem.
For that we need the media support.
Surely we will put the news but
not as you request in the front page.
Maybe a small column
at 6th of 7th page.
There are much more hot news
and yours is 3 years back old news.
Yes, we can do it this way.
Make sure bring down all the ladies and kids
whom are affected so that it will look more real.
Everyone should cry shout in emotions
and no one should stop them.
Later on we can edit with effects
and broadcast it the following Sunday.
The case will end in another 5 days sir.
There won't be any slot as immediate as
you request. Are you out of your mind.
They have created fake evidence and
we can't prove it since it's done tactically.
We can only win if the citizens
support us from all over.
Sir I understand your situation,
but there is no value in your news.
For example somebody commit suicide is a different value
and somebody has committed suicide has a different value.
There is no value in this news
and no media will take this news.
This is a village problem, why don't you
settle it there, why bring it here!
Hi we are calling from Jeeva's village.
Is there anyone there that I can speak to.
Hold on please.
Call from your village.
Grandpa, how are you.
Why is the case postponed 5 days more?
Everyone is worried over here.
Don't worry child.
Ok mum wants to speak to brother.
Your mother wants to speak.
Don't worry everything should be fine.
We are all praying hard as well.
Ok mum.
Just wait neighbour Kogila
wants to speak to you.
Pass the line mum.
Brother are you fine.
I am ok.
Last week my dad passed away in Dubai.
He had some heart failure.
They said will send back the body.
But till the case is over no men should come in right,
so we ask them to settle everything there itself.
Ok I will hang up first brother.
Shall the 5 of us commit suicide for
the media pay attention to us.
Most to most 5 or 6 years more we will
be alive, so this will be a good idea right.
Is it they will only look at us if we die?
They will not help any farmers
before they die is it?
If we hit a small business guy also all related
people will come together and ask their rights.
Same goes to the loan sharks.
But when it comes to farmers,
this is the case right.
Every rice and other stuffs they want
it from the village but not the farmers is it.
In city all they need a pipe for water, so they won't
know what are we facing for water to agriculture.
Let us teach them all!
Let us teach them whom depend on pipe 24 hours
on what are we facing in the village as farmers.
The next 3 days there wont
be water supply in the whole of Chennai.
All of them should only think of water.
Look how the media will come now to us.
How is it possible?
Get me Chennai City blueprint.
Water supply to Chennai is
70% by dam 20% by lorry and 10% by earth.
We are only going to block
the 70% which is by pipe.
When this 70% comes to take water from the lorry
supply second day itself the water will not be enough.
The 3rd day water will be the main issue.
It is not for the citizens to suffer.
We want them to know what are we facing and
the media should turn back and look at us. That all.
How many dam's are in this 70%.
About 5 of it.
How are we going to stop the water?
Who is going to do it?
You and me.
Us? What can we do at this age.
Since we are useless that's why our
own childrens had leave us behind here.
It doesn't matter if your old.
Many achieved when they were old.
For example Mother Theresa
and Mahatma Gandhi.
Age do not matters but
it's all in our heart.
Lets prove to all your family
members whom threw you all away.
Whose coming with me?
Ask any of your brave and
trustworthy friends to come as well.
We need another 60 people.
We have to on the motor by 5 a.m.
We are already late 1 hour.
Hey! Get down.
Make sure the pipe is fully showed.
Angita you make a move to the other dam.
Everyone else will be waiting there.
Ravi you go to the east dam.
Grandpa later on hang the CD over here.
The rest just follow me.
How are we suppose to on
the water motor if they are inside it.
We got to inform that area cops to go.
Anybody there! Is anyone there!
Hey! What are you all doing.
Come out or I will come in!
Try coming in we will burn
the whole place including you.
There are people in sir,
all of them are old people.
They are scaring out saying
that they will burn themselves.
We are suppose to send the water by Sam,
but now is already 9 am.
Sir we have just got the news
that all 5 places also the same issue.
We are trying to bypass by breaking the pipe in between
but they are walking where we are breaking from inside.
Moreover everyone inside that has petrol with them,
it will be big issue if anything goes wrong with them.
Jeeva from the village is doing everything.
He is in there too.
They will only listen to him.
How all of a sudden villagers
can think so criminally.
How is the situation there,
here full of press outside.
We don't need media now,
we will answer ones the public question us.
The villagers had stopped the water supply
of Chennai. This has become a big issue.
These are the villagers.
Mum is grandpa.
Hey they are showing your dad.
We are going to discuss
more on this after the break.
Jeeva is listening to Hindi news.
It is not Hindi but Bengali.
Yes Angita.
My grandpa is there right?
Tell him I am on the phone.
Uncle, Angita wants to speak.
Here I come.
She ask me to pass you this when she calls.
It is for you.
We are engaged now.
Here after whenever I call your
phone must not be engage. OK.
It has been 1 day without water in Chennai.
All the other states are supporting
Jeeva's village except Chennai.
There is no water here for 20 years,
just 2 days and they are creating a big havoc.
Don't we look like humans since
we don't have water supply also.
Lam here because my village got no water.
Try listening to these people.
It is wrong to compare village with city.
This is ridiculous.
Did you listen to the radio, without any
move people seem to be supporting us.
Everyone in the city is angry with us,
I am going to talk to the press tomorrow.
After that they will know
what are we facing.
Than we can go against Shirak in court.
Just one problem.
Jeeva has escaped from the jail and surely he is coming
here, If he gets us wrong everything will be wasted.
There can be business competition with us
but if there is an interfere we should be together.
We must settle this or else they
will dig all the pass and put on a case.
I have a shampoo factory and it cost
45 eggs to make a big bottle of shampoo.
If the poor kids out there wants
to eat eggs how would I make shampoo.
So if he loses this case all
of us will be in trouble.
There is 33 cases on my 12 companies.
In future they will ask me
to drop the case as well.
Press must no come into this.
I have brought down 400 people.
They will create a beef when Jeeva
is going to speak to the press and finish him.
I will win this case.
You mean to say a jailbird did all of this.
You mean to say he
created this much of hassle.
Did you see properly.
Yes, it is Jeeva whom
going with the inspector.
How he came out of the pipe and why inspector,
he must be planning something.
Sir both of them are alive.
Kill the inspector and bring Jeeva.
You don't believe me on your camera.
Then I will send back the 400 people.
Don't use any local
thugs for the time being.
I will send you some guys for your safety.
Today Jeeva will be talking to the press.
You are suppose to be
interviewed today right.
Look all of them are waiting,
talk something.
Tomorrow I will win the case.
You hit 50 of my people right,
try now!
You threw away the money I gave you right,
look what happen now.
You point back the knife at me when
I pointed it to the old folks. Try now.
I should have kill you
in the beginning itself.
Now you have open all the
other villagers eyes.
You thought of saying to the press and
change the decision in the court right.
You mean this old folks going to talk.
2 Jeeva's?
What you have done?
Greetings to everyone.
You can start questioning.
What question? You are keeping this old
folks and making a big mistake.
Old folks!!
Come here sir, come, come.
Looks like you are the
one whom mentioned old folks right.
When was the last you planted a tree.
2 years, 5 years or 10 years back.
Yes I have money plant in my house.
This old folks did not plant money plant
but plants that makes all of you live today.
200 villages were destroyed by
the America Developers.
This is the only village
whom had gone against them.
They have sacrificed 9 people for this.
We have tried our best to let
everyone know on this but cannot.
Have you ever think of the
farmers each time you eat rice?
7000 over farming lands and water supply is
been destroyed and stopped over the years.
Where will the farmers go for water if the
Cola company is taking 9000 liter water per day.
They are not bagging for food
but asking for water to do agriculture.
Not only this farmers but all
the others whom ran away as well.
Farmers whom were farming 20
years back are having bad life now.
Every 30 minutes 1 farmer
is committing suicide in India.
This is been happening
for the past 10 years.
They were all alive just to give everyone
food but now getting lesser slow by slow.
Over 100000 farmers of them
gone doing other jobs infect.
Now the multinational company is trying to destroy
the balance land which can be used for farming.
All the families are going
to die without food.
A beer factory owner couldn't pay the
debt of 500 million but did not commit suicide.
But a farmer whom just cannot pay
his debt of 500 commit suicide.
You people in the city don't
have time for all this am I right?
We wanted to tell this in
the TV and asked a chance.
They said that they don't have time
for all this since it is not a interesting topic.
We are not saying we don't want factories but
not factory which uses all the naturals as ingredients.
5000 babies die in a day I
India due to less of vitamins.
If strawberry flavor soap is needed by the rich,
a poor kid can never imagine eating it.
Are you trying to say water is so expensive?
Just water?
2G is just air and is been sold here for millions,
than how about water. No water no life.
We decided to do this to help our village.
We truly apologize to all ladies and childrens
whom suffered without water for the pass 3 days.
In another 40 minutes
you will get the water.
But for the village it depends on
the decision given in the court later.
I hope the cops won't follow us now
because it will delay the water supply again.
We will surrender tomorrow
in court for doing this.
Angita you follow them.
Bring them to the place I told you,
I will be there at night.
We don't know where is Jeeva.
Calcutta Police are down as well.
Ok no worries.
So he is Kathir.
Anyhow your village will be mine.
Grandpa you have a call.
Yes child you saw me in the TV is it.
It's my granddaughter...
She is calling because
would have seen me on TV.
Ravi! Looks like you and
Kathir play a good roll on TV.
Lam feeling so proud of you
and did not expect this from Kathir.
Round of applause from our gang.
Why is Kathir mentioned as Jeeva.
Did he change his name?
What happened,
why aren't he speaking but he is active.
Son, who is Kathir?
No I was just simply calling.
When will be Kathir back?
Kathir will be back soon,
you eat first.
What name did you mention?
The 10 of you must sign on this.
What is it written on it?
That we are withdrawing the case
and giving them our village.
What you mean our village, how much did
you sell all of us and where is Jeeva!
Cool down.
Why did you cheat us moreover we are old.
Another word you speak
I won't respect your age anymore.
Yes we wanted to cheat in the beginning. Ones
he knew your village story he changed his mind.
It is because his mum was a farmer like all of you and
died in an accident when came to work here in the city.
He don't want you all to suffer like his mum,
that is why he did all this.
You think he did all of this and
took all this risk for money is it.
Now also he must be asking the signature
to safe Jeeva but not for money.
You all don't know the real love that
why your own kids leave all of you.
How can you say that.
Please trust me and sign on the paper so
I can safe Jeeva. We will anyhow win the case.
Trust me.
Son give me the paper.
Jeeva must be back.
We must get water in our village.
We will all die if any one of this don't happen.
You will get both of it.
Even if I myself die.
All the sign matches sir.
Release him out.
I did not ask you to
come here to send him away.
I also didn't come here
to give you this paper.
You go I will take care.
Come, Come!!
You leave I will take care.
Kathir, you?
Tomorrow is the judgement and your
life is very important, please leave.
Please tell them that I had
lied to them but not my love.
We asked him back Jeeva
and water for the village.
None of us said that you
; also must come back safely.
Kathir is here.
Lam going to the main power supply.
The case has came to a end and after all the hassle the
villagers get back their land and also with the water supply.
Besides that the court has given order to investigate all the other
villages and sort the problems which the farmers are facing.
Besides that Jeeva and the 40 people whom
stopped the water for 3 days will not be punished.
Excuse me please.
Jeeva, Kathir wants to speak to you.
Kathir where are you, please come
here now I need to show them all.
Nope, this is your dream.
Only you should be there.
But still I feel it's not fair
since you have done a lot.
Now all the farmers have faith
that Jeeva is in the back of them.
Anyhow I am still a jailbird.
It's not right for me to be there.
Can you pass the line to Angita?
I don't know how am
I going to explain to you?
You have a good heart and everything
will be fine. I will wait for you even its forever.