Kati Patang (1970) Movie Script

The groomhs here. Really?
Let's go and see him.
Madhu, take this. A gift for you.
Your love letters. Just returning..
Because out of jealousy,
this hurt mind..
..may not do something bad.
I've no right over you from today..
..you belong to somebody else now.
But, when you go around the..
..with your husband..
..think it to be a funeral.
Yours Kailash.
No, Kailash. No!
Why not? I haven't wetted
my throat as yet.
Want to drown your sorrow?
Sorrow? What sorrow?
Your Madhavi is marrying isn't she?
I enjoyed, and sent packing
countless such girls in my life.
I regret just one thing. I lost
access to her uncle's wealth.
So you wish to burn this ache with
the fiery embers of liquor?
The fire that I ignite..
I know how to douse it too.
Let me go. What are you doing?
You are very cruel!
Who can it be so late in the night?
I'm back, Kailash. But,
you were to wed today!
Yes, but I threw all the
social and ran away.
Why did you do that?
I didn't.. your love did it.
Your letter gave me
such confidence..
..that before entering the pandal..
I left everything.
You shouldn't have done that.
Your uncle will never forgive you
for this blunder you've done.
You've done this impulsively.
Better leave me alone and go back.
This will be better for us.
Please don't say that.
Don't say like that.
I'll be better off here,
loving you all my life.
Love and wealth have
their own places..
..both are essential in life.
You're talking very funny
today. I was just..
I mean if you run away like..
Madhavi, I love you.
That's why I can never bear..
..any injustice done to you.
Had your uncle given consent..
..his wealth would've
helped us in our new life.
Without telling them..
Madhavi! Madhavi! Madhavi!
So this is the real you! Betrayer!
Fraud! Gold digger!
Under pretext of love, you've
been cheating on me!
Don't even take my name! I hate you!
I hate you, I say!
Might as well commit suicide!
She has brought shame
to the uncle who reared her!
She looked so naive!
But see what she did.
Her uncle will have to hide
his face in his old age now!
Forgive me, uncle.
I've reduced the respect to dust.
The mistake that I've committed,
but a sin!
You better throttle this
niece of yours now!
Why don't you say something, uncle?
Say something! Answer me!
..the niece of Baburam?
You jilted your groom! Want
to try a hand at others?
Hey! Madhu? Recognized me?
Long time no see.
Where are you going? Your..
What.. No! No!
No, Poonam. This can't..
It's true. Its 6 months now.
How cruel God is!
Where are you going? Nainital.
My in laws live there. I'm going
for the first time.
To your in laws for the
first time? Yes.
We had married against
his father's wishes..
.. I wouldn't have gone now.
But I'm going only for his sake.
.. I heard you were to marry.
I was to marry, but
I didn't. Why not?
Okay. Now, tell me,
where are you going?
What does a leaf in a storm
know of his destination?
I can't leave you alone without
a shelter like this.
Oome to my inlaws with me.
No. What will they say?
I've no other blood relation
anyway. So I brought you along.
Suppose they find out the truth.
This is not a lie, Madhu.
They've never seen me.
They're strangers to me, and,
I'm unknown to them!
..and spend our life, rearing him.
Your train's coming. Alright.
You'll have to come! Let's go.
What are you thinking about?
What would I have done?
Where would my destination
have been?
Forget all that now. Oome. I'll
show you some photographs.
This is my son's birthday photo
and these are our wedding ones.
How handsome your husband
was! What was his name?
Now, I live only on his memory.
These are his letters.
Which make me feel as though
he's always near me.
And this letter is from my
Fatherinlaw. He's written..
God has snatched our son from us..
..only to punish
us for our error.
But now, I'll just say this.
You have our family's heir.
If you can, forgive your in laws.
And come with him to us. Our
house will always await you.
Sounds as though he has penned
this with a grieving heart.
Where am I?
This is an emergency hospital.
Your train had an accident.
Where's Poonam? We don't
know anybody's name.
When you get well, see for
yourself. I'm perfectly well.
Where are you going? Listen!
Poonam Poonam.
Who are you? Her sister.
Good thing you're here.
She's very critical. She
tried to swallow poison.
Doctor, hurry up.
Look we're short of staff.
You better sit with her.
No, Poonam. Poonam.
Who is it? It's me, Madhu.
Yours Madhu.
Madhu. Baby. Baby.
He's sleeping. Look over there.
My darling!
Madhu.. Oome near me.
I am right here. Yes?
I'm going now.
No, don't say that.
Promise me, Madhu.
That you'll take care of
him and bring him up.
We'll both bring him
up together. No.
He's yours now, and
you're his mother.
No, dear friend. You'll
be well soon.
No! No! My legs are amputed.
Yes! Madhu, my in laws..
You go there in my place.
No! It's not possible.
I can never do this.
Will you leave him as an orphan?
Won't you bring him up?
It's not that, but I..
Promise that you'll live..
..there like his mother.
Madhavi, Poonam.
No!.. Promise me. I won't
die peacefully otherwise..
Promise me.
Thank you.
Please come.
Very sorry about your sister.
What's your name?
And your son's? Rajiv
Where will you go now? Your address?
..Oollector, Lake View. Nainital.
Driver, how far is it?
Stop at some hotel en route..
We need some milk.
Give it, ma'am.
Before evening, in fact.
This is a jungle! Turn back.
Turn back, I said!
Turn back! Oan't you hear?
I said stop the car!
Get away!
Else, I'll jump off! Really?
With this kid?
Give me all the money you
have! Help!
Help! Help!
Mention not.
You can't go in this taxi, but,
I could drop you in my jeep.
Where do you want to go?
You shouldn't go alone
in this weather..
..Going further is impossible.
The mountain streams overflow, and
the road is closed at night.
What! Then, how.. how will I..
Don't panic. I'm a forest officer.
And my house is near by.
If you trust me, spend
the night in my house.
I'll take you tomorrow.
Has Munna slept?
You're fond of poetry too?
But wrote them too.
The last one was a song. But
that too remained unfinished.
Neither there is any emotion..
Nor there is any desire.
My life is nothing but,
drifting kite!
But when I faced life's
harsh reality.
It ended the delicate
inspiration of poetry. And now..
Now I like these dense forests..
..perilous atmosphere
and wild animals.
Anyway, forget it. I want
to ask you something.
Ever since I've met you,
I feel as though..
.. I've seen you somewhere.
What did you say your name was?
Where do you stay in Nainital?
I don't stay there. I'm going for..
..the first time. To my in laws.
In laws live there, and going..
..for the first time?
I don't quite follow.
I see. May I ask you who they are?
The retired collector there,
is my father-in-law.
The owner of ''Lake View''?
You're Shekhar's wife?
But, that train accident..
She survived it!
Ironic, right? It's wonderful!
How do you know my in laws?
It's my second home.
My father and he are like brothers.
In childhood Shekhar and I played
and studied together.
But we parted ways when we grew
up. Then I went to Germany.
And then.. that accident.
Life is so quaint!
That too, as a widow!
Such a close relation. No wonder..
.. I felt that I had seen you before.
What are you thinking?
What will my in laws say and
think when they see me?
What else, except absolute joy..
..when they see their heir with you?
Shall I serve the food, master?
Oh yes. She must be hungry.
Listen. She's not just my guest..
..but the daughter-in-law
of Diwan too.
But of course! I'll
be only too pleased.
It's impossible to go in this rain..
..So I'll escort you in the morning.
See you in the morning.
Are you going somewhere?
Oan't help it. There's a party on.
I'll have to go.
If I'm late in returning,
don't worry. Feel at home.
Did you keep the crate I did.
I don't ask where and why you go.
But it's a stormy night.
You also have a guest. Will
it matter if you don't go?
You've been sent here to work.
So don't meddle in my affairs.
Go and do your chores.
Go and work he says! I reared..
..and now he bosses me!
Oome, my dear. Have your dinner.
I try and convince him,
but he doesn't heed me.
He's busy the whole day and gets
restless towards evening.
He goes to the club, or wanders
in the jungles too.
And tries to drown his sorrow in
drinks. Does he booze too?
He never touched it before.
Even when he was abroad.
But now.. What happened?
You could say nothing,
or everything too!
Sincerity brought him betrayal!
Who betrayed him?
A girl! A girl!
Yes. Why keep it from you?
His father had chosen a girl.
He agreed without seeing the girl.
Then? Then something
queer happened.
When they went to the girl's.
She had run away.
What.. are you saying?
That girl must be a devil to have
ditched such a gentleman!
Where was the wedding?
In Gangapur.
'this love..
..is their work.''
''Who just take their lovers name.''
'die, destroy themselves and get
a bad name for themselves.''
''Let it be, let it go, friend..
..I will not fall in love.''
''Let it be, let it go, friend..
..I will not fall in love.''
''If any toy breaks, we
can buy another one.''
''Oh, God! No one should play
with another's heart.''
''If any toy breaks, we
can buy another one.''
''Oh, God! No one should play
with another's heart.''
''If the heart breaks, then
what will be the result?''
..is their work.''
''Who just take their lover's name.''
'die, destroy themselves..
..and get a bad name,
for themselves.''
''Let it be, let it go, friend..
..I will not fall in love.''
''Let it be, let it go, friend..
''When I pass through a lane
of beautiful girls.''
''I fear that I may fall in love.''
''When I pass through a lane
of beautiful girls.''
''I just salute them from far away.''
..is their work.''
''Who just take their lover's name.
'die, destroy themselves..
..and get a bad name,
for themselves.''
''Let it be, let it go, friend..
..I will not fall in love.''
''Let it be, let it go, friend..
Raghu kaka Raghu Kaka.
You're early! I know I'm late.
Tell Poonam I'll take her now.
She has gone! Gone?
What she would do staying here?
What she must be thinking?
What will Diwan sir, think?
But how and where did she go?
She went back home where else?
I tried to stop her, but she..
Eventually I put her in a truck.
That's very bad. You should
have gone with her!
''I'll never forget the trouble
you went through because of me.
Your last poem is the
story of my life.
There's no hope, no
emotion within..
This is Diwans mansion.
Thank you very much.
Where the hell is everybody?
Shekhar's mother. Ramiyya!
What's the matter, sir?
Is this breakfast? Without salt?
The doctor said it was harmful.
Then go and feed him this!
Who's there?
What the.. Who are you?
I'm Poonam. Poonam
What! And here's
the letter you wrote.
Poonam, You are Shekhar's wife?
And this is your treasure. His heir.
My son's son? Am I dreaming,
my dear?
You are telling the
truth? Father.
That train accident.
You survived it!
Yes. I survived to
take care of you..
..and to handover the
heir to your lineage.
My darling! My grandson..
Hey, look, Shekhar's mother.
Look who's here!
Our daughter-in-law.
Our grandson! Shekhar's mother.
Go and call your mistress..
My darling grandson.
What is it?
Oome downstairs.
Your son's wife, her son is here.
My son's wife?
What are you talking about?
Oome downstairs and see how lovely..
..your son's wife and the baby are!
Look, my dear, our son's wife,
our dear grandson are here.
My daughter-in-law!
My daughter-in-law!
Mother! My grandson!
You're my son's wife!
My daughter-in-law.
My grandson!
See? How strange are
the ways of God.
We made a great mistake in rejecting
a daughter-in-law like you.
Today we've atoned our sins.
You are here. Munna is here.
Our gloomy house is bright
with light once again.
May I come in?
Oome in.
Greeting Uncle!
Bless you. You've come
at the right moment.
Look who's here. Shekhar's
wife and son.
I've met them before. How come?
Her taxi driver was wanting
to rob her of her money.
I happened to reach.
And that ..fool
ran away in time.
Last night due to the storm.
I took them home.
Bless you.
It's due to his goodness that
I'm now here before you.
Oome. You must be tired.
Rest a while.
Don't go, Kamal. Give him tea, and
then bring the case upstairs.
Okay, ma'am. Oome, my dear.
You've come after days, son..
Let's play chess.
Will do
Give it to me. I'll keep
it in the cupboard.
No! He left me and went away..
Now if I can't see his photograph..
..it'll be difficult to pull on.
True. We have but past memories
to go on living now.
Freshen up a bit, and I'll
make you some snacks.
Rammaiya. Yes? Run a bath for her.
Yes mother.
May I say something? Yes?
I got a chance to say it now.
Young master was right
when he said his wife..
..was as lovely as a full moon!
But now the moon is blemished.
What nonsense!
I've not.. I simply forgot!
You haven't even seen it as yet.
Oome on. I'll take you around.
See this. A lake in the front.
Hills behind. Jungle all around.
Everyone says this house is
the crown of Nainital.
But somebody cast an evil eye.
And the young master
never returned.
Master fell ill. He
was a quiet man..
..but now he gets irritated easily.
Madam was very hot tempered.
But now she's very quiet.
Ohatting away again? You are wanted
downstairs. She's my sister.
A born chatter box! Shut up!
Don't listen to him. He's a liar!
Shirker! Less work, more
noise! Honestly.
I've to do all the work.
Really? Then you're a good
boy. What's your name?
I came to call her and got chatty..
..I forgot I've to polish shoes.
I'll go now. See you later.
''Oome on, my horsy.''
What's going on? Have
you lost your senses?
Try being a horsy one day.
You'll have fun! Go away!
Your breakfast, father.
Why dear? Where's the maid?
You don't like servants making
food so I made it myself.
Taste it. I think you'll like
it. Of course I will.
Eat slowly, friend.
You're eating as..
..though you're starving for a week!
Kashinath, you have a long life.
We were just talking about you.
Have a seat.
I heard that your son's wife,
and son are here..
..Thought I'd meet them.
This is my daughter-in-law.
And my grandson.
This is my doctor. But more
of a friend than a doctor.
Don't cast your evil eye on her.
And today instead
of taking my B.P..
..better check your own. Now I
don't even think that I'm ill.
That's very good. And now,
stop all the medicines.
And take a tonic.
Forget it!? Why you want
me to take medicines?
Doctor, don't you worry.
I'm responsible for his welfare
now. I'll get the tonic.
Keep these, and if any
other keep that too.
Don't tell him, tell me!
He doesn't know that..
..scotch is a
black market item.
Then buy it in black for me!
Really? Too good! What will
it be? ''Black Dog''?
You idiot! What are you
Madam. What do you want?
You? I had come for some tonic.
Too good! I'll just get it.
How come you're here?
Hey Madhavi! Madhavi, you?
You meant me? Yes. Didn't
you recognize me?
You've forgotten, that I had failed for 3 yrs..
..and yet reached the final?
We'll I.. Better
change your glasses.
She's Poonam. Shekhar's wife
and daughterinlaw of Mr. Diwan!
But how can that be?
The same, same complexion..
..same eyes, same voice.
Don't get shocked.
You're mistaken.
Sometimes two people,
can have same features.
I suppose so.
Here are and the bill.
It can be paid later. Haven't
you packed those bottles?
I'll pack them now. A real
sample! Your brother too!
Oome here. I wish to ask
you something. Yes?
Need man take support of deceit..
..for peaceful living
and satisfaction?
I don't get you.
Every man has some sorrow.
If liquor..
..could erase all the sorrows..
.. every man would be an alcoholic!
Here's your whiskey, sir.
Whiskey cancel!
Oancel it! Very strange!
Pappu! Where are you?
Where are you? Say ''I'm
here''. Oome let's run.
Mummy's coming.
Where are you? ''I'm
here''! Let's go..
Had I not seen with my own
I wouldn't have believed it!
That means you know how
to laugh and play too.
Pappu forced me to play,
That why I was playing.
I forgot everything in this
madness. Madness?
Joy is a ripple in the mind.
Nobody can stop it.
Poetry can entertain the mind,
but not convince it.
A mind that has been crushed by
misfortune and social norms..
..why console it with
false sympathy?
You don't know the
power of the mind.
A mind that has feelings
..can break
every kind of bondage.
And what about the mind that has
no hope or emotion within?
Whose life is like a cut,
drifting kite?
These words are from your poem.
That's my unfinished poem.
..fate of a kite, once it's cut!
Its sorrows drift
it here and there..
..with no direction or destination.
When did you come, Kamal?
Great! You've begun to step out.
I deliberately took him to the
lawyer. The doctor said..
..he must go out a bit.
His treatment seems to be working.
His treatment? Say her
care. You're right.
She and her son have brought
liveliness and joy to your home.
Please sit down. I'll
just send some coffee.
So! Why are you here and how
are you? I'm fine.
Actually I had come
to invite you..
What for? My birthday party.
Thought you should come too.
Bless you. Oongratulations.
But as you know, we don't
go to any party.
If none of you come, my party will..
..be incomplete.
Do one thing.
Talk to Poonam. If she agrees..
..we won't mind.
She never steps out!
I've told her many times.
But she doesn't listen.
She doesn't listen to her.
You try. She may agree.
Where's the harm in trying? It'll
do her good. She'll enjoy it.
Then I'll try my best!
You also talk to her.
Your in laws were complaining
about you. About me?
What did I do wrong? They
said you don't go anywhere.
Not even to your neighbors.
It's become a kind of habit.
I just don't feel like
going anywhere.
If you're invited out of love.
But why are you asking all this.
I'm having a party at the club.
Thought I'd ask you, and
that you won't refuse.
The question of my attending your
party simply doesn't arise.
It's nothing special. Some friends
and officers will come.
Actually, it's my birthday.
Just best wishes? Won't you come?
I'm sorry. Your in
laws have no objection.
If you're willing, they don't mind.
They mustn't have thought
of the wagging tongues!
I thought I'd convince you.
If what people say..
..means more than your near ones..
.. I leave the decision to you. Bye!
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Kamal, whom are you waiting for?
For us! We're here..
He's waiting for us. We have come.
Many happy returns of the day.
Happy birthday. Thank you..
These garlands of flowers..
Please accept as yours.
What nonsense is this! Idiot!
Mukesh, Thank you.
Thank you.
You know us alright!
The world calls us that.
Welcome, Poonam. I knew you'd come.
My in-laws forced me to come..
How happy I am to have you here.
Oome I will introduce
you to my friends.
She is Diwan's daughter-in-law and
my childhood friend's wife Poonam.
And this is..
Miss Jenny. Mrs Agarwal..
We've already met. I think,
you better be born fast.
Out the cake quickly.
My stomach's rumbling.
That day you may have felt
bad about what I said.
But honestly, Madhavi
was just like you.
I'll find it for you. Show it to
her and confuse her more correct.
Oorrect. Mr. Kamal cut the cake.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to Kamal.
Friends, from all of us here..
Means, congratulations.
And congratulations.
But, on this joyous occasion
we've a request for him.
That he recite one of his poems..
In his sweet voice..
..with melodious music, and oblige us all.
Oblige us all. Oblige us all.
You'll have to recite it now.
In front of all..
Since you're asking
I'll oblige.
Friends, I had stopped
penning poetry.
But for some days now, I felt
my dormant emotions awaking.
My desires, aroused.
The shape those emotions and
desires have given birth to..
I'm presenting before you as a song.
''Love is crazy, and splendid.''
''Love is crazy, and splendid.''
''Any happiness and sadness
It is unaware of.''
'the flame tells the kite..
..stay away from me.''
''You will burn like me..
..don't come near me.''
'the flame tells the kite..
..stay away from me.''
''You will burn like me..
..don't come near me.''
''He does not listen,
he has to burn.''
''Any happiness and sadness,
it is unaware of.''
''Love is crazy and splendid.''
''Any happiness and sadness
it is unaware of.''
''Anyone staying behind
a hundred curtains.''
''Anyone may try and
steal their sight..
..from their lover.''
''Anyone staying behind
a hundred curtains.''
''Gets scared and shy.''
''Anyone may try and
steal their sight..
..from their lover.''
'The heart seeks out its love.''
''Any happiness and sadness
it is unaware of.''
''Love is crazy and splendid.''
''Any happiness and sadness
it is unaware of.''
''Listen, one poet had..
..said something very nice.''
''Even if the world forbids..
..my lover.''
''Listen, one poet had..
..said something very nice.''
''Even if the world forbids..
..my lover.''
''The drink spills when
the glass overflows.''
''Any happiness and sadness
it is unaware of.''
''Love is crazy and splendid.''
''Any happiness and sadness
it is unaware of.''
The silence of this
street seems so..
..nice after that noisy party.
What were you lost in?
I'm trying to free
myself from your..
..beautiful poetry and sweet voice.
This means you liked my song.
Very much!
Truly, had I not come today..
..I'd have never known
how well you sing.
Good enough! I'm happy that
you enjoyed my party.
I was scared that in your party
there wouldn't be.. What?
What usually happens in parties.
Ohaos and getting drunk.
Does man need a false support..
..for peaceful living
and satisfaction?
What? Didn't you say this
in that general stores?
Since then I've given up the
false support of alcohol.
Oan anybody leave liquor
at somebody's request?
..somebody and you!
A small gift..
On your birthday.
I felt awkward giving it to
you in front of everyone.
This will be my most valuable.
Because you gave it to me.
Forgive me. I came to
you on first terms.
One is not formal with
those who are younger.
And then informality
has its own intimacy.
I've learnt one thing from you.
One needn't marry to come close.
Whomever you get intimacy
from is your very own.
Let's go.
There you are! We were
waiting for you.
How was the party? Fine.
But I missed you both.
Poonam made up for us.
I'll go now.
There's a letter from your father..
Me too. Same old story. Marriage!
That's all very well, but you'll
have to accept it one day.
The girl's coming with her mother.
See her and decide.
He knows it. You also pen him.
I'm not interested in marriage!
This boy will never heed.
The poor guy went through
a bad phase.
Oan't he forget her?
Do you know about him?
Yes. His servant told me everything.
Do one thing. Find out what's
on his mind when you chat.
He may listen to you. We've
given up convincing him!
Look, my dear. Behave properly.
Kamal is an excellent boy.
Look, my dear. Behave properly.
Kamal is an excellent boy.
Don't worry mummy. Boys are all the
same. I know how to handle them.
Bless you. Oome this way.
This is my daughter. And
her pet name is Munni!
She's always spoiling my name!
I'm not a kid anymore.
Don't worry dear.
Meet this gentleman.
He's Mr. Kamal Sinha.
Hi. What's 'Hi'?
She's Mrs. Shekhar.
Why are you standing? Oome and sit.
Yes. Let's sit.
Is this your first visit here?
Not for me, but for her.
It's my 2nd visit! I had
come when I was a kid.
But it's your first visit
since you've grown up.
Who told you that your
daughter's grown up?
You seem a jovial person.
I pull legs now and then!
And you? Me too. What
will have you have?
I'll tell you her choice. A double
'tootiefrootie'! (Dry fruit)
How did you guess? Ohildren
usually like such things.
You're teasing me already.
Naturally! Who else will he tease?
Yes whom else?
Then, has he liked my Munni?
You thought her Munni..
Munni Please start..
Thank you.
''With love, people call me, Shabo.''
''Hey, did you recognize me?''
''We had met.. that night.''
''Don't be scared.''
''It is a secret.''
''And the secret will
remain a secret.''
''My name is Shabnam.''
''With love, people call me, Shabo.''
''What is your name? Ena,
Meena, Anju or Manju?''
''Ena, Meena, Anju, Manju or Madhu?''
''That night, the clarinet
was playing all night.''
''I was there, you were
there, and he..''
''Don't be shy, don't be afraid.''
''I won't tell anyone.''
''Do you know..
..my name is Shabnam.''
''With love, people call me, Shabo.''
''What is your name?
''Ena, Meena, Anju or Manju?''
''Ena, Meena, Anju, Manju or Madhu?''
.. I'm not asking anything from you.
But please don't take the peace
of mind you've given me.
Peace of mind lies in love.
And love is no mistake.
You? I phoned your place and
was told you had come here.
Last night you came
and I got..
..caught between that
Munni and Mummy!
Oomfortably? They forced
me to dine with them.
It was very late, so I went home..
..and slept.
You slept at least.
Meaning? I meant Munni
mustn't have slept at all.
Both were dozing while eating..
..Really? Then what was decided?
That's left to you.
You'll make a 1 st class couple!
You're very right.
But remember, my salary is less..
..and that fatso's ice
creams cost a lot.
You look so beautiful
when you laugh!
I've been thinking a lot about
one thing since yesterday.
About what? Do you have a twin?
That shopkeeper mentioned it,
and so did that cheap dancer.
And the strangest thing is,
the girl that I was to wed..
Her name was Madhu too!
If you meet that Madhu again, will
you be able to forgive her?
I've nothing against her today.
The pain she gave..
Who? You!
May I go now?
Poonam, We're going
to the same place..
Isn't it possible to go together?
'The lane in which your
house is not situated..
'The path which does not pass
from near your house..
.. I don't want to
walk on that path.''
''The lane in which your
house is not situated..
''There is a lot of fun in life.''
''Everywhere there are smiling buds.''
''Everywhere there are smiling buds.''
''Beautiful gardens
and lovely lanes.''
''The garden in which your feet
are pierced with a thorn.''
''The garden in which your feet
are pierced with a thorn.''
''I don't want to pluck flowers
from that garden.''
''The lane in which your
house is not situated..
''And come to me with
a veil of love.''
''These customs and relations,
you break them.''
''And come to me with
a veil of love.''
''Otherwise I will leave
this place and go.''
''The place where your
memories trouble me.''
''I don't want to stay even for
one second in that place.''
''The lane in which your
house is not situated..
.. I don't want to pass
from that lane.''
''The lane in which your
house is not situated..
I'm stepping out after a long time!
This lake. That temple..
This club. Everything is
as it was to the world.
But after Shekhar's death, nothing
was the same for us!
Father! See those boats?
Look how they're playing around ..
..with the waves.
It's the first time..
You my friend?
How did the sun rise in the
West? She forced me!
Thought I'll start taking
a stroll from today.
Good thing too! I was
tired of lecturing him!
He just refused to go out, or meet
anyone! He invited illness.
Dear From today make it a rule!
Lecturing again? Sit down!
Sit, eh? You get up!
There's the club.
..Old friends will be
happy to see you.
No. I.. Go on, father.
You'll enjoy yourself.
That's what I mean too.
Okay. Let's go.
You'll get bored sitting here.
Munna is alone at home, so go home.
I'll come with him. Okay.
Greetings. Greetings.
When I think about her my
heart literally breaks!
What'll happen to her after
I die? May I say something?
Doctor! Why get so cross about it?
Why did you say such a thing?
Oome on, let's go.
Take the car back.
Who brought these toys? I did!
You? Thank God you remember me.
Why are you here? What was the need?
I missed you. Oame to know
you were here so I came.
Go away from here! So soon?
But it'll take me some
time to tell my story.
Ramiyya! She's making tea for me.
There's nobody else at home.
Honestly, Madhu.
I'm really repenting.
That day I couldn't break
the barrier of your love.
Forgive me, Madhu.
That Madhu is dead! Then
so is that Kailash you knew.
Look. I know everything about you.
I hate the sight of you!
Get out of here! Go!
Go! Go, I say!
What are you doing, Madhu?
Peace! Peace! You?
Who are you? I'm Kailash.
She's my distant relation.
Very happy to meet you..
I'm Kamal.
Now tell me, her aunty sent
some toys for her son..
Where have I erred in this?
Am just a messenger.
Why lose your temper over this?
But She's right in a way.
When she was widowed, her Aunty
didn't care about her.
When she found out Poonam had
married well she apologised.
This is common in relatives.
Get the tea here. I'm
very obliged to you.
If you hadn't come, I don't know..
..how this relation
would've remained.
Tea Sit down. Have some tea.
Excuse me..
..It's against norms to drink
Let alone tea from..
.. the house of a girl you've
given away in marriage.
Okay, I'll leave. Good day.
Good day.
I'm putting up at
The Hotel Politana.
He's not my relation. I'll pour.
Where's everybody?
Mother has taken Munna out.
And father.. to the doctor.
I had come to meet him, in fact.
He had to sign an agreement.
..play cards in the house.
This illfated game brings bad omen.
It means, luck has
knocked at your door.
Dear, today I just spread the net.
Do you think the bird will come?
If the bird won't come, what will it eat?
Poonam's father-in-law is
rich than Madhavi's uncle.
What about me and Madhavi?
The fragrance of the
flower fills your heart..
..and if you eat the fruit, it fills your stomach.
You throw the flower
after smelling it.
Eating fruits gives you strength.
O dear, get me a glass of whiskey.
Shabbo, you are great.
I can forget everyone, but not you.
What is your next plan about them?
Shabbo, Kailash doesn't
take tension..
..but forces others to think.
What did Madhavi think we will
know it tomorrow evening at 6.
Welcome Madhu.. I mean, Poonam.
I knew you'd definitely come.
Why have you called me?
Still playing a game of
hide and seek with me?
But honestly, how lovely you
look in these white clothes!
Think my lips as sealed.
And if you wish..
.. I'll keep silent forever.
What the hell do you want?
What! Actually it's
not yesterday..
..that worries me, it's tomorrow.
It's just that..
Half the share is mine in the
hand that you've played!
I never thought you'd be so mean!
But remember, I'll never let you
succeed in this evil plan!
Great! You weren't with me,
even in true love.
And now you want to turn
away from unholy plans too?
Kailash! Don't shout! I'm told, even the trees
have ears!
Suppose somebody finds out you're
not the real daughter-in-law?
Let go of me! And if you try
to meet me again you had it!
Had you gone out? Yes. Behind
the compound. Near the lake.
But why are you scared?
I think there was a wild
animal in the bushes.
Possible. A wolf often
visits that area.
Yes. It was a wolf!
Don't go alone there henceforth.
You keep it, mother.
I'm going on a pilgrimage soon..
..Also, now it's your
responsibility. Take.
What is it? Nothing.
I just wanted to ask..
Was the wolf small, or huge?
Alright. Why do you get angry?
When did you come? Greeting uncle.
Bless you. This is Kamal's sister.
My brother praises you a lot.
But his praise falls short!
You're more beautiful.
You all sit. I'll get some tea.
Some tea will not do. We're
here for dinner. Period. Yes.
My wife left on a pilgrimage today.
Else you'd have met.
Why did she take the trouble..
..when her daughterinlaw
is an angel?
That's why I stayed back.
How long will you be here?
Until Holi. I've friends with me..
..She'll bore you for 34 days!
What! I'll bore you?
They're going on a picnic tomorrow.
This is not done. You join us too.
I don't go anywhere anyway.
This is once in a while. And you're
always cooped up in here.
You'll like it also. Very true.
Now no excuses will do!
Why did you throw that flower?
I was just looking at it.
Flowers look nice only at 2 places.
At the feet of the Lord..
.. and in a woman's hair.
Not in every woman's hair!
May I ask something? Yes..
.. You were having
fun some time back.
It seemed your past was like
this stream.. bubbly!
And today? Today? It's like
this lake. Silent on top..
.. but, with countless
desires in its depths!
In life, these depths of the
lake are not everything.
There is much more. Like..
..these flowers that smile.
And wilt away too!
This evening that is enchanting..
..And then gets lost in the dark!
If you want to, you can
get out of this dark..
.. and touch the glory of the sky..
The stream is below and the
picnic spot is behind..
..So, why look up?
I was watching a kite. Kite?
How unromantic.
Trees are blossoming, flowers,
are glowing..
..and the coffeepot is steaming!
We came for you. Let's go.
Why did you prepare the coffee?
We brought you here to have fun.
But I think you're bored.
Your brother's bored.
Do something about him.
what happened?
Are we so bad looking for him
to stare at a kite in the sky?
You're unbiased. You decide on this.
It could be that some
people like kites.
As compared to us?
Sir.. .. what's so special in
a kite for it to attract someone?
Attracting someone is no skill.
Getting closer to someone is.
A skill that a kite possess.
Oolored like a rainbow.
Having the flight of imagination..
..Sways in the wind,
kisses the clouds.
Agile as lighting. A beautiful
dancer is a kite!
Wonderful! Today I realized that
a kite is a poem. What say you?
A kite is not a poem.
But he has made it one!
Poetry is not made, it just comes.
When somebody's beauty..
.. reflects through the eyes,
into the heart and stays there.
..with its fragile string.
Which intoxicates, and makes you
forget everything. Like..
.. a beautiful evening or a stream.
''This evening is wonderful,
intoxicates you.''
''An unknown thread pulls me,
and takes me towards you.''
''This evening is wonderful,
intoxicates you.''
''An unknown thread pulls me,
and takes me towards you.''
''You stay far away from me,
you never come close to me.''
''There is never thirst
on your lips.''
''It looks like, smilingly you
are drinking some poison.''
''This evening is wonderful,
intoxicates you.''
''An unknown thread pulls me,
and takes me towards you.''
''When I speak, why do they stop me?''
Why do your sweet eyes stop me?''
''Your respect and shyness, swear
by you, seal my lips.''
''An unknown thread pulls me,
and takes me towards you.''
''Just like a crying destiny.''
''You are as silent as a photograph.''
''But, your eyes act as your
speech and give the message.''
''An unknown thread pulls me,
and takes me towards you.''
There she comes.
Oome. Kailash has been
waiting for you for hours.
You are so lucky to have a good
father-in-law like him..
..father-in-law. Else
..otherwise nowadays..
.. who allows his widowed
daughter-in-law to move so freely?
That she enjoy herself. Else,
she doesn't step out at all!
Wonderful, sir. Such
advanced thoughts!
See, sir? Didn't I say she
was still cross with me?
Anyway, I came to do my duty.
That too on Madhavi's name.
She writes in her letter that
Aunty's pretty serious.
She's insisting that I take you..
.. I don't want to go anywhere!
She can't go at present. My wife's
away and I keep unwell.
I forgot. Never mind.
Some other time.
She has sent an ordinary gold chain.
For Munna.
My wife has, that is, for Munna.
Why did she bother?..
.. I don't want the baby to wear
any gold. Think Poonam.
It'll break her heart. She has
got it blessed by the Lord.
If that's so, then take it.
Okay.. if you say so.
Oome and put it on him
yourself. Go. Go.
Your baby is so sweet.
Don't touch him!
Okay. Put this on him
with your own hands.
Listen carefully. I don't
like you coming here.
But I like to!
When I have nothing to do with
why should you come and go?
To continue the old ties. I
know your intentions very well.
But you're also taking advantage
of somebody's helplessness!
Don't you feel sorry for me at all?
That's more like it! But my
pity has a price Madhu.
I am sorry Poonam.
Pay the price and I'll
vanish forever.
And I'll never show you
my dirty face again.
Think it over. Shall I come again?
No need!
If I was not in difficulty, I
would've never troubled you.
Really, how great you are!
And I'm so lowly..
You can go now. And don't
forget your promise!
I'll never show you my
face again! Okay..
Oh yes! Remember! Don't let anyone
have this chain tested.
Looks golden, but is of brass!
Just like you! Actually Madhavi
but impersonating as Poonam!
Why are you laughing?
It's funny that's why.
You gave it so lovingly
and she threw it away.
No matter. I bought it lovingly
You keep it lovingly.
A golden chain, and
you gave it to me?
Because I'm beginning to like you.
But don't flaunt it. Else
it'll arouse jealousy!
I won't show it to anyone.
I'll hide it in my trunk.
When will I see you again? Why?
Do you have a letter for..
Forget her! Sister!
Sister! Where are you? The
milk is boiling over.
Whom were you talking with?
No one. I was shutting the door..
Brother? Shalu?
I brought coffee for you.
Till what time will you be awake?
Until I finish my work.
Look, I was engaged whole day with
you all in the picnic now these
.. papers are very important.
If I don't give them till morning,
I'll be into trouble.
Brother.. if I had sister-in-law
she would command you to keep ..
..and sleep because you have
to get up early in the morning.
Hey crazy, I am not ruining my life.
Thank god that the girl
ran before marriage..
..if she would've ran after
marriage, I wouldn't ..
..have been able to face anybody..
First tell me, how were my friends?
They are nice. Very pretty.
Versha, Komal, Sulekha, name them.
I'll fix your engagement date ..
..and then marriage.
Shalu.. there is none
who can become..
..your brother's life partner.
Then who is she?
Tell me, I'll talk to her.
Father's wish will be fulfilled.
I'll get a sisterinlaw and
your life will be good.
Who is she? Brother, tell me.
I bind you with my oath.
Her name is Poonam.
Poonam? Brother Shekhar's widow?
Mother of a child? Brother, have you gone
Do you think other young
girls on this earth are dead?
Or is Poonam trying to entice you
in spite of she being a widow?
Shalu, I never thought that
my sister doesn't know to ..
..differentiate between mud
water and sacred water.
You can leave.
''There is no hope, nor desire.''
''What is my life?''
''It's like a kite which
has been cut.''
''There is no hope, nor desire.''
''What is my life?''
''It's like a kite which
has been cut.''
'there is no hope.''
''I once got cut and
fell from the sky.''
''I once got cut and
fell from the sky.''
''Don't ask, how the world..''
''Don't ask, how the world..
..has destroyed me.''
''I do not have anyone's support.''
''I do not have anyone's company.''
''What is my life?''
''It's like a kite which has
been cut. There is no hope.''
''The lord of my dreams, what
should I give to you.''
''I am the shadow of autumn.''
''This is how I look.''
''This is my color.''
''What is my life?'' ''It's like
a kite which has been cut
''There is no hope.''
Policy papers? Yes. They've
been redirected here.
Sign where they've marked it.
I have to sign?
Yes. They are on your name.
So? You sign, as his father.
This won't do in such matter.
But the thing is..
I know how you feel. But
you will have to sign!
Sign them and send them to Kamal.
He has contacts there..
..the work will be done
quicker! Take them.
Now what will you do? Forge
Poonam's signature?
Don't be afraid. Nobody knows me.
You're Poonam now. Daughter-in-law
of this home.
This is your last responsibility,
and you'll have to fulfill it.
Don't forget, Madhu. You
had given me your word.
You had promised me!
That's it, isn't it Madhu..
Poonam. I just know this..
.. that the move you've made,
..half of the portion
belongs to me!!
..Your place is at
your Kamal's feet.
Tell him the truth and make
your final decision.
Where are you off to? I've
been given these papers.
I'll give them to the driver.
Must be the policy papers.
Here. Go give them.
Man of my dreams, today
I'm daring to..
.. break my shackles before you.
I want to come clean.
You think I'm Poonam
but I'm Madhavi.
The same girl who brought
misery in your life.
I did my biggest mistake when
I ran away from the hall.
Your dinner's served.
I'm not hungry.
Shall I make something else?
No. I've decided..
..that as long as I'm alive.
I won't trouble anyone.
Go and rest. What do you mean?
I don't mind taking care of
you. In fact I feel happy.
Oome and eat something.
Oome along. Sit.
An old man is like an old wall.
Who should be very careful.
We depend on this old wall.
For my sake. Don't be adamant.
Eat something.
Wow uncle, she's feeding
you like a baby.
She's force-feeding me!
Your papers have come.
You'll have to sign them. Me?
To verify her signature.
Because they're always scared..
..the money may go to the wrong man.
Even after all this, money always
falls into the wrong hands.
I'll make some tea. No tea.
We've come to take you.
Me? Yes. It's Holi
Festival of colors) in the village.
It's a grand affair. Her
friends are coming too.
And they insist you come too.
But how? Why not? Didn't
I say she'll refuse?
No. It's not that. Father
is alone. And..
Uncle, we're going tomorrow.
Please send her.
Let her go wherever she likes.
Oh thank you, uncle.
Oome. Hurry up and get ready.
''Hey, Babulal. It's Holi!''
''Today we all will not leave
you, we will play, Holi.''
''We will play Holi.''
''Whether you get wet..
''Whether your veil gets
wet or your blouse.''
''We will play Holi.''
''It's Holi!''
''It's each ones destiny.''
''Someone laughs and someone cries.''
''Yes. Someone laughs
and someone cries.''
''Someone colors
the body with color.''
''And someone fills the
eyes with tears.''
''Fills eyes with tears.''
''Let this excuse be, what
will the world do?''
''You are so innocent.
We will play Holi.''
'today we all will not leave
you, we will play, Holi.''
''We will play Holi.''
..all the happiness.''
''All the happiness.''
''How will the fire
burn in the mind?''
''When the vagabonds have left.''
''When the vagabonds have left.''
''Sadness is like a spark.''
''We have filled this pipe.''
''Here comes our crazy group.
We will play Holi.
''Today, we will not leave you.''
''Today we all will not leave
you, we will play, Holi.''
''We will play, Holi.''
''Whether your veil gets wet or your
blouse. We will play, Holi.''
''It's Holi!''
Why did you do that for?
You'll wipe it? It was
a signal from God.
This red powder which
is in your hair now..
.. will shine forever as an
omen for you to be a bride.
Haven't you slept yet?
When a young widow..
..goes out of the house and regales..
.. then how can an old
father-in-law sleep?
I've been noticing that you're
out to have a good time.
How can you say that? They
deliberately put color on me.
I shouldn't have gone.
If you hadn't..
.. then how will this red powder
have shone in a widow's hair?
What kind of acid test do
you want me to undergo?
I want to know the real you!
The real me is my luck..
.. which has taken away everything!
And now, you want to use
Kamal to set it straight?
Yes! Your secret! You betrayal.
Your deception!
I thought you were divinely good.
I gave you love thinking
you were my daughter-in-law.
Thought you'll be my support.
Gave the child in your care.
I handed over this household's
..money, everything to you!
And you.. you..
.. betray me so badly?
Why? Why? Tell me!
You want money, estate? No..
What the hell do you want?
''Happy Holi!''
You! And here?
Leave it. There won't be any light.
I had pulled out all
the wires!
I couldn't see you out in the
open so I hid here in the dark.
You devil! You call it decency
to hide in other people's room?
Great! One thief expects
decency from another one?
Your father-in-law insulted
me and threw me out!
So I thought I'd go to
someone who was my own.
I know. You want to use my secret..
..as a shield and loot these people.
No! I came here today because
it's ''Holi''. A day for lovers.
I don't want your wealth,
but your heart now.
You mean so!
You want my heart, eh?
Swept away all my desires like
a blade of grass in the wind!
But today all the veils drawn
on my life are removed.
Everybody has come to know
Madhu and what I am!
I just wanted to start anew.
Forget the past.
Forget, eh? You lowly dog!
You want to mar the purity of a
woman with your dirty motives!
But there's still my decision!
Madhu, please.
These eyes must have ruined
countless girls.
Today I'll close these eyes forever!
Madhu Have you gone mad?
You cheat, fraud. Madhu!
What happened? Nothing.
Kailash was here.
Him? He dared to do this? I'll
phone the police. No!
Don't make it public, please.
Madam! Madam!
He woke up screaming, and not
quieting either. My darling!
No my darling.. don't cry.
I knew you'd try to go.
But I'm not taking anything.
You see for yourself.
The one whose memory you're
taking with you..
When he asks about you
what will I tell him? What?
When the baby cries for you; when
my wife will want to know.
When people will ask why and where
our daughter-in-law has gone?
..real one is dead.
And the impostor ran off
when truth was revealed.
But they won't believe it.
They'll say, we maligned you..
To save our reputation.
We made up a lie!
Then what shall I do?
I can't bear it anymore.
I want to die! You
died that day..
When you came here as Poonam.
But that farce is over now.
The farce may be over,
but your life isn't!
Everything. It's the same child
who needs a mother's love.
Same mother-in-law, who is on a
pilgrimage having accepted you.
.. stand before you, imploring.
You came as Poonam. Remain so.
Father, you've forgiven me?
Get up, my dear.
I won't go anywhere now!
I thought you'd change
your luck on Holi day.
But you came, with your face burnt?
My wounds will heal.
But my heart will be mended when
I turn her desires to ashes!
Every jilted lover says this!
Had I not told you about Madhavi..
No. In fact you've done me a favor.
You don't know my plans.
I'm dying for that day..
.. when the ashes of her
hopes make you a bride!
Will that day ever come? Yes!
I know how to turn tables.
I'm pregnant! What! Yes.
No! It's true!
This one truth can unmake
all our plans.
All our dreams will be finished!
Kailash! We belong to each other, but we
don't need a child now.
We must consider your figure, youth and
..till I grab that wealth!
Why don't you understand?
Shabbo, you want kids, right?
Everything will be alright.
But not now.
I promise. Everything will be fine.
You'll be happy to know.. I know!
I'm going to be a mother.
But I don't want to be one.
Why not? You may not be knowing.
But I'm a dancer.
If you were so fond of your
why did you marry?
Life has its own compulsions.
You'll have to help me.
I'll pay you whatever you say.
What! You'll pay me?
You've come to a wrong place.
I am a doctor. My work is to
give life and not take.
You may go. But..
I said you may go!
What happened? He refused.
But did you. I tried.
But he refused to go against
his principles for money.
Don't fret so.
I'll manage everything.
You go on home. I'll go
elsewhere and come.
Greetings, uncle. Oome
in. I was awaiting you.
Why were you thinking about me?
You're keeping well, I hope.
Old age is a disease in itself.
Who knows about tomorrow?
That's why I want to carry out
one of my responsibilities.
Which responsibility?
My daughter-in-law.
I often wonder what will
happen to her after me?..
You wish to get her married again?
Yes. When I think of her,
my heart is overwhelmed.
God has been so unfair to her.
God widowed her in prime.
Shall I tell you one thing, uncle?
Tell me, dear.
If a young man unknowingly puts
red powder in a widow's hair..
..and if that girl has accepted it..
..then can they both marry?
Why not? If both are willing, of course they
can wed.
Well then, that boy is me.
And the girl is Poonam!
Yes uncle.
I'll think myself lucky, if you
give her hand to me in marriage.
What can make me more happy?
Send a telegram to Vishnu today.
I can't wait any longer.
son go.
Poonam. You? Where were you?
I was watching that falling kite..
..Where will it go?
What will happen?
What can happen? Someone will come
forward and take care of it.
Who knows? Gusts of the wind and ..
..branches, may tear it to pieces.
Never! Look!
The gardener's son has claimed
it. Now he'll retie it.
Fly it in the open sky.
It's his now.
He'll never let it be cut.
Even then, it'll be a felled kite.
So what? Nothing wrong.
It is no less. She'll fly
again on a new string.
With a new bondage.
Who'll bound her?
I will! Like that one, I'll also
tie my kite with a new string.
Your kite?
You! Yes, dear.
I wish to make you mine
and give you a new life.
I've opened my heart to uncle.
He has asked me to wire my father..
..Everything will be fixed then.
Uncle has accepted our love.
Really? Really!
No! You must be mad! Firstly,
she's a widow.
Then she has a son. Why
are you doing this to me?
Are you mad?
Without weighing, and valuing..
..you're discarding
such a divine girl?
You keep her. Pray to
her. Why are you..
Oome, my dear. This is Kamal's
father. Vishnu Prasad.
My dearest friend. Means
more than a brother.
Bless you. He doesn't take tea..
.. but hogs sweetmeats!
I'll just get some. Yes.
Well? Got startled seeing such
a lovely and decent girl?
It's not that. I think I know her.
I've seen her somewhere.
You're right.
She's not my daughter-in-law.
She's your keepsake. What!
Yes. My daughter-in-law is dead.
She's your friend, Rajkishan's niece, Madhavi
But she had run away
from the marriage hall.
She has paid more than
enough for that one folly.
Here's the letter, she had written to Kamal.
Unite 2 separated souls and
earn a blessing from God.
Does Kamal know this? No,
and he must never know it.
It's better this secret
remains a secret.
Oome, my dear.
Here's your favorite sweet.
Oome on, open your mouth.
I will sweeten your mouth too, friend.
''The earring has fallen
in the market of Bareilly.''
''The earring has fallen
in the market of Bareilly.''
That's what I've got for you!
How you scared me!
Suppose she sees me with you?
Dear sir..
She's getting married
to Master Kamal.
What? I've heard it too.
It was fixed just today.
Oh? Anyway.. Look what I've got you.
How lovely? Is it for me?
Like it? Give us a hug then.
And see what all I bring.
What a nice girl. What
Hide here, sir.
What are you doing?
Isn't the milk ready as yet?
Just cooling it. I've put sugar.
Give it to me.
Please go now. My heart's hammering.
Okay. But remember.
Keep quiet about it.
Why was that man here? What man?
Liar! Whom were you talking
to? Why was he here?
I don't know. He came and went.
He came and went.
And I've asked Kamal to pick
her up at the station.
Have your milk. Later.
Oome and sit.
I've to tell you something.
I've written my will, and kept
everything on the kid's name.
Good that you did.
And you're his trustee.
Me? Yes.
And as per this will, till
he's 20 years old..
.. all this estate, and..
..the responsibility of
this house is yours.
Why just 20 years? It's my
lifelong responsibility.
I know. But then I think this too.
One day you'll get married
and go to your own home.
My divine daughter will
go away from us.
How will we cope then? Father..
That's okay. But you'll have new
joys of a new life before you.
Those joys will not make you..
..forget Munna?
And he'll always remain so!
I was hoping you'd say that.
Today I'll sleep very peacefully.
Give me the milk now.
Rammayya, Sheetal.
What is it, Ma'am? Nothing.
Hello, doctor, please come as soon
as possible. Father is very ill.
I mean Shekhar's wife.
I was a sub Inspector then.
I've just come here from Lucknow.
Where's Mr. Diwan?
He's sleeping. Never mind.
I have some important
work, so I'll wait.
Sit down. Thanks.
Why hide from you?
A woman. She claims you're not the
daughter-in-law of this house,
but she.
No! That's a lie. You're right.
But we've to listen to everybody..
..You'll have to come
to the Police Station.
But.. Never mind.
But.. If Mr. Diwan wakes up,
you can ask him.
Inspector! You.. and here?
I had come to meet him.
Where is he? In his room.
Oome along. Let's go.
Father! Oh Father!
Go out please.
Tell everybody not
to touch the body.
Now it is a police case.
Please come out of the room.
Oome on. Oome on.
You'll have to come to the
Police Station with me.
I'll have to take your
statement on this issue too.
After some time may be?
I am sorry. You'll have to come now.
Oome, my dear.
Himmat Singh.
Yes sir.
Till the body is not removed
for the postmortem..
.. stand outside the room.
And let nobody enter it.
Oome, let's go.
Let's go, my dear.
Sit, please.
Don't be scared. Go and
give your statement.
I'll wait here till then. Now go.
That jeep. Everything's okay?
What's the matter?
Go in. I'll tell you.
Why are you crying? Madam..
Why don't you say something?
Why is this constable here?
Where have they taken Poonam?
Where's the baby? What is it?
Yesterday night, Shekhar's father..
What happened to him?
He has left us forever!
What! No! No!
You can't go in! Get aside! Oh no!
She says she's the real Poonam,
and not this one here.
She's lying! I know her well. She's
a cabaret dancer.
And such a cheap woman, can never
be from a decent family.
I've already stated that
I used to dance on stage.
And that's why his father had
broken his ties with him.
Sure he had broken his ties,
but that doesn't mean..
.. any cheap woman can claim
to be his son's wife.
This is a plot. I'm Poonam.
Munna's mother.
Gretings sir. I'm Kailash.
I always said bad deeds
always give bad results.
Law caught up with you Madhavi
Yes sir. That's her real name.
She may be Poonam to you.
But to me she was Madhavi
and will always be so.
I think it my duty to reveal the
truth in the presence of Law.
Truth? The truth is..
.. she's not Mr. Diwan's son's
wife but my own wife!
Liar! Schemer! I've
nothing to do with him.
This is a police station..
Sorry inspector.
..How can I tolerate
her being insulted?
If he's telling the truth..
.. then why didn't he tell
Mr. Diwan when he was alive?
You can argue in the court.
Let us get on with our job.
Oarry on, sir. As I was saying..
We both were traveling together..
..and she and her
child were with us.
He's lying! Please
keep quiet! Go on.
She told her tragic tale to her.
They became friendly.
Then we had an accident, and
we both and her kid survived.
I tried to find this lady,
but I didn't find her.
That very night my wife look
her child and ran away.
No, sir. Don't believe him.
One has to believe the truth.
I don't want anything.
Just give me my baby.
Patience. Inspector will
return your child to you.
When I came here, my doubt was proved to
be correct.
Madhavi was impersonating Poonam..
..and eyeing the money. I told her.
I reasoned with her, but she didn't listen.
His every word is a lie!
He's taking some old revenge!
These two are trapping me!
Then what is the truth?
The truth is that, the real..
..daughter-in-law of that house.
.. is dead!
Inspector Tiwari. Yes, doctor?
What? Oh. Okay doctor.
Now this case is even
more complicated.
Diwanji died, not of a heart attack..
..but poisoning!
My wife can impersonate
Poonam for money..
.. but not kill! No, sir. It's a lie.
This is a lie Mr. Kamal.
Excuse me, but with present
She'll have to stay.
Sorry Mr. Kamal. She's under arrest.
Murderess! What do you want? What
farce you want to do now?
I'm innocent.. I'm
Go away! You made me a widow
You ruined my home.
I say. Go away! Go away!
Sister-in-law, please. Oome.
Oome, let's go.
I thought your act was over.
Why are you here now?
Kamal. The house which sheltered
you, you broke that very house?
Don't say that. He was
like a father to me.
Please believe me! Believe?
And you? No. Not any more.
I thought you were divinely good.
But you let me down.
You hid the truth, and played
with my emotions.
Why? Answer me! What was the need?
I know I've fallen in your eyes.
Whatever I tell you..
I've never asked anything from you..
..But today, I ask just this..
If you can, just wipe the stigma
that I'm branded with!
Take it easy now. Just be quiet.
Who are you?
Your real daughter-in-law.
Munna's mother. Shut up!
I've no daughter-in-law.
I hate that word! Now get lost!
Oalm down. Let's go in.
Why are you here?
For the love of my son.
..Did uncle's death
suddenly evoke it?
She too must have some motive.
I say, throw her out from this house!
Hear that? Now get out.
This woman. Why was she here?
She is the one..
..who claimed to be the real
daughter-in-law! This woman!
She's a loose woman. She came for..
..an abortion, but I threw her out!
What are you saying, Doctor?
You think rightly. For I know,
Shekhar's real wife is dead.
Then why did Madhavi fool us
by taking Poonam's place?
To keep a promise given
to her friend..
..and to atone her mistake..
.. she did, unknowingly.
What mistake? What atonement?
She's the same girl
you were to marry.
What are you saying, father?
Your uncle told me everything.
And that Kailash.. All lies!..
..She's not involved with anyone.
She's pure. And bright like a star.
How strange! You knew it all.
But why did not she tell me?
She did! In her letter.
read it.
It fell in your uncle's hands.
He thought you'd hate her..
.. so he did it. He, who would've
been the happiest..
.. uniting you both,
has gone to his Maker.
How I wish I had got
this letter earlier!
Give the bottle, Pappu.
..and he's not parting with it.
Oome here pet.
Poison. Poison. Let's see..
Sleeping pills? How is it here?
I hadn't prescribed.
And it can be fatal too.
Is it possible that
this caused uncle's death?
Where did you find this?
Outside the kitchen's window.
Was Kailash here? No..
You are lying! No sir.
You're lying! Yes, he was here.
He gave me earrings.
And went away. I know nothing else.
I'll come to know the rest myself!
Madhavi. You!
Won't you say anything?
Or even talk to me?
Won't you ask why I'm here?
I got your letter!
Truth came to light. I've
come to promise you..
.. that somehow I'm going to
erase that stigma on you.
It's too late now. I've
nothing to live for now.
I'm a liar; A branded woman,
I murderess!
I can't bear it anymore.
I just want to die!
You never lived for yourself before..
.. anyway. You lived for others.
Now you'll have to live for
yourself. Just yourself!
Why have you sneaked in here?
To meet Kailash.
But I don't live with her.
When did I say that?
Anyway. I've some urgent news.
Madhavi has confessed her crime.
Why did she do that? To
save someone. Who?
Shut up! Don't shout! I have proof.
Look! The photograph of
the father of the child.
You're accusing me and want
to spoil my reputation.
I've never been this
person in my life! Strange!
You've never seen your husband,
in your life?
This is Poonam's husband. It
is Mr. Diwan's son's photograph.
Yes. This proves that you've
no relation with that family!
If you do have any relation,
it's with Kailash here.
You know too much!
Your intention isn't good.
Of course it isn't.
.. wealth! For which you
took her help to procure..
Meaning is clear. Shekhar was
my friend and I was trusted.
When I went to collect Poonam
She was dead!
Then I met a destitute
I put fear in her and under
she agreed.
And the family accepted her
as their son's wife. Then..
.. I began to woo her. She
needed love and support..
..and I, Diwan's wealth!
I see. I know..
.. you're sensible. But
whatever you've done..
..has undone my plans.
And I'll never keep quiet while
you enjoy all the luxury.
But on one condition. What?
50 percent of Diwan's wealth.
Which is worth minimum 20 lakhs?
20 Lakhs? Yes! If I hint,
that you're the real Poonam..
.. then Diwan's wife
will accept you..
..and all the wealth will be yours!
Agree? Think it over. I'll
come again tomorrow.
I agree. Let's shake on it then.
Done, done.
Let's celebrate on this.
I'll get it.
Who could it be at this time?
You both go in. I'll see.
Madhavi, you?
But you.. God heard me.
I'm innocent.
But you had admitted to the crime.
Yes. Only because..
..I didn't want to live
with this stigma..
..but they got the killer.
And they acquitted me.
Killer? Which killer?
The maid! She confessed that
she had poisoned the milk.
And she dragged you into it too.
Said you gave her the bottle.
That's absurd! A lie!
May God save you..
..from getting into trouble.
I have nobody but you.
Before the police come here,
let's run away. Oome on..
Take your hands off him!
Oh, so you are here till now.
You think you'll take him away..
..from me by scaring
and threatening him?
By claiming to be the real Poonam..
..you've deprived me of everything!
Today I've come to claim my right..
And now you talk of right and
love? And why not?
He's has stated to the police, that we are
husband and wife.
This is a lie!
He said that for my sake.
He can't marry anyone. He's mine..
..The father of my expected baby!
We wanted to hear this from you..
.. It's not so easy to fool the law.
Thank you Madhavi.
.. and for plotting to swallow
And you madam. You too.
What's all this? I'm innocent.
I know nothing.
He's right. He knows nothing.
But for his information..
.. I've taped his, and
his mistress's statement.
If you wish, shall I play it
so that he comes to know too?
Thank you.
The game is over.
Take them both away!
Thanks to you.
We caught a dangerous criminal.
And an innocent woman's
dignity was restored.
I don't have the words
to thank you. What for?
The obligation you've done by
removing the stigma on me..
.. It's was no obligation, but duty.
Sorry, but she'll have
to come with me.
But tomorrow you can bail
Oome on.
Oome in. As per your word..
But she's released.
I've come to take her.
But she has gone. She has gone?
Where? I don't know that, but she left this
letter for you.
My shadow has always
eclipsed your life.
..forgive me if you can.
Where are you going? I've
come to take you home.
Home? Whose home? Which home?
The same where you found shelter
and peace of mind.
Where you dreamt of Munna's future.
Where uncle had decided
to give you a new life.
No, don't say that. Oh please don't.
Yes, the same home where
Aunty's broken..
..heart is begging for mercy.
A home which was your in laws..
..but now, your own.
No! That's impossible. It cannot be..
''These customs and relations,
you break them.''
''And come to me with a veil of love.''
''Otherwise I will leave
this place and go.''
''The place where your
memories trouble me.''
''I don't want to stay even for
one second in that place.''
.. I don't want to pass
from that lane.''
''The lane in which your
house is not situated..