Katti Batti (2015) Movie Script

- You are holding it upside down.
- Shut up!
Your finger is covering the lens.
Don't tell me what to do!
Let's make a sex video!
Take off your clothes.
Hey, what are you doing?
What about the times
you're filming me?
Don't you find it strange?
Find what strange?
Our live-in relationship.
What's so strange about it?
[Even] one talks. I mean..
We've been living together without
being married..
It is kind of weird.
If you're proposing we get married
I suggest we do it now!
Right now. Are you game?
- Okay, let's go..
- Hey, where are you going?
Here is the holy fire for the ritual.
- And..
- What are you doing, Payal?
Hey, Payal, Payal, Payal.
- Don't do this. Don't.
- Are you ready?
Payal, it's dangerous.
Don't do that.
Are you ready?
- Payal, seriously!
- Now.. are you freaking out?
Payal, don't do this.
- Listen.
- No, Maddy.
Don't try to douse the
holy fire, Maddy.
- Payal, Payal, Payal. Look.
- The first holy vow..
Chanting - Om Maddy Namah!
The fire will get out of control.
Chanting - Om Payal Namah!
Payal, Payal. It is not a joke.
- Running away?
- You're nuts!
You're running away from our
marriage rituals?
You doused the sacred fire.
Wicked sinner.
- Really!
- How will anyone marry you?
Maddy, listen to me.
Take it very seriously.
[If we are to mam],
we must do it today.
Or else, we will never.
- Step two.
- Yes, step two.
Don't you want to clean this?
Step two.
Step two, the holy thread.
Yes, the holy thread.
- Wear this. This is nice.
- Hold this.
Hold this and come with me.
Maddy, don't stop filming.
We will show it to our children.
Payal, what are you doing?
Let's make our own holy thread.
Use this magic marker.
- Magic Marker?
- Yes.
Draw it!
- Chanting - Om Payal Namah.
Chanting - Om Maddy Namah.
Chanting - Om Payal Swaha.
It is quite terrible.
- But what's next?
- Thank you.
Next? Yeah.. Next we
should consummate our marriage!
- It is very important.
- But before we do that,
you are forgetting something
very important.
What? - It's in all
the Bollywood movies, Maddy.
Think. What is that
famous dialogue.. "a pinch of"?
"Vermillion!" Payal,
how will we have vermillion at home?
We have everything in our house
What? Vermillion?
In our house? Rubbish!
Hot and sweet.
Vermillion. Put it on.
- Make me yours.
- Payal!
I am your humble lady in waiting.
Maddy, come on.
Think about it, Payal.
I have. Hurry up!
Or else, I might change my mind.
- Last chance.
- Yes, come on, Maddy.
My Lord,
I am now your better half.
Your wish is now my command?
Now, let's consummate
our marriage!
- Maddy, how much did you drink?
- Please.. please calm down.
Check the pulse, nurse..
Please, calm down.
What's happening?
- Maddy.
- Exiderm, please.
Maddy, keep still.
Everything will be okay.
How much have you had to drink?
I must have had three-four bottles.
Three-four homes'?
I only found one bottle
of disinfectant.
He's saying four bottles.
I had a lot of beer.
Why will I drink disinfectant?
Please calm down.
Maddy. Keep still. It will be okay.
- Please calm down.
- Why will I fall?
Calm, down. Please, calm down.
Maddy, it'll all be okay.
It's okay. It's alright.
- I want to meet my brother.
- Koyal, calm down.
Just hear me out.
Calm down, Koyal!
The doctor says that he needs to rest.
Everyone thought
I was over reacting.
He said that he drank
the disinfectant by mistake.
He did not try to commit suicide..
And I believe him.
It was a mistake this time..
But what about the next time?
We have to do something.
Pack your bags.
We are leaving for home.
Don't expect that you will
drink phenyl and I won't tell father.
I was drinking beer while bathing.
Both the bottles looked the same..
It's been three weeks
since Payal left.
You can't live here alone.
Hurry up and pack.
Now is the time to spend this.
An Anklet?
- Which means, Payal!
- What?
You want to marry her?
You are mad!
You just met her yesterday.
Maddy, bro! Why are you
making a fool of yourself?
Such girls don't even bother
with average guys like us.
[Where is the Iibran]?
The library.
Is really far.
Very far.
Can I give you a ride?
My bike isn't starting..
So what should I do?
The least you can do is thank me!
I dropped you to the library.
What is this?
That would be the fare
if I took a taxi!
"That would be the fare
if I took a taxi!"
She gave me her number!
She gave me her number!
"Hi Mad a d I H" Y.
Bye, Maddy! - Bye.
Payal, at least give me an answer.
What answer?
I said..
I love you!
Look, you probably think that I'm not
looking for something serious.
Not at all. I know you're looking
for a serious relationship.
I am new to Ahmedabad.
I haven't even checked out
the other guys in college.
I'm not in the mood for a
serious relationship.
So, If you want to keep it casual,
let me know.
Wait. Are you?
Are you serious?
I'm looking for true love.
I don't want a casual relationship!
You have let go of true love.
You will regret it!
I hate you!
I don't mind a casual
relationship too.
- Sure?
- Sure.
"French kiss is too foreign
Local's kiss the best."
"Without it, what can I say,
The head remains hopeless."
"French kiss is too foreign
Local's kiss the best."
"Without it, what can I say,
The head remains hopeless."
"You look hot, my heart has a thought
Let the lips lock."
"I am stuck with you."
"Kiss me, lip to lip Give
me a kiss and let me kiss you back."
"Kiss me, lip to lip Give
me a kiss and let me kiss you back."
"I miss you."
"I even kiss you in my thoughts."
"Kiss me, lip to lip Give
me a kiss and let me kiss you back."
"Kiss me, lip to lip Give
me a kiss and let me kiss you back."
"The nights don't pass
Without your kisses."
"Nor do the days."
"I can live without you
But not without your kisses."
"Make the mistake
Why wait?"
"Set my lips ablaze."
"I have given you my head."
"Kiss me, lip to lip Give
me a kiss and let me kiss you back."
"Kiss me, lip to lip Give
me a kiss and let me kiss you back."
That would be the fare
if I took a taxi!
You were thinking about her,
weren't you?
How romantic!
- Should I play some background music?
- You've lost your marbles.
You're the one who drank disinfectant
and you are calling me crazy.
Dad, it was really a mistake.
You need to stop being so selfish
and think about dad for once.
It's been hard for him
since mum passed away.
- Was she the only one you could find?
- Shut up!
I won't!
Some one has to tell you the truth.
What truth?
Her father is a renowned doctor
who travels the world.
Her mother took a divorce
and is running some 150 NGOs.
Your girlfriend may not even know
the spelling of the word commitment.
She was serious about me.
In our second year of college
she got a chance to study in Paris.
She left all that for me.
She was a spoilt rebellious
high society witch.
It was fashionable for her
to discover India.
You were her 'Discovery of India'.
Look at this. Shall I show you
how different you both are?
She has 2,500 friends!
You barely have 500.
At best, you've travelled to
Goa, Mumbai and Ahmedabad.
No where else.
Look at the places she's been to.
She's travelled the world..
Our parents sent you to college..
So that you could study
and become an architect.
She was so fickle she couldn't
even decide what she wanted to do!
She could never settle on one thing.
You were no different for her.
you were no different for her!
- You need to..
- Koyal.
Maddy sir, welcome back!
I am getting coffee for you.
Thank you.
- Hi, Maddy.
- Hi.
- How are you feeling now?
- I am alright. Why?
Nothing much.
She's crazy about you.
It's been obvious since day one!
Hi, Maddy.
Maddy, good to have you back.
Tarun, please get the
Sharma project drawing.
Hurry Up-
You carry on. I will join you.
How are you, my child?
You don't worry Maddy.
Everything will be okay.
We are all there for you, Maddy.
You may have swallowed
the disinfectant
but each person in this office
has felt the pain.
I'm so worried.
Thank you.
What are you doing?
How does everyone in office know
about the disinfectant?
How would I know?
Jerk, no one besides you knew.
Jerk? This life saving
friend is a jerk?
What do you think of yourself?!
Hi, Devika.
- Hi, Maddy.
- Hi.
How are you now?
Do you know how stressed I was.
Here. Feel it.
My head is racing even now.
I was scared to death when Vinay
told me about the disinfectant.
Look at me.
You know, Payal, she just
doesn't deserve you.
She knows nothing about being
loved by a man like you.
You are one in a million, Maddy.
Do you know what you are?
I have decided that
I am done with women.
I want to try men.
And don't you judge us.
I can't believe you told
her that we are gay.
I can't believe that you
told her that I drank disinfectant.
I was scared.
Even I need some
support during stressful times.
My two precious jewels.
One is Lord Ram and
the other is Lord Laxman.
Come.. come.
Mr. Mandeep Ahuja, owner of
Ahuja Builders & Sons.
He wants to build a
township in the Mumbai suburbs.
This evening at 5pm..
Present the project you
have been working on..
For the last two years.
This is it, boys! This is it!
This is it!
This is our last chance.
Got it, sir!
Two years, dude.
Two years..
Oh, no!
Devika, right?
How many years have you
been working with Mr. Ramalingam?
- It's been three years.
- Three years?
He has good taste.
You should be a model.
Stop. - You should
be modeling for us.
That's really sweet of you.
- This way?
- Yes.
Maddy, we have worked
very hard.
Two years!
Forget everything.
Please. Not today.
Maddy, please.
Madhav Kabra, please stop!
I am getting a little confused.
Can you repeat it?
Sure! Which slide?
From the beginning.
And take your time, this time.
And please, don't confuse us.
You are joking right?
I don't see anybody laughing.
Do you?
From the top.
Come on, Madhav.
You can do it.
I tried.
Bad case of food poisoning, sir.
Stay away from the samosas.
- What?
- Excuse me, sir.
- Mr. Ramalingam?
- Maddy!
Sir, we won't get this deal.
Irrespective of how we present.
Sir, this Ricky..
I mean, our client,
Mr. Rakesh Ahuja..
We have known him since college.
Good news!
You were college friends.
MY nose!
Hit him.
Hit him hard.
Hey, I'm winning!
Hit him.. Hit him..
"30" '!-
Sorry. . Sorry!
Stop it! Stop it!
Stop it!
That jerk has now learnt his lesson.
Yes. He must have hit you ten times.
You must have also punched back
three-four times.
What's his dad's name?
Why did you have to pick a fight?
Why did he have to tease you?
He should realize the consequence
of teasing someone else's girlfriend.
He wasn't teasing your girlfriend,
you were teasing his.
What rubbish?
He is my ex-boyfriend.
Senior by three years in school
to Tina and me.
He has followed me
from Delhi to Ahmedabad.
Just a moment there.
When did you break up with him?
Two days after you proposed.
Are you serious?
You cheated on one guy
to get on with another one.
Don't you have any morals?
Decide whether you want
moral science or a girlfriend.
He is my ex-boyfriend.
Everyone is abusing her..
They don't know Payal
like we do.
Hi I'm Juggie.. shod for Jughead.
Her favourite comic character.
You must be aware.
She gave it to me.
When she left me.
She called me recently.
Told me about your break up.
But she sounded
different this time.
Completely different.
Not like before.
Why don't you do this?
Why don't you try to woo her back?
Why don't you just call her?
But, you don't have
her new number!
I'm sure you don't even know
why she left you.
Look at me, Maddy. Look at me.
You're probably going through what
I did at one point.
I am your future. Actually, no.
You are far ahead of me.
Because, you tried to kill yourself,
didn't you?
Very sad.
You must be in therapy.
What do you tell your psychiatrist?
I gave my head to a girl and
she made an omelette of it and ate it.
She is a man-eater.
She chews men alive
and spits them out!
She's just a witch!
Maddy! Open the door.
Open the door!
Are you crazy?
You locked him in the bathroom?
He is our client.
He called Payal a witch.
What would you call a girl who was
living with you for five years..
And forgets you in
five seconds?
Mother India?
How many people will you
lock up for her?
Maddy, what are you doing?
Don't play with the key.
Give the key back to me!
I am tired of this
constant drama of yours.
You are both made for
each other, Maddy!
Back in college you two were going to
split up because of Ricky.
It is entirely your mother's fault.
What did auntie tell you?
Devdas is really very lucky
that he has found his Paro.
Maddy, open the door!
Your parents are going to arrive
any minute now..
You foolish drunkard..
Maddy, open the door!
Auntie and uncle will be
here in 10 minutes.
You are going to get so caught.
Maddy, please.
Open the door!
Vinay, are you planning
on killing yourself today?
Maddy is the one who is going to die.
He has become a complete drunk
after breaking up with Payal.
He's smashed out of his brains.
And his parents are
going to arrive any moment.
Stall them for a while.
I will wake him up and get him ready.
Oh, no! - Yes.
Sorry, sir.
It's Maddy..
He's passed out drunk in his room.
And his parents are arriving.
Wait here. I'll delay them.
- Hello, auntie.
- Hello, clear!
Hello, uncle!
Are you going to the hostel?
Auntie, the road ahead is
under maintenance.
Shall I take you from another one?
But this is..
No, no.. I'm absolutely sure.
I'll take you.
Come up, bro.
Brother, come up.
Vinay, no. No, bro.
Maddy, I will kill you today.
Stop! Stop!
The juice you get here is awesome!
Maddy, get up!
Uncle, will you have juice all day?
Don't you want to meet Maddy?
Auntie, uncle wastes so much time.
Come on, start the car, uncle.
Uncle, auntie,
wasn't the juice good?
What's happening, Maddy?
Why aren't you taking our calls?
Uncle, our exams are approaching
so we were studying.
Why is Maddy so sleepy?
Auntie, we've been studying all
night.. That's why he is sleepy now.
- That is why he fell too!
- Yes, right. Right.
Why is the room smelling foul?
What smell,
I am not getting any smell.
Even we are not getting any smell.
What smell?
Who has opened the window?
It is smelling.
No, auntie. There is nothing.
There is.
What smell are you talking about?
Oh, why do you love me so much?
Devdas, that you would burn
your blood with alcohol?
Oh! I didn't know you had company.
Maddy's parents.
Hello, uncle.
Hello, auntie.
Hello, dear.
You're here?
Yes, I came.
I'm just saving your ass.
Don't think we're back.
What is all this?
Uncle, we are doing the famous 'Devdas'
play for our inter college festival.
Where Maddy is playing the
head broken lover Devdas.
I am playing his lady love Paro.
This alcohol?
Method acting, auntie.
He has completely
internalized the character.
Why don't you show us a rehearsal?
Flame College's dramatics society
presents scene one of Devdas 2010.
Hurry up!
"This tale of love
lives in my heart."
This flame is in anticipation of Deva.
I will make sure it doesn't die
till my Deva comes to visit me.
Get the lighter.
Get the lighter.
Light it fast.
Deva, why are you so distraught.
That you have turned
a blind eye to my love.
Under this beautiful moonlight.
Moon.. the moon.
You want to keep it casual!
What I thought of you,
and what you turned out to be..
You.. don't burn your head for
that unfaithful one, Deva.
Come.. let's go.
Come, Chandramukhi is waiting for us.
Chunilal took Devdas to Chandramukhi's
palatial home.
A divinely beautiful home that was..
Situated on
the LOO (Line of Control).
The soldiers would come here
after fighting the entire day
to ease their fatigue.
Devdas continued to drown his
sorrows in alcohol.
Who drowned?
Someone drowned and
you are dancing?
Everyone is the same.
- And her..
- No, Devdas.
Maddy, be quiet.
Enough of this casual
relationship stuff.
Our love is true.. it's true love!
The first time I saw you in college,
I had decided
that I wanted you.
You wanted to check out
the other boys from college..
What will achieve do by
checking them out?
No one can love you like I do.
It's not possible.
Is that clear?
Is that clear?
Call her.
You act quite well.
Devdas is very lucky
that he has found such a Paro.
She's a good catch.
Don't let her go.
Do you know that Madhav is one of
the names of Lord Krishna?
And Lord Krishna
never disobeyed his mother.
So, a casual relationship still?
No more.
"It's pointless."
"It's pointless."
"'It's pointless."
"'Pointless is, a life without you."
"Don't ever create distances."
"I am intoxicated by your love."
"All night."
"I am crazy
For you."
"You are crazy
For me."
"I am crazy
For you."
"You are crazy."
"I am crazy
For you."
"You are crazy
For me."
"I am crazy
For you."
"You are crazy.."
"It's pointless for
me to breath without you."
"All these moments are for you."
"Become one with me
So we can't separate."
"All night."
"You are crazy
For me."
"I am crazy
For you."
"You are crazy
For me."
"I am crazy."
"I am crazy
For you."
"You are crazy
For me."
"I am crazy
For you."
"You are crazy."
"Tell the world,
To not come between us today."
"We will be one
Despite all the stares and glares."
"People are mean
They steal our peace."
"They won't stop."
"We are stubborn, too
We won't listen."
"We will continue to love each other."
"It's pointless for the
Seasons to change without you."
"'It's pointless."
"My happiness lies with you."
"I am intoxicated by your love."
"All night."
"I am crazy
For you."
"You are crazy
For me."
"I am crazy
For you."
"I am crazy."
Payal, college is over.
I will now look for a job.
You will continue college.
Who knows whether we will be
able to meet even/day or not.
I just want to spend some
time with you.
You want to make love?
No, no..
Just cuddling.
- Just cuddling?
- Yes.
I promise I'll control myself.
Can't we stay like this forever?
Payal, I cannot believe that you would
consider moving to Mumbai and
live with him without getting married?
Why? Are you jealous?
Very funny! And what about
the internship in Paris?
Can Paris compete with love?
Have you lost it?
Relax, Shweta.
It's her decision.
And I would at least do it
before deciding.
What? - It's that important..
You know!
Hang on!
Have you done it with Maddy?
Done it?
No. Not yet.
But don't you worry!
That's the first thing
I plan to do when I see him!
Thirty thousand rupees rent..
And one Iakh rupees
as deposit.
Wait. I am with a client.
Tell me, brother.
Varghese, thirty thousand?
For this?
Can't we negotiate a little?
I mean, I could try
talking to auntie..
That's Auntie.. - You blocked
the way with your stupid car.
Bloody idiot, don't you have a brain?
I have to deal with
your bullshit daily!
I won't stop at puncturing the tyres
like the last time.
I will pull the whole car apart.
Do you still want to negotiate?
No. No. Thirty thousand will do.
Aunty is very strict.
Clients don't stay
because of her screaming.
That is why it's going so cheap.
Otherwise you know the
rate in this area.
- Yes, I know.
- Alright?
Madam, the room upstairs
belongs to aunty.
Her furniture is kept there,
don't touch it.
Do you need the furniture?
Do you need the furniture?
Yes, we will.
Wait a minute.. are you married?
Because this flat is
for married couples only.
You are married, aren't you?
When did you get married?
- It's been a year.
- It's been a year.
Where did you get married?
- Delhi..
- Pune..
We got married at the
Delhi Darbar hotel in Pune.
Why do you think
we are taking the flat?
You can keep this.
Hello? Yes, I'm on my way.
I love you too!
Too? But I haven't
said that I love you.
What's the need to say it?
I know it.
What do you know?
I was just noticing
how boring your hairstyle is.
Oh, I have a boring hairstyle?
You need a haircut, Maddy.
Let's get rid of this boredom.
Can't we stay like this forever?
S hweta!
Shweta, please open the door.
Please. I need to speak to you.
S hweta.
What do you want from me?
I want Payal's new number.
I am not going to give it to you.
Shweta, please.
I just have to talk to her, please..
Shweta, please give me the number.
I just want to ask her if
she really has forgotten me.
Do you need it in writing?
She's moved on.
You also need to.
I've tried, Shweta.
I can't.
You need to forget her Maddy.
I guess you are right.
All of you guys are right.
Will you do me a favour please?
I'm not giving you her number.
Can I get something to eat?
I'm really hungry.
I will get you something to eat.
Keep an eye on him.
Baby, you will have to cry for me.
Will you have a cold drink or coffee?
A cold drink.
I am sorry.
One day you will realise it was
for a good reason.
"Sorry, sorry, 50" '!-
Shweta, your child is crying.
Don't know what happened.
I don't know why he is crying.
[I'll manage the food, don't worn].
[Good boy baby, don't on].
No, baby.
- Payal.. Payal.
- Kushal.
Payal new..
- Maddy, why is he..
- Got it!
Maddy, you schmuck!
How are you?
I've been missing you so much.
Who's this?
It's Maddy.
Oh, Maddy!
What a surprise!
How are you?
Sorry. I have changed my phone.
I didn't have your number.
How's life?
Life's okay. But where are you?
In Delhi.
You've left Mumbai?
It's been ages since I left Mumbai.
I am going to start
an NGO in Delhi for poor kids.
Just a second.
I don't like the flowers in this.
It's making it too jarring.
And I'll give you measurements.
Give me five minutes.
I am going to start an NGO.
NGO.. since when?
What do you mean?
I always wanted to do this.
You seem to have forgotten
everything about me.
No.. never.
And do you have any new girlfriends?
Yes, girlfriends.
Don't feel shy now.
Tell me.
How many.. one or two?
Payal, stop joking..
Won't you come back to Mumbai?
Everything seems worthless
without you.
Our entire Mumbai gang
is saying the same thing
that the city seems quiet without me.
I miss my friends, too.
And me?
Aren't you missing me?
I told you that
I'm missing everyone.
- [My phone batten] is about to die.
- Payal.. we have to talk.
L gotta go.. bye!
'The phone number you have
called is currently unavailable.'
'The phone number you have
called is currently unavailable.'
('The number you are trying.)
Mom passed away.
Koyal had called.
Even before they could
reach the hospitaL.
I'm feeling really scared.
Maddy, come.
The car is here.
Are your bags ready?
This is a list of accounts
in your mother's name.
One was in Bank of Baroda.
The other one..
I can't find the other account
which had her PPF information.
You have really beautiful, long hair.
Maddy must really like them.
My brother has only loved
two women in his life.
One just left us and went.
And the other is you.
If you ever leave my brother,
I promise I'll chop your hair off.
Dad is calling you.
This belongs to Maddy's mother.
Maddy made this
with his own hands.
He loved his mother the most.
She would have liked you to have it.
Promise me..
You will never leave me.
Promise me.
I promise.
- I need to forget her.
- Exactly.
I am unnecessarily wasting
my life around that girl.
What is it about her?
You know, if she can move on,
so can I.
Yes. Move on!
Do you have any dearth of girls?
Look at Devika from office.
Do you realize how hot she looks?
And she's totally into you.
Get it on with her..
And move on.
Payal is over you.
Now, it is your turn.
Call Devika.
Have a great time with her.
Take pictures.
Send them to Payal.
Teach her a lesson.
Don't think, Maddy.
Just do it.
I'm your friend. Your best friend.
It's time.
High time!
Call her.
Hello, Devika.
Maddy wants to talk to you.
One minute.
Hi, Devika.
Thank you.
So.. thanks.
I'm sorry. No, you.
No, you go. You 9-
- Okay.
Yes, I'll take care of it.
It'll be sorted.
Yes, okay. Bye!
Don't ask.
I spent half the night
explaining to her
that I'm not gay, you are!
And you were trying
to convert me.
I'll accept it for you.
But give me details.
Don't ask. I feel like shit.
But did you feel like shit last night?
Did you take photos?
- No.
- You are a waste, really.
She took them herself.
On my phone!
Let me see the photographs.
Just a minute,
I am only looking at them.
I am not doing anything.
I am only looking at them.
Don't irritate me.
Maddy, see.
I am only seeing the photos.
I am only seeing the photographs.
Are you crazy?
Ramalingam will catch you.
Take my photos.
Here are mine.
Devika, Devika, Devika..
Talented, eh?
Beating head and all.
Sorry. Sorry.
Vinay, stop messing around.
Vinay, delete the photos.
Oh my! Unbelievable!
Vinay, I'm serious. Delete them.
All this.. last night.
Whatever happened is all rubbish.
Do you know what's rubbish?
What Payal did to you!
Listen to me.
Send Payal these photos
and close this chapter.
I just want to close
this chapter with Devika.
- Maddy, don't.
- Deleted.
Lords Rama and Laxman, statue!
Attention, everyone!
Look at them.
My Rama, my Laxmana!
The rest of your are monkeys!
Bloody monkeys!
Not you my dear.
Rakesh Ahuja just called.
And they have given us the contract!
Mrs. D'Silva, sweets for everyone.
Lord Rama and Laxman, statue.
- Very good!
- Thank you.
- Congrats man!
- Thanks.
- Very good!
- Thanks.
- All the best, Maddy.
- Yes, thanks.
How did this happen?
Fate. It's all fate.
This Payal was unlucky for us.
- Am I right?
- Absolutely.
Absolutely. Talented.
Now you throw her out of your mind,
and think about this girl.
- She's right behind.
- Devika!
Okay, just look happy.
Let's celebrate!
Photo.. smile.
One with all the three partners.
Mrs. D'Silva..
Please take a photo for us.
Come, come.
Mrs. D'Silva, hurry up or
we will grow old like you.
It is not my fault, sir.
There is no button on this phone.
Oh no, Mrs. D'Silva.
- I will show you.
- Oh my Laxmana.
- Maddy, what is this?
- My photos?
On Vinay's phone?
Ricky has shown them to Payal?
You prick!
Sorry. . Sorry!
Here, Maddy.
Jerk, why did you send
the photos to Ricky?
Maddy, leave him.
Did Ricky sign the
deal for the photos.
Tell me. Tell me!
What will Ricky do
with these pictures?
Is Ricky going to show
these photographs to Payal?
Let him go, Maddy sir.
Leave him.
Payal! Payal!
In three days..
Ricky is getting married.
You're still..
I knew it!
Ricky wants to show them
to Payal to trap her, isn't it?
Maddy, you are going crazy.
You'll regret it.
Forget her.
I won't regret it!
Ricky needed my photographs
with Devika to convince Payal.
That means Payal has still
not been able to forget me.
- Keys!
- What?
Give me the keys.
I need a flight to Delhi.
Which is the next flight?
Book me on it.
Hi, Where will I get a prepaid taxi?
- Just around the corner.
- Thank you.
Oh! No..no..
Is Payal at home?
What about her father, grand father,
grand mother..anybody?
Has everyone gone for the wedding?
Can you tell me
where the wedding venue is?
I'm Payal's friend..Maddy.
It's okay to tell me.
It's really. .Sorry.
It's really important
for me to get there.
Do you even know
where the venue is?
Then why didn't you tell me earlier?
Sorry . Sorry!
"30" '!-.
Koyal, I don't want to you to
hold me back for these three days.
I don't care.
I don't care!
Don't mess things up.
Come back right away!
Ricky is getting married
to Payal in three days.
- You just come back, brother.
- Just don't call me.
Hi, this is Tina.
I'm busy at the moment.
Leave a message after the beep.
Hi Tina..it's Maddy.
I'm in Delhi.
Listen, I know, all you friends
are ignoring me, but..
Please call me back.
I don't know anyone else in Delhi.
Hey, are you hungry?
We've been trying to get to
your mother since morning..
Sorry pal, I forgot your food.
You won't tell your mother, will you?
Like last time?
Hi, Payal!
C'mon you can do it.
It's okay.
What the..
I'll handle it.
Baby..Sachin is on 94.
Do you want to get married?
Do you want to marry me or no?
Do you see a future with kids or no?
He's retiring.
Baby, Sachin is going
to retire after this.
So if Sachin is going to retire
our turtle Milkha shouldn't eat?
He should starve?
I was going to be late at work today.
For once, I told you to feed Milkha..
Do you care for anything that I say?
Of course.
Did you notice the new curtains?
The curtains were always white,
weren't they?
But these are off white.
Forget it!
There's no need to nod in agreement
when you don't feel that way.
There is no need to pretend.
If it mattered, you wouldn't
have ordered pizzas again.
Didn't you promise to stop
eating unhealthy food?
[Even] Friday you have to eat.
[that butter soaked,
oil dripping Indian cum].
And then the band starts playing.
Through the night,
through the weekend.
Fan! Fan! Fan!
Baby, why are you suddenly
behaving like a typical housewife?
Because I am done with your habits.
Isn't there anything known as
hygiene in your life?
How difficult is to pee
straight in the pot?
Just hold the little soldier and aim.
Is it a bottle of champagne
for you to spray around everywhere?
There no point Maddy..just..
Now stare!
Just stare at girls all day..
It's because of people like you
that this country is in a sorry state.
So sick..
What a girl has to go through!
Who cares?
Baby, I care..
I haven't failed this time.
With wings.
You think..
So our turtle Milkha shouldn't eat?
Okay, bye!
Got it?
- Yes.
- This is the best food for turtles.
You only get it here.
That'll be 90.
Hello, Shweta.
Maddy, just for PayaPs number
you hurt my baby.
- I'm sorry I had to do this.
- What do you think?
- I know she is getting married.
- And still you are chasing after her?
- [Why did you have to make him on]?
- Hold on one minute.
Could you take care of
him for one minute?
Shweta, don't disconnect.
Shweta, but listen to me..
You are making a big issue..
- Can I get a charger for this?
- Sure.
This is what happens
when people break up.
Friends start taking sides.
I am sure she gifted you this baby.
The flying Sikh?
Funny! Nice!
Don't girls have
a cute sense of humour?
My girlfriend's idea of a joke
was so cute..
That she married someone else
two years ago
after breaking up with me.
Mine is getting married in two days.
- I'm Roger.
- Hi, Maddy.
Hello, Tina..
Thank you. Thank you.
Coming right away.
I'm sorry. Can you please
take care of Milkha?
[Yes! Don't worn] about him.
Just go find his mother.
- Go check with Tina ma'am, quickly.
- Yes.
This pot is for 500,000?
Does it have a rocket
launcher attached?
It has a gold plated design
with a dual water outlet and
has a five speed massage mode.
It also has an in built exhaust system
and an automated perfume dispenser.
Sir, this is custom designed
by the world famous Fucci!
Excuse me, sir, Tina ma'am
has called you to her cabin.
[Yes babe, I'll handle it, don't worn].
Bye. Bye!
Oh my God!
Get out of here.
How are you darling?
Girls, give us five minutes.
Ever since I took
over dad's business.
All you 'Mumbai people'
haven't bothered to keep in touch.
What is that about?
Where is Payal getting married?
She hasn't even invited
me to her wedding.
Can you believe that?
Actually, it's my fault darling.
I'm never in the country.
She didn't invite you?
Madam, should I put on
this UV treatment?
It will make your skin glow
and make you the centre of attention
at the wedding function
that's in two days.
Go from here.
Even if I gave you the address
for the wedding, will she agree?
If she was to agree to come back..
Then why would she
leave you in the first place?
We had a fight once
and she locked herself
up in the bathroom.
I stood outside the door
and she stood inside
for four hours straight.
But she did not open the door.
Till l..
Till I wrote 'SOI'H/' 50 times
on a piece of paper
and slid it under the door.
That's my Payal.
Marrying Ricky is all a show,
it's her drama.
It's a bait, to lure me.
Tina, she is longing
for me just as much.
But she won't admit it.
I know.
She will end this drama as soon
as she see's me.
Please help me, Tina.
Maddy, has it ever occurred to you.
Why you guys had a fight that day?
Sachin.. Sachin...!
Hi, Payal!
Payal, what are you doing?
What happened? Are you feeling shy
in front of your friends?
Hey, shy boy. We don't mind.
Pretend it's your own house!
I am not shy.
I am just being decent.
There are limits..
I haven't fed Milkha.
Please feed him.
- What's the score?
- Of course.
You won't ever forget
your beer or pizza.
But hey, no shame in starving
your wife and child!
What did you say?
You mean to say I don't feed you?
I slog all day at work so
I can pay the rent.
But you don't even care, no?
[You quit your job even] month
and sit at home.
Actually you can't
even call them jobs..
They are like hobbies.
you have no value for money.
And now you decided to go
and buy these new curtains?
What was the need to waste money?
Now you're crying?
Did I say something?
Did I say something wrong?
Seriously, Payal.
Is it that time of the month?
Here you go.
[Don't worn].
I got your stuff..with wings.
Hello. This is complete nonsense.
You're twisting the
entire incident around.
I could never behave
this way with Payal.
And she believed that too!
That's why she left everything and
followed you to Mumbai.
She told me that this was
only the beginning.
You don't have remember
important thing.
Because of you!
If you want to fight,
go sleep on the couch.
Why should I sleep on the couch?
You sleep on the couch!
I forgot.
- How stupid is that?
- Hello, madam!
What rubbish! She would
keep finding reasons to fight.
Okay, so we were fighting.
Which couple doesn't
go through such a phase?
It was just a phase, Tina.
She was with me for five years.
Tina, enough of this nonsense.
Are you going to give me
the address to the wedding venue?
Just tell me!
Madam, any problem?
No, it's fine.
Madhav was just leaving.
L am going.
Madam, please..come quick.
Your friend..
The pot..500,000 rupees!
Maddy, have you gone mad?
Tina, I won't leave so easily..
Payal is getting married in two days
and my life will be over!
I am asking you for the last time.
No, no. Take it easy,
Maddy. Easy.
Get down from there and
I will tell you everything.
Tell me or I will pee
on 500,000 rupees.
Madam, we have called the police.
Maddy, no! No, no!
- Oh! Fucci!
- No!
No, Maddy. Stop!
Maddy, stop it!
He's getting away. Catch him!
Start. .Hurry. Jet's make off!
- He's getting away!
- Let's scram!
I'm running!
Ever since she's left, I've been
running like a headless chicken.
Hoping that somehow I find her.
I'd get another chance
to make up with her.
[Like even] other time.
If you were able to make up every
time, how did things get this far?
How did you guys break up?
We would fight everyday.
I thought if we would go
to Goa for a holiday
things would get better.
Little did I know that it would
lead to our break up.
Payal, hurry up, or we will
miss the flight.
Payal, the taxi is here.
Hurry up or the flight will..
"30" '!-.
You cut your hair?
Doesn't it look nice?
Let's go.
Are you talking to Ricky?
You talk a lot to Ricky nowadays.
You don't trust me?
Just tell me straight,
don't beat around the bush.
I'm beating around the bush?
What about your behaviour these days?
What has happened to you, Payal?
You talk to others more than me.
You are never at home.
Do you have time for me?
Why are you mixing two things?
You keep finding
new reasons to start a fight.
I have been planning
this trip to Goa forever.
And now, I don't even feel like going.
So, let's not go then.
Because, I am not dying
to go with you either.
So it is only I who wants to go?
Okay, don't come!
Payal, I'm tired trying.
I'm done!
To hell with Goa and to hell with you!
It's over, Payal!
Turn around. I want to go back
towards the airport.
Sir, should I take
a U-turn from ahead?
No. Just turn it around from here.
Sir, I won't be able to.
This is a one way.
Adjust a little.
Can't sir,
it will create a traffic jam.
I need to go back.
I'll talk to the guy behind us.
Sir, please sit in the car.
Can you reverse the car a bit,
we need to turn around urgently.
- Just a little..
- Sir, please sit in the car.
Take the car ahead.
Move your car.
It's creating a jam.
I haven't got paid yet.
Take it later, but move your
car first. It's creating a jam!
'The number you are trying
to reach is switched off.'
'You can now call our toll free number
to activate missed call alerts.'
'The number you are trying
to reach is switched off.'
Oh shit!
I thought that she would follow me
home in another cab.
I constantly checked my phone
expecting her to call
or at least leave me a text.
I thought of calling her.
But then thought, why me?
It's always been me,
trying to make up after a fight.
Couldn't she do it for once?
So, I switched off my phone.
Thought, if she couldn't get
through to me
she would get worried and come back
home as soon as possible.
But there was no
message in the morning.
Suddenly, depression hit me.
I felt extremely lonely.
I called everyone. All our friends,
her office colleagues.
No one knew her whereabouts.
103 messages.
I was petrified.
Worried that Payal
would do something wrong.
I was such a fool to have
cared about my ego.
I even checked her up on Facebook.
She had unfriended me.
And she posted a video of herself
in good spirits..at a coffee shop.
She was happy to be with Ricky!
That was the last time I saw her..
On Facebook.
We would keep having
these small fights.
I never could figure out
when she decided..
That it's over.
I know what you'll say now.
"She never really loved you.
Forget her!"
Everyone says that.
How would it matter if it was so easy?
Press a button and the love's gone?
And nobody understands this.
Where even/one will understand
what you have to say.
"My eyes weep a hundred tears."
"Two eyes weep a hundred tears."
"Which sleep lays to rest."
"Those eyes are always awake."
"My head is a traveler
Never listen."
"Turns back always
To see the older paths."
"Always so stubborn."
"Sees dreams that are fragile."
"Those will shatter some day."
"No one can fix things
That are broken in love."
"This head is unaware."
"My eyes weep a hundred tears."
"Two eyes weep a hundred tears."
"Which sleep lays to rest."
"Those eyes are always awake."
"Those eyes."
"The one who left, doesn't know."
"She has taken my life with her."
"I see her now and again."
"The eyes search for her return."
"The moment that passed,
Has not been forgotten."
"The colours she brought
Have not faded."
"My estranged love's words
Have not left my lips."
"My eyes weep a hundred tears."
"Two eyes weep a hundred tears."
"Which sleep lays to rest."
"Those eyes are always awake."
"Two eyes weep a hundred tears."
"Two eyes weep a hundred tears."
"Which sleep lays to rest."
"Those eyes are always awake."
Please put that in. Thanks!
Hey bro, can you?
- Give me two minutes, man.
- Okay.
- Hey..
- Hey, thanks!
FOSLA, isn't the name weird?
That was Roger's idea.
Guys, this is Maddy.
I told you about him.
And Maddy, this is our group.
Introduce yourselves.
Hi! I'm Farah.
Omi. She was Bengali.
And I am Aditi.
The girl who cheated on me.
The girl who broke my heart.
Her name was Aditi.
So together we are
Frustrated One Sided
Lovers Association.
Outside of this band,
I am a resident doctor.
Roger is a shopkeeper.
And he is a professor.
In a coaching class.
Jerk, you walk dogs.
But in this club, we are all FOSLA.
We do shows. Sing songs.
Have you heard the
song 'Dil ki Pungi'?
Setting the lover's garments ablaze.
Killing love
I won't give you what you want.
Killing love.
Of course, I've heard that.
That was you guys?
That went viral.
Mathematics says
that a person breaks..
His heart on an average of
four times in his life.
Headache sells more than love itself.
Think about it, how famous
Mukesh's sad songs are.
How many times has the
romance DDLJ been remade?
And the tragedy Devdas?
Headache has such a large market.
That we thought of taking
a slice of that pie.
I took the girls to the salon.
I took the girls to my bed
I took a picture with a flash.
In my pocket, I have cash
I am distributing gold biscuits.
Don't you want to risk it?
Girl, don't you want to risk it?
I say, don't you want to risk it?
Setting the lover's garments ablaze.
Killing love.
What are you thinking?
Maddy, listen to me.
Don't lose hope so fast.
There must be some way to
talk to Payal.
Don't talk like a fool.
Didn't you try when you broke up?
Phone, email,
Facebook, Orkut, Twitter.
Google Plus.
You tried everything right?
And she's blocked you
everywhere. Right?
So you did everything you could,
including sobbing,
pleading. Begging.
But you still didn't
get the girl back.
So, welcome to the next level of love!
Where there will be no begging.
There will be war!
Fight. Fight!
Go up to Ahuja's office
- and show him. Do or die!
- Fight..fight!
Just a minute.
There will be loads of security.
How will I enter his office
without an appointment?
There has to be some way to
call Ahuja to the office.
Got it!
Maddy, if your boss..
What is his name?
If Ramalingam gets a call..
Telling him that the Ahuja deal
is off? What do you think he will do?
No, no, Mr. Taneja.
And if Ramalingam finds out that
you are in Delhi right now..
Then what do you think will he do?
Rama, I will call him right away
and get you an appointment.
Hurry. Go there.
Maddy, this is it! Do or die.
Behind that door
is Payal and your life.
You're down here?
As in, here below the office?
I am just coming there.
Who would have a meeting one day
prior to their son's wedding?
Who is your meeting with?
I'm meeting with
Madhav Kabra, from Mumbai.
- Wait. Talk to him.
- I don't want to talk to him.
No. You will have to, now.
Just wait. Say, hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Name, number. Everything.
Madhav Kabra. 42..
Did you hear that?
Baby, you never trust me.
So, really bad.
I'm so sorry.
Come down fast. I'm missing you.
I am coming.
Sir, Madhav Kabra,
Ramalingam and Associates.
From Mumbai.
Is this any way to
conduct your business?
No, no. Is this the
way to do business.
I was not supposed
to be in office today.
- It is my son's wedding.
- Excuse me, sir.
Your tie, sir.
Thank you. You can go.
- Congratulations, sir!
- I was saying..
After all these things Ramalingam
calls me and tells me..
That he wants to
change the quotations.
- Listen to me.
- Sir..
I will not give a rupee more
than what's been promised.
Do you understand?
Sir, he wants to discount
the earlier fee by 50 percent.
Tea, coffee, buttermilk, vodka, beer?
I insist..please have something.
Mrs. Chatun/edi, please get him
some wedding sweets.
- Where the hell is she?
- I'm getting it, sir.
Give me a minute.
Yes, I have reached.
Yes, I am right there.
Yes, can you tell me details.
50% discount. - Absolutely.
Our company is working with
you for the first time.
- And as a goodwill gesture.
- Good.
We want to give you a
50 percent discount.
And along with the discount.
If you share the address to
the wedding venue..
We would also like to
send across a small gift.
There is no need for a gift.
You are like family.
You have to come for the wedding.
What happened?
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Just tell me where and when.
I will request Mrs. Chatun/edi to
give you the wedding invite.
- Yes.
- Do come, please.
Mrs. Chatun/edi, please
give him the wedding invite.
I am in the elevator.
I'll be there.
Two minutes. Okay!
Sir..sir. The invite..
You know that Mrs. Chatun/edi
she is never here on time.
Yes. She'll just be here.
Sir..sir, the invite.
She'll give you the invite..
You'll get it. - Of course.
- Have some sweets, sir.
- The invite.
Invite? What invite, sir?
Mr. Ahuja was talking about
the wedding invite.
He asked me to get sweets.
It's from Lallirams.
These are the wedding sweets.
You had to give me the wedding invite.
He's just gone down,
please call him and ask him.
He asked you to give me the invite.
"My love, my life."
"My love, my life."
Milkha, couldn't
she have waited for me?
She didn't even turn to look at me.
Now, it's just you and me.
Have some wedding sweets.
Lalliram caterers!
Lalliram caterers?
Yes! It's really tasty.
Everyone please eat.
Celebrate Madhav
Kabra's messed up life.
Koyal, my lovely sister,
What you wanted has finally come true.
Brother, I don't want to listen
to anything anymore.
Come back to Mumbai now.
Why Mumbai? Now I am free.
I will go wherever I feel like.
Brother, that's enough.
I don't want to hear anything.
Keep quiet, Koyal!
Stop bossing me around.
You are my younger sister.
Concentrate on your studies
and please get off my back.
Koyal, leave me alone.
Hello, sir. I am Rekha, calling
on behalf of India State Bank.
Our bank has launched
a new credit card scheme.
We give you zero per cent
interest in the first year.
You also get five percent cash back
for using the card to shop.
- Hello sir..
- Payal?
No, sir. I am Rekha from
India State Bank.
Do you run a business
or are you salaried?
Hello. - Payal?
No, sir. I am Rekha.
Payal, where are you?
Why were you chasing me today?
"My love, my life."
I can't find my blue shin.
It must be in the wooden cupboard.
I checked there.
In the dirty linen basket?
I checked there as well.
Below the bed?
The last time you wore it when we..
And you had worn the
red top with white jeans.
I knew you wouldn't forget me.
Maddy, I am getting married tomorrow.
Please go back to Mumbai.
[No, I wont let you mam].
I'm coming to get you.
How does it matter now?
You left me alone at the airport.
Didn't it matter then?
Payal, I was crazy at that time.
I left everything and came to
Mumbai for you.
And you abandoned me.
I'm sorry, Payal, I don't know
how anger took over me.
I'm going to clean up this mess.
Just tell me where the wedding is?
Stop it.
Marriage is not a joke.
Many people's emotions
are at stake here.
Dad and Ahuja uncle are
such old friends.
Their friendship will sever.
Payal, I just want to talk to you.
- Give me the phone.
- Ricky..
- Hello, Payal?
- Hold on, Payal.
Payal, who is there?
Tell me, jerk. It is me.
Ricky! Give the phone to Payal.
Keep you tone in check and
your voice low.
She is my fiance.
We're getting married tomorrow.
All our relatives are here.
If you try to ruin it,
I will tear you apart.
Wait, Maddy. Don't call back.
Talk to her face to face.
The owner of
Lalliram Caterers is my friend.
And I've managed to get
the address to the wedding venue.
"Wake up."
"Wake up, buddy."
"Wake up, buddy."
"Wake up, buddy."
Everyone is awake.
"Wake up, buddy."
Everyone is awake.
"Wake up."
"These girls have fraud intentions
They break promises easily."
"And yet, these girls fill our life
With happiness."
"These girls have fraud intentions
They break promises easily."
"And yet, these girls fill our life
With happiness."
"We cannot live without these girls."
"Wake up."
"Wake up, buddy."
Everyone is awake.
"Wake up, buddy."
Everyone is awake.
"Wake up, buddy."
Everyone is awake.
"Wake up, buddy."
Everyone is awake.
"Wake up."
Look at the view from here..
Can you see that
structure in the middle?
The exchange of vows
will take place there.
The bride will come from
the back end in her boat.
The groom will come from here,
with music playing.
And these canons will
shower flowers into the sky.
Elaborate arrangements we have!
This is what you call
a destination wedding.
I was also thinking about how
to stop this historic wedding.
Hide it.
- What are you doing?
The groom is on his way?
We have spent millions on this.
That's Ahuja, Ricky's father.
Where has the band gone?
Band Master, start playing.
I want the mood to be festive.
Not depressing.
- Understood?
- Yes, sir.
Okay, GUYS-
Play on!
Where is the wedding pany?
The auspicious time is about to pass.
Come on, everybody.
The groom is on the boat.
Yes, Mr. Chief Minister.
What? If you are the
actual band members, who are they?
Oh my God. Security!
Police. Commissioner.
The band is fake. Catch them.
Maddy, I will not spare you.
Come on. - Maddy, you are
really going to have it.
Take the boat ahead.
Steer the boat.
Where is the accelerator
to this thing?
What kind of steering wheel is this?
Give me that.
- Security!
- Turn it around.
You got away in college.
I wont leave you today!
I beg you. Take the boat
towards the bride.
I've been trying to do that forever.
Guys. There is another way
to stop everything.
Go towards the groom's boat.
Come Maddy, today
I will not let you go!
Yes, we'll show you.
Today he'll not get away.
- Go straighLstraight!
- Get ready.
Mr. Groom, come on!
Come here, I'll show you!
What are you doing?
Leave me.
What are you staring at me for?
Move away!
Where's Payal?
Where's Payal?
Get Payal's boat.
Don't you get it?
It's over between us.
Everything is over.
Catch them.
Take everyone from the fake band away.
"My love, my life."
"My love, my life."
Sir, where do I submit the bail?
How did you know that
I was in the police station?
Did Payal tell you?
You are still talking about Payal?
Brother, she doesn't give a damn
whether you live or die.
She is gone.
The police called me to inform that
they have captured my crazy brother.
I am hung"!-.
Do you have any money?
There must be some in the bag.
Take it.
Must be somewhere in there.
Let me show you.
What are you hiding from me?
What Will I hide?
You haven't met Payal
recently have you?
Then how did you get this?
She forgot it at home.
Enough, Koyal!
You are all lying.
You are all lying, Koyal.
Vinay, Shweta, Tina.
Do you know howl know?
Because even Payal is lying.
When she slapped me,
I saw tears in her eyes.
You are all lying.
Brother, try and understand.
You try and understand.
All of you thought
I wanted to commit suicide.
I can never do that.
How can I?
I want to live.
- I want to live for PayaLwith Payal.
- She is dying, brother.
Now what?
Payal is dying.
She is dying.
You are right.
We were all lying to you.
Payal was going to tell you
the same day she found out.
- Payal..
- Maddy.
Mom passed away.
Promise me that you will
never leave me.
Promise me.
I promise.
How is he driving?
Aniket, watch out!
You guys okay?
Payal. Oh shit, Payal.
Vinay, Payal's hurt.
Aniket, call the ambulance.
[Payal, don't worn].
- Aniket, call them.
- I am calling them.
Hey, stop the car.
Maddy, watch out!
Drive carefully!
It's okay.
Why do you do such crazy things?
What if you would have been run over?
I rather come under a car
than live without you..
Payal, make a deal with him.
When you feel like dying,
please text him and inform him!
Ha ha! Very funny.
You will only understand
when you fall in love.
Without her,
I have no reason to live.
Message me when it's time.
It's pointless to live without you.
After she got to know about
the cancer, she had a simple plan.
She used to find different
reasons to fight with you..
Because she wanted you to hate her.
She wanted you to hate her so much
that you would cringe at her name.
She sought help from all your friends.
Ricky, Vinay, Shweta, Tina.
All of us..
All of it was an act.
Vinay getting you
to go out with Devika.
Shweta refusing to
give you her number.
So much so that Ricky wasn't
getting married to Payal
but to Tina.
When you abandoned her
at the airport.
She came straight to me.
I can't keep this.
Don't tell Maddy that we met.
This entire drama was
so that you forget her.
Let her go to London.
Let her go.
She's flying out today.
Let her go.
Payal, it's time.
"My love, my life."
What do you want?
Go away, Maddy.
How much time do you have?
I can't hear anything here.
Two hours until my flight takes off.
Maybe five months.
Maddy, forget me.
Alright, do as you please.
I don't have time to waste.
Payal, I want to buy it.
What do you want to buy?
Your time.
The three-four-five months
that you may have.
I want them!
The fare would be this much!
"My love, my life."
"My love is dearer than my life."
"My love, my life."
"My love is dearer than my life."
"Don't weigh love in the
Balance of life and death."
"Love doesn't ever leave you
It always remains by your side."
"ls love greater or You?"
"ls love greater or You?
When my head asked the Lord."
"Your eyes replied
Love is supreme.."
"My love, my life."
"My love is dearer than my life."
"My love, my life."
"My love is dearer than my life."
"My love, my life."
"My love is dearer than my life."
"The head never tallies
Whether love is more or less."
"The lover adorns the clay pot
It is affirmed by the devotee."
"What is the nature of love?"
["What is the nature of love?
I have asked even] faith."
"You eyes replied
Love is supreme."
"My love, my life."
"My love is dearer than my life."
"My love, my life."
"My love is dearer than my life."
"The world turns against
The one who worships his love."
"But on the other hand, why does
The sky then bow down in adoration?"
Life has played a cruel joke on us.
One of us can't love cause
there isn't enough time..
And the other will never have
the strength to love again.
They say you never lose in love.
But Vinay, I've lost.
I've lost!
You asked me to send you
a message when it's time.
Here, I've sent it.
I never thought life would
leave me suddenly like this.
But neither did I know that
someone would love me so much..
That he would be with
me till my last breath.
How can you decide
that we have failed?
How can you say that?
I agree I couldn't
grow old with you..
But I have lived a lifetime
with you in these past four months.
Maddy, you promise me..
You will keep this
love alive in your heart.
- You will love again.
- No.
Maddy, this is my last wish.
Please promise me.
No, Payal. I don't want to hear it.
Payal, no!
Payal, no!
Payal, I'm sorry.
Payal, I promise.
Payal, I promise.
Anything you wish..
You should have agreed earlier.
Payal, you were joking?
"My love, my life."
Payal, you are so manipulative.
You have made me dance like
a puppet since the day we met.
This is ridiculous!
Do I have any value or not?
From now on, I'm the boss.
"My love, my life."
"My love is dearer than my life."
"My love, my life."
"My love is dearer than my life."
"Don't weigh love in the
Balance of life and death."
"Love doesn't ever leave
you It always remains by your side."
"Is love greater or You?"
"Is love greater or You?
When my head asked the Lord."
"Your eyes replied Love is.."
"Love is supreme.."
"My love, my life."
"My love is dearer than my life."
"My love, my life."
"My love is dearer than my life."
"The world turns against
The one who worships his love."
"But on the other hand, why does
The sky then bow down in adoration?"
"From when was world envent..."
From when was world envent,
my heart asked the query.
"You eyes replied Love is.."
"Love is supreme."
"My love, my life."
"My love is dearer than my life."
"My love, my life."
"My love is dearer than my life."