Kavaludaari (2019) Movie Script

Is your father home?
Yes, he is.
What's it my dear?
Inspector Muthanna speaking
Sir, a murder has been reported at
the Archaeology department
How does your day usually begin?
Since I'm a cop, my lifestyle is very disciplined.
I wake up by 6 AM.
By 6.30, I finish my jogging and workout,
at 7:30 I have my breakfast.
By 8.30, I am at the station.
As an inspector, you will have a gun right?
No. The traffic police are not given guns.
What a question?!
Can we shoot somebody cause
they don't have a license.
-Why do we need a gun?
-Not having a driving license is ok.
These idiots who ride on the footpath,
do wheelies and stunts,
They need their asses whipped!
Isn't that why god created piles?
-Is that a joke??
-No. I'm serious.
So you've never had a girlfriend?
How long have you been a police officer?
Three years.
So what if it's been three years?
Sir, last year you'd promised to transfer
me to the crime department.
Sir please....
Sir, I'm ok with a posting
in any corner of the state.
I've been working very sincerely until now.
I've set records for cases solved.
-Shyam, I can't do anything now.
-Sir, but...
Don't waste your time complaining.
It'll become more difficult for you.
What's the score?
I won.
You have to treat me now.
Ok, I will treat you to ice-cream.
Do you have any hobbies...?
I'm fond of playing chess.
And the camel eats your pawn.
I lose track of time when I come here.
-I hope the kids didn't trouble you
-Not at all.
Please use this money to buy books
and other things for the kids
-It was nice to see you.
-All the best.
Tell me mom...
How did it go? Did you like her?
The same old story.
She's not comfortable marrying a police man.
Oh god! Forget her.
Whatever happens, happens for good.
Don't worry.
Tell him that it takes time to find a good match.
I've told you to go offer prayers
at the Hanuman temple regularly.
All will be well...
-...You'll find a nice girl.
-Ma, I've to get to work.
Play right here, Don't wander off.
Give me a pen
Tell those media people to
move towards the corner.
You both stay here until the
forensic samples are collected.
All details are sent.
We cant have issues like last time.
And that's our responsibility.
Deploy the STF to sensitive polling booths.
Tell me.
Sir, there's a metro construction at NBT Junction right?
They've founds bones there.
The forensic team is here.
So what??
Sir, can I please join the investigation?
Stop wasting my time!
Go do your job.
Send those people away.
We've found three sets of bones.
Its too early to say if a crime has been committed here.
I'll update you if we get more details.
Mind your step.
You asked for me?
What are you doing here?
-They found bones here..
-So what?
Its no big deal that
some bones have been found.
There's a lot of traffic. Take care of it.
Yes sir.
We've found three sets of bones.
Its too early to say if a crime has been committed here.
Its no big deal that
some bones have been found.
There's a lot of traffic. Take care of it.
I'll call you back.
Hey you! Who is that?
Hey mister! Hello! Yes, you...
What are you doing there?
Who are you?
Who am I??
If i kick your ass and throw you in jail...
You'll know who I am.
Press. I'm a reporter.
Come up now!
Give me your hand, sir.
Do you have any sense?
What are you doing at a crime scene?
Which press? Give me your ID card.
Lock Up News.
Give me your ID...
...Else I'll make news of you being locked up.
Lock Up News editor, Kumar.
What are you doing here?
Apparently they found some bones here..
I'd come to check if it can be a good story.
At this time?
We reporters are always on duty.
-We work 24 hours.
-You poor thing.
You're mocking me?
Give back my card.
I will. I will.
Come to the station tomorrow morning.
-Please give back.
-Collect it tomorrow.
Please return my card, sir.
Sir, please wait a second.
I looked all over for you in the other station.
The way you spoke last night,
I thought you were a new cop
with the Crime Branch.
Had I known you're a Traffic cop....
Traffic cops are not part of the police?
They are! But they are different.
Your uniform isn't khaki, so...
Never mind, give back my card.
No, I wont.
Fine. Keep it.
Don't forget to read the news tomorrow.
Summon that Shyam
from Yeshwantpur station.
Sit down.
Look at that newspaper.
It's election season.
You're lucky...
That its a rubbish newspaper that nobody reads.
If this was any other paper,
the outcome would be different.
-What did I tell you over the phone?
-He wrote this just to....
Why did you go there?
Didn't I warn you already?
I'm sorry sir. But...
This is a dead-end case.
These bones are not important.
The city has enough problems.
This is your last warning
Go back to your job.
Ok sir.
Sir, please listen to me..
Sir no Sir..please...
F, You said you'll return the money last month.
B! Are you trying to fool us?
Sir, give me one more week,
I'll definitely return it.
Boss, he said the same thing last week also.
No sir, I will. I swear on God.
This time I've broken your fingers.
Next time, I wont spare you.
You have 10 days.
Let's go.
Who were the guys that beat you?
Local boys from my neighborhood sir.
I have made a lot of bad loans.
There are no readers for my newspaper.
As I cover only uncomfortable and bitter news.
My paper should've attained great heights. But...
(mutters to himself).
There was this BD sir.
I got caught in his web.
He betrayed me.
Since then my life has been miserable.
When I think of about my life,
I feel like going and jumping into that pit!
What a pathetic life!
I heard they're closing the case involving those bones.
How did you find out?
I've been seeing your department from
close quarters for many years now.
Your boss, Siddalingaiah
hasn't risen in ranks owing to his devotion.
You know whose sister he has married?
That's all!
He is a tiger outside home but a mouse at home!
The wife decides everything.
Sir, sorry but can you fix my drink?
That's enough sir.
Sir, stop for a minute.
Yes right here.
Careful. Slowly.
What is it? What are you staring at?
I know you have become a big man now.
To hell with you!!
You are going to cleanse our society, huh?
You filthy pig! You can use all the make up in the world
A pig will always be a pig.
Dont forget, I'm know who you are.
Even if you forget, I won't.
-I'll teach you a lesson
-Leave me sir. I'll show them.
-Kumar, lets go.
-Come Kumar
-You don't know these guys sir.
-These guys were on the footpath sir.
-Ok, ok. I'll drop you home. Come.
I'm coming. Wait.
-This is the case file? The forensic reports?
-Yes. It's all there.
According to the carbon dating reports,
these are the remains of a man
aged between 30 to 32 years of age.
These are of a woman aged between 28 to 29 years.
This is of a girl aged between 8 to 10 years.
Since the girl was very young
her bones have disintegrated.
Initially, we were unable to decipher
if this was a regular death or a murder.
But the way the bones are broken,
Its rather unusual.
There are chances for the bones
to break this way during burials.
But looking at the other samples we collected,
I don't think this is a natural death
Look, here are the samples collected by them.
If they've been buried, then why would we find these?
(mutters to himself).
How long back were these bodies buried?
As per my tests, they were buried about 40 years ago.
What will happen to the bones now?
The government buries them.
You've buried all three skeletons in one grave?
Government allots money for only one grave, sir.
My work's done sir.
-Do you have their names for the gravestone?
Ok, I'll leave sir.
Do you have their names for the gravestone?
What are you thinking?
Those bones, Rangappa.
Something is not right about it.
That isn't surprising sir.
Long back, there used to be a lake here.
Many corpses have been dumped there.
This isn't the first.
They've found bones earlier, too.
-How many years ago was that?
People offer special prayers to god
hoping to get a posting in traffic...
Rangappa, how many years ago was that!!
Around 1975-80 sir.
The city developed rapidly after that.
Where will I find those old case files?
I'm letting you in because of Rangappa.
All the unsolved missing and absconding cases
of the time period you mentioned are here.
-Take a look.
-Thanks, Manju.
Am I on a mysterious journey...
...Into a story buried by time.
Am I on a mysterious journey...
with a hazy beginning and a hazy end?
The bruised half truths
and half lies in these stories...
...Have left behind deep scars.
Scars that bear those deep clues.
Is the truth hiding in plain sight?
or is it an illusion waiting to fall apart?
Who claims responsibility for this??
To solve each chapter...
...Shadows turn into witnesses...
Riddled by thoughts,
my instincts are melting away.
Hidden somewhere between the beginning and the end...
...Is a lie, masquerading as the light..
...Leading me in this journey...
Am I on a mysterious journey...
...Into a story buried by time.
-Tea for you.
Have I lost my way here?
Is my shadow playing tricks on me?
The river of doubts merges into a
sea of speculations...
Have I lost my way here?
Is my shadow playing tricks on me?
The river of doubts merges into a
sea of speculations...
It was a dark moment in India's history.
The emergency sparked the entry of....
Criminals and Goons into politics...
This is Gurudas Naidu.
Bangalore Division head of the
Indian Archaeological department.
This is his wife Vijayalakshmi Naidu
This is Vaidehi Naidu aged 10 years.
Investigating officer for this case was Muthanna.
Who is this Muthanna?
By when will Kumar return?
Any minute now.
What work do you have with him?
How much has he borrowed from you? I'll pay you back.
No No. I had some work with him, Relax.
What does he think of himself?
Priya, don't buy anything
at Venkatesh's shop from today.
Why? What happened to the money
that I'd given you.
What do you mean? It got spent elsewhere!
Oh hello sir!
When did you come? Give me a cup of coffee...
What's the matter?
There was an inspector called
Muthanna at the Cubbon Park station.
Do you have any information about him?
This is related to those bones in the pit, right?
What do you know about Muthanna?
You know my situation.
Only if you tell me about the case...
...I'll find out whatever you want about Muthanna.
Never mind. I'll leave.
I dont know who this Muthanna is...
But his investigation could reveal how
Naidu and his family ended up dead in the ground
The morning of February 25,
a complaint about the murder and robbery was
lodged at the Archaeological Department.
Murder victim: Suresh. Age: 32.
The first step of the investigation was
to find out what was stolen.
Yes, my name is K Ganapathy.
Excavation officer. Naidu's higher officer.
He works at the Hyderabad office.
During an excavation at Hampi
treasures from the Vijayanagar empire were found.
On testing, we found jewelry
worth around 80-90 lakhs Rupees.
Ten days back...
I had ordered Naidu to move the treasure to Hyderabad.
He said the political situation is unstable,
and will be do it once time is right.
The body of Suresh was first discovered
by office peon Sebastian.
Ive been working for Naidu Sir,
for 10 years now.
I'm at office by 8 AM. That day was no different.
A dead body! Dead body! Dead body!
I couldn't bear to look at it.
That blood. It still gives me nightmares sir.
A sharp weapon was used to murder Suresh.
A knife was missing from the same office.
Why was only Suresh targeted?
My name is Surendra Nayak.
I've been working in the Archaeological Department
for the past 15 years.
Only Suresh had access to the keys of the treasury.
Suresh was responsible for the goods
after the testing process.
A car was found near Rayagudda railway station,
45 km from Bengaluru.
We found that it belonged to
Gurudas Naidu of the Archaeology Department.
But there was no trace of Gurudas Naidu.
This car was an important evidence
in this investigation.
The murder weapon thst was missing
from the office was found in the burnt car.
Since Naidu was nowhere to be found,
We questioned his servants.
Chikamma, the cook who worked for Naidu's family.
I have been working for Naidu since 5 years.
I used to serve coffee to Mr. Naidu every morning at 6 AM.
Sir, your coffee.
An hour later, I saw that the room door was still closed.
The coffee remained untouched.
I thought I'd check with Bablu
if he knew where Mr Naidu was.
My name is Bablu.
Chikkamma got me a job at Naidu's house four years ago.
Sir! Kumar here.
Yes Kumar, tell me.
I'm also investigating this case sir...
I'll share all the information with you...
Sharing the story is up to you...
But Ill help you find Muthanna.
The door was locked from outside.
Yes, the door was locked from outside.
What is it?
Isn't Mr Naidu at home?
We had to open the door to
Naidu's room as there was no response from inside...
There were no clothes in the cupboard.
We thought they left due to an emergency
and got back to our jobs.
Madam had called me the previous night.
Sir will be late today. You go sleep.
Also get the suitcase here, Ive got pack a few things.
Was the timing of Naidu's family leaving the city
right after the crime....
...A coincidence or was that their actual plan?
Investigation was done to find the reason for Naidu's travel.
My Name is Chalapathy,
Naidu and family were my neighbours.
Ten days ago, Naidu withdrew all his money
from our bank and closed his account
Eerappa, the gardener at Naidu's home.
What were you doing the previous night?
The previous night Sebastian came to Naidus house.
But I left at 9 PM that day.
Yes, He left by 9 PM that day.
After that I got very drunk.
The door was locked from outside.
Sir, I forgot to tell one thing.
That evening Mr Naidu summoned me to his chamber.
Section 144 has been announced.
Get back home immediately.
Mr Naidu sent all of us home early that day...
...I thought it was because of the big strike
being carried out by the mill workers union near by.
My name is Fernandes.
Ive been Mr Naidu's driver for 5 years now.
But I didnt drive the car that day...
I think everybody except Mr Naidu and Suresh had left.
Mr Naidu called me.
-Coming sir!
Itll take sometime today. You leave.
Its okay Sir, Ill wait.
-No! Leave. Ill come later.
-Okay Sir!
The riots were getting bad so I went home
Security guard at Naidus house - Mohan Swamy.
That night Mr Naidu's car arrived.
Yes, Mr Naidu was driving instead of Fernandes.
As the car passed by me, I noticed...
...Mr Naidu's coat had blood stains.
I went to check if all was ok
but Mr Naidu went in and shut the door.
I didnt want to interfere.
So I went back to work.
It was all quiet inside.
One hour later, the porch light flickered on and off.
Then there was only darkness.
I went to check...
Sir! Sir!
I dont know who hit me sir.
This is all I remember...
I think Mr Naidu had a partner...
This person along with Mr and Mrs Naidu
planned this whole crime.
Based on the evidence collected...
...Mohan Swami's statement and the blood-stained note
that was found in Naidu's house during examination...
It is clear that Mr and Mrs Naidu were involved.
But it remains to be investigated if they had
a partner in crime.
I thought their's was a sweet and innocent family...
But they turned out to be killers
who were greedy for gold.
If their bones have been found now,
there's definitely someone else involved...
...Who betrayed them in the end.
And amidst all this greed...
...That poor kid...
27th May, 1985.
A new evidence has emerged.
I request to transfer this case from C report to A report.
signed Investigative Officer Muthanna.
Mr and Mrs Naidu's greed led to the death of Suresh
and their own daughter, Vaidehi.
Surely, Naidu's partner was someone close to him.
Who in this list has lied?
Who could have been greedier than Naidu?
On Old Madras road, 50 Kms from Sajjapur Circle
there's a Hanuman temple...
Information is accurate sir.
-Please let me know what you find from Muthanna sir.
- Ok Ok.
Is anybody there?
Who the hell are you??
Are you mad? I could have lost my life.
You can still lose it.
What were you doing out there?
Sir, I'm Shyam...
Just answer my question.
I don't need any other details!
Sir in 1977, a man called Naidu robbed
the Archaeological department...
...murdered his colleague Suresh,
and then absconded with his family.
I found that you were the investigating officer on that case.
We have found that family sir.
Yes sir.
Their bones were found during a road widening project.
...eight years after the case was closed,
On May 27, you filed a request to reopen
the case due to new evidence.
What happened on May 27, sir?
Get out.
Get out.
I said get out!!
Sir! Please calm down!
Sir, please don't shoot me.
Hear me out. One second, please.
Just give me one clue about
who Naidu's partner was, please.
Sir please sir.
Sir, nobody cares about this case.
I'm just a traffic inspector.
But I'm investigating this case round the clock.
Only you know this case. Please help me, sir.
Sir, you're a cop as well.
You know the situation I'm in.
Sir, please calm down.
The forensic details and the location of the bones are in this file sir.
Take a look.
I'll leave sir.
Please calm down!Sir.
I've got the carton.
I've called the barber.
The car mechanic is also coming.
My yesterday, today and tomorrow
Is like the emptiness of a blank page.
Life drags on slowly...
...Burdened by the weight of memories.
My destination is a far away place...
But I'm stuck here without escape
Dad's come home early today.
Engulfed by incompleteness....
Really? Show me....
My yesterday, today and tomorrow...
...Is like an empty sheet of paper..
The mind is riddled with thoughts of a distant pain
These thoughts are an addiction
turning my life upside down...
...The unanswered questions mock me...
...Making me question myself.
When you set out on a journey into the unknown...
...It's like playing games with shadows.
Even if you find a way...
...The barbed fence looms over you..
...Finding its weakness is the only way through.
My yesterday, today and tomorrow
Is like the emptiness of a blank page.
Why don't you break away from your sorrow?
...Isn't there something to live for?
Why don't you let go of past mistakes?...
...And seek the path to redemption.
A hundred stories lie hidden in your tears
They too are looking for redemption.
O God, why are you playing these games with me?
If you set foot here again,
I will aim to kill you.
Aren't you ashamed to live like this?
Many cops spoke very highly off your bravery...
But that person cant be you.
You're just a coward resigned to his bottle.
A ten year old girl lost her life in this case.
Forget it.
I will not waste my time coming back here.
Enjoy your drink!
For a change, you've spent a joyous day with us.
Now all of a sudden,
why are you talking about death?
Death always comes unannounced...
Especially in my line of work.
Promise me, you'll do what I've said.
You have to promise me something too,
In case if something happens to me,
No matter how hard it may be,
you have to live a good life.
Foolish girl! What can happen to you?
Doesnt death come unannounced?
Promise me.
As a policeman, when some cases are closed,
We get a good night's sleep.
While certain cases haunt us
and keep us up all night.
Like this one.
Those were the days of emergency.
The entire nation was immersed in darkness.
I don't think you were even born then!
No sir
Back then,
I was in the same spot where you are today.
I couldn't get this case out of my head.
I searched for Naidu and his family everywhere.
What made you think of reopening this case?
While investigating, once we see someone as a suspect...
We only see the wrongs in him.
I made the same mistake, too.
-You mean to say Naidu didn't commit the crime?
Naidu is innocent.
We were deceived into thinking Naidu killed Suresh.
But the person who killed Suresh killed Naidu as well.
Poor Naidu wasn't escaping that night,
He was being buried here with his family.
So somebody else escaped that night.
Sir, then what was that new evidence?
There was no new evidence.
Sometimes during an investigation, to see the truth...
We have to become blind to all the lies.
While searching Naidu's home,
We found a blood-stained letter.
You'd tried to figure out whose handwriting it was...
I read about it in the case diary.
Eight years after Naidu went missing...
While investigating another case,
I saw the same handwriting again in a medical report.
That night, forget killing someone,
Naidu saved a man's life.
-Please bring these medicines.
Good girl!
Who do you think did it sir?
Shyam, it's almost 40 years now.
Its hard to say if the murderer
made it big with that loot.
Even if he made it,
we don't know if he is still alive?
Sir, how do you think we should investigate this now?
After so many years, you have
once again stoked the policeman in me.
But I don't want to be a policeman anymore.
I'm confident that you will find your own path soon.
Good luck.
Let me drive you back. Give the me keys.
You're not allowed to drink and drive.
Sir, did you stop investigating the case
because of your family?
I'm very sorry if I asked you a personal question.
Please don't mind.
My daughter Divya.
Every time I looked at my daughter,
I wanted to make the world a better place for her.
I worked sincerely towards making that happen.
Then came the Emergency.
And the forces responsible for the emergency...
Made it possible for rowdies
and goons to get into politics.
But I continued working sincerely.
One day I asked Geetha to bring
Divya to a nearby theater...
The plan was to watch a movie and go out for dinner.
Just as I was about to leave work to see them,
I found the doctor's handwriting.
I went to meet the doctor instead of going to the theatre.
It got late.
Since I missed the film,
they thought I wouldnt make it for dinner also.
So they returned home.
On the way, they met with an accident.
And I lost both of them.
The day it happened was...
May 27.
After I lost them,
the world didn't matter to me anymore.
Like you said the other day,
I'm a coward resigned to his bottle...
-Sir, please forgive me...
-...Leading a pathetic life.
I didn't mean that.
I didn't lose them because of the Naidu case.
I lost them because of my obsession to solve the case.
I lost them to my obsession.
Once Naidu was found to be innocent
What if they decided to target you and ended up....
Had that been the case,
You think I'd have spared them?
Its me Kumar, I've found an important clue
regarding our case, can we meet?
Super sir, I'll come by today evening.Thanks
Excuse me!
Where's your father?
I've been trying to call him.
His phone is off.
I don't know.
He left for work yesterday
and hasn't returned since.
Why? What happened?
He never listens to me.
When was the last time you spoke to him?
To avoid calls from loan sharks,
he switches off his phone.
Was there any change in his behavior in the recent past?
After you visited,
He was saying that you have given
him a story that will change our life.
He was looking at old film magazines and newspapers
He wanted to do a story on actress Madhuri.
He was very excited about interviewing her.
Thank you.
If you get to speak to him, call me immediately.
Don't worry, take care.
That ring is haunting...
Your reasons are invisible to my gaze...
The sadness in my heart is strange...
Even the ice cool breeze burns me...
Cut! Cut! Cut! Who is that extra smiling in the shot?
-Throw him out now!
-You, get out!
-Sorry, sorry.
What's happening? Oh God!
- Sorry Ma'am.
Come in.
-Shivu, in my bag...
-Excuse me.
-Hi ma'am.
-What are you doing here?
-Ma'am, one minute!
Listen, please go outside. I'll talk to you there.
I'm very sorry.
I came in because you asked me to do so.
And this uniform is not on rent.
I need to question you about a case.
I'll be waiting outside.
Sir, Madam asked for you.
-Thank you.
-Ok sir.
Our world is a make believe one.
We are detached from reality.
In our world, police officers dance
and shoot with plastic guns.
Your gun must be real, isn't it?
I suppose you make everyone dance
to your tunes with it...
Tell me what can I do for you?
Lock-up news.
Come in!
Madam, shot ready.
I'll come back and dance to your tunes.
Its an unquenchable desire...
Theres no trace of where this longing stems from..
You and I pine to be bound by love and desire.
Had Kumar, the editor and owner
of Lock-up News contacted you?
Is there a punishment for smoking
in front of an officer?
Ok! Ok! Ok!
He called me two days ago.
And what did he say?
-Some interview...
-Did you meet him?
I don't meet everyone who asks me for an interview.
Come in!
-Shot ready madam!
Sorry, I'm wasting your time.
Moreover, you've said I'll be punished!
But I have to go.
Sir, madam will be late today.
She has asked for your number.
Thank you
I have no clue when he comes and goes.
This actress... What did you say her name was?
Sir, Madhuri
Her name never came up in my investigation.
How do you know she is connected
to the Naidu case?
Sir, Kumar's investigation into this case
led to her name.
Sir, if you have any notes
from your independent investigation...
Could I take a lo ok at it?
Thank you.
8 o clock!
So punctual!
Or you couldn't wait to see me again?
You act only for the camera or off it too?
Ha! Come in.
I was hoping to see you in the uniform.
Have you ever heard of the name Gurudas Naidu?
The night is still young Shyam.
I'll get you a drink.
Make yourself comfortable.
Is there a Mrs Shyam?
Actually I don't care.
Your drink.
Thank you.
Do you know anything about Gurudas Naidu?
He used to work in the Archaeological Department.
In 1977, his entire family...
Much better!
In 1977, His family and...
What were you saying?
Want some more ice?
Hey, he's heading towards you.
The questions might seem a harsh...
-But don't stop, ok?
One second.
What he means is keep
coming back to the same point?
How many times to call you?
Why can't you answer?
Aren't you ashamed to call me?
Hang up!
Please don't hang up.
Listen, I have a major story for you.
If you break it, the results will be
decided even before the elections.
Oh yeah?
You said the same thing last time.
I was jobless for 2 years
because of you.
No thanks. You break your own story.
Listen, I made a mistake last time.
I hid many details from you.
You just meet me once.
I'll tell you the entire story.
You can decide after that.
Hey A,You are done!
Trying to escape my eye, huh?
The doctor said its still uncertain.
He is under observation.
Once the scan reports come back...
excuse me...
He never listens to me.
I've told him we can lead a good life
with what we make.
He wont shut down that wretched press.
Sometimes I feel like setting that place on fire.
Hey, stop.
You'll only inspire him to start a new press.
Don't worry.
Let's see what the doctor says.
Do you know who might have done this?
Despite my protests,
he's taken so many loans.
I assume you know how he writes...
Keep me posted...
Sorry...guess I wasted your time
Nothing of that sort. I'll leave now.
-The final round of voting has just concluded.
-Ajay, call for a break.
-Yes sir
Get a 30-second clip with the
latest photos and videos of actress Madhuri.
-Abhi, push the election news to the scrolling tab.
-Ok sir.
And you, write down what I tell you...
Popular film actress...
Evergreen heroine Madhuri has been found murdered.
Having ruled the roost in the past,
her popularity remained unfazed even today.
Here are the first images of the scene.
The police have begun investigations.
Here's what the police are saying...
We don't know right now.
Investigations is on-going.
So, no comments right now.
Further information is awaited.
We will update you with a blow-by-blow
account of the same.
That's ok Shyam but what were
you doing in her house?
So inspector... you...
Did you call me?
Stop toying with me.
This is a murder investigation.
Not a joke.
One of the murder victims was a
10-year-old child.
You're not my type.
I'm sorry.
I've volunteered this information
without hiding anything.
You can investigate and verify the same.
I'm also from the police dept. I won't run away.
Ok. I'll call you.
Muthanna sir!
Muthanna sir!
The Naidu case, Madhuri and Kumar
share a strong connection!
-What do you mean?
At Madhuri's house.
I saw a photo of her wearing this necklace.
Oh my god!
-I'll change and come.
-Ok sir.
Come in sir.
The Naidu case and Madhuri is definitely connected...
...that necklace...
This is the photo I spoke about.
Come sir, let's go up.
Sir, careful...
Nothing here Shyam...
Hey, wake up!
Follow them!
Don't think its an old car Shyam...
If we stop to explain to the cops,
he will escape. Lose them.
Control Room...
Suspect vehicle with an unclear number plate..
A blue fiat...Report if you spot it. Over.
A blue fiat is headed towards Lalbagh. Watch out.
Spotted near Lalbagh. Over.
Go that way.
Control, it's PSI speaking...
Suspect Vehicle,
a black I20 going towards Hebbal.
If you spot it, let me know.
Charlie speaking...
Suspect vehicle, a black I20 has been spotted...
below the Hebbal flyover...
Not bad, Shyam.
Thanks, sir.
-Let's go sir.
-No! Don't...
He's just a pretty criminal.
Look at him.
If you catch him ...
We won't be able to track who controls him.
You must've waited this way many times before, no?
Didn't you get bored?
In the beginning...
... It was very tough to sit in one place and wait.
Just like how you are feeling now.
But in the end, the satisfaction of
putting a criminal behind bars
...is worth the wait.
Waiting becomes a habit.
It's like hunting, isn't it sir?
When you were investigating this case independently...
... didn't the department have a problem?
Like I told you before...
...It was a period when goons and rowdies got into politics.
They didn't care about cops...
So when I was investigating independently,
I never used my real name anywhere.
I called myself Inspector Shenoy.
Which is why nobody was able to trace
anything back to you!
But now you know!
-You continue the hunt...
-Ok sir!
I'll take a nap in the back.
Ok sir!
I think he's a mechanic sir.
Why don't you get some rest?
Let me keep an eye on him.
Sir, what are you doing?
I'm helping this fly attain nirvana.
I'll be back in a bit.
Yes sir.
If he moves, call me.
I'll come wherever you are.
Yes, sure sir.
Where does this road go?
To Kunigal sir.
These are newly-developed areas.
Is this a new layout?
No sir. It came up about 15 years ago.
What is he doing here?
He's definitely not here to fix a car.
It's the small fish that leads us to the whale.
Please come.
Muthanna sir!!
Come fast sir!
We'll lose him otherwise.
I'll go after him.
I've been here before...
I found Naidu's burning car
and the murder weapon right here!
Oh my god!
...Gopi Nayak has alleged that your party
is using black money for campaigning...
What do you have to say to this sir?
...Don't take Gopi Nayak's words seriously...
The man who controls this mechanic
could also be the one who is set to rule us sir.
...The people still remember who appealed for votes
by luring women with saris and the men with liquor!..
...Thankfully, we didnt rise to power by
resorting to such illicit means...
The killer is in this room itself.
...Our party workers have been
extremely sincere in their work...
I have a question.
Our channel had aired a special report on the EVM scam.
What does your party have to say?
...For those questioning the popular choice,
watch the election results...
...The exit poll outcome is very positive towards us...
Madhuris murder, Naidu case and this place,
Its all connected, sir.
This is not a coincidence.
...You can be sure we will fulfill all the promises
made in the manifesto on the oath-taking day...
...This is my word and that of our party's.
We believe in keeping our word....
When did you wake up dad ?...
Is your head hurting?
Wait, let me fetch the doctor.
Wait my dear...
Come here... Come..
Come ...
Sit down.
One second let me call the...
Listen... Please don't worry...
I'll be fine. Ok?
And I'll repay all the loans. Fine?
Don't worry.
Don't cry my dear...
Wait a minute, I'll be back.
Let me call the doctor.
Take a deep breath.
Now exhale...
Yes, yes.
Dad, what happened?
Dad? Why are you crying?
Dad? What happened?
What happened?
Doctor? Is he in pain? Doctor?
Cut to Camera 5...
Cut to the reactions from Camera 4 ...
Sir, we've got confirmations from 3 sources.
Let's wait. I want confirmation
from a proper source. Ok?
-...The elections...
-Cut to Close up.
We will reveal which popular leader
is set to become the chief minister ...
Cut to a wide.
These money lenders are so stupid.
If they beat us up like this,
we end up spending even more.
Of course!
You're the only wise one here...
In spite of knowing this, you borrow from them.
There's no point talking to you!
Relax... Relax....
Camera 4. Stand-by.
Camera 2.
Excuse me?
Yes sir...
Who owns this place?
No clue sir.
Why sir?!!
Shut up! Rascal!
How dare you back answer!
I'll break your bones!
Don't you know who I am??
But you slapped me!
Why are you complaining?!
Your generation has no respect for senior citizens.
I'm from the media.
Go and call your owner!
Call him now!
Ok, wait sir.
-Sir, your comments?
- Camera 2. Keep zooming on him.
How many times will you ask me the same question!
It's all in the news, take a look ...
Cut to a close up.
How did you know the connection
between Naidu and Madhuri?
That jewelry...
You don't know about Madhuri...
When she entered the film industry ...
... the biggest names were behind her.
I had a friend called Deshpande.
He used to write for Samyukta Karnataka.
Anyway, he died young.
He had once told me a story about some rowdies.
Apparently, some guy was after Madhuri.
No, no. Our leader will show you
what our party is made of!
Cut to Close up.
I'll shut this place down!
Sir...He slapped me sir!
What else did you expect?
I'll smash your teeth!
Do you even know who I am?
You keep bringing this up again and again...
Do you know who owns this resort?
Camera 5 ...
He had apparently gifted her jewellery
dating back to the Hampi dynasty.
He had also funded a few of her films.
Around the time Deshpande had told me the story
do you know who used to fund her films?
Who Kumar?
Do you know who he is?
Here's an exclusive interview with the
newly elected chief minister...
Mailur Srinivas...
Cut to his speech.
Greetings to all.
First of all ...
You have shown great faith
in me and my party.
I thank you.
Though we investigated separately,
we both hit upon the same name...
Yes...I am certain that Mailur Srinivas
is involved in the Naidu case.
But I'm not able to figure out how...
Who is this Mailur Srinivas?
Sir, I'll head to Mailur's right away.
It is natural for the lion to smell your
presence when you enter his lair...
Take care, Shyam
All right sir.
The man set to rule the state
used to live in this tiny house
Krishnappa, since Seenanna is arriving today,
this inspector has to carry out an inspection.
Sir, our village is small.
But Seenanna has made our village world famous.
How long have you lived here?
25 years.
Yes, he's been here since 25 years.
Isn't it Krishnappa?
Our village is very safe, sir.
How much do you blabber?
Go out and wait.
Ok sir
-Can I check inside?
-Yes. OK.
Tell me Shyam...
Sir... I searched the house Mailur Srinivas used to stay in.
I found a few items related to Christianity in the loft.
But the tenants living there now are Hindus.
In the Naidu case, there were 2 Christians,
peon Sebastian and driver Fernandes.
Between the two of them,
who do you think is Mailur Srinivas?
I'll call you back.
Give me some time.
Do you need all this drama at your age uncle?
I was reading your paper while waiting for you.
You write really well.
Do one thing.
Why don't you retire?
You get the idea uncle?
See you soon uncle.
I've told you everything.
Please finish the work as soon as possible.
Boss, a man who runs a paper called Lock-Up News
apparently created trouble at the resort.
He's still there.
That journalist just left.
I didn't see the cop around.
Who are these people sir?
Don't ask questions...
-Take care of them.
-Ok sir.
Be discreet!
Are both the jobs completed?
Not yet.
Pradeepa also just arrived.
I'm in front of that journalist's house.
The cop is nowhere to be seen.
What? Stop the car.
Wait outside.
At the party headquarters,
you followed the cop...
No, that was the journalist.
He's not a journalist. He's a cop!
But boss... the cop isn't very old.
You A!
Both the men who were after you, are cops!
Find out the identity of the other guy and kill him.
Finish that journalist, too. Finish them all!
-Come in the other car.
-Ok sir
Yes sir...
Fernandes is Mailur Srinivas.
How did you find out?
Sir? Where are you now?
Everything makes sense now.
I leave the responsibilty of this case to you now.
Sir but....
One more thing...
That journalist friend of yours is in danger.
Protect him.
Ok sir, I'll get Kumar to safety and then call you.
Get down! Get down!
Get down! Get down!
Get down! Get down!
Get down! Get down!
Wait, wait.
Single barrel uncle...
You get one hit!
Do you want to shoot me or him?
You're finished uncle!
I'm not at all surprised...
He has a hand in all kinds of illegal activities.
Once you enter politics and don white,
your dirty work stays hidden in plain sight.
You're not safe here.
I'll ask them to discharge you immediately.
See you uncle.
-We've locked him up in his farm house only.
-Ask Pradeep to stay.
-Finish off that journalist today!
-Ok sir
I'll come there.
Hello? Do you know where I can find Kumar?
He's been admitted to the Govt. hospital ...
-Close the door and wait outside.
-Ok, boss.
It felt really good to hear you utter
my name after so many years...
Really, Fernandes?
Then why did you change your name 'Fernandes'?
Instead of celebrating your great victory,
why are you here talking to me?
Because you are scared.
Nobody should find out your past as Fernandes.
Isn't that so?
Nostalgia is beautiful, no?
After murdering Suresh and robbing the treasury,
I could've escaped the same night.
But that would mean I'd have to keep looking
over my shoulder for the rest of my life...
I would have remained a driver all my life.
Which is why...
... I wiped out the Naidu family
Naidu's wife...
What are you doing here?
I wanted to tell you something important, sir
At this hour?
You can tell me tomorrow...
I might have the time tomorrow...
...but I'm not so sure about you.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
What's this?
Your wife and child reacted way better than you!
I haven't even begun counting and look at you...
It broke my heart.
Not because I killed them...
...but because I had to set the car on fire.
Poverty is wretched...
I was naive.
Maybe I was still asleep.
I tried to work hard as a driver to make an earnest living.
-Yes sir...
Nayak had called.
The jewellery has been valued at Rs 85 lakh.
Our safe will do, right?
After overhearing their talk...
... the idea of owning such a loot
kept replaying in my head over and over...
Until, the reflection in the mirror was no longer Fernandes.
...don't get caught up with what's right and wrong.
Once you get out of that loop of
what's right and wrong...
...guiding others who are still stuck in that
loop is another kind of joy.
Don't you think?
He's a monster sir...
He didn't even spare the small girl.
Curse my luck.
I seem to be a magnet for the bad times.
If my newspaper wasn't going through a loss...
...I'd have shown the whole world
the real face of Mailur Srinivas.
He's not scared of anyone sir.
He has changed his religion also.
If he's not afraid of God himself,
you think he'll fear the law?
We should just shoot him!
After all he's a driver.
He alone is responsible for this!
We should kill him.
There was a boy in Naidu's house, called Babloo...
Do you remember him?
Nice boy.
He was very fond of Naidu's daughter.
He wanted to go to college and
become a big man like his boss.
It's very easy to mislead people
who have such big dreams.
Even I dream of buying a car!
But how can poor people like us have such big dreams?
We'll be poor all our life.
The shortest path needs to be presented
to the most difficult dream. That's it.
I gave him sleeping pills to mix into their dinner.
Don't be scared.
Our lives will change for the better soon.
But I didn't tell him that it was poison.
Where is this Naidu?
He should have been here...
You've killed her!
Don't forget that.
Stop crying.
Keep quiet.
Since Naidu came home late...
I was worried my plans wouldn't work out.
But lady luck was with me.
Hey, switch off the lights!
According to my plan, even Babloo
should've met his end that day.
But there was a lot of work to be done before daybreak.
Hey, don't forget what I told you...
I put my faith in Babloo's big dreams and...
...ensuring he wouldn't blab to the cops,
I left to get rid off the bodies.
-Where are you taking them?
-None of your business.
Just do what you're told.
Babloo's dreams also
died a natural death the same day.
Although his dreams were larger than life,
he wasn't able to fulfill them...
Now he's lost everything and is
running some paper called Lock-Up News.
That's the difference between him and me.
I didn't dream about becoming rich alone.
I was interested in politics too.
I grew to such an extent that
nobody could touch me.
Bd is now the Chief Minister!
He's worked very hard to unravel
my real identity to the world! He's failed each time.
But where will he summon the courage to
unravel the complete truth about me, huh?
Laxman, my friend, is the editor of TV7 ...
I had set up a meeting with him...
And then this incident happened.
Those bloody goons attacked me.
Sir, let's do one thing.
Let's expose Mailur's truth!
Yes sir.
What are you doing here?
But he's not brave enough to expose the truth...
Come let's go...
He's a murderer too, isn't he?
I'm glad those bones were found.
All of you will die shortly...
It was wonderful to go down memory lane.
I can see another face in the mirror.
Prime Minister Srinivas.
Sounds wonderful, right?
But a small stone is enough to break the mirror!
And who will break it?
Find out the name of the other cop and finish him.
Ok boss.
Madam? Is there a patient called
Kumar admitted here?
He's been discharged.
Dad! I keep asking you ...
Why can't we go home?
What new trouble are you in now?
Tell me. I'll handle it.
I'm talking to you!
It's nothing.
Look at how they beat him up!
Do you know what a big rowdy his landlord is?
Why is he lying about us?
Tell me now!
You keep threatening to kill yourself with poison don't you?
Now I'll do the same!
Listen I've told her about your situation.
Ask aunty if you need anything.
One more thing...
Don't reveal where you are
to anyone under any circumstance.
I'll leave now.
That's my car.
Please give it to me. I want it.
Please, that's my car.
I want it back...
Please tell me what my dad has done this time...
Why all this secrecy. At least I can...
Priya, Priya...
I'll tell you everything when the time is right.
Don't worry, Kumar hasn't caused any trouble.
He's done no wrong.
I had asked for his help with this case.
It's my duty to ensure he's not in any harm.
And that's a promise.
Hey, don't worry.
Go and have dinner now.
Call me if you need anything.
I'll come immediately. Ok?
See you. Bye.
What is his name?
What is the other cop's name?
I know how to get you to talk!
His name is Shenoy.
But you won't be able to find him!
Muthanna sir!
Muthanna sir?
Ambulance on its way on KD Road.
Clear the signal.
Just hold on sir.
We will reach any minute.
I'll clear the traffic.
You keep driving.
There's an ambulance...
Please make way.
Control Room...Emergency!
Open the Chord Road signal immediately!
Sir, there's an ambulance behind you.
Please make way!
Sir, please move aside. Please!
Make way!
Please move!
There's an ambulance behind you.
Please move!
Please move!
Can't you hear the ambulance???
Move aside!
Move aside!
Please move aside!
I'm very sorry.
It's really very unfortunate what has happened ...
If you got here sooner,
we could have saved him.
If they were sincere, you think this nation
would've seen so much corruption?
They've looted the country.
He had chosen to live in solitude ...
And I dragged him out of it and got him killed.
There's no space for even
an ambulance in our country...
When society turns cynical about itself,
what is the use of social service or doing good work?
Good people have no place here.
The world is a cruel place, Priya.
And we've all contributed to it.
We deserve the leader we've got!!!
I'm sorry...
I'm unnecessarily ranting...
I got a text the other day.
Apparently, in Japan,
they mend broken objects with gold.
They believe that beauty lies in imperfection.
Is everything ok around here?
If you need anything, tell me.
Don't hesitate.
It's just a matter of a few days.
Actually, I need a small favour...
Tell me...
Deshpande uncle called me from the hospital...
His power bank is with me.
Can you please give it to him?
Sure, give it to me.
Wait a minute...
How did you link Madhuri and Naidu?
Through Deshpande...
His name was Vadiraj Deshpande
He used to write for Samyuktha Karnataka.
He passed away at a young age.
We checked sir.
Nobody by the name of Deshpande
has ever worked for this paper.
Thank you.
Thank you.
They kept dodging us for many days.
This time they were caught trying to cross the border.
If it helps your case, I'm all for it.
But wrap up in 10 minutes. I'll be waiting.
Yeah. Thanks.
...listen to me sir...
You don't know who I am...
A, you are going to show me?
I'll show you M .
Please listen.
Give us a chance to speak!
We keep telling you sir...
We took it because it was in Kumar's bag.
Yes sir...
Since he didn't pay up,we took
whatever was in Kumar's bag sir.
Please believe us.
How did you nab these guys?
Madhuri's cell phone was switched off all these days.
Two days ago, it was switched on in Hosur.
The day after Madhuri died, the phone was on.
And then abruptly, it went OFF.
I've been tracking them...
We managed to catch them now.
Ashok, thank you so much.
That's fantastic. Thank you.
I have a surprise for you.
Take it.
Happy Birthday!
Thank you sir
Open it!
To see the truth, you have to
turn blind to all the lies around you.
There was a Bd sir... who cheated me
Now I feel like jumping into that pit!
This isn't the first time we're meeting!
Come sir, come in.
Look at this b@#$%^d ...
When did you come?
[Life is at crossroads]
It's my duty to protect him.
And that's a promise.
You left abruptly the other day
What happened?.
I had work to attend.
[Life is at crossroads]
[Life is at crossroads]
I came to check if everything is ok...
Is everything ok?
[The mind is in a crisis every moment]
[The mind is in a crisis every moment]
[My trust has been shredded to pieces]
My boss has become the chief minister.
You can't do anything to me!
[It is now in search of the guiding light]
[The heart is in turmoil everyday]
[Life feels rather empty]
[My days and my nights]
[Are consumed by darkness]
[The heart feels heavy...]
Mailur Srinivas will take oath after his visit to Mailur.
He is inaugurating Prerana event tomorrow.
[It seeks to be unburdened of this sadness]
Our chief guest needs no introduction.
Hailing from a middle-class background....
... He's a beacon for the poor
and an icon for the society...
I'll meet you soon after the programme is over. Ok?
Right after the video,
we will call you on stage.
Mr, Fernandes,
They are singing your praises there...
Will they do the same when they know your truth?
You think you're above the law?
...Our leader Mailur Srinivas!
Your story ends here.
What about my story?
The media will talk about me for a few days
Another ae like you will take your place...
So if you're not going to kill me...
...let's talk business then?
Have you come to make a deal?
How will I benefit from it?
I know where Kumar is...
I'll kill him!
What do you want?
Please welcome our dearest leader Mailur Srinivas!
I'll just inform my daughter...
Sir, what if your plan fails?
I'll shoot him.
Sir, instead of that,
let's go and talk to Laxman.
Sir? What happened?
Why did you stop here?
What will you tell Laxman?
About who Mailur really is...
Will you also tell him who you really are?
Will you also reveal how Madhuri died?
I have tried to get my revenge on Mailur
many many times, but I have failed.
Have you ever tried confessing the truth, Kumar?
I'll confess now.
I went to Madhuri's house the other day sir.
Who are you?
Lock-up News. Kumar...I'd called you.
Please leave.
Don't disturb me at home.
-Madam, one sec...
-Hello! What are you doing?
You can't barge in like this!
I don't care....just leave!
-Two minutes...
-Please get out!
-I won't take long.
-I'm calling the cops.
This is too much!
Mailur Srinivas! He'd given you the
jewellery from Vijaynagar empire.
You please speak to the cops.
Madam, please listen to me...
-A small interview Madam
-Hey! What are you doing?!
-Listen to me Madam...
-Just get out of here ...
... Sorry Madam...
I had no intention of killing her.
I did not know what to do next ...
So I just took everything from her bag.
When I was young,
Fernandes had lured me to the dark side...
Even after all these years,
I keep trying to escape it...
But no matter how hard I try,
I just keep slipping and falling back in.
This is my story.
I've told you everything.
Shoot me sir.
Sir... sir!
What I did was wrong...
But please pardon me sir.
I lost Muthanna trying to save you...
This white uniform is perfect for you!
Why sir?
Are you saying that I'm not fit for the crime branch?
It's done.
Not at all!
You're perfect for the crime department.
In fact, tailor-made for it!
You will get used to falling at my feet.
Don't worry!
Keep an eye on him.
If he acts too smart, finish him!
Why did you say that the white
uniform is perfect for me sir?
When the police force was established...
The police uniform was white.
Whatever colour the uniform may be Shyam...
...white, blue, green...
The uniform is a symbol.
It stands for courage, selflessness and respect.
But the cops had a problem with wearing white...
...because of the pollution and dust in our country.
Frequently washing to wear a clean
white uniform became an issue.
That's when they found a solution.
They started mixing in a colour to the white uniform
Do you know what Khak is?
Khak means dirt.
In a way, all these criminals represent the dirt in our society.
In order to eliminate the dirt,
we have to camouflage ourselves with it.
But that's just an act.
What lies beneath all that dirt is...
...is complete purity.
We should never forget that.
Should we ever forget that...
...then we are no different to them.
I won't let you die that easily.
With the blessings of Mailuramma, ...
...today I'm all set to become the
Chief minister of the state.
I don't think I can escape the darkness ...
Stop! Stop the car!
What happened Kumar??
How do I face my daughter, sir?
So I took the poison as well.
Naidu used to say....
Look Babloo...
As time passes, learn to only carry the good with you.
Let go of the bad.
My daughter sir....
Let's make sweets for the kids today?
Yes, let's...
I promised to tell you everything
when the time was right.
I haven't hidden anything from you.
I'm really sorry.
-Hello sir. KS Shyam.
The video with Kumar's confession ends abruptly...
Is that how it ends?
Yes sir.
It is my responsibility to expose the truth.
Thank you sir.
He's out of danger. He'll make it.
Sir, why so much?
Hello Ma...
-How are you?
How are you?
I sent you a picture of another girl.
Did you take a look?
Mom, please stop looking for a girl.
How's dad?
He's fine.
Shyam is on line
Hello ...
Hello dad...how are you?
I'm good.
You haven't come home in a while.
At least come during the festival
careful with your work
Take care of yourself.