Kaveri (2008) Movie Script

Don't take this wrong,
but I've always wondered -
how it feels
to be fucked in the ass.
the gig went well.
-Your bass solo works good.
l had a strange dream last night.
My car broke down
in the middle or nowhere...
Anybody home?
l need to pee. let me in Pera!
could you get me some toilet paper?
Oh hello. You are here too.
Good morning.
could you get the kids from
the day care? - Yea, yea.
Would you like some coffee?
- Yea, yea.
You are wearing my bathrobe.
- Sorry. l took it after shower.
How was your gig?
- Fine, as always.
Yea. There were a lot or gays.
- Yea, more than usually.
It's so annoying because they
are staring at my ass all the time.
Your ass ain't that good.
- Don't say.
We don't have any milk!
I'll get some from the kiosk.
Didn't we have some business
to finish? - No fucking way.
Come on. We have to finish it.
You can't leave
your mate with a boner.
We will not finish it!
It was only a test.
I'll tell Raisa.
Could we try it the
other way around? - No.
Be quiet in there!
Baby is sleeping!
Don't you shout,
you fucking gay boy!!
What has happened?
- Why?
You are all sweaty and
what is with this musky odor?
We were arm wrestling.
Yes. l won!
What's that card?
It's from an old mate.
- He or she?
"With love"
So now I'm a lesbian because
l got a card from a woman.
What made you so homophobic?
My mate's car broke down
in the middle or nowhere.
He called a tow car. Then the
gay trucker raped my mate.
Okay. So did you friend
turn into gay? - What?
Do we have a gateway theory here?
lf you once get some dick up in your ass,
you will pop into a gay right away.
Could you get some sugar.
From the kiosk.