Kayamkulam Kochunni (2018) Movie Script

In this, the year 1034...
...on the 7th day of the month of
Kan ni...
...by consent of His Highness
the Maharajah Uthram Thirunal...
...the Honorable Diwan
Sri T Madhava Rayar...
...hereby decrees that...
...two days from now, on the
9th of Kanni...
...at 5 hours and 30 minutes
past midnight...
...the dreaded criminal Kochunni...
...also known as Kayamkulam Kochunni...
...is sentencedmto death by hanging
The crimes he is guilty of...
...are the following
How is it usually with the corpses of
Ask the Diwan whether it is to be buried
or cremated
Would His Highness kindly
come to the balcony?
They're from Kayamkulam...
...not less than a hundred of them
And more are on the way
They are not here for any trouble...
just poor folks
When its all over, they want
the body to be given to them...
...with permission to bury him as
per rites
If your Majesty gives orders...
This...is his story
From the folk tales...
...from the treasure trove of legends...
...from the pages of history...
...from the tales told by
...from what remained unread
between the lines...
...the many layers of meaning
For as long as the land of Malayalam
For as long as the Malayali exists
Among those who live today and
those who are yet to come...
Among all generations...
...he stands immortal...
...and this is his story!
Thief! Thief!
Get him! Thief!
Get him! Quick!
Thief! Thief! Don't let him go!
Catch him! Thief!
Don't let him escape!
Don't let him go! Catch him!
- Go that way! Come!
-And let us go this way!
Come on! Let's go!
Kill him! Beat him to death!
Kill him!
Thief! You thief!
Isn't that your father, Koch unni?
Search him! Right there!
Oh, Mother!
What is it?
Just lie still for three months
The injury from the kicking
is deep inside
It is the coronotion day of Maharajah
Swathi Thirunal
That is why they let you go
Or else your house would have been
set on fire...
...on the order of the Adhikari
They let it go because it is
a special day
Tell him to mend his ways now
If you stay here, you will
die of hunger
Go to some other place and
save yourself
Go! And don't come back
And don't tell anyone you are
Bapputty's son
I don't want to go anywhere!
I won't!
It's your mother's request - go!
God be with you!
I've heard of you
What brings you here from the North?
I don't stay long anywhere
Some places, I stay a while and teach
I heard...you have a vacant house
and grounds
No one teaches the Tulunadan style here
And if it is Thangal teaching, pupils
will come from far and wide
That property is ideal for a school of
Ka | ari (a martial arts form)
And its been unoccuppied for long
We would be happy to see it
put to use
Show him the place
Its that way
Who's there?
Who are you?
- You!
- Don't beat him!
He was hiding here!
- I am hungry!
- Get out! Out!
Who's there inside?
- What's your name?
- Kochunni
- Place?
- Kottukulangara
And why did you come here?
Don't you have any family?
You meanmthey are dead?
And where are you off to now?
We could use some help
at the store, Master
I think he will be apt
What are you saying, Syedali?
How can he...
I can teach him to serve customers
and write accounts
And if he sleeps at the store,
it would be good for security too
But without knowing anything
about him...
Upon my guarantee
If you aren't willing, let me know
I will take care of him myself
But...what if he steals something?
I won't steal
I won't steal
Don't steal! Work for money
and then come back
Or else just ask for it
But don't steal
What's going on, Kochunni?
-Add a plantain to the bill
- Plantain?
I didn't ask for a plantain
Take it from my pay
There's hardly anything left
of your pay anyway
Can you put my list on
your pay too?
Why? Who are you?
What about that kid? He
was nothing to you too
What else?
8 kilograms of rice...3 kilograms
of beaten rice
2 liters of oil
1 kilogram ofjaggery...
5 bunches of bananas
How many of you are there at home?
Father, Mother and me
Are you buying groceries for a whole
Or is this how you normally eat?
What is all this stuff for?
Omar Khasi Thangal has started
a school of Kalari across the river
I cook and clean for them
That's what this is for
It's been a while since his last
-Are there many pupils?
-Around twelve
It's Nanu Chovan's boy!
It's a Chova boy! The well is polluted!
The well must be sealed!
Go and get Paramu immediately!
No upper castes should draw
Don't stand around! Move!
Move! Move away!
He must have leaned over and slipped
Move! Move!
Come here! Quick!
Come on! Seal it!
Kochunni! Kochunni!
Everyone move! Some more!
Pull! Come on, pull!
Oh no! It's a python!
Take the child!
Hit! Hit it!
Hey! No!
Let it go
Kochu Pillai! Move aside!
I am an uppercaste Nair.
I draw water from this well
And I will continue to do so!
I won't let you seal it!
You call yourself a Nair but want to
draw water polluted by a Chovan?
To us it is poison! And as long
as we are around...
...this well won't be here anymore!
How come this impurity does not
affect your beds?
If the water is made impure by a
Chovan falling in...
...push a Brahmin inside to make it
pure again!
- How dare you!
- Seal it!
- Seal it!
- Take him away!
Leave me!
Make it fast!
When the snake coiled around you...
...how come you were not scared?
I knew the snake would be the loser
It's a good thing you don't brag
Leave me at the dock
We have stock coming in from Kochi
Four mouths to feedmand on
top of that - tax!
- Don't Brahamins have to pay tax?
- No
They have a book. It clearly
...who should pay and who need not
-And who wrote that?
- The Brahmins themselves!
For bigger crimes...
...the English laws are also being
applied now
But they also side with the
upper castes
Sahibs, indeed!
They come from foreign lands to
live in ours...
...and now their word is Law?
If only I knew the language...
... | would have given them a piece
of my mind!
- What? You doubt it?
- It's not that
Look ahead
God! You think they heard?
The Commander Sahib wants to meet you
- Come!
- Ok
If I am not back before dark, do
come and look for me
- Say 'Thank You'
- Huh?
- 'Thank You'
- Should I, really?
- It is an expression of gratitude
- Ok
Thank you
(Translator repeats)
- What should I say?
- Just keep your head bowed
He is asking if you can get
Ithikkara Pakki, the bandit
- Who?
- Ithikkara Pakki
Didn't their men who went after him...
...return headless?
And he thinks I can do it?
(Translator repeats)
Come on! Make a wish!
You can ask him for something
you want
From the Sahib's brother's Palace...
...we hear music and dancing every night
Can my friends and I...
...watch one day?
Where dance and song...
...come alive every day
These dark eyes...
...seek out wonders
Where dance and song...
...come alive every day
These dark eyes...
...seek out wonders
Aah...my lady...
Aah...dear lady...
Aah...my lady...
Aah...dear lady...
To see the moves...
...that rustle my drapes...
...the entire Universe...
...comes before me
Aah...my lady...
Aah...dear lady...
Aah...my lady...
Aah...dear lady...
My magical lips...
...that drip pearls...
Who can turn them red?
Which blue-eyed lover?
As I sway...
...like a peacock...
...gent | y, the wind...
...dispels the frangrance of blossoms
Who will taste this sweetness?
Who will wear this garland?
Who shall I embrace?
Who shall I melt?
I am the heady night that will
leave you in raptures
Where dance and song...
...come alive every day
These dark eyes...
...seek out wonders...
Aah...my lady...
Aah...dear lady...
Aah...my lady...
Aah...dear lady...
To see the moves...
...that rustle my drapes...
...the entire Universe...
...comes before me
Aah...my lady...
Aah...dear lady...
Aah...my lady...
Aah...dear lady...
What do you want?
What about?
...wanted to ask if he could
teach me
- There!
- Ok
Do you have regular pay at the store?
Why do you want to know?
Do you really want to spend it
on medicines and oils?
This is not like grappling with a snake
They are real experts
If a nerve gets caught the wrong way...
...you could be laid up for years!
They are from affluent families
And have people to take care of
them if they get hurt
Why do you worry about me?
Just mind your own business
I am minding my business
It's just that you have a handsome face
And I would like to see it stay that way
-Your name?
- Kochunni
- Where from?
-Around here
Born here?
At Kottukulangara
I have no parents. That's how
I came here
Your father's name?
Kottuku | angara...is not unfamiliar
to me
If I teach you, what if you turn out
greater than him?
You can't be taught here. Go!
(Thangal giving Kalari instructions)
When I showed him all my moves
he said...
"Kochunni, my son...
...you are already an expert."
"What more can you learn here?"
"In fact, you should be my Guru!"
And then he said, "please teach
my pupils some moves"
- He really said that?
- Of course he did!
- Believe me if you can
- Ok, I believe you
And did you teach them?
And did he pay you anything?
Of course I taught them!
There were three of them - three!
One from this side
One from this side
And the third from here
I first stepped back...
...took the 'othiram' stance...
...then 'kadakam'...
...and 'marukadakam'
Blocked and moved away like this...
...then crouched and reared...
...leapt forward...
I saw some medicinal herbs here
-Can I pluck some?
So there were three of themmand?
And I showed them
But to think someone as saintly
as Thangal...
masked you to be his Guru!
Even if he did not really mean that...
...its not a small thing
He is even said to know sorcery
Ask him to come...you can teach
him right here!
And we can charge him for it!
Are you just going to stand there
and talk?
Time is getting on...they will be
here soon
Go inside and put those snacks
on plates
And you go and put some kohl
in your eyes!
I am already wearing kohl
Where? I don't see any!
Put some more
Can you hide and watch to learn?
If you can, come to the west side of
the schoool
I can show you a way
Not now! If you come in the daylight
and someone sees you...
...like that old woman was saying...
...Thanga | might make a 'Guru'
out of you
At night!
If you plan to come, start today
Thangal does not stay longer than
six months in any place
And once he goes, you can't predict
when he will be back
I wonder if the boat is available
at that time
What? You want me to arrange that too?
I wasn't saying that to you
Just thinking aloud
Kochunni does not need a boat to cross
the Thrikkunnappuzha
- Who's that girl?
- Huh?
The one you said to line her eyes with
kohl...who's she?
She is the deceased Syedali | kka's
daughter, Suhra
- I meant who is she to you?
- No one
Then why are you hovering around here?
This is like home to me
We grew up together
They are here!
- A prospective groom for Suhra
- Oh!
Where are you going at this hour?
I'll tell you when I return
Return from where?
He's up to no good, I am sure!
-Just climb!
(Keshavan giving instructions)
(Keshavan continuing instructions)
(Keshavan continuing instructions)
Why are you helping me?
I've heard Thangal knows sorcery
Are you planning to try that
on me?
In your caste, women can have up to
twelve lovers, right?
Are you trying to make me one of them?
I don't need sorcery for that
I can get more than twelve with just
a gaze
Stronger and braver than you!
A Shudra girl can also fall in love
True and heartfelt love
And it can be for just one person too
You seemed pure of heart...
"whenever we met
Without such a reassurance,
I wouldn't...
...step out at night for anyone...
...for any man
I can't make it tomorrow
It is market day
I will be going with the Master on the
boat to Kochi
We leave at dawn and return
only after three days
That night I will come again
Do I need to come get you?
You already know the way
| ...am a Muslim
No one has ever called me 'Janaki'
with love
If someone promises to call me
... | don't need anyone's consent to have
a different name
We leave at the crack of dawn
We will be passing this way
My people don't really believe in
good omens
But when you start on a journey...
...it is auspicious to see a lantern...
...is what Velu, the astrologer says
Then why don't I leave the lantern
here on the riverbank?
But...he also said it should be held
by one's own woman
(Kalari instructions as chorus)
(Kalari instructions continue)
The beauty of Kalari, in your deft
moves I see...
...Oh! hero of the land ofCheras
I seek the brimming chalice of dreams
in your eye...
As I am beside you, woman of mystery
In my book of prayers...
I saw no name such as yours
The windows to my soul...
Are opened just for you
New dreams blossom on the vine
of life...
...draped in music foryou...
Hereon, in my path...
...like drops of dew...
...there'sjust you...
"standing tenderly, Janaki...
The beauty of Kalari, in your deft
moves I see...
...oh! hero of the Land of Cheras
The golden hue of Mehendi...
...does not adorn your hand
Nor do your eyes flutter with kohl...
Your pearl-touched lips...
...do not hum strains ofOppana
Like arrows, your teasing words...
...have opened the lock to my heart
Know this, my love...
...the beauty of your soul
intoxicates me
The strength in your chiselled body...
...has nipped the buds of my youth
Your hands fragrant with oil...
...have overpowered my being
My sweetness...my song...
...you are my lucky charm
I long, with all my heart...
...to wash over you like a wave
The beauty of Kalari, in your deft
moves I see...
...oh! hero of the land of Cheras
Hereon, in my path...
...like drops of dew...
....there'sjust you...
"standing tenderly, Janaki
Hereon in my path...
...like drops of dew...
...there'sjust you...
"standing tenderly, Janaki
(Keshavan giving instructions at
the Kalari)
- What's the matter, Thangal?
- I feel there is someone here
An outsider
Shut the gates!
Maybe just a feeling
Come down! Whoever you are!
This is not an art you learn from the
shadows, you dog!
You learn by obeying and sewing
your Guru
This is not the place to learn how to
fight street urchins
Get out!
Please forgive me
I so badly wanted to learn
So you started off by placing
an offering at her feet?
And what was your gain? That
also would have been fixed
She is the woman I intend to marry
And you thought this school was apt
to bring your lover to?
Didn't you?
It won't be with an offering to
the Guru...
...that street urchins defend their
Today is Thursday
It's an auspicious day
You may start with the introductory
I feel my wish to find a successor...
...has been answered
Seven years ago, when Ijoined you
as a pupil...
...this was all I had
I am taking this
And nothing more
Where are you going?
It is the divine moment when the Guru
has found his successor
A poor fool who, for seven years waited
...discip | ined in time and body and
...is a burden in that moment
He just performed the fifth sequence
of Kalari moves...
It takes a year to learn
But he learned it in just forty days
- It's a miracle!
- Of course!
Next you may ask me to salute
the miracle
I am leaving because I can't do that
We will meet againmsome place
And not for a friendly duel...for a
I need no honours
I don't want anything
You are not dearer to me than him
I love no one more than him
But affection cannot stand in the way
of destiny
(Than gal instructing Kochu nni)
You are destined for greatness
You will not fail
I am a wanderer
I can spot one meant for victory
I am unable to keep it steady
I don't think I can handle this!
Kochunni! It's all over for us!
- Oh God!
- Don't lose hope, Master!
I will get you to shore!
God is with us!
Where's the Master?
Hold her here!
If it's a treasure...shouldn't we send
it to the King?
Why? So he can start more schools?
His Majesty wants the low caste
hunters, fisherfolk and forest tribes...
...to be educated
Now they will start quoting scripture
...and we will be left watching
One who is better suited to play music
and write songs should not be King
Riches don": come our way everyday
It's up to you to decide what
we should do
If you wish to send it to the Palace,
so be it
If anyone comes to know, punishment
could be harsh
Of all the Cheruma boys who keep
the distance of purity from us...
...how many would be of our own blood?
If that can remain a secret, so
can this
It needs to be taken from there
Uh...there's a lot under there
I can't do it alone
We'll send help. But...
...what we speak of here should stay
Four days from today is the start of the
temple festival
Some day before it ends...
...when all the villagers are busy with
the festival...
...we will let you know the time
What do you want in return?
It's not a small task...so you may ask
...there are three things I would like
I...would like to have a gram of gold
It's for Syedali | kka's daughter's
- They are waiting to set a date
As soon as the job is over, you will
get one gram of gold
Tell them they can set the date
Next...for the harvest festival
at Kunnigramam...
...could you arrange for them to
have a feast... with Kheer?
Could your Lordhips please do that?
Kunnigramam is...
- ...the low castes village?
- Yes
They are poor peoplemthey will be
really happy
And the third?
...would like to marry a Shudra girl
That too
The treasure is meant for the King
If news gets around, it could
attract thieves
Remember your promise to keep
it secret
Upon God...upon my Master!
You may go now
- How much is this?
- Two paise
- (background) Make way! Make way!
- And this?
- Eight
I'll take this
What's this?
This... | got it for you
Then give it to me
Tell me the truth... | won't tell
This...is for a special someone
Probab | y...you and I will get married...
- ...on the same day
- Huh?
- Really?
- Yes
And who is the girl?
- Tell me!
- Kochunni!
We need to set a date for
the wedding
You cant just say 'we accept' and then
walk away
If tomorrow dawns, you can be assured...
... | will put a gram of gold in your
- Yes!
- You're sure?
And how can we send her off
without a necklace or ear rings?
You should find a way for that too
- How much?
- Ten
Just pay him, will you?
Come on, girl!
"Behind the Banyan tree"
East side of the river
Before the stream makes the turn
towards Perunthenaruvi
You asked for one gram of gold
Here are five sovereigns!
And what will you do with it?
Me... | have friends...
Vava sleeps on the riverbank...
he could get a house
Bappukunju also has lots of needs...
And...Suhra can gave a great
I can get her some jewelry too! And
give some of this to my Master
Good! Be careful on your way!
A person found guilty of theft...
...shall be given 190 lashes of the
...have his hands dipped in
boiling oil and...
...deprived of food and water...
...be hung upside down for three days
What is happening here is unjust!
Sahib! At least you should put a stop
to this
What injustice are you talking about?
It was from this Raghava Menon's
...that he was caught stealing five
sovereigns of gold
Let Menon say so if it is untrue
In broad daylight, while the festival
was on...
...he came in through the back door
Fortunately, I was home
I shouted for help so I got my
gold back
That is his version
When, where and before whom did
his trial happen?
Speak, woman! When you last met him...
...what did he tell you?
That he would get the gold for
her wedding
Heard enough?
Where would a shop assistant get
five sovereigns? From the heavens?
What about his side of the story?
You beat him unconscious and...
...you call this a trial?
Take him away!
- Leave me!
- Come back as Adhikari or Parvathiyar!
Then you can start issuing orders!
Our book of laws is the Vyavaharamala
But to tie up a culprit in an
open space...
...we need your consent too
As you are aware...
We had submitted the evidence
(Translator translating the same)
For taking on a lover from a different
religion and plotting to marry him...
...she is found guilty
It is hereby decreed that she be stoned
and banished from this land...
Dusk...at the most, nightfall
He certainly won't last till dawn
Oh no! Run! Run!
It's good for the pain
It will heal faster!
Why did you save me?
I have a liking for thieves
Especially those branded as
thieves by others
Where are we going?
To our south is Kanyakumari
And to the North is Kochi
This can take you anywhere
Just leave me anywheremexcept
where we started from
Can you help me...
...find someone?
Banished personsmare pelted with
stones till the border
Most die of bleeding and dehydration
right there
Some run into the forest and get
eaten by wild animals
If one has to escape alive...
...God has to be on their side
But He also keeps his distance from
poor folk
Don't look for her
You won't find her
In that case you shouldn't have
saved me either
I would have been happy to die
What an idiotic thing to say! You fool!
Then jump aboard and die!
Go ahead! Die!
When I heard of a boy who stopped a
foreigner touching a low caste woman"
... | thought he was a man of courage!
And that is why I saved him!
Anyone can die
What is difficu | t...is to go on living
You should return
But not as a dead body
What the noblemen turned you into...
...be that! Be the terror of
...the most feared thief, ever!
For a crime you did not commit...
...they punished you by whipping you
and tying you upside down!
Now go ahead and commit
the crime!
They took away your girl and destroyed
your happiness...
...the bloody sons of privilege...
There is only one life
Understand that!
There is no Heaven! Or Hell!
Just one life!
Where...and how to lead it...
...is for each one of us to decide
Turn around!
It's only with the brave...
...that I shake hands and introduce
Ithikkara Pakki!
Mam mad!
Noor Ahmed!
Kunju Marakkar!
War cries rising, waves crashing...
A lion awakens
Peaks fall crashing, leaves the
Earth shaking
With it's almighty roar!
Dreadlocks flailing...
Call to arms raging
Thirsting for blood, a deadly
dance ensues
Churning this sphere of fire...
This bloody star that is our world
To put an end to treachery and evil
With fire raging in his eyes
Strung on a bolt of lightning
Before the altar of fire
He pays a bloody offering
An icon of darkness
Entrails wrapped around his body
Dripping red blood
The very image of the age of Kali
With a shake of his feathers, the Sea
turns into a wave
And scatters death far and wide
The stars are his anklets
And even the Sun and Moon pale
before him
Brave one! War hero!
Rise on in valour!
Brave one! War hero!
Make your move, once more!
If we get scattered, we
meet behind the temple
- Oh no!
-What? Chellayya! Peeli!
They took the kids! Leave
it and come!
Let them take everything!
- Please don't hurt my children!
- Thief! Get him!
- Thief! Get him!
-Come quick!
-Get him!
Don't let him get away!
Mommy! Mommy!
- Mommy!
- Get him! Thief!
-Get him!
- Get the thief!
- The sound is from over there!
- Get him!
My babies!
It seems they took everything -
all the gold and money!
It's God's Grace the children were
found unharmed
But I heard they could not figure out
who the intruders were
What if we show them who we
Show them all!
No! He fed me!
Fear not, Master!
I won't stand by and watch... | ike
you did
No upper caste shall henceforth
raise their hands...
magainst any of the oppressed
No child of the poor...
...shall cry of hunger in this land
Henceforth in Kayamkulam...
...he sets the Law
The Law of Kochunni!
Who did this?
Kayamkulam Kochunni!
I will leave in a couple of days
As long as there is hunger in this
...there will be Kayamkulam Kochunni
And there will be Ithikkara Pakki
Come on!
Every land should have people
like us
It's time for me to go to another
such place
You are here now
They will be with you
They'll be your men now
You will be just as I am to them
I have only one regret
Vavvakkad is...
...famed for its deer meat
I've heard of it...from the hunters
I never got to taste it
The bleeding will stop now
Why were you going through
the forest?
Are you a trader or something?
I come here at times
I like to listen to...
...the sound of the bamboo groves
when the wind blows through them
We were attacked by wolves deep
inside the forest
I got separated from my group
I can't kill him
Though we are supposed to
...can't bear to watch
When it's over...don't leave him
to the wild beasts
Please bury him
What can I pay you to do that for me?
I will take care of him...keep
him alive
He is injured on the neck
He won't last the night... | know!
I have seen greater wounds heal
You may go! I will stay here
What is your name?
Try to be out of the forest before
The animals will be out hunting
Head straight to the East
In an hour or so you will reach
the river
Keep this! For emergencies
I shall remember this
"Whosoever shall come to the Palace
with this...
...whether in my lifetime or after...
...without violating any laws...
...shall have one wish fulfilled.
This is my order
By my royal authority
The Maharajah, Shree Swathi Thirunal"
Get up, girl! Come on!
Where are you taking them?
When we are at the 'Athachamayam'
...we accidentally touched Vishnu
Nam boothiri's palanquin
He says our hands will be chopped off
for polluting it with our touch
If we personally come before him and
...he says we will be spared
He sent this man to fetch us
We are headed for the Lordhip's
farm house
And there...?
Out with the truth or my knife
will be in yourtummy
They have to spend two nights with
the Lordship
"Whoever touches a Brahmin or his
...if he is a person of a lower caste...
...shall be treated like an animal and
may be killed...
...or have his hand or legs chopped
...or be banished from the land"
Burn it!
If you ever force me to come here
... | will do to you whatever you just
"l shall be back...to claim what is
mine - Kayamkulam Kochunni"
The dreaded bandit
Kayamkulam Kochunni...
...has sent a note saying he is coming
All residents are hereby ordered to...
...be cautious
Your money, gold, jewelry...
...and any other valuables...
...are not to be left unattended
Keep them locked in safe places
The reward for his capture...
...is as follows
For bringing in his severed head...
...12 gold coins
For bringing him alive, eighteen
Whoever tries to protect him...
...man OI" woman...
...boy or girl...
...whoever be it, they shall be
...in front of all the people of
this land...
...by me, Thananayik Keshava Kurup...
...in person
All of us have ancestral jewelry, held
for generations...
...in our homes
He surely holds a grudge against us...
...for carrying out the punishment
In the kingdom of Cochin, at
Perumpadappu Swaroopam...
...we have our ancestral temple
If we can move our valuables to the
vaults there...
...we would be safe
But to get them there...
...we need your help
What sort of help?
We need six of the Company's elephants
Just for two days
Since they are war-trained...
...the journey will be safe
We start at the crack of dawn
Everyone thinks we are heading for the
ancestral temple
It should remain secret
At the southern end of the jungle
across the Achankovil river...
...by the slope of the Kallumala hill...
...we will be waiting
When we take over the goods, you
will be paid the agreed amount
There should be no haggling at that
I am a Jewish merchant
I have in me the blood of those who paid
the agreed amount even to Judas...
...who betrayed the Christ
You only need to worry about Kochunni
Just make sure this gets there safe
without falling in his hands
We have been in this land from before
Kochunni's days
We also know paths he may not
Go! Attack!
Terrifying eyes and gaze...
Stubbly hair...his face and hands...
...bear scars from wounds
Like a wild beast...
His face is nothing like before
This is for the harvest festival
You don't need to beg before any
landlord for that
Get new clothes for the kids
Arrange for a feast with two kinds
of sweet dishes
Everyone should forget the upper castes'
festival when they see ours!
Can a Muslim make an offering, Chief?
Just a wish!
You are not of any caste to us!
I am thinking of putting up a stall
with the money you gave
A place for tired can drivers and
...to have ginger tea and some boiled
The boy can look after it when I am
not around
I have started work on it...just the
roof remains
No, that's not necessaryml have
the money from last time
This money is yours, Ittiyappa!
When the landlord gets you to harvest
ten acres of land...
...he gets over a thousand paras
of grain
And you? 3 cups of grain, 5 paise and
atummyfull of hunger!
If not for you, who would harvest
their lands?
Lower caste men are not supposed to
set up a business
That's what they say!
I'll come...to have tea at your stall
While you are taking care of people,
make sure you do it for everyone
Ever since they lost you as a guardian.
...Suhra's door has turned into one that
anyone can knock on, at any time
If she has no one to speak for her...
...she'll find it difficult to live
Kochu Pillai is in charge of
the preparations for the festival
And it seems Kochunni and Suhra
will get married the same day
That's what everyone is talking
(Ritual chanting)
At least smile, girl
Go on!
Happy now, my child?
- Come!
Know your wood before you carve
it, Keshavan!
(Translator repeats)
This is the second time he came and
returned from right before your eyes!
Should we wait for the third as well?
I am answerable to the Diwan
What is your next plan of action?
The question is for you, Keshavan!
Don't kill me, please!
Isn't this...the Vavvakad forest?
Isn't it around here that
the bandit Kochunni lives?
That's what people say
Oh God! I did not think it would get
so dark!
I got someone for company near the
Banyan tree...now I can't find him!
And it isn'tjust Kochunni!
They say a she-ghost also
roams through this forest
Where are you going anyway?
Evoor - my Uncle's place
I've heard he targets upper caste people
-And me - a true-blue Brahmin!
- Really?
Of course! But in case Kochunni sees me,
he wouldn't understand that!
I have put my sacred thread in my
dhothi fold till I cross the jungle!
Which house do you belong to,
at Evoor?
Ayyakutty Matham! Perhaps
you have heard of it
Let me get going! If you hear me
screaming please do come!
(chanting a prayer)
Arjunan, Phalgunan, Parthan, Vijayan...
- Do you want me to come with you?
- Huh?
Oh yes!
If I am with you, Kochunni won't come
I'm so relieved! I feel like God
himself has appeared before me!
- Walk on!
- Ok
I have to get there before dawn
There is a special pooja at the temple
tomorrow at dawn
On the way, I took a nap under the
Banyan tree
That's why I got late...now the only way
to get there on time, is through here
- Can I tell you a secret?
- Ok
All the ornaments for the diety, are
with me
But even if Kochunni attacks, he
wouldn't find them!
-Ask me why?
- Why?
I have hidden them in my loincloth!
- How clever of you!
- And it isn't just that...
... | have also learned some Karali
- It's Kalari, not Karali!
- Right!
Don't be scared! Come on in!
Look! He's here!
I met this man in the Vavvakkad forest
He accompanied me all the way here!
That was kind of you!
We were worried about him
Please wait for a bit
I don't want anything
That cannot be
Please accept what I give,
But you already have, Lordship!
To a ten year old boy who everyone
drove away...
...you gave a bowl full of tasty rice
I can still feel the taste of it...
...on my tongue and in my heart
And it will remain there till the day
I die
- Kochunni!
- Huh?
He was carrying the ornaments for the
Do you know how much gold
that would be?
He belonged to a house I know
So only the upper caste people you know
are good!
That day when we were going to pull
down that store, you said the same thing
Don't expect us to steal by your
We may also have people who paid us
or did favours for us
Drop it, Mam mad
You can do whatever you want for
the people you care about
Whether they are Chovas, Parayas or
But from now on, we want our share
And we will decide what to do with it
We want our families also to prosper
If you only look upon this as a way to
feed your families...
...you can leave. Now!
Is Vavvakad your father's property that
you can order us away?
Stop it! What are you doing?
Don't try to be the leader here!
It's just Vava!
- Did anyone see you?
- No
I was just getting to sleep after some
work on my house...
She somehow escaped and got there
Look here! Wherever it is that you
want to go...
...before dawn, he...
...will drop you there
We may be here one day and somewhere
else the next
We can't have you tagging along
Don't look at him! That was before!
He has a wife now
I'll go
I didn't mean to create any trouble
between you
I'll go
After I was driven away...
... | was caught by Chinese
slave traders
The Englishman bought me from them
Because banished people cannot be
seen in the land again...
...he kept me in hiding
I came to ask for help
Not to my old lover
But to Kayamkulam Kochunni
They will never get hold of me again
Whether you help me or not
There is only one thing that remains
the same in me
And that is my love for you, Janaki
When he came to know that I was your
...the Englishman had his revenge
If anyone wants to come with me,
they may
There are many valuables in the
Englishman's vaults
Both from here and from their own
I know where everything is
Even if it's an escaped slave girl
who has returned...
...the Sahib will want to sleep
with her
He just needs women
Without spending at least a night
...he won't send me back
There are seven doors that lead into
the Palace
The eastern one is guarded only at night
If you reach inside that door and climb
the stairs...
...you reach the top floor
That is where the vaults are
One floor above...
...in the western wing, is the
Sahib's room
This way! Come this way!
I have not loved anyone...
...not trusted anyone...
...as much as I have loved and trusted
No one in this world, ever!
But, after I had my hair chopped and
got stoned out of this land...
...in just six months time...
...when I heard you were a husband, I
hated you like I have never hated anyone
Not the Adhikari who banished me...
...nor any foreigner who stripped me
and branded me a slave
But having helped to capture Kayamkulam
Kochunni, Janaki is no more a slave
That is my reward from the Thananayik -
a man of his word
See him! Whoever hasn't, see him now!
The biggest thief ever in this land!
No courtyard gates need to be shut
No granaries need to be guarded
And to walk through Vavvakkad...
...no one needs to fear, day or night
Henceforth in Kayamkulam...
...there will be no Kochunni!
To think he was getting away with all
those thefts and plunders for so long!
At least now we can go around without
I heard they will take him to
Thiruvananthapuram tonight
And once there, he will be hanged
in four days
A guard at the police station told me
It took them an hour to bring down the
Englishman's body...
...so complicated were the knots he
He is said to have learned complicated
martial arts techniques somewhere
And what did he use them for? To steal
and now, murder!
Whatever you might say, there was
something about Kochunni!
Now that Maharajah Swathi Thirunal is
no more...
...crimina | s need expect no mercy
In the name of His Majesty, who
rules over Travancore..
...the Maharajah Shri Uthram Thirunal...
...his Diwan Shri T Madhava Rayar issues
this decree
Having failed to capture Kayamkulam
...the bandit, by any means
till date...
...neither suppressing nor imprisoning
...Thananayik Keshava Kurup is required,
12 days from today...
...to vacate his post and reach
...where he shall return the
official symbols of his position
This is my order
I need one more chance
Within these 12 days, I can get him
to come to the village
But I need your support for that
For the next twelve days...
...none of the low caste poor...
...should be given anything
they can eat
Whether as wages or otherwise
However m uch they might offer
to pay for it
Please issue the order
When the faithful cry out loud...
...God has to appear!
We don't need money
Please take this and give us some
tapioca or yams
It's not that we don't want to, Chief
But we've been told not to give you
even a grain of rice
We'll be banished!
From tomorrow they have ordered us not
to use this way when bringing goods
Not just us - anyone! That's why they
are building that fence over there
It's two days since the children
had food!
Close it now!
The Englishman has been buried
He has a wife and kid back in England
And you might have heard about
the Adhikari
The injury was to his neck...he won't
walk again
It was all made possible...
...through techniques he learnt here
Shouldn't we stop him, Thangal? With the
rules of Kalari?
If not, he will continue...
He will come
But if he is to not return...
...you should show me, your old
...some move by which I can...
...stop him
Surely there must bemsomething
But you wil send him to the gallows,
won't you?
Without giving him an opportunity
to be reformed?
Three years in prison
I shall personally request the Diwan...
...to make it just three years
- Is that your word?
- Upon you, my Guru!
Of the 72,000 nerve points...
...there will be a weak one...
...in any human being
If hurt at that point...
...any great warrior will fall
The person who knows exactly which
one it is...
...is a Guru alone!
Kochunni is here! Kochunni
is here!
Kochunni is here!
Kochunni is here!
Kochunni is here!
- Come quick!
- Come on!
Everyone is at Kochu Pi | | ai's house
Let's go this way
We have won, Kochu Pillai!
We have only just started!
Your head must be feeling heavy
The liquor was laced with drugs
- Kochu Pillai!
- Parvathiyar Kochu Pillai!
That's how you should address him now
He should be respected too! The title of
Idava Muthalper is now his!
For them, it was money to last for
the rest of their lives
That is all - the price they put to
In this position, I can do everything we
always planned to do
When you are out in three years, this
land will be transformed!
You sold me out, took the payment for it
and now you dare to talk?
You son of a pig!
Take him away!
Hit him! In the center of his left knee
If I didn't, they would kill you!
When you come out, I'll be there
for you!
In this. the year 1034...
...on the 7th day of the month
of Kanni...
...by consent of His Highness
the Maharajah Uthram Thirunal...
...the Honorable Diwan
Sri T Madhava Rayar...
...hereby decrees that...
...on the 9th day of Kanni...
...at five hours and thirty minutes
past midnight...
...the dreaded criminal Kochunni...
...also known as Kayamkulam Kochunni...
...is sentencedmto death by hanging
- I am leaving
- The funeral prayers?
I shall do it
The Book says they are to be done
by the closest kin
There is no need for a Khateeb
I shall personally take him...
to the grave
He has made a rule that no one
can see him in the prison...
...the Thananayik!
My Kochunni will go to his death
believing he was betrayed...
...by the man he loved like God
If only I had a chance to tell him
it wasn't so...
...oh God!
Thanga | ...!
Ikka had given this for safekeeping
I don't know if it will be of any use
This will not change his sentence
But if I can get this to the Palace
before the sentence is carried out...
... | can at least see him once
For sure!
You may bring him
Shall we go?
His Majesty, the King wants to
see you
- The arrangements?
- All done
Everything is ready, Your Highness
Before carrying out the sentence...
...this person has requested a short
meeting with the convict
But there is a sealed order from the
Diwan banning visitors
Show him
Any one wish...
The Late King's decree...
...is still a royal decree
As you say, Highness
I know
I was defeated...
...not by Keshavanmnot by
Kochu Pillai...
...nor by Vava...
...or any troops of the Thana
If anyone can defeat Thanga | 's
favorite pupil...
...it is only Thangal himself
| know...and I am not sad
When I say my prayers each day...
...there is a face I see in my mind
Before I die...
... | am glad I could see it once more
...why did you do it, Thangal?
To people who don't know Kayamkulam
Kochunni, he is a thief...
...And a murderer
I did not know Kayamkulam Kochunni
Till I saw the hundreds waiting outside
to receive his body
Till I knew that he was God...to the
Thank you
For not making a mistake with any
move I taught you
For being my PUP"
We have to part now
Shall I recite the Salath for you?
Live long, our land and its towns...
Live long, our homes and heritage
Live long, our forests and fields
Kochunni of Kayamkulam - may you live
May our hearths and baskets be full
Live long, our soil and trees
Live long, water and air
Kochunni of Kayamkulam - may you love
Live long, our land and its towns...
Live long, our homes and heritage
Live long, our forests and fields
Kochunni of Kayamkulam - may you
May our hearths and baskets be full
Live long, our soil and trees
Live long, water and air
Kochunni of Kayamkulam - may you
Kochunni of Kayamkulam - may you
live long
It was my fervent prayer, Thangal...
...ever since you chose him over me...
".85 your SUCCESSOI...
...that I should be able to witness this
with you, my Guru
Too bad God did not listen, Keshavan!
What I said into his ears...
...did you really think it was a
funereal prayer?
I am a Guru! Both his and yours!
See it now!
A move I never taught any of my pupils
Starting off with a Ganapathy Ankam
and moving into a Garuda karanam...
...before ending in a puli ankam...
An intricate set of 36 steps involving
64 elements
You wouldn't be able to do it
in seven lifetimes, Keshavan!
And you can neither stop him,
nor win!
(Kalari instructions recited)
In the district of Pathanamthitta...
...in the village of Kozhencherry...
...in the Idappara Maladevar Nada
...this Mussalman lives to this day
Standing for the poor and hungry...
..beyond notions of caste and religion"
...a divine ideal...
Kayamkulam Kochunni!