Kaydara (2011) Movie Script

I'm The one of human kind.
When will you stop believing in these inanities?
The one you call him is your enemy.
If he exists and if we cross path,
I will have to kill him.
You know it.
Believe me little brother,
you are better off as you are.
Go and watch your monitor,
I have a bad feeling.
And take-off this ridiculous costume!
The reparations are terminated.
Everything energy generator is operational.
- We are ready to take off captain.
- Perfect!
We should not hang out about this sector.
Hurry up!
Steel at your station, June update!
On the other hand, we can't get much on smashed ship wreck,
the munitions were half destroyed.
As for rest we are ready to take off captain.
It won't be him who will cure your disability.
You see little brother, every man has
a demon within that ruins his life.
The worst thing would be not realize it,
or even worse, be cowardly to accept it,
and remain a slave, lobotomized by this shitty Artificial Intelligence ("A.I.").
You think your superior?
The one is an idol,
he does not exist.
I've an endless love for mankind because i belive in 'em.
Everyone has a force, you only need to realize it to develop it.
That's why we believing in a divine power
doesn't make sense,
or worse, it means there is a danger that every believer can't truly see himself .
The one, if he exists, cannot be different from us.
Yes, if I believe in myself,
i have the ability to acces a force as powerful as the force of the one.
If you're as strong as him, you can bend this spoon
simply by looking at it?
The only person who should bend this spoon, it's you litle brother.
Find us a hideout.
The computer is analysing the zone.
The empty frame of a building.
Set up the landing!
Phantom Mode!
What does the computer tell us?
No information for now.
Shit, I think we've been spotted,
it's coming toward us.
Straight ahead!
But, what is it?!
Don't be afraid.
Kaydara! We meet again...
The romantic bounty-hounter.
It's been a long time,
I thought you were dead.
As talkative as ever...
For your information,
the reward for the killing of the chosen on,
has doubled.
As a result every other contestant
is just an annoying obstacle. You understand.
Have no fear,
I do not consider you and your disabled brother,
as serious contestant at all.
What does it say?
Why is he laughing?
So farewell.
Get ready to start the reactors at full power.
He's chucking missile at us!
Six missiles!
Impact in fifteen seconds!
Go on!
Give a Full Power!
Full power!
Shit, he's chasing us!
- We're waiting for your orders.
- Captain?
Cannons ready to fire!
At your orders.
Their firing strenght is superior to ours!
We're doing badly, he's going to kill us!
Trajectory in the zone 5 tunnels.
Too narrow, it's madness.
Do it!
Shit 3 missiles at our back!
Kayd? We're trapped,
we have to surrender.
Kaydara what are you doing?
You are not going to do that?
But why are you closing the cockpit?
We are going to get destroyed!!
Report, What's the damages?
The back seems to be holding for now.
What about the door in the cockpit?
Shit, it is more stuck hold
still burning.
The back just dropped off!
I'm Sorry Captain, the main cannons are destroyed!
Give me your spoon!
Please Yad.
Kayd what are you doing?
Are you mad?
We are going to die!
Shit, what is this mess?
Unknown Aircraft
Detected In Vicinity
And who is this child?
The only survivor.
Here, here is your spoon.
How is that possible?
Pull yourself together, there is something wrong.
The code is not normal.
- I have never seen that.
- It's him!
It's the one!
Find the source
and prepares the transfer.
Appolo street located,
in the top floors of disused building.
Be careful.
It's going to be bad.
Shit, agents are here.
In me, she's not far.
They've found you, they're coming.
Get out of there right now.
Careful, there's some left to the room in your right,
behind the window panes!
Yad, direct me!
There are only 3 left, 2 are
other side of the counter.
The agent with his back at you is isolated.
Help me!
Guide me!
Go straight ahead.
He hasn't moved, he's loading his gun.
Iad, stop all your bullshit!!
The cell is being watching to sure.
It's not a good idea to hang around here too long.
Tell me if you detected
its presence building.
He's going towards the basement, at the same level as the undergound.
But we have a big problem.
Other agents are coming down,
a lot of now.
Entire building, it's now...
...filled every level.
It's immposible...
...going to go down
I can see the agent for you.
Yad rilex, i think i found one.
The alteration of the code surrounding me looks like the one we observed earlier on the computer.
I can see here with my own eyes.
One day for another i wish to see such a sight,
without the aid of a machine
to decipher the code.
I told you, everyone has the power.
Ok now we must be vigilant and stay focused.
I'am in the gallery, direct me will you.
Wait, the computer
is analysing the Metro maps.
Ok, at the end of the gallery, there is a
small corridor that will lead you to a room.
That's where is it.
Ok, I am here.
Jesus Christ!
I detect 3 agent with him.
Another, two!
He is faster than you.
There is only one left now!
It's the one!
Are you alright kayd?
Leave it keydara, he's too strong for you.
We need to get you out of there.
Can you hear me?
what are you doing?
Kaydara stop it.
I beg you.
Don't do this.
He's going to kill you.
Kaydara, can you hear me.
Are you alright?
Clever little brother.
He walked right into the trap.
Please Kaydara, he doesn't deserve to die like this.
Take off this shit first.
The one must die.
It's never only yet.
Ok, take it off.
Uninstall at!
No, Forgive him.
He doesn't know what he's doing.
Plug me back in Iad,
Plug me back in Yad,
Plug me back in.
Please, plug me.
Plug me back in.
Plug... me ... back ... In.
Does it sting?
Don't be afraid.