Kaza-hana (2000) Movie Script

Distributed by
Produced by
ASANO Tadanobu
Say, excuse me...
Say, please wake up.
Excuse me...
Excuse me...
What the...
My pants...
Where am I?
Guess we drank too much.
What is this...
Where is this?
You don't remember?
Nothing at all.
But you remember meeting me, right?
No. I'm sorry.
You don't remember!
You're serious!
What about Hokkaido?
You kept bugging me about going someplace where there's snow.
and I want to go back home.
so I promised to show you
around if you drove me.
Take the last flight north.
I remember that much clearly.
Don't tell me you don't remember.
'cause I'm totally into it.
You've got the wrong idea.
What's with you?
You're the worst when you're sober.
But a completely adorable drunk.
You shouldn't take advantage of inebriation.
Get lost!
I really don't get it...
I'm so embarrassed by what you did.
I can't even open the store.
Your mother's first
memorial service is coming up.
but you'd best stay away.
But since I can't make any money
by opening up the store.
will you help me out
with the service expenses?
Manager, help!
Please pay!
What the...
Hey, you!
Don't steal the merchandise.
Police! Police!
I will die - Sawaki
Go ahead and die.
Oh, hi. Lemon? Kikuchi here.
I need you here today.
Won't see me for awhile.
Listen. I'm expecting a lot
of younger girls here.
Keep that up. I won't ask you back.
Fine, whatever.
Hitched to another loser, huh.
Just taking a trip home.
You should see your folks too,
once in awhile.
That's beside the point.
Listen, when can I expect you back?
Your tank could use
a cleaning, huh? I'm sorry.
How dare you show up.
Might be some reporters left.
I'm sorry.
How did the press get wind of it?
I have no idea.
Guess you don't have what they call luck.
But the public's too dumb
to remember for long.
Just get lost for the duration.
Go home to Karatsu and
study those law books.
Mommy, you're late!
Hurry, we'll be late.
Wanna go with papa.
Let's go find papa.
Wanna see a movie with papa...
I really like you, so it's really OK.
But I wonder why
you couldn't...again.
How many times now?
You've changed since your mother died.
But I really like you, Renji-san.
so don't worry.
I'll do it myself, you watch.
What are you doing...
It won't change anything.
Please shake my hand...
Your name?
OK. Yuka.
Iwata, right? I'm Sawaki...
How've you been?
It's me, Sawaki...
Wrong guy.
Iwata, right?
Same junior high, remember?
Sawaki. Sawaki.
Oh, Sawaki, hey man.
I look like him?
Your classmate.
Same class, right?
Classmates, huh...
How've you been?
Hang in there, gotta run.
That's not right...wrong guy?
Wrong guy, huh...
You jerk...
What a shock.
I showed up.
Are you drunk?
No, no. I came cause I wanted
to see some snowy mountains.
Really sorry.
Bet you'll just ask "who are you?"
when you sober up.
No, no. I remember
all about this morning.
Driver's license?
I've got my license. I just can't
find my passport. I'm really sorry.
Hokkaido's still Japan.
Don't need one.
That's right.
Aren't you cold?
Why don't you buy a jacket?
Don't want to possess things.
What an idiot. You'll just freeze.
No need...for your opinions either.
You are such a jerk
when you're sober.
Nor your impressions or evaluations.
The opposite of an abusive drunk.
I can pull off fitting in when I'm drunk.
I'm a fool to have thought you were
a nice guy for even a second. Unbelievable.
Why my lousy luck with men.
I've no luck with women either.
What exactly is this beverage?
120 years of Innovation
What a bunch of fools.
120 years for this?
How should I know.
What've they accomplished...
Say, doesn't this guy
look exactly like you?
Privileged bureaucrat shoplifts!
There's a resemblance.
You've got your own troubles.
Say, what's this? Sawaki what?
Your first name.
Sawaki Renji...
A striking resemblance.
A plain red handkerchief.
No tricks.
Don't Miyo...OK.
I'm stuffing the red handkerchief
into my hand.
Squeeze it in there, squeeze, squeeze.
And in an instant, the handkerchief
in my hand, moves. One, two, three!
What's that suspicious bulge
in Sawaki's crotch?
What are you up to Sawaki, hey, Sawaki.
Hello there, hello there.
Get it together, Sawaki.
Had a date with the boss' kid sister?
What are you talking about...
let's go home, Miki.
Who am I, then?
You...why you're...
She may be ugly but
she's the boss' sister.
You're the worst.
What do you mean? You're only...
I know you only date me because
I work at the Ministry of Education.
That's right.
If you don't marry me, it's over.
Hey. Hey, there.
I like younger men better anyway.
Just wait a minute.
What...that's dangerous...
I don't understand...
What the...
So dangerous...
Impotent! Oedipal!
Sure, sure...
Isn't there another road?
The monotony makes me sleepy.
It's like this everywhere.
Don't fall asleep at the wheel.
I don't want you to drag me with you.
I've got places to go.
Why should I die like a dog
in this godforsaken place?
I thought you wanted to die?
What what?
Why should I die?
An accident here with some kind of
babe and the press would go crazy.
I can't do that to my father again.
I can't believe no one's
murdered you yet.
Wakes you right up.
Where did all the villagers go?
To town.
At least there are a few left.
What a pathetic way to live.
Because people like you.
went "this land, that land" and
carved it all up a long time ago.
They all left because
there's nothing left to fight for. Pathetic.
That's enough.
If you hate it so much, go home.
If I had somewhere to go, I would.
Renji? It's dad.
Wait a sec.
What you want?
Didn't you get my message?
Money I've got won't last.
Listen, do you have any idea how
embarrassing it is?
to have the papers all over you!
I'm askin' you not go et upset.
They'll all forget.
You fool! Your life's finished.
If you think a public disgrace like
yourself can show your face around here
you've got another thing coming!
How do you think I feel!
A little sympathy wouldn't hurt.
Where are you from?
Beats this place.
Where's Saga again?
In Kyushu, of course.
Kyushu, huh...
Who's grave is that?
Some drunk's.
If he was a drunk,
at least he wasn't evil.
The idiot died half-buried in snow,
right in front of the house.
Yes, hello, hello...
Kept you waiting.
Why the sparklers?
A present.
Sparklers do for presents
in Hokkaido, huh.
What's beyond those mountains?
I hate this landscape...
Will you stop, please?
Crow, why do you cry?
Because crow has
seven sweet babies
in the mountains
Sweet, sweet.
cries the crow
Sweet, sweet...
I don't want this little one
to grow up to be like us.
Work hard.
so you can send for her
and raise her in Tokyo.
Aren't you coming?
I'm coming...
It's just that I'm a bit scared.
It's up there.
A temple?
Mom's new husband's a priest.
Wait a little while. OK?
I got it.
I just remembered how we met.
What an idiot...
It's no use.
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry to be so much trouble.
Maybe it's my technique.
I'm no good.
You smell good.
Nice smell.
Please wake up.
Wake up, please!
Thank you for coming.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you for everything.
A little late to remember that, huh.
You work as an exotic hostess, huh.
What are you doing?
I've nowhere left to go.
I can't answer the phone now.
Leave a message at the tone.
Is Tomita-san there?
Are you really not home?
I bet you're just screening calls.
I've really had it with you...
You're awake.
Such a good baby.
You didn't even cry.
If you don't pay me back
I'll sue you...
This is Officer Suzuki calling
from the police station.
Your husband's car has
been in an accident.
and the driver is deceased.
We need to confirm whether
or not the deceased is your husband.
so please contact us. The number is...
This is Officer Suzuki calling
from the police station.
Your husband's car has
been in an accident
and the driver is deceased.
What are you going to do?
We're going to see
snow together, aren't we?
A right turn at the last
fork leads to the mountains.
You go alone.
Don't want to.
Bye bye.
Don't bye bye me.
You are a real jerk.
And you are a real prince.
I'll be waiting here.
It's been awhile.
Why are you here all of a sudden?
I wanted to see Kaori.
Well, come on in.
First time in five years.
Bearing a baby doesn't
make you a mother.
I know that.
Where are you these days?
Still in Tokyo? Doing what?
I'm doing fine.
I wonder...
Kaori's ready for school now.
and she needs real parents.
We've just been talking
about adopting her.
My husband dotes on her so.
How dare you!
You can't go! Yuriko Yuri! No!
Welcome, Yuriko-san.
I've been out of touch.
If you're here to see Kaori, please go.
She doesn't remember you.
That may be so, but she's mine.
It's not like I don't know
what you're up to in Tokyo.
Say you became her mother,
what can you do for her?
You'll only make her miserable.
You should stay away,
because you are her mother.
But Yuriko-san.
If you leave Tokyo,
and are willing to settle here to
raise her, then that's a different story.
We saved the money you were
sending up until two years ago.
Haven't touched it.
There's decent work for you
in this village, if you'd look.
What do you say?
Where are you?
Oh, boss.
I'm out here in self-imposed exile,
trying to stay on my best behavior.
I see...
Get a job there while you're at it.
I told you to watch out
for the professionals.
That girl Miki is seeking
damages against you.
You believe that?
Whatever the truth is, even I can't
afford to protect you anymore.
You'll get severance pay.
That's the best I can do.
He's made you a reasonable offer.
Why not come back?
Don't you want to see her?
You're a grown-up now. Time you
thought about someone besides yourself.
Don't hate me...
It's really better for Kaori.
Bet you already ate.
Of course not.
Really? You're the one who
said you'd be home early.
I got here as fast I could.
I went to the hospital, right?
And they told me the sex.
So which is it?
A girl.
Oh, really.
You said you wanted a boy.
I did?
You did.
Either's fine.
The cake and stuff's in the fridge.
Coming right up.
Listen, Yuriko.
I've been thinking I'll
go out on my own.
Out on your own?
I won't get anywhere
staying with my sales job.
We're having a baby,
and it's time to make a move.
I've got 30 million yen.
Why can't you discuss
these things with me first?
That's what I'm doing right now.
First of all, where'd
you get 30 million?
I'm good for some
things, you know.
It's just that I'm short 8 million.
8 million?
You know that money you saved
when you worked at that club?
Won't you gamble on me?
That was awful quick.
Your mother still hate you?
My mother told me
to go have a good life.
Some rain.
You'll take care of the rest.
Yes, travel safely.
What's up?
Forget it.
What is it?
I'm having a baby.
A baby!
We did it! A boy?
You can't tell yet.
Guess you're right!
Good girl
Really good!
That's dangerous be careful.
I'm sorry. Excuse him.
No big deal.
The toilets in Hokkaido...
120 years?
Whatever, but the urinal's so tiny
I pissed all over my hands.
What are you doing?
What am I doing? It took
them all of 120 years to build
absolutely nothing.
Unbelievable. Give me 120 years here,
and I'd turn this place
into a real something.
You really are impossible, aren't you?
What kind of kid were you?
Well when I was little,
they said I was great.
That I was the town's great shining hope.
So you were smart.
Yeah, well. 120 years here...
Shut up will ya.
After 120 years, this crap
is the best they can do...
All this guy can do after 120 years
is trip me. What a laugh.
Not so loud. Hey.
Give me those.
Don't bother...
I have a great idea.
Whatcha doin'?
The ink really sticks.
What are you... Some people
actually like this sort of thing.
I've got to fill this in.
Like one of my elder-classmen.
What are you doing?
No, don't touch it.
Now you look really important.
Well, of course. That's because
I'm more important than you.
Hey, mister.
These aren't prescription glasses.
They only work if
your heart is pure.
People who've only
built a puny town.
after 120 years of trying...
I'm actually kind of jealous
of them. This town...
When are we going back to Tokyo?
But even if we do go back to Tokyo,
you've really got nowhere to go, right?
You're right. Don't have the
dough to go the pink clubs.
What's the point.
And what'd they make,
after 120 years of trying?
120 yen?
120 years.
120 yen will get you nothing.
Nothing at all.
You hate Hokkaido?
Who's this guy?
You went to a pink club?
Let's go to a pink club.
You're coming with
me to a pink club...
You hate this town that much!
Huh! Huh! You hate it!
You hate it...
Pink clubs...pink clubs....
What the...
You started it, mister.
What'd I do wrong...
That guy...stank of clams.
You're a loudmouth.
That jerk, horse-face...
He got upset because
you kept insulting him.
Ouch, ouch, that hurts.
What is that stuff?
You sure it's not pesticide...
He was such a jerk...
If we hadn't been inside...
I'd have got him good...
Forget it.
I'm so tired...
Sleep well.
What's he got to complain about...
What a jerk...
I thought it would do me good
to see my girl's face...
I'd tried imagining what
she looked like by now.
I'm such an idiot...
After 5 years without seeing her
I wouldn't know if I saw her.
She'll be fine without me...
You're awful quiet.
Guess I am.
Drivin' fast, right?
Where shall we go?
Head back to Tokyo?
You go ahead.
Look, mountains...
Where'd you get your license?
Driving school.
You've got the time.
Get a license.
Is it fun?
No, it isn't.
Life's about doing
stuff that's no fun.
Where'd the mountains go?
I don't know.
Where are we?
I don't know.
You don't know...
We're lost, that's what we are...
...so exhausted...
We're here, we're here...
Hey, we're here.
Hey, wake up, look!
Look, we're here.
Look what's here...
A mountain cabin...
We're here, hurry, hurry.
Hey, there's even a hot spring.
I'm glad I came.
Excuse me...
Excuse me...
Do you have any rooms?
We don't take single women
without reservations.
We decide who gets to stay here.
I'm not alone.
This is amazing.
Oh, hello.
OK, now?
What's up?
Kitchen closes in half an hour.
After that you starve.
Turn right at the top of the stairs.
My bags...
Get 'em yourself.
Why do I have to...
Thank you all,
for joining us tonight.
They've finally cleared the pass.
and with all you regulars back,
it finally feels like a new year.
Hey, Motohashi,
don't overdo it.
I think it's time for a tune.
Some of you may think,
"not that one again..."
But we've got some newcomers,
so here's a tune
they can remember their trip by.
Piyo piyo, piyo, piyo, and a piyo piyo
Thought I'd have a wank
even got the Kleenex out
but someone came to call
so I blew my nose instead
Oh, piyo, piyo, piyo, piyo
and a piyo, piyo
Dad's so poor
my underwear's seaweed
every time I pee,
it's seaweed soup
oh, piyo, piyo, piyo, piyo
and a piyo, piyo
In Tokyo, they say cunt
in Kyushu something else
here in wide open Hokkaido,
I'm about done.
they're wider than Mac trucks
You don't mind...do you?
Not half bad, right?
Been coming here 7, 8 years now.
From Tokyo?
He your boyfriend?
No way.
Didn't think so.
You don't look good together.
I just knew it.
You wouldn't be free tonight,
by any chance.
No particular plans...
This is the local trout.
Would you like to fox trout?
Fox trout with me?
Don't bother.
Don't swim away from me now...
Listen, I'm...
a professional.
A professional!
Excuse me.
Cut it out.
What's the point of being alive...
You can say that again...
Listen, if you're gonna die,
you gotta do it right.
Half-way's pathetic...
such a nuisance for your friends.
I'm probably dead somewhere
Don't come looking for me - Yuriko
But how do I die?
How 'bout Hokkaido?
Lots of great places to die there.
Take some sleeping pills and
lie face down in the snow.
Freeze to death while you sleep.
All the snow's gone by now...
Some left in the mountains...
We poor folk have to follow
the forbidden byways...
There you go!
Not half bad, right?
He's famous for this act.
It's a cruel world...
What did you do to my villagers!
Here's your vengeance!
The same old act.
Ten years now.
Not you again.
Evil magistrate!
Young maiden.
I've taken care of the villains,
please guide me out of this place.
This way, blind samurai.
That way, that way.
Let's go over there.
I thought I killed you.
Over here, miss, over here.
Right over here.
this is a lonely village, so you'd best
go back to where it's warm.
You gotta die. I killed you.
You gotta die.
How can you live that way...
What's the matter?
Aren't you ashamed
to live like that?
I am ashamed.
I've been ashamed.
I'll die with you, let's go.
What's this about?
Don't' "what's this about?" me.
You're pathetic, you drunk.
Go back to Tokyo by yourself.
What do you mean "go back"?
How dare you order me!?
I'm glad we met...
Let's have a toast.
What, what are you doing...
Why not?
Why what?
You're a pro, right?
I'm closed today.
We're here together anyway.
What's wrong?
Cut it out.
Sorry to disturb you.
Miss Professional,
he barely knows women.
And it seems like
he's got a crush on you.
Won't you teach him a thing or two?
Teach him...
Don't please...mister...
We're just in the middle of...
why don't you go home?
No we're not.
Do your business.
This is for the gas you bought.
Take care. Tomita Yuriko.
Once upon a time,
in a place far away,
a little girl lived
alone with her daddy
in a little house in the snow
Her daddy loved Pride of the North
sake and Hi Lite cigarettes.
and he drank, all day, every day.
It seemed that all he really
wanted was to die.
Just like her father.
the little girl loved to wander alone,
looking for places to die.
The end.
It's off!
You came...
Aren't they pretty?
Pretty right?
After that,
the turtle and the rabbit,
fly to the moon...
To the moon?
That's right and then,
the rabbit
pounds rice cakes...
You're kidding, for real?
I think that's how it goes...
Are you OK?
You don't have to come.
Hey, hey, hey, wait.
What are you doing?
You're not really supposed to die.
What are you...
What am I supposed to...
First you've go to spit it all up.
Hey, c'mon.
I'll stick my finger in...
That's right...
What are you...
Do it right...
Hold on a minute...
Are you OK...
God, it's cold...
Are you OK? Hold on...
What the hell...
Hold on...
Are you OK?
Hey, hey, hold on...
Don't go cold on me now...
Are you really OK...
What the...
Put this on...
Just wait a minute...
Don't die...
Hey, c'mon, please...
Hey, Yuriko. Yuriko-san...
What are we going to do here...
They'll think I killed you...
Wait. OK...
You can make it...
Hey there...
Are you OK...
Hey there...
It's cold, isn't it...
I'm sorry...
God, it's cold!
Hey, are you awake.
Are you OK?
Oh, good, oh, good.
You OK?
It's so cold...
Oh, thank God...
You OK?
Oh, good...
How do you feel?
My head hurts.
Your head hurts? There, there.
Your hangover hurt more?
You just might get me
to quit drinking...
...so warm...
Oh, thank God...
See ya...
I think I'll live to be 120.
Then I could have a dozen kids.
ASANO Tadanobu
KAYAMA Yoshiko
Executive Producer
Produced by
Directed by
SOMAI Shinji