Kazhuvethi Moorkkan (2023) Movie Script

Methods of capital punishment.
electrocution, and
injecting poison
are in practice these days.
Similarly, in the olden days,
execution by elephant,
crucifixion, and
were in practice.
The crucifix, a torture tool,
became revered because Jesus died on it
for the sins of people.
Similarly, in many temples across South India,
people still worship Kazhumaram.
Despite its use in impalement
or crimes such as treason,
money laundering, rape, and murder,
Kazhumaram is still honored and celebrated
since it was employed for a noble purpose
in the community.
-[in chorus] Come on, Moorkkasamy.
There, you've started eating early morning again.
Don't you know you can't
hang out with Kizhatheru boys?
Hang around with our boys.
-I know. Enough of your advice, oldie.
-Huh?! Right.
-What does Grandma do?
-All she does is scold everyone who passes by.
[boys screaming]
Come on, boys.
-Hey, don't run. They'll thrash you.
-Let me go, please.
-Listen to me. Don't do this.
-Leave me, brother. Please.
-Let them have it.
-Let me go, brother. Let me go.
Let me go!
[children screaming]
Listen students. None of you can go home
without writing the multiplication tables.
Now write.
I'll thrash you if you try to copy.
Sir, I was just checking how he was starting.
Hey, look at the book and write.
-But you are scolding me if I do that.
-I said look into your book and write.
Go on, write.
-Write down.
-I'm done, sir.
Keep your notebook on the table and leave.
Go on, write.
-Sir, I'm done too.
Finish it fast.
Oh my! Mom
Mom Mom
Oh my, it hurts! Mom
Oh God!
Mom Mom
Oh my, it hurts!
It's paining.
A boy has been hurt.
-Get him in.
-Do it carefully, he is hurt.
Help him.
Hold him. Give him a hand.
Careful. Now get going.
-He's seriously injured. Why didn't you go to Madurai?
-But they brought me here.
There's nothing to worry about.
He'll live.
Thank you, God!
Why are you all standing here?
Move. Give me way.
We've named him after God Moorkkasamy.
He wouldn't let him die.
Son Moorkka
Look at Mom.
I'm here. Don't worry.
I'm right here.
The treatment is good.
I don't deny it. But I'm scared.
Hey, aren't you Mariamma's son?
Here, take this.
Ask your mom to get soap and wash it.
-Bhoomi, do you want to play?
-Hey, we cannot play with them.
What did you say?
Come on, Bhoomi. We'll play.
We'll not play with you
if he's coming.
It's okay, don't come.
We'll keep you out of this game.
Hey, come on guys.
No one plays with him. Come on, you too.
Let them go.
You play, Bhoomi.
What? You forgot,
but you say that without any regret.
-Did you inform Soundarapandian?
-Oh yes. I did, Bhoomi.
-Ask him to come before dusk.
-Tell me, Uncle.
-They've come without vessels to cook.
Buy a vessel from the shop on the main road.
-Okay, I'll go. Do you need anything else?
-No, just this.
-Okay, Uncle.
-Hey Thangam. Let's go and buy it.
-Everyone, start with your work.
-The shop is this way.
Look, there it is.
-Brother, do you have a vessel?
-I have one with a small opening.
-Alright. Give me one.
-I need your details first.
My name is Bhoomi.
I'm from Thekkupatti.
Where in Thekkupatti?
-Kizhatheru? Tell me someone who lives there.
-Our commission shop, Shanmugam also lives there.
-Him Alright, give me 200 rupees advance.
-Yes, brother.
-Bring that small vessel.
-We need a bigger one.
-We might not even get this. They'll adjust.
-Murugesa, do you have a small vessel?
It's in high demand on this auspicious day.
How do you expect to get it?
I had one last piece
and I'm giving it to them.
-Who is he?
-Kizhatheru, Thekkupatti.
-I heard your cousin sister is getting married.
-When is it?
-18th day of Vaikasi month.
-Here, brother.
-Take it.
You hold this.
Hey, he's noted.
And we've also paid the advance.
Get lost!
Should I give it to you
because you came first?
-Write down my name. I'll pay later.
-Why are you picking a fight now?
You took it anyway.
We came here to rent it. And we should.
I don't care who he is.
Hey, here's the advance money you gave.
Come on, let's go.
-Is it cotton or chili this year?
-They said cotton. But I've sown the chili.
You said we wouldn't get a vessel.
But see, I've bought it.
This was the last vessel he had.
A guy from Kizhatheru, Thekkupatti, had rented it.
-But I snatched it from him.
-Did he say what his name was?
He said something like Bhoomi.
Did you beat him up?
Yes. He was rough,
so brother gave him a push.
-What are you giving that look?
-Moorkkan will thrash you if you hit Bhoomi.
Hey! What are you doing?
Wait, listen to me.
I'll slash you!
You beat him once
and you'll get a hundred more.
-Do you want to count?
He just gave me a push.
-I did the same. Come on.
-I told him not to tell you.
Why are you driving zigzag?
I would have driven it steady.
-I've got to teach you everything.
-Who? You?
I saw how you bumped
into Pandi's house last week.
The lights were on, so thought it was a small street.
But it turned out to be his house.
As if they've built one for your eyes.
It wasn't a street, but just intoxication.
You were already angry with him.
So it was all planned.
He reads my mind.
Alright. I'll sleep.
You drive properly.
Hey, your house is here.
Get down.
Eh? House has always been here.
-We've just reached. Be clear.
Are you drunk?
Yeah, right. I'm drunk.
And you are not.
-Why are you angry now?
-As if I'm your lover to get angry.
-Get down.
Here are the keys, Dad.
Haven't I told you a million times
not to hang out with him?
He goes around picking up fights
in the town for you.
I still call you dad.
Don't make me call you anything else.
Dear, go inside.
Give the keys to me, Bhoomi.
And you go inside and sleep.
-Did you eat?
-I did.
I ate parotta.
Azhaguvalli. The officers have come to Bhoomi's house.
Let's go.
Oh! I'm coming.
Hey, the cows will start shouting
if you don't feed them. Come back soon.
-Shut up. I'll be back soon.
-Look at her go as if it's a festival.
-One tea, please.
-It seems there is a festival coming up.
Radhakrishnan is the joker.
Shall we go tonight?
-Who's dancing?
-Unmai is coming. Pay for the tea and leave.
-Hey, make it quick.
-Leave the glass and go.
-Careful. Let's run.
-Hey, where are you all going? Stop.
-Sagittarius, Taurus, Cancer
-Damn, they ran away.
Oh damn, he's here.
Continue eating.
Paper is down.
-What are you reading?
-Zodiac predictions.
-And what does it say?
-A lot of things.
What's the prediction for your sign?
-It says my children will bring glory.
-Wow, that's awesome.
Your son's already making you proud.
He's at school all day.
Yes. He studies a lot.
And so, he'll be at school all day long.
And I heard he's standing
in front of a girls' school.
What is he doing there?
See, the only girl who attends
a girl's school in our town is
Your daughter is the one studying there.
And then
What kind of a father are you?
I'll break your son's leg
next time I see him going behind my daughter.
As if you would.
I'll ruin your entire family.
The fight isn't getting big.
And yeah, now it's getting heated.
That's the way to go.
Who is it?
Get out you two. Why do you fight
in my shop early in the morning?
-Who cared you didn't come?
-Hey, Puliyangkotta
Why are you pushing me?
Haven't I told you that
your customers shouldn't sit here without reason?
They come and sit. I don't call them.
How would they do without your permission?
If a foreigner sits inside a coffee shop,
it means he's planning something.
But if our town folks sit in a tea shop,
it means they are jobless.
Got that?
-If not, I'll read out the prediction for your zodiac.
-You did it last week.
They have a question for you.
Answer them.
Who in our town has become
that knowledgeable to question?
Oh, you are the new groom.
That's the reason.
-Go on. Shoot your question.
-What's that sharp thing standing in the middle of the town?
That is
That was this town's identity once upon a time.
That's called a Kazhumaram.
This town was previously known as Kazhuvetruvankulam.
Just like how they hang criminals these days,
back then, if the king ordered the death penalty,
he would be made to sit here.
It will go right through and tear you open.
Had we been under the king's rule now,
-we would be executing a thousand people every day.
-Hello, nephew.
-Have you started with your history class again?
You've been telling the same story
from when I was a child.
I can't change the story for you.
So many have died trying
to share stories like me.
-Do you want tea?
-How dare you ask me to drink here?
Is it because people from other towns drink tea here?
I'll bring down your tea stall. Mind you!
Moorkka, give me fifty rupees.
There he is. Lucky him.
Go on, give it.
Here. Mom said she'd left
chili under the sun at Pinchakaadu. Bring it home.
Inform Bhoomi I called for him
and ask him to come soon.
Work for the money he gave.
What is it, nephew?
What is it? Tell me.
Come on, what is it?
-Someone's throwing stones at me.
Let's file a case. Hey
-Who is that?
-Mom has made fish gravy. Let's go.
Are you saying no to a fight?
It's the same menu from the time you were born.
-I'll be back after lunch. We'll have tea.
-Okay, brother.
The aroma is in the air.
We're honored to have you here, sir.
I kindly request you to allocate
the plots to the people immediately, sir.
And if there's anything needed,
we'll be happy to help you.
Look at him talking in English.
-It will definitely help our people to have a better lifestyle--
I'm telling you, he wouldn't
find a girl in his community.
But I'm sure of one thing.
I want to slap that girl at least once.
-As early as possible I'll do that.
-Too much.
-Thanks for coming, sir.
-Hey Bhoomi. Moorkkan is calling you.
Wait. I'll come.
And it would be great
if you can complete the project as early as possible, sir.
Am sorry if we have created any inconvenience.
-Sir, have tea.
-Thank you.
-Nalla, you take it too.
-Why would I drink tea at your house?
How dare you!
Get lost!
I'm not like you.
He's mad, Mom.
You go inside.
-Sorry, sir.
-It's okay.
-Thank you.
-You carry on.
Yes, sir. They're waiting to see you.
-Did you listen to what he said?
-You spoke in English.
-How will we understand?
-He's said he'll do it, social service madam.
Come on, let's go.
As if he's a foreigner.
-Yes, Bhoomi.
-Take them to the MSME office in Madurai.
-I've written down all the details.
Give this to lawyer Venkatesan.
He'll take care of the rest.
-There is enough money in this.
-Okay, Bhoomi.
-Now leave.
-Come on.
Why did you send him to pick them up?
Why, what's the matter?
Nothing, forget it.
Someone's been hurling stones at me all morning.
-I have no idea who it is! Look at my shoulder.
Oh yeah, it's swollen!
Who would be furious enough at me to hurl stones?
Who else could it be?
A coward who is afraid to fight you.
Where are you taking me now?
Will you come only if I tell you?
Did I disrupt you and your social services?
I asked my dad for some cash to fix my Bullet.
Some poor grocer hasn't returned his money, it seems.
He said I could take it if he returned it.
There's no one else but you
who can support and get it for me.
That's why.
My best friend will never give up on me!
Are you taking me along to maintain the peace?
If not, you'd lecture me not to break their bones.
Get it for me somehow. That's all.
-Who are they? Speeding like they are in a race.
-Hail our District Secretary!
-[all] Long live!
-Hail our District Secretary!
-Long live!
-Hail our District Secretary!
Long live!
-We welcome you, our District Secretary!
-Long live!
-Hail our District Secretary!
-Long live!
-We welcome you, our District Secretary!
-Long live!
Give way.
Give way to our leader!
Give way, people!
Come, brother.
Hold on, people.
Hold Hold on for a bit.
-Why this luxury?
-A result of 15 years of hard work!
You're the District Secretary, after all.
The whole town ought to know about it!
Don't mind it.
I'll pay my respects to sir.
He's the new District Secretary of K T A K Party.
Greetings, sir!
It's alright.
-Take it from him.
-Hand it to me, sir.
Working hard to work your way to the top isn't enough.
But to put in efforts to retain
that position is what matters.
You're standing at the fiery furnace.
As you keep progressing in the political world,
the depth of the furnace increases.
If you let go of your grip, you're good as dead.
Deceivers and traitors will corner you.
Every thrash and blow you get will be etched in your heart.
The only mantra to retaining your position,
is to do work from the ground level.
I hope you follow that.
Now go.
Stack up these sacks first.
Take away all the huge ones.
And load the sacks in the vehicle!
Okay, sir.
I heard your wedding's next week!
-Why are you working instead of getting ready?
-I need to save up for it, right?
Not bad, you're saving up for your future wife!
-Muthu brother!
-Yes, dear?
-Heard you got a third child?
-Maari needed some company, that's why.
I see.
-About time to get you neutered!
-Am I your target for the day?
Hey, you!
Can't you see me carrying heavy stuff?
You could lend a hand.
Is carrying cotton heavy for you?
It is heavy, whether it's 30 kilograms of steel or cotton!
-Enough of the talk and help me out.
-Are you threatening me?
The audacity of this cotton-carrying lady.
As if I'm an officer to threaten him.
All you had to do was help lift down the sack.
But you make such a big deal about it.
Hurry up and weigh it.
And pay me what you owe.
-I'm not the owner.
He isn't the owner but a loan shark.
You leave. I'll hand over the cash to your dad.
I thought he was a fresher.
You wish.
-Look at the nerve for that numbskull.
-Here's your money.
Hand me your keys.
3,000 for a 30,000 rupees bike?
Off you go now from my shop!
I see it written on his face.
-I don't think he recognizes
-Let's go. It's getting late.
-Oh, hang on for a minute!
Look at him!
So rugged, no?
He's not even changed a bit.
I don't think he'd have forgotten you.
But still
-I'll try and remind him.
Try your best.
I'll see you, then.
-See you. Bye.
I'll call you, Bhoomi.
Who was that girl talking in English to you?
She was acting too smart with me inside too.
It's someone you know.
Someone I know?
I will whoop you up!
It was all her doing!
Hey, start the bike!
He might catch up.
Wait, man.
She got her revenge for what you did to her.
Still don't recognize who she is?
That's Kavitha, who studied with us in school.
Who was that chubby guy at your house?
I saw him too!
Dude! Look at her cheeks!
She's as chubby as sweet rice dumplings!
She doesn't look like sweet rice dumplings
but sweet appams!
That was my brother.
He beats up people.
Why did you pinch her cheeks?
Sir, her cheeks reminded me of sweet appams!
-That's why I
-Wait till I make your butt cheeks look like them!
-Hit him harder, sir!
Sir, stop! It hurts!
-Will you?
-Sir, it hurts!
Sir, stop! It hurts!
I think she's going to snitch on you to the teacher.
Let that moron learn his lesson again!
That's for snitching on me!
May I come to mind whenever you see your reflection.
Snitch about this too to Karuppaiah sir!
How could you push her down and hurt her?
-Bold of you to
-You will never forget me!
-You thought I'd never spare you?
-Sir! Sir! Sir!
-Please spare me!
-How dare you!
How could she forget what you did to her?
And you gave her a scar as well.
They left for Thiruppur after that.
She's finished her degree and now works at Repco Bank, Paramakudi.
Is she the same girl?
What is he playing?
He's playing cricket, girl!
Does it look like he's playing cricket?
I must drop the kids' lunch at school and get ready for work!
Otherwise, they'll come running home!
Wait for a while, sis!
This is why it's said to stay away from married people.
Throw their ball!
-Let's go! Let's go!
Wait, wait! Don't push me down!
-Why do you drive like a turtle? Hurry up!
-Am I riding a bike or a rocket to speed up?
-Hey, Moorka!
-Scram, you!
The audacity of her!
[all] Brother!
I'll whoop all of you!
What do you want now?
[all] Moorka!
I will whack all of you!
Hey! Scram now!
Run away!
Run for your lives, boys!
I thought of something!
What did you think of?
-Whatever I need to think about Moorka's caught!
-You brat!
Catch me if you can!
Bro, let me go!
Don't drop me off!
You think you're that arrogant?
I'll give you one tight slap!
Think you're some heroine?
I whoop those who raise their hand on me.
And you're messing with me?
I'll break all your fingers right away!
-Yes, ma'am, what happened?
He's causing a stir here!
Hey, you! How dare you cause a scene here?!
Get out of here! Now!
Out! Now!
Get out!
Aren't you that person's son?
Come with me. I have something to tell you.
Come along, come along.
Come, sir.
Come along!
I have no idea who or what your father is.
The only thing that you and I have in common is our mustaches.
How can I compete with you?
They pay me 6,000 rupees only because of my mustache.
Please don't ruin it for me!
My wife won't give a damn about me if I lose this.
She gets off work in the evening.
You deal with her then.
Now I beg of you like my ancestral deity.
Please leave.
Got what I said?
Get down, you.
My gosh.
-Do you have everything with you? Come.
What's up, Uncle?
-Oh, hello, nephew! What are you doing here?
-What are you doing here?
They told me banks were up for sale.
So, I came here to buy one.
I swear!
It's on sale all over the place!
Now why are you here?
You came here to buy a bank.
And I'm here to grab it from you.
-Who is this?
-Who, him?
Is he the bank owner?
That is Muthuram's father.
The man's worn out from roaming around for a loan.
Thought I'd check in with them about it.
A loan for slippers?
-Tell him the actual reason!
-He's not lying.
You agree with him?
I'll give you one.
-But that's the truth!
-What are you saying?
Were you saying my name?
-Hello, sir! Welcome!
-I'll call you later.
I came to meet you regarding a loan.
Please do the needful.
He's been on the hunt for a loan.
Why do you all rush at the sight of a bank for money?
No loans for anyone! Get lost!
Tell it to him loud and clear, sir!
I made it clear that loans will only
be given to those who repay on time.
-But he isn't listening.
-No loans for both of you. Get out!
Hey, we're already outside.
You get out of here!
Oh, buzz off!
Why did he storm out before us?
You understood what he said?
All those who borrowed money
fled abroad without paying their dues!
There's no money left, it seems!
-Am I right?
-Yeah, you are!
Can't figure out if you're
saying my name or agreeing to me.
-Nephew, I
Had he come alone, he'd have begged him
and somehow got the loan.
Get lost.
-As if you would.
-Yeah, like they'd give it.
Come, let's go to a pawn shop.
Never thought that it would be our last resort.
Hey, wait!
You bravely hurled stones at me.
And now you're running away?
I dare you to do it again.
What is your problem now?
Stand afar, then.
-I'll stone you again.
-Mind your tongue, lady.
This is how I'll speak.
You think you're a big shot?
I dare you to stand here.
Can you hold your gaze for one minute?
I dare you to try!
-I'll listen to whatever you say.
Because you're a girl, I'm sparing you!
Otherwise, I'd kill you!
Buzz off!
-The nerve of her!
-Hey! Stop, you loser!
What a trickster she is.
What is that noise?
Oh, it's you!
Why are you beating fast all of a sudden?
This doesn't feel right.
-Hello, coward!
-Buzz off!
What could it be?
Let me ask what the matter is.
Stop there.
What's your problem?
-What are you searching for?
-She didn't flinch a bit.
Is there fish swimming or what in them?
Get lost.
Did you go cuckoo in this heat?
-Stands in the middle of the road and commands
-Buzz off!
I said, get going!
Ah, here comes my next victim!
Hey, could you wait?
Yes, brother-in-law?
Quiet now.
I'm able to sustain it.
What are you able to see?
I see the world.
I've been hunting for my husband all morning.
Is he in there?
How do you expect to find him
with that blabbermouth of yours?
I can't seem to catch him!
Tie him close to you if not!
Poor fellows their husbands are.
Hey! Halt there, both of you!
-What is it, dear?
-Ah, I'm a polar bear!
Stand there and don't blink.
Where are you looking instead of me?
Alright, get the kids to school!
I said, get going.
Looks like they'll get me caught.
-What brings you here, my friend?
-What are you doing here?
Stopping all the girls and staring into them.
Who said so?
Did you meet Kavitha?
-Thangam, let's go!
That is Thangam
Is that so?
Then you, too, come along!
All I know is we're headed to escape from him!
Wait up, man!
A glance into her eyes
Oh, dear God!
They sting like the black cobra
Her smile lures like honey
Casting the moon aside,
She stands tall, the lake's reigning bride.
A glance into her eyes
Oh, dear God!
They sting like the black cobra
Her smile lures like honey
Casting the moon aside,
She stands tall, the lake's reigning bride
I see her face everywhere
And nowhere to roll over
Why am I laughing?
With no words to explain
Her silly ways
Untie my bouquet of flowers
Catching her star up above
I'm ready with her cradle and lullaby
A glance into her eyes
Oh, dear God!
They sting like the black cobra
Her smile lures like honey
Catching her star up above
I'm ready with her cradle and lullaby
She is the hot chili
Under the blazing sun
When you steal a secret taste
She'll burn you inside
She holds a big heart
Like the mighty Vaigai
When you think of her warmth
Life becomes sweet
To touch her once
My mind sways in vain
All our sweet children, I pray
To be just like us!
Even if she makes me suffer
Through the air I breath
Like the wind in a barren land
I'll lose myself in it
With wings outspread like a grasshopper fair,
She menaces like a vampire with flair
A glance into her eyes
Oh, dear God!
They sting like the black cobra
She is the fire
Burning the forest of flowers
She is the food
The hungry devour
Bursting like the cotton
I fly night and day
No longer the barren land
My fields are now blossoming
To be with you
My days are circling
When the count ends
She'll come close and be my love
A glance into her eyes!
I brought tender coconut for you.
How dare you talk to me?
I don't want any. Go away!
You're the talk of the town, brother!
Saw how we turned the attention towards you?!
The upcoming elections will be held next year.
And it's our turn to become the ruling party!
From now, those who recognize you as the district secretary,
will now call you a minister!
-Yes, yes!
-[all chuckling]
We must seal our rule before the elections begin.
That's why I've called for a party gathering.
Not any party meeting
but a caste group.
In eight districts, it is our people
who are district secretaries.
If anyone wishes to make them a candidate,
no one will have a say in it except for me!
The meeting must be finished before the puja begins.
I don't want it to be like a general meeting.
But make it grandeur like a conference!
It must rattle the bones of every other caste member!
Our caste is our God.
-After all, it is our reason to live!
-Where are we conducting it?
In the town, right?
Why will they accommodate us there?
Where do our people live at large?
At Thekkupatti.
They live united over there.
Isn't that great?
That's where we'll conduct it.
-That's great!
-Your wish is our command, sir!
-What are you smiling for?
-What is it?
-I'm not blinking.
Do this. Send this application.
I'll take classes in the evenings.
Why are you laughing for no reason?
Here. Eat.
-Alright, see you.
-Bye, brother.
Rohit, Dinesh. What are you two doing?
-Moorkkan brother is laughing.
I asked you two to study!
Now sit and study.
What are you studying?
Are you still on the same page?
-Turn over to the next page.
Look at what they are doing.
-What happened?
-I'll tell you, come.
-The whole town is there. Hurry up.
-Keep studying. I'll be back.
We'll paste it! I won't leave!
-What will you do?
-Hey, wait. Hold on. What is it?
Why are you sticking posters?
We wouldn't have bothered
if it was some party-related poster.
But it's caste-related.
-It's not right to stick it here.
-How dare you question us?
-No, no. I didn't mean that way.
You have your reasons to stick the poster here.
Things would be different
if at least one of us agreed.
But it wouldn't be nice
if you stuck it and someone tore it off.
Oh! Are you trying to teach us a lesson?
Let me see who has the guts to tear it.
Go ahead and stick.
-Please don't
-We will.
-Come on.
-We won't let you.
We'll stick. Try taking it down.
-What's the problem?
-They aren't allowing us to stick the poster, Moorkka.
The bus stops and public toilets are free for all.
Why don't you stick these there?
If you're okay, I'll stick it on your back,
and you can go around town.
Why are you picking a fight
when they are saying no?
Don't you dare interfere in this.
Get out.
Go on. Stick it.
-Come on!
-How dare you hit me!
-You can expect consequences for this!
-Hey, don't.
I know who to complain to!
I'll be back with my men.
Come on, let's go.
Wait here. You'll face the consequences!
I'll be back to take care of you.
No one's here.
Get lost.
-What is it?
The police have arrested Bhoomi.
Do they require your permission to stick posters?
Are you running your own government?
Are you their leader?
No, sir. You've got the wrong
Are you all gangsters?
I'll teach you a lesson you won't forget!
Hey, why did you slap him?
He hit the guys who came to stick posters.
You want me to reward them?
Did you see that?
I was the one who hit them.
File a case on me.
How dare you slap him without proper inquiry?
Who filed the complaint?
Tell me. Did he slap you?
Did he?
-Why are you creating a stir here?
-He's one of our men, the Ex-President's son.
Ex-President, right? So what?
Why did you slap Bhoomi?
Who gave you the right?
This is not a criminal case.
We'll file a PCR case against them.
Take the complaint.
We'll fight this out in the court.
-Hey, finish the formalities and send them.
-Okay, sir.
-Sir, careful!
-Sir! Sir!
Get up, sir. Slowly.
Leave me. It's nothing.
I'm fine.
-Sir, careful.
-I'm fine. Leave me.
Sir, you're bleeding.
You should watch your step when you walk.
Why should we listen to them?
-No matter what, the posters need to be stuck.
-Some problem comes up every day. Hello
-Send two of your men.
-We'll end up fighting!
-It has to be stuck. Sir
-Why are you shouting?
It seems there's a problem with
pasting the posters at Thekkupatti.
-Isn't Peter Antony the inspector there?
-Yes, brother.
Pay him, and he'll do anything.
-Ask them to go and meet him.
-He's on the line!
It seems two guys are creating a problem.
Why is this even a problem now?
Come on, get in.
Did you hear that?
Do something and get it done.
They fixed the taps,
but there's no water.
Even now, we have to go and fill our pots.
-Who is it?
It's me, Azhaguvalli.
Come in, Azhaguvalli.
-Yes, come in.
Come in.
Isn't your mom home?
She's inside.
Do you want me to call her?
No, no.
I heard that the police slapped you.
Can't tell a criminal by his looks?
How could they figure that out
with just our looks?
But the policemen decide that based on
where you live and what you look like.
They're just doing what they are told.
Forget about it.
What do you have in there?
That is
Snail gravy.
I heard it's good for your
Will you even eat at my house?
Why not?
Will your food taste any different
from what it is supposed to taste like?
You are the one who won't hand it over.
-I'll come back for the vessel later.
Don't eat that too.
If the police raise their hand against us,
we should be ready to give it back.
You shouldn't be submissive.
The reality is different here.
One needs to be born in a particular caste
even to sport a mustache like this.
My grandma said I look like my grandpa
if I sport a mustache.
You know it too.
If you don't like this mustache,
I'll shave it off tomorrow.
This means nothing to me.
No, no. You don't have to shave it off.
-Let that go.
-Do you like Kavitha?
Kavitha Kavitha.
No, I don't like her.
-Where are we going?
-Bhoomi, wait.
-What is it, brother?
Wait, I'll get down.
Hello! I went to your house.
But you weren't there.
Good that I saw you on my way back.
-You could have called me.
-It's not something we can discuss over a call.
Come with me. I need to talk to you alone.
A man from a Northern party is here.
If we show him
how much our community supports us
He's willing to shell out crores!
All the boys listen to you.
Just give me a nod
There's a meeting today.
We can attend it together.
We can earn big!
Hey, what is it?
Don't mortgage the community for your gains.
Our people aren't the investment for your business.
It's okay if you don't take steps
to improve our lives.
But don't push us back by 50 years.
Will you dare to eat your own body parts?
I'd do anything for them.
I'll chop you to bits.
Come on, let's go.
Start the bike.
Make way.
Oh, is it?
I heard that too.
-Wait here. I'll be back.
-Hello, sir.
-How are you?
-Fine, sir.
Who would do that?
My father will teach him a lesson!
Is this the place?
I'm right here.
You came to see me, right?
Then why do you act like you didn't see me?
Who said so? I came to pray to God.
Really? Where's the holy ash?
I'll take it when I leave.
Come on, stop lying.
I saw you eyeing me.
Talk to me again like that and
I'll give you one tight slap!
There's the gangster we all know.
Can you hold your gaze for one minute?
I dare you to try!
Buzz off.
Hey Stop right there.
I told you to stop.
What are you doing?
Hey, hey!
She is the beauty!
Did you realize you gazed at me
for a minute without blinking?
-Hey, sorry.
-Step away.
Hey, wait.
I was the one who asked him
to bring you here.
Ask him now, Bhoomi.
He wouldn't say he doesn't like me.
Every time I look in a mirror,
I'm reminded of you.
I wanted to take my revenge
But things changed.
So, I'm planning to take my revenge
after marrying you.
Are you okay with that?
Let's go.
You'd get furious when I talk to you that way.
Why are you smiling now?
You're the one saying it.
Go ahead.
Hey beautiful! Listen now!
In your gentle gaze,
I wither!
Hey sunshine! My sunshine!
In your smile,
I tumble!
Those few words you speak
Charm me off my path!
Like a pauper who saw treasure
I faint in amazement!
Love makes the tunes find a way!
Hey beautiful! Listen now!
In your gentle gaze,
I wither!
Hey sunshine! My sunshine!
In your smile,
I tumble!
Those few words you speak
Charm me off my path
Like a pauper who saw treasure
I faint in amazement!
Love makes the tunes find a way!
It's enough if you're close by me
Even the moon will gasp!
Somewhere in my heart, a spark
Bursts forth when I see you!
Like a childs laugh
In a funeral home
I go crazy
Even a croaking frog
On a dusty road
Looks like a beautiful rose now!
Love is like a glass swing
Come, play on it
Like a child!
Hey beautiful! Listen now!
In your gentle gaze,
I wither!
Hey sunshine! My sunshine!
In your smile,
I tumble!
I try my best to hide my feelings
But you had your way into my heart
To share secrets of our own
I follow your trail like a hungry dog
Bestow your love in just three words!
Hey beautiful! Listen now!
In your gentle gaze,
I wither!
Hey sunshine! My sunshine!
In your smile,
I tumble!
-Hey, why are you going there with a bill hook?
-Coconut water
He is fuming already!
-No one's in the mood to drink coconut water. Get going.
-Okay, sir.
Fine. Okay, brother.
Hold on. Will pass the phone to him.
Hold on.
Brother brother.
Virudhunagar Chellamuthu says he'll get this done.
As if he can. Get lost.
-Bhoomi is responsible for all these problems.
We should have shown him what we are capable of
the day he stopped us from pasting our posters.
You said it was silly
and asked us to file a complaint.
Now, this has become a case
and they stopped our meeting
citing law and order issues.
Isn't this a disgrace to us?
The news has reached the top.
We shouldn't let him grow.
We should nip this in the bud!
The leader is coming here next month.
Do whatever you want after that.
We should do something before the elections, brother.
It might help us.
I'll take care of it.
I gave a lift to an old lady.
They would have complained about it.
Jealous people.
Why would I believe him
if he said he helped an old lady?
Brother Those guys
They are Moorkkan and Bhoomi.
I'll call you back in ten minutes.
Hey Overtake them.
I said, overtake them!
Now hit the brakes.
-But they'll crash into us.
-It's okay. Do it.
-Let it go. God knows what trouble they are in.
Look at you talk like Jesus.
Can't you drive properly?
Are you new to driving?
Learn to drive before you decorate your car with flags!
Looks like they're learning to drive.
They're gone.
-Start the car.
-It won't start!
Oh, come on.
-Sorry, brother.
-Go and check what the problem is.
This town has no place
for lovers to sit and talk peacefully.
Why don't you build a park?
Mmm Let me first marry you.
Why are you blowing into my ears?
I'm in love.
-So people in love blow their breath?
I'm in love too.
-Alright, get home safely.
Call me once you get home.
-Hey, I forgot to tell you something important.
-What is it?
My friend, Aasaithambi?
-He's in love with a girl.
He's dropped her home every day like this.
And when he dropped her one day,
he asked her for a kiss.
And what was her reply?
She gave him one.
One of my colleagues
She's also in love with someone.
He also used to drop her.
And he suddenly asked her for a kiss one day.
-Did she give him one?
-She gave him one tight slap!.
She made it clear that
he has to wait till they get married.
But I know you aren't like her.
And I know you wouldn't ask as he did.
-I will. Give me one.
You sound like a kid who wants chocolate!
I won't spare you if you don't!
Is this how you ask for a kiss?
I wanted to give one.
But you are bad at asking.
-Should I take lessons for it now?
-I'll kiss you when you and I
both feel like kissing.
Show me how much you love me at least once.
I heard the leader is coming here in two days.
They're discussing the arrangements.
Our welcome should be so grand
that he'll never forget our town.
Everyone should start working
the minute he leaves Aruppukkottai.
Which town is he visiting first in our district?
-Is he visiting Thekkupatti first?
Let's decide on the candidate this month.
-Will it be one of our own this time?
-Don't fight over it.
-We can get things done only if our candidate wins.
-Hold on. I have something to ask.
-Go ahead, sir.
They haven't granted a patta for this house yet.
I wanted to come and meet you.
I heard you helped a few of them by writing their petition.
-I wanted to talk about it.
-Come home and give me the details.
I'll write it for you.
Did you go to the fields?
-Yes. Come there tomorrow.
I've found an alliance for my daughter.
And they are coming home tomorrow.
I wish there were a few elders from our side too.
I'm a single parent.
Could you bring Mom to the temple tomorrow?
-What does he do?
-He's working for the municipality.
She's your only daughter.
Why don't you get her married to a well-settled man?
Do you think a collector will marry me?
Why not? You don't look bad.
Looks like you'll say you'd marry me.
Why not?
You are highly qualified.
But I can't even write straight.
I'm serious.
Don't entice me and then leave me hanging.
Inform the family from Ilaiyangudi not to come.
I'll marry her.
We'll get engaged later this month.
Don't you understand?
He's asking you to call me your mother-in-law.
Don't hesitate.
We'll talk things through.
See you.
-Aunty, you go ahead.
Tell me, what is it?
Bhoomi Are you going to marry this girl?
As if we are any different.
We're treated like second-class citizens too!
When you get angry the next time
someone treats you like that,
I'll remind you then.
She's a girl.
Let's go.
Hey, come on.
-Long live
-Our leader!
-Long live!
Let's go.
What the hell is this?
Let's go.
Why didn't he get down?
Why did he leave?
KTAK party's General Secretary, R. Srinivasan,
has intimated that
Ramanathapuram district secretary, Muniraj
will be dismissed from the post.
The report also states that
Esakki, the district secretary of Virudhunagar
will take on additional responsibilities
until a new secretary is appointed.
The reason for this change has not been--
The ruling party swears this wasn't one of their handiwork.
The culprit is amongst us.
It is Bhoomi.
I can't say for sure he did this.
They did it because he backed them.
It'd be evident if we reacted immediately.
Then the party won't even allow us to negotiate.
Are you suggesting we keep quiet?
-Moorkkan will interfere if we try to take Bhoomi out.
-Hold on, sir.
Sir, the senior is on the line.
Tell me, sir.
Hey, you're not fit for politics.
You're only fit to raise pigs!
Let's see if you can manage that, at least.
Here, I'm done.
This is what happens when we
hand over responsibilities to the inept.
Why should we campaign
when they hand over the post to someone else?
They know they can't win without our help.
-Why is this man here?
-Unruly man!
Hello, sir.
Did you want to meet me?
You had asked for the President's seat at Thekkupatti?
Yes, sir.
He won't win if we give him a seat.
You built a hall and it collapsed.
He got paid by the contractor
and the whole town humiliated him.
We offered him the post again,
and he lost that too.
We've promised a seat to Alagar this time.
He spent a lot in the last four years.
Take that also into consideration.
Do you think they'd remember the past?
Even the CM was reelected after he came back from jail.
Give that seat to me.
I'll win.
You talk charmingly.
Why would we give it to your every time?
You should have won at least once.
If you lose, it'd bring a bad name to our party.
Isn't Moorkkasamy your son?
I'll offer the seat to your wife this time.
-What are you
-I know.
Win this election and prove yourself.
If we keep allocating seats to people
with no chances of winning
How can we keep the party going?
I've told you this many times!
You ignore this.
The party men lament all the time.
They've decided to give the seat to Moorkkan's mom.
I heard they are getting the papers ready.
You tell Moorkkan about our decision, Bhoomi.
What happened? Why didn't you answer my calls?
Nothing. We were talking,
and I didn't hear the phone ring.
It's better to tell him now, Bhoomi.
I'll call you. Now leave.
You continue if it's something important.
-I'll come back later.
-No, wait. I'll call you guys.
Go, I'll call.
Do you have work to do?
Or let's go out.
Let's go.
-Back home?
-Just reached.
So, what's your dad saying?
-He scolded me for coming home late.
-He's better off as a security guard somewhere.
Why is everyone in your house always sulky?
-I tallied the accounts, sir.
-Which account, banker madam?
-Dad walked past me.
-Oh, his account
You never say, "I love you."
Don't you know how good that feels?
You're pretty bad at romance.
As if you are very romantic.
-Do I really need to say that to prove it?
-Hang up now.
Hold on.
-Wait. I'll call you back.
-Okay, I'll wait for your call.
What is it, Velusamy?
Why are you calling continuously?
-Moorkka, someone hacked your mom's arm!
-What? What are you saying?
We've brought her to the hospital.
Come soon.
-Which hospital?
-Selva Hospital.
Moorkka, she's here.
-What happened, Mom?
-I don't know who he was.
I was gathering firewood.
Two men came out of nowhere and attacked me!
I saw Bhoomi and two other guys
drop off those men at the main road.
I saw them.
Bhoomi had plans to contest the election.
They did this after knowing she was going to contest the election.
Look at his WhatsApp message to his people.
We have to win this election.
We can only do good for our people when we are in power.
We should be willing to go to any extent
to win this election.
They could have killed her!
When did you tell him?
I never got a call.
Where is Bhoomi?
He went out this morning.
And now, he's sent a message saying
he'll return only after two days.
Where did he go?
I don't know.
I tried calling him. But he didn't answer.
Let's go, Mani.
I'll get you the soda you wanted.
I've prepared fish gravy.
Come in and eat.
Your aunty called.
She couldn't visit me at the hospital.
She said she'd come home.
Hey, Bhoomi is back.
He's going toward the pump set.
Your dad was also saying
he's going there.
Hey! Moorkka! Don't go there.
Let's get out of here.
Come on!
Listen to me. Let's go.
Hey! Don't do this!
Those men are on the way!
Come on! Come on!
Come with me. Come on.
Quick! Let's go!
Did you just hack Bhoomi to death?
The sun has set!
What did they do to you?
Oh, Bhoomi!
See what they did to our Bhoomi!
Your time has passed!
My son
is about to collapse!
Your final rites are about to take place!
The final rites are about to take place!
My cherished soul
Give me back my dearest!
How will I?!
He only thought about the town's welfare!
But no one was there to save him then!
Ask him to look at me!
Look at me, my son!
My cherished soul
Please look at me, my dear!
Will sail here!
Wake up, Bhoomi!
Wake up, my man!
travel afar?
We made your boat out of rock
We made your boat out of rock
And dropped you in the sea, my dear one!
We made your boat out of rock
and dropped you in the sea
And we waited for you
Back on shore!
We gave you a boat full of holes
We gave you a boat full of holes
and saw you off to sea!
We saw you off
And waited for you back on shore!
Hey, boys!
Cut being formal with me.
The shirts don't give damn who wears it.
It enhances the beauty of the wearer alone.
Go along, boys.
And eight annas,
Eight rupees and eight annas
And a school on the other side
Ten rupees and ten annas,
And a school on
With our leader who gave us education
We overcame our enemies!
My son!
My Hema! Look at what they did to him!
We got you admitted into college with great difficulty!
-Why are you here instead of studying?
-It's because of my dad!
-Why are you blaming him?
Dad, come here.
Yes, dear?
Why didn't you send her to college?
They go there to better themselves,
not just for education or work.
Let them decide what career to pursue.
Throw that away.
Hey, big girl!
Time to go to college!
See what they did to my son, Hema!
Let the final rites end.
Till then, don't set foot in the village.
I'll make arrangements and will let you know.
I want to see him once.
Otherwise, he would fail to see me one final time.
Are you trying to dig your grave even deeper?
Marimuthu, you better keep an eye
and never let him out!
Sure, sir.
My dear!
My love!
Your girl!
She's here to wed you!
Wake up to see your love!
She didn't end up yours!
-Won't you wake up and see your love?
-My darling!
My dear son!
You disappeared under the earth!
Let go of him!
To reach the high temple
My love!
We lit the lamps on a ladder!
But none of those Gods,
came to guard you
Why did you leave us behind, my dear?!
To reach the steep temple
We lit lamps on the stairs
Don't leave us, dear!
And not one of those Gods
My darling!
My beloved son!
Had he fallen or had he died due to thirst
The crows would've cried!
Who would we cry to
That the leader of our masses has died?
Our ancestors fought and strove out of this 100 years ago.
He isn't just a statue in a blue coat,
arm stretched out to watch over us.
We must be reminded of him.
People should respect us when they see us.
By the time we turn 20, we should have read at least five books.
Not just to stand up for ourselves.
But the knowledge to question any wrongdoing.
Once we start questioning,
they must be left dumbfounded
by the quality of our questions.
-Get out of here!
-[crowd] Disperse all of you!
-Scram from here!
-Can't you hear? Move out!
Don't let them go that easily!
What are you all waiting for?
Drive them away!
Hey, get going!
Run! Run away from here!
Nobody must remain here!
Chase everybody away!
As a result of a clash occurring
during Bhoominathan's funeral procession,
a youngster from Thekkupatti, Ramanathapuram
The District Collector has issued a curfew for the area.
More than 20 were injured
and are admitted to the hospital.
A special force by the Southern IG has been formed to nab
the murderer who fled the scene, Moorkkasamy.
I know nothing about his whereabouts.
He hasn't called here either.
Only if he confesses will I know what exactly happened.
Did the lawyer teach you to speak like that?
Let me see how long you save
him from trouble.
Arumugam! I'll take care of it. You get going!
-Call me if you need anything.
-Sure, sure.
Why are you still out here?
Get inside!
Like I'm answerable to you.
He's one of you, right?
I'll nab him.
And I'll make sure to beat them to pulp!
Start the car now.
He ruined his family's honor!
What to do? Let's see what happens.
Who, among you lot,
does Moorka often hangout?
And whose house does he frequent?
He doesn't visit anyone but Bhoomi, sir.
He was his only friend.
He didn't make a call here, sir.
You could check my phone if you want to.
What if you deleted it?
One call to customer care
and I can get the whole record!
You better not switch off your phone.
We need to track your every move.
He will.
I'll definitely nab him then.
But if you get into any mischief,
I will put you all behind bars!
He should've been strict with her.
But he raised her like a son!
That's why the police were at their doorstep.
God knows what the issue was.
[in Telugu] Wait!
I knew you've invited trouble upon yourself!
If I find out again that you still meet him,
the police will revisit our house.
Except for another case.
[in Telugu] I know.
You get lost, Dad.
This is an issue regarding elections, sir.
A rife between two groups
that led to 24 people hospitalized.
And we've arrested eight people.
Our first accused is Moorkkan, sir.
His father is Muthu Vazhivittan.
And you had arranged for a force to nab him earlier.
All in all, this is an communal issue.
Only in India do we have a prevalence of
dominant castes in every state.
And have caste issues too.
But the reason behind every communal issue,
is the ignition of one's personal vengeance.
First, find who the root cause is.
And then, I'll tell you how to close this case.
Understood, sir.
I'm surprised you caught on so quickly.
Not bad!
I'm pleased. Now get going.
Ask the Paramakudi DSP to meet me after you.
Okay, sir.
[in Hindi] Yes, tell me.
Give each one a tender coconut!
And everyone's in the mood to drink some.
Serve Nagaraj, first!
He asked me what I'd dare to do.
Have I answered you enough, my Nagaraj?
Didn't think he'd remember it.
Sure, I'll send him.
Hold this.
I've spoken to the lawyer.
The vehicle must stop only at Ramnad.
No halting for tea or taking breaks.
The lawyer will then produce you to the Magistrate Court.
Be prepared for anything that may occur.
Alright, get going.
Let's go, boy.
Sit in the middle.
Hey, start the car.
Oh, hello!
Off to the court, I see.
Like I'd let you go easily
and escort you with my mouth shut!
I dare you to move past me!
Let me watch how well you surrender yourself to the law.
I'm right here, in front of you.
Let's see what you're going to do
and how you escort me!
I'm warning you to come peacefully with me.
Hey! Look at what he's up to!
-Hey, get him! He's escaping!
-[both] Nab him!
-Moorka, get in!
-Get them!
Get in the car, man!
They're getting away! Nab them!
Stop right there!
-Sir, don't shoot! It is per SP's orders!
-What a timing! Get lost, you!
Stop there, you!
I said, stop!
Stop there, you!
Hurry up!
He's gone!
Are you happy now?
I was in Madurai for a meeting for Farmer's Union.
Our men told me something went down here.
I thought it was something silly and let it slide.
But the news kept flashing your face!
When I called to ask what happened,
not one person knew the exact story.
So I thought to visit you in person,
but police were stationed at every corner.
Only after asking around,
I found someone slashed your mother's hand.
And your father called me out of the blue,
to surrender you at the Madurai High Court.
I still don't understand what's happening!
Tell me clearly what is going on?!
I'm unsure if he did it for
the people or to protect his job.
He ordered his men to slash my mother's hand.
And tried to murder my dad as well by the pump set.
When I went to stop it all, this happened.
Did Bhoomi really do that?
When did this happen?
Around 7-8 PM on Friday.
He did this along with two more people.
On Friday evening?
Highly unlikely.
Around that time, I saw him at
the lawyer's house in Madurai.
Hang on a minute.
Yes, Unmai.
Wasn't Bhoomi also there
when I visited your house that day?
-Why was he there?
-He came for an intercaste marriage issue.
-The girl and boy are from Sayalkudi.
I asked them to register their marriage
since they were chased by henchmen.
This was over in the afternoon.
And Bhoomi stayed the night at my house.
He was here till Monday at Usilampatti
for the wedding and then left.
-Is this connected to his murder?
-Oh, no no!
-Alright, I'll call you later.
-Sure thing.
-You left us alone!
-Why would you do this?
Why did you leave us behind?
-Why did you do this?
-You left your old man alone!
She offered her life to God
in exchange for revealing the murderer of Bhoomi.
-You better surrender yourself.
-Tell me what happened that day.
What else could've happened?
Tell me who murdered Bhoomi!
Shall I?
It was you who murdered him!
Tell me who killed Bhoomi!
You know who did it.
Tell me who it is!
You murdered him.
And you're asking me to blame someone else?
His eyes were filled with rage!
He killed his own friend.
Now, he's killed another guy!
The police should arrest him immediately.
Only that would guarantee our lives.
Otherwise, no one can roam the streets!
He's roaming around town with impunity.
The police haven't even made an effort to arrest him.
I wonder how many more will die?
Before that--
Thangam was a witness, sir.
Moorkkan killed him too.
Like I said earlier,
this is a community problem.
Didn't I tell you earlier,
that there would be a personal problem
behind all this!
Did you find out who's involved?
I'm investigating, sir.
Yeah, right.
You've been looking for shops that sell tender cuts!
Don't have preconceived notions about the investigation.
The color of the glass you have on
determines how you see the world around you.
Take off your glasses and have a look.
You'll see things the way they were meant to be.
You need to understand the question
to figure out the answer.
Work on it.
Okay, sir.
Get the car. Let's go.
The only thing he knows is to sit in the AC and bark orders.
Only the men on the ground
understand the problem.
Why would explain things to her?
Justice doesn't have any other forms.
It's the same for everyone!
I'll stand by you till the very end.
Hey! Stop!
-What are you doing?
He was the one who told me that you were in love with me
and that marrying you would make your life better!
He was planning to nominate you for the elections.
He promised to make you win!
He wanted me to talk to you about it.
-How did you have the heart to kill him?
Stop shouting if you don't know what happened!
Forget the fact that you are Bhoomi's relative.
Has it never occurred to you
why you're being treated this way?
Haven't you felt the sting before?
Bhoomi was one of the few people
who struggled to uplift your community.
How could you let him die?
Losing him is equal to losing a thousand souls!
When you heard they would kill him,
you should've told us!
You can even see his face
in your grandchildren's, Ganesa!
You'll face the consequences of this every day.
Hey! Tell us the truth, at least now.
I knew they spoke about it.
I didn't know this would happen.
-The Union Secretary,
-the ward members
-Excuse me.
This is the guy I was talking about.
I explained everything to him.
His uncle's son works for us.
They owe us everything.
-Talk to him.
-Thank you.
I'll call you once I'm done talking.
Get going.
-Come on.
How are you?
How's everyone at home?
Did he tell you about Bhoomi?
Why is he doing all this?
Thekkupatti is an unreserved constituency.
He knows it will turn
into a reserved constituency at any time!
That is why he's doing so much groundwork.
Look at how many hearts he has won
without spending a single dime.
Suppose there's an election coming up in your locality
Who'd be the right person to contest
for the post of president?
It's Bhoomi!
And the next best candidate?
That would be you.
You don't even realize that.
In order to make gains in politics,
you should be ready to backstab the guy in front of you!
I'm saying this out of experience.
You'd always play second fiddle
as long as he's around.
To be point blank,
you'd be called his lackey.
I'll finish him off!
Even if you disagree, I will.
President Thangamuthu
Think about it.
How does that sound?
I'll take care of all the expenses!
-I'll make sure our people vote for you.
Coconut water, sir
Here you go.
Here. Drink this.
Go on, drink up!
Sounds good.
Thangamuthu, President.
Hey, Bhoomi! Wait.
-What is it?
-Someone hacked off Moorkkan's mother's hand!
-What are you saying?
-Yes, the whole town thinks it was you!
Because you didn't take any calls
due to the love thing
Even Moorkkan believes you did it!
That's why Moorkkan's dad
wants to meet you by their pump set.
Come on, let's go.
We didn't do anything wrong.
We should talk this out.
Why should we bear the cross
for something we didn't do?
We should put an end to this.
We can't prolong this any longer.
Don't bother, Uncle!
It's on the TV and in the papers
It's over.
Hey! Take her back to town.
Tell her to call this off
and get married to someone else.
Why should I bother answering her?
Hey, get lost!
Don't worry about it.
They haven't decided on the district secretary yet.
It is still on hold.
I get the confidence that I'm winning
only when things go down according to my plan!
You wait and see.
I'll be elected to that post once again.
-Hey! Watch out!
-Stop! Stop!
Open the door!
Moorkkan is here!
-Hey, Kathiresa!
He's headed this way!
Open the doors!
Hello? Sir!
Moorkkan is thrashing our men over here.
He might end up killing us all, sir!
Please hurry, sir!
We're on Kamuthi road, sir.
Hey! Hey!
Run, quick!
Hey! Hey!
Out of my way!
-Get him!
-Quick! Hurry!
Help them out, quick!
-Open the door!
Hey! Stop!
Give him a hand.
Get him out!
Hey! Chase him down instead of bailing me out!
I'll take care. Get going!
Get him!
Why did Moorkkan fight you guys?
Sir, we were going to Kamuthi
to participate in a party meeting.
We saw him on the way there.
Our leader told us, "Hey, he's a murderer."
"Nab him and hand him over to the police."
We agreed.
We were almost eight to ten in number.
We planned everything and got down.
But he beat us all up and destroyed everything.
You guys are such good people
for trying to nab a murderer.
Isn't it?
-Sir, that is what they said.
Which one of you has seen him before?
Sir. None of us have either seen him
or spoken to him before.
That's fine
You keep talking about your leader.
Where is he?
He punched him in his mouth
to keep him from talking, sir!
The poor guy told you all to do some good,
and he got punched for that?
Get going.
-Thank you, sir.
-Thank you, sir.
You better confess, or else
I didn't do it, sir.
-Hey! People say they saw you
-Sir! I didn't do it! I didn't!
Sir! Let him go, poor guy!
What's wrong?
Did the DSP's wife scold you in the morning?
Why are you taking out your anger on him?
And right in front of the SP's office, too.
Things have changed, sir.
They shoot videos on their phones
and upload them on YouTube.
-Hey! Unmai
-That's the truth!
-Is he in?
-Yes, he's waiting for you. Come on.
So why did they transfer you to the SP's office?
You can't earn anything on the side here.
Don't get me into trouble, man!
Hello, sir.
You wanted to meet me, sir?
-What is it?
Get up!
Are you my guest?
How dare you sit without permission?
I called you here for an inquiry.
You think I don't know how the police conduct their inquiries.
Even if a worker did nothing wrong
You stomp and crush him in the name of an inquiry.
But even if a minister's relative
is a murderer,
you would give him a seat and treat him with respect.
You are a public servant,
and you sent for me.
I'm here as a citizen.
But you haven't treated me with the respect
accorded to a citizen.
So, I will not answer any of your questions.
-Hey, mister! Listen--
If you don't respect me,
I won't respect you!
If you want to question me,
go and get an order from the court!
Take the proper, legal way.
This is English, too.
-You talk to him.
-Hey, Unmai! Stop! Stop!
He's a lawyer, sir.
His name is Unmai.
He stopped going to the court
because no one spoke the truth there.
He's a farmer now.
He's a leader in many of the unions in town, sir.
They'd eventually call us.
Let's wait.
Let's go there together.
Hide your vehicle inside.
It's me
The police are still on the lookout.
We can't underestimate the police.
To keep them from closing in,
we need to get rid of any technology around us.
No one would know where we are,
if we got rid of our phones.
That is why I told you to lose your phone at Sayalkudi.
The police can look for you 30 kilometers from here!
My phone is on the way to Tiruchendur.
The driver has it.
He'll return it once he's back in the evening.
Any communication has to go through him.
Hey, make sure he gets food on time.
Muniraj has fled to Chennai, it seems.
I got word.
Just be patient till things get over.
Despite this the two groups in our town,
are going to collect clay from the river
for the Kuthiraieduppu event.
The peace that was kept for 27 years
was broken by a fight over a wedding,
resulting in violence during the festival.
But now, the people are blaming you
for the violence and bloodshed.
No matter who gets into the river first to get the clay,
the other party will be ready to pick a fight with them.
And no matter who dies,
they'll pin this on you.
Why is Moorkkan here?
Pick these up and kill each other!
Aren't you waiting for the right opportunity to fight?
Go ahead and kill each other!
Not a single one of you will win!
The guy who wants us to fight
He's winning!
I stand here, accused of killing Bhoomi
I have no interest in proving my innocence to anyone else.
Bhoomi knows.
For his qualification,
he could've gone abroad to work if he wanted to.
You think he couldn't have gotten rich
and settled down?
He's helped build the lives
of more than a hundred people here!
He fought hard to ensure
you don't go down the path of violence!
If you want to remain faithful to his memory,
help build the lives of others!
Do that instead!
What the hell are you laughing at?
These people struggle every day
just to escape the clutches of poverty!
When did they ever interfere in your growth?
Bhoomi used to tell me often.
We make up twenty percent of Tamil Nadu's population,
but we hardly even make up two percent
of the rich!
We hardly make up five percent
of the list of higher officials!
Did they ever stop you?
They're on the same boat as you are!
We only make up the majority in jails.
You don't even know who your enemy is!
But you act like you know everything!
You think you're above someone else?
But you are still below certain people they say!
A God's job is to protect!
If you want to fight and kill over God's name
you're implying that there is no God!
None of you are good enough to worship God!
You used to feed us palm jaggery rotis
right here, right?
He used to like black-eyed beans, right?
He'll never come back to eat them, right?
"It doesn't matter if you don't get it right."
"Make sure you don't get it wrong."
I don't have anyone to tell that to me anymore.
The whole town thinks I killed him.
Go ahead and tell me I did it.
I want to hear it from you.
I wouldn't believe it,
even if my son turned up and told me!
You're like a son to me!
Your dad wanted to meet you.
He didn't come to meet you
because of the police presence in town.
He's coming to the farmhouse in Veeracholan.
Unmai told me to take you there.
My dear,
it's been ages
since you ate the food that I cooked.
Why are you on the run?
My sweetheart!
You don't have to be on the run.
Listen to what your dad has to say.
He'll make sure you are out soon!
He knows a lot of influential people.
You know about it.
He said he'll come here.
Stay back and meet him, won't you?
He's inside. Have a look.
What are you doing instead of surrendering to the police?
Are you scared that you killed someone?
We are no strangers to this.
This is valor.
You've got it wrong, Dad.
Killing someone isn't valor.
Saving lives is valor.
Who killed Bhoomi?
If we keep allocating seats to people
with no chances of winning
How can we keep the party going?
I've told you this many times!
You ignore this.
The party men lament all the time.
What do I tell them?
They say he's been spending for the party
for the last four years.
Why would you allocate that seat to me then?
Could everyone step outside for a minute?
I want to talk to him in private.
Yeah! As if they're going to discuss something new!
Let's go outside.
-What does he have to say?
-Come on.
I know you have a problem with that guy Bhoomi.
Instead of beating around the bush
Tell me what needs to be done.
He has to die.
You're being direct?
I'll ask this directly then.
The village council president
isn't a post worth killing someone over.
The district chairman.
Can you get me that?
Not for my wife
But for me.
Aren't you dreaming big?
Can you win?
No one cares whether the person they vote for
is good or bad.
All they care about is whether
they're from the same caste as them.
We've got to create a situation
where people vote for people from our caste.
I was struggling without anyone else
to support me.
Now that you are here
We'll win.
It's not like I committed an unforgivable crime.
A small building collapsed.
So the party didn't grant me a seat
the last two times.
Whenever I come to the party office,
they look down on me.
Those who used to bow down to greet me
now make fun of me.
They don't even invite me to the events
I once organized as a leader.
My name isn't even mentioned anywhere.
I can't be a rubber stamp to my wife.
And even when I'm being carried to the grave
I want people to say
that it's the president's dead body.
But in the future, they must say
that it's the chairman's dead body.
Give me your word that you'll do that for me
And I'll do this for you.
Experience, huh?
You want to keep the scales balanced.
Do it.
And I'll do the rest.
Let's talk to him.
Come on.
Thangam told me all about what happened.
Something has gone wrong.
I'm in no way responsible for this.
Both sides have been getting along.
Someone's trying to disturb the peace.
Whatever it is, let's talk it out.
If you want, nominate someone from your side.
-We can talk this over later.
You want us to win with your mercy?
What does his highness have to say?
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Wait. I came here to meet you,
but you want to go somewhere else.
You're the town's hero.
But you're a villain to me.
If I don't pay back what is owed,
what would my party cadre and relatives think?
I need to make amends, right?
Careful, come on! Come on!
Hurry! Quick!
We'll end his story today.
Surround him now!
Quick! Get him!
Let go!
-Get him!
-Quick, get him!
Grab him!
Get him! Don't let him escape!
Finish him off!
Get him! Quick!
Don't let him go!
Chop him into bits!
-What are you looking at?
-Give it!
Don't lose this chance!
Get him!
Kill him!
Get him! Get him!
-How dare he insult us?
-He has got to die!
You're men are here.
-Why are you getting involved?
-I can never be at peace!
I waited a long time to get what I wanted.
He destroyed everything in a day!
-Kill him!
-Come on, get him!
He needs to die for his people to fear us!
Do it!
Die, you!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
-Who do you think you're messing with?
-Hey! My son is coming.
Break all the lights!
Hide him over there!
Quick! Lift him!
Lift him!
Quick! Come on!
Not here, head over there.
-Hide! Quick!
-If he finds out, this will become a problem!
-Quick! Hide in the back!
-Go! Hurry!
Don't let him in!
Hey! Moorkka! Don't go there.
Let's get out of here.
Come on!
Listen to me!
Let's go!
Put him down! Quick!
Hey! Don't do this!
Those men are on the way!
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Come with me. Come on.
Quick! Let's go!
Did you just hack Bhoomi to death?
You say Bhoomi attacked my sister.
Did you see it with your own eyes?
Please answer me.
They're asking you a question!
Answer them.
Did you see it?
-Why did you do such a thing?
-His father asked me to lie!
What?! My brother-in-law?
His father sent the message.
I don't know anything.
Please don't do anything! I'm a family man!
I did what his father asked.
Please don't do anything to me.
Don't confuse yourself.
This case would mean nothing
once I get power.
No one will even testify against you.
People are eager to take the blame for this case.
This is a golden opportunity.
Do you realize how respected you'd be
once you're out of jail?
You don't understand this.
Are you not happy seeing your dad
become the chairman?
You'd hack off your own wife's arm?
You'd send your own son off to jail.
How many more people do you plan to kill,
like you killed Bhoomi?
Don't dwell on it.
Isn't punishment a part of valor?
Don't waste time.
Let's talk about how you'll surrender.
I'll talk to the lawyer.
Getting into a position of power isn't that easy.
Once you lose it
You'll never get back that position.
There's no room for family here.
By the time the panic around the double murders
by Thekkupatti Moorkkasamy settled,
the news of Moorkkasamy killing his father
has shocked the community.
This incident happened in Veeracholan,
near Abiramam village in Ramanathapuram district.
This has raised tensions in that locality.
What do you think of yourselves?
You're making a fuss like a child
claiming to be the opposition and the ruling party!
Be it the ruling party or the opposition,
our men should be on the top!
We should never let other castes
take up a position.
Doesn't matter if they call us good or bad
The town should always talk about us.
What is Moorkkan trying to prove?
Why is he calling some guy
from another caste a good man?
He wants the whole town to talk about him.
Kill him!
We can erect a statue in his memory
after ten years
and celebrate him later!
Let him die for our caste and be worshiped as a martyr!
You're a minister in the ruling party
Get an order for his encounter passed.
We voted for you en masse
How do you plan to repay our future generations?
Don't worry about the parties now.
We are all from the same caste!
Bhoominathan murder case is the talk of the town.
Yeah, yeah.
They say it's a caste problem.
I know this guy Moorkkan.
He's a ruffian!
He tried to jump me once.
If you knew him already,
your point of view would be different.
But whose side do you plan to take?
He must've done it!
Hey! I was also a policeman!
Don't mix your personal grudges with the case.
Because that will affect the people around him.
I'll repeat this.
Keep it in your mind.
We should take the side of the oppressed.
We should make sure he isn't trampled on.
They used to say touching some people was a sin.
And that the mere sight of a few was a bigger sin.
They had kept us on the list of people
they'd avoid seeing.
We fought to come up.
So you go ahead and decide
whose side you'll take.
Tell me what happened in the Moorkkasamy case in order.
Moorkkasamy from Thekkupatti was close with Bhoominathan.
Moorkkan's father is the ex-president.
They had planned to nominate his mother
for the upcoming election.
Fearing that Bhoominathan's rising popularity
would affect his mother's chances of winning,
Moorkkasamy killed Bhoominathan.
Why did he kill his own father then?
I have my suspicions about Muniraj.
Our department writers,
have begun to challenge crime novel writers.
Are you wondering how a guy
who barks orders from a room knows all this?
I have an AC running,
but the heat from this issue won't die down!
This is just another case for you.
But I
Ramanathapuram district has six subdivisions
with 45 police stations.
I cannot investigate each and every case in person.
I'm talking to you in person
because of the seriousness of this case.
As an inspector
You say you've done your investigation.
As a superintendent, I have to supervise your work.
I told you clearly to conduct a thorough investigation.
There are many evil people who pass off as good,
just because there are no eyewitnesses.
Evil people like him commit murders out of anger.
Moorkkan isn't in hiding.
He's waiting to settle scores.
There was an issue over sticking posters.
Do you remember?
Had you handled that case properly,
neither the murders nor the riots would have happened!
They've green-lit Moorkkan's encounter.
You are indirectly responsible
for the three murders that happened.
Commit another murder.
The government has granted you permission.
You won't be punished for this.
Go on, then.
What is it, Uncle?
They've ordered your encounter.
I came running as soon as I heard the news from Sekar.
Bad things happen sooner than good things.
My sister went through a lot
for seven to eight years before she had you.
I still remember the day I lifted you in my arms
right after you were born.
My heart hurts knowing that they plan to kill you!
I would never give you up that easily, Moorkka.
We'll show them!
We'll show them.
The lawyer or the police?
Let's see who wins!
Sir, please have a look at this file and sign it.
-Okay, sir.
-Make sure it's stuck.
-Yeah, make sure you've stuck it well.
You missed that corner
-Isn't he Vazhivittan's son?
-Yeah. He's from Thekkupatti.
Here he is.
Why did you bring her here?
Do you want the police to find out
and torture her as well?
I've told her the truth.
She was adamant about meeting you.
What could I do?
Do you think I can just live
happily after all this?
I can't change the past.
At least you lead a good life.
Get going.
Oh, you still address me like we are close!
That hasn't changed, eh?
Men do what they want to justify their stance!
Where would we women go?
I don't know what would happen next.
I don't want to regret not having kissed you.
I'll talk to you later
-Greetings, sir!
Hey, Nagu. How are you?
Tomorrow we'll know the in-party election result.
They're bound to announce my name for the post.
The power will return to our hands soon!
I trust you all more than the police
because I know you'd be ready to wield a weapon.
I can see Moorkkan's face even in my sleep.
From now on, he shouldn't even get close to me!
That is the reason I called you all.
I should be surrounded by
a minimum of twenty men!
I'll ensure that whoever kills Moorkkan,
will live a life of luxury!
I'll get him any seat he wishes for,
be it MP or MLA!
Once I get that posting tomorrow after the meeting
Watch what happens then.
I'll reign supreme!
Muniraj is back.
He has come well prepared.
The police figured out that I'm with you.
He's attending a party meeting tomorrow.
If he becomes the district secretary
we can never get close to him.
The police on one side
and his goons on the other.
It should either be your day.
Or his.
Fate will decide.
I need to make sure that you are safe tonight.
I know where Moorkkan is.
Tell me where to come and I'll be there.
Come with me. Come on.
Sir. This is the guy I told you about.
Hey, explain everything in detail to him.
What is it? Tell me.
Will you help me get the money, sir?
I say this because I trust you.
Sir. If you let Moorkkan escape,
I'd be dead in no time.
Don't worry. Tell me.
It's my duty to protect you
and ensure you get the money.
How do you know him?
Unmai introduced me to him.
He wanted me to stay with him to get him food.
And I did just that.
Where is Moorkkan now?
You won't find him in Kottamedu or Gundaru.
He's 30 kilometers further away, sir.
Hiding in the thorn-shrub forest by Perunali.
Just to prevent your men from finding out,
he ran in the opposite direction
when he tried to kill Muniraj.
And your men searched the other way.
They've planned everything
and are now executing it.
He'd kill Muniraj by tomorrow, somehow.
-Don't inform Peter Antony about this.
-Okay, sir.
-Form a team.
Round him up soon.
Okay, sir.
Sir. Come with me.
What's the matter at this hour, Marudhupandi?
The police got information on where Moorkan is.
Our men will round him up in ten minutes.
We've informed the minister as well.
The encounter team has also been formed.
They've been told to finish him off
on the way back, once they've caught him.
I feel like I can finally breathe!
I was scared senseless.
Call me as soon they finish him.
Where is he?
It's this way, sir.
Men, follow me!
-Round him up from both sides!
-Okay, sir!
-Come on!
This way! This way!
Hand me the torch!
Careful! Watch your step!
Look! Over here!
Hey! He's here!
We shouldn't let him escape!
Get him!
Pick up the call, damn it!
Hey! What took you long to pick up?
The SP was here.
I'll call you once I kill him.
Moorka is over here whooping our people!
What are you up to there?
Hey, you! Get up!
I said, get up!
Oh, it's you guys!
What took you so long?
My gosh!
Look at the number of police officers here!
-Are you here to protect me with black cats?
-Come with us!
Ah, he believed he finally caught him!
He won't catch him till the end, no matter what!
The reason why 'Kazhumaram' is revered as God is
For those who embrace inherent social hierarchy,
establish divisions of class, caste,
superiority, and inferiority for selfish gains,
will face the harshest penalty:
impalement unto death.
-Yes, sir.
-Peter Antony
The encounter team has assembled at Kottamedu.
They have been directed to kill
the accused, Moorka, along the way.
-So bring him here directly.
-I won't let anyone lay a finger on him!
I will bring him to court and
have him imprisoned at the Central Jail.
He has much to confess yet.
You may very well take action on me.
But I'm not handing him over to you!
And I won't let him die!
What the heck have you done?
How could you
His refusal to yield and arrogant pride
made me seal his fate.
We're anyway's headed to the station.
You can arrest me there.