Keane (2004) Movie Script

I need to speak with him.
- Excuse me. Do you remember me?
- Can I help you?
I bought some tickets
from you last September.
On the 12th.
I was with my daughter.
She was abducted downstairs,
on the lower level.
She was 6 at the time.
She has red hair
and she came up to about here.
She's wearing jeans and a ...
a purple jacket and ...
she has a dark blue backpack.
And the jacket has a hood.
No, I haven't seen her.
I'm sorry.
We sell hundreds of tickets a day.
I thought she might
have shown up.
Or someone
might have seen her.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me, sir.
- Have you seen this girl?
- No.
She's my daughter.
She's 7 years old...
Excuse me.
I'm looking for my daughter.
This is her picture.
She was abducted last September.
She's wearing jeans,
she's got a purple coat.
- It has a hood.
- I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Have you seen this girl?
she's my daughter.
Can you help me, please?
Please, I need your help...
She wanted some candy.
Someone took her right here.
God, he took her right
in front of me!
How long was it?
It couldn't be that long!
How long did we talk?
10 minutes.
10 minutes, no way.
Think! How long?
How long?
We are at the station,
we are gonna get on the bus.
40 seconds.
Yes, I'll bring her back by 6 o' clock.
I know, I know.
No, I won't bring her back that late.
A minute and a half.
Maybe two.
She'll have done her homework.
Yeah, we talked about her homework.
3 and a half minutes.
4 minutes.
You wanna speak with her.
Yeah, 4 minutes.
4 minutes, that's all.
4 minutes
look around.
There must be something.
Anything around here.
16.30 to Carlstadt
She wouldn't have gone with anyone.
Where did they go?
They've got on that bus.
They've gone to another bus.
Go, go.
No cash fares.
No cash accepted.
It's too late.
It's too late.
Just go.
Just go.
Can I pass, please?
There she is!
Was it purple?
Get off. Now.
Get off.
Can you stop the bus!
Stop the bus!
I have to get off.
Can you stop the bus?
- You got to sit down!
- Stop the fucking bus!
Where are you, Sophie?
Where are you?
Sophie, where are you?
It was you.
It was your fault.
You let her go.
You stink!
It's OK.
Everything's OK.
This is gonna be OK.
Hey, I can't get into my room.
There is a lock on the handle.
- What number?
- 301.
You owe a day on the room.
40 box.
I'll take it for another week.
320 plus tax.
How much?
364 dollars and 80 cents.
Well, I haven't got enough.
Can you cash a check?
It's a federal check.
You own disability?
It's 5% service charge.
May I see some ID?
You need some sleep.
You have to get some rest.
It'll pass.
It'll pass.
You need some sleep.
Just rest.
Excuse me.
I wanna get this for my daughter.
She's about the same size as your girl.
- How old is she?
- 7.
Do you think it will fit?
Angela, come here.
Yes, I think so.
It's her size.
How about this?
It is too big.
Yes, this size is 12.
Is this her size?
She takes the size 8.
You have to be presentable
when you get her back.
You are her father.
You need to set a good example.
Hi! Is this Ray?
It's William.
William Keane.
Is Ann there?
Hey, hang on!
Hang on a second!
Is she there?
Look, I just wanna talk to her.
When she will be back?
Will you tell her I called
and I'll try again?
A vodka.
Keep going.
Hey, how I hear the music?
Can you make it louder?
I can barely hear it!
It's loud enough!
Come on, man! I paid for it!
Turn it up!
You turn up the music!
If you don't like it,
get the fuck out!
You turn up the music!
Go down the chair!
What's up?
I need some coke.
How many?
I see you.
I see all of you.
It's a sign.
4.30 to Carlstadt.
He took her to 4.30.
She's here.
She's right here.
OK. Just wait.
Tell me why
the stars do shine
Tell me why
the ivy twines
Tell me why
the skies are blue.
And I will tell you
just why I love you
Because God made
the stars to shine
Because God made
the ivy twine
Because God made
the sky so blue
Because God made you
that's why I love you.
What time is it?
It's still a minute.
One more minute.
It's here.
I can feel it.
It's come.
Look at the gate.
Just look at the gate.
Watch the thing.
It's not him.
It's still too early.
It's still too early.
Just wait.
He's gonna come.
It's here.
I know it.
Think! Think!
The 4:30 to Carlstadt, gate 8.
They took the 4:30.
This the gate they might have used it.
Why they haven't used that gate?
Because he knows you are watching...
Oh my God, he knows who you are.
He's seen you.
He's looking at you right now.
Where is she?
He's looking at you right now.
Move! Move!
You got to move!
Wait, you have to go after him.
You have to turn the tables.
He's not coming after you.
You have to get him.
He's here. He's right here.
He knows you know.
He's going to leave.
He's on his way out.
Hurry, you have to go.
There he is.
That's him.
That's him.
Just keep going.
Where is she?
What did you do to her?
Where is she?
Someone get the cops!
Stay calm.
Nobody's looking at you.
Your boss...
what did he say?
He says this Wednesday morning.
This Wednesday?
There's no way I have the money.
What can I do?
It's out of my hand.
It's out of your hand?
Then what's gonna happen?
As long as it's not
your problem, right?
What should I tell her?
She's 7.
This is up to you.
You are her mother.
Yes, I'm her mother.
Fucking asshole!
Fuck you!
What's gonna happen to us
on Wednesday?
I don't want to talk about it.
- Hey, Kira give me the bag.
- It's all right, mom.
Kira, give me the bag.
Hold on.
Can you lift up your feet?
Who is it?
Hi, my name is William Keane,
I'm staying down the hall.
- Can I help you?
- Who is it?
Kira, go right for bed! Now.
- What do you want?
- I overheard your conversation.
Yeah, is there a problem?
No, no...
there's no problem.
I just wanted to give you some
to help you out with your little girl.
No, no... that's not necessary.
It's 100 box. It'll help you
pay for the next couple nights.
No, we're fine.
It's not what you think.
Yeah I know you don't know me...
But look... please
I want you to have it.
I just want to help out.
That's all you want?
Yeah, that's all.
Look, I've been in
your position before.
I know what is like and I...
Please, please take them.
Thanks, I really appreciate it.
It's William.
- And what's your name?
- Lynn.
It's really nice of you.
Thank you.
Well, maybe I'll see you
around... some time.
OK, see you around.
It's really late, I got to go.
It's so fucking hard!
It's taken!
Just hang.
One more.
One for you.
Woah, you're so beautiful.
I wanna be inside you.
It's my shoe.
It's OK!
Be careful!
I am not using anything!
Is it good?
Keep going!
What are you doing?
Have you just come inside me?
You go to fuck, you hear me!
Get the fuck out of here!
Fucking asshole!
Hey, I'm looking for work
Are you the manager?
Over there.
Where? In the garage?
Hey, is the manager in?
What you want?
I'm looking for a job.
- Can I help you?
- Hey, you've got a work?
I haven't anything right now.
Any part-time?
Pump-gas, whatever...
Sorry, I haven't anything.
Hey, I'm looking for a job.
Do you need any help?
Is it a bad time?
No, not at all.
Have you eaten yet?
I got a bunch of take-out.
Do you wanna join me
and my daughter?
Sure. When?
Whenever you're ready.
There's no rush.
OK. Give me a minute.
Ok. 314.
- Hi. Come on in.
- Thanks.
- Come in. Do you want a beer?
- Sure.
Kira, can you say hi to William?
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Have a seat.
Do you like Cuban food?
- It's chicken, rice and beans.
- Sure. Great.
What are you doing?
Your homework?
Are you learning how to tell time?
Kira go wash your hands,
we're gonna eat.
- Is there anything I can do to help?
- No, thanks.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
- Kira?
- I'm going.
How long have you been here?
Here in the hotel?
8 or 9 days.
the Sunday before last.
I just came from Clifton to try
to find some work in the city.
What are you doing?
I'm a painter.
I paint houses.
I do some construction,
some times and that stuff.
Have you had any luck?
Not yet but you know
I got some leads.
It takes time something
to show up.
Give this to William.
Go on.
Thanks for inviting me.
You're welcome.
- She's sleeping?
- Yeah.
- Do you want another beer?
- Sure.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
It's nice you helped us out.
I'm gonna pay back
as soon as I can.
You don't have to.
No, I want to.
Where's Kira's father?
He's up in Albany.
He got a job in a new water
treatment plant opened.
We're just waiting for him
to find us a place
and we're gonna go join him.
When you think
you're gonna go?
I've been here
7 weeks already.
Need to go there to fix things up
one way or the other.
What about you?
Have you got any family?
Not really.
I have a brother in San Diego.
But we don't really keep in touch.
He's 15 years older than me,
he left home when I was very young.
He sells insurance.
Have you ever married?
It didn't work out.
I'm sorry.
Do you wanna dance?
You should go.
I have to get up early for work.
I didn't mean to make you
feel uncomfortable.
No, you didn't.
It's just a long day.
- I'm tired.
- Sure.
- Thanks for dinner.
- You're welcome.
Good night.
Ron, is Eric there?
Do you know where he is?
This is his wife.
Do you know he's at work?
Tell him I call back at 6.
Will you make sure
he gets the message?
Well, tell him I have to speak to him.
It's urgent.
Tell him I have to speak to him.
At 6. Tonight.
Tell him Kira misses him.
Missing New Jersey girl
reunited with family.
Her father says she was street smart.
She's got this through.
She shouldn't talk to strangers.
She got distracted.
She's not the kind of girl
to go off like that.
She shouldn't have done that.
They got her back.
They found her.
They got their girl back.
After time, they got her back.
They got her back.
Thank you to all the volunteers,
thank you to all the friends who
helped me find my little girl.
Mother said thank you.
Thank you to everybody for
helping me find my little girl.
She came back.
They got their little girl back.
- Who is it?
- It's me. Lynn.
I woke you up.
I'll come back.
- What time is it?
- It's near 11.
I'll come back another time.
No, no, it's OK.
Come in.
Sit down.
I have to go back.
I left Kira sleeping on her own.
Listen I need to ask you a favor.
I was wondering if you can pick
her up from school tomorrow.
And take care of her,
just from 4 to 7.
It's just some things I have to do.
But I'll be back here by 7 at the latest.
Yeah, OK.
If it is a problem, I'll understand.
No, no.
It's not a problem.
I'd like to.
The school's on Hudson,
just on High Point Avenue.
You take the 88 bus here
in tunnel A to the 23rd street,
Then you change for the 85.
Just ask the driver
to let you off.
The stop is just 3 blocks
from the school. Kira knows.
At 4 o' clock?
Yes. Is it clear?
Yeah. It's fine.
If there's an emergency
or anything else,
just leave a message
at the front desk,
I will just keep checking in.
Here's the key to our room.
I can't thank you enough.
We'll have fun,
we'll have a good time.
Thanks. I should go back.
Do you wanna stay for a few minutes?
I can't.
I got to go.
Good night.
Sorry I'm late.
- How are you doing?
- OK.
- Are you ready?
- Yeah.
Your mom talked to you, right?
So you know I'm picking you up.
Put it in here.
How was at school?
It's OK.
Your mom told me you gonna be gone
in a couple of weeks.
Do you like it?
It's OK.
Have you made any friends here?
I made a friend
with this girl, Alyssa.
She was nice, at first.
But now,
she's become a kind of mean.
So I don't really like
going any more.
What happened?
She kept saying I'm stupid,
and then she said she's only kidding.
But she kept doing this,
she's not really sorry.
Do you believe her when she
says you're stupid?
You're very smart, I can tell.
Don't listen to people when
they mean to put you down.
Try to ignore them.
Can you do that?
Yeah, I'll try.
Those people aren't your friends.
Are you gonna be my mommy's
new boyfriend?
I don't know!
You want me to?
I don't know!
You miss your father?
I guess so.
When was the last time
you've spoken to him?
I don't know.
It's been a while ago.
Can I have an ice-cream?
When you finish it!
I finished.
Eat your food. Here.
We buy you an ice-cream
when you're done. Deal?
What you say?
I have to go to the bathroom.
I'll be right back.
Will you be all right by yourself?
- Yeah.
- Are you sure?
It's gonna be a couple
of minutes. OK?
How many seconds
in a minute?
How many minutes
in an hour?
How many minutes
is this an hour fifteen?
Do 60 minutes in an hour.
60 minutes in an hour...
I don't know.
60 plus 10 is what?
60 plus 10...
Add 5.
There you go.
Put it down.
Are you sure
you do a good job?
I am.
Look at my veins.
Look here, can you see them?
They're water veins.
Look at this one.
It's a really big one.
Here. Let's put some conditioner.
Give me your hand.
Make sure you get the back.
You got enough?
Yeah, I think so.
You got a message.
- Hey, when did she call?
- A half an hour ago.
- She didn't leave a number.
- Just what I wrote there.
What is there?
It's from your mom.
Ah, she can't come back
until tomorrow.
She doesn't say.
She just says she needs
more time.
- Is my mommy coming back?
- Of course she is.
How do you know?
Because she loves you.
And you know how you love her
and you wanna be with her.
Well, she feels the same way
about you.
Don't worry.
Here. It's time to go to sleep.
Get in the bed.
Right now?
Have you brushed your teeth?
Are you comfy?
What is it then?
I miss my daddy.
Why did he have to go?
I don't know.
Sometimes, things don't work out.
Things will be better soon.
Try to get some sleep.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can!
Here. Close your eyes.
Try to sleep.
I'm sitting right here beside you.
Go to sleep.
Close your eyes.
Hey, come on. Close your eyes.
Roll over around your side.
Try to get some sleep.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Are you excited?
- A-ha!
Yeah, me too.
I haven't scatted
for a long time.
Are you nervous?
A little bit.
You just hang on me. OK?
Are you having fun?
A lot.
I think you're a natural.
- You've done this before, right?
- No!
I can tell
you've done this before.
You're too good.
Is this for the first time?
Let's try your own.
That's good.
You are on your own.
I'm doing it!
You're doing it.
It's true, you are.
A little harder.
10 is good.
Like bowling,
Roll it up.
- OK, keep playing.
- OK.
What are you looking at?
Don't look at me.
Don't look at me!
Stop it.
Are you OK?
I'm not feeling well.
It's OK.
I'm sorry.
Are you gonna be OK?
I think so.
I'll be fine.
Give me your arm, sweetie.
Lie down.
Sorry I couldn't get back
last night.
Where were you?
How long she's been sleeping?
About an hour or so.
Did everything go OK?
Everything's fine.
Mommy, you're back.
Go back to sleep.
Where were you?
I went to see Kira's father.
You want some water?
I gonna get some.
You didn't have
to do the dishes.
I'm exhausted.
What's going on?
We're gonna move.
Eric found us a place.
When are you going?
Since I get my paycheck.
Sunday, Monday at the latest.
I'll pay you back as much as I can
and I'll sent you the
rest in a couple of weeks.
Thanks for taking
care of Kira.
- So that's it.
- Yeah.
I like to see you
before you leave.
Come by tomorrow after school.
My name is William Keane.
I was born February 6, 1970
in Yonkers General Hospital,
Yonkers New York.
My father's name
is Henry Keane.
My mother was born Mary Conlan.
She's dead.
I have one brother,
a half-brother, Robert Keane.
I was married to Ann Etkin
on August 16th, 1996
and divorced 2 years later.
August 17th, 1998.
We had one child.
A girl.
You've got to get
out of here!
There's nothing good here.
Hey, Kira!
Come here!
What are you doing here?
I come to get.
You're leaving to Albany.
- Right now?
- Yes, right now.
Really? Where's Mommy?
Mommy had to go by work
to get her paycheck.
She's gonna meet us
at the station.
So let's go to try
to find a cab.
I'm taking you.
Where are your things?
Over there.
I go down.
I'll meet you over
the front entrance.
You hear me?
Keep the change.
You take my hand.
You have to stay right beside me.
Do you understand?
Go to the counters...
Are you excited?
Stand right here.
We're gonna take
a bus to Clifton.
We got to change and take
the second one to Albany.
Cause they don't have a bus
going all the way through.
One adult and child to Clifton.
- One way or round trip?
- One way.
Out of 20.
Don't you get one for mommy?
- She already has her ticket.
- When did she get it?
Kira, let me handle this. OK?
Don't worry! Your mom is
gonna have her ticket.
14.80 to change.
The bus leaves at 4:45?
4:45 is 21.
Your mama and I agreed to take
our own tickets
In case she gets here before us.
Now we don't have to take
too many tickets.
I wasn't forgeting your mom.
There has left some time.
You wanna go to look around?
Yeah, you mean looking at
these stores?
- Sure.
- Really?
I like this one,
you see?
The one with brown eyes
and the Dalmatian.
They are both cute.
We got to go.
We should go.
We got to get going.
It is over here.
You're a good girl,
you know that?
- I am?
- Yeah.
Wait here.
Is my mom there?
I don't see her.
Can you go to the candid bar
for a white?
Here, get two.
I'm gonna call your mom
to see if she's left.
Ok, come back here
when you're done.
Right back here,
gate 21.
I know.
I'm sorry, Sophie.
I'm so sorry.
Are you OK?
You come in.
Is my mommy coming?
No, she hasn't left yet.
The 16:45 to Clifton.
Have your tickets out please.
Let's go and sit down.
We are gonna go back and meet
your mom in a restaurant.
- We are?
- Yeah!
Why are you crying?
Don't cry.
It's OK.
I love you.
I love you too.