Kedamono no ken (Sword of the Beast) (1965) Movie Script

Cinematography by TOSHITADA TSUCHIYA
Mister, I saw them chasing you back there.
You did? Where'd they go?
Don't worry. They ran towards town.
So how about some fun now... with me?
Might as well. You could die at any moment.
They're just watering their horses.
It's okay. They can't see us here.
Directed by HIDEO GOSHA
Over there!
Stop! You trapped me!
Forgive me! They paid me!
Gennosuke, prepare to die!
Gennosuke! Where's your samurai pride?
Have you no shame, you coward?
To hell with name and pride!
I'll run and never stop!
Gennosuke Yuuki, samurai of
the Enshu Kakegawa clan,
killed Counselor Kenmotsu Yamaoka
and fled to his home province.
Kenmotsu's only daughter, Misa,
along with her fianc, Daizaburo Torio,
immediately set off in pursuit.
Gundayu Katori, master swordsman of the clan,
and four of his best men
were sent along to assist them.
The year was 1 857.
That horse.
Looks like Gennosuke's.
Is that your horse?
Master, some samurai are here!
We didn't steal that horse, sir.
We found it tied to our fence
this morning. Finders keepers, right?
Do you run this stable?
Toragoro Litomi at your service.
They call me Packhorse Tora.
You seem to have some pull here.
That's for sure! He runs
both the horses and the gambling!
Shut up!
If you have time to gab,
go get feed for the horses!
I want to ask a favor, man to man.
Lend us your men to find the owner of that horse.
Sir, they're very busy.
We'll pay ten ryo for your help.
Ten ryo!
Master Katori.
Should we really ask these thugs for help?
The classic texts say vendettas
differ from ordinary combat.
One can accept anybody's help if need be.
I agree.
Whatever it takes to catch that monster!
Sir, I accept your offer. Please, come inside.
Thank you.
Gennosuke said, "To hell with name and pride.
I'll run and never stop."
How could it be? He used to be so brave.
You're still far better than I am.
If only I could win one in three,
or at least one in five.
Our ambitions are different.
We differ less in ability than in tenacity.
You will soon become the clan
counselor's son-in-law,
but I'm a nobody in the clan.
The sword is my only road out of obscurity.
This isn't a time of war. You
can't rise by your sword alone.
Times have changed since Commodore
Perry's fleet arrived.
No matter how much the
leadership resists, they must reform.
I will rise.
I'll become a full-fledged retainer.
- Even!
- Odd!
Last round! There aren't enough odds!
Any takers for odd? Come on.
Hold on.
Sir, how much is this worth?
I don't care. Appraise it as you wish.
Two bu?
Two bu on odd.
Evens and odds are balanced.
Any more bets? I hear none. Game!
Thank you very much.
Let's play again.
This game is under the table.
If my boss finds out, I'll lose a finger.
Who gives a damn about your finger?
Play again
or give us half the money!
Go to hell!
Secret games are a bad idea.
You're prey to bandits like us!
- Son of a bitch!
- Go to hell!
Leave it! It's not worth a fight!
I'll rip this two-bit loser apart!
Fool! We can't afford trouble
before getting to the mountain.
- Those were prospectors, right?
- What of it?
There must be gold on that mountain.
Obviously, if they're prospectors.
Anyway, I'll take my two bu and go now.
- Is this the only entrance?
- Yeah.
- Is there a back door?
- No.
- What's in back?
- A small room where I sleep.
I'll take that.
I'd like to rest for a while.
Bring some food and sake.
And one more thing.
Don't tell anyone I'm here.
There's only one door, in the
front, and no back door.
The ronin is staying in this room.
It has one window,
which opens onto this alley.
- How high is the ceiling?
- Eight feet, I think.
How wide is the alley?
Wide enough for three men.
We must fight him in the alley.
Bring your men.
But what about the other five ryo?
After the fight.
Do well and you'll get an extra ryo.
Yes, sir.
The ceiling is low.
Use your short swords.
I brought some more sake.
It's cold in the rainy season.
Old man, why are you trembling?
Is the rainy season that cold?
Gennosuke, prepare to die!
Stay away from me!
Gennosuke, at least die like a samurai!
How can I? This is butchery!
He's wounded! Five ryo to whoever catches him!
No sign of him?
He can't have escaped. Keep looking.
Wait a minute!
Have you seen a wounded ronin?
Yeah, he ran like crazy in that direction.
I'm so annoyed. We almost had him.
We'd have had him if you hadn't hesitated.
You two used to be friends.
It seems you don't want to kill him after all.
At that moment, he was like a cornered beast.
He shouted out,
"This is butchery!"
Daizaburo, have you forgotten
that he killed my father?
I will never forget that day.
Take back your petition.
You three ringleaders are confined
to quarters until further notice.
Underlings like you claim you want reform,
but you're really after power.
Underlings are still samurai of the clan.
In other clans, rank doesn't matter when...
Silence! Other clans are not my concern.
As long as I'm counselor, I won't stand for it.
Return to your quarters!
We refuse!
Next you'll order us to commit harakiri.
We won't wait around to lose our lives.
We'll take yours instead.
That was our original plan anyway.
When I recall that day,
I see Gennosuke as just a beast
to be drawn and quartered.
Butchery is what he deserves.
But he's a samurai. He must die like one.
don't forget that when we're married,
you'll inherit a fortune of 3,500 koku.
How can you fail
to share my hatred for our enemy?
I find that most vexing.
Master Katori, any word where Gennosuke went?
"Packhorse" has his men searching,
combing every nook and cranny.
He won't escape that easily.
Hardly anyone ever comes here.
Take a nap if you like.
There's a bounty on my head. Don't you want it?
A measly bounty like that? Who cares?
I'm aiming for a mountain of riches!
A mountain?
Take a look at this.
Gold dust?
I was bathing a horse in the river
when a prospector's body floated by.
He had this pouch on him.
There's been gold in Koshu for a long time,
so it's no surprise he found gold up there.
So you'll prospect on the mountain?
A man can't spend his entire life
scrubbing horses in a dump like this.
But Mount Shirane belongs to the shogunate.
The penalty for poaching there is decapitation.
A man can't do great things if he's afraid.
How about it? Let's team up
and strike it rich together.
The thing is, the man carrying this pouch
was sliced open from shoulder to waist.
There are clearly some
very dangerous people upriver
after that gold.
So you're hiding me because you need a bodyguard.
If you put it that way -
Just leave it all to me.
Let's sneak away when things quiet down.
If you'll be running for the rest of your life,
you'll need some coin to keep you going.
Running for the rest of my life?
Any luck?
But we'll find some soon, right?
There's no gold around here.
Let's go further up.
Quick, hide!
We've got some nasty company.
Those patrols come by once
every three months at most.
We'll be safe once they pass.
Maybe we should keep them in sight.
We don't want to bump into them unexpectedly.
Yeah, you're right.
Okay, let's go.
Whose hut is that?
- That's a logger's rest lodge.
- Is it in use now?
No, logging here ended last year.
- But somebody's there.
- No, that's imposs...
Stumbling already? It's still early.
Wait. Somebody's coming.
What are you doing here?
You're panning for gold, aren't you?
You can be executed for that!
- I know.
- What?
You dare resist?
Officers have been killed. That means trouble.
- Should we hightail it out of here?
- No.
They'll have to come from Kofu.
It'll take them 10 to 15 days.
How much can we pan in two weeks?
Who cares about that?
I want the gold he's got in that hut.
You mean you want to steal it?
He's only human. He'll
let his guard down sometime.
We can't leave this place empty-handed.
You're right.
All right, let's cook up a plan.
Dear, shouldn't we leave soon?
That officer won't make it back alive.
But if he does, they'll come for us.
Won't it arouse suspicion if he doesn't return?
They might send a search party...
but I'll kill them too, if need be.
So we're staying?
Yes, until ordered otherwise.
But if the shogunate
finds out, our clan is finished.
Not if we keep our mouths shut.
You and I will be executed,
and that will be the end of that.
Are you afraid?
No. I'm ready for anything.
The clan will never abandon us.
Cheer up. I'll go take care of the bodies.
Bring him in.
Lay him down gently.
Take off these wet clothes.
That's an officer, isn't it?
He came floating down the river.
He coughed up the water,
so he'll probably survive.
Take off his clothes and take
him in the other room.
Boss, there are officers up there after all.
- Was that one wounded?
- No.
He couldn't have just fallen into
the river. There must be a reason.
How can we go up with officials there?
Afraid of the law now? What happened
to your fighting spirit?
Well, I'll be.
You seem to want that gold more than I do!
My future depends on it.
We're leaving early in the morning. Get ready.
I'm going to take a bath.
Now I guess he's in charge.
Set him down carefully.
Will he make it?
He's breathing again. We have to warm him up.
Shall I help?
You're a guest. We couldn't ask that of you.
They say the best thing to warm
a man is a woman's skin.
It must be providence that I happened to be here.
Leave him to me. You all can wait outside.
If you say so, ma'am.
Let's go, everyone.
Where am I?
How odd. He took a sudden turn for the worse.
He's dead.
Why the towel?
His face was dirty. I wiped it clean.
How kind of you.
You'll pretend you saw nothing, won't you?
Let me show my thanks.
You can thank me by dropping the hairpin first.
It's tough carrying a body downhill.
Bad luck for your men.
They won't be carrying it.
They'll go by raft to Litomi.
By raft? How long will that take?
Only half a day to go down.
But walking back makes the round-trip two days.
Half a day before they
find out. We'll have to hurry.
- What's that?
- Nothing.
We leave early in the morning.
Please prepare lots of rice balls.
You're really going upriver?
I'm telling you the truth.
You'll be killed if you go.
I know.
A deadly warrior will be waiting.
How did you know?
Let me ask you:
What's your connection to him?
I can't tell you that,
even if you kill me.
Then I won't ask.
But I'll tell you this much:
I will have that gold, even
if I have to kill him to get it.
Don't go. I can't let you go to your death.
There are already people trying to kill me
as we speak.
Never in my life have I been able
to get what I wanted.
Once I tried, and I was chased out of my clan.
Now there's nowhere under heaven for me to rest.
But this time...
I will get what I want.
I will take it with these hands!
the dayflowers are blossoming.
See how beautiful they are?
You were so fond of flowers back home.
As long as we're here, I
have no time for human concerns.
Don't forget our mission.
How could I possibly forget?
That's why I wanted some consolation.
This gold will save our clan.
Isn't that consolation enough?
I understand that.
That's why I came with you.
You've helped me collect
three times as much gold as I would have alone.
The counselor is very pleased.
When this work is finished,
you'll receive a stipend of 200 koku.
For generations, men of my family
have been impoverished squires.
At last I will become a retainer.
That alone is worth it.
How many have you killed so far?
Any who dared approach.
Nobody has returned alive.
What? It's a couple!
We're ready to face punishment if caught.
I protect my gold from wolves
like you... with this.
This wolf has very sharp teeth.
We'll meet again.
Boss, who on earth are they?
Does it matter?
He poaches government gold
and kills anyone who draws near.
That's all you need to know.
I won't steal a man's hard-earned gold.
My original plan was to pan by myself.
Let's make some tools and work together.
I don't have that kind of time.
I'm a cornered and wounded beast.
I can't afford to live by my conscience.
My opponent is a strong warrior, it's true.
But it's up to me whether I
defeat him and take his gold,
or am defeated by him
and left to die a dog's death in the hills.
All right.
If you insist, there's nothing I can say.
I'm risking my life in this battle too.
When I get my share, first I'll build a stable.
Then I'll build a house as big as a palace!
I'll line up my 100 horses and have
my men scrub them like crazy!
Don't move or she's dead!
Face it! There's nothing you can do!
If you want to save her, hand over the gold.
Don't make us laugh! You're the one poaching gold.
You can always get more gold,
but your wife has just one life.
Hurry up and bring us the gold!
Hurry up.
I won't give it to you!
I won't.
I won't give you the gold.
- What a bastard!
- Very well.
If the gold is that important to you,
we'll just treat ourselves to your wife!
That's okay with you, right?
Hear that, Minokichi?
His gold is more important than his wife!
She's all yours. Do whatever you want!
Jurota, kill me!
Just kill me!
What are you doing here?
This is atrocious, no
matter how much money's at stake!
To hell with you! We'll kill
her if you come closer.
Idiot! I'm not her husband.
Think those threats will work with me?
Arrogant son of a bitch!
Come on.
Worthless wretch, is your gold that important?
More important than your wife's life?
This mountain is a dwelling for beasts.
I'll turn into a wolf too before long...
and take my share of that almighty gold.
Welcome. Will you be staying the night?
No, we're looking for somebody.
The men carrying the dead officer told us
there was a tall ronin staying here,
traveling with a small-time thug.
Those two left early yesterday morning.
They left?
Where did they go?
From the way they were dressed,
I'd guess up the mountain.
Up the mountain?
People sometimes go to poach gold,
even though they risk execution.
How long will you be staying?
The paths are very steep. Why not rest first?
Nonsense! If you're tired, you can rest.
Master Katori, let's go.
Boss, there's a lot of gold in this sand.
What's the point of dredging the river?
you really think you're becoming a beast?
When you saved that woman last night,
I knew you could never be a beast.
Women and gold are two different things.
I made it clear to her I'd be back for the gold.
A real beast wouldn't give warning.
Those three prospectors last night -
now they were beasts.
I don't think you could be like them.
Could you?
I can do anything I set out to do,
but unfortunately I don't have the fangs.
I've been thinking if you're not
going to take that couple's gold,
I'll just stay here and pan.
I'll take that gold, all right.
Forget about this stupid panning.
What are you doing?
You're my wife.
When a man risks his life for
his work, his wife must do the same.
Can't you do that?
Am I still your wife
after what happened last night?
Don't talk back to me. Get to work.
Worthless wretch, is your gold that important?
More important than your wife's life?
Are you afraid of me?
Do whatever you want.
Why are you here?
I want to become a beast like you.
I can't stand living for a mission anymore.
It's easier to be a beast, roaming the hills.
Living for a mission?
Are you and your husband here
on somebody's orders?
He's a retainer in a clan.
That means that gold
will belong to the clan.
And what will you get for your sacrifice?
My husband will be promoted to
full samurai, with a 200-koku stipend.
What's his rank now?
He's a squire without a stipend.
I see.
It's all becoming clear.
I too had to suffer the lonely frustration
of being a nobody.
I understand only too well how he feels.
I too might have accepted such a task.
Actually, I did.
Indeed, I did something
far more stupid.
It's raining hard. Let's rest here for a while.
Don't go to any trouble.
Seems you need an umbrella even inside.
I hear you've been
studying hard in this leaky room.
Times are changing rapidly.
It's reassuring that we have
progressive samurai like you in the clan.
So you approve of our plans for reform?
Things seem to be leaning in that direction.
Yokoi of the Higo clan
and Yoshida of the Tosa clan
were both promoted to high position
despite humble beginnings,
and their reforms have been very successful.
But Counselor Yamaoka
dislikes our reform plan.
He can't dislike it forever.
We mustn't allow him to.
Idle, high-ranking samurai
can't carry out the reforms.
It must fall to foot soldiers like yourselves.
Look at Sanai Hashimoto of Echizen.
He was barely 20 years old,
making a stipend of only 25 koku,
and yet he skillfully reformed
a clan worth over 320,000 koku.
We took the vice-counselor's hint:
If we toppled Counselor Yamaoka,
our reform plan would be accepted.
And so you killed the counselor?
Yes. We were badly paid minions.
We believed it was the only way to rise.
And then?
The result was a cruel disappointment.
I, Gennosuke Yuuki, have slain Counselor Yamaoka.
I know.
Now is the time for bold reforms!
You fool!
Who will accept your plan
after you killed the counselor?
Did I ever tell you to kill him?
And did I ever say you would
be promoted if you did?
Not in so many words, but it was implied.
Tell that to the tribunal.
Your coconspirators have been killed.
Only you remain.
So I'm being shut out.
You will become the next counselor...
the clan will be reformed...
and leadership handed over to new people...
but I won't be one of them!
Traitor on the loose!
Find him!
They won't find you here. Now go.
Come. Let me take you back.
I'm a fugitive,
and you're the wife of a samurai
about to complete his mission.
You cannot choose the life of a beast.
You have nothing to fear.
You've done nothing wrong.
I won't force you to go back to him,
but if you want to take the path of the beast,
you must tell him so first.
prepare to meet your death.
You're going to...
Kill you.
You would have let me die for gold.
Why kill me now?
Do you have any last words?
Boss, to what do I owe
the pleasure of your company?
- I knew you'd come around!
- You object?
No, not at all. You're welcome
to help if you want.
Come up here.
If you won't...
I'll come down.
Are you going?
The forward thrust was your specialty in the dojo,
but this time it cost you your life.
Misa's not here yet.
I'll cut you down but let her finish you off.
Prepare yourself!
That was close!
Why did you save me?
That wasn't my plan. I just came to warn you.
Warn me?
Men from my clan will arrive by sundown.
To retrieve the gold?
Yes, and to wipe out everyone on this mountain.
Wipe them out?
Do they know we're here?
The woman at the inn told them.
That's right.
Once they arrive, I can't help you escape.
Besides, my pursuers have
arrived. I can't stay here.
I'm leaving the mountain.
Perhaps one day we'll meet again.
My name is Jurota Yamane.
For obvious reasons I can't tell you my clan.
I am Gennosuke Yuuki, a ronin from Enshu.
- Why don't you rest?
- I don't need your pity.
Don't make special allowances because I'm a woman.
You can't take another step.
I'll wait here.
Please look for Master Katori.
I can't leave you alone.
I'll be all right.
I no longer fear anything.
Go now! Look for him!
Stay right here. Understand?
Boss, just listen to me.
It would be a waste to leave now.
Unfortunately, my pursuers are drawing near.
But the strongest one is dead.
What's there to worry about?
The one who worries me most is still out there.
What about you? Coming with me or not?
I'm not leaving here empty-handed.
If you insist.
But life is worth more than gold.
Daizaburo! Master Katori is dead!
Then I'll kill you myself!
Why do you insist on throwing your life away?
It's a matter of pride. Now fight!
Gennosuke, why did you save me?
Never mind that. Go help her.
I doubt she'll be so eager to kill you now.
No, nothing's changed.
Look at her.
The true daughter of a samurai.
She's been violated, yet she still
remembers her appearance.
I'm leaving the mountain.
Look after those two.
There are three prospectors in
the hills, five targets in all.
They must all die. Spread the net wide.
- We'll split into three groups.
- What about Osen?
She'll meet us at the hut as planned.
If you go now, you'll be killed.
So that road is ambushed.
You know about them?
If you hurry, you can escape
through that cedar grove.
Why are you helping me?
I don't know what's going to happen to me.
Weren't you working for the clan?
Too many people have seen my face.
Everybody involved is going to be killed...
including that couple.
What? Yamane and his wife?
I'm trembling with fear. Please take me with you.
Please wait for me!
Wait! Please wait!
Osen, you betrayed us!
Counselor, we lost the ronin!
In that case, sound the signal!
Wait a second. Are you
still set on killing Master Yuuki?
Isn't this a good opportunity
to call off the vendetta?
Not as long as he's alive. That's the samurai way.
But she can't even go home after what happened!
So what are you going to do?
Go back without her after taking your revenge?
Come on! What is there to think about?
You're her fianc, for God's sake!
Or maybe you think she's damaged goods?
Shut up!
We'll decide everything once
the vendetta's been fulfilled.
This "vendetta" is
starting to sound like an excuse.
Just listen to me!
Prepare yourself!
There's something I must do.
I beg you, just wait until I've done it!
- You knew you would run into us?
- Yes.
What do you need to do?
Come with me.
You'll see.
Why did you come back? They've already...
I see.
Has he taken them to the gold? Where is it?
We have to stop him.
Once they have the gold, they'll kill
you both to cover up the theft!
That can't be.
The clan would kill us?
That's how clans work. I'm proof of that.
Hurry! Your husband's in danger.
You've served well through many years of hardship.
I thank you on behalf of the entire clan.
Now burn down the hut and return home.
I'll go ahead and prepare your welcome.
Hand over that gold! Let's have no trouble!
Counselor, leave this to me.
Those men are ronin hired
by your counselor to kill you.
You and your wife are witnesses.
He plans to kill you to cover it up.
If you kill anyone, kill him!
- Counselor, why?
- Kill him!
Yamane, drop your sword and let him go...
or your wife dies!
Let the counselor go!
Let him go or your wife dies!
This is how you reward them?
Kill him!
Give me that gold!
Wait! We're not connected at all. Why kill me?
No, we are connected...
because I'll see you in hell!
our battle is all that remains.
What? Had a change of heart?
I'm not returning to the clan.
Misa says she can't go back either.
We can live anywhere but in the
shadow of Kakegawa Castle.
But I'm the man who killed her father.
No matter where you live,
her hatred for me won't change.
Misa is over there.