Kedarnath (2018) Movie Script

'Hail Lord Shiva!'
Praise the Lord!
- Praise the Lord!
'Hail Lord Shiva!'
'Keep moving ahead.'
'Take care of your belongings.'
Go to him.
To whom?
Hail Lord Shiva!
Can't a Hindu take me?
I won't go with him!
Ma, why are you so upset?
We are on a tight budget. We
got a coupon after such difficulty.
Come on...
Your words are like hot
air from a donkey!
Of all the people in this zoo,
you found him?
I won't sit on that mule.
Listen to me...
Mules neither pray in
temples nor read the Quran.
Am I right?
Get up!
He's saying he won't
charge extra for our things.
Come on, get up. Let's go.
Is he frisky?
He won't jump off
the mountain with me, will he?
No, Ma! He's done it
just once or twice before.
No... - Okay. Ma, you don't
have to sit on Rustom.
I will carry you myself. Alright?
Is that okay?
- No problem in doing that.
Let me help you sit on it.
- Come, sit.
Why couldn't you just get a Hindu?
Why long for something you
don't have
when you can enjoy that
which you do?
Hey! This moron speaks Bhojpuri!
Ma, I speak it all. Gujarati,
Punjabi, Bengali...
I have taken all of lndia
to this temple. Come on.
Hail Shiv, the Auspicious One!
Shiv, the Auspicious One!
Come on, son!
Come on.
- Take care of your belongings.
This ass won't run away
with our luggage?
No, Ma... Rustom and your
luggage will find their way.
"Hail the Greatest God!"
"My beloved Supreme Lord!"
"How does one breathe
without chanting your name?"
- Pull harder! Delhi is not too far...
"My karma is bestowed to you."
"You decide my good and my evil."
"I blindly tread the
path you have chosen for me."
"Your light ignites my universe
and swallows my darkness."
"Hail the Greatest God!"
"My beloved Kind Hearted Lord!"
"Hail the Creator,
Hail the Originator!"
"Hail the Greatest God!"
"My beloved Kind Hearted Lord,
the Abode of Joy!"
The Pandavas had done penance
after the Mahabharath war.
Shiva was in the form of a bull
when Bheem caught him.
His head appeared in Nepal
and his hump remained here.
Salute officer!
- Greetings!
Almost there Ma. 7 kms done.
7 kms to go.
What are you made of?
Don't you get tired?
I've eaten Shiva's herb.
Moron! Better not throw me
into the valley...
"But mankind's faith
in you shall live on."
Didn't I tell you Ma...
Rustom will find his way.
Come boy.
"You are the originator of all."
Now where are you going?
Ma, this is my area.
We can have some refreshments here.
We'll stop here for a little while.
Come on, Rustom.
Ma, easy...
One minute...
Please hold this...
Wait here...
Here you go.
I know the shop owner...
She is big-hearted,
won't take any money.
No one is big-hearted for free.
You could ask for anything
in exchange for this!
Hold this, hold this. - 'It is wrong,
you didn't send us the sweets.'
Let's go...
Can you pass that?
Hail Shiv, the Auspicious One!
Hail the Innocent One!
Ma... I'll see you in the evening.
Be so kind as to
bring some money home.
Don't splurge it
all on the pilgrims.
"Like a pearl in a shell,"
"You reside within me,
my beloved Lord!"
"I lived with the illusion."
"Of Me, Myself and I."
"You are the creator,
You are the destroyer."
"It is all you."
- Ma... we've reached.
Here you go...
"Bless me as I bow
my head in front of you."
"Hail the Greatest God!"
"My beloved Kind Hearted Lord,
the Abode of Joy."
"Hail the Greatest God!"
"My beloved Kind Hearted Lord,
the Abode of Joy."
"Hail the Greatest God!"
"My beloved Kind Hearted Lord,
the Abode of Joy."
"Hail the Greatest God!"
"My beloved Kind Hearted Lord,
the Abode of Joy."
"My beloved Kind Hearted Lord,
the Abode of Joy."
"My beloved Kind Hearted Lord,
the Abode of Joy."
Ma, Paid your respects?
Yes, yes. God bless you!
Please come.
Come on. Smile.
Say something!
Forgive me, I didn't see you.
Didn't see me?
It's not a moonless night
that you couldn't see.
It's broad daylight...
He came straight and took
a dump in my path!
And you say you didn't see me?
Let it go. He's a mule.
He's a mule, but what about you?
The mule will not come and say...
"Brother, take me to the bathroom!"
My brand new slippers...
Your mule has left
his blessings on it!
Now what will I do with it?
Hail the Untainted One!
Oh Wise One...
haven't seen you in 2 days?
But I could see you.
Let's drink the poison
of the valley...
Let's indulge some fools...
Let's play Shiva!
Bala... Tourist season has started,
but your leaking
roof hasn't stopped.
His roof has been leaking
since 5 years...
Forget that...
when I see what's happening up
there it breaks my heart...
there are no facilities for porters,
but every amenity for the pilgrims.
I've spoken to them...
the commission has promised
to find a solution.
New rates for porters were
also discussed.
Before we get into that, something
important has come up...
We need to think about it...
The commission wants to
open a 2 star hotel in Rambara...
and slowly after that
a guest house, lodge...
Hail the Untainted One!
Praise the Lord!
Started the meeting without us?
Thank you.
How can they do that?
It is prohibited to
build a hotel in this area.
Without a permit you can't
build anything here...
There is a rate card for a permit.
Pay the price and it's yours!
The High Priest's nephew, Kullu,
is leading this plan for the hotel.
We should think about it and
present our case to them quickly.
May you rot in hell
you piece of shit!
May your throat be
parched like a dry leaf!
Uncle... You've sat
on the mattress again?
I told you when you sit there, this
monster hits the ball even harder.
Can't you sit outside
for 2 minutes... For India?
If a customer visits can I come in?
- Uncle!
Whether Pakistan hits or not,
you'll definitely get
a few from your father today...
Hung me by the door...
As if we will make India
win by me suffering in the cold!
'India is playing
a commendable match.'
'There are a few balls left.
India may win this match.'
'Anything is possible.'
'Here goes the ball in the air.
I think it is...'
Holy shit!
He's got the Devil in him!
Hail the Lord!
- He's killing it.
The Ganges won't be enough to
wash that mouth, Ma
try using soap or detergent!
'He is displaying
an excellent batting.'
You mother...
What did you say?
Your mother's blessings.
Good evening Brijraj Ji.
Same to you.
Brother, why are you standing here?
You'll catch a cold.
Come inside. Please.
'Who will open the match today?'
Hail Shiv, the Innocent!
'If the day starts well, then...'
Mandakini, close this box.
'India may find it difficult
to make 20 runs in this situation.'
'What do you think?
- Yes, it may...'
Yes, brother...
Oh great God...
The tourist season has started
from tomorrow it
will be busy up there.
This time brother will
handle the accounts down here
and you 2 girls
will be up at Shankar lodge.
Lata, I can't seem to find
my set of keys for the storeroom.
The keys are ready.
I'll go get them.
And Dad this time please let
me do the accounts...
I'm fed up of cooking, cleaning and
doing women's chores at the lodge!
Put her in a rocket
and send her to the moon!
Understanding her
is beyond mankind.
She's opened a Facebook account
on the internet...
She's growing wings now...
She is constantly putting up
pictures of herself...
Keep her in check or
she will fly away.
Move, move aside!
'The pressure is increasing.'
'And here goes another one.'
'India is facing strong pressure.'
Get up, you eclair...
Last time I single-handedly
made India win
sitting right here.
I didn't even use the bathroom.
You know how
much pressure I was under?
'He striked the ball in the air.
Ajmal! May you
be damned! Barbarian!
Out? Who took the catch?
See for yourself.
I can't!
Just tell me who took the catch?
'The loss of this wicket
can be troublesome for India.'
9 balls and 17 runs to go...
Junaid is bowling now so
the last over will be bowled by...
Saeed Ajmal.
'A few balls to go.
India has a chance to win.'
'The ball is in the air once again.
Is another wicket down?'
'This time, he dropped the catch!'
Not out!! not out!
Not out!
'Not out. It's amazing!'
Even though that was a slow bowler
our batsman is even slower!
They are just fiddling around
at the crease.
Is this your style or have you
taken a vow not to watch the game?
'The batsman
will only get a single.'
What happened?
Nothing... that was headed for
a boundary but the rascals stopped it!
Wonder which power goat they
ate for breakfast today!
Please Shiva make us win today...
If you make us win today
I won't lie for a month.
1 run... Come back you idiot...
No problem... 2 balls left.
I'll steal Rs.100 from
the Priest and donate it...
4 runs off this ball, please!
'Only a single run on this ball.'
That's it! I'm done.
I can't watch India lose...
Listen... there can be
a 6 off the last ball also...
'India needs 6 runs to win.'
Today Shiva is not in the mood...
He will get out.
Why don't you ask your Allah?
All you Gods above, please save us!
'Here goes a sixer!'
Come on... Come home now!
Man of the match... Shall we?
Someone stole the signboard again?
Himalaya huffing like he will die..
If you see anyone tell me!
Never seen you move for
a missing person
how come you're out
looking for a signboard?
Someone stole the signboard
from the Magistrate's office.
And I'm paying the price!
Couldn't they steal
a tailor's signboard?
You're right...
Will you have some tea?
Give Sir some tea.
You'll find him.
Please finish this by today.
Increase the ration of
pulses and rice by 10 bags each.
There should be no shortage.
The pilgrims must be taken care of.
Mukkuji... - The Priest has sent
this for you to sign.
That's it? Wait a minute...
Why? Are peacocks dancing here
that I should stay?
Hail the Innocent One!
- Hail the Innocent One!
Thank you, brother.
That's perfect. This will do.
How many times have I told
you rides stop there
or you can even drop
them off at the food stall.
I can drop the
pilgrims 2 kms away...
I come here for myself.
To give thanks.
There are other places your
people have to give thanks.
You don't need a
place to give thanks.
That can be given
from the grave as well.
Isn't it?
Salute, sir.
'Hail Lord Shiva!'
- Straight.
When he brings a pilgrim,
he rings the bell!
He is innocent.
I know him. He used to
come here with his father.
Father-in-law, if you don't keep
a bull on a tight leash,
you will have to
deal with the horns.
I promise you it won't be pleasant.
Here, eat some holy sweet...
and let me know
about this evening...
Lata has been asking about you.
I'll be there.
Hail Lord Shiva.
- Hail Lord Shiva.
Hey, Mukku. How are you?
To Rambara.
You know who I am?
Shall we?
Please stop for 2 minutes.
Stop here.
What kind of man are you?
Didn't your mother
teach you chivalry?
My mother taught me not to steal.
Yes, I steal signboards...
Wherever they find a spot,
they put one up!
Instead of seeing
trees, valleys and mountains,
only these ugly signboards are
visible in this valley!
I do so much work alone.
I have taken on the
onus of the whole valley.
Do you know, how much
pressure there is on me?
Come on.
Oh, and if you report it,
I'll just say that you're the thief
and you forcibly brought me here.
There will be trouble.
I am certain you are going
to put me in big trouble.
See you.
Hail Lord Krishna.
Hail the Innocent One.
Kullu. Come son!
I've sent the Chief
an invitation on your behalf...
This time when the Home
Minister visits,
he will definitely
come over for a cup of tea.
Very good.
Mukku, get Kullu a
glass of milk with almonds!
No, no.
- Why don't I just bring the buffalo?
He can drink directly from it...
Is Mandakini Mishraji home?
Her father is...
Brijraaj Mishraji?
Yes, that's me.
- Greetings!
Myself Dev Prasad Notyal...
- Yes?
Another one will be beaten today.
Have a long life.
I've come to ask for Mandakini's
hand in marriage.
Is there an invitation
to propose to my fiance?
This is the 5th one in 5 months!
Is your daughter looking to wed
the Pandavas from the Mahabharat?
Myself Dev Prasad Natyal.
Didn't you hear she is my fiance?
Then why the introduction?
Do you want your
proposal printed on your face?
Why do I have to
go through this everyday?
Don't you know?
Don't be smart.
But know this
when the marriage was arranged it
didn't mean you must fall in love.
Love happens after marriage
understood Mukkuji?
That's not love
that's a trade off, oh Learned One.
Handle your daughters!
Now what happened?
The Priest got touchy!
I'm sure you must have
said something...
College dropout.
Sitting at home to cast an eclipse.
Right, and you graduated
and reached the moon?
You're right here,
serving the Priest.
Are you high?
Not yet
that's the plan for the evening.
Would you and your husband
like to try it?
Chotu said you didn't take the full
fare from the pilgrims again today?
Just 50 short, Ma.
Mansoorji... When you are poor,
every rupee counts.
There are no gold
coins in your palace!
A real palace is not made
of gold. Dad used to say...
Enough! I don't want
to hear what your father said.
Your father made
all these tall claims
and I am paying for it!
He said this is paradise
and the valley swallowed him.
He's the one who taught you
to ring the temple bell, right?
How many times have
I asked you not to?
Stick to your job.
That's what I do, Ma.
It's my job to go there daily.
I earn my living,
so I show gratitude.
Dad used to...
- Listen.
Before being your father,
he was my husband.
Putting others before himself,
He rests in peace
while I am shattered!
When he fell off
the mountain and died
he was trying to fetch
a child's shoe, when he slipped.
Don't be like him...
He went to his
grave in his youth...
I love him but
I hate him much more!
He left us all alone.
He was selfish.
- Then so am I...
If I had been with him
he might have been here with us.
Hey... Today's war
is over food or work?
Today it's about his father.
Where are you hiding, brother?
Rest in peace, brother!
Check this out!
Afzar... Give him the to-do list.
It's better if the next
war happens after the wedding...
Mr. Mansoor. Organise
the mattresses and heaters.
By tomorrow evening all the mattresses
and heaters will be there
and so will Rustom and I.
You'll take that mule there?
Why not?
It's Rustom's brother's wedding...
I'll hit you!
Come! Did you ride the
mule up or use a porter?
Great weather!
The morning prayers are at 6.30 am.
This is the key to your room.
Your room is this way.
Yours is this way.
You bring the fried dumplings
for Kullu.
Mukku, don't make a scene.
Come on.
Oops. How clumsy of me.
I won't be able to serve
those dumplings now, will I?
Fool! What a trouble!
Here we go again...
Drama Queen.
You call this drama?
You were 5 when you
both got engaged.
He's been like a brother to me.
At the last minute I should
marry him instead of you?
And our father's agreed!
Who's the wronged one here?
You enjoy giving out punishments?
Don't take that extra
load on your head!
Whatever happened with Kullu
and me has nothing to do with you.
I don't blame you for it.
There is a proposal to
build a 2 star hotel in Rambara.
For now we've agreed
to 4-5 shops from our side
and 5 shops from the porter side.
The hotel will stand in the center.
The survey reports say most
tourists would like to stop there.
Kedar is just a 7
kms climb from there
then next will come a
lodge and some food courts...
We've made a detailed plan
for Progress,
Profit and Pilgrimage.
You're going to sweet
talk us into trouble!
What misfortune has
befallen you Durgeji?
I've said a 1,000 times not to remove
the statue of Dhara Devi from Alaknanda.
The river flows
because of Her blessings.
And now more hotels,
more construction in the valley?
We might have to pay
dearly for this progress.
Such old-fashioned ideas but he uses
a smartphone, that's Durgeji for you!
Can you discuss my
promotion as well...
Be patient father-in-law.
If a hotel comes up in Rambara everyone
will profit there will be progress.
If we work together it
will be beneficial to all.
If they aren't here in 5 minutes.
I'm leaving.
Be quiet!
It's a group of 20 pilgrims
if we go back without them, we'll never
hear the end of it for the next 20 years.
You know
in America Dad would be jailed
for making his delicate
daughters do this much work!
That too, this?
Mukkuji. Have you met my friend?
Tarang is my school friend
now he will work with us.
Your sister-in-law
is a little mischievous!
There's a new proposal for
her everyday...
Changed your new phone again?
It's not a relationship that you're
changing it so quickly.
The phone will feel bad.
I left your sister
that's why the anger?
Or I chose you
that's why the attitude?
Brinda, stop crying!
There is a booking for
a group of 10 this evening.
And brother isn't
feeling too well either.
In this condition how will
he handle the shop all alone?
His wife is in the city...
Send the girls to
help him one by one.
I'll do that.
I'm not going up and down!
Send Brinda.
Right! Like I have
no other work... Queen!
I'll go. You stay.
Have some faith in me as well...
I'm not that useless!
I've taken care of myself for 19
years, I'll take care of the shop too.
She agreed rather quickly!
Don't fall for it...
She's a little devil!
Hail the Innocent One.
- Hail the Innocent One.
If you're done taking a selfie,
will you take a passenger?
To Rambara.
Thing is... I'm looking
for a ride straight to Gaurikund.
So? You're not going to
fly to Gaurikund, are you?
You'll have to go via Rambara.
But, it will make things difficult.
- What?
Finding a ride from Rambara
to Gaurikand will be difficult, so...
I'll pay the fare till Gaurikund.
Drop me off at
Rambara, what's it to you?
Come on!
7 years...
Who else stays at home?
His or mine?
Really now?
"Amidst this valley,"
"I have met many a tourists."
I have informed Dad the
fare for the week has been fixed.
Why did you give
me such a big discount?
"But the heart took
a fondness for none."
"I have heard many a fables."
They say that a cold morning
shower enhances your brain.
Have you ever tried?
"But meeting you was like"
"the meeting of scent and air."
You know
my grandmother used to say
in the presence of true love
our soul appears in our eyes.
Heard it before?
I don't have a grandmother.
Ya, so? Even I read it on Facebook.
She wanted me to be a wrestler
I could have become
one if I wanted to but...
"Feels like a sin.."
"Is it really love or what..?"
Are you on Facebook?
"But meeting you was like..."
Are you? She's asking you.
"The meeting of scent and air."
"Feels like a sin.."
Don't you have any shame?
A girl is looking at you like that
and you won't even look back at her.
Stay buried in that
phone like lice in hair.
Freakin' Chowmein!
Might as well chat with you...
At least, you acknowledge me...
Here... no matter what...
whatever happens, even if I die
we're not getting
anything from here.
What tragedy has struck your phone that
you've forgotten to breathe, Mansoorji?
On Facebook...
Did he swallow a
phone for breakfast?
One second...
Can you get off for a minute? Easy.
This belongs to that pilgrim...
I took to Kedarnath this morning.
He left it behind.
I'll return it quickly and be back.
What do you mean return it?
It's a 2 hour climb up.
We've climbed down 2 hours...
I know, I do it everyday.
On a good day it's 1.5 hours.
So now we slowly
make our climb back up?
No, not you.
You and Rustom wait here.
I'll be back before you know it.
What difference does it make?
It's a phone, not a child.
But whenever he thinks of this pilgrimage,
there will be that one regret
that all was perfect, except
I lost my phone!
So... His Shiva won't
let anything bad happen to him.
See you!
"Deep in the silences,"
"your words echo,"
"through my ears."
"And find a way into my heart."
"Amidst the blandness."
"Like finding a taste of life..."
Rustom is not well...
"Feels like a sin..."
"Is it really love or what..?"
"But meeting you was like..."
By the way... riding on Rustom is
way better than this!
"Feels like a sin.."
"Is it really love or what..?"
If milk curdles
and you wash your face with
that curdled milk
and look at the moon
then whoever you
desire will be yours.
What are you always thinking about?
The fact that...
I walk up and down with
the heaviest of loads everyday
but I've never
been burdened this much!
Get used to it.
I've lost my slippers, bangles,
clip, handkerchief...
I hope Rustom hasn't eaten
my stuff? Bloody!
I wish I get wings...
First thing I'll clean up is the filth
off the face of this mountain.
"I find a way through you."
"To bow down."
"At God's steps."
"Everyone searches for him."
"But my eyes are set on you."
"You're teaching."
"My body the dance of the soul."
- Lord Kedarnath.
"Feels like a sin."
"Is it really love or what...?"
"But meeting you was like"
"the meeting of scent and air."
"Feels like a sin.."
"Is it really love or what..?"
All the other horses are adorned
in beautiful fabric.
Why are you in this ordinary rag?
I don't like it!
Let it be known... That this royal
ride will not sit on ordinary garb.
Wear something
classy, then we're talking!
"Lilting afternoons."
"And the sun rising
amidst the mountains."
"I cherish spending
these with you."
"Lilting afternoons."
"And the sun rising
amidst the mountains."
"I cherish spending
these with you."
"Exchanging innumerous
glances and moments."
You turned out to be quite a
sweetheart, Masoor Khan!
"The setting sun takes
us to our destination."
"And the long night awaits us..."
"I cherish that I have
you with me through it all."
"You're walking by my side."
"How the shadow chases the sun."
"Feels like a sin.."
"Is it really love or what..?"
That day you called me
What does it mean?
I called you 'Chowmein' as well...
A sweetheart means one
who is closest to the heart.
Ever drunk from the sky?
I've tried tea.
My grandmother used to say
that raindrops
unite us with blue skies.
Did your grandmother say that
or was it Facebook again?
My grandmother said it.
I was 10 when she died.
She loved the rain.
The day she left it rained so much.
It felt like it was
her pouring down from above.
Is that why you drink the rain?
Not just rain...
I could devour the whole sky...
You are a thief, Mansoorji...
You haven't returned any
of my things.
Come... Let me give
you one more thing today.
A piece of the sky.
Are you just going to keep taking
and not give anything back?
I was 10.
I had gone with my father
to the post office
to post a letter to Lataji.
To tell her
that when she sings...
it feels like the whole valley,
our whole existence
has become beautiful.
When Dad used to hum...
It used to feel like...
His soul would appear in his eyes.
Ma never listens to it...
But if I hear it
even a 1,000 times,
it's not enough.
"Today we have been bestowed
these moments through destiny."
"With all your heart, get an eyeful
of me, up close."
"Who knows if destiny will
bring us a night like this again."
"I wonder in this lifetime
will we meet again or not."
"I long for your embrace..."
Considering the increasing
number of pilgrims
and the need for more amenities,
this plan has been passed.
5-6 shops will be put
up from your end as well.
For the prosperity of the people in the
valley, we are proposing this plan.
That is very generous of you,
And who will care for the valley?
We don't get a permit
to build here because
the valley won't
be able to take it.
What did you say your name was?
I am Mansoor.
And... My shop is in that area too.
You won't understand our devotion.
Excuse me?
You won't understand
our devotion to serve.
Pilgrims come here on
a pilgrimage to meet their God
and taking care
of them is our duty.
But how will you know this?
Why won't I know it?
We do service too
we help in pilgrimage, Kulluji!
So what should we do?
Stop the pilgrimage?
Limit it.
Every year allow only that many
pilgrims as we can take care of...
Neither will the valley
be burdened, nor the people.
So 'Mansoor' will tell us how
and when we should meet our God.
We are getting work, Mansoor
why are you opposing it?
It's about the pilgrimage
and facilities.
Even God wants us to progress!
Progress and profit
go hand in hand.
This is profit from pilgrimage.
If a valley in which God Himself
resides is not valued, then...
where will He go?
When there is profit
from pilgrimage...
everybody prospers.
The Pandavas...
came here for penance.
The pilgrims... To find liberation.
The ones who are destined to
make it to these holy places...
is due to Shiva's wishes...
And when He wishes,
who are we to stop anyone?
Whenever our heart desires,
we will come on this pilgrimage.
And as many of them come, we will
make provisions for all of them.
And who are you to come between us?
'Between us'?
We've always been here.
With you...
What do you mean 'between'?
The cave of Amarnath
was first found by Buta Malik.
Even today,
offerings are sent to his family.
My people have served here
for generations.
We have been part
of their devotion...
We've carried pilgrims
on our shoulders.
Chanted "Om Namah Shivay"
along the way.
Whispered Shiva's name in the ears of
pilgrims breathing their last.
How will you separate us?
This pilgrimage runs in our blood.
And this is not about you and me.
This is about all of Kedarnath.
Shiva, Shiva, Shiva!
Praise Lord Shiva!
Hail the Mighty One!
Hail the Mighty One!
Hail the Untainted One!
Heard you made quite
an impact at the meeting...
Had I not spoken they would
have said be more like your father
voice your opinions
and when I said something
it blew up!
I wonder how my father
dealt with all this.
So, since your father died,
you haven't watched
any match on T.V.?
The temple is not too far away...
Not today. Today is
the India-Pakistan match.
We have a radio.
We can listen together.
Listening on the radio is more fun.
He left us forever.
And you will leave too.
Are you sending me to your father?
I'm not even married yet.
You will leave with somebody else.
When the time comes.
Now I'm stuck to you like a leech.
No amount of salt can separate us.
Now I'll always be sucking
your blood, Mansoor Khan.
You can't stay with me...
can't dance with joy
or cry in grief with me...
or be by my side.
This partner can dance,
can cry
and can also rock your world!
Tell me,
what grief do I have to be part of?
I am ready to cry.
Tell me the time and place.
Will you be part of my joy?
A very close friend is
getting married, so I thought...
I just said it...
Words mean nothing.
I'll be there.
You should be arrested
for giving false hope, Mukkuji...
And if I show up
then you're going in for life,
Mansoor Khan.
"Beaming eyes and
that mesmerizing face!"
"What has taken over me, my God!"
"Like an icing on a cake,"
"there is truly nobody like her."
"Adorned in regal trousseau,
you walk in and how!"
"That's my Sweetheart right there!"
"Coy and Shy,"
"sitting besides the bride."
"That's my Sweetheart right there!"
"Adorned in regal trousseau,
you walk in and how!"
"That's my Sweetheart right there!"
"Coy and Shy,"
"sitting besides the bride."
"That's my Sweetheart right there!"
"How do I thank you
for everything."
"I owe it all to you."
"You walked into my humble home."
"And became the life of the night."
"How do I thank you
for everything?"
"I owe it all to you."
"You walked into my humble home."
"And became the life of the night."
"In this night of
love and festivity,"
"you bring prosperity."
"You bring auspicion."
"She has become the
soul of the gathering."
"What has taken over me, my God!"
"She has become this
humble man's biggest desire."
"There is truly nobody like her!"
"Adorned in regal trousseau,"
"you walk in and how!"
"That's my Sweetheart right there!"
"Coy and Shy,"
"sitting besides the bride."
"That's my Sweetheart right there!"
"Adorned in regal trousseau,"
"you walk in and how!"
"That's my Sweetheart right there!"
"Coy and Shy,"
"sitting besides the bride."
"That's my Sweetheart right there!"
"Wow! It's just awesome!"
"Wow! It's wonderful!"
Are you Mansoor?
Are you Mukku's daily ride?
She's my sister younger.
I know her inside out.
Every month some poor guy shows up
to ask for her hand.
This month no one came,
so I thought I'll see for myself,
who is next.
And tell him
to concentrate on
his work and his job.
There is nothing here for you.
Why are you so shocked,
Mansoor Khan?
Even your mule would
have better sense.
She is the daughter
of a Hindu Priest...
Leave that.
Take this upstairs.
This new obsession...
All the time on the phone...
If the geyser is spoilt
why not take Shiva's name
and go for a dip in the Ganges?
Only if Mukku will bring
hot water will they bathe.
Where's the fire?
Time to end the Rambara story.
Uncle is better now.
Mind your own business.
And don't wait for him tomorrow.
He won't come.
if you have moves like a snake...
you deserve to be trapped
in a snake charmer's box.
You like playing these love games?
Well... It will cost you.
You'll fall straight
on your face one day!
Why did you say don't wait for him?
I've told him everything
and all about your ways.
That it's your hobby to trap boys.
He won't be seeing
you from tomorrow.
What I do with him
is none of your business.
Didn't you Mukku?
Interfere in my life?
Oh! Spewed out the poison?
You blame me?
Kullu left you, that's why?
Yes. - I trapped Kullu,
Mansoor and everyone else!
Oh Wise One...
Where is Mansoor?
Oh Wise One...
Where is Mansoor?
You know...
If I did, would I ask?
You know where he is...
And you will send him there,
where he is meant to go.
Listen to me...
Will you listen to me?
I know my sister
has spewed her venom...
I admit, 2 or 3 well-meaning
men did come to ask for my hand...
No, 4...
Alright, 5!
That too for some other reason...
to embarass my father and Kullu.
They got me engaged to Kullu, even
though he's been my sister's fiance
I was going to tell you...
Shut up!
Is this all a game to you?
You can do what you like,
say what like?
Disrespectful, mannerless, selfish.
I can't call you these names
because the whole valley
belongs to you and your father...
And yes... Mandakiniji...
If your next victim
is one the priests,
we will be grateful.
"My endless love for you
won't break me down."
"My insanity won't break me down."
"What will break me
beyond death is your sorrow."
"Why have you become so hurt?"
"What has taken over you?"
"What will break me
beyond death is your sorrow"
India won! India won!
"I bestow my life to you, my love."
"I bestow my life to you."
"I bestow my life to you."
"I have cut my ties
with the universe."
"And kept all my love for you."
Where is Mukku?
Haven't seen her since morning...
Uncle called.
He needed her at the store.
She'll be back by evening.
"I have proven it all,
I have stood through it all."
"I leave it to you now.
Show me your love."
"Show me your love once."
You would believe anybody
else's lies over me?
Was she there
where we were?
Was she there?
Was she there... where we were?
Was she?
How could you believe her?
No one will accept
this relationship.
Will you?
"I bestow my life to you, my love.
I bestow my life to you."
"I bestow my life to you, my love.
I bestow my life to you."
"I bestow my life to our love,
my love."
Mansoor... Get rid of this girl.
Ma, please forgive me for this.
What are you doing, Mansoor?
There will be mayhem.
You will get all
of us into trouble!
Mansoor, this is wrong...
- Yes it's wrong...
Everything is wrong.
She is an outcast,
shrewd, manipulative...
but she can devour the whole sky.
It's hot.
Where is Mukku?
What happened?
Do you know where she is?
Yes... She is down at
the shop with her Uncle
and then to her friend's.
Brinda was saying...
She's talking rubbish!
Since when is this on?
You think only you can play games?
Where is he?
With her lover.
In his arms.
You know who he is.
What has happened?
Where is Mukku?
You know that porter...
who used to go
around ringing bells?
She's with him...
in his house.
Brijraaj can't believe it.
He's her lover.
I've confirmed this
news with the porters.
What's the problem, noble Priest?
Earlier you've been so
generous with your blessings.
First you gave him the bell
now give him your daughter too.
Come outside, Mansoor!
Come outside!
Where is she?
Brijrajji, let's speak calmly...
Where's the girl?
Kulluji... this is a family matter.
Yes, it is.
She's my daughter.
- And my fianc!
We'll remove all
you porters from here
with your families.
What does this have
to do with the porters?
When a Muslim porter's son
lays his hand on a
Hindu Priest's daughter,
should we all sing hymns together?
We will uproot each
and every one of you!
Everyone need not get involved...
Ameena has spoken to the
shopkeepers. They will leave.
They will leave this place!
Stop Kullu.
- Kulluji!
I feel crushed.
And just look at her...
She's become numb.
Overnight, she's turned to stone.
Stop this madness, Mukku.
Don't make it a spectacle.
The show has just begun.
- Enough!
The idea of being a
rebel may sound romantic...
but it has destroyed
the best of them.
Forget all this, Mukku.
Let it go.
Again. Aain those same words.
You never stood up for me,
at least do it for her?
You sacrificed me,
but at least save her.
Please forgive me
if I made a mistake...
Mukku and I...
How dare you enter my house?
Give it to him!
He's reached here!
Do something... They'll kill him!
If he can't handle this much, how
will he deal with what's to come?
Mansoor! Mansoor!
Leave him... Stop it!
Please stop... I beg you, stop.
No, Kulluji. Don't beat him.
He made a mistake!
Please forgive him...
Kulluji he will die...
Kulluji please forgive us...
You won't see him here again...
get ready...
she's getting married tomorrow.
You just had him beaten
him up so severely...
give him a few days to recover.
Is there any limit
to your shamelessness?
You stripped me of all shame the
day you got me engaged to Kullu.
If you let me marry Mansoor...
- That is impossible!
Even if all hell breaks loose...
Then I shall pray day
and night that it does...
Tomorrow morning 8 am
is the auspicious time...
9 am... farewell...
after that never show
me your cursed face again!
Roy. A warning has been issued.
What nonsense!
The guide said
everything is normal...
It's okay to go up.
A few websites have
issued a warning.
Leave Rambara and everything here
take Mansoor and leave.
The others have signed up
everyone is in agreement.
If you don't leave, it will
affect everyone's livelihood.
They will make our
lives difficult.
You will have an answer soon.
Everyone has left us.
They all want us to leave.
I told you so.
Have you understood?
We'll go away from here.
We'll leave this valley.
We'll move to one of the cities.
Mansoor where are you going?
Mansoor we are leaving today...
- We aren't going anywhere!
I've told Kailash Bhai,
we are not leaving home.
I will not leave without Mukku.
Set me on fire...
Or forget about her.
The porters haven't replied...
and Mansoor has
refused to give the shop.
It's coming down really hard.
Sit down. I have to get even.
Sir, may I come in?
Sir, a cyclonic circulation
caused by a low-lying...
area in the Bay of
Bengal is headed west...
Have a look Sir,
the pressure is dropping fast.
They enter our temples...
Our homes...
And we should be quiet?
Every member of this commission,
know this...
We will not let a single
porterremain in Rambara
unless our conditions are met.
Hail the Innocent One!
Hail the Innocent One!
- Hail the Innocent One!
Hail the Innocent One!
- Hail the Innocent One!
Hail the Innocent One!
- Hail the Innocent One!
Hail the Innocent One!
Break it down...
- Get out of here.
Destroy everything.
Get out of here.
This isn't right...
What is happening here?
Where is Mansoor hiding?
He will leave now!
Let's resolve this calmly...
Mansoor, let it go.
Does the wound of Mukku's
rejection run so deep
that you need to burn
the place down to fill it?
You and your kind, both
will be eradicated from here.
And as for Mukku...
She has married me.
She would rather
die than marry you.
She has married me.
And now she will die too...
She has slit her wrist.
Kullu, calm down.
Everyone will leave.
Hail the Innocent One!
- Hail the Innocent One!
Lo! I hear the beating of
Shiva's drum... It has begun...
It can be heard through
heaven and earth...
We choose our death
before we are born.
Shiva is in us!
This is not me, it is You.
This is not me, it is You.
What did you do?
Get well soon so I can kill you...
I'm going to drop Maand
and come back for you.
They got me married.
If I live,
you'll have to see me go to him.
I don't care!
Wherever you are,
I will come and get you.
Don't die on me.
This time if you're late...
Mukku, come outside.
- Ma?
- Come on.
Let's go upstairs, Mukku.
Be careful.
Ma, hurry up.
- Mukku, come on.
Take all the tourists up.
- Come on.
Take it easy.
Watch out.
Come, come.
Go up everyone.
Mukku, here pass this on.
Anyone else?
Take this.
Bala, Divesh,
everyone head up the forest!
Toward the forest.
- Afzar, stick with Ma.
Come on. Come on. Hurry!
Aunt, you stay with me.
Come, come with me.
Be careful.
Don't worry.
Everything will be fine.
Don't worry.
Mukku, sit down!
Watch out!
Maa, what is going on?
Mukku! sit.
Ma, I'll be back...
- No Mansoor...
You can't save everyone!
Ma, not now. I have to go...
Promise me you'll be safe...
I will Ma...
Son... you can say
your prayers here too.
This subtitle has been downloaded from for free, with one click and in less than 5 seconds. Mukku?
- Mansoor!
- Mukku!
Help, please help!
Anyone here?
Keep walking,
Are you okay son?
Son, be careful.
Go up.
You guys go first.
Go fast.
- Papa!
I am coming, you go up.
- Papa! Mummy!
You go mukku.
Move back!
You go.
Don't worry, Mukku.
Everything will be fine.
Hold on tight.
- Mansoor!
You go up first.
Careful, give me the belt.
Where is Papa?
You go first please.
You go.
- Fast.
Fast. Come up fast.
- You go please.
Only one more!
Okay sir.
What did he just say?
- Only one more can come up.
What is that mean?
There are two people down there!
- Please keep sitting.
Sit back down.
- What do you mean?
You please sit here,
only one more can come up.
Please try to understand.
We can only take
one more person with us.
Please move aside.
Please calm down.
- Papa!
Papa, please come up fast.
Get inside.
- Papa, please come up fast.
Son, go back inside.
- Papa, please come up.
No, Mansoor.
Mansoor, please come up.
Please, Mansoor.
Ma, Papa is coming up.
'Kedarnath is completely
'Kedarnath is devastated by flood.'
- The Innocent One.
- The Mighty One.
- Lord Shiva!
'Expressing a lifetime of
love is best in the morning.'
'And who would
know it better than me?'
'New mornings bring new requests.'
'A special request from our
beloved listeners.'
'A beautiful song
for their sweethearts.'
'From Dharam to Pooja, from
Dhwani to Trilok, '
'and from Mukku to
her sweetheart Mansoor.'
'Film 'Woh Kaun Thi', Madan Mohan's
music, Majrooh Sultanpuri lyrics, '
'in Lataji's voice...'
"Hail the Greatest God!"
"Hail the Mighty One."
"How can I breathe"
"without chanting
Your sacred name?"
"My karma is bestowed to you.
You decide my good and my evil."
"I blindly tread the path
you have chosen for me."
"Your light ignites my universe
and swallows my darkness."
"Hail the Greatest God,
the Innocent One."
"Glory to the Triune God.
All praises to You!"
"Hail the Greatest God,
the Innocent One."
"Hail the Creator,
Hail the Originator!"
"You were present in this world"
"even before it was created."
"The world may end."
"But my faith in You
will never perish."
"You are the creator,
you are the destroyer."
"You are the Greatest of all."
"Lord, You are Great!"
"Hail the Greatest God!"
"My beloved Kind Hearted Lord!"
"Hail the Greatest God!"
"My beloved Kind Hearted Lord!"
"Like the pearls...
- Hail the Greatest God!."
"In the shell of an oyster...
- Hail the Greatest God!."
"You dwell within me.
- Hail the Greatest God!"
"In my mind and heart.
- Hail the Greatest God!"
"I lived with an illusion.
Of Me, Myself and I."
"You are the creator and the
destroyer. Everything is yours."
"I bow down to You.
Bestow Your blessings on me."
"Glory to You Lord Shiva,
the Innocent One."
"Glory to the Triune God.
All praises to You!"
"Glory to You Lord Shiva,
the Innocent One."
"Hail the Creator,
Hail the Originator!"
"Glory to You Lord Shiva,
the Innocent One."
"Glory to the Triune God.
All praises to You!"
"Glory to You Lord Shiva,
the Innocent One."
"Hail the Creator,
Hail the Originator!"
"Hail the Creator,
Hail the Originator!"
"Hail the Creator,
Hail the Originator!"
"Beaming eyes and
that mesmerizing face!"
"What has taken over me, my God!"
"Like an icing on a cake,"
"there is truly nobody like her."
"Adorned in regal trousseau,
you walk in and how!"
"That's my Sweetheart right there!"
"Coy and shy,
sitting besides the bride..."
"That's my Sweetheart right there!"
"Adorned in regal trousseau,
you walk in and how!"
"That's my Sweetheart right there!"
"Coy and shy,
sitting besides the bride..."
"That's my Sweetheart right there!"
"How do I thank you for everything.
I owe it all to you."
"You walked into my humble home.
And became the life of the night."
"How do I thank you for everything.
I owe it all to you."
"You walked into my humble home.
And became the life of the night."
"In this night of
love and festivity,"
"you bring prosperity
and auspicion."
"She has become the
soul of the gathering."
"What has taken over me, my God!"
"She has become this
humble man's biggest desire."
"There is truly nobody like her."
"Adorned in regal trousseau,
you walk in and how!"
"That's my Sweetheart right there!"
"Coy and shy
sitting beside the bride."
"That's my Sweetheart right there!"
"Adorned in regal trousseau,
you walk in and how!"
"That's my Sweetheart right there!"
"Coy and shy
sitting beside the bride."
"That's my Sweetheart right there!"
"It's awesome!"
"Wow! It's wonderful!"