Kedibone (2020) Movie Script

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one
Happy New Year!
I love you, baby!
Congratulations, baby! Huh?
- Going to varsity.
- Yes, that's me.
- When did you get the text?
- They've just sent it.
Let's get out of here.
It might get
worse than it already is.
Guys, he's scared!
Huh-uh! Please stop!
Wow! Varsity.
Aunt, I passed!
I got three distinctions!
Can you believe it?
Finally, I can get rid
of that school uniform.
Oh! By the way, you need to send a
deposit along with my matric results.
My girl.
Isn't there a cheaper school
Not this again, Aunty.
I told you there is no better
school that offers a Degree in Acting.
Acting again?
But you said if I
pass you going to let me go.
Yes, because I thought you'd
realise that there's no money in acting.
Well, that's what I've chosen.
Then that means
we have to move to plan B.
But you've never
told me about plan B though.
That's because I
didn't think we'd needed it
but the way you are carrying
on we will definitely need plan B.
You remember that stokvel,
Hope of Glory that fell apart?
Well I took all your varsity
savings and invested it there.
I'm leaving.
Aunt, you took my tuition money
and invested it in Hope of Glory!
Who does that!
I was hoping for a great
return on my investment
so I could give this house a
facelift and also pay for your tuition.
Okay, now how will I go to
university if there's no money?
Are you saying I should
stay at home the whole year?
Am I homebound doing nothing?
I've been working at
Checkers for 16 years.
I spoke with my manager
and he said I should bring your
CV and you can start working.
Work at Checkers?
If you start now, you'll have a huge
pension fund by the time you retire.
That's not going to happen.
I'm not going to work at Checkers!
Stop acting like a spoilt child.
You know the situation.
There is no money. It's gone!
My goodness! Huh-uh!
Argh! Uh!
You know sometimes
I wish my mom was here.
Coz I wouldn't be
going through all of this.
Like I just want to study, baby.
I don't want to be a statistic,
I want to leave the township
and just further my studies.
You will go to varsity. Okay?
You seem to forget that I
can make anything happen.
Look I never want to see you cry, baby.
Just trust me and all will be fine.
I need this
student loan, please!
- My sister.
- It's a bit too late, hey.
I can't help you.
I know, but I really need your help
- I can't afford to take a gap year.
- It's already too late.
I'd kill to have
a car like this, bra. Eish!
- Cool!
- Cool!
There's no jitter here, do you hear.
Because it's a German machine.
Your dad left
you a good inheritance, hey!
Convertible! Coupe. Woah!
I just wannt study, baby.
You will go to varsity. Okay?
I am totally going to beat you.
There! Take that!
Hey, Mrembula.
What's up, buddy?
Hah! Take that!
What's up, brother?
I sold my car.
I had to, man.
Mrembula, are you
telling me that you sold your car?
Because of a girl?
Mrembula sold
the car that his father gave him?
The whole BMW 325i is gone.
How much did you sell it for?
- Twenty five.
- What!
Twenty five thousand?
Have you lost your mind?
You're telling me you sold your
whole inheritance for Kedibone
for R25,000?
You know what that car is?
That's a classic.
You and Mrembula are
couple goals.
You're my role model.
Themba sell his car?
- He would never do that for me.
- Bottom line, we're going to varsity.
Yes! First years. First years.
How much do you still need?
Ten thousand
Okay, listen
Mrembula said he'd give me R25,000.
So, I will give you R5,0000
and we will both be short.
- Are you being for real?
- Yes.
Oh! Kedi!
This is the
car I was telling you about.
We call it Rosary.
Yeah, you know that thing
Mother Theresa?
Say a short
prayer and it'll get you to work.
You see?
Here's the key.
If you fix it
you can drive it.
Are we good?
Yeah. Thank you.
Mrembula bro
Look at this!
Hey! What's all this?
I'm tired of being friends with
guys who can't think with their heads.
Go to hell!
Can you fix this car or not?
Yeah, the starter
just needs a bit of attention.
Well then stop complaining.
Friends like
you are draining, bro!
From a BMW to this!
Just stop right here.
Right here.
Yoh, Babe! This feels like a dream.
I don't
know what I'd do without you.
Don't worry about it.
As long as we're happy.
Calm and relaxed I'm happy.
Yeah but baby, you didn't
have to sell your father's car.
Don't worry about it, baby.
We sold that car for a good cause.
Look where you are now?
But baby this one is so old.
Which car? This one? This is Rosary.
Give me two months with this car.
You'll see when I pull up in here.
I'll show them flames.
You will even get new friends.
And besides
I'm getting a Lamborghini
with your first paycheck.
- With my paycheck?
- Yes.
Thank you.
I love you.
I'll call you.
You must drive safe.
Love you.
My sister relax. Gents, let's help.
Don't worry. We got this.
Let's go, king.
Let's go.
Where did that lady say
we are supposed to leave the trays?
I think there where it says 'Out'.
Right there.
By the conveyor belts?
Yoh, friend!
It's like a dream.
Why is it doing that?
They go in there to get washed? Yoh!
What's wrong?
It's just that, like
I'm happy being here but at
the same time, I'm pregnant.
I mean, I am going to show soon
and we eat a lot
You'll be fine, don't even worry about it
Oh, don't stress about it.
Are you still my best friend?
Of course. Best friend.
That's my best friend.
Cute Who are you?
Look at her hair, that poofy thing.
Who did that?
It's Neo from Zone 6 in Diepkloof.
So, are you telling me
that's your actual hair?
- No
- Yeah.
They crotched her and
added extensions plus a wig.
Okay, wait, guys.
Are you telling me that total
nobodies just joined this conversation?
How is this any of your business?
You don't know me,
right? You don't know me?
You tell me where you from?
I'm from Soweto.
How are you this pretty
and you come from there?
Right? Because there are
no beautiful girls in Soweto?
Hold on, guys!
Is someone gonna shut this
bitch up because she's been talkin...
Jeez, guys.
So, are you First years?
Yeah and you?
Do we look
like First years, doll?
I'm sorry.
Be careful of
the Fuck boys on campus,
they're a little tricky.
I like you.
We'll see you around.
Why are you defending
them? They're not your friends.
Yes, but you don't know them either.
Did you come with them?
You also don't know them.
Let's go.
Let's go!
When I try
to start the car nothing.
So I ask Kedibone to
help so I can kick start.
Just before she starts to push
some guys came to the rescue.
Come on, bro!
Doesn't she use this car as her Uber?
So if you have to kick
start, she must push.
- Huh-uh. Push?
- Yeah.
No man, c'mon.
Mrembula there's one thing
I don't understand about you.
How can you
give up your whole inheritance for
a girl you haven't even slept with?
Not once. Not even once!
Msithi, don't talk shit.
You know very well I'm
waiting for her to turn 21
then I can deflower her!
Why do you act like you
don't know what the deal is?
When she turns 21? Yeah.
What if you die before then?
Should I
deflower her for you?
Three thousand per month.
- So expensive.
- R1,500 a month?
- Where are we going to get this money?
- Buy airtime. We need to call them.
To go and see them
requires taxi money and
- Hello.
- Hi.
I overheard you are
looking for accommodation.
Are you a student?
No, I used to be.
But now, I am an acting lecturer.
Oh, Acting? Me too.
- I am a First Year student.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
A young Thespian. Huh?
- No. Thespian.
- Thespian!
I can already see you transforming
into the different characters
and bringing light and shade
and dynamics to the roles.
You go Thespian!
Yeah. That's fantastic!
So, where do you stay?
Um for now we stay at home.
Yeah. We don't have
enough money to pay for res.
Ohand these ones are expensive.
These are all just
exploitation of the African child.
My friend owns the Bannister Hotel.
Next to it, there's free accommodation.
It's like a backpackers.
- What is a backpackers?
- Backpackers?
I can show you if you want.
Here it is, ladies.
Come in.
Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.
No man!
Why aren't there any windows?
You know living in the city is expensive.
Okay look, if someone moves out,
you will get one of the other rooms.
And who's underwear is this?
Ah these underpants?
Let me move them.
Um Yeah.
- I can help you get settled...
- No, thanks.
Please give us a moment
to um, to
to discuss this.
Oh, you want
some privacy? Okay.
I'll see you around then.
Friend, you're so extra.
It's my birthday week.
What do you want from me?
Ah, I'm gonna get so drunk.
Anyways, let's toast to
being fabulous.
No! Toast to me
This is about me. Why the fuck
would we toast to anything else?
- Okay, okay, we'll have it your way.
- Yeah!
And I'm not going to serve them
because they think they are
better than anyone from Soweto.
Ha! Why are you being so negative?
I'm sure they tip well
with all that money.
Their table is yours then.
And we'll share whatever they tip you.
Babes, it's my dad.
- He's on his way.
- Okay.
Hi Franco.
Let me help.
You're going to be fine.
- Hey.
- How's it going?
- How are you?
- Sharp. Where's my daughter?
Um she just quickly
rushed to the bathroom.
She's not feeling well.
You drink girls drink a lot.
- Daddy.
- Hi, baby.
My little dolphin.
Ah, dolphin.
Are you okay?
I don't feel well.
Here, have some water.
Yeah, drink.
Daddy, I want you to meet my new friend.
She saved me!
Oh, it's the girl with the pretty hair.
I think you need to go home now, dolphin.
Amanda, please come
and take her to the car.
Make sure Njabulo takes
you home, he's in the car.
Take her bag and everything.
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
You must stop drinking
too much, baby girl.
You're so funny.
- Let me get the bi...
- I have to
I really want to thank you
for saving my little dolphin.
Argh, it's not a problem.
She just wasn't feeling well. That's all.
Has anyone ever told
how beautiful you are?
But thank you Sir.
Huh-uh. Call me Franco.
Ah! You don't have to be sorry.
The person who has to be sorry is
the one who made this gorgeous
beautiful, stunning
paragon of human perfection.
Huh? Clean after drunks.
No, no, no. I need his address.
I want to find where he stays.
I want to know his parents.
- I will deal with him. Huh?
- You're so funny.
- What is your name?
- Uh Kedibone.
Can I call you crayfish?
Uh okay
Let me get the bill.
I owe you one.
Three, two, one. Tada!
Daddy, you got me a car!
Crayfish, come.
Come celebrate with your friend.
We'll catch up at lunch, okay?
I got a car!
- How about we ditch school?
- Yes!
- And we go shopping.
- Yeess!
But I have class soon.
Dude, dude, it's Monday.
Everyone in there is hung over. Let's go!
Okay, but I'm broke.
Don't worry. It's on me. Come on!
It's my treat. Let's go.
I'll pay for everything.
- Dolphin's got a car!
- I've got a car!
Let's go, baby. Let's go, Crayfish.
Friend, come!
Uh-uh you stay.
Go to school. School is cool.
Beautiful girls.
Okay, so let's get back to this.
When you say virgin
you mean like virgin?
Virgin, virgin?
Like never used a tampon, virgin.
Girl, do you know what
your vagina looks like?
Does your man know
what your vagina looks like?
Yeah, but
I am waiting until I turn 21.
That's cute.
Let me tell you about my first time.
It was super romantic.
There were flowers, champagne.
His parents are super rich, obviously so
He booked us out this hotel room.
The sex itself was terrible.
But the experience was just wonderful.
Okay and
What does sex feel like?
Sex is amazing!
Sex is like
it's like God floating down
from the heavens on a cloud
and whispering sweet
sensations into your ear.
But most guys
Most guys don't know how
to make you come so, girl,
you gotta get on that dick and
grind and you grind and you grind!
I swear, it'll be amazing.
Eish! That sounds
Sounds rough.
You know what.
My first time
I know Mrembula is a very gentle guy.
- Hmm-mm.
- So he's gonna
kiss me.
And he's gonna unbutton my shirt.
And he's gonna suck on my titties.
Geez, you've got this thing
down to like, every clothing item.
And then he is gonna
Put his penis inside your vagina.
I'm tired of swimming.
I need to go home now.
Thank you so much for everything.
I will take you home.
If you don't mind.
Thank you.
Let's go. You'll be safe. Trust me.
Ah Crayfish.
this is it?
It's way smaller than your mansion.
You don't
have to be embarrassed.
You have a roof over your head.
Yes, but one day
You know, I'm gonna buy
myself a life away from this place.
And you know what that day
could be much sooner than you think.
- What do you mean?
- I want us to be special friends
and have a special friendship.
What exactly do you want?
You know what, close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Just wait!
Patience. Patience. Patience.
Don't open your eyes yet.
And now, open
What's this?
It's yours. Take it.
- Uh, Franco, no I I can't.
- No, no, no.
You can't be rude. Don't be rude.
It's a gift. It's yours.
Spend it however you like.
Do your hair, your nails, the works
Have fun with it.
Jesus Christ!
What is this?
It's a phone.
Yeah but
I've got a phone.
Yeah, I bought it for you.
I already have a phone and it works fine.
Huh-uh! This one is also yours. Huh?
One more thing
I won a cellphone.
You gotta be kidding me!
You won a cellphone, just like that?
No way!
- Congrats, baby.
- Thank you, baby.
Actually, I want you to have it.
There we go, there we go!
Go for it, go for it, go for it!
Ah, this palette is so amazing!
I should have gotten one as well.
And these colours are gonna
look so good on your skin.
Fuck it, you are beautiful!
Like I forget and then I
look at you, I'm just like,
"Oh my God, you're beautiful."
And can I tell you something?
Rich people love beautiful shit.
Beautiful cars, beautiful houses.
Beautiful fish. Great.
I swear to God, Kedi
with that face
You'll have the rich falling over you.
Opening every door for you.
Will snatch that face
get you a good weave.
Don't do that. That doesn't look classy.
I want to get you a rich man.
Take you out of poverty.
Comrades are really funny, hey.
Seriously man, I'm telling you.
If the tender is for R200 million
and Mbaks wants R50 million
give it to him.
Just give it to him.
How else are you going
to get the next tender.
Hey, cheers guys!
- All the best.
- Oh, politicians are very funny.
Oh, they are very funny.
- Hello, Bra D.
- Hello.
Quick word with you?
Sure. What's wrong?
Bra D, I wanted to know if
anyone has off days
so I could work during that period?
You want to work overtime again?
Yeah, I need it Bra D.
Your dad used to say the same thing.
"I really need this overtime."
And when I warned him
about overworking himself
He said one day, he would buy this place.
Is that why?
Ah No. Bra D.
Bra D, I'm saving up for lobola.
You want to get married?
Yes, I do.
Oh my boy
That's a beautiful thing.
You can work the extra hours.
Just make sure you don't break your back.
Remember, after the wedding,
you still need to consummate the marriage.
- I hear you Bra D.
- You know what I'm talking about?
Bra D
- Thank you Bra D.
- Do you have the experience?
I need to
go and fetch this car part
that Msithi's been nagging me about.
Thank you.
I swear to
God, I am gonna tag you.
Two thousand likes by
the end of the day, darling.
I promise!
Okay? Average.
Hey, Kedi
Is that not your friend?
Can you see your likes?
Come see your likes.
That is a beautiful
picture. It's pretty.
So who has to come
up first and show us something?
Why don't you come up?
Let's show them something.
So we sit down.
We lock our toes.
And we lock our hands.
And we lock our eyes.
And on my count
Let me not into the
marriage of true minds.
Admit impediments.
We tried our best but
you're not forgiving us.
Love does not insist in its own way.
Your name is Martha
and you will work in that factory
for a duration of six months.
After which you will
pack all your belongings
and go back to those
very valleys and mountains,
where you will be greeted
by smiles and giggles.
From the children you've
left for a whole six months.
And they will be expecting gifts from
from that Johannesburg.
But as you step onto your doorstep
you realise that all those gifts that
were promised by Johannesburg
were intangible.
That's it.
That's it Kedi. Well done!
Nice one.
Rise of the African child.
Good. Okay, I'll
see you guys next week.
- Alright, have a good one.
- Bye, Sir.
May I have a word with you.
I was wondering if
I can meet you in the dressing room
Once you've gotten your things.
Just something that I
wanna talk to you about.
Okay um
Dressing room I'll see you there.
Okay. It's this side.
Hi, Franco
Yeah. I know, I know.
Can I just call you later?
Rise of the African Child.
It's a big play, you know.
It's important to us Africans.
And Kedibone
you're perfect for this role.
It's as if it was written for you.
You'll see.
It's going to be wonderful.
You're perfect.
Just perfect.
So, aren't we talking anymore?
- Friend
- No!
Don't "friend"
me. I can't get hold of you.
When I call, you don't answer
'cause you're busy with Franco
Wait, let me get my phone.
I'm good, right?
I'm good.
I'm good.
I think need the gym.
I must get a personal trainer.
And you could be the one.
- Me?
- Yes.
- I wish. Yoh!
- I'm telling you.
I'll pay you.
Look at that.
There we go.
Thank you.
No, thank you.
For being a good friend.
It's okay.
I'll wait.
I'm a patient man.
Take care.
The old man is exhausted!
I need to go now.
- Look after yourself okay.
- Okay.
Have fun.
Enjoy it.
Thank you.
What's up, Crayfish!
Hey, hey, hey!
We're celebrating,
because I found an agency.
- Mmm-hm.
- Agency?
Mmm-hm, acting agency.
Oh okay, so
Those people who send you
- To television stations?
- To auditions.
- Yeah
- And then they're are going to tell you
if you got the gig. Those type of things.
Okay. Okay.
Got you.
The necklace?
Is that real?
No, baby, I got from China Town.
It's so cheap.
It cost about R20.
Yoh, no. It looks like
Like the real thing.
They really know how to
make these things these days.
Ah, you know how the Chinese are.
I know them.
Don't worry we'll be alright.
Soon we'll be able to
afford to eat crayfish.
Hey? As well as
Lobster, huh?
The high life things.
Fuck it, you're beautiful!
And can I tell you something,
rich people love beautiful shit!
After all, I want to get you a rich man.
Take you out of poverty, you know.
- Good day.
- Hi.
Take a seat.
How can I help you?
Ma, I actually came to
I want Kedibone's hand in marriage.
I I want to make her my wife.
Hah! That will never happen.
This child!
No, that can't happen.
- Why not?
- No ways.
Please hear me out.
I love Kedibone.
Are you ready for marriage?
Or you think marriage is a joke.
- I am ready.
- Okay, forget that.
I'll pretend that I'm Kedibone.
Propose to me so I can see if
you're as ready as you claim to be.
Okay um
Put the ring on my finger!
K K Kedibone Ma Manamela.
Are you just going to
keep calling her name?
And not state your intention?
If you're going to propose to Kedibone,
you need to be confident.
And not stutter, Kedibone, Kedibone!
I will allow you to marry Kedibone
but don't do what you just did ever again.
This won't work. Go and practise!
Use a mirror and make sure you know
what to say when you talk to Kedibone.
Go, go, go!
It's a surprise.
Wait a minute, wait a bit.
Stand right here.
- Okay, now I'm nervous.
- Okay. Ready?
This is yours.
Fully paid and all.
Welcome home, Crayfish.
This is so
Look at my view!
No frickin ways!
Do you want
a taste of this crayfish?
Yes, Crayfish.
- Ah!
- Isn't there a lift?
- We're already here my guy.
We're going to get fit here.
I am already fit.
I was born fit.
So, baby, what do you think?
Yeah! You did well.
Ah! The view!
Look at the Jozi skyline.
Ah, wow!
So, tell me
the agent put all of this together?
Yes, baby. All of it.
Marble floors, marble kitchen, everything.
- Just for you?
- No, baby, with Tanya.
This other girl from
school. She is so cool.
I also want this for myself one day.
Wow! Yeah!
Tony Montana views.
The world is mine!
I'm telling you.
I'm telling you. Hey, hey!
Are you jealous now, Msithi.
We're here on the December 16 holiday.
And I can't wait for us to make
great memories, right here.
- Right here?
- Mmm
- Like now?
- Mmm-hm.
Go kick start the car, we're leaving soon.
- I have to go.
- Okay.
Bye, baby.
I'm telling you Msithi
the first three weeks
I couldn't sleep
Thinking about how these rich boys
might try and get with Kedi.
At least she got a decent place now.
The one she used to live in was trash.
Yeah, yeah. I agree.
She's in heaven now
compared to where she was.
Tell me something.
Is she only staying with her friend?
Of course.
And the agent is paying rent?
Yeah, that sounds just about right.
Have you met this agent?
What business do I have with the agent?
Have you met him?
Do you even know his name?
- Who are you talking about?
- The agent.
Msithi, how am I supposed to know?
What's with all these questions?
You should've asked Kedibone!
I don't know anything about agents
and how these things work.
Okay, then. Don't get so emotional.
Delivery for Kedibone.
That's me.
Rise of the African Child.
You know, Dineo This is a big play.
And you are just the
right person for this role.
You and only you
are perfect for this role.
It's as if they wrote this play for you.
I thought you said you'd call me.
Look, my plate is kinda
full right now, so yeah.
But do you know what,
I really need this class in order to pass.
I don't know, Kedibone.
You know exactly what I'm talking about.
I saw on Instagram you are
looking for actors and models.
Well, I'm studying to be an actress.
Oh, okay.
Uh tell me
What kind of acting do you do.
Well, I am acting on
a stage play at school.
And they gave me a lead role
w which I lost but I'm gonna
get it back soon.
Tell me, what are you busy with
next weekend. Are you are available?
I'm definitely free!
- Hello.
- Hello, Sir.
Uh I would like to make
a withdrawal, please.
Okay please insert your card there.
Please enter your pin.
Okay, so how much do you want to draw?
All of it.
Are you sure?
Please hurry up, my sister.
So, where do I get the script?
Don't worry where you are going.
They will have a script for you my angel.
And how much do you pay?
Let me tell you.
Eighty thousand rand.
For starters!
Eight Eighty thousand
My girl, I'm telling you.
Plenty more where that came from.
Okay, this is all of it.
Twenty thousand as you requested.
Am I gonna get my lead role back?
- Ah!
- How are you?
I called you here because I want to
know who you've invited for the ceremony.
I've already spoken to Gheminah about it.
She said she'll invite
the friends from varsity.
Okay, but don't forget about the cousins.
And the rest of the family.
This is a big deal.
I won't forget about them.
It's just that I wanted to lay low because
you know, it's a surprise.
I'm aware that it's a surprise.
I know how to keep a secret.
What I want to know is do you
have the funds to make this possible?
Financially I'm sorted.
I even got overtime pay from work.
She's also found an agent.
Everything is going according to plan.
Hey! Wow!
Thank God for that agent.
He's a gift from above.
Oh, now I'm convinced
that this acting thing
You know it's working for her.
I'm also going to see if we can
extend an invitation to the agent.
You see, now you're talking.
The agent needs to
bear witness to everything.
- You know what I'm saying.
- I hear you loud and clear.
Okay then
I'm preparing dinner
now and you're not invited.
Okay Ma'am, on another note
I think you have a hidden talent.
Could you hit me with one more note
- before I leave.
- Hey!
Okay girl, outside.
Make sure you get the job done.
He can have you, okay?
Uh, uh, uh!
What's this?
How are you going to work like this?
Go get changed.
Hurry up and start drinking.
Ooh, I can't deal with ghetto girls.
You okay?
- I think she wants some.
- She should. Definitely.
It'll make you feel so good. Trust me.
Have just a little. I cut
a little line just for you.
It's a nice small one
It's good, hey?
Did you inhale?
It's good, hey?
I feel like I'm getting a nose bleed
Don't forget that you're paying.
Yes. Yes.
You see
Hi -Who's this?
- Karabo.
- Oh, Kedibone.
Yeah, where are you?
I'm still at your house and
I need my money.
Listen, I'm at the airport now
getting ready to go to Cape Town so
You said you'd give me R 80,000.
When are you going to give it to me?
Let me send you
- You wanted your R500.
- Five hundred ra
- What!
- Please don't stress me.
I'm tired and I'm late for my flight, bye.
No, but you
More lemon, please.
Thank you.
- How are you?
- Hi, Sir.
Don't call me sir. We're not at school.
Let's dance.
No, I can't dance because
these heels are killing me.
I'm not used to them.
Can I join you?
Do you need some company?
I'm actually waiting for my friends
they just went to the bathroom.
They'll be back for their seats.
I'll see you around then.
I don't do tequila shots.
Look around, it's a
nominations after-party.
Loosen up a bit.
Yes, but do you see
that old man over there?
- That old man?
- Yes.
Tequila did that to him.
He's an old man.
You can't compare the two.
Come on.
Okay fine.
Ah ha
You know what, actual here's another one.
To your nomination.
So, you do know who I am?
Smash, the whole
country knows who you are.
[Smash laughing]
You know how to do your thing. Yoh!
What is your name, buy the way?
I'm Kedibone.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
I haven't seen you around, um
are you new to the acting industry?
Yeah, I'm studying acting actually.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I mean I am chilling with
actors, colleagues, producers.
How are you gonna get to know anyone
in the industry if you're chilling here?
Give me your things.
Friend, call me back.
I think
I think something is wrong.
I think I am having contractions.
Should we leave this joint?
Yeah, but he's my ride.
You're gonna leave your life in his hands?
Can I Uber you home, wherever it is?
Let's just go.
- Okay.
- Okay.
how do you get back in the game?
Let me school you.
When you're making love to a woman
Step one.
Step two.
Aye! Nicki Minaj.
Ah! Face forward, back is mine!
- Slow.
- Hey, man!
The aim is not to rush
- No, man!
- remember you're in charge.
- Hey, man!
- When you get to the 4th round.
You do the Thuso Phala shake.
Then you release.
I got this!
Where did you get this?
It's on a wall in my house.
I know it's in your house I mean like
like where's the
where did you buy it?
Online photo of the day
just like blew it up
and put it on my wall.
- I'm sorry it's not my...
- Relax.
Oh, that's why.
Yoh, it's the Gqom
party vibe. Take me to Soweto!
Yes, yes! Oh yeah!
You know what, dancing is not
- You're going to hurt yourself.
- For everyone.
You need a degree for this shit.
- Yoh!
- Come here.
Huh-uh, huh-uh, Smash.
What, what, what, like
I have protection.
It it's not that.
Wait! Don't, don't
It's not like you are
virgin or something right
coz that would be some
really fucked up shit.
You are?
No! Shit! Really?
I'm just waiting for
somebody who really loves me.
You know and
Someone special.
Well, you're
to me.
me, trust me. Listen.
We're here
in this moment right now for a reason.
Huh Uh-uh.
I so I
I just don't wanna do this.
I'm not ready.
I love you.
I mean I I could love you.
- I love you.
- I will love you.
I will
What are you saying?
I love you.
And I will always love you.
What What are you saying?
- Come on.
- Huh-uh. Huh-uh.
If you
If you really, really,
really love me then
you'll wait.
In the family
Are you sleeping for real?
Hey, Babe
You, get up!
- Are you kidding me?
- Oh shit!
Are you serious?
Babe listen, when did you land?
Fuck you!
Now I know why your phone is off!
You were busy with this whore!
In my house! Babe, I had
- I had an awards ceremony.
- Get your hands off me!
Get your things and get
the fuck out of my house.
Pamela, leave her.
Don't You're don't have
to talk to her like that.
We are supposed to be getting married.
I am pregnant with your child
but as soon as I turn my
back you fuck around like this!
What is wrong with you, Smiso!
I can explain.
Are you still here!
Get up and get out!
Get the fuck out of my house.
Get the fuck out of my house!
Don't talk to her like that.
Leave me alone!
Get the fuck out of my house!
Eish! Shit!
It's going to be alright.
Don't be scared.
Are you okay?
We should go to bed.
S Step
Please! One line, one line.
Okay. It's time.
No wait, wait. Please!
Well, you're pregnant.
Eww Kedi!
Are you gonna tell your boyfriend?
It's not his?
So what's the plan?
What's going on?
I'm in the middle of my lecture.
I'm pregnant.
It's not mine.
Dexter, a girl always knows, okay.
No No, she doesn't.
I want an abortion.
Um okay.
- Let's do it.
- I'm broke. I only have like 2000.
- And I need 7000.
- Yoh! I don't have that kind of money.
So, this is your cousin?
- Yes, I am the cousin.
- Yeah.
So you're claiming that's my child?
I did everything you asked me to do.
We'd go to fancy parties.
Do my make-up, dress up and then show up.
This how you treat me?
From being a crayfish
to just being pollution in the ocean?
Is this how you see me now?
You know what?
I didn't send you
to be a porn star. Do you hear me?
Busy entertaining other men. Hmm!
Like a whore. After everything!
After everything I have done for you!
From me.
I sacrificed every single thing for you.
I sacrificed my youth
and my beauty for you, Franco.
You took my virginity.
And you took my money.
What did you do with all of it?
I paid for tuition.
And I have to eat.
How much are we talking about exactly?
Uh Five thousand.
Are you mad!
Then I'm keeping it.
If the family finds out
about the pregnancy
they will come for you.
I'm coming with.
Let's go.
Mavis, car keys!
The biggest
whore in the fucking world!
- What?
- We know you slept with her father.
How could you do this to me?
Don't you Hey! Hey!
Don't you dare touch her!
I need a drink.
A drink like alcohol?
- Yes.
- Now?
Just drive.
- How's things Msithi?
- Good thanks and yourself?
I'm good, can I have the usual.
Alright, sharp!
I got a nice surprise for you.
Check this out.
Who this is?
Don't forget that you're paying.
Touch is a move and a move is a price.
No man, is this not Kedibone?
- Yes, that's her.
- Mrembula's girl?
- Yers.
- Where did you get it?
- Instagram.
- Oh, I see
You've got data, hey.
She's a slay queen now?
- Thanks.
- Cheers!
I'm going to the bathroom, okay
- What's up man.
- I'm good, what's up?
Why are you checking out my girl.
- What's up with that?
- What?
- What's up with that?
- Oh! Oh!
Chill man, let me show you something.
Don't forget that you're paying.
Touch is a move and a move is a price.
Hey, he saw you!
Where did you get this?
It's on the
You know what, forget it.
We're leaving.
Oh, baby.
I'm not asking you. I'm telling you.
Kedibone are you cheating on me?
- What?
- You heard me. Answer my question.
Are you cheating?
No, baby.
What are you talking about?
Explain to me why there's a video of you
twerking on some random guys
On that guy's phone
back at the restaurant.
So you are accusing me of cheating?
Seriously, Tebogo?
I'm at school every day but
you're accusing me of cheating!
You know what, it's fine.
I can tell you've found someone else.
- You've found someone else.
- Someone else?
- You got a new girlfriend Tebogo.
- Someone else?
If you want to break up do it like a man.
What are you on about?
I'm trying and
Here I am thinking I have your support.
You're not being fair, baby.
I'm sorry.
Sorry. It's just
It's just that the way that
guy was looking at you
Next thing
I see someone who looks like you
Cheating on you is the
last thing on my mind.
- Look at me.
- Please don't lie to me.
Please don't lie to me.
I would never lie to you, baby.
I would never lie to you.
Oh, Msithi?
We need to talk.
And Tebogo?
I need to talk to you alone.
What is it? Is everything okay?
Are you cheating?
- What?
- Cut the crap!
Don't act all innocent here.
I see your promiscuous ways!
Me, promiscious?
I don't know what you're talking about.
I have been seeing you
with these celebrity guys.
Driving Lamborghini's with big
bellies and high blood pressure.
I am the dealer that side. You
don't think they tell me these things.
You know
All wanted to do in this industry was
just to make it.
But then you meet
Can I call you crayfish?
A young Thespian.
I saw on Instagram that you
are looking for actors and models.
So you do know who I am?
To meet mercy people and then
They sell you the world
What's this?
And you, Kedibone
You're perfect for this role.
So, how much do you guys pay?
Eighty thousand rand.
Just for starters!
I mean I am chilling with
actors, colleagues, producers.
How are you gonna get to know anyone
in the industry if you're chilling here?
And then they just wanna
use you for your looks.
Great fit!
I didn't know how I
was going to tell Tebogo.
I mean
He paid for my tuition
by selling his inheritance!
I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm not the one you're cheating on.
You need to apologise to Mrembula not me!
Yes, I know Msithi.
Can I use your phone?
I wanna call these other girls.
They wanted to come fetch me and
I just wanna cancel my plans, please.
You're sleeping around
but you can't afford airtime?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Bloody cheater!
You have reached the voicemail box of
Yeah, Cray, Cray.
You put me on voicemail.
You took me for a ride.
And played with my heart.
You know, Crayfish
I gave you everything I have.
I was there for you emotionally.
And you just drop me automatically.
Hey Crayfish Crayfish!
You hurt me Crayfish.
Life is tough!
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you very much.
You know this one's for you, right?
Smash, Smash, Smash, Smash!
Can I have a word?
I've meant to give you a call.
It's just I realised I don't
even have your number.
You already got what you wanted.
I came to apologise.
I should have said that I'm
You must think I'm a dog.
Dogs are cute!
You are evil, Smash!
Hey, come on, I
You raped me.
Kedi, I didn't
I didn't rape you.
We both got back
You raped me, Smash.
Hear me out. Hear me out.
I genuinely wanna help you.
You said you wanna get into the industry.
I wanna hook you up. I wanna
- I want you to meet my people.
- You know what.
- Get into his book
- You're wasting my time.
Smash! Smash! Smash!
I brought some baby clothes.
Thank you.
Come get the baby.
How's life been treating you?
I'm sorry.
Hi, baby.
Okay where are you taking me?
Yeah, but how must I know what to wear
when I don't know where you're taking me.
Baby, come on,
you know I hate surprises.
Okay, okay fine.
Ah! Crayfish!
I don't like how things ended between us.
- I know your birthday is coming up.
- Don't touch me!
I bought you something, hey.
You bought me a car?
This is not just any car.
This is a machine.
I'm fine. You can keep it.
Since when?
I'm moving out.
- Where to?
- I'm going back home.
Am I a joke to you?
I will tell you when to leave.
I'm the one paying for this apartment.
Do you hear me!
And you still owe me.
One last round.
- Where do you think you're going?
- Don't touch me!
- Get off me!
- You're my whore, I own you.
Now shut up!
He's the agent I told you about.
Kedibone what's going on here?
- Huh?
- Guess who's in trouble now.
I'm sorry, baby.
Here's the story young
man, listen carefully.
I know this looks bad.
But I'll save you the heartache.
There's a lot of women out there
and they're still gonna hurt you.
I know because I was
once a young man like you.
They'll hurt you real bad.
You see how full of fish the ocean is?
Crayfish there, crayfish all over.
And you know what you did?
You chose one crayfish and
And you put it in the fridge.
And left the door unlocked.
What did you think was going to happen?
I opened the door and
helped myself to some crayfish.
And it was appetising.
I must say, your crayfish is delicious.
Never tasted anything better...
Tebogo, please.
Tebogo you're hurting him.
Tebogo stop!
Let him go.
Let go of me!
Tebogo no, no no
Please don't kill me, I'm sorry.
Let's talk about this. C'mon man.
Let's go.
Tebogo you're hurting me, let me go!
Tebogo you are hurting me.
Let go of me.
- Shut up!
- Baby, I'm sorry.
Baby, I'm sorry.
Baby, listen, I'm sorry.
- Get inside.
- Please.
Kedibone Manamela.
My pure innocent woman.
Your dad left you a good
inheritance in this car.
He did!
I just wanna study, baby.
- Baby, please.
- Don't touch me!
Tell me about your agent.
It's really not what you think.
Kedibone Manamela!
- Baby, I'm sorry.
- Jesus!
I'm sorry, baby!
You are sorry?
Are you sorry for my father's car.
I love you, baby.
Baby, no!