Kee (2019) Movie Script

- I just gave you one.
- Not enough.
Get lost.
- Listen!
- Sir...
I saw them.
Go! Do as ordered!
Ok sir. I shall obey you.
But please stop troubling me after this.
Please! Please!
An unidentified youth died in a horrific
accident in Chennai, last night.
A car rammed the two wheeler,
which the youth was riding...
and the youth died on the spot.
It is said that drinking and driving... and the
boom of pub culture has lead to such accidents.
What a damn term?
In this million years
of human evolution...
man has lost himself in the
pursuit of finding this term's meaning.
What is that they have
that we men don't?
That's it! That is all it is!
Just three differences and the
way they show off with those differences...
is too much to take!
Well, that is fine...
but look at this atrocity.
It is such scenes that
creates a doubt in me.
That, whether God exists or not?
I swear, the doom's
day is not far away!
But then one thing.
If you give it a good, deep
thought after getting high...
then the struggles gone through by that
geeky fellow to woo that hottie...
like time, hard work, money,
insults, embarrassments, humiliations,
slaps, poison, thoughts of
committing suicide, blood...
those are the things
that comes to our mind.
So is it really that difficult
to woo a beautiful girl?
Nothing like that.
All the good, bad, favorite and hateful
activities done by humans today;
guess where all
those are stored?
It is in the computer
or the mobile you use.
Why do you think there is a password setting for mobile that
is just to make calls? Its a mobile phone not a money locker.
So doesn't that mean that
all your secrets are in it?
So, if your phone is hacked then it means
all your information too are hacked.
Secrets that even your best friends
don't know can be revealed.
And the virus that I created to reveal
such secrets is what I call...
The Basha virus!
Wow! A free offer!
( Crowd chattering)
She is Rekha.
Her favorite color is Red and likes Roses.
Also likes Rajesh, Anil,
Nikhil, Amar, Antony,
So many of them?
Except Lord Buddha
everyone's in her list!
And she also likes banana.
Huh? Banana?
But why?
She could be having
digestion issues.
What's this message here?
"Rajesh, the kiss last
night was awesome"
Then who are you?
Holy guacamole! You are
not even in the list!
Poor fellow. I pity
that poor soul.
Nope! She's won't suit me.
His name is Mark.
Nah! Not that worthy.
He must be getting
wasted on free booze!
It's me!
She is Vandana.
A reporter.
Where is she?
Now, that's my kinda girl.
Buddy! Buddy!
Help me get one too. Please!
Get lost!
I'm your friend. Please.
- Just get lost!
- Listen!
Stop showing off!
I challenge you to
get me her details.
Dude, her details are
actually untraceable.
I wonder how it got missed.
- I know. Shall I tell you?
- Go ahead.
Some guy has wooed her by gifting her a
gold ring which is actually not gold.
Gravy stains on her nails
and froth on her neck.
She bathed three days ago
and uses Hamam soap.
13 lice on her head and out of
them one is approaching her neck.
Am I right?
How...How did you do that?
Your phone couldn't
do it, right?
That's because she doesn't use internet.
She has only land line phone.
She is my maid servant.
The guy who wooed her
with ring; its me!
Don't puke! Most of them
here are maid servants.
And the rest are beggars. They are
tricking you with their bleached make up!
- Get lost!
- Wait, please find me one!
Look at him staring at me!
Ms. 'Banana' Rekha!
Rajesh? Yesterday's kiss was awesome!
Who are you?
First, find out who is Rajesh!
- Who is Rajesh?
- I swear, I don't know. He is lying.
Hey Siri.
I'm listening. What's up Sid?
How do I pick up the
beautiful girl next to me?
You are in Tamizh Nadu!
Can't you learn Tamizh?
How to pick a pretty girl next to me?
Sorry, I can't be able to do that.
Can I call pretty girl next to you?
Yeah sure!
Hi gorgeous.
Hey! Its my personal number!
How did you get it?
Not just this, I know a lot more.
Shall I?
There is a dead clock in
the hall, at your home.
Your pet dog is named Tom.
He lusted after the neighbor's
dog and eloped three years ago.
You got a red colored personal diary
on the right side of your bed.
And on the third page, second line...
the "I will find him" is written. Right?
Your perfume; Gucci Coco.
Then, Bobbi Brown foundation, Mac
lipstick, Urban Decay eye shadow.
Victoria secrets inner.
Just Rupees...
plus GST extra.
Whoa! How did you do that?
There is a lot more.
- Just wait and watch...
- You cheated me!
Watch him slap her.
Get lost!
What? Oh my god!
Wow! Chanceless!
- Wanna hear more?
- Yeah!
There's a lot of gap between us.
Can I come closer?
Can I hug you?
Well, I am not being selfish.
Only then the magic will work.
- O...K...
- Ok!
Rule #1: You can touch a girl anywhere
you want to but before that...
you must touch her heart!
I got into a pub the other day...
And that's when she approached me.
She sat next to me
and waited for me.
And bam! She ordered couple
of shots for both of us!
And then she noticed I
had the latest iPhone.
Our eyes locked and she fell for me.
She said that I looked familiar.
Before we could speak our shots
we here and we hit it on!
The DJ was all pepped
on that day...
He played numbers that
I had never heard.
And then he played my favorite number!
That made me high and I
lost myself to the music.
That's when she held me
and pulled me closer.
Her eyes spoke out loud;
asking me to dance with her.
We hit ourselves with
couple of more shots.
We danced really hard
until we were exhausted.
Uh-oh! Its mom!
Vandhana, I gotta go.
- I got some work.
- Yeah! What?
- Call you later. Yes sure.
- We'll meet up!
Why is it so dark?
From one state to another...
I fell in love and got
married to a crazy fellow!
And him?
Like one crazy fellow wasn't
enough, here's another one.
" To my beloved son, who failed
in all exams this year too..."
"a thousand kisses"
Who else can make such an achievement?
Time to cut!
Not me...
the cake.
Why me lord? Crazy idiots!
Shameless dad! Shameless son!
How is it?
Its a little salty.
Those are your dad's tears and so
obvious isn't it, that its salty?
"Mr. From the Spiceland", I have already watched
this scene in '7G, Rainbow colony' movie.
So you shut up!
Embarrassed?! Shame! Shame!
Its your turn now. Wait and watch.
Hey bro!
Hi bro!
See that?
You doofus, Mark!
You are easily corruptible. All
you need is Biriyani as bribe!
Don't you take it so light.
" Do not step in to a grand wedding reception
if the food served is vegetarian..."
" at the same time even if an unknown
Bai serves Biriyani, go get it!"
This is not just my policy but the
policy of my great grand fathers!
I will never fail to uphold it!
You! Don't you piss me off!
You will never get it! This
feeling; you will never understand!
Only a True Tamizhan, like me, who desperately
waits for a Biriyani feast will understand it!
Get lost!
Crazy fellow!
Everything's gone! Its gone!
You robbers!
I removed my gold chain and stepped in for a
shower and they sold it off to buy a mobile!
What a finishing! Isn't it?
All of you will never prosper!
Shut up!
Stop boasting about your chain!
Even your husband, who bought you that
chain, left you long ago! Useless fellow!
On top of that, your chain wasn't
pure gold! It was adulterated!
The pawn broker Sait insulted me!
Its my fate to have been
born as a daughter to you!
Thankfully, I took the money you had piled
up to buy provision to pay for the phone.
Whoa! What?
What? So you took
that money too?
You! Keep behaving like the
brat you are, wait and see!
Thanks to your quick wits or else
you would be a dead duck by now!
- I pity my plight!
- Hey dude!
No one can mess with us!
Don't you know that?
- You Toothless Romeo!
- Toothless?
Call me 'dude' once again
and I'll break your jaw!
My daughter is getting spoiled
because of your friendship!
Yeah right! Like your
daughter is very innocent!
She even stole the Sait's money!
Did you know that?
Don't drag unnecessary
topics into the discussion!
Mom! Come on....what's the big deal? Ain't
I your daughter? Isn't your money mine?
You must be brave. Don't cry. Smile.
Hey! Watch out!
- You watch out!
- You better learn driving disciplines!
Hey! Hey! My bag!
Hey! Return my hand bag!
Return it to me!
How did this come here?
My iPhone!
You doofus! You are a dead meat!
What happened?
She was driving at
a very high speed!
She knocked down that two wheeler
guy who was driving on the side!
Please, find a way to save me!
I killed him as you ordered.
I couldn't escape. The crowd has
surrounded me. The cops are here.
Relax. It's just an accident case.
Make way for the ambulance!
Just pay a fine of 1500/-
bucks and you'll be released.
We'll handle the rest.
Hello? Hello!
Open the door! The traffic's
is getting jammed.
Can't you hear me? Step out!
Will step out or do you
wanna me to break in?
Can't you hear me? Look here!
- Sir, please. Just a moment.
- Who are you?
- I'll talk to her.
- Ask her to get down quickly.
Ma'am...Look here...
Cool. Cool. Ok.
Don't worry. No one's
gonna harm you.
Just unlock the door.
Madam, no problem. For your own safety,
go sit in the police vehicle. Please.
Ma'am, please have some water.
I am innocent.
Its ok.
They ordered me to do it!
Hi Sid.
Lets meet.
I think its getting hot in here!
Uh-oh! I think I'm
gonna lose it today.
Whoa! Feels like
she is biting me!
Excuse me...
I can't....
Oh my god!
I can't get into a committed
relationship with you.
don't you blame and
accuse me of cheating you.
I can't let go of you that easy.
I was kidding.
I am not at all interested
in relationships.
what is this relationship called?
' Chikan-Chikan Friend'
(Friends with benefits)
The name sounds awesome!
Wait till you experience it!
Come on.
Before that... tell
me something..
How did you do it? I have heard
about people reading minds...
but how did you guess
about things at my home?
Oh! That one?
Like this!
What are you up to?
Never interrupt a research.
Say, this cherry is your computer.
or your mobile!
And these are the photos, passwords
and mails in your mobile.
Also Facebook.
Now, this is my Basha virus.
Now, all the photos, passwords, Facebook
contacts and everything in your mobile...
is fed into my virus.
Whatever my virus knows...
I also know!
A bit sour.
- So soon you will bring about the dooms day!
- You bet!
How about a kiss?
Where is my phone?
Hello uncle?
- Vandhana! Wait dear!
- He already finished off our kids!
I want to meet you. Its urgent.
Uncle, what's wrong with aunty again?
She has a secret treasure?
- Please, lets meet soon.
- I'll come.
- Its very urgent, Vandhana!
- Ok! Ok!
Siddhu, get up.
Get up!
You may have the full experience
next time. Now, leave.
- Leave. Come on. Leave now.
- At least a wee bit of teaser?
You! We have been
waiting for you!
- You! How dare you?
- Hit him! Hit him!
Who are you? Why are you behaving
like a thug with a smarty like me?
One punch and you'll faint! Concentrate
on the road while driving!
Instead you drive like your's dad's
road and you broke my phone!
Broke your phone?
Oh! Your phone?
I should have kept
it with me instead
I shouldn't have shown
mercy and returned it.
Did you just say you
should have taken it?
Do you know she bought it with
her hard earned money!
- Hit him! Hit him!
- Don't you hit an innocent.
Stop embarrassing me in front of
this little twinkie-less fella!
Whoa Romeo! The whole world
is making fun of you!
Indeed! Isn't it?
How dare you call
me twinkie-less?
Lift me and seat me on the
tank of the bike! Now!
Come on! Rip him apart!
How dare you call me that?
That too in front of her!
Sorry boss! Your girlfriend?
Listen! Deal your problem later!
First, buy me a new phone!
Until then I'll have yours!
- That's not my phone!
- Eww!
He called me
twinkie-less fellow!
- Hey Vandhana.
- Hi.
- What happened uncle? Any problem?
- Vandhana...
They threatened me again
and took all my money.
Forget about the money.
I have lost my peace.
I'm going crazy!
Do something about it, dear.
Or else...
- suicide is my only option.
- Uncle, quiet now.
Don't say so.
We shall surely nab them.
Don't worry uncle.
Did you get the hard disk
of your hacked computer?
Ok. Come on.
I'll talk to Siddhu right away.
- Hello.
- Hey Sid...
Can you do me a favor?
Can you trace the location of a
computer using its IP Address?
A bit difficult...
but apart from FBI...
only I can do it. Why don't
you come to my home?
There is not even a single
channel for the youth.
And then there is
this fitness ad!
Get lost!
Can't you stick to one channel!
Better throw that remote away!
Wait! I am looking for a channel
that spreads knowledge and wisdom!
You guys don't behave
like a father and son!
Mom, I was talking about that girl's dress.
She isn't wearing any!
I won't lie like him.
I was indeed looking at her!
- Mr. Rao!
- Ask me why!
She too has a ripped and
toned body like me.
You call this a toned body?
Eww! Yuck!
What is it?
- He will never change!
- Look at your paunch!
Don't call it a paunch. The style is...
- to call it a Beer belly!
- No way.
Get lost!
I'm his younger brother.
Tell me.
I was kidding.
- I'm Siddhu's elder brother.
- Elder brother?
- Come on Vandhana. That's my dad.
- Dad?!
- You uncle!
- Shut up or I'll finish you!
You just come. I'll show you my room.
Just go.
Siddhu, here is the hard disk.
I hope we can trace
those hackers down.
Before that we must find the IP address of
the computer using which the person hacked.
When someone hacks our computer...
he will leave his mark in
some corner of the hard disk.
Its called...
Key loggers.
In simple terms, its like a
clue left behind in a murder spot.
If we can find it then we can
find his computer's IP address.
IP Address found...
and now its time to find him!
What the fish!
Oh no!
Firewall protected!
So many layers of firewalls.
Firewalls are like
security lockers.
Unless we unlock them...
they cannot be tracked.
Usually the computers
used at homes...
won't have a strong
protection like this one.
Who are you guys?
Hiding so deep!
Hey man, don't worry.
We are there for you.
We'll take care of everything. Don't worry.
We got your back.
Chill. Its alright. Its all good.
We'll get everything
under control.
Sir, I tried my best.
I couldn't do it.
- It is just an accident case.
- Please leave me.
Pay a fine of 1500/- bucks
and you'll be released.
Please sir!
- Get on with the work!
- Get lost!
Please leave me. I can't do this.
I can't do this. Please!
Don't cry. Listen to me.
We'll take care of it.
- Oh crap!
- Oh my god!
What is this?
System override detected.
- Check it out.
- Someone's trying to hack our system.
This can't be possible.
Check all the routers.
Make it fast!
Oh for god's sake!
What happened?
How's this possible?
What is happening man?
What's happening?
- What's happening. How did someone get into our firewall?
- Come on! Come on!
Find out who is it.
We'll get to know in 30 seconds.
Come on! Come on!
Oh no! They have started
to back track us.
We got 30 seconds.
If we don't find them,
then they'll find us.
Shivam, what they did
is called IP spoofing.
Their location is shown to be
random places around the world.
Even the second
layer is breached.
Catch him!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
We are being hacked from India.
20 seconds.
This is the last layer. If he
breaks this then he'll find us!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Its Tamizh Nadu!
In two seconds. We'll find him!
Just come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Yes! Yes!
Oh damn it!
Disconnet everything! Now!
Phew! Oh my god!
How did he find us even after
so much of protection?
Come on!
Find out that genius!
Before that...
before anyone comes here
in search of us...
lets vacate this place.
Chaps, lets move!
- You handle the wires and hard disk.
- Pack everything separately.
Disconnect all the systems.
Oh crap!
She was looking for us in the
streets, all these days.
We didn't bother.
The moment she
tracked us down...
we must not spare her life!
Don't you push! I'm first!
Basha bhai, you are our only hope.
Please help us with the exam.
- Thank you Basha bhai.
- Ok. Ok.
Basha bhai...
left hand to me?
Its ok.
I don't know if thermacol can be used to
protect dam water from evaporating...
but I know for sure that you will
save me if I kiss your left hand.
Ewww! Stinks!
- Move!
- Watch me!
Sir! How are you? Bless me!
Bug fixed!
- Its done!
- Ok. Thank you sir.
Why did he fall at my feet?
Class to class type...
Its here. We got it! Buddy, we all
are gonna pass this semester.
Basha bhai never loathes
for stolen fortunes.
Hello! I don't like fritters...
replace it with
some extra sweet.
How many times do I repeat?
I can't serve extra.
Why can't you?
- Every item is limited to each student.
- Don't you blabber.
Consider this, like how I
don't like fritters...
similarly someone might
not like the sweet.
So give my share of
fritters to him.
Do you think that's my job here?
Oh! What else better work
does his highness have here?
Are you also working
as an IAS officer?
Talk too much and...
I'll report this
to the principal.
Do you think we won't?
Look at this! There's hair in my food!
I want justice!
Please. Don't embarrass us.
First day of college. The
seniors are supposed to rag us.
- We must not be the one ragging others.
- Tell her.
- We shall give you our share of sweet.
- Why should you guys give?
Is there no justice
in this word!
Don't call yourself a girl.
That's the same doubt I got.
I'll rip you apart. Leave me!
People who eat your food will
get affected with diarrhea.
I wonder how all these people
eat your food. Shameless!
I'll deal with you later!
I think she is Gayatri Raghuram!
You know?
She isn't thankful for the food!
- She left?
- Where are you going back again?
So you study here?
You are a dead meat!
I'm gonna unleash hell upon you!
Come on. Lets go!
Stop looking you.... Come on, let's go!
Whoa! My phone!
Hello! I'm not talking to you.
I'm talking to my dearest phone.
Look at that!
- Hey Siri (Also means laugh in Tamizh)
- What?
- Hey Siri!
- Hi Sid!
I'm listening.
I miss you so much.
- Get lost.
- Miss you a lot too.
Lets elope!
Lets elope!
Shameless Siri!
I'm the one using you
and you listen to him?
Lets reach home and then I'll
throw you away from the terrace.
Hi handsome
What's this?
What are you up to?
This is the Basha virus.
Who said that women
are a mystery?
From now on, a press
of a button...
all the pleasures are ours to enjoy.
Come on, press it already!
You fool! You are the
one spoiling him!
- Buddy,
- Tell me.
tomorrow is Anu's
death anniversary.
I know. How can I forget?
(Chanting mantras)
Shut up guys! Give it a break.
- Sorry! Sorry!
- How dare you?
- My bad!
- What the hell?
- Move!
-One punch and...
You are not even my buddy's type.
Look how smart he is!
- And look at you! One punch and you'll be a goner!
- How dare you?!
- Hey! Hey! Anu!
- Get lost!
- You get lost!
- Anu! Watch out! Watch out!
Whoa! Who did this to you?
Here comes your mom!
- Just kidding!
- Doofus!
Let me pose with the bottle.
Let me show you how its done!
Check out the heart shape.
Whoa! Daddy!
Not the time for selfie, you...!
- Anu! Introduce me to her.
- What?
- Stop it now.
- Please Anu.
Anu! Hey!
- Hi handsome!
- Hi!
He is my friend.
How are you?
- Uncle, this is Rakesh.
- Hello. Please have a seat.
- What's going on?
- Shut up!
I don't know why but...
I feel like crying.
I want cry out
loud in happiness.
Please, never ever leave me.
Come on.
I will always be with you.
- You are looking gorgeous.
- You rascal!
- He doesn't look genuine to me.
- Shut up! Ok?
Give me his email
id and Facebook id.
- For what? Just leave him alone!
- Anu!
I'm sorry.
- It wasnt intentional.
- Its ok. Its ok, fine
Sorry dear.
Since it was my first time...
I got nervous and slapped you.
Things won't work out between us.
Hang up now.
Dear, please!
- Hey Rakesh, just have it.
- Yeah.
So, life is all about sex?
Is life all about love?
I was madly in love with him.
Love doesn't exist at all.
Its all a chemical reaction.
A chemical named Dopamine that
creates the adrenaline rush.
Neurophine and sopherphine creates the so
called "butterflies in stomach" effect.
Better grab few chocolates and
eat instead of falling in love.
It has the same effect.
Come! Ask what's her problem.
Love failure?
We knew it! He didn't look like a genuine
fellow. He looked like a hawker!
- Get lost!
- You get lost.
A couple of status post and she will
be fine. I want to book Tatkal tickets.
Anu! Open the door.
You crazy! Are you gonna
open or shall we break in?
Hey! Let's leave.
She is behaving crazy of late.
I won't obey you hereafter.
I'm gonna die! I'm
gonna kill myself!
- Hey Sid.
- Hey, hi!
Can we meet today evening?
Yeah. Sure! Definitely.
Thank you.
He hanged himself to death!
I wonder what were you
up to with that phone.
- Where are you?
- I'm here.
What are you doing
in this locality?
Wait, I'll come.
Are you blind? Can't
you see the signal?
You fool!
Dude the tyre is torn.
The rod inside pokes!
A guy from here, committed suicide.
Of late many of them have
committed suicide in the city.
And there are few, who are dying in
accidents under mysterious circumstances.
Look. These are the
photos of those who died.
Everyone seems to be youngsters.
Mind your step...
So many murders and why isn't it
reported even in a single news channel?
- Oh my god.
- Hey! Show me.
- My phone isn't working.
- My system's hanged.
What happened?
Who is this?
Looks new!
The signal lights
are working crazy!
The electric wire has snapped!
Come! Come this side!
Come this side!
Its coming! Down!
Come on! Get down! Guys, move away!
My legs! My legs!
Somebody please save my son!
Oh no!
- No! Don't you go!
- Can't you see the children stuck?
No! Don't!
Huh? Does throwing a tyre onto the
transformer shut down the power?
The rod inside the tyre might have
created a short circuit and blasted it.
Its painful man!
Every time I see you,
I recollect story.
The snail and the parasite!
A pure zombie story.
A parasite called
Leucochloridium Paradox...
it's immortal but
it fakes death.
It fakes death and makes
the snail feed on it.
Its crazy man!
Then once the snail has eaten the
parasite, it goes inside the snail...
and takes over its brain.
From drinking water
to excretion...
the snail obeys the parasite!
He simply drives him.
Simply drives him!
One fine day, it took the
snail to the treetop...
You will think its a
beautiful enlightenment.
But its not!
It will sacrifice the snail to the crows, eagles
and vultures and in the process sacrifices itself.
You think the story would end there.
But no...
It grows inside the crows and comes out in its eggs,
thereby increasing the count of its own race!
And so the story goes on. Again
the snail and again the crows.
Only the snail and the crow died...
but you are...
you are immortal! Immortal!
You will never die!
Your exam starts now.
Good morning sir.
Uh-oh! Arrgh!
- Please show me.
- Get lost!
Typical girls!
Please help me.
The exam just started. So soon?
Please! Save me!
I don't know anything.
- Don't you look!
- Ewww! Yuck!
- That's a porn star! Not this.
- Sorry! Sorry!
Wrong button!
Sir I got the J to the A to the V to the A
The output.
Shake hands. Order a
tea for me please.
Senior, please help me too.
- 1st year?
- Yes bro.
Then my girl too must
be here somewhere....
Uh-oh! Everything's screwing up right at the
beginning. Oh my dear deity, please help me.
I promise to make an offering.
All this is making me crazy!
Oh dear deity! Thanks
for your mercy!
No way!
This is someone else's...
- Yeah! Its me.
- So, it was you?
Feeling shy?
Sir, that boy is indulging
in malpractice.
- Also, that guy with the specs.
- No, she is lying!
Ask Viva questions to me!
Both of you go meet
the principal!
I don't want them in
this college anymore.
Worst students!
Take them away!
Take them away?
Now that you are thrown
out of this college...
you aren't worthy of living!
- Die! Die!
- Dad, no. Please.
You embarrass me!
Die! Die! You guys better die!
And before that...
Leave a note saying that the reason for
death is this Lord and this Lord's wife...
and his whole family. Leave
a note and then die!
Sir, your wife's name?
Show him some respect!
Really? Respect?
After you both die, his whole
family must be behind the bars!
15 days remand!
- They must survive on prison food!
- Prison food!
If required, this Lord will
even sacrifice himself for your sake.
Sir, why make such a fuss
for this silly issue?
Sir, you don't know about our family.
I secured state first
in tenth grade.
Also state first in 12th grade.
I come from a family where everyone
scored distinction during college.
So, if you can't keep up the family
reputation then...
you don't deserve to live.
- Let go of my hands.
- Sir, do something!
Sir, I can talk to the committee and let
them attend exam after six months.
After six months!
I don't want to live such a life.
Kill me uncle!
I'm not imposing any punishment on them.
Just take them and leave!
- Confirm?
- Cent percent!
Come on you anti-Indians!
- Get lost!
- Siddhu!
- Siddhu, I'm sorry.
- If I ever see you with my son...
- I'll finish you off.
- My dad is hot headed!
- I don't know if I'll be alive tomorrow.
- I'm so sorry.
What are you talking to her?
- Come with me!
- Daddy! Daddy!
- I'm really happy! I'm really happy.
- What is it?
For long I had a
desire to thrash you.
I was scared that you
might hit me back.
- But today I thrashed you real good!
- Dad!
All those thrashings were really
helpful to get that girl.
So she fell for you?
Oh, so that is why...
I, Mr. Rao, doesn't know
to harm anyone at all.
Dad, even though you thrashed me...
I never felt any pain.
Do you love me so much?
Nothing of that
love or bow sorts!
I can see you get all teary eyed.
Don't lie to me.
You are crying! I can see that.
A lion never cries.
That's lion but you
aren't a lion!
Ok darling, wipe your tears.
I was just kidding.
So, did she really fell for you?
Don't you jinx it.
Or else it won't happen.
Fine, I'll ask mom to perform rituals
to chase away the bad omens.
Dad! Some one might just watch
us and think we are crazy.
So what? You are my son! I
don't care if people watch!
I will kiss you again and again!
I will even bite you!
Daddy no! Daddy don't bite!
Did you talk to Siddhu?
How are we gonna find
them without his help?
We are running out
of time, Vandhana.
There are no rules to take
part in this competition.
Just throw away you worries, tie a
Lungi and dance for the Lungi dance.
All you people, are you ready?
Let's rock! Come on!
you must be within 30 feet.
Only then we can hack.
Naughty girl! Always playing games
on the phone. Give that to me.
She doesn't even bat an eye!
- No, I doubt...
- Everything will be fine uncle.
Somehow, we will find them out.
He is our next target.
What's the plan?
Simple. Since he had an heart attack already,
there is a pace maker set up in his heart.
The use of the pacemaker is that,
whenever the heart beat goes low...
it will send in a small current waves to the heart
and pump it to bring it back to its normal speed.
Fine. How do we go about it?
That pacemaker is what
we are going to hack!
Because the pacemaker is too a simple
electronic device like the phone.
It also has a network range.
All we got to do is hack it
and take over its control.
Then we decide the amount of current
that should be triggered in his heart.
So imagine when we
generate a lot of current.
What happened uncle?
Uncle, what happened?
Tell me uncle.
Uncle, are you alright?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Come on girls, just show the
boys, how strong we are!
Uncle, shall we go to the hospital.
Uncle, tell me what happened?
I'm getting worried.
Can I play?
Uncle, I have called the ambulance.
They will be here in ten minutes.
Uncle, please stay with me!
No! No! No!
- This one baby!
- Ok.
Don't worry uncle. Uncle!
Please stay with me uncle!
Can you hear me?
Somebody help!
There is an emergency here!
I won!
Uncle! Wake up!
Wow! Cool!
Thank you!
Hello! Help me!
- Please help me!
- Cheer up! Cheer up!
" Well, he doesn't care..."
"he is fast asleep"
" Ain't I the one suffering?"
" Damn it, ain't I the one?"
Listen, I have something
important to discuss with you.
Your shampoo smells good!
Told you! Its important.
Ok. Ok. Go ahead.
I am really worried
about Siddhu.
His mischievousness is
getting out of limits.
We are the youths! That's how we are!
Do you have any idea
what he is up to?
Look here...
I know him better than you.
All the mistakes youths
make at this age...
he is making all that mistakes correctly,
in order and without fail.
if not now, then when will he?
Before my time comes, just one day I
wanted to see you as a responsible father.
I have lost that hope too.
Hey! Kids these days need their
parents help only till the age of 10.
After that, all they require is an
ATM machine that dispenses money.
That's all.
throughout his life, what
he requires is a friend.
And I just want to be that
kind of friend to him.
So that you can booze
along with him?
Why? What's wrong in it?
More than him, its you who make
me feel like rotting in hell.
After all you are the father and that
is why you are so irresponsible.
Fathers don't have any love or affection!
What's with you? Why do
you keep repeating that?
Indeed! You don't have any
love or responsibility!
Don't you question my
love for my child?
You just gave him
your womb and a body.
But I have given
my life for him!
The mothers love is shown while feeding
a child or putting a child to sleep.
But the love of father like me...
is exhibited only when the child is sick!
A father lifts his kid...
and runs to every hospital...
tells to the doctor "Take
my life but save my child!"
That's the father's love!
But you guys? You guys cry along with the child
when the child has a problem in its life.
But the father cries
inside and laughs outside.
Yet the father peps up the child
saying " Come on son, I'm here!"
"I'll take care of you till my last
breath" Now that's a father for you!
You mothers will never
understand this.
Father's love is like...
this bottle of beer!
Only when it shakes, it rises!
Got it?
Always crying and comparing
us with others...
Life is all about the trust
we have on each other.
I believe in my son! I don't
care if nobody else does!
When good things can
happen to bad people...
then won't good things
happen to good people?
It will happen!
In fact, I am ready to
sacrifice myself for my son!
Don't think that everyone who
always laugh are jokers!
Really sorry.
- Hello?
- Hey Sid...
I want to meet you. Its urgent.
I'm not in a mood to meet
anyone right now. Hang up.
Hey, please Sid.
Please, hear me out.
I said....can't you understand?
Your life is in danger.
Stop blabbering!
Hang up!
Try to understand! Oh crap!
What happened?
Oh god!
Mic testing!
What is it, Vandhana?
Are you exhausted looking for me?
Which is why I am
now in your car.
Wondering how?
All the modern day cars have a
small computer installed in them.
Isn't it?
Where ever there
are computers...
we too will be there.
Lets play!
Can't open it!
Crap! Crap!
No! No!
Kni...Where's the knife?
Come on!
Cut the belt! Cut it!
Get it! Get it! Get it!
Oh no!
- Oh my god! Oh my god!
- You missed!
Please! Please no!
Not my fault. You just
don't listen to me.
- Will you stop looking for us?
- Please let go of me.
- You won't!
- Please!
- Yes!
- Awesome!
- Why are you studying?
- He is asking you
Exam is nearing. Please
help us prepare.
I am not hacking anymore.
I have changed.
Changed? But why
should we all change?
When the politicians we elect
won't change for good...
then why should we change?
The businessman who indulged in billions of
rupees scam and absconded away to abroad...
when such people won't
change then why should we?
Forget all these...
Since many died in drunken drive accidents in highway, the
court ordered all liquor outlets to be shut down in highway...
people still found a loop hole to prevent the
shutdown! When they won't change, why should we?
Stop kidding.
I don't indulge in such activities anymore.
I have changed!
I know the reason behind this.
Its her, isn't it?
She told on us and insulted
us in front of everyone!
If I catch hold of her,
I'll squash her like a...
She is approaching us.
She'll come and say
"I'm sorry Siddhu"
and if you smile and reply "Its ok",
then that's the end of our friendship!
- Siddhu!
- What?
How about a drink?
Drink? How about a drink?
We guys are not that
cheap and shameless!
- Lets drink! Lets drink!
- Lets drink!
I'm cheap! I have no shame!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Drink it! Drink it all! Don't leave a drop!
Now, put your tongue out.
Good girl!
I'm really sorry.
I boozed so that I can
apologize to you.
My father left me and mom
back when I was small kid.
Since then I hate men!
What about women?
But the day I met your father...
I had this new found respect.
He is a real gentleman.
Not only that...
when your father thrashed you...
I don't know, I felt something in my heart.
I was really dead, you know?
That is why...
in order to confess
all this I boozed.
- Booze is like god who grants wishes.
- Is it?
Drink it, then wish for anything
and it'll grant your wish.
- Do you feel like talking in English?
- Yeah, I want to talk in English only!
You can right away
talk in English!
Boost is the secret of my...
Oh yeah! It works!
- Wanna cry?
- Yes, I wanna cry!
- But why?
- Just drink it!
But no matter what, he
shouldn't have done like that.
What did he do?
He broke my phone!
Your phone?
- Hold him! I'll help you break his phone!
- Take your phone out!
- If he knew this was gonna happen, he wouldn't have come!
- Ask him not to stop me!
Buddy, look the modern day Paanjali!
(Women of five husbands)
Shut up!
She ain't no Paanjali! She is Chechaali!
(Women of six husbands)
See that...(Counts up to six in
Hindi) ...
- and that is why Chechjaali!
- Indeed!
You! I'll finish you off!
Stop showing off and go
back to your place and sit!
Come on I say! Come on!
Sorry brother. Sit down guys.
Its ok. You guys carry on. Sit down dude!
Sit down.
- I'll rip you apart!
- Just sit down.
They all look so well built.
Don't you provoke them!
Indeed, let's not
invite a fight.
After all they made fun of me.
Don't fight. You guys keep drinking.
I said, drink!
- Do you know Jesus?
- Yes, I do.
He turned his blood in to
wine and fed it to others.
Similarly, when a friend buys you booze...
its the same as how Jesus
turned his blood to wine.
And so, you drink my blood and...
when that wild boar
makes fun of me...
- but you didn't even fight for me. Isn't it?
- I have sinned!
- I have sinned.
- Its ok.
No! No! THe lord
will poke my eyes!
Do you what Thiruvalluvar
preach about friendship?
He didn't preach it to me.
The way your hands hold on to
your malfunctioning dress...
similarly you must help your
friend when there is an issue.
- But did you help?
- No, I didn't!
- Did you? Did you?
- No, I didn't! No, I didn't!
Do you know what Seethalai Sathanar
preached about friendship?
Even Seethalai Sathanaar
had preached?
Yes buddy!
Listen to me. She
is provoking you!
Do you know what Madhan Karky
had preached about Friendship?
What did he say?
" There is a chargeable battery in
heart and the charge is 'All is well' "
- Did Madhan Karky preach that?
- Who cares who said it, when you are high!
Why aren't these guys fighting?
What's with the look?
Didn't they booze? Let
them get some thrashings.
But I want you to be safe.
Come on.
So did Madhan Karky
lie about friendship?
Drop him!
Every thrashing I
bear in my life...
and every punch I
take, I earned them!
What are you guys up to?
- Drive! The cops are here!
- Sorry buddy!
Hey! Didn't you get hurt at all?
No, I didn't. Did you get hurt buddy?
Whoa! Looks like they
have ripped you apart.
But Mark, now you look like so macho.
Just like Hrithik Roshan!
I'm quite because you bought us booze!
So shut up!
Go! The cops are following!
Are you a virgin?
Are you a virgin?
What about the 0.1%?
Well, that's because
everyday he silently....
Shut up!
My neighbor aunty bit my lips.
Your lips?
Don't you worry.
- Back when I was a child.
- Still he had an...
Yet, its a scratch
on my virginity.
Hence the 99.9%
Siddhu, you are too genuine.
My dad always keeps saying that.
- Its the cops!
- Cops?
Hi Police uncle!
They won't even wash the testing
straw and give an old stinking one!
You don't have to worry about me.
- Buddy help! Please.
- You guys got me into trouble at the bar!
I won't help. I'm leaving.
- Buddy please! Buddy!
- Mark, remember what Seethalai Sathanar preached?
He said its better to be robbed by a
thief then get caught by a police!
The way you lift me...
reminds me of my dad
and my childhood.
A warm air brushes through
my ear and it feels bliss.
Feels like this is a dream and
we are in a world of our own.
With amazing nature around
us that smells so fresh...
A nostalgia kicks in me.
Its monsoon time in
the land of love...
It sweeps us away like the whirl wind.
The rain pushes us both into a
single umbrella, thus uniting us...
Love is crazy with pleasure
and pain equally distributed.
It feels so happy when you look
for me and so I hide on purpose.
I would like to be
man of your dreams.
I wish I could fulfill all your wishes...
and get closer to
you, as I do that.
I keep looking at the
mirror every now and then.
This is not me. What's
happening to me?
I feel shy but I
too feel the same.
Its monsoon time in
the land of love...
It sweeps us away like the whirl wind.
The rain pushes us both into a
single umbrella, thus uniting us...
Love is crazy with pleasure
and pain equally distributed.
I can see the nature
behaving crazy.
It is so magical
and unbelievable.
As the sea waves calms down....
as we rest on each others shoulder,
I can here the wave sing.
I always want you by my side, because you
are the sunshine and rainbow in my life.
And when you are away, I can
feel the pain of missing you...
And when you are away,
I feel the same!
Its monsoon time in
the land of love...
It sweeps us away like the whirl wind.
The rain pushes us both into a
single umbrella, thus uniting us...
Love is crazy with pleasure
and pain equally distributed.
the details about us are not here.
What now?
Then it must be with Siddarth.
Siddhu! Drive! Quick! Let's go!
- Go! Just drive Siddhu!
- To where?
Over here. Stop!
This place looks so strange.
- Come on.
- To where?
Welcome to my deity's temple.
What are you doing?
Quiet down! Ok, I'll give! You proceed.
- Ok. I know. I know.
- Where has she got me?
Nothing to worry.
They want blood it seems.
When there are many calm and silent gods out
there, why are we at such a violent place?
You are more scarier than them!
Siddhu! Place your
hands on my hands.
Do you love me?
Yes Diya, I love you.
Are you speaking the truth?
Yes. I sincerely love you, Diya.
Sounds good. Let's go.
- That was qucik!
- Siddhu!
- Two minutes.
- I can't wait that long!
Dear God, if he ogles at any girl...
please poke his eyes off.
If he touches another girl...
paralyze his hands.
If his hands and legs
become paralyzed...
and even if he becomes
immobile, still its ok.
I shall take care of him.
I love him so much. Sounds good.
Saw the target?
I saw.
Where did they go?
- Hey, come on! Hep him!
- Catch that fellow!
You! Step out!
What's with the rash driving?!
Can't you watch out?
Hit him! Hit him!
Just missed!
Or else they might have been the victims.
Rascal! He was speeding like
crazy in this narrow road!
He deserves that!
Answer us! Stop standing
there like a statue!
Find out her details.
Lets send her a gift.
Stop laughing!
Buddy, she took me to a place...
There were 150 possessed women over there
and all of them were calling out to me.
- Am I that smart?
- Oh my god!
My baby!
Is this true?
Did that really happen?
- Diya...well..
- Is it true or not?
Its true.
- But...
- But what?
Catch it!
Whoa! Porn! This is bad!
Does it hurt?
But why?
It must hurt!
- Wasn't it a pleasant experience?
- Indeed! I can see that!
Come again? So this
is your 99.9%?
So virginity is only
applicable to girls. Isn't it?
Guys like you are like Ox!
Has the license to mate
with anyone and everyone! But...
you want a fresh girl as your wife.
Isn't it?
Buddy, your girlfriend sounds
very sophisticated and decent.
Shut up!
Diya! Let me explain.
Every girl sincerely loves
a guy like you...
not because she thinks that he will become
the king and treat her like a queen or...
not because he will be the super
hero who will rescue her.
Even we know that you guys
are good for nothing.
But still we fall for you
and do you know why?
A trust and happiness that
nobody can give us...
is what we see even in the
smallest of your lies.
That is why we love you!
Girls who plays around with many
guys are the perfect match for you.
Where can we find such girls?
Shut up!
You have cheated a
genuine girl like me...
You will rot in hell!
You will never prosper!
You will rot in hell!
My deity will not
spare your life!
I cannot just stop with abuses.
You must die!
I'm 100% virgin and I
am GV Prakash's fan!
Aren't you?
So isn't she GV Prakash's fan?
I'll break you head. Shut up!
Diya! Listen to me.
You are the worst friend.
Isn't it?
I never kept secrets from
you since childhood.
When neighbor aunty Parimala kissed me.
Didn't you peak?
But you have starred in a hot video and
you didn't even mention about it to me?
God! That was the right spot where
he just got kicked! Superb!
Nothing happened. Shut up!
If nothing happened, then who is in the
black inner in this video? Chris Gayle?
I can say from the hole in that inner wear.
That's you and your inner!
Get lost!
Give me the phone!
You too turned out like my dad.
Let's break up.
Diya, listen to me.
Diya, please listen to me.
I am here for you buddy!
How dare you break up with him?
Men are meant to be live
like this and we will!
You women must adjust us!
Come here. Apologize to me
and give your lover a hug.
- You don't know about her!
- Come on! Do it!
Not me. Hug your lover.
Your nose is bleeding.
Do one thing.
Wipe off the blood on your nose...
- then after five minutes...
- To the hospital?
Nope, can you go to he house
and convince her on my behalf?
Please buddy.
Then, who will talk to her on my behalf?
Sorry uncle.
You are a gentleman.
But your son isn't so.
He is a rascal!
Please ask him to forget me.
I think its about to rain.
Please return to your home.
Please uncle. Leave!
What is it dad? Did she
refuse to take me back?
Who does she think she is?
Come on dad, let's go.
I can live without her.
Dear, why are you feeling bad?
Your dad, I am here.
Give me one week's time.
I'll daily show up with a rose...
and I'll unite my
daughter in law with you.
Look here...
even if you refuse...
she is my daughter in law!
because she called
me a gentleman!
You are indeed a
gentleman, daddy.
Yes my dear...
I too realized it only today.
I love you dad.
I love you my dear.
Don't cry. Why are you crying?
Wipe your tears off.
I have no one but you.
You will get what you wish for.
Look here,
all the happiness in this world...
is yours to take.
Even a drop...
Even a drop of sadness....
and your dad, I will not let it touch you.
I shall take it for you.
I love you dad.
I shall do it properly this time.
- Make it fast.
- Ok.
Don't you press too hard!
Does it hurt your paunch?
Don't call it paunch,
call it Beer belly!
If our neighbor Rani hears
it, she might judge me.
- A paunch is a paunch.
- Get lost!
Beer has transformed into urine.
Let me go release it.
Daddy, you asked the rickshaw guy to
leave. How are we going to return home?
I shall carry you home!
" Love, affection is still alive and the reason
is my dad. There is no one who could match him"
" You are my life. Say the word and
I shall sacrifice myself for you"
Daddy! Oh my god!
You are bleeding! Daddy!
Somebody help!
Get up daddy!
Daddy, lets go to the hospital.
You are fine. Nothing's
gonna happen to you.
Remember the story you tell me when you
carry me like this around during childhood?
This is scaring me daddy!
Please daddy!
Nothing's gonna happen to you.
Please dad, hold on!
Come on! Come on!
Come on my son!
I might not be the
perfect son to you...
but I love you so much daddy.
Even a drop of sorrow...
I will not let it touch you.
I shall take it for you.
I am ready to sacrifice
myself for my son!
My dear...
Everything's fine.
I'll take you home tomorrow.
Nothing will happen to you.
I'm here for you. I'll
take care of you.
Don't you worry at all.
He has lost lot of blood.
Yes, he's got a severe skull fracture
and internal brain hemorrhage.
Everything's fine.
He will be fine soon.
He is a very strong person. I'll
take care of him. Don't worry.
Listen dear...
I am the reason for his plight.
Come on. Listen to me dear...
don't cry. Don't cry!
Don't you cry.
- Nothing will happen to daddy!
- Its all because of me.
Nothing will happen to him at all.
There is a very famous
story in our village...
A story where the key to a
human's life is in a bird.
And the key to another human's
life is in a mountain.
do you know where lies the
key to your dad's life?
It's in the trust and love
that we have upon him.
Nothing will happen to him.
I believe that.
You must also believe.
You must!
Siddhu come with me. Don't you cry.
Nothing's gonna happen to him.
Nothing will happen to him.
Don't cry.
- Aren't you Diya? Siddhu has mentioned to me about you.
- Yes.
- Aunty, how did uncle...
- Nothing will happen to him.
- Here's my card. Withdraw the required cash. You come with me.
- I want to see uncle.
I'm the reason for my dad's plight.
All this happened because of me.
Nothing will happen to your dad.
Nothing will happen to him!
Stop it now! Nothing
will happen to him!
I'm telling you! Nothing
will happen to him!
Nothing will happen to your dad.
Shut up you retard!
Hey Siddhu! Siddhu! Look at me!
Nothing will happen to your dad! Or else there
is no meaning to all the gods and temples!
Nothing will happen to your dad!
Believe me!
Siddhu! How did this happen? Who did it?
Did you see the car's
registration number?
Was the driver drunk?
- Nothing will happen to him!
- Did you see the driver's face!?
- Answer me! I'm asking you.
- Damn you!
Stop it with your questions!
He is himself in shock which is why he carried his
dad all the way instead of calling an ambulance!
- Get lost!
- But then...
Did you see the driver's face?
His face!
Do not play around in the hospital!
Come here!
Come on! Let me play mom!
His face...
Just missed or else they
would have been the victims.
Of late many of them are dying
in this fashion in the city.
I didn't do it. They
ordered me to do it.
Hey, please Sid! Your life is in danger.
What is it?
Havent you heard?
She expired two weeks
ago in a car accident.
She fell off the bridge
while driving the car.
It took two days to find her corpse.
0 to 9...Ten numbers.
36,28,800 combinations.
How do I find out the right one?
Come on think! Come on!
Now, I can see her finger
prints in four buttons.
So, these four number is the
combination but in which order?
I have only three chances.
After that...
this door will get locked.
Then it cannot be opened at all.
Come on!
This is the last chance
Hard disk?
What could be in it?
This is Siddarth.
He is a genius.
He won the hacking competition last year, that
was conducted buy the White hat hackers group.
Myself and my uncle planned
to take his help to find them.
I met him at the pub.
But before we could find those hackers...
they found us.
She is Anu.
Everyone thinks that she committed
suicide because of love failure.
But that's not the truth...
She was pushed to
commit suicide.
You looked hot and so I tried but
then this ain't working out.
So, life is all about sex?
So, life is all about love?
Sorry Rakesh. I shall
do anything you want.
Just leave me!
Can't you hear him? Get lost!
How did you ever get into
a relationship with her?
Sorry, its my mistake.
Rakesh, sorry! Please!
Rakesh! Look at the
way she is behaving!
I slapped you by mistake.
Please forgive me.
- Please!
- I said leave me!
Around 400 million people
in India use internet.
Once in half an hour,
more that 50% of them...
update everything from falling down to
falling in love in their Facebook status.
Earlier, people write in their
diary about their love failure...
which stays with us but now?
We share everything in Facebook and Twitter.
If you have an internet
connection at home...
you aren't just monitoring at world...
the world too is monitoring you!
Hey Shivam! New girl.
- What happened?
- Love failure!
- Carry out the psychological analysis.
- Sure.
In the modern day technology, all the
likes that we click on Facebook to...
the messages we forward...
can help anyone to detect
the state of our mind.
She's useful.
Turn on her web cam!
They can travel through your
phone and into your computer.
Your laughter, cries, when you fall in
love and everything is monitored by them!
These waves affects their brain, turns them
into a trance state and akes them hallucinate.
These guys are the
new age wizards.
An angry human uses the brain
only to half of its capacity.
A human in love failure uses the
brain only to 1/4th of its capacity.
Because only 30% of their brian
works during love failure.
But their emotions will be at peak! At 90%!
And all it requires is a
small push at that moment...
and they can be toyed with.
No! No! No! No!
They choose such type of people.
People who are depressed
and vulnerable.
Its me. I'm your friend.
Rakesh cheated me just like
the way he cheated you!
Don't cry. Don't you cry dear.
Tell me! What must we do to him?
I'm even ready to
murder anyone for you.
Just tell me.
Tell me, what must be done!
I don't need anyone to
do anything for me!
Just leave me alone!
She will be back.
You guys carry on with your work.
Kill him! Kill him!
Kill him! Kill him!
Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!
Kill him! Kill him!
You wretch!
Get out from here.
Hey, forget her.
Bro, she is back online.
Call her.
Tell me Anu...
What do you want me to do?
Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!
Just kill him!
Find out where's the guy.
Mount road.
Check if any of our victims
are there in that area.
- Hello?
- I have sent a photo to your email.
He is in the same
place as you are.
- Sir, please sir.
- You must kill him!
I'm with my son, sir.
Don't you want to live
to see your family?
- Please, leave me alone.
- Do as ordered!
Either they will die...
or they'll murder others on
their orders, fearing them.
As per your wish I killed him.
Now, we need a favor from you.
Go, open your mailbox.
You will find a photo in it.
- Your duty is to kill him.
- No!
No! I can't!
Look here!
- All you have is two hours. You better do it!
- Please leave me alone!
Or else, I have the footage of yours
where you asked us to kill Rakesh.
I'll hand that to the police.
Please! No!
- Please, I can't.
- Listen, you are just going to fake an accident.
Not a murder.
On top of that, you are going
to murder a total stranger.
No one will doubt you.
Please! Leave me! Please!
Even if the cops catch you, just pay a
fine of 1500/- and you will be released.
No! I won't do it!
You must! You better do it!
I didn't ask you to murder!
No idea what their motto is.
Because their expectation is different
from each of their victims.
Quiet dear.
Shut up! Quiet! Quiet!
You better oblige to
my demand and pay me.
- Or else.
- I considered you as my younger brother!
- Stop kidding and return my kids to me.
- What happened to our kids?
Like a younger brother?
Will you give me half of your wealth?
No right? There is a lot of space to
fill between the mouth and stomach.
Only money can fill it up.
I won't pay you even a single penny!
- Please!
- Quiet Priya.
- Don't say so.
- Let me see what he can do.
Oh my god!
You sinner! You got
our children killed!
Hello! Don't cry.
Its me. I'm your friend.
He killed my children just like he
killed your children for ransom.
Tell me...
What do you want me to do? Tell me.
He must not be alive anymore.
Kill him!
Kill him! He must die! Kill him!
Kill him!!
I have been following these kind
of crimes for the past two years.
The modus operandi
of these hackers...
They create a proxy web
page of famous sites and...
whoever clicks it get hacked by them
and bring them under their control.
What you see today in
internet is only 1% of stuff.
There is a lot more
that you don't see.
And that is called Dark-Web.
Not only guns and drugs...
even the recipe to human meat and which
part of human tastes delicious can be found.
This is not done by terrorists.
It is done by someone like
your son or your brother.
If you are signing up
anything for free...
remember its not free.
Because they invest billions in
to start and run their companies.
So, for them you and your
information are the revenue.
The very next second after you search
'Red saree' on the internet...
your suggestion pages will
start showing up red Sarees.
How does that happen? That
means, someone's monitoring you.
Even small children are help
to create their Facebook ID.
Buy computer for your kids...
but do not keep it their bedroom.
Instead keep it in the hall.
That will make a huge difference.
Those who are affected by these
people, don't report to the police.
Because every victim
is a murderer too.
Let's go!
She's behaving crazy!
The real issue right now...
is that the computer doesn't
think like the human...
but the human thinks like the computer.
Many innocents like Anu are
victims of these hackers.
I will definitely get to
them with Siddarth's help!
When someone hacks our phone...
he will leave his mark in
some corner of the phone.
If we can find it then...
we can find him too!
- Please leave me!
- Listen to me!
Its just an accid...
My god!
I don't care who you are.
I don't care where you are.
You all won't live to see
the sunrise tomorrow.
Your death will be terrifying.
Pray if you believe in god.
Pray that it should
be a pain-less death.
- Hello.
- Listen!
I won't live to see
the sunrise tomorrow?
Or will it be your darling lover?
Go find out!
What's with the laughter?
I give you half an hour.
Get all the documents containing
our details and come to ECR.
Or else...
We must not go in
search of them...
we must make them look of us.
But how? How are gonna do it?
First, I should make them nervous.
Then I must intimidate them!
And that will push them
to do something stupid.
They will kidnap Diya and
try to blackmail me.
But before that...
Hand this bug to her.
even if they kidnap her...
we'll know her location.
Do you know when goes
a genius turns into a fool?
When he thinks he is a genius!
You think you are a genius?
You are the biggest fool. What rights
do you have to play with her life?
Nothing will happen to her.
I'll take care of it. Here is the bug.
Give it to her.
To hell with computer
and technology.
The tribal lived happily
when there was no technology.
All they had to worry
about was food.
But after the invention of
technology, life has become a hell.
All the hardware that we use
today; from knife to iron rods...
was the technology
of tribal times.
The way we learned to use it safely...
is the similar way we must
learn to use this technology.
It'll take some time.
No one can stop the boom of
computer and technology.
We must take care of ourselves.
Get lost!
Hey! Romantic boy!
You place a cherry on one girl and a
bug on the other. You are rocking!
I'm not a baddie like you.
You lover...
I'm just using the knife on her.
Stop abusing.
Dude, I have boasted
about you to my team.
Get lost! Bad you are!
Yet, you disappoint me.
A bug? Is that the best
you could do to get me?
You are a genius!
Think big! Ok?
you've got only five
minutes window.
Please! Please! Please!
Please don't hurt her. Let her go.
I shall obey you!
Nothing big. Find me!
Please! Please! I plead you! Please!
Don't hurt her. Let her go.
- I'll do anything you want me to...
- Hearing you plead...
I feel proud!
Fine, since you are begging me...
I give you an offer.
Just for you.
Within five minutes...
go kill yourself.
I must hear you die.
Or else, she'll die.
Go and die!
- Go and die! Do it!
- No, Siddhu!
- No Siddhu!
- Shut up you!
Do you know when goes
a genius turns into a fool?
When he thinks he is a genius!
You heard me!
Do it! Go and die!
Die! Die! Die! Die!
You are the biggest fool!
You found me when all other ethical hackers failed
and gave me a run for my money. So, now die!
Die! Die!
Do it! Now! Die!
Do it! Do it! Do it! Die!
Where a crackers
bursts in the sky...
It is heard by the person closer to it.
As the distance increases the sound
will be heard a little late.
You are closer to the place where
the crackers are bursting.
That is why I can also hear it
through your phone at first.
I am a little away from that place
where crackers are bursting.
That is why I hear it a little late.
The crackers noise in my
phone and the one I hear....
has a difference of two second.
And in two seconds the sound can
travel up to one kilometer.
Which means we are just
a kilometer apart.
The moment I hear the cracker bursting through
my phone and in real at the same time...
at that moment I'll be near you.
I can hear both the
sounds at the same time.
So, I am near you.
You don't care about
your girlfriend...
You won't die. Isn't it?
you still finding a way to die?
Oh! Is your phone on mute,
so that you can think?
You have lot of time left.
Just that, your poor girlfriend
can't bear the pain anymore.
- What happened?
- Not yet, it'll be over in two minutes.
Hey Siri (also means laugh in Tamizh)
Crap! No! No!
iPhone has a basic ring tone.
So, you have an iPhone.
iPhone unlocks with the
code word "Hey Siri"
But I needed your voice.
why are you laughing? (SIRIkkare in Tamizh)
I recorded your speech and edited
out the 'Hey Siri' part alone.
Hey! why are you laughing?
(SIRIkkare in Tamizh)
Hey Sirikkare.
Hey Siri!
Hey Siri! Hey Siri!
Once your phone is unlocked then it
will oblige to any voice command.
Right from your address to the
latest boxers you purchased.
I love you.
What is.. What is happening?
What is this?
What happened?
There's somebody in here.
What is happening?
Dear, the God will test the honest and
genuine but will never give up on them.
The god will be generous
towards the bad people...
but will give up on them!
Auto unlocking ON!
No one can predict the time
and way of my arrival.
But I'll be at the right
place at the right time!
Here I am!
- Sorry.
- Get lost!
Here. Have this.
There are two things I love
the most in this world....
One is God...
and the other one is you.
both of you keep surprising
me time and again.
Come on man!
No one's genuine here.
Techno addicts...
Everyone's mobile...
There are millions of Hitler hidden in it.
Its all fine.
Don't think I did this just
for the heck of money.
All I need to do is hack everybody's bank
account and just take one cent from them.
That will make the richest
man on the earth.
Its just not about money man!
Its about pride!
Not only that...
when they beg and plead to us...
its divine!
It makes you feel like god!
Think about it.
If you get a chance to be
invisible for a day...
what would you do first?
You will definitely head straight to
the bathroom of the girl you like.
Sorry sister, this is a gift we men got.
Who defined what
is good and bad?
No way!
A human being like you and me.
Who gave him the rights to define
what is good and bad for us?
Now, we shall define what's
good and what's bad.
We are all genius.
We must be on the same team.
We are the smart ones.
The grass eats the soil, the deer eats the grass, the tiger eats
the deer, the human kills the tiger...this is the cycle of life.
Only the powerful and
intelligent are born to lead.
Rest all others are a sacrifice
made to the intelligent.
Join me!
Demand what you want!
Money, a luxurious life...
I'll provide you that.
- Come with me.
- Please.
If what we do is wrong
then you too are a sinner.
You better hand us over to the police.
Sir, we all are psychopaths. Get
us admitted in a mental asylum.
Sir, what you are doing is wrong.
Listen to me Siddhu!
All this while, I was
listening to you.
My dad.
My friend.
You committed a huge mistake.
Siddhu, what is this?
Dry ice bomb. Haven't
you heard about it?
Little hot water and dry ice...
If you want to become the God, computer
knowledge alone won't suffice.
You must know at least a
little bit of science.
Take care.
- You go free!
- You go free!
Six packs?
The moment I came to the hospital...
I got myself an
ripped six pack abs!
Siddhu, we are coming for you!
We are...
We are immortal!
We are immortal!